Newspaper of Evening Star, October 5, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 5, 1860 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. (Fob thi 8ta?. TI1E BEAUTIES OF NATURE. form* of h?>auty. rich ar.d rare, loat in the cluud* and the atim>?phe'*; Anrt garvish the earth with *erns nntojd. And all the depth* tliat the flood* enfold. Nature in heantiful ev'r?where. In !Ud or sea, or the a?nt>teiit air ; A nd even in ttanee* of sleep we see beautiful forms W rarity. The liow'rs or ootac are very fur, U t. ~ VI - ... 4 n..r?la and ortr* inM fUrf. 12.0W tUr of ttitf nl?iio to o?r l*rre ud vwl mleot^l ol C-b&mpc?Q? and Crab Apflo Cid?r, which we jnaruata? to M tor* Juio?, ud wili b? ?< : oa rNUOiMibta tarws u orw to mat* room hn uai *v*MC atook. Git* nt ft ?*li ft* tk? PA J.M.MK F.ANO. FOll M?T Ol.V.lfa* . SAnfto rrtmrmf tri-w?klr, ftt ELLIS'S. oth?f iDauamsnta for rnttgj_ ? < KLLiy* ' '/MaVK M6NAL HOKv Prio* tlM, ju JL* r*c?iv?d It Mm fftawc atow of hI WTO. MBT2BE0TT. (C * PIONKKK eTKAJl MAK BLK AND BROW N BlOMK WOitKS. UMinbiTilifr :>rgs to inform the eititeta | cf VV vkiiiiktoii, (/ ?r|?to?n tod Alfxuxtrit tnat ; h?* !<*? via-. 1 l-> t?i? Uitic estaUished basinees the j ivn*' 'vj '.fricain power fur sawing and rnanufao : Itutt Al>w ,in ?,.( liruwn Stoke v\orkin 'heirva- ' ri 'Ui Li*na**, MatMc Ma:.?:i, Table and Washstnnd l'yf, Ti #, MoocmenU, nd Hsart | hv?< *e, h a ?, Window Linte.s, ril >s, Ht?M Mid f iatfc>rwi?. t'aviug porobaeer) a. large (took o {"Italian MlfiHH III brut Uaada.aithe loweet rat^e, ! b? t*>u?M>nuu*<.t?f being ar>>? to furnish MnrMn Work va |-:f v* it can ?*> piirchaa**! in New York. Philadelphia- ??r Baltimore. The trade supplied wit* Italian Mvbli iu block or stabs at the same . rate as fmntabed in >ew York, and on accommodating terms. Also, on hand, a large supply of M,ic0 Stone. W ater of A j r Houa and Polluting ? at New York price*. Eaeverag* the enter < "T:" u*;trritj?ffE'ivao. I f .Sicam Marti* and firaipm Slant Wtrkt, Pa. a*., oor. Thirteenth at., awjnaw Washington. B. C. Weiiwri. l.'ir*. hn. Day*. New York ...lta\r? Out 6 L-linUuic .New York.. .Liverpool. Oot 6 Pc ? * - Voik...Liverpoo Oct l? A'miv ? New York....Havre.Oot i3 O %*?<) _- New York^.Liverpool.... 0<tt 13 Saaob:*. Nfw Yo'k ..s^outha'i pt u.Oat 13 a buitoo Liverpool-...Oot 17 New York .. N?w York...Bremen Oot27 Uoiutaia N?? Y"ik. >euth*ti?pto.j.Nov 1 j Frok Etsors YaidarHlt..? ..South'pton.. .New York...Sept 3R C.of B*'Timor? ..Liverpool ., .New York. ..^pi iS Bov? goouu... .Liverpool Quebec tSept .7 w Yo.fc. soniii'p'on. .New York.. Oot. S UaruMin ^outk'pton. .New York Oct 4 t>r~at haateru...Miii'UH%v?o.New York o?t 17 Ku.'oa . South'uton.. .New S'ork... Oot 17 Hamiujrua. Soutk ptoa ..Now York.. ..Ott ! Tlie Havana niaii aio??<iera leave New Y ork on ! the 2-1, !Ah, 17th, and ?7th of eaoh raoctJi, aau C?*r>*ton on tie 4tn and IStb. I h* California rr^il iimimh leave New York on th? s*h ?n<1 g>tii of month. Milcbhica NV; B Pffk aid ly.Trx; H Woolfaik V*. Mrs Scott. E Scott, Ga; G A Neiaon, K Nel* | f?n, U Fink*. J CollflM, lad, W Brown and f idi. Pa: aud Marchionew Cbando, Mr Tootil and ly, KIRK'vVOOD HOUSE?G Cbot*rl?e, E M Mealey. Pb; A K Stake J Conetly. I iOiI; Hen M Ward, Tex: J C Oalfafctr, Ponce, E Cumiutna, DC, AS J oh n* too, USA; *V H Hiss. Md, D i Slaughter. T R F.ove, Va; J Fltzpatrlck, Md; J T Tuc>e , Va. WAHINGTON HOUSE ?W Brown, Md; J Gsldley, Mssn, J Sillird aud daughter, Salem; L Evafli. J White, Va; E Spicer, NY. UCEAWSTEAMERS' SAILING DATS Ubom thb Uhitsb Stats* ..-mu iivi x"j? i iv WT18, ; K B Boiling. I. Vandorstk, Va; J Reed, Maw; R BaJ ker, F Miller, Ga; J Barlow. Va; B Cilllna. Aug Pehell, J Hovrard, !fY; H Vincent, ft'; K Ueill, T Cffwi, C Frife. Mn B^'ilwarc, Md; T Crane | lid bdf. Ud; Vita Durtl Id. Mias Spark*. P D-.ll and hm P?: Mr Hill. Md: T Laws >n, NJ; R M | Ho?. IS V ; li Bood and lady.A L Bacon. J Walah | t? R TmtaU and If, >ld; A B lir< gan, Calj E"\V Norvall Trim: H iio rmm and ly, j Newburjh, T Had>1i;h a*d It, NY; C Addinaon, Eng; J W Clareg. Va, W Hovt. NH. E Orwrorv. mi?-k un ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS. BROWNS' HOTEL ?R Posey and 3 ladles. P O Martin, Md; T Davit, NYIN; Lr J C Bill, A XV Jonea, Va; J D Atkins and ly, Fla; O Gardner, J O Edge, J Cbembfn. NJ; S White and ly, Md; Mlsa A Forbes. O; T C Pe'rln. Pa; Mtas A P Ball, Md; Rev J P Young; NY; E Hunt, Tex; W M Dent, J lleton, A Barbour, E Thomas. J Klrkpatrtck. T N \V?d?B, Va; N A Woods. I.T; E H House. N YT; T T Roche, LMP: F C Kvans, NY W ; N Ludlow, NY; W Jewell. Pa: G Benson. J i> jan es, II Davis. J D Ragland. H Peyton, Mis< M E V\ inston, Va; C J Leds and fam.'E K*wle, and ly. La; W Reson, D Fer>!U?on. W Ferguson, Md, J F McRee and ly, NC; G Marfballand fan, Md J Walker. J M Harris, H H D'Anti^n?e. Ga; W A Knaabe and lv, SC; J Jayne and ly, Miss; J W Howiett A H Brio, NC; F. C Lyon and ly, la: W W Morr sou, DC; Mrs Jackson.'B Km ? ana lr, Va; CS Hare I tine. 8 Hazelilne and ly, W Hbanks. R W Crothers, R Crawford, H Spencer and ly, Ga; J Knight, Md. \ATIOVAf u<*Tu? ? ?? ? ? v?lo IJ JfUiBUB II. Tbi <?amrun Family ?The remains of the lamented William Garthe and his aster, Miss Amaud-t Garthe, of Par if, Kentucky among the I sly Kigln victiua, were received 1h Chicago on Friday frr>m Milwaukie. and were to be sent tt onc? to K?wtnc ky The reward of *1,000 ewh frr rtcovery of the bod its of Mrs. Garthe and Miss Anna Garthe is stimulating fresh extrtions all along the shore of the I.ake, and will lead to the recovery of dimerous other bodies, even if these, tv ? imn.ediataobjeeU ofseareb, are not recovered. By the terms of Mr Garthe* will, his entire property, aside from certain legacies, goes to scbm.U in tbe county of Bourbon, the whole family having thusfdueu victims to this calamity. ?LcvisvtU? Journal. <4?Quarrel no?. quibble not. be not foud of askingouestiens, or addicted to queries. R?Bum ruins respectability; renounce, renew. and renovate. b?Seek salvation; oh, jo sinners f become taints and you are safe. X?Take time by the forelock; try to turn every moment to account. U?Unison unites to unity: in the whole universe there is unison; be you, therefore, united for the sake of unison. V?Vanity has connection with valor; remember that. W?Women and wine bring want, woe, and wretchedness, when wickedly indulged in. X?Xtra 'xer'ion* accomplish xtraordinary ends. Y?Yield to no tyrant; yoemen and their yoke-fellows are lords of the soil. Z?Zig-zagging is characteristic of a xany; Uke a straight coarse through life, and seal oe nappj. oui yar* ye, nope can i (under nor rot the rope of a hangman. I?Irquisitivenew id insufferable; indulge not in it. J?Julep* may be called the juice of joy. and the yeast of jest; btit let them alone for too much jjking often deatroya the joviality of the fcx ial circle. K?Kindness kindles the fire of friendship A kiss always avails more than a kick. L?Love the Ivlies, look before you leap. e?chew loaferum M?Make not mischief by meddling with ' other tf lkV business N?5ever be caught napping except in the night time 0?Order it Heaven's fir?t law, obey it. P?Pursue the plain patn of probity, and put in jiractioe what you will give in precept. t>*-es muctfta, ana pumu m the sky ; r? i<) ami beautiful, ike tlio ?e?, Y\ tell 2e ructu in wil.iest in?je?ty ! Hoinea ol !> i?a?T. no ere ran conceive, &j the e. ul in il? rapture might weare, J'lpely nunt dwell in tho?e planota w bright. 'J'hat flicker wirh 'vli&nce, the vivnltof night! Tho muai look up, from ti.o beautiful ii?*r?*. 1w wherf there's a brighter, most beautifi 1 phere: Tp. up, from the saa, and the hill,an1 the no I, From nature, adoring look up t?? it* lio-l! JT<?oLt>nii ikocoh Bmvrr. Uon'i Alphabetical Advice. A?Always attend to your own avocation, avoid ale house* and artful woman. B?Benevolent but not prodigal, bury all feiekeringa in the boaom of forgetiulnesa. C?Contrive to collect ca*h and keep it. I>?Do your duty and defy the devil. E?Early endeavor to eradicate every error, %otb of head and heart F?Fight fairly wh?n you fight; but the better way id not to fight at alf Fiddle for co fools. G?Grace, goodne?s, gumption, and a )ittle gooae-greaae, enables a man to slip through the world mighty easy. Get them and glory in tiiem. H?Harbor hope in your heart, if you would v a . _ i i _?_ _ a ? . ? And A\V?tr?h?ri"ni?r?N! r ??fullT (lid* tbf ?'* > ?" ?? P*?rl> eav??. P?&utifu ii th?tfow?l?M. MmiSmI tiuverx aj.r?>ver*roen trrr.; Wr!Vrebir!?of Wrich-st plumare tUy, Ir i? sn'lA of hfauty.far Th-'f i? i(4? ?fot on thi? sunlit earth, Tf?t niv-f?*h no t'?nnof lievitT birth; Of mimrai. pianl.or bird, or tiow'r. Or th?* Imtiun in*ectof an hour. Th?- desolate Arctic rrpior.a *low. With tx?r?*i rinii?rce. on in* *n<l snow; That crotrieth with rowa'e <li?deitia. H'.'r toweri i? penka of io-?:-?-ii K'lin",? )Mi*nittcent cryatsla! blneami itigb. uisu nawii? '> 11 or I will &><> furniah, at the Mm* prices. suoaadditMuial quantities ol the aarne kiodaanJ qualittea o| cooda m may bo required for lk?iwvio* ?>f tu* Indian L>?pertiii*nt during tiie jr6!\r ISiul, deliverable a? above ctatw'; and, irtftia propi>aal be accept* 1, there insert the words,'in arnole or in part/ if nor* than on* olasa be prop -sad lor, J I lor vre] will, within twentv day* thereafter, execute a contract aoeoratacly, and tive secant*, aatiafactorr to ihe Cnrmaiaaioner of ndian Affair a, for the faithful performance of the aarae." Kach proposal uiuat be astommltd with a taaraotee in th? follow in*. lorm, to be aicued by two or more responable peraona, whose aiimoieaey meat be oei lifted to by a United Mates jade* or otstnot attorn**: , " fcerehv jointly and severally (Mraatee thai theatave btdjnr, lor bidi^r?,| ira ooutraot s h all be awarded to him lor therul aooordiagto ii-a {or ttoeuj bid or propoaai, will - xrouts a contract soOcrJiuRl), und *iTf tho requisite eccnnty for the perforAanTC tkwwf, as preaenbed in thaadvrtiaement for err poaala tor Indian roods, dated Ootob?r l*t. IM0;and, in the event of his [cr tkeir] fail re so to #o, we hereby a*re? and bad oora-4v?., our hotrs, eiecutora, and assigns, to forfeit a-. J pay t?-e> Datum States, as da mat se a sum not less than fifteen per oeat. on the amount of said bte or proposal." the qtiautiliee thereof, aa ther are arranged id the schedule. vith the priMa annexed to raoh id dol1 lara find cents at which they are to be lurnirhed. ?iud the amount* munt t>e carried out a> d footed up or eaoh o!a?*. J<aid privet and amom.ts muat b<* to 11 vt*r , without any modification or proposed Kotlihoation. or variation whatever. They ?hou d i Mihmitted with the following lu-adu i 1 [?r we] hereby P r?pote to furnish for the s*r-I vice of the mdian Department, and according to the terms ot it* advertisement therefore, dateo Ootober ?st.W>, t*i? folio win* articles at the ynoes therrto aSh-ini, I hero insert the list aooor<fmg to the class or c!as*tt pn.poaed lor.J deliverable iu city ??| [ Uo?ton, New York, Chi ade.phin, Baltimore. New Orleans, St. loih, Memphis, or Ciueinnati. aa the eve may Le| b? the first day of April neat, or at inch tin* or times daring the fear 1KI as may be ordered by the ('omiumaioner of In ^ a ' * " .uj paiti-JuiiM win w rnioowfl; t<t which oaae th^ ooutractor w 1 be bound to furnish other* of th1* r-q nr"l kind or qua ut within Hire? <1a?*; or, if that im uut dm?. tn??t will he curoDa?s?d at hit ex pente. i'a> mnn ?wi llw n ado lor the good* re oetved nr invoice th?-r?vif, certified by th? agent or a* enU appelated to in#p'ot tbani. It i* to b-* understood that tlio right w U be re*?*rved to require a greater or lest quantity of any of .he artioi?M nan?t*d tuan tiat speo bed in the above toutdult; and all bull for furniahiag aa'd a-tioea may be rsteeled at the option of the Department; and that u?ni9 from pereone who have ia:!o to ooir.p y with th* requirement* oi a prr>I vioua contract with the United Stares, or who ?re 1 not manufacture or wh iesale dealer* in the ro quired art olea, will be considered; and tho fact that bidder* are *uoh manufacturer* or deawr* mutt be evidenced by the certificate ol the Coileo tor ol the **??. t where they reside, or where it i? prop'jifd to dsliTt r the article*. | 'I'b* frofots i muft embrace th? -:>L whefaiti* sa?i? article- <u?n t>o propjsod to be delivered r.t tlitT^rent piaoea. <ioo?i? of Ani?rii'&n manufacture of the repaired sty e/ mid win be prelorred; but as the tainp.'as of ItiaiilM-l-i at I o!oth? a'e foreign fat?ric% it wnl be uec*>??ary, in propoains a doiuentio am clec f either i>f th??ktu<l?, tiiat a nample tflereof hall aoo >mp\i)T tUo bia. sample (ana and powder horns ma?t&'*o be furnished, from winch the Department will mako a t-olectior.; and. in oaae of inure thiva oue kvriii J bMi.j fnriuahfd by the same tn?4der. th? p-i<?e lor each mu?t lie dutinetlv inci oated in the bid. The Comini*?ion t reserves the right to decline takioe any ?unsand powder horns, or M.oie or !?u than a.e advertised for, as he may deem proper. Ths ajtiof# to l>e firn shod mutt ia all respects eouf rm to ar.d b* equa wiih ihe Government samples, which may be soen at thie Office. They wil lie rigidly in>p-( t>Ml anu compared with those samples oy an aicut ur a?euts appointed for that ywpNa mi.'Ii as may be aoeqcaled thereto in bandies) ISO * zinc mirrors loo M fi e ste?!s 3 o pount!* oras wire I *oo " best Chines# Temlllioo. Clam No i North wut Guns. 1,'frt northwest guns, flint look l?i " " pmcussion look li*< dozen powder horus j Proposals will be reseived for the delivery of sa<d articesat Mew York, I'biladelyhia, iialttmor*. Now Orltaus, M. Louu, Memphis, or Cino'.tiu&i ; hut the o st of the transportation of the t? th ir place of destination will be ooi. Sniffed in aiwillilll* ?*"-?1 - lSitnooU Ja^An?K4 ? :?8 in a nest) 3?cam? kevti'sa. Oaiafs.) dozen 1 <t oart tin huk 173 - 3 quart *> " H-||UUt " tin cupa ?*? " botcher knivea ? <> " acalpiuc kuiven 70,l??l XUll tiillU Ujo gross run worms 15<? " fqin*a?:a ? ) " Imbhooss ?*> dozen lisli lines 1 hii rrof u?<?'ii?s, assorted ? "<> il'izcn c'?ara? t? olh oomba li<o bne-tooth cooinUa 3i " scissors 2iir> shears j ur, " Kruabmi; hoes an '* weeding hoes 17) tirawiug-kaivea, 10 inches 6 hard saw a 15" dozen hand aaw fiiea, 4X I noli a shoves 5? " spadrs ],fe?>?hort-hai!ule fry pans 2^ dozen lastuig spouua 3f?> M iron table apoona s?) " axes, u> weigh 4*? to AH pounds 12i " half M9*i to weigh i punaJa. (with Class No 2. Rtady-rno'l'. Clothing. frock coat*,indigo-blue b;oado'oth a*t pautaloons, " Si go-b an Makmao blanket capotes 2 0 blur aalintt orats SlW " pantaloons 1U) ovJet mixed satinett ooats ino " pantaloons 3 n gray satinet eoMs,(?ack; iai " pauiaioons 3? '* vests. Ct.A*? NO 5. Hantirare, AtTirultvral Implements, 4v. i/o) pouuda brans krttles c?> nn kettles. (5 t'.zon) ikj - 8 ? wcoien p<>und< lia< n tinea! gross vrornted gattonng 4-VO" jaids oalico 25,tot ' Mammae aalio 7 " 'l urk?* '?d catico >0,1 tw " bias drilling to.mio " osnabtirg* lo.uon " brown drillings 5 ?uo " Georgia itnp?? ,s,n??i " blue denims .5.IM4I " oottonnde ' bed tiokmc " Kentucky jrana 2 .<** satiu?tts 12.500 " Piaid linseT? 2.5??> ' bleaehe"! sh'rtrng " domostio ?h?rt ng, miMfaohou I0.I?? * ' SiieetUlg. " S,??i " bleach d " in.tifl " br*wn cotton dtrok erhwelfa, ?tnpos. and plaids 2,0no '* flannels a?<ort9d ; 1 i*?! pounds c ttoa ttuead I .ran " brown ci'ling twine. No. *? on eotton matt*? 1,5m flannel ohirts 2,oi?' oa!ioo er.irts 5 "dozen hic?ory shirts 100 " Madras handkerohiefs. 3S? pouud* tit l&ucj-list b!?? o'oth 50? ' " sre*n oluth 3?H? " crny-list blu?oioth 4.W0 " a&ved list b!n>' slotU 3t**> * " ?c&r'e*a!< th l,?ow " ** jre?a etotli 1?<> pounds worsted ja'n.OTo'd) tim dozen cotton Hag h?ndk>*wlmfc? 10) " t&ocf oottcn " S> " black auk * I'M fi 4 iotton shawla liA 6 4 * " to 4 4 ' " ....! v u* *-? iavu*r?| oir* 11/4 pOUH'!* Kfl pairs.Vi point gro??n Mvkinwo blanket*. to measure 66 by rt4 inohew.and ??nn Wpounrla 3W pair* S-point green Alacktna* blanket*, lo by 72 inch**, and wv?uh 8 ponno* 500 pairs 2S point ereen Mackinac blanket*. lo m*asur* 51 bj &> inohe*, and w?ieh 6 pounds 2"0 pair* 3?j point ir<digo-bln? M# okinau blankets. to measure ?6 l>y 84 uiohc a, and weigh 10 pound* 2fi0 piiraS-point indigo-b'ue Maclcinao blanket*, to maaaiwe 6" by 72 mohei. and weigh a pounds 2Sfl yairsiS point indieo-hiue Maokmai blanket*. to Treasure 54 by 66 iooh.?a. and weigh 6 po?;da \<V patra ?S nt gentinella-blt? Maokinao blanket*, to ineaauro 61 by M inohea, and weigh 10 pound* 500 pairs $-po,nt g?i tin MI a-blue Maokinao blanket*, to mcabtire w> by 72 incho*. and weigh 8 poaud* 400 pairs 2^ poiut gaatiuella blua Maokioao blanket*, to ineaaare 34 by 66 inohea, and weigh fi pound* 250 paira 2 point gsntinrlla-biut Maokinao blanket*. to me*jure 12 by Jb iuohea, and weigh W4' pound a anu pur* l1, point gontioe'la-blne Mackinao blanket*, to uiAa>ure WJ by 50 loohea, and weigh 4?* poanda 150 pair* i-po.nt geutinella-blrta Maokinao blanket*. t > measure 32 by 46 l achea, ar.d weigh , in?wii re 3b r>jr J* mcnes, and weigh iW mad* 50? pair* 1-point wiiittt Ma"ktnao l>i?nkets, to measure 32 by 44 mchre, an?t wei^h SJ? pourH*. 500 pairs S-point roarlet Mackinac bl&rkftts, to in??asiire on t>T T2 inoh?*. and weieli 8 pounds ?( 0 pairs S'i-point ncarlM Maokioao blankets, to measure Mhyffi inches. and weigh 6 pounds CS> fairs 2-pomt m*%rl*t Mackinao blankets, t ir.MMire ^2 bj 56 luchts, and weigk M* pounds 2:/? pairs 1-point scarlet Mackinac blankets, to inM *? r4 'W K? Al1 a ?' C l_' I MISCELLANEOUS. pROPOSALS FOR INDIAN 6GODS. D*pa*tm*!?t or th* lirmoK, / Q&r* Indian Af+irt, Ott. ?, >?60.< Pealed Proposal*, endorsed M propoaVa for Indian Goods," [Ciaa? 1,2,3, or 4 aa lit* ca?" may !>?.] will be irceiyed at toe Offioe of ludian Affairs until 10 o'oioofc v m., m \Vx?K??1>a?, the twenty fourth day of Ootolx?r next, f tr furniahm* the f >. lowim L?meti Article*: CL48R No. 1. Mackinac Bltnkttt, Cloths, mnd Dry (loads. I.MO pair* 3 point white Mukinao b'anketa, to m?Mi'?e?jn J.y Ti inehea, and wench H ponniM 3 5H0 pair* S3,-pi>int white Mackinac blanket*, to m<M?reMbi BR tnohea, and weigh 6 poancia 1,1)00 pana 3 point white Mackinac blanket*, t> measure m by 56 moiioa, an?l weigh &<? pound* no paira 1H point white Mackinac blanketa, to ma n u 1 ?. B. KOTT. fckAlTBT. I I AMAt,MOr? * XUTRV, La ATToklfMTS-AT-lAW Holly BfKtM, Mitr., WlH KMtiM in th* Huh CoaHo? Error. Ai- i u racing 'ne tract claimed ; otheiwise, auoh olaim wi.i l>? forfeited. JOS. if. ?MLSON, Commissioner of the General Land Offioe. Note.?Under the regulation* of the department, m heretofore and now exiatiag, no payment can be made for advertising proclamations except to acoh publiahera aa are uihnrixti to publiah by the Cemmiaaioner of the General Land Uffloe. ?el5--wl3?a . .. WG A S FIXTURES. lu Have in store, and are dai r receiving, OAS FtXTCRKS of entirely New Patterns and De?irn? and Finish- superior in atjrle to anything heretofore offered in this market. We invitecitizens general ly to oall and examine our atock of Gaa ana Water Fixtures, feel inn confident that we have the beat selected atook m Waahiect?u. All Work in the above Lue lntruated to our e*r? will be promptly attended to. MYERS 4 MoGHAN. war 6-tf UTtt 1) street. pi&NCl AR V K K, FAMILY STORE, Oerarr New York arenw. atul T**lk strut. Respectfully eolicita the patronage or thoeew may be in want of any artiele m the above line. Hii endeavora shall be to pleaae. and by a strict attention ?o the wants of tho pablie, he hopea to merit* share of their patronage. Hit took ooatiat* of every artiole usual It to be found in a brat-class Family Grocery ana Feed Jilore ----- ?0i 111 wf igii hip* ?r? nUveitiaed until the Whole shall have been oOWed aud the ?alee oloaed; but no aalea ihall be kept open longer thai two week*, and do private) entry o( any ufthH.anda will be Admitted until after the expiration of the two w*eka Uiven under niy hand, at the eity of Waalunrtun, thia Htn (U* of Sep tern her. anno Domini oae thousand mekt hundred and aixty. JAMES BUCHANAN. By 'he Preeident: JOB. 8. WILSON. Conunissionaer of the General Land Ofltae. NOTICE TO PRE-EMI'TION CLAIMANTS. Every peraon entlt'ed to the right of pre emptiaa to any <?'the lar.da within the town*hipaand part* of townahipa above in*iitionted la r^uired to eetabli?h the aame t.> the aattafsotior of the re* later and receiver of the proper Land Office, aud "ake payment therefor an aoon aa practieafole after aeeina tHa notioe, and before the day appointed for tha oommeuoement of the publio aaJeof tb? I&n4> ? on Wednesday the 19th day <>f U? oembei next, for thediipo-al of the publ'c muds hTrtoforeanollered situated with.n the following townships, viz: Suutk of the batt line and west of theAfthprmcipxl meridian. The fraction* south of th?o!d boundary line, of u>wu?hip ."0, of ranges 21, U, 23,24,25. and 28. At the Land Office at CnAMr?axoL>, commencing nn Monday, the nth day ol December next, for the diapowil of the public lands heretofore unofTered >ituated within the following tewnkhips and parts < 1 t iwnships. viz: South of the bate Itm nnrf trust / thtffthprincipal men titan. Township 19, of range #. Township 13, ol range 7. Township 19.of range 3. Totrnshin 19, of rang* 9. Township 20, of rar ge 18. Th t parts south of the old twundary line, of township 20, of ranges 19 aud 20. Lands appropriated by law for the use of schools, military an-l otner purposes, together with the "awampeud everliow<,d#" will be excluded from | the sale*. The offering of the above lands will commence on tUe days appointed, and will proofed in the or At the '.ami oflica a* Ltttlr Kock, commencirg oq Monday, the 17ch Jar of Liecember next, f?r the itiipomi of thn euhlio lands heretofore um.Hered, xituattd within tho following townships. vii: South of tit'. '>a*e hue and trest of Ike fifth principal meridian. Town*hi pa 13 and 1?, of ran?e4. Townships IK ai:d 19, of ranee 5. At the land office at Fa ybttkvillk. commencing <>n Timway. the 2i>th dar ? f OfocmMr next, for th? disposal ol the publio lamls heretofore anoffer'd situated within tho following township*, viz : North oj the bast line and west of the Afth principal meridian* Township 19, of range 20. Township 17, of tacge 21. At the Ian1 offioe at Clakkuvilli, commencing on Menday, the 17th dar of Dec-mber next, for the disposal of the public lands heretofore unntfered situated within th-> fol.owiug townships, viz: North of the bast lint and teest of tktfijth principal meridian. Fractional townships 1 and 2, of range 33. At the Land Office at Washikoto*. bohii mI?? rvnn>n"f atl the paper required may be soan at thi? i>tfi je, >?ut bidder? are required to furniali, with their proposal*. aampiea of not leaa than one quirt* of eaoh of the kind* l>id for, mid upon whieii their 1 propoenia mar t? t<**<*d. The *i!ocea?ft>1 hiddern ?ri,| he required rigidly to conform to their miti p'??. Propoeala will h? addreaaed to "Jom Hkart, Superintendent of the Ptihlio Printing, Warning ton. 'and end'?r?-?d "Proposal for Supplying ?*a per." oc2-2s*rtd BINo. ?69.} V THK PREStDKNT OK THE UNiTKD STATES In purftuanoe of law, I. Jamba Bociiaixn, Preeidcut ol' the United Mate* of America, do liereh? u*>aud make known that ptihlio ?aiea will l>e heiil at the unaer-uientio-ird land ortioea, in the relate of A rkan ?as, at the periods hereinafter daaignatfd, to wit: ?W ? my ?U>? >< ?m. niiu 1)1 IUOB V?l(htl U rady ha required by this office. Those in cImi7 are to bo white, and of tlte sizes aad weight* apeoified id th* schedule. The right is reserved of ordering a greater or less quantity of each and every kind oontiacted for in a 1 tt.e class**, to be furnish'd at nuoh times acd in suoh quantities a* the pulilio service may require. Kaoh olas i wiil be considered separately, and be snt'ject to a sepante contract; but bidders may offer for one or more of tho classes id the same proposal. \o proposals will be considered unless accmnparied by the guarantee that the bidder or bidders, if bis or their proposal shall be accepted, will enter into an obligation, with good and sufficient sureties, to furnish the artioles^ropoped Blank forms for proposal* will l>o furnished at this otfioe, and none will be taken into oonsidoiatiou unless substantially agreeing therewith. All the ?ap"r in the several olasves mast be de livered at sm h plaoeor plaoes a* mav be deniguated in Wasi.inctou city, tu good order, free of all aud every extra ohargeor expeuse, ar,J subject to the ! inspect'nu, count, weight, and measurement of ih? Superintendent, and tie in all respects satis fao- j tnrw uvnt uo io VJ to 1*1 ho I 1,000 do foli>>-po?? do 17 br 22 d? 4 100 do n<?diu in do W by 13 do 6. 30 do royal dj 19 by 24 do 7. 50 do ?uper-r>yal do 20 by 38 do 8. 9) do imperial do 221-2by3l do 9 IW do douMc-^np do 18 by 26 do 10 100 do colored medium, ("Morled colors ) Class 7. 1. 6,000 reams writing paper, 16 by 36 inches, to weigh twen'y three pounds p re%m 3. 1,500 reams writing piper, 19 by z?i inohes, to weigh twenty eight pournis i?r reain 3 3.too reams writing paper, 18 bJ ih iccnes, to weigh twenty-hix pounds 4. loo reams writing paper, in by iU inehea, to weigh twenty four pounds p r ream 5. 341 reanis writing paper, in by >H inohos, to weigh twentf-two pound1 per ream rt 4m reams writing paper, 12 by 18 inches, to weigh twel ve pound*per r?an. All the pipers designated in cl&saei 6 and 7 must onntair. 4 :0 perfect sheets to the ream, and no "ohIiidt" quires, fhry are to be made of the best ma termU. free from adulteration, finished in the best manner, out to a true edge. 1/ud flat, and securely ind kubstiutiaily enve oped. The papers in c'ass 6 ? ?->? - - ' ? I -- ? >>nu <ui vi|it? yuuuua IV mo ICllUi UI 491' sh??t>. 2 000 reams mperfine printing paper, sized and super-' alenrtered, to measure 24 by 33 inches, and to weigh filty pounds to the ream of -no sheets. Class 4. 1 OTO re\ms superfine map paper, sized and calendered, of mioh sizes as may he required, cor respond itr in weight with paper measuring 19 by 24 inch's, and weighing twenty pound* per ream ot 490 sheet*. Class 5. 2" reams rnperfiue plate paper, (oalendered or nnna'ondered. aa may be required,) 19 by 34 inches, and of snoh weight per team as may be requited. The fibre ol tliepaper of eaoh of tne al>ov? ?la??e? to be ol linen ai d cotton, free troni all adulteration with mineral and other ?ubatacces, aid ot a fair Whiteness, a d put up iu quires of twenty-four rheets each, and in bundles of two reams eacn; eaoh ream to oontain 480 perfeet sheet*. Uniformity in color, thick n>??. and weight will be required; and no bundle (exclusive of wrappers) vary inn over oi under five per oeut. from the standard weight will tie reoeivert, and the'gross weight will m all oases be required. Mixing of various tlaokneire* in the same bundle to maK* up t e weight will be considered a violation of the contract. Class 6. I. UWJ r?vui >]tMrta pu*t writing paper, 10 bjr 16 iocImi. I. -4,000 da C <p do 13 by 16 1-9 do ) 1MI ll? Am ? - * ? " - ' vius iui ciwywun tun pauuu priming," ft.o.. ftp prov?<l August 2S, IU&2, and of the 1'K.h i?oUud of the fcot entitled "An (vol making appropriations for the legislative. executive,and jutliaial expenses of (government for the jear ending Jute 3>, lfWO." ftpproved March S. in,iMl<d proposals wi*l tie receiv?1 at this oflhe. in the Capiat!, until the first Mondav (3.1 day) of Dooember next, at 12 o'oloek. ???., for furnishing tho paper that may be required for th" putilio prtnt:ne lor the year ending ou the ['1st day of December, 186.. Tho subjoined lift ?pe?ifies. ft* nearly as can be ascertained, the quantity, quality, and description of e.i.a h kind of paper that will be required: Class 1. K,K> ream* fine printing paper, u^aa'epderedjto measure 24 by 3H to weigh forty-five ponnds to the ream of 480 sheets. Class 2. 6 non reams fine printing pap?r, calendered, to measure 24 by at inches, and to weigh fifty six pounds to tho ream of 480 sheets. Class 3 sno reams superfins printing paper, hard-sited and ?upfir calendered, to treasure ?4 by 32 inohea. - - - _ - _ Bondi will b? required la the amoint of the bid for the ftJthfat performance of the contraot, with tw?r ??r D1VIV * h i cnv?, WHV?V HlimiOHUT HlUb% Uf , eertifted by a United States judge or diitnot at- i lornvy. No propoeai will be reoeirrd that drea not atiiot \y conform, in at! p\rtioatar?, to the tern* and direetiona of this adrertiaement. CHARLES E. MIX, oc 2 2awtOo(24 Aotia? CumniMioner. PROPOSALS FOR FURNISHING THE PA PER FOR THE PUBLIC PRINTING OrriCl ?TrKBIWTK!*I>*!?T p? Pcblic Pethtiiig I Washington, Oot"ber 2,1P0O. t In reeatoe ot the provision* of tne "act to erc? : j_V .- Li. -? - r T "fA RK* A3 ?! *3 !!! LoniaiftM it , north aide, between ?th -I and 7th it?. P. It fti?M pot at free ef oharce, m tmai. ^ M?-? g H. W' HAM'LTON PAINTER, tod | DEALER IN FAINTS, ? No. 489 7 th Strut, **nr Odd FtiUw? Hall. ti anS-tf PrTTV~T* DOWN. ? W DAMAGED BOOKS. F. H?vem lot of Pather ft Wataon'a R?vif i M and 8pJll?r? th%t wer? damaged * little Inr water is the steamer froip New York, which will kf eoUl fur Mf ^ "'ffU-cuABD MonrN. * 4 Corner 11th at Md Pv av. ft Nkwyokkanv Washington STBAM~HIFLINB. The Steamer MOUNT VE1NON wiQ toava Alexandria aid Wuhinitor for New _f {Hf L York EVERY Wfc.DNF.bDAY. At J^RC e'olook p. m., and New York for VvmIi-"?* inctoa every Saturday, atSo'oiook p.m. Passengers one join u? ski pat Alexandria at ar-j tune before the hoar of the steamer's departure. N. B.?In the event of the khemeri inability to oroea the bar in o?nse?n<voe of low water, all gooda will be promptly nxhtered to and front the atoane* by the undersigned. Th hk UNION WILL stand. no matter who's president! Con*e?jnenMy 1 shall remain in Washington and oontinue to ^orfn* niy oocopation of HOl'SR, SIGN and ORNa.WKNTAL PaFNTINO. Gildtag in all its branches. QUI Slating promptly attended to. Painting and Ornamenting Cottage furniture in the best sty La. I also, call attention to the Paintinx of Roofs and Briok Walls. All of the above 1 will do as ehaap as the cheapset. I therefore aolioit the patronMe of my friends and fallow oitixens of the Distr)ol. Paneteahtj strictly observed, and work done in the beat nanQAT. Vn? will ? * ? ? IC7" Omnibus** and Barrac* Watona lea re the ofioo at 6 a. w. aud 6 p. m. JAMES A- EVANS, Ticket Afant, ma W tr Corner Sixth at. and Pa. ay. THE STEAMER JAS. 6UY Will reaume her I trip* on TUESDAY, 21 at of Febrearv. law. Will leave WASH LNOTON ery TUESDAY an<1??HHBHb FRIDAY, at6 o'oloek a. m..and ALEXANDRIA athalf-paatS o'olook, for CljKRIOMAN and the intermediate Landings. <In h<v return trips, the will leave CURRIOMAN every WEDN?ta)AY and SATURDAY, at ft o'clock a. in. LUCIA N S. l'AGK, Proprietor. NATH'L BOTJSH. Ax't,Al exa ndi i a. feto REGULAR STEAMr/PACKET LINE BETWEEN BALTIMORE AND W A S If I N G f O N.?Iieare Com-??^W^ meroe at wharf, Baltimore, aa fol *naUHMla owa: Tbe St Nichqj.?* eveir' $ a. m. Colombia, every SATURDAY, at?p, A * l^ave Riley'a Wkart at the foot'ofllti.Ueet, W aahingtoa, aa foilowa : Colcmbia, everv WEDNESDAY MORNING, at#. ?r. NicHoLia, every SATURDAY,at6a. m For freight, ac.. apply to TBOS. W. RILEY, Acest, - <- Rilej'a Wharf,at Uiefoot of tnar ia-TATBm 11th at.. Waikiutni I AiTV JUV/Ul Xi^AAOAITi AW i H FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS! It ia provided with Fir?t-cla*? Bleeping Cara! (T* New Orlaans T8 Hoira, grioisr?-~:1J U: Nash villa 46 do. H7*Th? U. 8. KAIL *nd ADAMS' EXPRESS aratakan over tills New Lane. Iiokete out be obtained at the Sooth Western oe, oorner of Sixth stre?t and Pennsylvania av*u??, to the following point*: Lynchburg, Bristol. Kn^viUa, Atlanta, Ch&Manooxv Ifuatavilie, Grand Junction, Mac?>n, Nashville. Dal tot.. colnmbaa, Montgomery, Mobile, Memphis, and NEW ORLEANS. IP- THROUGH TWEETS TO THE VARIOUS VIRGINIA SPRINGS. wy V/rtlC'I CrOtV^ Mississippi Central, New Qrlravs and Jamison, TO NEW ORLEANS! MEMPHTS" ROUTE: MeinpMa l>j Rail.tUeiios l-? First oius Packet! to New Orleans. MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE : Montgomery br Rail, thtmoe to Mtibi!" ' ? Kuat uia.DM Paoketa. M'.hile to New Orleaius by I .aks Steamer* TWO DAILY TRAINS? SuifDAT* Inii.Ci.ID. Lrav? WftKhiiiKto* at H n m and C p. m. The Strainer GEORGE PAGE leave- her wnarl foot of Seventh ftr^et at KM a. m. and 6 V p. ui. arU connects at At^xanrina with tun Orange at..I anuria Traiu? for the Soutiiwe?t. Ortice?Pennay .vania aveane, corner of Sixth at. BASflAfll mSCKKO THROUQB TO HK\f 0RLRAI8. Lynohburg #7 So Aleuiphia 931 nt tfrithil-.?.... i.Stf' Atlanta ........... .3K <jd. Knoxville Macou JS i*l <:iia*t&n'H>(a.........24im Toinuibua 31 so ifalto'i... ? 34 <*' Mootaouierf 3S (*t IIuntaviile . ? _.2?w? j via Memphis.5# Grand JuuoUou *><* N.O.> viaG. Juno..42 W I Naativilie 36101 S via Mobile. _45 in ! THIS ROUTE IS ENTIRELY BY RAIL and ia J00 MILES SHORTEk. and 24 HOURS LESS IN TiME than any other l.iae? the Lynehlmrg Extension beiuc now completed, aa a)ao the Miaaiaaippi Central, inak.iif it the n n j nit rcT j vn 1//ict d f x? * c a &sw6aeas9B abl rail koiitk, via Orange and Alexandria Rail roaei to lynchburg: Virfrivia uvri Tennessee, East Tennessee a:ul Virginia, Host Tmnesttt and Gears*, a, Nashville and Ckatt. znooga, m/ rwnA ty 1* * WW AUIllil U A. '-*!? iJIVilifVii. I Chxnok or Hocbi'. ON AND AFTER WEDNESDAY, JunelSth, H&\ tratnn wilt run M follows: Letw WiMtungton at fi at and 7.40 a. m. L#eav? Washington at aju ?u i SJO p. aw On Sunday at 3 20 p. m. teave Baltimore at 4.25 and 8.40 a. m. eave Baltimore at 3.15 and 4.20 p. m. On Sunday at 4 25 a. in. Passengers Tor the Kast will take tmu at Jn and 7.4" a m and 3 30 p. m. For the West at 7.4ft a. m. and 3.20 p. For A nnapolis at 7.40 a m- and 3-90 p. m. For Norfolk at 7 40 a. m. On Saturday evening the3.20 p. m. tram, goes to Philadelphia only. ie 13-?l T H. PARDON ?. Agent. NEW ORLEANS JOST TJEIH.ES DiLTIB wit* rii CHOICE OP THRRK rtni) TP.?I I Keep oonstanuy ov nana, and make to ontor (on one w?iV> notice) "Tery descriptien of l>OLE ! "**Trunks, Ac.. Repaired and Covered, in a workmanlike manner, at short notioe. Trunks delivered in an; part of the city, Georgetown, or Alexandria. Aiso?Agent for Howe's oelebrated FAMILY SKW1N? MACHINES. de 16-1* JAMES g. TOPHAM. T&AVKLEBS' DlREOfORY. IVAILY LINE OF NEW FOI R-HORSE U COACHES TO UPPER MARLBORO'. Carrying th? U. 3. Mail. The ond<?rbJjtn?u are now running J>aiI*. (except Sunday.) Four-horse Coachen tween "Washington and Upper Marl Hry boro', as follows: w v > Leave ti?e Sieanitwat Hotel, corner or Seventh street and Pa. at 7 o'clock a. in. Returning leave Upper Marlboro'at 11 o'clock a in., and arrive in Washington at SoVock, intimo to connect with the3JUp. m. t aiu for Baltimore. Tlie C oaches ar? new and commodious, the teams hrst-clana in the hands of careful and accommodating drivers. Fare to Upper Marlboro 5ft cents. To Long Old Fieids ToCenteiville..... 38 Freight and packare* in proportion. au 1 j tf OSBOKN A CO.. Proprietors. UALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. II nr 4 ci/f \intn v dp j issr*it FMIVK UUNDRKD 1 RAVELING TRUNKS Drew and Packing Trrmkt. Oar tri sales room exhibits at tb is time the trest ?*t variety of traveling re* an;tea. at moderate pr cee. to be foaod thts aide of New 1 ork. Alio, ever r descrieOon of UDIKU' HA* BOXES, V ALICES, OA* PETl^AGS, 8ATCfflSL8i Ac, 2^-Old Trnuki repaired or Ukeu in exchange for u?* vuem. WALL) STKPHENS * C 0? 'frank Sales R Mm, mar fl-tf 3*i^i Pa. g? rmtnm. SOUTHERN TRUNK HANWFACTOl:Y. Opto*it* Odd f ellows' D. C. Travelers will ttuoj their inter? sts r?j exaanm* my TRUNKS, VALlCES&o ,be/ore mr-?ir? oliA?m( elsewere. Aa i use none but UwBnM beat material the marketaffordsan.i employ^ the beat workmen,! oan confidently reooinraet a my work to be superior in Strmttk and LhiraHl'ittt to Trunks that are irnde in other cities and sold here. TRUNKS, BOOT; ? AND SH OES. UOOTS AND SHOF ? TO Sl'lT T?B Wear* now matiufaotur i*x ail tanl? of ROOTS and SHOK^and con?l? tvy reo?vta( uppif ui eastern hiimi* w or* ?l ?v?rrCr Ml ortptiOK, made expreaaly ttt order, and Irtllfl bo aold at a much lover jjr toe than hat 11^ heretofore charged in th is city ft?r nceh inferior artiolee. PerwD# m want of Boo a and Shoes of eartorn or city ?adoworkAwiilaiwi ureEadajo** asaor+jnea in store and at the lowest ptiom. fineucacaU. ??,.<LRI*F,N t ?RO., M "F SI' I PscnaTlvni ia. nrrra^. OLD FAMILY AYS WMIMXJTT, I 2S3SESS:< sm^jspxEUs Yarti?VirI: OR SALS IN WASHINGTON BY J jlU BA.EBODK * gKMMBS. * HtWAUMHrn i WITOTHE SIGNATURE OF ON THE I^BELiLL OTHEWARE j AN IMITATION ANO A COUNTERFEIT * OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. ' WM.HJ) ALY, BOLE PROPRIETOR ? 19 SOUTH WILLIAM SI NEW YQM i p| fodllltfcf : V?SS^y^ ^ *&&&'' ,x/ I ^ CAUTION. { .PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL ! IN PURCHASING THE VAUEY { WHISKEY T0.8EE THAT IT IS i IjgSSpL hiipMWmi ifl'j 10 ? Tw JL Tk* MA,wU?m mr*l trmm. M ->?-^ < r1 $?*' <"?'>* -rtkf Me* ?j<r*?'?,)/r? 5u 47/,V . ??</*"* *?& glsif 1 |sj,?5 i |W I '"TlJ /t:??" * * WJultult Dc??i, No. 49 Odar street, Naw York. JlddiMs UEMRY cTBPALDJNG k. CO., Box No. S.fOO, New York. fat vp far D*aler? in Caeee containing Foar, F.ieht, *n<t 1'welve ?& tioanlifal Lithographic 3b?.w Cai<: accompanying each pivok&ge. K- A untie little of SPALitlNU'S PKMED ULVK will *&ve ten time* lU ooet au ujaily to evert household.^31 Sold by all prominent Ptatiooeia. DruggiiU. Hardware aud Furzutare Dealer*. Gruoer*, aud Fancy Htorea. Country merchant* thoald make a note of SPAL PiyO'S PRKPARF.U GLUE, wttea making uf their list. It will etand any climate. teW-ly \/*T Safe the_Piccei! A? mrtidemt.' wM happen. im wtli rtruluUd familitt, it it very deeirable to kav? ioim cheap aud convenient war for repairing Furniture, Toy a, Crockery, to. KPAI.UIKi'H PREPARED OLBE raMUall such eiuergeaejes. and no h<-ub*lio!d can afford to Ik> without it. it i? alwtfi ready and ap to the Ktjclnag poiuL There i* no longer a neoes ity lor nrr.T>jrg eha?rs. splintered 'I wests, head teas d-wla, af>d luck en cradles. It is iust the article for i"n?, shell, and other ornamental work, so popular with ladies of refcnement and taste. Thu admiraKe preparation la used oold, being chemically held ia solution, and p>??e??ing all the aJ nab: qualities of tae l>e&t oabiuet maker*' cite. It may be used in the plaoe of ordinary muoilage, l>eirig vaatly more adhesive. " USF.yVL IN EVERY HOUSE.I'rirt, 15 OCfltfl N.1J. -A a^ortnipr.niea eaoh Little .<v< V* -? uuii VD. ail U?'?OI IWUDIT! Of PffW^Df QOCi) l!H:?r BOSOMll, COLLARS, U4 VTKIST 1AN1W ceat.y RWM. Mr W-tf ?. WWTM I/i R E, F I K E. 1 POTOMAC WATER. 1 im still enraced in the PLUMBING and GAB PITTING BV9INKS9 at my oldatand laPluiaarmonie Hall. Th<> ftdvantate of havinc a plentiful supply of watnr wm readily obaerred at tke ir? of eeterday.aa 1 am well Ratified 1 thoaid have been burned out but lor Uio tountiikl (apply mpor my premise* and th*t of my neighbor! All order* for the mtroduot:on of Water and Gaa will be promptly attended to. Terms aa reasonable a? any plumper in the city. jy 3 C. BNYDER. f V ' J? WOHOMT! V\ \ (/ <*> DISPATCH ! ^ HOWK".i IMPROVED WEIGHING SCALES Scaiea are offered U\ tue tablio aa the moat itmf'.e. durable, and reliable fcalea erer ??t ib im. Pinr teiM? preiriuma have been awarded the* by the U'.ut?l State* Fairand Virnma A*?ic?ltura] Society; Virginia State At nenlturai Fair: Praakiia laatituf Pair, Per.aartTaiua; New S'ork State Pair, Vermn?it State Pair, Ito.. Ac. In every oate where fxhibiVed they nave reoeivedfiret ciaae premiama For r.catit Louiaiaca arecne, Depot of Suler? Cb'.'i edlronSalee. if. tt-ly B* C. PATT1SON. Af?t. 4J|/ASi?lM6TON 8EWING EOOM8, TV tot *th ft,. ??M door* rtortk of Pa. in. NowuU?eti??r't^ SPRING SCMMSE SHIRTS waie *p to order. 1 he mbeontar is yra?*re<! to make sftrRTii, DRAW ERJ*, Ao.,al Um DENTISTRY. " D dental card. R. MUNSOft Has relumed and resumed k*S Brofeastor. Oflice an?l bouM at 463 K ?ird door eaet of Sixth. addition t'nMlr every o'her \pp.nvp<l atjle, or. M. h?a sei^*?'** ? teeth om vuio^nite ]la?e for tlie iast three years, and, from exoenence, kncws it excels a I oilier*. *' d 14 oue-thml less iu price than t*?ldL Hit old Catron* of Watting ton. Alexandria, a?d ?eorse >wn are respe-itfullr solicited to call. An 2Voolj U DENTAL not1ck. . R. IjOOMO bu flliiml hia oft^e for the Mtson,and witi b* e> sent,a* uauai, during the sum mer mouths ; will resume praotioe al*>ut the let of Oot^ber. cf whiaii further nutia? Till be given. if D DENTISTRY. R. HILLS, after a sractioa: teet of t*e jmgm feels tt,at he oau with ooufedenee reooni^^Mm mend the Cbeoplasuc Process for in*erULcM|||H| artificial .eeth. It has the advantages or****strencth, beastr cle?ciiness, ami cheapness. Fsl peer set inserted for 9*. Psrtial in proportion. Oiue S0<5 Pa. arenoe. no 7 ?, Iiovv '"iMtAJHUi I the Diatnot, viihi his IMiUtiM fofMDH| inuiutMiiiiu|CAKlii|A6K it L?16B WAtiUNScT ft!' kirids ounul be luryfteaed. tai from his !nng expfTi-r.oe in the b??in?ee, he hey te firf jeueml station. 11 kin4? ef Carriage* as 4 Light WifHit?rlN * A ^ FU.^URBneatly 4eM,?ft4all er4er? freaft ;vjtsn~ ?VYuf,..^r. H tJ Mirer *f llll U< K Mb CARRIAGE FACTORIES. WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY. * v strict, BftiMM 9tA mmd lHASirw<>, We hare leaf Clinked a DimMr of irwt ?M CARRIAGES, auok h Lttkt IT?(o?j, Park Pkfaimt. Pnmuw t<r W0B rMtu, aaj ?u*fiet, whioti we Will Mil ft *er? ain&:i profit. . , jMnt practioo: mfokulM ia different l?r*nohea of the baaineea, we flatter onraelraa Uat we know t)>e atTtoa ud qtitlttj of work th*i will kit* a?ti? faction, eombiunt lif htaeea, ooauort ud <Jur?Nfi If. EeMirinc troinptly *dJ o&refaUr tttendeJ to "" 'Ciii tres? msynS"*- mtt Cocohniakerk, auoceaaora to Wm. T. Book. a* 77 di? TCARRIA8 Kf*. HK fr'tc. ttaviDC r-.v<? addition* to fci hir* ??' ??r?? Cowi?HT. W??>>tng?A?. P. ff. lOOB U6IT! "*~T" I i cheap L,<i,,j^FI? r AJLAPF1NB ' / PWSWftWWiWifc'W.oat iinNtM ma Fi?imw a t?t? Md o?ari?M aortm?nt of fin* L*Mm Mi NoU P?**r?. |M k* MlaHraM Mil * of Uroifc>, Joobart. IM L" * ISNO^K'rVoBtN. ' M24 Comw 11th ?t. mk!T*. S;=?HvSmK5.%-?' 175 ALkEN ,874 JACKSON. SV | r l a a r ? X f ? * Pnii. Anm, UMto il'POxT-S GTNPOVFPE*. DURE OLi) EYK WHISKY.-OB kftaAMH sLftji.yg ^ tItmi*. MmIm*! ?->d Tttp??.??I V M? U?o, laportM HmadiM, Hwaww. WfJ ESrSa^???S7M^3* miu iir> mmmi vn c?n R- ?'rio? 9. p*r an bottle* lor ft&. At-mt. R. T. Cl??Kl.. ihicjl, 9?nrcetown, U C., Wl?lw?l? A?ent for the Dm no*, >*4 wi.l en?p!j to* l??4? at my prim. an 1* tr " 279~2Q?~ %*( leave to oa i toe att*ot??a> of Ma ttimMjad be Mblio t*oerally to kit New Stow. iM#jwlU<f * Ho lei, jnsi cpeued, la MBMIIH mm Mi iXa MtaUuuaieat, vbtrt fer vt.) t* kkMtt ra order* far asyeriof CunfeoboM oflJIm ^}*o, al?c'rtlar* for Dinner*, Piffrn, Mli^M nrm Partis*, wUiek wjl) be Mr**4 ? la k?t?nu table ?t?te, wito toe aeinB>ai Ml ?toie>efc eluA K? Wae hit >? ?><! iknvt AlTE H ? pTTMm?1 I Mty'ljjli ,ia "miss# AjM^Sl^A* FITTlfr? ITT Store oc Mk street. a hw Rather ask, what are they r.ot f i lie blood ta fha oaroe oI lite and health. and it i? the f nrt *weat of oar being U< r**r*>n4 to any cam* whioh ffVata th? #y?t?m,aa the peWe infallibly aUeeta Th? prarailinit Neura.gia. the irritating Krr? p*a^tk* aobtie HorufaLa. the acrtuataf KaeuntaUeai. m vuu Debility. Urapepaia, Liver Caatplaint ?m prior and dejeouou, ana the luktiltti i..flha< tMh is heir to, derive heir hideona oMjrin the blood. Deal kindly tUea aad gently viU UmJEmA. Ua? the vitalizing reevaraaa of aatare forlfaiL and aaffer aa to ooommh to year onHwiim aae that truly valuable ediearoeal uovaia INDIAN T Ku KTABLtrDSECOCTl(M With regard to tbi* a m^at infallible popular eentiment baa poker in il*?ide<ri|m, and the evide?oea of Una gre?t flAeaey are aaatainet) by oonstant arowaia of curative efeota aatf th" happieet reeuita from lU aae are after all attar rem*diaa and the l*at aaedtoa! ukili have failed- 1 Let eat,in eonrsliiaioa, th't oerttfioatoa ecrea are not aonght from tn? Hiterate aad aaaer teial, bat they are vo.anteered from the mre *peetable aonroee an4 ia?tify the highaet tonra in a hie1* it la p ? ?!)<;e U> oow?end ao valnabie a pacific to pat) ic approval. We ?n*y arid aleo that Ine curative prop*, iteeoftHe medu.ue areeqaa'led iinly by iu teatr.r*ti ve effVote. the ?r?t*ni reooverinc fromdiaraee with renewed aonxtitat<oaal vigor. For aa>? by all reeaeotable l??ugriela ta Ihia ?ity.and by the proprietor, M K?*. M COX. r?;> ne genaine aa lea a her nametaUova oa tfta ^A^lla m mm*4 h*. - ? ? ? *1 ? mvw I Jul to oure. tad tr? wnuiMd to gin a?tu aKk !,ES WIDDJFIKLD * CO.. W1"i?l \yjr Aitnt, WMDit(U>D. DX Jov IFfm tft sfffflfH HAD! APPLY THE REMEDY REJOICE *1*1* HEALTH. Fri*ad. do yon Are 10* the Tiatm of aa? Of tlioa* ppaMTMN Mim^nU which ?'IM lr..? IBMr?tj of the bli* d.' Whatexe the?d<> * ' ?- imrmniAL wine Bill BUS, An now being need from Mum to the Great Lake, ul Mi* am Threat nliot of all who eee them either u a wudtcmt or ae a 6#t?rre**, u that they are numryaeec in the wor.d Dr. XVxJt nrr* them eti9oe*nillT ta hie eraotioe for B year* before we of hiictbeeolenfhttn man?tx^t: acd preeent them for Ala to t?? aabue. jForiri" flaiate, mm! all oaee* ree airing atoiuc, they are be yoca doabt a mont :r.vv cable remedy. A ride from their m^ior.*, yrc^eroee they ere e rare, wh"!e one and deitghrm Berer\ge, prodaetaf all the pteaeaaft axhlleratiri effects of Bhutto or Wine withoet Uieir ugarMMU reea.ta. I-eg all fneed* of Immunity and all advooatee of tern per* aee aeaiet us in sabatitoiog theee valuaHe Vegetable Bitter* for the miturml reiums and admlttrmud L<<asr? with which the eoentrr ie flooded, aod thorety ef feer*a.l? aid la ban ?h.i i Dteeaeeaad Drnakeaeee from thelaad. CHARLE8 W1D0IF1KLD k. CO., WaAinrton. D. C. F*. 1- BOVKtC DODT EKIAL (ijy BITTEES, For Dieeaeei of Ue Sidney a. R adder aad Urtaarr Organ*, and especially for reMia!* Obetreotion*. m cviu, BH aa pttnurj nwiuta, Iwf Ma miu I WktSlf Balt,(ru ImcuUm mUmImmNA (mm4, aa* <m IM'I b?a vtU mn< btaiib u lift k? tiaayyaiafaaat, Kfj ib? Ma aflhatiaalW aaaao, artary, baataa tka caaaduraaa*I natuaa af ItmMi dMui,mku tt??<am>*? Baari. Tkaaal, W???, kia.ftc.. ;n|min| ?rtb frifbiM rapidity. ttU ?*ufe paia a a*n*4 ta kit draadfal lafiiun by fading bta la tbat ?aiMU'ind cavatry fiaa vfcpaWta oa tra**lar tauaai ml xonontKKm roioMAjnc flu? AVD IMPOTBWCT. By Ma a?aa> tad hainMm tataady aattoaai af Ma aaffaaa Ma apaawly tared and fMl ???ar raatavad Wianali JlH aaal aarvaaa and dabiiuaiad, wba baf laat ail hli. kir? Inn ii?aiutily rtllt ?#4. All truftdimtnu v Mtrvtafi. m W?Mit ImMw. Lmi i^hH>ia?i '"**fr?!lU MHWMjMPW OB Til fBBBB. TBI MART TBOBIABM carti at Ua matinrtlaa vtta* Ua laai n? .? yaara, u< tka aoaaraaa waamat #ar?. Ml aparauaaa parfatwad by Of Jatami, vi-aaa*a4 by Ma MPanati af tka papaia u( aaay aUai aaraaai, aauaaa af VMcb lata aatartd afaia aad af?la bihn tka ftblk, bt aMaa Ma atandai* aa a r?a-J?aaa af ikwuut aad (aaaaaatbtthy, ta a awBaliat puuua ta Ma iltatat ta* ?-i? |^ft. J. 1SOVKK OOD'8 inm; u?ebla4 vitk tufaj la tka Ut< ami aeta k*mlM|l^pMl MfrniMM, Ma^ tlmrf M aeddae tfr<4* ftt iHUfMMU af aai car *4 1 igfjliaiT VAU PAMICMULa VOTIOK. TN4| Mm u< Khm *! bar* ta)ara<i imbmIiw kf a iruia pntMi mdaif a4 la ?bea alaaa a babtt Ieerma4 frem a?1t teraaaaieae, a* ai at Seal. tba atacia at ara oifbtly fak kven a?aa aeuep, ea4 11 mm ea?e4. rea4era warnafa lafaaaMa,a*4 i?au?n Ml ?iad tad ka4r, ehaaid a^fif Ifaae4aaiet>. Tmh ara mm af iba aa4 aa? alaaekelf afaeta feed aaad Vf earl* baUu afyeatk via i weakaeea af lha ltd u4 litaba, Palm ta tka Im4, DianMa af tftii.Leae af Mwiati I hair, hlfiuuaa a( tba <aan,Pwaya>, laixaa ImuktVu, t)aria?air#M af tka IHf aau?a fancCait, (aaaia. DeMUty, aramaa of CanaamMiaa, 4ka. NlNTilXT.-Tia faarfal affaata aa tka bM Ma Baal ta ka 4raa4a4 Laaa afMaaee} . CaafBeaaa af Man, Paacaaaiaa af ptrtta, *?il P?rba4aafa, Aaaaaaaaf aetata. MMM kt'a af tallied a, Tmiduj, aaaaa af tka a??ia paali?ka aaaaa af tkair deabatag kealtk, laetta tkaaa"?^pa?Tbe^ a awing week. pale, aerveae ea4 aaaaaiata4. ba?ta.f aet-fatea tffainata abaei the a yea, t?g b atayptan af mii^taa diikasu or mmurcncB Wkaa tka bimiiM m?4 lMrt4eai ?awr? af riaMN lata be kaa taakaked tbe aaa4a af tbta pataM Jteeaaa. ft tae eflaa Ikat aa lU-OMad aaaaa af abuae at 4t?a4 af Aaaaaaerr 4eura bus fraaa apf.rtcf la tkaae rta, baa a4aeatMa a..4 reafacubility, caa aJeca befnaad kla. la hlk lata *e ban da af tperui and deatfatag praian4ara. ?ba. teeapeba TOVMMM kyHkllt wfca kin >>nn ik? mil*' af Tl??, Iktt <ruihl ud 4miMu>a k*kit vkitk aaaaail* ?? !? M a MUMlf |rm af T*?| Mm ?f?t mm at aita4 HHI.II ?rui kr.iltil >at?lia?l. ?(> Miffci ? ??? ? HUHI4 l?IHH|?IMm l>? I wt ?|?mI ? ??M W MMMf M t?H| IfN, Mf MM VMl Ml 4uun raMOi?lkBtIA<lM a ?* clM? iMttUMtM U>? tu<af Di. I. mf nttf Mriy Maid* la kit hanar u a (tultati u4 laalaatiy r?J* pas Ku akill aa a pfcyatai**. orricE Maw t *o*ni rttDWiiirtur toft kul ?4a.f fratr ??lu?aa? iwu. a ?? *aanjna| """ JOUMTOB, Mlrtiw af Ua Kaaal Callift afHigiiai,>??I?, 111H111 (hn ant af tfea mm cmtaaM Oribni ta t>? V?n?T laiis aad Aa f raatir part af a tail Mfc ba* kaaa ipaat ta tka fca?pitataaf U^a*^m, IMUal^Mi >U ?l?i ?>wi. fca? ?* D*1?Era? LOCK MtflTiL Hmt Bi?mmtd thi mm CMmi, 9p~df,mmd mtm I Kmnsdf m III Wmid.. FOR ALL DtSKASBS OF IMFKUDRNCI. LMT NO FALSE DEL IT ACT FRtTKNT. APPLY IMMkD ATBLY. A CVRK WARRANTED. OR NO CHAR9E, IN FROM OF* TO TWO DATE. DiMMifAfkto lilthlw, Pw?Mi riUllw4,T\|1(, MM MM, At*iu?Maf ifca UM?.>H c> m ?mm T?ni?U DmnIm^ JSm" " AM Mwikp MfaaMt, liiui) tow M; tal MM

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