Newspaper of Evening Star, October 4, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 4, 1860 Page 1
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f . ' ~ . ' f . btum% jit ax ? ??, . , ' I , ? 1 ? V?. XVI. WASHINGTON. P. C.. THURSDAY. OCTOBER 4. 1860. IS". 2.380. | THE EVENING STAR M PUBLISHED EVER Y AFTERNOON, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED.) AT TILE STAR BCILDIMI, Ctu t #/Pennsylvania (wnw and Wlk St., t W. D. WALLACH. Mrrad in packac?a by oarrtar* it K t f car, or ft wata par month. To mail abmribcrt tk? >riM ! lu/t t IMT. mm M far til aaontfes; fl for Urtt mohUi; Mi for loaa Uu throo aoBtka at ih? rate of IS oenta a VMk. Stagl* opioe, out c*nt; i* wrappers, two c*wts. JIT" ADTitTinaim *?oald bo aent to Um oAoe belora U o'o.oek m ; otkerwiao they may not appear antil ttMgtjg. Trk Piince at tbi Cincinnati Ball ?The , Cincinnati Crmmercial gives an amitaiag deacilption of tbe Prince at tbe Opera Home Ball In tout city: The Prince danced tbe first quadrille with Mia ? N Pike. tbe aet being formed on tbe atage next tbe footligbta. oo tbe mat side at tbeata^r. The young F.ngli ibmen accompanying the Prince, and a few others, Lad tbe dance to tbemaelTea Tbe caliiag of figures was dispensed with, and nx?t of our folks were lost without tbe call Beaidea everybody wanted to see bow tbe Pmce danc-d. and the flrst quadrille waa rather 4iill lt>ao otherwise: indeed we might say It waa not weil patronised except by sports tors Tbe serond lady with whom tbe Prince bad the uunur 01 uanrmj{ was Miw uroMoeci, aaugnw of the Hon W 3 Groesbeck; the tblrd wai Mlsa Mattie Taylor. daughter of Col Taylor of Newport, with whom he danced and waltied; the foufth waa Miaa Hilton, dnutfb'er of Judge Hilton, of the Probate Court; the fifth was Mlsa Edith Burnet, daughter of Kohert 15umet. Esq ; tbe sixth, and thia complete* tbe list, waa Miaa Helen McGregor, of Mouut Auburn. Tbe Prince d d not. of course, select bis partners, aa audi a proceeding would have been attended with difflmltiea. but tber were selected for bim by tbe managers Wben tbe Prince had danred bia first quadrille on tLe sta-e. It being presumed that be would dance in tbe *aiue place, tbe stage became thronged; and tbe managers adroitly bad the Prince and bis set deadend the stairs leading to the parquette, and'dance there This time the Prince's quadrille was In tbe parquetu*. close to tbe footlights, In full view of not only tbe people In the drt-a* circle, but of the crowd on tbe stage Tbe ladies who danoed with btin displayed much self posaeaalon and yrace. Oulv one of them succeeded In having a lively rba< with H. R. H . whose meek dignity was not at all calculated to promote vivacity, though bia eye bad a faiat gliturner of miacblef. His imilfi il ?*>PW in aw ?v> j (ii^ auu ire a irn tiM u though hp Mt tb<; reverse of uncomfortable. He vu a little perplexed. however. about what to do with the ladles after be bad daiired with them The Prince of Wales leaves a lady with whom be dances at once to the care of her frieads. but Baron Renfrew could not do that II* bad to restore hta partners to their parents or other escorts, and it must be admitted he was a little awkward about It. This was the first ball be had attended In the L'nited States, and the sensation of a lady's hand resting oa his ami was novel. The young gentlela tn was dressed richly bat simply He wore an exquisitely fitting black dress coat, a narrow white cravat, witb a small tight knot and short bows, and dainty standing collar with slightly - II. Vt?_? . vwm.icia. UK U? ^U<1 WUifcT; TC8V, WHO sniail round gold butions, bUck punts. cut easy and lowfn; below the knee, ?n<l whit* kid nl?ve?, (N? * at leaat ) A ftngle strand of flnegold cha:n croaaed bis breast in front of hla vest, and tlie boaom of bis shirt, worked In narrow plaits, was fastened with small plain pearl studs. Ilia liglit bair, slightly inclined to curl, is cut ao is to show tbe lobe* of bis ears, and neatly parttd before and behind. f KB a is or a Masiac ? He E'rnpts from a Lunaftr Asylum, Marries m Hick Widow, and Buys m Rtork ?/ Buildings ?About a year since a gentleman la tbe interior of W isconaln bee ante Insane and waa sent tbe Lunatic Asylum at Madison In that State He was a Dbvsiclan bv Drnffiiinn I aud wua gentleman of superior cultivation and of remarkably prepoeneeaing appearance. He wai about 30 years old. Home six week* ago he earaped from tbe Asylum and went to Chicago. There he encountered an old friend, who loaned htm quite a sum of money, having no suspicion of bis !u*iatty. With this money he supplied himself with new and elegant clothing, and started for La porte. Ind . a thrifty village on tbe line of the Michigan Southern Railroad He remained there kmg enough to win the affections of a young * and wealthy widow, and wu married to her. During his brief courtship he exhibited no iadications of lunacy, but stiortiy after his marriage be commenced conducting himself in a manner * which startled and shocked his wife and her friends Among other mad fancies be believed he was a shoep. and Insisted upon crawling around on bia hands aud feet, bleating in tbe moat absurd manner He would then fancy ti ruse If a rattlesnake. and make frantic attempts to bite tbe members of his bousehofd The unhappy lady, at length worn oat with watering biui and endeavoring to restore his reason, made preparations to b Bend hiut to tbe Asylum at Indianapolis Hut M ki frequently lhj case iaaaniiv hm.< hia win, and be adreltiy escaped. VVe uexTtirur * of him In Syraca?e, N. Y . where be actually JJ purchased a blork of bnlldlngs The necessary y papera were made out and h? waa to call the uexi day with tbe money He waa to pay an outrageoua awn for the property. autl it la said tbe parties - with wbooi b? mad- Uw bargain chuckled vastly 1 m the propitious winds that h=?d blown tbem so profitable and freab a subject Bnt ttey aaw I mo Biore of him. Tbe lunatic started westward At Buffalo be bargained for an imruenae amount A of torn, to be delivered in New York city, and las then proceeded to Cleveland tie arrived here .?. last week aad endeavored to negotiate for some real estate on Ktaaoiaa street, but be talked ao k| aabiaidly tost the parties with whom he bad lnEsXrvtew* refused to treat with hi as W? Meanwhile his friends, and pertlculsrlv his Wife in Wisconsin (for be has a wife aad two children in that t*tate,) were making every effort * to aarertaln his whereabouts Tb-y traced him to Syrseeae. and from them to this eity His ,l brother arrived here oa Saturday morning last, but found that tbe lunatic had left on tbe previous evening's train for the Weel He followed on Saturday morning. At Toledo be learned that b* Lid uubc tt'wi on tbe Michigan Southern ua.u, auJ be perteverlngly continued tbe chase At Adrian b^ found and captured him and took ht to i.atam W ben not in bla rabid Ita few would discover tbe unfortunate man's true condition. He would make very abafird propositions and otTor exorbitant sumaof money for property I bat bit bia fancy, but be would do ao in so eandid and cap u<wi1| manner u vo. in BiaM I'UH, tlHIIO Dllplcloa.? L'ltvela*d Plaindtaier. * [Villaixoc* Arrutrr at Kiojiappjjks ? A n attempt wu node day before yarterday to kidnap a niece of Mr. laaae Pickard, who live* on North JL' St Paul atreet. It belntf the Jewiab "day It *J atonement' Mr. Plckard bad goue to church ' j^writb b a mother and alater-ln-law, leaving a little : two and a balf year* old, at borne, in i tmrge <? ? aarraut named Catharine Rowatl, who bad Jnro hired by htm a few day* prevloua. During ^Pwbe awvlce, Mr Pirkard returned to the Li>u?^ a f*JJf?w momenta. and the child exprraalug a draire la are lta mother, waa taken by h.ui to the church After remaining there a abort time ahe wlahed to return borne, and waa taken by bet grandmother rto the i?oune, who <*ve her in charge of the aer* rut, with exprett direction* to take good care of the child. and not let it air ay aw?v. When Mr .ff Piekard returned truai the church'be found both m tk? child and Um wrvut girl missing Search was liutauUy made, and they were hually fouiid m in the town of Chili, ia company with a pedlar mh.ed Michael Crawell. It mum that Criwell cBLc aloof in th? morning to Mr. Plckard's ri bouse, and \? tth the woman coecected a plan for ? abducting the child They got along very well 7 ! till near toe place where they were found. Crat\ well's wagon broke down and they took shelter . m lu a barn. Here they were found In a beasily ir condition, by ol&cer Streeter, and arrested on a | warrant issued by Justice Diasenberry, made re tu raa bie before JuaUce Hard well. The child was returned to lb mother, wboee feeling* of aaiiety for Its safety can be better Imagined theft described. Both Crawell and the woman, Kuweit, wnp Oiought to this city and locked op la jail to await examination W nateeuid have bees their motive for tiie act Is beyoflA eanoepUou, an lee* it be that the Ine quality of fee clothing upon the ehi\d excited their LMldlly, dad <fcey Intended to u dispose at the child |t the first oppaffuftity. It w.j a villainous opei%t;on, Cy4 It la dxcaediagljr fortunate that tt wu oft mo%*|f*eaafelly carried 1>U( ?Hoek<Her IMm4$r*t, Sift. 4?. MtN AH* Wom.1 rt TrtJipojf.Uburlng the pa at seven dap, W'jfrWi, cfNrMeh number, M^wmfrntlta, LaTeW Weighed on "How?'? Standard Scales,'1 at the M^banica' Pair. Tb? av?r?*? Weight of tb? womrn waa lit lba. 14 m. % Tit* t-WO bun averaged 116 lht. 1'jox. The ?tt*Tr vale weight of the whole human Arab Waa dWtona **Cnd 137 lbs Tbefemtalnrs weighed UIDtona and ~ fT?45 > mnd maveollBe mt Cms and 1412 lba '"Tte Heart How* have kept thrae ao*l?a almost il^f^itinC{f at work at tha rair. and have i/ratut awppUad all pcraooa wltfc a certificate a/ B exact weight Theaa excalWnt acala Ul itlng Into general mm, a* tfcey require m ture no check rods and wtU weigh ?wn out Merel. Th*r receive all friction and wtaruu Ml 1^1 fro* halla matt-ad of korlfe edges, aa In m taX,?.f tea Ira, and ae jarring of the platform affm ta working of llw aeoU?B? taa Trmnttript, 1 *^F' MUk' iL {TT K young geoflana who had joat married fci^fciitUe uadr raised heaulv, my* ah? would baw ij^Lii tailor, hut ahe la mad* of auch predoaa anai MBit tha* mm eouid out afford la. [ H - I ) *? / a ?- -? - * v.? 1U,.WV ZOfDIO ZaaesvtUe, Ohio... 7,Wt *^44 ),2t0 Cotanbm, Ohle.... 17, mi 1?,?3W 736 Dayton, Ohio. 10,*77 *0,134 8,155 Washington, D C. 40,0W 0t,4!0 jl,39u Providence, R. I .. 41 643 49,014 7,371 1 Rochester. N. Y... 90.4(l8 48.0M6 ll.uw Trenton, N.J 0,400 17,9ue lo,74tf TIT> A good many ffn ago, Mrs the Boston Post, a Massachusetts man waa elected to the oOre of L tea tenant Governor. When the fact of bla elertton was announced, be waa called upon to oak* a apeecb. He proceeded to achnowledgs the honor In Terr handsome terms, aad added that be bad an doubt be should make a good li*ui?fot?<(rrrrnev, a* that was the ofltoe he bad alI heU-to hit ewn 4eni?. I . lucun ui ciaer, or were lOlTOfiiUNl i>y the foal air and gw Tbe calamity caused Intense excitement throughout the neighborhood. Pioouii or tiis Cmvi i* Cities.?We have census return* from a number of 'Miles, *11 of which show* great Inerese of population si ice 1850. Cities. 1850 1860 Inr Louisville. 43.190 76,190 CM ,000 St Louis 77 MU 161,000 B3,141) ' Cincinnati 115,438 158.<*? 42,561 Mllvrankla. 2u,(?l 45.000 M.OT9 Detroit. 21,019 46,132 25,815 Cleveland iwi ? ???> ? ? - I aim pm i*c IU UJV urCH, AOQ IB TJLllltT r??tir6ll la | his manner. 9*d ArciDKtT Niti Kum.?A sad arrident occurred on Tuesday about a mile and a half from New Hampton Station, on the New Jersey Central Railroad, by which Mr. Castner. a firmer, and hla two tons, were drowned or suffocated It was at a cider-mil); they hare a large tank to put the cider la for fermentation The tank leaking, one of the aoaa went down to slop it. The fotil air, together with gas, suffocated him, and be fell to the bottom. Ills father heard him, and went to his assistance, and In attempting to get his son out, he too fell In. A young man at work at the mill, In attempting to get them oat. Cell also, but tuocesdad In getting ont The other *on attempted to rescue his fkther and brother, bnt fell to the bottom, and all three were drowned in about labh.. I w? - - ? " (jcivmuous ana mi wry '?Jiichmend Whig. A Matrimonial Swindle* Hailing From Baltimore ?The Saline Herald, Dubllsbed at Arrow Kock, Mo., on the iitb or September. glv?-s a detailed account of the "systematic srheraea of villainy" practiced upon a widow lady of that place, by a Baltimore mail, named I) CharaberUln, a tailor by trade It appears froui the statement that about fifteen mouths a?o Cham berlain located in Arrow Roi-.k, opened a shop and did a very uood business He became acquainted with a respectable widow lady and married her. Urider prrt?nre of going to St. Louis to pnreliaae an additional stork of goods be sucreeded In getting about *3,CJU) from his wife, In addition to othff moneys before obtained from the sam?* source. He departed and has not been beard of since Chamberlain Is about 45 yearsold, weighs about ISO pounds, inclined to corpulency?rather "pursv"?about five feet eight Inches high, gray hair, blue eyes deep x-t in head, usually very neat . <? - j -- - - ' - witnessing the interesting process of the manufacture of chewing tobicco in the factories of the city, even If bis Lordship were willing, as tbe majority of strangers are, to view one phase of our "peculiar Institution" at the rlsac of offending bis rovul olfactories He will, bowerer. have an opportunity of seeing tbe colored popnlation of Richmond in all tneir glory of Sunday liberty tie will see them promenade the streets in the moat fashionable style, and almost monopolizing the sidewalks He will perceive that they are as lively and cheerful as cricket*?that they are altogether untroubled with cares for tbn morrow? in short, that are tbe "happiest and moat contented peasentry in the world." If be bus a philosophical turn of mind, tbe Prince will be amazed at the stupendous folly of tbe fanatics of Knglaad snd America, who clamor for tbe abolition of negro servitude in the Southern States, when It ts ??? obvious that the condition of the slaves is beyond melioration, and that tbeir enfranchisement would expose them to incalculable -I ? -- f-/ w* ?****' painting. representing the battle of Bunker Hill, will be exhibited on the platform Tbe escort duty from the Revere House to the Hall will be performed by tbe Ancient and Honorable Artillery.?Boston TravtlUr. Th* Parses at tri South ?It 1* announced that tbe Prince of Wsles will reach this city on Saturday, Oct 6th, and remain until tbeafernoon of tbe 7th. If there la to be any formal reception on tbe part of the citizen* or tbe constituted authorities the snbject should receive prompt consideration In order that unneli;bborly jealousies may be allayed, we suggest that the citizeus of Petersburgh be Invited to participate in tbe '-arrangements '' It will be observed that the distinguished visitor will arrive In Richmond at tbe close of next week, and will tbus be prevented frmn "It iwmi strange that out of ill who were at Banker Hill, I alone should be living. It appears to me, though so long ago, as If it wai but yesterday. 1 can remember the particulxrsof the inarch after I had enlisted?how the people cheered, and wh?n near Andover. Col. Abbott came out and said.'Well done, my lads,' and sent out cider and grog by pails. VV? got to Cambridge the day before the battle O, It wasaterribieaffair to me, for it was tbe llrsttime I ever engaged In fighting. I served in the army through three campaigns, and was present on guard when Hurgoyne surrendered. I don't think I deserve any special praise for tbe part I took in the Revolution. I felt and acted only aa others." He expects to be here about the 8th of October, and Mr Paran Stevei.s has tendered to him free Jnarters at the Revere House for himself and his amily during his stay in H>?ston. It is intended to give him a grand reception at Music Hall, on the 9th. with addresses by Mr. Everett and other ek?1 QMlt sneaker* A rnno t*t TumKulPn the teller examined the check and ascertained its worthlessnen. lie thereupon apprised Mr Mcl<augbliu, v bo found that bis draft wkb equally valueless. Information of the swindle was ttiven to the police detectives soon after, but all their efforts to arrest the bold swindler have been fruitless. Doubtless he made bis escape from the city with the S?50 obtained so adroitly. Expected Visit or Ralph Farnuax, thk Sole Survivor or the Battle or Bunerk Hill ? Italph Farnhmn, of Acton. Me., now in bis lUStb year, is the sole survivor of the battle of Bunker Hill. lie bas recently been invited to visit Boatna?the invitation being signed by Governor Banks, and Ex-Governora Everett and Gardner, Mayor Lincoln, and fifty other gentlemen. In bis letter accepting the invitation, he states that he was eighteen years of age when be enlisted in the American arn.w- ?nH ? that he should be Informed that (lis wife (Mrs C.) would le&ve Philadelphia on the same day. for whom apartments were desired. After reading the letter Mr McLaughlin placed it In the room key box of Mr. Campbell, as it evidently referred to blm Appearing at tbe office about 10 o'clcck in the morning be observed tbe letter In his box, and at his r<que?t It wus handed to him. Observing that it bad been opened, he made Inquiry from Mr. Mc.Laugbliu how it became opened, but an explanation being given he was satisfied and went away. Shortly aft?r one o'clock he reappeared at the office. and after conversing with Vlr. McLaueh lin a few minutes, turned to a clerk and reques:ed uim to get cashed a drift for *500. on tbe Park Dank of New York The clerk proceeded to tbe bunking house of .\Iea?rs. Jos ab Lee A Co and received the money without the draft being prop ; erly examined by tbe teller, as It was presented by a clerk of tbe hotel While the clerk was absent Mr. Campbell drew forth another check for 32.4), which he requested Mr. McLaughlin should cash for him. as he was to pay, In a short time, a bill for goods purchased by him Mr. McLaughlin complied with his request, and Mr. Campbell pocketed the amout received from him, as well as the S5U0 which tbe clerk on his return paid him After a few minutes conversation, Campbell walked op and down the passage, thence Into tbe bar room and <lis*nne*r?*l Ahmii ?u/n A Bold Swiitoli is Baltimuvk ?The American of the 3d instant, says: "On Saturday last a man about 35 year* of aj<e, of very respectable exterior and gentlemanly manners, made his appearance at Bjrnum's Hotel, and registered bis name as ' VV. Campbell, Va." He bad with bim a trunk of sufficient dimensions to inspire confidence in bis being a substantial person After be had retired to his room and made a change in bis apparel, he returned to the office of the hotel, and entered into conversation with Mr. McLaughlin, one of the proprietors, and showed him a number nf 1 *ttc ra 1 /I p ,>c * Bjl tn ? ? ' ? ? I ? uuukvwu ?. fnnuua inn tail 11 ic nuusn of this city, and made inquires aa to their means. During the conversation the name of a gentleman residing in a Southern State, welt known to Mr. McLaughlin waa mentioned, when Campbell stated that he had been charged by him to give Lis beat respects to Mr. McLaughlin. The latter being misled bv the circumstance, gave a readier credence to the representations of Campbell. On Monday Mr McLaughlin received a letter from Philadelphia, signed A Miller, stating that a gentleman named Campbell would arrive at the Hotel, from Virginia, that itav inH ?nn??t^ Distbkssixo Cask or Hydrophobia.?A man named Patrick O'Donnel died in Detroit last Krlday from tbe effects of a bite of a don, received four months ago. Tbe Advertiser of that cltysays: Ob Thursday morning the unmistakable syniptons of the ranet terrible of diseases were apparent, and from that time till Friday evening when death was brought to his relief, bis sufferings were frequently, and during tbe latter part of the last day continually, of the moat intense kind. No pen can describe the horror with which the sight of tbem afflicted the soectatora It should be understood that in this disease the sensitiveness of tbe nerves is exquisite, almost beyond belief. Tbe raising of a band by one several feet away occasioned a terrible shudder, "For God's sake, don't do that; you take my breath away," he gasped out; and such is but one of the many incidents that were constantly occurring when bis spasms were not on There was a constant twlchlng of every limb, eyes staring as if to leap from their sockets, or clasping or clutching of tb? hands and the like. When in tbe spasms ue coma scarcely oe beid. He would jump up and bite at everything npar. The sight of fluid occasioned a moat fearful exhibition of perfect dread, and at no moment was the unhappy man at rest. When not in apasms be was rational and conversed. Karly In the day, yesterday, he spoke of death as certain, and would call hi* mother to him, embrace her, and talk with ber, as If the next moment would be his last, telling her that no one could tell what might be the consequence* of the next spasm His dtiatb, we understand to have been hastened by bis physicians, In mercy to him, after all Irnairinaiilt* mtnm tan ? *k disease He often, when h!s sufferings were severest, bended of tho?earound him to shoot him. or kill him in any way to relieve him from miaery. A Will l'lWlMIHI) FOR KXTR A VAiiANCE ?The wife of the Aiwtriau Oenerat Knyatten, who committed suicide upon the discovery of hi* gigantic frauds during the late Italian war, was lately sentenced to three years bard labor, ber extravagant habits having encouraged her busbaud in his acta of depredatiou. In consideration of ber children, her sentence was commuted to three months 1 | A. J At - -I ? * * imprisonment, ana tue giaay uaroness U now serving out the punishment meted out to her reeklew conduct. AMJKS. wmsLvw, N Experies e<i Nurse and Female Physician* presents to the attention of mothers, her SOOTHING SYRUP, fr er Cklldru Teething, Wklak fraatly fact.tiMaa tha sraaaaa af taajiiuf, kj tafcaa nj tka yarn*, radssirf ail tnStn.aauan?will alley ALL r?m and ipunnadit aci?n,au<l ia SURE TO REH VLATE THE BOWELS 0?p?iiJ spai. It, inathari, it will fi?> rot t* yasraalTaa, aa< RELIEF AND HEALTH TO YOVR INFANTS W kava pvt Bp ">nd el4 thia artitl* far ?Tar tan yam, anS cu 4t. in cbifnoi^ce and ticth af it, what ? a b??a u?t?r kaaa *kl? ta itj af any OTHII MaJieioa? csvia MKS. Ma* it a iiksl1 ???r?si ,TA!,C* TO " ct a cuss, wibslww's whai. trnaly and S? trd'J ?? koav UlilTill %A ait laauaoa af d'? aauirne'jan by any ~ "" aaa wl a it. On liia catilr*rj,ailara SlRjf, dalifhud with l'.t OraaiTto*!, uiJ |0 urmt af biftiaat cammanilntlan af lia m- -ical acacta and inadtca! *irtaaa. W apok la ifcn maittr ? what VI do lno\r,M afiar tan ipirimci.iXO flbduI our uri'Titiok roa tmi ruLriLMBNT or what wi hiki dicum. In alrraai. arary inaUuca wt.ara tfca infant aaiar> lag (ram pain and aihaaatian, raliaf will bi round inlfiaia r (wanty minataa aftar tha ay rap u aumimatarad. Thia ??laabla praparatian la tha praaeripuan af an* af Ul Ml aiPiailiaciD and lllLfCL Rt'Mlla in Naw EnfUad, aadkaa baar. yaad with i?itla-raiLinu ivcciii fa THOUSANDS Ot CASES. II aat any ralia?aa tbt child (ram pam, bat loiyaritaa tha itauiich aud bawala, earracta acidity, and yiraa tana arid anargy ta tfca wbala ayatara. It will clmaat inataaily raliava tiKiri.N0 IN TBI IioWllI ASK WlHD COLIC, and avarearaa canaalaiaci, which, If tat aiaaditr ramadiad and ta daub. Wa ??????? aaliava ft tha ?*?T anoiuaait a?m- for Miiutbi world la all eaaaa af DTJ- CHILDKKN ?TUVud oua a? t ic chil- tkkthi.1G nam, whathar ii anaat (ram taaibiur U or (ram an* otLar aaaaa. WawaaMaiyta a?ary inaUiar wn? liaa a child anffaring frara any of tha faragai. g campiainu?-oo rot lit rota r* ajroicti, thi raijuuicii or othmi auad hatwaau yaar aafarmg child and tha raliaf that will ha lliai-y?a, illOLI'TILT it'll-ta follow fia aaa el ih aaadicir.a, if uiraly aaad. fall diracuar.a ar aaing will a ?ocip?.(i r aacti bjf a. Nona ranama aulaaa tha fat -auaila CVKTlfe 4 1'>.RMN8, Naw York, nan tha aauida wrapfa oid !<t L'ru? jiaia thraa^hoat tha warld. ^ ntur iyn vm^a, n?, > Sl/I?V| PP. FrUa mIt ?S I :??u p*r B?tu*. ? 1 l-<ltwl? M VOCAL INSTITUTE. RS. CECILIA YOU.NG Hs< th? honor to announce the removal of Iter Vocal Institute to No. 4-2R Eleventh street, between M and I *t?. 12-eolm [OOK TO YOUR INTER EST, PURCHAS j ERS OF CABINET FUitNI liJRE. We have now in store and daily re ?r .ijj cemn? the lament, iiandaoni?s*, h t.* " y t-boap^Jit lot of Cabinet Furniture ever W offered to th<* o:tiz*im of Washington,?-?fcafe? tteorgntown and Alexandria, which w" ? ' oordial > luviteali who desire furumhit ; ro cal: and examine for Ui,m?et?ea Our atujk emli aces nvcry conceivable article n*cr*R?n to fuisiiha par or, hail, dinicg room, chamber, and kitchen. Our extensive Mock l? too numerous to particu arize. We only nine a few of the leading aitioles, suoh as. viz: Rosewood,Walnut antl Mshoeany Parlor Suits, upholstered in a superior n acuer in Urocatelle, hi k flush, Lasii-ig m l Hsu Cloth, Gilt irarne Mailel. Pi*r anr oth*r <> arson, 8ilt Base, Giit Hrankeu and Ma'blu Slaha, othto and oth?r handsome Pot-option Chairs, in Krooatetle, Plush. l(u?ti - uJ Cane Seats. Etraeroa, with Marbia-U'pe and Mrror Hacks, Do. Pivrlor I>e;.ka and Whatnots. Roscvrood, Walnut and MiIiukWii Bureau*. W aahstanrla, Bedrteads and Wardrobes, very handsome and chea?, Cottare Chamfer Furniture, in Oak, Imitation Oak. Maple and Painted, with or without Marble Tops, Ilarble top Hatraoks, in Oak and Walnut, ron Matracfs, Hall Stands, I JArata riaa R<inIta? am n Ukanino (Itan.'la Marine top Center Tables, Hair and Mhuofe Matiiesto*, Heather Bolsters and Pillows, II anketa. Comforts, Quilts, Towels, Ao. In addition to our "took of Furniture onr first floor contains a large and well selected atuok of China, Glass and t'rookery, Plated Good.-. Japanese Ware Table Cutlery, Britannia War?, Biooktin Goods, Basket*, Ura?hes, to., altogether forminc a oouiblete variety of every thing necessary to furnish a house in all iu apartments C. W. BUTKI.KR A 8OV8, Iron Hall, No. M9 Penu. aveuue, S3 17-MiThtf between 3th and 10th >ts. AN O T_I C E! I wish all gentlemen 1^9 to b?.ar in uiiud that the plan which I adopted, six tears a^o, of selling HA I S and BOOTS at ,? tiuped prices for cMh in in auocHsaful operation. Juat received a Cull ?upply oi the latort New York *t>les of DRESS llA'IS The very bnest llat ?d^; a hr.t rate Hat n3; and very pood, fashio ahln Hat 92 50. All of uie latest style* of soft HATS and OA PS, at the very lowest prices. I ain constantly auppied -or i r h a very large a tuck of thoje tine DKKSS UOoT^ a*. #3.75?which 1 have ho?n hf>lli iig for many years?as well aa the very hextqual tv of Pat nt LeatherGAITKRS at?3 50. Fine French Calfskin Gaiters from $2 to Terms oaah ; no extra charge in order to offset l ad debts aNTHOnY, Agent for the Manulariturers, Seventh street, second hat store from the opposite Avenue House, No. S40. ae l? 3m DO NOT FAIL TO CALL AT HARVEY S, 261 C St., betwt'* lOf* and 1UA. He will to-tiav oven his long establisked and well known NORFOLK OYsTER ^ SHUCKING DEPOT for the season fmJ He ha* made arrangement* to recti re regular supplies of the best NORFOLK OYS rER*? on every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. He will alse keet con stauUy oa hand a large and varied assortment of FiSH, including every sort known to Washington table*. Hf r*turna hi? viaoere tbanka to thoae who pit roniMtl hu EatablmhroeRt tluriug the ?aat t Mton, ud it aonfideot that hi* increased f*cilitiee for koepiag oonaUntly on han-1 fresn aupplie* of OYS TEK9. FIs*H, GAME, &o , Ao., will amplj reward a oontinuanoe of their patronage and oaatora. Sold at the loweat market pnoea, and delivered at all parta of tlia oity free of eharge. .. ? ae 10-1 in T. M. HARVEY. C CHARLES A. SHAKER, > WATCH MAKER, 340 Pen*. Avenue, near Seventh Strti. Entire attention given to the Repairing of Chro nometera, l)np!ex and Lever Watchea, fio? JK Cluoka, Ae. Alao, to the Engraiinc o( In- #71] vitation, Wadding, Viaiting and ProfeMiona AM New WALL. S^EPti E^a t CO^Stta8"Pannaylvasia Avenue, have jnat received a larfte variety of njw^ FalJ Uooda, t? which thejr invite the attention ui iimr inenuaand cuHomtra. au 30-11 |?OR BALK.-A pair of COACH HORSE8, 1 young Mid fact, sold for no fault: the <X .

Tlvaaiaayue.botwe?ii 3d %n<i 4K ?Ul an g-tf gALT.MORE buttke Daily rsomrlnf frach aad ivaet, in 6o?h?n jaokAi-.okic 1?? *t Kiihtiin hmU, flour ^.*mi88ion i osw 83^CMhf?i4forftU)uA4>?f Grtuu m ?-? . ?<CHOOL AND COLLEGE OUTFIT*. Youths1 and Boys' Clothing for School and Dress Wear. Parents and guardiana wishing to tarnish thsir children and wards with School ar d ColUf Outfits for the oominj soasoa, are invited to examine oar resent inrge auJ extensive assortment BOYS' CLOTHING, where thej oan fit out their children of all sices in a few momenta with eyerr deeenption of RradT-made Garments, of sobstantial and* durable quality. at veer moderate snoea WALL, 8TEPB*N8 A CO., an 3&-U 3 43 Penn. avenue. WK HAVE JUST KECK1VED A NEW AS '? aortinf-nt of Htemway A Sons' over __? strun* semi (raw! square PIANOS, offBfHB different, whioh ar? now undoubted fTTTTl Ijr the best instrument# manufactured. We are ooufiJent that everybodrwili admit thisiaot after a oarefni examination. Our friends and the public in cenoral are rsspatftraRT requested to oaJi a- <l jqdc* "*r them?*lTSS at the warerooms ofW. 6. METZEROTT. ea? monnrin a. ;nj\niiun , Propiietore, 77-tf Corner Seven! b at. and Canal. WOOD AND COAL Delivered to all parte of the oity, at the lowest poeeible rate*. T J. ft W. M. OALT, OAoe sJStf Pa. av? between 11th and Uth eta , ma 17- tf aorth aide. PU>AL! COAL!! V/ WOOD! WOOD!! . , I am daily reoei vin? larce auppl e? of COAL from the very beat Pennaylvaiua minea, whioh I will ???ll at reasonable p ice# Al?o, th*> be?t quality of Oak, Pioe and Hiokory WOOD, out an'' ?piit, alHengUia. Call and leave yonr order.. K. W. BATES, Wood and Coal Dealer. aelT (States) Cor. C and Mth ate., near Canal. Cut and Split to any Dimmsiomi. CHEAPER THAS THE CHEAPEST! With full measurement ?uarantied. irr Rrtmeinl>er. Tin Ulue Staff1, west id* of seventh at'eet. south ol the, and oppoaite the Center Market. GEORGE PAGE, Agent. fry HICKORY ANDOAK PLANK or TIMBER (ofany *1x0or dimensions 1 MA WKD. POSTS or JOISTS KIPPED, or LOGS SAW ED, at the shortest notice irr Small joba of BLACKSMlTHING promatly rxecutwl, as above ?? ?1 tf q q q ^ ^ UNION FIRE-WOOD MILL., ( mrr ( MrTculh at (>d Ctnl. W OO D of all kind, manufactured to order, any length or size, ready for use. COAL?COAlWe have now on hand a beautiful lot of COAL, both R?d and White a ah, different size |0"\Ve?ri now, and will be r?oeivinf Coal for the nex*. ten daya, whioh we sell, delivered from the vessel, at a reduction of 25 oenta per ton. Send your orders early. M kI UUI _ if ana /\Mf w* Vill >1^ f VII kiiU 4^ .11 llldl DO It'll UCI without oharfca to the pupils. Circulars ma; be obtained by addressing the Principal, Miti M. J HARROVEK,Georgetown, U C. au 22 fo3m WOOD AND COAL. J M PORT ANT TO HOUSEKEEPERS! THE PIONEER SAW HILL AID FIREWOOD FACTORY, iSlG* OF THK liLCE FLAO SlAFF,) Soatli el the Canal, ??r 7th afreet Bridge, Will furni?h, at the nhortent notice, FIREWOOD, OF THE 11 E ST QUA LI TV. O W A?T Kt?T, Terms for boaid : ?L2U per session of 10 mon'^s; ouo-half parable in aavanoe. Day pupils from 35 to $10 per quart r. Stag' run twioe a day from Washington to tUe Academy. Prof. J. Fl LL,, Principa , se ? {S,TATh3t* Bladensburg, Md. PLAINFIELD ACADEMY, ( Nkai CmiELi, Pa.) Ttron'y r.inth session (20 weeke> com t?iic?i November 5th. A family school for Tweiit>-five rood boys, for whose comfort and improvement the time and energy of tho Principal is devoted Entire expense <575. Orcular* at Star Office. To fill a few vacancies call ai Kirkwoods' from 3 to 5 p. in., October 18 and 19; or addr-e* K. K. Bl'R Principal and Proprietor, P.ainfleld, Cumberland oonnty. Pa. se ^6-eolm GEORGETOWN FEMALE SEMINARY, . (Formerly Miss L. s. English's.) A BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL. The duties of this Institutien will t>e resumed ou the first Monday in September next. Theoourne of instruction embraces all that is taught, from the rudiments to the most lu^hlj finished education. The corps of teaohere, ten in number, are eminently qualified ai.d ei:perienoed in their several departments [flnl 111 Afl P ri^a* ai'fln i ni*? nn ?Wa V^f ? -? ' a ! ? au 16-tf A. C. RICHARD?. Pnnoipal. Metropolitan collegiate institute FOR YOUNG LADIES, 464 e St., Bktwkkn 6th and7ih 8t?. The fourth annual session of the Institute will eonvnenoeon the first MONDAY m S^pteinl^r. Application-! should lw? made *-ar!j\ as trie number of pupils is limits!. For particulars circulars or apuiy to the principals, Mr. and Mrs. T. II. HAV KNN EH, at the Institute. au 9-tf_ Mrs. m. e. kingsford sseminary, 4id e ST.. WifHiMTos. d. C. The next ne?sion trill oommenoe October 1st, 1860. Terms, Ao., forwarded on application. au 15 tf TBLADENSUURG ACADEMY. HE Above Institution was reopened on the loth instant. The oourse of instruction is Cla?i cal. Mathematical a- d Commercial. Younr *fn:lemen can b^ pr pared for college oranv wientifir purnuir. A limited numbar ol boarders will be received and treated as members of the familr. Earij application shou d b made, as there aro hut fnm va incim ..... ...... HV^.CIUU VI LUIS 1 IIBIUUIIUII will commence tm Tuesday, September 18tti, i?< the hous? recently occupied by Sjlvester Scott, Ru., No. ISO King street. The oourse hi' study pursued will comprise all the branches requisite to a thorough Knglish Kdu cation, ami Music, F.ench, Latin and Drawing, il desired. In addition today scholars. Mr*. MoCormick is prepared to receive a limited number of pupils as boarder*, who. constituting a part of her own family, will be under her immediate caru and supt'rvisiun. She will ondt-avor. ax far ai pooible, to surround them witii the comforts and kindly influences of Home. tie/ertnefj.?Rev. Geo H. Norton, Rev. D'. Klias Harrison, Rev. D. F. Sprigg, William H Fowle, | Esq., Edgar Snowden, Esq.. Edmund F Witni?r, Esq., Henry Marbury, Esq., Lewis McKenz e. Esq . Robert H. Huntnu, Ksq .WD Wallacl:, Editor Evening Star, Beujamin Waters, E?q..Ja?. Entwisle, Jr., Esu ,Col. John W. Minor, Loudoun, Messrs. Blacklock .V Marshall, Messrs Curse Brothers. T?ex.?. Board, with Tuition iu all the English Branches, <55>*' for iho annual seMion?payable semi -annually, in advance. Music and Languajes at Professors' pnoes I CZ7" h? "xt?a oharges. au 28-t( HPHE PRESCOTT HIGH SCHOOL. 1 3T0 Eighth St., Betwkkn K a!?v I. Srs. Studies will be resumed in this institution on MO * DAY, September 3d. Circulars*! .mauomjr. wneri rroi. i)e Monthurrv will be in attendance daily from 9 ?D U a. in and from 5 to 8 p. in. so 18-lm Tfemalk education. HOSE Parent) who wish their daughters to receive a thorough and systematic education. where I their physical training wi 1 reoeivedaily and *p>?cial attention, under the most approved system of Calisthemc? and Gymnastics, are respectfully invited to visit the Union Female Aoademy, corner Fourtbflnth st. and N?w Y?rk av mk. k. mrs. 7. richard*, an an-tf Principals. ! tfEMALE BOARDING AND l)\Y SCHOOL, , r AlEXASDRU, VA. Mrs. S. J. McCORMICK, Principal. I Thfl thirt^Antli Annual T- * *--? | EDUCATIONAL. ACADEMY OF MODERN LANOAl'AOES, i*. (Wa?HT*OTO!? Pa Avenue, Comer of Seventh Street. Pbivat* In?t*cctjosn is Frk.ncii and Sparuh. DAY" AM) KVKNING < l.ASSKS TKANSLATIONS. A M. D* MONTHURRV. Prof, wor of Mod?rn LMfMpini UtMlM. B** th* Kon?T to ?.n nonnee that he will resume hit Cla?se* an J Private |,euom nn Wednesday next, the 19th of Seetem her, in the above Academy. He 1* prepared also to Jive, in schools and private families, a Coarse ol .ecture upon the French Literature, from the harteiit Formation of the Language to the Present Time. For terms and further particulars inquire at the I > i-? ? - - GEORGETOWN ADVfcRT'MTS JUt*T KbCKlVRiV10 hhi*. prim* Porto Rico SUGAR**, IWbWiki.H Rye WHI-KY, ?> bbU HKKftINU and ALKWIVF.S, fi? bb *. ru?hed and Refiutl -UGAKs, 9> tafi R io And Jav* C<)F FF.F., 10hhda.?l<w priori > Mul.AStfKS. For aM? )it JOHN J. Bcm,FK. 10 P?*A.NA>tiLd>, OPTICIAN, No. 199 Sruitt it., gwmMw, Ha? ?>n*t&nt!T on n?nd ft !ftr*e ??N>rt?n?*nt of Fronch Xeftr-*igtt*d. Periacc.piQ. ored, and ?I. other 8PKCTACLES, ^1* the best eua.iry, in cold, niirer, tUtol, and Germac nlver IraoiM. ft. B. Old F'-aiBM HfMirM ai.d i new i Mint net il tliem to order. ' no 1ft- lv \I AHSfcV, rOLLlNs"* CO.'tTPH[LA L?KL1*1 PH1A DRAUGHT ALE.-We are oonttMtfy I receiving fre?h aupaliea oftheahovpde.uhtfnl beeersre, and .nvito ail peraona who want e jure eu adulterated Aie, t<- tive it e trial. I AKNV a ?HINN, Agenta, fal IT Hriwii at., ftrxiri<!<.*[. JO*. t\ BIRCH, UNDERTAKER, Cor. t>ri.U' mn-i J <fit ton ??., d'orgftotm. Having given tut peraonal attention to ihit hianoti of inj hti?inee?, 1 am prepays! to^ ** _ Attend to ail eaii* with pr mpinaaa I I'er^oLa from a diat&uoe caa i>? sup pli<*l at a *i>w minute*' notice as I havealarg* assortment of ('?)KKINd*>?a?i on hand. 1 Particular attention paid t?> the removal ul the I d< ad from the old to tne .jevr burial grounda. Haaraes and Horaea for hire. at 10 6m ! FOH SALE AND RENT. FORSALE?A amall FARM of30 acres,simated at the Littla Fai.a, haviuc a e.>nifortai>led weiling-houee, oorn-housd. staMes, Ao; well-fenced and watered ; within lour niilea of Wa*lu:igt:ia ; M aoree in cultivation, the oaianoe m bandaome woodland. It la peculiarly deairr.Me a? a country ree? donee, being perfectly h*a!thy aud moat romanUos! ly ?iuiu?*J j exoenfut fjahibg and hunting. Inquire ! "i nr. ,ii ftRRiu I I', Chain K'uite, Litt'e Fal1 d? 7 sotwtf If OR H K\T?Three BK1CK HOUSKS-oiwon a Twelttli ?tr*>et, between C aiiu 1); on? uu the corner of Twelfth and H ?te. ; and o?ie on H. between 12th and 13th ?ta. Inquire of JAMKS \V BAHKKR.ouH street, betv??u 1 lth ?ud 12th, No. 4*iS. roa IW-tf FOR KKNT-ine FIRST FLOOR of the bmiidinr imrr.uliatey opposite the west wiujof the City Ha! .recently o?<jupied by Otoe. i?. VTaUvjb u an oaiof. Alro the front roc-i in ?eo 'i;'i story airi the tLsrd fl-?or <fthe an.* F.-r tertne apjsiy to RICHARD WALLACE, No- ? Louisiana avenue. ja 13 tf Dr. J. H. McLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL AKU KLUUll FI'RIFIKK. fry it r? /* ?> r? i n r* - ? - ? - ? inc. unt a 1 r-o 1 nr.MC.ui IK me WUKLV, ^5 &nd the moat Efk jSjik AtTVEH TA A'?AT. li I y*1 '.v7 '* * aciJF TiJ I yr cuufic and V*f?ubit rvMi.poaud, procortd by th? diatiila- VI J* UM of roow, kirbi, K S and barka. Tallow Bj- 9 HRHk Dock, Blood Root, Hi lAr. EUck Roo), Saraapa- TV MK nlla, V- ild Charrj IfiJP JflP V B < rk, and Uaodtliou fSm\Mf aotcra luto iu com- ? j ?^Um Tb* "mm aeti?a IBI A ivi?*uim ymivn/u gSjaMMg -^g vMfef of each lofreditnt ie ~ Before takiiift?;"-?;?^'fitter taking. dieulltif, prodnciaf ? anicioM, tikilintinf epiru, ?ad the molt infallible remedy for renovating the Jieeaeed eyetctn, nd mtrriDit the tick, ilftrin^i and debilitated la valid to health and etrenflh Mc LEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL Will effectually care Liver Complaint, Dyepepeia, Janndi'e, Chronic or K?r? ce Debility, Dleeaeea of the Kidrit ya, and ail d'tnui anaing from a di,ordered Liter or Stomach, Dyepepeia, Heartburn. Inward Pilee, Aridity or flickaeei of the ?tomich, Fallnee, of Blood ta the Heed, Dull Peia or 8vi:uain; in the Mead, falpitauon of the Hear!, Failure* or Wfight in the Stomach, Bow Croctstiotie, Choking or Soffoe iling Feeling when leym* down, Dryi.eaa or VeltJW iicii of the fikto Af?al Kvti. \i#ht Sw*du !>?? f-"-"* Pun in tl<* Sm?l! of tna Buck, Ghaat, or Side, Hidden Ploahea of n#\t, Uepreation of Spiri t, Frjfbilal i)ritut, Linfuor, Dckputidiuejr or aaj ncr'ODi diuiM, Horn or Blol-hea on the Skin, and Fever and Agvt (or ChilU and P?T*r.) OVER A MILLIOK BOTTLES hare betn aol.l duru.? the laat ail montha, and in no in(tanee it filled in t t'tt.g euurt a uatacuoii ? to. th'n, will tafit fr. u. Atnlneu ur OlUlit) when HcLCaNV STRENGTHENING CORDIAL will cart yo? ? No language can Contty au ideqaaa Ida* of the lairaedi :* and aimoat nuraeoloue ?h?ti? produced by takiac ttua I . . - ? J 1 J.L-t -I * I IIUI'I 1(1 Lit* Ulir4irv, OrVllllIKU, KOQ I' Fllffrn Ilf r>. 01 ayatani. whether broken doarn tf ncm, *t<k ty itrsrr, or unpured by aickneaa, the rtlmd and bnattuug organization raatored 10 it* prinine h?i!th and r\gar. MARRIED PERSONS, or othera, eon*.-ion* uf mibiht* from whatever emit, will imd M> LEAN'S STRENGTHENING COROIAI. a thorongh rereter.torof the *yat*n>; and all whs n?a? ha?e injured then.?elee? by iaiprcper ludulg-encea will find la thia Cordial a certain and aptedy reiuedy. TO THE LADIES MCLEAN'S STRENGTHENING C(?Rni?L a torireifn and ipeedy cure for Incipient Cunaamption, White*, Obatrnrted or Ui^cntt Meuortuuion. lncoi.uurnce of Orinr or Invojunury Ducharpr thereof, Palling of the Wumh, Uiddinett, Faintinf, ana all <iM?an incident to Kem-le* THERE IS NO MISTAKE AEOVT IT. Scfcr no U-ngtr. Take it according to direction*. It wili Stimulate, (Krngthen, and tntigor.te ?< B aud ei??- the bloom of health to mount your check again. Every bottla m war rallied to gi?* ?a??f*cuou. FOR CHTLDREX. Tf ynnr chtMrtn trr fiek!y, or ?flli-i?d1 MrLFA V8 CdRDUL will aaaka tktia h??liay, fat, ?ud lutum Otliy not a moiatui, ir? it, and you will b? cost met J k it dauciona tot -ke. CAUTION. Bivite of dn^^iu or dctitri ilo nu; try to pv 1 nr. gpoi. joa com* Litttr or sirufMrill* truk, which it>?j c?a tor eki >s, kTHTitr II ii)H(uro?<. Avoid lack man Atk lor MtLt'AS'i STkKXuTHkMSfi CORDIAL. ul taka n- ihm* alar It it tht onlv r?in?d? ih?t will nur.fa ih. Blood thoroughly snd itlki ats< dm* strengthen tat lyittii. Ubi tmpjolul taken eeerjr uiorumg fYwinf ? a certain preeentiee for Cholera, Chilli and Perer, Yellow Peeer, or ?T prtnltnt diitiM. It ii put ?p In large b.M'lee. Irict only $1 per bottle, or 6 l otties tor J H Mi I.KAN, Sole proprietor of this Cordial; aUn, Mr Lean's Volcanic Oil Liniment Pnneifi! Depot on the Coruer of Third and Pine streets, 8t Loan, Mo. McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment. (THE BEST LINIMENT IN THE W ORLD.) The only i?f? and certain car* for Gaucers, Pile*, Tan.ors, Swelling! and Bronchi's or Cuttre, Paralra<a, Sen tuljn, Weeklies* of the Muscles, Chronic or lutiuaiiwrf Rhruiuatiam, Htigaeaeof the Jain la, Contracted Matclat or Ligaments, Earache or Toothache. Bruises, Sprains, Presh Cats, Wounds, Cleer*, Pe?er Mores, Caked Breast Sore Nipples, Barns, Scalds, Sore Throat, or any uilimniuw ?.< pais, no difference how aetere or Iwir the duene siif ha?e cme*. MCLEAN'S CELEBRATED LINIMENT is rerta-n remedy. Thoaaai.ds of human beiors have been saved * life of die crepitude miaery by the on of tbu lnralaable remedy. MrLEAN'S VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Will p*in almost luatanu ueoualy, and it will clean, parify and haal tha foaleet aoraa Ui an incredible abort um. FOR HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. McLEAN? CELEBRATED LINIMENT la the only a. la and reliable remedy for tba cara ol S|?na, Ruikoul, Windgal'a, HpMuta, Uonatnral Lompa, NMtarrllaiUiiifi It Mtit failed la car* Bif Head, Pailceil, Putnla, Old Knnnug Sorea, or Swreuy, if properly ?rjlied Kar Spriln, Brunei, Herat'baa, Cracked (leeta, Cfcafea, Riddle o? Collar O^lla, Cats, Sorea, or Woaade, iiliu infallible remedy. Apply it aa directed and a care is certaiu in every iuataiica. Then trilt bo longer with the mary wartbleea Liuiraeata offered to yon. Obtain a eapply of Da. McLKAXD CLLE BRATED LINIMENT. It w*(l care you J. H. McLEAN, Sole Proprietor, Corner Third and Pu.e eta., Bt Lotia, Mo CHARLER RTuTT, ?5 Pa. a?., eole a(eat in W.ehiaffLou; R. B. T. C1B8EL, Georgetown aeMDAWly WATCHHBJ^.n?.?0 AND^ILVEa WARE I have one of th? beet eUbliahmenti, And furninlMd wit* Boomplat* sot of toola for repair- Jfcv lug every .l-*cipliou of hue Watch**. #7|1 particular attention five to the name, l.jr tooroiigh oompetect workman ,aud a. work suarai. tied AlrO, every descrip ion of i'aodard 8lLVKR WARE, plain and ornamental, manulactu ed nnder my own supervision, which my cuatuujera will had l&r mperinr in quality and finish to northern ware eutd bv Uoalere in general aad represented aa tbeir own manufacture. H. O HOOD. a* 6 SSft Pa. arenne. pw r?h at. Y)I LOTS' NOTICE.-To all Captain, aad owneraof Veaaela^ bound to the District irv. of Columbia, aouoa is Hhreby given, tliat Silots may be found at all Unids at #t corge'e I aland, at the mouth of *t. Marj'a river, and near Piney Point, and that it ia wot n^oeasary In tlko Virrimt Pilab frnm their kmti <1.1 vessel is bound to (jeorgwtowu or Washington city, as Mamtud Pilots cm b? fonad wf?l le??t eqatl kill Mui reliability. M ll-eodini* HP BALZAC'S NEW NOVEL. 1 HF Ort*tne??Md l>ec line of C<?etr Biro ite&rd. from the Frenak of Honor* 4* ttaljue, translated C Or. W ?? 14 ?orii?r Klev??ith ?t. m < P*. %T. GAL/ftP < O O D AND COAL OFFICE, I S?S Pi., AT., Bitw. IJxk A? 13TH ^ Mill uJ WhArf foot uf Seventeenth at., m* ll tf W?lnw War Nwftiwm. PUIWCK OF WALKS RKNFKKW HATS < ^tof JrafEMbTT-B. NW ?(*91 fiorWottU ?t. IVJI uv ? ? ? VH VSVI nil* P1U> IVirCMl ?ft ^fjad fl^yjUl11 fct U? uh.Mt.uM >aUH? Vmu4 HjUU* ior tw .nvnufii. of u?ir Pimm orrr a I <.u??r ruatmrn. Ti?ir riMci v? **u*r' ?* "**? u iaw Er t> ria> f r*?m? m * onru ft?r ?A#* *!** ?* tb?r ? * oti). >r? Call Hi m far jomrwmif. KJ. _ iO? M.CI U*, 0? Wr^w, bvl.il4^. Bold t.y R. B. Wait*. 4*? Bevanti. rtr?L tad B. C Furu, J a . ooruer Vaoa. tvacae aud fc'UveatA S?fc<W JBBKKIZK ETCH ??. Cat o?t t M au verl.'te eat and amid |nr it ANDAVdlli I IMPOSITION AND KXPOBl'RK a? 4-aol? nrVlOB O? IN&PKCTOft AND BitALE* U OF tti*MKTKSB. . . Wajuuneroa, Jalj 1?. l?*>NOTICE IS HEREbftilTEtL Tfia?ta*raaably to lha pror1?ii>r? of the mdinaaa* ( f taa t>rfor%U<m aarwad Ma* IS. U?. Uw aa.Urw? nad m now piaparad, "^iwnayar rpaulrad icwriua*, a?4 on jr? say int-nt of tha tm* of any aawln, to inapm L axaaiiae, w.t, rorc, aad a?aartai? U* ajoa?a?y ??( aad a^othar, aeaUd *ad v?arK>d a?tr??.wul ba 0*4 ?low.' BaOi.) /Jri?0#1 obt?rr?D<M. * UEBCkrtK in *LL CoMWVHICaTION* C?r?t UMruUrd ! 6rtUi !t AFFIDAVIT. Per??>na.1y app?u?d i?rtore ni?. M Ai?lrri?ar> tii? city of Phi a?l?- pn??.H. T VcLMftoLb,* to uc dui) doth nj. hi* pr<f*ra'iona rut t*iu no Lfcro 't.o. no un-roir). or o h?*r njurioa* r;**. buttrr purely ri. T. HFLMBOj D. S ?nd ?"l?acn!??d before im. thi? t*J day of Normbar. ltM. \V M P. H'D F.RD. A dmwiom, Nuitb tiwt,k)>v*? Rm?, PIii A. Addreaa letter* for information in oonfidrao* to H. T H Kl.M HOLD, Ch#irm. D?fot. 104 Soatli T?rtk at. b?H Cmmbmu Ci> bKWARK OF OOl NTKfrK0P8 AND UNPRINCIPLED DKaLKRH, Wku 'hiImvoi to tiiapoea ' or tibia ?**" and "oTHBK" AKTICLM Oft TVS MrCTATlo* ATT4 III Kit BT Halmbold'a t??njin? ^yaitnoB^ H *4 * | la " " lmwovod It CU1I3> & >!-! ut?. r? . ft? tt'fc&fUl to Urio&u-, tr'e:?-'T ??< moving ?.'i>eiruciiori?, Pitjkpntir.g anc ?mdi Stricture* <?f the Irethra. A!.??uit lofKu.matjoD, <. iraqueit in tt:? oiwn ?l an- up- !lin? ai* t mtomsus Direasrd, *n?l irarn ou: Waiter. THOl'SANUS I'PON THOUSANDS WHO H*V| BUCK THfc VICTIMS o* uCACt*, and who hay- pa?o keary /? * to I*- ou-nJ iu * hort mi.P. as.vp ill*"? v?h1, ?nd tUas U.a POISON" has, bjr the t?e of"Mwiirn att? in..KtT?."!**??. uruyl up in th* at sioni. |o I rea* OUt If) an *rrr?**? << fp'tw %r>d PERHAPS AFTER MARRIAGE. Use NtinuLD'i Kitract Brrwt for a. afiwtious and duttMi of th* I UINAKV ORGANS. W hettier am>uui in MA : K OR FF.MALK. From what?v*r oau<? oryiuaunc aufl no itatur of HdW LONGSTANDING Diseacps oftho?eora%tiir??wtr*tk?ai<iota?>??rMa HELMBo!,D?< EXTRACT RUiHl 18 THE bKK.AT bH'RETIC. And it- oprtam to hav? the (Wired ?Q^t il ai, Dieaaaea FOR WHICH IT I* R KCOMM t M?El>. EruUnct of tkt min rtiinbl* m%4 tka?~ Per will aoo<>inpanv th? untiai'M CERTIFICATE* OF CI' R Eg. J*...* 8 tc 20 p*mrj namJtn,. With N*kim> ihm HTU SCIENCE AND FA M K Price SI OO prr k?tti?, or ail lor |i OA. Ltalirci'dtii an? Addr?*s, aaourali Mokid im load of obtoquv which rnti upon it. And we ?- li*i ? r^oai d for hrlic ing il k*i >iriaM which are irreaiatih'.a by the ordinary run of tka iiUMH n ia intended to oar? t'repa'w. b? l>r. J. C. AVER A CO., Low*! 1 Mas*. Prioa 91 por bottio; six bo?io? 10 one paofc aee 95. 19-oolm Helmbold'i Genuine Preparation. M HIGHLY CONCENTRATED" 'OMFOIM) FLUID EXTRACT BU?HU A Poaitive and Specific Remedy _ For Dicttfi oi the UlADuERi KIDNEYS* GRAVEL.and DROPSICAL HWfc|TlN?r<. Thia Mraiom* iro-oa*M the power of Direction, and txoiki tbe AB^O" B^ Ni* into hea tn? a^Uonrby whicK the WATER V OR CALCKItOt* d -n 11 ii ?. tLuti A* I NNATIH Al I- V I - A II fi ! - nfwr (MM MS MH JV o |?Mnll| ikioaikod Um fc?#?n. JS: ~ ssxs W. Hn???THRKK CENTSirr Pt"tm*?t?n Tbo Mt U MMti Will b? ti lowed a ooKiaiaaioti of ?> mil. M^mciXEs] A YIuK'S SARSAPARTLLA It &<mmc titrate ?*nwct oi ftaraamrtl a. ? oonMi^l wtlfc ?U* <1 U1 intlM t't,< 11?> ptw r utn?( <rd an f ff otiv* nua?i? lor tU dl-?* t* r*MM l? ??t?. ?*uoh t r*ut+ 9 ?? Mir?if ?u?l l>* th.???- who Ml f?f flon MrtWMi ?wUiy<ttuU. t?l U>M MK f klflll will MMM i?H their our* mu?t prn** of ! ?>< * MrrtaHM fliia ?*r** ?* o?r *?i?M ?*M?W oiubm*. il?.w romp ?*l? ui? eW*1J do it bM i*n ?rtiTt><i ttf # p?rim?nt on iiut ?f the worst o*ee? to he louud m the foi.owuf complS?nru(?l? and Ser^fu OM Cwuimt.. Kr??hoM THE WEEKLY STAR Tkii MMUHl FMUly amt Nm Jwail-watuuDf a tumr nmlr ?f II?*rn rmMw than aaa * feiU la aaj attar paUttafca* oa ??*! oofj, pm MMB. ? #1 S1 r- cv<piM ?- . ?- m Taranty tofM. ...... U By tottMnbiBf la o ?b? rtiMd mom Mtcfctora without tfea intanraali??aMjk Mij MMl.Hvll! b? ^ rc.?iT*d * p+T Mat. of TV Wm> ? Sf' will ha wdilt lavanaaly ooal^M tfca _ Wii>Im<?? MftS'T? reduced.*! vaTl m PAIN ud INFLAM M ATION. o>-dtia rood MEN, WOMEN. OR CHILDREN. HELMBOLD*B EXTRACT "f'CIIO. For W ukamw &riaiaf from Rxoecaea, Hobtu oi i>iuip?uwB i>itr!y Tadiaorrti^n or Abaaa. Af.mA'd uti? ikt Jolitwtmt 8mp?w lndiapo?ition to hxnrUoa, Loss 61 P< wor. Lou of Memory, Difioalty of Br?tt |j|, Weoh N?rve?, Trwibliuc. Horror of DtMtw, Wtkon n?H| Dimn*aa of Vision. Paia in the Bock. Univ*raai Ltaaitudao U-e Muaouor S?st*m, Hot Honda, Fueling of the Body* Dryneaa of the Skin, Frvotmoa oa the Fao*. PALL.ID COUNTENANCE. Theae If allowed to go od, vhioh thia mMicin- inrariaM* remoT- a, aooo foilnm-e IMPOTHNCY. FATUITY. EPILEPTIC FITS, In Okk or which thk Patibnt mat Eip ii Whii cor. km trottber yrt uot fr?<vastly iol'ovotf by thoa- 'DIREFUL iMSEASEH " "iMUMTV aND CONSi MPTION. Moiiy ore twirf of be coum of ih* r aiiffai ing, BUT NONE WILL CONFESS. THE RECORD?OF THE INWAN E ASYTIMS And tk* Ls+atki by C*m*hiv?im Boa.- ai-rt> - wituo^a to tba truth of the aaeart.oo, THE CONSTITUTION ONCK AFFECTS.D WITH ORGANIC WEAKNESS Require* ttw kid of medicine to rt?mtlief< A nd IcTiinrw* the "y? obi, hki.*?old,? f*t? *(?r kl'cbu wmnA TEIAL WILL COffV^K n ml MOtT ICVFTItAU FEMALES?FEMALES?FEMALES, OLD OH YOONU, MAH/ilKD, ON VUNTKMFLAT1S* MAUH1AGE. IN MANY AFFECTIONS PECULIAR TO FEMALES, the extract Rnrhu i? Ud by any other remedy. i? Chi >rosia or Katentiou l-re?o?^itj, PaiuftiinM*, of Sutpretp'.ob ufCaalomtrT Fvaeiiauor.t. I' o??rn.ted or t*cirrho?? ihlm of the l'tern?, L?uoorihae? or W'hitM, tMArillity, ftbd for *-1 w>n.p;in.'.k incident to tfce x- whether ?r:sm* from Ir-oircretlon, Habits of 0 MtpcUno. or m the DECLINE OR CMANOE OF LIFE. Otl ?T*VTO*H* AKOVI no family shouui m*. without it Ttkf no mmt Mtrcwrp, o> mup.HUmnt mriifiw/r * *} .and /komi, I1KLM BOLl><s extract hocbc SEC A E?Tt!e^SE8 In all th?:r^l?.re?. At itUs espens*( Little or uocL&oculii Diet . NoiutuavMiiino*; Amd ? > Rxf e , I *?FitiuVAt etlol, M*r?|ritT t>l*****7 Dropat^ N?uih??<kTi? l>>uiour?ux. Debility, Drapep. ai* and mditeatma. Ktthm'**. Kom or at. a?tkoni'a Fir*. a id. m<1?*d, ih? WJK>I? eia?a of ooraplaiuta anainr freer Irapurttr of Ik* Blood. I hu aompound will b* ft vol a gratt piowol^r of h?*'th. who,; tak* : in tke ipnni, to *iae( tb* foal kamora wta-ok la* t*? in the b.ood ?l th?^ J*a*ni of tb*?*?'. M? tit* timely erpulnon at tff*m m*rr rar.k'.inc disorder* ar* nipp.' 1 in lk>* bud Miiltiiu(1*i oan. I f tb* u i of tki* r*n?4t, iftr* tbora *< 1v*j from th? *ndar?no*of f >al eruptior.a *bd ai >*roe? aorea. throafh which th* a\??e?n wiM atriva t > rid it*e:f of oormptiona. h not a**i*b*d todv tki* through tl * Mural chariuela of th* b?df M u tlt<*ratlVe lilt >li i-.?. I'lnai-aa oot tk* >it:at?d blood whr^vcr job find ita im;?ntim har?im? Oiroaph tue aa 111 in pii.ip *a. ercpiiona, or M>r*>-; e cstiM- it ?h?n ?< u bcO it ta obstructed ard a.ocoah ir th* v- lac: clean:* it wk?a?-T*r it i* foa1 ?td roar f** .. in?? will tell *ua whan ltv*n wk*r* bo ptrtioaiai diaorder l? felt peooi* erjej b*tt*r hf* Ita Mil liv* oncer, tor o eanunc Ih- biood. Keep the blood healtk* . ami a'i i* well; bat witk this pobalani ol lid uikaidrm*-., rnere ran b? do laatiog i>ealth. Sooner or letf r kih)i>Uiii( mutt go wrong, tud tno (rMt nitebiu*'; of III* .1 dnirdcr?d or or?rthro?i . I urn g lat?? ) "*r? tse pn' lie have hoen mi?lo?i \<j !a-ge Im?iI f-t ?r*ten-.lng to giro a 4 jart of F.itraot of pa-aaparula lor one doll*'. Mf?t ol ikNt bt?? Ihmki f-aud? >:pou the ?ick for they not onl? contain Wttie.'I in Ss raapan I In, but often CO 00 rati ro p r, >p B'tmn wh? er#'. Hea?o. In?* and pamfal dnap romtmer.t ha* followed the u?o of tl?e vnriou e* 1 no la <>f >ar?*par.lla winch flrxd the market, until the name itge'f i? ja??:y ueapitod. and haa beeoree aynunyntom of imp >ait:on and cheat. Mill we cail tMi compound J*a'tapa-ilia, at d intend to anpflf auch a rftnedy aa ahail roeene the name from tr.a