Newspaper of Evening Star, October 5, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 5, 1860 Page 2
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I I I I I THE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY'S FRIDAY .October i, 1*60. ITT" That valuable and popular family journal, tl?f Wuai Sua, full aa uaual nf Metropolitan iirwi an?l ?">**1 p. and r.hoire literary reading, ia now on our counter ready for delivery to the pul?lir Kmbrared in lta entertaining contentaare the Ureeo?, Jr., la chairman. Th la would have made the co-operation perfect, and would have alau*t ensured ttoe defeat of Lincoln ta tbia State vblcb la equivaleat to hla defeat >a the nattoo at larjfe. Bat. even wit bout torL approval, titer* la the great*-*t encouragement foe toe nntt-LiurcIn lofee* To jjive a long pull, a strong poll, and a pull altogether, la the r on 11 dent bop* of dealing a deathblow to aectioctal:atn. And wbo knowa but tbe Breeklaridge Mala Committee notwithstanding tbe known opposition of Ita rbatrmaa and aooie fr-w of Ita members, may yet, ? a committee, e ad one tb? aatl-Lincoln ticket* We do |)pt despair of rock a result." . v; >M? UW^ll State convention, tbe Hon. Greene C Brouaou has been ctjstiiuted. with the consent and apCvalof th?; Committee of Fifteen, represented Samuel F It'itWworth *s a s.ib-coiuinltlee Tbis modification wai fouud to be necessary, rhu tlv for tbe n-mcu that it was understood that Mr Randall, tbe original nominee of tbe Committee of Fifteen, who hid b?eu previously Humiliated by ttw Breckinridge Suit Oouveui on. wis not prepared to accept tbe present aomluatioti If nua<. Jtid*e Brocsun is a Breckinridge nu It Is mucb to be regretted that tbe electoral ticket 90 happily consummated and approved by tbe Committee of Fifteen, by the Dougiaa Stite Committee, the Mozart Hall Democracy, the Tammany Hall Democracy, the "Unloa" or Ball-Everett natloaai ueo. tbe Brerklarid|{e Democratic Volunteer Asaociattou. and by tbe Breckinridge rank aitd file throughout tbe ?tate with but few exceptions, could not have had alao tbe approval of tba Brevkiaridjte Wale Committee, whereof John a . . LAfligun Morning News; T. C. Evans, New York World, are at Browns'. *.. The Duchsas d'Alba, sister of the F.mpree* Eugenie, died on the 17th. The event had caused much distress in trie imperial family, who were traveling in the south of France. The N . York correspondent of the Charleston Coarier saya Mr Fowler, the defaulting postmaster of New York, will leavw Cuba on the IStb of October for Mexleo, whwe he will have the general superintendence of a gold mine. The Axti-Liscols Fusion'is N*\v York.? The Journal of Commerce, of yrsb-rdajr, sa>s on tb*s subject:?"The electoral ticket designated by tbe Commute* of Fifteen, appointed for the purpose by the great Cooper's Institute meeting, has bees forma fly adopted bv the lfc>uglas State Committee whereof Dean Richmond lacbairimn, with tbe single variation t .at Instead of flenry ? Randall r.s elector at large, in place of Hon Reuben II. Walworth . ? wr nvw, cuiwr UI DOW 5 ItCVlfW, it in N.York, stepping at the Fifth-avenue Hotel Hon. Matt Ward, Texa#; J. C. Gailaber, I". 5 Consul at Ponce; Gen. A. S. Johnston, U. S A , are at Kirkweoda'. M-xl. Jenny Lind Goldschmldt, with her husband and two children, has arrived at her native city, Stockholm, from Eugland General Wood, editor of the Natchez Free Trader, successor of Gen l^ultman as commander of the Mississippi militia, is at present in N.York. The telegraph announces the death, at his borne in Philadelphia, of the venerable Rembrandt Peaie, the eminent painter. In the S3d year of hi? age. Marquis and MarchioneM Chnndo; Mr and Mrs Foot*; and Mm Karle, of England; Mr. Stanley, M P., and Mr. Archer, of England, are at the National. * N . A. Woods, of the London Times; E H Home. New York Trlbnw T T i ?J? Uj- iitg oraxuiaa papers bring full accounts ?f thq cereuionve* attendant upon the recent takiftg of the oath of fealty by her Imperial Highness the Prince* Donna Isabella, heiress to the Brazilian throne. The day upon which the ceremony took place was the birthday of the Princess, who has just entered ber fifteenth year, haying been born on the 29th of July, 1540, and is consequently nearly foar and a half years younger than the 11lartrlous Prince of Wales, born In November, 1841, who la now agitating the Northern limit of the great American continent, while his fair cousin Is causing a little *e nation and is a object of observation in the Southern. Prmssh F.i-Prealdent Millard Fillmore and lady are stopping at the Lafarge House, New York. .... Pr/vf n- U ' - " ? ? (miiu urroiis to uuvhios.?It la (aid that ail the Presldt-ntUl electors la Florida Lave declared themselves oppocd to disunion la case of Lincoln's election. Mr. George Call, the Breckinridge elector. (says the Floridian and Journal, a Breckinridge paper,) hes taken ground against disunion on the mere happening of such a contingency. C7*The Newfoundland telegraph lines huve been leased for a term of yeers, dating from the 1st cf November, by the New York Associated Press and Mr. M&ckay, Superintendent of the lines. More extensive arrangements will be made for obtaining foreizn news, via Cape Race, and better facilities will be affjrded tbe commercial public for European and other dispatches over the Newfoundland lines. ii ii ir - - ? distinctive principle*, "weighs and coun'r' the principles of That party. Natal.?Intelligence ha* been received at the Navy Department of the arrival of the U.S. steam sloop-of-war Pawnee at Pensacda ?????????????????? Baltimore yesterday, a festival in aid ?f ttie cause of Garibaldi in Italy, postponed from Monday last, rameotf at the Bellevue Garden*, aud was participated in by a number of the Italians* German and French residents of that city. ? fTT" In New York, on Tuesday, Mr. Thomas Collyer, the well-known ship builder, launched from his ship-yard, foot of Forty-second street, a new steamer to bt? cslied the Hankow. She has been built for J. M. Forbes k Co , of Boston, and Is Intended for the Chinese river trade. r? ??- r* - -' " . . ? ? Mni sojourning In the National Metropolis to end to their friends at a distance. Price only thme cents per copy, or SI *> per annum; postage prepaid by stamps when so arranged. tint ( the Fleming Frees. The fomstitutum treats upon the case of "Henry Winter Davis at the Confessional," In complain. Ing of the treatment of the Bell-Kverett press, in fete )ate*pe?ch In Baltimore The Intrlhh'titer In contradiction of what It calls the "flippant accusations" that the Constitutional I'nlon party is not the exponent of any Lord Renfrew's Arrival and Reception at the National Metropolis?full partk ?lars of his ojourti in this city, ao far; A very interesting Letter from ' C. 8. N." "tied up to a tree," in the Ohio River; The Revolution in Europe; Fnaion in New York; The Future of the Pony Express; The Charleston and Havana Mali; Baron Renfrew in Waahinaton; Department News; Kditorlals; Washington Newa and Gonip; Local Intelligence. Ac., Ac ; Late newa, foreign and domestic, by mail and telegraph; Interesting Personal Items: And a treat variety of cboic.e literary article*, both prose and poetry, too numerous to mention. f Tbia is juat the paDer above all fnr n?f. - vt/iu-vitnnjcu n uiuci w? " 1 j Tbe Idiot Children at Randall'* l&land; Conclmion of tbe Trouble* at tbe " Abode of Love; Sucicide In Baltimore; Lord Byron't Boot Laat; Movement* of the Prince of Walea, in detail; The Prlnce'a Suite; Preparationa for tbe Prince in Richmond; The CWil War In Syria?the fearful retribution at Damaacua?detailed deacrlption of tbe bar ging and strangling of the Mm. lema?Thrilling Incident*- Fuad Paaha'a energetic measure*; The Late Slave Murder Caae In Mecklenburg eoonty, Va.?conviction of tbe murderer? sentence to tbe penitentiary?affecting and ap propriate r? mark* of Judge ijholaon; the Elective JudiciaryStatem in New York; Operations of the Patent Office; The late Bell and Everett Demonstration at Alexandria; Result* of a Riot; Tbe late Breckinridge and Lane Demonstration at Beltsville; The Botanical Garden*: following article*: Love is everywhere?* poem; Deacon Palmer't K?iniiv?a very interesting story; The Prince of Wales as he appeared to Artemus Ward; Auiumo?a poem, The Bourt>on Dvnaaty In Naples; Lord Renfrew through the lorgnette of a Yankee girl; The Lady Ll*in Disa?ter; Horrible Murder in New York, Outr*gea in Hanover. N H ; Mrs. Ciuruey'a Fam ua Coufesslon; Death of the Notorious Rosina Townsend; New York Aldermen; The fcnanrees F.irgenle at a watering plare; The Dirty Little Snob?poetic; Fearful Balloon Adventure; The Diamond Robbery at ^aratosra; TerribleKflVet of Lightning: Capture, Kieeutlon ami Burial of Gen. Walker; What Walker rellad on in his raid?the Kmperor Napoleon Implicated as his accomplice Goethe?a poena; A Bold Swindle in Baltimore; Horrible Tragedy; A Revival at t*?nd?? 1? ~r . ?1 r_. ... ......?^ru^ni or almost all of tbe eugtn?? la r?tabltab(nrat? uku m this throughout the city, the jury tuggeet for 1U correction lrgi?Utton similar to tfett bow provided by CongreM for the examination and inepecttoa of marine nglnea, bollera," Ae. frr'The ertabarry crop ?f M*MchuieU> was greatly Injured by the froet of Sunday aigbt Int. | . ? - . ?>.)? | ?wu, W#-, Maximum during 48 hour* ending 9 a. m. today. 60'; minim urn 80'. Amount of rain yesterday, four-bundredtbs of an inch. . The PiTToarau Boilxr F.xplosio:* ?At tbe lnqii?*t In Pittsbnrg, Fei?n?\Irania, upon the rtmalns of tbe victims of tbe late boiler explosion In that city, the Jury, In tbetr yerdlct, "find that tbe explosion of said bolder vraa caused by a defeet la tbe angle Iron of tbe bead, wbicb blew out, and by a scarcity of water In tbe boiler, thereby creating a pressure wltbin beyond Its strength to resist; tnat tbe boy baring charge of the engine and boiler w*s totally Incompetent for tbe place, and tbe severest censure is due to tbe prevailing practice of employing boys and Incompetent persons to take charge of such engines; that If this boiler bad been in charge of a competent engineer tbe jurors believe the accident might have been Cevented. Tbe proprietors also deserve censure r having permitted tbe bey having charge of the engine to shut off tbe steam from an Indicator intended to give notice of tbe scarcity of water la tbe boiler. In view of the fact developed in this eaamluiuion, tftat similar gross carelessness prevails ii? tv. ? - - r " lu^, icpwi I OI IOC weather for the morning la made from the Amet lean Consolidated Telegraph Lino to (he gmlthinnl&n Institution. The time of observation la about 7 o'clock. Octobik 5, 18?0. New York. N. Y cloudy. Philadelphia, Pa. drigzling ralu. lliltlmore. Md cloudy, ftH3. Waanlngton, D. C cloudy, w1 nd NW Richmond, Va. ..raining, 67?. Petersburg, Va. cloudy, 70?. Norfolk, Va cloudy, M?. Raleigh, N. C cloudy. 6H3. Wilmington, N.C clear, pleasant. Columbia, s. C ....raining. Charleston, S. C clear. 71?, wind NE Augusta, Ga. cloudy. Savannan, Ga cloudy, 75*, wind NE Macon. Ga. cloudy. Columbua, Ga clear. Montgomery, Ala. cloudy. Jackson. Aim cloudy. Mobile, Ala cloudy, 80?. Barometer at the Smithsonian at 7 a. m.. (corrected for temperatnre,) 30.0U3; at noon, 2S W77 Thermometer at 7 m ?>' ? ---- _ ...... _.>v waviv ?1 JT II U I Wdl Jlveii for the ligntfng up, the various delegations lied the streets in black and strange groups, or wound along the thoroughfares In long, black, tortuous lines, disappearing into the distance like huge winding snrpeuts Suddenly at the sound of the icrand salute of thirty-tbrre guna that was red from th? adjacent Pirk. a most wondrous transformation took place The long streots, hitherto only dimly lighted by the occasional flicker of the corporation gas, became radiant with thousands of blazing torches, and the scene was Instantly changed from darkness to glorious light. The lighting up was not more instantaneous than it was universal?It was not the work of one section, or delegation, or division only, but thousands at tbe same Instant gave a fiery vitality to tbe hitherto unborn blazes each bore upon bis shoulder. Street after street, as far as the uazzled eye could comprehend, in a single instant emerged from darkuess into a new and fiery splendor. TH* WliTHIB?Tfc? -* ?* woa a >Mrun|{ piace or (.eaaquarter* bad lu own throng of lwpjtient torch-bearer* lt>ng before tundown . At tbe usaai time tbe accoinmodstirigsun *t>d:cHted, and left the llr-id to hi* rival*, who forthwith hurried to tbeir respective stations. Hand* of music were beard in every direction, and from every quarter the soldier* of the torch came trooping to tbe rallying point Tbe Fifth Avenue Hotel waa the centre from wbich radiated In every direction tbe long line* of uniformed men. Fvery *treet was lined on both (idea, and all the avenues were th onged. The bot?l itself firesented a sight of rare beauty? brilliantly ighted from roof to basement, not pe'rba(? specially In honor of the occasion, but because every room had its bevy of delighted gazers Kvery window wa* tilled with ladies. These of them who were wise had attired themselves in full evening dress, because the light waa quite as trying to the costume and complexion as tbe mist brli liant light of the opera, and l>eciu*e tbe audience was cue before wbicb any lady might be proud to look ber best Tbe huge palace of wbite u arble. brilliantly illuminated f oin within, and fairly bathed in rich yellow light from without, eemed the ftiry palace of tbe Arabian tale, cut from a single crystal, peopled by beings of more than mortal beauty, who were gazing from tLe enchanted and enchantiug scene oeiuw. The glee clubs s ruck up occasionally their telling campaign song*, and when tbe rolling chorus was taken up by hundreds of voice* tbe effect WU WOn<i?rri'.l IV ?|M n?fnrm I , -S.i .1 ? ? ??. w f-?j v- M? ?uv ucau 1/1 cauu nt'lJlCQ* roent, such airs as' Hall Columbia," "YankeeDoodle,'' and popular melodies from "Norma" appearing those most In vogue with tbe directors in charge of this part of th*- entertainments Nothing printable with leaden types and black ink could convey the impression given to tbe >>ebolder looking up and down Broadway from the St. Nicholas, over the main entrance. The fullginous canopy overhanging the procession had beneath it eleven or twelve thousand torches of many colors, each blazing like a star. At regular intervals along the line of march rocket batteries and Roman candles sent up glittering streams of tire, those tights casting sudden and strange tints of red, green, yellow, blue and white efTalgence over the male and female faces set and packed in each window, like pictures in a frame. Tbe Tribune Is of course in the heroics: As early as 5% o'clock those companies thst were set down tlrst in tbe order of march began to prepare. Tbe club?rooms were crowded with citizens and Invited guests, and every spot thst _ r ?*wv w? iuc 11 ttaari may a* well hate b?*en fast asleep. The voters of the city of New York are against Sewardism, In the proportion of at least three to one, and no such nonsense as midnight parades of small boys and abolitionists from the rural districts will gain one vote for Lincoln and Hamlin So the Wide Awakes might as well have saved their time, oil and mon??y. The Times, amid much line writing, says: Down Broadway swept the gleaming tide, all the Illuminations on each side of it, in storefronts, window and flry signs, paling and waning their Ineffectual rush fi g hla under the su preme brilliancy of the onward wavrs of light. From many thousand windows, aud from the balconies or all the chief hotels, spectators of all ages and both sexes looked downas in a dream on the crimson billows beneath them. Shrill aud uuick were the words of command, quickly, and silently obeyed Endless appeared the ever unfolding links of the growing chain, and varied beyond the powers of pen to describe were the movements and flery combinations of men in the ranks of the disciplined W ide-Awakes. They kept admirable time to the t* nlavw< at v J * ..Uv va >uc v jij ? kuc i uvu:iw urnte wm 11y orna- I mented with colored ladterns and ((lobular trana- 1 parenrlea, and tbe notorious l.inaenmuiler displayed In front of bis establishment a few Hags and portraits on bunting, and let off handsome fireworks Norwnstbe enthusiasm of tbe spectators what mluht have been expected. Cheers were ch&rllv given, and as for any great outburst of applause." there was but little When opposite the St Nicholas,tbe procession was faintly hissed, though the occupants of tbe bouse afterwards cheered the Wlde-Awake? The spectators, who tilled the sidewalks along the route, seemed to reeard themaelvea more as spectators than sympathizers, though they refused not to applaud any feature that chanced to please their fancy. Tbe Herald says: So far as the metropolis Is concerned, the Wide Awake game ! hardly worth the candle. Tbe Republican Committee gave us a good show, and paid roundly for It. They went out into tbe highways and byways, and Drought forth the siclt, tbe lame, the liait, and the blind, and by means of uniforms, lanterns, torches, music, anil other devices, took away a good deal of custom from the theatres and tbe negro minstrels They gratified their own vanity, plraaed the ladies, tickled tbe children, and gave tbe street loungers something to look at and talk about?otherwise the Wide Awake parade amounted to nothing. As for any political effect that may have been honed for from this affair th? ivm. * ,u? l WU? Awake D?a?itr?tl*a la !few Yark. The jrreat Republican Wide Awake demonstration took place in New York on Wednwday niijbt It is admitted to have been an Imposing affair, though falling far below, in Immensity of numbers. what bad been claimed for it The Tribune talked of thirty to forty thousand men pending In uniform, bearing torches, and requiring tlx houn to pass a given point. The actuality fell far below this. The Journal of Commerce estimate* th? number In the procession at from evn to eight thousand; the Herald putt It down, from actual count, at ten (thousand seven hundred and one; the Times at twelve thonamd; aid the World at thirteen thousand six hundred and tifty. The World says: Last evening the grand parade of Wide Awakes which bad been so long ?wr It tapis, took place, and to tbe evident satisfaction of all the adherents of the Republican party. That it was well designed .well managed, and well carried out to the end, no one will galnsav It was.without doubt, the greatest political display ever gotten up In tbiacity, or even in Um country, not excepting the splendid demonstrations of HtO and l&l-T. Tbe military organization of tbe Wide Awakes, their drill and queer uniforms, added not a little to the spectacle; while the light of over thirteen thousann torches made coup d'tril that has seldom, If ever, been wltnoaed by the citizens of a democracy. Though the proreMlon proper presented a brilliant roup d'<Ktl, tbe almost total absence of any other demonstrations was quite noticeable All along Broadway, with the exception of tbe three republican headquarters, and a single dry-goods store, there were no buildings illuminated cr hung with any kind of decorations. On the other !.- T.C1. " Lear rum IheUlLolwrt W?Fe?w^J^f;^ut So-T.n I him as a jfentleman of lar*e esranenoein auch in?tUr?, of prompt and accurate haaiiraM,. and of undoubted in?j|my. A. tuch I recommeni him to inventor* of the United States. '* - cnai.w ma?m. C*ALL AND WINTEft UNDERSHIKT* and ssft i?& &SKa S^-lX^T "" M |*-eoft * arenue^ntS'4j55it. - uw viuu bk. a Ut-iorn At) VO oc6eolin* Odd Fellow*'HU1. Rmm TOIN VENTORS OBKRT W. FENWICIC. who has for the last eleven veitrs b^en connect"*! with Uie Scientific American Fivteut Agency of Mann & Co , ami for the three year* p*?t had charge of their Washing ion Branch Office, d *iro* to injjprm inventor* that ho in prepared ta servo them id bMaining P*li*ite, conducting intcrierence*. and making the prelimi ary eaamina'ion* a* to the uatei t abi ity of their inventions before applying for patent*. He h?* made over four thousand preliminary examinatonn, and fee.l* full) competent to give rtjiial.le a i viae in a'l iMiUrt relating to patent* and the t ateni Ofioe. Office uortlieaat corner Boventh and F ?ts , Washington. u. f C*C O iW jgg"interior adornment. ^ PAPERHANGINfiS <w? U IXDOW SHAVES. New Fall stock of Paperhangings from the riob and ornats to the most ohante am single pattern*, *ppr. priate for parlora. halls, dminf rooms, chamber* and libraries Also,? choice stock warraatwd Gold Band Window Shades. Imi'at on GoU ai.U coiuin n Shades, Buff. Green and Blue Hhaie Ho) lands Picture Cord and Tassels, Crimson. Scarlet, Biue and Green oolors, from photogmph to portrait size Just reoeived at No 486 Set-ruth at Unlera for Papsriiangmgs or Window Sh?d-? faithful % execn'o-t in otty or oourtrv. Satisfaction guarantied or no pay required. l'luie give me a o*ll. Don't forget the number. ? o j markriter. No. Iftfi -? ? a a h - j??uvi> KllyS BRKVBTB8. a BOU\J LEVART MONTMATRE, PARIS. 2nodozen Prm? Mike JOUVIN'S KID GLOVES, I mport t d to our ordrr. In April last we ea^ e an order . to Jouvin's sola | arent for the United States) for 2P0 doffeu of that very popular ami renowned make of Kid Olo vet, for our fall and winter sa>s. Ti.ev have innt arrive*), and our customers can now l>e supplied with all s zss, colors, shades, aad white or black, in ladies' acd gents' size*. At I oc5 e?3t MAXWELLS', 338 Pa. av. D U B A N T ' S /">, K ESTAlTRANT ^\ (mj P M. 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At MAXWRLl.S\ I j o ? .5 eo^ 32* I'enra avarna. THE ODi-S OF HORACE, TK aNS1.A i RD into Engliah vert* by Theodore Martin; I vol ; 75 oenta. Tn? O'aoicra of the AIpe, Ac., 4 c , by Joha t yndall, F R S ; 1 vol ; pnc* ?t V>. Part IX Tom Brown at Oxford; prioa 12 cent*. BLANCHaRDA mohun, oe 5 rn-ntr Klcwnth ?. and Pa av. BR E M OVA f .-R E MO V A L! ENJAMIN CIIDLIPP, bavin* romovd his Staaiu Dv?inc Ea'ablianiuentfroni I) *trect to No. Ninth ?t-e?t. mwmii Pa. avenue and d at, till continue* theabora bn*in6** 111 all tabran he*. t'er*on* having left artiol** at the old fttand can get th*m by railing at No. 502 Ninth ftreet. between j i Pa. avenue and D at., third door from Perry'a cor- I ner or 5-4t? | "COR'SEI'iUS BoVi,E,"Pn?. 1 WM. J. DONOHOO, 8ic. tt_ IV^-ISLAND EPISCOPAL MISSION.-The | Ilierm&n Church on Four-and a half street, island, hta b?en engagod fur Episoopal worship, and bivi e Service niajr l>e expected every SUN DAY AFTERNOON at 4 o'clock, conducted by Rev. Dr. Butlkr, of Trinity Church. oc 4-3t* T"5=" CENTRAL BKI.L AND EVERF.TT I ? CLl'B.?Th'* rej;Hla" w- ekly meetinr of tho Bel'and EverettClub wi'l be postponed until TOMORROW <Friday? EVENING, at half past 7 o'clock, f??r the purpose of giving the nr>iribeis an urporiiinit* of wrn?ssinr tne display of fireworks It i* expeted that Coi. WniT*L*v will address the Club on that occasion. By order. | oc4 C. I. CAN FIELD, **<-. -V<5?DE.MPSEV A OTOOI.K, I g tir o v? ii r a??t - ?* r* ? ..?> ucti. uoriiiiinru, um n it mucb larger than any tlsh now found in tbe Kansas river*. I^Jobn T. Lorlen, manager of the Louisville Theatre, died in that city on Tuesday of pneumonia. ry-jp-TEACHKRS' A980C1ATI0 N.-The L3 monthly meeting of this Associition will l? hel.l on SATLRDAY, Ootohor 6. It J. S- DuTTART. gUp iyW?TIIE MONTHLY MEETING OF 'I HE iL* Youm( Cath'dioV Friend Society will he held at St. Feter a Church on SUNDAY AF 1'ERNOON next,at5o'ck ck. oo 5-2t 1*. J MoIlENRY, Reo^Sec^ Yy?JACKSON DEMOCRATIC ASSOCIAV 5? TION ? A called meeting of this Association will T>? held THIS {Fridaj) EVENING, at half past 7 o'clock. Hon Lvwis Lowk and J. P. Fkamli ?. electors for the State of Maryland, w>ll i addreKN the Association. A iu'i ban*) of musii will be in attendance. The Democracy of the District aiid surroundin* ennnti?? ?r? ?r>r.ii??i auu nrrc (urn reiiuenis or mis country. He remained but a few week*, when he left for New York, wbere be put the vewel in charge of tbe mate and embarked for Italy, where he haa tinea remained. p* Henry Clay Dean ia making Douglas speeches in Iowa. Dean waa once chaplain ot tbe Senate. On a reeent occasion be waa repelling the charge that the democratic party had ever mifnproprlated the public money. "Tell me/' said be. ' who can. where the d> mo-ratjr party ever misapplied a dollar." "I can tell.'" said a piping voice at the rear of tbe ball "Stand uo ! then,"cried Dean, 'and M us hear your answer." i I'P popped tbe owner of tbe voice "Now. sir* tell me. if you can, where a dollar has been wasted?" "When the democraiic Senate paid Henry Clay Dean for his prayers!'1 was the reply i that brought down tbe house. fr'A petrified fish, over sixteen f?*et In length, very perfectly preserved. Its scales and UnS being distinctly marked, has been teken from tbs coal mine at Blue Mound, Kansas. Its species has A ?* * bis favorite costume w?b a ?ort of t-% np and sailor jacket Garibaldi, ss much as poulble, avoided pubiic obse vation, and only on rare occasions was present at any large assemblage of people He Walked the streets in a contemplative mood, and he then had a very larjre correspondence with bis patriot friends in Italy and tho^e who had been expatriated for political cause I > ami - ? - ? Internal Improvement*, not by the general government, but by the people. Garibaldi 11 America.?On the 8th or Oth of September, 13.53, the Peruvian bark Carmen arrived at Uoston with a cargo taken on board at lilov, i'eru. Her commander w?s no 1ms a perron than G Garibaldi, then a simple captain of a trading Teasel, now as the hero of Italy, and the subverter of thrones, occupying the aHentlon of the entire civilized world. The signature at the bottom of the manifest at the Custom House Is In an elegant hacd, showing that In this particular his education In youth bad uot been neglt*c.ted. The Carmen was consigned to C. L Bartlett, and the position of captain of the vessel was undoubtedly accepted by Garibaldi as a temporary occupation. It was the remark of the mate of the Carmen, In speaking of his commander, that he put his lightning o' electricity into every one who was connected with him, and even his sailors would have jumped overboard to obey him. On shore In Roston he usually wore a plain citizen's dress with a Kossuth hat, but on shipboard Several new buildings are In tbe course of erection or nearly finished st Cnlpeper Court House Among tbem are one for Mr Romud, one for Mr . G D Gr?y, one for John H Riiey, and one for Mr. Hogg A tobacco factory Is also going up. and will be completed In a short time. This will add another branch of business to those already carried on here and we hope it will meet with great success Messrs Jones & Kilby have bought the lot on the corner of Kdinundson snd East streets, and strewed the gronnd with timber preparatory to putting up a handsome dwelling. The Episcopal Churcu. too. Is undergoing repairs, and will be much enlarged and Improved, when finished These Improvements show that ths town of Fairfax la stcadllv on th* m??< h with k?r ClMCI 0?CPLP?f?* CotTSTT ?IXPROVIMtttTS at tui Court Horn. 4c ?The Blue Ridge Republican bu Um following items Thomas HH1, Jr., the aasi^a:>t marshal, bat furnished us with the foll?wl?jr interesting ?tat1*ti<? of Culpeper county: Northern Division ?White popu| ntloa, J.510; free blarkt. 147; slaves. 3.30U ? total fl.017. Deaths.?Whites, 92; colored. 79-totalMO. Realestate, f3,060;e45j personal estate,f3.169,JW? ioim fo.'ss?,"di. pouiD?rn aivi?ton. including to# town of Fairfax.?White population. ?.51f; fre* blacks. 277j ihv?s,3,bl?total 5,973; total ta the count*. 11.990 Deaths?Whites, 32; colored, 01 total it); total la the county. 233. Krai estate, 1 f-2.M 1 550; personal estalr. 93 199.1.'5#? tow f5.013,7(<3; total in thecoupty, fll 872,750 Ponulation of the town of Fairfax ? Whites,51nf W? blacks. 65; slaves, 471; total 1,050 No propoaal wl'l b? onnxidered asJeae aee?apa BiM by tha above cuarantM Newapapera authorised to pnbtiah the above will aond Lho HHr oonUiaiac the fust loaerttou to tkia Obm for axamtvauoc. Tko biddar'a plaoaof bsnoem.or anaaafaoturinr establishment. must M specifically atated in ibe srupotal. fropoaala to be endorsed: "Propoeala for Bap a, Ac., for 1831,'' and addreased to Um undermined. Contracts will be awarded to the l*waat reaponaitld bidder fufnishlBf the required securitsea. w? B. BLACK, oo S-law4w Qaartormaater, M.C. /MBB8* WIQ, BRAID AND BAlR MANU"I FACTORY, 944 Heaa.avtnae, eaartheoor er ef Thirteenthatreet?A very complete aaeortm?n? of Braids, Carle, Fnzette*. Banriaaea, Ae.. now on band, ?i*o,raada to Wdar at theehurtest notioe Hair Work repaired or takes ia exabanga. oe 3 Sna A PPLF.B-AFFl.K8, ^ Elf mm a? may (> unequal tnereto will m rejected; is which caae the contractor will be boend to farmek other" of tk? rnmred kind or quality withui fifteen day*; cr, if that be not done, they will be pnrchaeed at hi* expense. Kach proposal nut be aoeoiapanird by the following guarantee; Form nf Ouaramtw The nndercigned, ,of ?.in tke 8'a*e of , and , in the ?tate of , hereby guarantee that in oaee tke foregoing bid of for rtppliee, aa above decerital, be aoc-pted, he er tkey will, witkm tea day* alter the reoeipt of th? oortraot at the poet oftee named. ex**eute the oontract for the tame with good aad uffioient leouriuea; anil in oaee the Mid hail fai' to enter int? oonitaoUae a foresaid, we ?<iaras<ee to make good the differenoe between lie offer of the said ? at* that which nay bd aooepted. A B, Goaiaotor. C D, Guarantor. E P. Witnew. . lr6 X 1 hereby oertify that the above named re known to meatmen of property,and able to make good their guarantee G. H. To be ?itned b? the United Stater District J udge. United Statue Distac* Attornev. or Collector. m) box-wood B ?In, (yellow) 4ndrum curds 50 sola dram inwM 100 drum h;ads,<batter) 75 do do (suare) fO (word froga 90i) musket slugs of blaok leather 215 gross of ooat buttons, (eagle; M do do jacket do do S6 do do vest do do For making and trimming wateh roaU; sergeants, oorpo-a s. muMcsans. aut private* uniform ooats; fatigue coats fir the same; serftaats, corporals, munoians, ana prirstA*' wuolea paats; linen pants; drawers; (laiin* shuts; fiiriiel orersaoks; IlMu shirts; and red and jackets for b <ri. Ail tbe above mentioned artides bus*, oonforrm in a 11 to the sealed staadard patterns la the O&ne of the Quartermaster Maria* Corps, Washington; Assistant Quartermaster's Oflloe, li'iO Spruce street, Fhi>adelpl>ig; and at the Marine stations Brooklyn, N- V., aid Boston, Mas*., whersthey ean be examined. They wi'l be rigidly inspected srd co npa-ed with these samples by the Assistant Quarter master, or n?k other persons aa ma? be properly appointed, Sueh as ii uui % rc?w l^iio fatigue cap*, with covers, to be made of blue cloth.(if.mgo Wooldyed) S.oon yards dark blue flannel for shirts, all woo!, (indigo woo. dyed,) 27 iuohes wide, to weigh 6J* ot. p<r yard 1/no yards dark blue flannel for oTersMk*, all wool, (indigo wool dyed,>54 inches wide, to weigh 13 oz per yard 500 yarot rcarltt ol"Ui,(oochineal dye,)M inches wide, to weigh 16 oz. per jard 1,500 yds dark blue twilled cloth f r uniform ooat*, (indigo wool dyed,) b* I no lies wide, to weifh 22 ob. per yard 3,<fl0 yard* Canton flannel for drawers, 27 inches wid?, to weigh 7 oz. per jard i'O cartridge boxes MO percussion cap pouohes 8<y> bayonet ncabhards, with bran mountings 50 sergeants' swords 2i musicians' swords 25 tenor drums i ,u*> reo wnrntfd pompons, bait shape, 3 inch** In circumferenoe 1 mi pairs jellow metal oreaieRta and aoale straps *< seta epaulette bullion (or aergeaata and corputala 8<?' acta epaulette bullion (or priratea *t red worsted aashea S.Oftt yards white linen for pants, no inoliea wide, to weigh 13 ox p-*r yard 2,r?tt yardedark-blue kersey.all wool. free from hair, &4 i ache* wnle, to weigh 2*oz. to the yard, (in dign wool dyed) 5.U00 yards *ky biue kersey, all wool, free from hair, 54 inches wide, to weigh 22 os. per yard, (indigo wool dTeo) 3 OOO yards white lin>*n for shirts, 80 inehea wide, to weigh 11 ox. per yard 6 OOi> pairs army b<?<<ts, infantry pattern BU) gray marine blankets, all w ol, to weigh fo?r pounds each, with leUera"U. S. M " in blaak, four inches ton*, in the centra, to be 7 faet long aud 5 feet wiue, free from grease S,(W) paira woo.en aooks.S r.zes, properly made of. good fleeoff w?ol, with ri-'uble ano twist'd jaru, to weigh 3 pounds per dozen paira, free win i>e uiuBirn imi u? iiu-onf engravings. executed m the beat manner. Tiie HOlh&HOLD JOURNAL is ready every Thursday morning?prioe thrik ck.its. To be had of all Newa Agents, or from th* Publishera direct, on receipt of lor tho amount, by A. HARTIIU.L k. CO., 40 North William St . Ner York. No. 4 of the H O US K HOLD JOURNAL oov tams also a liiographical }*k??toh of Professor Far adar, in it department of"Corner for Celebrities;*' besides the usual quantity of the beat reaving mailer and ma sic. It QUARTERMASTER'S OFFICE, U. S M. CORPS, Washington, October 4. 1#60 Skalkd Pboporals will ti? roosived at thia offioe until 3 o'oiook p. rn., of Wednesday, the 21st day of November next for furmsh:n< or contract to taa United Stato* Marine Corps,during the year 1w1. the following supplies, deliverable at the uffioe of the Assistant Quartermaster U. S. M. C., Philadelphia, in such quantities aa may from time to time be required, viz : hmi uniform oapi with plate* complete un; iiK'niiu^f iiic IO 11. 4 V UO HIM *?I All BfWB p. ice three centa per cmi. ^tuxle oopies mai.eii 10 tiny address on receiptor a t'nr?-e cent aUmp, hjr the publisher*. A. HARTH1L.L It CO-. No. ?0 North Wiili&in at., Now York GREAT INTELLECTUAL TREAT! We purpo?e publishing in the HOTSL'HOLD JOURNAL, Professor Faiaday's six lecture* on "The V&riuus Forces of Matter, in tQrir lela ion to taoh other," lately delivered in London, and which have rxcitcd so n ucli admiration 1.1 the i'iteliectnal world. The first lecture, complete, will be published in No 4 of the HOUSEHOLD JOURNAL, to l>e followed b? the live folio wintl> ctu re?? on*) Ucture nppoariuc in eaou number. The who,* It U - - It ? ? - ? r* ~ 'Answer* to Correspondents " ALL FOR THRKK CKNTH. In No 301 the HOUSEHOLD JOUKNAL. 'lo be had ofa'l Newa Agent*. Sample out-j of No. I mailed free to an? addresa bj the publishers. A HARTHILL A. CO ,20 Nortfc William street. Now York. Any other number luai.ed on receipt of a tnrea cent stamp. "ALTTPOETS AND MUSICAL COMPOSERS Are invited to compete fur the prisatt, ajnuanting to Tnrop HunureU Dollars which are to be paid by tl.a Bubnahersofth" HOL'SKllOLD JOURNAL, for le beat compositions in Poetry and Music. Full particulars wi.l be lound in the HOUSEHOLD jOt'RNA L No. 5. Really in New Yor* o i Ttaurs,1. , . . .... o T-1-. I ' . ~ -f / i a wih uj # Viiu r Coles. "Mrs Sigourney" in the Corner for Celebrities. I "Origin ol the fcothschilds." "LomI Hroughatu on Washington." New Musio?' A Military tiaiop." By Theodore Oe?t n. Published iu Loudon st four shillings; republished iu the HOUSEHOLD JOLK.N AL at Three Cents "A Hreakfast with the Druses." **A Wo.d akontthe Bourlions." I "A Wild Vineyard." [/ Legend Concerning the Bison." !"f*purge<*rs Experience " "Extraordinary Bird," Ac .Ac. I The Vtar"Algol." By our Astronomical Editor. "Science and Art" Ten (lif erent sutjeots. .Miscellaneous Heading. Whole pagetull, Choice. "Are wo Human.'" Leading article. "Public Education" "Licensing Honest Industry," "Adulteration ol Koo.i and Drink." "^0:ve us this Kiddle." "Gardminc an'i Horticulture." "Household Reeipes." "Recipes I n the Workshop." l lie Drsuia " "The lateT. D. Rio?." * New Inventions and Mechanics." "Chess Chronicle." "Notes am! Memoranda." "Le?#on in Freach " "Lesson in Herman." * PoatieM Gossip.'' 'Wit ard Humor " .r... a iiur ^wr; I " of the Anwrican Border. By John Ro?? "The King of Malrunomal Fidelity." A Knightly Tale. By tiotUcnaik. i "Bird* and their RichU." By Jamee M? . V? ard. An excellent tale for youth. . The Carlisle Heritage/' (Continued.) "The La?t Hour* of Lafajett* " "Ttin?e Silver Threada" Poem by Mre. M. D. "The?\Vurn out P?n'? R?nlv ?? I>?? K- !??.- V / / m J1 ag-Baee-gg Tht naldtt'i Parity. Tbou art very pure, oh Ethel Vane, Very pure, In thy audden feeling ;? With the lip* that know no spot or ataln And the gentle eye* to all appealing Very pure?but, Ethel Vane, LpoJI pot With > or# on Use Alngabeneatti thee * i i urn viiai r iainj(i mil DOfP ftRlttnj And oraetbing of lA'tn thy lv?r wouM bwithe j the?! Purette tbe henrU?wherever they be, That wlih all good to every c-mmer, A ad ppread around them blaalngt free,* tbew'n and the dew of geatl* mONKr. And pure?moit pure, oh Ethel Vane, U many a thing that art supplies us, Weaving around us comfort's chain, And filling our hearts with sweet surprise*. There 1? something I lore, oh Ethel Vane,? I hough you for this shall ne'er be a lacker i? I lore, and the love hasaothing of pain.? Goodwin's Patist Pkk?skd Tobacco. Fragrant, almost, as your loving breath, ' Pure as the air you hare ever stood In,? Mv hopes, till the very day of uiy death, Shall be all devoted to you?and Goodwin. rpilE GREATEST JOURNAL OF THE DAY IS The Household Journal. rp H E HOUSEHOLD JOURNAL. CONTENTS OF NO. 3. NOW READY. " rh? jtmi)(rl?r?rUi>m.l.r.n.?- " ? mw-im smith, m>. wwmg, | again at hia old atand. No. 369 afi-aot, between G and H, vhtri 1 V\(ir prepared to furnish th? racy beat aoaiitj of FKKSH OY8TKR8. tcttawad, jcite<f01 ** ahortaet noUoa. Order* aoA_, . I notice! /m.LL Apoouatioaour iKMikaare aade off up to tka 1st Ottobar, and w.ll be raadarsd in a day ar Our cuatomara will c really obiiga ua iftaay win aoM forward acd astfla witfi u? without daiay. ,,, ,^d*&liaY.u. QNEW MKLODKWW^jEftjftu. ?OUGHB, COLDS- HOAEBBNB88, 4a. ?&*L. j car Isa^rira^i ~ ?-3tA2?wTw *?'81? 8^{fot. DBNFKEW HATS. It IN PfKW COLORS, K^B Jc?i Oruis, mom N, Yon*. ?IL? Oor waortraent of HAT9 aod K^| APS for Ganta, Yonni, Boy., Mimm ud ?h.ld m*r*r im *o v&riad m at rmwt. An earlr ctil it aouoiMd. No trouUa to ikov good*. B. H. STINKMF.TZ, S36 P? QC ? Not oornf 1?U at. OY 8 T E ft Y 8 T E ft 8!! ? ATB?tSJNESS AO All/. , JOB P- MoINTOSU voold rMMotfully infona hia old frlf nd a and enatomert that MU - > r?u?, win i*s next moimiet, September Jith. Tb? ladiee are re*|?*etfulty iu> itad to inapaet the aoraitiea jaat arrived f.o n Pant. N. WILI.IAN. 23 2w < InU>l. k. Stateal 33 Market Space. WILL BE OPENED ON SATURDAY, Sfpt**S?* 24B. HEW ESTABLI8HHEST I CASH PaiMClPLlTT&IL'MPHAIVT: AN IMMENSE STOCK or BOOTS. SHOES. HAT?, CAPj*, AND UMBRELLAS. No. 34T SEVENTH STREET. TVe doorr gmutk nf Northern Librrtut Jfarfcef. UIOUVALKD III Vabistt, QTALITT. AKD PBICB! LADIES' SHOES.Tfalmoet Kmy Grade; MISSES' and CHILDREN'S SHOES Oi Every KiU ; MEN'S BOYS', and YOUTH8* BOOTS AND SHOES. With U?e Fiaeet aad Cheapaat Aaeortioact of HATS. CAPS and UMBRELLAS To be Found in ta? City. At w propoae to eatabliah onreelvaa permanently ia buetneea and aeouretbe oonfideae* of the eubl?e, we are determined u> ee:l at the vefy emaleet poeeiUe profit and deal in oandor aad lairaeea With aU who may be diapo.e^to^rom.;^ _ now prepared i-> exeoute wit* oMlimi wd ai??? toh a 1 ori!?ri in fat* line of buaiuaaa; auek m the Sowing, Fitting and !.a?lu? Down of new Cer??t?, Mid the t ajtng l'own of old ?>arp?U; th? Hanging of CtirUtna; the Corariag < f Loungaa !*o(u,*r; t*>a Manufacture or KtoovatiM oflltttieaM.Pillatt, Caahioot, to. Mr. Bl?o would alao oaJi a?p?civ attention to hi* Patented Carpet Strenhar, whi<*h entblaa him to rot down Carpna with uapraoedmitad antoMli Bm> and rapid'.tt. ?*>-x>1m* ^otice! notice:: noticed ^Th? opening of FRENCH GOODS, for tha Pall Muiic Depot of JOHN F. ELLIS,' Peonedvanie avenue. oc 3-1 ni* T ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. RE Nnt Drawing of U>( Royal Uiniu LotUwy, oond?otAd by the bearish Government. iikw the aupervuiot of the Captain general of Ciba, will taxe place at H&vaua on saturday, octobb* so. 1m?. SOliTEO NUMERO eU ORDIXARIO capital prize 100,000. 1 prize of IOMOO SOpnzeeoI fl.ttX) 1 do 40,0(10 60 do H 1 do ?,coo isa do ?uo 1 do 2<',!*? ?>appro*. S Jut 1 do 10.000 IN ALL #Si? PRIZES. Whole Tiofceu. #'J0?*. # 10?Quarter*, 93. Prize* ?ashed at eight att per oent. dieeoant. Bill* on ail eoirmt .'*anke taken at par. a drawing will be forwarded m eoon aa us reeait becomei kuuwa. All orders for eohemee or tiokeU to be uidreMed to DON RODRIGUEZ, oo 3-tr of Citr Poet. Char?tow. B. (X Herman rl*u, UPHOLSTERER. JVe 964 G ftrcet,nt?r J'rfasurt T)rr*rtmmt, in sratffclty acknowledging the ib?ral patroeage which ha? her*iof<re been l>#e?owed ipun bis HFi> U t'i p*ea*e kit patrone, begs leave te intern the orizeus of Weshiagton end oeoigetovn that he is J office and re?idenee tu So 439 thirteenth at, ! between 1'a. avenne and F st. oc 3 eoUt* PURE COUNTRY MILK. Families can be supplied with pure Milk on moderate terms t?f leaving their address at Box No. 99, S'ar Office oo 2-2a?lsn* Dry goods-dry goodst DRY GOODS-DRY GOODS! We hare now in store a ver* large ami veil at aort?d etock of I?i > Good* of ever* kind aad aual- | itf VVe cordially iuvite all persons la waat vl Dry G<>od? to call au/i examine our stock before making , t.eir purchases eUewhere. Kverjr article will be sold at the lowest market price. \vm. r. riley fc bro., No. .IS Central >torea. Between :th and 8th streets, i oe 3 eolm Opposite Center Market. H MUSICAL NOTiCR. AVING Been indnced to accept the position of organist M St. Aloysius Cburoh in tkie eity, Wv I have determined to remain Murine tbe euau-ASl ini winter, and ahall be happr to reader mrV professional services to thoee who mat require them. T. N. UAULFlUl.D. Professor of the Organ, Piano Forte, and Sinciaf. For particulars M tn *? - *L? ?1 IN the field AGAIN! The HIAWATHA CLLB would reapeetfWlr announce that rher intend (ivuif their M SOURTH ANNUAL BALL J STOTT9 ALL on THURSDAY, November tat >*B For full particulars km ftitnre advertine W merit oc ??' yy A S H I N G T O N THEATER. Sole leasee and Mana*er 9. W, Oinx. THIS ESTABLISHMENT I Will e?i?*n far th* recnlar Fall ud Winter ffaaa on I on tke night <>f THURSDAY. Nomiu Uv. Joseph /efferson, Tho Comedian of the Age, wil1 pommeioe M *nj?gem?iit of T*e r? Ni?ht? on MONDAY, November S?h, *nd will he follow d b*tl?e moat BRILLIANT STARS lb the Theatrical Firmament. I IT" Communication* if addreaned to S. W. Gutnx. "Old Bowery Theater," New York, will inert with prompt attention. an li-tf FIR LIEBERMAN HAS REMOVER Wl? 1 HE FimtOrand O.t lion I'artr of the EAST WASHINGTON QUADRII.I.K AM5EM- & BLY willtak* pla/*? at Opd Kmnw?' Ha ll, JB Nary TL b^UAY EVENING* Oo-/^ tober 9 h. ^ ImI The Committer have msd? nnnanal preparation* for the enjotuimt of those who may preeent. Coach-* will poaitirely leave the corner of 7th and L atreeta to conr?y all who 4eaire to atter.ri the Party, and will le in att>-ndanoe ?t the cloae ot the Partv to oeavej the (neat* to their hom^e. Schroeder'* oelebrated cotillon muaic baa beca encaged for the occasion. Ticket* FIFTY CENTS, admitting a gentleman and ladie*. CtmmiKm / Arrmmttmmf. Ch%?. Hunter. Jtmei MkUi*mii, Haraoel Howell, Ni-hola* Mc.N'elly, Frank Thonipaoa. John Laagley, Joeeph H. Pug. Jarnee Keatoa. oo5 ?'.* CHAWATHA BOY* aiw, ? - u n n?rw, ?o., ce, Term* at sale. Jt WALL k BARNAID.AwU. Hy A GRKEN, Auctioneer. Administrator salb. by order of ihi Oirn*r(' < orsr. or Uovsiiqld aid Kitohzx Fcbsitcbr at Abctios.?On iUki?DAY, th?9tn instant. I shall MU,at > ' *?> k a. m? the personal effects of the lata Kraneis *o'den, deoaased, m E etenth ?tre? t, U I?m? ra. arriw and E street. over Ue Gaa Oflns. ria: Mahocanr Sofas,Chairs, Roossrs, M*rbf*-top Center Tables Cane, Wood and o'ber Chairs. Mahogany Bedsteads. Ward robe and Wash Closst, J.'o Bureaus and Foot Stools. Jenny Lied, Cottafe and other Bsdsteads, Feather Beds, Pi I trws and Bnle'ers. Hair, Hnsk and Cotton-t? p Matt-eeses, Damask Certain and Window Shades, Three ply, Ingrain and other Carvels, Comforts. B ankets, Sheets and Casts, Damask Table Cloths, Napkins and Towels, China, G'a?sand Crockery Ware, Cook, Air-ticht and other Stoves. LotofKitohen K^smtet, And many other arti Mas too cnxeroas to iLeniion. Terms oash. By order of ths Ad ministrator, oo 5 d A GREEN, Anct. a??? AMUSEMENTS. 'T GRAND COTII.LON PARTV AUCTION gALES. By J. C. MoGUIRK * CO , AnetioBoe . DAW O* GA*J?4AQE HO*eE? AT AUCi TI?h ?K?AY MOUMN? OctoW 6th. ?t 10 o'oloak, w mUiMfl, in front of tl?? Motion More, * pair of ere? C?"iMf Hor???, about mrieM ?uk : ^Itnr tk. ?? U?. Tn? ?o fnrtftn a.? fqr tk?m. Tferat: 30. Gn ltd |i feit .fefMUtf&etonly otM, with ??* 11 J. C. MoePi RF, t CO.. A ifU. * BARNARD. Aiotmnwri C.rtur St nth it. ami .< ?{* ?uf? F? ?r l^A^a?TO'?55^?25?E; vul II. in front ol the Aaotion RomnOne Rood iron axle ham Wagon, Bri>w **tk?otlii(*. To^flJSPnSSliUR* |WrBCTIWE, \ rmo?, C!o?i inf r oth?, Artb Ooaka (fflBah- J gas:seB5c?r.s*?? I CHARGE) MiTiorouTii I BOOKSTOKE. ( PM1LP * SOLOMONS, W ? Kr% - ?-L|L 22?t55ewrW^^ I nn? wrwr 01 ^IBIIUUt l< IU. (OrUi I [MM %??oitment of Grneer) ?, rig: Sugars, C*t4!** , Imifrm. VouilmaMl 01aofc I'MM Fr?ah Sardine*, Piek'?a, Bveat Oil, Wuttli. march, P?pr??r. Yaaat u4 ?o*p Povdara, Oi|[iti, Tohaaoo, bluff and PUm. S Nihf'.i Oiowi, Mm indigo >lu, M *?7* Otard Brandy, ftya Wlitfcy. Holland KazwaS |MV?d La^uort of i id >ront kiada, Sii75^^^c?-5P?W WiOi m?nr otbar aroe^M u.aa. y t?6jtrt1)t ofWMd M 4*yi lS? mll7i?p!3 aata^baanaa >afi? A. OKEKW. ijit Br THUS. DOWUWOi ??g?a?aa/ ras"s3!. I OnTij^Cart M*ra"Pa&Bf," 17 haadi kl^ aaa Th7ZKi?.Tr~?.. ~ J ? *-4 TWOS. DQWLIMO^lMt. FO? ITAMni?oV"2 I A PACKET OP PAPK? I ^ ' I AND KNVILOm I I NO I TOMATOB. I WtoAv OartKina, fhM?? ud CoraiM, ?h I isra^gs^aaaggay- [ f?"{S3..BSJ?tl^^t?55tSr;uoi2Sw?lm4Vuio^?, \ BUukeU. Comforts. firMdi. ^ China, 01m? mm Crockery war*, I*t?l Mmou ami Forts. Cwtimj. V Cooking kid other tttoVM, Tin Safe. *. . / l>rm?: fjn aad under oaah ; orer lh?t nil? f credit of? ud 96 dare. <w satujfceiorflr enflo-?.?5 I cUe, bnriu lutereat. I <*?? i. C MeGUfBE k CO~ A?te. I Br A. 8KBKN, AuIiomv. I C4LE OP A PRBSfl STOCE OP OBOCE- I ?.w^"DK?&?ir!Sis*fx.AU1's,a > Inmei i?'e'y a'ter tte above ae'e. at the re?ideooe of Wm P. Bovh. a( N? 143 Dumbarton atreet, ki> entire Bona' hold Kffeof. ouuiittai o(? Mahogany Chair*. Mahogany Solk. Marble ty? Waatistacd. I)> Cot?a?e Set, Bedateada, _ MaltttMi, Matting. Cooking aa4 otkar Itorat, Look ing trlaaaea, ke.ko ?hi* FarmUira la new aid it good order. erma oaah. ' oca o. St THOS. POWLINe.Aeot. tfv J. C. MeGUIRK k. CO.. Aeotioaeera. pi'RMTl RlsAM) HFFbCT* Of A FA.MIr LT liICLI.MV?? HOtMIDfUi A* PtBLIC A*C rioa ?On NU^U&t MORNING,October vtA at 10 o'olook. at house No. 334 Luhteenth at WML between I and K ft*, noith, we aball Ml! the F4n*tare am) ElT^eta of a gentieirau deo:iniog kna^keesiag. eomftiaing- m Mahogany Hair fcpring bo la, Roeker andJMnar Cbaira, gr*y Mahogany Center aad Card Tab lea. Marble toy Sofa Table, Mahogany Wrn^jjf Ta ?uMVfa?y mibihk mm wuwr 1MM, IV) Ma*i? aa<i C '(Ufa H?ca ?td^ Do J)rN? BurtMiMd WkidrobM, Exoellaat FwUier B?*da aid C urlad fUlr ud fhaHt MlttTNMI, Fillowa, Kolat*ra and B?Minc, Wuhitsndi aic* Toikr Seta. Wood ana tko* aaat Cbwri and Rail OtlaUrtk. R afrigar ator. Ooofciaf and otiior Siva, Witn a|i?Ki aaa?fimrntof Kite ben F oruitar . l erma: oaffe; o er that aoioent a oradit of Raod U> oars, for approved endoraad toiM, hea. < inter eat. oaid BARNARD <k BfCKKY. AM>. Br THOS. DuWUNG ; Gaorfatova. I^KNTF.F.I, Fl tMTtRE AT ACCT70*.- f U on MONDAY nut. tk? Vth ltiUut, ar Urn 1 o'eK-ok, I shall tall, anthoat rw?rt?. at th? nai I dwot of Uand W OritM, F. *a. ?? (k* aoraA af I Highard Firat afeeta, feia entira Parmitara, fcaa I iatiBcof? I Mahogany Scfaa. S.deboa'da. TaMaa. | Cana a*at aud Wiadaor i:h?ura, Rock era, JJacratary, Bnreaaa, *\ ardrobaa, I Crookar/ and G aat Ware, I Coooa Mattmc, Radat*ada ant1 Mat'raaaaa. 4a. I Clinton Cook Stor*. Ki'ehrn Faraitara, *.?. FVTURK DATS. Br BARNARD A BUCKEY, AuoUonMrs. ii*orttio\m, D. C. EXCELLENT HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE ?i tic trri'ti at auction.?On M'^NDAV taolMNb, Hlh in?t., at lo o'clock, w* will *.!. at til* rr??*bc?of H W.Ti 1<T. m|., CourNi tr*?<. on the Biahta of Georgetown, It C., ail kia (tMllwt HoiMAoid FurtlUir# Mi EfNto,eanMafeoc&nr R?na? mU Hrir-a?at Parlor *on- I iiiuai of 5olmm, Side, Rookcr, Md Carter I Brauoia, intrmin ao<2 9*?? Carpets, Mirror, Warbie-tof Tablet. I Curtains, corniM, Shade* ar.d Fixture*, (k. ?* ? ? la fro?? of tke A action HCWt lor aaaoaat of vkM it inay noiiini A van*t? mt HoaaehoU FmrmitTV*. A la f* aaaortmaet of Cross* a.** Gj?aa W| C'hHim. Tan ?>ai? ea<l C<iai BiovasT, Tttra* Bar re a Bakers' Wiusky, Oat karrel Ran, Five barrel* Barriers Ten** oMk. o*?? THOfl. DOW lino, AaeC Br A. GREEN, AacUoaear. Household furniturr. cbina. Glass, aiin Cbotiert at Autioi.-Ob IBA1URDAY MORNING. Uia ?Ui lartaft, at ? 1 o'clock, I akail a*il la front of mr Aaotioa Room*, oorn*r ol ttl and D atroau. No. 396. vis : Mah easy Sofa*. Chair a, and Tab.**. Bo Sid?t>o*r?is, Bureaus, Whataot, Bedstead, Waah*taod, ana Cbaire. Hair. Mack, and Cotton-toe Main a?a. Feather Beds. Pillows, and Boiatara. Brue*et*. |a?rrata. and other Carpet*. Cook- Air-tunt.aad ether Bfvee. Chiaa, Glaaa, a ad Craokery War*. With naay other arti*iea too namarom to aaaiarata. Term* cash. ootid A. BRRRN, Aaoi. ON TAB lANfc MORNING, Adauniatrator'a flai* ol a fcae Drautkt Bora*. Haraeaa, and Furniture, ooaiMOCiac rrertarit at WW o'oiock a. a., naneiy? ?or**?"*** * **y load 8aelarte Faraitar* Car, aaartr aaw. a* Bet of Single Hara*a*. All beloa?in? >o ta* tat* J oka Rtaka, dsn*ais<. Person* wiskiac to parohaa* a In* IhaatM Bora* will do we.I to att-nd the *ale, aa k* u rait abla for a dray, wacoa, or a oart koree. Terms: One tktrJ *a*k ; ba aao* la two aad (bar month*, for a**rovan aoaoraad aots*, bear, at ta Lareat from day at ?a:* B? order *( in* Administrator. oCt 4 d A. ORKKN. Aunt 0?U>U*r fclA. aomm*DciD? at id o'i??oofc. w* will M.I, at aubiie aaction.Uro Mir* aiMk of pfj 8(wii, K. T. Maddox. Wo, >C\ oat* aid* Pwi*rl?M? a*aao*, borwaaa w aad vii.1k2mfsnhc. m*?.. i.ava*. Chaiii**. Caebwywe, 1'opuaa. T?M? I iu*a?. Brown and V* hit* ?k**tiac* i vetettseu ? *, M.M. Lloar )a. Jmbk and ItviDMUM. ?ut. i'a<aWn? and Oouoo gMUtinliufi, Fuuli of all kind* at d d**or iptioa*. Uwiurr. (jlo**? m4 Ribanda. Lao?. I udrrOiirta and Drawa, Collars. Cioakr. Hoodaaad xcarfa, Tioiiog, ( otlwia*d Phootiac*, Mb* m Curtain*. Hrneat* m. A a. A la'** aaaortarat of Miluacr; tfooda. Kin* w ooi*? Blaek?t*, Ht>r*ada. Ae. Frooeh and Kngnah Cloika, Caaiam* aad Vastinf tf To?*U*r witk a ir*ii*ral aaanrtmant of n*k Good* a*aa!lj k*?t ta a retail Dry Wood* fttoro Th* *al* vill b* oontinard m>m da; to day a ad I th* *ntir* atook ia diapoatd of. JclRi ?%,t' CLEAEY A GBKEN, Aaaka. Br TBO*. IXJWLIN6; ?oorro**wa. EESaaH AUCTION SALE& THIS AFTERNOON * TO-XfORRQW By 1. a MoGl JRK. * CO. Aimiiwit CORPORATION or WA8HINGTON PTOCl ^ AT Atcrnji -Oi FR1 OA \ ArTKRN OON. prt*>b?r *???. at ?lt o'oioat. at the AmUob |? m, wi> *ha<l Mil, la turn* to wilts "To Corporation at Waaktaftoa Six pm CmC Qaartoriy Stcofc. Twntmh. oa<T . J. Q. M?6UIRE 4 CO.,AaaU. By CLEARY A GMKKN. Aactioaaara.

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