Newspaper of Evening Star, October 3, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 3, 1860 Page 1
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f $ mm ?a<Bn III V ?3-. - V -**>* ** t- W.VXT -rn~^. . * m mm - - - ? r>?4?T > s?in ., . ^ '* I ' I -*14**0? **r * ?W f* itfrarag Star, f> i,' , *' . ^ ; , , ?? " ?- } i U>V * i * ** %gi f. I * ----- _ _ . _ ??????I? " - ???? ? - ' * ' " '_ V?. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. WEDNESDAY. OCTOBER 3. 1860. N-. 2.879 _j_1__TrrT? r^M_. i ..- ; __j ^???I THE EVENING STAR n _ PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, (SUNDAY'S EXCEPTED,) AT TitS STAR BULDIMS, Corner of Pennsylvania avenue and lltA J*., by W. D. WALLACH. fapera MTV?tf IB yftrkbcm br oarrlert at ? b f Mr, or S7 oenta par iwbU. To aaall aafcaorib?ra tli* pnoa ia a taar, t* m4oa*t*, %2 for aix ?onU?; 91 for Urea laoatBa: ar.4 tor laaa ttH tkrM aailjM it tktnto of Keenti b ?Mk. Bib|I< aopia*. o*b cb*t; la vrtppin, two cm*. ADVKBTUKMBitTs aaonld b? i?ut to ttM oSca bck r? 12 o'o.ook m ; otharviaathay may not until tli*n?xt dar. , \ Tird I'a To Tr?#. CjTTispomdtnc' of Tke St at Stbaheh Kit What, No 9, ) Ohio Rhrer. Sepl 85,I860 J Aorocndon thiOhto River?Fitox the Greenbrier White Sclphte to the Kanawha?The Bcvb Sulphur?Vkt Another Colohhk Sulphur?''Table Roce"?Gihdlkd Tbb*? ?The Mahxhea or Coal River? about ' 3\aix" ? Heavt Timber ? The Cattle Range* o* Boone?Sobohum -The Kanatvha Sil i?Ei? AnniT n? thk n M!.n ' H llM E - wnu Buixd Oear Star : I write this from the itMHWr "Key We?t No 2," which Is tivd fast to a tree about 4i miles below Kark>-rsb(irg. on the Oblo rlv#r, aftti struggling for (out** hours to gat over the Ravenswood shoals We are now waiting tor the appear a u> e of kuw boat of lighter draught bound up river Ot leaving the White Sulphur Springs I took stage firr the Blue Sulphur. *23 ml les distant. en route for Raleigh C. U , pawlb2 first the well built (brick) county town of Greenbrier? Lewisbnrg. Br the way, whatdeliclously muslral iiimri ?n fkiinv of tW?p ? ? * I have?ur<f!Bbrler for instance, Wyoming, Flu-I vanaa, Shenandoah. Loudoun. Dinwiddle, Spotsylvania, Fauquier, Nansemoad, Kanawha, and soon For some utiles the (.ewisburg road followed tbe line of the proposed Covington and Ohio Railroad, and afparently considerable of the rough work has be*m done. Approaching tbe Ulue dulpLiur tbe eye la delighted by fertile wl*K al^W - ... .. < ? ?<? ? >u aircA VH??lV| W UU JCC1X1 quite nn>-<,unl to (he task of keeping tbe rich feed ? roii | ^4 down II waa one ?f tLe pleaaanteat t'kjr.t* I Lavtt seen for many a day \? eUewhtre :u tbe liiue?to?o portions of Greenbrier ?nd Monroe. curioux sink* and vanishing water rotuM are noticeable In very many place* At tbe Blue Sulpbur our stage -load of pau?nt-ri b id to content themselves with a make-shift dinner in coMequeneo of tlM destructive are. (of vkicb vm dautatlra ba*e had particnlar* ) and by wblcii the large hotel and tbe buildiRga immod'atelv connected with it were ??ntl??tv l>An?nm<wl I . _ ? ? ?- ? . Tbe Spring's buildings and ({rounds bad recently ' h*?<n pi rchas?*d by tbs Baptist* to h? converted into an educational establishment, unit was to have opened In (>etol>er with 154) pupils F.notigb of the bu'ldlnga ear aped tbe tire to enabl* tue srboot to go on, though of course at some disadvantage. At tbe Blue Sulphur 1 shouldered my knapsack ami started by a mount tin path for Raleigh C. 11. through one of tbe foogheat and wiMest portions of Western Virginia Thirteen miles from the Blue Sulphur I came to a sulphur spring of no little local reputation, called tbe " Green Sulphur," and which gives name to " Lick Creek" which runs by It. Like moat of tbe sulphur waters of Virginia. It waa discovered from being a favorite "lick" of the deer and other wild animals I csn detect no appreciable difference between this sorintr ?n<t ih? wi-ii. Sulphur water Following down l.tck Creek. I truck the New River near the falls, bordered baft* by bold perpendicular rlitfs. After crossing tbe river I entered onon some severe mountain-climbing and Anally round myself upon that iineobr elevation In Raleigh county called "Table Rock,' where mountain table lands almoet of a dead level extend fourteen or fifteen miles In one direction by three or four tbe other, the soil, which Is cf fair quality, being underlaid at tbe depth of from three to ten feet br stable of smooth freestone rock White pine, ot a size to be of no smsll value as timber but for the difficulty of getting It to market, it found b?-re much more ibundantly than I have seen at say other point in western Virginia. Tbe wasteful practice of c lee ring tbe land by girdling or .? "deadening'' the timber la ih? w ? ? ? v???> "?? nivur Hbere. and I puud m 1 lea of sacn blasted trunk* tfttending their ik?lfton limbs heavenward, as if ''aer ;jsation of their murderers. Also I passed many acres of the glg*utie --tickweed"' iryf^ta its flaring yellow flowers; and as in all this srpurt of the SUt*. the woods and glade* were tilled f with "rich weed," *o eagerly devoured by cattle, and also with the wild pna-rine, another favorite land of the monntaln-ral*ed stock Sou??* eight juilr* past Beckley, the county seat *f Ralr'igh (on the way to Wyoming) I came to another rek inirkable tract, known here as "the marshes of ' coel, 'extending for long distance* and coualsting of tnnrsli and ii:eadow lands, excellent for grass _1" and for little elaf, infested by myriads of craw? flsu.waich liU;.aily boueycomb tu? soli; and awvu'iuiiig u cuai) oraie springs. rU'Ilna; my ?wayturoagh the marshes I struck another luiij;tryiiit; ascent in tbe Littie and Big Uuyandutte moaiitalna from tbe top of which some magultl? rent views are obtainable *' Tbrs* mountains, and the neighboring ones of , Waluut Gap and Hutf'a Mountain, have the dia-igreeable drawback tUat they literally swarm wttli AHitsouoiM snake*; aad tUe stories 1 have h -i d T**ng gatherers" relate, of experieacea with rattb m?ak>s and copper heads, would till a book of Hfcrilllng adventurea One old man lold of ?olng ?Mt witL hla family to tbe mountains nn ? texpedition, and, after * faUguutg ramble, I Ting about a mountain spring to rest TQry litt u)< u?l lying in various attitude*, and neuter ( grown) tijrew hw bead bark i?t tbe root of a tree, and with eyes closed Was aSieep, or near it. The day being warm. tLe '"drrtwsy niood came over him also; out opening La eyes casually, be was horrfflrd to see aa euori?oik rattlesnake dragging it* lenjjth aeroos the bare arms of toe girl It required a powerful eti>rtof the will for the father to remain motionless; but a moment's thought satisfied him that ber salvation depended upon the sefpeut being aliowi-d to glide kWiif unmolested. Aa soon as the* take had pa*?-d into the ur.derbruah the party wa? brought to its feet by tbe cry of tbe fatUer; and tb'xigb tbe snake was panned and killed, the man ssM no act of bis life rver cost Lim so m?ch pain, since it had spared tbe life of bis child. A de:f old man while repairing a fence, was l.itUu again aud again by a rattlesnake, and djed , almost Immediately. He did not hear tb? warn^ l?g ratfle, and Imagined ttat tbe strokes of the , s fangs which he feit, were nothing more than the fcli: - of the briars amnnir rhink i? w?rkiug Tbc tratuuonv of the mountaineer* la tM tbe efr -<-t that tbe mtleanake doe* not Invat^bly i<ive warning before striking; ilio that aCke its do mo! h!?*--a somewhat vexed qucatum. rfdfci tbe nuineroua lualaace* I bear ?Ut?d litre, there would aeeiu k be no doubt tbai rattle?| Li. copperheads. aod otber reut.lea. den to Hr Larmonloitaly In winter. Hon.e wagoner* Bil'njf tbetr eamp-tlre on ledjfy ground upon i .i u i)> .nu.uiwi u iuuiiu iBty baa loraiM r qu ?uti over a big snake renaeivoua. They -^milled many of th* ulilrous reptile* as th^v ^mer^ed ftum the r heated auarters, but finally ?,ry In tneh jstu.nubing nmiibera (h it tfce vra'ouen. though bv no tunan^ scary about Miakra. thought it prudent to beat a retreat. ' ^ Paaaia^ down the Clear Pork of the <>m aadotte [ "jnt. the uvrthrrn portion of Wyoming county. I ,,aliurk a^aiu the heavy belt of timber, already M*lir?d, ia the tower part of tbo county. lmitionae I poj : jr? , ll?e bass-wood. I lake it, ? f the FUilrru ' "State*) lo?d it over the trow of tho forest aa does **%he pine in Maine and Carolina; and. by the way, MIOr Uotbor of thia soft-wooded tree ia used here _ ?ecy ^ower-ill v aa a subaUtut* f<k wblte pine-for """Tbstde work.'furniture, Ac. Tbla bt? ia ua?l for gunwale* of longboat* and it la not uncommon to ga wet tUeiu out ll/V feet in loovtb trout wn^ie trunks S? Di vrx'Ug from the fork a* Ute (Juyandolte and r reentering Ute county uf Boose by thn Walnut Gap road, or rather bridle path, tin timber t?u tinuee of a all? to Mtoniao thr traveler, ai.4 he hotrt alao lb? (Kufiuiou < ( Uerba/e tLrgu^buut ,#tUe vruuda, wblck gives tbla touuirv tbe prrcedrocr a* ranging iand (uw?i?UI?)tuf?tiJ? I wm puzzled tot a vritli* by a aort / eider-;* 111locking *fnr met with along tke road, and a*er" b>iwl that tbey wi-n* used for craahtag tbe "Cbt uev* sugar cane, wbirb ta raised to a considerextent In Weatrrn Virginia, and wbicb tbe tr farui?*rs aeeiu U> tbink f.i vornl.iy of. la returning to tbe k taavba, I cane upon It river) at tbe Salines, ten mile* abeve Char Irei* tiiu n a rtUr* havi /? a ? ?? ? * _ ? _ j wcvlucuiy wnowiie * V>k. Tttr nil It Bimufiu tnrtd bens t>V botUtig, *Tu?i I Ijsv none in Utis region made by *>la/ 1 M^v*uoruU?n TW welts are sunk Lerr to a great ^j-r- - mii auu to 4,ww l??rt?umI tbe petroleum gUufuuiU la tbriu more or It*, iu<li eating Ita , la lb* iielj{hborbuo4i Mid i ?>**U.*vaone STm|n of iuflt-i<?iit ?lze to p?y4oSworklii|f baa ?t moujhi, *?? inlWrtOe Ubarle?. tb# I came down to tfce Oblo lBtV<uawb> river Uoal. toofc^** -Key Wast," a aO?l K.lUbar^ l?o..t ttn*.' t?l aai'Mi f.o?r kWli and d#y. as JtatA^iu t|r com m am ?* ?1 letter. I U'? *?t? uk?-n R^wTbr "Umry !. **?," a Piftertilnuv alraad v V r .vi-.t^l W.tu pxaiengera rHfti a MutUodiat C?' MMat O'Uip^.u ?pa??4 a ilwptraa nfcUt. I _JpA ttw A', wliu a loa- breath of retjef. I ttod myaeif 1 ^Hk tbe Baltimore ud OU* Kaurotd, llwj .>?aafcN*u* Una* of ?bkfc U, aa >ou nay iiagtyJI ??eaal?*1 with Um aapuoctualuiw of { |A|| Wfflwi rl Tart at* low atef* of water f % IIIM U?MW ur.iui Ai 1MI, alaioat worn out, he came to the eoacloalou to deliver hltowlf up, that after the *ratrace of the law bad be?n execnted. be might a^ain lire smong bia frlauda. ? Mia abow? w(>M? b* W9?ld be undUturhed W lta terror*. The tale of his wandering* It atrange and h?> ranting?ee aUta^T* thai Tt occurred to ua bia <*d w? net to a ad bat we eould detect no evident* of mental aberration, and nothing in bia dwt tbat could not be reconciled, In rlew of tb? iwful crime be b?4 ooajmittdJ. / ' /11V ?\ ' i >?u "\t+A f ^ i uu iup macK and CLippewa rivers In Wlsroosln. and bad been In Minnesota tbree yean, although be wu a native of Ohio, and bad a resident-* there wben tbe murder took place. He bad worked In Lower Sauk Rapid*, on tbe Red River, at Pembina, and In many otber ^^vv'uhout manifesting much contrition for the crlBM or fear of punishment, be I ma*lned.wtje reiver be lived, that everybody looked upon blaa as , murderer Tbe element* ewo whltprred la his ?_ when be had abandoned the society of pipo and lived alooe In the depths of the forest Conleonently be bis b*d no abiding place for six ' , wj| kss roamed through Ui? country from ftS U? Mlnsesota, mtkt) + m be says, "more a. ?* una mm itrnt he was charged with the cominia ion of a murder aome nix years ago In Virginia, and that slurt* then he had bren a wanderer ana dealrrtl to deliver himtrlf up, and to Lave notice of hia detention forwarded to the otttcers of tlie law In Virginia. After having hia interview with the !*her)fl. hia requeet wi?? compiled with, aitd the Sherill wrote yesterday to Virgin! t, notifying tue proper othcera. He came into town with a email |{?-d River rart, drawn tiy a yoke of arOall ai?rra. which, together with hia gun, he d?*ircd ttie Sheriff to aril to the beet advantage, that he mlg ht hwe tha prorrrda to pay hia board in eaa? he should be tried in Virginia for the oir-na* acknowledged to have been committed By the favor of the aheriff, we had an interview with the prlaoner yetlerilay He la about Ive fret eight Inctica in hight, weight about on* hundred and forty ponnda. dark, eallow complexion, black eye*, aud blaek whtaken mod mouatache, and ?a driaaed like a lumberman. He aald hia name waa Samuel Stanley, and that he ia charged with murdering a Mr. Pevtoa, in CabeU county, Va. He tvltly conft-aaed the homicide, in atating that U waa caused by hia having dlacovered Peyton In criminal connection with hia wife, and by Baying that he did not tblnk hia puniahment would eia ahert term In the penitentiary. He atated thftt h# " miiu w>>r? iilit way into Nicaragua, where h? bo^ed to get control of the transit route, and receive accessions at both ends. He asscred us be had so many friends in Nicaragua, among the nilive*. that a small white force only would be necessary. Stbanhk OcccanrsrE?A* Witdiks Si* ari> at Last Him ?i f if id JoiTici ?-The St. Caul Pioneer, of the 2v!d September, relates the f llowin rt?Thumlay afternoon a man e???e to the jail in this city, and inquired for the Siieriii. and on being tolil that he was corlinfd t.> his bed, (on account of his late acA-ideul.) he went away, but returned again liefore dark, and tlnding Deputy Sheriff Miller, h? ne aiu not. or course, indicate the channel by which the arrnnremeut had been made, but that be placed absolute faith ia U. wu obvious to ?ov txi? wljo knew Liui. We ttelieve that he added tn us, that th^re were details of the arrangement, which it was needless cud uould be improper to nimt'.oa. The General at the same time informed us that be bad been fur some weeks sending men down singly, or in pairs, to Kuatan?which. he said, was only 45 miles from the coast of Honduras; that bis a^ent there was an oid Alabama river boatman, of Intelligence, wno kept public sentiment all right in Ruutan and himself advised; that be had paid out all the funds be could raise, iu Kuatan passages; was here to obtain $4.UU> which had been partially promised him, with which and MM) or &*? meu, aud the arms of the ftosan, (all at Roatan in gojd order,) he could go nv*>r tn ? ?- v * vwk. lv>x^D anu (jurstfir, ueu walker statrd (In conversations held during both visits, but with moat emphasis, and particularly during the last.) that he had assurauces of assi*iance from tue French 'xovernrnent, if he should he able to regain control of Nicaragua. He alleged that there was a perfet t understanding between that Government and himself, that if he would Mtabllsh the iiiatltution of slavery, by law, in Nicaragua, the French Government would see that the French commercial marine should bring to Nicaragua as many slave*, from Africa as could be prouiabiy carried there. He exprsased to us tiie utmost continence in this arrangement, and to Col. K'.ggt' question "If the Emperor of the French hail himself signified uis approval of toe arrangement ?" be answered distinc tly, "Yes, the Kmperor himself has r>een approached and I have MMitlMi," or word* precisely tantamount ait. has the following: Gen. Walker rial tea this city about five or alx weeks before he went down to Ruatan. He had b**>n here a little while previously, and left unfinished a negotiation about a small amount of funds The last time he came, his only object was to meet on l uslness Dr. Wm H Rlvesofthis city, who at the time happened to be la Florida. The Qeneral therefore only remained from eight in the B>oraln<{ till four in th? afternoon i>uriag these few hours. Geo Walker bad very fall. If not unreserved, conversations with Col. Joel Rt?gs and the senior editor of this piper, both In this cilice and that of the Southern Insurance Company, of which Cot. R. Is the secretary, in those conversations, (which In the main were of the same tenor as those held during a previous visit,) he made one or two statements. In regard to which he imposed an obligation of secresyoniy so far as it should be necessary to pr^tert his enterprise. That at an end, there Is no reason why we should not publish these statements, as showing. In part at leant, on what Gen Walker relied To Iwth (Ul Dl ? " ~ -- . vuuvdu wwj privation io ?UC COnaillOll Or IDC omti rivantt?he would not sarreuder till the last hope bad vanished And iu tb? courtesy and 1 honor paid him by the Russians when he became their prisoner, and the approbation of the wbo'.e civilized world, Sir Fenwick \Vllllams found the reward of his valor and of his patience and endurance. Maj. Teaadale. one of the equerriea of the Prince.was Williams's aid-de-camp at the siege, and shared in the perils and honors of the defence. Of Earl St. Oermalns It will suffice to say that he is a statesman of the Liberal school, and as secretary for Irelaud won the love of the people of tbe Green Isle bv his gentleness and his justice. The Queen of England has done well to place such inen around the person of her son; and as they come among us recommended by their own high Qualities rather than by tUelr rank, we feel assured they will he made large participators of the honors intended for their youthful charge.?.V. V. Ere. Post. What Walket Relied o* is his Raid.?the Empeiok n a polios Implicated as bis Accomplice?The Monteemerv I Ala i m?ii nf ?v>? n ?v* >mv ituiuaiiip i'l ramp life d<iri?ier * Russian winter, be ir.ndf such observations and representations as contribute! to the amelioration of tho condition of tbt* poor men. The energy, courage. and humanity which distinguished bim in the Crimea gave bim claims to admiration and respect General 81r Fmwlck Williams, who cornea vrltb the Prince, has immortalized himself by hii defense of the Turkish city of Kara, when beleaguered by the Russians under Mouravieff The constancy and heroism displayed in that occasioa have placed the daft-use of Kars in the same category with Ptetea, Minorca, Gibraltar, and Mongalore Everything that military skill could devise to strengthen the fortifications; everything that military strategy could suggest to obtain provisions and relief; everything that intrepidity could accomplish in embarrassing the besieging force, was resorted to by Williams and his brave companions. Though starvation and disease were dally carrying off hundreds of the garrison and inhabitants?though the General himself waa roi4..ow.. ? ?*1 *? - -*" J The Sail* ?f the Priace ( Wtlei. 'The pseuliar claims of the Prince cf Wal? to American attention rest upon the fret of his t>eing the ion ofm< of lh? beet of qiwfti. and the fnture belr to the crown of a nation with which it is as much our Inclination aa it ia our Interest to be on amicable terms Individually the Prince, or Baron Renfrew. Is ao more an object of interest thnn an? other voting gentleman of his rears who com? s to this country to amuse himself end gather a fair idea of ttie outer life of o>ir people. But the same thins cancot be said of hia snite. tn? jrreater inimiier or whom are noblemen and gentteaieu of proved abilities, and worthy of note for their own sikes Tbe Duke of Newcastle Is a flae specimen of tbe nobilltyof England. He was Secretary of State for the >Var Department when the Crimean expedition started from England. He had to administer affairs upon the old rotten system, and it was his misfortune to h?"ar that tun state of no reparation '? which tbe troops bad been sent toTurkry w.w yielding its fruits In the deatructiou of the army. Be resigned his office, and wis succeeded by Lord Fanmure. But it was not to indulge In invloriotis indoViwe that surrendered the seals of the Secretaryship. Tti? Duke iaainediatelyprocefdedto the Crimea, there t** judge for himself ??f the real condition of affairs; and whilp hurincr in ?i(?t of ih? ^kxtcution asd Burial ow Wuui.?The British war aUamer Gladiator bring* to New Orleans some further accounts respecting Walker'* fate. Ten shotswere fired at him, amid the c Leers of the natlvea, who afterwards refused to bury him. leaving that duty to foreigners. Col. Rudl?r has been sentenced to four years' imprisonment. The remains nf Walker's ariny reached New Orleans on Friday, haviug come on board of the Gladiator. The New Orleans Delta has the tallowing parlicnlars of Walker's capture : He was first attacked, after his retreat from Truklllo, at a place called Roman, by n party of Hondurans, led by a French desperado, who nad \ it*** n frAm n?5a?n ? *u" S3 -1 * ? ?1 1 " ^ ?v v* 4i viii iouii uv iur OQIIIIT| W UITf UP Wii? under sentence of death, with a promise of pardon on the condition that be captured Walker. The Houdurans, under tbe lead of this rufflaji, made a vigorous assault on Walker's ramp, but were met with great steadiness and cool new, aud repulsed with the loss of half their men. During tbe iigbt the French brigand, who led the part\, made a desperate effort lo capture the General, and succeeded in wounding him, but was finally killed by the Geueral himself. Retreating in good order further dowu the coast, Walker riarbed a place called Cotton Wood, or Limn, where he was again attacked aud again repulsed bis assailants Continuing his retreat he reached tbe river called Tinto,*or Black river, where he encam[-ed. Tl.a??Q?iiiM -?MI ? J - A 1 1 ' . ...... .<. onpumicu aiiu lurfuwum dim. but Walker kept them at a distance, until information having been sent to Commander Salmon, of the Rrttish ship Icarus, Wbo was off the coast, accompanied by a schooner having on board a force of Houduran soldiery?and the British commander tent up a strong force, com porfed of siilora and marines of the Ic-irus and of tde iloudurau aoldlMrv. nrlm w"' - j? ? ?-J *? ??ker's camp, compelled bis surrender lie surrendered to tbe British commander, who asked him and Col Kudler of what country or government they claimed protection. Walker's answer was, "Tbat of Nicaragua " He was tben asked if he desired to place himself under the protection of the British flag- He replied, "No; that he had no claims on that government." "Thea," It is said the British officer replied, uas you have no government. I will insure you one,'" and ordered that he be delivered over to the Hondurau officer, who had him and Col. Rudler ironed Thk Devastation in Svria ?The Paris Monde publishes a letter from the director of tbe department of the schools In the East, showing that during the late outrages in Syria twenty-eight schools were destroyed, five hundred churches torn down, forty-two convents burnt, three hunHpaH an/1 tlt?u wi 1??' -1- ,'-J ...? ..?.j <i?iii^rs a ?i v* liillC rifilSIUUB tlUQ* llshnients belonging to Europeans destroyed, and the harvests, produce, and buildings all ruined within 116,300 square killometres of territory. Typhoid Fkvkk ?This disease prevails in that section of Antie Arundel couuty, Md . bordering on the Severn and Mavothy rivers The family of the late Kobert B. Morse has suffered severely from It, his son-in-law. A. R. Mounts; his son, Win H.Morse, aged'-SJ years, and the sister of tue latter, all having died within a few weeks Another one of ibe family Is lying dangerously 111. IP*A movement baa been made to build a line of telegraph from Alexandria to Warrenton, Va Amks. win*low, N Expert en ad Norse arid Feniaia Phyalolan, preaenta to tha mention of mothara, her SOOTHING SYRUP. Far I'hildraa Teething, ' Wat a* (iitil; ftcLiuiaa tha imm < laaihuif, ay Mfwa u>( J>? f??, raaacir j ali [uliauUM-will aliay ALL 1 Tkt* and ipatioadtt teuan.and it SVRE TO REUVLATK THE BOWELS. 0?p?od apae raatban, it will j.'i raatla jaaraalvaa, aad RELIEF AND HEALTH TO YOUR INFANTS Wa ha?a pal apaod aald Una am el a far arar tao yaasa, ?nd calf fa*, IN C0!triu>:fCB AMD truth of it. vbaiva Li?? sa??r baao akla w. ;aay ai any OTHZI Madiciaa? waT?a| MRS. |?a? it raiLBD.m * l li ? l? m | m ar i|iv*B iTAHC TO if* FBCT A Cl'KI, Wl.lsLwW S tbig tioitlf sttC Ht?i{|l4 Ttkntf IflllTlllMi *n initaneo of int*lt?f?ction tj any ' :? who Mod it. On tha contrary,*11 aro SYKuF) dolirtitod with iu uritiTloiii, and jopoat in torroa of lirbiu cominoridaiioa of iu on-icil ilieu and nodical nrtaoo. Wo apeak in .hie matter " what ?" do mow," after ten yeare'experience, Alto PLID6K OUR Rtri'TAtion ron tki rifLriLMBRT or what *i hiii d?CL11 r. In aliLaat eeary inouoco wlioro th* infant to oaf or* Inf fro-n pain and oaheaetisn, rotial will bo fom.d In iftoos oi two ilf inii.atee af:or the ?Vur " ?i.mfnietere J. Thio Tolmblo preparation n mo prooeription of or* of tko laoHirriBIIHCIOtnd KILri'L KURIIl in Niw Kr.rlaeil. V li S?? kiln mail w.lh ? aw ?.?.? i ?" ' THOUSANDS Ot CASES. II ?<ilf ib? ebi!'J fr*io pain, bat inrifwrttta tbt tamteh *nd bawa!?, corricu aeidity, and fl*?i .?r.?md n?rf; ta tha wLata ?y?:ara. It will Mn.aat inataatly raliata Geipihs in tbk Bowiis and Wind Colic, tad aaarcama canaalilana, which, if i*t ?r??dilj raroadiaii ad in daalh. W ( fcrt??a it tba ? ?* asdicrbstaim- fuk uiimiin voild in all caaia af o*?- CHILDREN >?t?at md bit* ca in phil' teething r,kvl?a?r it iruH ftam taathinr ? 1 or fiom >> othar eiut. W would t*j 10 *r?ry niaihar who bu * child ??ffariaf from aay of itn f.*r?fow>( rociploiau?DO NOT LIT YuLR r ABJl'DICIl, Hon TH 1 PRAJUCICBI OF OTHM) land batwtan J?*' tmttnr.g child and tht raliaf that will ba 1UB -Jt', i'SOLl'TILT ft'Sl?to fillow I'll u>? of lb ritdit'na, if tiiraly ntad. Fall dirtetiaci ar aaing will a i?inp,.i.? aich bottia. Nona rtmini inlm tha fxc-aimila CORTI* ft I'KRKINa.Naw York, i< mi th? aauidi wrtppl %eid by Orarguta throughout tha warld. Pricelp*! Olfici. No. II Cadai 3ira?t, M. T. Priaa ani? IS Canlt par B?U>a aa U-dAwlf Furniture If' arcrooma. SWALL A~BARNA*D Ul are do v receivi ng, on consignment, Ml at their War. rooms. corner of C I 1 I and Ninth streets, (in the rear of their motion rnomi.ia v?r? large and gmeral assortment of FUKMlTUKe, CARPKTs,aad HOUSE KKKPING GUOllS generally, wluoti they invito the a't?ution of p?csona ftirnifching to examine before puroftasing?amowwhioh n>ay be found : Parlor Suit*, in Krooatelie, Hep* and Hair Cloth, Ma^oyany and Walrut Sofas, Tete-a tetes, and Parlor Easy Chairs Mahogany and Walnut Ma Lie to? and other 'i'abtoa, in great >anety Ma-b'e-top Oak painted Cottage Seta Walnut and Mtnogaay Marble top plain and other Koreans Cane and saat Rocker, Dining, Office and other Chairs Handsome (Jilt and Mahogar.y Looking G aa?e? Mstiogay and Waluut Cottage and other Bedstead* ? al uiils. Ktageres, Whatnots and Uesks Bruise a. 3 piy, Ingrain and other Carpets; Oil cloths Marble top. Walnut, Mahogany and,other \Va?h?ta"ds and Sinks Hair, >hnck. ai d shuck and Cotton Mattrasses W ith a K' eat variety of other goods not her* men tiuncd, * Lioh vili bo sold very lAw. WAUL. * 1IAKNARI>, Aaitioneera. poutn aide of m 28 eoliu aorcer Fa. a v. and Hh btro.-t. DO NOT FAIL TO CALL at harvey's, 2c1 c St.. btltoftn awl 111*. Ho will io-U.v <> <?" Itix l?nx ?atal?li*hnd and wel! kn.'Wti NORFOLK OYhTKI^. *HMUKINti Db.FOT for the wason (mJ He ha> mad* arraucemonU i> i nr 11 rn^?A Lffr regular yuppliH* of the bin' NOR- \?mtW FOLK OVH f*KR* on every Tue.-dajr, Tkuritdav.and MUnrdar. He wit! alio keep con tanlly on hand a largo and varied aacortment of FISH, including ererr tort known to Waahington tabtee. He r'tnrni his sinoere t? a?k* to those who patrontaed hia K#-t?t?lishmer>t ilnrit.g the i.a*t -eason, and la confident that hia looreaxed facilities for keeping ociiatanVy on hand freai aupalle* of<? Yi* TKHS, KlSU, GAME. <fco , &o. will awfly reward a oontinnauoe of their patronage a<n> ouatom. Sold at the lowest market prioea.and delivered at a'l (arta cf the oiti I. be of otiaria. aeUMm T. ft. HARVKY. p'HARLKtt A. 0HAFKR, watch makes, 346 It-aa. jIumix ?.? c???i c.?. Entire attention liven to the kc*p&, ring of Chro nometera. Duplex and We?er Watohea, fiaa Ctoeka, fto./ Alto, to the Enxraurg of la- kTU

vitfinon, Wedding, Yiaiung and ProfeasU'va Card* ' ??10-lnrt /\J MERCHANT TAILORING. I'KW FALL STY LEA or CLOTHS, C ASSIZERS. ANU V EATINGS. WALL. STEPHENS A CO.. 3*2 Pennsylvania Avejiue, hare jaat received a large variety of new Kail Goods, to which they invite the attention of their friend* and eoatomers. au 3>-tf |NPECTINE, OR ^ PERSIAN A GTE A supply of thta wonderful" Medicine ju*t re- < ceived. Aleo. a taree annal* of fr*mh meiii. (JINKS,TOILKT AHT1 .A?j^()" ~ ~ f !9 ihr Wert Had Drug Biore. 1 IS Pa. ?y. WMAUNOL1A HAMS! < K Ar* i(Mn tn rM?iftol t furthar nppijr of < thaae Mania. The* bar# bMii In tlw amekehoaea throat ti th? Mtion,and are la aapual 1 o.d*r. KINO A UURCHKLL.. < ? 28 Cormw 13th 1 and Vermont itmuh. C*OR SALK.-A pur or COACH HORSED, ! r ywoat and teat, it.Id tor no faalU Um ft ^ saiisifei pUSCB or WALfeg RENFREW BATS tvtaSU8.k _ - >?? rtaiL n?ny?. VI/K HAVE JUBT RBCtSI VBD A NJ1W AS- | "" wrtmwt of HtomMT A W ow .. mm - > Mgpns mu grand i?im? PI *NOS, oIBMH different ?t?!#j, which are naw undoubted film ly the bett mitruiuenU manafaoturiHi. We in semftdmt that everybod? will admit tine foot after ? careful examination. Our fnvad* and the public la general are respectfully requited to ?QJ ami SifrzKaoTT1 v#" ** *** w*Terooro* ?* ^,a?^0*>?I8BION And who!Male deaJ-'r* in oo. U7* C*afaf*4fvt%ulm4?u( Gr%*. u*?4* [' -the plan which I ^JBLS^^viopteil, bix rtxri ago, of selling V^VHAI'S and BOOTS at icr-atly re duoed pnoes for canh is in successful operation. Juat rtcn ved a full rupply of the latest New York style* of DKESS Ha1? The very fine* Hat ?35r?; a fir?t rate Nat *3; and very (tood.fsshio ahle Hut #2 30. Alt of the latentstj les of s?ili HATS and CAI'S,st the very lowest erieos. I am ooustantK vuppiisd with a very large stock of tlioje fine DKKSS BOOTS at ?3.75?whioh 1 have t>e-n selling for many years?an well as the very < boststial t* of Pat nt Leather GAITER? at $8 50. Fine French Calfskin Gaiters from $1 to 2 9". Terms sash: no extra sharps is order to offset h*ddebts ANTHOnY, Agent for the Manufaetursrs, Seventh street, sseond hat store from the corner, opposite Avenue Houss, No. 640. se 14 3m ^CHOOL AND COLLK?K OUTFIT*. Youths' and Boys' Clothing for School and \ JDrest Wtar. Parents and guardians wishing to furnish their o hi ill r en and wards wiUi School and Collate Outfits for the coming season, are invited to examine our present large and extensive assortment BOYS' CLoTHINti, where they oan fit out their ohildren of all sixes in a few moments with every det>cnp; i tion of R?ady made Garments, of sabstantiAl and 1 IUO vrsoci, av d ic?iu<;wuii uimui'UD por I'JU. Send >our orders early. McKNKW k MARLOW, Propt intora, 27 tf Corner Seventh st. and Cm a'. WO O D AND COAL Deliver*! to all part* ot the city, at the low wit poaaiMo rates. T J. A W. M. GALT, Office Pa. av.( between lltli an J litli jts , _nia 17 tr north aifla. r?OAL! COAL!! 1/ WOOD! WOOD!! I am daily receiving lance nuppl on of COAL from the very beat Pennsylvania mine*, which f will aril at reaiio: al> e p ic? Al*o, the be*t qualitr of Oak, Pine and Hiokory WOOD, out an<1 ?plit,all len*tiia. Call aiui luavo your order*. H. W. BATklS, Woou and Coal Dealer, ae 17 (States) Cor. C and Uth ata., near Canal a N O "T_I C E! W. I wish al' pentl^me* 1^9 tn h.*nr in ?k?* k^l wuiv|"i? M Old VI ui nivuoivii n ; ~ ? I I i ^ or JOISTS RIPPKD, or LOGS SAWED. at the hhortest notico IC7" Small jobs of Bl.ACKf MiTHINO proraptly executed.a* al>o\^ ?o27-if q q q q q~ KJlflOM FIRE-WOOD MILL., Utuer ( lerrath at and Canal. W O O D of oil kind, manufactured to order, any length or sue, ready for use. COAL-COAL. \V? have now on hand a beiutiful lot of COAL, both Kail and While Ash, diii'erent size IF/** We are now, ant] will be receiving Coal for the nexr ton days, which wo soil, delivered from WOOD AND COAL. JMPORTANT TO HOUSEKEEPERS! THE PIONEER SAW HILL AID FIREWOOD FACTORY, <sloji uk tub Bl.r k Flau Staff.) Iwitk ( the luali a?ar 7ik ilrrtl Bridge, Will furnish, at the shortest notioe, FIREWOOD, OF THE BEST QUALITY, Of Any Kisd, Cut amji Split to any Dimmxiont. CHEAPER THAU THE CHEAPESTf With full measurement guarantied. !C^ Remember. Thi Bi.ue Flao Staff, west side of seventh street, south of the Cat.a), and opposite the Center Market. GEORGE PAGE, Agent. !T7" HICKORY AND~OAK PI.ANK or TIM D / r.t m ,< i a.* , r.? Ji.rt-nwAt.-. ? ? A U'PH HI Corner Qf L *n4 W*>ningten rity. The next session of this school will commence September 3d, 18b0. The >ouig ladies of the lustitutiou aro particularly roquested to l>e punctual id attendance at the opening of school, and all others who wish to become memlx'rs of the name to make parly application, as the number of pupils will be limited. Terms, Ac., given on application, au 2&-d8tAeotOct la? TWP9TERN ACADEMY. HR Exercises of thia school, under the charge of Dr S. L Loom*, and the Primary Department under Mias Amsii E Pbck.wiII be resumed Sep teinber &1. Circulars oan be obtained at the book stores^ (lot ) au 17-eo3ni ItfRB. BURK will resume the duties of her 1*1 School on Monday, September 24, ou H street, between 13th and !4!h streets. Mi-"*!"" iIy. will he umier her immediitfe eare and anpervi- | moil. She will endi avor, as far as possible. to surround them with the comforts aud kindly influences of Homo. Heftreneef.?Vev. Geo. H. Norton, Rev. I)-, Elias Harrison, Rev. D. F. Spring, William H Fowls, Esq., Ed^&r Snowden, Esq.. Edmund F Witin?-r, ] Esq., Hcnrr Marburjr, Esq , 1^ wis McKenx e, E*q , Robert H. Hnntnn, Ekj , W. I) VVaHaoii, | Editor Evening Star, Benjamin Waters, Esq.,Jns. Entwisle, Jr.. E*o ,Col. John W. Minor, Loudonn, Messrs. Mack lock Jt Marshall, Messrs Cortte Brothers. Terms. Board, with Tuition iu ail the English Branches, 5*?-t'or the annual session?payable senii-annuallj, in advance. Music and I<aaguares at Professors' prices. I {H/1" Wo extra oharges. au 2B-tf The prescott high school. 37 0 Eighth St., Uitwhik K *nd L Sts. Studies will be resumed in this institution on MO L>AY, September 3d. Circulars at bookstores. eulC-ti A. C. RICHARDa. Principal. METROPOLITAN itC<^LLEOIATE INSTIFOR YOUNG LADIES, 464 E St., Brtwkk.n 6th and 7 th Sts. The fourth annual session of the Institute will commence on the tirst MONDAY in September. Application* should be made *ariy, as the number of pupils is limited. For particulars see circulars or apply to the principals, Mr. and Mrs. T. H. HAvenn ER. at the Institute. _ au 9-tf MRS. M. E.KINGSFORDS SEMINARY, 41ft E St.. WtiHiMTO!!, D. C. The next session will ooinmence October 1st, 1000. Terms. Ac., forwarded on application au 15 tf IfR?. A. E. BELL'S SEMIN'arv. au afl-tf Principals. F'KMALE BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL, ALKXASUHl4, VA. Mrs. S. J. MoCOKMICK, Principal. The thirteenth annual notmon or tin* Institution will commence on Tuesday, September Itfth, in the hou#n recently oooupied hy Sylvester Soott, K?|., No. 1*0 Kin^ atr?N)i. The oourao of Ntudy pursued will comprise all th? liranohei requisite ton thorough Knjjliah Kdu cation, and Mutic, French, l.atin and Drawing, it desired. In addition to day scholar*. Mm. MoCormick in prepared to receive a limited iiuinlxjr of pupils &a I hoarder*, who. t ouatitutins a na.rt.or her nwi. ft ?? EDUCATIONAL. ACADKMV OF MUIIKKN l.ANGAlAliES. (WilHIAOTva BllLDIMtt,) Pa Avemut, Corner if Stttmtk Street. P*1VATX In?TKPCTIOS? lit FHRJi.CU A.\I> SPA!ll?B. DAY AMU BVKNINO^LASSKS THANSLjrrOMI. A M. !> MOVTHUKRY. Profwnnr ?f M?rf*rn LAnKiiage* and Literature, ha* the lienor to aaoounc > that fc? will resume his Classes arw Private Lesson- on Wednesday next, the IMIi of Scotem Imr, 111 the Above Academy. He i? prepared also to five, in noho?i? and private families, a Coii't-e of T.eeture upon the French Literature, from the Rarlietrt Formation of tho Languazo to the Present Time. For terms and further particulars Inquire at the Academy. where Prof. i>o Monthurry will be in attendance daily from 0 to 11 a. m aud from 5 to 8 p. m. so I8 lin 'F FKMALK EDUCATION. 1 HOSF. Parent- who wiah their (laughters to receive a thorough an 1 systematic education, where tnnir ph?sica) training wi.l receivedaily ami special attention, finder the most npprored st stem of Calisthemc<and G\Hinastics, ar?> respectfully invited to vimt the Union Female Academy, corner Fourteenth at. and New York av UK. A MR!*. /. KinHAHT>*. GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS JUST RECKIVKD10 kkda. prime Pwito Rioo SUGARS, ISO bbTa.. 1-1 R,o WHTtKY, MObbU HERRING *R<1 AI.EWIVES, Sfl l>b s. < irutmxl stJ Kefinwl -UGAR?, 30 b?.'? R io aud C* >K I- Kk IG I i-'W priori! t MOLASSES. For naitt >it JoHiM J.HlMtFE. ? 10 Cm KANHKLL* orricjAN, No. 1 #f ?d*t It, Cdn4MtM, Has <?on?Ur.tlT on ^*iid a ;arg? MaoruMct ut Fri?ne!iNi*r ?i< Mod. P?r;?coi ic. I'o. i 'iP'Tl and Rl . oUier t??,iiC'i'A<*L.bS. w tu* <u& it/, it ton;, ki.vtr, Ki.'si.aiJ li*riT\au ilv<?rfiff. R. Old K-am*? Kepsi-wJ *no aftWcJUMaaotiii thmtoordw. do l? It MASS FY, OOLLJV* * OfV* PHILADELPHIA DRAUGHT AI ?K.? VV are eoi jttmkll j r^cwving frMJi upr.ic* of Hi^abowi?*l t>?*eraj", aud iovit? ai; per .out wh > want a pu/euii atiaWeraiad Ate. to etvo it a trial. AKNV # SUINN, Agecte. ff I iT fl r-?m ?rt.. J" OS* F. HIKCH, UXDKHTAKER, Hot. Fri'ite ami J^frrtom .??? . lirmietam*.. am _ _ navir? ft veil hit a. motion toiiiw tiiaacti of mt l>u*in***, I arj prepn ?<1 t"/?-a attend to All eai1* viu- pr plied at it Vw minuto*' iu>ti--e. a.; 1 have a large a of C??FF1 MS a'?a?? .>n hv! I'artioniar attention paid to tin* removal 0t tl.o dta<; from tan old to t: e uew buiiat jroui.n. Hoarse* and Horses for hire. ap in-Sm FOR SALE AND RENT. ~ Ij'OK. t** lit-A FARM eoataininr 1"0 aeret. ait r uat-ni tii ilea f. oin Georgetown, in M tfine rp ?<>nntT. Ml. Fifty acres are in a hirhatatecf ouOvatioa; twenty fc?e acr^a iu *o ?i. Th?r? small log house, stabling. sheds, corn house '.nit. Appie orchard and some peaches. rin- an a w>'l of wiW>r at th?* tiix.r; beiuK perfect, j VaiUi). P.ease iriqu:f" o' liAKNAKUt BUCKKY, Auo*Muneers, No.ll4Bndr? stree', Georgetown, or W A M, & UARN'AKD, Uhuhin(tvn. scli-roliu I Tor R NT?A thrcx? Story BRICK IK I SK on II htr?bt, between 4Ui and 6tli. Also, a two story BRICK COTTAUK. garden,corner of Tennessee avenue and north F street. surr^im led by a iarre oo-nmo and would be a durable lou.it14u for a dairyman. Inquire of C. UiCGK, 44H 12 h ft. jy l**-eoSni* If OR RKM'-Tnree BRICK HOI ?H-one on r TwetfVi street. h-tweer. C and D; one on the oorner of Twelfth and ti st?.; and on* oti H. between laa and iStu st*. Inquire of JAMKs W BARKl'K.on H street, between 11th and 12th, Na 4*3. m?3Mf FIB OR RKNT-TheFIR?T FLOOR ofthobaildu-f immediately opposite Uie weat wic* ol u.f City Hai., recently occupied \<j ChM. S. Waa?i;t as an oiftes. Also the front ro<Mn tn the second tory and the third floor of the *ar e t>?u- ling. For terms apply to KICllARD VVALT^ACBT^'o- 9 Louisiana avenue. ja IS ti Db. J. H. McLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL A*D BLOOD FIRIFIKK THE GREATEST REMEDY ?* tkt WORLD, Diliciocs asd I*1! *5 DELIGHTFUL j Lf . COKDIAL ? /JEVER TAKEK^iS' jum tJy It is tuictlr a ?ci- ^ F^l uulc ?r.d Vtjiu ? on uompoonu, proIs^lJ cored by the disulla- rffwj tio" of ?* * ? #,rk*i M vfflRia ind bark*. Yellow EF Jflj Dock, Blood Root, IE JH Nulr^ BUck Roo', 8?rM-f tB "jl VIP ri!U, Wild Cherry \A|T^ ijyit B?rk, and Dandelion ftmB enure ioU> iu camy ^ ic poalllou. 5?wC \W Toe entire *ett?* ^gf ^H| ? remedial principle ^1 iTWfcf of each ingredient le Before lakiflfi^7^L,^h^fAfter tftk,BSdielillinr, producing ? d?iicione, eihuaraunf epirit, And ike mo*t i .fallible reme ir for reuwiucf the diaeaeed eyatea, aud reeioring the tick, ??f en?f, and debilitated invalid to health and etre "P?' I McLEAN'S STRESliTHEMNO CORDIAL Will effectually cure l.i?*r Complain:, Kyepepaia, Je*e dice, Chronic or N*nrone Debility, Diteaiee of the Kidney*, and all d'eeaM* arutof Iron a di>ordered Liver or Stomach, I>j?r?r?ia, Ht .rtburu, Inward Pilee, A-iditr or Sickn*** of the S:omach, Fnlliieee of BlooJ is ihe Head, Doll Pain or Swimininr in the Head, Palpitation of the Heart, Pollnea. or WoifJt iu the totnach, B..?r Eructation*. Chokmr or S?Soc?liuf F*?iinf when lajrn* down, Dryae** or YelloWnet* of the Bain and Kye?, Nijht Bweata, Inward r*?ere, Piin in the 8in*ll of the Back, Choi, or Bide, Sodden Bi -t- ? ? " 1 * " ' > manes 01 mil, ufpriaw of spirit*, rnrhlTal Drniut, Laacaer, I>eapna<U.>cy ?r * r uervoaa dlaaaaa, floret ?r Blotch** on the Skiu, and f **?r aad Afaa (or Chilla and Ktfir.) OVER A NTl.LTOX BOTTLES hi?t been Mid daru| tha lui tit MtiitK, nd lu no atnoca baa il failed lu ri'T euura aauafaetwo. ? t.o. th?r, will ander from Whikii or Debility whan McLEANK STRENGTHENING CORDIAL will e?r? yo^ No tauiraar* can eon?ey an idrifu/itr idea W th? immadiat* aoJ alnoat mira*Bl?tii chauft prodnctd by Wkluff thia C irHial la iba diaaaaad, debilitated, aad at-n:t?rad itrrola ayitetn, whetaer broken dovn by eicraa, weak by natar*, or laiHind by *lcka**a, ib< rel led and hnairuhf at|uitaUou u raaiorad to ill prii'.w* health and ?ijor MARRIED PERSONS, or olkara, cortacioua of inability from wbat*t*r cans*, will And MCLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL a t'w raofb rer*u*r<tor of thaayatan; aad all who may baa* iri)ur*d tbe?*eW?( by improper indtilf ei<c?a will tud la ikie Cordial a ctriala aad apeedy ranitdy. TO THE LADIES Mi LEAN'S 8TRKN1.1 HlCklNU iuilani*l. u eizn and apcedy cure for luciflent Coueaoipuou, Whitet, Obalructed or D.Sialt Meoatrw?tlon, Incontinence of Urine or h<jlntirr Diicherpe thereof, Fallioj of ih? Womb, UiFmntinf, >< >11 dumiti incident 10 Cfoiln. THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT. Buffer uo linger Take it according to direcliona. It will cumulate, atrengiien, and invigorate yu? end com* the bloom oI health tu mount J .or cheek ifiu. kverj bottle II warranted U {Hi aaliaf-tCliou. FOR CHILDREN. if your children ?r? aickly, psnr at ?*icied, MCLEAN'S CORDIAL will make them heilthr, fat, and rubmt. Delay hot a moment; try it, and yon will be connactd. It le 4c- ' ltcioue touke. CAUTION. Beware of droggUu or dealer* who nay try is palm npoo you kwi bittor or nm^arilU uaah, which th?y can bay cheap, by aayiog it i* Inet aa ffcod Avoid ?ueh do to Atk for MtLKAS'S VrRENGTRfcNING CORDIAL, and lake nothing elae. It ie the only remedy that will pwnfy the Blood tboronghle and at the ease time atreoftbeu the eyetoea Oho teaapooofal taken every lanrniog fuunf la a certain preventive for Cholera, GhiUa end Fe?er, Yellow Peter, or any prevalent d?e**e It i* put ep In large buflea. Price < only fl per bottle, or ? l>otl!ea for #5. J H MrLEAS, , 8 .le proprietor of this Cordlil; aleo, MoLean'e Volcanic Oil Liniment Fnaeipal Depot on the corner of Third ai.d j. n. mci i.AS, sol* rropnttor. Corner Third ud ?., St Loiu, M-v | charles btott, m n. it, m(? i|?iii iu wothm*- , ton; R.S T ClSS*L,0?arf??w?. ? tt-DtWly J WATCH REPAIRING ANOHILVER WARE V M^NIFACTORV. r I have one of tU? ba?t ?UUi?h?;;enU. a:id fur- 1 nisited with a complete set of tools for repai r- JCv in* every doao: Iption of fiuc \\ atchea, and #7%} a particular attention *ive to the tame, hy fiorooah competent workman .and a. work kuwu- I a Lied Al?o, every daaorip ion of standard SILVER , WARE, plain and ornameuial. mauutactu'ed under I ii,y own supervision, wlnoh lay customers will bnd far aupenor in quality and finish to northers ware old fey deaiera in ganarai and raar?aente4 aa their own mauufkotura. m. O HOOD, ( n 6 *3* Pa. a*?n?. a oar >th >t. * TP BALZAC'S NEW NOVEL. \ I BEGreatnaaaand Deolrasof C*aaar Biroitaard. t from ttie Krenoh of Honor* da Balsae, trarttaM f ? U ?<>cw?r KlrrwitU ?t.*Xn^'*VV^y. j w O ? V *XS.c ? A L ! SM Pa. at* irtw. uj5 abb ltn hi, Si?W ^ \ BALT'W?RK wmr.? won?, . ? Jffqsaa I nue ?U?fU. VI. Ui.ii, Alo. McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment, ! (THE BEST L.IN1MCNT IN THt WORLD.) I Th? omlj ?%U ?I1<1 cirlua car* for Concert, Pil*?, T?mor?, bwtuiuf? and Brotichil* or Court, Firalrit*, N*u- ' rlcia, \Vftkn??? of ilii Mu<c!<i. CKrooic or Llinm<ur> I Kbtuiimm, 8:iltueea of the Jcintf, Contracted Maaclea or 1 Lifamenta, Eamtie er Toothache, Bronte, Spraaaia, Fnth | i'ou, Wonoi, I'lcere, Feeer (orM, Caked Breaei. Hut I Nipplee, Burnt, Scalda, Sore Throat, or >a? tnflae?aa?uoa ur I Ca, no djffereace how aevere or loaf ihe diae*ee ? ra (skated, MCLEAN'S CELEBRATED LINIMENT ia | a certain remedy. , Thouennde of haman batata haee beei eared a Ma of di?- ( crepuarte and raiaery by lha oac of Ihie utaluMa rawIj Mrl.EAX'S VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Will relieve pain elwoei mt'antiaeouelf, and it viU clean, purify and heal lha fonleet af-raa la aii lacreoiMe ahurt im ' FOR HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. McLEAK'M CELEBRATED LINIMENT ia lha amly aafa , and reliable remedy fur the care af Spatio, R.nrboi.e, ! WindfaPe, Sp'iute, Vunataral t.cnpe. Nodea nr 8welliara It never tailed (o tare Biw Head, Mlenl, Faaoria, Old ' Hwmmluf Korea, or Bareedy, if properly applied for t ttpcaaaa, Braiaea, Rcratefeea, Cracked Heela, Chafee, Buddie ur Collar (talle, Cau, Sorea, or Wooada, u ia an mfaiKble remade. Apply it aa directed aad a eara U certain in every inatanca TV en trifle no lorrer with t*e aaaoy warthleaa Llnanr nte 1 offered u> yon. Obtain a empple af I*. Ml LEAN'S C EI.E " BRA TED LINIMENT. {<???<? 2*1 _ _ 12"000 mi^'ml^wri-A y^g^g?~-4| 1i ||4tu3>te?? ! ) ? ever to tb&t <>? 1>* Mnm Treroena. tud u*e BommoB oJiiftf omim of uiaMai ^ ?tKEF. The Tola anodyne. tL.u*: oonttuaiac not a batbote of OpiBia, ?rodM8t iff the r??BneiisMit?\jit. kad mar K? uocfl is ?li canoa *hanmt (t.,.. ? Price?84 and AO CenU per Bottle. For aaie at all Drag Bb>ree everywhere. JA?. MeOOMNKLL, Sea era. AfiM, jyll-^otr Baltimore XT- O. R. ?*J TP. . n U M NEW ELL'S UNIVERSAL COUGH EXntDT, For // Throat and Lnng Cwy/emli, from Common Cougkt to Actum! Consumption HUNNEWELL'8 JUSTLY CKLIBKATII TOZjU ANOD Tks Natural and Surf Romodf for mil Nor' von* Complaints. From Nearalgia throegh ail eaeee where Oaee* fti onoe ?afi, mmd MAtmr**M, DR. MONTARDK, or Pun, ofTera kit M1RACULOI ? PAIN KiLLBft KBMKDVFOR TM^A^^iToOM^tlAINTg In order to nvtinfr THK PUBLIC tiiM no unpoaition u intended in the eeie of thia THE MON KH^ILL S^kKPl npkd fill tUl Mm! hen the medieine laila to rve entire ?mlhuio Aik, then tttur Dr?i Store for MIR A0? LO C S PifsP Kft.LKR. take u directed, and if not pertectlj e*ue?ed Return to oar Agent, . ii. B. Clark, ESQ., 4# Street ?nd Pennaf ivnjun A venae. BLOOD RJ$k0VAT0R *u ?-?oly. ?!w T PROCLAMATION! O THE citizens or WASHINGTON, GEORGETOWN, Ac. Wktrtmt, At the present hhm o IIm year CHOLERA MORBUS, DIARRHEA, CHOLir. DYSENTERY, DEBILITY, Ae.,Ae., prem! to an altming extent: A?d wiirMi, It matt be ofthe FIRST CON8EQUBHOB K, m Kny - ? J , w 1 mm" VH" ?llV? >? VTVI HI*TW W IVH ? out. Re?d?r. try it, f??r w* aaanre you to* wil! UuU in ita frieud md-ed. aa wail a* a (n-od m ued. All persona of aedet.tary habita will fin? ft* feet preventive cf, aa we'! m a cure for tboja mt iiiatiU which they are particularly expoaod Hei.o* iniriatera. a:nd*iiU. attorueya, ilMi?r< (trlraei., and ladiea wiio arc n< t ao.uft med to t:.noh outdoor exetcie, will find it to their advantage*0 keep a holt e ron* taoliy on haul; anc above I iDothara or Uioae ?oommt audi, viil to UpMjU that moct danreioua period r^t only vit%flrxh*ir aeou* omed atre>rih but aafe ana free from ttie thouca>id ailnietita eo rrfvtiMit aaonf Lb* lama * portion of the wo Id. In abort, la iadeed a mother a oordial. Try it old and yoiui; no lo* ger r*a the r'ak ofde.ay:it will relieve ana pro** it*el? emphatically a Hntjrattvt CorU%*i a*d ?lo*4 JUa?ra Mr. _ O. J. WOOD, proprietor, <44 Broadway, New York, and 114 Market Stiart. St Louie. Ms., aad ao d by all good L?; ukk.?u. Prioe One Dollai per Bottle. PROF WOOD'S RESTORATIVE CORDIAL' m we are trouMrd with aOJuUiu* and moonbM' or of urine, or involuntary dleccarge ortba mm*, pain in rh? baok. *! ' sod b*two*n the ahouldera. exceedingly liable to alif bt aoide, ooerha, ar.d if mu eheofced, ?o< ii emaoiMioa folio a?, and the patieat {otidovn ma per main re crave, ftut apa<.? wi I r.ot allow u? to ei>um*ratMhe mar* |i a to whieh we are liable mavetk-ned condition ?! Uie a>aw?i*. But wc will aay in Una Cordial and R'ood Renovator yon have a p?il?^t, aa'e, p.t*a?aui and reme?t> for lo*a of App tite. biliouaoeee. Flatulence. *?nk a<v? rick Slooiaot:. Laacnur, l.iver Complaint. Cmllaaua F<-\er,o an* B rt??*attaofc, Co< Uvenemi, Acioit* of taeM inao),, Nn\ omuaea, Neura'cia. Palpitation of the Heart. Dapraeaion ?f?pmta.i*or*e. Pimplet on the Face, or any diaea?? aruing from impure bioud, ??ueb aa Morofuia, t-.ryaipolaa. Uronohitia, Couth,diAoulty of n-??S> inc. and all that o aaa of dia^aaea u ed fama. ? w?aki:oHi. ai.J eriutn?ta'*d aboTe. We aila.'v aay the traveler rxpoeftrf to epidemioa, ?kauo of olimate and water, wiil bud it a p>aaatt. aafear..i I guru _ *n A r.n nr a al.naM *^,*k ton* My th? di(Mti ve orgaua, ud tfca* aJI?y nl Mr rociv d otH*r irritation It la p?rf?otiT inutri tine and at Ui?ttnw tuaw it laoompuecd eatiraiy ??f Ytscew <?, jet m> oouiUued % to p^uo* u* ni??at thorouth tunm with, nt piodaeiaf any in Km* eowquwioM. Such a baa hnu r*.t to lie a <ie?ideratu?u in Ike nieOioaTwtwIo. lor it amrta m?-?'toa< *ki . U? tUat ?! ? Iiit folio?i a!' attack a dianaae. aod prnoaeda a> d in lay* the p n to trie iiipidiwaa auaeka of tnai.y of u?a i* ?; auoii. for tuitiM. a* tit* iol; iwinj: Ci.rt*umpi,i>u. Indirection. l>?*i?-pna, \ppciite. Painine-is, Swvmi liritaM it?, rxeora *ia. Palpitatioa of tli* heart. Metauohoi*. Nijht !?weata.>r. <?iJuineaa. Keieuuoa of. a? we.i as Painful obatruited. tow prolaaa, or too c*ut Menstruation, a. <1 t-V.lmr of thv Wonib. Then* all dep?*n<l up<>n nereral d?bilit?. Thi? pur*, health) ton 10 t'ordiai and H ood Kei orator i? a? >nr? onre a? the ran la U> r?? an<l ft. There m no mMUke about it. Battlua ta not ail If the avxtem i* weakened we are open to ulivu* attack*. tie liver t>ec<>mea torpid, or wore* dle<**ee6. tne kiJneya refuae t? ??rf.>rm their *j? lovall ?^'m*uSiIeBWtfVCt ta. M*>t> WiU ** ? * M ISO KLLAN BOU& PROF. WOOD'S RESTORATIVE CORDIAL ud BLOOD RENOVATOR lBTiforMin* arH rtraafUaaiaf to tia vita pewara* and at the "am" tin* rrvivtb**. raiuaUtas, M n newa tk* H <hm! i a I its <;ri|iial pa-It*, and thai at oik* riiicx'<anJ rtnAr? ? rV 'vitm wuimrmH* rmmttnrk* / **"*- It i? t*? oaly *r*MiWH? rw utferM Ui iu. w.^j.wotoyonj aad afciUfulij ombilled t?> U- U?* a.o* ^'Warjal !<bio. arH at tkc Bain* tim* *? parl>?tfy a<!a*U4 U>. a* %? Wtia awfact aoc-rdanw with U? law* *f WUi^ I fcll'l Will "*?t-" | B u? 5?2KJ?ss N?w?" UuU Ui m*ce ffcTli ?? o iHtnli) UrovckMttM oo?atry> ^!SSSk?Sc!1bws? I *V*KJ Ip Ww K^ Bp / %/ 'I < A KS I 1 OXJ IJCIUlij I 0 JL AR ? Tkla BiMlMl FmuIj mrnt Nrw* fnral ? tuuif t creator rmh**r of imtmmtimt i?<Im Tn?-fW**, ?? <*??. gir.|i?> ?f j, pm m?i?. 41 * Fit*oofiM .. . ... $ ? T? c oopi?a . ?? ? i ? .. avi without pro inoinp a*?thi?f bat ud Mvinc iti* fkiifnt in a pariaotiy natarat irate. The L niveraa! Coagh Ktwady, (M lroa all Lhn aomntoa obtactton of <*oa?h Renediae. whioO >roduoe nausea or prostration.) mar ba oon*.o?-'?*. ih-? oommon enemy to a.l Throat and Laac Cuiuplainta. and used with perfeot impunity 7l JBif tli 10 ovurt from proprietor* or frianda th# moil wtrera ir:ve?tirat'.c>n or both raadina >f oar pampl.^w to bo luuno with all deal an. ana aura pariicalafly tw purotaaae oaly of thoae who an be depeudou apon. we wait la oualdaaoa tea leciaiona of Tatienta and Phyataia&i. ' Prioaa within reach o! aTs' J. W. HcmwuxV Oalnai ft. Co ?11 IV liarf. Boston, U*o. UrNKKWii.Lt 144 Water at., Pftv YoJft, Sir tie asocial aapornatoa of JOHN L* HcNwhoae 'wTnatare' J Bg'aytftfte o only, and U? whoa addraaa all ooantaiul th? Druggists id n iinlHgtui Hi UXMgttoi i. mar M tr r QFFICK OFlOTlitNO 8EA.LKR ircrrrcK is kb'.y to Um pronaiona of tKo mdiaMM of (klTiirtoration approved Mar <3 MM. tHo und?rucB*?t ia tow proparod,"?Wovor rMvlrad in vriUat. aod >n pra pa> mailt of tk* f* of ifty ocuts, to Inapoet. innim, toot, proro, and aooortaia U* aooarac; <( o*iatraUoc ofany (U Motor ia moo ia taia oitf.'* ivory motor, uiound inoorroot, vul boooadomnMl, >ad aaothor,aoatod aod martnd aa trao.wi.i bo m* ?its plaoo. If ?rt>?od to ha aooarato |i no aoaauronoat of im, it viU boaoalad aoo??UM.riy, ~ o? n?If H-tf F\DR*STOCK 18 ALWAYS COUPLETS OP