Newspaper of Evening Star, October 3, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 3, 1860 Page 3
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LOC A L "NEW8.T l?7" j'bocgh The Star la printed on the fuWct itrun pre** In oar scath ?( Baltimore, Its edition U am Urge aa U require It to be pot to press at an early borrr; Advert1*rmeiita, therefore, abonld be sent in before 12 o'clock motherwise they may not appear until tbe Bert day. Notic*.?District of Columbia Adverti*ems?ta to be Isaerted la tbe flALTMcoaz s*pn are received tfand forwarded from Th* St a.* Office. !.om? Rirrrttw?A?*!val Hrai?Rbcwftiow AT TBX D*POT?ROVT* 0? T*B Ca**TA??? ? How Hs Tiavsm on thb Railioad?Aebival at TBI Executive Mansion ? Lcrd Renfrew, accompanied by the Duke of Newcastle, the Earl of St Germain*, the Hon Major General Bruce, and their respective suites, aa we have before stated, will arrive In this city about 4 o'clock title aftornoon. and be met at the depot by the Hon. Lewis Case, the Mayor of tbe city, and tbe Preaident's nephew. BKCKPTIOS AT THE DfW!T TUe venerable Secretary of Stale will welcome the distinguished patty on behalf of the President of the lTnttrd states, and extend an invitation to the Prlwe to sojonrn at the Executive Mansion during bis stay in this city. A suificient uumber of carriages will be in waiting at the depot to receive the honored guests, among others the splendid eouipage of a prominent a?d wealthy citizen of Baltimore, and a personal friend of'the President, who has kindly volunteered its oee daring the Baron's sojourn inthsrlty The party will pass up Pennsylvania avenue on tbeir way to the White House a sumcieni police rorce will bestationea aroune the depot to keep teack the crowd, and preserve order. HOW TBK PKISCK TRAVELS Lord Renfrew and bis party defray all of their expenses wb!I?C traveling. and will accept of no gratuitous offt-r cn the part of the railroad company or others. From Cincinnati to Pittsburg he pays the modest sum of #2,UOO for a special train; but while he pays in accordance with royalty, he experts to receive immunities not granted to ordinary men. The train which hears Lis Highness has tte enti'e right of the roads. An engine specially detailed precedes the train to keep the track clear and look out for any imperfections in the road that would jeopardize the safety of the train containing the Prince and his retinue. The agent of the Prince, who is a cousin to him on Albert's side, arranges all his traveling mat ters, and stipulates In the bargain with railroad companies. that on no consideration shall any person be allowed on board the train except those necessary to manage it; and these are prohibited from entering the royal car, but ride by themselves la a forward car The western railroads have made extraordinary arrangements for the passage of tbe heir to the British Uiroaa, on Uis tour to Washington. The train waa a special ooe under the control of the royal party, and the route was via Pittsburgh to Parrlsburg. and thence by the Northern Central road to Baltimore and Washington. He was to arrive at Baltimore from Harr:sburg. where be rested last uigh', at 1 p m , in a special traiu, tbe car occupied by the Prince bavin* been specially prepared for him. and was used by him during the entire trip from Cincinnati On arriving at the Calvert Station the party will take carriages and pror??d up Calvert street to Kager, these* to Charles passing the Washington Monument, along Charles, to Baltimore, along Baltimore to Han over, and thencwto the Camden Station. A special train will be in waiting there to convey them to Washington The train will leave Baltimore at 2 30 p. in. or thereabouts, and arrive here at 3 V p. m The following regulations show the amount of rarebt*tow?d upon bim. in contrast to that taken of ordinary sovereigns of our own land: Lord Renfrew's special train, the pilot engine forming a i?rt, is to bave the exclusive right to the track over everything, andeverv other eugiitr or train mnit- be entirely out of the way of toe pilot engine at least live 'minutes before tie card time, ^and care taken that switches be at once placed upon the main track.) aud tie kept out of the way until f*>rd Renfrew's train has pixa<-d Station agents at nil stations will exhibit a white flag at the entrance twitch, or a point more di? taut from station If the switch ii on a curve, at least live minutes before tbe time upon tbe card; aid flag to be shown until alter tbe passage of tbe special train, indicating tbat all i? clear, care being bad tbat road crossings at and about station* are properly guarded until after tbe passage of tbe special train Foremen or trark repairer* will see tbat no rails are takm out of tbe track, or tbe track otherwise dis urbed on tbat day until after the passage of tbe train excepting to remedy* delects tbat .I^would endanger the train in passing, la placing fte signal at a safe distance, and tfary will distribute tbelr men so as to guar 4 all highway erodings to protect the tram from tbe possibility of ?fleeVde?t SI tbe crossings rtrtJmlar attention most be given to see tbat r there are no breaks in tbe fences tbat will admit of the encroachment of animals upon tbe track Truckmen will also give extra attentiou to see that the telegraph wire ia unobstructed and in nood work)no riinHUUn la conclusion, U Isof sltal Importance that Lr>rd Renfrrw should pas* over the line in safety, and on time, and it behooves all *>mpk>yees to exert ise 'j the utmost vigilance, to the end that the po?siv billty of an accident iq tUe special train stall not m exist, and that It sbail bot be delay ed by accident <4 to, or detention of, any other train. AXKIVAL ?T TBI WHIT* HOtTS* From an early hour in the afternoon the entrances to the vjuiotis avenues leading to the Executive Mansion will be closed, and no persons, except* lug the roval party with their distinguished escorts. with perhaps a few Invited yue*ts, admitted within any of the inclosures about toe building. It Is the dialre of the President ?o have bis lord^^lhip atm<>yed as little as possible by curious asd liuity spectators The party will be received by igfte President and Miss Lane lu the ea*t room, but mm special formality will be observed. At six '"O'clock tbr < OIULtaiir Will br InvitMl In nar? V- r.C *|hMr. TJHIT TO nor** vtmsos It 1s thought that the royal party will visit fttt WtKiat Vernon soineti me to-morruw morning, but this tin* lus not yet been definitely fixed uj.on The U. s* itesmer Harriet Line is being made ready for this purpose. TUB rilKWUKIi ?SL'FPLEMK.tTASY. 1 It. and J. Ldge, theextensive firework manuftrtijKfi of Jersey City, N J., Iisvt just completed a piece uf fireworks here for the occasion of the reception of the Prince of Wales in our city, wh eb is of the most beautiful design. The design is most appropriate to the occasion, being a combination of the American sad English sytnKnlfi mAtlilM He/* all il?t?r?lfi?tr?n urilL -- band. and forming work of Miuurpaseeri beauty. In th* centre of the piece are the figures Columbia and BriUuaia j while adjoining the first ia the American coat uf arms, and tn? latter the English Each of three figures are encircled in a wreath '* which separates one from the other, and the whole m la encased inelegant acroil work. U'ithin U.e jy^roll work at the bottom are the motto** '< E A- pluribuauaum 'and Horn Soltqm mal y pense," k, wtiiie between the two, aurmounti-d by the . Hixr i feathera. is the motto of Ike Prince, "Ich 4 '-(flan," (I serve ) 0 j tbe tup ia a globe surrounded by the AmerMfcn and Engitsu fla_'s Interloped together, and each end. separate from tbe main piece, Is a steamship with li<ht-hoiae. ke., representing theiomaierce between tbe two worlds. This Is said to be the largest piece of fireworks ever made, it being one buadrt-d and sixty fret In ?hi?ngth. fifty feet in height, at id sixty-live feet from the ground Tbe piece will be surrounded ?jaarith bombi sending up their saowers of atvs, and everything arranged additional that Will ? ' gift more effect to the exhibition ^ This beautiful gem of pyrotechnlc art was de a'gura ir.roiignoui by* Mr. J a met i-iemmlng, Jr., of JrrtHtv City, N. J., who is entitled tj Croat credit for tae able manner to which be u performed the work The exhibition will Uke place on Thursday evening next, coior" meneing at 8 o'clock, if the weather prove* fa. iy Mr. Isaac Edge, one of the firm, superintends ?. tke pyrotechnic part,and has been unfailing in Li* ? exertioaa to have everything done la suck a msti neraii* d'i? to him to say, as heretofore, in pro ftrmi The mechanical arrangements are nnder tu superintendence of Mr. Horsley, also of Jersey City. No ball 1* is contemplation. U Tm R?vival.?The churches at which the a*. protr?rird meetings are in progress were largely * attended last aigbt. and at several the meetings were pernliarlv Interesting At the Method *t ,, Church South the pastor, the Her J. A. Proctor, prr%rn?d to an attentive audience upon the sobjrct of the "children of the Kingdom The .at usual attar s-rvloe was tUen renamed and several , penitents pr suited themselves. At the .Ninth .Street Methodist Protestant Church a very tloijuHt discourse upon "the Human Heart tue '.k I'Msc<* of !*?t??." waa delivered by Re*. I). A. t*r>e-in?' of U^lttnaM-e The rental ndrr of the * !' WntB?vr*iipr?t in tke Instruction and exhor'a " VHk of pcbtt^uU ut the altar, singing and pcefer '' . EkAddlUoi to tli* uflt latlng minister Ke?a W. T vVrlgUt. of Vctdtilck and McDaalel, of th? t^MMpior* Coufrfea- r w?? preaeat ia the pulpit. tW fy u~c of wtioai waa anutMuevd to prmii. to Tflftjp"'1 K>t??s? ?TUr return of tUe f orp*ratto*< txfor# Justice lH>aa, of tUe sevenUi d isl?* Uepteanbrr, were as follows ?Total mXTW of cases, lo-l; >itwM? of Hue*. fltwi't: 1* MEx'nt of coats, fit* 48; anion*! of tni f*id. 9tt7 ?; eases paid, 63; a*t*rcrded, ?; iSQwa ultUd to the workboixs.', 51 persons ilfc^satsra^Pit o*f?p'.*lM blttn-ly of the bad jnflHlua of Four aud-a-half street, nsu MfcMurl and of tk* gaa ttffcta across the M?.i, ou ttsMfer ?trre* be<*r M?ln|f>itsbe?f 1*0 sari* tu H^MftiWiK He rci^uftu us to rail tti'tltrMiui f|lk*ft*>per ?uUxwlU??t? Uie waiter \Y s do so dtrttreta-rd fllthleet of all, a rap, with a numbar pou ths front and two Initial lettera At first It Wti arppoaed that some unfortunate -WideA wak< " bad left this part of his uniform In this filth? bote; but "A G " don't stand for Wide* Awake, and they are net a umbered up to thirty nor are their cap* narked la tbi t war The flider thought tuat bv Inquiry of the Chief of P<4k* be Blight ascertain tka ?vt?r. ** - ? i Low*i> I-oca Wat Stop-cocs akb Pibi Pm;??There will be auotbtr trUl of thia |uwntton oa tomorrow (Thursday) afternoon, at 4 o'clock, coraer Nlath nod D atn-eta. 'the tfneitu a are In ?ited to attend, and for tln*lr couveiiianre the bell of the Peraeterance Fire Comply wlU be taut j , The members of both branch** of the Cl'y Counr lis have accepted an tavltatlea ft cm the Inventor to be present, and the whole arrangemeiita im under the auperTlalou of W aier fleam. by and only practised marksmen proflt'by Um j sport. A Novel Pl?a?Yesterday, as was stated In the 419Ur," k man named James Sutherland was arrested on suspicion of Isrceny of a large quantity of steel, which was fouud in hia possession. in (ompany with two others, who escaped. He was committed to jail to await a farther hearing. This morning, a lawyer handed to the committing I magistrate a plea for an Immediate bearing or his release on ball, which Is looked upon by members at the bar as a novelty. The argument of the counsel for defence was that although the goods were found In the prisoner's possession, the larceny suspected to have been perpetrated In a foreign jurisdiction, It was noccanary for the officer to have u writ issued upcn the oath of soma person from \ that j'iri?dlctton, having knowledge of the larceny, In order to arrest and hold the prisoner The Justice declines to hear the case until the wltnee&ea from the foreign jurisdiction have time to arrive in this. Focsd ?Yesterdsy morning, a person, who has control of some <Ubles and other build 1 ngs, which were left uniaclosed by toe fire uu ttUlh and C streets, t?.indav morning, found in on. ?>. SroBTiso.?This season bat not been a* extensively enjoyed by the amateur sportsmen of the city u those past The old sporti uen who for half a ceaturv scarcely missed a i^ton. have let thia go, >ind thereby have given opportunity for an Increase of game In the season of lrtttl. Those who have be n to the gunning localities report the jjame In excellent condition, though not as plentiful ns In years post Indeed it cannot be ! ? xpected that it sbould be, fur as M>on as the season arrive, the fields and marstie* are peopled with RUuners. professional and uurtteur, who seldoin allow * bird to pasa In range of their plec*s. Though the rer-d bird and ortolan are plentiful In tb* marshes skirting the Potomac and Anaecsiia, it Is with difficulty comparatively that they can l>e approached, and duck and plover are rareties where a few years ago tuey were abundant The rapid growth of the c<ty. the impcuvement of the fields oy the erection of many squares of dwelling! within a few years, of course had much to do with driving away the choice game. It has not b**eu a quarter of a century since the entire area of what is now Swam poodle was a sporting range, and the mall from the Capitol grounds to the mouth ?f the Tiber was another, and plover, snipe, small due ks. Ac , were abnudaat. The sporting grounds are now compare- , tively small, game scarce, and uunners so aomeroua and constantly on the hunt, that the same is .. ? r^v. .? f - ?? ??! kujiii^ |ra*riiirii? II ^ C^SU per aup foot N. Aoker A Brown ?Belgian til centa p+-r aup foot; laying pavement 10 cent? per up foot; curb centa; 5 feet R ?1 50; '23 feet R ft 3b; dreaaed tiagging 50^ cents George Neitzev?Belgian -20 centa per aup. foot; laying pavement centa The awarda have been made on the above bide aa follow*: The contract for furniahing the trap rw k for the Belgian pavement for tba approaches to the aouth wiug of the Treasury Kxteualon, waa awarded to Oharlea Boteler, of thla city, at 18 centa per auperflclal foot; and the contract for the granite curbing to Measra Acker & brown, of thU city, at 70^ centa per llue??l foot The contract for furntabing the flagging waa awarded to Measra Gault k Brother, of Baltimore, at 58 rpnts per auperficlal foot?these different partita being the lowest bidders for the variona kluda of work '-alt*) ;1' Daniel Chiack.a free negro, for remaining in the State contrary to law; and K. Ball, for p'l >ting a Teasel in tb? watera of the State without a licenae. 'I he Court aa an Examining Court, (Justice* Fowle, Neale, Beach, Brockett and Dawson coinprising the Court,) then took up the case of James H. Poaey. charged with rape. Bv order of the Presiding Justice, the court room was cleared of females and youmz persons, and the examination was proceeded w'th and resulted In the discharge of the accused. Stuart for the Commonwealth. Brent and Kluzer for the accused. The Court tuen adjourned until this morning at 11 o'clock Pkoposals Ope?*i> ?The following is a list of the proposals for material for the approaches of the south wing of the Treasury extension, opened by S M. Clark, Esq., acting engineer iu charge of the Treasury Department: Messrs. Gault & Brother?curb 95 cent.; 2 feet R *1.25; 23 fret R SI 25; dressed flagging 58 cents Thaddeus Wilson?Belgian pavement 40 cents per sup foot; laying pavement 4 cents per sup, foot; euro 81.12; 2 feet R. 81 50; 23 feet R 81 50; drtssed flagging 60 cents Patrick Coy to? Belgian pavement IS cents per sup foot; laying pavement 7 ceuta pe' sup foot; curb 81 15; 2 feet R ?i 30; 23feet R. 81 30; dressed flagging from 05 cents to 8125. Charles W lioteler?Belgian 18 (*?ntl ru?r tiin fftftt- " *? Wrench charged with auault upon the person and bonae of J. Robinson keeper of a restaurant at the Canal Baain It appeared In evidence that if * accused was intoxicated, came into the bouse of >lr Robinson, insulted bis wife and afterwards struck at the k?^>ptr of the bar and upon being put out of the house, burst the door with a stone G. F Stuart appeared for tbe commonwealth and D L. Suioot for tbe defence. Tbe prisoner was found guilty, and sentenced to par a line of and l>e imprisoned in tbe jail one month. The ease of commonwealth againt Tfcomas Dnrkett, was then taken up. It appeared that a man nam^d CartinHl. some weeks since, became intoxicated, and while in that state had bif watch stolen from him Afterwards, when tbe prisoner, b^injf s'ispeeted of the theft, was followed, he threw a watch away, whioh was afterwards idt-atifled aa the one belonging to Cartinill. The witneues were by no means clear in their replies, and their anawera caused much laughter In the Court-bouse Tbe jury found the prisoner -not guilty," and be waa diacbcrged. The Grand Jury returning again into Court, Sreaented Indictments aa follows:?aglnat Robert mlth, John Cbaritou, and T. Javens. for an waier 11110 tue ixorxoern rtiarsei, repairing id* doors, windows, pavements, Ac., grading and draining the apace of ground lying between the the north Hue < t the present market-house, Seventh, Eighth, and (the center of) K streets,renting by the vetir convenient ground, and erecting proper privies thereon, and making any other necessary improvements in or about the said Northern Market; the said money to be expended under the direction of the Mayor and the Commissioners of said market. See. *2 That, in addition to the sum named in the current annual appropriation act, one hundred and fifty dollars be and the same is hereby appropriated out 01 the general fund for white washing and cleaning around the said Northern Mirket during the remainder of the present fiscal year. And it is hereby made the duty of the Clerk of the aaid market personally to attend to having the said market-house and grounds and streets occupied for market purposes thoroughly swept and cleaned immediately after every market. Th* Alexandria County Coc*t opened its second day* sitting at the Court House, yesterday Justice Fowle presided, assisted by Juslices Price, Beach and Johnson. The grand jury returned Into Court with the following iudtctuientE: against Thoa. Wrench for assault; a true bill; against Thos. Duckett. larceny; a true bill. The Court then took tin the r*?* umlnit Tltn? cord, or wire, or any other material, or any manner whatever Sec- 2. That any person or persons offending against tbe provisions of the first section of thla act shall forfeit and pay a fine of not less than ten dollars nor more than twenty dollars for each and every such offence, to be recovered and applied as provided by law; and on failure to pay or to give good and sufficient security to psv the said fine or fines, the person or persons so offending shall be coutiued la the workhouse for a period of not Ins than sixty nor more than ninety days. S?c 3 That all acts or parts of acts inconslsent with this act he and the same are hereb) repealed. An set providing for the improvement of the Northern Market, and keeping the buildings and grounds in a cleanly condition. B'. it e nattrd, fc., That the sum of SfiOO, or so much thereof as shall be necessary, be, and the same is, hereby appropriated out or the general fuud for tbe purpose of introducing Potomac I Cirr Osi>i!U*c? ?Tho following acta of th? I nu. n * ,mJ\ k? vuy uvumiia u?*c wcu wj w and are now ordinances of the Corporation: An act establishing the annual water rent for street wutam and for other purposes. Be it tmaeltd, fc , That the annual water rent for street washers, where the water Is not introduced Into the premises, shall b?- three dolixrs. payable as all other water rents are. and subject to snch regulations and restrictions ns have been or may be from tima to time adopted by this Corporation Sec. 2 That in all case* where no fixed rate of water rent has been established, the Water Registrar Is hereby authorized and directed tc assess the same, having doe reference to the rates heretofore determined by law. An art to prevent cruelty to animals R? U enarttd. Iff , That from and after the passage of this act it shall not be lawful for any person or persons bringing or sending milch cows, with calves, to the city, either for sale or otherwise, to have the mouth of the calf or calves tied, muzzled, gagged, or confined either with rope, erable frUow-eltlxen. Nicholas Queen, Eaqulre, which took place yesterday. He came to reside here about serenty years ago, and waa the first person who made a brick here, and at the time of his death the eldest man who had huilt a boose here, as well as probably the resldeut of Washington who had resided longest hers Following so soon u|>on the death of the late Darius Clsgett, who for nearly half a century filled so lar^e a spare in the pnblic's eye as a Wsshingtou-rity buslu*ms man of highest character, greatest energy and proverbial probity, the death of Mr Qsieen must srrve to impress'deeply upon the minds of our fsllow-cltizeas whose season of active participation in affairs of busy life is fast raimfns out that, one and all, they must prepare to follow Pcicts Cu*R*jrr.?The prices of provisions have in some respects been chaiured at the retail stores of our city merchants within a few weeks. Flour?family Is selling at SH 50 to f 10 per barrel; extra f7a#7 50; super fti '2Sef6 50 Coffre?Rio 16 cents per pound; Maraeaibo 16al*c ; Java 20c 9'igars?brown 8, 9alUe. per pound; crushed, pulverized, and granulated 12}<c ; clarified lOall^c. Bacon?abouldera lOall^c. per pound: sides 13c.; hams I5al6c. The high price* of the cheaper kind of eofl'ee ia unusual. Spkcial ATTKMTiojf is called to the advertisement of Mr. I. S. Barker, of house* to rent, kc. TLeae houses have already been described In our paper aa of a superior order, and they merit the attention of those in search of tenements. Ckntkai. Guardhouse Casks ?But a single case was tried this morninL*. Thomas Harvev. drunk and sl?t-pin^ in the street, wai tent to the workhouse for 60 dayt. Two lodger* were accommodated. Wista*'* Balsam or Wild Chkery. The fohowing letter from Rhv.His?y Wood, ol Concord. X. II., Kditor of the Congregational Journal, hpeakit volume* in favor of Bristar's Concord. >. H., March 2. Mimii. Skth W. Fowls A Co.?Gentumm: Two years ago, a sudden and violent attack upon my Lungs confined me to my bed for several weeks, and when I recovered, I was so much oppressed by difficulty in breathing, that 1 was often unable to sleep or rest upon a ned by night. The suffering was extreme, and judging from the incffioacy of the remedies used. I supposed the disease incuiabl*. Being persuaded to try abottloof Wt'star's Btlsam Hf Wild Cherry, without confidence in its efficacy, I found the difficulty almost entirely removed before one bottle was used up. Sympathy with my fell.w sufferers induces me to make this public statement, sad recommend the article to others similarly afflicted. With respect, yours truly, Henry Wood. None cenuine un.ess signed I. Butts on the wrapper. Prepared by 9. W. Fowle & Co., Boston, and for sal* by Z. D. Giiman, 9. C. Ford, jr., St. B. Waite, G. Stott, John Schwarze, Nairn A. Palmer. Wash ington; and by dealers everywhere. oc 3-lw.r Hostkttkr's Stomach B:tt*s* ?The thousands who use this great medicine for th* cure of Dyspepn^and Liver Comp aint and the dipea?ei complicated witn or arisinz from them, are requested to take not:oe that vile eounterfritt of this cele brated lavignrant have bwn issued n the South and We?t, and 'mar eventually find their way manv par's of ihe Union. We hope, therefore, that all purchasers of the preparation will eiamiae the label on the bottle, where a fao simile of the proprietors' mgr a'uro should appear,and also the hot tie itself, whieh should have the words * Dr. J. Hostetter's Stomach Bitters" llmen in the slans. ana *i?-np-u on me caj covet-in* me oor k weauo Will, alter January lat. I MM. put an additions' s:eel eng-avinfj with our n >t?of hand attached, which U> counterfeit is & felony.' ocl eo3t _ Hostkttkr A Smith. Rsadkr. have you ?e?>n Pror. Wood's advertise ment m our paper. Read it; it will interest you. an 20-eoly HoiLowti'f Pill*. Atrophy ? Ihtfca uitu theetfcle theor? adopter! by the modern physician it the treatment of <radusl <J?cay or wanting of the human liody, Holtowaj's medicine* seize on the direct cau*e o'f thi disease? the blood. They purify and enrieh it?thev utiniulate and invigorate the exhaus ed systun l>y Rivinir life to each tis ue, srrenicth to the muscle, '-nerijy to the invMlid. ela ticity to the Kpmis. arrl the blooin of health tothe pallid cheek. Sold by all Dru> fist*. at25c.,?Sc.,and J 1 per box. ae2J lw To thk Afklictkk !?Be sure to read the advertinonie t of Mcl>eaa's ^tronsclliening Cordial and Blood Puriher, in another column. tf Mil. eiporienoed n it raeaad female ahvainitLn. hm ft. Aui-hi?? fiurun /rt* Ts+mtk mr, which greatly facilitated the process of teething by softening the ram*, reducing a.i inflammation? will ai'ay ai! pain, and is aura to regulate the bowels. Depend upon it, mothers, it will (five rest to yourselves, and relief and health to your infants. Perfectly rafe in ail oases. See advertisement in tnotuer ooluinn. _ oa 11-ly IlOMKOfATHIC Rkmkdixs All of Dr. Humphreys 4. Co.'s specific Homeopathic He modi es put up expressly forfauily use, in boxes, at 25 and an cents each. Alto, in oasc-8, containing vial*, from $4 to oach. with book of fall directions. For sale !>y Z. D. Gilman. 330 Pa. avenue, wholesale and retail a**nt; \V . A. Fitzgerald, 353 north F street; also by F. B. Winter, corner of Mao^aohunetts avenue and Hixth streot. Also, Pond's Extract of Wiuk Hazti, for uiteinal and external muaminationii of all kinds. Soldaaabove. uta9-ly / DIED, On tn? 2d instant, in the 84th year of his age, NICHOLAS L. UUEEN. Ifis funeral will taku place from his late residence, uo%r Washinst-n, on Tliursdav, the 4 h instant, at 10 o'clock a. m. Hi* friends and acqnaintsncf s, and those of the ftunily, are respeotfully requested to attend. ~ * Ontli* 2d inatan', GF.ORGE B. LBNMAN, in the 37th yeir of his ace. The funeral will leave the residence of Win. P. Drary at ha'f pat>t nine, fo the Church of St. Alor*iim The friend* and acquaintance* of the family are reapcctfuily invitid to attend, * On the2d ina'ant, UAH BA R A ANN HRRBRRT DAOGliS, daughter of Martha and Monteville Dagger, aged 9 yr&ra, 6 month*, and 2 day*. The friai.d* a-<d artqnniutancea of the family are revpeetfull> invited to attend her funeral, at halfpant 3 o'clock t.i morrow il huriMtay) afternoou, from her father'* residence. No. 30 Duinliar.on at , Georgetown On the1*t instant, ROBERT REEVES, a native of Pro* bridge Kngland, hut for the last i\ yeara a re?identof thm city ; aged 77 >aar* llm frir-nd* n.nd ?r?n ??.i nt?nn?? are invi*?H tr> at taii'i h funeral, from his la*e residance, No. 350 D ?treet. heiwoeri 13.*i and 14th, this aiternoon, at 8S o'clock. On tho 2d instant, at 7J6 o'ologk p. m , WM. H. KING, in hi? 49th year. The friend* and acquaintances of the family are r?: pectfullv i.ivited to atteitd hi* funeral, on Thursday, the 4ili lamanr, at 10 o'clock, from hi? ia e r?sdenoj, on the oo.ner of Sixth at. and Pa. avenue, e&iit * On t><?3d instant. JAM KS FRANKLIN, infant on ol Li. O. and Elisabeth C. Uraenwt II, a^tnl 1 month and 16 days. 11 ROYAL HAVANA LOT'I'KRY. HE Nest Drawing of the Royal Havana Lottery, oonduotcd by the Spanish Government, under tho supervision <>f the Captain General of Cuba., vill tea* plaoe at Havana on SATURDAY. Octobkr so, imo. SOKTBO NVMEHO 644 ORDINARIO. CAPITAL PRIZE ?100,000, PtjM of ?? -Jjioo.ouo fcJ pruos of. Sl.f*r t do ... 80 do 1 do 80,000 1)3 do 400 1 1o _. 20 at.pi OX. 8.3*1 l do lo^oit rtr att akA n u ft PC lit jjLLjju r n/i-uo. Whole Tiokots. #5o-Haivoe, ?10?Quarters, fid. Prises cvihod at ?!f ht at 5 per cent, discount. Kills on aii solvent '-tanks taken at par. A drawmj will We for warned aa soon aa the recall becomes known. A!! orders for scheme* or tt?k*?U to be ad 4 r eased to DON RODRIGUEZ. oe S-t* Care of Cit? Post, Char ?st? in. S. C OY8TRR*! O Y 8 T E R SI! AT FUSIXKSS AGAIN. JOB P. MoINTOSd would respeotfully inform his old fri?nds and customers that ho i? />?v again at his old stand, No. 369 FilthfflRtt /.J street, between G and H, where he prepar-d to famish the very test qnalitx of FRESH OYSTERS, (Stewed, Fried, or Raw,) at tho shortest notice. Orders soloitrd oo l-7t P)R PHILADELPHIA-The steamer ?. Seynionr. Captain Palmer, has arrived and will l>e ready for freight the ab?ve port on Thursday?to sail^^^^^^^ r nu?y mormag, at lu o oiook. Arpiv tf> HYDE A DAVIDSON. _oo 2 3: Georgetown, D.JC._ TO SMOKERS OP . . MANILLA CIGARS, i he advertiser has a few thousand of No. 1 MANILLA C GiRS that lie w.Jl sell at f28 per thousand a?d about ten thousand of No.* that he will r'i at $18 pjr tbousaad. The above Cigars are first quality Manillas. \V. A. BROWN A BRO.. Oo 2-3t* corner of F and Thirteenth sts. THK UNDERSIGNED WILL SfcLL AT BIS house a hue 7-octave ROSEWOOD ^ PIANO of excellent t;ne,at a great barlBHBl jiaia, for oub, as the owuer shall leave tke?TllT? Also, a very nice Black W altiut Center Table and Parlor Cooking Stove can be s* n at any time at 473 Fouiteenth st, a few doors south of Pa. avenue. _oc2 6t * Mi RCUS RE BINE. ?l /a >\.?ji orner 01 is-.n nnu n am., a XSBdr f?w doors sout* of Fa. ar., ? Favier's old stand. First Ward. Washington. IIis Har is eonataDtly snpp ie>d with theohowest Liquors and Cigars. The nest Fned Oj stern>n W a# hi n* ton can beoh'ained at his place. Families supplied with Oyatars in "very st> lo, and at re*aun?UI* prices. se 2B-eo6m FALL AND WINTKR UNDER8HIRT9 and DRAWER?, for gentlemen, youths and boytt of Silk, Flm?n?l, l^rthswool, Marino, Canton ! Flannel, Net, a d Twil!?d A l?'?e and oompUte stoek ju t received at LANE'S Gentlemen'* Furnishing Store, ?o 2fi-?o6t 424 Pa avenue, n^ar 4% st. W~ .NtRfe A. HPTTr 7? 'LI: 1 ntroduoe Her new sfj es of FALL and ^ 'NTEK M!l,l JN'KRY on Thursday. Oc-^jgft wbioh si*> invites 'he attentionBSr ol the la*|??s of Waabtuatoa and its vicmit? <M IJt No. gT* Penpft. ftvmu*. Am. Account*on'onrXoof?are read*off up to the Ut Octotier. and w II b? rendered In ft day or twft. Iiur customers will great!* oblige us U tbajr ail) c.?a.fc loi ward aud seule wvh us^hhoujtdelfty. Ml-U 344 Pft. ?t., bet, Mil ftftd 10U? aia, ji w<ai?uMi?iuai iu im fWf York or Mooton oil. te-reraaBfiKV Tor fjf , GENTLEMEN'S WEAR, -**" embracing lorne of the oboioeat noveltieaand latest importation to whloh we invito vour attention. HINTON & TEEL. Tailors, 406 Pecn. avenue. ae27-2w (States.) bet. 4% and 6th atr<.eia. j^EW AND ATTRACTIVE STOCK. _ \Ve are now in receipt of our Fall atock of PAPER HANGINGS, WINDOW SHADE?, SHADfcP HOLLANDS*. PICTURE AND ? . . ? . Embracing all QualUte* and Prictt; All of which nave been puroraaed direct from man ufaeturea, and with uuoauai care. . . We feel, therefore, that, with our larxeaad varied stock, we ?h%Jl be able to preaeat anpermr indue*menu to purohaaera A oail is aoiioited whet bar you pure hast- or i ot. All work in our line executed by superior workmen in city or oountry, and warranteum every partionlar. Call at FRANKLIN * ROTHROCK'S, re 28-4tnw2w iOi, eorner 9th aad D at a. ov0bo"oTO|sA.,is<fi!B'JS;N.S5,1!S fncaa, at SMITH'S, ?\2B lin No. 460 Sarwitk at. WOOD! W O O DH STOVE tad KINDLING WOOD,at t2e lowW nCook, foh'the corner of seventh AND E STREETS? ..e 27 6t BAR A BRO.'S NEW CLOTHING ESTABLISHMENT is at the oorruar of S^vontli ami E streets Corner of Seventh and E "treeta is the place to get good CLOTHES for little ra -iif-y. Corner Seventii and E atreeU is the place to get the best Rea>U-inade SHIRTS at a triihn* qost. Bear in inind if you need a well dressed j>?i ? >n tiiat you oan look just so well if vou buy y<<ur outfit* of BAR ft BRO.,corner of setenth and K streets, Wnahinzton. _____ se S7-6t TFALL AND WINTER GOODS. HE Subscribers beg leave to inform citisens and Strang* that they are in receipt of a^ select assortment of FALL and WINTER ARTIfM.F.S WH. Ui.EKY A STUCK DAI.B, Proprietors. 32S Wah.ut gtroPi Pniii .lelph.n. \VM. O. CONltVKn, Agent for the Pror idton 2'iH >'a. av., to 54 fi n oppr>?ito '.Viiiartl*' Hot*'. YOU OA1* BUY Al.i. KINDS IF GENTS' L'NDKKO*KMENTH?tt i? P opl??' CI thin* Store. No. 400 Sevoath st., oppomte pott t?ffioe. ee 2-i ini T new supplies! A YT.OK * HUTCHISON. 43 ?iarket 8pao?, &r>* now rec?iviu? thisir stock of F4LL GO I*"4, mbracing aft th? new and desirable atyl sof the *?a? -n, to iiioh tt.ey cordially invite the attention of buyers generally we24 pKT- YOUR CLOTHING, FURNISHING VT GOODS, HATS and CAPS at SMITH 8, No. 460 Seventh >t. miff tin I^OOK TO YOUR IN TKRKSTl 1-i LOOK TO YOUR INTKRKST! LOOK F??R THK CORNER OP SEVENTH AND E STREETS! no *7-6t Look for the corner of seventh and e strkkts: LOOK FOR THK CORNER OF SEVENTH A 1' IA L' C*TD L'L T?ll U.J CHESTS STANDARD BLACK TEA At SO oeiit* per pottm). Try it , KING A BI ROHEI L, MS _ Corawr '5th at. ?in<^ Vf rmont av._ P ANUK-One very nice 6>* octave P a no lor %Vt. Alao, ono vey Uttl u?ed. for At the Alusto stori of W. G. MET*/KROT1. A>!e Agent <>f Ntemwaj k. Son'* and Raven, Bacoo k Co.'g Piaco*. >e to OLD RICH, MELLOW AND Pl'RK~ n V ? ? I D K ' S MONONGAHELA RYE WHISKEY, Conscientious!* disuli.d by Mr James Huiimide. of Aile*any County, Penna., in the old-fariiior-d hop da' vra?,fr<?'< the ok?ie?at and m<ut care/uly sheeted K>e. and in l<> ease ev*r ottered lorin.H until adapt-d to whoWome uae by ?f 1? it at onoe the m<nt pala abie.a* it i? nrptatioa !> i r.? of the pur?*t h^votas"* ;q tlie reach A th* j,u Jic. To the invalid, as veil a* m tiioiw in h< oommnrds it'flr for ita unriva led qcvities v> a stimulant of the saf** t cnres.. aad must t?rn*fi to. t de*enpt,.>u. arid laaoy of the mast 'iist.ngui h** physioians arc aaingitin their praolioe with the uappie-t results _ FI'M KHY,4o , Ac : and hopes, bv careful attantion to business, t.? oMain a lair share of the puldic pa'ronaice. N. 11. srt?ict personal attention given to prescriptions. oc 1-2* COLGHS, COLDS, HOARSENESS, Ae. TYL VR'S COMPOUSD SYH CP OF GUM ARABIC Tins p.feasant and popular Ci u^h h-iti^y nas been so Ion* fceownand extensively used, tint most p-irs ns have become fiuailiar with ita extrao-dirary efficacy. It oan b * ha<i at all taa prino pai dm* stores at 25 and AO cents a bottle, se 28 J*m4eo4rn* I EVERY BODY'S INTER EST J liar Received "ur FALL and WINTER CLOTHI \G. to which your a'teoti>>n is called, as I am confident that I cm sell good CLOTHING, FURNISHING GOODS. HATS a d CAPS at lo*-er prices than any other h >nse in the city. se 23-lm SMITH, No. 46<> Seventh gt. Notice. REMOVAL. INVITATION.?I hereby notify my customers ar:d the public in geneial that 1 have removed to No 349 Seventh treet. (three doirs from Mas?, avende.> where I shall keep constantly on hard a la-ge a<Koriinni? of KORLIGN aud DOME>*'FI<' PR V GOODS HOSIERY, FANCV ARTICLES, MI LLIN ERY , * o. 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AND FUTURE EVh NTS will lie sativfactorilv exp ainert by a Lady >>t her residence. No. 337 C street. bMtripen 1st and 2d street*, island. Consultation fea 25 cents. oc2-Jt* nro THE CURIOUS OR ANXIOUS.-.Wadam D , so well known a* the most soccewful exflai'Cr of the P?st. Present and Futu>eever in Washington, contiiiups to b?? consuittr.l weekly \>y hundreds amiou* to know <>f things at pre*?'! lii.fden from them. Her o?rimitation fee. to both centlem n and lares, is extremel* moderate. Call at her house, on the south side or Massachusetts av , between 17th and 18th sts.?the onlv house there, so 17-1m NOW RECEIVING FROM NEW YORK, AT MAXWKI.L'8 POPULAR FANCY STURERich French Emliroideriss, Ruches and Qnillingc, Paris Ribbons?new styles, .... Clouds and Nubiae, Elegant Real Lace Goods. Hair Nets, Ladies' Dress Trimmings, Black Lace Veilii, Rich Velvet Ribbon*, Crcchet Frinras, Black and Colored Feathers, Gnioure Futures. rpAKKN UP ASTRAY-A spotte-1 HOP- ?n?I posed to be lost by some drovers. The^^^KV owner is requested to eome forward. TTbJ^^ prove property, pay charges, and take herjQMiMft away. Apply *t Havanner's Baker*, on Tenth St., Island, between D and E. oc 3-2t* JOHN W. FOX. REWARD?Strayed from the subscriber, VP'' living in Wendell'a Printing Office CV Square, on Friday last, a BAY hor^k ijuJ1 white hind leg: star in hu forehead; switch^-"Mil, and walks tender in the forenioat leg*. The al>ove reward will be paid f.?r hi* return to me. oc 2-St* THOMAS WELSH. BOARDING. A CQ NINTH STREET.?Persons returning to f-*JO the city f oro thair summer r?sorta will find vacant several desirable rooms Jiaving the conveniencea of gas, water, and tiatliing closets, at 453 V'l.lli ! ~ -I * L * " * " / LOST AND FOUMD. f 08T?On the evening of tk? M of Ootetor. Lf PORTEMONNAIK. root<ini'tt hetw? ffl an I #25 in g< Id and silver, on 6 utreet. lx?twtvii ink and 11th ?u , Nary Yard. A reward of f2 w?H b* ?ven ! ? the finder, if returned to C. ROU8CH. at the fixrrieon. It* Nl?TICF..-$5 REWARD -Stiayed or ?tokn from the cuhaori^r <>n the ?H'i of > <?timber. a larre WHITE COW, with**^ )ior??. and roAck baok, with small btowi.JbaJMa dots on the neok Inquire on Seventh ?[., M? f%n H and i streets No. 403. ? oc 3-3t* A. FUEMMINT.. C\MF. TO THE PREMISE? OF THE Sl'B *c i' er. between the Eastern Toll Gate^tf^jf an I Benning'a Bridge, arid adjoining theVMf ia?ru of Joha DouelaM, on the 3d inntant,JK*Aw ad'oveof 24 COWsand 4 yonn? CATTLE. The requested to c?>n>? forward, prove property, pty chargea, and take thoir a* a*. oc 3-3t* A. ALDRICH. GEORGETOWN. StoMiTcw*. October 3.1HM Tbere was nm interacting meeting of tae Beli aod Everett'.on at tbe ball on tbe corner of Hlish and rtsT ?? ?!?? -rt / ?-?? ?pt, IUC tendance was very Rood, and spirited addresses were delivered by Messrs Jim?A Migrndft, (pr?t dent,) U na. H Tenney, John T Bangs, and Drfinmff The two first named gentlemen aliuded to tLt* report t'o?t the republican mevUDv on Its; Friday eveult.g waa d sturbed by Bell and Kverett men. and eipeesaed tbeir regret at the occurrence; Mr. Tennerdefwecsting th* existence of a republican association here, and hoping that In municipal contests there would be no dtvislon of the op|>oiienU of democracy. Mr. Ra .** stated that he was present at that meeting. and so far as be saw no member of the Bell and Everett Association was responsible for the disorder; that the questions on that occasion were ask*d bra | person slightly Intoxicated; and. further, that the shuffling of fe?t and changing of petition by the standing portion of the audience was perfectly natural while listening to a tedious speech of two hours and a quarter duration A great different* of opinion in relation to the question of fusion with the democrats In the Northern Statea to defeat Lincoln seemed to exist among the several speakers. Mr. Bangs was strongly in favor of fnalon; Mr Brrmmer very decidt-d.v opposed to It, preferring defeat Mr Tenney thought It no question for the people of the District, but If he was a voter In a State where fusion was proposed >< U-l1 1 t 1.1 1 1 ?<? *?? ?uuu^u? utn anvA nvrrru wuuia UCCIPCWO t^preby. be would t>e in favtr of It. After considerable diacutaon the association adjourned to n eet on Thursday evenir* of next week, at 7# o'clock, at which time returna from the Pennsylvania State election, would be received sufficient to stow the r> suit there. The Monticeilo has taken in at her wharf here more than 'i.iHHi barrels of flour and a large quantity of miscellaneous frelglit She made the passage from New York th's trip in 3? K bonra. neing the Quickest yet, and beating at the start aome half acien steamers which sailed for other ports at the uine time ahe left Yesterday afternoon one of the laborers employed at Ray's roai dork accidentally fell from the platform down to the atreet below, n of twenty live or thirty feet. He stroci: heavily up->11 Lis shoulder aud side, bre: kin;' the bores of one haud and arai; aud receiving other serious injuries. Hefell within a few feet of Justice W . A. Kej', who waa paasin^ ?>elow at ihe time The sufferer, whose name we learn was Lewis Hen, waa conveytd to his fa her'a residence on Mighth street, and is supposed to be fatally injured. GEORGETOWN ADVKRT'MTS For otktr G *er g tt oven advtrtium tuts itt Jirtt pa ft AC.1 FTS'-GIFTS' RARE Til * NCK TO MAKE A PURCHASE AND RECEIVE A PRESENT. The anb?crib?r being deairoua of clonnn out )i<t bucineHa, sow oti r? 01 e of (ho in- at ohoie* a'ock* of BOOKS. S fATloN KRV and FANCY GOODS in the Dutmt, for aahort time on w. As ii inUuoeriiei't, au) o;io puTchafint: c-oas h' the amount of one dol'ar (. !! wi:> receive s present worts from 12 cents to fourdollars < Jl,)?t Mfss THOMAS'S, oc 1 -<v-3t High at re-1. near Fft. r?OR BOSTON.-We are now loa im. the packet nrtc f(we Carver, a id she will ?ai! on a,?^Tl'ESDAY, Oeloi-er ii F?r freight ap-> to HARTLEY A BROTHER. _se 23 2t 99 and 101 Water ft. UTE WI?H EVERY ONE TO KNOW That ? ? 1>RY GOOI)S can b* tw>nght cheap at BROWVft WH1TK S, No. 140 (North t?ir>e> Bridge STaE*t, Georgetown. D C. And to convince youraelve.. of the fact, call a d aee thoae Black SilWp, Printed and Plain Delaines. pnil Dc Chevrea, Merino Plaids, Fi ench Mennoa, Valeu cis-s, macs tmntMSiiwc, a paccas.fte., ite. C.oaks. T> run. F.leetro and other S-iawls; Blankets: Men's and B'vs' Wear. a sood assortment; Men s and Hoys' Meru o Khirt? ai d Drawe s; I ,a di??' and Misses' .Merino Vest*: Bay>u'? Kid (iloveg; H pe-1 Skirts: t_or*et?; P mn. Bordered, HemsMtcheJ. and Kmbroilered i.m-a Oinbric Handkerchiefs: LOniliroideri<>s. v-ry cta'ap, a..d no humbug; Hosiery a-d Glores; White Goods: Y alike? Notions, a fu 1 line: Lins y. Of aburg Calico*, and Servants' Wear in abundance ; and many other tniu,*, whi^h we wili t"il ton of wti.^n y- n ea 1 at the Brown fc White Post Store. All of which we will sell as cheap a* the cheapest, 'or any otlur man." Come early, and don't foncet the placs. s?? ? 2w FOR NEW YOKK.? packet schooner Stateemau, Capt. MnU, has arrived and - ? will inn t with distatch for the a'<ove port. V^-_ For freigh app y to .McCOIiB & DOl UK.-*** ttJ Water at se 28 -11 BrrbKB-ArriiEB! DU BHLX. Prune BALDWIN aPI'LE8, 25 do do. FALL ? do. 25 do. do. GRlifcNING do Dailj expected p?r schooner .Marietta Burr, and for ?a!e on or before arrival. Aprl* to HAR ? LKY * BRO., e2Slw 99 and 101 Wstrntriet. (! (2 ESPKCTFULLY Infum' hm friends and the pu\>'.ic fiti.-rally tur.'. he a removed to No. ii Hull i>tre? t, aljo: <iiuc Ma-onlo Hall He i* prepared to fnrriMih, at the ?li rtost notio?. Dirner and Kvniinc Parties, and leel* asaurfd that he will cive tire fcttmfootion to those who may lavor him with a call. Ail kinds <>f CONFECTION KR V aid CAKE at th? lowest prices. Bi?t ICE CREAM at $ i & j*t gallon. t;. C. AT Z*. se4-lm 55 High atreot, Georgetown. FOR~SALK AND RE.\tT~ [For olk*r "Fbt Sale and K^?x" adrtrtutmini*. n? firtt pae* ] F" OR RKNT-A an tail BRICK HOl*E. oon tainiutc 4 room*., seti l.sck in f!.? >arJ.) on D stre t, hetwe u 14tti and l.Vli ?ti A p:mp of c>>i?d wator at the door. 1, qu ro up the al'ey. It* L'OR RKNC-A BRICK STK Bt.E in 'Pwentvl first street, near F, with room ? otiph for mx I horaaa and two t?Tfia?<?#; w.tilrl sou a fc? kimn. I - i li IUHV A 1 * ^ iui|iit*v ' * . vi l v A ii, ui't'rgwiwil, U. U. oc 3-eo6t* f^OR RKNT-Fbinnhed?a bmImMIi BRpK DVVELLIM; HOUSE, of m iliuin n?e in * pleajaut and ht-ati'y locality, within conr?-nici>f di?ta>i<T? of tli* Public Office . < and P nna* I vani? nr. mo t.'iave. Apply to J It MUNRO, StOPa. avenue,betwoi'u 9:n and lothjits. ^ oc 3 t* 3t FOR KKNT-Four of th*> nswlj buili BRICK HOUSES on Ninth atroet. betw en II and N. Each house contain* 8 room? ; *a? and compl-to. Rent very moderate. Applv to I. S. BARKER, Ca pouter, a few <*oors *?>u'h of'he houses. a Iso, for rent or sale, a two-stor* Brc* House, with 7 large room* a:?d pa* n^e; ?>tukib<i on N airert, between 4th atid 5th; wili >f Id eh ?> and ou very reasonable terrrm. oc a ?<>3 * FURNlTI R KTORSAI.K AM) HOl'SE F<H? REN T.?The Furniture in honso No. 1*1 G treef, between 19th and 50 h, First Ward, i* ( r sale at a price consi 'erably below ca?h value, thongh the larger portion w not soiled or wora in the leaU. A food piano ia included. The Hou e l* a desirable three-story brick ani was bin only t wo veft r* a go. oc 3 3t* SEVENTH STREET PROPERTY FOR SALE ?The subscriber off> s for ?ale at a ba'tain, House aiid Uot No 2S2 Seventh i'., b-.-t w- en I, and M n, The li.-uso is a tbie* story frame dwelling, with tw story 1>? : W build n<. containing eight room*, al well bnishnu with gas throughout. A wide paved -v.ley in the rear and a pump ofexoelleat water at the door. 03 3 3'. J A3. C. McGlIRE A CO. 17OR RFNT?Three story F?AME HOUSE, on Twerty ?ecwv d street lietween Pa. avenue and I nt .(near the Circle.) Apply it3( Pa. avei.ue, or corker K and ^'4 Ji sts. oc 3 C OR KKNT-Tho BUILDING krown as the 1 Farmers'Hr?t?l, No. IO# Hnth street George town, B C It has every convemeroe of a nic-dem houso gas. wjte', and ample stables. Also, a itcause to keep public house. AppIt on the oreniseA. oc 1 St frAKtf FOR SALE ?A hirhly improved Farm, JT cunta.mag US ?oree. with tw.>- .lor? frame dwelling ana a.1 convenient oat house*; fcneoieh ard. exoell n' spring, Ac , situated on the Little river turnpike1. Fairfax oouuty, Va., 7 rail?s from Alexandria Term*: one f?erth oa?h: th? balanee m 1, i and S van. Apply to LOUISA BOWERS, oa the premises. oe l Sir* FOR SALE OR RENT?The two-story BRICK HOl'SENo T??, on Mark t ttreet, between 3d acd ttli at* . Georgetown. D C. The house la oom niodious and in complete repair, as tc afford every comfort, with gaa and vatar; aufiioient *rounda to cnltivAte vere'ah'ea and The lot run* t>aok to a jo^nt allay with a stable. Apply to JAS A. SIMPSON. So. 59 Conareaa street, aear the run umoe. roBaeiaiun c*u oe gives on or anout the let of October next. ae 2fi eofr* I?OR RENT.?A ccttaje buiK BRICK HOlSE r ou Ma* a ? .. No. 397, kt?Mi lftui and 11th ati., with aide lor, i|jw?r partien and frn t traeta. The houae copt^'n* nine ruomv bende bath-raom. eloaeu and oelfMr- A pump of excel ent water ia tne kitchen, and water awdgaa throughout. Ape y pq thejreimaea. ae2?l[t* r>QR 8AI.E?A. new two.etory -and-l aaemrnt r BRICK Hot dK, containing 5 rooms <vnd ot>llar, situated on llta .t aorth,h<*wioa I, and M ?ta., No. 3 7*?within 5 minute*' walk rf'h-t \ottfi?-ra Libert)? Market. Terin* nnu?ii%|l? |the-%|. Apply on the preasitee. or to McKRNVP.V A LANSDALE. oornar of Pa. avaaoe and 7th at. M?ir - I f.^OR RKnT?FoaMNiatoa ou the let m October. * Tha DWELLING BOUSE No. 43(5 D start, atpreeent ooeupied by toe Bo*. i)r. B ;uar, and next door to the raatdeace of the advertia? r. wnl not be lot (br oontaiairs >64 aerea, half nue from Fai rihx Station. Orange aad Alexandria Rauroad. U la ?nd?r ol fdUmiotu. wall watered, food TB.aPEin, . * ( Femurij ttntk Richard #?W PIANO TUNK*_A!fD RKPAIRKR. | W 1 1 W ?,f, Kiisgv.s^. \ITiUUN6TON " IF!**) 8.D. HANSON, 8wW?eeUIBe,|BSl5k worn dm an notinring irnaency; llirll We. Provltioni quiet htaky dull ?4?l*e. riatKiti. New Yoke. Oct. 3 ?Stock dull ud lower Ch e go and Rock Island 72ki Cumb. Cool CO 13H< tHinoU Centra Bfaarea 8A?; do. kood* 96*, Michigan Southern 4PJ|; New Y ork CeafrnK ?*; HniUj 47; Hudson Hirer R E WJk; ? ??X |"?r>n>aiA^T TO HOUttKk.Klki'Kita. ^ yy'jjjryp^L. ^ adB$5^ShVisa? f "'?Kv "?K" K.TK *grt?K,?,'rRa M 0 not trlOJ.Wl.,. IklAdUltlf |IUM, Btltiam Warkn* Biltimoii, Oct 3.?Floor ) steady Wheat la active, red $1 4oa#l 65. Corn arm, mixed ?6o 66c ; white and rellow flea72c ProTiiiau doll and iiDcLaDfed. Lard lower; rloalag at 13c? Coffee firm V b .?v tteody at 2SiM)fc. Near Y?r? Maraata. New You, October 3 ?Floor la doll and not active; State *5 3l)i5 35, Ohio 86 73a? HU; So it hern *5 MM Wtoat irnj, ablppera are mo. Wiiltog to Klee any advaace, weatera rod SI ?v. benator?a democraticgala. Mormnti ef liatur tf\v?rd. Chicauo, Oct. 1.?Senator !Vw?rd and partr arrived here this evening. They were received at the depot by the Lincoln Kn.iger*. Wide Awakes, and a large number of citizen* Mr. Se*a d i* just from ftprlagbeld. Ill , where be vik.ted Mr Lincoln Hew Jersey Pelltics. Niwai. N. J , Oct ??Tbe Breckinridge men of tbe litb district of New JerMjr bave nominated Nebemiab Perry for Co?i;rm Mr. Perry Is also tbe candidate of tLe Bell and Everett p?rty # Tbe rUridt EUctln. Acovin. Ga . Oct S ?A private di'patcfc to a gentleman at Coiunbui. Ga , rep< rta tbe revolt of tbe election la hscambla countv to be?v<tr*belir. ioglr in favor of tbe bell and Everett candidates for (iove-nor. Oon. reeamen and be Legleiailure Electiea at Bridgeport. Cms. BaiaeiroBT. Oct 8 ?Tbe repwbltcaas bave rarried U,e entire rtty ticket over tbe foslon. Mr. Sterling. tbelr candidate for mayor. Is elected by no majority. Tea bale ia New Yerk. New Yom, Oct. 3 ?At tbe large tea sale today, Youag Hysora were lower, but otber detr.fintinni w?ll a?at?ia>ii Nkw York. Oct i ?It Is announced that tbe Director* of tbe Kork laland Railroad bin resolved to par no dividmd at p'eaeat Tbe Direr torsrf tbe Arttzana Bank faaveapplled for a Receiver. TUe highest bid for Its abarea to-dav wmMU. A aUten.eiit of iU ffalre sbow liabilities, turludtng tt?? capital stork. of SI,761 ,0U0; a'Stt? tl T.i-.miU; circulation ?<5.tHJU. fully aecured at tl.e Bank d pertmenl. Albauy. Tbe city deposits were removed fr<xn tbe oiak raster % M??finfsU olUavertsr Jshaiss. CixcuniTi, Ort?L*C>overnor H. V. Johnson add eas-d > B.rrtin|( tn tbe Sixth street Market last nitfbt Head) *>r>d to tb? prioctnlea of I "non->ntpr*ent on." A ^epnbllran asked htm whether be w?uld consider tar election of Mr. l.incoln a sufficient cauw for ? dUsoiutioa of tbe Union. ?o wblcb be replied r-m -b?t1eally, ' No." Tbe meeting large and enthnalaatic Klertieaa la Michigan Dktboit. Oct. 2 ?An election for legislative ind local olB' era In tbe upper peninsula was held on tbe 25 tu of September, and resulted in tbe election of the entire democratic tickets la Mackinac, Chippewa, Houghton. \Y dhou^hton aad Marqnette couiitiea Joseph Coulter was elected stala Rogera wm condemned to be liung. and uff>-r ed the extrem- r /niltf of tbc law on tb? 14th ult. Tue correspondent stabs tbat bis execution wm the mi?t cruel n<t?t be ever witnessed. Tr>? priiuptr ww kept on tbe ground while tbe preparntion* for bit execution were going on. He per sted to the Ust tuat tbe net wu done in self defence, and tti&t tbe witnesses for tbe State swor? falsely. Tbe preparat'.w.s for a war of ertermlnat on against tbe Indiana are progreaalng. botb by the regulars and volunteers Tbe crops will t* very abort and high prices for tbe necesnaries of lif- are ai.i.cipated There la do ntwi of any coneeq ueac* from t Lo plain. The Rock Island Hailrsnd Tbe irtirtB Bo ok Failare. i<ecling Ihe'dteigu* e< t rance. The Aprrtack *1 (hi Prime* ( IVtlM. H aaaitarao, Oct 3?The royal party arrived here at quarter pa*t eleven laat night. At all ia. I or taut point* of tbe road after tearing Pltlabur* large crowd* Lad collected to aee toe train p*a* Wherever the train (topped the Baron *howed himself on tbe ilatforaa of tbe rear car for the gratification of tbe ac*embl*^et On descending tie mountains. tb# Prince and hit friend* rode upon tbe loco : olive to obtain a brtter view of t&e ma^tiifl ent scenery of tb* etatern slope of tbe Alla^ban;**, appearing to be inucb gratified At Aitjcna tbe party was welcomed by a large crowd, wbo cheered witb much entbiuasm. l b* valley of tbe Juulata wj? traversed by the light of a full tuoon On tbe arrival of the traia b >re, the party were received by a Urge and enttu*:a*ttc gathering, and [ roceeded to tLe quarter* prepared at Jonee' licute Toey leave here at tune tLla more lag for Waahington via Baltimore. Freaa New Medea. IsaipimiKk, Oct 1 ?Tbe New Mexicaa mail, with date* to tbe 17tb alt., arrived be re last iiTiaiar coming frwu a iiibn whnae successes n>Utr*d bin. Sardinia Una no. tlrd the Foreign fownt of Ui* blorktdiiif of Ancoaa, and tfctt th* principle* of imrltino rights agreed upon at 11m Paris Cougreaa will be observed rbe Turin ofllrisl journal formally denies tba r porta about tbe 1< tu-rs of Garibaldi to tbe King. Gen. Pintodrn died on tbe 19tb nt Turin Tbe Dublin Neva bad published n letter from an Irish source stating tbnt a great battle bad l?eer? fought outside Perugia, vtbich resulted la a Pou| tittcal victory, lh> loss of tbe Pleduo Use beiug over 1.1**1 iu? a. This, b?w?ver, ww prior le the successful attack of toe Sardinians id Perugia Accouuts front Prance say that tbe Paris bourse bad advanced The Rentes clnaed at ft-f 45c. Tbe Emperor and hiupreaa bad returned from Algeria. Tti? Emperor of Austria and tba Prinoa F t of Prussia v ere nt t to be accompanied by their | Ministers to Warasw. It is tumorrd that Nspoleoa baa cauaed tbe <"xar to lie notified that be would have plansure in join vug the circle at Warsaw, and diapai, br Ixibonal exolauatiin<s a mm-* ??? ? VX WUlia W UWlMIl)1! BOTCflMStl ay tbat bis troop# bad d.aeui barked at lb* aooutb of tbe rivt-r Galrgliaao, and interrupted tbe <-oa> muiiiratlon of tbe royal I.-copa between Capua aad Garta. Garibaldi bad lately rial ted Palermo. aad pub Itabed a fraab proclamation to tbe iababituta, ro prating tbat be wiU ouly proclaim ai Room tbr Constitutional Kingdom of Italy, and will not arrorapliab annriHtion at preoent It waacxpactad tbat u|M>n bia return to .\aplca be wouia operate afloat Capua, and aa ewly capitulation of tbat important poiut waa anticipated A Turin correspondent atatea tbe tenor of tbe Kia^'i reply to Garibaldi?wbtcb la made wilt out couaulUng LI? mlit'.atrra. aa it oouceraed tbooa personally?to be aa follows Hedetlaraa tbat be r^innot comply wltb awcb atraiure nretenaioa* THE LATEST NEW8 T EL E QK A F H10. su1i ulw i'm ev*h. St. Jom, Oct t ?Tb? ateuner Ca?da, frt?n Liverpool ob tbefetd. paoMdCapeKaer feat at?kt and was Intfrctplrd by the mn boat of Uw A ho elated Pr<-? The qwn and Prloee Albert embarked at (* mVMrrM A? OVl * Tuaie are va^; je rumor*. via Rusals, of unsaUs factory Chins i.pws Rio ihtn u> August 85 had reached Fnglaad C?ff?* was act!tp, but (*!< < unchanged, the ror'.pts arprat?U 10.UU liajr* P^r day The nrwi by this arrival la af latere*, but there is ao material chanar ia the giiaeial aspect of Italian affair* The Papal artny Lad becon.e thoroughly dt? organized. a ad may be coaaidered as tlrfnaiiy dlsbaaM Ancona w*s beapyed bv land bj the troops sad blockaded by the lale N pa poll tan fteet Garibaldi was actiTrly preftaria* to march agsiast Capua, twenty milt* r.^rth of the city of Naplea tk? lal?<b* ?"" * * * **

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