Newspaper of Evening Star, October 6, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 6, 1860 Page 4
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? ?; >n? THE PACKING STAR. thk rniRrfl. Tbe following beautiful bit of po*try 1* bjr the rlil |K*t editor of tbe Buffalo Amoi Chester : This is the Choreh with its lofty steeple; There it the priest in hi* surplice ?!re*t? Here ia the p are where tney preach to the peop.e. Thia ia the Church with it* high. grey fteeple ; There ia tne font, with it* lettered '"?nt? Hero ix the p ?ee whe'O they sprinkle tne poopla. Thia ia the Church with its grand old staple; The clttd beT's chime la the ?w?? June time? " !| Here is the p'ace where they m?rr* the peopls. , ... Wi IfVUHVIK in, KM# llptliKl Wiu MarkU in fcli>ok ** slabs at to* >*,HA iW*HtoriiiMiliiN*? York,Mi on aooommo<kttii>? t-Tir.s Also, ??n hand, a .?rj? ?ppi* o( f*oibioer*ton?. Watorof Ayr Hoes and PJusainf >uu? atftsv York prioes. Knouursc* ths outar ^ fioturr Sham Mar tit and Broir* St.m* Work*, Pa. av., oor, Thirteenth st. .. a?gt 3m Washington, D. C. H. MuT*. l.kllTtTi * L1Ki' TS-A+UW Wl f:+3i.ce in v. ? Hit:. Coart of Krrors as^i^ S4 j st Jactiaa. Us Psd*rai Coart at PonUXyfe fcst >M ^ - ! u* Ssvs^n J oduuaj District o: Map ?KSA,XSwatST? '-itr v*canrm:i ..nouth'pton.. .New York...Sept 88 8. of Haltnuore. Liverpool... New \ ork jo an MdiUU....Liverpool Quelvo Sept il tern Vttrk Soi?Ui>ton. ..New York...Oot. 3 iMMk. South'pton. .New York Oot 4 Or*at Kaeiorn ..Miu'dHaven.New N ork... Oot 17 PiiIok . ,?*oalh'eti>q.. .N?* York... .Oot 11 uamoMt. Suut!>'pton . .New York.. ..Oot It Tko Havana mail itMmeri leavaNew York on tka *A., ti?h. and *7tb of each month, ted CMrtNtoG on the ?th and 19th. Tbe California mileC**"**!* leave New York on ' |ke hh ?nil ?<!* ?f mm month. P~lUNKfe.ll STEAM MAM BLK A NO U R OWN , STONK WOKltjI. The ?p teorlber Ue?? luve to inform the oittiena of Wa?hin*U?n,Georgetown and Alexandria that ke haa ?Jd?d to hi? lou? eatatliahed biieineae the Mjuoary of tf*-wn eower for uwioi aaJ manufMtaric* Alarbl# and Brown Stor.e \\org ln their varioae rxAHehee. Marble Mantela, Table and WaehMaad r.jf", Tilf. Mouupienta. X?mb and Head _ iCa -e. V\ mmU?w Liit4e?a, Stl.e, Sieve nod J?latfor.n?. Having pure baaed a arte ?took or Italian JMaroie in t?i?>okSreihaada,ai the mweet rat-ja, Ke fe?.eooafi>)oot of being able to farniah Marble Work a* low aa it oan be porehaeed in New Yerk. ?- ??-'*?? ' ,T ?-? v v*v>?'ui J in uirT) L 3A, J H Brown, III; T N Latham. J Baker, R A Sinclair, J O Brooke, J Mar*tall, Va; J B Baxton, N Y; R W?tkin*nn. NC; Gen J Wbltnejr, W Swift, Mam, H Biuuler. Tu WAHINOTUN HOUSE ?P Norwood, 0*j 0 Browa, 111; W Bunker, NY; Jno FatLm, Fla; F BoIiim, M?. OCEA XSTEAMERS' SAILING DAI'S If ROM TBI llITII bTATBi. L*ar*. p'or. Dans. f*rn? ??N?w York... Liverpool ....Oat 10 Ar*r> _..N*w York H*vt? Oat 13 U ???<*? -New York Liverpool.... Oat 13 Buoni^ V ork.. .Soathsrcvt?. U.Oot 13 A r?6.a. ,.!t iioatou Liverpool... .Oat 17 N'W York.. ?N??r York... Bremen Oat27 BoruuTa.......,N?w York...South&inpto?.Nor 1 * If ho* Kobupb M I * " -* m?"t < | .Ticnownn, J UnWit.Mdj W Jualln, O; >lr? Dix,Va; B Stewart. Miss Stewart. Tenn; C H Arnold, G Arnold, Rl; DC Tabb and lv. Md; S Dbble, SC. C Eichelberijer. Va; E Vldd?r, NY, K Hug baa. Ct; M McMabon, U C; P Hargoiis, Mr Quick and ly, G Sbtphard. N Y; l>r J Horen and Win, Ala; B Lawrence.A Farland. P Hlldreth and ly, H Rollins, Va; J Bause and ly. Fia; J Hitchcock,Pa: Mr* Hill, M1m Carter. Md; Gen Weatmore, R Weatmore, NC: J B Blowson La; J H Frazer and fain, Miss; J Carpenter. U9N; Gen Bowie, Md. BROWN;*'HOTEL?J Miller, Md; C Raaam?y, FU: A K Eaton, ?? Yerby, N Y; H P Eiston, Ky: P 9 WaUnote. NY: Dr E C Drew, Va; G E Jackaon, J H&rdn&ll ana ly. M 1m; Mr? K Hewitt. MasW Haruum, Minn; B \V Na^uhart, Va; W B Botu and ly, Tex; 8 Oilman and ly, I.a; J Rradford, Ala; J Wallmeyer, Md; Mr* J 8 :*cott and an, La; W Bancroft and ly, SC; N B Fowler, O; W H Crew and fanr., Va; Lt A Hughes, L'SN; H M Hrauuaud tarn, K R Hyama, Sirs 5*pr!jj^ and child. MraC Flower, Mia# A Ogden, Mi?s Brun?ao. M H Hprijrjr- La; A 8 Wert, \V R Hopkins, G Pettlboue pa; A Todd. Mrs Harris, NY. KlRKWofin uni'ttP o um._ M.kMuwvi iA^maivcaUi UIO young Frenchman, convicted last apriug of mi outrage upon and murder of Augustine Lucaa, a girl of eight years. at Chicopee, Mui . nearly two tear* a^o, wti on Thursday last, sentenced to death, bv a full bench of the Supreme Court, ittin^ at Springfield, to wliuu tbe case bad been appealed. The new member of tbe aateroid group dlaeov-red by Mr. Ferguson, of the Washington National Observatory, and vrhoa^ position in space was giving, without any of lta other elentents, has been since noted at the Cambridge Observatory Its diameter is calculated to 1m only forty miles, |p*A band gave a serenade at the Lafarge House, New York, Tuesday night, In honor of a-Prasiden^ Fillmoro, but they found out afterward* he w'aa atisent at Laura Keener'* Theatre, wholly unconscious of the honor paid hiiu. ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS. NATIONAL HOTEL?Dr Ward. T Boyd, M Johnson, Va; T Devecmau, Col Spates. R Hoiuta J flackart. Md; \V Herbert, l>r Murphy, Va; H Williams, Md; A'niooley, Pa: W F Armstrong, Mass; H Chambers, NV; J Lindsay, Miss Lindsay, SC; M Sampson and lv. Miss >aiiu*.>n, O; A | -.u, -t ltliu-?nn V V". T It-/- - ?J 1 and Dr Boll mail, a German friend of the Marqnlt; Volney, the celebrated Freiico writer; John Copley. the present celebrated Lord Lyndtiur*t, Paine. and many other* of lesser note. Talleyrand was In Ho* to a In July and August of 17!M. Volnev Wdi a great friead of Mr. Jett'ersoa, but Washington wn alwaya rather ahy of French philosophers The stranger solicited letters of recommendation from Washington to be used In bis tour through the States. He received one which contained only these words: "C Volney needs no recemmendatfon from George Washington "?Boston Transcript. "Makz* Him Cuss Powirtcl It la a personal Insult in Haberaham county, Ga., to accuse a man of feeing for Douglas Tbe Athens Banner having reported that there were two Dou^lu men In Habersham county, the Democratsof ih itcounty have been endeavoring to bant them up TLe Clarksvilie Herald havtng been unsuccessful In its efforts, ask: "Will the Atnens Manner Inform us What two men In Habersham are for Douglas* Everyone we accuse of itshows tight and It makes him cuss powerful." Da4T li SlITKIn ?I . '? - out crouching, or express bi.? loyalty and gratification without sacrifice of dignity aud palnfjl grovelling. He concludes: "Sire: The humble niaijis'rate who has the honor to lay at your Majesty's feet the homage of the sentiments which animate the city whose repre senuttve be la dare* to draw from the memory of ita past the boldnrsi to felicitate himself on having been chos-?n as its interpreter, and he is happy and proud to present to you the keys of the city at all times faithful to the Bona partes." DrsTiHorisHiD Foiklo^rkii in Amkrtca ?Notwithstanding the Increased facilities for crossing the Atlantic Incident to the invention of steamboats, there are not so mtny eminent persons from En-ope in the United states thW y*ar when Baron Renfrew is America, as tuere'were more than sixty years ?go, when his grandfather, the Duke of Kent, was he*e. At that time the following named prominent persons were in this country : Mr. Alexander Baring, afterwards Lord Ashburton i Louis Philliope. afterward* King of France; the Duke de Montpensier, and the Duke de Beaujoioia. vounger brothers of Louis Phillippe; Viscount Noels, brother-in-law to Lafavett*. sovereign of hi* dvnasty The Mayor of Ajaccio la the speech he addressed to kim on Unding, recapitulated some of the souvenirs the Bonaparte family have left in the islar.d Haaaid: "A law pares distant ia tUe house where your ancestor* wer* born; before you stands a vast establishment where eur young men devcte themselves to the study of antiquity, tbsnk* to the liberality of your great uncle, Cardinal Feach, who was our benefactor. Yonder are the mountains of Bolo, where, during the troubles of our island, your giandmother took refuge, already bearing in her r>oao:ii him who became the august chief of your dynasty. In another direction, and almost at ou< gates, are the oak and the cave where Napoleon, still young, wan wont to meditate Ah! Sire, this day, so ardently desired bv u?. and vour presence, wliich we have invoked with all our wishes, make us forget past sadness and the spoliation consummated in Wl5." So ftrlt Is well enough, and Just what one might xpect a Corsican^Mayor to say. But the wortLy municipal chief c-annot terminate Lis wtti. Thia the Church with its dizzy *t >opIe ; Vetm I,nth it ?lo?d, through ti.e <a ri and the flood. The light aod tho love and the joy of the poop c. Thu if the Church with ita stately stoepl.; Still will the* marry and ?ti!l will they burr AixJ stjU wnl they sprinkle ai.J preach to the p?oSpmikie and marry aad bury the poopia While the year* pa&s on. as in years that are gone* In ths d*ar old Church ari'h its time-worn ateeple. And atiU la tl>? ?hade of the aicuut sto?*ple Taadead shall aleep and the lirin? weep, 'Till the angel's trump shall arouse the p.opie. Thiaia the Churoh with its hoary ste?p'e; Oh ! long may it stand, in a gc*>dlc Ian:!, The joy and the lova and tha light ol thj people. Ntmioj III at thi Biktii Place or the BoiiriiTi Family?A correspondent ?>f the London Times. September 19tb. aavs : "If there be any portion of his dominions wli?re it mirbt be expected that ti.e Kmperor N?|>oleon would jneet an especially warm reception, it is assuredly tK# lilnnfl nf rnriirs the hi r!h iilnrii nf thf> tirnt Thi? U the Church with lU towering it?*p e; The mjU Itelln toll for the tti*ht of a %ouI? H?ro is the place where they bury the people. MISCELLANEOUS. CoKMIBSlONfc^Ps'lfoTi'cK OF THE SA!.E 86 wwnif ?'4Kfe: rW?ASVi.NKW LANU!I HKKETOFOUli Notice ? hereby given that pnhlio tales will be heid,i>n th" <la?? and at th? plaoes hereinafter specified. in the State or Minnesota.of the vacant tract t of public land withheld by Notioe No. 646. dated September 3, 18i* from tbe sales ordered bj rroola"-ation No. 643, dated July 9, IIU, Til: At the L.and O flic sat st. Cloud, on Monday, th* aiih day o( Noveuiber next. lo> tne disposal of the waste wittiu the undermentioned towushipe withheld, pursuant to i'ao above-loentioiitxl notioe,from the sal?s he! i on ttis7th November, I&5B, undei the aid proclamation, via: \ortk oftke baft line and iff ft of tkt fourth principal meridian. Township 34, of range 88 Township 3i. of range 29 Townships 41 and 44, of range 31 Town*t>ip 41, of range 33 /VerlA of the *??? ltm* ?*d tetst of tktfiftk principal tfl T ui\CLf% Towrships 131 and \U, ot range 25 Townships 1*1 and 122, of range 36 ?ovnshp? 123 and 1*3, of range 37 ownsnips 133 124,125. and 136, of ranc?28 Townships 134 U5 136. 127, and 128, of rang* 90 Township 128, ot rang*3D. m Uiw ijmu" uiuor ?i reitIT UITT. On Wednesday. trie daj ot November n<-xt. for the disposal of the tract*. witnm the undermentioned tow nsliips. withheld, pursuant to the above mentioned no.ion. from the sale* h id onth'Slst Ootober, 1*50, natier the <>a:a proclamation, viz: Xortk tf th* bast line and west <J tktfiflK principal merij taa. Town?hip? 111. 119. and t?>, of ratine 21 Township li8, 11# and 12-j, of range H Townsuips liti 117,118, ils, IS), and HI, of range 23 Townships H6 117, Its, It* and 121, of range 24 Townships 117, lit), and 119, ot range25 ToWi.a;itps 118, 111 and 12>t, of range 2tf Townships 11',118,119, aid 13o,ot rai.ge27 Townships 11* 119, and 12 , ?.f range 2a Townships lid, U?, and 12i?, of range 29 'fownkhipi 11H 119, and l'2?, of lanice so Towiisiups 113,119, and 12), of range SI Towuahips 119 and 12 , of rango 32 Townships 119 and 121, of range 3J Townships UK, 119, asd 12j. uf range 34 Townships 118. 119, and 13 '.of range 35. At tha LaaJ Oflioe at HaNtiwsox, on Monday, tiie a t Oai uf December next, lor the disposal ui tiie iractf wiHiiit the ui.d Tin-ntioued tuwimhipa, withheld, pursuant to the above mentioned r.ouoe, from the sales he d on tna lih November, 1!U0, under the said proclamation, viz: N?rth uf th* ban lint and \ce>t of thrfifth principal ?/i rui tan. Township 112", of ranee la Towuahips 111, <12,113.114, and 115, of raaga 19 T^wnsaipa ill, lu, MS. 114, and lis, of ranged) Townships Hi, 114, and lio. of range 21 TovnaH'pa 114 and I IS, ol range 24 Townshipa l'S, 114. and 115. of range S3 'IVwuships 1 >?, 113.114, and 115, or range 34 Townthips 111, i 1113 and 114, o< range 25 Townshipa 111, 112. Ill, and 114. ot range lib TownsLips 111 *nd '12, of range 27. At the Laud Otfiss at Chxtvikld, on Mondar lhi2oth day ot November next, lor the disposal oj lit? uaois within the undermentioned townships, witnh^.d, pursuant tu th? above mentioned notice from t;i j ta e? hot 1 <>n the 14th November, lSiU. under tae said proclamation, vis: 1 North of ih? ban.hnt and west of IKtfifth princip? mtrtdian. Townships l<fl and 104. of rsnn a To* nshipa 1<4 a ad 103, ol rui^e 9 Townanip* lie. UU, and H4, oT range LO Townships K3anu 104. of raufc* 11 To win In pi l'<? an J IfM, of range 12 Townships 101, IU2, and I S, o' range 17 Towntlup* lol 1<?2, He), and 104, of raii(? 18 Townships <?(, 10*. 1(4. and 104, of range 19. At toe I and Otfioe at vui City.ob Wsdnes day, 28:a 'lay ol November next, for the diapoai! of the tract, within ths tmderinsutinnsd town hip*, withheld, purttuani to the above-mentioned notice, from the value held at Cambridge on the 3.?t October, ls5d, under the said proclamation vis: Sorth of tht bat* line and teest qf tk* fourth principal meridian. Township 32. of range aj Towushipo 32and a, ol range 24 I owns'iip 33 of range 25 Township 34, of range 27. At the Laad O?oe at Portland, on Monday, the 2oth day ofWoveinaer next, lor the dUp-jaal of tfte tr vols within the undTmot.tion<<d townships, with held, parauant to th? ahove-aientiontxi notice,from tne aai?a held on the Slat Ootober, 1UU, ander ths said proo.amation, viz: North 4f tk* bat* lt*t and >cest at tkt ftwui I pal meruiiQA. Towmbipa 58, of range 10 Township 53, of range 11 ! Townships 51 and 52, of range 12 i Townships 5n and 51, ol ran*e 13 ' To waft i pa to and 5o, ol ranee 14 Townahipa 48. 49 and 50, of ranra It Townships 47 and 48, of ranee 16. Lauda appropriated by law for the dm of Indiana or olher purposes will be excluded from the sales The tracts within aiz milea on eaoh aide of tba railuada wi'l be offered, aubiect, aa required bj law, to a minimum ol two dollari and fifti cMti per aare, and the pari.cular iraota cut bj Uie routes will b? sold aabjrct to the right ol war for aaid railroads, and aa oontaining the qualiuei respectively anown on the official plat witnout defactious. Tha ottering will be co > menoeU on the daya appointed, and will pH>oe*l in the order in whioh thej ar?? advertised, until tha whole ahall hava been i i (Terod, and tue Bales oloavd; but no aale ahall ba k-pt open longer than two wseka, and no private . out j of any of the iauda wili be admitted until ' aR?-r the expiration of the two waeka. r<v??rt p?r*<?u emu e<i to the right of pre-emption to anj of th* tracts unbraced by this notisv la rn ; qc.r.'d to establish tbo same to the a*tiafaoti(-n ol ! Hi" r. ni-toi ai:<l r"Hj?;ver of the proper mud office aud maii" payiimiil lor their oianna Ou or before ti.t diy aj/p nnt^il for the ooinmei,ueiiieut of the public aala of the lands trao: oiaiuied; othert!>?, aucli claim will b? forfeitod. i O van uud .r my Laud at the city of Washington, | this 19tu daj of gaptdittber. l*J?. JOS. S. WILSON, Commissioner of the General Laud Olhoe Not*.? Under the regulationaof the Department aa heretofore and now payinnntoac I l>? mad* for advertising proclamations except tt ?uoh pub ishers aa are ?jn tally authorizvl to j>ub li*h by the Commissioner ot tho General Land OflAe. ae a wlOf PROF. WOOD'8 RESTORATIVE CORDIAL A*D BLOOD RENOVATOR la pr*o>?flv whM its name indioates, for, whiU plea-ant to the'ftste, it i* revivifying, exhilarating invigorating an?l strengthening to the vita, powers and at the ?an.? tiuie rev-ivihos. reinstates, and re . n?Tt thu C otxi lu ai iu oricmal pu'ity.&nd thm at onoa rttlorts and renders the system invulnerable to unarms v disease. It ia tli? only preparation ever oflereu to the world. ao ohenuoally and skillfully o unbined as to be tne most powerful tonic, , an;t at the same tune so perfectly adapted to, as to act iu perfect accordance with the laws of nature. ' an 1 hcnce will xool\t th* ieeaktst stomach, and tone up the digestive organs, and thus allay ail uer; vouaai d other irritation. It is perfeoti* exhilara > tiug a'd at the same time it is oomposed entirely oj 1 vegetables, yet so combined as to produoa the mosl thorough tonic eflect, without producing any injurious consequences. Suoh a remedv naa long oeen fe.t to be a desideratum in the medical world, ! for it needs no medical skill to see that debility follows all attaoks of disease, and proeeeds and in ' deed lays the system oe*n to the insidious attack* of in&ny of the most fatal, auoh, for example, as th? following: Consumption, inditestioa, Dyspepsia, , Ias. of. Appetite. Neura gift. Palpitation nt the heart, Melancholy, Night Bvrata. I,angor, Giddiness, Retention ot, m weil as Painful obstructed, too profuse, or too sc?nt Menstruation, and Falling of the Womb These all depend upon general debilitr. This pare, healthy tonic Vurdiai and B ood Renovator is aa ?are to oare as the sun is to rise and set. Th?re is ao mi?take about it. But this is not all If the ! sy?tem is weakened we are open to bilious ati tacks, the liver becomes torpid, or worse diseased. the kidneys refuse to perforin their funotions, and we are troubled with scalding and incontinence oi uriue, or involuntary discharge of the same, pain [ in the baek, side and betweeu the shoulders. ex oeedingly liable to slight colds, coughs, and if an I eb?ckea. so<>u emaciation follows, and the patient I goes down to a per.oatura rrave. Hut epaoe will tot allow us to enumerate the mauT ills to which we are liable maweakeued condition ot the system, t Hut we will say Ln this Cordial and Blood Kenovai tor yon have a perfeot, safe, pleasant and effectual l rented) for loss of Appetite, biliousness. Flatu l lenoe. weak and siok ^tomaoh. Langour, Liver i Complaint, Chills ana Fever or any Urnou* attack, Cot Uvenees, Acidity of the Bt-maoii, Nervousneee, Neuralgia, Palpitation of the Heart, Depression t of Spirits. Soree. Pimvlee on t??i P.? -? J: I *a?*arUiug froin impure blood, auoh aa Sorofuia, Kryaipelae.Mronobitia, Couch,difficulty of Breathi inc. aud Ml that aims oI oft) ed female : wesfcueea.aud ?num?r?t*l above. We will aifO 4y the traveler expoeed to epidemioi, change ef climate and will find it a pltaaant. safe and I sure remedy, and no on* ahoald ever travel with I out. K*?d'r, try it, for we aaanr* you you will ' hod in it a frioad md?ed, aa well a* a friend in need. All peraoae of aedeutarjr habita will find it a perfect p-eventiv* of, aa well aa a oare for thoaeail! insr.w whioli tliejr are particular!* expoaod Heno? I minuter*, atudeuta. attorney a. Utorarv gentlemen, I ami ladies who are not acouatomed to uaeb out! door exeiou*, wiU find it to their advantage to keep a bottle conat?utly on hand; and above all mother* or thoao beooaiuif aioh, will po throagh that moat daacorou* peuod n"t onlr with all their aoooaroraed strength, bat aafa anu free from the thoaaand ail men ta ao prevalent among the female portion of the wo. Id. In abort, ia indeed a motiier a cordial. Try it old and yoang; no lot ger rentke rink of delay; it will relieve and prove itaelf anv phatioal! j a tUtlaratixt Cordial amd Blood Rmv%a lev. o. J. WOOD, proprietor, 444 Broad var, Now York, and 114 Market Streat St. Loaia, Mo., aod old by all good Uruggiat*. Price Ob* Dollar per Bottle. PRO* wnnn-a RES TORATIVECORDIAL BLOOD RENOVATOR. ao ly.alw WGA? F1XTDRKB, E Hit* in ?tor?,wa tra dai.y rmiTiu, OAS FIXTURES of entirely Nov Pattern* and Deeicna and rmieh. superior m style to auytbinf heroto/ore Offered in tnia market. We inriteeitixuns teneral iy to oall end exam tee oar stock of Uaa ana Water r ix teres, feeu ng ooufideat that we kave the beet looted ataek ia W as hi u ton. All Work in the above line intrusted to our ear* Will be promptly attended to, KTYKR8 * McOHAN. arf-tf 37* D street. ? * ~ ~ .. TP 0BT YOUR B 0 V.?,tU;..,Vi?0 * 8 A u ? > M 6-liu Above Odd PeUewe'HslL w UI'< ainoal', RICHMOND, VIBOINIA. > o ' ' I U I BRANCH OFFICE, i... No. M BANK OP OOMMKRCR BUILDING, NBW YORK CITY. .? ' ? ,o?' 8MI 81*41 njtfyyttw PRIOE ONE DOLLAR, Brat by mail to aay part of tka United Statea. REMEMBER, It la sot Mm Inwardly, bat U applied outwardly, aoaordiag to dif?tinaa, wbleh laooompany Mtok MANUFACTURED BY JOHN WILCOX k CO., liiA M A III 0<Pn???? ad maka know lU voadtrfil powara and vii tiM, that thoM who aular, or who art thrattaaad with aafariag, mar ha lad to ?aa ft aimpla, ianoxioaa preparation, forniahad by tha laid of Natvra for MAWS BLESSING! UTPIDGTIN B IS SOLD BY ALL DRUGGISTS AND MEDI01NB DEALBRS IN AMBBIOA. [> twenty hoars. i J. R. Til ton. of Belgrade, Msiae, brought from death's door, hiving aufferod far foar r?ri, nude well is in TNki, and 1 Biproved in two hoars. i Adolphe MouHro, of Franoe, rolls rod in ons hoar, while travelling la the oars of ths Fort Wsjss u4 Chieago Railroad. lie im apparentt ly dying with Chills. Ells* R. Ben sab, of Look port, Now York, resJ cued after seven years'suffering, A perfhot oare. Thousaad of other eases prevented sad oared every month, sad aot * single oom plaint oi ths ' efloienoy of ths 1 INPEOTIHE, OS PERSIAN |FBVER CHARM. TRY IT, TROTS IT, KNOW IT. THE IMPECTIflE, I Ol. > i PERSIAN VBVSR CHARM, Hu cured thousands of both hin of the moat dreadful Fevers. Read and reflect. ? WONDERFUL EFFECTS. Lemuel Bonsai), of Pittsburg,for two years usei lees to himeelf and society?a martyr to Chille and Fever?oared in lees than three weeks, and improved in eight hours. ) ! Mary K. Belknap, Sandusky, Ohio, after almost I losing her rsasoa as well as strength by Intermittent Fever, with Chills, restored to health in ALL TRACES OF DISEASE MAY BE ANNIHILATED IN A FEW HOURS. SELF-CARE IS BETTER THAN PHYSIC. i NATURE IS WISER THAN ART. i EVERY DISEASE HAS A DIVINE REMEDY. [ THE WISE APPLY WHILE THE FOOLISH DREAM. i i BETTER PREVENT THAN STRIVE TO r CURE. I > DELAYS ARB DANOBROUS. I fever. Fever and Ague reealt frem numerous oanaee. No plaoe is exempt from the o&nsea whioh promote the existenoe of the duwu. That being onee seat ed in the avetem, induoee deprtaaion of apirita, laaaitade, languor, paina, ohilla. fever, and a long train of dfaagreeable aensationa, depriving the paI Uent of all energy, and reduaing him or k?r to a ' condition of ? EXTREME HELPLESSNESS. Why will any one anffer the horrora of a debilitating Intermittent Fever, when by the nae of the , INVALUABLE INPECTINE, \ OB I PERSIAN FEVER OHARM. the eminent medioal and magical (oalitiea of which are iaatantlv absorbed. IXPECTINE, llfPBCTirrX. JNPECTINE, JNPECTINE. 1NPECTINE, IN PECTINS The terrible malady known as the FEVER AND AG UK baa smitten hundreds of thousand* of persons throughout tbe world every year, and has never till uow been ra?t by soeeeeefal medioa treatment that has not prodaoed severe MEDICINAL DI8EA9E8, f which affect the lungs, the spleen, the liver, the > heart, or other parte of the ha mas onanism. The IN PECTIN E le the rata ral antagonist of all f*veritand when it ooraee in oontaot with the ekint I ie abeurbed by the interior organs. which resist easily miasma and all tendencies towards those maladies which prostrate the mind and body with THB PREVENTIVE AND REMEDY ton ALL INTERMITTENT AND BILIOUS FEY ERE. CURBS INSURED IN A DAY. NATURE'S GRAND RB9TORATIVB. MKDI0WE8. f JNPBOTINE; o?, PERSIAN FBVIE CHARM. . > i * " * FEVER AND AOUE EXTERMINATED. THE ROMAN CONSTITUTION SAVED FROM WRECK. m f TRUNKS, BOOTS AND SHOES. jgGOTS AND 8UUK^ TO SUIT THJK Wa ara now roanufaotnrin* all kind* of BOOTS and SHOES, aad ooratantfV rec?iTii? a?At aapplr of eut?m mads work of sanction. mad* exprasaly to ordar, acid will W ! ba aold at a naak lowar trio* than haa baa?? Ha karatofora ohargad in Qua oily lor maoh inftrior artialea. Paraons in want of Boot* and Ma*? itm? at city made work, will al waysfinda foodaaaortraea ia etore and at the loweet pnaea. ttiveasaoai!. GRIFFIN * HRO? J*?i >14 Pennsylvania avenue. I PVK HUNDRED TRAVKLIN0 TRUNKS arrived UiU day, embr acini all ml. dm ud mm of fco.e Leather, Ladiee'fliffi Dreee and I'ackini Trunks. Oar trunk^^^ hum room exhibit# at this tana the greatest variety of traveliac requisites. at moderate ppoee.10 1)4 found this ?:<le of New York. Aleo, evelj deeonp faon oT LADIES' HAT BOXES, VAL1CKF, CARPET BASS, SATCHELS, Ao. lO"" Old Tranka repaired or taken in exohaa?e far aaw oaaa. WAJXj gTEPHEPiS * CO.. Trunk Salea Room, marM-tf 39< Pa. avenue. SOUTHERN TRUNK MANUFACTORY. Ovutil* <W,F.?,Z?g3fVi.UWm.D.C. Traveler! will stud/ their intareata t? ezaminin bit TRUNKS, V ALICES Ao , before onaalng eleewere. Aa I nee none but theMSMI beat Material the market affords and the b*st workmen, 1 oan confidently raoommend my work to be superior in Strength and V*r*bilitv to Trunks that are made In other oitiee and sola her a I keep constantly on band, and make to order (on one week's notioe) every deeonptien of SOLE LEATHER, IKON VKAME FRENCH DRESS mmd WOOD BOX TRUNKS: ASHLAND mmd llteJtfiW&jittkMg"' . Trunks, Ao., Repaired and Covered, la a workminlike manner, at short notioe Tranka delivered in any part of the atty, Saorfetown, or Alexandria. Also?Agent for Howe's oelebratad FAMll.T SEWI>e MACHINES. <f?lS-lT jame8 8. TOPHAM. TRAVELERS'D1KKCT0RY. Daily line of new four-horse COACHES TO UPPER MARLBORO', Carrying tk? U. S. Mail. The undersigned are now running l>ailr, (except Sunday.) Four hone Coaches betw?en Washington and Upper Marl tUSm if f boro\ aa follows: Utf Wr Leave the Steamboat Hotel, corner or Seventh treat and Pa. at7 o'clock a. in. Returning leave Upper Marlboro' at 11 o'clock a. ni.,and arrive in Washington at So'olook, in time to connect with the 3.30 p. m. t ain for Baltimore. The Coachoa are new and oommodioua, the teams f rat-olaa* m the handa of careful and acoommodating driven. Para tn IT nnar lfa?ltw\?A " ? m. w. w ?v v r rv? iuai iiA?t w, UCli To Lone Old Fieida " ToCent*rville M ** Freight and package* in proportion. ?u IS-tf OSBOKN A. CO.Fropnetor*. IJALTIMORE AND OHIO R AILROAD. O WASHINGTON BRANCH. Chaxob or Hours. ON AND AFTER WEDNESDAY, JunaUth, WOO, traili* will run mfollow*: Leave Washington at 6 30 and 7.40 a. m. Leave Washington at 3.30 and 6S> p. m. On Sunday at 3 30 p. m. Leave Baltimore at 4.25 and 8 40 a. m. Leave Baltimore at S.15 and 430 p. m. On bacday at 4 36 a. m. Passengers Tor the East will take trains at &30 and 7.40 a. m and 3 20 p. m. For the West at 7.40 a. m. and 3J0 p. m. For Annapolis at 7.40 a m- and 3.30 p. m. For Norfolk at 7 40 a. m. On Saturday evening the 120 p. u. train com to Philadelphia only. ]e 13-d T H. PARSpNS. Arent, NEW ORLEANS IN TBH.BB X>A.*7S witb m CHOICE OP THREE ROUTES. ALL RAIL ROUTE, Via A- I j r ? vx7un^i H7M mexanarxa natiroad TO LYNCHBUK0> Ftryinta Tennessee. Ernst Tennessee and Virginia, ifejf Tennessee ana Georgia, Nashville and Chattanooga, Memphis and Charleston, Mississippi Central, TVW Orleans and Jackson, TO NEW ORLEANS! MEMPHIS ROUTE: MmdvIub by Rail, thenoe by First olass Paokets to N?f Orleans. MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE: Montgomery by Rail.thenoe to Mobile by Piratolua Paokets. Mobile to New Orleans by Lake Steamers TWO DAILY TRAINS?Schdats IftCLTOn, Leave Wukio|t?n at 6 a. at. and 6 p. m. TuaSteamor GEORGE PAGE leave* ber wharf foot uf Seventh street at 6jtf a. m. and &M p- ni. aii?l oonneot* at Alexandria with the Orange awl Alex: andria Trains for the Southwest. _ umon?reumy i vmma avenue, oorner or aixtii at. UMiii onoKiD mocu to nv orlbaxs. Lynohbarg -?97 90 Memphia #r?i no Bristol ?.1500 Atlanta- KB 00 Knoxville ___ 30'*) Maoon 28 00 Chattanooga 24oo Colnmbua ?..SI 50 Dalton?. ? 24 00 Montgomery JB on H nntaville... XT 00 I via Menu>bia*2 M ?rand Junction 9000 N.O.> via?. Juno..4L> 50 Mbville 2(to \ via Mobile. ?45 00 THIS ROUTE IB ENTIRELY BY RAIL and ia 900 MILES SHORTER, and 94 HOURS LESS IN TIME than any other Lia??the Lrnehburc Ex ten ion being now oom?leted, aa alao the Miaaiaaip a>i Centra', making it the Q UICKEST AND MOST PLEASANT R O UTS FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS! It ia provided with Firat olaaa Sleeping Cara! / MM? ftlx. /\-l ? mrOk or I IV liow Bdun, fiMfR/ Memphia ?.?. .14 do. riMK < MontfomerT .ij do. ( Naahville ... .46 do. KTTli* U. 8. MAIL ?Td ADAMS' EXPRESS aretaken over thia New Line. Tioketa can be obtained at the South Weatem Office, corner of Sixth ?treat and Penney Iraoia arenue, to thefollowmj pointa: Linohburi, Bristol, Enoxvilie, Atlanta, Chattanoora. Ifuntaville, 6 rand Junction, Maoon, Nashville, Dal ton. Colnmbua, Mont*omerjk^McMle,^ M*mptai?, and ITr through tickets to the TARio us ri&ojyiA springs. KyOranibneee and Btfiaie Wacom leave the ottoe at ti a. in. and 8 p. m. JAMES A. EVANS, Tieket Areat, ma tt-tr Corner Sixth at. ana Pa. av. 1*HE SJTEAMER I AS. 6UY Will rewune Her trip* on TUESDAY, Slat of w February, 1860. WiM leave WASH IN6T0N everr TUESDAY and^^^B^^^" FRIDAY, at 6 o'olook a. m.,and ALEXANDRIA tlMJr.iiutC n'alMk. for nllRRIOM AN ami Ilia urt pro|r(<t<r WATH'L BOU3H. Ai't. Alexandria. fe20 Regular btj^am^acket line bemeroe st. whin, Baltimore, u ?Tfce St Nichol it ovarr WEDNESD A Y, at 6 p. m. Columbia, every SATURDAY, at 6 p.m. Leave Kiley't Wht.rl. fct the loot of Uu atreet, Watiungton, a* follow*: Columbia, every WEDNESDAY MORNING, at6. St. Nicholas, every SATURDAY,at8a. m. For freight, fco., apply to tftfOS. W. RILEY, Afaat, Riley' Wharf, at vhe foot of mar 18-TAT6ro llthet.. Waaaiaaton W Y O1 TON o'clock p. m., and New ?'ork for lacton every Saturday, MS o'olook e. m. PuHDten can Join the ship at Alexandria at aof tin* before the hoar oftha ita&mer'i depasture. N. B.?In the CTCBt of the steamers inability ft cross the bar in oooM<iienoe of low water, ail gooda will be promptly uihtar*! to and from Ue itumw *?or IWglrt <?r%ae*afe applr to Tai 0N Consequently I shall remain in Washington and SSN^Oir^?EWTrL,ftr^TrfNSOl0?^ ing in all ita branch**. Old Glazing promptly attended to. Paiatina and Ornamenting Cott&je Farnitarem the best styl* I alao, call attanttoa to th? fainting of floofs and Brick Walla. . aii <u ui* ?ou? 1 will ao M flIHf M U( SDMIMt. I th*reforo solicit Um patronftce of my friendi unl fallow iUbsm of th* Di trial. Pnnotnilitjr atrioujr obMrrcd, ana voik don# in tk? bn*t manS3 M 63 !" Louiaitnn n r., north side, bttvwa Mb j nnd 7th ?u. _ . . f. 0. 8J?n? pnt np ft-M of ohnrgn, M ml. W. HAMILTON PAINTER, nnd DEALER IN PAINTS, No. 4*8 7th tout. ?r Odd FMmmt' H*U. m t-tf PUTTY IS DOWN. ! i W DAMAGED BOOKS. E Hoyo n lot of Pnrknr k Wntaon'a R?ndora ' Mid Bp?fl?ra thnt w?re rinoocod n littl* by wtur in tho atMiner from Now York, which will M told for '*rar*mmaahb>. tion, wxl kii.hlj ?m?roy?d br Mf. weeoeidwOy rwramtoa:it mUm rnni uJ be?t Wilik y Um ( Ma fOBriMy b? diatiilid. 1w ?lao offar o?r t 01.Z) FAMILY MYX WHISKEY, 1 srsisisr; To"^vrr ON THE LABEL ALL OTHERS ARE AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT j OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. WM.HJDALY, SOLE PROPRIETOR 19 SOOTH WILLIAM S: NEW TORL tOR SALX IN WASHINGTON XT yt-ly BAEBOUE* KM MBS. i V- / /? jef I CAUTION. PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL ! IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY | WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT 19 WMbwdy ' WITH THE SIGNATURE OF aoua, Mia broken oradlee. It t* ioat the artioi* for c<ne, abrtil. ud other ornamental work, ao popaiar With ladi** of roLnament ?j)d taate. Thia admirable preparation la naed oold, bemc chemically held in aolation, and aoaaeaatng all tba valuable tualitie* of the beat cabinet makera' viae. It may bo a?ed in the plaoe of onhn&ry maouace, being raatiy more adhaeive. " USEFUL IN EVERY HOUSE.9 Pnct, U coat*. N. B.?A ?ruah aooompaniea eaoh bottle Wk*Us*l* Dtyt, No. 48 Cedar atraat, New York. Addrasa HKNBY cTsPALDINO * CO., Box No. 3,600, Naw York. Pat up for Dafclara in Ca*ee containing P< ?r, Kuht, and Twe>e Doaan?a beanufkl Lithofr&phio Bbow-C&rd aoooinpacyioa eaoh paokace. K- A aintie bottia of SPAIDIN&'S FREED ULUE will save ten time* ita aoat annually to arerr hou?*bold HI Sold by all prominent 8t?tionera, Draffiata, Hardware and Furniture Declare, firooera, aad Fancy Store*. Country merchant* ahoald make a note of 8PAL DJfiG'S PKBPAKEV tfLPS. when rnakint up their liat. It will >t&cd ar.j oi.mai*. 7* 10-ly U MM'? NU-cd ^ ' gm C mt i~ (lit Jdt* VuttiUr ia\r C? f t ll lit VtVrf %f lit Jfomtmamit.t,) frmm Jl *700 0?Mr V. *rsrw?'w *>? yO<cA Ffc /"???** ??? *? -X mi) rdi' v W Ikn t*? lit TmiUf wittimm, ? \j f'^rS jju m mid if lit li*.'i /I ii ,? Xr 4*6 Jji h !? /V?M utv #r! *y. <*? r?w 11, it. Mfii-msl Jj ?H 4 Xv?gC f 5*5 win uw pnunpcv hwdum (o. Term* M rNionftbl? u aiiy plumber in tee oity. Jy 3 C. BNVPEE. / i^/54^ am"ani v\ (!*& /* DISPATCH! ^ [ ^/V8afe the_Pieces! 4* Mttfnii mil tanm. km to wtll r*rul*Ud ftmilUt, it if T?ry deairabla to hara lumi ohea? ud oonvenient way for repamux Fnraitara,Toj a. Crock try, 4.0. IPALDINO'I PREPARED GLUE DNti all auoh emergenciea. and no hoaaahold ou afford to b? without it. It is alwaya r*ady and i| to th? atteking point. There i a no loofar a necaaaitj for (haping ohairatapl in tared -w?n, head ?m v .. m mv ? uv t* riiyninvduabc<0 11 TheaeSoa'.ea ere offered to the ?obl:o aa tbe most durable, and reliable scales ever eat Mi in. Firetcias* premiumshavebeenawar4eethe? by the t nited Slates Fair end Virginia As'ieuitural Society; Virgina State Acrieaiturai Fair; FraaJum Institute Fair, Pennsylvania; New York State Fair; Vermont State Fair, )to., to. In every oaa* where exhibited they oare received I ret class premiin* Jo? aa e at Louisiana aveaee, Depot of Utilera Q.i.ed Iron Safea. de lVly B* 0. PATTIBON. Aceat. | U/ASHNeTON SEW1NS ROOMS. ! KM Stk it.. wi ieort Ntrtk *f n. Ama. Nov va the tim? to get SPRING and SUMMER SHIRTS made up to order, Tm wbeenber la ?? pared to make SfllKTS. DRAWERi, 4a.,at the ahorteet notioe. Ail aeeoriptions of Seviu doaa 1 mm.r H-ff V. Q fOTff LM R K, F 1 R K. " r POTOMAC WATER. , I am atill enxared in the PLUMBING and 6AS FITTING B l/SiN KiS at my old etand ia Philhymonio Mali. The advantage of having a plentiful supply of water wan readily ubaerved at the ire of J T6zterd&y,ac 1 am well hatirfied I should have been , tiurned ont but ('<r tne bountiful supply apor my premises and th?t of my neighbora All ordera for the introduotioB_of Water aad Oaa -gagraik DENTISTRY, | Dr. and reenmedhie Srofe*sion. Office and bouse at 463 K I iird door east of Sixth, in addition t mMv < every o'her approved style, Or. M. has exxt-U-Lt' i teeth ou vuicanite Baa* for the laat thiM inn, and, from experienoe, knows it exoels ali otter*, 1 and is one-third less in prioe than gout. Ml* old I patrons of Washington, Alexandrin. and George- < town are respectfully solioited t-> call. su tS eoly I DRNTAL NOTICE. I R. LOOMlri Has cloeea me othoe forth* season, snd wiU be absent, as usual, during the earn ] months ; will resume practice about the 1st at 1 October, of which further notioe will be given. Jy io-tf D DENTISTRY. . i R. BILLS, after a practica. teat of two years feels that he can with oocfcdeuce reoon ^M| mead theCheoplaatio Prooess for insert!^(SvHni arufteiai teeth it has the advantages ' strength, beauty, oleannneee, and oHeapueaa. Ps 1 upper seta inserted for Ck. Partial ta proportion. Offioe 308 Pa.avenna. eel MiJSCEIiLANEOOb. ? ri(lWR?SIMPDnurniirpinifiiifl^? ? CARRIAGE FACTORIES WASHINGTON CARRIAGE KACTORY. V, . D Strtti, fitswten 9tk and ! ** 8trmtu _W* lj?v? j??t ftai?b?d ? cuml*r of firat oIm? CfllUBRg, jucb u L"*<. I " ? * rm? rMUMUi rMiu, am-i Bmggttt, vkioh V* will Mil tt a !"? amah profit. it*iLt practioai in?ohanioa in different brvaahaa of th? bnair.?aa, we flatter ouraeivwa w know the atviaa and guilty of work that wi'.l riT? aatif faction, oombimaf iifhtMaa, own fort mm tfnmfetli RafMrlac jromjtly mm! oaraftilly >Bw4l4 I* the aboriaat autic* and inott r?uoiifcti;*ci.mM. WALTER. KAKMANT* DOPP. Coaohinakera, aucoaaaora to Win. T. Hook. ay rr-dir j TCA.ERLA.6KiS I HE Sabaer1b?r ban&x made addittOMto hi trsriica&f 3K: : MMateotMinc CARRIAGE* L1GH WAWON8 at Ml kinda ousot b? awryae?d. ?i < fro* hia lo&x Mywuao* m tk? kuuM, he hap? kajrfw <e?ral aatiiiaouot, I All kindaofCarria<MaM Ucfct Wacaaa ktftM < rtllfliiMl i itm ailMa?rwn|l 1 Oarrtaf* Uk? ??.ha^a tor I I>" -oiriT^ Mi l^.?^?n .. ' - ? roft DISIilaSf*OF IMiMLtDKNCK. LET /TO FALSE DELICACY TKETE9T. ArPL^ IMMKD ATSLY. A VWEE WAERAHTED.OM HO CHAB0E, III FROM ONE TO TWO DATE 1*4 IMMn, lifJiMtr; Diii>?iim. luitiMf, Iumj B*Mlny. ?m?? U?kirlW,^ NM W MM*. N|M?II /IM Pim???i rf>Al ? 4tMi?MB, Pwmm W imImH. VWml Im ? lt?, ifinwi rfm >m> Ikm TimM? Umrhw imi?| SatMuy likM tt fmt itm Dtm4M ttl Piwitun httixM vt tl Main Minii| i iBfMMi, tU tMirrr tott M; w4 Mm TOIMHU fcf MliIW tte ktn k?(Mi ik? tKllw ?r aaltttvy feu tntmi m< Iwimun ktk? w>*?*^??MllT I?wfi M iM m1m? 2 WOhMliwlMt, iHkifatrkt Kkmwt M**? MtM?4 I*III n | Iimih ?? A? ?-? ! ?f ?l I nil 11 m ?t??4 M IIM?7 l*< U^tBf IfM, M| Mil VMfe Ml Mat ri&ft, innif MfMui hpraiUM. t*., IfMiUf (Ml J?? wfc?^J.?r udn U? MM < I>f |. My r?Ufi IfM ku skill u * urricB * t sovra ruouictnattr, l*A ku4 m4if??MjJ*lit?a?? tirtat, iti* *? tna MLjuunrui, irtw Wtk? If a) UlUfi tfa?|MM, U?M, tnlMH l?aa mi af U? mm tahHi OaUtraa ta (ka J Iuih, u< U? rmUl fart af arhaa* lif* Cm k*n cpaat la tka tax Mat* af Lae?aa( rua.ntkliMa *a? ?taawfc??a. to* ? keta4 mom af tk* mm miiMa| iu? Mm4 ?tn kaava. May truWil will naftaf la U? haa4 u4 Ml* mmwm |I?I ' ?f II . W% III* HirBH U Mult. Wit'luMi ?tU fcacaaul Maatin(, auaataA Mil IM vM Imipamtf Mil, *in tar*4 'iBittinil na punciui mtick. Tnif Hn aa4 atktra ?ka H? lajaaat HibwIxi tf iwim n>iil?i u^ilH ' rt" **?? ' fc??" y tetrad Ira? artl iwfiiim, a* ai mM, tat ?Iku at WMckatt BlfkUy llll KM VkM UlNr.ullfw IWM. auruft latpaattklt, u4 Attltaji katk atari ??4 Mi, tkaalt apply iaia>a<iatai? Win IN ?MM rflkl u4 ??4 MllMMr if KM MlMI< k; Md? kaktit tf NMk *? Waaknaaa afika ku) ui Uata, Puh ia ikt Mtad, Puw.m af W Maac a<?t K*M, hlpittUM af ibt Idn, Dnptfif, MiriMi IrnkUilfiMtm, tMMd tHMIuf, ItaMMM af C'MWfUM, u. MWTtUT -Tii ftaHal Iimm ik? aM tn aMt M L?? af W U?u, Cmm.M af Ipriu, E?il rarka4ia?a, i'lmw afSacittf, alf-PittraM, ba*a af iaHtaAa.TlaiAity, m .ui nai %t tti aatfa paamTOM DUlUTI -TkMuuiu w?tWf? vka? la lk? taw* W lhau dacIiataf kttlU, laaul Ui? >i(m, ktl?aa| aitk. ptla, iirnat u4 aaatuiU, u Ti?|. .fMM kffMPfM akaaiika tytt, taayt artympt? af ttaiaafrita DISEASES Or IMP&CDBKCB. kt kta i-aikaTtt attdt af ikupa.afai ??aaaa! u laa art at klppau ikai aa lU-iMoaA aaaaa a< itiai a* Iru4 a/ luttiaii iaunkia fraat applttaf la lUa aaa. Iran atfatiuaa aai raapacitkiluy. caa tlae* ktfntad km hilt lata ika kuii af ifmarmat aaA <annit( praiaatara. ?ka. >at*aakia af tartaf. ttak Ma paaaaUry wtiami, kttp km tntiaf aaaik aflat aaaik, at aa laa( at *t aaallaai laa aaa ka aklaiatd, aai la Attftit laa?t kia vttk ram at ktalik ta aurk a*tr kit falliaf iiuppaiaiaaat; at ky ika aaa aftkai ta-Xi pataaa, Marcary, kaataa tka caoauiauaaal tyaanai at ikb Itmkla 4raaa*a, catk at AVaeaanaaflka Maan. Thraai, Rata, kta.Sa.. pttitaahi wilt frtffctfei nfi4Kf,ull Aaa it paw a atwaA la kit traUlkl atlanata ka uatiat ku u ia.t ? ll?l?~iril MMtrf free ?ta?WM m ln>iM wmt ML A>e??oEsi??i)jMnjBoieAEic vbauim Bj tht* mat m< Immiui ?mImm # U< mui iw ifHWy ? ?< ma4 Ml wpt mwil Tlmnii a) iM MM Birmt t*4 * >!>? >i*. w>? t*M Ui ha ? ififttintfir itUtviA. All ib^4imbu u Mim&fi. Phplctl *v Mutt! ftittitM, Um #f Pr*??Mtlvi Nttt, Vin^M tmuMitif nDouwuTormrtM. Ill MAWT mOBBAMUl cirtd uUi imuuUm *IUk Ik* UM Htiiun ? ?, ui lk? iMtrMt lafMUil tVM Ml iftnUMi f?rfcn?? W? Dr. iiUm. *iuiut?4 fey Ua MNmn ?f lha ftpin ui aaay Mkir vtnM, iMMtf 4 mi ki*? ufun4 tfut w4 iftli kihri tfc* MMh, ti Mm M* Huiuf h i |tiUmu mt ikuuui ui m?nH fcUhy, to > ??a?U?l puuiH u U? luSlr R. J. BOVEE DODU IMPERIAL WINK BITTWXS, Aro now bolnf ma*d from Main*to the Sroat t*oJt L&ke, ul tO* *ni romai rordiot of ol! who ih them either m a mtdirimt or a* a > that they art canrfMod in mo wor.d. 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BOVEE DOP8' IMPERIAL GI If BOTERS, Sor MMaaoa orth* Kidnejt,Bl?dder aod Unnuy rgana, nud *?peci*lly for Farnnl* ObotraotiuDt, uevor niil to oar*. u4 are Van-antod to g ito hii *$f?kLES WIDDI FIELD k. CO.. ??"*" > 5ysWifcp. JtY lf/ Agent, Washington. I). <J. JOVIII who READ! APPLY THE REMEDY REJOICE W HEALTH, Friend,do job antfWr? Are too the victim ofmt ofthoae numerous aiimecta which ante troa ,menritj of the blood? Wh?t ira thoy, do yon m?F KMk?ruk.vkattr* tfaey not.' The Mood w tif eouroe of lift* tad and it it the fcrat of our being to reepond to >ny out* winch ?ffcoM th? eyetetn.aa the pnlee iulafibl j lUMti Tli-?v?r prerni'inr Neurnlgin. the l-T.taung Kry?* aubtie gorofnla. the Monmioc KksomaUiai, 1%m rum Debility, Drepfm. Livor Compimnt vittM torpor and de,<*:tu>tt. and the nnnsberleea u Aal fi??u ia heir to, dornr* Their momui unfit friAtai Bood. 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