Newspaper of Evening Star, 12 Ekim 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 12 Ekim 1860 Page 1
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mrnxm ?toT - ??????????????????????????? . ? " V2t. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. FRIDAY. OCTOBER 12. 1860. Nu. 2.887. THE EVENING STAR is PUBLISHED EVERY AFTBRIfOOPf, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED.) AT THE STAR BUILDINGS, Comtr of P*nn*ylvan%a avenus and llxA it., ?T W. D. WILLACD. Pftpara mrr?4 In |4oki|M by oarrlera at 4 ft f Mir. or 37 omta par month. To Mil rabaoribm tit* prioft it f3JO a y?*r, w Qtvntt; $2 for ais H'Dtha; ?1 for thr?? montha; ?b<1 for 1m> than thiM QODtha at the rate of ttoenta ft n*k. 3iu*le oopiM, oni oairr; in vrftppera, two cnn. H^AtrntiiniHTiaMild baiaattotktolH betore 12 o'eiook m; other viae they My lot ftppear aatil the n??t day. The Lm ( the C*aaai|ht Mr H Whlttell, of New York, paaeengw In w.r vunniu^ut, iuiunun iuv ivuvwiii^ *micujcui u to tde low of that line steamship : Passing the circumstances of the voyage from 6alway, which port we lrft at 6 p m of the 25th ult until about o p m of Saturday, the 5th inet . he says While heading westwardly, the wind blowings northerly g*le, the ahlp began to rail to the larboard with a lingular motion, going for down and keeping that way for a long time,which caused a>mc alarm. Mean time the captain waa heard giving order* about atevrlng, manning the pumpe Ac Firemen under the lee of the paddle bo* w-re ohterved whispering, and there were other manifestations thet something waa not right Considerable water waa observed through the KrattBff.^The anglne soon after stopped for a M while. After strenuuns exertions by Cap* l.eitch and crew, the ahlp righted and the wheels com_ inenced turning, when the passenger* became more composed. The aea was rough, tbewiad blowing what sailors call an ordinary full gale mum* ut im puvagen luroea iSyDuipauraa reitlni night. 8r>d*T, 8 a. m ?Tbe sb'p beg*n to roll again with that sttggy motion similar to tbe tvening previous. The captain and crew could neither tack nor vmr tbe ship Soon after tbe engine stopped, and ateam could not b? raited in tbe boiicra. Tbe ?hip rolled frightfully to tbe larboard, and tbe pumps were manned, and gangs of men commenced balling with buckets At lu o'clock It was reported that tbe water was not gaining, but, on the contrary, that tbe pump* and boilers were gaining on tbe leik, and If tbe wind would stiff_n we would reach Boston that ul^b*. Hot these hopes were soon changed to extreme terror, when the word was puased round, in low tnwes, " The ship is on fire!'' accompanied by the smelt of burning wood The Are appeared between tbe decks Gangs wert- immediately formed, with pumfsand bucketa, to extinguish the dimes, Liking the water froin tbe se.i and passing ilia bucket*. As the fire gained the sailers began to Blacken work, all eytsstariug around the borlxon in hopes to see some meani of safety. Several reports of a vessel in sight w re made, but at last we discovered a sail to the northward, and soon after another to the westward. both very low down; but It became plain at one o'clock that both were j ssftrng im, and the vessel steering north had three masts, and the one west only two. II> ans?n fnnni) nnt tKst fKa um? ? ??? ??? ?*?**.i **u |ji?;a^t white- the other still nsared without tbowia^ any sign ttut t'ue noticed us, which kept us in ex-I traae anxiety and doubt until she bore directly for us, evidently showing that she observed the steamer s !l >g* of distress,which had been hoisted slue* midday. We then commenced to steer away and launch boats, which was a verydiAcult job, the ship lying almost on her side in a trough of these* By this time the Are had cut off all communications with the saloons The first quarter beat lowered was struck by the counter and lost, which caused hesitation about launching the otb?rs But the worst of. our fears was that supposing the boats should ride the sea. which then showed signs of moderating, whether we could s^Xelr launch and fill them with passengers Then was no chance of remaining but a abort um? on board, the are making such progress The IliaM were momentarily expected to bunt out and aweep the deck*, the tlrr guifi having given up ail hope* of extinguishing th?tn. but continuing to apply wet blanket*. Ac. Tbe aide of tb? ?alp w?? then ?o bot that when the rolled it would oiss and make steam of the sex water The gallant little Yankee brig sailed alongside and hove to. see rig our deplorable situation, and aiowing evt-ry ?ign of anxiety for ns; but we be gsnto think it would b? impossible to stow all our number on board, she looked so small. We liave Since ascertained tbat she was only 1^0 tuns burden. Capt Leitch made all haste to get as Into the boats, which was extremely difficult, bei lag lowered one by one with ropes Capt. Leitch Mood by all tbe time, commencing with the An .Wllil... W..* ? *? wvuicn h? vuuuiru, wu? wuu ail IUT CACHlClil tbat could be made when the sun went down only about bad beeu got oa bojrd tbe brig Capt Wiuon, of tbe brig, Mid " This Is a horrible att?ir, to art the sua going down and so mauy people vrt on board, the wreck aettUng do*a and burning up. I will do all in my power to mw ih>-m " several of the boats' crew oa reaching tbe brig refaaed to return, when Capt W. uuoniU "I will go almost alongatde, and take a hawser on board and then you will be in It tile or do danger, 1 moat get every oue from tbe wreck." Thia be did which had the effect of giving confidence, and by great exertion, all were got on board the brig t>y 11 o'clock p. m. i Captain l<e.tcb and hia llrat officer remained ov board until almost surrounded wltb fl^me. and1 until every aoui waa saved Captain Wilaju than A. weat alongaide to beg bim to come away. The " flames were shooting up the masts, throwing a "i1 strong at.d melancholy litfht over the sea. Capt-j I L, readied tbe brig at midnight. Scarcely a pu/fe eel of baggage waa aaved. the trunks and evea' money of tbe cabt n paasengera being left below la tfe* conf'ialon and alarm which called them ou **"Meck in tbe morning; afiar which commanlcation ?hi cut off by the water and fldiiMM * Mt vv nipple speaks iu the blght^t U-rir.?, at do I*. ibe pesaengers, of the energy ud kindrieas ot , ? m| W i aon. of the brig MlnnieSchlff-r He wai *^fW& Mnlaga. for Boston,with a cargo of fruit. Thi Co<dcct or Capt. Lkitlh fcSf-rtlUiice. the f>areot of dlaclpline,waanevt>r heroically manifested th in opon thia tryiug , n^iion Ca.'i I.eit u coui.Tene.d^d at a glance it ntent of the disaster, and the only means of i**4b/ing tbe live* of ttioae entrusted to his care Instead >t contending against the flames alone, as ^ wit the case on board the ill-fated Austria, he fr-lxed tUe proper time U> lower and man the boats, white by tb? force of htscalm example- beqn'eted tL* fears of bis people, and inspired Lb officers nd crew in tbe discharge of tbeirduty. ^ Mot a blunder of Importance occurred la any of M his arrangements to prevent the disaster tecwning a tragedy. Discipline, organized by a msster m od. under the protection of Providence, saved over 690 lives. All honor to the gallant caf tain, bis oilicers and crew, and to tbe nan-n vprt fr%9 I tbeir ready obedience. Although every one must regret the Iom of such a splendid veaael, yet tbe conduct of tboee who controlled her diariplinr will be an example worthy of imitation under aim liar clrcuinatauce*. Should this be the cum, her luea rosy yet prove a gain to humanity. 'A 9 hope oar whole community will take con*! Jeral on the destitute condition of the pajaenger*, and auba ribe lil*?-ally for their relief Let :ta alko call attention to tbe conduct of Cap! W ilton, of the kril Minnie JiobltfVr. II* aiw a Lip In dlatreaa, Md did not pause to lnqalra the expense of relie?tng her. but like a true sailor cimr to her relief. Ttie British Government, always prompt to recOijuiie ihe aid to their countrymen, wilt doubtleaa do what I* light by him and hia ownera, while oar own ntiaeaa will honor birn for hia skill aad humanity. * Tub Bug Misxik ScHirrim The trig Minnie Schiller, the fortunate veaael which fiturd the paaaeugera and crew of the Con naught, la a amtll veaael, of only 1W tuna register. belongs to S hifter k. brothers, of this city, and la commanded by Capt. Wllaon Kverv lacb of standing room upon her decks and in ber cabin waa crowded by the reecued paaaengera, some of them beln^ obliged to seek a resting place hj on t ip*, ?uu c?cu ujwii luc lurr^iK ailtt QOWTiie boato or tba Connau^bt were aUo tekm ta low, and theae ware alao filled with p&attr.jert wM could not flad atandlng room 1 aside of in? briit'a bulwark* The ladles and children writ placed ta tbe rabln, until tbla part of tb? vessel waa tilled, and than prortaton was caade for ttteoi aa far as poa-itle upon tbe quarter-deck, awnings being erected to (belter tbew. In tbla crowded stats of the vom it wu Willi the greatest dtfluiitjf that tue crew could obUln tbe uec?-s*ary room to work tbe <blp, and it may be considered a.most m raculous that sbe waa enabled to guke the port of Boston In Safety A Melascmult Caai or SeiciDi ? An inoneat wu held by Coroner tkhirmer, on the body of Mr*. Matilda Man. a German woman. JO year* of ge, who committed suicide by taking poison Deceased. w bo had been married a bent 5 months, waa tbe wife uf a young butcher. who Is now pn traied on a bed <>f sickoesi. nnd baa been tout con Ined fur a term of wrcks in codsmuidct of hli 111 b?aith mid Iuablllty to Ub?r, Marx and bia youatf wife became reduced to tbe Tefge of iUrvaU >a. Hn awrrowi aud ?uf-rin^? proved to beiYUv upon tba mind cf Mra Marx that lb* vru Impelled to tmnluto bar eriateoee Accordingly - went to a palnt-ahop In 4tti HtraM,D?ar where aae 11 Tin, ibu (mruini quamxiy 01 eocft-roacR powder. eaa.pcaed at a?aenlc and acitate?f eoppar, lad deliberately wallowed Iba mixture In a i Sao: bier at water tfba th^a informed her buataad wLH ski? u*d door, and tald toe expectad to E* aoaa Mtrx Uaa Mid, that owing to Lis M Svkn#? Sbe aaw nothing hut poverty audpflva. ZL, brfo#^ tUem, *ud nkher than Me Ulm ioUer. ^mnd '*s utiabio ? r < !??? UU ?u fferli g?,aha ptofa red ? 11 die At tbta aououncerooat a phyaloUn waa iui &. but Ua did till too labto r?de, neriaiaaat ralkef la tba aufarar The Jury TKchaart-S tba 2?"tW MtZtt by tuiciUa from lUUg polaon.-tf. y *jt\ ^ .fTv* ?w . ** ' * A t taeaa la New Y?rk. Paul Morphy and Louts Paulsen may b? teen often at the Club; and although en? of them, at leaat, is very eager to encounter bia rival, the rroaperta of a matrb are becoming quite dubioua. t la to be regretted A aeriea of open and even game*, duly carried out by aucb adept* m Paulatn and Morpby, would certainly prove htgbly interesting to amateura generally, would lift out one or two of the most Important openings?the Evana'a gambit, for instance, and revive the cause of chess, which of late has b*-en rather drooping. When they first met at the tournament in 1S?57, Paulsen displayed a power of analysis and skill which waa so much the more aurpriiing that he poaa?-ased scarcely an v book knowledge, had never encountered a single first-class player, and waa lis II ? -111 1 4. a A. _ _ 1 _ II .. nwrany vunura 10 invert n?iriy an me movei and detent?* which hi* more learn? d opponents bad gathered from chew treat!*?*. Hence hla slow play and close game And yet he not only took the second pr!xe, but made a bolder (tana, per* haps, thsn any or the celebrities who played with Morpbv in Kurope. Since, Paulaen hat devoted much time to books, end may be aald to be now both skillful and erudite; be plays boldly, rapidly, and openly. It is reasonable to Infer that if when left to his own resource*, be proved himself such an able competitor, at present be would be no unworthy antagonist to Morphy. It was In tb? expectation of a match encounter that tbe following letter was fcent by Paulsen : New Yoke, Oct. 3.186i). To Paul Morphy Etq?Dear Hir : In tbe hope of promoting tbe cause of chess, permit me to invite you to a friendly contest over the board on tLe following terms: A match even, consisting of open games; or, to make It more definite, a match or six K van's tram bits, each player to conduct three times the attack and three tiims tbe defense, and of twelve gambits on the king's side, attack and defence to be played alternately by each player throughout the match lam aware that you bave declined playing with our most prominent chess-players except at the odds of tbe pawn und move A llow me. In reply, tr express the opinion that the odds of the nawn and move Is doubtful advantage, while It invariably and necessarily reaulta In a kind of mongrel game, never advancing the cause of chess. and rarely proving interesting to the great majority of amateurs. Of your high and justly acquired reputation aa a chess-player makes It a matter of necessity on your part never to meet an adversary without im- j posing the coadltloi of receiviug odd, 1 beg leave to suggest an advantage which, without marring the beauties of our nol>le fcama, may still prove a?-c?pt*ble to you, viz: I suall receive ss many games ont of the match as, In your opinion,would make the chant es of wlnnftig the match perfectly even, or yield your opponent an advantage equal to the pawn ana move In the sincere hope that you will accept the invitation and favor me with a reply, I remain,Ac., Louis Paclsi*. This challenge Morphy declined to accept, sa\lag that he had not come North to play cheea, and Wuuld cnlv encounter Paulsen at odds, and in an occasional game at the Club There ate other reasons Morphy truly says that he does not make of cheat a profession, but simply a pastime; and if, because he Was SO fortunate n? nnf.irt,.n?t? as to obtain great proficiency at the game, be mutt be made to pl*y noUns roltnt athomeandabMed, dow and at all tiroes, life la not worth a farthing to him He once entered the lists to ascertain what stand he could m.^ke against first-rate players He met them all?with one celebrated exceptioncame off victorious here end elsewhere; and now that bin opinion is made up on the subject, be wishes to leave chess where It belongs, and to devote himself to the practise of bis profession I To refuse to play on even terms with any player la a privilege generally claimed bv all successful j champions who stana first and foremost in the world of cbeaa.?.V. Y Tribune. A Meeting ef '-Reaghs " M. R. de Trobrlant. the spiritual feullleston is of the Cvurier dee Etats Untv gives a graphic description in his last "Croniqne de New York," of two noU-d pugilists as they appeared to him on th? Fashion Course, Tuesday week After de tailing the events of the trot between Planet and Coog?ree, says: "The most amusing thing that 1 nMi.ul .1 P - i .?.ht uaj wuiuc acciuenai uitning I of Heenan and Morriaaey on tbe track, each mrvin^ la the other's sphere, that they might not ceem to shun she cot Sequence*. It was tbe first time I nw ttie*>- heroes of the ring, and aaa gnat majority of my reader* know tbeui only by tu*?ir portrait*, a description of them will not be Inopportune. Heenan la physically a man to be ad ilred His lofty height isof magnificent proportions, and ke sustains it with an wtay grace that eotitlr-a him to diatinctlon His feature* are slmi1 r to the photographs of him. auve that th? limiting of the noae. consequent on hi* pugilistic encounters. rfinalii? more apparent than in the picture* He waa dreaaed with care?nothing whatever in hla toilet betraying the 'fancy ?in a word, from bead to foot, be had the air and address of a gentleman of prepoaaeMing character. Morrtaaey wears ait-i^e'.her another aspect. and it doe* uot requi e a very scrutinizing glance to discover in bliu the prize tighter In height he la more aquat than Heenan. and in hia appearance la I*** careful lilt clothe*, lnatead of being black and adjusted 11 kr bia rival's, were grey and very I lA^aa U i. /.U ? a * ? - * ?> ini irii u? uaa 1 U<Ill 1U IDC CTOWil that seemed quite characteristic Morrissey's 1 llgure has something of the bull do/ In It, and bis thick black whiskers tended on tbis occasion to make him appear slightly "crow " When he perceived Heenan he seemed to be discussing mentally what be bad best do?then, with as Indifferent as air as be could command by a studied movement, be approached and stopped a moment In front of hiin The two bruisers mutually regarded e*rb other, without apparent provocation, but without the least tign of uneasiness. each keeping his ground, morally and Physically. We were just above them on the juages' stand, and these around us watched them with the most ilvely interest 'If they should bit one another!' somebody said, with more ardor for sport than philanthropy. But they would not strike. "Morrissey con'inned his stroll, pissing very ear to lleenan, wuo did uot in the least change 'his listless attitude A moment after, doubtless not to be wanting In Dnllt*iieu it K?i " > torn to approach Morraaev, he did ao, without aflecUtlon, but nut unintentionally. He atepp*d a abort distance from hint, hit arm renting on the %bouider of a friend?and it was then that a bright ldei occurred to Morrlaaey. Crossing tbe apace which separated them, be requested a light of bla cigar from tbe very peraon on whom Heenan waa leaning, who, during the operation budged riot from tbe line he occspied. Tbla waa the alient termination to this little comedy, which concoaled, perbapa, under the moat inaocent exterior, ail tbe elementa of a real drama I owe tbia jualice to the artora, that tbev both performed their parta admirably, and?a thing that la not al way a aeen at the tbe ltre?that they were able to produce a thrilling effect by means the moat simple." QjT Last Sunday evening there waa quite a scene in the Methodist Church at Slxteeuth and Coatea streets, which church, by the way, is commonly known aa the eel pot. It is thus termed from tbe manner la which the old stags of the eoveoant get mixed up with the beat looking 5Iris who 'come forward to tbe auxlous seat" IIP1 BtT t-Kj> Llmi* of uthi oilLr>nn?li?nr a# tK* an** ?n ? r??* ? P?1" rit -' la oae of the front pew*, while tbe congregation was assembling. w a titUe, drlrdup looking Geriuau One of tbe brethren happened to r? him, aod a moment afterward Kipped up the alale to where the Dutchman aat "There la a rerjr disagreeable odor about here," nid tbe brother, "what can it be?'? I '* You!'' tbe Dutrhmau replied, unhesitatingly, ' dat lah my veer" 4 Your feet!?then why don't you retire from the church, and not mingle with gentlemea? The odor from your feet ia very offenai ve." I " Ah," responded tbe little Hebrew, "you ought to well em la a small room veil 1 sbweats mooch!" . fille In auch an accomplishment, as Baron Posapolln* would say, "Is a vlr;ue somewhat rarePkiU. paptr. J?7" Bad news comes from the Grand Trunk Railway of Canada. It does not pay eipensrs nor employe** For a small population like that of the British Provinces this work is too vast, and it is reasonable to suppose must subside Into mors moderate proportions. The principal amount of stock is owned in England, and the directors there bare bad tb? management of the comnanv>> alTiira la their own tand?, so If rellrf.? neededfta aire the alakln* concera from utter destruction, Engllah capital tat* moat be anp?aled to. Canada baa no more credit or capital to be jeoparded in the austrutat'oB of aucb a gtjf*ntlc, couaumlng monopoly; ami tba people will atand firm la re iatiu every attempt, It la thought, to tax the Canada people any farther la aapport of tbe concern. Cy Tbe Pruvlncetown Banner aaya the whole front ?f tb*t town preaeata tbe appearaaoe of t bdng ahiagUd qt?t wttb codfiato. ' * HU Disho*X*t Clui?Hxt Arrest and Recovery / Stolen Go.ds ?Since the loth of September Benjamin Brooks, a genteel appearing young man has been employed as clerk in the store of A. T. Stewart* Co., Broadway. After hlaengagement, various articles of dry goods were mlaaed by Mr. Stewart, and susDiclon was directed toward* young Brooks. On Monday evening Mr Stewart, and his agent communicated wltb Captain Walling on the aubject of the losses, which resulted In the matter being placed In the handa of Detectives Bennett and MacDougall. who accordingly proceed'd to the boarding house of young Bro k , Bridge atreet, Brooklyn, and too* him Into cuttody On searching the prisoner'a trunks and bureau, the officer found nearly 8100 worth of gooda, stolen from Mr Stewart They also recovered quantities of silks, hosiery, corsets, and other goods, to the amount of 3400, which proved to have tn-en purloined from the store of Mr. Thomas Tate, corner of Canal and Green streets. wuoiv uiwii uiu umi previously employed lor 14 months The accused confessed to committing the larcenies, aud attributed his present misfortune to the exacting demands of a young woman of bis acquaintance. The prisoner was taken to Police Headquarter*, and subsequently arraigned before Justice Kellv at the Tombs, and committed for examination. The delinquent Is respectably connected, and his friends are already Interceding in bis behalf?A'. Y Erprtst. Dkatb or a Consul ? Anecdote of Mr. Clay ? Advices have been received In Salem of the death of John ft. Williams, Esq , U. S Commercial Agent at l.evuka. Feejee Islands, and forine-lv i onsul at?Bay of Islands, New Zealand. lie died of dysentery at his Consnlaie on tbe 10th of June. Mr. Williams was a son of the late Capt Israel Williams of Salem, and was about 49 years old. He has been absent s.>me sixteen years, but whs at huine on a short visit about six years ago When he 11 rst obtained the Consulate, application was made to Mr Clay to use his intere t iti behalf of Mr. W. Tbe great statesman inquired where the 11 tee was for which a consulate was desired, protasting that Lis geographical knowledge was at fault and needed brushing up; and. upon being informed, humorously replied, "Oh, there will be no trouble; Mr Williams can have it; nobody eiae win want to there; that Is where they eat i>*ople Isn't It?" Mr. Williams leares uianv friei ds and old acquaintances ia Salem to rejjnt hl? death. Black* and Mulattos*.?According to tfae census of 1?3<'I, '2,U57 ?w7 of the^la*fs of toe United State* were black, or of African descent, and 246,656 were mulattoes. The inulatfoes in the UniW-d States sre about one-eighth as nnmerous as the blanks?the free mulsttoes are more than half the number of tLe free blacks, whilst the slave mulattoes are only about one-twelfth of ti:e slave blacks, whilst nearly half of tbe colored people !a the non-slaveholding States are mulattoes. In (ihin an/1 iKo Tas?I*a?J<^ l.?? ? ? ??? I Ai - .I.IIIWI i? iucic arc ujurc lUUiillUKI than blacks. A WHS. WIMLOW, N Kxp?Ti#n ed NarMind Fem*i? Fnraioltz, PtmadU to the attention of mothers, tier SOOTHING SYRUP, Wmr CUKm Teething, VUU (rtul; hCiiiUlM t?? fr??? af Watkinf, k? mI)m ;n| lk? fMua, liateilf til MUMIlM-will llUf ALL r Al? u>? *p?*madie icuw.ud l* SUKS TO RKG ULATE THE BOWELS. Oiptu* ip?< u, B*th*r?, It will gi?* rot i* yiuHlfn, u4 RELIEF AND HEALTH TO YOUR INFANTS W* kara pat mp ml *ald iht* articlt (or a?ar un y*Tt mil COnriOINCB AMD T1UIM of It, ?Ut wa bm?? ?*?*r kito akia ta. uj af aujr ?Tmi M.Jiciof? *i?a? I SIHS. hii it A IIK?LI "" Iwn.l |.WI. ,T1,C, T? racT A C V a I ,IWIJw?IaV W I *,hau tiaialy a**d. *>irdi4 w* knawl si|itT?i| *" il?uoc? tl dxaaii.f.ctiac ky U./I au* ?h? u*?d it. Ol th* e?-itr*ry,allar*[ SVIl^f, daliftuad with it* riH*Tio*i, uid! l-r"? In tirroa ?f kifhaat c*uiui*nd>UM / IU at* itaj tiaeu ud tn*dtcal t:rt?*?. W ; *** la .kit matlar what VI DO nw," a/i*rtan jaar*'aipanaaea, and riiDul mn rbpi'taTIOK l?l THB rCLFILMIKT Of WHAT VI H?BB D?cuaa. in almaal a?*ry inatatic** tn infant la Hilar? * fr?a pa'a and aihaoauofe, raliaf will ka fovud utifuta I ?t twaQtj m.uaia* aftar tka ajrap la aonimttiril Thi* *alii?bla praparatiau la tha praacriptiM af ana af tka M iiMimciD wit narcL acuta t.. m? Iu4, udku kits Hil with mru riama ivccbm fa THOUSANDS Oh CASKS. It Ml ami? ?tUa?at tin ehllJ frara p*ir>, kit Inaifarttaa tfc* iU? tch and fcavtlt, cantata teidliy, tad fivaa iwi ui tatrgy ta 'Jn tytttir. It will tltiMi tntumly re'.itft 3*ip:na in tus Bowils and Wind Colic, tadavtreamt tt triiilki ( mtdiad ?nd in dtttli. W?; : nth* ???T AID lUIIIT IIM-j rOK ! *|T u, u>t WOULD Id til etui ?r DTf-j CHlLi>KKN | -lJ mib ??A 15 CMIL-) XKETHINM r'>". :.?tw it trlttt frtui ttathiagj ll-w froci tu? otatr ( ? . Wi ?aulrtauf i* tttrj ir.atiitr who hat efilld i*( Itrxnt fram tnj of tl.t fjr?K?!r g complaiolt ? DO NOT I. El toi'k r* nniiii, top tm I ruutoicii or oTfix ui d bt'.wttn yntt .wSirinf clilj Mid iht rti.if U:*t will it ISII-Jll.iltOLl'Tll.T (Ull?: folio* lit utt #; ti> mtdlelnt, if urrtiy ait J. P*!l direction ir ii!a( Till > ta?raj?y t?eh bottit. Neat giuair, aclot Chi f?t aiu.Ut COATlt ft i'KRK.'NS.Ntw V.-tk, ,tan thi aauid* vrtpya vid ty Draff lata UKvurbua, tfat wtr. J. Pf.nei|.?i Oftr.a, N?. II Ctdar Strati, H. T. Frill tnlrM ('tntt utr Bctlit at ll-tllal? TKOYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. HK Next l>rftwirij oi tho Koja: lla.vs.ra LpttAry, ouniluuto-1 by tli? Sp.m.ihIi Government, urnlt r trio iupflrvuioa of the Captain Gonerai or Cuba., ill take p!ae* at Havana or. KATOROAY, OcioBZk 90, 149). SOKTBO NVMXRO CM ORDINAUIO. CAPITAL FU17.K 3100,000. I an** tl00,ftj0 SO prison ut tU** I do ? fio.Oui W) do sm 1 do - 30,000 123 do ?ui 1 do 50,000 30 apprux. IjOO 1 do IN ALL J8S PHIZES. Whole Tiofcaw,, $ 10? Uuartera, $9. frizes twahed at tic hi at 5 p?r oer.t. diaoount. Rilla on * 11 rilvant - ? ..... M .... ?Y> ?VM* W?Uka K??vu ?% |MM A drawing wi.l fce forwarded u kiod tu the reaiUt becomes known. All order* for eohemea or tiokfrU u> he addreued to 1XJ.N KODK16UKZ, oe 3-tr C?reofCitr I'oat. Chari?aton. &.C. Furniture W areroonis. WALL & liARNARD . n _ are now receiving, on oonsiguraent. lVI -j^B^jat their vVtr<r?omi. corner of C I ^ 1 Ninth atroeta, (in the rear of their Auction rooms.) a v*r? large and rrneril a?snrt msnt of F U H MTU R F., C A H PKTS, an.l HOlHK KtKPINti GOODS gru<*ra!l?, which tlioy invite the attention of persona fu isishmg to oxamine bofore pu'uhaiiug?anting wUioh n>av be found : Parlor Suits, in Hrooatelle, Reps and Hair Cloth, Mahogany and Walnut Sous, Tate-a, teles, ai.d Parlor Etir Chairs Mahogany and Walnut Ma-bl*to? and other Tablee, la great . ariety Marb'e-top Oak painted Cottage Feta Walnut and Msiiogany Marble top plain and other Bureau a Cane and Wood Mat Rocker, Dining, Office and other Chairs Handsome (Jilt and Mahogany Looking 0 awes Mahogany and Walnut Cottage and other Bedateads Cabinets. Etageres, Whatnots and Desk a Brasse s, S ply, Ingrain and other Carpets; Oiloloihs Marble top, Walnut, Mahogany andjothar \Va?btla -di and Sinki Hair, Shook, and Hhock and Cotton Mattraaiaa With a cm! variety of other rood* not here iuaa tioned, whioh will ba *old very low. WALIi i HARNARO, Auctioneer*. soath eide of A*et>a*, ?a ? eolm oorner Pa av. aad 9th street. N o T_I C I wish all gentlemen /"^ to bear in mind that tha plan whiob I y?ar? Aco. of soiling ^ l,?' * BO0T8 at icr<atly re nnrTtT!; f(ir,<?M'1 ia lM UOOe?8fuI SKL ? f r?Cr>\?<l* full tupplr ol the latest ??ffH?? SSo'iVfir-wite ?at!?3; lid I am constantly suppuej w?ha vVA IwMkrf those ftne DRhlSS BOOT?at f3 T^whf"h I fcave been selling for many years?as well as the ver* l>est ouaJ ty of Patent Leather (iAITKKri it J Fine French Ca oZ,. f?.Ai VHASV?8** Terms o*?h ; no extra charge in order to offset bad debts ANTHONY, Agent for the Manufacturers, Seventh etroet, second hat store from the oorter. opposite Avenue Uoum, No. *40. ?e 14 3m FOR STAMPING ? A PACKET OF PAPER, 1 iia and bnvklopbb NO to match, CHARGE) metropolitan ^bookstore. ph1lp ft solomons, Aunts f?r Lmurcnce't fUbrattd Linm Paper*, "M*trq?oUt*n Hills" tc , ft. " ?? 'y Sa>j *t.. h?* ltti ?t?. Yqjl oan buy a l.i. kini>8 ok okntv undrjctiammknth?ttfc?p^o.l?.' clotli10k stof., no. 4m t*v?ath au, ofpoiitf pom uf1 ^ M 9-im "1 taij < **. ' v? i vvi ..* ? EDUCATIONAL. ACADEMY OF MODERN LANQAUA0E8, /11. I WjiiHl.xOTOS BCILIUS?,* P? 4?*?u?, Corner if Stvtntk Street. Put ate Instructions tn French anr Sr anuh. DAY AND EVENING < LASSES A M. Di MONtI/i^y!Profeuor of Modern Lmcuum ami Literature. hat the honor to announce that he will resume hit Cla**at and Private treason* on Wednesday next, the 19th of Searein ber, in the above Acad<*mv. He i* prepared alto to five, in achoola and private families, a Conrae of .eoture upon tha French Literature. from the Earliest Formation of the Language to the Prasn.t Time. For terma and further particulars Inanire at the AoM?my. where Prof. De Monthurrv will he in attendance daily from 9 to 11 a. m and from 5 to p. in. ?e l?-lm T female education. HOSE Parent' who wish thoir daughters to receive thorough and systematic education, where their phuioal Uaimng wi i receive daily and special attention, under the most approved system of Calmtheiac< am! Gymnastics, are respectfully invited to visit the Union Female Aoadciny, corner Fourteenth st. and N?w York av mk. 4. mrs. z. richards. au 30-tf Principals. 17EMAI.E BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL, f Ai.EXAXliKIA. YA. Mrs. S. J. MoCORMIOK t? , The thirteenth annual ?e?ion of this inktitution will oointnenoe on Tuesday, 8?ptember 18th, in the house recently occupied b) Syive.ter Hoott, F.*q , No. ISO King street. 'J'ho course of study pursued will ooinpri e all the brai ches requisite to a thoiough Kuklish Edu cation, aud Muno, F.enoh, Latin and Drawing, il daairM. n addition to day scholar*. Mr*. McCormiek is prepared to receive a limited number of pupils as boarders, who. constituting a pari of her own family, will lie ui.der her immediate ear* and supervision. t*he will emit avor. a* far ax possible, to *urround them with the comforts and kindly iuduences of Home. kej<renc?%.? Rev. Oeo H. Norton, Rov. D . Klias Harrison. Rev. f> F. Sprigg, VViiliam H Fowle, Ksq., F.dtar Snowden, fc,sq . LUiuurtd K Witiii?r, Ksq., Ilenrjr Marhury, Ksq , Luwis MoK?*i.a e, Ksq , Robert H. Hunton, Li?q . \V lJ vVallach, fcjitor F.veninr Star, Benjamin Waters, K*q.,Jas. F.ntwisle, Jr., Ksq ,Col. John W.Minor, Loudoun, Messrs. Hlaoklock it Marshall, Messrs Corse Brothers. m U 1 KK Mil Board, with Tuition in all the English Branches, for iha annual session?payable seini-annuail), in advance Mume and Language* at Professors' prices No extra charges. au 2ft-tf ryjETROPOLlTA^.C^LEEGIATE LNbl'lPOR YOUNG LADIKJ, 464 E St., Bitwiin 6th and 7th Sts. The fourth annual session of the Institute will ooininence on the first MONDAY in s*epteinb-r. Application* should t>? made t?arljr, aa ti e number of pupils is limits. For particulars see oirculars or apply to the principals, Mr. and Mrs. T. H. HA VkViVkR. at thu lnntitiit? ?s Q - an v? \f RS. M K KINGSFORD S SEMINARY, 1T| 414 E9T.. WA?HI??TO5, IJ. C. The next Motion will oommenoeOctober 1st, I860. Terms. to., forwarded on application. an 16 tf \f RS. A. E.BELL'S SEMINARY," I * Corner of L and Ttntk itt., Wa -ningIon city. The next session of thia school will comrnenoe September 3d, I860. The yout g ladirt* of the Ir.stltution are particularly requested to l>e punctual in attendance at the opening or school, and all others who wish to beoonie member* of the same to make early application, aa the number of pupil* will be limited. Terms, kc., given on application, au 2.^(13:A cotOct 15* T WESTERN ACADEMY. H R Exercise* of thi* school, under the charge of Dr S. L Loom ij, and the Primary Do part me nt ond?r Mis* Axsm E Pucx.will be resumed Sod txrnher&l. Circulars can be obtained at the boot stored. <lnt.) au 17-eo2in WOOD AND COAL. JMPORTANT TO HOUSEKEKPF.R8! THE PIONEER SAW HILL AID FIREWOOD FACTORY, (ttioff-or THI DLVK FLAO Staff,> Itith of the Caaal, near Ttb street Bridge, Will furnish, at tho shortest notioe, FIREWOOD, T H K R K ST UIUI ITV Or Any Kind, Cm* Split to any Dini'-nsions. CHEAPER THAN THE CHEAPEST With full measurement fuaanlioJ Romemhar, Tur Blu? F(,ao Staff, west ?cf<of Seventh Bt-eet, south of thss Cat al, ami opposite tin Ceritor Market. GCOROE PAGE, Agent. irr HICKORY ANDOAK PI.AN'K or TIM i ULR of am si?" or dins*:isiouit>HAU'KO, POSTS or JOIfSTS RIPPhL, or LOOS SAW ED, at the huitokt no tic 4 CI7" Smafl jolui of ULACKSMtTHINU proinptIjr fXPcriU?Hi, m aDov? 27-i q q q~q~f; VIVlOir FIRE WCOD IILL, ( trier el &?vral^ end r'nil, WOOD of kiad, irinufaoturei t<- nrJeT,nj length or 12.0, rfr; i a*. COAL ir.ii.. ; We have n.-won hand ? lie*. 'a! I i of COAL, Iwth Red and White Ash du.uvnts v Wear; now, and wli b' reo?* virjc C^a' for the next ten day*, whior we ? ii, de. vored from 1 tiio vei>iiel,at ? reduction ^f?5 lur.ts p?r ton. Send your c rdors earlr. MoKN'E'.V * MAR LOW, Proprietors, so 27-tf Corner Seveuth st. *nd WOOD AND COAL Delivered to ail parte :f the oity, ?.t the low?*i paaaible rat 3. T J. A W. M. vJALT, Office ?a. ?v., between 11th anil 13th aU . ma 17 tf north eiqe. POAL! CJAL!! O WOOD! WOOD!! I am daily rooeivin* la.-ge rnippl ee of COAL from 1 the very boat Pennsylvania mines, wliiih I will sell i at reasoiab e p ices Al*o, the bent qu&litt of Oak. Pine and Hickory WOOD.cutanH ?plir,allleugth?. Gall and leave your order*. R. W. BAI ES, Wood and Coal Dealer. 17 (Stat9*> Cor. C and 14th ata.. near Canal OFFICE OF INSPECTOR AND SEALER OF GAR METERS, W"l?HII?#TOH, July It, 1360. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN. That,a<re? ?bly to the provisions of the oidiuanoe of the Corporation approved May i|. th? undersigned 1* now prepared, "whenever required in writuif, and on pre payment of the fe* of fifty oenU, to l^spcct, ex&min , teet, prove, and ajoertain the aoouraoy of 1 registration of any gas meter in use in this eity." Every mater, if found inoorreot, will be eondemnrd, ' ua another, acaled and marked u true, will be eetmi?? piaoe. If proved to b? accurate in ita mMiur..;biDt will be aeaied accordingly, I and a*ain put in Doaltioe for as*. _ ., ? , Office No 410 t<?v?n'.h street,(near Odd Fellow*' hall > Osenfrom 8 a. m, ?u 5 p. m. , OHARl.ES W. CUNNINGHAM, Jr IS tf laapeotor and Staler of tfaa Meters. PILOTS' NOTICE.-To all Captains and ovron of Veaaelt, bound to the Diatriet of Columbia. notice ie hereby iiv?n,. that PtJot4 may be found at all tirade a| George'* I* land, at the inouth of sft. Mary's river, aad near Pmey Print, and that it la not n<p*eaary ' to take Virginia Pilota from their boat#, when the 1 vessel i# bound to Georgetown or Washington eity. aa Maryland PiL>t? can be foaod of at leant equal akill find reliabilitr. an li-oodSw* QHAKLi* A. 8lLLFKilViTOH ^ \ 346 Ptnn, Avtn**^*tar Stvmtk Streft Entire attention |Uten to the Repairing cf Chr# . nometera, Duplex aS Lover Waietiea, lino Jtv , Clooka, Ac. Also, to the Engra?i"? of In- |7U nUtiun,_W*d Jing, Vuiiioc ?nd ProfMaioaaj^flflt j t LOUR ^aW ?GEliERA L COM MISSION j MERCHANTS, A nd vholMAie daalrra in _ MTU fRSOj CORl* MEAL. * corner or 12th and U ?treeU, Washington oitr, f Lr* Oath paid for all kind* of Orai?. an 1ft-Am H_ w. ba?U.*on rjUNT? , and i DEALER LN FAINT#. ?| No. 6S9 7th STiut, mv Odd PtUnt*' Hall. i ant-tf )>UTTV~is DOWN i QOU0H6, COLDS. HOARSENESS, U COMPOUND Jib? 0^ GUM ARABIC Tiki* pl?a?*nt and pupate' C. ugn haa l>*aa to l?u< known and ?ztcnat??ly u*ed, th\t ?iu*t #?r? na h?v# itaoom* (hint iar ?ritn ita M'rao dita- < r? < die*. *. L oan b* had at all ta? ?m.o pai d.u* McfMU2fctu4MoaaU?lM?Uie. ?Uum,wW I i ? > vii | ,*m ? tf W? GEORGETOWN ADVERT MTS JU9T RECEIVED10 hhj?. prim* Porto Rioo SUGARS, m>M>i?.?.ld Ry* WUI-KY, i? bt>i. H KR RING *nd ALETVIVES. 4* hh a. rushed and R?fin -d -UGARs. SO h??s Rio ?cd J?\-?C()KFEK, 10 hhds.i kw prioe ! i MULA^KS. Fornaleh* JOfl.N J BOOTH. " ee 10 |^kam>i;ll. optician, V A'c. ia& iT-Uft 11., trwimiw. He.* ooMi&nt: r on uand & iarjs aseorUnoat of PrenohNear r.fbtod. P*ri?c<??io, r>rtl - r~*^fi f> aL otlier SPECTACLES, oi*_^ tti* t*** ? J* lty. in ji.ul. til v?r. ?tw?and Germ*., ilver N B. Old 1 >uim Repair** n? a?v ( iiiM sit ii thaui to orvler. so If-1? \1AS*EY. COLLINS * CO*SPHlLADELIM PHI A DRAUGHT AuE.-Weveoont.tMUj receiving freeh cu?ph<?# ofth? ahove dolijhlfn, beyeraie, and lavite ail pereona who want a pure anaduiterated Ala. to five it a trial. ARNV * 8H1NN, Afanu. f? ? IT Rron ?t.. A*<>rr#tn*a JOS. K BIRCH, undertaker, Cur. Ertige and Jtfmon ill., (rrorttiown. Having river, my persona. attention lo lni? i>aach cf iuj Inn ins**, 1 am prepaied tu^. jg ~--j5 ativuu Hiautw.ia wihi> pn Peraon* from % diatan^e oan be sappiied at i *?w miiiet**' notice, ae 1 i-ar? % largr aaaortnient of C??KKINt* ? vtti on hard. Particular attention paid to tht> removal of the d?ad from th*otd to Uie new burial groanUa. Heeraea and Hoi for hire. at HMta FOR SALE AND RENT. FOR ? * LF?A FA R M ocktaimnc lrP aer*a, ait unt-?d 6 mil** from Georgetown, in Mo l(i>n e r* oounty. M l. Fifty lores art m a hichaut* of ouitlvatio*; twenty fi?*e acr?a iri wo ?d. Tatreiaa awaii log iionae, a' aiieua, oorn kou*e < n it. A ppl* orchnr'i a'id aoqie praoiioa. aprin au a well ?>f wat-?i at th^ooor; bamg perft-otij n althy. pi?aae n quir* o B * K N A K U A BLTCK V, A uoii >i,eera, No. 114 Brid|f?? atree', Geor(eto\rn, or W a LL ft B A R N AKD. Wa?htncton. n*H-Hilin |^OR HALE?A aiuall lARM vf9f aorea, a. mated 1 at the Little Faiia, havina a oomfortabiedwellinr-honae, cm h<ro??, atah!<??* Ac; we!l-fei.oed and watered; within losr milaa of Waehincton ; IS aorta in anltivation, the balance in haudaome woodt i - ? ? lane, ? ta pe^u lar.y ue?irat>ie as a country rer d?no?, being porft-cihr h?a>thy and most roiuanUoally situated; oxo- outtahirj and Luutmc Inquire of Mr. MARRIOTT, bridge keeper, Chain liMiire, K?'i, d?7 tawtf fcj^OK RK\T?Three liRICK HOl>fc&-on? on F Twelfth ?tr?et, U-tween C and l);uue on the corner of Twelfth ami I! at*.; and o-ie on H, fcetWiH-n 12th and 13th at*. Inquire of JAMK? W (1ARKKK. or. H atreet. hetwaeu 11th and 12th, No. 4'25. ma an tf I?OK RKNT -The FIRsT FLUOR oTthe buna iok ur.rned:a!'"y opp?> -;te the weat wic* of the City Ha'., receut!* oocnpied by Chan. **. Wnlluli aa an Also the front room in the ??c-ouO aiory and the third floor of the nune txnidinx. For term* apply to RICHARD WAL.LACH.Nv>. S Louisiana avocn#. ja 13 tf DR. J II. McLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL AMD BLOOD PIRIFifcK THE GREATEST REMEDY ? tke WORLD, anH tlm mt?# tVegctacorad by tilt dirUiltlioA of r?J, n?rb?, D| and btrkt. Ytilow Bf ifi B;rl, tod Dtn'dtlun ^ ?otrr? Uila iu coin Sa-M If y The ?-tir? ?eti?? jT-r Ej/ c sssvss . ;mU More takiag. dUtiMinr, producing t tfriieiin, cihiUrelinf ?p4rtt, *?d tlx inw i-ftilibl* rf rai't.T lot rn.ovHtii.g th? ditenva iyitem. iu? the ?ick, >&U?rii.g, it J dcbiltuud iu health ?nd ?tt?n*lh Me LEAK'S STR E XGTH E A' I A'tf CORDIAL Will fffcctanlly cure Liver CunpUiut, Dyap*p?i?, J?anriicC.CbrttuiC or NftTOt* Debility, L>it*?te? of tb* Kidneys, ?nd *11 iritm; Iron a ditorOcred Liver or Sioiracli. l)??p-oii?. Heartt?rn. Inward Filet. A<*idii? ?i Ki'knu *r the Htomacli, Pnilne** of B!jo<1 to the H*au, Doll Pain or Kwimriinjf la the Head, *lipiixliun ot the Heart, Pnllae** or to the Stu.nach. Soar Erudition*, Choking or Sutfi>c ?ung Perlinj ? h*n dowu, Dryneaa or Y elioWnee* of the Skin and Eye*, Nijfht 8w*?ta, Inward Penri, Ptta in the Small of (ho Back. Cheat, or Side, Kuduan Kiuah-i of Heal, Prpre?*ion of Spirit*, Prifhtfal Drtaois, Languor, De^pon-leuCy or aav nervon* di*e\*e, Sore* or ou ih* Bkiu. ei.d Pttrtr *ud Ague (or Chili* and fiur.) OVER A MILLTOX BOTTLES baee bttn aolJ during the laet M mouth*, and in no iullintl ha* it failed in ri'inj enure lafirtnn W > e. th*n, will *o(T*r from W taknata or Debility when MrLlANH STRENGTHENING CORDIAL wall care yon i No language caa conrrjr au idea of the imiaedi '.* and alnioat ?mr tcolou* change piodneed by t*kir.? tint Cardial in the dir*<*ed, debilitate 1, and (haltered oere.iu* y*t*m, whether token down by eicew, weak by OHtBre, or unpaired by *ickne*a,th* related and anetiaug oigauiixtioii i* restorej tj it* pruiiu* health aud eigor MAllliJED PERSOSS, or oilier*, cotiericua of luabilitr fr?m wfciteter rauae, will find MCLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL a thorungh regenerator of the eyetem; and all who inny line* in |nr*d ll.*.n*el?e* by improper iudnlgeuce* will and in tbia Cordial a certain and tpeedy remedy. TO THK LADIES MCLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL i* a .overnrn and epeedy core for Incipient C?i.?ii"puoa, Wkiici, OBatrccted or Diffca l Mei truaCion.Jnconi bene* of_Ut ine or inroiButarjr macnu-ge mereut, railing- ol tne * enb, iddmeea, Fainting, ana all dieeaere iuiilwi to Pennies. THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT Safer no leader. Take it aceordiuf to direruoua It will unalata, t'.reufrthen, an<l taaigor^t* yom aad eara? im bloom ol health to monnt your cheek afaia. Kverjr b*tll* i* warranted to fi?e aauafaCUon. JVR CHILDREN. Ifyour children are atckijr, put or afflicted, MCLEAN'S COHDIaL will n.ake iheni haalthy, fat, and rufcu?'_ lieliy not a moment, Uj it, and yon will be convinced It la itlioioua CA UTION. Beware of drufgute or dealera who may try to p<'a on you aome bitter or aaraaparilla tr??h, which they c.a bay cocm, iv kajtlrn ti ii.n m a*o?isucd aim ah for SlcLfcAN'S VtRENGTKENINC. CORDIAL, and uk? nothing et?e It it the only remedy that will rurify the Blood tnor<iBfhlT tnd ?t the Mine ttuie etreuftheu the i??ltiu Out teatponaiful taken every uiorninf faitiiif is a certain preventive (or Ctultn, CbiHi and Fever, Yellow Fever, or uir prevalent OMtate. It is rat cp Id Urge battles. 1-rice only (I per bottle, or i bottle* for |i. }. II McLEAN, Bole proprietor of thu Cordial; ?Uo, McLean's Vulcanic Oil Liniment Principal Depot ou the corner of Third and Pine streets, St. Louie, Mo. McLean'* Volcanic Oil Liniment, (THE BEST LINIMENT IN THE WORLD ) Tb? only safe and tirtain cur* for Cancers, Piles, Tumors, Bvellni(i asd Bronchi>e or Court, Paralvtie, Neur?lfia, WiakL'11 of ibe Muscles, Chronic or lnlamniatory Kheunatitin, 8.i9net? of the Jouits,Contracted Muscles or LifaneuU, Earache or Toothache, Bruises, Ppraiut, Presh L'ots, Wounds, Ulcers, Fever Sores, Caked Breast, ti>r? Nipples, Burns, Scalds, Sore Throat, or u; mlimailioo or Cm, no difference hov severe or lonr trie diveate m?y ve elisle4, M< LEAN'S CELEBRATED LINIMENT is i certain remedy. Thousands of human teinrs have been saved a lift of dit crtpitadt and misery by the us* tnvelnablt remedy. McLEAN'S VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Will relieve pain almost iuetaati neuatly, and it will clean, purify and heal tbt foulest tortt in an u.creuiblt siiort unit. FOH HORSES AND OTHEK ANIMALS. McLEAN'S CELEBRATED LINIMENT u me only safe id reliablt teuedy fur till cure of Spavin, R nrbo**, wmdfal'a, Bp'lnu, I unaior?I Lump*, isodaa or vtiunjra It u???r fiUcd to care Bif H??d, Pollatll, Fiaista, Old Hgnnlitf Borca, or Ivhi;, if projp?rly nppiifd K?t ipriuaa, Brains, Serai *?, Craekad Hnl<, Cufti, lil!dlt ?r Collar balla, Cuta, 8or?a, or Wuuuda, ii M an luhllikli remedy. Apply 11 aa dirt cud aud a care ta carta a u ?>irj oaiaaee Tkl. A _ fk* man. I i n ?u uiui uu iuii w e ? au m ? / wviuwvh mm <bvi ifirtdutN Ohim? ? ?uppl? of Da McLCiNt CLLCBRAT&D LINIMENT. It ?<(l cur. yam. J. H. McLEAN, Bot? Proprietor, Conir Third ud Pint all-, Hi. Lmu, No. CHARLES 9TOTT, 375 Pi-?*-, wit arcot in Witlui,?. Ion; K. 8. T C18SEL, Otory?t?wa. .?K DtWI? WATCHREDING A^ILVER WARE I hare one of the beit e*tal>!i?h>nMit?. and furnished with a complete ?et of tooU for repatr JP?. in* every d'*oiiption of fia* Watchaa, and ffxj particular attention give to the mm,hjr -4m|C t oruufh coini>et?ut Vuik man .and a work (uirti - tied Al o, evury dencrip ion of standard SILVER WARE, p'ain ?n?l ornamental. manuftictu txi und? r my own upervimon, which ruy cuilomtri will had far tuperior in quality ami finiah ?o northern ware sold by Jealera in irenerai aud re?r. ?i:to.i a* their awn niaaufaotare. II. O HOOD, ? < 33* Pa. avnue. n?r 9th ?t. N MERCHANT TATf OHIJfO. EW PALL, STYLES a? CLOTHS, CASSIMRRS.^U VESTISSS. WALL. STEPHENS A CO., 3*9 I'.on.yIrama Avenue, have ju?t received a iarze ra-i?t\ of ?>w Fall Good*, to wbioh tney lavite lite attention af their frienrl* and rwatomera. an art tf rp BALZAC'S NEW NOVKL, W,'ll,'BlWcK?n'i,-i,VfrV *' * ?*r?rwr KUvonth . ?? < l?* l>? FOK 8ALE.-A hu of CO?CM HOKSKS. joun* u?4 int.*.. id for ?o Unit, tWrv . ?"h 'ifflPMaSroSs.istelas EttvauissTeee^behmeadswi M ?-tf ? - 1 THE WEEKLY 8TAR ?? - Tfcla tKMitoat Family Nm Jomr?1 iw Iuuk ? tr?Mw ranaty of l?w??m ratdiag th*c oil bo tbnd la My oU*r-* pabUMotf o? Bisgia ot>ry, r* ftuaa. ??91 ? !lfe=====JS wftioJt'uMj'n?i?r*aati?a ol a "IMS!!: i.Tl? b. KfN trad in par oo?t. rfTW jrUlbo r?d. It iLvar.ably oont?ln? tfco _?aafrtattoa Naw?" that t.aa dm* tktk^mmt 9*** atroaJata ao ranarally throac boat tM ooantry. sS^SftKSf8"5? ILrPMtnuttri wbo ut M ifnti *ill H li lowed a sonuBiMtot of* MU. MEDICINES. aver's sarsaparilla la a oonoantratad axtraot of Kara Sar*a?vrt a. a* <K>mbt*i?*l with Mk?r nf ill |tMt?r t f t iv#ro*ef aa to afford au tf ot'T* antldou tor tha d.? a??a Sar?a?art .a ta rapat*4 to aara. T* - ?r too* wko aat far from Stramoaa ootapiaista, aod taat oh wki?b win aooomailab Xhwr oar- anil jro?? of mra?a*a aarrica to thia large of oar a filiate* fellow eMii*n*. II<>w romp etely th:i o.maoaad will do it hai prove* by MMrimi nt oo mbi of Uta wot at oufi to kt loand la U* foll??ii| oomP Scr'* u'.a and Scrofaioaa Complaint*. Equation a an.1 Kruptire I i?aa*a?, l/loera Pimalaa. HUUae*. Tu*nor?, t Rbeun, S?a< H--ad . a*-J **\phi ilia AIT <?ti<>?. Veraarial Pieeaea. JV.p.t. Veuia'g.a or Tic Doaloarwax. Debility. D>apep a,?iu<l .i.4i|?*tioit, h naipataa, Koee or 81 Al thong's Fir*, ml. iod?e<i, ib? wb >le ela<a of ao?r piainta artaing front lopurity of the Biood. 1 hia oompmud will b? : ua1 a great promoter of health. whan taka i in th? apnag. to aiaoi tba foat bunion wh'oh lacier ir tba b imm) at taat aaaaon or tba m?, B? tba tia?j expainoa of tbaan miu ra k!m? di*o-iier? are ijieae-J m t?-e bad MaitTtaUea r?n. I y tfce ai > of tFia rem?dy, *aara the* _ 1 i * ' f rt " ika aan A mm mm. . .*? ' " 1 ? ?? ? ? ? ? ? -* > !?? ii wiu iiiv wautti ??iuo ??i i >?i rmpnuni ?lic MI aernua aor??, through which tk? will ?tr * t > r:d ita* f of oormpUon* -fH"t t*?i?*?d to do tkia through tl atotal oba:.t.?l? of th* b?<<l l.? mi ?'Untive medioi'.*. Cimr.Mont th? \U>?t*d Mood whenever )?> had tU mpuriUes i>arstoa? Uiroaili Um attn Hi sni p >* . ertpiou*, or or*/-; ?uw it ? hen i>\> fit d it i* obstructed \n<J nrrifth tit th? t in?: ck&n>? tt wh?n?v ' it i? fog' adyourf**!- Mk iiiks wrl t?! *mu when liven where do parUoviar diiotdw ii Ml ^wl? (n)?r litiUr hr* Ui ud Iit* ontsr, lor ei<-ao?inf tb hood. Km the blood h-al h?. and a 1 ii w?-L; hut with Una aabalum of if* diio dW, iki'K can be no lutiui urtltk, ?*oouer or ntn lontfUl^ matt go wrong, Md to* irMt n.aohiue y < f lif- . d<a ordered or owtk'owr. Ii on k I a* *?*ar? the pa' lie hare boon n i?>ed by !l'l? bottiec pr?t*u irg t<< fire a quart of Extract ot ra-??pan a for one d >!<a'. Moitot theae ha?? l?>?n frauds epoit Ilia tick, for tkf| not ou< oniuii }*ar?apan la, but o/Un uoou'ative ^n|. ertiea whatever. Hence. bitter and paiL^p. disappointment l>a? followed the u?e of the vanoa eafaet. of !-a'?at>arlla which f!o?iO the market, antil the name itaelf ta )? .* ueeritort, and baa bcccn* avnour mout of imposition and cheat. mill we caM tl.u oomfoand Ha**paii,!a. a- d tat?nd to aapoly auoh r*m*<ir a? aha.) tanae the name f'ou. (m load iifoUnoj wmoh reat* upon it. And we think d for belle' in*It h?a *<r4a** Whioh ar? irresistible by the ordinary ran of tA* diaeaaea it is intended to our* Prepare by Dr. j. C. AVER A CO.. Unwell Mass. Prioe 91 for bottle; aix bottle* in one paok ace f5. ae IS eclm Helmbold'i Genuine Preparation. * HIGHLY CONCENTRATED" ?X>M POUND Fl-l'ifi EXTRACT BUCHU A ii -a . 1 r - w a ? frunuTitnu ^p?j:no rraroi or Dicti<'? u( the MuADDER, KIDNEYS. RAVEL. and L) RrPSl C A L 8 W E LLIN tt fc. This Mrdioiu* ino ?a?e* the ?ov?r at Di**?ti. t, and xoiImi the ABM)*BKNT> itfo kwltti uun.i.* whic. D.e WATERY OR CA|jCER(M? dxpoiilu.n*. and all UNN A IT R AI ENLARGE MENT3 are iMteM, aa vail aa PAIN and INHELM BO LIPS KiTRA^T^CHIJ^ Ariatng from f.iotMN, Habtu oI !>.? . i*1.01 Kari j Tndiasretion or Abaaa. AttmuUd wuk 8w??ia?>lndinpocition to Exertion, I ,o?i of Povar* ttS11 Horror ol WUMmh, pii?.n?i? of Viuoa, Fvc in 0.e Bio*. pKEfLVv-Nfe'ifflftie These ay mptoina, if tllnwod to ??> OB, wtiiofc Una n?eiieLii? ic viwri?"lv rvrooT**, eoor fnllnwe IMPOTKSCT. fatuity, k pile/tic fits. Ill Ojrm or Which the hat tinM. Who oftn f9t tMt th?)? tre i.. 't ir -? L-?Lt ? fi vT*C by tboa* "DlRF.h L'L fcltfi;A "INSANITY ANI) CONSarWPTION. Mvn? mrm ???(* of the cau?? o? tWr anffanac. BUT SOy K WiLL CONFESS. THK RhCt>RL?SOF THK INCaNKaMVLCMS An-i tkr Mrlnmc*oJt Otaikt by Omaayftw /letr a.inp> witue?a to the truth of the twaVoo. HK ^lLrll^T!ON ONcE AKFp?B> II I I n VTbAftntNl R?4iir*a tii# aid of ni*dieine t?> ?tr?crtlicc And Invtjrorat- th? "yftov, WAuA taKLMBoLD'a FXTP act BLCHL w??rv mkiy dtti TB1AL WILLOOMT/!(i4 ml VOtT IIKFT1C41 . FEMA1FS-PKMALE8-FK MALES. old or yoiyu. sinvlk, hahk1kd, on vontkmplatinv markugk IN MANY AFFECTIONS PECULIAR TO FEMALES, tbe *xtr?ct Uurho it ei>?^uCUd by any oih?r wpiflj.M ia Chi >rona or KMnttoa Irrtfi iriti. Paitim^MM. 'ir Ai^raMOi of Cot tomaryi.vac. %!:ons, U'rtrtlad or Soirrboaa atAta of tii<? Ut:-rua, Leucorrheft or Whitt-n, <t?rillitf , and for al eoiPflalnta moide?t to th* ? hethar ariiinx from InrUaorMlon, H&oita ol Pi?ifHoiu or in DECLINE OR CHANGE OF LIFE. ?BB YMPTOIM ABOVE. NO FAMILY SHOlIUi Db WITHOUT IT T$kt no mors Bahum. Mirrury, r vi/immU Mtdi ant/or mud l>arrmn. HELMUOLDf* EXTRACT BuCHL 3ECRE?T>ftKA8B8 in all thelrHta*^. At !itu? txMmi Littii or Dd 1> Duti Noumobtmumm; A.tid # Saytfinri. It namac a fr??ii"iit Uaair? an i five# Strang in to Jnnata, tnere^y Romorln* Obstraotinnt, Pre??r ung tn<t ooricg tfinoturea of tit* Urethra, Allayinf Pun ana Inflammation, ? fr??a*?t in tn? oiui of di?aaa?s. and expetlinf mil i'luwiw Ditta%?ds nnd worn out Matttr. THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS WHO HA VB BKKH TUB VICTIMS OV QVACW, and who hav* paid hoary fen to t* our?d in % snort time, have f"nn<^ thrr were deceived. and thnt Um POISON" ku, bj tu? dm of'rowum *. mwinri," >>^*n dn?d up in the i^ttera, to tr?fc oat in an r?v?t?<i form, and PERHAPS AFTER MARRIAGE. Use Hklkbold'c*act Bcchc for fc. ifWtiont uid di?ea.M? of th? URINARY ORGANS. VVUeUer tliiUm in MAKE OR FEMALE. rrom w&atever oau?# originating and no Matter of HOW LONG STANDING a^HPLMBOLD^F^kACT%V^^ nr<L!?l ? 'lAI o 1*4 A IJR A V I D IvrU 18 THK ?TkEAT DlUfcBTlC. And la oertaiL to have t:4* d<?eir?><i -B* tin a. Dn eaaea FOR WHICH IT IS RECOMMI- NDED. EvuUnte of tkt meit rtiinbl* am4 rwy????Ui charter will ao(vimn<"? the m?*''ioi-e? CERTIFICATES OF CURBS. !*rom H to JP imarc n?ai?M. Price 91 OO per battle, ar ill far |I.M. Delivered to any Addraaa, aaearalp yached fro obeerraltoa. DcacRimc Stmptomi im au C.^m*cmcATiowCarea Gaaraaierd : Ad vice Gratia !l AFFIDAVIT. . Peraonally appeared IxMore mo, an Aidenaaa the ait? of Phi fc4e.phia.H.T HiL*?oui,*fc(.f?in dnljr avoro, doth aay. hia pn-aara loaa oo tain bo narootio. no merearj. or o?h-r intanoaa tfn *. bat ar* pure*? vefetabl*. H. T. HFl^M BOl IT g?rr>rn Rod ?ubeoribed before im, U. > ?>- day af November. 1134. WM P. HIBRERD. A^IIIWL Niuth atr^rt, above R *.<*>, |Ha Addreea latter* To* information <n oonldaoee (a ?"^?w A rHK l\ and i:m*rincip:.A deaEBJb, Who endeavor to diapoee * or rim eww" and "OTHU" A.ET1CLM OB THB UFCTATUMI tTfilRU LV hold's 6?iim rrefsmtoeee, * Extract Jiucha, m ? ~ tr**iVir*f ? M lKproWftOMWMi Bold by J*. B. Wait*?J?? Brrentk atrMt, atd ft. C Foiii, J* , Pens. ?tmh ia4 KTn< at* "3fawwsm mtsxmh. . Cut o?t U^adv^^^t and Mpdjfcrjt ^*CHOOL AND COLLB0K OUTFITS. Youikt' and 2fow' Clot king ft SrfomJ mnd. 1)tu? Wmr. Parents and ruardiana viakuac to hmil thai** e.drana?d war* a ? <1 Call??a0*U>u the oonuoc ituoo, ar? iintii to ?i>?U>? o?r pr#?#nt larta aud extonaiva aaaortmont POV^ " CL.0TRINU. vb*re thneulloit Mr kildrra of ill liM ia t frv ao^wto wiU mri Maori tmr. of R-ady mad* Garment a. of eelwtseuel a~4 UTH niVK llTtr IRCUTID a MIW Ak *? orU?e*? of ??? *? > ly U>? b?st iaairuiueiiU BUOHtarti W# *ro r**M*r4 to ol. *, 4. Sfeaawr*" A ?? "I **; T^HIS OP*-*? OF BOftACF, T?? NHLiwb ii?dEiiIM *?rMbyTk*o4or?ll*rtir,>l\w t *tE?b*?*i"* *r u* fti^*, ft*, * ., w? jo?n ?raUii fc: :* Ml 0?*rKto**iUi. ?.tad f*k ~~*-i**- * -

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