Newspaper of Evening Star, October 4, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 4, 1860 Page 2
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'J HE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON OITY: Tilt; R&D AY OeUkfr 4, 19*Q. ftpinl < tke Mtrolif Press. ' Th? Connttu:ton Imti upoa "Mr. Hersehel . Johnson'i attack npon the Alabama Democracy; ' mad. also. under the head of ' Bridging the Chasm," reviews toe late Baltimore speech of the Rot Henry Winter Davis. The ImttUigrmetr not** the arrival of the Prince of Wales; and, ! another article, reviews a "campaign document"' Issued under the auspices of the Breckinridge Democratic Executive Committee !n this city, and purporting to be a 'Review of the Public Record and Past History of John Bell and Edward Everett." \rr In Nrw York, on Monday night, a hackman stabbed kit bedfellow, In bed, "for taking up too murk room/' !Lr A chess match it said to be on th? tapis between Morphy and Paulsen, both of whom are now ia Now York city. ITT* A grand mass routing and barbecoe la to be held by the friend* of Breckinridge and Lane, at Upper Marlboro', Md., on Saturday, 13th lnst. P* We have received from Shepherd, corner of Seventh and D streets. a very excellent map and panoramic view of the present seat of war in Italy. He has a few more left. E7"Tdolpho Wolfe, the Schiedam Schnapps man. has been nominated for Congress in the |p-It la reported thatttr company which recently obtained a contract for couatructing a magnectlR telegraph line to the Pacific, haa taken meaaura to obtain the co-operation oftbe Ruaalan government in a plan for the extenaion of tbe line la Kuaala'a American poaaeaalooa, to connect with tbe present lmea from St I'etereburg, extending through Ruaala very near to thoa? poa Mariana. It/- At the Grand Union Ratification Me.tinj? of all tboae oppcaed to the republican party, which will meet In New York on Monday ev??nlni{ next, the apeakera announced are Hon Horatio Itt monr Hnn f-Vrn*nHn Wa/wI 1 eventh district of New York by the Tammany democrats C7"The New York board of aldermen have decided that tbe charges of official misconduct made by Mayor Wood against Messrs Craven and Tappan, of the Croton Aqueduct Board, are not proven. IE/" Captain Morgan, of tbe slaver Orion, plead guilty on Monday in Boston. His sentence has been postponed. As Le was not tried under the piracy act, he is only subject to a tine and imprisonment. lT7~Hon John M. Butts, of Virginia, in a peech at Richmond, Monday nl;ht. said that although be preferred the election of Bell he should consider the election of Lincoln as anything but a ealamity. ff-r Napoleon HI , it is said, Is carrying his bntldlng minis to Marseille*, where he proposes Tmfnrmm atmlUs i-J ? .w?w >u?k mcnuj carnra aui in Parti. He baa granted a aum of money for the purpose of opening a new boulevard through the old town of Marseilles. U7The Peck defalcation In Malue haa produced another complication of troubles. The lsgtalstive committee appointed to settle with Peck's bondsmen of report that they are onnble to obtain a settlement, that the bondsmen it/uaed to par, and if anything la obtained from them It must be by auit. The committee have postponed the whole matter. f _ T. WW, V# uai i mm vunui , Hon Washington Hnnt, Hon. Greene C Broc on, Hon Jobn Kelly, Hon. John A. Dix, H >n John Cochrane. James S. Thayer, Dr. Isaac H Merkie. Hon. James Brooks, Hon. John Van JSuren. The Floeida Elkctios.?a dispatch rare!ved In this city yesterday afternoon s>)s: "The following returns from Florida have come to hand : The town of Fernaodina gives Milton (Breckinridge) for Governor a majority over Hopkins, tha Bell and Everett candidate, of 150. Hilton, the Bre-klnrlde candidate for Coagrrss, has a majority over Allen (Bell and Everett) of 156 Baldwin precinct, Duval county, gives a Breckinridge majority. C7~ The arrangements for the military parade Jn honor of the Prince of Wales, in New York, liave been completed The parade of the first division is ordered for the 11th Inst. The reception by the Mayor and Common Council will take place at Castle Garden about 1 o'clock p. in. The division will be formed in line on the Battery, and it is expected that full six thousand men will l?e on the parade. The line of march Will be np Broadway and Chatham street to the City Hall, where the troops will pass In review before tt<* Prince and pay bint the bonor of a marching sslute After that the division will reform and escort the illuatrloua visitor* to their headquarters the Fifth Avunue Hotel. Ptrwaal * Capt J Wlthera and family, U. 9. A ; and Xileut J Harris are at Brown's. Com De Feganiese, Minister from Portu- , Kil; and Judge Sinclair, of Virginia, are at the ational. M'aa Charlotte Cushman la playing at the 1 "Winter Garden Theatre in New York, after several i years' absence from tb?* stage. I-ady franklin and her niece, Miss Cal- i craft, arrived at Chicago on Saturday last, and took rooms at the Fremont House. They will nm.l. I? ?-- ->? ' mu iu Mia* tiiy s it*w uayi. H. R H. 1a said to b? worth In cash ?700,000. He will come into po?sesaion of it at the a?e < t>f twenty-one. aa all good Brit1?h aabjecU do, mad not at elgbteaii, aa the pr iuces of a royal family wed to do. The Chicago Journal Bays tbat "Arteinus "Ward." whose humorous writiugs are known In tb? dallv papera. ia Mr Brown, the local editor <1 tbe Cleveland Plalndealer. '-Artemus Ward, the f*howman . ?'is a name assumed by Aim. tbou^b there is really a man by that caine, and a regular genius in tbe show business who exhibits wax figures "and sech,"and makes a great d< al of fun, down in Indiana. ?Tbe New York Post says of Richard H. Dana. Ksq :?''We learn with a pleasure which -weare happy fc< sbare with our readers that Richard H Dana has returned from his protracted tour arc und tbe world perfectly rratored In health, and more rigorous than be by felt himsslf at any tJlar within the laat ten or fifteen yeara. During bis a>?enre. too. though be has encountered Tarfous climates In all seasons, he bus enjoyed perfect and uninterrupted health, accidents only except la the preseut exciting utate of affairs 1" Europe ltie whereabouts of prominent people and erowuid heads ia of peculiar Interest. From the latest foreign Intelligence we learn that, w licit la at > beard from the Pope waa on the point of leaving Rome, at the sdvlce of hla cardinals, to seek a refuge In Spain The Kins of Naples waa also about to leave baeta, for t*paln. hastened by the defeat of Lamorlcl?re, who la h ding In Ancona. ( Garibaldi waa about to march on Capua, and baa appointed 81 gnor Ssffl pro-dictator of Sicily Baron Bremer, tbe French minlaterto Naples, had left that city; Maziinl, It Is reported, had arrived there The Fmperor Napoleon and tbe Km press bad returned front Algeria, after visiting tbe birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte, on tbe Island of Corsica. 14iteen' Victoria and Prince Albert embarked from Gravwnd. for Antwerp, on the '23d The Kmperor of Anttria and Prince Regent of Prussia were aliotit lo start for the Warsaw connee. where it was rumored Napoleon HI would meet them. fjy Tbe Ho*. Mr Keltt, of 8. C., bw written another letter, In which be regards tbe election of L,\aaola as imminent, and says: " If tW black rermhlWa ? * , - - ? r"7 "?cc??u m toe election. the Inm between tbe North and South will he withdrawn from tbe Federal areas. md must bt dtti&td bp tk* Statu tJumulvtt ?.i la tkli coutlugencv. inv conviction* of day and policy arc clear and well settled J shall atirts* Jt'ttnten promptly |TT Frrty ?l\ toonsaad six hundred aad thirty, thrr* Lc^afitfads of tabacro were Inspected la Richmond frost. 1st of U< lobec. lt?0, to tbe let of October,laOU, being an incrMMof 4.835 hogsheads over the same period laat year ny rwenty five tundrcd barrels of apple* were abipped la oe steamer from Boeton on Wedneedav for Norfolk, In return tor the thousand* of a?*nt front tbe latter place to Baetou during the eamaaer 1C7" l-a*t week, a Mr Need lea, living nearFelteu. Del^www. an uleutally kiliad hie son. 10 year* old. with an tx which flew < ff tbe handle, while tbe feller Wis wood * r?ci*uuijt) ( rvinivg, 7ir. Norfolk, V* ralnln*. ?4?. I Raleigh, N. C rainy, 70? Wilmington, N.C clou?y, raiay. CbuWBon, 6, C -...raining, AogruU. Ga. cloody, cool. tewnnu, St. cloudy, pleasant. Macon, Oa. cloudy, warm. Hoatgwitiy, Aia. ..cloudy. ? ftOHTU WIIT. . Plttabnrg. Pa clear, M3. \ CI*TfltDd,0 overcast, wind E ( Barometer at tbe Smlthaontaa at 7 a. m . (rot m tod for tflicpmtiir*,) 9U,l?l; at neoa, 3u.lOG Tbermamefc* at 7 a. m., 00*; ataooa, 64'. 1 Maximum during.48 hoar. ending ?a.? 4ay,tt j AUOauuaSty'. .. J f. ?? -' uiiHti and No-heel . Iootitt)l% ? GENTS! qLOTHIN0,VerT Ch**P' ! Winter Panta from 91 25 to f 6.lB V*^'tr' ! Coata from #2 60 up Ve?tj from 01 up. 'lK^Putr V^lfara for 2ft eenta. J A fine it^et frame Gingham Umhrell*. cf large c i WirltV Nnj M*f|lWav, U.HKt T?0 SMOKERS OP ~ ? WILLJ? ?** ?!|datat]8I?nt tS" UJ^h?"NJ^ *th^h^wni irLuull!?,,A1rateftcd Th# ?*>? ci?" " 1 0?2 At* *V' AV%ROOT * *<> . S ??-2- l aora?r of F *nd Thirteenth ?U. OfSS?S i K *STJU91tt&?* ' ' j ?*** ? MAR0V9 MAINE, n 11ALTIMORJC LIFE INSURANCE CO.-l?- V ?? cotroaATu??.?lorn L ncjuito*, Pmj t> Bu i for*jsgv n ?&5F*\v:gr A Sr- :-v"3 iE^- ' I LL Aocouinti on^oer booiu ??* 0 I % - I FOR STAMPING I k PACKET OF paps*. I N f AND ENVBLOPHi 1 I NO I TO MATCH, I KWUWU METROPOLITAN BOOKSTORE. ! PHI LP * SOLOMONS. **"*" mtir-'i, Ly r#,M% msh RajiT??.. txt,K'1,i 'um** I 2?!??Sm 'Ji*? 'nSrr i ??na ruui-uu ? mui nnd atX'fa ru O. e 30-eo6t f e 27 306, between 9t>i indWU m*. IAA NOVELTY MILLSFLOUR. IDU BBLS. Of thia ?up?rw>r Lrtod of Family and :xtr? Flour r?o*lv?d Uu* Oajr. For M? in ioU to uit by 1). L. MORRISON * CO. ? > oorof of Tw>UUi and B <*. ^F.NTS'iFINK CALF SKIN BE WED lOOTS, J J|3.76 Uantt'i)out).e-?ol??ii<J Do?^i? ?gbj M?r Boots, #5. Sent*' fin* Fr?n?h Cn fBBfl <m Gaiter*, Boots and Shoea, e^Bnllyf ml i*. Don'and Youth*' Lone BooU.Coomwaiid ^aoed BooUof every dMoriWtion. [id, Moroeoo and Goat Hkla fawsH.T?Ht . ?. cU .'. Boou - 1 oc2*otr Fn.?T..lwnr? Kb andttk.U- J No trouble to show r ->oda. I B. H. STINEMF.TZ, 236 Pa. av.. i oo 2 Nur oorner lath ?t. D1Y ST F, R?! OYSTERS!! AT BUSINESS AGAIN. , / JOB P- MelNTOSH would reapeoifully inform | ita old frienda and offttomera that h* ii ^ / \ I Lfain at hie old etand, No. 369 Filth(J9fl fmJ itreot,between G and B, where h* lamjiJf 1 repared to furnish the very beat quail- 1 ,] of FRESH OYSTERS, (Steered, -? I Pried, or Raw.) at the ahortect nouoe. Ordere ao- a icited oc l-?t LT?OR PHI LADELPHIA -The atewner 8. Sey- f r moor. Captain Palmer, haa ?r- Jf?'k. 1 ived and will oe ready for freight for u he at>:>ve port on Thursday?to aaij^^^^^^^ ? Prid., morning... U ^ t^VfceON. J oc2-3t Georgetown. D. C,. i wnon h? wi'l M hipH to have ladiee com? and exami** 1 KWJto* ?Cfe-b5-8,l$lh5vVKKS %UKFM rff^MMlNHEAIi' DRB88JB8, CLOAKS. iHAWl'sI EXTENSION SKIRTS, COR8KTS ,f J|i tlsaB and prioee, and a very larje ttook of bet. 7th and ,th ,U ( I.ANK ? L> BRE'CIV,JDOUtiL\6 AND J0riNf0N, ? And all their retjaotive friend*, are nvited to j S3 artrKswinaisawPfc ] ,len? Sho?? a" JL ***'! Men'? Oaiter? at $}*>< ! }?.? ! Root" at Il.fc. Boj?" Bo t* at !36, \ feSthe' B00Uat At, Bot??Shonat7?ot?., routht' SnOM at lb oU^LaW Boot* at 7Sc A f 1 4 flu* lnt ?f 1 ah'? ? ?.? n. -K0 . v uouuiei, AIOT6W U. (] Carotbers, of the District of Columbia, Consul of th? United State* at Turk's Uland, vice J. B. a Htjrae, recalled. William C. 0orchard, of N. j Y , Consul of the UnltedStatea at Coiuayagua and r Tegucigalpa, la Honduras. I Th? WxATiaa ?The following report of the j weather for the morning la made from the Amer ' ( an Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smltbaonian Institution. The time ef observation le 0 about 7 o'clock. OcToaaa 4, 1M0. a Bur! injrton, Yt raining, calm, 50?. Philadelphia, Pa. cloudy, warm. \ Baltimore. Md cloudy, warm. { Weahlngton, D. C cloudy. S Richmond, Va. cloudy, ?4?. ^ part or our citizens to make this a holiday to the tame end. At the various public buildings * which the Baron is expected to visit to-day sum- f bers are gathered this morning with the hope ol 1 getting a view of him. We may add that the appearance aud demeanor of the youthful Prince have impressed all here most favorably as that ] of an ingenuous, unassuming young man, who knows how to be a gentleman as well aaa sov- |> APFOIilTXBNTS ST THB PRMlDrST.?Samuel fi Clark, of Mich ., Consul of the United States at ? Aspiuw&ll, vice C.J. Fox, resigned. J.J.Spren- t ger, of Pa . Consul of the United States at Venice* J vice F. L. Sarmlento, resigned. John A. Parker, o' Va , Consul of the United States at Honolulu, 2 vise A. W. Duel, declined. Charles Richmond, 1 of Mich., Consul of the United States at Lahalna, j A <1 "?1 *-* g _r ..... * ?UM A/WIV11 J up to 7 o'clock In the evening will arrive In either city by the earliest morning business train. P Baron Renfkew in Washington ? Else- 0 wUt-re in our columns will be foand full par. 4 titulars of the arrival of Baron Renfrew, and of bis reception at the Federal Metropolis. The , Public Departments have been closed to^lay In compliment to tbe distinguished visitor, and there seems quite a general disposition on the < proprietor* nave given, from first to last, more satisfaction to American travelers by sea. We are ( gratified to learn that, ia pursuance of the terms < of 4his contract, the Isabel will leave Charleston | for Havana on the 1st and 15th of each month. ; Sue now rates aa an A No. I steamship on the 1 books of the New York and London underwriters. Kxpeoitiho thi Mails betwiin thi Nobth J and South ?The Postmaster General, It is said, has under advisement a long desired and important improvement lu the conveyance of the mails ( between the South and the North. Under present arrangements, mails and passenger* destined for 1 Boston and places east and north of that city, and J leaving Washington aud Baltimore by the morning train, are detained In New York over oighi, the arrival being too late to conncct either with j the railroad lines or the Sound boat*. It Is now c contemplated to start another train by way of ' Hartford and Springfield, leaving New York at | * p. in and reaching Boston at 0 in the morning. 8 Returning leave Boston at 8 p m. aud arriving at New York by 9 a. in., in time to connect with the early train coming South. In this manner correspondence DreDared in New v??v ?* << u??? l Ths Charleston Havana Mail ?The Star's readers will remember that last winter, when tbe question of the continuance or dlscon- , tlnuanceof tbe United States mall service between Charleston (8. C.) and Havana was before Congress. we strenuously urged tbe propriety of tbe policy of continuing a mall service upon tha* route Congress decided to do so; and made It < tbe duty of tbe Postmaster General to advertise ' for proposals for tbat msil service. Within the < past day or two tbe bids for It have been opened ; and the contract has fallen to tbe lot of tbe late contractors for tbe same service?Messrs. Mordecai & Co , of Charleston, S C ; tbe owners of tbe so well-known and highly-appreciated Isabel line; than whom no other American mall steamship uurg, wn iu- riaiu; river. I'tie distance by this route will lx* 1U0 nil If greater, but will supersede about 500 mile* of tb? route on wbich the express now runa, and the entire service to Denver City. With the withdrawal of the mall service from this route, the station*, it Is to be presumed, must be abandoned; and with them, as a matter of necessity, the Company will also be obliged to with, draw the stock of the Pony Express. We are not sufficiently in possession of all the facta involving the necessity of this change in the mail service, and do not doubt Its propriety, but express the opinion that the community are so well salisfled with the importance and value of the Pony Express. that they will sanction any action of the Postmaster General which will Insure lta continuance. The action of Congress at its last session in relation to the contract for carrying malls by way of the Isthmus render the overland communications more important, and as we have shown that the Pony Express Is entirely dependent on the continuance of the mall line, with which It Is coexistent, we would deprecate any change In the running of the mails from St. Joseph to Sacramento, by which the Express would be perilled, especially until after the meeting of Congress, when we anticipate more favorable action than at 1U last session. The Importance of this speedy means of communication Is at this time greater than usual, as we are on the eve of an election In which the whole country is Intensely Interested If we bad no other necessity, this would In itself be sufficient for the continuance of the Express until after that event. We have been led to these remarks by the information that a change Is contemplated by the Pes1 Office Department In the running of the mails from St. Joseph, Alo.,via Council Bluflg. to Jules?? *1? -? ? - - - -.-w. v?*a uvba. i uc urn news ox UlU? and stirring event* in the city of Mexico were by way of Acapulco, thence by steamer to San Francisco, and thence by the Pony Express and telegraph, published on this side in advance of the route by way of Vera Cruz and New Orleans. The patronage bestowed upon the line from the beginning was beyond the anticipations of its projectors, and promised to sustain it without other aid than that which was incidentally derived from the protection of the United States mail stations. The telegraph olflce in this city alone has derived *500 a week for dispatches by this route to California, and the European letters already transmuted either way have averaged thirty each trip. These Isolated items from the achievements of a recently established enterprise, show its important benefits and the urgent necesafiir nf It* #?nnUnn?n/><* WAIHHI8TOH WIW> AHP QOMIP. Tbk Fctcks or thi Post Exfkkss ? It will be remembered by the Star1 s readers that. In the month of February laat, we announced that an agent had left tbla city for the purpose of putting jn operation a Pony Exprm, to connect tha Atlantic and Pacific aeaboarda. We predicted for theenterprlae entire aucceaa. W? were, however, not prepared for the early eatabllahment and opening of the line, and ita almost aatonndlng reaulta The distance from Joseph to Sacramento la i,?ST>>il?a. This entire route waa Blocked with 1_ J ?-l * * * wiuui urn proviuea who uaers la leu than two month*, and the flrit trip made from both coda of th? road during the month of April in ten daya. The poata established by the mail contractor facilitated this early starting of the Pony Hi press. and without their existence and protection such an enterprise would be wholly impracticable. We have been furnlahed with a few facts, which we publlah for the purpose of showing the succaaaful accomplishment of the enterprise. and ita value and Importance to the country. By telegraph and the poniea messages were carried from New York to Sao Francisco In 13 daya, and in the incredibly ahort apace of 16^ daya, by meana of tbla line of communication, an account of the Heenan and Sayera fight was publiahed in the California papers. The journals which published a true account of the aflkir themselves contillatlior l? T" ? ?? * ' ' Th* Assavlt ow thk Rkitish Naval Orricn at tii 9t. Ciablss Hotil ?The Picayune of the 30th alt , ?aya:?"Captain Hinckley, of the Britlib ?tearner Gladiator, came to the city ve?terday mornlag. and vent, in company with Mr. Raatman. acting BritUh Consul in the abaence of Mr Mure, to Mayor Monroe about making arrangement* for th* transfer of the tick men on board th? Gladiator, from the veeael to th* boapit* 1 After arraafftng m&ttera with tba Mayor. Capt Hinckley ana Mr Ea?tman wnlked down St. Cbarlea ?treet and (topped at the 81. Charlea Hotel bar-room to take a>?ne refreshment. There ware aome gentlemen Id the room at the time, friends of th? lata G^n W?iir*r Baaon Rirtiiw at Hmimcia ?The Prince wu serenaded by the Capitol Band during Tuesday Bight, and long before the hour when he was announced to leave the hotel thousands of people bad congregated to get a glim per at him, a large Proportion oelng ladles In a conversation, the riace aad the Duke of Newcastle expressed themselves as highly granted with theft visK to America. Politics were thrown aside, even her* in its headquarters. to do honor to the nation** goest Ail 9 o'clock the reyal party emerged from the hotel, and the thousands congregated In front sent upafeoutaof applause,while the ladies waved their hand ketch left The scene was animating in the extreme. The Prince was driven In an open carriage, drawn bv four beautiful irrcn. the AUCTION SALES. By THOS. DOWL1NG; G?orr*town. FUR NiTVRK, CHOCKKRV.GLA99 WARM Ac , it Atctioh?O* SATURDAY tt may onairn? A at HoMrhoid Fornitnre, A ta*s MtortiMBt of Oraeterj and GlaM War*, (?ookirf. T?n Sif nn4Co*: 9:ov??, W^V.!F?r7,*u*'Five barrel* Harn&fa. T? m# eaah i> <X> A2t THOg. DQWUN9, Aaat J* A.eRKBN.Aaaboaaar. AUCTION SALES. THIS AFTERNOON 6 TO-MORROW By A. GREEN. AMtioxar VALUABLE CORNER uot atthknavv & o'c ock p. m.. Lot No 12. < Sur? lb. IwTinc a f^ont ?t north D ST M 11 ItrtiMMm Elnvsnth itrMt ?wt T? irfi Tbt nl? will b? worth? of My on* viikiulo *ro*?rt? in tl^n^iwiorUMctty.Mlt wili b? a?M viUoti in?i r*. Titl#|vi>U. T*rm? cub oo 1-4 AC R KEN. A?1 Bj J. C. MoGllRE 4 CO.AmUomwi They* had been converting about a statement made that the men brought here by tha Gladiator bad not met with proper treatment on board, aome having, it was said, been left seventy-two hours without any food, and this report bad greativ excited and Incensed their feelings. As Capt. Hinckley and Mr Eastman approached the bar, three of these gentlemen came up, (or were already at the bar. we know not which,) another of their friends rame up and one of tbetn remarked to htm. "Have you seen any of these ? Britishers?" The gentleman replied, "No, hat 1 see one now," and thereupon struck Captain Hinckley in the face. Mr Eastman rushing la between them, received also a blow on the si da of the bead. People then cauie running In from all directions, and Capt Hinckley and Mr. Eastman retreated out of the bar-room. The scuffle lasted but a few seconds, and bad long been over when the crowd were still curiously Inquiring what had taken place. This gathering of people immediately after the occurrence Is what gave rise to the Idea that Capt. Hinckley had been mobbed?a rumor that was current about the streets for a long time after." JI7" A personal controversy Is going on In Georgia between the Hon. William h! Stiles, ex-l'nited States Minister to Vienna, and Mr. J. n o a * - - -* ? iv. oneea. eauor 01 iDe Savannah Republican. A very Indignant card from the latter gentleman denies an assertion made by Mr. Stiles, to the effoct tbat the original 5sneed was k'a HeMian. tent bere by the British government to shoot down American citizens for IM) cents a month." Mr. Sneed occupies a balf column of the Republican in clearing his cscutcheon of this fonl olot, and throws back the slander upon Mr Stiles with the proper seasoning of epithets. Thi Bfbch Divorce Cask is Chicago.?The Chicago Press and Tribune, September '29, states that the early part of November is the period appointed for the hearing in the Burch Divorce case, nefore the Circuit Court of Du Page county, at Naplerville Both parties are now, or were recently, in Chicago, and counsel on ear-h aide are carrying forward their preparations. There have been some overtures made for a settlement without bringing the case into the courts, but nothing definite has been reached the parties being as wide apart as ever. Pbinticb o.i Vakcit.?The Louisvills Journal gets off the following : "An Alabama paper expresses its belief that Mr. Yancey's whole political life has been a curse to the country. We believe so too. VVedon'twish Yancey dead, but we are sorry his mother dldu't M i * ? ? reiuae to nave QitMUirr. Mr. Y ancey never stood upon a platform that we could approve; we presume he never will, till he it about to be hung." IO"They tell of big riU on the line of the 01?to Canal, and one of them is said to have towed a boat, using his tall as a tow line. That's* whopper?of a rat. we mean. If we should attempt to neat this rat story, we should tell of that musketo In the Montezuma Swamp, on the canal, who stole a pole for a tooth pick. JE^A new political organization called tbe ' Fast Asleeps" has been formed in the Interior of Pennsylvania. It is composed of Bellmen. ISLAND EPISCOPAL MISSION.-The IL5 German Church 011 Four-anil a half ?tre?-t, Island, has been onzagpd for Episcopal worship, antl Divi o Service may lie expected every SUNDAY AFTERNOON at 4 o'clock, conducted hy Key Dr. BcTLta, of Trinity Church. oo4-3t* rvTg?AN ADJOURNED MEETING OF THE IL Jack on Democratic Association will he heTii THl-(Thursday)EVENING,at 8o'c ock. A full attendance it req ux?ied, as busines* of importance will be transacted. CORNELIUS BOYLE, Pr??. JVM. J. DONOHOO, Sec. lt_ y~5=~ATTENTION. WIDE AWAKKS.-You I ? are reuue t-d to meet at t*>e "XVigwam'' TO MORROW (Friday) EVENING,at 7K o elk. It ia par icularly desireJ that every mouther should l>e on duty. Byoidorof Captain KNIGHT. G. A. HALL, Secretary. It* > NOTICE TO THE MEMBERS OF 'US LEBANON LODGE. No. 1 F. AND A. M. You are hereby req jested to attend a stated communication of said I dge on FK1DA Y EVENING. Ontnhar * ?? ? _:-L? -?-? ~ ?,? ? v vui%, ?i i?ia vio ni|diui Ifll liriOd Visitation. AH Ma*te Masons in toot standing are oordially invited, By order ofthe W, Matter. It* H. CIIPELASI>, 3*o. CENTRAL BELL AND EVERETT Lif CLUB.?The reicula- w<*?kly meeting ofthe Bell and EverettClab will b? po?tpon?d unhl TOMORROW (Friday) EVENING, at half p?st 7 o'clock, for tha purpose of Kivin* the m"inbt?;s an opportunity of wi newine the display of fire-jrorks

It j* expected that Col, Whitklxt will address the Club on that occasion By order. oc 4-2t* C. 1. CAN FIELD, Sec. -ry?I>EMP8EY A O'TOOLE. L3 WEDUIXG ANU visirryG CARD FXGHAVERS. iivurvors 01 lino ? MJUl.Mi STATIONERY, WEDDING ENVELOPES, the moat beautiful styles. 3-26 Pa. A v., between 9tii ami 10th st? , mi 27-6m Washington. CJTEINWAY k 90NB' OVERSTRUNG Grand o Sqcare PIANOS are now oonMde'-e'i^j^, he beat manufacture!. For sale at Jol# Agen't, METZKROTT'S MuelofTTTTl ?tor? Two 7 o?t?ve Second hand Pianoa for sale it $150 eaoh. Pianoa for rent. oo 4 Apples-apples. flour, 4o. 50 barrels Appl**. in prime ord?r, !?n " N?*w Richmond Family and Extra Flour, Received thia day, and for *>a!? in lota to suit, by oc4 D L. MORRISON & CO. Cloaks! cloaks!! NEW AND STYLISH H*) Ladies' and Mioses' Stylish Cloaka opened his morninr in our new C'oak aii'f Shawl.Ro nr, ill at the lowest prices, aud to which we ask the D&CI&1 attention nl ?I.a i r__ 7 wTcolley a co.. oc 4 5t 623 Seventh st., above I'a. a* I ' NOTICE L HEREBY Respectfully call the attention of my mttomera and the public in general, that I have 1 poei veil a larg* *nd well selected ?t'?ck of Fall and iVirter CLOTHING, an.l fiENTLKM KN'S 'URNHHING GOODS, which I ofTer to sell at ?tonishinf !y low pno?s. Call and examine before purohasinc elsewhere. A. STRAl'9, Fashionable Clothier, oc 4-3t 414 Pa. avenue, h?t loth ami lHh ?t?. NE W DRESS GOODS. Large assort-nent just received, and at the lowest irioe*. J. \V. COLLEY A CO. 1 i 100 B aok-middle STELLA SHAWLS, just 1 pened, and vprjr oli?*ap?ranging in prioe* from I (2M to 930. The ladios a-e requested to ca'l. J. W. COLLEY A CO., oc 4-6t <23 Seventh st.. above I'a. av. rMORE NEW GOODS. HE Undersigned have just complnt'xl thfir 1 toci of Goods for the Fall and Winter , c.nnp'i'iiie .full and well selected assortment of CLOTHS, 1 ;AS*IMERESand VESTINGS, with th* latest 1 tries of Material for Business Snits, together with i * M . J ? - ?* ? , < ucn l'liGnKncB FURNIiHINft JOOD:* of the beet quality, to whioh they respectully invite the attention or their friends aod cusomers and the j Military Naval and Citizens' Merchant Tailori. oc 4-eolm No. <1*2 l'? ?v. [NMUCTION " mu A. F. LITTLE, PROFESSOR OF MOSIC, a* returned to the city and resumed the du- Wfc leg of l:i? p'ofetinion Prof LITTLE, htr UH ( dc oharneof Musical Department at Alnwick ?SP* \ .nd Pteasaut View Seminaries, and b^injr engaeeJ ?ur days in each week at these Institutions, has lonsequer-tly hut two days in each week to devote < o p. ivate n.stiuotion <>f pupils, or to a similar en- < agemeut in another institution. Those des'ring 1 ia professional services will please make appliea10a at Dr. Hunt's, 310 Pa. avenge, oo 4 lmeo* : N O T 1 C E_!__N O T I C E!! gb jffici Mrs. HELLER Invites the ladies oM^\ Vashington and vioimtv U> her Grand Openinc of "ashionalxe FALL and WINTER BONNhT*, < >n Friday and Saturday. 5th and fttV ??--- 1 Mii^lNKRY-MJLLINERY-MlLLINERY! J DRY OOOD9-DRY GOODS! i _ ,L FANCY GOODS, Ao. El Aw 1 h?ve Ju,t ' "oeived, direct from the^^V J northern auctions, a superior astort OW f 814 Garrison st Particular attention paid to tne 1 manufacture of Boys' Clothing. ? <*3?* ? WOLFSHE1MER. RENFREW HATS, ~ IV IN NEW COLORS, Ju?t Ohiid, fbox N. Yobk. _ UyT, Our assortment of H ATS and I k/ArS for G'nti, Young Men, t rouths, Bojrs, Misset and child en ? J ever was so varied as at present. All C&rlv nm.ll ia aianit*^ - will reopen this afternoon?having been closed the past two we?k* for the purpose of 'T refitting, *o. Tl.e Proprietors tenderSHMB < their thanks to their friends and the^^^^T^ . ruhlic for their past patronage,and so- * ~ "* icit a oontinuance of the same. : oc3-3t^ MAIR & FISHER. j H MUSICAL NOTICE. AVING Been induced to accept the position of organist at St. Aloysiu* Church in thiaoity, I have determined to remain during the ensu-U3M i ing winter, and shall be happy to render my^6* f profdMional services to those who may require t tlieia. T. N. OAULF1ELD, I Professor of the Organ, Piano Forte, t and Singing. t For particulars as to term*, Ao , inquire at the Music Depot of JOHN F. ELLIS, Pennsylvania , ivenuo. ooa-lm* n:*ntiiitK>iis given. Add re** M. C., Star Office. ; j Batohklor's inimitable hair i?vk. ' i :w!'firit-c Toilet Artioloa, for ?ai? a* GIHI'S'S Wit, Braid. sod Curl Manufaotory,444 1 Pa avenn*, near 13th ?t. ?c S f STKAM POWF.R TO LET-TO CARPENTERS AND OTHERS.-To let,? lo 15 hone power, and partial use of Cireular an I Upright S.twa. Sa?h and Moulding Machine, Ac. Apply at Mount Vernon Factory. o<3 3 1 w NOTICE. < HK Steamer Thomas "'ollyer will not make her uiual trip to Mount V<rr.on on ^IP1-"k. Friday, the 5th inatant, but will go en SATURDAY, the 6th. iuctead, in* htr wharf at 10 o'clock a m. oeS-2t* THE BILLIARD HALL, COKMEllTH St. iwnPi i? WANTED.?I would like to purchase the half of the (took of a veil estaMished Grocery ami l.iquor Store situated near the Avnu*. If I could not atre* upon terms I might enter into an agreement of a p-r oentage <>n the gross amount of ?ales. 1 have had eigbt years' experience in the bn?in<>*s la this city and ain well acquainted with the tra.|n. Address, through the city Poat Office,"Merchant." oc 1 tit ' WANTED?To have everybody know that they i can find a fine and well selects stock of i PALLar.d "INTER CI.OTHING, FURNISH* i I NO GOODS. HATS and CAK8 at the Pe..? es" i Clott ing Store, No. 460 Soventh St., opposite Post Office. se aim WANTED?A CLEK K, who is acquainted with , ?? the city trade, for a Jew? Iry Store. i|t>at ot J references required. Address T. H., No. i, Star Office. VI7ANTED? By a steady aod industrious man, a ?? SITUATION as collector. U^st of mm" . # ? . \'\i O J* WANTED? A HOUSE of medium si*?. with modern conveniences. situat-d between lath arid 20th and F and 1 itre?U; for which a liberal rent will be given. Address A and B.f Star Office. t>c 2-tf \*7ANTED? By a re*p?ctable woman,a SITl:AfT TION as co >k, who understand! her basinets, I and can come well recommended. None bat a private family need apply. Inquire at the Star Office, Box IS. oo 2-2t* VVANTED-A PLUMBER. Inquire at MYv* KRS 4 McOHAN'S. None but a first class workman need apply oc 1 %T|7 ANTED?By a respectable woman, a SITUA?? TION as wet nu *e. Good references riven. Apply at No. Til H street, corner of Fi>st st. ua?t. oc l-2t* WAN I F.D?A firat-rate COOK. Apply at Mrt. FITZGERALD'S Boarding Home, No.47? Pa avenue. _ oc 3 8t* |I'ANTF,I)-Bt a respectable girl, a SITU A** TION as chambermaid and curse, or assist with wa*hing and ironm-. Reft renege if required. Inquire at No. 2^5, southeast corner 15th itnd D street* oc 3 2t* WANTED-At No 4?4 K *tre?t, between 5th and Gth *ts , a WOM AN. to do the oooking, washing,ironing, and assist at general housework of a family of three person*. German or colored preferred. Recommendation* required?none need apply without them. oc 3-tf VV ANTED?By a yonth. IB v*ar* of ace, who vv writ*** a good hand and is quick at figorei, a SITUATION a* clerk either in a stor? or in any active business I* willing to make himself generally useful, and can furni-h the best of re'erence. Address H. fa., Citv Pn?t OIHm ? " * ? fa V?VU? UM been practicable for iom? time A large increase in the number of native American applicants la nlao observable; young men, aa In the caae of the navy, coming from the country districts, especially to join the service. Mauy of the agricultural community have enlisted lately. Tbey make the best 'campaigners,1 and are almost invariably sober, intelligent and well-conducted " wants! WANTED-TWO APPRENTICES to Iwn the vest-making. Apciv No. 473 Tenth st, west side. between L> and >. sts. It* II/AN'TED-A SITUATION. by a young woman, cook, who thoroughly understan is her btiainea*. Apply at 193 H at., between 19th and 20th It* WANTED-A NURSE, who can come Veil recommended. Applf immediately at No 99 First >t . Georgetown. cere sense ot tbe high honor conferred upon him in the capital of the great State of Pennsylvania. lie then, in i ompauv with tbeGovernor, visited the Capitol building, and after viewing the scenes from tbe dome of the Capitol, the party started for Washington. Rkckcitimo fob thi Aemv ?The New York Post says:?"Recruiting for the army Is very brisk just now. In ten days, receutly, no leas than 101 men were enlisted; and the average is over "iim a month at this utation alone. All tbe otber recruiting places experience s similar state of things. There are 300 recruits disposable on Governor's Island, and nearly 3>K) at Carlisle Tbe officers commanding tbe diflereut rendezvous are enabled to exercise more discrimination in the selection of solrti?? ?? ?u? 1? property of an enthusiastic Irishman The party (consisting of the Prince, Mayor Repner.tbe Duke ot Newcastle aud Lord Lyons) drove through Front St.. on the banks of the Susquehanna river, to the Capitol, followed by carriages containing the Committee of Reception. They alighted at the Capitol, and visited the Governor ia hi* private apartments. Gov. Packer made an appropriate address, saying aa follows : ?'I.ord Renfrew, it affords me Infinite pleasure to wt4ron>eyour Lordsplpto the capital of the Commonwealth of Pennsyivaaia, one of the oldeat of the thirteen coloalea that originally acknowledged allegiance to the crown of Great Britain; and notwithstanding that allegiance has been severed, your Lordship will perceive by a glance at that long line of Colonial and State Governor* (pointing to the portraits which adorn the Executive Chamber), that we still hat* > veneration and regard for our ancient rulera. That line of portraits is almost aperfect type of moat of our American families. We cannot follow oar ancestry more thin a few generations back without tracing the line to a British 'red-coat.' " Again welcoming I<ord Renfrew and bis suite to Pennsylvania, the Governor expressed an ardent desire that their progress through the United States might increase in interest and pleasure to his L>ordsbtp, and be hereafter productive of lasting benefits to both nstions The Prince briefly replied, exoressimr his sin. nnuptMULU URN I TURK, CHINA. rum, and ckotkirt at Arcrioa.?0? ?a1uki)ay MOK.MiNU. the 6th iMtut, at 1 o'clock. I (hill Mil iu fr? nt of air Aaotion Room*, oorner ul Itb and D strata, No S46. ns : Mill liny Sofia, I'liAin, and Tahiea, L>o Sid-tHMi.rd?, HurtMi, Whatnot, Mstsad. \Vaah*tand. aim Chaira. r, Shock, and Cotton t- f Mattreaaaa, Paaiktr Mi, Piiloara, u< haialara. Hruasels. Ingram, and other Carp*U, Cook. Air-tight.and other St'>raa, China. Glass, aad Crookary War*, With many other arUolM too numerous U eta me rata. Term* cash. ooi ? a A. OREEN. iMt ON TUB 8 AM fc. MORNING, Administrator's 9*1* o| a fan* IVautkt llom, Harness, and Furnitue, ouuina'boiug jra*ie?lt at in)* o'clock a. m . ut>ne j? One fin# Draught Horae.worka *tll il any kiLd of haruMi, On* large Ka? nitnre Car, nearly new. One M of Single llarneM All belonging 10 the lata John Riok?,deotased. Persona wishing to paromM a tee Uiaa<at Horse will do veil to att?ad the aal*. a* he u uitabl<t for a dray, vacua, or a cart horse Terms: One third cash ; baaice in two and foar mouths, for approveO ejtlorasd uot?a, t> wing in terest from day ol sale Br order of the Adaumatrator. not 4 d A CBKF.N. A net Bt J. C. McOUIRK k. CO.. Auotioaaara. FURNITURK AMU KKPkCTtt OF A KAMI LT D?CI.l!HNG HOCSUUPIRS AT PUBLIC A?C I tioh ? vn inu^UAt MUtl.*?NC?.Oot??b*r Mfc at lo o'olooi, athoua* ^o. '*34 fcithutcnik eL w??t, betveon 1 %nu K kt?. co. tk, wa ehaii Ml. Um Furutura and KflecU of a c em.*inau declining houaakeepinc, coinpnainf? _ . . _ Mahogany Hair ?pr,ng Boll, R*ok?r and Panor Chaira, Mahogany Center and Card Tabtea, Mar We lop Sola labia, Mafaoganj Writing Ta bl?i Mahogany S*oratary and Bookeaaa, Window Oartaina, et.a;??? and t-ornico, Ki.eravingt. Vmm. Cloel, Ornaawiita, P> nfl tnrt W t\iui ?a?# .* ?? ?? ww* vnttKVf 1j* U9I ? iMn'iofc^r.T Dreaawc Hurraui. Waahatande. B?Jatt?Ue, H*J?, MMlretkM, llnatereekd Pillovt, Blankets. CouilorU, rpreada, Clnt.a, (ilaaa Ul Crockery War#, Hat t:?e, Stair Cartel, Mattirf, Mlver-p'atdd tjpoona anu Forka. Cutlery. Cooking and other Su>ve?, Tia bat*. fee. terraa: and nnd?r oaah ; over that ama credit < ('& and 90 daya, lor batiafaoifcrily endoraed note*, bearing l Liter eat oc 4 d J. C MoGUIRE ft CO.. Awcta. By A.. GKKfcN. Aaotioneer. SHALE OF A FRESH STOCK OF UROCt KIk* IS TBI ftOITkUN LlkkkTlkl AT CTtOR. On MONDAY, the tth mataat. 1 aha! I Mil at the atore corner of Ninth and l. ata. north, a camera! ttsiuiuaeoi 01 urootiricii vis: Sugars, Uf^i, Imperial, Youcg By*ouand BUak lea*. Fresh Sardine*, Piok'.ee, Sweet Oil, Mustard, maicn, P?^per, Y*a?t ar.o Powders, Cigar*. Tobaoco, f null and Pire*. Nutu e<* Uiovm, Mao* a:.d ladigo B!os, fjoifts. Brooms, Whnii, Baskets, Rope. vine. Tub* anil Wa>h Board*, Tallow, "'prrni and Adamantine Candle*, Caatile Variegated %nd irther Soap*, Otard Brandy. Kye Whuky. M nand Gil,, Fort, Madeira and Skerry Win**, Perieot Love Cordial* and Domestic Whisky, Bott ed Liquor* of different kinds. Six Tea Ca?ldif * good a* new, an<1 Weight*, Stove and (Winter Fix'ures. With many otter a<lie.e* u*aa>ly kept in it retail Wrooery Store, too numerous to eaumerat*. Term*: All *ain* ot and under ftoaan: ht*t 925 oi edit of 60 and 90 oaye, for Approved endorsed holer, bearing interest, cc 4 a * r.avv si ? ?. ... x? ?? - <i .? a?ui? By THUS. DOWUNU; 0*or??U>WB. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF HORSE AND CART. Od W EDNESDAY, th? lvtfc of OotoUr, la front of tha Auotion Rooms. I shall Mil, vithoat One bee Cart Mara "Fanny17 hand* high; ?M food Cart. Tfrmi oa?li. B* order of the Truata*. oc* d IHOS. DOW LING, A act. Bj T. M. McCORMICK; Alexandria. COMMISSIONER'S SALE OF A VALUAble Tbact . f L&rd is the cocxtt or Albxa!idiu, V a , ok ibb A., L.- fc_H. R. R.?By virui* v, - utor ?i vuo circuit court of Alexandria oouuty, in the suit "f Hooe, Guardian r?. Hardin and otUrrs, the uudersig ned wi.l, on TUESDAY', the 3d of Ooiober, 186J, at 12 o'oiock, in front of me Major'* office, in the o tr of AWxaulna, etl , at fnblio auction, a valuable traot ooLta ring aboat <>v>rosof land in the oonntv of Alaxai.dria.of which Laurnt .a u Hardm, he* .died eaisad this property lieeabout7 milee from Aloxauaua and 5 rroui Washington ao?l Georgetown, on the road leading from " Falle Church" to Georgetown, and on the Alexandria, Loudoun and Hampshire Ha?U road. a water station being near the land. The improvements conrist ol a good two story frame dwe'linz house, with biok building serine hoi -e, * barn and all oacesaarvout houses. Thapraximitr of ibis farm to the three markets 01 Aiaxacur a. Washington and Georgetown the o: a aaw of t ? lanaana tne healthfu neaa of lb* loc?Uoa, mtkt it a desirable retidei.oe. Thet-rme preeorihed by thedeoreeare: Oce-teath of t;i? pu'chasa money id oai>li; and the ut four equal at t, i2 It and 24 ra<Li.h? from the da? cf sate, lb* deferred paymn.U tu be ecu-ed by the bi>nd? of tn? purohaaer, beans* mte-o.t from the day of sale, and a retention ?>f tM title nnti! pa.1 Ifdesired by purchaser* the prop. rtT wouia t?o divided into two or more pvc*4e, < and a p at thereof will t>e exhibited b? the aoderUKneii. 1. LOuiS KiS/Ek, i au 30 Stawtd Coniii>iea:oner. ( JD-T1IE ABOVE SALE HAS BEEN POST- i poi ed until SATURDAY, the 19th day of Oato!<er, Mine hour ai.d p'lto*. oe 4 2awtd , ^MUJSLAIENTS. : Hiawatha boys 1 IN THE FIEI.D AGAIN ? , The HIAWATHA club would reapeetfully j iniif'.tnsu that they intend tiviuc tli?ir ** , FOURTH ANNUAL BALL at STOTT S JB MALI, on THURSDAY, November SJ JA For full particulars at e future advertise |H xieut no 4 3t* WASHINGTON THEATER. J Sole Leasee and Manager S. W. Glux. J f ma CAT A D f laUMPk"" 1 uu a auiaoa.H&il I 1 Will o??n for the r**u!ar Fall &ud WnUr gxm on tiie nijht of THURSDAY. Novihiu Ur. JOSf.PH JEPFERSON, rhe Comedian or the Age, will eemmenee M M(liem>ntof Twe-re Night* on MOM- I DAY, November 5th, atd will be fo lowd hjtne moat I BRILI.UNT STARS lu the Theatrical Firmament. irr Communication* if addreeaed to S. W. 3l*h*. "Old Howery Theater," New York, will nf?*t with prompt attention. aa tf-u ROWE'S OKIENTAL BAI.SAM, A Cl'*X FOE , BALDNttsf AND HEADACHE, Thi? new di?e >v<rj bu produced aetoniekiac re- , tulU in ourinc l.&ld'.f ?s and et'tppicf the hair from ( ailing off It remove* dacdrnfr ard all erapUona < f the ikin; a certain ?it? for beadaak*, *g<l a da- j ightfat waeh and pnrfume. Price *jo?i<U. Porta / >y Mmrt. Nairn A Palmer, Chae. Stott, L. M. liruth, J Sohwarse aud Kid well A Laurence. I ae 11 eolm* t ENKW FA LI. GOODS. \ . OWEN A SON, MERCHAST TAILORS, | tl'2 Penn. avenue, have juet opened their, mm irat lavoioo of tiOODSFOR THE *V.AS?ON, WK 1 o which tie* invite the attention of their WW * ri-'nrts at:d customers. ? 2Q-wo3w PORTO RICO SUGARS A VD RIO COFFEE 0 hhds. Porto Rioo and Cuba Sugar*, part striotljr . prme, ' b hhds Porto Rieo and English Ulaad Mo las?t, 11 n t>%gs White and OrMo Rio Coffe*. , Just reoeivedand for sal* l-jr se?4 MIMJLETON A BRALL J 1 C. FILL, P. PROFESSOR OF MVSIC. ? {Organist At Fir<t P*pzift Chwrck,} lespocifullt info ms bis friends and ttia puMia I h?t it* has resumed Ue duties of his proiss- 5 Address through the Peat Oflioa. jJM 1 eJSeoSt" Q PGR SALE?A fine young GRAY HOR8E j work* weli in haraeM. Apply at rv "LEMMING A FOY'S Stable, cf .trMt.l^A I rop:ina, vwnar Uliointu la * W?t|, FrJl (obm?1ib*?. Fifjr??l fiwn telia fcatah^M*)Mi. CloaiijM CioUa. ArU> c:??ka in UMTT 1 l^CnM* ^?i' 1?T^M tl I f Irpva mmU&c* Tl?w?Ii?h?. Ta.b.a Lumm. ?* I Omr Block 1? now r?rr co?a* y, l?*? otm M I ^ rflTTrwtSQH. | ... ... vt., rv.?' 4 rrw.'Brf X/Tflll IWIffll. J ii (rfttafuly oeknowl*dtinr the HboroJ MbMM I ohioh hu hor*tof?r* bo?i Iwi'owfd cim hi* Hfc?? ft U> pt*OM hie mcom, b?c* loore to i bio no the ttm- i ion* of Washington ?tid 6oorget?wa that tow I iuv to umiU vltk B?ta?m im ?uh)?Ii i til order in ht? line f busmen; auch oa th|?Fr- I Of, Fitting sad Lottut l)own of n?w C&raoto.oad he I ayiBf Down of old ?'orpet*; the Hwm of I ^irtUMi the CoTericj *4 l.oertte# itofu^i; IM I itatbeurt or RmovUmb ofmtttnm?4NMn, I Mr?Bi.?r'wiald aJ*o ooll fMii' MMkM to | lia Patented Corptt Btretchor, whlah *qSms hlaa I o put dnwn Corpou with BBpraoadsatod ??oeth I i?o had rondtty. a>? ? ' I ^otice: notice;: notice a i ' The opemnr of FEE.XCH good*, for thdfcaU I rrod*, will bo next Mooday, Septomnor 94th. tw I adi*o or* reopectfullv laviud to tnoMot theMii 1 ioi iiattmrwfro<a Pana. n WlLl.lAll, v ao 22 tw t In lei. 4 Btoto* I St Maikat SfNa. I lv rall drv goods i " E At* bow toeeiting t beoutifu aaaortiaMI of ft *0007 ond Htopl* Gooda of th* .a to*t *ty *., *- ft rgetaf oil ^o iotMt lmpoitoUoiM ; h oo? ?^ * rmniw umiDS. V w*. K Woodward, Tr?.t*?. I ?*2I 3UwA4? A ttR?:EW. A?i. I T ROYAL HAVANA. LOTTERY. I HK host Ur?wiB? of U? Koyal tllMpUl- f tsry, ooodaotod tor tM 8?*niafa RowiwAJb I Uie auporriiioa ol tM CifUii ttMtrkl WMb, I rill tui f .mv* at H?v*a* on | SATURDAY. Octoiu SO, U*. I BORTBO NUMEAO CM OMOJNAMm I CAPITAL PK1ZK 91?*?. ?* I 9Vjm Hpnwol 9Xjm 1 I oo sbj*r m <i? _ m ^ do ?,?* US do ? A t do 1m? >JM V I 4* 10.00C ... > Prt?M OMliM Bt Mf kt tt I NT Ml flMMlL # Bi on ali olrent C&nk* takw it pw. I A drawing will teefoinriM m aooa m Um malt I. tx >-tr Omx? of Citr Pot. Thar?toe. W. C. I v<i a?i n ?" " Luokiai ttiaaaea. Co , Ac. * I j?hi* raramtra la aaw acd ia good oi4?r. I 00*2""? TH"?. HOWLING,A?I I By A. ORKfcN. Auctions*?. rptUSTRB'9 MLE Or VALUABLS P*o*- I A KIT Y IKTWII1 llTH *?t> ljTl ?T*. *A?T AMD 11111 Fbhb. aviwvi, Wmiimtoii cm ? B> rir taa of a dead of traai from iuvil Cuvuliar . daied Mat 13, M5?, du-y recorded in Laber J. A 8 .No 77. ' folio* l7,Ac.f of tha laud raoorda of Wukiutua e iuntf, D 0 ,1 rhall, at the re^uMt of the owrear aod lioldvr ol the not* theraia aacaraC, oc Tl KJ WAV. till Mtk day of Ootot>ar i>xt, at 4 o'olooh a ir.,00 taa iremiMa, aail, at pabho auction, the fallowing valuable proaeti. or ao inaoh and aaM tarta Uiareof aa war be neaeeaary, tie : Lota m 1.2,5 6,7,8, If. 13,14, 15, IS, 17, !?, is tHaare la. 992. Terma: Om third aaak ; and the raiidaa is 6> aud u month* with iater**t. l>aad givaa and a daed of baat take* to a*oara tha daferrad parnei*. Al!* at ta? purohaaer'a ?>?i. If tha tarm* of aale are not oowiplied with within 5 dafa, th? trnntee raa*rYaa th right to recall. at ?arouM> ar'a ooat au<< n*k. after 1 ?kJ' 1? HU w U?|?, tor kfrruvkl (Morwd nulM, b?ar- . in; mUfML _ J wi< WARN" A W D ft BUCKKV. AbqU. I By THOA. DOWLING ; G*urc?to*a. I, kurmtlrk at AUCTION.Ub MONDAY n?*t, tk* IU >u?uxt. at Un I o'clock. I kaul ell. without reserve. U the reel den** of David W Oreta , Esq , on tbe ?or#?r of j Hi?h at d Pirat et'eeU, bit entire F*nnt?re, eon i?tir?of? ; Mahorany 8cfa?, H;d*t.< ar<e. TaN*?. Cane eeat and Wiuae*r t'bairi. Rock*ra, &*or*tary, H a ream, Wardrou*e, Crocker* and Glass War*, Mattiof, He<inea<i? aaH Mattr*****. 4o. I Chnto.i Cook Ptov*, Kitchen Furniture, ft*. imm*diftt*ly a tar tt* al>or* ca1*. at tk* r*ei k d*M of Wn P. Buvn. at No 163 Dwtartoi etz**t?lue enttre Hva*?iold Lf**U,ouLAi*?ui| of? V jjdatojacy Ckairo. Mahoian; Hofo. ' Nattr*e?*e 1 ?^? Mily keet ia a retail D-j Wood* Mar* TW a?Je will b? ooutina'd fro? da? to te| Ball I tke eatira aw>ek ia ciupoeed ft. T*r?> a*, k. oe*-li CLEARV A GREEN,A net*. Br BARNARD * HUCKEY, AMtwaMn, mmrmtmm? fit C. EXCELLENT MOUSKHOLD FT RNITVH E JCj *a? rrrfCTa at Arcrio?.?Ob MONDAY Miik.MNb, ttk ibi(?M 1 o'elook.we wu. aail, at tee reaidenee of H. W.Tiley, Cou'm atreet.oa ike HiiLU of Gecrcetown, I> C.. a" Ma rxeeent Homeekold Purrtture and Effect*, e mikoiuy final Md Hai' aeat Parlor Met. coaatating ail So&e, Bid*. Roeker, a&d Ca*U>r Chair*. Braaaeia. lairaic Md S'ep Carpet*, Mirror, Nwwa-tor Tfcblea, 0?rt?i'<a, Corrnoe, Phadea and Fix to-a 4. Mako?ay Oiaint are other Tab)#*, IK) Mapt* and C (ta?e H-4e eaC*, Do Itreaa Bureau* aad WardroM, Excellent Fealker bedaand Car led Hair aad ifcuek Mfcttrof o * ril vi, BoUter* and Btddlcg, WMii'iu-idi an' Toilet fceta. Wood and C*?e aeat Chair* and HaJl OiMotk, efriforttor. Cookinf aed other 9u>ve*. Witii aguod aaaortaieat of Kitohan Farm tare. Term*: 93 cut., o or that amoiit aaradit at Silk, Caiabrtc Mtd <5otu>u Handkarohi?fa. Flannels of ail kinds a d daaariftloaa, Hosiarv. U!?? and Riband*, Lmm, Uslart nirta and l>r*ws, Collar*, Wool** Ck?ki,H(Mdi ud twarfs, Tiokiat, Cottons aad tMie*tmcs, Mac ? Carta:ns, tt" oal?<i?a. * o. f'arg* mirem of MiinaarT tsooda, im Woolaa Blankau, ti?r*ad*. A a. < /raaok and Cloths, Caasuaaraa aad Vast i Ta?atftr wttk a rtaaral -* ?* " ' lltkocH sed^wi* VtolMre tff?J!L?"Vr'^'TT^^ KMWlBty i yWfWF % My Ox P f BH'IM*. VV I'drobN, \V??hiUn?l?. Msftrweee, Bnlatar* tnd Pillow*. Ciaiil ?4 oCk*r Tit >m. MM HU. CMMtfiuiui: Cri>?k?rj Wv?, C okinc ?m otlior StvvM, K t?b?a UtaMiU, A?Twn ID ud ?nd?r outj owr Ult > ? rWit of?g>Mw wtutMtonty M^oriW ?j?m. boS(MI?" i.C. McOUlKK ft CO- Am*. FUTURE DAYS. By 1. C. MeGtlRK * CO. AmUmnk. /-lomro* ATI ON o? W ASH INOTON BTOC % L/ ?T A*crioK?o* FaiDA\ ArrtmNooN. Oct Jb*T ?l*. *t 4S o'.lo**, ftt th? AMkH > ?. I w#S|iii IE Hunt* hJMit- ' u?n turrowioi of Wutllftoi 8il H> C?it. g uarter 1 jr Stook. oc*?'d' J. C. McGURK k CO., AeaU. Br CLEARY * GREEN. AkUuhm. AMUCTIO* SALE OF 8TOCR OF DRY I .Voom. Ac ?Or SATURDAY MORNINO. Ooi*b?[ 6ia, o-'iMtenoiuc at it o'oicok, w? will Ml, H ?ublio auction, the entira ?to?k of !>'* Goois, Jto.,of F. T. Maddox. Req , at N?. tot anaU aid* Pecmy i?anie tiMu*, batvaaa Mil and loth atreeta, toafi in ?t? Fiaa Draea Siika. Robaa. BrtlliaaU. |AV1<, Ckalliaa, Ca?hn?arr?. Co puna, Herecea Gtax haw* ai d Calic*?. Tabla Linens. Brown and V\ KiU Sheetings. pruts. Camt mo?. Woolaa, Stella and otfc?r Stew',a.