Newspaper of Evening Star, October 5, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 5, 1860 Page 1
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0 / firming Slur. ' *' -' * ' ' * ? j .K;* - . ?.*. * : . ij VQ j . I .. . * '". ~ ' V2i. XVI. ^WASHINGTON. D. C.. FRIDAY. OCTOBER 5. I860. N?. 2.881. THE EVENING STAR u PUBLISHED EVBRY APTERNOON, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED,) AT TOT STAR KCIUHNdS, Vonut #/Ptnnsylvarua avtnue and 11(4 ft., W. D. WALLACH. rarer* Mfwd in package* by Mrrim at < a yea*. <n JT oenU p5r month. To mall aob*?rtb?*? the pnoe te R3A) a year, *? adixuue; $i for lis mom he; Rl for threa month a, and for 1m* than three m >ntha at the r*.?o of H nenta a veek. SlBmie OOpi??, Oil* CSMTi ! TWO CBIT*. 17 Auv tirt<ninin uoiid b? mi to tht oAm bel >r? Uo'c.ock m ; otherwise thay vnmy aota?a>r until th? n*xt<laT. The tM KirtitUa ( Walker. / Wiun'i TIUL BY Court MUTUL ? Hie Last Dtiso Spiich-Uu Fcll Comiuox at thk or Kxicctio*?Hi la Satisritr with Hia !??iti!ici-Hg Una a (ioop Roman Catholtc " f Translated front tbe fiiario de la Marina,Sep W.) Wt tue itniwr Oareola. wtaleb arrived >?4#rday at llatabano fn>?n Truxillo, we have received ltfti r* that Rive us aa arconnt of tbe tragiesi end of lb- fcn. it filibuster We insert them below; and it Ts highly satisfactory to note tbe Christian death of the celebrated filibuster. It ia a ^re-at jKty that a man capable of such sentiment* should have led a life during which be ranaed so naay diaaatrrs t<> humanity it I> not lcaa satisfactory to us t.? aee bow mercifully disposed ttap aawioeitles of Honduras were to tbe gratuitous dittnrb^rs oftlie tranquility of the country. The gift of life cou<~eded to the second in command is aa eloquent demonstration of the noble spirit which prevailed th?re. us Is also I be humane and generous treatment shown to the officers and Midlers of the expedition. Tte writers who daily Insult these countries?for w hich they cannot Hod epithets sufficiently hard?may here learn all that there is respectable and honorable In the sentiment* of which the authorities of Honduras have just given procf. Here are the letters; Tkcjillo, Sept. 18,18?0. The capture of Walker and some seventy Indl idiah of his party having been effected by Gea. Alvarez, who with 400 men pursued them In connection with the steamer Teams. I am about to narrate to you, circumstantially tbe particulars of the entrance and execuiion of the chieftain. On tbe jthinst . at the moment that Gen Godoy,with tit* xntillarvtrrvin fsiiitAmala a^t trail with tarn vessels to join lien. Alvarei. tbe schooner Correo caine to anchor in tbe fort, bringing ba<-k the expedition of Gen. Alvarez himself. The Icarus remained behind from motives of convenience, but abe alsocam* to anchor during the nlgbt. Tbe next day, at 4 o'clock in the afternoon, three great launch?! (the very onea used by the Invaders) were brought alongside of tbe steamer to receive the prisoners who came aahore under ewird of the aanaesof Uie Icarus. I'pon disembarking, the marines marched Drat; tbe floadureao troops came next, imrchlaff In hollow square with the prisoners in tbe center. With the errentton of a few fUihnat?r? all ?.? party Looked Ilk* eorpa??. tome of tbe no apparently iu tbe last agonlts. With their sad and languid looks tbey appeared to curse tbs leader wbo bad brought tbero to such dire extremities. The march at the entrance was slow and solemn. Walker, at tbe head of bis people, marched to tbe top of tbe drum, and was tbe observed of all obatrver* As s<x>n as Walker entered tbe prison be wa heavily Ironed, and asked if be wanted anything He only asked for water He then sent for the chaplain of tbe port, and profeaalug bia faith as a Rim an Catbollr, he was seen thereafter almost constantly kneeling at tbe feet of th? priest In front of a small altar, on which by the dim light of the taper* the image of Jesus was distinguished. Among other things be one* said to the Captain. I am reckoned to die?my political career is concluded " Oa the 11th Inst., at 7 o'clock p m. Walker was iiutiufu 01 on irnienrc ri armu 10 mil niruiog Intelligence the o.ily reply he made w to uk at what hour it would be executed, and whether he bid time to writs. Ua the 12th, at 8 o'clock a n?., th* culprit inarched to the place of execution. He walked wltb a eraeiflx in his band, upon which he bent all hia regard*, looking neither to the right band nor to the left, bnt listening piously to the psalms which the priest recited In Ma ear He entered the hollow tquare formed by the aoldi>-ry to the place of execution, and there, full of resignation. he pronounced the following word* : >? [ am a Roman Catholic. The war which I made upon Hondaras, In accordance with the auggeationa of aome Ruatanoes. whs unjust. Thos- who accompanied m- are not to blame. I aloue uii guilty. I ask pardon of the people 1 receive urati. with resignation?would that It may be for -Jlfee oood of society " Walker died with remarkable fortitude. Hta V^pnaina were placed in a tomb, and re?t In peaee a fpr a perpetual example. Oue day after the execution of Walker, the A me rican schooner John R. Taylor, with reinforce men's and arm* for tb? filibusters, anchored in the port; but she syon diappeared, having recognized the forces oi the republican power. The Immediate arrival of aa American war st?iruer Is auiiouoced, and It Is considered probable that other vessels, with reinforcements for the uuhappy e*pedltlon will arrive, as the promoters tdereof lu the United States are Ignorant of the fate of Walker. T?DJiLLo, Sept 18, I"10. The bend of marauders which the buccaneer Walker romuiauded with the title of General having bern captured, the Commander of the port. J). .Norberlo Martinez proceeded to try by ? court martini Walker and b!s second, F. A R (idler The case was referred to the chief of tLc -I" restoring force. General D Mariano Alvarez, who . * after having beard the criminal! in their own be** half, sentenced the first to capital punishment, -i-tfnd the second to four years imprisonment, both | Mii?aeu wiin lbs aeutence. Tha defence Mile br tbe criminals themselves does not coa ton^Sa any attempt at excnlpatlon; and on tbe conSlCoI Rudler, the second in command, hn led to Commander Martinez, through the ium of tbe English Consul, a communication ii Testing bis gratitude to tbe Republic for tLe Wry in which he has been traatcd. Tbe rent of the expedition?some seventy odd?have been pardoned under the condition and oatb that tbey would never enlist again for any similar vandal expedition against any republic in C. ntral Africa Walk'? was shot; and tuSered the prnalty in the old riaza de Armas, which comrouaicat'S with tbe mole on wbich he disembarked on th< morning of Augastftth. Those who bsve been > pardoned still remain in Trujillo, while a vessel fs p'eparlng to take them back to the United Miu-s Tbey are v?Ty well treated, and even ltdtes of tbe highest rank, forgetting tbe fatigues or tb"!r raccnt fltiibt, assist the tick and wounded. Tbo forces of the Government comport themselves with so much propriety. that even foreign * era admire tb?ir subordination. i*i ? Horrible C?a4iti?a ( the Mlcki|*a Jail* aid Hsspitals. That estimable ladv, Miss Dorothea Dix, wboae ctforts lu behalf of the sullering and tb? errlni; lavr produced many radical changes In the ooiiM"n of pensl and charitable Institutions, La* attuded ber travels into Michigan. The prompt a?d?tsnr* of humane men of thAt region enabled J investigate the evils of the State system of iments and charities. The developments have resulted from this visit are dtagracet he State. From a long tattle Dealers we select the following: evlons to bet visit to Detroit, Miss inx topped alliaUm<izoo to examine the State Asylum fsvf um Insane. At tbis place sbe met the Rev Dr. NMBafffM. who accompanied ber in her Inspections, Soto at that place and in this city. Sh* expressed jr^rwt satisfaction at the condition of affi.r* ?? Lainmaxov. and complimented tbe superintendent Tl|p?i hla administration Tbe reel MMnt of ii ,?4be case is more complimentary to the head of the adtotabl lot meat than to the State administration. Which gain* the credit, for among other fccts * 4rongbt to light w*a the very aigqifleant one that ? money has been furnished for the equipment aad support of the Asylum within two years, and Ja#at over fdeOO has been borrowed in Wall rtiwt. and other usurious localities, to keep the establishment alive *j "Arriving In Detroit, the wot* of inspection waa continued without a moment's delay The Jail. long an eye-eote and ajwnt to|^eov m unity, tecelred 1U share of regard, and was pronomieed. as we have time and agala pronounce! It, one of a cteaa which has not more Ml two or three equals la the United Stat*?. The system at herdlag all a?ee and claaaea of criunaaU together, to the Inevitable ruin of the urfbftcuale :biTdren and *tne leas culpable cMmlnaie, who >ate thrown wltnia the corrupting lnflnnoce. exrlted her In* dlgnatlon and earnest remonstrnnet.' while tbe eaae with which the sexes obtained conversational intercourse waa equally reprobated ?* 41 There ware about two hundred pen per* in tbe ^ poor house at W ayne. In varlone stages of filth and ne*s. and the condition of the place In regard i to cieanltaeee waa not deemed very creditable to ?l the header. The faults in this depart meat, la the M Minion of tbe eminant philanthropist wheauper^ Jftthdadth-I n*fwct'ea. mlrht be remedied by fYU^knd atteutiou To the objection that too much elennllaeaa would make tha ni<r? tn> u. lgn MB, ate untd ihtt th? cwItwt (fleet would lv?^^2Hptn?d H*r theory, oudoubtodiy derived M<flmfecuato?iod to ll?? in flUh ud wr5cb??rCtnd II MI til m sod compulaory rloudliw-M a w onuf itu say otiur tU> could be JStttmvvwn DcaTB or A? A.CXO* ?The member* DMib, Knnfeel tod Motley theatrical corpt Uve ^one of Unrir v. uog membera, lomh I nJVwalln. who died iadd?lT?J PetoribM2,IV?. I ICAjL ,llday nU:bt He retired to bad U food ?gj^"~?7. ^eote radd* in ?<or York, and be I TTTA few ntgbti avo, Mra. John Falk, wko Uvea la Guyaa townablp, Virginia, awoke Ler buabaad, and lariated on hie examining th? bed clothing, to rttmare a lornat, wkick aba waa ronfldeot wja concealed intbem. He aearch"d them once, but discovered nothing, and went to ale?p again. But Mra Polk waa not to be aatiafl.d R?*n abe lnaiated on a aeeond examination, and 'bla time Mr. Polk dlacovered a ratUe-anake, three ?m?. ?? . uda >1111 quite a number of workmen employed making Dew improvements on his present tltmnrr. He rou ber out every few dan,and each time finds three improvement* to work satisfactorily. Hla vessel la quite an object of curiosity. Nearly all strangers coming to 0tft\more pay It a visit. JCT" Dorlng the performance of the Octoroon at the theatre In Portland, Me., In the acene where Zoe Is about to take tba poison, Nathan Winalow astonisbod both audlenca aad actors by mating upon tha stage and seizing Zoe. (Mta Kimberly) shouting out la highly excited manner, "Hold Zoo-doot take It' I command, the undergo aod railroad. Fly! fly with me aad >ou are ,mr? Come to Canada, to the possessions of Quean Victoria, and yon will be free! free! free'"' Manager MacXarland soon set tha things to rights ana tba excited gentleman left the stage. hundred dollar nugget at Leavenworth will probably rearh you by mail ortd-vraph. The largest lump really taken out as )etln tbla region wa? worth about Sl'?-. Manufacturing uug^etx Is an old uam* which baa frequently been played In California " TBI Wifttas STgAMKR ? Anotker Skip to be Built?Tk$ Oc*ait ( b* Crowd t? Five JJavi? The Baltimore correspondent of the New Orleans Picayune says I have learned, upon authority that admits of no doubt, that Thomas Wlnana, Esq., proprietor aad Inventor of Wlnana' new steamer, designs, at an early period, building another vessel on the ame plan, on a much larger scale. She will be between Jive and six hundred feet long, proportioned otherwise to correspond. It is confidently known by Mr. Wlnana and some of hia special frienda that the experimental steamer now built has made thirty aulas an hour with ease, ta soine of bar private trial trips, thus perfectly satisfying Mr. \V in regard to speed. Hia great ambition is to craas the Atlantic In five days or less tlmo, and in anticipation of ao (treat a triumph In ocean steam navigation, he Is determined le build another ship. She will be next la slxe to the Great Eastern. Mr. Winans haa aet b!s whole heart upon perfecting this enterprtae, and bet ng 'worth tea to twelve millions of dollars, will spare noexpaane In so doing. If no other benefit saould result from It, he considers he la doing good In being instrumental In giving employment to poor laborer* and deserving mechanics No better means could bs adopted in bestowing charity, or ia manifesting approved qualities o; U>iiav..l?? ?- ' iiimitr? raca, -nnmng- xnemsel??-?; and from twenty-tire to thirty, board included The trip occupies from eighteen to twenty-tlve days, nryl gives more riding for tbe time money than he can i obtain lu any other region west of tbe railroad. The distance la abou' seven hundred mile* " Tbe following passage, from the same letter, perhaps explains tome of tbe extraordinary stories which have been told la times past in relation to Immense Unuggeta:" "A gentleman starting for Leavenworth lest Saturday. decided to take in his gold in one lump, rather than in dust, r^o he employed a skilful workman to melt It and mould It in tbe sand lato an irregular mass, bearing very elepe resrmblaiif a to a natural nugget. Its value was about twentyfour hundred dollars. The report obtained credence that it had been taken out of the Georgia Gulch, and caused a gieat deal of excitement Hundreds of persoas examined It, a?few of whom w< re confident that it was manufactured, while many were absolutely certain that it was genuiue, pointing out what they deemed incontesttble evidence of It, ai d oSVrlni( to back their opinions by wafers. It will no acubt produce a furore on the river; and before you receive this letter, lntdilgM'-rof the arrival of tbe prent .. ....._ ... Mtvi uc ten hit; i CIICUUIIvcrcu aiutuer old friend, just in from the tame gnkh. He ba* (pent only four months In th? diggings, hut ban cleared several thousand dollars. He gives an excellent Illustration of the uncertainty of ^old mines Karly In the reason he owned a claim in California Gulch, which yielded him one hundred and ttfty dollars above expense, and was then exhausted. The claim adjoining, upon one side, yielded four thousand dollars; that upon tie other so far from paying anything. Involved Its owners in debt more than a thousand dollars ' The usual fall caravans of returning -pilgrims' are now leaving dally for the Missouri river Some of the miners are taking In their 'piles'; but they are outnumbered, ten to one. by thosr who cirry leaa, or, at all events, very little more tnone/ than they brought out. Passengers are tiken from here to Leavenworth and St Joseph by horse and mule teams for from twelve to fifteen -4-11 * -* * * * * " vi www ms* miimt ?ua? lucic uuuiu oo hi mc wiuc world a man who could visit bis house with the fiendish purposes you did. The father has the consolation that you did not and could not pollute the uilnd of bis daughter; aad that aotwitfcstanding this great crime against her she will be as much respected by all whose respect is valuable as she has always l>een. lint this does not In the least palliate your offence. It Is inconcelvablc by me bow, at the age of twentytwo years?for you say that is your age?you i could nave reached such a depth of depravity as you have. You cannot have reached it by a ! bound; but you must have done so through a course of wickedness commencing with the days of your youth. I'pou one so thoroughly depraved 1 words of advice and counsel, at this time, would be thrown away The Court are of the opinion that you are unfit to live In a civilized community; that you have forfeited all tbose righta which men bold moat dear; aad that you should be placed where no member of society will ever a^aln stand In fear of von. Our sentence Is that you be confined at hara labor in the State Prison at Auburn for the term of your natural life. Thx Pica's 1'zak Gold Digger* ?A correspondent of the Cincinnati Gazette, writing from Denver City, under date of September 15, aavs: " 1 met an old acquaintance yesterday, who has spent tbe whole of tne pest summer and the previous season hard at work in tbe variousdiggings, and yet is poorer to-day thau wben he first came here, in May. 1359 He i* frugal and Industrious, but has only drawn blanks in the mining lottery. within ?n hnnr *ft?? 1 1 by many in greater abhorrence than murder Itself la my own judgment, if any crime deserves death it Is this one. I uder any conceivable circumstance! it ia a detestable crime; but under the circumstance* of this caae it was atrocious We are informed that on the evening of the 13th day of May last, having taken possession without permission of some person's horse and buggy wagon, yow left the village of Geneva, where you live, and went to the house of Mr. Jedediah Pleraon, mm of the moat respectable farmers in the county, a ad, tliere, under the false pretence that some neighboring woman was very sick and needed Immediate care, you induced him to let his daughter, about the age of 17 years, accompany you on wlu<t he supposed waa an errand of mercy. Having thus lured her from her house, and taken her to a place where her crlea reald not be heard, yon forced her to submit to the gratification of yoar lust We can now nee that it was Indiscreet for Mr Pieraoa to allow his daughter to go with you, a stranger to him; but the good man thought only of the "sick neighbor who needed a woman ' rare," and doubtless the thooght, up to the time of the commission of Uiia crime, never once nPi>cso/1 Kla mlml lK?4 *> ??.?! J W.-*. I? ai a - Irat U Slat* PHhi for Life l?r ( tmlttiac Rape. [From the Rochester Uslon, Oct. l.J The cue of jRodney Is one of deep interest in the vicinity where it occurred, and has created intense excitement. Rodney lsa native of Geneva, ami has always borne a low aud villainous reputation. On the 15th of May last he took poeeestiaa of a gentleman's buggy and drove from Geneva a few miles liitoffeaeca conntjr. He called at several houses, and by artfnl Tories endeavored to indnce parents to send their daughter to a near neighbor, who, he preleuded, was suddenly taken sick, and had employed blm to seek aaaistance. At three places he was regarded with suspicion and aent away; but finally, calling at the house of Mr. J?-de<liah Pier son, a most respectable farmer, he so Imposed upon the father that he allowed his daughter to accompany him Rodnev drove to a secluded place, where the girl's cries could not be heard, and there forcibly ravished her more than once. The respectability of the girl end the previous character of Rodney Immediately raised >jeh s storm of Indignation that the people were with difficulty prevented from lynching the author of the outrage. He was arrested, lodged In Cmnandalgua jail, and at tbe St-neca Circuit, held at Ovid Inst week he was arraigned and E leaded not guilty- He subsequently withdrew is plea for thst of guilty, and received the following sentence: The offence for which yeu have been indicted, and to which you have pleaded guilty, Is one of the blackest in the catalogue of crime. It is held 1?7" FagnanJ. now in Farls, has been painting a portrait oT Lord Byron from a miniature pilnted at Venice (n 1320, and given by the poet to Madame de Botssy. then the Count?* Ouieciob. and which has never before been copied. Madam* Boissy, as we are advised. pronounce* Fagnanl's copv the beat portrait of Lord Byrou In ex lstence. Tbe face, we learn from one who hi a aeen it, ia very beautiful, although some think effeminate; the collar la turned down, and the figure ia wrapped in a cloak of Gordon plaid. Two copies of It have been ordered already. The Hull or tub La or Eloih.?The Chicago Herald and Titnea aaya that a portion of the illfated Lady Elgin which was not shattered to pieces by the collision with the Augusta, Is now riding at anchor opposite Wlnetka, in the very track of vessels sailinir cd and down th? Lake This is a portion of the hull forward of the wheel, and which is held in its place by the ancbora attached to the n cable*, which fell overboard when ahe west down. U7"The formidable gang of ruffians known as the ttehuylklll Hangers, which once infested Philadelphia, haa been brokeif up. Four or five of the fellowa have reformed, others have ^one to sea, the remainder have just been arrested. Anns, wuuiiuw, N Experienced Nurs# and Female Paysioiai * presents to the attention of mothers, her SOOTHING SYRUF, Par Children Teething, Whltfc frsilly f?ctut?t?< lh? pr??tM ?l ttfihinf, fe* ttftii i?f tbt fnt', rtancitg all uif?a>Mti?a?-vtir ?lfty ALL r*in ?na ?yuira?ui5itli?n,snfl ! SVRE TO REGULATE THE BOWELS. D?p?o<l apao It, ntibm, nvill fi?a Mat la RELIEF AND HE/lTH TO YOVR INFANTS Wi bin pat ap ar.d ttirt thia artiela far a?ar tao yaua.aod e*5 ut, in conrtoanca and t*cth cf it,?b*i hut aarar baaa iMi ta??? iaay af any OTHIl Madicioa? l?B??R MRS. wa? it rAiLBD,ii? a iiucli iviii.rndia mi,cl1 * ,r* r BCT A CO ft I, WlSSI/uff wb>n timalr Narardid wa koaw cmiTtiJ "> Inatanea af diaaatiafaetian by any ? aaad iu On tha tamtiry.tllara SYRUP, daliffciad vilh iu oraaATion*, and ?f"> to tarma at hifhaat eonmendiuao af its m\-ieaf affaela and madieal nrtaaa. Wraapaakm ;hia raicar ? what w? do now," aftar tan yaara' aipariaw&a,aRD FLIdbi ooi liri'T^rioit rot th? rciriLMiM or what wi niii oa. cVaBB. In alroeat a?ar; inat*j>?a whara (ha infant la aafar* In j frpm pnm and aih*aa;ian, rahaf will ba foand infflaaa ; I twenty nmitii artar lb* ajrsp i* atmlnMltnd. This HlwUt praparatiao i? tha pr**eripu?ii tf an* *f lb* matt ItrmiKiID and ftlLrPL I*rnu in Ni* En*. laad, udtu b**n at*d with navU-rAlLtW* acccBll la THOUSANDS Oh CASES. It aM Ml? rati** tb* ekitd fr*ia pain, bat ln*if*r*taa tb* Unmeb and baw*i*, carraeti a?iduj, and fi?** (*c* and *mtrgy ta tb* wbal* ajr.ttn. It will el man inauntl? r*li*?? Gkipins is tui Bowbls and Wind Colic, and avarcama camalaiaot, which, If 4?t apaadUv ramadiad and In daatti. War ?iin fc*li*T* it tb* HIT t^DICIIITtlM- FOR M>T Ua lb* WOBLD la all eaa?* *( DTI- CHILUKE1 WiTltT and DIAlt till IN chil- TKKTHI^K dkbn. whatlur It an*** (ran t**:hinf * * (ran an* oihii aaa**. W* w*al<laa* it atari ma*Jiar aio haa a thill mmL Faring Train any of thi lori|?iti( complaint* ?DO HOT LIT TOUR rKlJVDICII, ROB TNI rilBJL'DICB* OF OTMIH9 taod bimin y?ar laftrlnf child ?nd tha rtliaf (bat will ba m-;h, AISOLCT1LT la r?l!?? lb* of lb madicina, if tirraly sand. Fall dirteticra er sting will a MWi aacb hortia. Nona faoaloa snlaaa tba fae-aiaila CBRTli * PKR.KIN8.Naw York, la an iba aauiJa wrapp* old ?y Drwrrta a tbrnsjhosi tba waiM. Principal Omes, Na. II Caiar I'jaat, N. T. Prlaa aalrlS Ganu [ar Uauia. Mll-Mwlit Eagle iron works, cuhmik Ohio Av. and Thikteknth St. KRJCSSON'S CALORIC ILNUINES. Tlie undersigned have been appointed sole gienti in tin a oily fur the manufacture ami tale of the above Kiuiuea. and are pruparud to supply all orders with firoinp'nes* and diHpatoh. These engines have ?een sati.-daotorily introduced, and are now practically employed in liakerie*; by tniokbinders; for boxwood cutting; by ?abinet makers; for drawing (An blowers to ventilate building*; for pumping; for domcstio purposes; elevating gram; g.ass cutting; ginning ootUii.; grinding uuartz; grinding paints; grinding sugar caue on plantation* iu Cuba; for hoisting; for k&itling innuiime*; by manufacturers of pla.ed ware; of printers' materia!, of silver ware, of agricultural implements; of inatdiea; of hooped ekirts; lor pumping at railroad ?UtiOMUl n boar I hips; fur sewiag mashiues; for job printing ami priiititiK daily newspapers; for various plantation u???; f >r sawinz and planing lumber; for picking h&ir: for polishing comits; for shoeinaVera' usee; for a&nd sifting; turning; tobnoao cutting and pulveriz:ng; in tanneries ant! w re mating establishments; for aoda water manufacture; for l?one crushing; nia t inaaiiiuif. towing; grinding cutlery, Sic. Tlify are ine.\plo?i ve; economical; easily managed; they require no engineers; uaa no water; and consume very littlo fuel. Any pnraondesirous of using these Kr.gtuer, oan by application to tno undersigned be shown a large number of teatirno'oais from persons who have tliem in daily uae, expressing tlieir entire satisfaction in their operation aud us? Prices of the engines as established by the I'atMlM: 12 in. cjl'r $350 11R inches cylinder, 95Sf> Double 24 " 1,400; 32 * " 14jo 32 " 2.?>0n .?> " " 2,3 f> " 40 " " 44 " tjil " ' 5.?II0 " W " 9^|?|24 " . " 750 We are are a!so prepared to furnish, at short notice, Architectural Castings, from any designs that may be furnished, aa cheap as can t*> obtained els-jwnere. Also, 9team Engines, portable and station ary; high or low pressure; saw aud grist mills; hydrostatic, or other presses ; boilers for heating buildings, wrought iron water tanks; shafting, gearing, Ac., for tiourmg or other milla, and forging of all kinds. _ _ to CKm. a 11' tl If r?? to nr? /? BO Id MWJIII H iU. ill. riiiLlS 9L DIVU. Furniture Wareroonts. (/ wall /TITarnard vL ?re now receiving, on consignment, Ml ~afc?5iat thoir Warrp'oins. corner of C I 1 I and Ninth streets, (in the roar of their miction rooms,> a v.-ry large and geuer&l assort meat ?{ FI KMTURK, CARPETS, and HOU8K KEEPING GOODS generally, whioh they invite the a'tontion of persons furnishing to examine before purchasing?among whioh far be found : Parlor Suit*, in Hrocatello, Kepsand Hair Cloth, Mayoralty and Walnut Sofas, Tete-a-tetes, auu Parlor Easy Chairs Mahoxany and Walnut Ma'ble top and othsr Tables, in great variety Marbro-t<>p Oak painted Cottage Pets Wal nut and Alshogaay Marble top plain and other Bureaus Cane aod Wood soat Rooker, Dining, Offioe and other Chairs Handsome Gi't and Mahogany Looking G asses Mahogany and Walnut Cottage and other iieds leads Cabinets, Ktageres, Whatnots and Desks Hrusse's, 3 ply, lugraiu and other Carpets; Oilcloths Marble-top, Walnut, Mahogany andjother Washstands and Hinks Hair.Shnok, and f?hu"k and Cotton Mattrassea W ith a cent variety ol other goods not here men tioned, winch will be sold vor* low. WALL k HARNARD, Auctioneers. sou lu side of Avenue, ? 2S eolm corner Pa. av. and 9th street. 1m notice; HbH I wish all gentlemen \ mH to l>f?r in mind that BHM the plan which 1 ^^ ^^^^adopted, six vears aeo, of selling ^^^^^PHATS and HOOTS at gr:atly re diced price* for cash is in successful operation. Just reoM ved a full supply ot the latent ffiir York styles of DRKS8 Ha I S. The very finest Hat $3 50; a first rate Hat 43; and very good, fashioi able Hat #2 50. All of the laUststyles of soft HATH and CAPS, at the very lo vest prices. I atn constantly supplied with a very large Mock of those fine DRESS BOOTS at #3.75?which i have been selling for many years?as woll as the very best sua! ty of PaUnt LeatherGAITKRS at #3 50. F ine French Calfskin Gaiters froin ?2 to #2 &). Terms eaebj no extra okarge in order to offset imm ueoia ANTHUhV, Agent for the Manufacturer a, Seventh etioet, aeoood bat atore from tft? corner, opposite Avenue Houae, No. 540. ae14-3m DO NOT FAIL TO CALL AT HARVEY'S, 361 C St., betieten IOia and litA. He Will today open hia lung-en?abti*hed and well known NORFOLK 0y&TEK.^cv /?\ SHUCKING DKPOT for the ihuod fmJ e ha* made arrangementa t ? receive^?\L?fr regular auppliea of the beat NORRILK OYSTER* on every Tuesday, araday.and Saturciav. He will also keep o<>n ftantij on nana a large and varied aasortment of FISH, inolnding every nort known to Waehington table*. He r*tnrna hia einoere thanka to thoee who patrontaed hia Establishment daring the Mit >ea?onf aad is eoafident that hia inoreaaed facilitiee for keeping oonatactly on hasd freak anpplie* of OVS TEWS, FIt*H, GAME. Ao., Ao., will aaply reward a ooatiaaaom of their patronage aa?l oustom. jjom m in* 10veil market prioee.Md delivered at fell part* of the eity free of cU*rre. ? KMm T. ft. HARVKY. rpuk place T . c.W'JWo, s At tk* Lotctst Prieu rn*-lm _ Aim TO Odd 'PeUow*' HaU. We .uPPW oj theee barn*. The* have been ha?H?? iu the mnrenmiia through the eneon.and ?'e in eapi*al 0,d*Ii * , KING * Bt'RCnHLU. _ Oernar ISth ?t. and Vermont avenwe V _ _ _ WATVH RlAKbH, ."40 Penn. Atenut, ntar Sevmtk Strut Entire attention given to the Repairing of Cliro nometera, Deplex &nd Lever Wlichee, fine JK n Clookt, 4c. Also, to the Kn*r?*wt ol In- /M n vit&tion, Wedding, Viiiung Mitt Profeerioua'AUK 7, C?r<U ? Wire *] POR SALIC?A pur of COACH HORSKS, ft * >onng uid faat, eukl for mo fault: tho rv b w?s. Vf?RnM^>oSr7,5fes3a wylT*Bi?>y#BHe. hntw*?ii arf %fwf 4H rtm- mm C-tf ~ "EES???---- ' T. ?SE!Sffi..; < M.HVIVH. wiiivaaicttviw ua?('Hi>iQu - * _ 1; the best in?trunient? manufactured. We Are c oonfHent that ever jbodjr will admit thu fact after \ a careful examination. Oar friend* and the aablie la (enera', are respectfully re*ue?ted to call and ? judge 'or them?lvee at the warerooura of W. 6. MKTZEROTT. ??? j FLOUE^AND* CqEXr. ft A if COMMISSION y MERCHANTS, . ? And wholesale dealer* ia^ _ r, ? MILL FEED. CVRN MEAL. fc..te.. ? Corner or 13th and B etreetc, Washington city. 0 fC7* Caeh paid for all Irind* of Grain an ttfim I pRARLES A. 8HAFKR,. I se 27 tf Corner Seventh st and Ca-ja!. F . a WOOD ?< AND " COAL Delivered to all parts of the city, at the lowest possible rates. T J. A w. M. GALT, Office USil pa. av? between llth and lfth tU , ma 17-tf north eide. /^oal! coal " " v> wood! wood!! I am dail* receiving large suppl es of COAL from i. the very l>?'st Pennsylvania niin^s, which I will sill c at reasonalt e p ices Also, the be?t quality of Oak, N Pine and Hickory WOOD, cut and ?>plii,all lengtns. p Call and leave your orders. R.W.BATES, f. Wood and Coal Dealer. se 17 (States) Cor. C and Uth st*.. mxvr Canal. ?<chool and college outfits. v Youths' and Boys' Clothing for School and * Dress Wear. Parents and guardians wishing to famish their ? ohi drou and wards with Sohool ard College OuMits v for the ooming samoo, are invited to examine nar it present large and extensive assortment BOYS' R CLOTHING, where they can fit out their children h of a'.l size* in a few moments with every desorip- <u tion of Ready-made Garments, of sulmtantial and r< durable quality, at very mr?derate prions m WALL,, STEPHENS A CO.. aa90-tt 332 Penn. avenue. WE HAVE JUST RECEIVED A NEW AS sortmeot of Steinway A Sons' over-? strung semi grand equare PIaNOS, uIMM HitTarant _kl.l. u.?I ITT a V 1 10 U II U V u raiox FIRE-WOOD MILL, f, Cttaer ?f bevrith at. and Canal. b W 0~O D of all kind, manufactured to order, any length or size, ready for use, C COAL-COAL. It We have now on hand a beautiful lot of COAL, both Red and White Ash, different ?i*e 1X7" We are now, and will he receiving Coal for y the next ten dayi, which w* acll, deliveroJ frcin ethe a reduction of oents per ton. f< Sena your orders earlv. n AlcKNEW A MARLQW, ? Priinrintnri SAW BILL ASD FIREWOOD FACTORY, * (Sia:* or the Blue Flag Staff,) 8 Senth of the Caaal, near 7 th itrret Brldjr, j Will furnish, at the shortest notice, S FIREWOOD, OF THE BEST QUALITY, f Or Ahy Ki!?d, h Cut and Split to any Dinwnsion?. ? CHKAPEK THAN THE CHEAPEST! j With full measurement guarantied. 6 l[I^ Remember, The Bit'i Flao Staff, west r ! siJi* of Seventh street, south of the, aud <>|>? , | posite the Center Market. ? GEORGE PAGE, Ayent. H7" HICKORY AN1) OAK PLANK or TIM- ft BERfofany *ia*ordimensionn>SAWED, POSTS r or JOISTS RIPPED, or LOOS SAW El), at the 1? shortest notioe C ET Small jobs of BLACK SMITH I NO promptly executed, as above. s?27 tl B B B B B ! \I RS. M. E. KINGSFORDS SEMINARY, iu 414 E St.. Washisoto.-i, i>. C. The naxt session will commence October 1st, 1K80. Terms, forwarded on application. au 16 tf MRS. A. E. BELL'S SEMINARY, Comtr of L and Tenth >tf.,Wa*nington ritg. The next session of this school will commence September 3d, l8tA The your ir ladies of the Insti- < tution are particnlarly r?*<juested to )>e punctual in 1 attendance at tiie opening of school, acd ail othrra I who wish to IxHi'inir members of the same to make ! ?arly application, as the number of pspils will bo limited. Terms, Ac., Riven on application, au a5-d3i&(>ot<Jct 15* WESTERN ACADEMY. RE Exeroises of this school, under the charge of L>r S. L LooKU. and the Primary Department < under Miss Axi!k h Pkck, will be returned Jfep 1 teinber 3d. Circulars can be obtained at thebooli- 3 ?tore? (Int.) au 17-eo^in J MRf*. BURR wifl resume the dnties of her . School on Monday, September 24. on H street, ? between 13th and 14th streets, se 4 eolm "wood and coal. " d IMPORTANT TO HOUSEKEEPERS! * TUF. P7i > VKPP t Hfjtrenett.?Rev. Geo. H. Norton, Rev. Dr. Elias Harrison, Rev. 1). F. Sprigg, William H Fowle, 1 Esq., Edgar Snowden, ligq . Edmund F Wltmer, Esq.. Henr? Marbnr?, Esq . L'-wis McKonz e, I E*q., Robert U. Hunt?*n. L?q , W. D M'allaoh, J Editor EvenincStar, Benjamin Waters. Ksq..Jan. ; Entwisl*. Jr., Esa.,Col. John W. Minor, Loudoun. ' Messrs. Blaokloek 4. Marshall, Messrs. Coise brothers. Tkbms. < Board, with Twtion in all the English Branches, for tho annual session?parable nenu-annuall\, in advance. Music and Languages at Professors' prices. JET" No extra chaises. au 23-tf T'HE PRE3COTT HIGH SCHOOL, i 1 37? Kishth St., Bktwkbi K and L Sts. i Studies will be resumed in this institution on j M<> * DAY, September 3d. Ciroularsat bookstores, i au 16-U A. C. RICHARDa, Principal. a IVfETROPOLITAN COLLEGIATE 1NBTI- f ITI TUTE S FOR YOUNG LADIES, 1 4?4 E St., bet wee* 6tk a.bd7th Stb. I Thofoarth annual session of the Institnte vtll commence on tiie first MONDAY in Septemlx*r. Applications should be made early, as the number of pupils is limited. For particulars see circulars or apply to the principals, Mr. and Mrs. T. H. H A- i | VENNER, at the Institute. an 9 tf 1 Kiieniion, nnner me moat approved system of 0?*-li?theaio?and Gymnastics, are respectfully invited t?> visit the Union Female Academy, corner Four- , teenth at. and New York av MR. A. MRS. Z. RICHARD#. , aii 30 tf Principals^ ( 1PEMALE BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL, ' ALEX.AXUK1A, VA. Mrs. S. J. MoCORMICK, P*inc:pal. The thirteenth annual aestion of this Institution < will commence on TueadAy, September 18th, in the house rocontly occupied by Sylvester Scott, E*u., No. ISO King atreet. The courae of study pursued will comprise all the branches requisite to athiy-ough English Edn oation, and Musio, Frenoh, Latin and Drawing, it il^MreO. .1 , In addition to day scholars, Mra. MoCormink is J prepared to receive a limit*! number of pupil* as i boa^dprs, who. constituting a part of her own fam- c ily, will be under her immediate oare and suporvi- i sion. She will end*-avor. as far as possible, to sur- j round them with the comforts and kindly lnnaenoea ' of Home. EDUCATIONAL. Academy op modern langauagks. (WaSHIKOTON Bl'lLDlNO,l Pa At'oniM, Comer Qf Seventh Street. Pkitatb Instruction* in Frrsc h andSpishh. DAY AND EVENING CLASSES. TfiANSLjTinSS. A. M. D* MONTHl'RR Y. Prof>?#or of M<v1*rn languages ami l,i>eratnrp, hu th? honor to annonnoe that h* will rexime his Ciaaaetand Private ? <mi ? eaoesuay MIL the 19Ui >>f f*c?tcm ' !>er, 10 the above Aoademr. He i? prep\r?d also to five, in sohnols and private families, a Course or ] .eoture upon the Freneh Literature. from the Ear- , lifst Formation of the Language to the Present . Tim*. i For terms andlurther particulars inquire at the | Academy, whern Prof. De Monthurrv will he in attendance daily from 9 to 11 a. in and from & to 8 p. m. se 181m T FEMALE EDUCATION. ! HOSE Parent* who wish their daughtera to receive a thorough and systematic education, where their physioa! training wi.l receive daily and special ,?. w i M4 r>rp*r Kl???nth ?t and P?- J JV OALTB' " IffOOOAiNO COAL OFF1CK, _ a?aP4..AT..B^TW.UTH4jn>l?T*9T?.. SW W1~f HBOK&fa-*. I 1J U?u aupi'1 Wilicn my CUBbUIDCrl Vlil DDO C ir superior in 9uaJity and finuh (o northern war* t aid by d<?aler? in general and repreeented m their 1 wn manufacture; H. O HOOD, ] >e6 Pa. arwiue. neartth it 1 k) MERCHANT TAILORING. J Vtw FW/?h|V^^P-c"9'- ' WALL. STKMbNS * CO.. 3*8 Penn.yira- . ia Arenee, have juat reoeived a hnt Tanatv of nr Kail wtnoh they iavite the atte&tioa f Ui?ir friewrtnand eu?torner?. eutft-tf r--BALZAC'S NEW NOVEL. I HKGreatneeeand Deolineof(>*earBiro)t*ard, om tb?t Kreaen of Honore tfe Bi!?u tr.?. ..^1 * faiaanta, Karaaha or Tootbacba, Bran**, tpraua, Krrib ! uu, VVouuda, I. terra, >'***r Sort*. Cak*d Urcaat, Sir* J tppiea, Barn*, tctlJi, Sort Throat, or u; ialtnia?tic? or ua, do diffcranea L ?? wrrrt or loar lb* diaoaa kit ?rr atiau*. McLEANTI CELEBRATED LINIMENT ii , certua raiuadr. * T numili oJ hamaa baiaga ha?* b*?u u<ti a life ol dia rtpituda and anacry by the oat of tkii la valuable rtntdy. MtLEAN'S VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT k'lllrtliara pain aiinoat lualanu reoualy, and at anil clean, ortfy and brai Uia foal?at t>rea io an u.cridibla abort tana. FOR HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. McLEAN'S CELEBRATED LINIMENT la tb? oaly aaft ^ id reliable rtraady for tba cara of Spavin, R uft>*t>t, ? t'mdgaPa, 8f>!inti. Unnatural Lamp*, N.><1?a or Swellii ?* a never failed to caia Bif Head, Poilevil, Piatala, Old j aiming Bor*a, or Bataaay, if properly applied. For praina, Braiata, Scrax* hea, Cracked HeeU, Caxfaa, Ii4dl? I r Collar Galla, Cut*, Sore*, or Wauuda, nmu ut/aiUbU imedy. Apply it aa diractad and a car* ll carta's u> a?*ry taaca. Than trill* no lonfir with th* May wortblraa Luufutnta , laradtorou. Obtain a aupply of D*. Mi LEAN'* CELE- " HATED LINIMENT It *rifl care too. ? I. H. Mt LEAN, Sol* Proprietor, Corner TbTVd aad Pine eta., St. Loom, Mo. i CHARLES 8TOTT, 111 Pa. a% anil apat >a Wtahmra.; R. 8.T-C18SEl,tJ?orf*towu. a* U DAWly J *7ATCHREPAIRING ANDS1LVER WARE FY MANUFACTORY. I h?ve one of Um b??t eatablifhmenU, and far- 4 laheU with a complete ael of L>ola fc>r repair- *v ig every description of fine Watohea. and rn] articular attention five to the mine, by ii?jS oroufh competent workman And a. workrnanm- I ed Al o, every deaerip ion of a'aiidard SIIA'ER | VARE. plain aud omainantai, manufactu<*d under I loom 01 aaaiin to monrt yoar cheek afaiu. tftry botlla ta >uraul?d tu (ire itUtfueUM. FUR CHILDREN. U vonr children arc uckly, pan* or uBicud, McLEAK'b ORDlAL will make thin beihk?, fat, and robaw- D?Uy ot a moment; trj it, and you viil bt coavtuced. h la decioaa touk*. CA UTION. Re wan of drarrmi or daalere wbo iney try to pla np<>? on aoiat biuer ur exraaparilU truti, which ihajr ctu bur heap, by uiiuf it la luet aa rood Avoid each man. Ask >r MCLEAN'S BTRENUTIIEN1NC. CORDIAL, and taka othitir alee. It la the only remedy that vill parifj the Hood Oiorocghlv ibd at tha aama time atrin(tku the ayatem. 1 Uua teaepooofal taken every tawuiif hwitf ta a certain reveotive for Cholera, Chilla asd Fever, Yallow Fever, or I nr prevalent dieeaee It ia pot up In large bnttlta fnca n!y $1 per bottle, or f t><?tlea for $9. I. H McLEAN, ole proprietor of thia Cordial; alao, tlcLeat'a Volcanic Oil Lintmect Principal Depot on the corner of Thiri and Hue aire eta, St. Louie, Mo. McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment, (THE BEST LINIMENT INTHE WORLD ) The only aafe and certain cure wr Caacera, Pilea, Ta < iota, Hwelliiife aud Braockile or Coiire, Paralva.a, Nea'l?i\, Weaku?ei of the Muaclee, Chronic or Inflammatory heuinatieui, S iffueee of the Joiuta, Contracted Mueclee or a?e ti??D sold dorinj the last six mmuhs, and in do inline! baa u filled III (I'mif enure satisfaction. W ho, ih?n, rill inFer fron W?akness <* when McLKAN'3 TRENUTHEN1NG CORDIAL will c?re /en 1 No 1-nfuije car. eourey an adeiuate idea of the iim?e4ila and nlmoet niiraf nl?na change rro*,e*<l t'kinr 'k" lordial if th? diseased, debilitated, and skittered nerxius ystrin, whether broken down by eaceee, weak I t aatnre, r impaired by sickness, the reload aoJ unstrung erfuiw \Uou I* reetored to lis pristine health and tijot. MARRIED PERSON'S, r others, conation* of inahili;, from whatever csnse, will nd M. LEAN'S BTRKNUTtfENINU CORDIAL tkuough regenerator of the system; and all vfco ma/ lia?s Inired ih?u.sei??e by improper ludtilf eccea wtii And in ifcie IdoIuI a certaui >ud epeedy remedy. TO THE LADIES MCLEAN'S 8TRKNtiTHEN!.Mi CORDIAL te a eo?#ruru ai.d speedy cure for Incipient Cousanjpuou, Wi-.iri, 'Detracted or Dif?cok Msrstraatioo. Incontinence of I rine r ln?oluut?ry Discharre thereof, Pallir^ of the Wnub, I iddineas, PaiMin|, snd all diseases incident to Females THERE IS NO MISTAKE A bOf'T IT. ofer no linger. Take it according to directions. It Will nmulste. strengthen, end mriporatc yo? and cause the flock, Bloo4 R*>o<, R flj wSQW Black Ro?*. Haraapa- BprjflH Y>*ttk ' nlK. Wild Cherry iWJV B?rk, anil Dandelion /'*\pf tat?r? lulu iU con- r9 VD (V Tea entire atu?a 4 rtntditl macipli MSJk* uf ncM ii^rediani lefore taking. Krc|After taking. iltfllliif, prodoctn* a dancwue, e ibllt ralir J epirtt, and Om mat infallible remedy (or renovating (ha diaaaaaa ereteia, ud reatering tha eiik, iafcrui(, uil debi.iiaud laraiid lo eailh and etreiiclb. MrLEAX S STRRNGTHEXING CORDIAL Vill etteciuaJiy care Li'ir Com( laiut, Dyeoepeu, Jaoaice, Chronic or Ner'o?< Debility, Dteeaaee oftfie Kidneye, ud all dieenee arieing from a diaoidered Li??r or Stomach, Ijepepeta, Heartburn, liivard Pilaa, Acidity or Sickneaa of lie Stomach, Fullneea of Blood to the Head, Dull Pun or wimmtng in the Head, Pilpiuiicu of lb a Heart, Fnllaeea r Weight iu the Clcmach, Soar Ernctationa, Choking cr afTocaiiug Peelinf arben laying loarn, Dryneee or YelloW eia of the Bkiu and lyee, Night 8%eata, Inward Fenn, 'am in tha 8aei>ll of the Bac*. Cheat, or Side, flcit'.en 'luahea of Heal, Depreeeion of fipirtta, Frichifai Dreama, .angaor, Deepen lency or any ueraoua Utaeaae, Sorea or llst'.haa ou Iba Skin, and Farer and Ague (or Chilla aad '??er.) OYER A MILLIOX BOTTLES . * W viitu ni^rv, irrvwcril V ?IIU U , OIW Oil in? >orner of Twellth and H ?t?. ; ami one on H, bewt->n 12th and 13th sta. Inquire of JAMF.8 \V UKKbU.uu H atre?l, between UUt and 12th, No. 133. lua 30 -If L';'K KKNT-Tha FIRST FLOO* of the haild" int immediately opposite the west wiue of the Jity Hal.,i?0*i?Uj iKsoupied by Chaa. !?. VTailaeh 3 an office. Aleo the front room in theeecoud tory and the third floor of the nm? btuldin*. For orn.a Apply to KKJnARD WALLACHVr'o. 4 jomMana aveone. ja 18 tf J Dr. J. H McLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL AND BLOOD Pl'ftlFlJCK. "HE GREATEST REMEDY ?? the WORLD, and tiie most D*L!CIOC? and W*1 Vw * ,cl" Bui 1 JmT fntiflc ?ri Vcfet*IVm H? Goapoud, procnrt'i l>y thi du'iila- fcjrTfcj Uoo of r*??, bertx, (T'OR SM.E?A FAK >t coataiuing HO urn, eitV uated 6 miles f'om Georgetown, in Mortgome g county. -Md. Fifty acres are in a htrh state of mitigation; twentyfire acree in wood. There a unan lo? itouse, utAhlinc. siiefls, o irn house on it. \ ppie orehivrd aud lomu peaches; sprint an a we I >fw*t?ratthedoor; being perfectly h<*a.thy. I'lsva nquire ol UAK.NARD& BUCKF.Y, A uotioceers, V". 114 Bridt? street, Georgetown, or WALI? 4. BARNARD, Warhington. ae 12-eolm PB>R RK.NT-A three-story HR1CK~HOU?k" on H street. between 4th ami 5Ui. Also, a two itoryiiKICK OO J TAGK. w.tli carden, oorn^r of Tennessee avenue and north F street, surrounded >? a largo common pasture, and would be a desira>le location for a dairyman. Inquire of C B1RGE, H<? 12 h st. jy l?-??o3m* LM)R RKNT-Three BRICK I10L'9KB-om?n r .1^.1 w..??? -?i " ? -- I GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS JUST RKCKIVKD10 hM?. pniTH" Porto Ri?? SUGARS, 14i>hbl?. i.Id Htk WHISKY, 2*> DKKRlMi and ALEWIVK8. &>.bb.a. 4'ruch?fct aod K- hn -J ^UuAKS, 3> b?M Rio and J?v? COFFEK, 10 Mule.(low Dri.??il i M111 * <* *? ** For ?al* hT JOftN J Hbii'rK"". ** PRAMDKLL, OPTlClAy. V A'o. 148 ?ridr? it., OwrfKMM? Has cou?tAntiT on iiand a iarje assortment ol Preooh Nf?ar-s:Oite<it Periacopic, '- fWifl ar??1, and a!. other SPKCfACLPS, the t>e*t in ro?l. silvar. steel, and German ulver frames. N. B. Old Frames Repaired aad low -asses Mt id them to order. no l?-It \TASSKY, COLUN8 It CO.'S PHILADELItI PHLA DRAUGHT Al.E.-We are conftantly recenriur fresh supplies <>f the above deluhtfal bevsrare, and invite all persons who want a pure uatoinlterated Ale, to give it a trial. AKNY It SH1NN, Agents, ( I 47 f}ro?n St.. ?eorc etow*. J V*. F. BIRCH, UyDEfLTAKKR, Oot. Bridie mud Jtfrritr* tit., Gtorirfewra. Having gi ven in j personal attention to tins branch ?f tot bu*, I am prepared tor- m?? attend to ail cxils with promptness mmbb Persons from adistanoe can be sup filed at a 'k* minutes' notioe. as 1 hare a large isnortment of CuFFiNB ai wars on hand. Particular attention paid U> th? removal of the if ad from the oid to the new Luna, (rounds. Hearses and Horses for hire. ap 10-6m ??^????????????? FOR SALE AND RENT. Wtimu ?lMt. If ?ro*?d U. he ?ew??e IK ita Muarrnnt of in, it will fceeeaied aaaortmrly, fy lB-tf Tl^iiHrMlBwterf?? Meiera. r kUR BTOCK I8,ALw Av? cmfFLETe or U Ue oeehrated Chiefcnriac * brae' u br oev. Ck?ek?riaca' hareWn mtM ? toll) and bITtot medal* at the different ?xhiMti?r the Halted Stain for the ?ee?noritT *f th'ir Piaaoe over aI ittai Maker*. Tfcwr lhaao.*? tetter, Ueir pnaaa aa low, Utetr terse of p*> ??f m;, f eir dieoour.U for easts area!* tit** ui oU.'"""fooMUJS, we 300 !*a. W., fcet Nfc a?? UK* ue. '0TSnn ABT1CLM OB TBI BXPVTATIOB ATTA1BBS Zriahold'a e?n BiM Prwerstioee, H MM ? ? la^on3loNWtiL Sold by S. B. Waitb.1*? SeraBtli et'aK, and A. 3. Fobp, J a-, oornar Pwm. ivtoHkad Kwv<bu Atk&vssug mmmik. INU AVOM) IMWSn'lON"AMJE'XPOBURII ap4-aolr 5 * 0wNc?reBia?D ^ XOTICE IS fiTRKB v" J/V*ft'TU* *'?%+vb!y loth* pronaione ortM ndinRnoanftka Corporation approved May It. IBM. tte endereuBed is m>w prepared, "whenever required in nOi|,a?4 >n pre pay n>?at of Ue faa ofifty oent?, U? laepeet, 'X&miae, teat, prora, and aeoertain tfce aecaracy of eti.tmio. of an, ,a? M^Ut Ib ?? in tt{a gifr?1 S&r ETZ& 2 JTuZ*? .r& vwiTBrau w may nnuiw, huuw; pwfcw in) observation. Dmcribb Stmptom* m au OeiuivBictTiowa. Cares UurulerJ ! Ad vie* GraUi!! AFFIDAVIT. Personally appeareo t*iore me, an AIIiih he 011 j of Phi aleiphm.H. T. H klmbold, who Weg Inly worn, doth Mr- his pr*Nrt<ioM ooetaiu ao tarooce, no Mercury. or et^er lajurioaa drrca, >at are rarely vefttaUe. H. T. H LLMBOI if Sworn and anbaoribed before me, Uua 33d day el SoT?cber. ISM. WM. r. BIBBERD. Aldmmmm, Ninth Btreei, above Raoe, PhiTa. AUdroea letters for informatioa in conMeuo* to H. T. HELM BOLD. CWuaL Depot,104 tk>ut.n T'LiLh ?t., bet QWoat. PhTU. IV ho endMvor to duMM * t\w twn oww" *md 8ECR ETT)18EAPE8 in an their 8U(m. AtliWe ummc Little or no changeIn Diet; No inooaTtumo*. no Ezpoinfi. It o*naea a fr^ufui deaire ana gives strength to Urinate, thereoy Removing Obstructions, Prevent! r* *r1 ourirt Htncfnrea of U*Ulllil>. Allaying Pamand li tUmiual.ou. an (repliant in tli* c of diseM?r. and expelling tUl fwiww# Dtst-irri, an4 trprn met THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS WHO IIA VK BK?S TMK victim* or uncu. and wh?> hav? p* cni ftit to be cures in tihort tun*. found th-y were deceived, and that Hit ' i'OlfMJN" iiaa, by the nae of'rcwam mtbtrskktV t?<-m dried op in the system, to treafc out in U *?rr*v*t?>ii form. astd PERHAPS A FT KM MAMR1A9M. Um Hzlmbold's Extract Bvmvfor a. atfSe bom and di?o*?'i of the URINARY ORGANS. Whether exiatinc in MAL.K OR FEMALE. Prom whatever cauae orijiimnr,{ *n<i no matter of HOW LONG STANDING Diseaae* oTtheae nij*n? re? aire the aid ot a D*m*r% HKL,MB??LD t* EXTRACT BUCIU 18 THE bRKAT bfl RETlC. And ia certain to have the deaired effect in all l>iaonees FOR WHICH IT ! * R ECO MM* N DEI). Ertdtmt* of the most mtmbU mud rtip<m?%bl* chmttr Will Kxwimnn the medioiees __ CERTIFICATES OF CURES. hfnm 8 ra JT itmrf tiamdmg. With Name* know- to SCIENCE AND PAMK. Price Sl.OO per haul a, ar ilx lar 9S.0*. ??**?. VW*?k7VW? ? *V^ *? Many are aware of the can** of their imffyriB#, BUT NONE WILL CONFESS. THF. K EOOR Dr? OF ThL 1 NSA.N fc A? VLUMB And tk? M'lnnrkolv l>uitk> fry Ctmrmmprttm Hour am** witoeca to the TriHu of Uie aaaertioa. THE CONSTITUTION ONCE AFFECTED WlTH ORGANIC WEAKNEM Ro^niren the ?id of ui"di<tiao to rtreuitaec A mi ItvirorUe the H;S<ob, ITA?AH*i.iiBoLD'e EXTRACT BUCHlTtmvwiMbif d<Hf? TRIAL WILL COlfTJCic* THK MO?T IKBFT1CU. FEMALES?FEMALES?FEMALES, OLD OH Y0VS9. SINGLE, MA KM ED, ON CUXTKMPLA TING MARRIAGE. IN MANY AFFECTIONS PECULIAR TO FEMALE*. the extract Bocha le br asj i :ier reiaolT.M 111 Chioroeie or Retention Irro*ulV,rT. Paiuiuineea, or Bcppreanot ofCaatomary Evacuation*, I oerated or Botrrhnve Mil of th3 I'tenia, Leneorrtura or W hitee, Sterility, au<i for ft 1 oomp'ainU incident to the W*\. TMthw arieinc from lwliacretlon, Hal t* at PwBHtHB. or m the DECLINE OR CHANGE OF LIFE. KB 'TMfTum AMtYM. _ _ NO FA.MILN KHOl'i,i> HK WITHOUT IT Tmky no mm /{ />?*i, Jfimrv, m mmpifimnt M*di';n*tr* unr>***nnr and Duntfrjmt IHiiWil. ilKi.MHOI.niJ KXTHAfT ftLcllt! Aeunooia * uenuine rrepamuoiL " HIGHLY CONCENTRATED" COKPOl'NU FLUID EXTRACT BUCHD I A Positive ahd Specific Remedy for L).of the BLADDER, KIDNEYS* GRAVKL.anri l>Ri>P?*ICAL fWEIXIN?!. Ttue Medioioe increase# the power of Diceeuor., and excit-? the AB'OMKKNTfc into healthy action. by which tftie WATERY OR CALCEROVR deposition*, and *1' L \ NATl'RAI- EN LARGLM ENTS are retinoed, aa weil aa PAIN koi InFLAM MATlON.n"d?lB food for MEN, WOMEN. OR CHILDREN. HELMBOLD*8 EXTRAT JM'CHD. For W?kBMM ^rliici from Kionm, Hat-.u o( l/ta?i?a?io? t*?rly ladieoretioa or Ab?M. AtitrndU wttk iktjollowmi Srmrtvm* Ind e|x>eition to Exertion, _ Loa? of Pow?. Lou of Memory, DiAoiit; of Brr?th?>(t Ho^r^o'D^ DimnvM of Vuion, Pui ti tk? Pttsl. Universal Lawitud* o the MjuoaLai S??tem. Bot Haada, fnuakiac of ti>r Body* rjaeM oi the Skin, Erupt ou? un U?e Faoe. PALLID COUNTENANCR. These nnip:"ra>, if allowed to (o on, whioh tkia mediom* invanahtf remove*, soon f?!.otr* IMPOTESrY. FATUITY. EPILEPTIC FTTB, In ll*i or Which thb Pattkktmat Bittm. Who o?u bar that thei &ra not fre^ gently luiiewM by tho?-."DlRKFUL fUSLASES " "IV^lMTV t V'n IViVHIMPTIflM tnri>M?D iu? ' antra. oiiaooeis oi im i?>a? u? an al Uratiee medicine. C *>?r.woil the vitiated blood wheueTer you turn it? imparl uea hintini through thoafciainpimpiee, ertiprione or eore?; o'etair it when yen fir.ft it ia obrtr acted elargiah ia the vine: ol??n>? tt it ia f<>?: acd your M inge will toll ton when Ktob where bo aarticaiar diaorder ia f.-;t pooeleerjey better hraJth. aad lire longer, lor oeaatiiu tba blood. Kff the blood h?&IUij, And all i? wel!; bet with thia pat>ulum of lifa diaordored, thorn can bo no laetlbg boaith. booner or I a tor aomrthlnr meat go wrong, aad la* groat machinery of life .* diBordered or overthrows. l)nrii>g l%te yoar*. the pul lie have hoon uiaied by large lou.ea prrteoiint to give a quart of Extract oi MirMp&r: in for one d> ! a-. M oat of these have t>oon frauds up< u the tick, for they not onl* contain little,ifai,? Saraaperi l?, buloften no eu rati ve prop ortios wtia'errr. JJen<*e, bitter and pain'n ciaay pointment hat followed the o-e of the rariona eifacta of SarMparilla which lood the market, until the name itaoii i? jaetly deapiaeri. and ha* beooaa Tnoiijinoua of imp notion and obeat. btiTweoall , tale compound Saraaparilla, acd intend to enpely i auoka remedy a* a hail iee?ee U.c uame fron ike load of obloquy whioh recta nyon it. Ai-d we think w? ha^e gro?r d for helteHng it hae virtn** will eh are irroetaiib e by tlie ordinary ran of the dieeaeea it ia intended to oare. Prepare)' by l>r. J. C. AVF* ft CO.. Lowatl Maaa. Pnoe f 1 per bottle; eix bottle# in one peek ace f 5. eelS-eolm TT _ l i lit ** *** -Ay oomtnned ?ilh otlwr aufcataacaa of a'lfi^jreator ato. a ivep >Wer *a to atf oiduif ot t? fettUdoto or the di'<a*r? ^a -apvn :a i? reputed to re. Such a r*,n* 'y i* surely wanted by thos* who ( f-r from r<trsmoas complaint*. ud ti>ai m which will acaom*ti?h their cur# moil pruve <4 immenaa ervtoo to Una iar?a oteas of oar allliotod follow oi'ix-na. H -w coirp et*ly thia c-mpou!*! will 4o ituaa b(?a pr. veu Lt op uimMl 011 many ol Uo worst cum lo We four.d in the following oompla'nta: Sor?fala nad Sernfntaaa Comprint*. Bmptioaa and Krupurr* i inmpi, I loera. as. Hloionas, Tamer*. N l Khocm, Hoad H*?d. tvphilia and Sypbintia AlT atiuo. Meroauai Uiseats, Dropsy. .\auiA>|ia or Tic Doulourau*. Dabuity, Pyspep ? & and indigestion, hrjupola#. Ttoae or He Anthony's rire, and. md*e<1. th? wlK?lael*aa of oom plaints anaing from Impurity of tha Bi?"d. Thia compound will ha foaad a rraat promoter af haaitb, whoa taken ta the spring, to expsi Us foal *amor? wiroh letter in tke bood at th*< aaaaoa of tt?e tear. tt? th?; expulsion of thamJMf rankling disordars are nipaod ia i*s bad. If altitudes can. by the aiu of tKis remedy, ?p*re them aelvea from the ondarano* of foul oraatloDi and aloomua aorta, throat h which the system will striro to nd itae f of eorrtipUoua. ifnHaseiatad to do Ui is THE WEEKLY STAR Tan ?xmUN? Fmuij ud N?*i JouhMM1&...1U! * ITtWM W?|J of IsUrMUl rMdltl Lb*r cu t? found it *at o*W?? ?k:.?? ? I dMaiJmy morning. Till*?mi iiui* <*** p* ! 2 I fc ir? o*- p.f ?? ; a j T*d ?^PlP* " 1" J H - B? a*H*>nNa? in >?*? rmw^ wiUuat th? interv^nH'-o br paroatvad ? per o*ot. otTk* '*. ^ *%T*d. It iQY*r-*.l>l? contain! t*-* WawnfUj? Nwi that l.M irada T/U SrfiitM ? a*r?a.a?a o inwraii; thrcuchoat tl? eomeUf. s awrst f'nc*?THKfcK CENTOIZT P?tma?tar? who art aa igaott Will b? ll lowed a oommatiui or V1 oaota. " MEDICINES. AfSRS SARPAPAR1LLA

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