Newspaper of Evening Star, October 8, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 8, 1860 Page 4
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j ^ . THE EVENING STAR. , [Fo*TH*9TAa. THE &UMJERKA. ' No 'tu ?Ka<W; W ho?? us aharper than the awurd; ?huie * Ontn?n"m* ill' the worm* of cile ; vhoie breath Kutea ?o the posrtin* wifM?. ard doth belie A<1 nwri?vr? <>i toe wurld; kimzn. ^u??n?. and ?Utes, matrona, iim, theaearota wf tlie grave Thii viperoaa alauder enter*." IS4uAi#w?. How b*?e and low the miixf to atander tirfta: fkirely rieeerviee of the wrath of H?s ven! How vile muat be that hypooritio tort* ne. That <r?eta jte kimJljr to mtfwt freak wrong ! tiestoo oft. thia txaokeat of ail aft, ractio'd by tho?e wo think tho gentler part. f eak femalea. <atrong in pouonoaa power ) K"tioo? of thoaw who h*v.j ausTior Dower Whoee fairer f>rin th?j'd tr\mp:e i.? the du&t To gint Tile envy, or ma iciona last * lAM^MOTT*Yut?. ,VA,rTai1* mSnCttftmiS'ifen.^r H W- HAMILTON " PAINTER. .. ... dealer in paints, W?. 39* Ira Stiiit, -w Odd FtU?mt' HmU. ?'a-tf PUTTV IK DOWN. Washington *T (Pine; lk"? ANOE . _ COMPANY. ir,?"? 7W* f/r*/ .-ft UA.MDON. ] ^ _ , w. ,fUuwB.a? IMO IVWCW* nn^f, ke f**la aonkdeut of twine at>)? to furmati Marb.a Work aa low m it e&o t>? purohaeed in N*w \ <>rk, PbiiadeifAia, or Bait;r.<<re. Xhs ? ?upp!i?l with lU.Aa M&rbU in blonk it a.Aba at the a*nia rfcto aa faroiakad in >?* York, tod on tonouitw lau?( tons*. Xiao. ?n hand, a targe tupptr o( PuinM* Stone, Wator of Ayr Bote an I Poilahinc Putty tt N?w Y?'k prioea. Encourage tha ?nUr rise: it will b? an aeaoiiitimi to the oity. AI.KX. KUTHKRFORD fiMMar Steam Merit* ami Brown St on* Works, ft. ar., oor. TmrWenth at, id tl >m ^WajBhinaton. D. C._ i H.K t'MU.N WILi. ST A Nil. NO MATTER WHO'S PRESIDENT! CoaaeoentlyT ahall remain ?n Washington and mitiBH to tiriait iey oaciMtioi "f HOl'SK, WON aad ORNAMENTAL falNTINtt. Gilding w ail tU LirAitoaaa. Old Otaaiug promptly fcttewlad to. Paiottuc ai.ii Orn?m?Jittng Collage Furniture ir- tke l*?et atyle 1 aieo, ea!> attention to tha Patatlag of Roo'a And Brick Walla. All of th? aoore 1 wit! do aa o.'ioap aa the cheap#*t J laeregote aoUoit tue p*:r?ua;e of my fri"oda f?tiow oitizena of U? thelrut. Punotaa ity alt ifltiy observe*!, and work doao la the beat nunV?? wW flecee mind T??r ?tnpa and atop at M. T PaRRKE'S PaiBtiof K?i?bl;ah.oant, No. S3' 53 !! M !!! LouiaiMta a* , north aid*, b?tWMD ?tk aid 7tk ata. p. S *uaM put up free af charge, aa aaaai. an ?> Sni ??w? i ur?_..riavre >3 (i.ufov? .N?f York...Liverpool.... Oet 13 Saxonla^ New Vork . ..Southairpt o.Oot 13 Armtna Boston .Liverpoo Oct 17 New Vnfk New York... Uremwn Oct*7 Bomssla New York...Southampton.Nov 1 From Europb C.of Baltimore.. Liverpool New York...Sept 28 Nun Sootiaa Liverpool Uuob^o Sept 27 New York. South pton ..New York.. .Oot. 3 B"rnasta Sonth'pton...New York Oct 4 Great Kastern...Mitr'<lf!aven.New York Oct 17 Fulton^.........South'?ton...New Yerk....Oct IT Haaunonia.......&okih pton ...New York....OotIt The liavina iaail steamera leave New York on the 2d. 12th, 17th. and 27Ui of eaoh month, and Charleston on the 4th and l?th. The Califorma *?ai1 an?*m?ra leava New York on and >nth of month. PIONtfaR STKAM MARBLK AND BROWN STONE WORKS. The subscriber begs leave to inform the oitizers of Wainiugtm. Georgetown and Alexandria that he haa vld^d to his !oug established business the auxiliary of ntnmm power for sawing an t manufao tpriac Marble aad Brown Stone v\ ork in ifaeir va riou braaohee. Martie Mauiels, Table and Wutistand Top?, Tile. Monuments, Tomb and Head Stones. S.m. Window Lintels, Sil<s, j?teos and P at form a. Hiring pure haaed a large stook of I ta tan Martxain hlaok fmn, fir?? ? ? ? o.ici'n, iiuj r. uwivli fa. <4 3 Washington, W L. VV aatilnjrton, \V I, Washburn?, Tenr; \V I* Cat*. Fl?; W Sbuemiker, Va; D C llocd, NY; T W Mason and ly. K F Owen, Va; A Hurt. NV: Hod K M T Hunter, Va, R Colioit, 9 Nobla and on. Mia*. KIRKWOOD HOUSR.?M Ward, Salomon, NY; G Wuodbouso. M Gould lax, L.?; & Frsmptoa, MV; R J Dobbin*, i'a; 9 Sawyer, A Sawyer, ! Maas; J B l'rrvost, SC; O M BrewiW. Ill; Mrs Capt Stn: g-t*. NV; J WMon. A M Wataon, Pa; Hon J 9 UfWQ, T Hanlou, O Hanlon, \V HauVon, J ,\1 Nixon and ly, Mile E Zigara, I. Mioo, A Mills, Va; J IJailsy, Mass; C ) Ordinan, L A Wblteley, Md; N l>avldaon, NV; Baron Von Uaertner. Saxony. OCEANS FRAME RS' SAILING DAYS FftOH THE UlITBB STAYKS. Sttammt. Leare. Pot. Days. P?rs? New York...Liverpool ... Oct 10 I t> . I, fe.1 u ?_ " Edward w. Belt; Treasurer, William A. Jarbce. Walter MT. W. tf< wle, Esq , wai appointed tb. : deliver an Addrr** during the fair, to be held on the 31ft ar*J 2'.'i of .November next. tCTMr' W.H. Lindsay, U. P , vrboae nurie h*? bfconu f*nuliar to our reader* in. connection j with the effort* of the British Government to obtain Mine modification of our navigation laws, was entertained with a cotnplimeutary dinner at the Tremont House, Boston, on Monday evening last. Itwua private affair. Mr. Lindsay was to leave that city for New York on Tuesday. TT7~A plaster in I.afourch? par'sh, La , a few days ago discovered that his wife was too intimate with his overaeer.aud seizing a rfouble-barrelUrt Ci be killed Ulm instantly, and fired the sscond rel at bia wife but missed her. She then eacaped to tko woods, and up to last accounts bad not oeea discovered She waa the mother of thirteen children. A LXOIBLATOK t!* THB PlJHTBJITIABT.?'The honorable Thomas J . Munday, an ex-member of tbe New York Legislature, waa sentenced on Thurulav bv Rnr.nrrtn<l Rarnaril of thn llnnrt of i d* ?pprov?i or aueh rmnda. perh&pt ye'll tin, But God will bold i luilty for thtsdamninff -in. J. G. B. Tin Maeylaxd Fuke Ni?ao Law?The law of the list session of the Legislature. applicable to free negroes tn Baltimore county, <^u?nsu Anne's and other r.cvntiea, U to be vuUd on at the Presidential election, each voter depositing a ballot for or against the law It suthe the binding oat of negroes from the age of fivs years and upward! until they ars thirty year* of age, and la ease they run away or accrete th-in*?lvf*?. directs that they ahall be told aa slaves for life The Maryland Citizen, published at Centerviiie, Md , strongly opposes the law. as calculated to drivs away a larze portion of the labor of the couuty, especially all free negroes who ars good for anything 1T7- John R Isoin, convicted In Wytheoounty, . of the nntrder of Win. C.Spurling, has been d to fourteen years in the p?uitrutiary; 'nm, convicted of the uianaliughter ? -. '>een sentenced to live yar? til aeatenc. * ~v. Letcher has pardoned S4Zjk?wi astspsss. ? ' "V defense of an aged father JtBM? . tTVi^'^id th^fV^is' limfoitd*,.. Jnauah Corbln was c.o&vicied of kllilug ? Wood, La PorV-mouth.V*., Wednesday, and sen- ; ten, ed to tea yssrs In the State prison 1 : AOUCVLTC S>L Fat*-An ?Jcn^^?2S2 ' for ?^ft^WtVti'fo!lowlDg oft- j Sl^r^uV/SSeatHlU; Recording !W ! Ury. neu/y Brooke; Corresponding Secrrttr*, \, General Sessions, of New York city, to four months' Imprisonment Id th# penitentiary at Black well's Island, for an attempted outrage npou a little girl. Ruxoiid I^rnaaeriow?A report reached Norfolk of the discover? of a plot for insurrection among tbe slaves In Princess Anne county, Va. Tea ar.eots. it is said, have been made, including tbe ringleaders. Ul^'Phe Woman's Library was formally opened la New York on Monday evening last t*everal notes from publisher* annotftoc'sg tbetr readiness tocontribute from their catalogues wsrs read. Tba councils of Nashville, Tenn , have prohibited the rioglng of bells in the streets ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS. NATIONAL HOTEL ?O H CarW, S Childs* W F Dement. Md: V M Rtekev. V?; M U'.rd Pa; T Hart and lady, SC; Dr \V fills and lady, S Barnette, Ga; G 9 Huddlesau, Va; Mr Mayo, Mas; Mr Holbrook, NV; H O Amw. La; f ("nd?rb:ll and lady, 111; M P Davit, Pa; J M Scott and lady Va; H A Benton. A C Lewis. T W Moore, J Ailrianoe, NY; P Wilson, Tenn; W T Rogers, Ky; W Harvle, Mia Harvte. Va; D A Howe, A 1, wttcbell, G A Mtlli, G W Grabam, L A Whltely W Keanan, L Cochrane. W Carter. P P Hpear, J Otter, Md; G D ck, E Weatrn and fani, H Graves 1. Wnltmora, J Peanoa, A Brlggs, Mia Brlggs, NY; E Davis and lady, Cal; W Scbnck. A '! Oibnira, R Thomas, C Ambler, J Grant, 9 gmlth J Kvaus, Fa; H 9pe:trea. J C James and lady. Miss Hayea, .Mr Howard. Ky; W Armstrong, T*j; L Tbayor, Tana; F Whitman, Mo; Oapt D StarJet and faui, Ct, M Degoliado, Mexico; D Hughe*, Fi?. BROWNS' HOTEL.?8 B Owing*, G Bridge, Md; A W Burton, NO; M H Lacker, Va; H Harris. Fa; J Mc.Nalry, L W Gibson, Miaa; Miss Wilson, Miss Whitwortb. U Wilson, J 9mltn, T \V .Martin. Va; K Keeble and ly, A Morrony and iy, Teaa; L Kimball. Mast; J Montau. NJ; W G Feck, Va; G Harrison, J C Hut hlnsou. Mo; L V Rrid, Ky; Hon L. Wlgfail and fam, Tex; J Jams, 11 James. Md; J O Haaan, T Mo;ri?, W M L?wl? and fam. A!a; J C Davis and ly. Us A; A Byben and ly, ?; M A Strong DC; J Wbltcol, Va; H R a* *_ ?i v> ? - ? - - wie 1%. t Tli* tr?ot? or pa'oela in the part of townahip 73, id townahipa 24 and 25, and ia the part of X. of ranee IS. The tractt or paroela In the part of township 23. in townahipa 34 and 36, and in the part of 3u, of ana* IS The tract a or poreela in the part of tiwnehie Tint townabipa 24 and M, and ia the part of 26, of i rana* 11. Tne trmota or paroela tn the part of township 33. ! iu townahipa 34 and 39, and m the part of ?, of ranee 10. The traete or pareela in the part of townahip 23. in tovnahipa 34 and SS, and in tho part of 36, of The traou or par eel a in tho parta of to wot hi pa 23,34,25, and 3B, of raage LAnda appropriated by law for tho aao of aeho<i)a, mi,itar* Indian, and oik*r pwrjKMa*, will bo ox tOa aaloa. together with the traota ooveied by Individual Indian loeationa, deecrtpUvo i liata of whJch nave been furnished tee local ofi! oers. The offering of the abora landa will bo ooraraenaed oa tb#d?ya appointed, and wnlprvev#.I in tne order in wnich the* are advertised, nntil the whole almll hare I*** offered, and the aoka thua oloaed: but no aa!? shall bo kept open longer than two Weaka. and no private entry of any of the ianda will ho paraattad antil after tae expiration of the two weeks. Oiyoo nod or my haad, at the oity of WNhiafton, ranae*i. . , *ne iraaU or paroela in th* part of townahip 33, in townafiipe 24 and ii, and in the part of 28, of range #?. The tracts or ?ara?le in the part of towrehrp 21. in towaabipa 24 ami 23, and in the pa t of 26, of rau<? 19. 'Fne tract* or paroela ta the part of townahip 21. { in tow nab l pa 24 and 25, and m the part of *6, o I i ranee in. | The facta or paroela In the part of tnwoatiip 23. in town?t:p? 24 and 23, and in the part of 26, of range 17. At the Land Office at Foar Scott, commencing on Monday, the 17th day of DeoMinber u.xt, for the disposal of auoh of the publio iamla not covered by individual Indian looationsaa are situated witinu tha ful ?iriit( townanipa and pait* of townal ipa in ho ate reserve above-mentioned for New York Indiana, vis: Sou.k of ikt ban lint and *att of lAa tirtA mmt'pal mtrtdwn. and in tk* letentktpt and parti uf toumj shirt falling wiiki? laid resent*. I The tacts or paroeia in th? part of township 23 I in towi<?Lips 24 aim 23. and in the pffct of 2s, of r?fi*e 16 The tract? or parcela in the part of t:>waak>p 23. ' in townahipa 24 and 23, and in the pait of SB, of I range is The traeU or paroela in the part of townahip 23. in towaabipa 24 and 28, and in the part of 21. of At the I and Office at Fobt f*oorr, oommenoinjt i on Monday, th? Sd day of i>eoemb?r next, for the diapnkal i f such of the publio land* not covered by < individual Indian looattooa m ac??>tuat9d within the following town*hipa and parte of tewnahipa in the lata reserve above mentioned lor the New York Indian*, viz: > South of tk* bus* line iiui of th* tiwth prinzipal wridian, and in tke to'ontkiv mnd partf of (9tm skip* falling uriiki* taid itttrvo. The traetaor paroele in the parte of township* IS, 24,2?, and 26. of range 25 I he tracte or p\re*Ia in t*?e part of tnwnihip in townehipe 24 and 23, and in the part of *, of ranee >4. The tract* or paraele in the part of townahip ft ia townehipa 24 and 23, and in the part of 2b, ?f ranee 25. 'ftie traota or parcela in the p\rt of townahie S3 In townahipa 24 add 23, end ia the part ol 26, of racfe22. Tne traota or paroela in the part of towaahip 83 in townehipe 24 and 25. and in the part ?>f j.. ?.f n?-r una uB?nm na un sines tnus c. > ? <! ; l)ttl no sale iih&ii be kept open longer than two wteJcs, and no private entry of any of the land* will be admitted until ul?r iho expiration <>f th? two week*. Given under i:i? -hand, at tho oity of Washington, thi* fourtaen'.h day of Autu*t. Anno Domiin one thousand eight hundred auo sixtr. JAMES BUCHANAN. By the President: Jo*. S. WII.SO!*, Commiuiunrrof the General Land Ollloe. NOTICE TO PRE-EMPTION CLAIMANTS. Every person entitled to the right of pre-emption to any of the laud* within the townchip* and part* of towi;?liips above mentioned, i* reuaired to establish the aame to the satisfaction ?.r the register a.d receiver of th? prop w land offio?,and make payment therefor aa *oun a* practicable after aeeing this notice, and l>efore the day appointed for the commencement of the publio aa'e* of the land* embracing toe tract elauaad; otherwise audi claim will be forfeited. JOS P. Wli.SON, Cotamieaioner of the General l.and Offioe. Notk ?Under the reguiationa of tae department, as heretofore and sow existing, iio pa> inent oan be inula fur ?d?ertiain< productions except to such publishers as are sp<ciuily nutiorittd to publish by tiie Comminaioner of the General J-and Office. au zo-M.wiflw PI No. oar.i ROCLAMATIoN. HV THE PRESIDENT OP THE UNITED STATES, For the Sale of Valuable L itnl.t in thu late New York Indian Reserve, Kansas. In pursuar.oe of law, I, Jams* Buchanan, President of thi Unite.! Statea of America, do her b? declare and n ake known that putilio sales will be heid at the undermentioned Land Olfioe, in the Territory ol K*n*aa, at tfce period* hereinafter desig n&tiwL tn wi t ? Ifortk of Ikt base lin* and w**t of tK* fifth principal meridian. Seotions 1,3 5,7,9. il. IS. IS, 17. 19.21,23, 25. 27, J9. SI, ft, and M, of township 95; srctiou 1 J, 3, f\ 7, 9. II, 13, 15, H, 19. 21. 23. 25. 27.2?. SI. 33. and 36, of towus'ip 94; sec'lon* 1, 3, 5,7, 9, 11, 13,15, 17,19, i3, 23.25.27,23. Si. 38, and 35, oftownstUP t?7: township 9H; Motion* 1. 3, .*<7,9, 11,13, 15, 17, 19, 21,23, 25, 21, 29 31 33. and 35. of fnrnsuip 39; sections 1.3. 5.7,9. ni IS, 15. 17, 19,21, 23, 25, 27. 29, 31, S3, and 36, of township lf?. 01 r?u*e.J* , Townships ?. 9?,acd 1<T. of range 35. Town* hip !W, of Townships 9*,9#, Mtf -JSJ?* ?f r*n* 57" Township* !K and JW, of r*>ue K. Townships 98. iO- and loo, ofrac*? ?? Townships iW, 9H- and I'-JN ranie 4<. Townships 99 a~d of ran*? 41. Towus>ips99and 1<W. .orraius ?. Townships 99 and 100, oi ,ran*e43. Townships SS> aod ii*?, of ra. *? f** Townships 99 and KO, of ranrv* , Tr>vrnahips 99 and l?*i, of range v1 Townships &9 an J ion, of rang* 47'. Townships 99 and l'X> of range 4K. Townships 99 and 1W, o, range 49. Land appropriated by taw for the um of Mho.1'"' military, and other purposes, together with th-? " wamp and overflowed lands," will be exoludoo from the sales. | The offering of the above lands will be commenced I on the dnys appointed, and will prooeed in the order I in whiou they are advertised, until the whole snail I VWmnip locvil/m J t V?, a, | , ?y, 1 & I>i, !/? i*f iof fti| 2*, 35, 87,29. 31, W, A"d 35. of township 95i aentioua 1.3, 5,7,9, It. IS. t?,-17, 19, i1, 23. Zi, 27.29,31,30, ?Bi ?5, ?>f towa?hiD!Hj se^ti^ns 1,3, 5,7, 9, 11, 13, 15, i7. 1H, 21, 23, 25, 27, 3?, .?1, 31, v '1 55, of tow tabip 97; sootiona I. 3, 5,7.9, ff. V3. 15, 17, 19, Jl, 2S, 25, 27, 29, 31, 35. and 35, n| io*n?>. p :M; a xtuona 1,3.5, 7, D. J I, 13, 15, '7, 13,21,23,25, 2*. S>. 31, ??, ?i d s*. of townaftip 90; saotiona 1,3, 5. 7,9, 11,13, 15,17, 13,21, ?*, 25,27, *9,31,33. and 35 of :own?ht? inft, of ra/>c*S2. Soetioas 1.3,5,7,9, 11, J3. 15. 17,19.21,23. 25, 27, 29, 31.33, *n<l 35, of 'ownrMp 94: tow mhip 9'.; aeotions I, 3,5, 7, ?, 11. 21, Zl, 25, 27. 2', 31.33, *nd >5, of towna'iip 96; a*oti?ra 1,3, 5, 7,9,11.13,15,17, Id. 21, 23,2), 27,29, 31,3', *nd 35. of *?wn?hip97; imuo:'I 1; 3.5.7, 9, 11, U, 1*. 17, 19. 21. ?. 2s 27, 29,31, 33, a d 35. of ovnahip 99" wnilnni J. 3,5.7, 9.11. 13,15, 17, 19,21,23 25, 27, 29. 31 55. ant< 35, of towimhtp 99; a-ot-oa" 1.3. 5.7, 9. 11, 13, 15, IT, 19,21.23, ?,27, ?, 31, 33. and 35, of township ion, o! rsntf 35. At the Land Office at Sioux City, oommenoinic on Monday, the aStli day of ftowaiher next, for th'Smapoaal of the public land*, heretofore unofrorad, aitnared witt>iH the following iownahipa and partj of townshipa, viz : "32.VL.,. * 'i 33# n-nil % i*f ? ' ' \iJ3j 15) 17,19.91 9^ qt 7 9.11. 13^5^7. 19' 21 s?WJPfci? *:&Uou*i '^P?: wtioni'jfj ?/'?*,? ? to* * of ?. ? ?.?.?, US ? ib ?*J5. 19,? , 11, IS, 14,17, o, it 23 ?>? Si"5; ,f0,,?D?|? B.oTteirn?> ^'AaodaLoi i^W^JJl'^^ 19. 2T, 30. 85, 2f, a., * 15.17,19.51, ? tions lfi.Mtl It* i4-. of raurn 3?' # ?, aud 35 of townim* 1*>9. '* 17. In* 91 a, or &*?? !. 3, 6,7, 9. 11, 19. u-. ;L9! *'? ? 25.27, , 3, SI, 33, and S5, of townatitp S8; i?. ,2" ? 3, a, ;, I Ml. IS, I*. 17, 19. 21, a, ?. 27, *. 01. -IT; ?0d 3$, of | townahjp M; section. l. a, 5.7,9,11,13,1& 17, \fl, 31, ' ?, 25,27.29,31, SB. and 35, of township 9$ anon* ?. ?, 5,7,9,11. W. 13. 17. W.8I, 83. 25, ttZsTVusft and ?, of toViiebif ?; Msotioua 1.3, Jy 7, 9, U, li 15, 17, , 19, 31 33. 25, 87. ?.31.38, and 35, ofbwn.hiffr;wo ttone J,3,11. 13. to, 17. 19. 21. iS,'J5.?T, <J,3I, , SS.nftd 35, oftownrnip 9H; aecttoas 1.VS7.9.11. 1.1 15, 17. ?. fl, ?, 8S. 27. S9, Si, 33. tod *, of township ?; Motion* 1, 4.3, 7.9,11, lfi, 17.19. 21, 29,15, 27, 2P, 51, SI, and S5, of township Mo. of range Si. fleotione >,3.5, 7.9,11, 13, 15, 17, 19.21, 23, 25, T7, 2?, SI. 33. and 35, of township 03; aeotiuna 1. 8, 5,7. 9.11,13,15, Tt. M, 21. 28, 25, *7. 89, 3=, 38, and 35, of "" * ? ? f a 11 it it to 01 a. 2a.Z7.S9.31, SB and 35 of 'ownship 96; moUubi I.9,6,7,9,11,13, 15 17,19, SI, 33, 25, 27, 29, 31. 31. and 3% ot township H$; joMom l. 3, 5. 7, 9 ll. 13 16, 47, 19, 21,23, 25,27, U, 31, 33. and 36. of township 97; f?ottona 1,375,7, 9, 11,13, 15, 17, 19, 81,23, 25,27. >9, 31, 33, and *6, of to waa* ip 3?; section* 1, S. 5 7, 9,11,13, I S 17,14.21, 23,25, 27,29,31. SB, and 35, of towunfup 98, of rang ? 23. S oil >u* 1.3.5,7,9, 11,13, IS, 17.19, 2!, 23. ?5, 77. 2i. 31, 33, and 35, of township 93; otinn* 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, II, 13.17,19,21,23,25 27.29, 31, 33. and 35. of lown Dip <U; srotioua I, 3,0, 7, 9,11,13.15, 17, W, 21, *<.25. 27, 29,31,33, and 35, oi t-iirnthip 95; secti n*l,3, 6, 7, 9,11,13, la, 17, 19, 21, 21. 25, 27, 29. 31 31. and 35. of towuaiup 96; not oat 1,3,5.7,9.11.13,15,17.19,21, 23. 25, 27, 29.31, 33 ?nd 36, of townsh' p *J; aec i<-n* 1,3.5,7,9, ll, IS. 15, 17,19. 21. 23. 25,27. 29. 31. 33, and 45, of 'ownship 93; <?") lonn 1,3,5.7,9,11,13. 15. 17. L9, 21,21, 25,77, 20, 31, 33, and 35. of MISCELLANEOUS. By the the united In of !??. I.Jaum BccHATfAW, President o< the United State* ol Ameriea. do i??r?br leo.are ?r..i mate known thfct paldio ?)?> will b? I h*M ?i *>?? ?*"J? - ? ui.ti" inci.tMr.M Ltnd Often in tha 8 ate of Iowa, at the perioda hereinafter deaigna ted, to wit: At the Lasd Offioe at Foxt Dodoi, oommanoiai on Monday, the 19th dar ol November next, for the diapoaal of the publio lands, heretofore am der*l, situated within tna folloviaf towns hi pa acd parta of tovaahi**, via: Xortk tf tht iati lint mud wil *J tks fifiK print*p*l BeoUoas 1. 3, S, 7. ?, 11. IS, IS, 17, IS, >1, S3. 35, 17, 29, 31, 33, and 36. of townahip 98; aectiona 1, 3, 5, 7. 9. U, 13. IS 17, 19, 21, S3. 25, ft, a?, 31. 33, acd 35. of townahip 96; asotiona 1,3,5,7, 9, II, 13, IS, 17,19.21. 38.2*, 27.29731,33, and 15, of towaahip .96; aeetiona I,3,5,7.9,1 , 13.15,17.1", 21. 23 2V 27. 29.3:, 33, and 35, of townahip 97; aections 1,3,5,7,??. 11.13,14,17, 19. 21, P. 29, 71, i9, 31, 33, and 35, of townahip 9u, of range 27. *eetiona 1. 3 5. 7, 9,11,13.15. 17.19, 21, JS 25.27, t>, 3". 38 and J5. of townahip 93; aectiona 1,3, 5.7,9. II, 13, 15, 17, 10, 21. 23. 25, 27. 29. 31, 33, a<J 35, of towaakip94; aeotior.a ii i* ?* - ? ? rw.wvrvw awva IN ?T MU1U| H/IJ, W~ DAMAGED BOOKS. F. Hare a lot of Parker k. WaUon'i Readers and Speil?rs that were damaged a little by water in lb* steamer from New York, which vill M sold thr half the usual price BtAgoc^?,8.Vi?,?^.v j^INE PIANOS FOR RENT OR 8ALK. Mnsiareoeiy^ tn-weekly, at BLLll'i*. % t'HK STEAMER J AS. GUY Will reaunao hw tripa on TOK8DAV1 Slat of ^ Febraarv. 1W0. Wyl leave WASH IMOTON every TUMDAY FRIDAY,at6 o clook a. ra^and ALEXANDRIA at tiRlf-P?at6 o'olook, for CTJRKIOMAN and tne "'d ? pre,ri?.r. NATH'L BOUSH. Ai't. Alexandria. fe? Rkoula. nAV packet link beVERN BALTIMORE AN0. Jl-V W ASH I N GTON ?Leave Comineroe at. wharf, Baltimore, u O vr | t The St Nxcnot < a every W EDNE8DAY, at 6 p. in. Columbia, every SATURDAY, at? ?. m. i,mv? Riley a Wharf, at the foot of mk atrMt, Waakwifton, aa followa: Colcm?i>, every WEDNESDAY MORNING, at 6. St. Nicnona, every SATURDAY, at 9a. m. ru,(r.i,^?.?^? a Riley'a Wfcar^at thefoot of mar 16-TfcTSm 11th at., Waahintton GA 8 FIXT if RE S~ E Have in atore. and are ilaiy roceivinr, OAS FIXTUR KS of entirely Mew Fatterna ami Deairua ana Finiek. euperior 10 atyle to anything heretofore offered in thia market. We mviUeitiaena ce&erftl ly to call and examine our ?took of Gaa and Water Fixturee, feeling ooufid<>nt that ve have the beet .tmlr w--v.--4 (MX UiIU'>IMOI J ? ? OW? Nubnl!? 40 do. (rrThe U.S. MAIl/aiTd ADAMS' EXPRESS aretaken over this New Line. IickeU can b<? obtained at the Booth Wee tern oe, oorcer of Sixth ctreet acd Pennsylvania areuae, to the follow, nc point*: Lyr.ohlmrj. Bnitof, Knoxnlie. Atlanta, Chatrtaaooia. Hunuvilie, Grand Junotion, Maoon, Naekville, Dalton. Coiamhue, Mout^omerj^ ^^emphiB, ana ITT THROUGH TICKETS TO THE VARIOUS VIRGINIA SPRINGS. tC^Omcibnaee and D&icace Wat on* leave the oftce at 6 a. m. aud 6 p. m. JAMES A. EVANS, TiektlAcent, ma 23 tr Corner fixtb at. anu ra. *?. TWO DAILY TRAINS? SUNDATS IriCLUDID, Leire Washingtea at 8 a. m and ? p. m. Tlie Steamer ti ISO Rti K PAG E leave* her wharf foot "f Seventh street at 6W a. m. aud 6J< p. m. and oonnect" at Alexandria with the Orange aud Alexandria Trains for the Southwe?t Otfiue?i* euuaylvtuia avenue, corner of Sixth at. basq \ai cnacKKD raaouaa to aaw o&lbabi . LyaohV.urc ...J7 5n Memphis 931 00 nristol .15oo Atlanta ..... V oo Ranxvitle ?jooi> Macon X no Cnattanooja.. ..24 00 Columbus -g 80 Dalton 24 on Montgomery S 00 Hu&Uville n oo J via Mem#hisX2 50 Grand Juaotion?. ?> oo N.O.J via O. Juno. .42 50 Nashville - 86 to S via Mobile. _4* 00 THIS ROUTE IS ENTIRELY BY RAIL 400 MILES SHORTEK^and 34 HOURS LESS IN TIME than anr other Mae? the Lynchburr Extension being now oomrleted, as also the Mississippi Central, making it the QUICKEST AND t.fosT PLEASANT ROUTE FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS! It ia provided with First elacs Sleeping Cara! ( To New Orleans T9 Honrs. TIME < B??AbJi-r= ii For the Wen at 7.40 a. m. and 3.20 p. m. For Ancapolii at 7.40 a m- and p. m. For Norfolk at 7 40 a. m. On r^vrurtlay evening the>.20 p. kl tram (OM to PSilMlelphia, )A 13 ft T H. PAR3QN8. Atwt, NEW ORLEANS X3XT TSIiBSl DATAI WITH THB CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. Qy ingi and Alexandria Railr+mA TO LYNCHBURG: Virginia an* Tennessee. _ _ East Tenth.'f*M and Virginia, East T&.. n*"*e and Georgia, Nas^'nl'9 a7U* CkatUin 90?*i Memphis and Chariest*,.*1* Mississippi Cen* "a*j New Orleans and Jactsm, TO NEW ORLEANS memphIsTroute: Mempbia by Rail, thence br Fint Paoketa to New Orleans. MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE KOyTjLL Montcowery by Rail.thenoe to Mobile by I>lrwtclaa* Paoketa. Mobile to New OrieaC* ky Lake Stnaraera Upp'-r Marlboro' (it 11 o'clook a m.,and arrive in j W a?hington at 3o'clook, in time to connect with the 3-2f> p. m. t ain for Baltimore. The Coaches are new anil commodious, the te*ms first-class in the hands of careful and accommodating driven. Faro to Upper Marlboro fifl cent*. To Long Old Fields. .25 " To Centerville f.? .38 ' Freight an<l packages in proportion. au 15 tf OSBORN t CO.. Pro?ri?tor?. Baltimore and ohiorailroad. wASHinuroy branch. CiiANe* or Uouas. o.n and after wednesday, June 13th? leeo, trains will run aefollows: Leave Washington at 6.2P and 7.4? a. m. Leave Washington at 3J20 and 6JO p. to. On Sunday at 3 20 p. m. Leave Baltimore at 4.25 and 8.40 a. m. Leave Ua!t<inoreat 3.15 anu 4J0 p. m. (?n r>undat 4 25 a. ra. Passengers for the East will take tr*ina at 6J0 aril 7.t>> a. ra and 3 2n d. m. uwd, or A;ezaBcria. ^/h 52ach1skb?'" oft'*brato<' family " do lfr-lV* james 8. topham. i'KA V'KLEJiS' DIRECTORY. Daily link of new four-horse CtACHKS TO UPPER MARLBORO', C?t|t?* ike (J. S. Mail. The iind?rm(5n?d are now running Daily, (exoept t^utxlaj.i Four horae Coaohan l**tweon Wftaliinttonand Upper Marl boro', as follow*: tWiyTr^y Leave the Steanil>oa* Hotel, oorner of Seventh *tr??et and Pa at7 o'clock a. m. Returning leave cahfft bags, satchels, jt?. . , 117'Old Trnnka iepaireu or taken ?i*hu(t fur oew ubm. , ? WALL, STEPHENS * v Trtnk galea K mar 3?-tf tiOUTHEKN TRUNK MANUFACTORY, ^ 499 7th sffk>8f> OvyoiiU Odd Fellows' Ilall, Wat hint ton, D. C. Trftveiera will atudjr their lntaraaU or examimn j my fRLNKS, VALICES Ao , before Mr'flDKn ' D.iaruig Ssaware. Aal a?? nana but thrHW beat mat-"'iftl the market aforde and [ha t>?at workman, i ?&a ouakUdBtif raooiumend my work to be anperior t? Strmmk and Durability to Xruuka that are made ti> other cities an>l aold here. 1 keep constantly on h*9d, and make to order (on otk* V ALICES .TRAVEL ISOBAGS: HAB.NkSS:SA DDJJSSi. WHI PS.ttfc. _ Truaka, Ac., Repaired and Covered, ia * muilike manner, at short notioe Trunks delivered in any part of tke eity, V# -. v<?, flM this tl*t day of anno DouUni m Unuut if ht hanorw MM sixty. JAMES BUCHANAN. By the Preeident: J Comrais's i oa?rj>ft h &M?nI Lm* Oft* NOTICE TO PRE-EMPTION CLAIMANTS Every perpon entitled to the right of pre-emption to any of the lands within the townships or Mm of townnhips almve enumerate*! is required to establish the same to the satisfaction of the register and reoeirer of the Land Office, ami mmkt rmymtmi thirtfori ?j sovn mi praclncabH a/ltr tmtng Uiis*itM, and before the day appelated Ibr the swsnsis m?nt of the pnblie sale of the lands emfcraaiag the traot c atraed; otherwise svehoiaim will be forfeited. JOS. S. WILSON, Commissioner of the General Land Oiia Not*.?Un?ter the regulations of the department, as heretofore and now existing, no payment can be made for adrertieing proclamations ejoept to such publishers as are trtttally authorized to"1'Wish by the Commissioner of the General Land Oitkpe. ftu ss-iawisw . TBUNK.S, BOOTS AND SHOB& OOTS AND SHOES TO glilT Tfljt TIMES* W? are now manufswsturim all kinds of BOOTS and SHOES, and oonatantJv receiving lupplr y?eaatorn made work of every da-BBS acription. mad* expreealy to order, ana will ? ml be eold at a .'ouoh lower pnoe than ba* been" Mto heretofore oli.Vted in this aity for rauoh inferior Articles, Pereone in wan." of B?ot? aad Sboee of eaetern or our made work. w, U alway?indaj$oadae*art?an "i ? vaffi&p t- r J, 4 Pwanerlvania avenue. fflVK HUNDRED T^AYELLNe TRUNKS T arrived th? day, e*nt>r, *?ln? aiUuali nn tiea aud atxea of Sole I.ea se/i' BB? Urew and Paokint Trunka. Our ?alea roomaxluUfa at this tiruel f of traveling re^uiaitea. at mode. "*tB pricea, to be found Una aide of New York. Aleo, f "?[!?" tion Of LADIES' HAT hoickV VALJCEB. juLMjtvn vrrwM, < No. 29 BANK OF COttMKKCB BUILDING, \ N?W YOM CITY. , noxious preparation, tnrniaked by the field of Mature for MAN'S BLESSING! INPBIOTIN XI IB SOLD BY ALL DRUGGISTS ANO MEDICINE DEALERS IN AMERICA. PRICE ONE DOLLAR, Beat by mail la any part of tha United States. REMEMBER, It in not taken inwardly, bat te applied oatvardly, aooordiac la dtreotioan, whieh (aooonipany eaoh MANUFACTURED BY JOHN WILCOX * CO., 118 MAIN STREET, ( RICHMOND, YIR01NIA. j i Kiien a. 0?iwui oi i/wiyorti r*ew Tore, reeoaed after nvN ymui' uflfcri?c. A perfeot oere. Thoaaaad of other hum prevented 1(4 oared Tory month, end *oi a ainfle oomplaiat oi the effioienoy of the ihpectiiie, OK PERSIAN jFBVBE CHARM. TRY IT, TROTS IT, KNOW IT. And make known its weaderfal powers ud tu tnee, that thoae who aoflTer, or who Me UueeUnea with aafferin?, may be Ud to nee a umain. Ru on rod thoaauide of both win of the moat dn^dful Feveri. Read and reflect. 1 WONDERFUL EFFECTS. L*mael Unncs'.l. of Plttsbarf ,for tvo yeara aaeiaaa to himaalf and aooiatjr?a martyr to Chilla and Feve.^-caned in laaa than three week a, and lmtrored in Mght honra. Mary K- .Belknap, Saadaaky, Ohio, after almoet loaing her jeaeea aa veil aa atrenxth hy Intermittent F1W1 with OhiUa, restored to health in twenty hen in. J. R. flit ob. of Belfrade, Maine, brought from death'a door, Jiarinn Buffered ft>r foar years, made well in fire a^eka, and improved la twe honra. Adolphe M?n*ro ef Fraaoe, relieved in one hour, while taaTelliag la the eare *f the Fort Wayne aad Cta'oage Railroad. He wa? apparent lj dying with Qaille. EVERY DISEASE HAS A DIVINE REMEDY. THE WISE APPLY WHILE THE FOOLISH DREAM. BETTER PREVENT THAN STRIVE TO CURE. DELAYS ARE DAN0BROU8. THE IMPECTINS, Ok | PERSIAN FEVER CHARM, PERSIAN PBVEE CHARM. the eminent medio*! and aaiiof l<u&litie? of vhiok tr? uutftstlr absorbed, ALL TRACES OP DUUG&SB MAY SB ANNI4 H1LATED IN A FEW HOURS. SELF-CARE IS BETTER THAN PHYSIC. NATURE IS WISER THAN ART. i vmi, aiU wh?n it eomm ui oontaet with the skin, I, ia aheorhed by the mteriar orgaaa. which resist <>aaily miasma aad all teawteooiea toward* those I-na!adiea wlii?h proctrate tha mind and body with tm rn*mm Ferer aad Ague raeult from aamerona oauN. .No plaoe ia eaena^t from tha oaaa*a whieh promote the exiatenee of lit* dlaeaaa. That being <Jno? ifit ed ia the avatem, uidnoea deprraaioa of apirita, laaI aitnde, languor, paiaa, ohilla. ferer, aad a long train af disagreeable aeaaatioaa, depriving the pa ; tient af all eaergy, and redaoing him or her t? * . oonditioB of EXTREME HELPLESSNESS. | Why will any one aeffer the horrora of a debilitating Intermittent Fever, whea by the aae of the INVALUABLE INPBCT1NB, v * nmCTINB, lirPBCTlNX. ntrwcriifB, mrBCTiNK i i INFECTIVE, INFECTIVE Th*terrible malady knowiae th? FEVER AND ,. 19VE bu raittM hudtmda of thoueaadaof per Mfc throaghoat the wetM erery year, tad hM > r ?*?r Uli low bMi MM by hmmiCiI medio* ' t. ?tMitrt (Ut Im aot proriooe4 a?v?re MEDICINAL DISEASES, ^Mvnr * hick affeet the hrnin, the apleen. the liver, the Heart, or other parte of the human org aonm. The ^ I N PECTIN K ia the natuml antatoaiet of all fe ? ???Pi MbioOTa. - i JNPBOTINB; OR, PlEIIAff r1V E E CHARM. r - ' . * " m^^mrnrn FX TEA, AND AO US MX.TMMMINATED. THE HUMAN CONSTITUTION SAVED FROM WRECK. i. j ? THE FRSTENTirS AND REMEDY ram ALL INTERMITTENT AND BILIOUS FMTER8. CURBS INSURED IN A DAY. J ;1f>. *T> 1 > ? ' I NATlt RE*8 GRAND RESTORATIVE. MAuvKUL lJwKfll AG NQluw Pkaill DUttlMfT. oa SJtKjlkUl rtT??fCk. , &&&jamas. T-*isvr WMJUOi SOLE PROPRIETOR 18 S001HW1UJAM sr MEWTORL tO* SALE IN WASHINGTON MY y T-ly BAKBOUK* BEMMBS. FREEMAN ft SIMPSON'S rvnuiAStKS SHUUUJ be careful IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY WHJSKEY TO^EE THAT jT^ IS iraraicMtwiira WITH THE SIGNATURE OF ON THE LABEL ALL OTHERS ARE AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT ftp VUP AAAUf ? ?u| ?twv Mr IM V, ?? ^ MAilf mM k*? t\i lUitl* M?V. /h'iw>|V +*g*0 ^fjk y W>^wf Ajr fA? Jlr? / V**??g m\V ^r! ** V*** ? t? iu u??m*l fo J5? 5* J (x?j$~' t $5^ K Bolofiwpi^etor. V, 2U3 $?^*ya%?&33)f ?* CAUTION. MIHMIIAPM M**iu ? ? ? ~ W. ? piu m UOH IH OOOT taBully to eysrr houeekold.^31 Sold by ill prominent Stationer*, Drtfiiit*. Hardware and Fbnature DaaJars, Croon*, a&d Fanoy Store*. ? Sou ri try merchant* hould make a noU of S PALNO'S PREPARED OLUE, vktn maktn* op their list. It will stand any olimats. rtW-ly 3 A km u 4. dkv ? I I 0 \J<K yWvdvft?/ iv(1A4 l***Err i?U, V^r/r #*? r*"? /'*? MmnftU'0,) f-m I" >7(10 5V??^MJ?<>*?Wre/*rs/?r?'*rf*rJE J J// V |W 41 ffft.MI (?.')! flMVtl M Am, - V si* jffl y?w ^ y irf ? ftm fttimf ?|?w CH.PATCHI \ % ^ ihe_Pftccei! li awMiati will mi m wll-rflmtd famiJUi, it is Terr drmrable to bafe one obeap I and convenient war for re fairing Fimutiire, Toys, Crockery, Ac. SPALDING'S FREFAREJ) GLUK meets all such emergencies. and no houaehold oan afford to be without it. It is alwajs ready and up to Um sticking point. There is no longer a d?omsity for limping chairs, splintered w^neers, headless dolls, and broken o rati in. It la inst the arfloio for oom, sbeii, and other ornamental work, so popular With ladi?s of refinement and taate. This admirable p reparation ia used oold. being obamioally held in eolation, and po?*raaing all the valuable eualitiea of the beat oabiaet makers' cine. It pay be need ia the plaoe of ordinary mneilage, being vastly more adhesive. gSEFUL IN ETIRT HOUSM." N. B.-A Brash aooompaniee each bottle. WWwsii D*f?ei, No. 49 Cedar street, New Tort. Address EENRY (^SPALDING A CO.. Box No. 3,600, New York. Pat sp for I*e&iers ia Caees oor.taiqing Foar, hijrht,and Twelve Doaen?a beauUfn! Lithograph>o Snow-Card aoooaspanyinc each package. mm F? 1 E E, F I R B. 1 POTOMAC WATMR. I am still ?n|UMl in the PLUMBING and GAB FITTING BUSINESS at my o.dataod in Phdharnioiiio Ha.ll. The advantage of having a pleaUrel npply of vat^r m readily ohaerred at the are of Uatarday,a? I am well aatirf ed I ahoold hare baaa rned oat but forth* bo an Ufa 1 ropply npor my premise* and th?t of ray neighbor! Ail ordara for the intrndaotion of Watar aad Gaa will he promptly attended to. Tar ma m reaaoaable aa any plumliar in the oity. Jy 3 Ci 8NY DF.R. aR. HILLS, after a praetioa teat of tvo ;?n Um hf e*i> with emildeBM reooir mend UeCaeopiaet.a ProoeeaforlaeertioKM|^P artificial teeth. It haa the i4n?rw> , trenfth. beanty, oIeaiimee?,>&d Fa! apper sets ineer^ ft,r #*. Partial IB proportion. OBee SOI Pa. ivtaie. ee? MlbOElxLAiSJWU^ ROWBIIMPROVB^WRfflHI^GSCALBO Theee S?*r? are offered to the puKic aa tee moat aiinp:e, daraiile, aod re.mhte eealeeerer eat la Bee. FiretolaeepremiBmebaeeheen awarded by the I'mtedStataaFatrabu Virgipm Arnea tura: Society; Vtrtinia State A#ruu.tura' Fair; FraahiiB laattt'ite Fair, Peniifylvar.ia; New York State Fair; Vermont Mate Pair, &e., A<?. In every oaae where ohibited they nave received fir at eiaee prewuama For ea e at 64 Looiciaca avaaae, Depot of Siller'a cCl.odlrooSafea, da U-ly E' C. FATTISON. A(?L VVA??iN6rUN 8KWIN? ROOMS, f ? <04 Hk Mm >?e deori Pcrik cf ra. / ?. Brw la the time to get STRLNQ and SUMMER HI'S made if to order. The eebecribor ia prapared to mux SfllR're, DRAWRH?, Ac., at tha HPUBPU U11 A ID X XV X D_ ... . DKNTAL OAKO. , R. MVNSON UurMururd mmd raaamad Ma rHror?MtoD. Office and bona* at 463 lb at..^? bird door ??ct (if Sixth. In additioa t jtfSr9r vary o?h#r approved *tyle, i>r. M ha? tat^* "' ** t??U> on vulcanite Baa? lor thala?t tbiM rear*, aW, from exaertonoa, kaowa it exoel* ail others, and i* one third laa* in priaa tha* jold. Ill* aid patron* .of Waa&ingtoa, Alexandria, and Qaort?tovn are retpectfnlly aoliaitad to o??. au ?-aolp D~ DKNTAL. NOTICE. R. LOOM IS Haa cloa*d hi* olboa forth* ?* on, and will he ?b*ent, a* aaual, during tha aa? aaar month* ; will reaame pra^tioe about tbalat of OaU>b*r. of which furth?r notioa will ba firea. jy lo-tf - ' ? CARRIAGE FACTORIES. ^W? k?*?Jntt ftaimh?d a nnW of tnl (Ml CARRIAGR8, wit M L?nt rark ftnth BSBk Or*chciAkm, Boctowra to Wa T. Bow. ?y?>-dlx T CAR* LA. vtts. KB BabaoribM Mna? MM edAldeMto M WAGONS ?f *U kinta owiiot b# nr|UMd,u4 from kil i?t( > perMlHM IB UM bniMM, k? MpM I* KIT* { L.trm: MCiafMtioa. All kiads of 0?.-nac?i and Lifkl Wlftu k?yl M Ali'R kpai R8 antty 4*a*,tft4 all ?rtm wmmB nrVTIOTD xr im' C ?TS*b "WaFhiS ffoVfcVTFtC KEY. TMa41* i? ! fro* aiaJt Mi ktM?*9 ud tuaot Ail Miin Mbr* ? ti?f?<ii to Ml nam. C. COL1NRAU .Proprietor of >? <-W Wm^'ii Bi ??wi m?rmar t tWtwjJfc 275 ^^k515 Wi J iCKION, > ' 4 Jrj|?T AT * * * *5l r|UPONT*? GUNPOWDER, Kt. Order* ou eJ?t. U leftet the oRoe of typw cowimt. w<xkinrt?m. d. p.. fcnjr yood ught^ ,,,?. Jlto aP F^ SS,P.XRuT^tiN>*r,, Jnt imported from Fiuw a !i>|? Md Mailtll wortiaMtof in* Letter m4 Note P*p*rm, r"? the oclthratMi Mil * of L?rocK?, Joubort. 1>%iS^JtSrkoHri.. ? M Cor?r llUi *. wjpi. ar. f ilfi*? jtom i mum ib1?h h#r nun* ia bion m U* bott> utd her a**! ob the oork , k rrr Frm? 91 per botue, MX bottiaa for ft*. Wkolt?aU Agent. R. *. T. OIt*?LL,. Prtuiii Gertetnwn, 0 C.. 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Lirar Complaiot wtfcMS toraor ar.d dejection, and the natxiVtrleea : iraal Gaab la heir to, derive heir hideout ortfin [Mm Ma tlood. I>eaJ kiadiy thea and geutiy vita Uawl, Cae tha vitalizing reaoaraea of Datara larHrtlC and *uffer ua to oommand to yoar auulMMaiM naa that tru.y valuable itedioa-mert kaowf if MRS M. cors Iff D J AW VEGETABLE DtiCOCTTam With regard to thla alnrnat lufallibte apaaCa popular aecUvent hat apoken is decided tefaaa, and the andaaoaa of thia great efficacy are \mmtaiaed by oonitant arowa r of otrarva eff.r u aad th? happleat reaalta from iu nee are aflwr all other renedia* and the boat iwiof.l akili have failed. Lot aa aar.ia onoiaeion, tb?t oeri.?oaw>a ?area are not eoaght from the illiterate aad awwaeial, bat they are volunteered f.oat tha moat raapoetab'.e aoaroea and ju?tifj the higheet tarnaa 1a which it ia aoeaibie to oetnmend ao valaatwe a pacific to pao 10 approval. We ma5 add alee that tha earativa pro pert tea of the medicine are e< Bailed only by ita reatorati ve effect*, the aretiai reoover iag from diaaaae with renewed oontUtatioaal vigor. For aale by all reapeotable .Dmggiata id thia at^f,aad by the proprietor. MRH. M COX. ? ? ?? rnmmmmm www WVI? 7 ik H? W HNHIUHAir* ud praeeat U>em fW aale to tM pib o. Por Um oar# of h o:pie::t CoMBirPti.>t. I sdiieeuoa. ? # pocia. {'.IfV Nwtom Diecaiea, )- eiua.e Com plaint*, ltd fel oum rc?m-iiu a lone, Uiej axe he rood doubt a fuott iirraluabla reipedy. And# trim ttiair m?di?inaa pr<?ertiea tkey are a Mr?, wkolaaome ard deiigbtfti llfTerac*. pro<3o".n* aM the pleasant exhtleratiu* rfMU of Braady mr Will without the;r icjor1o?? -*?olU. I *4 ali fn?da "f haraacitj and all adroaafa of temperaaoe iMtit Bio aubetitaing thear va.oaa ? Vegetable fRttara r the tntmrrmi pei'??ii and mdmUrrmttd In??ri with whica the ouui.trf 'i flovdea. aad tttarvfcy at favtaa.iy aid In l*u *1ur.i I)iieaM and Drmakanaaa CBA RLE? WIPDIFIELD k CO- ^ Froprieton. 7S Wil'iam atn?et, N?v York. J 8CHWARZE> Ac^ntt wuhtutoi, D. C. ?. J BOVKK JK) W RIAL GIN BITTERS. For Diaaaaea of the Kidney a, B<add*r ami Urtaafr Orgaca, and Mpwual; for Female Ohatrnob' t>. urir fail to oare, and are warranted to |irt aalia *C&?A*LES WIDDIFIELD * CO.. Proprietor*, TB William eL, New York. J. fCHWARZE, jaT ll/ Ataat. Washington. P.O. JOY FOR THE ??I^K AND W'FFMINO. LRT ALL Trun ARF affi frrvn kfpM! ikai kb ili-unad af akani w tiul <t~ t him kim fraa rrl7w,f * 'hm* ftum i4imimuI IMflNiMUtf, Ui INM ktfnM4 Ma. 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UDOMEMEVT OP TVS fUB. m mart r?Ot?AKIX tar.d at tka maiiaitaa vltk* tka laat aa?artaaa mil, aad (III naama itnpinm BewtaaJ ifinum ^irnr?i4 ki Df M*ml, ?i?aa?a* ky Bi manin af tka pa para ui au; atkar aanaai, aaUaai 4 vMck btTi tniuid afilr. aa* ifaJa kafari tka aaklta. kaMaa ku luncirr aa a (Mlliatt rf akaraawi aad riiana ktlkty, a a laAaiai.i fmartatai tatki afwK )aa ?-ty B~ J. BOVfcK l>OD'? IMPERIAL WIUS BITTERS, . Ara now Mag a?od from Mkiu to tA? Greaf (Ml Lac*, ad 1 the haiwba. vordiot of Ail who nao tn?n aitiiar M a mvtutm or Aa a kerrro**. u thM thoy Ara tnnr^M^ ioth* world. I)r. I>x2? bb^i thorn gicoBaifolly in hi* arfcctio* for J5 yaan Mp") VI iirnhlf if Af Ki m tk?BA.a M?k* ?? ?- ? (tNMlifM trill aaraaaaaiaa, Imt iliwH at iiMm MM4I, III'iMiiii ?M In^iiat IIMM|, itnM tau ranciut aoncK. TMu Mm mm4 riin *k? k?*i m|mii hiwhItm kf limlt|ilMln M(1(|4 ia vtn iwii-1 fcaku IHjintfy html tri? ?*U cmfuMai, av ai ackaai, ika ifim at ?Wat IN m|Mt fahavaa ?ka? aalaap, aa4 0mm larK. aao4aaa i iftaga kapaaaifcia, irt ?aau*?a kaafe mm* M Mr, ahaai* fflf iaaitiM?. TWl immi a/ik? a*4 - ? aitac^aj ilnaiw4aii4 W ?aHj h*Ww afraati *?a W?>tM? aftki kit aa4 Bita, nMk^l latl, Dteaaai*) (ifM. Lao af Maaaaui Hm, * iau^Dm ifit. )?< InHaMtIj, Dn?tip;aia? tfca I>n?*<j?a F?coaai, tomi ?iHtHy, afCwamfuai, 4c. MXWTAULT ? T?i afaauaa Ikt aMuiaaatia la (tracts lx?? afMatnarv.Cavfcaiae af !? , <P?paf a?H?i tt?il raiMtar*. A'ata?aaaf*aa*?t,?Mf ftimH, ka>i af ?aiiw??.Tlmtny. tu., 11a aai a/ tka a rata pra|t*TOW DOUrr -hawiliw iivMi vkal HftatiMtTrt'Mi daeltftiu katlik, laawt UaU M?a?, kat*M( vaak. pala.aarva** a?a a*atiat*4, ka ?toj * aUfaia* kffaaiaiaa aM :ba ayaa. cakft ar anr ptanaaf aMMa DMfcAUM or MtraXDKSCK Wkta tka aiMiirt i< ar? 1 nanfaai vauryaf ataaaaaa Kli ka kai loMlad tka mil af tin *...... >. ? a ^ 'f HMD10UWB. > f D* ""TlSh . wriT^ ros ALL DISEASES OF IMPEUDENOB. LET NO FALSE DKL fCACJ PREVENT. APPLY 1MMKD ATELY. ^ 54**ANTED. OR NO CMARBE, 1* FROM ONE TV TWO DATS. Dimhi tt ij*i P.??.? Ikm TarnMa Du?r<tn ?n?| > > !' > Trat?(tin DraUltl m4 DmmU'i himti a*ia> n?4m nuik|i lafmmkl*. u4 4mwt bma <? u4 mm tobmmu l^iiMIt vto h'i tacMi Ua 'mum rf telUM? Viaa, *M ?r*aim m4 imvmum kibn trMalMtMMtl v lawpa M |M UlHU MU Mlial fea*? ?u??n< immtiultmih vuk biUimw rfiliimn m ?* <? ?MUIJ tka I1n?( IfM, M} Ml] fNt nL Mafr rtut, Ma| ivtrt W BiSSwSfc MMUN.ll, INWI tWi l vkt |Wm kl*Mlfu?al tfca MM af Bl. 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