Newspaper of Evening Star, October 10, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 10, 1860 Page 2
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^ THE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: WEDNESDAY Oct?b?rlM9M. Spirit (I tk? M?rili| Pr?M. The Ceustumticn treat* upon the late fusion In N'ew York, and upon the K^emt I'ntcn meeting In New York city on Monday night last. The same paper la moat confident, from information received from the brat aourcea, thai Mr. Breckinridge's majority in Virginia will run considerably over tea thousand. The IttlKg?tcr disagrees with the Richmond ' I'.iam'nvr. In its assertion that the alien and sedition lawa were never enforced in Virginia. li_/? a r . r:? c -; r- ij oi dirut writing to the BoaUmi Travrlef aat? now WG.UW) meant room* in that city, ift?de au by tbe exactions of landlord* \rj~ kcaautii baa written a latter to Gartb?idt,^ Uim not k, attempt anyiUfitf agaUut H .?ry, na Utat c^'iatry t* not yet ripe for revolution. . - . I ; ? ... w wmuiiri U19 UWII |Ur)fClf wtuld have shrunk from But the worie part In the ridiculous farce waa the pointed disrespect to tb? bouse of God oa the pert of the organist in niaylrsg "God aave the tiueen'' In the midat of the communion service. Turn Maiyns or Chaido* ?The American ef thta morning saya"The arrival of thia distinguished gentleman of London tn thia city, togetb-r with his estimable ladv and suite, has txeu duly noticed. Veaterday they accepted an Invitation from the .Mrssrs. Wlnana to make an excursion upon the waters of tha Tatapaco and Ctx>sapeake, and about eleven o'clock they left their he*dqnart?-rs. the Kutaw House. In strain of cam*g?saud praretdrd to the wharf at Spring lia*d*na. As so?n ss tb?v arrived the*tesn>ee left her mooring* ami f r t;m- hours gallantly rode upon the ?'t-rs a handsome collation was partaken of aud It Is n*edt?*a to add the distinguish* d party expressed pleasure with the adventure It must be ndded that of the prominent men of the Old World who have visited America none have made a more favorable Impression than the Marquis of Chandoa." Pre-emptors in Minnesota, according to an official statement of the Secretary of the Interior, will inevitably lose tbrir landa, if sold sad paid for btr other parties; but If not sold, they will, under the declaratory notlc?* of aeUlera, have the benefit of a year's credit allowed by law for paying fcr lands thus become subjected by private entry. mr The State Department has addressed a letter of condolence to the Chilian Government, la which a high tribute Is ps.d to the social mid lnteile> tn. 1 qualities of the late Senor Bello. looked lik* a silly race?u though the Karon wm bediy furtduid flying fromthe eager crowd of uegr>ra and boya who abouted around bia carrlaga wbeela At thla we are sot aurpriaed, If tbe Baron directed it, for tbe young man bad doubt leaa aevr aeen anything like ft natil be arrived In America. English people, who are daily accustomed to royalty, pay tbelr homage and reapect tiv a polite deference to Its wishes, obtruding nothing upoa its privacy. It waa new, even for Americans, who. pretending a contempt for all dietinrttona between man t.nd man?profraalng and proclaiming equality? to debase tbemselvt* hffnrr th? la ?Ll- ? * did not arrive, or if she did, ahe did aot ?Uy long ;b our waters P. 9 ? Sine# the above w?i In type Ryan has been arretted and lodged In the Portsmouth jail. We alao leant that aome party in the county baa been implicated in the matter by the manufacture cfPlkra similar to those that were takeu from old Brown. Mobs about the Psiacs'a Visit to Richmond, Va ?The Richmond Enquirer condense* the "pvblic reception" given to the Prince of Wales in that city and other places visited by him It says Kvery man has full and complete power to make a fool of himself; but we deny any man's right to Wring contempt and ridicule upon his country. Still more do we condemn that impious and irreverent curiosity that filled the "AAl'-cae of God on Sunday, with a gazing, lnattenpVlve crowd A man-worship which pays unbecoming homage to the representative of a foreign power, at the cost of d.srespect to the symbols of the Holy Sacrament, is neither becoming to man, nor respectfnl to God In fact the whole thlnv ??? <?> ? *uo? uc anew wLere Dick waa concealed, and would conduct the patrol to the spot. A number of gentlemen accordingly left yesterday afternoon with the full determination of taking tUc aaid Dick Kyan either dead or alive The excitement in the neighborhood of Great Bridge continue*, and it ia aaid that two or three kindred men had been detailed to do patrol duty, with instructions to capture the aaid Dick Ryan at all hazards.and to arrest any others who were implicated. The WIk Dragoons were also divided lata squads, and ordered to perform duty until a certain time; after which, they were to bald themselves In readiarm for any call that might ha made npon them. The greatest possible desire Is manifested to arrest all whoareln anyway coaceraed la the matter, and there la little aoubt but the strictest search will be continued nn 11 tnia la effected Several gentlemen living in that section have determined to sell all their slaves, preferring to put their money in any other species of property rather than be subjected to this continual anncvance and alarm. It la said that the negroes now In Princes Anne jail Will ba examined on Thursday. The two in oor city jail, and the sixteen or eighteen In the I'ortaBonth jail will be examined as soon as the witness can be brought together. No tidings of tho expected vessel has been received at this offl^, aad It la suDoosed that It was merely intended to get up a stampede fcr tu? bene tit of th? underground railroad. Nearly ail of tke negroes on two or three of the plantations on hearing what wai going on took to the woods, more from fright, probably, than with any mlsehlevoos Intent A cous.derable patrol force 1* scouring the woods In pursuit of the fugitiyes. XV bst* ver alarm was at tlrst experienced has subside 1. and the county Is all quiet. The Norfolk Day Book of Monday evening ays: Our reporter, who has been among the peo- I pie of the two counties for two or three days, bring* the intelligence of the arrest of six iuore negroes on Saturday night, all of whom were duly Installed in secure quarters In the Portsmouth jail Besides the above mentioned six negroes, a free negro came down with one |>osse of patrol, and gave the information that the notorious Dick Ryan had said to him that unless he joined them on the 7th of October, he would be the first man killed He also gave in format on atiough to convince the patrol that Dick Ryan was the chief or rullag spirit in the Contemplated outbreak H? aiiri intinr??~J w- ? _t _ ? J ?* t^VVWt V* Scottabcrgh. Livingston county, N. Y. Tbey v! si ted tbe Dansvllie Seminary, and Mr. Fillmore, after being introduced to Prof. Seager, made an interesting address to tbe students. Forty-six Tears ago Mr. Fi lienors was a brother apprentice with Mr f* , at tbe wool earding business, and he had not stopped lu town from That time till his recent visit. The Kxcitem?m is Vikoihia?Quiet Restortd ?The servile insurrection auticinatr-d in Norfolk aad Princes* Anne counties, Virginia, did not come < fl according to prediction and expectation on Sunday night last Tbe Norfolk llerald evld-ntly did not regard the affair as a of moonshine, and says that since Friday suOl lent testunouy has been elicited which fully icSUflvA the strict police surveillance which has been instituted in the excited district. A number of arr*su of negroes have boen made Two free negroes were apprehendsd, one of whom made some revelations, which, though startling, were highly improbnbU, and implicated two free negroes Ve?idin? in thU city in tbe plot, who were linicedlately Imprisoned by our vigilant Mayor for examination The whole affair as yet is involved in mvsterv. and some are of oni?i?n tv>*t the odium of being represented on that occasion by men whose reputations still reek with the Japanese abomination. Fmsisl. Lady Franklin Is In Fhlladelphla. Lord Brougham completed his sWd year on the l?th nit. The Hon Wm. L. Yancey Is announced to speak this evening at the Coope'r Institute, New 1 ork. Mr Sldcey Smith Dicfens, a ton of Chas. Dickens, was recently paused as a naval cadet at Portamouth, England. * _ George Charles, the Irish coined I an. now residing In Baltimore, has been left a fortune cf 900,000. Judge Douglas is to speak in Iowa and Minourl lmmedlatrl); and is advertised by Mr. Floarnoy, of Arkansas, to speak In Tennessee also. * Kx-Presldent Fillmore was on a visit, last week, to htS old friend Hon William ?/ U"^A municipal election for Mayor and City Councilman is progressing la 11a111 more to-day? and la attended with considerable excitement. 1 be contest Is between the American and what is called th? Reform Party. ST?" Out of a caravan of eighty two persons, who crossed the Great Desert from Algiers to Timboeto the present summer, all but fifteen used wine and olhets liquors as a preventive against African diseases. Soon after reaching Tlmbucto, these aU died save ooe; while, of those 2 flee n who abstained. all survived. TTT1 In New York, Mayor Wood's Invitation to the City Council, on Friday evening, asking them to participate In welcoming his Royal Highness to the city, was laid on the table. The Councils will not meet again nntll the Prince leaves the city, so that the community may congratulate themselves upon the fact that they will be spared ? iiii cunumnry aevottotis beforepnjr ot tie's of bit party were up. He ) at the Revere Hous.t, with bis son, bis daughter sod his son's wife. He Is very decrepit and quite deaf, but is still able t ? converse intelligently. He is accompanied by bis ton John, who waa sixty-three years old last June, and by his daughter Joanna, who Is sixtyfive, and bas been for eighteen years a domestic at the Amtrlran House, lu this city. British 9alvti to th* Citt or Nsw OaLimt?The New Orleans Delta of Thursday saya: "This noon, or altttleefter, we a re informed, Captain Hiackley, of the British steamship Gladiator, (who waa lately knocked down and beaten in a barroom by a friend of Walker,) will anchor off our city ana Are a salute of honor to us He will rarry the American flag at his forrtopmsst. and do us tbe attention tbat national amity begats, W* suppose a suitable return will be made." ETAta meeting of the American Bible Unian, on Thuradar, It wss resolved to rate a fund of one hundred thouaattd dollars for the purpoee of gratuitously circulation tbe revised Engllah skriplures, wbea they shall hay* passed tbe Dual cosumiMtt livened this Presidential campaign. And one of the matt wonderful tiling* about it wm that from first to last there ws? not a sign of disturbance Kvery one present appeared to be profoundly presied with the lui|>ortance of the occasion. The inside presented a remarkable scene. The hall was hung about with Hags and strips of canvas bearing patriotic and conservative mottoes, and the namts of the illustrious Union men of the past. Not only every seat in the hall was occufled, bat all the alates and the window perches. ;very spot where a man could put his feet was taken. Notwithstanding this compact jam, the tlirong remained very caim and orarrly tor more than half an hour, until the opening of the meeting. |p*Mr. Karnbam, the Bunker 11111 veteran, arrived in Koston on Monday afternoon He travelled from Acton, Me , to Dcston, without stopping, changing cars three times. The Travel er says: "While all the re?t of the party are completely fatigued, be says he is not very much tired. He arose at (our o'clock tbtsmorniog. and wa? heard _ A ? * -* conceded by all tLe papers to have been one of the largest and most effective demon station* of the campaign iu that J*tate. Kven the Tribune estimate* the number* present at 12,GUU, and admits the meeting was a '-complete success." The Journal of Commerce nays : By eight o'clock all the atreeta and avenue* converging to the Institute were tilled; to Third avenue on the east, to Broadway ou the we*t. and for a bjpek or two on the Fourth avenue, north and south Judging crowds by the usual standards of measurement, it would not be an over-estimate to say that the numtier collected within and without the bulldiug wu* thirty tuouaand And, *till, on the ouUkirU of the mighty multitude, made distinct by the glare of calcium lights and myriad torches, might be seen moving masses of men, content to form a {>art of the splendid show, although it was utterly impossible for them to get within hearing distance of the speakers' stands. The demonstration was one of the largest, and in all respects the mo*: brilliant which has en J ? ? - w aa I I ? !?; ?ur * fiyiBim or iLIBi Canada coi.ld rival and surpass Ireland Id the art of dressings up a new quarrel out of old materials. Still lew could any Knglishman have believed till a few day* ago, triat while tbe French Kmperor waa sanctioning tbe servile genuflections of obsequious Mayors and Prefects, a Prince of Wales, attended by the Secretary of State for tbe Colonies would he negotiating in vain with tbe municipal autboritis of a loyal town respecting the omiiulnn of some offensive ceremonies It is positively humiliating to read the excuses made f >r colonial rowdyism by our cousins in tbe Uijite<i SLaUs, and their assurances that the Prince shall not be mobbed and pursued by Filibustering fanatics after be bad crossed the frontier. Wh?n they denonce tbe un-Kugiish spirit of tbe Canadian Orangemen as alike foreign to tbe Yankee character and to our own, and father It upon tae Celtic na'ionality, It ladi tflcuit not to feel some sympathy with tbem. But we frankly own tuat the purely Irish party feelings which recent legislation was designed to check', If more dangerous, are more rational and less bvse than those which seem to operate in I'pper Canada. Fcsios m Niw Yost ?The Union Fusion meetiug in New York, on Monday evening, is IjOfidon Tlin*s improve* the occasion by giving vent to the following remarks: Hittory tell* us that tbe moat frantic passions irinr be excited by party color*, and thoae who fcave board of the Hlue and Green factions under the Ryxnntine Kmplre will not easily be startled by the wild extra vaganora of Orangeism But it ?e?mi that we have hitherto been mistaken as to the nature of the movement We fancied that it was purely Anti-Catholic, and that the conception of an Orange conspiracy against the Protestant Prince of the reigning dynasty would involve a k'nd of "bull." We now see that so long as somebody is insulted, and -political capital" made out of it. the Orange leaders are not very fastidious "The fanatical zeal of the subordinate members of the societies is worked upon by abler he&d&, who simply adopt Orangeisni as a steppiug-st-.tue to power." It probably occurred to no one during th? late debates on "Party Emblems'' that old colors and tunes of lfiJH) and ITtT could be turned to anv nu but thai of iu-?-i-* 41 -4 Raleigh, fi. C clear, cool. Wilmington, N. C clear, cool. Charleston, 8. C clear, W. Augusta, Ga. clear, cool. Savannah, Ga. clear, 70'. Macon. Ga clear Columbus, Ga clear, pleasant. Montgomery, Ala clear, cool. Jacknoii, Ala clear. Mobile, Ala clear, 61?. 7K0M TBI VIIT. Frederick, Md clear, pleasant. Hagerstown. Md clear, pleaaaat. Cumberland, Md clear, pleasant. Grafton, Va clear, pleasant. Wheeling, Va cUar, pleasant. Parkenburg, Va clear, pleasaut. Cincinnati, O clear, pleasant. Barometer at the Smithsonian at 7 a. m , (corrected for temperature,) 20 -31; at noon, '29.830 Thermometer at 7 a m ., 49'; at noon, 63J. Maximum during 21 hours ending t a. m. today, 61'; minimum tni nrw* in esgland of the late canadian Oraikjk DirriccLTiB* ? They have just received the news lu England. of the late Orange demonstration In Canada, when the last mall left Naturally the Ire of John Bull is roused, and the ,\pw York, Noveini>er, 1HW; on tlie lGthof July. 1360, of remittent fever. H?nry Hnrdintf. aped '26 years, enlisted at Norfolk,Va., October 26, IS37. Tib VVkathik.?The following report of the weather for the morning la made from the Amor laan Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smithsonian Institution. The time of observation la about 7 o'clock. October 10, I860. Burlington, Vt clear, 37?. New York, N. Y clear, pleasant. Baltimore. Md clear, pleasant. Washington. I). C clear, wind S Richmond, Va. clear, 55?. Petersburg, Va clear, 6U?. Norfolk, Va clear, (Mi*. Lynchburg, Va clear, S7?. Hriatol. Tenn clear, PP. Knoxville, Tean cloudy, 45?. Chattanooga. Teun .rlmMv, figure oui any meory concerning tue result of tlie election next month. that promise* a hope that Lincoln iray not be elected by the people DEPARTMENT NEWS. fXPROVKXINT O* THK Milt SHRVICI O* THt Pacific Sid*.?The Postmaster General bat entabllsbrd a dally coach line for the transportation of the malls from Sacramento City, California, to Portland, in Oregon Territory, a distance of about 750 inilea. with a connecting coach and steamboat line of llkw frrqnency from tbe lntter place to Otympis, the capital of Washington Territory On tbe 1st of December, about twenty additional routes iu California, wltb soine dozen additional ones in New Mexico and Wiiahington Territory, will also be set in operation. Deaths i!t thi Navt.?Died, on board the U. S flag ship Constellation. Sept 13. 13.>9. Thomas Phillips, ordinary s-anian ; on the '22d December, 1?5?. Richard H. Smith, aged 24 vears, enlisted at Hostjn. May 16.1859. On board 1' S ship Marion, Sept. 12. lr00, from tbe bursting of a blood vessel, James Campl>ell, (rrcetved from flag ship Constellation an invalid,) aged 33 years, enlisted at Ill I I i WASHINGTON Ktffl AND GOSSIP. Tmi Election? Y??T*mt*T?Se* tbe Star't telegraphic and local columns for the results of yesterday's elections and tbe ? ffect upon tbe politicians of tbe four partlea congregated here, of tbe news of those resulta a* ftr as ascertained opto midnight last night. This is emphatically acorn- | munity of politicians. That is, the "men about town" are almost, to a man, politician! Tbe "Ins" evidently felt awfully last nlgbt; white tbe ' outs" wore short counteasnre? Tbe prospect of a turn and-turn-about time on't, not far ahead, which wai tlie quod era! dtmonstrandnm drawn from the return* received from Pennsylvania, seemed especially distasteful to tboae in olllco who have been the most vehement adherents of the doetrino that "to the victor* lwlong the spoils" ?a doctrine ever distasteful to ua. Unfortunately for those on the autl-Republlcau aide who regard politic* as being little else save a scramble for spoil*, the Republican Association of this city Is said to have closed its books on Thursday night last. We regret that we have no consolatioa whatever to offer them; as with Pennsylvania gone for the Republicans, we flod It iminmible to - "rj"~ oe 10-st* III A VK IN STORB AND FOR SA LE A NEW T octave Roa-vood PIA %O, *itti full MfcW iron fram* carved fret of very Ml u.iTjjTJM !TwttoH?and warrant the ioetrame t' J f TH *f*r for durability in every rrapect ami that t wfll aland op to ooneert jHch mwiimthZ ??w? b. M. WIGHT. .... ..i .no vniwiiu v^nuron on l?ui?iana avouue. which lias been kindly granted for that purposo, on W BUM BSD AY EVENING, the lt'tli iiiii. at 7 o'clock, and continued through the veek. Srati free aid ail are invited to hear. oc9-3i* OEM PS E Y A O'TOOLET LL3 WRDVIKQ AND YIS1TIKQ CAHD FNUHA7FRS. Importers of fine WEDDING bTATlONERY, WEDDING ENVELOPES, the moat beautiful at;lea. 3116 Pa. At., between 9tu and 10th ata , auT7 6ni WaaHiHSTOH. I?OR SALE?The Contenta of a rent'eraan'a eri" vat* Gymuaaium. Apply to JOSEPH GAWLKR, Pa. avenue, between 17ih and 18th ata. It* PARAFFINE CANDLES! r PARAPFTNR CANDLE?! A beautiful article, equal in appearauos to patent * perm, (being clear and po lahed j end at muoh less coat - KINO it BURCHRLL, oo 10 Corner Vermont av. and Sth ata. OYSTERS! OYSTERS!! OYSTERS!!! .o. Freahevery day, /_ J Served in all atyles, at %q[J0 SCHAFFIKLD'S Baltix KM CpX?ECTIO***T, Sixth street, between 0 and H. Families W!HTH fNE^'."Pr?t. JOHN D. BARTLKT T, Sec. oo 10 DOl'TOR THOMAS'S LECTURES ON I L 3 L'nfuiblled Prophecy, showing the signs of the Time#?The coming Struggle ""W imiuinent in Europe And the East between Desaotism and Deinocranj?Their Mutual Annihilation* in the Tempest of W ?r? Omnipotence Triumph* it on their Ruin*-The Kri of Deliverance to tiie People from their long misrule and oppression soon to tie effected by ti.e personal coming and glorious Millenial Rrignof tne Lord Jesus Christ on Ha th?on the Thron" of his Father David.over the restored trilw of Israel iu Jerusalem. which will then become "the City of the Great King' ?the metropolis a .d the ioy of the whole earth These great themes, constituting m their aggrerat?, "the Oospe! of the Kingdom of HoU,' will be -disooorsed upon in a series of lectures, commeno runni f very auout eleven o'clock la nlgbt & leave from the theatre. You eannot remember how cried when I left New york at the thoughts of leaving you reelrapoliten. NUgara ia very fine Ship of the world big & fast Ac 1 took verr y line room in tht-re occupid two gentlemen each except ittandent room me fc one doctor In my room 1 study English everry daya without lazay from my Steward (minister) teacher of wine. 1 remain truly of your good friend TATKIKH, U.fOJIKO. rr"5=*HALLOF UNION ENGINE COMPANY, lis.? No.'2?We, the undersigned, officers anu in* inborn cf the Union Company would most rexpectlui y tender our tha.-tks t<? the Western Hose and Franklin tire Company for tha use of their hose, kindly loaned as at th? late fire on Sixteenth street Sunday evening, October 7th; also, to the lion W. \V. Lorcoran, for tln> 1 <Kiauuc. mere is no provisions 110 water very treasureble Island but only coal taked In on board. Stay three daja and left there, and present voyage all the time from New york to I.oanda a line weather. Sometimes bead wind* and no winda, fri-m I'ortogrande three thousand nine hundred mllea in about twenty-five days jj?t In port to I,onada there is abound fish and orange nice prenty negro Slaves aud some other provision, they fruight to ours Ik-cause they shall beard Japanese! or w;ld. and ran before ours. in Some noon about five o'clock 1 went oa deck to Survey Ocean ail round Ship; 1 found one vessel wrecked three top mast from the water about thirty yards distand, then I was very feel sorry In my brain you do not know bow beppy we were to coming visit to L'nited Slates everywhere we went esj>eclally the New York the Washington Philadelphia Hnrtlmore there was great many astonish thing and bultiful ladies, all Japanese Kmhasay Says it was exceedingly much pleased time there and get great deal talk all about it from America. I am much oblige to you for the kindness you took charge of myseif all over la New York also one suet yankee cloth you presented to me, and I shall keep it in Japan, but occasionally I shall come to New york then I wear It from Japan, you Shall not forget me when I should come to New york hut 1 Shall not. In tbink of time your moutty*k S'vn>toj>oi all Japanese call you so I remember took Supper with you in dioinar whispered responses to the spirituil consolation of the priests The story that he addressed the spectators a short time be/ore his execution, declaring tils regret for his course, was concocted by the llondiiraii authorities, or, perhaps, was fabricated In Havana, where his name and deeds were held in such terror. There is not a word of truth in the statement. l.RTTKR FROM JAPANK.'R TOMMT IS AFRICA ? Mr. Warreu Leland. of the Metropolitan Hotel, New York, has received the following letter from Tommy, dated on board tbe Niagara, St. Paul de Loando : Mr Drah Sir?We arrived saftlv at this place on the C'.h Instant, after a passage of thirty-seven diys from Mew York, as there will be an opportunity of sending letters to ainerlca soon, I do myself tbe pleasure of writing to you and of giving to you some account of our voyage thus f<ir three thousand miles from New Yors to Portoyrande about twenty six days get in port to Port inn iiuc ni wiuirtl. The prints who bad accompanied the General now held a brief colloquy with biin, received hta confesaion, and adminiab red to him tbeiaataad rltea cf tbe Church, and retired A aection of four soldiera were then ordered to their poat, and talcing their poeltion within twenty pacea, the uaual military commanda were given, and tbe aoldiera took deliberate aim at the body of the gallant American, not a feature cf whoae face, not a fibre of wboae body betrayed tbe allghteat emotion of fear The command ,lflre" waa given, tbe volley diacbarged, and the General fell forward on Lia face. The body lay quivering in tbe agonies of death?the bu'ileta of hia executiouera bad pasted through hla be-il?when the aecond aection waa ordtred to Advance and tire another volley, which only mutilated the body, from wh'rh the life waa fa?t ebbing. Then a Ingle*/dier marched up to tbe body, and placed hia muaket witbln a few lncbea of the already dead man, and fired, horribly defacing hla countenance and blowing the head nearly from tbe body. Then the troopa were formed and proceeded at a lively atep, back to town, leaving the body of Gen. Walker where It had fallen. Here It waa taken charge of by the prieata who had attended him to the place of execution, and by two American citizena, whow namea are Corneliua Hooper and Orlando Grave*, and after being decently coffined was interred with the ceremoniea of tbe Catholic Cburch in a cemetery outaide of the town. During the whole time of the execution not a word eacaped General Walker, excent hia regard to General Walker. Among the native* there wai a general feeling of exultation at the downfall of the "terrible filibuster." The Americans and many of the foreigners, on the other band, manifested their decidra disgust for the sarritl"e of so brave and true a man by the half-breed rabble of this wretched apology for a State, which had to employ a British man of war to capture an invading force of 70 men. Even the British marines and sailors, though a reckless and desperate s?t of rogues and ruffians, were heartily ashamed of their snare in the capture of Walker. As the procession marched by the prison where the rest of Walker's men were confined, the doors and windows ofthe prison were completely closed. Arriving at an old ruined barracks or fort, about a quarter of a mile outside of the city, the troops were formed into three sides of a square, and the General was led forward and placed near an angle of the wull The crowd of people stood behind *U. IX # U' L Fall Accenat at the KirciliM ?f General Walker?by aa fcye W ltatn. The New OrlesM Delta of the 5th inat. says : i'reeral fdlse reports having been published respecting the rlrriiinstanre? of Gen. Walker's e?e; rutlon at Truxillo. we h^re a melancholy satisfacI tlon In bttng enabled, from the statement at mm eye witnfM. to flw an authentic and reliable narrative of the tranaactlvn Mr. Win. 9. Elton, an Intelligent young man, a native of Philadelphia, who has been for aorae time In the employ of Um Panama Railroad Company aa an engineer, happened to be in TrwxtUn whan General Walker and bis command weft brought bark to that place, and waa an attentive oboerrer of all that occurred Mr. Elton came

over from Truxillo in a schooner to Charleaton, and thence proceeded to Mobile with letter* from Col Rudlerto Mr Julius Hesse, of that place. Sir Elton was a friend of Gen Walker, and sympathized in bia cause, but waa not of his party lie witneaaed the execution of the General, of which he glvea in substance thia description : At the gate of tin Fort the General, having been led from his cell, was relieved of the heavy irons be had borne ever slice his surrender. He had on the clothe* which he had worn through the expedition A force of two hundred men with baronets received him at the fort He was placed between two priests with lighted candles, and the troops forming in column, the melancholy cortege proceeded to the place appointed for the truncal deed. The General's carriage waa erect ana rnoniw, mi expression calm and even muling, and bit whole air that of a man of earnest devotiou and conscious rectitude. The consolations of religion, which were whispered to him by the priests who accompanied htm on this bis last inarcb, were received and responded to by blm with fervid piety and Christian hopefulness. These responses.we are assured by our Informant, were all that proceeded from Lim during the march from the Fort to the scene of the execution. The military cortege was followed by a great crowd of people, aad a number of the sailors and marines of the British ship Icarus, wearing their side arms. As tLe procession pa Med the streets, the doors and windows were all filled with people, whose countenances, and now and then their language, Indicated their views and feellnn In 100 B'tck-middl* STELLA SHAWLS, just opened, ?nd rerj oke**-rw?*in* in rio?? fr?n ri" 'T*:53Ettl SB:. 00 4~6t *"> ttgrgnth ?t..?bonr> l*a.?Br. powar, ?n?TMftifl um of threiilarjuii Ujnf M s?wa, Saak mh! Moulding Machine, Ac. Apalj at Mou?t Yot?? Factory. ?*Hf . All aiQUB. A imn ?V?CK JUST OMIIW. G od f near 7 cents per pound. Ca'I at No. 094 7th street, between D and Louisiana av. oo 8-tf F. S. GAIfUER . Respectfully w.forin* the citizen* ofm^Lm B Washington that he ban taken the Drn* 1 1 A ami Prescription Store at the corner of Sizth/_ ir r_j ami G streets, where he will k?ep a wall *leeted and assorted stook of par* MEDICINE*, a-d CHEMICALS, tHI ANDARO FAMILY MEDICINES, TOILET ARTICLES, PERFUMEtt Y, A.a , Ac : and hopes, by careful attention to business, to obtain a fair Bhare of tke pablia patronage. N. B. Striot personal attention given to prescriptions. oo l~2w QLD RICH. MELLOW ^NDJUEB MONONGAHELA RYE WHISKEY, Conseienttoaalydiatillrd by Mr. Jamea Bnmside, of Allegany County, Penna., in the old-fashioned honest way, fron the choicest and moat carefully selected Uye, and in no easo ever offered for sale nntil adapud to wholesome nee by a?e It is at onee the most palatable, as it is emphatically on* of the pareat beverages in the reach of the puMio. To tha invalid as well as to those in kaalth?lt commends itself for its unrivalled tna'fttee as m stimulant of the safest, an/eat, and moat beoeftoect deaeription. and many of the moat distinguished Km ' aioiana ara using it in their praotiea with the pie*t remit* Agent for the Pros-lirtors. 991 Pa. av.t ae $? 6m opposite Willarda* Hotel. ? w DRESS GOODS. STINEMETZ'S, *VI^JLKK' 436 Pa. avenua, i JUtS. CT* rc 9 Near corner Thirteenth Ht. 2<)Q TAKE NOTICE. 290 Thomp?on'? onlohratnd Med'cin??? I.IFE PRES? RVl'.R and CORDIAL?for safe, wholesale and retul.liy 8. C FORD, Jr., Drucxiftt. oc 8-6t Corner Eleventh >t and Pa ay B. HALL WITH ISRAEL DKMING, Wholesale and Retail Dealer* in fine FAMILY GROCEHiK*. TEAS, WINES, and choice LImmotf <.r .u l;-j. * r?-1 ? *- - ^ ym (imei i *urvmnn partner. STOVE 9! STOVES.'! STOVES!'.! I have on hand a 'arge a*?ortinent of Cooking *ud other ^tovf*. which I will ?ell cheaper than other house in the District, a? it i* my <531 intention to cIofa them rnt. Cail and teo.jpBV and then Judje for jourso.vei. T C. SNYDFR. oc 9 Next door to tVe Star Office. TWOOD AND fOAL. HE Undersigned have thin day opened their n->w office south side of P^nn. avenue, |.?tween ."VI a^d 4'? ?treet?, where they aro prepared to sell all kind*of WOOD and COAL on very reasonable term*. Wood ?aw*d to any use and ?p!it,and delivered in any part of the city. oo !>-& SHERIFF A DAWSON. IM O W READY! LA^B8' JSs&lkL. CHILDREN'S FANCY FURS, In a 1 their varietiei ah ?ne aoove jimi received from the tnanufactn | rera, and for ?alo on accommodating terine. at the Hardware Store, Xo. 339 Pennsylvania Avenue, oppomto Brown'* Hotel. j. k shields, oc 10 3t Hardware Importer. INCOLN AND HAMLIN M KDALS, at Gf8SON'S, on Seventh at.. 1 j'? centa. oc 9-6t BELL AND EVERETT MKD?LS, at GIBBON'S, on Seventh atreet, for 12>? centa oc jMit Breckinridge ano lanf, mkiials, at Gl(ICON'S,on Seventh at., 12S cents. oc!M>t TVOTICE.?Bv reaaon of the death of George B. Lenman.of the firm of Lknman k Bkotiiik. it ha* lieconto n?c???arv to clone and nettle the t>u?ine?a of the late firm All person* are therefore r< qii-ti(??l to prearat to tht underaignod all their | claims againat naid firm, and nil persona iaWel>tc<j to tli* firm are riHiiieslwlto coma forward and aettl < the same without del*). JNO.T. l.KNMAN, Sporting Goods. Double and Single Guna, from j)8 to 425; Game Bag*, Powder Flank*, Shot Pouches. Shot Belt*, single Mi l double. Gon Nipples, Nipple \Trenche*. Cup Priruora, Gun Cleanera, Gnn Wad*, Ram Rod*. Kam Rod Screw*. Wad Cultera. 1L*0. Colt'e and AllriT* Revo vera. Smith A \V?unn'i Seven Shooter, Sharp's Breech-holding Piatnl, Pocket PiatnU, Kley's Caps. H ok?' Musket and Hat Caps, Pruanian and "G D" Capa. Smith A Wesson's Cartridge*, Parlor Pistil Cartridges. Dram Flasks. Powder and Shot. Pi?tol Balls, Ac. MT or WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. Carnal 77"... $200,000. Ofite corner C street and l,outsiana mr., over Rank of Wa*nintlon INSURE HOUSES AND OTHER PROPERTY" AGAINST LOSS BY FIRE. Dikkctoxy Geo. Shoemaker, Samuel Rrdfe. n, Samuel Croplejr, William Wi.aon, Kichanl Junes, John D Barclay, Jacob Gideon, Andrew Roth wail. Thou. Parker, Kiehard Bairj, B. B. French. No charge for Policies JAMES ADAMS, President. Ann. G. D* vm. Secretar*. were delighted with their reception In Baltimore, and they made special alluMon to the military, the Gilmor House, and the courteous manners *t the people. After leaving the Mayor's residence the party proceeded Immediately to the President-street Station, where tbev bid adieu to the Mayor and left for the city of Brotherly Love in a special train, provided by Mr. Crawford, agent of the road The baggage, filling about three express wagon*. was in charge of Mr. John McClintock, of the Baltimore and Oblo road. 1 here was a large crowd at the Philadelphia Station, who were In evident good bnmor upon getting a look at the heir apparent to the British throne Philadelphia, Oct. ft?The Prince of Wales arrived lierc this afternoon and was received by Mayor Henry In a very informal manner, conducted to his barouche and driven to the Continental Hotel. The streets are crowded to-night with people in search of election returns and the Prince. EMREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY v?-< v? Mipnor n? tucrcccui iiiipruvmirnii wnicu greeted the eye from many pol nt? of observation. To them it seemM to unlike the tattled appearance of the cities of the Old World a* to cause astonishment leaving the vicinity of Franklin auare, the party drew up at the residence of the ayor. A half hour was spent at the mansion, where a collation was partaken of and the visitors made to feel at home. Baron Renfrew at parting assured thf Mnor m HM nnir? tH?? > 0 U? Prlace af Wain la Baltlaaere?HI* ?? partare far Philadelphia. Tbe Baltimore American of thla morning an: At an early hour yesterday morning a conalaerable crowd of cittzrna assembled at Monument Square lor tha purraaaof gettiag a iaok at Baroa Renfrew and Iv distinguished aoea who aceom Kny him It Lad been currently rumered that e party woald leava tbe boM for the pnrpeac of eniovlas a Arlve thrao^h ti? m^i i >v ? n<? ?/-. lions ?f'the city, but nny of those who assetaMed wera disappointed, aa the partv caacludcd to remain in their very comfortable suite of rouM sad receive the aalls of some friends, who mad* their acquaintance In England Shortly after 10. Hon. Judge Marshall, of the Court of Common Plea* ; Hon Judge Krebs.of the City Circuit Court; Hon. Judge Martin, of the Superior Court; Hon. Judge Giles. of the U.S. District Court; and Hon. Judge Bond, of the Criminal Court, proceeded to the (j ilmor House and paid their res pre ta to the royal party. They expressed pleasure upon seeing the Baron and his friends in Baltimore, and hoped they were w?ll and would have an agreeabl" season while traveling through the country. They were affably received. At II o'clock the Baron, accompanied by Mayor Swann.the Duke of Newcastle and l.ord Lyons, occupied an elegant barouche of Mr. Tbos Winans, and. as the carriage fussed through the Square to Baltimore at . wis oudly cheered. The number of persons in the Squsre, nt a moderate estimate, could not have been less than four thousand, and not the slightest disorder occurred. The Baron expressed a particular desire tn. the Mayor to aee the cltv, as he had beard persons speak of the flne panoramic scenes which it presented; his wish was therefore complied with. The barouche passed along Baltimore street to Broadway, and thence to the elevated precinct near the Hospital, where the party stopped and viewed the river and bay. The route was continued to the southern and western sections of the city, and both the Baron and Duke repeatedly exnMaanrl ansnaU* ? * * ? a ISO D?rr?Ja Appiea. in prim* ord*r, ST*^* ' o<$s nmy U a?vd. <x Mt B^2/V222JStiBiTlS?J?ti?2r5 OlBBS'S Wig, Braid. *nd Curl MmfmlBn.til Pv avenn-, Bar UU at. ? >-? ^paw^aacra ocft-oo8t MAXWF.LLS .ltS Pa-ar. DORTO RICO SUGARS r a?d RIO COFFEE 20 hhrfs. Porto Rioo ud Cab* ???ers, past striotly prime, l&hhda. Porto Rioo Mtl English Ialaad Maliiu, fin t?*)r? White and Green Rio Coffea. J ust received anil for sale br kX MI MIDDLKTON ft BEAU*. 17 A LI- AND WINTER UNDERSHIRTS tod r DRAWER!*, Cm gentlemen,/oaths and bo??, or Silk, Flannel, Larobawool. Merino, Canton Flannel, Not, and Twilled Cotton. A large and oomplete stoek joat reoei vod at LANE'S Geatlemen'a Faraishia* Stora, aa?-ao>t 494 Pa. aww>,Mar?K ?t fil VkXSLffl?. between Pa. avenue and F at. oa > ?Ml* MISS WILLIAMS WILL GIVE* INSTRUCtjonn in Motie oa the Piaao to papila. at taair ova homes, or at Mrs. Waat'k, No. %*4 H atraat, between 6th and 7th. ao?,U* Apples-apples. flour. * . or S-oolm* Odd Pellowa' Hall Herman rPHOLSTERER, No 864 G str'ft, ntar Trttt <*r|r Dtrartmtmt, in cratefully acknowledging tue .ibaral patronage whioh ha? heretofore boen a pan nia HTo ta to ple?ee kia patrom, beta loava to inform the ei ijena of Washington a.&d beo'i?U**i tkat he ia now prepared to ftiecnte with naatneaaand diaaatoh a'l ord?i? in hiahnc fbo*ia*ea: aueh aa the sawing. Fitting and l.a*inr Dovo of new Caraeta, and the i ajinr I'oafi of old ?"arf?t?; the Bangmi of Cnrtaina; thi Covering < f Loanaea t*ofaa, Ac ; t*?e Manufacture or R enovalion of Mattraaeaa. Pil o va, Cuahion*. Ac. Mr Bl?c wo?!d alao aail e?p?cia; attenboa to hia Patented Carpet PtretaUer. whink envblea hiaa to rut down Carpeta with anpreoedeated atao?*k peaa and rapidity. ? ? eoiim* DIM RY GOODS-DRY GOODS! DRY GOODS-DRY GOODS! We hare now in atore a varv large and wall aa aorted took < f Dry Gooda, of overy kind aad eaali?t We ?ordiallj inrite all peraonain want of Dry Gooda to call and examine oar etook before aeakirg t eir purcbawa elaewhere. fcrtr; artieie will be aold at the loweat market price. WM. R. RILEY 4 BRO., Mo. 36 Central Morea, Between ith and *th atreote, oc 3 eolm Oppoeite Center Market. CenAXT* JOCV1N F1LS BR f.VETK8 a BOU I I.EVART MONTMARTRE, PARIo. XWdosen Pane Make JOU VIM'S KID GLOVES, IMPOBTID TO OI7B OU1I. la April laat wa cave aa order I to Jonvta'a ao e agent for tha United Statee) for 3u0 dozen of that very popnlar and renowned make of Kid Gtovee, for oar fall and winter aalea. T?e* hare inat arrived, and our cnatomera can now be aaMiied with all a see, ootora, ahadee, aad white or black, is iadiH* aad taati' >iiM. at TRIMMING*. BEAM DRKSSKS. tl.OAK& SI1AWI.S. EXTENSION ??KJRT8. CORHliTS of all *iim &inl prioea, a?*?1 a very large atock of EM BROIDERIES, Ac , Ac. 00 4 No 34 Market Space, bet. 7th ud tth *t*. 1NTKRIOR ADORNMENT. |gg PAPERHANGIXGS ?d WINDOW SHADES. New Fall etock of Paperhanging* from the rich and ornate to ths moit chMt* an I vtnitl? pattersa, appr prist* for parlor*, hall*, dining room*, chsrnSara and libraries Also, a cboice stock warranted Gold Band \N indow M>ade*. Imi'at on G?1? and coinm <n Shade*, Bull. Green and Bias Shale Hoi l%nd* Picture Cord and Ta*?el*, Crimoon. Soar let, Blue and Green color*, from photograph to portrait ?ixs Juat received at No 4S# Seventh st. tinier* for Paperhangiog* or Window Shade* faithful > exeou'otf in city or eonnt-v Satiaffcotios guarantied or no pay required. Plea?e give nae a call. Don't lor get the number. j. markriter. No. 486 Seventh at. d,?or? iKr?? W>.'U? mm ail * J I\ C\/ 1 t I The Comedian of the Aire, will eommeaee as Mm?mtntof T*6 t? Nubta on MONDAY, November 5th, and Will be fo'lowd bvthe m<>*t BRI LLI VjjfT STARS Ib theTlwilifcil Firmamert. []7" Communication* ir addreened to S W. Glbn*. "Old Bowery Theater," New York, will meet with prompt attention. M li-tf DOUGLAS AND JOHNSON MKDALS. at GIBSON'S, on Seventh liH cent*. oo9 6t nft. N OTIC h! N O T I C E!! 3S?5 Mr*. HKLLER Incite* the ladie* of^R[ Washington and vieinit* to her Grand Opening of Faahional. e FA LI. and WINTER HONNeTS, on Fridaj and Saturday, atn and 6th inatant, when he vi'l bo happy to have ladiea ouiae and ?iaai*e h'?r ?took of Good*. a* ?he hoe a very handeome ?tock of FEATHERS. FLOWERS. DtRM ORIGINAL YOUNG SCAMP, THREE COLORED SPOKT8! CONTENT rOR TlIK CHAMPIONSHIP And tvo CJiaraing M*'o 'iea ;u?t corapo.ed by Wx With?r?, GENTLE WO RDM, and It* SOMKONK GONE AWAY. QLD HIBERNIA IN THE FIELD AGAIN f The TWELFTH GRAND ASSKMBLV ?fth? HIBERNIA CLUB will h* |ir?i ?t H Thorn's Hall, 7th etreet. hetwwa D and E jn ta., on FRIDAY EVKNING, October mh.JB 18fo Ticket# 5) centa, admit1 ing a gentlemanUM^ and ladieg. oc9 3t* B NOTICE. Y A Requett of a groat many of oar lady frienJs, U.e FOI RTH GRAND CoTIL- JA LON ofthe FRIENDSHIP CM'B will take Jt Keat Stott * Hall.corner P? av?m>ea dJ^A at , on WEDN?*DAV EVKNING.Uflfc October 24th, 1M0 Particular* n future advertiaement. By order of the Committee. g?M>* WASHINGTON THKAIEI. Sola Leeaae and Manager S. W. Gluts. THIS ESTABLISHMENT Will o??n for the regular Fall and Winter Season on the night of THURSDAY. Novembu Is*. Kwitpu i ceuroo/^w Mr. L E*CO rT. the Original Old Dutch Gn'l, 9ig-GORINI. Baritone Extraordinary, Mr. W. WARRIE, Tenor of Cooper Oj?r?, Mr. W. PIERCE. Eocentno Di ine?tor, Mr MY ER9, Character Danoer a- 4 Imperacnator of the role Color* i Print Doom. OLE BULL MYERS, Etluopian Violin Obligate, GEORGE PERCIVAL, Conductor. WM. WITHERS*. Leader of Orcbeater. Tbe Conduct ?r Itega to Meure the publia that Tht Patnda doe* not nonn>n*eaCompa->jralaordiran; but i? made entuely from the Firat S'ar Artiatea of the firat places of Amuaetnenta in Naw York and Phi adelphia During font weeka most of the Artiatea have baea praaentad to the public of Baltimore, by the Conduotor, to honaea the eqaals la number vhtoh baa never before been known in that cur. Prarioaa to that time the Cot doctor refera the publie to the advertising column* of the "NewNork Herald." in proof or the aaaertion made abore. During the engagement in Waahingtontbafi'low mg Original Act* of Performance will beprodue d : GAY AND HAPPY! ORIGINAL WATKINS PARTY, ORIGINAL OLD Dl'TCH GENTLEMAN, nR K.IV * I UII i X- u?oi OUT MVMlVWIViT VI O* PERCIYAlJft PAGODA, After a lone inion of the moat an?x?mpled immm in Baltimore, op?n* at 04d Fehowi' Htll for the occasion enumerated above, only and Boat positively. Mi? FANNY FORREST. Qeeea of Melody, Mm A. WALBY. Daaseuee Extraordinary. Mm A. LAMEROUX, Graoe Brilliant, LA PKTITK LOUISE. Faronta de Duof. Mr H Wlinn >h. u:u _ __ (LrWe take gTeat pleaaure la flrlag for Qm flrat tine la thla country, a wy eplondld paaaaga from Joel Barlew'a celebrated " tiiiia / C+lmmbm>." % poena which the author, after tta publication, elaborated aad Iwtd under'the title of *T*? C?1 ymbted " He kladled. aaw all thla, aad more, tar ><* , Majatfte bear* la* ea Heaperla a a bore' Lfl ! from the Dim Whll ??! MVa aria* la Kraerful colwi>aa to tbaladlan aklea! The laili* ChW-nrwt Mtait'i nobleat child, Wan<Uring at will the favaat nadeilad !? Thlaka Ula tabacco an tba Earth'a rreaa and, The sweeteat ?ttl baa Man I ton?hie God' Smile not la acorn 'till tbou tta pleaauraa know, For oft It llghtena many an III below ! Nor to Heeperia'a abore tbe sift confined I.o' Raleigh come*, and wafte to all aaanklad1 Vet aball the I*mt ita brighWet wreath eoaaiaad, At Inat, upon ita threat, ita Natal I,and : Yea. are Tobacco aweeteet in tba Wat! I<o! Billllonts nileon "Condwtn'i Fakat Pnwl: ' Great Goodwin, takee from all tbe glorlooa prlie, Bteat bj tbe Farth. and lanreletf by tba aklea' AMUSEMENTS. QDD FELLOWS' HALL! wedne^;d mkY-ANI> 8ATURDAV*APTB?HOON. a nirrccrn vo* 1 i I Ml MM nWIHWW"" n at J ft, tad M NHautw *? . Nl Ma E. QWK^ksL^ii^MCHAhf ZAJLORM* 819 Pm^ivhm. k?t? just op#dm Uvr^ , 23E?s? friMdc Md OOD! nw H woo #? fipw Mi UNDUH6 WOOD, !&>???? QOUOM6, COLiJ*. HO^ &?KN KM, *?. S3 """TrPgsy&fc'Si gJ N?T,cJTlW&TOtV^? Tb? followin* u a oorroct list of (hi wtolM who p*r the bin pnoM of. tad mn r??i?iMaV. W.C3&>IM<r" NVMtOtil^ m uvtl A Bru.. * HtiM,Jto* : ?SSK;?c^ masa. <L 1 ao&MXWWP Ov toors touth of ffcjlT, ? K?rt?r'a o)d stood. ftm , ? ^^rss^Sj-JTSKfc W Fried o^tar* ? Woohi m?oolmm kooteuoo* row: UN tfttrd oa?h ; aid the tnMm ia . It ?4 M ?o*U? vi it in tor a*. Daod |irM mmi ft dead ftnMttaftao to a**ura tftadaferroti pmrm awta. 11 ooavojft<.caa ftt tfta aaraftaaf'a ?ud If Uo taenia of aftla ftra not ooropli?>d with vithia t ?ft? a* til* tnatM raa?TTM th? right to rooall. ftt par?hftft~ ot'a ?oat ?o* rtak. aft** 1 waofc'a pah'ir notiea. -nuJOF FO? STAMPING A PACKET OF PAPBB. N AND ENVELOPES (NO TO MATCH. riiAR?r "**" MlMlNvL METROPOLITAN p ^BOOKSTORE. PULP k BOLOMONB. Jjt+il fm iMtnmtft ?f*i??arf Lmm Pdoar^ U ID* OOrMT Of a*?o|4 Street MlU Also, two tvo itnrr Bnok Hohm, ntiata< it UmioBOwr. t.ppoeite t*e N??y V ar4 u4 tha lot* oa wfcioh taoj a lend. being part lo's Noe. m, T* aai 71, fro .tic* on WnehinirtoE street, a ear MoaJ*#. >?'?at. ob WwtUw>T roBd. Terma On* third awl>; balance in t. ? u|1> month*, for antes bearing igUmt from obj oMb A daM tivaa Bad B deed ot Mat taken. Ti|M* >..ipaiii e. m mmd> Oct d Br A. GIKKN, A?tioi??rW?^ rp RUSTMt*S SALB OP VALl'ABLSJM>'* A. un iitwiid Iith aii Ora in. uImb 1'in>. ii ui i, Wuiimtoi nrr - an 81 He of a deed o! Uu?t ( oia Joerph Cernlaer.WSl ar is, 1*M, buy rteord'd in Liner J. A B , Nik lioe 17, A<v. ,.( tn* i*nd reourda i'f Wuh.ijK ooantv, P O . I sha):, Bt the reqneet of the qw^f Bad holr.or o4 the not* therein eeoereC, oa TtHM- * BAY.the 16th dap of Ootoher n?*t, Bt 4 o'oioaE f. p., oa tho eremites. ceil, at pablie aaotioa. tBe Mowion 'Blwable pr'.p#rt?,vr eo mech Bad M*h ra vt* the^et^r m mat or aaaaaaarw, Til: Lot* Nob. I B. ? 6, 7. 8, 1 \ 13. U, IS, M. 17, 1?, in 8?B*r* No. mi nouM riMU. eoBfnuBf? irekoiM CumIIu Japoniooa oI nMrlf 100 vtriMM of the beet kinds known, To??ther with ioai? new tod rare tvkUm of Inn tod other Pot Piante, oe*?t ' J. c. M^GUIRE k co-AwoU. Br A. GREEN Auctioneer. Building lots in the city and two Hnvin a.kv Lore m Ukioktoww a* Arm oh. On FRIDAY, the 12th imt&nt I ah*! sell, met A aetion Room?,?orDeroft*ereaUi ?nd D Hi INI, at 4 <> e <?ok. the fo!l<rw?r earned aroporty, ni: Lot No t, la JV??are mt of uara No. W ; Lot No. I, in &4?*re! The first uaad lot front* tf foot lnehea mm north O, Ntwn And 21 at a'reeta west, aad 1]B fe-t aeoe. The other lot IWrnU 44 foot ?a eoefh *. LjBwhi, VIMIIN, UHU'IMi r*fUMi Berefe*. Gmfbun* tod C?Ji?oaa, T?bi? i.taaaa. Brown ud V* kit* Bkaaftaca. Dru a, CunbrtM, ? WmIm, 6tell* u4 otfcar Bkawla, )&&ltt3Esatz*s+^ flMnwla of all kind* *r d daacr.aUona. Ho?i?n, Glovaa and RihtDda, LiOM. I narrahiru ud Draws, Collan, WooIm Cioiki, Hoodiud Bwift, Mill, Cottona tad 8heetiafa> :in Cartelna, Brooatoli?. Ao. A large assortment of Milliavr/ Ooodt, ,'imWooIw Backets, ftsrr-vdt. A a. I'rtMk tad Kiiluk Clotka.CtMiaww Mi VntTo*?u?ar vitk a (M?n! tMnrtnmt of aa?k suaily keat ia a ratul IKr tt-.oda Bit*. The sals win haooutiuued from tor todar Hlu th? entire (took ia diapoaed ol Tarma eaak. CLKARY A GREEN, AMU. FUTURE DATS Br i. C. McGl'IRK A CO.. AaotioBMra. f^HOICR LOT OP GREEN HOUSE at Acctiow.?oa TMl'RPDA Y APilP NOO.N.Oatobar lltk. at? o'oloek, at tka A a* t o* M ooaa^wt stall sail ia Iota to aeit,*ekewa iota Toilrtt s*u. liatr ud Hu?* hattraaaaaV Irca Ba^at*ad,fij*a!rior and Chanbar Btom, Cook IRf 0tOTM. K'*?h?n Fn*-nitara, Ookiii L'taaaUa, Aa. c w ?OTKLKR * SOW. A?ta. By clearv * GREEN. Aaotioaaara. Auction balk of btoci qijw Goom, 4c.?Ob fill'IDlrlipBlvIlll, October 6th. eoniiMDeinc at id o'eleafc, wa jri l M.I, at public auction. the aatira stock of Drt Ooo<l?, Jto., of K fi Maddox. Kai .at Naa SOL uuUi aide Panaaylrania avaaaa, liHf ? ? ? Pth atrnela, aoBpruing? ina Dreaa t*Lka. Jlobea, Brwltaala, THIS AFTERNOON k TO-MORROW By C. W. BOTKLKR 4 SONft, A.oUomih lobar nth. onnMneiof at 10 o'elaak, wa ehall eaj) ?t No. 41# ? xth street. 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