Newspaper of Evening Star, October 4, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 4, 1860 Page 3
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; tocalt news. j T** Hraa i? prtrtpd on the faste* trim prem In use *mth ?f Baltimore, 1U edition 1* to large u tc require It to be put to prat at an early boar; Advertisement*, therefore, should b? sent In before 12 o'clock m.; otherwhe they may not appear until the next day. None*.?District of Columbia Advertisements to he Inserted in the Caitwoii Suit are received at and forwarded from Thb Sta* Office. Allltfif AV 12 * m AM D ?r n ? ?ir ^ti r r* n n w? unnu.l U K % TT ? n b V?U r? v RtCBFTlOft at TBS &XFOT?CaBBIAttXP OF thb Habox ub Scitb?Tbb Roctb tabbx?Disaf p0ist*smt op th* ploplb?rxcbptio* at thb Exbcptivb Massiox ? DrxiiBB ? Pr??idkxt'? Rbcxptiox thi? Mobsixg ? Th* Policb Abbax??1st< ? Dsscbiptiox or th x Babos's Cab.?It having been ancoanred that Btron Renfrew and ?uite vculd probably arrive la this city ' about fonr o'clock yesterday afternoon, in a special train from Baltimore. *omet1?e prpviou* to that hour a large gathering bad ?arrounded the depot, occupying all available pointa, and all apparently determined to secure a front view of his Roval aelf and suite Not only was thla the case at tfce depot; but. in accordance with the pregrMDine {lublished in the Star of veaterday. with reference o the route of the carriages. large number* had assembled all along Pennsylvania avenue, anx lously awaiting the approach of the party. American ensigns were displayed from various promi pent points along the route, and the balconies, i windows, and nldewalka were filled with ladies duly provided with white handkerchief*, where wlta to wave a welcome to tbe Prince Never have we seen more Intense anxiety manifested to witness a display or procession than on yesterday with regard to tbe reception of Baron Renfrew. HKCKPTlOTf AT TH* DKP0T. Inside tbe depot, where a large asaembl lge bad gathered lon^ before tbe arrival of tbe train, a lane bad been ?>rmed through tbe crowd and maintained by policemen stationed at abort Intervals. for the pnrpoae of giving free passage to tbe Prince and suite. Tbe policemen seemed somewhat embarrassed bv tbe novelty of tbelr posit] t n. they beiug required to appear la wirte glovea and with their faces well washed, on this special occasion, and what, witb the awkwardnt ? of not i knowing exactly what to do with their encumbered paws, and tbe neceasfty of maintaining tbe official swagger at tbe same time, thev Were of r>mi ?w a a nArwl iIasI 1 k/\t (lAPuil 'k" K a I > <1 ! <^a niinn. ' vuiac ^ww ?? * uv lauira, uum* ber* of whom wer# In attendance, pressed forward amongst the foremost in the line, and anions theirs we noticed here and there one Briton born. Indicated generally by the pure red and white complexion. One stout, roay, Great Britalnons looking chap mounted upon a chair, In hii seal and loyalty, and other* disposed to get a good look following his example, a hasty levy waa made upon the chair* In Tarlton's dining salooita, and with Bach vigor as almost Immediately to deplete the amply stocked establishment Children had climbed to the ticktt-olti"e window, and alao upon and even over the railings about the car incloaore* within the station. There were of course plenty of false alarms and the uaual stretch lug of net ks and good-natured laughUr at the diaappcintiaent At live minut-s to fonr the shrill whistle of the train announced its near approach, and instantly all was flutter and commotion?the police went directed to main tain their positions. persons were rushing to and fro, exclamations of--get < f! icy to#,'.' '-take yoor bead out of the way,v and mcb like. were frequently heard above the noise of tbe crowd?in fact for awhile It teemed a perfect bedlam. At four o'clock the train r-icbed tb# depot, which had tbe effect of quirting the vast concourse Tbe traiu consisted of two peaen^erand one baggage car. In tbe flrst car Mere staled tbe following representativea of tbe press. who have been traveling with Lord Renfrew, reporting bia progress in Canada and the United States: Joseph Howard. New York Tiinn; S R Flak and Mr. Cornwall'.!, New York Heraid; Thoa. C. Evans. New York World; Dr. Augustus Rawliiigs and T Dsvls of tbe New York Illustrated News; Vlr. Jewett, Frank l?eaile's; N A Woods, London Times; Roche, of the l<oudon Post; Harvourt. of the Toronto Globe; Spence, of the (Quebec Chronicle. In the second car was the li~ron and his suite Baron Renfrew, unattended, was the first to light from the car; and as he stepped forth and walked along the platform by the side of the train he attracted the attention of all those near tbe rail Ing.wntcu baa it? happy ?f?-t of ({ratifying their eager curiosity. It was not loa*, however, before h?- waa jolued by the Duke of Newcastle, Karl aft Hernialua Lord Lyon*, her Britannic Majesty's Representative near the Government of the lotted States. and other members c>f the suite, wboicromMnled Baron Renfrew alone the platform to tbe large ball of the depot, where Mr Secretary Cass was Introduced by Lord Lyons to the royal fuest, Mr. Cass saying that h? hud the pleasure, u the name of th? President of the United States. If welcoming his lordship to Waablugton, and y bis prranisaion would accompany him to the k.xe<utive Mansion. There were also preseut and ^Introduced. Messrs Henry and Bnchanan, the liephews of the Prudent, with the President's private set relary, who, on this occasion, it is understood. represented the President** family. A* tue party passed out they were greeted with warm cheers and waving of handkerchief* from all sides, which compliment the Barou politely acknowledged by making a pleasant bow and lifting Lis C-t iu a modest, unassuming manner. The 1 idles seemed Immensely pleased with the * young Baron, and voted tUat injustice had been dour Dim hv the pictorial papers '-Isn't be a darlingV and ' Suit, and ne * rice looking bov," were twoexclamationsatour elbow. While uu tb? pavement in front at lor 4:atiou House he Y held kia bat in bis hai.d. cakru61i Of THI BaEO* AND SC1TK. The aplendid equipage of Mr. Mctiraw, of Baltimore, was In readii.eas at the Depot to convey the Bajou to the Kxecutlve Mansion; but it being a cl<?sd carriage, the Baron expressed a ? preference for the open barouefce of the Preatdent, wbioh was accordingly drawn up, and the yi Aaron, together vrlth Secretary Vita, (he Duke of ljrwaitle. and l.ord Lyons, took position therein Si ?? ?. as-?. ..< # -U * I - ? - mir viuen tn Iiic irniiut ivuuwcu 111 in>? carnagea *|l*4JfcKTTetarte? Cue. Tbompaon, Cobb. Tnury. and i "l^fc.rd Lyona The barou he in which tbe Baron W eeatrd waa drawn by two very apirlted-lookqatag while Loraea Hia Highueaa waa plainly 4fcougt* la*tefully .appareled lu a full blue frock ? *? out. dark gray ruiird pantalaoiu. cut In lue 1 'T Eugllah ?tvle, black atlk bat, and maroon colored glove* No jewelry waa vtaible about hie petaon On alivLt]n|( from the care he teemed embarra*a>*d, and appeared to be not quit* at eaae , even ifler euterln4 lue carriage. Till KOrTB TilUf. It it zreatlv to be regretted that from aotne mil. understand! av the programme which had besu prepared bv those having lite matter Ijb chirge at the fiiMHtit* MiniiM. aa to tbe route or the carriages, could not be fnlly carried out. It was In tea (fed to bare tbe carr'aget reach Pennaylvaaia avenue by way of Kirst street, an4 proceed up tbe avenue to tbe President's House, thus affjiding J all an opportunity to behold the distinguished visitor. Instead, however, of following this Y coursc, the party proceeded at a rapid rale fo?,, lowed by vehicles of all descriptions, and a la * crowd, along Indians avenue by the City Hall, ,.i? d down LrfMlslaa* avenue to Pennsylvania sMtvesue, and theuce to the President's House Tfc' Baron as be moved along frequently and ruflpcefuilf responded to the plsuuita of the | VaM. and tbe waving of the handkerchiefs by a ?? ladies ' DlSA*r?M!?T**JiT ?Y TBI KJCOP1B. conseqnence of toe unfortunate departure . Jfjui tbe published program me, the large nuina Ntxrs who bad gathered on the avenue, neat of H Seventh street, for tae purpose uf obtaining a 1 glimpse of tlie royal visitor were disappo)nt^d. j^^whlch we much regret. wli aacarTioK at thi axEcoTiri mats low. ' t^ulte a iarj{e uutuoer of persjus had uaaeonbled *^n<?rthe gateways of tbe avmues leading to tbe Fxecutlvr Mansion, coahdeat of there securing a '*(V?w of bis Royal Highness On tbe approach of the party the gates were opened for their InM jtress, but no utbers were admitted The Baron wiiu Uix^iic ?1 UJ( uatirrew iuuj mv bUI Room, Orhere the President was awaiting his arrival. be Y wm presented to him b? Mr Caaa. and n^plvad , cocd'al welcome Lord l,yona then performed - -#?e carrtuway of the introduction of the auite. Tbese proceedings wera strictly private It may he wart by of remark bare that Becretarv Can, ** who performed ia such a worthy manner his part la tbeae InternaUoaal courteales, according to tha theory of the British Constitution, was barn a British subject, his nsUl day having preceded, the treaty of peace of 174. lie was also present ' at the rorooatiou of Um esaltad lady who so gracefaliy sways the seophw of the British Em. plre sad wdow soa he has just welcomed to the metropolis of our nation. TH* DIM***. , 1 tie number of jruests wuo partook of d. oner at tbe .Wauslan, which was proceed until ten oViock, was thirty-four The Marine Ba*d was present ia fbll force, and enlivened the oocaalon by itumereas stimag sad patriotic airs. - mi TKAVKLtse CAR Of Ml* Tl?* car la whicb lb* Baroa and tii? imunmr ?* or? r fro?i LUUUivre ii an ordinary putcuger ear eiierualW, with the miial coat lay of ml paint, ?aud the requisite appurtenant* of a eocnfortaMe fcrehog carrii^e Imide it t? dvidrd nito ?ttKMMp Ut? ft rat betag furcUbed with a loua^e, | .IW# T euatilMcd, aitatonary tabic, ai.d several rr<fil%> A imp of tbe Baltimore and Oblo MM' and olh?r appropriate ol'JtcU for refer anoaetion with the root* traveled over Ublp. war* auapended from the walla 4 auction la a aieepinc auartaavnt, conur teed arraaaed (a the form of bertha, arh aide, with atow? Itavn sfceetj uJ t.i earulua A waahataad tad ?ltrot. ' toilet eoiiVeB.?ti?eat occupied appron on oi?? aide of t*? man. 'f he third cut wma furuUhed with louitgea. chain. If J^*t> , ?<! ? atuuooary table ? larve * Mi bMutifal Ooquet of rare flowers vu sliced M ?aLb if UTlttns frunoe* luroiivhMt tJBPW- , jk? j/r liavtag Imps made. I i-mcoL* Pol* C*v Dow*.?Ob Saturdayfiaat mom republicans la tbe neighborhood of Fall'* Church, In Fairfax county, erweted a pole and ralaed upon it the Llncola and Uaialla Aa# Ou Tuesday the people of the neighborhood asternbUd aad cat tbe pole down aad destroyed tbe tag. '.i ' ' ? t ? ?J ^ wn? reported I'be service will not be saapended at thia church. At tm ?*ith?osia* ?The number of vlaltors at the Smithsonian Inatttutiun this morning waa unusually large, and from the Inquiries of many of them relative to the arrangements for the Tiafl of his Ko>*l Highness, it waa evident that tl>e vlaltora. or many of them, expected that to be one of the IIrat place* which would be honored with his pre?en< e The abeeuce of any dlaplav of extra preparations. however, aoon convinced them that he waa not expected there to-day. DoubtleM many were disappointed. Diec haaaiD ?Stephen Roberta wy* arretted some days **o for a larorny of tlothtng'ln Bald* more The good* were recovered, and the prisoner waa committed to jail to awatt a requisition from tfee Governor of Maryland. The authorities of that State were notljled, and the prisoner has been awaiting the order Testerday. Justice Donn releaMd him from cnatodv. tb? * | Umpire?Mr John Bigger, of Potomac Club. The Riviyai.?hast nlgbt the religious meetings in progress in the city were largely attended, and were very interesting. At the Methodist Church South the evening waaapent In exhortation by the pastor, Her. J A. Proctor, and alng| lug and iirnyer at the altar with the pealtenta. | rh?-re will be no service at this church to-night, sad to-morrow nh/bt a general experience meeting will be beld At the Methodist Protestant Church, Ninth street. Rev TVm T Wright, of Frederick, preached an eloquent discourse upon the subject of "the stronghold of salvation, and God's promise to taoee who turn to It." After wbich the services at the altar were resumed and continued In a lively and interesting manner til the cloa* of the meeting. One renverslon iVoitoMj. Pythian. Out* Buna | Oats Run* French, ! ta.... 1 7 I W UHama, p.. .< 3 HiM,?. p 3 5 Ficb?r,c * 4 Reant-r.r f....5 4 ,Hottar, lb 5 1 Gorman, c ....4 3 MhI,2 b I 4 Dooley. i b ...l 8 Whiting, 3 V 5 <> Hirki. 3 b ....I Wocdley, ?2 3 VNrttfbt. a 4 5? Pope, I f ? 2 Ileal*-, 1 f 6 4 Bay ley, c f ...5 1 Ivey, c. f 3 5 Hlne#, r. f 3 2 Runa lu each Inning. 1. S 3. 4 5 6. 7. 8 9 Total. Nationnfii T 9 "IT"6 T fT 1 4tJ Pythian . .0 9301800690 | 8corrr??National, HA McCormick; Pythian, Morgan L Ogden. to bts otBre a large amount cf commercial and pol tlcal knowledge. His early life waa spent In busla?M, and for many year* past he Lis devoted nioch of bis time to writing for various newspapers, religion* and political, la different Mictions of tbe country Tne President in conferring this appointment has greatly gratltled our citizens, aud at tbe same time has gained a most excellent ot? er. The Consulship embraces three Islands in the West ladles, and the climate is most salubrious. Bask Ball ? Xational vs. Pythian ?A friendly game between these two clubs oame oft yesterday fteraoon, on the grounds of the National. Tbe Pythian, although a junior club, evinced a thorough knowledge of the game, and proved that ere lenir they will make tbe older cinos look well to I heir laurels. The following is the score; o Riv. Axdriw U. Carothiih. L'. S. Consul to '1'urk'it lfLASM, YYksT iSUlIK ?It us great pleasure to announce the appointment, by the President, of- the Rev. Andrew (i Carothers, pastor of tiie Assembly's Church in this city, aa Consul to Turk's Islands, West Indies, at tbe salary of S3 OtW per annum. In a ministry of elifht years, as pastor of tbe Assembly's Cburcb, Rev Mr. C. bus. by his energy, talents, and fidelity, accomplished a great work in establishlng an Important cburcb His labors have iwen So persevertnulv attended to that for two yeirs past be haa been suffering from severe bronchitis. The Islands range from 75? to 80^ all tLe year round, and our warmest wlsben no with bim to bis new boms, that there bis health may be speedily and completely restored. Mr C brings rrmre wm nine win evening, tbe exhibition of tire-works will be delaytd until 9^ o'clock. THE H1XBIII OP THK PRKSS The various members of the New York and London press, accompanying the Prince, and wiius* names we publish in tbe foregoing report, are sojourning at tbe National Hotel' VISIT TO MOVST VRRNOtt To-tncrrow the visit to Mount Vernon will be made In tbe U 9 sUamer Harriet Lane, and to make it as pleasant as possible, all casual visitors will b? rigidly excluded froui the ground* at Mount Vernon For the rtst of the day the Prince will be the guest of Lord Lyons, but will return to the President's House in the evening, and leave thence for Richmond on Saturd,iy mornlnir ictuaf, iu a coai 01 oiue. ?l'-iv pantaloon*, a badly fitting whit* vest, (he should employ an American tailor.) and with handa nnijloved A a the visitors passed him, he incltned hi* head to each In turn, though very many of the ladle* managed by buck or crook to shake band* with him President Buchanan, who seemed In excellent apirit*. weut through the usual band-shaking ord?al of reception day* with characteristic eaae and cordiality, and tbe royal vialtor doubtless cot iom? new wrinkle* ;ia to the democratic ihnplicity which characterize# the intercourse between ruler and people in the United State*. The police arrangement! were defective, a* by them the crowd were compelled to make their entrance and exit through a single door, and were restricted to half the door at that; consequently to tiioch time w?i lo*t In waiting for those inside to get out, that but a *mali propo tion of the visitor* were enabled to eflv-ct an entrance before the Princeleft the East Room. THE rill-WOIl!?THE T'Ml OF EXHIBITION. Ow'ug to the lateness of the hour at which the tfc.i ill -?? ? ' - - - appearing considerably fatigued, It was deemed bent to bave blm retire. This, of course, terminated the reception, to the dtappointment and regret of numbers who bad not found it convenient to be present until after ttint tune. The Huron, however, afterwird took position at the central window of the Mansion, where an excellent opportunity was afforded those below of beholding him During the reception, Uie Huron with Lord Lyons took position at tbe President's right band The lloinmiasloner of Public Buildings, Dr. Blike. otMctated In making tbe presentations. Tbe Prince waa dressed very much aa on y?a1_-1 ! A " * ' ? niliimiirr <i pji i va, a:iu I'lUCt'B OI ID'' Senate, nil expre*?ed them*el ve? highly grdtill -d with wh?t they taw During the half Lour toat th* Baron and salt* remained Inside the Capitol build in/. a large crowd of peraona had assembled on and about the ateps of the Kaat front, eager to obtain a paep at (be nation'* distinguished guests. After taking a cursory survey of the surroundings from the portico of the Knit front, the party deacended th?* steps, entered their carriage?, and returned to the Executive Mansion TH* P?I?!D1!IT'? m*C*rTIO* THIB M0?WI!?0 Notwithstanding the brief notice of the puttlic reception given by the President thla morning at the Executive Mansion in honor of Baron Renfrew, there waa an Immense gathering present The doors were thrown open at 12 o'clock. The reception waa to have continued until 1pm, but after the expiration of half an hour th? Harnn Chief Knglnnr of the GoTernment works, and Capt C. W.C. Dnnnlngton. and were escorted through the building Visiting first the library, the party paused by a private stalrcas* to the Senate Chamber and the committee rooms, and thence to tbe Rotunda, wherf they passed round and examined with mneb Interest the various historical piloting*, and thence through the old Hall of the House of Representatives to the new Hnll of the House, where several of the party made muny inquires touching the arrangements and regubittoM. such as inquiring which side of tbe Hall the A"dministration members occupy, and which the opposition, and as to the means of access to the floor and galleries by the people at large, etc. They th?-n paaaed through tbe Speaker'* room, and tbence by a private stairway to the A^rlcnltural and other rooma, the Nrtval and Military emerged from It the royal party were clean out of sight, and we fear that with the disappointment and the crash and destruction of crinoline, the fair one# of these parties returned home In anythin,; but an aniUule frame of mind. A large, plethoric Individual in undertaking ? short rut across the Avenue waa nearly run over by one of the hack* which careered so madly op the Avenue In the rear of the ropl party He was seen shaking his flat at the driver and evidently swearing awfully, when another hick whisked past him too near to be pleasant. Changing the di recti on%f his fist and Uis volley c.f oaths to the last offender, yet another carriage came thundering upon him. compelling him to retreat to the curbstone, whsre be gesticulated and cursed at his leisure. THI BAH0* VISITS THK CAPITOL. This inorniag, at II o'clock. Baron Renfrew and sntte. together with Lord Lyons,accompanied by Secretary Floyd, paid a brief visit to the Capitol At the entrance to the Kastern front of the Capitol the distinguished party were received by ArrhiU-ct T U. Walter and Capt. Franklin. IKCIDBNTt Wulle a large partv were gathered n?r Trinity Church, on corner of Third and C atreeta, to get* lew of the royal party; and ai) -aaeuiblage ?f equal aize waa atatiouea at the corner of Petmaylvaoi* avenue and Third atreet for the aame purpoa* A cry waa raised that the carriages were turning down B atreet towarda the Avenue, and the C treet crowd?men, women, and cMldrva?immediately itarted pell-mell In that direction. The Avenue party aeeinc the movement, ruabed up Third atreet in the direction of B atreet and the two maaaea coming together not only effectually Mocked up the atreet, but got Into a moat con-plicatad entaagletneat. and bv the tiinetbejr bad Tin Anxawnmta Conmr Cor* r?The County Coort opened 1? ?blfd da of ito October Term at the Court Hmi* at H o'clock. reeterdev morning;?praaent: Justice Fowl*, presiding.and Aaaoclate Juaticea Price and Beach. The attendance waa large, and included a large number of Po toaac Piiota. After the transaction of aome civil bnstneaaof no Intereat. the Court took up the caae of Richard Ball, indicted f->r piloting a vesael on the Potomac river without license. The Commonwealth's Attorney appeared for the prosecution, and Messrs. Brent A KInzer for the defence The counsel for the defence moved to quash the Indictment, on the ground that it did not aet forth the ofTenee as specifically defined by tbe statue After argument by counsel the court overruled the motion, and the trial proceeded It appea-ed in evidence that the accused took charge of a schooner called tbe "Elite" from Savnnnah bound for Georgetown?in the mouth of St Vary'a river, where that river empties into the Potomac and piloted her to Georgetown. No evidence of a license as a pilot was shown. After the argnment by counsel, thejnry found tbe accused guilty, fconnsel Tor derence moved the court to grant a new trial on the ground that the evidence wa? contrary to law. The presiding Justice said that the majority of the court believed the verdict contrary to evidence, they would therefore set the verd<ct aside and grant a new trial He hoped that tbe C4Se would be moved to the Circuit Court. The case was one of interest, as settling the Interpretation of the new pilot law TKa f m o* a ? ? * ?*" ur v?ri>> j. i ;->ioner>reaKer, cnargea wnn uttering abolition sentiments, was called and dismissed The Court then took up tbe ca?e of John Charlton. R Smith and T. Javlns, charged with participating in the affray 011 the 5th of September, in which King was wounded. C. E. Stuart for tbe Commonwealth; Brent & Klnzer and D. L Smoot for defense. After a motion to quash the Indictment had been overruled, evidence was given similar In purport to that given before the Mayor in tbe same case. Tbe case was then submitted to the jury, with a few remarks by counsel, and, having remained out nearly an hour, thev were then called in Court, and declared tuat they couiti not h'^ve. Tbf jury stood ten for conviction and two for acquittal \Vm. n Hally, charged with gram! larceny, by stealing and other property of H Taylor, wai brought before Court. The case wai dism'8?ed, and the prisoner discharged. The case of Monroe vs Guy was adjudicated bv a verdict for the defendant And at 6j{ o'clock the Court adjourntd until Court in course. Dismissed ?Yesterday afternoon the case of the L niiea mates a?t Mrs. Amanda F Beveridge, which was postponed some days ago on arcoant of tbe absence of Judge Granger, was resumed by Jnstlee* Donn and Giberson Tbe readers of the Star will remember that the charge against t'ue defendant was resisting Officers Wise and Glttlngs In tb?* enforcement of the fugitive slave law, while trying to arr?-st a slave named Stafford, who was In her employ The further bearing elicited nothing additional to the evidence which was reported in full for the Star at the first hearing, and the statements then made were fully corroborated, entirely exculpating Mrs Beveridge from any suspicion of improper conduct. The case was dismissed. The case of Capt. Nathan Darling, for a like offence, la set for to-raorrow. at i O'CIOCK. Edward Evkrbtt I.iterart Association ? At arneftinj; of this association, Leld last evening, the following selection of officers was made for the ensiling term: Prt-sident, J M. Kavauaj;b; Vice President, \V. 8 Williams; Recording Secretary, J W. Clute; Financial Secretary. Jas. O. Ciepnane; Treasurer, W. J. Frlzzell; Librarian, n?t kt ? - ? ~ ii?s in onrpiiera. we Know or no society in Washington that seerr.s to 1>* in a mori; prosper^!* <tatf- than the above mentioned. The meeting* ??eh week are largely attended, and the moit sp'rited and interesting debates had on various iostructi ve and Interesting topics It meets every Wednesday, at Kelly's school-room, corner of Tenth and it streets. Ckntek Mahkxt.?The market this morning presented a verv busy appearanre. The attendh'i'% of dealers from the surrounding country was quite numerous, and the provisions ottered by tbem were of superior quality, and quite sufficient for the demand The gangway* were crowded with purchasers at an early hour, and up to the regular r>otir 01 doling the activity of aaleiiroeti dem.ttd lively business Uood order wa* maintained in every department by a ?trict attention t? the regulation*. Hut little alteration ?ai made In the n.U? 11? 1_ l : 1 i- ?? * jmur na> ns |iiiuuiueu 111 IQe ?W?r U?Si Week. Rkal Kstatk?A. (ireen, auctioneer, sold on Tuesday last the following property, located in tbe J*eventh Ward : Tbe undivided half of loU 11 and lii. In square 644. on Four-and-a-half street, between L and Al, south, for 4 cents b mills per square foot. Also, theundivlded half of the north part of square 591, near Third and L streets, for 1 cent 0 mills per square foot. R. B. Clarke purchaser. T?.? n . 41? Li A-- * " i ii i/>? uii iuc >? aauingion ana Alexandria Railroad, we understand, will make an extra trip for tbe benetit of tbe Alexandrian* on tbe occasion of tbe exhibition of Ureworka in this city this evening, or any other evening to which the exh'bitlon may have to be postponed on account of the weather. Fasskxgek Li*t or the Monticello for New Yokk ?Tumnas iturua, Miss K. H'.irna, J T. Roger*. Miaa M. DeiU. Thomas William*. M!m Mary VandeDburgb. L. D. McCormick, Mr. Cole ? <! la/1 tr ( ?..? r- .. ?. j i->u?icjr, uro, u?^cr. inns mary C. Gould, Geo. H. Digg#. Hand*omki.y F.xecutkd ?Who, In patting tli?> fancy store of R C. Slcrtroi, Lax not noticed wilh admiration the beautiful oak graining and handsome sign* thereto pertaining; all of which were eieruted by Messrs. W. II. Orton and P. Callahan. Ck*tral OcAHr-HorsE Cask* ?The only case for trial at the guard-house wan Henry Wilson, vagrant, who wai tent to the workhouse for sixty davs, Aikivrd at Carter'a wharf, ifru-tt t,r Thirty.. and-a-hclf itrfrt.) acLoonrr H. Al. S*mith. Jonea, from Havi*-<le-Gr?ce, with 91) tons of coal for Mr. C. M. Key*. WiiTAE's Btuix OF WILD CHKUBY. The following letter from Kev. HkubY Wwid.oI Coaoord. N If., Editor of the Congregational Journal, apoftlcs volurooa in Invor of TYtstat't Bnltam:? Cojicokd, >L. H., Maroh S. Musks. Sirn \V. FOWL* A Co.?Gentlemen: Two yam ago,a sudden and \iolunt attack upon injr Lunga confined ine to my bed for aevera! weeks, and when I recovered, I wai no muoli oppreitiod by difficulty in breathing, that 1 wa.i often unable to aleep or rest upon a God hj night. The autfering was extreme, and judging from the loeffiafccy of the remedinn uuril. I miDDOsed tlm itiini>nr>ku Heinj porsualedto try & buttle of Wistar'i B*Uam f' Wild Cktr'v without co fidenoe in it> f-ffioaoy, found the duLeulty almost eutirrly removed before oae bottle was used up. B>inpathv with my fell >w sufferers induces me to make this ptiblrj stat<>ni>Mit. and recommend the artiole to other* similarly atfliotod. With respeot, yours truly, IIknxt Wood. None genome unless visaed 1. Buttc on the wrapper. _ Prepared by ft. W. Fowle ft Co., Boston, and for salo by Z. D. Gilman.S. C. Ford, jr.,S*. B. Waite, 0. Htott, John ft?hwarse, Nairn k. Palmar, Wash mgton; aad by dealers everywhere. oo 3-iw j Hollowat's Pills. Atmpky ?Discarding Lhe eiTtte theory adopted by the modern physician in the treatment of gradual d^cay or wa?tirtg of the human l>ody, Hollo way's inedicin?* spiz9 on th?* di reof cause of the disease? T' -f 1 L ; ' -* * ?uc ?ii^ni. mo) p*ruy ?uu ?nrica n?uie? ill miliM? and tfiTH'Mikte the exnauared ayateti) by givinc , Lifw U> each tie-ue, atrength to the muscle, energy to the invalid, elasticity to the apirita, and the bloom of health to the pallid ofteek. S>oiU by all Drujguta, at25o ,62o.,ai*l ?1 per box. ae?-lw To tjie A?flict*d !?Be sure to read the advertisemeit or McLean's Strengthening Cordial and Blood Puriher. in another column- tf HosTKtT?R.'? Stomach Bittirs ?The thousands who uae thia great medicine fbr th" cure of Dyepepsiaand Liver Complaint and the diaeaaea complicated with or ariatnr from them, are requested to take notiee that rtl* cMtnin/eits of thia cele brated invigorant bare b?en laauea in the South and Weat, and ma> eventually find their way into many pare of the Lnion. We hope, therefore, that all purcbaaera of the preparation will mmn? th? label on the bottle, where a fate simile of the moprtetora' signature should appear,and also the bottle lUeif, wltioii aho.iiJ bare the words "Dr. J. Hoetetter'sStomaoh Bitters" bUm? in the elan, ar?4 aaervprakou um?s| oaveriag the cork. We also i will, altar Janaary let. 1MD. put aa additional ateel i mik lavias with our Bote of hand attached, which to ooantacfou u a felony. 1 oe l-ooSt Hoxtitt** k Smith. Mu. Wiit>LOW? an experienced naree and iemala ' fhysioian, has a Sootkinr Syrtcrfor Ckilden Tttk- J 1 w?f, which greatly facilitate# the prooesa of teethin* , by aoRaninx tlie guma, reducing all inflammation? : will allay ail pain, and ia sure to reznlat* the ' < bowels. Depend upon it, mothers, it will give rest to yourselves^ and relief and health Jo roar infanta. wiSU * .I * r. Bojaoj-ATmc Rmimm * _A^ ?{ ^Ci Huipphreye A Co.'? epecifia Ho- ; < BMopathie Remedies put up axpreaaly for family aae, in boxe?,at 25 and so oeoU each. Alto, ( IS u0*^:. ?ont^niM ilo viala, from 9* to * of^fjlT direction*. For atle by ( \ ^ Fa. avenue, wbole?a4? and retaii a<gnt; }? . FiUferfcid. 3ii north F atreet; aleo byJF. B.W inter, corner of Maaaachu*otts ave ?? asdBiitfj etraat. A< ?, P*mTt Sztfct Witck for Inter**] aiffl axWrnal mflaaunationa of j all kind a. Sold aa above, madly ' ? ( DIED, I At ftraanshoro', Greene oountr, Pi., on tke 2Tth ult. alter a tonr and painful i linen. JAMK8 5*. I HALL, late of Washington city, in tb?61at year of 1 hiaa**. He 4iad iatrueohri tian faith. 1 and hair manuV* FACTORY, ?49 Peon. avenue, near the oor**r ?* TPjrtaajitt street.?A very complete assortin at of Brat4?5ftirfo, Fnsatte*. Banie?i?, k.cL *?5 011 *? a**" ** shortest < notice. H?ir Wont rapairad or takM vf ? W " .Ml,. . i*i - _ . _ , ; ftrJu ^tra^^ussa i oonplau lock j o?t r?ocirtd at LAN E'S _ Qntlilia'i Furnishing 8M>r-, i HIM t 45MP* ft vUUM, MM i>? ?w f A ' I u t ? ? .Jf 4 4.1 '*4 } 9 il ri JjJj 'he new Ind d?iir*v 1 lw-?. i ?' *3?2SS&* cor**}, ? I; ?..,?T?NDARn bi.ACK TEA O CHESTS STANDARD BLACK TEA At BO seal* per poind. Try it. KING * BURCHELL, _ # 29 Corner 15th it. and Vermont ar. PIANOS?One T#ry mo* 6H witow Piano tor J SO. Alto, one very littl- a<ed. for #175. AC the Store of W. O. METZEROTT, Sole ^(?nt ?f Stein Jt Son'e ud Rweo, Baooa * , Co.'e Piw. wm " Taylor ??*, 8(?. I kPA nnw r/iAAi.... . *L^;. .?a?W nf V 1 I T A A . f 1U T . niwNi: U U, bM lllur. ef ; I860 I hereby certify that the above named ? are known to me a? men of property, ana able to s make sootl their guarantee. 6 H. ' (To be aigued by the UcltedSUteaDiatriot Jvdge, United Statue Watrict Attorney, or Collector > No proposal will be oonaiderad unlet* acocmpanied by the above guarantee. (Newapaptra authorized to publiah the a bore D will send the paper containing tne lint inaertion to lb u office for ex ami sat ion.) , , _ . Pntpuaaia to be endorsed "Propoaaia for Ration* "or >86u' and addreaaed to the ae 28-law4w Ma;or and Quarterm*ter. ; GlTooliS,l'ff^?I8iNri'?F8t?,5?I.Ti3; , 160 Seventh at. 1? mi if *?i iur upbi ui nuui iiaineu. All cubj?ot to lQipoohon i All blda uiuat t>? aco>irij?aniod by th* following I guarantee. _ ? Form df Guirnntit. a The undersigned . of , in tM State of .and ,of?, in the state of . 1 hereby guaranty that in oate the forgoing bid of , 1 lor K?tion?, aa atovn deacribed, be to- * oeptod, he or they will, within ton daya afljr the reoeiptof the eontraot ai ti,e Po.t uifia.j n\med. execute th?j oottr?ot for the tame, with good and a auffioi*"t auretiea; and in case the aaid \ rhall fiiltotntor into oontr*?t aa a foresaid we guaranty to make good tha diffareLo* between the offarof the Mid and that whieh may be adapted. A B, Gnaaotor. J Warrington, Florid*: and Washington, DUttiot of Columbia. Eaoh ration to o>n*ut of one pound at d a quar- i tor of're*h Beef, or three quarter* of a ponnd of I mess Pork; eighteen ounoe*oi Bread made of extra u pat fin? flour, or extra superfine flour %t the op tion of the Government; and ht the rate of r? n , pound* of good CofTee, fifteen pound* of best New ! Orlean* Sugar, eifht quart* 01 :>e*t White Bean*, , fonrauartk of Vinegar, two quart* of Salt, four 1 Eouna* of go. J hard Brown ^oup.and orsuil a alf pound* of go* d hard dippe.l '1 allow Cand.ea to i one hundred rati< ii*. ! The Be. f req ..trod *ha!l b* delivered on tl.J oriiwr a of the oominandmg office; of each Htatiua, either in bilk or bt the single ration; and ?hail ot n *i i.f the beat and m<>*t choice piece* of the owif; the Pork to be No. 1 (rune mem pork; and tiieCi. ocer.ea -- C U. ? A - . ? v Order* lc-f! at U. H. Ridenour'e,<OoQf otione*,) "*0-1 Fa ?v. will meet with prompt attention. 8 oo 2-eo3t * 1 pROPOHAr.8 FOR RATIONS FOR 1*61. QDAKTK?MA?TKR'e 0?rn, U. 8 M. Coar*,/ < W a*hinutan, 2iith dapt., 1?&>. { i Pkalsd Proposal* wiM-b? rec?i?*d at this office ' until the UihdaT ol November n&xt, r t 3 0*0 00k i p m.. for furni?hin* Ratinrs to tiie United Btatea i lariuoH, itt tiiti following hUitj->i.8, Julthe iear 13c. 1, viz: tiarle?to?rn, M attach 11 aetta. Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Broolrlfi., I .on 2 laland, N^w Yerk. Phiiadoiphia, PonnaT'vania. n??B?rt. '.ear Norfolk. Virsin'a. Tailors, 40i> P*r.n. avenue. ?a27-2vr (Stilus.) l>-*t. 4^ and 6th streets. WOOD! WOOD!! WOOD!!! STDVK and KINDLING WOOD,at the owe. possible price). T. J. Jt W. M. GA1.T, Pa tv? be'weea 11th and 12th ?ts., m* W K nn4h mo J CO At. Oil.. L\ST Keodired from the Virginia Oil Company iO i.arrei* p> i:no P\RAF1NE COAL Oil., whio:. i? warranted oqua! to ttie New York or Boston oil. The t>a?ie c*n oe supplied on tY ? b?me Urmj as they buy at the North, savin* th? freight. an a-lm H O pnmw. 4Q?Pa 'P h7 SPfciR, 1 (Fuinuily if'th Jlitkard Daris,) 1 PIANO TUN Kit AND It t'PAIR Kit. been io'Ioiic know a and extensively u?e?i, (hit jncst p-sr*' aa have beoome fami'iar with ita extraordinary efficacy. ItMfl hart at *11 the pnrcpa! drue stores at 25 and 50 cent* a bottle. an *8 a/mJkso4in* I KVKHYbody'*7N r E REST Just Rftncired ??ur KiLL and WINDER CLoTHI Ntt. to which your attention ia cal flri, R4 I am confident that 1 can a?ll good CLOTHING, FURNISHING ?OOD?, HATS a d CAFS at lower prices than any ot'h?r h >use in the city, ae 2i-lm S vIlTH. No. 460 Soventh at. lvt o t 1 c e. ii removal. INVITATION.?I hsraby notify my cuatornera and the public in general that I have removed to No 349 Seventh t-treet. (three door* froin Masc. avenue.) where I thall keep conirt?iiti? on han.J a ia re assortment of FOREIGN am it DOMESTIC HRY GOODS, HOSIERY, FANCY ARTICLES, .MI L<.1N F.R\ , * c. Ne w Goods received weekly, which will i o sold at astonishing low prices _se_2Miu* S FISH MAN. *T* FALL AND WINTER GOODS. 1 HE Subscril?era beg Itave to inform citizen* ami stranger* that they are in receipt of ft,** select a?nortin-nt of FALL and WINTER ARTICLES WK For StW GENTLEMEN'S WEAR, ? ?inh-ani?g aome of the choicest novelties and Iftfest iii'.po tatiou to which we invite ?our attention HINTON 4. TKEL. tier house, on the south side of M **.aonu*rtt* tv , between 17th and 13th sU.?the onlv house tiiere. ite 17-1 in K. S. GAII HfcR , tUi H? KPActfnllv inform* tha citiz>n* of MK \Va hiu^ton that lie has taken the I>ru^ 1 T K aiid S,re>cnption Store at the comer of Sixth i_r. -J end (? Btieets, where hu will k ep a well ??lected and *n sorted stock of pure MKDICIME4. ad rilFMIOAi.S. STANDARD FAMII.Y Mt.DICINEK, TOILET ARTICLES, PF.RFU.YlEKY. Ac , Ac : arid hopes, hy oa'cful attention to business, to obtain a fair share of the public fatroiuut*. N. H. Strict persona! attention ?iven to presoriptions. oc 1 tw C~~(>1 g7i&, COLi>S. HOARSEN ESs7ao. TYl.VK'S COMPOUND SYR UP OF G UM ARA RTC Tins ple&emt and oo?ula' Cc-nvh kimmli hu wimo liiuu irK; Bi?r in ni8 aWltuh t*>il, and walks f*vder in th* foremost lens. The aUive reward will be paid for bin r?tum to uie oc2-3t* THOMAS WKI.SH. boarding" 4 KQ NINTH STRKET.?Persons retnrmnr to +?^0 thecitv f oip theii summor resort* will find vacant several desirable rooios^ having the eonve pimiees of *aa, water, and bvhm,: Hosets, at 453 Ninth st., one door south ' f F; Mtitable either for faiiiilies or ainzle j:entle:n*n. 'l abln boa tVr* aooommodatod on moderate te-ms. *r 5 4w PERSONAL. TO THE CURIOUS OR ANXIOl*>?.-.Ma<iarn D , so well known aa the most succeaf ful explainer of the Past, Present and Future aver in Washington, continues to lie consulted weekir by hundred* anxious to know of thmy* at present kidden from them. Her coisuit-ation fee. to l^oth een* tlem n ami ladies, is extremeh moderate. Call at 3P w in the Center Martcet or Iptwten tt-ere ami Farmers aM Mechanics B\nk. Georretuwn, ONF. HUNDRED AND F. RTY DOLLAR?, all in teu-dollar uotei of the People'* Rank, Baltimore. The finder wi'l receive the aV>re rewa-d b? retnr#sns it to the subscriber, three dor ra e\rt of Farm crg&u1 Meci anics' Bank, Georgetown, or hie Stall at Center Market oc4-8t* ___ J. M. CKP1T. N'TICR,-85 RKWARD-Strayed or stolen from t!;e subseri' er n" the 29th of Seetrmtier, a larre WHITK COW, with hor-*, and mark bnck.with ?m*ll hrown&aJlM dots on the neck I nan ire on Seventh st., between il and I st eet* No. 408. oc 3-3t* __ A FI E M.MING. CAME TO THE PREMISES OF THE 81 B oMher between th? Eastern Toll <iatt? ^?-f4k and Henninc'a Bridge, and adimnin* the farm of John D'oirlasx, on the SI i output, a drove of 24 COWS and 4 youajc CATTl.E. The owner, er < wiier*. is r-quesud to emu forvard, prove p'operty, p*y charge*. and take them a^av. oc 3 3t* A. ALDKtCH ^ REWARD?Strayed from the ?uh*oril-erf %??* living in'a PrintiuK Oftioe c\ Square, on Fri lit* last, a BAY HOR^E :jLJPl _ L . .? l J I ? in 11 i m aer win receive Hie anore reward ry leaving it at the Star Ofroe. oc 4-31 iO*T.?Strayed or a?olaa. on Wednesday v*j aiu*. from the Center Market. TWOfi\_ OKHK3. with geara on?one black, with w ite hio.l foot; the other aorrel, with*-5*^-*; while apot on the loreh ad. A liberal reward will lieaiven to 1 he finder, by leaving them at P. ?. DORi*KY'S, corner I and 7t?? aU. oc QO IIF. W A K I).?Strayed a war from the ?ot?Oacnber. on Tuesday mornine, a .lark rod milch OOW .with th? fcllowi' ? mark*: a white atar in tha foebead ; with white Ao^b* ma>-k over the loins and rume; with a *plit in the right ear. T^o abore reward will he paid by delivering her to thnanbacnbar. i a Willow Tree Alley, between Si and ?H eta., laiand oc 4-2v* MRS. G AT.T.1VKN. <2OH RKWARI>-l.~.t.ontheS? Oe'ober.either A LOST AND FOUND. |?OUNl>?A ?T?n SUM OV *o\RY. opo* P?. ? lL,??w? "Jwcti tta?n r ?i?n by o?U ?? at the Avsbiw Howt-e end pox-in* property. It* W OST-.< in Tn& O.I . k'.Mlr 1 ~ . , , * ..TV?v ?u. u <?< ,V!r*"dytlL. 10 Irom 3 I iod F ?U. t<> 6th ft <1 K. Th* hader ? ili rt-cciv* a reward bf tt at th- Rev. Mr. KKNNARD'S, So. 374 4th ?t;aet, near t,. uc 4-Jt* tfl R F NV AR D.?Lout. on the Ji instant, tn an | *v *? <>'iinioa?, or in netting out of it at the corner di'dIoo'?,'!l I1- ,anf' ''* a pnrple aiik ?.Iff ola?p. with abont 49 in money GEORGETOWN ADYBBT'MTS For rtUr 6?of(K?MU?<r<UMiat< $m Jkttt pdfl nrs^ N p T I C K.-L(CBASES-All 'L5 whose lioenww f'on the Corporation of Georietown expire on Ute9> h instant are hereby notified prompt!? to take out the same under the new license i&ar approved July ?th, 1M?; otherwise they will ubject themselves tn fine, and the law it compulsory npoe the prcp?r officers of the Cor- 1 oration to eaf >rce said fane *? at tit all delinquents. WM. LAIRD. Cierk. September 2-UU. 18K\ se 2S-eotrw?e NOTICK.- UO<} LICENSES-All dot \ I L ? license* in tieor??town *ro dae on the l?t d*? of Ootober next, ?n<l, if not paid %t the Cl*rk'? , Office on or befo the w*ti of mi<1 month, tne mithorttv will tfeen !H>?xolu?ir*lT given loth* ro te* to ooileci tucm. vitL so Additional cost, by lav. of 25 o*nt? to tli* owner of each do* th* lio*n?e for which has rot b?*n obtained ??n O' pi*? ioti In U* time ititrd, ?nd if not pnid, tof*t;i*r vitii tke addition*! char*#, wh?n <1?mAri?Jf-d by the p*>lic*, tk?y are direct-U by law muueJ at<?h to kill auJ <li<po*? of th* animal, aid * r* made aubject tnem?elre? to a fine for n*?!ectinit to do eo tt'M. LAIRD. CUrk. September 34, HOP * 2& eotOctin IAD V i.' ur \*r*? w ? -* * M v.<? 1-. r. ? i unn - ill" pnoK?i iciioo??r rtamr lit n. CnpUin 0*d?ti. has ? riwt and will sail a* abjv? viln dispatch. For fmcht^^^ apply to McCOrtB ? Di'DGF, 03 4 t?* W?'.*r 1 ARRI?' IMPROVKD ~ 1 JjOUFl.n THREAD \ Boudoir 8ewlD| Machine. This Mac Inns, an ni?'otei..ei.t on Oro?cr a ha 1 ker's, is timoier than tn*"irs. and for its d i du-abi ity is uot a riii^l. A chi d tw??>v<? ??ar? old can run it w;th ?** *; y*t it wii **w f om me ooaraeat cloih to the finfcat Sviw. There la no troulde c/ rewind ng the throad as it m taken from tho apoo't It ha* no brlta to ci ve trouMe. and will ran >?ok wards tve w. n ? forward*, and *M I uwi eqa ly p.-rf?ot at.<l without dan, , r ?.f b'eakiDK | n??die*. It ruin f>y frititi'iti.ard!?? oi.-fcing tee box ,* thrown outof ?>*'. In fact we hare no hotitation in r???mm?Biiim it a? th? Tl'ft Fnmilg S*tOi?t Markmt in wt Agency at 101 Bride* ft.,I ieorgetown.whGr* oiay be found 1 .AD IKS' |;m TUIMMINto. tiK R 1 1 .IN ZKiflVR WORSTEDS, and FANCY V A- . RiKTY (ilMiM of evtry dwiption. (>?r i a- i ortinent it a? compact* and varied a* any in the , Dixt.ict. uariie* oonneetcxi with or other societies wi'l find it to their advartax* to call bar "e purchasing eUewtere. I oo J eotf _ Mr*. S. K J A R VI *. Wwm K WISH KVF.RY U\K TO KNOW That | DRY (?0()IWcan be bought chaap at 11 ll n iv v* *_ iuui i'l? ^ iin v/ ?? ? *? n i I Fj J?. No. 140 < North Sirs) BmnesSrasFT, Georgetown, D C. And to eon vinco j ourselves of the fact, rail aid ee thoae ? , ? Blaok Splits. Printed ami Piaiu Delaine*. Poll IK? Chevr?*s, Merino Plaids, Frenoh Merinos, Valsncias, B'aok Bombasine* A'paccas, Ac., Ac. C.oaks; Tynan. Rlew-tro and other Shawls; B ankets: Mrn'i ?>'(! B??s' Wear, a good aoM>rtm?rit; , Mon'it and Boys' Mem o "*lurU ai.J Urawe >; I.a di->s' ant! Mit>?e?* Merino Vest*; Baj^u'* K?d Glove*; Il"oped Skirt*: t o?-?ets; P ain, Bordered, i Heme'itahed. and K?wt?-o?d?r*l Linen Cam'tric l Handkerchief#; Embroideries, Tfrv ch ap, a d no huni'iux; Hosiery a >d Glares; White Good*; Yankee Notions, a fu 1 line; Lins'f,Osrahurg Calioo?, mi" v> i *r i n n i un i* ; A << m<t1; * >t! -r thingi, which we will trll vou ot wti?n r. u ck I lit the Brown A. White Tost f>toie. All of wlucli we will sell as cheap as the cheapest, -'or any otliir M." Come early, and don't fonret the place, if 29 2w FOR NEW YORK.?Tli* packet schooner Statesman, Cspt Mott. hat arrived and will nie-t with dispatch for the a?x>ve ?ort.^i?_ For frrijh app y to McCOBB i IJOKiE,*^? t>3 Water st mo a niK UNDERSIGNED CARPKN I'fcR AND BUILDER offer* hia services to the public of Ueorpftown, '.Vaahinyton, and vioinity, an-l wi 1 contract fi-r or saperi-terd tbe oonttruetioi of pub'ic ami jriTato bet dir ge. Flat* * d ?pfc:fic<ition? v?nl lie fdrnisn-'d ?l short norma ? rt: ai>d f hop on Contrast et . (ifo'getowu, immediate ly no'th of the Poet Oflioe ru 27 s-neo HKVNV WING ATE. apples-applb8! dvl bhls. Prime, r.s do do. fall do. 25 do. do. (jKhfcMN'6 do Dailr expected p"r schooner Marietta. Burr, and for sal* ou or before arrival. Appl? to HARTLEY 4 BRO., bo j ltr 99 and 101 Water rtrret^ Rc. c. atzs espectfclly Informs his friends and the public generally thai he iiati removed to No. 3.1 Hif b street, adjoining Ma*ooic Hail He is prepared to the snortest notice. Dinner and Evening Partly, and feels assured that lie will jrive erUre satisfaction to those who may faror him with a call. All kindtof CONFECTIONER Yan4 TAKE at the lowest pneaa. Btst ICE CREAM at $J.S> p?r gaiiun, U. U. A I /?1, se4-lm 55 High ?tre*t, Gwrttu*#. FOR SALE AND RENT. [ For otkt "For Salt and Kent" nUvtrtittwunts, '? >?< pafi ] L^'OR RENT?Thre? noat BRICK HOI SK", , r with large dry rard?, a le*# back an*! front, 4c., on Second ?t., Iftjrern D and Viriti iaav., J<.and. Hentlow. Inquire at II. McCAFFRKYV Gr ocery Stoic, corner 2d and 1> ?t? . island. oc 4 3:* FOR RENT-An*aH> furuicheJ I!OU*K iu th? Pirot Ward, ??: H. h*t?r?en 17th anl 18th ?t?., 1 No 23T, ci a ^oui?le parlor, S or 6 chain- | btrg, diriiri< roum, kit 'lton. and pa itry ; with *a*. i C'>Jd Orh"t water. tiitii-ro j n, Ac Apply to , n n i o i? ? r* *? ? *? .? v/. r. oaa.\ aru, !i?x; a >or e?-t. oo * 2W 1 l^OR RENT?I will eut iny SQUARE OF j r ORODND, wit1' two Knn? H?u?f? on i\ sit uated south of the miiroad. near the (Jnpot. I >r<<ne ?r m 're year* For further infr>rm?tion call on A LEX . H YOUNG, City Pu<tl)ftM HENRY COPT. ?*?4-7t* Jfffsrwn Maryland Fm'knitl reforsai.e andhodmk for 1 RENT.?The Furniture in bouse No 1M G 1 street, l<e!we*-n 19th and ?)*h, First Ward, in f >r t sain at a price eoiui >crab!y below ca?h value, , Ui.'ueii tho lnraer portion i* not soiled or worn 111 the ioa*t. A co<><3 piano is inoiuded Th" H?u o ' it adeoi'ahle three s'ory brick ami was built only two y<-ars ago. uo S Jt* " (3EVENTH STREET PROPERTY FOR SA'.E ?The ul?*crib;?r ofle.e for sale at a liar- * tain House and l?ot No -i?u S?v?*nth it., h. tw>?rn * I, and M The hraw it a three-story frame iwellmit. with tw . utorr back build n?. containing ] ?iclit room*, al well fi>:iali?d with ra? thronehoo?. , K wide I-hi'e<1 all?w in the rear and a pomp of exe Ien( water at the door. oc3 3 JA9. O. McQUIRE A CO. fj>OR K KNT?Three story FKAME H??Ls?K. t or Twenty eeoond strett between Pa. avenue . i:H I ?t ,(near the Circle.I Apply *J36 Pa. avenue, . >r corner K and 24th Me. oc 2 1 f li^AKM FOR SALE?A hiithljr improved Farm, I c?itainii>K llj a^ree, with two-nlory frame 1we:nnf end a.! convenient out houeet; fcneoroh I n 4 I jnf enrinir !< /* u ?? r*?i ? I lih I u v., Atkuaiou I'll i'iC liirir 1 iver turnpike. 1-airf*x county, Va., 7 miks from : Mexandria T?rm?: 94,>'H, one fourth c&feh: the 1 >alance in 1, 2 and 3 y<*ars. Apply to I,OLI$A t VlKRS, on (be premifco.. cc 1 3w* L FHJU KENT.-A cottire built HKICK HOUSE on Mas*. a v.. No. 3 6? , between l<*Cii and 11th it?., with side lot, flower garden and frm? treets. rh.- house contains nine rooms, beside bath-room, v ;lo?-ts and cellar A pump of excel ent water in a ;.e kitchen, and water and gas throughout. Appy a m the premises. w24-lltv PQR SALE?A _new two-story-and-hasement i KKiciv HUl'SE, containing 5 wim and eel- ' ar. D.tuated on lltn >t north,between L And M ?U., _ \,'o. ST'S?e-it^n 5 minute*'walk of ?n? Northern " ^iherfies Market. Teima unnsuallr liberal, App!y * in the premise?, or to McKENNfiY tt I-ANS JAI.F.. corner of Pa. arenas and 7th at. we24 lin* l/OR R F.NT?Poa.?eaaion on the lat of October, r Thel>\VKI,MN?* HO"*K No. 43- D afreet, f, kt preaent oocupiwl by tha Rev. Dr. Rntler, and f, text door to the reaidenoe of the ade*rti?-r. J. M CARIJSL.K. ! J< N. H - It wMi not be let for a boarding house. 0 H U | POR RKNT-ROOMb Not. a. 3,4, 5, 6, 11, h 14. 14. 1?, 17 19.9I and *23, in the new five- " trvrv brown stone building corner 7th street vest P md Pa avenue, known as "Washinstos Ruildn*.'" They are well adapted forOfhees, having u, water, k.c. For terms apply at our Srore. No. IOT Ha avenue, or to John H. A'mmss A Co , No. 9 >23 Mh street west, eorner l/ooiniana av. _ se 13 2awlm MURRAY 4k SEMME?. f Am r\L.D RICH, MELLOW AND PUKE p, \J B I h n 8 I D K ' S ? MONONGAHKLA RYE WHISKEY, Conaoientioaaly Jiatiludby Mr Jamea Hu Tilde, ? Ailerany Couotr, Peoria., in the okt-iaahioned ioneet war, from ihe ohoioeat ami moat ea re rally *leeled Rye, and in do oaM aver otiered lor sale intil adapud to TMemnc aee by age It u at noe the im<t palatable. a? it i? emphatically ona ?t f the par?at beverac*" in the reach of the puMte. *: ro the invalid at vail a? to thoae in w. eminerdi itaair ita unnvalled qualities u a titnnlant of the aafeat. aareet, and moat benefice? t f eaenption. and many of the moat dialingsithnri bl hyaiciana are aaing it in their practioe with the appie.t reaultt. * ' -.U tl.UM H ! , ?.S t. A * for ? ",' * ns=r-T? wA^a.^.. ? V I" ^KCiiSfiJs,1Cl" Embracing all Qualities mid Prints; | 111 of which nave been jurchaeed direet from man P; ufacturee, and with nnntuai we. **eft>re,that, with onrlar?eaad varied ' < tock, we shall be able to pweent ?ji*rn?r induoa-J aenU to enrchaeert A call it solicited whether 3 ou puroh&ar or cot. ^11 work in oar line executed B <i meerior workm*" in eitj or ooantrjr,a:?d war- _ an leu ia everrparticular. Call at FRANKLIN 4 ROTHROCi'S, *e ?-4Uw2w 303, oornet ?>h acd ?U. overcoats, pall suit?, furnishing "? ' GOODS. HATS, aad CAPS at my u<ral low 1 irioa*. at S?ITH>, , In No. 4M 8er>- fh et | ii *,fcKgglV^ ^A.mN.TON * li # % :, .";v ? ** a. ? OiwulMi not only b*?w rear&?fr fc^^sj ttALTiMOEB. Oct 4 ?Floor to qeto* Howard rrri and Ohio S6.78 W Mot Ira; rod ?1 Ka 1.35; wfc'.te fl tOafl 85 Com U Oito; yellow ?7Ur ; white 7Ua75e. PnetotMM WWm, dm jrk Waoterm lord Cetfbo active at Arm at M#el*Xe. Whlaky needy at ttfle flow Terk Markon. N*w Vo*i. October 4 ?Flour flm ; Mtb> 5 25a5 35; Ohio S3 73?Si?, Soother* ?6 MM rheet lwtc higher; waotera rod tl 30o?131;d* hlte It U4*U Cora firm, mixed to hold at le, bat bayen offer oaly70c. Prortsleoa ateodf. >' htoky dull at 33 Jf c. kPURTAMT TO MOU&l?kUtl?K?&. i?vi ui hie inru|(i? isnuiiMKS uy iir^v mi*lty. Garibaldi FnUrtl la laltlMrt. Baltimore. Oct t ?TbeGerman* and Itallaaa area Garibaldi featiral bare to-day, ladndlag a orecaloc. with muaic. oration*, ?tr Alnaairta rtarkota Amawu. October4 ?Flour?Family 96 97a 7 f>7: extra *6 0Oe6 50; auper *5 Mai 75. VN beat -white, fair to good. SI 3ua*l SO, red tl ?0a 1 35 Cora?wbite 70*7lc . y?Uow TOaTle; mlxod iaTUc. Rfe 70a71. Oak 32. Corn M?al TOaTtc ?r buabel. ?*oda?'1 iraothy ?8 MHO Mi Clover 5 75\?6 25, Flaxmd fl 40*1 43. Froifotoaautter, roll, lOalbc ; Baron llkaUc.: Pork f7 uOa r 50 Lard 13*14c. Wbiaky MaSOc. 'wua vuf Dtii in on uouor ii uie Ufomtm Tboter, October 18. Tht Eirapt Outward Smi. HniTO*. Oct 3 ?Thr itMBMhtp Europa Ml led 111 o'clock tbi? ni(ratag wttk if paaaauaan for IM'fax. and 40 for Liverpool She utri eat fUMJ.nuo In apocle Election for the Ltflilktir* Ap?csta, Oct 3 ?Tbe Don^las and Bali coo l?ot or iDoatberaof the Legtalatur* to-day roauiwd la L. ->/-. A# tk A TVnonl na ? J I J ?. ? ? V-? ? - ? - L/iiMiv* u??r Diniiniuuu jdum Dumo^ioa lor reelection to Congri-ei Srritu M am Bailer I xplesioa. Philadii mu,Oct l.?'The boiler la the Preaon Mill*, at Manayuak, exploded thla morning, raiding several operative, one of Uiem fatally "oo? derable daaa^a wm alao done to the proprty belonging to tbe mllla ConarrticMt Tewa fr.lrctieaa New Ha via, Oct. 3 ?Tbe town meetings for be choice of ae!ectmt-n,who are 'oapoctoraof eleclo*a took place to-d*y, In meet of the town* In bit St ite 1 wr-nt> -four of tbe tweoty-?l(bt towbt irard from hav? circled republican officer* The Prlarr Will Oaara la Beatoa. Boston, Oct % ?Tbe Duke of Near a? alio baa rritten Mayor Lincoln that Lord ftaafrew will .. a ? _ a it i ? ? ? ? tu?l for Mtnry S Kandall as elector at larg*. and br IKiU^ 1** SUV Couiuiltu-r bave endorwd tbe fusion. Wni C .Cnn, of Hrrkimer county, was ? bttit ted for U u. F A Ilea for Limt (jovrraoj. Mr (ire?-ne eipreaae? bi> d?*t?-rra) nation to oppose tue ticket, and Mr. Brady will stump the "*tate igaiuat it Tkt Eirratt?R # <le?. Walker. N*w Von.Oct 3?An arrival from Havana brine* a ro| v of the lH?rio. which contains an h - rt?int of Walker'i execution He died with 'nrtlt'idf. profenalne to be a Citbolfe, and saying bat bis war on Honduras was WTonij, and that be ilone was to blajne, and accepted death wltb m gnation. Mn?scka>rtts, Polities. Bosro*. Oct 3.?Tbe Bell and Everett Con reutlon of tbe Fearth District met to-day. aad ind nominated Krastu* U Bli'fiow for Congress Bi ?t6s. Oct. 3?The Republicans of tbe 7th r>t??*??-j * " ** ?* * as taunid vum :! iqdunuu imcnqb ox xof Board are being entertained bere a? |aNfe of the citizen* of Boston Mr. Sfwtrd at ( hlraf*. Chicago, Oct 2 ?Tbe republican* had boo iter dercionstratlon bere to diy, on the oocaatno of tbe reception of Got. Reward The number wLo took part In It la ^noi;?ly' eatimated at from T5,<*W to HW (*? Deputation* att nded from ail the surrounding town*. Mr tfewr.rdwasescorted to the Wigwam in which the National Convention waa held, by a partv of Are nundred Lincoln Rangrri. wh?rr be made a speech of an boar and half duratiou At n'.gbt there waa a procession of tkie VVtde-Awnk>*. who turned out from six to right tbous-nd torches Tbe Hew York IsUa Ticket. Aluit, Oct 3?Tbe I aioa ticket ba* finally t?e?-ii formed Oreene C Rronson has beea an bet - . . .V.?J ?. MIVM ?CI J II Vift The Amrricaa Board of Mliutu Boston. Oct 2?Tbe fiftetb Annua.' Meeting of tbe American Boa'd of wma railed to order in Tremont T staple at 4 o'clock this afternoon, by Rev Dr HopklM, President After prayr and s>nglne,tt.e Trrosurcr'a Report waaread. acknouirdfi 439.UUU received, cancelling tiie debt of S06.OUJ, and mo ring orer ?1.4U> in tbe treaaury Hf porta were read by tbe Secretary concerning the Miaalona which ore Kensrailr prusperosa Tbe annual Sermon vrn premcbed at aight to an overflowing houae by Rev 8. W. Flabor, D D H la subject waa "Tbe manifest doalga of Providence to make the American a Missionary nation " It 4m ?ot<.n?i^ ... *? J ? 1 M - " m uc liA^Hrs> urines onif K IKUf ov^r ODC UiOUuud dollars In gold dust, but a much larger imouut ta la tbe bands cf tbe paaaengera. Tbe citiz-na of Denver met in maa* convention on the '23d of September, and adopted a provltlnnul governnient, under wbleb tbey bope, In future, to njor all tbe blessings tbat a good govtrDDieui can afford Tbe election of oAoera for vbe ensuing an umntbs la to b? beld 5*eptember 8V A ( bunk of gold weighing f 191 Is reported to bare beeu taken from tbe American gulcb on tbe btad waters of the Blue river Tbe akid gulch bids fair to rival tbe celebrated Georgia guicb, la tbe same neighborhood A new silver ledge bat been discovered on tbe dividing ridge between tbe Arkansas and Platte ri vsn trKi/?V? ?? - ? Is* a* the r?-t oltr democratic party of tte Into \ larpe portion of the fctate wa? rfp>ttiilr4 A *tate Commlttrf wo apprfitrd. wttk poww U ippnint conutr cowitnmra ind prepare ad irrs* to the people. R eaoluti on* wore adopted, irdorilng Mr Buchanan's A 4 in In tat ration, repu [listing the aq natter snverolfBt* doctrine of Mr phen A bcn^ina; proclaiming It the dutjr of Contreat to protect all the constitutional rlffb a at propertv in the T*-rrttorlea. la favor of the l'artfic raMrn?d. et" Hun M H Smith the democratic r-andidate for Gowrnor laat year. pealded ovm the bnalneaa meeting A maaa ronvenOoa waa afterward* held. whTch waa addn wed by Bon Csleb Crahiair.wlio apoke for an hour aad a ball in oppcaltlon to the doctrlnaa of Mr DoogiM. A full electoral ticket waa nominated New* fram the Pike** Peak Rtfloa St Joseph, Oct l>en*er City da tea to the 24th of September are received Tl? L' W.l ... - a ?> Atftera protn'aed fall M rflorta to forwnrd tbe intomu of tb? r-ol- nv Tbe tardlalaa A?b mdnr bod quitted Nr^i Irarlng th* bwinw of tb* l^tun u kH nerrt?rr Prom Napta* tbw W nothing M? la r?nrd to the mfvwnrati of Gartbikdi CoMtli clo?ed at MS 1^*99 % . Victor K mm nun Ui dotcraaiood to proeood to Naples. _ Mtia* Brerklaridgo CmvmUm Baxoo*. Mr , Oct S ?Tbe Brecktortdf* and !,?nf Democratic State CoarenUoo aaaaaatoted bora to dav. to MBlnat* I "" wamni in aim wwi wy *mm MWM Mp Tbe fortreaa ?f Ancoaa replied rlgnrwl,, u4 Ihr action bed been aoapended for a twlwui Garibaldi' troopa were coaoMrtrattac H ValHtra C|?eer> Victoria mktrkwl Iter Pruaaia am tk? 23d f?be will m~4 the Prtare R?hI at C*bwg l.eed John Rump 11 acrompaalee the 1)mn, aad will, it u mid. kit* political reefwwc* wttL tbe Pruaun Koeei*n Minister Four aubatarlae rehire bafeaa ValaacU aad tbe lalaeda of Ivtra. Majeeoe, aad Miaorea, aad iberce to Barc?inat. baee b~ea eurc?fwlly told Prince Joba ef Bonrboa publishes In Ua Tiaea aa appeal to lb* Hpamab people relative la fcta right to tbe Bpeatab throne The Kmpeeor Napoleon aad tbe K rupees, reached ?t Cloud freea Altera o? tbe 43d Tbe CmnarA* U ? * * * THE LATEST NEWS telegraphic. ? FirUir tram Kin^. St. Johjt*, fid I ?The Hull CMituht, from Gtlwav <w the ?h nit., tm >rw York lb la port, b ia ?rrtT?* here Th? Kroo?k fmtr Aw?m ht It ?m bat*

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