Newspaper of Evening Star, October 6, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 6, 1860 Page 1
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/ ? 5555555SBHB555H5555555555555S5555555555HH5B5555S5H^5S5555SS552555HS5 5S5555555555555555SS55flfcSBSEHHH5HS5 C? b mi ug Sta. V?. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. SATURDAY. OCTOBER 6. 1860. N2. 2.382 ?ria oj mao .mwno, u deoiare u j#M#>Uen- ,D'1 none but th* initiated would rf?fl3Rr?am that ?h?* bad ao empty floor barrel 7?iud Bat the n?xt day brinp a freak freih mile* and dimple*, and renewed Mfte'-ioD of tbc already attenuated poree. The Pmk? ?n?* diwpla. art alwaj. cheap ?t the t? iMHwuii :f ibe flour i? aot. " ? I toe-iiiated oa tbii auiaentoua ambject, I 4 prone to serial aignts. inese are only oar true *ri.she*. With these you are richer than Croesus; ' without them, poor indeed." That's all very well, but that kind of property don't constitute a legal tender. You can't the grooer with consciousness and dispo*Tltieni. however pure and contented They toClgohalf so far ai promise, for I re known ye* te make them last a year. But speaking of the grocer reminds me that I thonght I saw the bottom of the flour barrel this morning." Row, I knew in that instant that there wasu't floor enough in that barrel to make a llomoppathie biscuit, for I had a hint of its condition the day before, in the shape of an Inquiry from my wife. " What is flour worth no#?" expressed in a tone intended to indicate that she had no more interest in the matter than she had in the number of statute ? miles between the earth and the moon. It is a pleasant little fiction here, that a delicate hint, relative to the consumptive state of that important ingredient in domestic economy, falls more lightly npon the ear of the moneyless than the plain and simple, though j appalling sometimes, " The flour barrel is empty;'' and she will resort to all manner of explanations for bringing the case to mind ^ rather than state it in plain English. In fact, J hare sometimes thought of teaohing her to ***ny it in Spanish, and thns remove a little of . t A > i a * > . m^bannnen. out u id? btd no aptitude Tor ?.t vSSj tongue, except her own, I have abandoned t * O# idea. 1 l^5?Tb? purchase of a barrel of Hoar is an fTent mWou household economy not to be treated x'V Matty It requires preparation and eonsid,ir Oration. In the first place, a certain sum of [ .a 4uoQej U to be provided to meet the emert tagenry. for whatever latitude the groo*r may jtPtpllow in minor matters, when you talk to him flour, yon must produce the <juiJ pro quo, I ??**?r there u no trade. The next poiot to b? decided ia the seleotion the 'brand " This leads to a friendly in" Srchange between the heads of the home de. r. Artiaent, which always result* in my being ' r,n..k... >v. l:_l?I ? " , a???r?v?^* W yvtvuwv my UI|UCOl pncea mimeticle ia the market, and a caution to avoid attewpU at false economy by invegtiug in r qualicj In my youDger day*. I u MM made a purchase of a barrel of aeeoud |? *^toaiity (a* the grower celled it) to aee if my '"2flrUe would know the difference; and I believe if tkat I have bad the biscuits that were made from it thrown at me ever sines. Von aboold i<? mj wife when ahe assisU at the opening of the new barrel, and iu snowy treasure* ere discloeed to ber grateful gass. r' bmlles dimple ber rosy cheeks, and plsasure . sparkles in ber eyas, liow tenderly abe lifts i?e*aeh dipperfal from its raoeptacle, examines it *4'^aritb tbe eve of a judge, and pronouocaa iu quality with the air of an expert! And what a ?- gi >w of hoasewifely satisfaction mantles her J lair face, when tbe first baking confirms her judgment' And then as, day by day. ?h? dei . acenos deeper into iu recesses, eacb dipperfal, * ' an?wy though it be, leaves a shad* upon ber Qttrov, aiitil at last the floor and tbe smiles and > .. <hsrip1ee disappear tor other ^jil ait reading or ao evening. I eaa bear **lWn?ooden dipper thumping at the stave* or scraping the bottom of tbe barrel sis it P*4gHAds ?" search of the wherewithal for the - *5*if ,h# coming day, and know that my mating by these tbe neceasiiy of a IrZJH^^Hpply as though she told me in ao many worXHor she knows that I bear every dinmp election between supply and demand; at lea*t ?> far as to make my own weekly supplies cover the weekly demands of wife, children, grocer and landlord. And so I sat, buried in thought, now brightened by remembrances of early happiness, and now darkened by shades of unpaid January bills which load my desk, making the demand for the great staple,monay, far exceeding the supply; thereby, acoording to our best political economists, enhancing its value Meantime my wife, still laboring under the J weight of the stockings, said, for the third time with increased fervor and a alight asperity, as though demanding a reply: " Oh, dear! dear! I wish I were rich." " Riches, my love, take to themselves wings and fly away," I replied, with the air of one who had teen myriad* uf tender young dollara put on their tin feather*, become fully fledged and soar away to unknown regions, like a flock of wild geese, tearing not even the smell of money behind 4* Weil, if they do, they mast go to roost ii- somewhere, and I don't see why some of them can't settle here as well as elsewhere," said my .. wife, as she commenced on a froth stocking; and then added, with a slight dash of aridity, /' 'There's no danger of ourriohes flying away!" ' No, my dear, the wealth of loving hearts, of lO unstained conscience*, and oontented disposi'* tions, is a permanent investment, and not at all . jm m mi . v ? ? vw ? ^vvtWIV? U??o Vt UVUVOI , There must be a special Providence which watched over fool* and young married people. In point of worldly possession we commenced with nothing, end have had it ever ainee ; for, what with the increased expense of living and our success in adding to the census returns, eaoh year finds us as tar from the possession of a respectable competency as its predecessor. Financially we have scrambled along in a helter-skelter way. tumbling into puddles of debt from time to time, with now and then a loag interval of exemption, to be followed by a new tumble, and a new scramble fur safety, until now, on this eold Saturday night in January, my wife and I sat cosily by our cheerful fire, she with a load of unmendeU and to-be-mended stocking* on her mind, and I, ostensibly read ing. trying to solve the great problem of the TVUIIV apiuna auu UrOHOVJKftOM aim UIUTCUDO tub on* bearing its owner's mark, in the shape of rips and rents. ' I wish I were rich!" repeated my wife. There was a strength and heartiness in the tone and manner, which left no doubt of her sincerity, an J in an instant my mind went back some twenty years, to the time when we had been rich in oar young love, rich in our mutual dependence, and rich in the bright hopes which not only gilded but fairly plated the fatore all over with twenty carat plate atflcastas together wa looked djwn the-long vista of eoming years, fair flowers of joy aroand oar feet, ripe fruits of happines3 over oar heads, the richest of all riohes, contentment in our hearts, and flour at only fire dollars a barrel! Almost twenty years ago those soft haiel eyes that now beam with tender matronly love, first told the story of that lore which those rosy lips (their bloom hai not yet faded) confirmed ; and that fair round faoo, that has grown fairer and rounder year by year, first lay upon my breast in maiden trustfulness. We did not fall in lore nor walk into It, nor flide into it, bat we took'it by instinct, as neks take to water, and we were married with about as definite an idea of the modes and means of meeting our current expenses as a raw Irishman has of Egyptian hieroglyphics AP m. f*Kan*AltI ?\JuI/11av has t\f Kanaslw a year, m mmiwi; () iov in months; 91 for three months; and for 1ms than three months at the rata of 19 oenta a vttk. Stasia oopiea, osi oawr; ia wrapper*. two cuti. 07 A dt? tuui urta aooald bo mot to tte oAoa before 12 o'o.ook m.i otherwiee they may not appear an til the neat day. NT WIFE AND I. ? "Ob, dear, I wish I were rich!" This remark was extracted from my wifa (as an obstinate molar might b? extracted by a dentist) by the contemplation of a large open* ing in the toe of little Peter's stocking, which she had been trying in Tain to devise some mode of closing without destroying the symetry of the garment, while a pile of similar articles, of various sisee aad patterns. lay at her elbow, as mash in aeod of mending as an eld rake's habits. There they lay. seven pairs of little stockings, while their seven daily occupants were tnngly snooting in bed, forgetful of tb? many weary stitches their little feet had causod ; and all aroand, on tables and chairs, was soatlered a promiscuous assortment of juVan I I A Bionna An.l .1 a.a... .. ... J THE EVENING STAR PUBLISHED EVER Y AFTERNOON, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED,) AT TUM STAR BUILDING*, Cinwr of Pennsylvania avenue and 1UA St., ?T W. D. WALLACH. Ptyr* MTT*d in rwkM?i by Mrricra it !< jtar, or 97 oauta par month. To Mil MbMrib?r? iuvi v ?v w?? wrw* piiouov U1BD W QOl0 ermcaU?if r?oU and rips could be rendered ihionable, ail the world would be oat at !bows Bat thongh Moiety turn* up tee cose al last jear'a faefaioat?though love looka aakanee t a aeedj lover, and even the ehvch put* ita ban on the tbreadbure coat, yon and I oan jog ?* *w ?aj Nftrdlta of (rowM ami faron, rail fores of my reasoning, (ahe ia a little alow at figures,) and when she bad time to tarn the whole subject in ber mind, I asked : " What b*Te you to say to that7" " All I hste to say to that," replied my wife, '-ia, I wool dn't ad viae yoa to aet up a carriage on the strength of your property. And if I thought we we'* worth a quarter of that asm I wouldn't mend auoh a looking stocking aa this." Baying which ahe held up the atocking of our eldeat girl, minua the heel and two-thirds of the toe, witb a large rant near the top of the ler- "And then look at that, and that, and that, she continued, aa ahe aueceaaively presented for inspection the rariona articles which constituted the juvenile wardrobe; and I must oonfaea that, ae?n through that medium, my imposing array of figuree seemed scarcely large enough to tU one of the amallest rents among the multitude. Still I fondly hoped that mr calculations had a tendency to raise my wife s spirits, and I was unwilling that she should sink back into that stoagh of darning needles atd yarn. ?e I eontinued the subject: ? Clothea. my dap*, especially in the case of children, ara a mere matter of form, a hlin.i adherence to the cuatoma of society. If it coat mn, - .k A- ?J * 1 three item* alone?cherub*, seventy thousand; lore, ? hundred thousftnd, ?nd honor aa muoh more?making the mac sum of more thftn a quarter of ft million of dollar*, to sftj nothing uf other items thftt might be mentioned, end which would perhaps double the amount, besides oash on hand amounting to one dollar and seventeen cents." I paused for ay dear wife to aDDrecUte the ? * wwaw vwyvuoy null VOT M WOll a the other." I thanked my wife for the compliment, and congratulated myaelf that ahe had drawn no worae comparison between my love and the air, and continued : "Well, then, what do you consider the air worth'" " I ?han't answer any sach foolish question, for, if you go on with your calculations you'll make us out millionaires." " That's what I intend to do; and I think [ am safe in putting down the love at a hundred thousand. Then, there is my honor, whioh is worth at least as much an my love " I've no doubt of it," interrupted my wife. " For you wouldn't value the oue without the other. So there von hn* th? nm nf uu? 11 a uiuueraw eaumaie mey will averago fifty pound* m piece Even California gold is worth two hnndred dollars a pound 80 we bar* three hundred and fifty pound! of cherubs at two hundred dollars a pound, whioh, according to aimple multiplication, makes seventy thousand dollars' worth of those little heavenly bodies alona." 44Nonsense, Persy." "Oh! bat it isn't nonsense. There It U figured according to your own estimate, and a very pretty little sum it makes to begin the world with. Now, my dear, what is my love?" This was a poser. My wife looked op in a haxe of blank astonishment as her mind grasped the idea, and I trembled for fear she might s*y "nothing," and thus overturn the whole ground-work of my theory. But as soon as sbe had swallowed the idea aud mentally digested it, she replied: "Why don't you ask me what tha air is 1 worth f far I rnknlil sUa?*?? ?? ?- ? 1 * tiuu. xuo nutuaiiiue ueiore aiiuuoa lo Qi<s not jet arrived, anil from present appearances it itt ** far off as when the promise was made Still, it lingers in my wife's memory, and sho occasionally brings it to my mind ainoug, I fear, many other unfulfilled promises. " In regard to the dress, you may depend upon bavin* it "sometime/' but tLe treasures 01 wbich I * is speaking are not ex ictly available for thai purpose at present," I replied; [ "but I can easily convince you that we are possessed of them. Are there not seven rosycheeked oherubs (at least you oall them so when they are not in mischief.) now sleeping in happy unconsciousness of money and its attendant evils, each one of them worlh its weight in gold ? I've heard you say so many a time. I VT . - J a_ -? -a and a delusion in ragard to my financial prospect*, I had made a rash promise to purchase such an article far har especial use and adornment; bat had coupled the promise with the important proviso, ' sometime." We had previously canvassed the relative merits of calicoes, oashmeree, silks and satins, and hud decided that one good silk dress was worth half a dozen of anj of the others, not only for its present purpose but as being more available in its Uter stages for the decoration of the young scions of our house, and a sly hint was thrown out that a square "breadth" out of the skirt might be very useful in refacing any ooat of mine that might stand in need of that operaTU. u 1!?- ? 1 A ? ? ? * never anient to this position; and that lead* to a friendly argument, from which, in my own opinion, I always gain the advantage?though I must confess that I am occasionally overborae by a torrent of words, especially when some friendly neighbor espouses my wife's side of the question. In such easos I beat a hasty retreat and watch my opportunity for a new attack upon the position of the enemy under more favorable auspices. My wife detests flounces, (she is too stoat to wear them.) has no hankering after --moire antique," and only knows of "Honiton" by having seen it mentioned in our daily paper. To be sure she doesn't believe all the criticism upon the fashions which she sees in that paper, and she even goes so far as to say that she has no idea that the editor himself believed them. I think she is hardly just to the editor?a very clever fellow by the way, who never meddles with anything but politics, except ohurch matters, ladies' dresses, and fish?and wno never gets into troubles as loug as he sticks to politics and fish. But to return to the black silk dress. Some years ago (I don't are to remember how many) under the influence of an excess of affection (one oniy weigns i*ui pound! avoirdupois.) No unpaid millinar'a bills haunt her walking hours (nor mine.) No neady dress-makers rises up in judgment against her. Her bonnet is muoh too large for our youngest daughter, aged B years, and really seemed designed to use as well as ornament, and from my long acquaintance with her, I am satisfied that she has something in her bead worth protecting,unlike those ladies who patronise curtailed bonnets witb more ribbon than crown, and more curtain than comfort. She fully agrees with me when I lecture oar young femalo friends on the extravagance of the age. although she contends that the men are | as much to blame as the women. Of course I ooald in by the knitting of her brow and the ( creased rigor with which she applied her tart, that my wife's financial aspiration was still working in her mind, and knowing by long experience, that confirmed thoughts, like explosive gasses, most hare vent, ana fearing that some more violent remark might be shot at me, like a pellet from a gun, I replied: " True, my dear, I know that the grocer will be satisfied with gold, or its equivalent, which he is much better calculated to appreciate than {>urity of intention and loftiness of soul, and ortunately for bim is much more plentiful in the market, though soarce enough with us. But for all that we have antold treasures, if we aid Dal Know it." "They moat be untold, for I never heard of then before. If you have such abundance. I wish jou would aparo me enough to buy that black silk drees you promised me so long ago " It is to be inferred from this remark that my wife is prone to extravagance in her tastes o? habits. She is usually oonteot with plain and modest attire. She has never hidden herself in the recesses of a whalebone pyramid, nor submitted to tbe modern species of female cooperage; for, as she plainly remarks, "anybody can see that I am a tub without my being hooped " -r?t " * ' * ~ whioh v* guarantee to~5e yard juice, aliS uid 00 rea?oa?t>:? tarns la oraar to * for ?ar apriag stool. *?ive a* a ?*11 at the Union Bottling D??ot, f? ft*. >T Oroon ?!.. Ooorerf'W. P?NK P1A.NO? FOB BENT OB WjfcM??tc renewed triweekly, at ELLIS'?. M|toOauua aad other laatranaoto cth; motor, iiiouiia inoorreot, will beoondemned, ud toother, sealed a ad marked m true, will be et is its place. If proved to be aoenrate io l's m*Miir?m?Dt of iu. it will be u?!*d aooordingly, and a&ain put is position lor im. OCm No. 610 Seventh street,(near Odd Fellows' Hail ) Ovm from 8 % jfy.Jp' vnAKLCicS Vt# v I; Ii II 1Ij IIA In, Jy 1? tf Inspeotorand Sealer of eat Meters. OUR STOCK IS ALWAYS COMPLETE OF the oeiebrated Chickering Jfc Bone' equaled PIANO FORTK?, emhraemgflfaBHK ever* site, >-tyle,so?le and finish, at prices'" ?* * to suit the time*. 0*d Pianos taken inpart payment for new. The Ohiokertnrs' have been awarded 40 gold and silver medals at the different exhibitions in the United MsUs lor the superiority of their I Pianos over al other m&kerp. Their Pianos are better, their prices as low, their terms of paying as easy, t-eir disooants for oash greater than any others. Call and see for yourself. JOHN F. ELLIS, seas 106 Pa.av? bet 9th ana 10th sts. E^RANCIS HARPER. FAMILY GR$CEflVA^,6DFEKD STORE, Cmnur of JVne Yprk avunut amd Tentk *tr*el. Respectfully solicits the patronage of those w may be in want of any artiole in the Move line. His endeavr>rs shall be to pieese, aad by a strict attention to the wants of the publlo, he hopes to merit a share of their patronace. His toek ooustets or every artiole usoally to be found in a first-class Family Uroeery and Feed Store. sna 17-1? 12,000 ?SS u><t attention of the p>. olio to oarTarge and well a?leoted stoek of cSi*nm??n? ?'?<i ft" * o**" To whioh tome replied, " We know other*, ' We know not. ' " Good?" returned he ; " let those who know tell those who do not." M VOCAL INSTITUTE. R8. CECILIA YOUNG Hat the honor to announce the removal of her Vooal Institute to No. 4il? Eleventh street, between H and I sts. ae H-eolm QFF1CE ?jjl^TKRgN? 8KALER w ashi^otox, July It, 1160. NOTICE IS flEREBY GIVEN, That.agre# ably to the provisions of the mdmanoe of the Corporatiun approved May 12, I860. the undersigned is now prepared, "whenever reeulretl in writing, and on pre payment of the feA of fifty oents, to inapeot. ex&mino, teat, prove, and asoertain the aoonracy of registration of any gas meter in nee in this eitr. A sumo* ?Une morning Nasser-EddynEffendi a?o?nded to hi* pulpit to preach, and addressing his hearers, said : " 0, believers ! know ye what I am going to talk atout." They replied, that they did not. u Well, then,'' rejoined he, " since you do not know, do you suppose that I am going to toll you? ' Another morning he again appeared in the pulpit, and said : . . " 0, believers! know ye not what I am going to tell you?" They replied they did. " If you know it, then," said he, " I need not tell it to you;" and descended from the pulpit, and went his way. IIis auditors, puizled what to do, at length agreed that, if he again made his appearanoe, some of them would say that they knew, others that they did not. And again Xasaer-Eddyn-Effendi mounted into the pulpit, and said : " 0, Mussulmans ! know ye what I am going to say to you?" table not again forever ! Children in good health, if left to themselves at the table, beoome, after a few mouthsful, garrulous and noUj; but if within at all reasonable or bearable bounds, it is better to let them alone; they eat leu, because they do not eat so rapidly aa if coinpolled to keep silent, while the very exhileration of spirit* quicken* *he circulation of the vital fluids, and energizes digestion and assimilation. The extremes of society curiously meet in this regard. The tables of the rich and the nobles of England are models of mirth, wit and bouhommie; it takes hours to get through a repast, and they lire loii?. If anybody will look in upon the negroes ot a well-to-do family in Kentucky, while at their m'sals, they cannot but be impressed with the perfect abandon of their jabber, canhination and mirth ; it seems as if they could talk all day, and they live long. It follows, then, that at the family tnble all should meet and do it habitually, to make a common Interchange of high-bred courtesies, of warm affections, of cheering mirthfulness, and that generoniiy of nature, which lifts us above the brutes which perish, promotive as the?o things are of good digestion, high health, and a long life. oil luvvmg, uuu lucre 18 UQ1J glHU" ness when be is gone; it is then only that tho sunshine of family affection and love comes out, ami filial and motherly sympathies swall up from loving hearts. To maet at the breakfast table, father, mother, children, all well, ought to be a happiness to any heart; it should be a source of bumble gratitude, and should wake up the warmI est feelings of our nature. Shame upon the I contemptible and low-bred cur,whether parent or ehilu, that can ever come to the breakfast table, where all the family have met in health, only to frown, whine, and growl, and fret! It ia "prima facte evidence of a mean, and groveling, and selfish, and degraded nature, whencesoever the churl may have sprung Nor is it less reprehensible to makosuch exhibitions at the ten-table; for before the morning comes, some ot the little circle may be stricken with some deadly disease, to leather around that noDisiion tne miamgni airirom my wife a half opened lips? "Oh dear ! I wish I were rich !" Table Mtaieri. Many gentlemen of education and culture have experienced the sad feeling of having wives or children enme to the table, only to fret and growl, and complain, and sulk. It is horrible to think of. .And yet it may be presumed that the happiness of quite as excellent wives is marred, if not wholly eaten out, by husbands who come to the table with a terrible dignity, or with selfishnoss so predominant that it places everybody else and everything under tribute to its supreme gratification; moroseness stamped on every feature; a belittling querulousnets in every uttered sentence. Here one comes now as stately as a tnrkey-oock, as cross as a bear, and as rough as a corn-cob. He speaks in short, orusty words; the innocent prattle of his children is an apparent torture to him; there must not be a whimper or a whisper, for he is poring over a newspaper, or in the midst of some plan or project for gain or fame. His very presence is felt as a cloud, an 1 inniiKna ??a ?A/vk? J *? * conscious of that hidden trestart which gilds end brightens our earthly existence And then, again, oompare oar condition with that of oar first parents, when they had "notice to qait" from the Great Landlord, and first com* menced housekeeping on their own aooount. Their wardrobe was extremely limited, and* I've no doubt Eve would hare been very thankful for ninepenny calico, and Adam would not hare so scorned good satinet, even though toe cut 01 * tie garment* bad bean a few day* t old. For however rural a fig leaf suit may I appear, it is not exactly adaptod for general use. especially with the thermometer at aaro And I don't think a lady of your weight in the community would appear to advantage in that primitive ?tyle of dress.'' " Perseverance !*' exclaimcd my wife, as she colored with indignation at the idea, and laid down the last of the stockings preparatory U> seeking her nightly dress. She never calls me "Perseverance" except when she is astonished or indignant; and I knew by the tone of her voice that it would be useless to pursue the subject at present. So. winding up my argument and tba little wood clock that graoes our mantle. I addressed myself to slumber, while that murmured aspiraaj #_ 11 A i i ? ? * TALLOW and GREASE for Looomotiva*, Steamboat*, and all kind? of ? maoltinery, ; always on hand, ' and for aaleat prioea ^ . lo rait tko trad* I O. B. JEWELL, Fropriotor. > y W-Ootf PILOTS' NOTICE.?To all Captain* and owMn of Vaa?el?, bound to the D<?triut ' of Columbia, notioe i* hereby tiveu. (hat^X? PiloU may be found at all time# ? lit George'* t aland, at the mouth of s*. Mary'a river, and aear Pinay Point, and that it u not n?-e?e*ary to take Virginia Pilot* from their boat*, wh-n tne Ml u bouud to Ooorcetowaor Wa-kiagtou oity, . a* Mar) Land Pilot* can U' found of at leaat MM j akill and reliability. au ll-eod2m* | ~ MAGNOLIA ?*?*! ' " y R Are again ia roneipt ol a lurtkor aupply of a these Ham*. Th-y have boon li*- gt> t it th# *nr>k3h??*e Uiroaga tbe a* *"n,and a e in etpnai ' oidKINu A HUBCUEM.. I aa S Cor&ar 1Kb a(. aad V tratoat a venue. B?v?r u ? I */ VIOI ClIV i SHUCKING DEPOT for the season /_J He ha? made vr?ii(?in?Dti to inn i n Tih l LBIb regular supplies of the best NOR- W FOLK OYSTER* on every Taesday, Thiraday, and Saturday. H* will also keep con , stantlr ob hand a large aad varied assortment of \ inoluding every eort known to Wai hint too He returns hi* sinoere thank* to those who pat romaed hi* Establishment darinc the ea*t > eaaon, i and la confident that hia increased facilities for jKcpioc oonstactly on hand fresh anpplie* of OY8 TKRS, PISH, GAME. Ao., Ao., will aw.ply reward a continuanoe of their patrons** tad oastom. Sold at the lowest market prioes, aad delivered ?* "" "f ?*TC- HABVHY. [VJ ATIONAL I 1 SOAP AND CANDLE WORKS, Gkixh Stiiit. i Alwua Bruitt amd Wattr ttrutt, < OmtiKhm, D. C. A large stock of CANDLES, , Brown. Family, Castile and Fanoy SOAPS, Also. i sin ounnsnuT *upp iou wun a vert large stock of those fine DRKSS BOOTS at #3.75? which 1 have , been selling for many years?as veil as the very bestqual t* of Patent Leather G A IT KRS at f3 50. ( Fine French Calfikin Gaiters from $2 to $2 5". Terms oash ; no extra charge in order to otfset < had debts ANTHONY, Agent for the Manufacturers, Seventh stroet. second hat store from the < corner, opposiU Avenue Housa, No. *40. , se 14 3m 1 DO NOT FAIL TO CALL AT HARVEY'S, 361 C St., bttto*m 10tA atui ilia. 9 a will to-day of an his long established and I kanar- K. AU l?tlI V n \ w ri u 1 ut our pamphiwts to bt lounu with all dMliri. and , more particularly to purohase onlj of those who i can be depended upon, we wait in oon&deao* the < decisions of Pati*nU and Physicians. "P:io?h within reach of all " snkkal aoehts. < J. W. Hcnhkwkll * Co., 7 and 8. Commercial Wharf, Bestou, tito. HvsmviLL, 145 Water St.. New York, Under the special supervision of J OH N L. HuNNKWELL. Chemist and Pharmaoeutist, Boston, , Mass., whose signature oovers the ?o ks ofthe ; genuiue only, and to whom address all oommnni- , cations. , So id by ail respectable dealers everywhere, and ; ail the Druggists in Washington and Georgetown. nsar 8> eo.r I N O T I C K! I wish all gentlemen 1^9 r??ail to bear in mind that HflH the plsn which I ^ jSj^^adopted, six ye*rs ago, of selling ^HE^^PiiATS and BOOTS at grvatly re duoed prices for cash is in successful operation. Just received a full rupplj o< the latest New York styles of DKKSS HaIS. Ti.e very finest Hat #3So: a first rate hat *3: and very good,fashio able Hat *250. All of tlie latest stvles of sort HATS and CAPS, at the very lowest prices. 1W? Uii Ariruui CL/id ?jW7lg OTTlJf!tllHTS, JTOVi Common Coughs to Actual Consumption. HUNNEWELL'B JUSTLY CELKBRATKD TOUT7 AN'ODTNB, The Natural and Sure Rem+Ay for all N?r- i vous Complaints, 1 From Neuralgia througn all casts where Opium ' wu ever used to that of l)?lirium Tremens, and ths oummuu cluef cause of IHsesjie LO#8 OF SLEEP. ? The To!u Anouyne, though containing not ft par- 1 tiolt* of Opium, produo** all the requirements of, 1 and may be uko<1 in all oases wherever Opium vaa used without pro-^uoing anything hut Cures, and ' leaving the patient ii: a perfectly uatural state. The Universal Cough SIrmedy, (freed from all theoommon objection ot* ? ough Ruined tee. which < produee nausea or prostration,) nay he oousid?v*d < theoommon enemy to ail Throat and I.ung Com- < plaints, aud ujed with perfect impunity. Asking < ftll to oourt from proprietors or friends the most severe investigation or both Remedies, and reading MIRACULOUS PAIN KILLER a* the moat certain and effectual remedy for the above complaints Id order to aatufy THE PUBLIC that no impoaition u intended in the aale of thi* Great Medicine. the money will kk refunded t? all ra*?s when tho medioine (aila to give entire *ati*iacUo Aak, then at anr Drue Store for DR. MONTARDK'S MIRACULOUS PAIN KILLER. take & directed, and if mot perieotlr aatiafied Return to our Agent, D. u. CLARK, ESQ., 4K Street and Pennaylvauia Arena*, who will refund your money. Prio??*i& and 40 Cents per Bottle. For sale at all Drue Storea everywhere. jas. McDonnell. General A rent, jyll-eotr BaiUmor*. XT* 0? Ha vt) 1" ,/*a m HdNNEWELL'8 UNIVERSAL COUGH REMEDY, -// Tl a ?J r > - - X O THE CITIZENS OF WASHINGTON, GEORGETOWN, Jto. 1There*!, At the present leuoa o the j*r CHOLERA MORBUS, DIARRHEA. CHOL1C, DYSENTERY, DYSPE-PSIA, DEBlLlTY.Ao.,Ao.. prevail to an alarming extent: A*-l whereat, It must be of the F'RST CONSEQUENCE to every family to know of A REMEDY at onoe Sift, Sp?Jy, ami Fificacious, DR. MONTARDE, or PARI*, nfftri hi? Tkia valaabla praparatlc:i u th? praacriptian of af Ik* ISMt IIFIRIBIVCIO and IIILFl'L ffUftill la Naw KuclMd,udku baaa Mid with RBTBB-raiLine ivccm la THOUSANDS 0> CASES. It a at ?a\y nlii'ii :ba child fran pein, kit tha ittaach nod bawala, csrracu acidity ij?d giraa INK ud ?B*igy ta tha wbala If tins. It will tlinMt inataally ralia?a Okipins in tb? Bowili and Wind Colic, ud avireani* c???al?lani, which, if iat irndUi ramadiad ud in daub. W ; ?7? uMifT?iiih? BUT AVDIl'KBIT KBH*| FOR ftCT In ibt VOILD la all e???? ?( DtI CHILDREN iKTitTiod dub ?>?? IW cmil-iTKKTHiniO wbajbar It ariaaa froro laaihmf | 1 or ft?m ibt othar W* wow!da*y i* irtrj iM'htr who bu child >''arm j from *07 if ih? farag mi g complaiuu?do ifot lit TOUB rkBJUDICBl, ROB TNB PBBJUDICBl Of OTMKB* *Ui'd bii*?n yaar aufarinf child and th> raliaf that will ka IOBB? yaa,&BIOLCTBLT tVH B?ia foilaw tha aaa of tk idicina, if tiiraly said. Fail dirtctiaca ?r vainf will 4 tampan* aach l>?uia. Nona ranaina aolaaa tha fae-aimila CORTia * PKRKINA, Naw York, iaan tha oauida wrappa Soid by Dra>fiata thraaf haat tba warld. Principal O? ca. Ma. II Cadar ftuaat, M. T. Prita aalv IS Uanu par Batna. MlHIalif T PROCLAMATION ! A MAS. WIHSLOW, N Ex^risn ed NurM and K?mil? Phyalei*c? prManU to the attention of mother*. her SOOTHINO SYRUP. Far tklldru Teething, Whlafc fitxCj faelutaMs tkt >r?sin ( latiluaf, br MflM in| lb* c*n>i, rtouicf all itlimiiUM-vUI allay itl Fain too ?paam?di? acu?y,aod I* SURE TO RKHULATE THE BOWELSDlllli IDM it- Ukln t? ?tll ?' - ' J R RLIKF AND HEALTH TO TOVRYNFANTS W bin pat ap iud ae;d uii* articl* f*r ?? ten years, ib4 C41* I AT, IJf COXriOIRCI AND TlCT*afU,*b(l?? ha?? nm kite able ta aay af any *TMU Madiciaa? ftivift MRS in it rnLlu,if 4 inKLi ?tai?ci to ?rF*CT A C?*l, WIJULOWI wt.n umaly till lf?*ardid wa knaw aniiTulKa u ioaunca af di?aaiiafaetim by any ?WUi mnM an# w?a naai it. 0? lb* eaatrary, all ata SYRJ1*, dalifblad vitb Hi triliTlom, and I.p.A tD tarait af bifhaat cammandauau *f i?a i?\Hcal artcu and madieal firtm. Wa ipa?k la .hu aaaltsr " Writ *1 do Hi)*," aftarlso ya&ra* aiparianca, and PLIDal of* ?iriri* tion fob tni rclrilumt OF WHAT vi Hill d?clai 1. In alroaat a?ary inatuita vbara tha tufani w iaf atluf fram pain and axhaaatiou, raliat arill fca foind in ar ivantT minataa aftar tJ.a tarsD la auninirfa?ri GEORGETOWN ADVEBT'MTS J1:PT RKCRIVKD? 10 hho?. prim* Porto Rioo SUGAR?, lSibbl?.?.|?l Rv? WHISKY, 85<> bbU HERRING and ALE WIVES, i? bb c. Cru?ti*d and Rpfin d -UGARs, 9n Rio and Java COFFEE, 10 Mid*.(low prio?d) Alu LAsSES. For ?al?? bT JOHN J BOGUE. i> 10 | 'UIIUfiliLt UrTWIAN, V/ No. 12* JSridr* ft.. Gtvrtttmm, Hu oocst&atlv on Mnd a targe Msortmeat of French Near-sighted. Perisoopio. i-WiO ored, ai.d al. othor 5*PKCTA<TLK*?, 01 w? the beet qufcaty. in told, silver. ?* !. and 6?rntac ilver frame*. N. B. Old Retired and Mf c asses eet 111 them to order. no t?-Lr MA!*?' EV, COLLINS A CU.'S PH1LADE PHI A DRAUGHT ALK.-We are constantly reoeiving freeh supplies of the above delightful bevSLge, and mv.te ail persons vm want a pure uu.lerated Ala. tu give it a trial. ARNY A SHINN, Agents, fet tT firMi lit.. Amrietiivi. JOS. F. BIRCH, PTfDKRTAKKR, Cor. Brxdft *nd Jtgerum III., GtariilMM. Having given n.j personal attention to tin* btanoh of my ' usineR', 1 am prepared to. *3 ? _ attend to all ca Is with i>r"ui?tne?? Persona from a distance nan t>? supplied at a '?* micutes' notice, as I have a large assortment of CoFKlNS a wars 00 hand. Particular attention paid to tl<e removal of th? J J / *L- I J ' wu lruia tn? n!Q u> me daw :>una. troui.un. Hesrufi and flora** for biro. ap 10-6m FOR SALE AND RENT. FOR8ALR?A sma'l FARM of *> aerea,situated at tlie Little Fain, havinr a ooinfortaMedweliinc-hou*e, oorr. house, stables, Ao; well-fenced aud watered; within four mi;es of Washington ; 15 aores in oultivatioii, the batanoe in handsome woodland. it is peculiarly deeimble as a ooautry res' denoe, l^iny perfectly hca.thy and mo?t romaiitioal!y situated : cxoei.ei-t tiahir.* and hnntinc. Inquire of Mr. MARRIOTT, bridge keeper, Chain Bn<iee. Little Fails rieT-2awtf tfOR RK\T?Three BRICK HOI'S*F.H?one on r Twelttli street, bftween C and D; one on the oorner of Twelfth and II sts.; and on* on H, between 12th and 13th sts. Inquire of JaMF.s W B a RKER, on H utreet. between 11th and 12th, No. 425. ma >Vtf rOR RENT?The FIRST FLOOR of the b*;idF lac immediate y oppoitiu the weat w-i.r of tiic City Hal., recently oooupied by Cbas. 8. vrallach a* an office. Also the front rooifa in the seo<>nd storj ar.d the third flur of the *?;ns buiidini. For terms apply lo RICHARD WALLACE, no. i Louisiana avenue. ja 13 tf Dr. j. n. McLean s STREHGTHENING CORDIAL AND BLOOD rt RIF1HK THE GREATEST REMEDY ** tk* WORLD, ~~~~ ^ |^9^ jZft EjUl ur cullAe ard VfjfU- "fjjLjy* flfeffSl kit i^npoiud, pro- HSVjr R?J enrol bf th? JUti.UEaW[ UN at r<-0'.?, r.?rh?, i r k Ro" . 81 r?ap> ngn ruia, wild thfrf jH>S B'lh, L>ln<laliou f,-3\ fJ entara into iu con- Iff j ^Jf If Tn entire active <r_- ^BV c i remedial principle of each id;ridKni U Btfore Uking, SEttlftw ditlillinr, producing a denciooe, ethnire'.mg eptnt, <ad tbt moat infallible remade for renoeating lb* Jiifuii eyetera, end rtMoriof tbr eiek, tafttUf, and debilitated ineaiid I* health and etreaf.h MrLKAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL Will tfictoiHr car* Liaar I'mvUut, Dyiptpau, Jeandire, Clironic or N??ooi liebil !y, Uiuuti of (hi Kidueye, ?u J all d'eeeeee ariaiog Tram a disordered Li > >r or Blouiacb, D) >(>?;>fia, Htartburu, Inward Ptlee, A-idity or lickuiai ?f iba Stoninc h, Pallneae of Blood to the Haaii, Dall Pain or B?riuu:ilug In l)|a falpitntion of the Heart, Kaltneee or Weiglit in the Stomach. 8-.?r Eruct.uone, Choking or Biffocnuig Paaliiif wh?n laying '! >??,Hrrnaaa or Yallownaaa of the 8kin *nd Kjea, Si){M 3? eit?, Inward Fe?ere, Pain in iba Small of iba Back, Cheat, or Side, taddau Plnahe* of Htat. Depreaeion of flpiriu, Prifbtful Itraiua, Languor, beepon lency or a ay neraotii diae^ee, Korea or Hlocbaa on ib( bkio, aod *'e??r and Agae (or Chilli ai.d M - % OVER A MILLION BOTTLES h?Te been cold donrf th* laat eit laontHe, and id ? instance hm it failed in (i<in| enure aatiafaciioa. W?o, thm, will ?e9er frrm WeaCnraa or Debility when McLIlANU STRENGTHENING CoEUlAL will cor* yen 1 No l?i.?ua|re can coi ??? an adequate idea cf th* immediate and alruoat miraculona produced by taking tiita CoHlal in th* dieraactl, dabtiit&'.ad, and elattrrtd diitiaa lyettm, art-ether broken dowa by MWL waak b? natart, sr iiapairrd by al< kneae, the relaxed aud anetiiuig erfauilauoii rnurtd to ita prianne health and ?ijor MARRIED PERSONS, or othara, eonaciuva of imbili:? froiri whateaer eaaee, will Ind McLKAN'8 hTRKNuTHENINu CORDIAL a ihoroofh refiner itur of the ayetem; and all who u.ay ba?e m ur? J then.?al?t? by improper ind elf eucea will Sad ia Ihn bordial a certain and epeedy remedy TO THE LADIES. MCLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL la aeorer MID ana *p**uy cut* liir llie ipicut V.0I1IC rupuan, ? M'*a, Dbotractad or I>iPcuii MeuatraaUOD, lacaottaanc* of L'ribt ?r Involuntary Dtacbarf* tharaof, falling of U>* Hank, Jiddtueaa, fainting, ma all diH>a*i tueidrot to Pcmalsa THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT. )n<T*r do longar Tak* it according to dircetioaa It will itiiuslat*, atrcuglbao, and yos and caoa* lb* iloom oI liitltk to im<ui( jon eha*k gun Every botli* ia warranted to giwt aatiafaetios. FOR CHILDREN. If your childran ara sickly, poo* or alvnid, McLE AN'8 ^OllDlaL will maki tbani haultsy, fat, and robust. D?l? y tot a roointc;; iri it, ud ;oi will U cauiiuctl It ia dale ton* touka. CA UTION. Btwarr of drugpnta or daalara wbu aaay try to palm soon foa soar* biuar or aarsaparillt triad, which ih*t can buy [hasp, by saying it ia mat aa gcxA. Avoid auch mas. Aak lor MCLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL, and uks nothing ala* It ia tha only remedy that will purify tba bl'o'j thoroughly and at tha aam* tin,a atrtngthau tha ajatani 0u? taaapnonntl t.ktn a vary tnorninf falling ia a cartain pri'tnu'i for Cbolara, Chilla and F*v?r, Yall?w Ka?ar, or lay pravalaut disaasa It is pat sp In larg* bct'laa Fries July (I per bottle, of < boule* for go J7 H McLEAN, Bolt proprietor of thi* Cordial; alto, McLru'i Volc?o;t Oil Liniment Principal Depot on th* corntr of Third ud Pine itrteta, St. Lou*, Ma. McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment. (THE BEST LINIMENT IN THE WORLD.) Tha only Mfe and certain car* for Caacer*, Pile*, Tu mart, Bwellinfe <uiil Bronchi)* or Coitra, Paralveia, Neonlfia, Wokuruof the Muelti, Chrome or lnfl imineiory Rhe uujar.ein, Stifltiea* of the )ami*,Contracted Muaclee or Ligaraenta, Ear >Che or Toothache, Bniieee, Spraine, Freeh L'uia, Wound*, rictra, Peeer floret Caked Broaat. 8hi N'ipplee, Borne, 8ca!de, Bora Throat, or aay inflammation or pua, M difereuce how ae* ?re or lane Iki dia**a* mmj bar* eaieted, McLEAN'8 CELEBRATED LINIMENT .. t certain remedy. Tuouavide of hanan being* have bee a eared hfe of diacrapituJe *od mieery by the Me of thie tueelaable remedy. MrLEAN'S VOLCANIC OIL LIS IMF. NT Will relieve pain a I moat laelaateaeoaaly, and it will clean, purify and heal tha fouteet tore a ia aa mcreaiWe ehort time. FOR HORSES ASD OTHER ANIMALS. McLEAN'8 CELEBRATED LINIMENT ia tha oaly aele tad reliable remedy for Jie care of Spavin, Rnrhoue, Wiadfalla, Sp'n.ia, Ueuianl l.arape Node* ?r 8?ell>i r* It oater failed to care Elf Head, Pollevil, Fietula, Hid banning Boree, or la-eery, if pmee-lj applied Kur IptMea, Brmeee. Scrat'hee, Cracked Heele, Coa/?o, Raddle ? Collar (ialla, Cat*, Boree, or Wevade, it ia aa lafallible remedy. Appiy it aa directed aad a tare ia certain ia a?ery nataaca Than trile no longer with the many worthleee Liaiaeate to you Obtain^ a aapply of Da. McLEANV CELE BKATM.U LINIMJtNT. U will c?r? voa J. H. McLEAN, Sol* Proprietor, Cornir Third and Pin* ?U., St. Uax, Mo. CHARl.FS STOTT, J)l Pi. it., mil inat in Waahuif.011; R, 8 T CIS8KL, u??rj?:own hM'IMWIj ^ATCHREPAIRING AN^^LVER WARE .1 haw one of the beat Pftahlicbments. and furnished with a complete set of tool* for repair- Jfv m? ever; deeoription of hne Watchee, and #W| particular atunuus give to me eame, by a^f^ thorough ooinpetout workman .and a work guarantied Al'O. every deecrip ion of aiandard SILVER WARE, plain anil ornamental, man n facto?d emler my own eupervinofl, which my ew?ti?mor? will fend rar euperior in quality ami finuh to northern war* old t>y dealers in geoeral aud rtfrrMotwi aa their >wi manufacture. H. O HOOD, ee6 33** Pa. avenue, a^ar^th et. N MERCHANT TAILOK1HU. KW FALL STYLES or CLOTHS. CASSIM ERS. ? N U VKST1NUS. WALL. STEPHENS &. CO., 3sl* Pennwrlralia Avenue, have juat reoeived a large vanetv of \?w Pall which they mvite the atteatioa >f their frieiHiaaad nertnmwi. aw ?-tf ~~BALZAC'S NEW NOVEL. HE GreaineeaacJ UeouueofCearar Riro'teard, rom the French of Honore de Baliac, trMigjund >y Dr. W WtfhtardF. H.(j?odn?h,l *v . ?nee #1. BLANCHARUA MuhVN. ee 14 wi'i" Klevei th ?t an I ! *.. ?r. Wood coal 8v2 Pa. Avm Bxtw.Uth amd Uth ?t?., North ??d?. Mil! tad Wh?rf foot of g?ve?U*ntli eC, mrnrt tf tVIn^Wb, T>^wtrtaMk r?OR MLK.-& pur of COaCH ~H<>K*K8, P young aud faat, Mi for ? laalb i?r /a_ 1 vMr fa*vimi no m for thnn. Apply al jL-dP V. a. UI'I'KK MAN'S Grooor*. on fw-iTT^ rlWMa*?"iii-. >??tw??w 1) v>.l 4W >t? fct '? in >iKV? WANO?, from rh.ok- mm * *? ?? ' Ml u>vu?m. JoMji ? . M.IA ac ? 30b, botVMa 3Ui a&d loU?U. ft T.?aBsssas ly the best iiatmarnU maoaiae tared We ?ro oa&dent that oT?rfbud* fl.iUKi t tku tut it oaref u citiuiD?l on. Oar f'?ond? ?.i4 Ute lo genera! are ree*ectf*i!y re*ee?fd *? oa 1 * <! * -? FLor* S&UoeuoH A ad ~T'~ 4?1"? ' c^^T?2iSSbS--,. |^> ft-L frvrall friode of firatn ao ? *m MAIKB, )(( Pim. inaw. war Sevmtk Stmt Entire atUotioa ft <r?a to the Jtf*' r lot ?f 0?' ? oeeiL^t? Dail^iimyi^e pik eedewfet. in V?eh*?. *. * Mca.Atn .tiabhiw, PrOfrirtnn, ?? TT-tf Comw Keren th ?t. and <;a >1. WOOD AND 0 O 4 L Dalirerad to all ptrti of iba aity, at the koweat puaaible rttM. T J. * W. M. OALT, Ofio? 999 Pi. ? ., bttvNi llth awl iRh at* , ma n tT aorth tide f^OAL! COALS V/ WOOD! WOOD!? I am daily recivinj lame auppl ?a ofCOAL fcwa the very beat Pennsylvania mine*. wmch I will m II at reuonah ? flCM Al<o, tk* be?t?uaJit? ?>f Oak, Pim and Hiokorv WoOD.outanH (Jii.aillaaftaa. Call au?l leave your order*, ft. W. BATES. Wood and Coa. L>?-aJ-r. M 17 (9tataa) Cor. C and l?th ata.. near Canal ^JCUOOL AND COLLKOK OUTFITS. Youth*' and Boy*' Clothing for School and Z>ra? Wear Parent* and rnardiaca wiahin to fbrntafc theichi dren and warda with Sor.ool ard Collet Oittla for the eoming ieaaon, are lantad to exaaiiue ua araaent large and extonalra aaaoruaet.i k??V CLoTHlNb, t'.wt ihej can fit oat their ?Y>l<lr? a or all aixea m a few mon ecta with erert 4aaori? UonofR'adj- nad?Uaraiaata,al sebeuiatta. aid durable quality, at vary nx>derato?naea WALl, HTmiM 4 CO, M XI IM Earn. ava-w _ WK HAVK JU8T RECKIVED & NEW A9aortmfnt of Htemway k. ?oaa' JMPORTANT TO HOUSEKEEPERS! THE PIOXBER SAW MILL AND FIREWOOD FACTORY, (Sias of thi Blvi Fla?? 8t*r?.) Senth ml tb? ('? >!, ir?r Ttk itrffi Brl4|f. Will furnish, at the shortest notioa, FIREWOOD, OF THE BEST QUALITT. Or Akt Kird, Cut and Split to Any Dimentiomt. CHEAPER THAU THE CHEAPEST' With full laeaenrement r uarautied. (TT Rwncmlnr. The Hlc? Staff, weet id* of seventh st w?"., south of the Canal, and o* poeite the Center Market. GEORGE PAGE, AftaL lO" HICKORY ANDOAK Pf.ANK or TIMBER i of an; m- or dimension*>*A WEI). PO!*tS* or JOISTS KIPl'ED.or L0GSSAWF6, at the hnrtest notice irr MtiaJljobe of BLACKSMll ill.NU ly exocutod. a* above twtl U ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ UIVIOX FIRE-WOOD MILL, lamer e( ftrrratk it wM Cual. W 6~~O D of All kind, manufactured to order, any leafth or aiae. read * for uae. COAL^COAE. We hare now on i and a beautiful lot of COAL, both Rf-d and White A ah. different aise JET We are now, and will ber-oeirin* C**i for the next ten dare, whieh we eeil, delivered from the veaeel, at a reduction of 3b eenta per ton. Stmd >our orders ?*arlr. _ MRS. M. E. RING8PORD S ARM I NARY, 4 14 K St.. W a?h>weton, 1). C. The next Motion will oommenee Ootober let. inn. Terras. &o.. forwarded op application. >a Utf PLAINFIELD ACADEMY, ? <>** f?iT!>ii,P?.l Twenty mnth i??mn i2n weolie i eoeyeee^e November 5th. A family school lor Tvent)-fiv? (rood boya, for whose comfort and improvement the tiirr* and ?ner(v of the Prmotpai la devoted. Entire expense <7i. Croular* at Star Office. To all a few vaoanoies oall at Kirk wood*' from 3 to 5 p. m.. October II and IS ; or addr-?e 1. K. itl'K Principal and Proprietor, Paiofield. Cumber I and ooun ty. Pa. se ? fulm liORGaTOWN FEMALE SEMINARY, vl , PoKXKiLT Miss L. S. E^eLiaa's.) a boakdJko asd day school. The duties of this Institutien will be reeumcj oa the first Mond.\) in September next. The course of inatructieu embraces all that le taught, from the rudimeuts to the most hl?kly in iaheil education. The oorps of teachera, t?n la number,ere eminently qualified aud experienced in their eeveial department* Lecture* Frida* evening*on the Natura' Soianees without charge to the pupils. Circulars inay lieohtaiund byaddroeeint tlieprm opal. Mim M.J. HAKROVER.CtoorgMowa, 0 C. au 33 euSu WOOD AND COAL. __ # ? . ? W. wv/wi IIIIVB 1 firepared to receive a limited number of pupils as lo&rdern, who. c-ouftitutiug a part of ber own family, will be u' <)er her immediate care and supervision. She wili -nd-'avor. an lar a* possible, to surround tnem with theooinfortsaud kindly inflaenea* of ilome. Ht.ffrtnr'%.?Rev. Geo H. Norton, Rer D*. K n llarrikon. Rev. I) F. Sprigr, William H Po*l?, Esq., KJgar Snowden. fcsq . Edmund F W'itmor, Knq., Henry Marbury. K?? , Lewis MnKens e, Esq., Robert M. Hunton, K?q . \V D Wallaoh, Editor F.vening Star, Beujanuc Waters, Esq.,Jaa. Entwisle. Jr.. F.?q .Col. John W. Minor. Louddta, M Hsrs. BlgAktock A Marshall, Messrs Co s* Brothers. Tevms. Board, with Tuition in all the English Blanches, taxi for the annual seasion? payable semi annua. 1), in advance. M usic and languages at Profeasors' prices fcy No extra oharces. an *-tt HE TRESCOTT HIGH SCHOOL. 37? Kighth ST., BirwkiJi K aWT> I. ?T?Studies will be resumed in this nstnution oa MO^ DAY, Septmntwr 3d. Circulars*! bookstore*, jau 16Jl A. C RICHARDS. Principal. j^gETROPOUTAN ^COLLEGIATE l.NSTIFOR YOUNG LADIES, 464 E ST., Between In ass TT* ITS. The fonrth annna! session of the Inatitnta wilt commence on the first MONDAY ia September. Application" should be made ?arly, as the number or pupils ia limited. For particulars see ot'cola-s or apply to the principals, Mr. and Mra. T. F1 H A VENXER. M the Institute an ?-tf \ \ A \ THE WEEKLY STAR *vn'-f A (Mtn *KHtr of liimilui Mtfn tkaa ou b* tommi ia mj oUar-u pvfcltaM m Tlin-AjL < !( >. < ' 1 ... ? - ? - - ww ? ' *;r.f ? copy, par iuu #1 ? b*y?ro*iT*il * r*r <y?nt of Tkt W?klt par VtHIM SKS* {UfKSMCwya o iMimll; lkr<*|ko?t U? otitry. sKSHlfiSSS*15?7? ILT PoitlMMtri Who Mt M ItNtl Will b? Si < lowed IMMMUWQI Of SB OMU. EDUCATIONAL. ACADFMYOF MODERN LANOAUA9G8, i\ (WltRIMTOII HviLMm.l Pm A i'mm. ftnuf ?f S*r*mik St*?t. "'''SitrivtvwfttttviW 'TKA.VSl^riOW.S. A. M. Db MONT'tl RK Y. Profo??ar of Modorn Uniuli^" &nd l.i'erlture, hu th? honor to fci nounooUtM M will hi* Ouougj PriT?t? Ijkmi am WWwi?it> ? *? u,k -* m btf> m Afd?nj. H? > frmpmnTSLo u> five, ib oboolt and private ImbiUm, a C???ra* of T.ooture upon the French i.itoraturo, from the bar > limit Formation of the LU|U|? to the PrtwM Time. For termaandfurther partiou'are ln*ui?* at the Academy, where Prof. De Mootharrv will ho in at tendance daily froaa 9 to 11 a. bi a*d from Hot p.m. oo l? lm Tfashalk education. I1U9E Fare at < who vista their daufhtori to rooeire a tkortiiif i. an ?i?teriat'r education whe^e their puraiofe t'dmni iri . receive dai,* and teecia attention, under the must approved ?j atom of Caliather;ie? and (iymhiKtii'i, ar- respectfully invited to viait the L'nion Female Academy, corner Foor teenth at and New York *v MR. k MRS. Z. RICHARPtt, au 30-tf Principal*. L'e,HALfc WIAKUI.M* A> 1) DAY SCHOOL, T ALEXASOKrt, VA. Mr*. 9. J. McCORMICK, P?twctpa.l. The thirteenth annual ?e??ioti of thia ln?titut?on will oomineno? ?n Tuen.iar, Seplemtior ltth, 11 ike h<iu??a rwceutlj occupied bj ^jlve.Ur Soott, No. 1?0 Kmc ?treac The court* of Htmiy pursued wi'i coTnp'i?*a, the l>rai phe? req?i?ite to a th?-OBfh Kmu.h E<Hi cation, and Mumo, Kreneli, Latin ami brawia#, it desired. . . .. _ , . In addition to H?.? ?^Viol?.r. Mr. M .-v ..

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