Newspaper of Evening Star, October 4, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 4, 1860 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. SornwiHo or t*? B*ah?.?Professional. hut more frequently b?*l?#--s n?en. are It* subjects. Tha pw?l iposing cause t* sumptuous living. A Tier a morning fully occupied with business matter*. man comes rf*ul?rlY to * dinner of various and highiv-aens<>n?d dishes of flsh aud fowl and flesh, with every adjunct to excite and sad gratify the appetite. He partake* freely of food and wine. In eacess to he sure. though perhaps never to the extent of gluttony or Inebriety. The paper* are read, cigar* are smoked, a few hour* are pawed aocially. and the evening closes with a hot supper, and abundant punch. If a man living thu* eoatlnuessnccessful In his plans and his bnslneass. he msy go through life with no other physical or mental mnrmuy tnan id* pain and Irascibility of gout or the distress and gloom of dyspepsia. Bat if it be otherwise, if he meet with a reverse of fortune, or if some grief or chagrin com* upon him, then he la exceedingly liable to this foul disease, which is the joint product of luxurious living and some torturing anxiety or disappointment ? Ktyort of Vr John B. Tyler, Snptrmttrndtut of tie MtLtan Asylum. Tia Beards and thus Mkamimo?In Taylor's "Travels in China.7' the aigniflcations ?f some of the names by which the different brands of teas are known are given, which are as follows? making due allowance for the chaucts and corruption they undergo. 1* form and s^tund. In being Angliriztd: "Hyson'1'1 means "before the rain,M ??r "flourishing springs''?that is, early in the spring. Hence it is often called -Younz llyson " "Hyson Skin" Is composed of the refuse of the other kinds, the native terms for which uieons ' ten skins ' Refuse of a still coarser description, containing many stems, ia called "tea bouea " "Bokta ' ia the name of the hills in the region where it iacoliected "FtJko*" or -'Peero'' means, "white halra"?the down on the tender leavea '/ owsAeisf'" ?"folded plant " "Souchong"? ' small plaat " " Tteankay'' la the name of a small stream in the provinr* whence it ia brought ia from a term siunlfviuvr u laL>?r '' from the cart' required iu U? preparation. Tut Piuck's Flkkt.?About ten o'clock yesterday morning a signalgun announced that tb? vessels rompoaiing the Roval squndron were preparing to leave our port. The wvather wai exceedingly line, and the departure was witnessed by lhauaindi of persons Durham Terrace was thronged with number* of the fair sex, and the sthualaatlc manner in which hundred* of them waved their handkerchiefs, aa the vessels steamed majestically out of the harbor, bore testimony to the e?le*-?n In which the g&lLrnt naval officers were held, while the cordial response of the latter shewed that they fully appreciated tiie Ll*b opinion which has been formed of them. The Hero Bred a ?a 1 jte, th? binds playlug aa the shipe got under weigh At eleven ^hey were out of aight Tbw proceed direct to Portland, to meet bit Royal Hixbnecs at that port.?Quebte Ckron%tU, S'ptembtr 29 Sb*rbi5(i Extbaobdisary.?The aioop "Embi," formerly the "Splendid," hat returned from b crulae around French Frigate Shoal, where she had been to obtain ahark'a flna and ?ea oil. During her crutae she ha* taken about MM) shnrki, some of nonstrouasize, with jaws l rge enough to swallow an o* whole. Several eucouo'era wvre had with their savage shark-shipa, during one of which a hark bit a piece out of the sloop's aide larger thin a man'a h*ad. On another occasion, two sharks which had been -au^ht actually towed the sloop several milea to leeward, though she had both of her anchors down at the time Theeeflna, which the sloop hi* been In search of, are eaten by the Chtaeee, with whom tfcey are considered a choice J.ll.... tr ???_ iwiimb;.?nnmwa yvyrr. F.ncociA?iMi!ir rot First Cor<ijii to Mabby ?l>r William Owens, tu the September mmbtr of Cincinnati Journal of Rational Medicine, reviews the rei?ort of Dr. S M Bemlss. of LAntavill*, Kv.. mane to the American Medical jtaaodatlon at tbe meeting of IH5H. witb regsrd to tbe intermarlage of cons; ns, ar.d d duces from bis examination of tbe statistics, tbe conclusion ' th\t a larger proportion of the parents were deiac'lTe than the children; and tbat If any result i*a enaued from this system of intermarriage It bat b?.n sanitary rather than otherwise Rit Jons Hrrsby ?This venerable though ecoentrlo Methodist minister thus descrDtes his personal habits: 1 have endeavored to circtnnacrlbe my wants by living In a plain, self denying way. having used no animal fo^d of any k nd except when in Africa?neither tea nor coffee, for nearly forty years, always rising at four o'clock, winWr and summer,' and yet few men nave enjoyed better health than I have been blr?s?-d with, aud not manv in modern timrs Lave preached oftener or u?'d more physical labor. JETAn old man said?For a long time I puzzled myself about the difficulties of Scripture. until at last I c?me to the concluaion that the Bible was like eating fith When I tind a difficulty, 1 lay It aside and call it bone Whv should I cbuke on the bone, when there is so much nutritious mm. UI^A Scottish nobleman one day visited a lawyer at bis office, in which at that tune, there w; * a biasing Are, tbat caused the nobleman to exclaim, 'Dear sir. your office is as hot as an oven So it should be my lord,'" replied the lawyer, ''as it Is here 1 make my bread V ARRIVALS AT THE H'JTELS. BROWNS' HOTEL.?T E Radidge, ?. W F Kease. Md; W Old. Va, Da E J H^rns. USA; J P V eg as. La; J B Lawrens, Va; Capt M Withers and faoi. USA; II Gauslioe. NY; W Moore, Mas*; A M Bride, Ps; D Hunt, Miss, J W Green, Md; L Temproau and ly, I-a, I) H !> Beroese, Mrs \\ L Price, NY; J Gains. M A Gains and ly. Mo; J RakfWoll p?- I vv ??<?>. A I n- -? ? , .. ?. n now, I a; 75 r^IlOWden aiid ly. Mtas, J D Atkins 3n<l ly, O; 9 Wynn, C McDonald, Mo; O Chew and niece, T Freinan. Va; D Maxwell. NY;(J C Clifford and ly, Rev M H L.snr* aBd ly, T 8 Mckman and ly, SC; Mr* Ilebart Mrs William*, Md; J Dunham, NY; L Blake and fam, Va; (J 8 Cas*, Ind; J A Moore, Tenn; C G de Garmindln, Md; JF Brown, Va; W W Haiidlin, NO; H Davis. A Allison, Nfi; A C Judson and ly, l? \V Dickson,NY; A Mclntyre, SC; D R Wadley and fam. Pa; A Jarkion and ly, Tenn; C Colyer and ly, NY; P Hussey, Kng. NATIONAL HOTKL.?J W Norcrop, J B Breed. Maas; E H Brasbear. Md; N Davidson, N Y: Judge Sinclair, Va: W Gerrlsh. NT; M Snyder. J Srball. DC; F \Y Walker, E Craswell, S B Loveil, H C Lovell, G P Sands, C C Bcgney, J Howard. 8 Fisk, W 8 Jewett. NY; 8 Barrett,Md; Md; W R Hemati. Va; J Ferguson and fain. T B Ferguson, SC; J Spencer, Can; T Korigh, NF; J Withered, Cal; Mrs Price. Md; A J Drake Fla; A Vanderhowt, SC; J Dowell, Va; O Cornwallls ? nuiana, m; t narcourt. A Kmpcy and ladv. Can; O Oalnes. Kv; Coin de Flwuerl, I'M; A ii Hanson, Md; H Mainpaon, A B ?atr:p?o:i. F Vauderpool and If, NV; ? Obllda, J Wonderly, Md; J La Rocbe, SC; A GUmore. Pa; C Hodden. NC; J Blackford. Pa; J Ely, ?; G Humphreys A Ir, DC; D O Betker and Uiully, Ala; J C Lovell, N Y KIRKWOOI) II017SK -Mr? Ruswll. I'a; W Gall. J J Caty, IK', G?u W H Krowne, Va; S R Fraakltn. Pa; R N Buxtou, NY; CCliontean. M<\ J C Bcott, Pa, W K Rlcli?U*;n,'G R'.rhoeln Md; M Mvn. P Pendletou, Va, Capt J Fance, RS, P P Dandildge, Va. OCEAN STEAMERS' SAILING DAYS Fkom the UalTKB States. Stttmers. for. D*v s. fdriatio New York... Havre.. Oot 6 dinlwrg New York...Liverpool Oot 6 ereta ^Niw York...Liverpool Oct 10 Ara?<> .-Nev York. ...Havre OetiS York...l-?verpoo1.... (lotis 0axaui?~ New York.?^'itliami/l' t.Oot is oo?on Li*?rpooL...<>oi n New York...? New York...Bremen Dot27 SoruMiA ...Naw York...Southampton.Nov I From Ktrops Vand^rbdt..,.9o?th'pton.. .New York.. .Sept 30 S.of Baltimore . I*i verpo..| New York.. .Sept M uvi. (n*(U4n Liverpool .. uet>~o Sept 27 ?* York Sooth pton...i\ew York...Oot. 9 Eueeta. S?utk'pu>n.. .New York. .. Oct 4 At Kaetara .MiiMHaveo.New V or* Oct 17 Mu.. *'Uth'rt>B... New York...-Oot 17 moms..ftoath ptou . .New York....Oot U I'ht Hsi-ihs i.imt am&irers leave New York on 9* 3d, tstri, nth. ant 271;. of eaoh mouth, outl urlMtMi on tk? 4th ?imI I9tb. The Ca itnrnia ma.. ?M*<i*ra leave New York oa National AOAP AND CANDLK WORKS, (Jinx S)t11it, slmuo ? - ' ana waitr UrtHl, D. Cm A lar(e t?>ck~of CANDLKS, Broira. Peimly. OaetUe and Fauoy SWAPS, AUo, _____ TALLOW and GREASE for Looomottree, St^a-nSoati, and ail kind* of maonianr), alvayeon hand. aad for aaia at prioee _ _ , _ to ewt the trade C. B. Jfc? ELL, Proprietor. tk. aitentioa <>f the eeb.ia to our large and eoil ? leeted (took ol L'<uunpa<n# aad Oral Apple>Cjder, wkiefc w* f earaniee to be PUT9 juioe, and will b? ?oi4 oj reeeoaaMe term* ia order to wake rooa ttrSSTmo*. ? So. >T Creen it. a*or?*>"e?. k uun*?? ? ^ ?? " "* "* ** "* o V/ i i .1 V (I ri<R SI AN A O L 1 CHAK.U. , x A auppl? of tfu* m oiiJerful WeJ.aJM ju?Jr?o*ir?U. Aleo. a '*r*6 pi; of MKDI CI N L-, TOILMT Ak riCl.KS, 4c At MOOR M S ? to iw UV.t Kml Uruit Store, I I 3 1'*. ?r. W MAUWMi HAMH! K Ar? j.iu r<MJetft of? further supply ?? pVj.. KING A tflKCHKM. ?.4 V^ru?r LXitu.?u4 V*ruiout?vsi.u?. . r-m?? *T M. 01 r?liLl9 ? BRW? jpi A N C l~H H A m I, FAMILY tHOC*^KKD 8T0KH, (W 4f jV?ip Yor* ir4M a*4 Ttnlk Ureet. Roap?otfully aolioiu tli* patruuageof th>?ew Oiftjr b? ia *Mt of any article id thear>ovo ha*. Hi? unfeavor* shall t* to plae*-. anil by a ?U1ot atten Hon u> tne want* of ihe j*blio, be hom topi?mt a kiiare of Itiwr patmnaf . Hi* took oonaiata of ev*ry article uwNkJly to b# foend IU * hml uia>? Faiuuy lirooery and F'.nl Store. m?nu 1 of agricultural implements; of matches; of hoopot] skirts; for pumping at railroad tatious and < n board hip*; tor sewing maebiues; for job printing and printing daily newspapers; for various plantation usee; for sawing and planing lumber; for picking hair; lor polishing ooinos; lor shoemakers' us* *; for sand silting; turmnc tobtooo cutting and pulverising; in tanneries aud wire making establishments; for soda water manufacture; for bone crushing; malt mashing; towing; grinding cutlery. 4c. They am inexplosire; economical; easily managed; they require no engineers; use no water; and consume very little fuel. Any person desirous of using those Kngines. can by application to the undersigned be I shown a large numlier of testimonials frou, persontu who have them in daily use, expressing their entire satisfaction in their operation and use Prices of the kagmes as eetabiished by the Pat| Qnt661 1J in. ojl'r 9360 ,la mo he* oylinder, f58n Double 34 " l.ioo'tt - " 1,350 X " t#?40 " " 8>*J " 40 " 4J00 ? " " 3.500 " 44 " e,#? ?<? " 6,1100 i* (jo *' 9,500 M M 14 750. * We are are also prepared to famish, at short notioe. Architectural Castings, from any designs that may be furnished, as oheap as can be obtained elsewhere. Also. Hteaiu kngines, portable and station ary; huh or low pressure; saw and grist nulls; kr* dro.tUic, or other p< esses ; boilers for heating buildings, wrought iron water tanks;sbailin?.gearalfk* j" t0r rtourln* other mil's, aud forging of Mlihvvi w?* " ?? - ? ? ? oi nno?, lor ?aoh kind of Feuoe. The mwflir?ment fur lengui U? be exclusive of tu* Granite Po-ta and the Iron Gatta UiTJa will not be considered if made ht the pound, or if made iu grosa for the whole. The bids muit alio state a specific price lor each double Gats of Ui? difierout sizes. 9. M CLARK, Aoting Koginoer in charge, Treasury Impart uiout. 17 2aw<.>clo IFAGLE IKON WORKS, jk Cobxkk Ohio Av. and TH'btkkwth St. ERICSSON'S CALORIC ENGINES. The uuderaunnd hare been appoiuted sole acenta in thiaeity for the manufacture and sale of the above Engines, and are prepared to aupply all orders with promp'ness and dispatch. These engines have been satisfactorily introduced, and are now practieally employed in bakeries; by bookbinders; for boxwood cutting: by oaUuet makers; for drawing fan blowers to ventilate buildings; for pumping; for domestic purposes; elevating grain; glass cutting; ginning oottou; grinding quartz; grinding paints; Erinding sugar oaue on plantations in Cuba; for mating; lor kiiittiqg machines; by manufaoturera ofpla ed ware; of Banters' iu*u?n*i further nouoe aa t>? the prwit# tuna ofoloaiiiK tbe cine at Superior, preparatory to removal &n<; of ita opening for busmeaa at Uayiieid will b* (iv?n by tbe register and receiver lor tiie land ilmtriot. Given under my haud at tbe city of Waahiagton, ti<is 34th day of Au<uat, A. L>. By order of the President: jos. 9. wilson. Cominiaaiouer of the General Land Office, au 25 wtiw __ PROPOSALS FOR IRON fence AND gates for the treasury extension. Bcekac pr CoMaiRUcrioN,/ TrKAICBT DirARTMINT.Sept. 14,1(60. S Sealed proroaal* will be rooeived at t*>ia office until t:.e lfltb uay of Ootobrr, A. D , 1860. ,it 12 o'o'oek. uoon.ior furniabiug and putt r.g up com n'etf all the iron work of the (ja.Ua, F?:.e?*a, ft c., for the approach's to the south wine of the Treanury F.jtuiclion Huildiug Photographed plana and spooiGoationa can ne bad apoe application at tbie office on and after the 18th instant. The proposal* abnuld be plainly endorsed on the envelopePrnpotuls for Iron Ftncm+ti Qatss for tk? Tr?a*ury ExI***\oh" and thei will bo opened st on-.< o'oloek oa the day last named for receiving tii" aame Hula wi'lonly bereoaived per lineal foot for u.,-n. i uu vut> uisvvuuuani uu ??i Bdi'I liUICl, 1(10 1 IDOd iuf which is located at OiitADi, and chat the vacant lamia ti>*reiu l>e made ?ut>i?ot to tale and entry at J *ok <>?, tn aaid State, from and after tin 1st day of Dtztmbtr nex:. Land* remaining untold and unappropriated b* 1 and aubject to aae a- d ent.y at Grkjatu, wil! c *->e to he mbiect to entry at (iiat office after the rereipr of notioe to that etf^ot by the register ami reo iver thereof, eio ptin* orljr to onniummat? exl U'.'* pre empt:?ns, aud the land officers at Jack ao n viil give pub.iu notice of the day on viuon tliey will be prepared to reoeiv.* app'ication* for en'ner of any auoh lamia at their which will, U pmoUcc.b1*, La on the firatriay of beaember next All per ion a eniitled to pntenta at tlieUr*i.\d* Land Office *i I call for the same before tha lit 'Iaj ol November nex . ai after that data they *i.l be returned to this office for ?'e!ivery Giv n under my band, at the citr of Washington, thia 12i? ?1a* of S ptember. anno Domini one tliouta >d eight hundred and aixtv. , JOS. 8. WILSON. Cwniniaaiouer of the (ienerai Land Offioe. so 14-w6?r NINo. ec6 j OTICK OK THfc KhMcVAI, OF THE LAND OFFICE FROM StPKRIOK TO BAYFIELD, IN THE 8TATK OF W1SCON 8IN. In accordance with the proviaiona of the act of Coagruat, entit'ed "An act authorizing ebaur>:s in the looation of land office*," approved March 31. lxvj, it i? hereby declared and made known tha* the oifi je fur the nale of public landa at Superior, in the State of Wisconsin, Will l>e removed to IJayfielJ. in aaid State, at as early a day as prarticahl# .rsAi, n if noroiiy ?ieo'?r?" ana maue kiovn that rh olfioe lor the sale of pub ia land* at Fayettky.LL*, m thaSt*taof Arkansas. will he removed to Hu.^ti ViLLK in ?aid ?tat.->, without delay. '1 h*~- puo'ie fcae direoted by th* K*e?utive prrc tarnation No 66a, of towrahip 19 ra.i^* "2". and t wniitnp 17, of ran<e21. to tak* place at the I a:n> at Katkttk\'irlk on 2oth Deorriibt-r n xt, it ia nereby declared will he held at Ht.nts villw, it aid Stat >, on the data daaiKiiaud. Further notion as to the prro ae time of cloainx the office at ^ayetteville, preparatory to removal, and it* f.?r buaineaa at Hunts-ilie. will bo |ivan by the Rejis'er aud Receiver for the Lant District. Given under my band at the city of Washington, thia 24th of September, A. D. i860 By order of the President: JOS. 9. WILSON. Cnmmiaaioner of the Genaral Land Office. m3G w8w [No. 669.1 OTICK OF Thr, DISCONTINUANCE OF THK "NORTH WEHTKKN LAND DISTRICT," IN THK STATK OF MISSISSIPPI. Notice ia hereby (I '*:\ that, iu parsuanoe ol law, a'id in yi3w of the faot that the unsold land in the Northwestern District," ( Grkxada.) In th? S'ate of Mississippi, ia r?-<inc?-d M?w one hundred thou n I V'r'S. the Saoretarj of the Interior has direct oiu.cpnr CLiiiuio iroin live uaie OI *0011 iiepotll. Such atook wil be tranafjrrable on the book* of the Trrainry, agreoably to the regulation* of the Department. Should any of the aooessful bidder* require certificate! of *took, with coupon* of armi-annual intere?t payable theroon from the first day of January next, suoh certifiaste* will l>e usuad,with auon cupoaa attached, in sums of one thousand dollar* eaon; and a jch ooupon stock. itatead of being tr&naferrabU ou the book* of tue Treasury, may le acaixneJ and tiannferred by the delivery the certificates. The interest of the laat- named stock, from the date of the depot it to the first day of January next, will be paid to th? sucjeasful bidder or hia attorney, by the depositary with wnotn thc principal was deposited. The preliminary depomt of one per centum, required upon all propoaaia under thia notio*. will be included in the deposit* of pnnoipal and premium m*de by aucoe**ful bidder*, and will be immediately direot?>d to be returned to the unsucoe**!ul bnldera. HOWELL COBU ae 10-2awtl Seorttarr of the Treasury. NINo.eri.i nTlOF. OF "lilt. KKMOVAL OF THK LAND OFFU'K FROM FAYETTE V1LLE TO HUNTSViLLE, IN THE STATE t>F ARKANSAS. In aceordanoe with the provisions of the act of Congress entil ed "An ac. authorizing change* in the location of I.and Offices," approvi?l Mureii 3, iou ? ? 1- ?? I? - - * *v/ ?uo uwiwukij vi mo * itxiBury, vvuninsiODi D. C." The best bidders under the foregoing conditions fi?r the Aggregate sun of ten million* of dollars will be immrdiataly informed by mail of the aooepUTioe ol their offer*, and they mu*t deposit the amount ao accepts, with the premium thereon, with tho Treasurer ol the United 8tate*. or the Asaiitant Treasurer at Bostou, New York, Philadelphia, Charleston New Or.eana, or St. Louia, on or before the 23d day of November next. Shou d auoo?a?fui biddera deaire to depoait at othar points tneir wishes wi.l be duly considered on being stated to this Department. Ortifioatas of inscribed stock will be laaued in auma not I*** than one thouaand dollar* eaoh to the aucoaaaful b'ddera. or their asaigua, for the principal so deposited, carrying interest at the rate C 4 f *L - * * M * ?1 1 1 1 MISCELLANEOUS. Proposal * for^loYn of tkn million DOLLAR?. TRi.Ail K.7 DCPAITM E.\ I, Pept. ?, 13H?. Skalad Paoro?ALs will be received at this Department nntil U d'oiook, noon, of Monday, the 2#d dar of October next, for ten millions of dollars ofktock ofthe United Statos, to he issued under the act of Congress of the 23d day of J one last, authorising a loan and providing for the redemption of Treasury noise, at wkioh time lbs srososals w 11 ti? opened and decided on. The stock will be reimbursable in tea years from the first da? of Jan aaty next, and wi'I bear interest, at five per oentnm per annum, payable semi-annually on the first days of January and July of each year. No ofcr will be aooepted below par, and none for an* fraction of one thousand dollars; nor will any offer be considered unless one per oentum of the amount thereof is deposited with a depositary of the Uaited Stat?e, to the order of the Secretary of the Treasury. The oertifioato of saoh deposit must aocompany the p<-o|K>sa!s. In all oasee the offer must be unoonditional, without r*ferenco to other offers, and must state the rate of premium offered. The proposals should be endorsed on the oatside, "Proposals for Loan of 1960." and to be addressed ?r iW- T war _ i TRUNKS, BOOTS AND SHOES. UOOT8 AND KHOK^ TO SUIT THK We ure now manufivotunnj all kind* f?f BOOTS and SHOES, and constantly r?civuu ig|||| *tipply of eastern made work of ever? He HI cripMo". mvle expr?s?lj loonier.and willy KJ he enld at a much lower prioc than !iu been M? heretofore charted id Chit city for raooh inferior artto!e?. person* in Tint of and Shoe# of ea*tern or City made work, will a; way* hud a rood aisor'.meu in store and at the loweet prioet. Give u* a oall. 6KIFFIN A BKU., apt-r 314 Peon*ylvania avenue. fjMVE HUNJJKED TRAVELING TRUNKS arrived thi* d*r. embracing all <iali-KfQ| tie* and aizea of Sole Leather, Ladiec'BjHm Dree* and Packing Trunk*. Onr trmik^-"* ale* room exhibit* at this time the greatest variety of traveling requisite* at moderate ppo**. to be tonnd thi* *ide of New Vork-. Alan *?? ttou of LAI)1 KS* HAT B O XE'si' YAM C t S, CARPET BAGt*. SATCHELS, fcc. ID" Old Truuka repaired or taken in exchange for U6W ODMi WALL, STEPHENS ft CO? Trunk SaJea Room, m&ra-tf Pa. avenue. SOUTHERN TRUNK MANUFACTORY. 499 Tth Stmbt. Grponiti Odd b'tlloxst' Hall, (va>at?ifSc*, D. CTraveler* will atudv their iuterest* bj oiaimmn my TRUNKS,VALlCfclS Ac , leiore pur-eyg* chasing elaewer* A? I ue* none but tlnHM beat material the market afford* and the bmt workmen. I can confident!* rA^nn mpmi m? work to be superior in S?rt*f?4 and but ability to Tracks that are iu?de m utlmr cities and told here. 1 keep constantly on iiar.d. and make t?> order (on one weok's notioe) every d??sonptieu of SOLE LSATHEK, IKuX FKAAIE FKENCH DRESS and WOOD BOX TRUNKS; ASHLAND and otktr fALICES; TRAVELING BAGS; HARNESS; SADDLES; WHIPS, *?., *c. Truuka, Ac., Repaired aud Covered, in a workmanlike manual, at short notice. Trunk* delivered in any part of the city, Georgetown, or Alexandria SF:U;'lNVSt?c^iS?" ' FAMILY (UIS-It JAMES 8. TOPHAM. TRAViiiL?KR6' DIRECTORY. Daily link of new four-horse COACHES TO UPPER MARLHORO*. {'arrvi*t iAc V. S. Mail. The undersigned are pow running Daily,(except Sunday.) Four home Coaches !>? tween Washington and Upper Marl boro', a* follows: Wftry"*y ~* Leave the Steamboat Hotel. corner iTr s?v?nih stn ei and Pa at7o clock a. m. Returning leave UppT Mariltoro' at II o'clock a hi., and arrive in \\ ashinntou at So'nlock, in tune to oonneot witn the 3 20 p. hi. t ain for Baltiinoio. The Coaches ar? new and commodious, the teams first-clas-i in the hands of careful ami accoiumodattns drivers. Fare to Upper Marlboro. SO oenti. To Long Old Fieida 25 " To CouUrville. , 38 * Freight and uAck.-.t-s in proportion. au 15 tf OsBORN & CO . Proprietors. BALTIMOKK AND OHIO R A11,ROAD. WASHINGTON BRANCH. Eg m 3HBB i1 JMB Cha.tiox or Hon**. ON AND AFTKH WEDNESDAY, June 13th, IK", train* will run as follows: Leave Washington at 6 2i> and 7.4'1 &. in. Leave Washinr on at 3.2" and 6JT> p. m. On Sunday at 3 2u p. m. Leave Baltimore at 4.25 and 8 4^> a. m. Leave Baltimore at 3 15 auo 4.2<i p. m. On Sunday at 4 25 a. m. Patenters for the i a?t will take trains at 6JU anil 7.4" a. in and S J' p. m. For the West at 7 4-> a, in. and 3.20 p. in.. Vnr A nnannlia * 1 lA - ? . ? . am IU- auu y nit For Norfolk at 7 4t> a. in. Oa Setnidaj evening the 3.30 p. m. train foee to Phtl*d?^phia only. ?? i3-d T H. PAKijONS. A?ent. NEW ORLEANS IN TJartHB DA.Y? with tub CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. rnszmmwmmwmt ALL RAIL ROUTE, Via Orange and Alexandria Railroad TO LYNCHBURG: Virginia and Ttnneases, blast Tennessee and Virginia, East Tennessee ana G-ortria, Nashville and Chattanooga, Memphis and Charleston, Mississippi Ventral, New Orleans and Jaeison, TO NEW ORLEANS! MEMPHIS" ROUTE: Memphis by Rail, thence by First class P&ckeU to New Orleans. MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE: Montgomery by Rail, thenoo to Mobile by Firstolua Packets Mobile to New Orleans by Lake Steamare TWO DAILY TRAINS?SCIfDAYS INrLULtiD, Leave Washington at 0 a ui mid t p m. Th?SteaiijerGEORt?E PAGE leav*? her wharf foot of Seventh street at 6Jf a. nt. and 65tf p in. a.iu oonneot* at Aioxandna with the O'ance and Alexandria Trf.inrs for the Southwest. Oihce?1'eunsvl vama avenue, corner of Sixth at. KA04AM CHICKID THROUflH TO ??W OELIAHI. Lvaohbarg ?..t7 50 Memphu ?31 oo Bristol 55n" Atlaiila_.?_ 3K ?*> Knoxnlie wjwi Maoun ? 28 no Chattanooga.. 24?)0 Coiumbus ... SI DV:ton... Montgomery 33 W HunUvilio / via Meinphi?.4i so Grand Junction ?uo N.O.J viaO. J ana. .42 60 Nashville _ S via Mobile...46 ttt THIS KUUTU IS ENTIRELY BY RAIL Rail 18 400 MILKS SHORTER, and J 4 HOURS LESS IN TIME than any othor Line?the l.ynchburc Extension being now oompisW, aa &i*o the MiaaiMippi Central, making it the QUICKEST AND MOST PLEASANT ROUTE FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS ! It it provided with First class Sieepiui Cam! {To New Orleana . Hourt. -6 4 u o. Montgomery .??.......33 do. Naahviile ? 4 0 do. UTTh? U.S. JttAIl/and ADAMS' EXPRESS art> tikeu over thia New Line. TickPts cnn to obtained at the South Western Office, corner of Sixth street and Pennsylvania avenue, to the follow! a* point*: I I/" .11.. *1 UIUU"UUI|| Di l"WJI| AUU4T!^0| Ab&riUl, Cii&ttaaooca. Iluntsvillo. Grind Junction, ttacon, N&*livil!n, Walton, Cu.umbua, U$lL,EANBm and IFT THROUGH TICKET3 TO THE VARIOUS VIRGINIA SPRINGS. tr^Ommbuaae and Baggage Waiona leave tha ofiioe at 6 a. ra. at.J 8 p. in. JAMKS A- KVAN8, Ticket Arent, ir.a 23 tr Corner Hiath at. and 1'a. *t. I^HE STEAMER J A?. 6UY Will reaume bar Uim on TUESDAY, flat of JC*w PebruarV. I860. Will leave WASlI^^^I^KiC IN6TON' #verr TUESDAY FRIDAY, at6 o'olook a.,d ALEXANDRIA athaTf-psuti6 o'clock, for CuRKIOMAN and the intormodiate handings. On her retnrn trip*. aiie will leave CL'RRIOMAN every WEDNE8DAY aud SATURDAY, at 5 o'olook a. m. LUCIAN S. PAGE, Proprietor. NATM'L BOUSH. Ag't. Alexandria. fe38 R NOTICE! KG II I. A R STW'AM PinrBT IINP uo fVVKKN HALTt ft!ORE** a"n'd "" jJT WASHING TO N.?I<eave Coinmeroe at. wharf, Baltimore, at fol owe: The Ht Nicuol a very W EDN ESDA Y, at % p. m. Columbia, every SATURDAY, at ? p. m. Leave Kiley'? Wharf, at the foot of 11th street Washinftoa,as follow*: Oolumiia, every WEDNESDAY MORNING, atfi. St. NiriioLis, every SATURDAY, at 6 a. m. For fraUlit, *Om apply to _ ifHOS. W. RILEY, Acent, Riley's Wharf, at the foot of mar l8-TAT8m IIth at . Waanintton JvTlCW YORK AN D WASHIN6TON STEAMSHIP LINB. The Steamer MOUNT VERNON will leave Alexandria ana Washington for New York EVERY Wfc.DNESDAY, at o'olook p. in., ami New York for waih-^** in* to a every Saturday, at 3 o'olook p. m. Passengers oan join the ahip at Alexandria at 10} uine before the hoar of the steamer's departure. N. B.?In the event of the steamers inability to oross the bar in oonuMtisnoeof low water, all good* will be promptly lightered to and from th* steamer ' by the undersigned. Ko: freight or passace applr to I Tue UN,??.S'4L;k15??P"ATTER L Conso^iiently 1 ahall femain in Waahington Md continue to pnnu# my oooupatinn "f HOII8B, SIGN and ORNAMENTAL PAINTING. GUdinc in all iU branehea. Ola Glasinf promptly attended to. PaintinK and Ornamenting Cottage Furniture in the l*??t atyle I alto, oali attention to the Painting of Roofa and Briok Walla. All of the abore I will do aj? oboap aa the cbeao1 eat. ] therefore aolicit the patronace of my fuenda and fallow eittaena of th? l>iatriot. Punctuality at not! y obaerved, and work doaa iu the baat man1 You will ?l?a? mind yoar atnna and atop at M. JB PARKER'S Painting EatabliahiiienCNo, A8* 3 ! AS !!! Louiaiana a*., north aide, between uh aiitl ?ih sts? P. 9. rtigna put up free ef charge. aa nmaal- ? bjw 3tt1 _ H W. HAMILTON ? . PAINTER. and DEALER IN PAINTS. No. 389 7th Strut, near Odd FkU?w*' HmU. - an3tf PETTY IS DOWN, W DAMAGED BOOKS. E Have a lot of Parker k. Wataon'a KoaJ* and Spthat w?rt iiwiri a litclo tojr u v?r in the atMnwr from Nov V ork, which will Le ?i>id to i; ha'f lh? ummI pric*. ULANCHARD4 MOHl'N, 4 Comer llUt iL aud Pa. av, W? offer for mJ* the above etaaa&nl brjuid of Am Coimf Di??lIE<i-MaJted BtowbisEy. in barrel* lad half-barrel e. At II u of oar own 4iitill? o&n poMibiy fcadUtil .ed. We also offer our OLD FAMILY RY* WHISKEY, Thffinil tHrtlHerr.OB ft** TOylkiJi n*?fphu?t= : OBoee??6 Wall atreet, New York : *fld low ttwtb Front ?UMt ftulaaalfiua. mmtWhlj BULb HKUHRIETOK 19 S9BTH WILUAM ST MEW YOSL fOH SALE IN WASHINGTON BY y 7 It BARBOUR k 8EMMK9. jpEEHAN | SIMPSOK J ^ _ w\ LlaVl 1 k "* CAUTION. PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS MiwjirMif WITH THE SIGNATURE OF ON THE LABEL ALL OTHERS ARC AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. _ WM.BUDA1Y, / raittsms IjI $ /fr /A?4 U Aiii*;. r*tim*'l icitt. mU 'Tc- u- J ^ * *C 0 ^1 jJ****(*/nr *"* l'" (tk' bint'tler im VK '** V+l'*W *f i kg Mo*T>faXe '?>,) Jr. m Jf ?7 flO . x?/ Kt',}>rti*irtd 1,3} 5 0] #/) ?W*** tllr+nd upon a fixing a fMre *riieh\ , 7 It*1*' i* /Ao 5i?t thirmtfif Iriiikrf. '?# ' ^ 55 y *A?< U ?/</Ay f 1# /fcrff/# iWv. //i?r# '' r ^ U . fjj JVcowur'ndMlh'/tl* frrt PXfictan* im\ f 3 Fpl ik* I *?* an* it$ y j Ity I ejgjfZ^ j> ?5# J Bolnfi^pr Le-tor.vJ IV'cg?> .?/" / to With ladi*s of refinement and taste. This &dmmbi? preparation i? used nnld, being chemically held in polutioi;. and poiHessing all the va.uaUe qualities of the best cabinet makers' ?lue. It may beesed in the pi&oe of ordinary mucilage, being vastly more adhesive. ' USEFUL If/ EVERY HOUSE." Frit*, U oents. N. 11.?A Brush aooompanies each bottle. PTkolumU D*p?t, No. 49 Cedar street, New York. Address HF.N&Y cTsPALDING A CO.. iloz No. 3,<lu0,ftew York. Put op for Dealers in Cases containing Four, Euht.and Twelve Doien?a beautittol I.ithographio Sluw Card accompanying e.ich package. IDT A single bottle of SPALDING'S PREPARED ULVE will save ten times its oost annually to every household. ~?D So d by ail prominent Stationers. Druggists. (lardware and Furniture Dealers, Grooers, ana r'ancy Stores. Country merchants should make a note of SPAL DIFU S PREPARED QLVE, when making up their list. It wi'l stand any climate. fe H> 1y I ^ DI3PATCM! Safe the Pieeei! ill will kern*, tvtn in vell-runtlafd fanilits, it is rcry desirable to have some cheap and convenient way for repairing Furniture, Tor a, Crockery, 4.0. SPALDING'S PRKPARKD 8LUK meeta a'l such emcre^r.oie*. and no household can afford to he without it. It ia aiwaya ready and ur to the sucking point. There ia no loncer a neoeaaitv for nmping ohaira,aplintored "*neera, headleaa dolls. and broker, oradles. It ia iuat the article for oone. aneil. aud othnr oriia.mnntK work. minW da i* 1* K* C. PATTISON. Agent. WASHINGTON SEWING ROOMS, "" S04 *tk St., two doors North of !*?. J ??, Nov is the time to (at SPRING and FUMMEI StllKTr4 made u? to order. The unbaaribar la erased to make SHIRTS, DRAWERS, Ac.,at the a loitext All d?acriationa of Sawing dors SHIRT BoSOMS. COLLARS, and WR18T BANliS neatly atiukai. ?ar T?-t? %. r? ?OTf? v I R E, KIKE. r POTOMAC VTATER. I am sti!! er.gared in the PLUMB1N6 and GAS FITTING BIlSiN Es?S at my oldatand iu Philharmunio Hall. The advantage of having a plentiful supply of water waa roadiiy ohaerved at tha fire of veatArri&y.aa I am well batirfied I ahould have been bu.-ned out >>ut for the bontitiful aupply upor my preminea aud th*t of my neighbora All ordera for the introduction of Water and Gaa will be prompt'f attended to. Term* at reaaonable us any piuiuber in the oity. jy 3 C.SNYDER. una it one-third ins* in prioe thun gold. Hit old patron* of Washington, Alexandria, acd Georgetown are respectfully solicited t call, an 25-eoly DENTAL NOTICE. R. LOOMlS Haa cloned his otboo forth* ae? ou, ami will be absent, as usual, during the ion mer months ; will resume practice about the 1st of October, of which further notice will be given. jy 10-tf D DENTISTRY. R. HILLS, after a sractioa: test of two yews feels that he oau with ooufider.oe reoom-^?pa^ mend the Clieoplaatio Process for innerUkrgflMjgf artitoiv tfeatii It haa the advantages o,n****** trengtii, ueauty.oie&nliiiess, and cheapness. Ksl upser sets inserted for ?it. VaiUaliii proportion, OJLoe 306 Pa. avenue. ae? MiaCKJuLAJN UXJUfci. HOWK'S IMPROVED WEIGHING SCALES These Soaieb are offered to the pnblio as the most simple. durable, and reliable scales ever nut in use. first claim premiums have been awarded them by the United Stales 1 a.raud Virginia Ag'ioultnral 9oo;ety; Virginia Stale Agricultural Pair; Franklin Institute Fair, Pennsylvania; Now York State Fair; Vermont State Fair, Ac., Ae. In every oaae where exhibited they nave reoeiwd first olaea premiums Foi ma e at 6* Louisiana* avenue, Depot of Siller's Chil.ed Iron >t.: *. - THEMC n raff* HE Coachmakera, aaooeaaora to Wm. T. Book. a? fT-dly TCUIU6E!. HE Sabaoribar unn( mad* addition* to kl iaetor),mak; n% it bow one of ue larr??taj0ml 10 ue Diatnot, where kia faoilibea fo;?^D^K lnanut&otunncCARRIAGE k L16R'i'.^^S*~ WAGONS of all kiada cannot ba aurpaaaed, and from hia loaf axporwooa in tba baawaaa* ka ao?aa to ci*e taneraJ aaxiafaotior.. Ail kinda ofCarriacaa aad Idfkt Wares* knt aa kand. All REPAIR.Baaatlyd?sa,aa4allar4ari >raa?t l| &tffndf4 to* Secaad-kaad Otntefti takes inexakauafaraw aaaa. ANDREWTjoVcfc, 4 li-tf Mntr f MU aad v mtm. DENTISTRY. D DENTAL CARD. R. M'JNSON Has retnrntnl and re?amod hia trof^fnion. t thcp a:d hou*o at 463 E at..^ ai-j hml door eaat of Sixth addition t wfjw every o'lier approval ?tyie, l,i. M ba? aet^* 111 * * teeth on vuloanile Uaae for the laat th<aa yeara, and, from exverionoe, know* it exoela all other*. t CARRIAGE FACTORIES. WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY. " D Strtet, 9tk and Wk Strut t. We bar* Juat finished a number of firvt cl??l CARRIA6F8, iuch m Litkt >aim Waton*. Pmrk Pkemt<m>, htm,lu <V?r rtMcJ. nmii Rutif*bm? ?.11 .... I a vert ant&II loht. Veinc practical mechanics in different bruiobM ofthe bu?jn*??, we flatter onre*lv*s that we fco?-w Be atriea and *?anty of work that will civ* ?CI ctioa, oombiiutig Itchtneea, oomfort aaa darabiil 1 Kep%inii* promptly ud careful! t attended to MBDiomm. i>* ""Esa-.M. iivva nvariimi H*t (U mii Cnira, nut Htwuif m ik* WarU. rOR ALL DISK ASKS OF IMPKlDENCfcLMT NO FALSE DELICACY PREVENT. APPLY 1MMKD ATELV. A CUKE WARRANTED. OR NO CHAM0M IN FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. Wlih ? rfllw Ih>,Iwihiii ifilMu WIkt ut IOUh, UtHmu; DmuufM, Ibumhc;, Mi DitiUtf. lirmtaM, Ui yMt.U? atvinl*, 0?f?ntn < U*u, PalptU'.>?a ?fu>? I""**?f?i DiuHttdtfttw iiUiiMt, MNM ftktlMl.lkNa^ Urn ?r >?. Lun, >? >* & ? .*? IhMi Ttrriki* DiM(4<n inuti fr*a Milu; Itbui ?t TawA?Jimi Druthl ud l)?Mmu*i hwutM wki?k (? 4?> Mtiiuft tapaMik:*. ud dMUwy "< MM TOIMUI *> kt? ht?M tkt mdi W HNwy TIM, thet draadfhl u< dMtraeir** ktktl ?kiU Maaall* iVMfa m ?a Butunaly jrm lfc?m?od? ( Tn>( Ibi ?f ii? aaai tiui ul?ii u<l krillut uullacL#* Mil mIiuvim Ian airu>?*d iuMmdg ituui viik illilHttn i(iIkimwm fitadw imui; U* lma? tyM, ?*7 Mil nt nlMa* Miuuu ruion. w Tw[iiiiwi?|iuii(iiu riAgt, k*u>( i*tn ( ?Mkim,Mfuli d?kUl|f, WWBItIN, *?., tp??dli? imd. It wha ataea* kioMirndii lk? mm ?f D?. 3. mmf Mly MkU< in kit >nw u a pnlin u4 iwlliwly in; y?a ku akill M a piywin. urricx * r sum rasDuuccrracrr, l#ft bud (id*ijmug fr*n Salil&tf* uiu, t It* ?mn r**? Iki Mnir. riil ?w Mtkum uatud itakti. k*UMi ml h p*jb ih mull a hu|. dl joanroi, Htakin af ika ftayai CaUay riliifMu, twin, ralitM hw mi af u* iml aataaal UdltfM ui Ui Iklui iwhi, Mi tk? gruur put af ikui Uh ku k**a ?p*at Ii U< k? null t( bndn. hra, PkiUdiMii u< iltivkwi.ku# foctad imi ( the ml aaiatiiakiof ear** ikti war* >? fcaava; <im; traaMad wilk nuftag to ik* k*ad **4 mm whaa ui*ii; mat oarvMaaaaa, bnu tlata*4 at aaMai and*, kaahfaloaa* aritk fraqaant klaaaiaf, auaadad aaaaHall vM dartaf taaal af auad, am ear*d laaidtuir. TAKE FARTlClkAR NOTICE. Taa if Hao and aifctra ?b? baa* u.)ar*d ikaaaat*aa by hiuki pracut* indalf*d in wkaa alaaa?a kaMi fraqaaaU} laaraad fraa a*U tampiaiaaa, aa ai ackaal, tk* afaau ri aklck ar* aifktl; fah I'M akia aalaap, aad tf aat *a*ad, icudtra aun?(t ln-poasihla, aad daattap* kaU atad aal k*dr, *haald apply ticiutdiual*. Tbm* ar* Mm* ofik* **d tnd ailutkd; afill* pradaakd kf *?rlr kakiu rf ?*aik via i Waakaaaa af Ik* Back aad Uiaka, r?iM to tk* M**d, Oiam** of La** af Maacalaf Paaar, Palpiuuan af ik* aan.Dvtpapav, Marvaaa IrnuUiltr, D?raog*m*utafUi< Dit*K.*? raiicu*?*. flwinl UtMUta. IfflMiM rr Cot.aampt'ac, tc MENTALLY?Tin faarfal ihiUH tka bIUin ntklt ka druiit-LMi of M?mar y, Caafaaiaa *( Mm, UtJKiuM aftpima, Etil FarMmp, inniMrflHMti, ttU-OatrM^ U<it( Halitada, Trnudur. ill.,tra mbi m tka tnli f?? toe ad. RKItTOVt duiuvy -n?Mi4i aaa >?v|?df? tktl to lb* .f tkair dacltainf kaaltk, laatftf tkatr ?ifar, ka! ! ?wl. pala, narraaa ud h?um4, btiu( t wnlu lypiniM akaat tka <jm, c??(h h iy?n??i4?liMmyilM uiatABta or impri'Demck. Wkm tka miif aidad ud lmpradaut rata.rj af pliiNfi liil ka baa ueuikad tha Midi Wihu pimNI it taa aAaa kappana Ibat an iM-Oaiad taoaa af afcaiaa H draad af diacafary daiara aim frwa applrutf ta tkeaa vka, frau idacauae and raapactability, can alaaa kafnaad bur.. Mi (alia lata lk? kauda af ifuaram and daaifaief prtiandara. aha, tntapakl* af eanna, ilck bn pacaniary aabataaea, kaap kia triliag mati'.b aftar fcjOTtb, ar aa laur aa tha aaiallaat la a can ka aktan.a J, and ia daapair laara kua witb rataad kaaltk ia au^k at af i>ia ra'.Iinf dnappatntniinl; ar ky tka aaa af thai daad.* MM*, Mircarr. bai'.ao tka aynptama af tfcia tamkli diaaaaa, taeb aa AffacuanaaStka aart.Tkiaet, Naaa, kia.ftc.. prof rinic f with frtrktfal raatditf. till daatk ml* a aariad ta hia draadfal aafariafa by aai.dir>| k?tiUu? eiaca*arad cniiu} fraui vhMOWM oa u*?al?j hwm. DR. JOBMOMRRKMKDY FOR ORGANIC WEARMEM ARD IMrOTKJICT. By tkla mat and impartaoi rarnady *tikouirfili irrui UI (fiiiiny ;ir>d ud Ul ri[M r?und Tbtuuliriilt mi aaraaaa and dakuiutad, wka kid laat ?U Uft, Ut kaan irmatdUialy ?aiia?ad. All l.-apadnaaota ia Mifriifi. Pkyalaa! ( Maeul DtiiuH> faauaca, Lm ?f PNCiuthri Pavar, Rirrin lrrlufciavj I TimUuful VllkLMiM IltlMlH ft Ua MiifMira klad (HMdUl and. CNT'OUIMHT OF Til rtlH. tie MA nt THOUSANDS etnd alUta umiuUm vtlfeta Iki laat *a*a&ias& tun, u4 iki aaxnaraa* iapamul Raraddel aparaliaua j'rfac mad ky Dr Jatuaao, wttuaaaad ky (M llMP.iri a( tki p\para aid ?a?ay atkar Mima, nauaaa ad vbnk h*?a MUNI afaio aad afua kafara ika paklic, kaRtlaa kiaauud'uf aa a faoilaaaciaf UirwUIui rwaaaat kllllr, U a aaatlaai ptnaut ta tka alltul. fa it-ty K. J. lit)VEE DOD'S IMPERIAL WINE BITTERS, Are now be'.Bf u?ed froin Mun? to the lirwt SeJt Lake, acl U.f nuivere&l vertliot of all who in them either aa a vtt4ictn* or m a 6a??ra*?. le that they are uuan-paaed in the world. Dr. Do4u uaed theai nuocetifnlly id hie praotloe (or tS year a before we purci.t*ed > { mm tiie eole right to maanfaotv: and prnaatr. them far aale to the fublic. For the uu'oui iuo:pioiii ti/uiui.TSiion, indigestion, Pyspepsin, Pile*. Nervous Pisea*es, Female Cob plaints. and all oases reamring a tonio, they are beyond doubt t most invaluable remedy. Aide fix m their medicinal properties they are a pure, wkolecome and uehfhtfui Beverage, prod noun all the pleasant exh derating effects of Brandy or Wiue without tl<e:r injurious results, l et all friends of humanity and all advocates of temperaooe assist us in substitoinc these valuable Vegetable Bitters for the mineral poisvhj and admittrmttd LifU^t with wluoh the country is flooded, and thereby effoo'ua ly aid in ban.shmg Oiseaso and Pi sii> siis? from the land. CHARLES WJBPIFIELD * CO., Pro?netors^78 W al^^street. New York. ' W"ajtungton,' ?R. J. BOVEE POD8* ERIAL GIN BITTERS. For Piseases of the Kidneys,Bladder and Urinary Organs, and especially for Female Obstructions, never fad to oure. and are warranted to give saus^C^AlULEa WIPBIFIELD k CO.. Proprietors, TB William st, New V'ork. J.8CHWAKZK, je7 ly.r Agent. Washington. P. C. JI OY FOR THE SICK ANP SUFFERING. LET ALL WHO ARE AFFLICTED n s m APPLY THEUREMEDY AMD REJOICE IN HEALTH. Friend, do you sutler? Are you the victim of My of those numerous Ailment* which arise irom impurity of the blood? W bat are they, do you ask? Kather ask, what are they uot i 'J he blood is the auuroe of lite and health. and it 1* the trut e ement of our being to respond to any oause which * fleets th* system, as tbe pulse infaifiMj attests The ever prevailing Nouralgia, th* irritating Krys peas, the sul tle Sorotula. the agonizing Rheumatism, Ner vous i)ebi!i<y, i>yspepsia, Liver Complaint with its toi aor and dejection, and the uumberlesa ills that fl- ?h is heir to,den/e 'heir hideousorigin from the blood. Deal kindly thea and ger.Lly with the blood. IU? the vitalising re*i u'oes of nature fonts aid. and safer us to e<>mmend to your eunhdenoe and use that truiy valuable nnx'.oameut kaown as Aj /?s- a i'oxys INDIAN VEGETABLE DECOCTION. With regard to this almost infallible speeiho pojiui&r aonunient nas spoken in d?oided term*, and the evidenoea of thin fr*at efoHt are abstained by <mnataut avowals of eurative altcta aud tii? happiest results from iu dm ar* af?er all uthar reiu-dies and the beet inMioal akill have fai ed. bet ua aay, iu ou-uomsion, tn*t oertiftoatea curca art* cot sought from the illiterate and auperftoial, hut they are volunteered from the mixtrt apeetable aonroea an I justify the hirheet Unna in wbiofi it ia.possible to eouin>end ao vaiaab.e a ap^otfio to pub io approval. We may aodaleo that the on rati ve properties of the mrdioine are equalled only by ita restorative eff?eta. the 8yat->aa recovering fromdiaeaae with renewedoopatitnt'onai vigor. Fur aal* by all reapectabl* Dnirrista in this city, and by the proprietor, MRS. M COX. i amine uuleaa her name ia biown oa the bottle and her eeal on tne oork llfy >*ric? per U tile, aix bottle* for MS. vXaUsale R. *?. T. C1S!*EL. Drugfist, Geortetnwn, i? C? Wholeaale A rent for the Dia trio?, aud will aupply the trade at my prioss. ae >8 t* 279 ^o^r 206 MO^lioIu. F^NFFXTION8TOWiiL^*iii. FATES, PRESERVES, CONDIMENTS, Aa., Sefa leave to oal! tbeattectian of his frieoda an? e public feneraily to hia New Store, under Wiltardea Hotel, juat opened, in ovaiiexiou with hia old establishment, where he wi.l be happy to rsoeiveany orderaforaaperiorConfeotiona of hisowi importation. Also, ail Oi-Jera for Du^ra, iaryera, Balla, and Private Parties, which will be served uj> In hie micutab.e at^le, with the earns promptness and dia Pftuin viimn nn n*.i? nnnf?nn inflwr n* V T W.M. T. DO VK k OO. AlENov prepared to axeonUi any order* vitk whioh they may be favored in the PLUMBJNG, ?A9 OJJ Jj^EAM F1TT1N9 j ICT Store on Kh iirwt, ? few door* aorth of Pa. i avenue, where ma; be found a oomalete aeeortiaenl 9Ai' ""fig? PUR ET>Lf> RYK WHISKY.-Oa haud eevera brand* of Pure OW Rye WhWky, Copper Dietilled. marie by the moet reliab.e dietillere in Peuaeylvaaia, Mfcrrland and Virfiaia, warranted tore, Aleo, Imported Hrandiee, Henneeey, Qtard Depey It Co.. Jules Bol.ina, ko. Aleo. Peaoh and Apple Branny, pure Holland ?ia, o?d Jamaica aad St. 1 Croi* Rum, and Winae of every variety, alt *4 ] tandard braade. A oboiee lot of Cicara and To- 1 baooo. Y??rNO k kbPHART, AeeSw. U-lv P? a?..hetw g >j?dT?*? >t?. i FHLOUR. MEAL, MILL FEED, Ae. Juet reoei ved oe conn?nmeat? _ ?AM>m? superior uranu 01 iresu grtMIM Mim r, Extra and Superfine Flour, 3D tibia. No. 1 Rye do., 1 Fresli froand Corn M?al and Mill Paed of all kinds constantly on hand, for aale low in lota to suit *u P. L. MORRISON k. CO. i IM oaaaot nil to cits entire wmfamiw In ooa amen. a COUNKAU .Frvwietor of tte U < 1? WttkV flrava^v Wf 1 I 275 ALkKN 275 1 JACKSON. PLASTER ? n 9% PxmiAi Afintii i Batoraaainth aad ll? atr?to. fa 1? J nUPONT>fl filTNPOWDUL SoU Agtfuv for tk? Dftnei * 1 E??r? Com?r. Wa*fciw?t"O^K. ^ ] GOOD LfG?T^p ^ PAR AFPlNE^Ol!..from Cod. U| W' < KINO * BUROn^XL, t MS Af*M(artka?i?. 1.I.9.LUUL ?.i.vtrvT AUmi, I LjUtA*.MeTT?AU^VJijvjigI ^ I eUT Brtiw, Mim.H { I Pflll n^oto? ib in* Mifte 0*?rt <x Jphai Ar <1 >**- ai Jkc.k*oa. tto ratnl M to0?UIM(SltoMtfc I mi, uU viliiuiAM to U.<* Qlaaa* B pINE PIANO* FUR KLVt W au xi mi v? m W? FI X TU ft Kt?. ^ ~ J E Mtw iti ?Wr?. ami ar? <1a. ? m?ivar,#H rilTOftKSai?txrw \?w 1'aUTtmaad flami I umI Finiah. ?oonor in utile to anything btrtflftn I offered in tkia market. w? invit*citiran* nam! I It to oall aad tiamia* oar atoek of Oaa and WMar I risturea, faeltug ooaMant tfcat ? bava lif Waat I oiaotod stock ta Washington I All Work ia tbs aher* ba? latraated to otr?N I W bojiiBflii ,l,"||(gjl|4 MaGHAN. I wnf '' 11 Ml W 7 Atlk*L*wU Pricti I ? at I BAI.LA NT y N K'lt, 4#9 t^lTMTl 8T ' aaO-lw AboT> Odd Vallowa' r F DIRECT IMPORTATION. _. RK.NCM LETTER AMU NOTE PA I'M I oat laayortod from Frmaoa a .a-ge ai.d cilf Urfo srsas2.1f.frs? ti.2r r:^e?rr "ii:" L"re" Il^*cha;?S^K? j of oar pamphlet* to K? l<nmd wttfe all dealer a. iM more pm.rti.fVHkf jr to parafeat* only of Uw who I oaa badapeaaad up?a. we wait ta eoefciecioe laa | daoieioea of Patienta aad PUvsio-aa*. I "Prtoea wiUuc reach of a Tv I W_ _ aniiix unn. I . W. Rtiiiwul * Co., V and 9 C?mn?r?al V 6*rf Hoaton. i Sta Htr.iiwb.1, l?t Water It. N?r VorL ? mui., vmm *icnatare oovara the oo ki <(tm genuine only, and to whoct addreae all MDiflMH aatiuLi. Bold ur all raapaotaMo dealera eiaija^la lad all the Draftista la Waahiartoa and Ge?fcatoww. The aabaeriber beg a leave to inform tna>Mtiaoaa of WajhiBjrtou,Georgetown and AlexaSm* Ifcat ha hap add^i to hie lout actaUiahed l?4ni lb auxiliary of atoam power for aawing and fiaikt tuiiu* Marl.Ie aid Brows Stone *ork la Wr varioii branehea, Marble Mart#, a, Table aacwaak SI To??, Tile. Mon?iu**ta. Tomb aad Head a, Rata, Wiadow Ltate a, Sal a, Hirf aad urina. Having ?aroii%*eda largo atoek oilbflia Macule ia block Jroiu firathat:de,at tb? oweAifcK, ae feeli o< iifideut of bring aUetn fartuhfliAe work aa low aa it can he puroiiaaed ia Newport, Philadelphia. or Bait more. Tho 'rod# adbptiW with I tali an Marble ia U<x>k or a alia at UTiaa* rate aa foruiahed ia New Vork.and ?a t-ewmm* JuUnc taraa. A ieo, ?>u h&ad. a tarf* acpplj af Puii.ioeStoue, Water of Ayr Bote aad 1'i^elli* ratty at New Yo?i prieee. KiH>inr?p tha aatet I pnaa; it will be aa aoeuisitiou to the city. ^ A|TkX. RUTH Kit F?>R ? PUmmr Sttmm Jlar+fc mui Ihmm Simu fat*. jt rv< M B>l Vll| OWIH mrjvim J AS. MoDONttEl.L. ') ttenvnu A|Mt, jyll-?otr MituuMt XT. O, R-Ji T. VNNEWELL'8 UNIVERSAL COUGH REMEDY, For all Tkroat and Lvtig Complaint*. ftam Common Cough* to Actual Consumy Jm HUNNKWELL'S JUSTLY CKLKIRATK9 TOZjU anodtoh Tks Natural and Sure Remedy for oM JWrmm Complaint*, ? Fro* NMraic>* Uirovci ail cu? ?liSPiMi m *? ?**1 lo ILai uf iMiriua TrwoiQanM tiamui Otlltff (MM of risr^i6 LlM3 OF 8LFKP. Tb?Ti-'? Anourn*. th..?eh ??>nUi???t aM inrbo'? or Optu w, yrod??M Mi tk* r?^ui eina?to ?C and mt? b? MK to OWN vkmm o?i?a m um4 witiinai mo |eui| Utt Curoa^*^ 1m?iw U?f p*u?iitia iMriwt? uaturk' <&{?. TU?? tiaveiMJ CoM\k.*mtxl j, (fri**! fr. m lit ^ the outnuiou obeotion of 'Vagh KeinrutM vl/rk O* Cdca? iitiiMt or proctrsAivu.i *nt) k? ooMidsrid I oommoB >umiy toil Thru?t ?ud Luac CowpifinU. mmI ?Mii with perfect inipguitj A?k.u? fell u> oourt (row ?ro|ri?tora or triend* the / ? yf Ibt?titfctioB of both R?w?dtr>.?wd rwuiiM M It malt !> ofth* F'RST CONSEQUENCE lO 0Y9TJ family U> kBOV of REMEDY at OBM Saf?, Srt' f v. ?*W KArarvmu. DR. MONTARDB, or Pabi*. " MIRACULOUS PAIN KILLER M Up m< >?t CERTAIN AND EFFECTUAL REMEDY FOR THE ABOVE COMPLAINTS In or4t to aatiafy THE PUBLIC Uat bo lapoiiuoi l* iBl?rxl?d in U* ?a.? of Uis THE MONEYrWlLlf B^kEFCNDED m H eatet ben the medicine ful? U> fire aatir* a>iihotn> f Aik. Un tt Mr Dric SWra fur . f DR MONTARDE'9 1 MIRACUI?OOS PAIN KII LER.i I take m directed, lid if not perleotly ululM I Retnra to our Ai<>ct. I DT H/CLARK. ESQ- % 4X Street Pem.ejNaaia A??ih, 1 who will rererd yo*r money. 1 Prioe?84 and ? Cmu pet Bottle. Da. ? ?11 A* ? A tor. O. J. WOOD, prwpri'tar, 444 N?? | York, ?nd 114 St. U?ii. Mn.nid ^dj>r *11 food l>r?(|tiU. Price Um Dolts: p?r 1 PROP WOOD'S I RESTORATIVE CORDIAL \ BLOOD RENOVATOR ( ?n Sft-eol*. %lw . \ I T PROCLAMATION! I O THE CITIZENS OF ! WASHINGTON, BK(iRSETOWN,4?, *r*-r,"*,At tli* prsmnt muoi o the r?r CHOLERA MORBUS, DIARRHEA, CHOLIC. DYSENTERY, DYSPEPSIA, I DEBILITY,Ae, f prrvsi! to an kitmuof ax Mat: t a*d ttkttmu, .... 1 ami. ?? >11 nut ; an w. lito?, mi iriuii * I ??kMi. ud uuiur.a.ed ab?va. W* vitk.xi j *; tb* travel* r rip ?a/I to pidwiuioi, cha^i*) of I oiimata ami viil fiod it a pi aaaLt mu**ii4 I urtrCTcdi.tnd mi ihoulo ?*er traval ?itij I out Ravl-r. try it, lor w? a?aar? ?<> iua aill ! find in it a fri?nil md-Ml u wHI la I It i-a?l ? ??> <1. ! All persona of wdr.twr hatHU will lint it * ?? fro' f atabll Vd ? I, KM Vt.lkt toirf for Uli'Mftll111 miu which tn*? are particular.) hf aad U??i.oj a.u>i*t*ra, aiudanta, attorney, litarai* Sail ladi*a who at? n-t accost mad U> much oat- I door exerot.0, wiM feud it to tU*ir idtuutr to 1 kMi a to it a ronatai.dy au h* above a'i M mothara or t*o?? : muhiidi such. will ao th ou?li i that nioat danaaroaa p*ri<>d ? t on i with all thwr aooua omwl atrai f th, tat aafe an ! fw fi?>n> lha I thousand aiimtta ao ?rrral#nt amour tha fawiaia portion of tha wo. Id. Id short. ia mrfaed a aanthrr I cordial. Try it old and )<>?mr: no frr ran in* . risk of daisy : it will raliara ar d yr?i*a itaaif am- I phaUaally m Ksaimalirt Cardial aai KhtuJ ?? ? h?ww> wnic V oidlAi mm! H mk) M ei < *Stor'l* ?a I ?vt to oar* 11 tb? ?u i< u> r'M aid n t ? no ai?t?k* thou it. Hot Ui' u Ml fell II tM ?T ?urn ia ?Mt*a*d w? m? *f*i to b>Uou? Ml?aka. th? I.r*r t.^eowa* tor jm. or arora* <n?. a>?J, i tba kutocya r?f?M t-? H'fura ik'U UMtiaaa, n I A VMNlmkM wuli aaliiaa and iiM>oi<ur>**a? or I trtu*.?ria>?^*lkii dlaou'i* oftk* bum, pan i it the I'luA, aiua MM U twa^ii tba ahoaldora. at V OMdintlT liable to alif ht o<>vgba, aiol u an cfeaokM. (u?a tMeiatiun fulloai.tDd IH pttimil goaa down to > ?IkW (ran. Hot a??>? I mot ftllov u* to MiMii*?raie U>? m?L' il.a *?> a an nab!* in*Mkai?l condition <>| tba >?trni. Bat va will uj ia Una Cordial mm) Blood K n..v? tor toi have a fi tact, m o, ?l?a?i.t aini *f?aft?al roModr lor loaa of AM uu, btlirniueaa Ftata taoea. w?ak ai?<? aid Mum?1i. Ikmuh, I iv?r Complaint, ClullaaiMl K>v?i.uiU' U ai?u?lUk, Cotttvanaaa, Acidity of tbaM mauli, ,Nerw>aaaaaa. Nauiaijia, raJf t?tioi: of tbe Hrarl. Derr*.?..>? of9pirlta.Sor?a. I'unptoa on tba Fld.itrl*! ?1ii mm ariaiuf from impure b'ooJ. audi aa xorofu a, pirraipeiaa, BrviKtliiii*. Ct 'b.difto?M| ul kraath MISCELLANEOUS. 1 PROF. WOOD! RESTORATIVE CORDIAL f AJ?T> BLOOD RENOVATOR It pr*eift+iv w??%t iU i mi* indioatt*. for, p|8t*ut to lh? rt? iTifiiii. to*ifoittiuf and atreuctteriuf to t*? vita ^v?i, and at Uw *am* time ravinfeea. reiaatatee. and ra ntvi Um Biootf la t I ita oriav al pa it?. and thua M una* riM?r? Ma raUati tit ?v?<aaa? lata'afatu I# mttmrLt *f Joaax It la th only preparation ever > tfVred to the twliwitw laally ?4 ill rally o mbaned Htob* ta* Boal poWerfal Ummo, tad attkaaaane t n>* ao peifeclli adapted to. m u. aot in prrfocl acoordaiioe with the lava of ?U?<>. and kaeae will teeth' tk* ?nai?ii ilaiiaf*. a?.J toe* ay the dijeativ? ur(u?. ud Uaa ailat ?i a* > vnaeMotkarimiMivR. Itnparl*dtli ukilen ting Mid at the ae?e time it la o<>ny< iw eatirtli ri|if haw yet eo oou?t>in?-d ta to prodaca Ik a taoet UoruMth toaie tisot, without prodaoiaa a?y tajarioaa oone* <aeno*a. Pueh a '? <? >*a S*an re t to be a deaid?rataia it> Um mad* . wor 4, for it aeeda a? akill to aae teal debilitv fo .ova all attack a ol dieaaae. aad laaia a- 4 in deed tat a lite ay atom ui a to Uie laeidioae *Ua> >a of maay of U?? Mat iata . nui:e, ? the following: Coaaymrtioa, ludueettoa, Dyearpeta. Loat of .Apartite, Famine a, Nrrr^aa liritaa* Hy, N'u-a | > Paleitadua r>t the heart. htfiaaea*? >. Night ?wrata. (Aanr, Oid<Ma*aa. It ecrelaea et. aa we'I aa Palatal obetraetrd too (tiliae, ur loo aa?at Maaatraatioe. ai d Fa una of the Wwi,li Taeae ali depead aaaa genera) debt I it*. Thi<pa<-, L^iaw. a "

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