Newspaper of Evening Star, October 8, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 8, 1860 Page 3
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I.OCrtL N-EWg. t7" Though Ti> 9t*A la pilatcd on the fcitart atetv prw ? ?i? ?outh of Baltimore, Its edition h ivp M to r*rinlr? tt In to- pat to an w\y h?wr; A.?Nrrti?rmtnt?, thcr*fate, thould k ewt I* V??f're 12 o'clock tnotfcrnr!** th*y rtiar ?t *p"/c*r until the next day. \ 1 Ruwiom ?YcVrrday thefe appeared to toe ? Terr fall attendaac* ?f our rL irch-^oln? cHIzetu at the Tartooi honaec of Worahtp. and the servlcH A. 8r*a*oi Aftai* ?On Saturday last, a Bailor purchasing a small amount of clothiag from a ASt In tbtacity, passgd upon tbe dealer a Mas* W? Liniment note for sad rr?l?fd the efcMM*. TUs dealer bad the nan arrested, but it Bmrnmtrd that be rasllyxhaiieved tbe note to b? bSS. Uo wss tbersfuredtacharysd ?Aitx. Ga Mm, roawverto wits PoLrrtrsL Clvbs -will aJW .J to learn that Arrangements are txrtn* perjflbd br tbe Associated Press agency lu tbls city "^Vfurnish them with specialsUclioo dispstchea tjjurn* the psadiag PresideaUsl campaign, st ** %) -4.-rate charges carter's wbsrf. (foot of Tblrteoathi ? . street ) schr Sarah Levins, Forte, tram ^1Hu?inbis, with 178 Bans of coal for Mssvs gSgtlf ttDawson,aad60toas for Mr Gao. Bog?a. rnvt j * r??vjicrtai; mrc?.?ner. l?r I J* Simon conducted the morning servlcee, preach Ing from the text of Hebrew 1*2.2. Eev. Mr. fee debate preached at night, text, Jimet &.W. Jwntinr, or* rioa D*i*? ?The dally Coort 3of tba Mayor, comprehending aa it does within ?11? range a variety of business. shows perhaps fiftWi.ore of the phase* of life, aa they exist In tbls ^;ty, than any other tribanal Om of the incst Wrequent private application* ia "to be sworn off _??ir:?kiag ' The poor inebriate, worn oat with ^^AoiiftUat Intoxication, all life dark before aim, C2nd with a hundred broken resolutions in his path frighten him from all ordinary promise* of rt-bethink* himself of the sanction of a judloath, and reaorta to It ia U>e forlorn hope that 53rmay sUy tola faltering purpose, and stand be^w^rtes htm and ths maddening drink which lures r him to Abstraction. He applies to the Mayor to administer the oath, and where that f;ia;t.or ?r has no doubt of the beneficial influenc* of such a satb, be Is not at all unwilling to administer It 8sch a eaas occurred on Wednesday last. A woman. accustomed ted rink for yean, and fallen to a depth of degradatloiAkat baa no 'lowerdeep,* . came, cleanly dresaed and perfectly aober, and ^ naked toe Mayor to aorear her off" for six month* The Mayor, after a long admonition as to the i solemnity of an oath, swore her as desired, and gave her a certificate of the oath. "If any of the constables catch me drunk again they may knack me in the b??d," w*? her farewell as the left the office with the certificate la hex hand Casssllke these are fhr from uncommon at the Mayor's of. w firs, and frequently the oath la kept until the end sf Ibe appointed Uroe. and then tka poor creature ?00* to drinking an hard aa evtr.-itoz. (imzttt. _ ? mr-Mi-t i -uucitcumcitlW 1* UOtLlug but the kaeptnu of itie commandments of God " At nisrnt. R--< Mr Wheeler preached from the 1st ?fvistle of John, 4.13 : *'There !? no fear In lore; bat perfect love catteth out fear, because fear bath torment. He that fnreth ia not mud* perfect in lore." I $ land Herman .Vioim rturft?Yesterday afternoon the congregation assembled at thischurch were addreaaed by the Rev Dr. Butler, pastor of Trinity Cburch. who dwelt particularly on the i beau lira of tUe Lord'a home, and the adaptation of its blessings to tbe wanta of God's children The Episcopal service waa performed in fall, tbe church being furnished with a imall organ, which on thia occasion waa used for the first time la the miailon building. M. E Ckmrck Somtk ?Re*. Mr. Proctor, the paator preached In lhe morning. Subject, the ueoeoaltT aud importance of spiritual washier; text. John 13 3. Hx persons connected themaelvts -1& tbe church, making about twenty-five Mace the commencement of tbe revival there; after l^vkltb tbe aacramentof tbe Lord'a supper waa ^%Bdministered. At night tbe paator preached, aal t i.n.iui. io?-j.-*- > " ? ? ? r ? ?R ??? ?' tbapter wsi descriptive of a sufferer, and a sufferer unto dt-ath. Christ told his disciples that be cane to die for siuners. He did not die merely as a martyr If he died merely as a mart -r, why Is redemption connected with his death ? Why is salvation through hi? blood ? Tben be did not die is a martyr; his death haa a deeper meantng; be died for our sina. The death or Christ was expiatory?ho was the lamb slain from the foundation of the world. He died for the sins of the world. Let os look at the character of the rnif\* frrrr It ia said "He was boly, without sin 9*tin approached him. but could And no point of weakness?no sin. We re-d of per?oos ia the ? aacr-d word wuose character* ar? held up for our m* Imitation Vet great and good as they were, we see apou and blemishes In them, as we And spots ^Jn the sun Not so with Christ. View him from *r*^ur point, he Is perfect, without sin. God would JjLjkever allow such perfection of innocence to suffer ^.^ Lhimaelf. tben Ite must have suffered for man this view of the death of Christ, with .te4#<M*ifeellags should we take the sacrament. We " WflPl no* have you cmne with f'-eiings of super flVk?n? but come remembering that it commem^ntes a great and important event. twlfssfey Ckapel ?The morning service was con' ^*8acted by Kev. 9 9. R'iszell, who preached from .""'the text of 1st Corinthians,? 19: "Circumcision ># I. ? ? - together with Il? Lord; though your Uvea b? aa wc*rlet lh?y ahail he as white u snow; though tfc^y b? red like crimson they shall be aft wool '' T a?rv. ?? at the altar were resumed, and a number of pen 1 ten U presented themselves, an Increase of seekers. Two professed converaiou. It was a bsautJfol feature of the evening that a strong eotnpaoy of the members of McKendre* Chapel took a very lively part In the service with their brethren, rendering very great aaitatance. Foundry Cknptl?In the morning, Or Edward* pa?lor, preached an eioqneut and Impressive aermon from the worda?--Then Philip opened hi* mouth and began at the same Scripture, and preached onto him Jesus "?Acts 8, 3.5 Tbe speaker began by saying that the fifty-third chapter of Isaiah, which theeiuiuch wa* readisg. waa descriptive of Christ. The prophecy related to Christ. How was the prophecy fulfilled in Christ? Asa teacher* As a good man who appeared on earth in the days of Augustus Caesar ? No: the charter had a titirh?f W iijon. pastor. preached In tb? morning from the text of John I the latter clause: "Behold the lamb of God, which tak*th away- the sin of the world ' The K'monwu instructive, aad listened to with great at tent: on The introduction was an ?l??Mt description of John, the Baptist, m the "harbinger of the Messiah; the preaching of John; the opinion of the Jews respecting John; John's ?ilsal>?sing the miuds of the Jews, and his testimony "-oncernlng Christ; the title of the lamb of tiod. and the concentration of all other Jewish ?acr1fl<-es In this Thenatlonscf the earth approac h tte'.r Uod by no other meaDS than sacrl&i**, and the crl^Ju of all appear to be from tbe example afforded by RevrUtions. I be diarnarM ended with an applicative of tbe subject, and an earnest litpNl to tbe cont^T?*v^tioii to profit by It. After the sermon, the oral nance of baptism was administered by tbe pastor, assisted by Rev. U. Ward, to six adulla, according to the forn> of the church. After this ceremony, a nuinber of thofe who professed conversion during the meeting still 1a progress, and several bv certificate. were received into tbe church. The sacrament of the LrOrd's supper was also administered to those "present At night tbe pastor discoursed from the text of Isaiah I la. ''Coioe now. and let as reason . -?? uiwuituj mwi*/ utvuj ?U?II he- How aoon the hur.grv. ill-clad wanderar will ?icM no more ! Hut we cone not aimplvfor tom"povml things. but to lay omr handa on thlni^i eteriia) W* rorr>e for home eteraal Wbrt ?? roneldf bow very needy vr? must appear in tbe eye of God aodJkii bow bumble choula be oux attitude. ( , Attention waacalled to tbe appellation given to tbe tabernacle of tbe Uri?" WllWf " * "Tbe-y were not denlgmted ma spnelena, inagliH-' cent, bat " how amiable." It was be^i?e tbe character of God'a people was taanajTesred. to Uod a hi>uae. It in Iteration they are erasable thiMlMi; their henrta bare been strbdswd- by God's love. What a monaCroot taauioly is that niwrlBeiv in the bonae of God of be?f(? vytth wttjttV. If there \ms a ?pot on Gdd't earth where peuple should kr.eel together In tbn golden chaina* k* of love and chanty, m a aptrit e( nieekaeaa.wnn* tleneaa and kindn?*?. it la Iff tfce bene* ef <>od? IW In tbe chorth of God, brotherhood'does up* aula faat iia looting, then the cbunth U m<4 tbe type of heavei*. and the worshipper* bar? fellowship wtth thnee who warship in bump fcefWtf the , 1-ambofGod. . . * " / The shortness of our probation waa alluded I to; bow aoun we ahall appear M another altar, t?ta another worship, before tbe Greet Sigh 1'rlest, whrre prayer ia turned Lp-o nraiaes. .Hew we hre entering npon the first of the exftciaee are to engage la for agea?schooling our? ?alvea for eternity. - How anxious we ibonid be to cultivate the atmoaphere that auHi God's hoase ?ZenOeneea, kjndnevs, a readineae to bear and foibenr The pre**Vftr proceeded in solemn and afl>ctionate Ua^uace in tbe aeme connection at aoir.e length. Tbe mnsic of a tine choir added to the impreV.veiieaa of the aervicea Af P Cknrtk. Mt*tk street ?Rev. P. t-tuht wert pecuUarly interesting , At sight lhaahy wu? Utloudtd, and about the tine the- vaalag services *m ended copious showers of rals "begaji, and cent'.nufd throughout the n!ght. \ Utk.* Ck*rrk.(Efn<<op*l \? Rev Mr Htlawd preached ia tbe morning from the94th Paalm, 1st v(Wl-" Hew tm'.ablr are tbr tabentaclfa, 0 Lord ef boaia n The peculiar d's^ty and solemnity of tbe worship of Almfjbtr hod waa dwelt tt#w?r Bow little of earthly feelings ought lb ialag}? with our thoechR at wvtsbip. Tbe church of ? Chrtet ought to be nnte n* la tbe very gat* of heaven IUM passion* should hive no place, there Temper, mal!ce, wrath, uncharIUbiaa<M abonld hide tbett diminished heads What are we here, a?d Wbut eer errand * Wttahin poor ?nppliati*?--a^ the beggar comes to h#r dOara for food 2nd CAVfrlna hi"l?AnfMw lk*" Ntxos ? Rotal Amu.thiaiu, It will he a*- ' membered. opens in this city ttau after nam. n?r the Twelfth ? It ia described at a nug. Blflrent affair, ui will ao doubt, u u umal on Mch occasion*, to largely attended hy our citizen? 1 11 r '* m - # The Last o# tbb Siamn?The axenttmi pi our reader* le called to the advertisement of'the pic-ale to take place at AaeleeUa Islaad oa Wednesday, tbe lOtb Inst., for the pnrpoae of ereetiag a monument aver the remains of the late Win! 0. Kerr. Thb co*tsact for trimmlag and graveling U street aartb, from Connecticut avenue to 8evA?Wnth street west, pint Ward, has been awarded to Mr. Walter Ltnklm, seriously iflVft tlw> navigation at that section of the canal- Boat* laden with lumber, atone, coal, fuel, and other materials, la coning down tb? Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, are la consequence compelled, la order to oonatct with the city canal, to go down the western channel of the Potomac to ite junction with the eastern channel *nd then come up the eastern channel to beventh treet. Probably a judicious expenditure of one hundred dollars would remove the above-mentioned difficulties, and that without having occasion to use the Corporatloa dredging machine. Lambs, the cheapest, finest, beat, and largest assortment of laces, lace sets, lace collars, embroideries, ribbons, silks, hats, boo acts, flowers, feathers, trimmings, ruttes, and worsted goods, of all kinds, tn this city, ars to b? found at Mrs K- 6. Etchisoa'a, No. u Psnnajrlvaaia avenue, between Eighth and Ninth street X Ciara aLGcABDaotrss Casts ?Ganday?Thss. Ferguson, col , drunk and out after boars; workhouse 60 days. Wm Dalley, drunk sad disorderly; flue and costs. ?2 15 Monday?Eliza Thompson, col., drunk, disorderly aad profane, flee sad coste, ?6 13?work house90days. MSry WUey, vagraacy; do. 90days. Fib* ?About eight o'clock last night, a large stalle, belonging to Col Freeman, located In tEe First Ward, was deMroyed by fire. Tbs alarm bains given about the time of the evening service at tVi various churches, caused mush uneasiness among the congregations. It was sup nosed that lit* stable was ast oo fire. [ iu lur uiairici 01 i^oiumnia till D?ii announced by Grand Matter Thaw, a* follows: Covenant Lod<e. (Georgetown,) Oct 9; Columbia, Oct 11; Central. Oct. 12; Harmouy, Oct. 15; Washington, Oct 16. Union, Oct 17; l-rlendship, Oct 18; Lulcra, Oct. K>; Heacon, Oct.22; Eicelslor, Oct. , 23; Mechanics', (Georgetown) Oct. 24; Oriental, Oct. 25; Metropolis, Oct 26. The Grand Patriarch (John F. Havenner) has made the following appointments for the visits* ttons of the Grand Encampment to the sabordlnates of the Patriarchal order: Mount Nebo Encampment, Nor. 7, Ridgely, Nov. 14; Msgenenu, Nov. 23; CeliK&blan, Nov. 28. The condition of the western section of th? Canal at the present time calls for the immediate attention of the proper oflcers. Two or throe little bars have b??n formed therein which at a nominal expense can be removed, and which inincniia mat be bad sild enough Chinchila iiitim*!?*d. In return, that hp was on his o?u premises, and would discontinue bis conversation at his own convenience (iates. who was In liquor at the time, thereupon seized upon a brick hat. which he threw at Chinchila with great force; but instead of striking the man, the missile came in contact with Mrs C., striking her upon the forehead with such force as to slightly fracture the skull Medical assistance was immediately rendered the unfortunate woman, win se life waa despaired of for sevrral days afterwards. Gates was arretted, and after examination, was held to >>atl in *500, for his appearaitce at court to answer the charge. Several cases of violation of the Corporation lawa by parties living in Justice Cull's district have occurred within the last two weeks, which have been tried, and the guilty partita duly punished by fines Btfore Justie Donn.?Geo M Miller.gambling and selling liquor on Sundays; tine and costs?in the ttrst ease f*20 and costs, second case 925 and coats, iobn Harris, stealing, arrested by otllcer King; security for court. Odd Fkllowshif?Grand Visitation* ?The visitations of the Grand Lodge to the subordinates i rv*_*?a * u<oi, Huiini >wui iuf xieia* urmi me service wa? completed Tbe congregation was highly delighted with the splendid eloquence of thl? distinguished minister, who for years past has been a great favorite with Washington congregagatious. In addition to tbe oAcinting minister, the following ministers were present Rev. R. S Norris, of Howard Circuit, Ma.; Rev H C. Westwood, Union Chapel, M. E. Church; P. Light Wilson, of Nlnth-st station; Joseph 1* Moore, of Georgetown; W . Robey, late president Maryland Conference, now pastor of Congrtes-st Church, Georgetown; T. Kenii. k, tbe energetic superintendent of the mission school. A collection was taken up, and the contributions in aid of the m ssion wre remarkably liberal The chapel is a very neat and convenient house, and is an important start in the Improvement of that section of the city. PnttcK Matters?Br/ort fustic Cull ? A few days ngo an outrageous assault and battery was committed upou the person of Mrs. Chinchila, at the N?vy Yard, by a man named James Gates It seems that Gates was working In an alley adjoining the house of Mr. Chinchila, and Chinchila and his wife were in their garden engaged in conversation, and that Gates Interfered, trlltnz ... .. -.. VWWXIWUUV**' tJUIBII | boxes mtgbt be planed at the sidea of the ballot boxes, in which voters could deposit such lunn as thev might feel disposed to contribute, it is an object that every good citizen feels an interest in, and If every voter at the coming presidential election would contribute the sum of three cents towards it. the amount would be sufficient, If not to complete tbe work, to welt nigh do It. Dedication.?Yesterday afternoon, at 3 o clock, the new mission chapel or the Methodist l'rote?t ant Church, on Twentieth stpet, near Hopkins s brick yard, was dedicated to the service of Almighty God. Soon after tbe conclusion of the morning service 1n the churches in tbe city and Georgetown,crowds of ladies and gentleman were seen wending their way to the new chapel, and I lunn before the hour of service tbe house was crowded Inside; every place where one might sit or stand beinvr occnpi-d. It having been an* nounced taut Rev. ti Yeates Reese, D. D.woald preach, a large congregation might be expected. A. great number cf persons, unable to cater the chapel, occupied tbe pavemeut outside, snd the door and windows; while many others, unable to ki>o. - w * ?l aa 1 * - ior lis contraction, by placing them la acoudi- 1 Hon to withstand ettects of the wenther and_prescrvlng thorn froa maUcwui spoliation. ^Hccendy stall greater progress has been made. In that the board hare ftnsed to be erected a substantial building for Uie reception of the valuable block* of atone of various Kinds which have been received from time to time to be applied to the construction of the pile This building it one hundred and twenty fe?t la length, by twenty feet wide, and some fifteen feet high It is well con trifcted. and made aec-nre from intruding hands by strong bars of iron, which protect the windows, and heavy doors which defy surreptitious invaaion In fact, the place has been placed in such a condition that all the board want now in rder to resume the work of erection is funds. The pending natiooal election aeeina to be a proper medium through which to supply the depleted treasury, and It has been suggeatad that patriotic citizen* throughout the country form themselves into associations for the purpooe of perfecting arrangements at the various voting places tor thf> m-mllnn nf i><wi??IK.illo?? Um?" At the conclusion of this interesting address, the Society was favored with a few reinirks from Il?n Andrew J ark ana Moulder, of California, a mpaiber of the Society in 1035. A benediction wa* then pronounced by Re*. Spencer Kennard,which terminated these pleasant exercises. Thk WAfttiSGTO* Mokcmixt.?Notwithstanding the disadvantageous c I m.unr: stances under which the present Board of IMrecton assumed control of theafl'alraof the Washington Monoment Some two years and half ago, they have S'ic<V6t'ded laelfcctiug much towards the ameltoia.Tififl of (he dilapidated condition to which It had IKfc^educed by previous mismanagement. To sTIlU. the beard, hsve strained every nerve and expended much energy, their principal drawback to effective progress navlng Deen want of funds With which, to operate. They have, however, Succeeded In preventing any further damage to the monument, the outbuildings, and the material ??9m 111 ***** ffcirttticrs or E*oat*utr (fatt W CoLtrxtia* j C?Luei?torsBMTiiro Cnnoxiu?"Ami* ble* with* the wmlla of the Old Colombia^* c* flotnniay, ww an artay of beauty and Inwngenie aqch as we ?rr aure haa aaldoni, If over brfora. graced the walla of tboi claaatr lr.atttutien. TIk OtiMloii of thla kftanotlng either I waa trtr dedication of the Knoainlaa Hall, In whlcb tor Utarorv aeMy bearing thla name, and connected with tbwColtem. bolda Its meeting*. The bill waa filled to lta utmoat capacity. This hall, dnrtng the pent vacation, haa betn elegantly tHtrd up, and bondaoaaeVy reforniabod with book-caara. ! r esident's sod secretary *s4t?ks, csrpet*. mrtalns. t. Tbe style and order of arrangement of tb>* drtta spoken of shore, are sompwlat similar to those of the Speaker's and Clerk's desks in. tbe ball of tbe House at Repreoeatatives Tbe dedicatory exercises were opened with an inuulati prayer bv Rev Dr. Gurley Tbe Praident of tbe Society (Air. William A. Gorrton, of Georgetown, D. C.,) then lntrodacpd tbe Rev. S. P. Hill, D. D.,wbo recited a beautiful poem, entitled " Truth." In tbe poem the author made a very happy sllntlon to the esteemed President of the College, which elicited much applause. This poem was followed by a truly eloquent and powerful oration, o? tl Unity of action necessary to Intellectual success.?> The motto of the Society, Kaesis," farmed tbe tart* of the addrrat. The careet of O^e student, from his first training in the recitation room until be received the finishing polish of the literary soctety. was traced in a manner that displayed profound learning and deep, comprehensive reasoning on the artof the im>ilr?r Gold Band Window Shadna. Imitation GoM and a&srassL s ir1?!5ss,siioa,fc"?iio}KsaSi s .po"",< lap'rhanjiBf? or Window Pbide* X?x?o*iad m city or eoast^. Satis/action S3L tgJ3$L*' ^ ,,Ve " * No. 4M 8.v.iuftt.WS.? a&vn o? 6-oolm* u, 044 F?ll???' Mali. WW. F. HKNTER, tkankfal for na*t patronage. tMM?ir?UfleMur*k informing Ki? frtmnis, and the public in general, that heia at all timea prepared to oieet aud aooummodale them, to ever? faoilit) in hi* lint or bnameaa, with the fluent flavored GAME, FISH, MEATS, and othur eataMea and drlioftotee, that the m?ni oan att'orri: with the choicest and bent QVSTER* th? market can or dare produce Hie WINKS, MyUOBr wid CIGARS are of the pumt brand, and onturp%a?ed br any in thia city or the United States for their exotl1 no* in auftlity. All otiier orders ar? equal 111 proportion. Hia Reaatanrant beara the higheat reputation amongathia many frienda for ita promptitude an*l the genteel deportment and bearing of hia a*rvant*. which haa beau leen and known to all hia cueata that may or h??? oalled for any Mod to tatiafy their appetitea. Hia Eating Rooma are a wava open on those who desire to honor him with a call, from8 ft. m. urtil 11 p. m. oeft-3t* WM. P. RENTER. Proprietor. INTERIOR ADORNMENT! PaPEKHAMINGS and WINDOW shades. ? j New Fall jtfock ef PaperhAngiate from the rich and ornafe to the moat onaate and aingle patteraa, MDfl'DriAtA for n&rlAra hftlU Hinin* rnnma AKftVt. I hare Jtiat received a new improved ^tui't's Cooking Store, ra led the fuel saver. The improvement on the old Stu*rt ?tovo is that they are double the weight, and will >a?t twice aa long, and tike much 1 *aa fan) to keep thetn tti fir?t rate baking and roaating condition. If y?v will favor ine wita a call you wil1 nee at otice the cr*at improvement tu the f*t?>ve; the roaatiag and baking l>eipg complete. The Stovea are patented and manufactured by Meaara. North, Chane A. NoiUi.of PliiladeJphia. New I'arior Radiator a, called the Violet, with porcelain lined urna; Franklin Radiatora ar.d Meteor Kadiatora, with poroelain urna. Alao, a great variety of Cooking and Heating St< C. WOODWARD'S. 318 Pa. avenue, oc % 3t between 10th and 11th ata. J EVERYBODY'S INTEREST. UST Reeeived our PaLL and WINTER CLOTHING, to which yonr attention la called,aa 1 am confident that 1 oanaell good CLOTHING, FURNlRHlNO tiOODS. HATS a?d CAPS at lower prioea than any other tnuae in the oity. ae 28-lm SMITH. No. 460 Seventh at. k. BEN TER'S ^7 restaurant, ofaj On Thur*d*y, the 4th in?tant, by the Rev. Dr, 1 Sundarla d, Mr. JOSEPH FARR, of St Pag' to Mim SARAH UMOWN, of thii city. * FOR 9AI.B-A fir?tcla?? three ?rio| WAGON, with top. cli*ap for ca*h. Apply corner K ana 7 li *troet?, at tne hlackninth gliop. oc 6-2t* 28b A NFN^TyT.kVusT OUT, 280 AT GI.ADMON'H NE W HiT aTOKE, No 296 Pa Av., Nxar Cor*rr 11th St , oc 6 3t Opposite ft*r Oftoe. 9 9WKDI8H LEECH KS. SUPPLY Ju?t reoeived. Aim on hand, Stafford'* Olive Tar and Iron and Sulphur Powder*, Pan '* Oriental Saki or Jap\ne*e Tone, Hollowai'i Worm lonfeoiioria, Spalding'* Glu-, Ac.,at .MOQRKS West Kud Drug Store, 113 Pa av. lUT Outer* for Leeching and Cuppiug recived and promptl r attended. oc 6 2w ^|g EAGLE STOVE HOUSE. 0|g To thr a?ft.?cT*u!?lie enre to rea l the ad\*ertuemeit of McLean's Strengthening Cordial and Blood Purifier, in another column. ti Mas. Wiuklow, an experienced n arte and female fhyaieiBB. kae a ftooiatmg Syr*r/#r Cktldm Ttetk??*, whteb greatly facilitate? theprocee* "f teething by aoftenn.g the guma. reducing all inflammation? I will aday all pain, and ia nure to regulate the | bowela. Depend npon it, mothers, it will give rest to your*e! vee. and relief and health to your infanta. Perfectly ?afe in ail caaea. See advertisement in t Bother cotamn. oo ll-ly Homeopathic Rkmepiks All of Dr. Humphrey* tc Co.'h apeei&c Homeopailno Remedies put dp exprowly for fan.ily use, in hoxea, at 25 and V> oenta each. Alao, in casfs, containing i>> vials, from 44 to It4 each, with l>ook of full directiona. For aale by Z. 0. Oilman. 350 Pa. avenue, wholesale ;i4ij retail agent: W. A Fitzgerald. 353 north F atreetj alao by r. B. Winter, corner of Ma'sarhuietta avenue and Sixth street. Ala?, Prnd's Extract of Witth Hazel, for internal and external lallaiinnationa of all kinda. Sold aa alio ve. ma 9- ly married. nal, speak volumes in favor of Winter's Balaam CojicoRD, N. H., March 2. Mehus. Skth W. Fowl* dt Co.?dentlfintM: T*" f(?ii a<", a sudden and violent attack upon my Lungs confined me to my bod *>t several weeks, ami when I recovered, 1 van bo much oppressed fir difficulty ia breathing. that I ?u ofUin unable to sleep or rest upon a Tied by uuht. The Buffering wu extreme, and judging from the ineftleacr of the remedies used. I hupposeJ the disease incnralile. Bonn p"r*uadod to try a bottle of W\*c*r'$ Balsam of IViui CKrr'y. without confidence in its efficacy, I found tlio dif&oult} almost entirely removed feefore one bottle was used up. Sympathy with ny fell w sufferers induces ms to mak? this pul-lio statement, and recommend the article to othtrs similarly atllicted. With respect, yours truly, Hbxxy Wood. Non? eenoino unless signed I. Butts oh the wrapper. Preparedby S. W. Fowle & Co,, Boston, and for sal* bv 7. D. Oilman, S. C. Ford, jr.,S. B. Waite, G. Stott, John Schwarze, Nairn 4. Palmer, Wash ibkIob; aatl by dealer* everywhere. oc Siwjr Hollowat'* Pll.l.g. Atrophy ? Discarding the effete theory adopted l?y the modern physician in th<" treatment of cradual dncay or wasting of tlte Unman body, flolloway's medicines seize on th?? direct causa of tie disease? the I>1o<mI. They purify and enrich it?th?v stinjuI late and invigorate the exhausted system by giving j Iif? to each ti*?ue, strength to the rmi'cle, energy to the invalid, eia?ticitv to the spirits, and the bloom ofhealtli toth?paifid cheek. Sold by all Dru?! >!. utMw fiA* n liri <!l nflr h<^* oa W l?r kvw?i| wh Mpuruoou Mtu ovioursuw pnjiician, ha* succeeded in fur*i?lnn* the public with a valuable preparation Tor the cure of Fever and Agu*. 'I he eteauv and increa*inir demand lately made for the Hitter*, ai.'J the ttaiveraal eucoes* attending it* itte have mati" for ?? a reputation utuurpaMM by any kpenfio ofthe kind. For t!ie cure of Fever aid Ac 14c. Dr. Ho'tettfr's ttlebratrd Stomach Bi'tetf muit ami fhould claim a ttupericriiy over anv otti*r pr> psratioo extant. For ta:e by druggists and dealer* genfrally every wkere. oc 8-eo3t Wt?ta*'? Uilsam or Wild Churt. The following letter from Rev. Hkn? y Wood.oI Concord, N. H., Kditor ofthe(;oiwr*2atmn.\! Jour retmipen. oyinstvrpMUdin torn* month? arts the completion of the contract, at security and provision for any necessary repairi due to defective workmanship. Randolph Coyi.e, , *, v NVatef | Huueos Accisent?On Saturday,'* Utir boy waa sitting upee a oar* which was hearth tadenj and passing along itftb afreet, near VV'asWy Chapel. TUe car* ?aw? *a o??itact wilb a Jarga stone, and iolted the unfortunate child from hii place and a? Ml tto tae groetid.end the wheel pissed Over his oodv a.bout the waist He got ua and walked * few feet, but again feU, ?u<i val seized with convulsions of a serious character. A number of persons went to'hit relief and did all they could for him. and had him removed to a more convenient place fbr medical attendance. It was feared that his injuries were fatal. Oxx or the most Fasv-alknt.and at the aame time most troublesome and painful diseases that attend the humnn flesh, la the Fever andAfPie. Fo; a long tune th* moJioal world have been continually bringing forth numerous speoifics for ita permanent oare. bntal! without effeot. Or. J. Hot CniroBArtoV AwflTr*?VVfcT ?Partfrf fit of tEe thousands of our readers in the city, wh*? never tee any of the excellent political papers at necessarily lltnUeArtM ctrcrj>?f!fn, In Whlc'u the., municipal powfrrs thit be. see nt. In their pairiotic wisdom to do, and to Arte? done, tbe corpora- i i tion advertising, we Insert the following advef- , tisement gratis: With Rkotstkab's Orrics, Oct b, 1??o. Proposals will b? r?c?j v?d at this qJHc-iialil IS 1 o'clock nr. on PrMaV, the 19UI IMbtft.To# the j erection of the side-walk tire-plo^s wbich ba?? | ! been or may be ordered by too acts of the Corpo- i | ration during the current year. Of these thirty or ! thereabouts are Avrea'a tire.nliuia. aiul ihlrti-onfe are tbe cemblnerf llre-plujr an? Service bY&rarft of Capt. Meig's pattern, similar to that now erected in front of the City Hall. Kach of the Meigs plugs will be enclosed beloW the pavement level, in a box of brick masonry, 1 the walla of wblcb wfll be nine inches thick, <?f beat quality hard red brick, laid in fall hydraulic cement. A waste pipe will fee required, of irod, three-fourths Inch diameter, from each of these plugs to the nearest available point of dlncbarge. Also, there will be required for each of them 4 drip stone of granite 18 by IS inchea, and not leaa than five inchea thick, cut according to drawing in tbla offce The drip stones to T>e set fair witk the surface of the pavement, and the curb-atone t? be neatly and smoothly cut jout, conforming t* the outlet of the drip stone. All the fire-plug^ will be erected under the supvrviatan and inspection of the Water PwVtyor, who will require the best snd inost accurate workmanahip. and the work done will be paid for on or about the first of each month, on certificate of the Water Purveyor to ita correct and faithful execution, and the certificate o? the Ward Commissioner In each case that the pavementa have been relnld and the street surface adjusted to his s itl(faction. Bidders will state the price for the erection of each M^lgs fire-plug, including and full of everything except the waste pipe, for which they will state the price per lineal foot, inclusive of afi excavation, refilling, repnving, and adjustment Uf i street surface. They will also state the price tcf the complete and perfect erection of each A.y/? plug. * ^

The contract will be awarded to the lowest responsible bidder.. Send, aattoftwtaurto the Mayot will be r^tured for the prompt ana faithful pe? formance of the contract, and 10 per cent, will be II-%I W * ? V Jcj. REMOVAL. . INVITATION.?I hereby notify my ou?tomer? and thn sublio in genwal that 1 have r?mor?*1 to 1 N<> 349 Seventh ?treet, (three door* from Mm*. I avenue.) where 1 thai! kees oonstantlv on h?jvl f I ivy^^offi^&r^'pANcr MILLINER Y,?o. Ni? OoMirfMirwi weekly, i 's'&ffl '-? >?>'l8?viait,a-l. T_ FALL AND WINTE? GOOD#. , . BE Subscriber* beg leave to inform eihsena | and strangers that they are in reoeipt of tjy select assortment of FALL and WINTER ARTICLES K\ GENTLEMEN'S WEAR, J?embracing some of the ohoieeet aoveltiee and latest i u> .hub "VK't^naTkbu I 4 uiu ouu lofcti au.?hid uuit iiuuac LiiortJ, se 17-1 m Dry goods-dry goods; DRY GOODS-DRY GOODS! We have now in store a very Urge and woli ai aorted wtock of fVy Goods, of ever* kind and quali'v Weoordially invite all person* in want of Lh-y Good* to oall and examine our stool before maki> g tieir purchases elsewhere. fcvery aiticlo will be sold at the lowest mark*' prine. WM. R. RILEY & No. .16 t'entral Mores, Between ith and 8th sf >cet*, oo 3 eolm ^Opposite Onter Market. ENEW FALL GOODS. ~ . OWEN & SON, MERCHANT TAILORS, *12 Penn. avenue, have jufct opened their^a^ first invoioe of OOODS FOR THE SEASON, If* to which they invite the attention of their If jf friends and customers. ?e 20-eo2w PORTO RICO SUGARS AND RIO COFFEE 20 kads. Porto Rioo and Cuba Sugars, part strictly prima, l&hhds Porto Rico and English I*lan.l Molasses, 50 bags White and Green R io Coffee. Just received and for sale by aa 24 *o6t Ml DDL ETON * BE ALU JC. FILL, PROFESSOR OF MUSIC. iOrisanitt at First timptist Ckurth,) Reapeotfully info ins his friends and t>io pubho that ha has resumed tha duties of hia profes- VJfj aion. Address through the Post OfBoe. AJ9k aa ?-eost? C1?T~YSUR CLOTHING, FURNISHING GOODS, HATS and CAPS at SMITH S. No. 4?0 Seventh at. aeffl I n TAYLOR *NRl^TCS*1SON1 fcfi Market Spaoe, i are now raoeivinc their atock of FALL UO?.<DS, embracing all the new ami desirable at) 1 a of the I s*ascn, to which they cordially invite the atter tion of buyers generally. m24 j J^OTICE! NOTICE:: NOTICED ' The opening of FRENCH UOODS. for the Fall Trade, will b? next Monday, September 24th. The ladias are respectfully invited to inspect tha novelties Just arrived 7ro>o Paris. N. WILLlAN, ae 22 tw t ^ntol. k. States > 3< Market Space. m r /* T i p d familion or ningle gent!.'in 11. T&ble l-oa.ders accommodated on moderate terms. ?e 5 4w ?????? "personal. I NOTICE. HEREBY Forewarn all ?er?on? from harborinr ortruntins injr wife, Mary ^ irginia Sherz*', for I am determined to pay no debts nh* may contract, at he left uij bed ana board without cause. JOHN SHERZER. oo?-3t Loudoun county, Va. TO THE CLRIOUS OR ANXIOUS.?Aladam D , ?o well known as the most areoen'ful explainer of the Pant, 1'renent aud Future ever in Wanhineton. continues to he consulted weekly by hundred* anxious to know of things at prese>>t hidden from them. Her consultation fee, to both tentlemm and iadies, M extr?mel? moderate. Pal! at her house, on th<> south aide of Ma?K&o!ius**tts av , ? ~ RF.WARD.-Lost or mislaid, on the ni?ht of y'-J Ootober the 4th, between 2-1 a*d 6th streets, Fifth Ward,* doub e-barrcl BIRD GUN, in aid on tho barrel, representing a man shooting a d-er ; Manton maker. Any person returning the same to 616 Pa. avenue will reoeire the above reward and thanks of the owner. oc5 3t* <> RF.WARD?Strayed or stolen from the ?nbV'J senber, on th? 23tn ultimo, a red and gf rJI white CO W, with long horns, and a belljpk*^ on; with brass knob on the right horn. The&^^ hnder will receive the above reward by returning her to No. 219 Sixth street, between A1 and N. oo.5-3t* LOST?Strayed away, on Sunday las.', TWO COWS?one small sit* hrindl" cow ;mcgg < ? the other red, wi'h red and white face find wh teback. 5 reward will b? given to the finder, by bringing t.emto DAVID HARRING TON, onG street, between North Capitol and 1st sts. ocSSt* boarding" f FOR RENT?With or without Board, to a single gentlemau, a oomf'rtablo ami very convenient tack PARLOR ROOM, on Hev-nth strr>?t, not far from Penn. avenue. The family are quiet and there are no siria'l chihtren in the house. T rins will be made very moderate Mid every attention paid to the renter's comfort. For address appeal the ftar Office. oo 6-lw 1I W NINTH STRKliT.?Persona returning t*? tJO Uip cit* from their summer resorts will find vacant several demrable room.*,i.ftving the conveniences of gas, water, and bathing closets, at 4 53 Ninth St., one door south of F: suitable either for FALL and * 1NTKR CLOTHING. FURNISHING GOODS, HATS and CAPS at the Peo?e?' Clothing Store, No. 460 ^evantii it., o?po?|te Pogt Offioe. wg lm lVANTKD-A CLEKK, who u acquainted with ? the city trade, for a Jew?lrv ??tore. Best of reference* required. Addre?? T. H., No. 5, Star Ol&ce. ae 14 w A#iTED? By a ateady and induatriou* man, a fV SITUATION aa collector. Beat of recommendation* given. Addreaa M. C., Star Offioe. Jt n-tf LOST AND FOUND. LOST?In if'inp from Georgetown to St. A'oyama'Church.a binall PRAYER BOOK entitled "The Christian's Gnide:" owner'* natne within. The finder will please leave it at 27S Pa. avenue. anJ wi11 he rewarded if de<ired. It* IOST? Last nicht,(supposed to have dropped in * a hack.) a POCKET HOOK containing about ?45. The finder wi'l be liberally rewarded on retnrninc it tn thii nffiofl nn A Will M*n for the regular KsJI and Winter Season ou ttus night of THURSDAY, Movimbu 1st. , JOSEPH JEFFERSON, Th Comedian of the Age, will oommenoe an engagement of Twelve Night* on MONDAY,November ?h, and will fce followed hjrt he mnst BRILLIANT ST A RS _____ lb the Theatrical Firmament. |i f~ Communioations if addressed to 8. W. Gluts. "Old Bowery Theater," New York, will macT with prompt attention. aa lt-tf WANTS. WANTED?A WOMAN, to oook, ?o. Apply at MoKELDEN'S Bakery, 496 Seventh it. between D and E. oo 8i[ JllX^NTED?A MARRIED MAN and WIFE v to all the duti?s on a form. A ooaifortable cottage will he furnished. Addr at Mr. EL LET, on the Height* or Georgetown oc8-3t lifAVTED-Six fi'wt-rata DRESSMAKERS. T None hut go<y ha'-d* ??ed apwlv. oc 6 3t M. WILLI AN. 39 MarK?t Spaee. W4NTED-AII kinds of SKCOVDHAND f L'RNITrRE, frr which I will pay the rash, at 3*9 Seventh street, between I and K oo6-tf HENRY BONTZ. \JtTANTED?A HOUSE of medium size, with ? ? modern ' onventenoes, situated l>"'weer. 15th ard 20th and F and I streets; for which a liberal rent will be given. Address A and B., Star Office. oo 2-tf WANTED?A PLUMBER. Inquire at MYW ERS A McGHAN'S. None but a first-class workman need apply oc 1 WANTED?To have everybody know that the* can find a fine and well ne!*cti?d otonlr >>f 0 - ?r *n iM^I -? - ** 'mmm*'**** *- ? . - i AilOSEHEirror teLMji'?" >N WJL>i\fcSiJA V. October i"Ni./AA a i_T,<,'c*ta *>c?nt?,*dniHtirga f^nttonartW^ i/z!*?! oof H' piC MIC ON ANALOSTAN 1SUAND. !*1# Wittj** D. Kiu?il] ' PJ*5??f!SJn<lK?J?",Ar?k>.Un _ ^ ?^ i cmu. vn ? t,u*r.XUA\ . Ilia HKaBMRm* I tnttohi, if fair ; if n?H. the far?t | day ?A<m- ; the pro?eede U> 1m imed t<>worda erec tD| ft lU 'imisent to hit memorr. Tne> respectfully re??<K tli* attoudonao of aU wh? knew the many amtanle qualities of the decease-1. This win l>e the F?o N 10 of the itMoo, and a ?ocd tune nio; !> eiMotM. Tioketa 25canta rook. Good muaio hoa bo?o aecured. The Preprietora have gen*roualy offered to oorvoy passenger* to and from the lalaud fiee ofcba'ge By order of ilie CouiouUeti. uc 6-3t GRAND COTILLON PARTY! _ ~ 1 UK First Oraad Cotillon Party of the EAST WASHINGTON QL ALKIL1.E AP3EM- 0% bia will take plan* at Odd Pillows' Ball. si Navy Yard.onTlESDAY EVENING, Oo->B^ to her h. UVA ? TiiaC<HTimitUe have made unuaual prepar/itiooa for tM aajvTiuant of those who may bo present. Coaches will positively leava the corner of 7th Ml fi street* to oonvey all who de?tre to attend the Party, and will he ta attendanoe at the olose of the Party to convey the gueata to their homes. gonroeder'a celebrated ootil.ea muaio baa b*en oamod for the <>ccanon. Tickets FIFTY CENTS, admitting a gentleman and ladle a. Commitict of Arrangement?. Chat. Hunter. J amen M%thi?m>n, Samuel Howell, Nicholas MoNeUy, Frank Thompson, John Lanaley, Joaepti H. Pegg, Jamea Kenton. 006 4t* ASHING TON THEATER. Sole Leasee and Manager S. W. Glk*n. THIS ESTABLISHMENT e 14 6m oppoift* Wil'&rda' Hotel. N0ncSTT,00^l^f^^.IA'L0R-' The folio wi of ii ? our root iut of ike eraployeri who p*7 ih? btlT pnooi ol. utd ?re reootUMd by. the Sooietj, to wit: \V H.M*?ior?i. Matlook 4 Onf&th. 1 I'ovali 4 Bro.. lAatlook * Herbert, > Minion A Co., Tkoe. K. Gray, K. M. Drew V>MlorM. ?IT ?|a Nk w DRESS GOODS. Large aaaorVaent j ait roooirod, aad %t the loweet prioee. J. W. c6LLEY Jt CO. 100 BlMk-auddl* STELLA SHAWLS, Jt* ^iS^4|!VK''sSi! V.L ./ doors south of Pa. a*., Favr*r"S o!<l stand, First Ward. Washington. His Har is constantly suppliH with th? choicest Lienors and Cigars. The l??st F'iod Oysters in Wa?hiiicton can tieob'ain?d at his plaoe. Vsmilies supplied with Oysters in every stjfe.anii at reasonable prices. seM eo6ia QLD RICH. M^OW^ND^KB MONONGAHBLA BVK WHI6KKY. Conscientiously distilled by Mr James Hnrnuds. of Allerany Couuty, Penna., la the oM-f%shion?d honest waT,fro<*. the ch<n??st aad rr.??t carefally selected ilye. aud in no oase ever oflered for saie nctil adapted to wholesome use by a<? It u at onoethe mo?t p\la'ah! iti? e-rp'aticail* or.? of lite paiest beverages la the reach of tbe public. To the iav? well as to those in commecds itself f>r its unrivailcd qua itic* a* a stimulant of the safest, surest, and most bnn*fice-1 description, and many of the roost dist n*ui?li"?t B" sicians are asiug it in their pr&eiic* with tha pie?t results. CLEKY A STOCK DALE, Proprietors. 328 Walnut street. Philadelphia. WN. C. COMOVEK, Acent for the Proe-ietnrs. 'J'i- Pa. av_ ?? ? III 41" IIW- ? ! HI" L/l Ui. A A anil Proscription Store at the corner of SixthLjfl jj and G nireet?, where he will k-ep a well m? lected and assorted stock ofpure MEDICINE*, a-d CHEMICALS, STANDARD FAMILY MEDICINES, TOILET ARTICLES, PERFUMERY, Ac , Ac : and hopes, 1>y carefal attention to business, to obtain a fair share of the public patronage. N. H. Strict personal attention given to prescription^ oo 1 2w Herman ri.mj, UP H O L S T E R E R, No 96i G rlrett,ntnr Trenmy Department, in gratefully acknowledging trie liberal ratronage whie>> ha? heretofore been bca'owed upon his effu ts to plra?e his patrons, begs leave t? inTo'm tte citizens of Washington and fico getown that he is now prepared to execute with neatness ?nd <M?pitch ail orrieis in his line <~f ba*in**s; such a* the Sewing, Fitting and i.arins Uowu of new Car?et?, and the l ay lug Ijowd of old Carpets; th? Hanging of Curtains; the Covering ? f Lounges. Sofas, in ; t<>e Manufacture or Renovation ofMattrersn, Pillows, Cnshions, Ac. Mr Bi.ait would also call e?p?eia' attention to his Patented Carptt Stretoher. which enibles him to put down Carp j;s with napre6?dented smooth ness and rapidity. se29 eolm* /^NUNION RESTAURANT,^. /^V JACOB KlJPPLL K> Jr Cornrr <>> If) h an'i 11 rtn . amAUr i r oootainiu; 115 acrcs, with tw<?-story fianna dwelling and ail cnmenient oat house*; fine o-ch ard. excellent rprinf. Ac., situai.xl on the Little river turnpike, Fairfax county. Vs., 7 milos f?>m Alexandria Term*: one fonrth cash: the balance in 1, 2 and 3 *?ars. Apply to LOl'l *A SOBERS. oa the premises. _ oc 1 3*'* F7>R RENT?A BRICK STABLE on Twent^iirst street, near F, with room e>K?u?h for six horses ami two carriages; would suii a nackmau. Inquire or W. 11. DOL'tr AL, Georgetown, D. C. oo 3-eo6t* FOR SALE?A new tw??-story-and-ba?em"nt BRICK H< >USE, containing 6 rooms and cellar, situated on lltn it north, between L and M *ts.. No. 37S?within 5 minute*' walk of ?b? Northern Litarties Market. Term* unusiin'lj liboral. At>p y on th* preinii?es, or to AlcKKNNEY A LaNSDAI.K, corner of Pa. avenue and 7th st seat lm* F'OR RENT?Possession on ^e. 1st of Oct. >er. The DWELLING HOUSE No. 43* D str. et. at present occupied by the Rer. Dr. Butter, aud next door to tho residence of th? adverti* r. J. M CARLISLE. N. B.?It will not be let for a boarding house. _*eJ8^tf F. S. GAITHER . , e7Respectfully inform* the citiicns -f..f t W H'. L, .V?. I.,?. k. k.. I? r-> ? m f[H>R RENT?A neatly furnished HOUSE In the First Ward, on H. hetw?en 17th Kan luth t-va.. No '2H1, containing a double parlor, 5 or 6 chain Iters, dining-room, kitchen, and pautry ; with gas. cold or hot wat?r. Sath-roo?n, to., tie. Apply to CH\S. C. P. LARNARO, next door east. oc 4 2w I^OR RENT?1 will ?ent my SQUARE OF r GROi'ND, with two Frame Houses on i?. sit uated south of the railroad, near the depot, f >r one or nt?re tears For further information call oil ALEX. H. YOUNG, City Post Offioe HENRY COST, oc4-7t* Jefferson. Maryland. FOR RENT-Four or the newly-built BRICK HOUSES on Ninth street, between M and N. Each house contains rooms ; *a* and fixtures complete. Rent vary moderate. Apply to I. S. BARKER, Ca penter, a few doors south of lhe houses. Als<s for rent or sale, a two-story Brick Hons*, with 7 large rooms and pas>a?e; situated on % street, between 4th and 5th; will i e s?ld cheap and on very reasonable terms. oc 3-eoS * l/OR RENT?Furnished?a comfortable BRICK r DWELLING HOUSE, of m?dinm siae, in a pleasant and healthy locality, within oonvrnieat dista-ice of tho Publib Offices and P-nrsvlrsnjy av. Rent moderate. Apply to J. B MUNRO, 310 Pa. avenue, between 9th and If th sta. oc 3 e 3t FOR RE NT-Three-story FRAME HOUSE, on Tweatj-second street between Pa. avenue and I st, < n?ar tt>e Cirola.) Apply 230 Pa. avenue, or oornor K and *4th sta. oc 2 IT*ARM FOR SA1.E ?A birhii iinnrnrmt F* m i n?im n iviiinn, t,i;ii'HFi'inrirB, vr? CII^?p. Q IiO honitiiii: Hosierr and (iloves; White Go^-us; Yankee Notions, a full line; I.ins- f, OsiaburgCalico*, and Servants' Wiar in abundance; and man> oilier thine*, which wo will tell tou ol when *< u oa the Brown A White Post Store. All or whieh we will sell as cheap a? the cheapest, -'or ar. v other man." Come earlr, and don*t forget the place, se j^2w FOR SALE AND REXT. [For otktr tlF*r Salt ami Ke*i" advtrtxttwunxt, ?ii first pa ft ] F| OR RENT?Two frame COTT AGE HOUSES, situated on Ma?n. avenue, between 14th and 15th its . containing 6 rooms e- ch. A fine pnmp of good water in the jard. For partkula tnouire n the brick house on the premises. R-nt ?lf> per month. oc 8 3t FOR RENT-Two STORE ROOMS for rent on Hi*h street, near First, Georgetown. Oi.a of the stores has bean fitted up for a Confectioner v Apply at tbe Book and Faucv Store opposite, oc 6-3t TWO BBICR HOUSES FOR KENT.-One on 1. treet. b-twcmmi 9tb sii'l 10th st*.. containing 8 rooms; the other on Tenth, one door al>ove L *t, containmc 10 rooms, with ?as in every room, inquire of JOHN MURPHY.on the premises. oo 6-3t* Ij*OR RENT OR SAl.E?A couple of new brick HOUSES, (six rooms each, > situated on Tenth street, between O and P *ts. Applv to D. T. CIS SEL. No 304 L street, between 9th and loth ?ts. oc 5-6t* (W URliE 9T()CK! QO fo HEFT eOODSH ifo li O W I 9 T PRICKS!!! SPILMAN * HI'NT, 9** B:ldfe street, Mtwi Washington ar.d Conrresa. are now prep* ?<i :o ' how their well select-d stock of Dft EHI' OtlOOS. DOMK^TICH, <to. Their store t the rid of H. E. tirrrj i havint n remodelled and fitted Bp 111 the ai?st thoronah manne'. they K'HNI facilities uDeqaaied in the District mr the p oa-cutr n of areneral Dry Good a Butinesa. They respectfully invita a call from the oitisem of Ueorce'own andvioinity. oc6-in FOR RENT?In Georgetown, two first-olass HOI'SKS, situated on West etreet. one obtaining 16 room*,and the other 9. with sa# and bathrooms complete Apply to II. L. Ofr'rUTT, ! *> 49 Hiph at., Georgetown. at A-lm L/OR N E W YORK -The packet acltooner Hamr ilton. Captain Ofden, has a^rivd ?"< will sail as above with dispatch. For frruht^Qfeapply to SieCOtSB * DUDGE, oc 4 63 TV ater fctrcei. WBBE WISH RVERY ON'CTCMtNOW That DRY GOODH -an he hourht eUeap at BROWN* WHITKH. | No. 1401 Noith Hidk1 BiiMifinnr, Georgetown, U C. And to oonvmco j ourselves of the feet, oaJl a ad ee those Itlack Siltrs, Printed and Plain D^la-nea, Pml Dr Chevrea. Merino Plaids. Frenuh Merinos, Val?u eias, Black Bombasines, A'paocae. to. 4o. Cloaks; Tynan. Kieotro and other Sliawis; Blanket*: Men'a and Roys' Wear, a tood asaorUuent, Men'? and Hoy s' Merino Hhirts and Draw era; I .a dies' and Mi*ee?' Merino Veat-t; Uaj<>?'? Hal Gloves; Hooped SktrU; Corsets; Piain. Bordered. Hem^'itehed. and Embroidered Linen Cambric k..-/-. ...J?; -T-? - > GE0RGfit6WN AflV^T'Sfs | #W ftbr Oi><W>n>a<ff)ummi?w frrlf TO |?V TUK LADIES OF THK SUNDAY liof frciH?ot n?>mr,?ct?.l with th? Pr.)tf?t*ht Kpifn of Ucurkf>lovn wni bold | FAIR Attbo Laiun MvuI.m WKDNKHDAY and Tni RSpAY fcYK.MN&aof tk.. w ..." t^n-tit of the S.-hool. ~ ~oo'a'?t'? fry NOT I cK.-lnttjvses-mi whow iteeaaee frr*nt th? Corro*at:on of <H?orr?tr>wn expire <>* tlr# ?-h inatact are her?'* notified promptly total* o?t the nairw tinder t!ie new license law, approved July 7th. n$?; r?th?rwi*fr Uu-y will >a^Kt tfienw*. ten ton tnae. And the la* I* conipulaory upon the proper officer* ot the Coiy putauoa lu Miforce aatd uuc mruirf al! Mimmm*. \VM. LAIHO. C^rtr September 2-tUv. lafl". iw rr"5=- NOTICK.?X)0W LICENSES -All" 4>i k if license* in O??rf?to*rn are dn# an the 14 dav of October n? xt. ana. ii not paid at tha Clerk** < Hfic<? on or l>efo?e the !Otn of ?aid month, the authority will then h* exclti?ive|? fiven to the fo ir? to colfeci theui, with an additional cost, by law, of 2Soent?toihe owner of each dog the ltaeaae for which ka^ n<H b*en obtainnd on or pre\.oi? to tra time atated, and if not paid, tocetW with the additional charre, when deina'-dedf by th? polio*. th*y are directed by law immediately tu kill and Jiapuee of th* animal, and <re made subject tneiu?e!ve? to a fine for nee lectins to do ao. WM. I.AlRD, Clark. j*entember2?. 190n *e 2S eotOetlO Tk? FUrta UwUm. Ally km Oct 7?Tho retartia ftoai Florida up (till iu eagre, and the revolt uncertain 1 1 " 1 Hutibau Oct 6 ? Floor qo lot; Howard?mt and Ohio 99 ** 75 Whaat Bloody, roda91J0a 1 36, white 91 <Oai M. Cm lrm, whlV 7?a?cj yd low MaTOc PrwWaai aMt; iim nork VKl ttaie 71; prlne 914.73 OflW- actlr* aad uncbanged. Whlaky dull at fetattjfe. Niv You. Oct*?^n*ar*5c" bl?b?r; Steto S3 45o5 *5; Ohio93 75, Bouthero?6 ?M Wb.?t la2r. higher, with a good export tuquirt, wi atora rod 91 35, white 91 45 Cera ira. miiod 7U?e. Proviaioaa doU aod uachaagod WktakydulT* a*. f Atocbta, Oct. 8.?The Qulnry (Fla ) Republic uvi that tbe people of Gsdaden, Liberty, Calhoun. Jackson and Wsahtngtoa counties are organizing a force against a band of desperadoes who have already committed many murders la Calhoun county In Jackson county the militia bed bet-n ordered out Bkada lilaad Politics. Provibksck, Oct 6?Mr. Duncan and the otber democratic nominees for Presidential elector* have formally accepted the nomination tendered by the State Convention. Tbe State Is now regarded a* certain against Lincoln. Factories Bar at. Boercs. Oct 7.?A fire lsst night destroyed tbe ^ SoutLern machine shop and Dunlar's goanr ban factory. Tbe buildings occupied an entire square in South Boston Loss estimated st ?100.000?insured Some two kuadrad persons are thrown out of employment NUlkal Ph iLADKLrRtA. Oct. 7 ?There was an Imsirnn demonstration here last night br the friends of Mr. Foster, tbe Democratic candidate for Governor Over 2,UUJ persons participated la the torch-light procession. _ _ ; , Mar*meats at 6av. Seward. Batavu, N Y., Oct 6 ? Ho* W. B. Seward arrived bere this morning, and is stopping at tba residence of Trumbull Cary, Esq. He lasers for Lerov this tftwMaa < rmmtt for boma. ici uvwu tua was wiuarawa. Lixciiiu, Ohio, Oct. A two-mile raco took place here to-day between Aifenode and Bluetailed Fly for 92,01)0. Alam >de wu the wlnnet In two straight beat*. Time, 3 SIX and 3 98. Oraace Meeting at TtnaU. Tonoxro, C. W . Oct 8 ?A mam meeting of Orangemen waa held last night. Resolution* were passed cen?uring tbe Duke of Newcastle and the Provincial Government In refe-rnoeto tho Orange difficulties wbich occurred d irlag the visit of tbe Prince of Wales A committee was appointed to prepare an add rem to the Q'lenn and British Parliament embodying the resolutions and narrative of the difflrultlea. uuuukni; icaun ueu norni 10 to* Presidency. Ad4IUml from Kar*p?> New Yoat. Oct. 7?Tbe steamer Vanderbtlt, from Southampton on tbe 29th utt . arrived bar* laat night. Her newa baa cblefir been anticipated. but tbe papera received by her contain a lew ltema of interest Garibaldi bad attacked Capua, ud two haadred of bis aoldlera were wounded Tbe Garibaldiaua bad aucceedod la pawing Cattabene Tbe Neapolitans badunauccewfally endeavored to recover Cajazso. Garibildi waa waiting tbe arrival of General Turr, for an immediate attack un tbe Neapolitan* Tbe inhabitants of Uterbo bad revolted and driven away tbe Papal garrison Tbe steamer Great Kastero waa expected to bo r-'.-dv to sail on tbe l?tb of October. flewa troaa 5l?kraaka. OxiHi, N. T , Oct. 6 ?Captain Reyaokda, of tbell'tb infantry, I nited Statea Army, who arrived la tbi* Hty on Tbnrada y /Hxn an exploring toar of tbe Wind river country. report! having dt*eov*red a paea v! 5t*? feH lower tbon any heretofore diceov. ered <>n tbe line of the Rocky Mountalae. It ia about the 4ttth parallel of latitude An extenai ve tale of mulra and pontes beionring to the I'nited State* took place in this city today. The sale waa made ander the direction of Cap*. Reynold* and Lieut Magruder, of tbe HKh Infantry. Tbe animals brought goq^L prices Racea la keatacky and Ohio. I,orisvn.Lt. Ky., Oct.*?In tbefour-mile no* here to-day between Joe f*toner and Mat Darla, the former waa the winner. Time. 7 40 and 7.47. Mat Davis won the first hoat. but In the aeooad ho 1 .4 J J ? ? 1 uui Uivu^ui no vtuiuruii ui|iu, imi..rr or pusengers, owing to the non-arrival of the Metmer John L Stephens which left San Francisco on tbe 11th There vu a heavy rtJe on the Pacific coast on the 23d and 24th and It waa supposed some accident to tbe machinery of tbe etepbena bad delaved her progress A aenoua negro outbreak bad taken place at Panama. Tbe city waa invenad on tbe *7tb by au armed force, bat the? were repalaed with a loaa of five or aLi killed and fifteen prisoner* The American and British war ships landed their forcea, and at latest account* tbe mar lass of tbe St Mary i held possession of tbe town and tbe railroad depot, and tbe trains rroaaed tbe Isthmus regularly. Cnueul Fox is a passenger by tbe Northern Light, and la tbe beerer of i ki porta nt dia patches to tbe Secretary ot tbe Nirjftom tbe Commander of tbe St. Mary's. By this arrival Guyaqull date* of tbe SSth are received. Tbey state Flore* was attll near that city and it was expected he would aoae make an attack upon it. In Xewtiraaada. Buenaventura wa*still in pas section of tbe revolutionist. Tbe war acoeoaee Olio Lad tailed from Tumaco, to attack Beenaventure Maaquera, the revolutionary commander, waa surrounded In Popayan. Tbe uew election in New Granada would anI? -1 et /> r% a- - reatUed K . Uiuond II was nearly? Vclock. Tkm vru a tr?m<-udooa crowd at the depot, which chee red urtatir, and chased tbe carriages through the itretu, and blocked up tbe street leading to tbe hotel Tbe people crowded late tbe P??a?se and. statrways. and it wu with much OtAcwty the party got through. There wm no ioraMlttv and do procession, batconti nual cheers all through tbe streets There haa beet no such popour demonstration since tbe Prlnoe reached tbe Maftm He stops at tbe Exchange Hotel. Tbe Prince expreaaed hla saUsfecttea with tbe arrangements. The ball baa beea given up, partly oa account of tbe Prince's fatigue, and puily oa accouat of financial dlfllcultlea There Is a great crowd still standing la froat of tbe hotel, but the party will probably not go out to-nlgbt. Richxohs, Oct 7.?The Prince attoaded tt Paul's Church this morning, which was doaaaty crowded and a great throog outaide ilkrasvice be visited Ihe Governor and 4rvn around the city suburbs, visiting tbe cemeteries and oth*r pieces of interest. All seemed to aajey their vtalt. It Is stated that the royal party leave far Waaiagton in tbe morning. lMportaat froat Ptsaas aad ftoath iasrtea NkwYobx, Oct. 7 ?Tbe steamship Northern Light, from A spin wall, arrived here this evening, i k v A ?? ii. *.?- ? ? Tbe Inn UrfB < roeerd tUe P *ppihiniff k ud topped a frw miMiMik at Kr^r-. kabut*. Tbe Pri?cf wm iol4 that this ?u u? mI? ?nt.?:inl ettv in the lTntVd Mnf? H- could not uadwatand tbe }**. and aeld be had aeru liner It wtt explained that the cite tad not gtlMdS popula tion In forty yeara The frlDf* appoart-<l liaeplv intonated when be was told that there WaahlMton heceme n Freemsaon, at4 there Waahtrytoa a mother wae bnred A great crowd of people a* arm bled at the depot, cbeerlag and aboutliig. tbe negr?? bowing and epnrteaylng to the grvaad, pnflRf "G?d bleie mwi!"' Tb? l'rlaoicHte out and bowed, curio'ialy inape.-tlng the elavoe.aa If be expected to aef auatr battle upon then T he train ataru-d a^aio, aad paoaod wideatretchlne plantar ona. with routral white boueea There are nut fcw ?!ila*oe oa the route, aa tf all the rronnd was uaed for cult: vatloa, aad aooe could be for building lota la com par too* with tLe r:< h pralriee which tbe Prince had eeen, the land looked poor; ao the Duke of Newcastle remarked. At Aahland. about a mtle from wblek Heart Clar >*?rn. tbe train d-t*1ned m>mt Umm to await ttie wrl^l of tbe regular tnta 1 Ue Prtnc* and aulte were received at the ftdr grounda, two w!!ee distant from tba city, at* o'clock thla evening, by tbe Mayor aad acMnrtV tee of cltltena The Prince and aalte wore eoa rrvrd to the city In ben?nrb?? Wben tbe per*r TELEGRAPHIC. Th? Prlscf ! W?i? trip t? Vlrfial*?HU Rfceytita Ac. Richmokd, Oct ??Tb? HwrW Lhi ht4 > m run to Aq<ita crwrtr A? ?bf n?ii Mmt ?mrn tb# ahlp'a **fl waa tolled, and aftor a momcDtary li?lutiw all "> roymi part* mmmmA tbel r haU Th<- dav wm baautlfal. ?ad tka Soatb utn bt-itor daatrvlag lha ' " ony " The whole party ?m ! |wttipl'W? At Aqula creak tW rffil pirff lnid4t,M* good Vr U the (rraUrmrn who bad tocwptaM them, and took a apcrtal trala for RlebMad Tbr trrt part of the }??r*rT wai arear a wad laid with tbr (Uii^ffoiK strap rail. th? ?lT r**d of tb? ktad la tue countrr. pan wood* fay With antunana llvere. put KoMmi trlda. pa?Oaa? ?o ahadrd and t'i? ar< lied that the rojraJ party aaid they wrrr like tboarnf