Newspaper of Evening Star, October 12, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 12, 1860 Page 4
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TUB EVENING STAR. KO H( H THIN? AS DEATH. " Ther '? no ?rpti *h n: ?? rtoAtU!" To tho*? who think a. wht, j li-bn ar?-ere\?tinioif What n.t fct unp?<ie? hi* Sight: 'Tis hut rm int o ?ct Liie's dik'iia must containOn* liruifh ktfene than the raat. And tnen an ond paiu. Ti.ere'e ' o au<*h tliibg ai dea h That tchieii i" thue i4.i*called It ifs ' scaping from the ort*jn? W hic's hav? mi I org enthralled ; *Ti? a owe ??u ?tar, Heroi"* tftromn 11? night. To ?hm? i c-ite rttJianue forttj Ami i iU Kindred llf ht. "Thern** no *noh th<nc aa death !** In nature M>thl-g di?a ; From each sal remnant of decay. Some of life a: tae ; Tn? fa J <1 l? a? Uat fa la. All s*r?? an " !>ro? n, to rarth. Ere long ?ln!l mi -(?( . with the khap;s T.iat (ivu the Uow>ra t>irth "There's no a :ch tiling as dnath *T?? but tiie I) os?oin Hprara, Sinking U fj c the o imiug f uit J'uat si'cki 'h ' rummer ravs : Ti* t>ut t ie liuJ di placed, A ?co n ?s th p~erl.; a flower; 'Tu ftk'th exc an?rd for sght. And weariness for power. Dr. Ctnucban'<Acc*itt af his Receat lick* eat. pllu< of a 9vkskon who Dis<kct* a cadavbk[FiMI Dr Rccie'i Medical Gazette for October j AMh< meeting of the New York Mediro-Chirurgical College oa the 13th inst , Prof UariMshan being unanimously requested to g;ve some ascnuut ' of bit reccnt sickness. ?*nted that the malady from which he had been t'lUVrin^ during the pa.?i six or seven weeks aroae from the examination of the cadaver of a drop?iral patient, who had alao suffered from vurian troubles, the liver and sonie other organs being alao diseased. The autopsy was made in some haste, and no opportunity was afforded for obtaining lard or oil for the protection of the hands Toe contents of the abdominal cavity was still warm, though life had been some hoars exilnct Having laid open the aodotnen, ind dbit) l)? d til*? ii^lliil hvi.u.n r.a the hand* of the operator were pa?s?-d into the cavity, and the dismast d organs were sought out, mud ex tinli.ed The wouud betnjf trvn up, he washed his hinds, and as he not punctured tbem during the necropsy, nor could p-neive arv abrasion of the skin, he was not alarmed when, In th?- evening of the same day, he fe.t tte ends of his fiu- ers somewhat painful. Next morning the for?-fl-.ger w.;s swollen, as if affected vrith fe on J*tlU he would not believe that any troub'? was to b--apprehended, ar.d no rem-nlial tueaa'ir a were adopted. The Inflammation, how ?ver, apre .d, ana the pain increased. TM roll, wing d iy the malady se*r?ied to be gaining j-ruund. and in tbe evening tbe swelling extended to the wrist. IIk naturally become lariind. and soaked his ba.d In lev, but it too laU; tbe v rua bad i?eti absorbed, and the symptoms continued to increase in intensrty Tbe l\mpb?tica bfi-ame much enlarged, and the liint> mnerallv awt llrn iHt'ntiu. #-? -- 1 _ .... -? . ?v ?n a ii | C! ? riitru y and euppuratiou commenced about the band, accompanied with considerable hardness to th? alTwted paris He called In ^ome of h'.s medl'-al friends and afur consultation openings wtre mad* on the fort-finder, the back of the hand, and higher Bp on the arm The evacuation of the pus <3id not diminish tbe pain, but, on tbe contrary, sw-med sometimes rather to aggravate it After one of tht: Incisions he became perfectly prostrated with agony, the digital nerve being probably In pert d vid-d A? the d s*ase progressed he became typhoid from the absorption of the virns. and w;s treated with brandr. quinine, nd stimulants. Symptoms of pyemia also apCred , Tbe brain was stunned, ami he rememi scarcely anything for two weeks By degree* the malady spent its foice, and the pain began to ibslde: but the amelioration was sfow, and very a1ff> reut from that of an ordinary traumatic Us'on Of the special points tf interest in the case, one was tbe zymotic Influence of tbe virus Itseemed to have a pnwer of generating new morbific corpuscles and propagated Itself In all dlrectlois with considerable rao'dlty Tbns tbe infl mnr>-?t on speedily Invaded tbe whole of tbe band, stiffening the fingers so that fears were entertained that tbe t'se of that member might be entirely le?t Thence It spread upw ard through tbe lln.b1 but happily It was arrested before invading with maj yrrv roDiiarriDie virulence the axilla, which w?i? theprincitixl seat of suppuration In the recent lamentaii 1 rase cf Dr De Ha. a young Brazilian pbyalclait, who recently died at Paris from a directing wound in the thumb. 9cxses in Naplm ?The Naples correspondent of the London Timea writes under date of September 12 .-?"The city Is In immense confusioncrowded. picturesque, almost mad Foreigners seem to outnumber tbe Neapolitan*, and the red jacket every other colored cloth. Such a Babel is every public place that I imagine myself to be living some thousand years back?Englishmen, just arrived, hobnobbing with Italians, whose oitlv common lingo is that of tue Angers Many of our countrymen came 0:1 Tuesday, and 1 watched some of them earning on & most animated. though purely grsticulat rv. conversation with Frenchmen yesterday morning. I hear the sound of cricked trumpets, and. looking out, see the first ranks of a Garibaldi division coming dowa the Santa Lucia i am struck by tue youthful appearance of some, certainly not more than twelve, or at the- furtherest fourteen years old? fair, pretty-looking uoys, who migbt have had a aatcuel instead of a knapsack on their hacks There were, however, some glorious-looking follows, and all. whether men or boys, seemed to be animated l?y a spirit little known to the .\eapol;tau troops The latter were a sect to defena a vile political creed, and lufllct chastisement on those who opposed it; but the former arj banded to aether Lt> an?ft ik? ?i -t>?'111 * - .mv ku ii^uu vi nurriy l taw Tt In th**!r march; there was an elasticity about It which denoted what wai passing within. I cannot iaf much for their uniforms, they were very dirty, out of order, and irregular, md 1 Lave do doubt but tbut so eminent a general officer as Ferdlnand II would Lave been much srandalized; but they were evidently working men, had an object in view, dud were not going to light for money i have seen hundreds of them about town to-day; they are billeted about In tbe hotels and lodging bouses, while the Piedinonteac troops are la Castel Ovo " ITT*Tbe Syria correspondent of tbe Boston Traveller writes tbat "the American missionaries In Syria not only demote their time and labor, but thev give from tneir small salaries to the relief fund Their mints are duwu on tbe list for sums varying frun two to Ave hundred piastr-a. Tbe 'Ameri- an missionaries throughout Syria are all In good health, and laboring asiidtiouslv for the relief of tbe almost starving multitudes " AK RIVALS AT THE HOTELS. NATIONAL HOTEL?J Bowling A Wort 13 Ingtan, \V Worthiugton, L Jones. Mil; J Tild-n" Kan; H JoLiuo.i, fa; W Pierce. D Good, SC, 1) F Touipkin, H j'auttere, A Swaine, NY; L lloo%_x t ? * * -* ? bids, j v* ra- Ur K \V Jobna, DSN; \V JobnMn, P Currun, Knj{; J C Pend-gaat, NY; J C Edward* and lady. General D M Friwt and laily Mo, l>r l>erlc?a.ri, Pa. J B Howe, NV; E A Al>l?t, SH; W H Kuit. Va; J ? Molr. C A Stol*-e, lion T F Bowie, Md; J Newton, Pa; \V 8 Forrest, Va; S A ah ton, Mra K ? Herbert, Si ; G B Turner, O; T \\ Baxter, III; W Hammond, Pa: R D Gault, S P Goodall. MIm, W C Foater. R H Gardner, Te*-*e, L Terret and fam, Mra Jewell,F. Jew*ll, Lm; G Pluokett, Del; li S.xton, Miaa; N B?thuu?. Can. BR?WN'? HOIEI Mr. T Hartlleld. Tenn: T Murray, Va, R Bowie, Md; R Wright, C<; S C Eaton, E vVeatrnlt NY; J Cooke, VV Putton, Va: C U Tappm, N Y; J Honby, \V P Cooper, Va; N E Mltur K\; S Maxwell, jr, NY; W Martin and lv. E bill, Md; (1 G Uickiu and ly, Ark; Mra H B^krr h J Van Count, MIts; L J Pyn han, La; MIm Pyncbin, Ala: A H Belin ai.d faut, Ml?a VV iIklnaon. \V Keitt and lv, SC; Miaa K portor, NYi i ti Broaclo, Md; Col 0 BuUertield ai.d ly, MY. KIKKWOOD HOl.'SE ?J B Babcork,'Maaj; MaJ L B Tower, USA; N Tower, jr, Moat; J i> l>ur?l. T**: J \V Orll*.?. o... n . -- ? , - a, ? LMguunan, M v Wi ion. A K Watwa, 1>C, T Suowdeu, P?; C T Jsrdtil i, Va. OCEAN STEAMERS' SAILING DAYS tUOM TBB I'.IITEU STATBS. &t'*mtrs. L rant. tor. Payt. Am?.> New York.. ..Ii*vr? __.Oo'. .3 ?Ne* York .. Liverpool O'-t 13 Nfw > orK.?foulii?nipt. n.Oot IS A .. B?sU>u Liverpool-.. .Oct 17 N?r ^ ?rh .New V ork... Freiueo Oct *7 tfuruMit ... New York ..Sottthainpto?.No* 1 Faoii Kubopb B.W Yf-rk fouUi'pion...New York.. .Oet. 3 i>ru??ii. ?nutfe'ptoii. .New York Oct 4 .. Vi:rau%vru..New ^ ork Out 17 t-'alU-i.. ? . South'Dion.. .New York Oct 17 HM1UiOU&. SoUth'nti.n ^ ,r * " " r? i ors...,UOI 18 J Me wAll ?U?inttr? IH7? New York on Cunb>t'>j vD liio u?i luU IjUi. the Cbtlurm* ipiAii ?te?in*T? Ihm Nrv York on k? Mk &?! ?H* of m<v moulti. ?T til* WAY 4 SONS' OVCRbTKLNOGrtod tJ exjj*/# Pi A A OH ?r? m?w o 'U>i U< im.1 Bt*i.u''?otur*d. For Hoi- a_iu y. MfcTZEROTTS MbiioHm^ IMor flTo 7 .toUVf >'(V?l.d k*bd Pl&DOl for If ?>? *, i im:o* for rant. oo 4 ji'i.NK PIaNO* hOJl REJi't OE^JlLE,^ w u#i?- tr? +?rt.s. *t fiLLld'i M -luuo'^ uitur UuvntfnU for rant, at * * E LLltPB. 7|VKMi:"A'I *. Kali, slit?, furnishing " ijl'ObS. HATa. and CAPs at nr ?ac?l low prvae *x ?NlTF3. a ? < " ? No. 46Q H?T?nth at Oil >i K H' tl \ N(?S, from i-hckorin< k. Sons, ?JU ou4 10 iwr? JOHN K. Kl.LlsT 27 SOI , batwaen iUi aid loth (U. ^ MISCELLANEOUS. jpROFOSALS FOR INDIAN COUDS. DUaITMIKT OF tm Thtkkiok, I Q#ke Indian Af+irt, Oft.', iSbO.S Sai led Pk' PuiALs, endorsed " Propoaa.a tor Indian Goods," [Class 1,3. 3, or 4 at the ow? mar bo] wil be received at me Ufloe of Indian Affaire uolii lOo'ciook a. in., on Whmkuit, the twmttf'?orth day of Oo'ober next, for furniahing the following named art.olas: Cuss No. 1. Mackinac Blanket*, Cloth*, and Dry Goods. S.Pflo pair* 3 point white Mackinac b ankets, to ineaenre6? by 7S inchea, aid weigh it pounds 3 5tt> pairslS-p* white Maekinaa blanket;, to measure 54 bj 68 mohea, and weigh 8 poonda 1,000 paira 2 point white Mackinac blanket*, t mnaura 42 by 36 inchea, and weigh 63* poanda 800 paira IK point white Maokinao blanket*, to m*aaure 38 by SO inchea, and weigh 4J? pou tide SOU paira 1-point white Mackinic blankets, to meaanra 32 by 46 inchea, and weigh 3X pou i da. 500 paira 3-point ecarlet Mackinac blanketa, to mnaaure 60 bi 72 icohea, and weigh 8 pounds too pairs tf>?-po.nt -cariet Maokinao blanaeta, to measure 54 bj 66 inches, and weigh 6 pounoa 25) pairs 2-poini scarlet Mackinac bankets, to measure 42 by 56 inoh<a, and weigh 6Jn' p ju;. 250 pairs l-point tearlet Mackinao blanketa, to measure 32 b* 46 inches. *ml >?i>h aw pound* 100 pair* point jrwn Ma-kinao blanket* to measure 66 by 84 inches, and weigh 10 503 psirs 3-poirt preen .Vlaokinaa blankets, to ineasu ? tin 1;? 7i mob**. and ??i h S pounds 50k) paira'.)* point rr???ii Maokinao blanket*, to in^aiiu > ji hv 66 lt.uhea, and wri<h6 pound* SM) pars 3'a point indigo-blue Maokinao blar kst? tu measure bu uy <A inches, and vei^k 10 pounds 8fit> p Mrs s-point inuigo-h'ue Mackinac blanket* to me&eure 60 by 72 inohea, and weigh pouads vSJ p\ir* i'j p>iat indico blue Maokinao blarketa, t? measures* by 66 inohea, and ??i(h C pourida luo pairs point gentinella blue Maokinao blanket*, to measure 61 by 84 inohea, and weigh 10 pound* 600 pairaS-point go.itmM'a-ti'ue Maokinao blanket >, to meaaura 60 by 72 inches, and weigh 8 pounds 4-10 pvrs 2S point eeminelli blu* Maokinao b aukrt . to measure 34 hy w> inohea, and weigh 6 pounds 250 pairs 2 point ceutin*l'a bias Maokinao blanke's, to measure 42 by ^6 inohea, and weigti />H poanda 300 pairs IX point g?ntine'la-blne Maokinao blankets, to m*a>nre 36 bp 50 inohea, and weigh 4>4 pouuda 150 pairs i po.nt lentmella blae Maokinno h!an " k?U- to measure 32 by 46 laohM, ud weigh 3V pounds 4,'>00 ja a* lanuj-list blue c'oth St*) * * green olvth 3^*) " gray-list blue c!oth 4,<**> '* saved-list blun cloth 3 000 " " scarlet c!? th 1, (K> * " green ol 'th 10 pound* wnrsUd jarn,(Sfod> ]o<) doz"u ootfon fl*g handk^rchi-fs l:)j " lar.oy oottcn 5i " black ailk " 103 " 8 4 c ottja h&vls !?*) 6 4 *' " (O * 4 4 " ** l'*i " 8 4 woolen * too p-iunds lin-n thrrad 5'grots wortUd gartering 40,000 jarda caiuo " Merrimac calioj 7 50) ? Turk?*-r?d oaiteo 2ii,w) " blu* drilling ln,ftn) " osnaburgs 1? t*>l " brown drillings i 5 art " Georgia stripes 5,i* 0 " bluf d mints 5 .?*? " oottonade 5,i0i " bed ticking sno " Knutboky jcana 2,Ot?? " aatinetta 12,500 " p.aid iinaeta 2.5 <) * Meaehed ahirting 13,OCO " domehtio ahirt-ng, unbleached in.**) " aheetia*. S uno " bleach d " 10as " brown ectton duok Itf.iaw " checka, atnpea. and plaid a 2,000 " flanu*la aa<ortad 1 000 pounda o -tton t a read l,??i '* Drown rilling twine, No. 33 poo " cotton maitra l,Soo flannel ahirta 2,oi<ooaitoo ahirta S? dozen hickory ahir'a 100 ** Madras handkerohiefa. Class No.2. Rrady-maiU Clotkittf. ion frock ooata, im'igo-b'.ue broado oth i Joo pantaloons, " " M iLdigo-b uc* Ma~kinao blanket capotaa 2-0 blue satinet coats 100 " pantaloona KO cadet mixed aatinett coata ion * pantaloona S 0 (ray aatinet coa'a, i aaok? son " pantaloona 3.0 * veata. Cla?s No 3. Hardioart, Agricultural Implements, ft. 5/00 braaa kettiea 101 uu kettiea, (5 aizeal Ij> neata Japanoa' kettiea,(8 in a aaati ?? oamp kettiea, (3 aizoa.) ??> dozen i quart im paua 175 '* 3 quart 20 " 8-<i uart ** 400 " tin oupa 500 " batcher koivea 20 " ?ca ping knivb* 7>,ooo gun finite loo (roaa aun wnrmi 150 " squaw a? Is "JO " fiahbooaa 2i" dozen iiah linea 1 (?W groaa aeedlea, aanortad iuv avieu ooarae i? o'.fi comb* iuo bue-t&oth ooo.uba 3) " aoiseore 2U0 " aht-ara 25 " (ruiibiac hoea 3D " WrHtinp hfx?a 175 drawinc-kuivM, U) inohea 5 > saw* 150 doleo hand aiwLN,4)i iaoli 5 " ahoveia 50 " cp-ulaa l,uwilivrt-hasci? fry pana 2?duzon I Kiting sp.M.ud 9m " iron tawlo ipnuui 2tf ax*s, to weigh 4% to 5^ pnuuda 125 " liAif ?? <, to Wtiiith a pounda, (Willi handlaa) 150 " Siuo mirrors IU) * fi ?t?seia 2 0 pouuda t>ra a wire *W *' bcfctChiriejfl vormii.iou. Class No 4. b'orthwfit (turn. l.nui nbrtliwaat suua, Hint look urn * " peionsaion lock l ud. z?u powdor horua 1'iopiiaaia will be recoived for the delivery a d artio ea at Boaf>n, New York, Philadelphia. *1 *a-a_- " iMiuiiivin, new wrieaua, m. I.ujk, Memphis. or Omental.; 'utth- o at of ine tranaporbitioii of the kftuit tu ttirir placesof d-stiuation will be oouktle'td in deoiuuig upon tbo pr.>i>n?aU in o?n*e v? here the iame arti !? > b? propxtod to be deii erej at different piace*. (rood* of AiuTic&a iita-.u;aotur* of the required aty ea and qualit) will be preferred; bat as the ra>iii>!e? of blanket* and oioth* are foreign fabrics, it ?i l be neo-tsary, in propositi* a domeatio arti oiai f either of those kmdv that a sample thereof nha i aoo>rapa-iy the bii. 3*iupie guus and powder horcs n uit al?o be furnished,Tr??n whioh tne Department will make a selection; and. lu oase vf more than one sample b-ing furnished by the same oi'tder, ihaprioefor each must be distuiail? indi 1 cated in the bid. The Commissioner reserves the j right U> decline taking any gun* and powder horns, or >?toie or less than a;e advertised for, as he may deem proper. I The articles to be fum shed must in all reepeota conform to and be equal with 'he Government aneles, which n ay be eaen at this OAo*. They wil t>e rigidly inspected ana oomparcd with those i xinp e< oy an agent or agxnta appointed for taat ! purpose. s?uoh as may be uneqaaied thereto in any partiouiar will be rejected; in whioh o&s* the ooutraotor w II be bound to furnish others of the r-quir<d kind or qua ity withia three na?s; or, if that be not dune, tnev will be eurohased at his expanse. fayiuen.a wi i be n aae for the goods re oeived nr invoio a thereof, oertihed by the agent I or atenta appointed to inspect them. It is to b? understood that tho right w I! be reserved to require a greater or leas quantity cf any < f the artio'e* named than that spec fi-d to the abo/e aourdnl*; and all bida lor Airmailing aaid attic es may berxeoted at the option ef the D?pariraeni; and that none from persons who have tailet to cou p y with th? requirements of a previoua contract with the United Atates, or who are not manufacture or wh ueaelj dealers in the re quired articles, will b? oon?idered; and the faat that biddjrs are auoh manufacture or deaiera uukt be evidenced by the certifioat* of the Colleotor of the Poi t v here they reside, or wnereit is ropoa< d to deliver the artiolea. The proptua a must einbraoe the artio'ea, with the quantities thereof, as the? are arranr?i i? cheJuin with the price* Annexed toeaohin ?'o :ars and oeuts At which they are to be lurnished, ?.nd the arnuuts must be cArited out ai.d footed up or e*oh o!a-s. Said prices And amoai-ta n.uatbe ao niver, without any modification or proposed modifioAtian, or variAtion whAtaver. The; auou d be submitted with the following heading : " 1 (or we] aoreby propose to /umiak for theaerviae of the inriiaa Department, aad according to the terma ol ita advertisement th-refore, d&tod Dptooer let, I860, the following Artiolea at the prioea therbto affixed, [here lcaert the :iat aooordug ?o the claaa or oiaaera proposed for,| deliverable in the city of [ Boston, New York, f hi adelphia, Baltimore, New Orieana, Ht. Loais, Memphis, or i;ilcinnAti. as the ca-e in Ay be] by the firat day ef April next, or at each time or umeederiag the vear 1*1 as roAy be ordered by the Conmusaioocr of lndiaa Adaira; and (I or we] will aiao furnish, at tt* am* prieea. such additional quantities ol the sam* kinds and qualities ol goods ae may be required for tbeaervios of toe Indian Department durinc the year 1861, deliverable as above stated; and, ifthia proposal be aooepted, [here inaeit the worda,*in whole or in fart/ if more than on* olaaa be pro ? ?! iwr.j i inr wej will, within twenty daye thereafter, exeoute a oootraot accordingly, and give MOUritT, aatufaotory to iIm CunmiHioMr of Indian Affairs, for the faithful parformanos of tha MM." Kaoh propoia! mast be aocomeanled with a caarantaain tn? following form, to ba attnad by two or mora raspotrtbl-* per?o??. whoaa lufceienoy muat ba oaitified to by a Luted Htataa judge or aiatriot attorn*'; ' Wa hereto Jointly and aeva'allj guarantee that tha above biduar, |or bidier?,J if?oontraot (ball P**ward?d to himlor them) aooording to h<a(?r their] bid or aropoeal, will >-xeout* aeoUraot aaoordiugiy, aud tivatne requisite aaoiiritr for the performance toereof, at prescribed in theadT'rtieapiant for prr p(Mals lor Indian >oods, da tad Ootobar lat. IM>;and, in tka event of hit for their] tail ureao tod<>, wa hereby acres and bind ourealves. our heira executors, and assigns, to forfeit a d pay ti-sUnitaa Blaise, a* rtamacea a?nm not laaa man itteen par cant, on tha aw on at ?f ?aid bid or propo?%l." Bonds will t* renuusd to tha amount of U# bid l ' *? * .*? ^ - ^ , A I oJrtifi*d"by*? Uniud' Suite* jB^^or^Jrio^at-1 j , ?*? p>up?w wui oo reoeivtd that does not ftrict ly oonfoi m, m all to the terms and | direction* of this advertisement. CHARLES E. MIX. [ oot 2?wtOol24 Aoticg Commissioner. | PRO* 03AL8 FOR FURNISHING THE PA- J PE* FOR THE PUMLIC rRiNTlNG. { OrriCI StPlBlHTESDBIIT or PtBLIC PftlNTISCt Washington, October 2,'IMB. S In parana oe ot the provision* of trie "not to pro 1 Tide for exeonting the pablio pnntinc," to., np ' proved Auguat 46,18*2, a&d ot the 10th section of the not entitled "a r. net mnking appropriations for ' the tegialative. executive, and judicial exp^neea of ' government for Oiejonr etding Jane 33, i860," ap- ! proved Mnroh S. 183d, eenled nropoaaia wul be re oeivelntthi* oIn, in the Cnpito', nntil tr# first J Monday (3J day) ot Deosor.ber next, nt 12 o'ol<>ok, *?., for furnishing the paper that may be required for th* public printinr lor the year ending on the ? l?t day of December, ISfii. 1 The Subjoined epecififta. n* nearly as can be ascertained, the quantity qatlitv. and description of each kind of paper that will be required: Cl./lss 1. 1",U0 reams fine printing paper, u'ea'er dered,to I meteor* 24 by 38 lucvea, at d to weigh forty-five I pound* to the ream of 480 sheets. i CL48R 2e ^ 6 000 reams fine priming papr, calendered, to ] measure 24 by 38 inches, and to weigh fifty six pounds to the ream of 4E0 sheets. ' Glass S < 900 roams superfine pnntinc paper, hard-sized and super calendered, to measure 24 by 32 icohe*, and to weigh lorty-eight pounds to the ream of 480 sbctta. 2 oho reair.a luperfine printing paper, aized and ( super-' altndered. to measure 24 by 38 inohea.and I to weigh fiity pouncla to the ream of 480 sheet*. OLA** 4 1 0"0 reama auperfin* map paper, aized and cal- i endered. of suoli aiX'n aa may be required, coires- { ponding ii) weight with pap <r mnuurirg 19 by 24 inohea, and weighing twenty pound* per roam of < 49i) sheets. ] Class 5. Z*> ream* auperfino plate paper, (calendered or uiioaiendered aa mar l>o required.) 19 by 24 loohe*, 1 and of suoh weight per eain aa may be requied. The fibre ol the paper ofeaoh of the abov el&?a<g < >> be of linen and cotton, free from all adultarat on < with mineral and otner aubatanoea. ai d <>l a fair whiteness. a d put up in quire* of twenty-four sheets each, aud in bundles of two reaina eaon; ' eaoh roam to ooi.t&in 480 perfeet aheeta. Uniformity in oolor, thickness, and weight will be required; 1 and no burdle (exoluaivj of wrappers) \ aryiug nvor ot under live p-r cert from the atanua'd weight < will be received, and the'g'oaa weight will in all oaaea be required. Mixn g of various t'. iokne tea in the aaiue bundle to malt* up t e weight will L? oon tide red a violation of the oontraot. ot.ass 6. 1. 1,500 rfimi quirto-poM writing piper, 10 by 1* Miches. 3. 2.110 do cap do 13 by IS 1-3 do 3. 100 do deinjr do 1ft by 30 1-3 do 4. 1.IMU do foliu-post rto 17 by 33 do t 100 do medium do 18 by 33 do < 6. 50 ilo royal d j 19 by 24 do ?7. 50 do super-royal d? 20 by 38 do 8. 50 do imperi.<l do S21-2by31 do 9. 100 do double- ap do I? by 26 <h> 10. 10U do colored medium, (knotted color* ) CLASS 7. 1. 6,Wfl reams writing paper, 16 by C6 itches, to weigh twfn'y-three pounds p^r re*m 2.1,500 reams writing p\p?r, 19 by *6 incl e?, to | weigh twenty eight pouima j er ream 3 3,110 roams writing paper, 18 by 25 li.o.ier, to Wfigh tw> ntr six pounds 4 100 rearaa paper. 18 bv 22 IssW tn wewh twriity-four pound* p r NM 3. S4T r'auis writing p*Fer, ,8 "H i-ohes, to weigh twent? two p<>u n<l -> per ream 6 4? reams writing paper, 12 by 18 lnohM, to weigh twelve pounds per ream. All the papers designated in c'asses 6 and 7 inui-t oontain 430 perfeot sheet* to the iudi. a*-d no "out- < tide ' quires. Th y are to he initio of the beat ma teii?ls. free from adulteration, finnl eJ in the b?st manner, cut t<> a true edit laid Hat. an J securely and substantially enve op?d. Th? papers in olass 6 an to be white or blue, and of such weight* aa may be required by th;s office. Tho?w? iti ola?a7 are to l?e white, and of the s:zea and weights apeo.fied in tb * soh-dule The right is reserved of o'deritig a greater or lees quantity of each and every kind oontraoted for in a 1 the classes, to be furnish' d at such times and in suoh quantities an the publio service ir.ay reqime. Kach olasa will be considered separator. ar.d be ?nt j. ct to a separate o ntract; but bi (ders may off.r for one or tn^re of the classes m the same proposal. ^o proposals will be considered unless tconrap*ri?d by tne guarantee that tha bidder or MdJers, if his or their proposal shall be accept*'4, will enter into an obligation, * ith good and suAiaisiit sereties, to furn<?ii tin articles proposed Blank forms for propcsain wi 1 ^e fu ni-heu at this office, and none will toe taken into ooiiside'&Uon unlo?s substan'ially agr^eitg therewith. All the paper in tho several o'asses must l>? deliver ?d a* auoli f ace or plauoa as mar t-e d*sigiiat?*l id Wa*' ingtoa oity, in good order, free of all ard nvery extra charge or expense, and subject to tna inspect on, C'nrit, weight, and mea'urrmei.t of The superintendent, and be in all respects satisfaotory *arro'<??of all tho paper required mat be seen at this offi j?, but bidders are reeuirr-d to furnish, with their p. opot>als, sawp'es of not lets than oa? quire of each of the kind* tud for. and upon which their proposa's mar b* bas-d. The successful bidders wi:I be required rigidly to oocform to tnur satnpUa Proposals will, be addressed to "John Hurt, Superiatendect of the Publ.o Printing, Washington." and endorsed "Proposa.s for Supplying Paper." oo2-2awtd PAOLF. IRON WORKS, ri r^o^x. Am? A? ^ ~ ?? vutt'an wniu n v. A^U I H'RTKINTH 5Ti ERICSSON'S CALORIC KNGINBS. The undersigned have been appointed sola agents in this oity for the manufacture and sale of theabovo Knxiaes. and are prupared to supply all orders with Eromp'ness and dupatoh. Tiiese eugines have b*ii satisfactorily introduced, and are now practically employed in liakPiicK; by bookbinders; for box w<hh1 cutting; by cabinet makers; lor drawing l>.n blowers to ventnnte buildings; lor pumping; for domestic purposes; elevating grain; (lass cutting; ginning cotto grinding uuartz; grinding paints; f[rinding sugar oatie on plantations in Cuba; for listing: for knitting machines; b? manufacturers of pla.ed ware; of printers' material, of silver ware, of agricultural implements; of matches; of hoopi-d skirts; for pumping at railroad -tat ion* and on l<oard ships; for sewing mnaltines: for job printing and printing daily newspapers; for various plantation uses; for rawing and planing lumber; for picki-g hair: for polishing combs; for shoemakers' uws; for saue sifting; turniug; tob'ooo cutting and pulv?riziug; in tanneries and w re making establishments; for soda water mauufaoture; for Inine crushing; ma t Uia?hin(; towing; grinding cutlery. to They , are inezpiosiva; economical; easily iiianagod; they require no eugiueers; ua*-uo stater; and consume very little fuel. Any parson desirous of using thesa Ki<glues, can by application to trie undersigned be shown alargn nnmlior of testimonials froii poisons villi iiftfti fhflin i ?i H?il? ?- * 1 ? ........... tjw.i; un.;, n* pi ononis mt* i r enure iati?fiu'ttoD in their operation and use Pnoee of the fcnginea as established by tho Patentee: .. , 12 in. oj l'i S35<> i IK iuohee cyUnder, Double 24 " 1,4?0 32 ' " l^io 32 " 2,6nnUn " " 2,3*) ? 41) " 4,5001 48 " " 3 >w *? 48 fi^fwlen " ? i.imo " 60 * 9,500124 " " 7? We are are also prepared to furnish, at ahort notice, Architectural Ca itinga, foin any designa that may Ite furnished, aa cheap an can be obtained elsewhere. Also, Steam Engines, portable and station ary; high or low pressure; saw and gnat inilla; hydrostatio, or other presses ; boiler* for heating building*, wrought iron water tank a; ahaftiug. gearing. 4o., for flouring or otner inilla,and forging of aJlkinds. e 13 2aw3in WM M ELLIS A BRO. 1 IONEER BTKXM MARBLE AND BROWN , STONE WOKK8. 1 The subscriber begs leave to inform the oitueo* of Washington, Georgetown and Alexandria that he has addM to lua long eatabliahed business the ? -Trr. - u^m?rT ut i?s*in power lor u*iD| and inauufao turmg Marble and Brown Stone Work in their va- ' rions branches, Mar Me Mantels, Table and Wash itand T?m, Tile, Monuiu*nU, Tomb and Head Stones, si a Window Lintels, Silis, Steps and ' Platform*, tiaving purch\sed a large stock of Italian Marble in blook.frora first ihe lowest r*t?s, h* feels confident of being able to flirnish .Marb'e Work a* low aa it o&n be purchased in New York. Philadelphia, or Baltimore. The trade supplied ' with Italian Marble in blook or slabs at the same rate as furni*hed in >ew York, and on aonommo- I dating terms. Also, on baud, a large supply of ] Pumioe Stone, Water of Ayr Hoi.e and Polishing j Putty at New York prices. Enooursge the enter i prime; it wul be an acquisition to the city. ALKX. RUTHERFORD , fxonttr St tain Marble and Brown Slont Workt, a Pa. ar., oor. Thirtenlh St., an 21 Washington, D. C. T'HlTuNION WIL' STAND. NOMATTER i 1 WHO'S PRESIDENT! J Coiite^acn'ly 1 shall remain in Washington and 1 continue to pursue my oooupati^n >-f HOUSE, \ SIGN and ORNAMENTAL PAINTING. Gild- i ing in all its branohes. Old Glaaing promptly at- i tended to. Painting and Ornamenting Cottage Parniture in the best stf le 1 also, c\l attention c to the Painting of Roofs and Briok Walls All of the above I will do as cheap as tne cheap- \ eet. > therefore solioit the patronage uf my IrienJs ..... - ui ma iiiHnoi. runoiuaiity etriotly obaerved, and work don* m tka bent manMr. , . Yoawillpleaaeinind your atop* and atop At M. T PaRKeR'8 Painting Ealabliahment, No. 93' 43 !! A3!!! Louianna av , north aid*, btttHO bih ltd 7th eta. , P. 8 Signa pat ap free ef oharge, u aeual. " an ?' 3na j WFAL.L DRY GOODS a E Are now reoei vmg a beautiful aaaortaient ol o Fanoy ani stapletioode of the latest, em- Ij braoing a'l the lateat iraportationa ; auoh aa? r Pupiiua, Vemar Ottumana in variety, Frecoh MouaeHine*. Figured and Plain Satin fiuiahxd M<>rinoi, Cloaking Clothe, Arab Cloak* In groat vari ? ety, t-ai.oy Silke f<orn&) oenta to #2,?i0 pieoea Caliooea.from to 12K oent?, Pall and Winter 8>>awle in great variety, Mouaaelinta and PUid from 1* to # onnta. Va'<*nti? English Mohaira and Bro a- 1 tellee Hoopod >kirta, Hoai?ry, Gloria, Gauntlets, I Shawl Bordering. Family Blank-ti, ttlea hed and tl Brown Sheetinga, Towellcga, Tab.* Linena, Ao. U Our atock ia now very complete, and w* offer it a on tne moat aooommo*Uti_f ferma. a ae28 TAYLOR. A HUTCHISON. Ft I? R A N C I 8 HARHV.B SAMILY ORSCI'SVA^PFKFO STORK. ?V b#lu w*aS ?J10 the aoove line. Hit and?avt,r? ahail ba, by a .trict atten- v ^."oter^l'Lv ? * - ??? c g^j rissar s P!ANO?v?Ona vary moa 6>i ooUva P ano for \ ?. Alto, ona Ta?y nttl- u??d. for ?175 At tK tha Muiio istora of W. 6. METZEROTT, Sola > leant of Stain way & 8on'? and Rava;i, Bacon * 01 * "U< ' " * '* * ^ I fc#J 0k # / CagKKa, BOOTS AND SHOES. n KNW FINKCAL.FS1UN8E WED BOOTS, 1 kngwar ' TMI ana uioM Uu^ta nf#v?p? i lid, Morocco and 6o?t Skin Buttoned bots, i .asting l.aoed. Mutfc>u?d, Congreas aod Malakoff , Soot*. Also, every other styls of LAdiea, Misses I md Chilaren'a Boots ud Shoee, at J. ROSENTHAL'S, oe2 aotr Pa. av., fcrtwwn 8th and 9th at?. |?OOiS AND TO 8U1T THK We are now maoufkctnnng ail kinds of BOOTS nd SHOES, and oo*stantTv receiving rvjpplT of saetarn made work of Ksn^ao*. made expressly to order, and wiUw ml tm sold at a tnooh lower arias thaa has been * Hk teretofore skarged in bus city for muoh inferior persona in want of Boots and Shoes of eastern or tity mads work, will always find a jood aeeortmen n storsand at tas lowest pnoes. Give us a oall. GRIFFIN A BRO., ap*-r 814 Pennsjlvama avenue. tjMVE HUNDRED TRAVELING TRUNKS arrived this day, emt>raeini all snali-arWW aea and sisee of Sols Leather, Ladiea'HRH Dreea and Paeking Trunks. Oar trank^?4**" tales room exbibiu at this Urns the greatest variety >( traveling requisites at moderate prices, to be [oend this side of New York. deeoripOon of L.AUIES' HAT BOXEfe, VAL1CE3, CARPET BAGS, SATCHELS, Ac. CjTOld Trunks repaired or taken in exchange For new ones. WALL, STEPHENS A CO* Trunk Sales Room, msrM-tf saa Pa. avenma. SOUTHERN TRUNK MANUFACTORY. 499 7th Stiut, Opposit* Odd Ftiloies' Hall. Waikimitom. D. C. Travelers will stud/ their interegu Dj examinin i n; TRUNKS, VALICE8 &o , befor* pur jmg I jhasing elaewere At I uy none but theHnM ?*at material the market affords and employ^**"** I the b?at workmen, 1 oan oonfidently reoonimeod my 1 vork to be anperior iu Strength and Durability to Trunks that are inade in other oitiea and cold here. 1 I keep oenatantiy on hand, and make to order ion one week'* notioe) every deecriptien of SOLE LEATHER, IRON FRAME FKENCH DRESS < ?nd WOOD BOX TRUCKS; ASHLAND and I ot.\*r V ALICES; TRAVELING B AOS; HAR ' NESS; SADDLES; WHIPS, ?-e., #?. | Trunk*, Ao., Repaired and Covered, in a work- 1 manlike manuar, at abort notioe Trunks delivered in any part of the oity, George- 1 town, or Alexandria. Also?Agent for Howe'a oelebrated FAMILY HEWING MACHINES. de 15-1* JAMES S. TOPHAM. ' ^????| TRAVELKR8' DIRteCTOftY. i DAII.Y LINE OF NEW FOUR-HORSE COACHES TO UPPER MARLBORO', Carrying ik? U. S. Mail. The undersigned are now running Daily, (except Sunday.) Four hor?e Coaches between Washington end Upper Marl wilpjrv Itoro', as follows: tw^rv I,cava the Steamboat Hotel, oomer of Seventh street and Pa at 7 o'clock a.m. Returning leave ' l'pp-?r Marlbo'o' at 11 o'clock a m . and arrive in | Wanhington at So'oloek, in tune to eonaect with ( llie3.2>j>. in. t ainfor Baltimore. , The Coaches are new and commodioaa, the teams | Brat-class in the handa of careful aad acoommodat- , ing drivera. Fare to Upper Marlboro 50 oents. To Long Old Fields. 25 " I To Center vi 1 lo... 38 " | Freight and packages in propo<tion. ' au 15 tf OSBORN ? CO.. Proprietora, ] BaLtimore and ohio railroad, WASHINGTON BRANCH. ( : CHA^stor Hovaa. ON AND AFTER WEDNESDAY, June 13th, ' I860, traina will run aafollowa: 1 Leave Waaliington at 6 20 and 7.40 a. ra. Leave Washington at 3 Jo and A JO p. a. On Sunday at 3 an p. m. Leave Baltimore at 4.2rt and 8.40 a. m. I>eave Baltimore at 3.15 and OU p. ra. On feenday at 4 25 a. m. i Passengers for the East will take trains at 6J0 and 7.4*' a. m and 3 9) p. m. for the West at 7.40 a. m. and 3.20 p. m. or Annapolia at 7.40 a m- aud 3J0 p. m. For Norfolk at 7 40 a. m. On Saturday eveniug the 130 p. n. train foea to Philadelphia only. je 13-d T H. PARSONS. Agent. NEW ORLEANS IN T1XRBB DATS WITH TSB CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. mm ALL RAIL ROUTE, VIA. Orange and Alexandria Railroad TO LYNCHBUR8S Virginia and Tennessee. Eos* Tennesste and Virginia, East Tennessee and Georgia, NaskrrUle and Chattanooga Memphis and Charleston, Mississippi Central, Nino Orleans and Jackson, TO NEW ORLEANS! MEMPHTsTROUTE: Memphis b/ Ra.l,tueuoo by Firat Paoksta to Naw OriUkiia. MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE: Montgomery by Rail. tbenoe to Mobil* by Piriloiaaa Paoketa. Mot i e to New Orle?ua by Lake Steamera TWO DAILY TRAINS?SOHDAYB 1WCI.udkd, Leave Washington at 6 a. at. and 6 p. ca. The Steamer GEORGE PAGE leav?? her whar] foot of Seventh street at t>V a. in. anil C'^ p. m. ?i?l Annnf^ia A !?raniiria wiafc ~ ' 4 ' ?>i? wnu mo ui?U|o auu AI^X&Ddria Triuni for th* Sontbwe-t, Offico? Fenua?ivama avenue, oorcer of Sixth at. UM16I COICUD THBOPBM TO I1W OBLBAMI. _ l Ljrichliurt ?7 j? Memphis - 931 ?? I .151*' Atiaula_*_ ? oo Kr.oxville ?^.200o Macon ? 23 ?> CliatUinonia 34i<o Ooiumbiu SI 5<? Oatoii ? ? - 24 00 MunUiHuerr as 00 Huntaville. Ml oo J TiaMenipUis.?2 50 Gtaud J unction soon N.O.J vi*i>. Juno 42 ?0 NashWlle at 40 S via Mobile...45 uo TlllS ROUTE 18 ENTIRELY HY RAIL 80? MILES BHOR^jUjind '24 HOURS LKUS than ai.y other f ine? the Lyuohburt Extension bein* now oonieleted, as also the Mtaaieaippi Centra1, making it tbe QUICKEST AND AIOST PLEASANT KOVTE , FOE SOUTHERN TRAVELERS> It ia provided with First olaaa Weeping Care! (To New Orloana ? 79 Honra. | Memphia 14 do. i MoctiupjerT $1 do. < NaahviiU 44 Co. i in?Tlm If It Mill. >11.1 ilU Utt> IJV UBUMfl *f-r ww w> ? an^h* ? *-??* ?t/amo sai ivdoo i uetakea oratills New Line. j IlokeU can be obtained at the Smith Western < oo, ootloj olStxth Btreot and Penii?j;wn:a &? ?uue, U? the following pointer I Lynohburg, Brutal, KnoxviUe, Atlanta, Chattanooca, IJqnteville, Grand Jtiuotion, Maoon, Nashville, Dalton. Coltunbua, 4 Monttomerr, Mobile, Memphis, and I NEW ORLEANS. ID- THROUGH TICKETS TO THE VARIOUS VIRGINIA SPRINGS. tn^OmmboKse and Baccate Wacom leave the I at 6 a. m. and 6 p. m. JAMES A. EVANS, TioketAcent, j ma 23-tr Corner Sixth at. and Pa. av. t 1 THE STEAMER JAS, GUY Will remune her < 1 tripe on TUESDAY, Slat of jr?. t ^ebruarr, I860. Will leave WASH > NGTON every TUESDAY and"""*"1" FRIDAY, at6 o'e!o*>k a. ra.,and ALEXANDRIA I kt haft-past 6 o'olook. for CURRIOMAN and the i Dtertnediate Lan>Jin(a. On her return tripa. ahe 1 eVn VV EDNESDA Y " nul SATURDAY, at 5 o'olook a. rr. LUC1AN 8. PaGE, Proprietor. ' NATH'L BOUBH. Ac't, Alexandria. * fe? i Regular bteaW packet line heueroe at wharf. Baltimore, u ] ??he St Nicholis eve WEDNESDAY, at6 f. 1 a. Columbia,every SATURDAY,at6?. m ? Leave Riley's Wharf, at the foot of 11th street , ,Vm?Ii in * ton, ae follow#: _ 1 Colombia, every WEDNESDAY MORNING, I ,tjS- StTNicholas, every SATURDAY, at6a. m. i For freight, ac., apply to > f HOS. W. RILEY, Agent, J Riley'a Wharf, at theToot of mar 16-TAT6n> Uth et., Waehmcton Ufi7 GAS fixtures. 1 Tv E Have in store, and are dai.y receiving, OAS t FIXTURES of entirely New Pattern* and Designs ? nd Finish, superior in style to ^aything heretofore J oered in this market. We inviteoitisens general _ r to oall and examine our stook of Gas ana Water Mxtures, feeling confident that we have the beet elected stook in Washington. All Work in the above line intrusted to our oart , ,3, b. ,.o.Pu, .tu^g i mar 5-tf avail * >?** a. 12,000 ass I se attention of the pobiio to oar large and well eewted itook of Otuunpa* ne and Crab Apple Cider, hioh ve guarantee to be pure i aioe, and wxil be C aid on reasonable term* in order to make rooa ? >r oar spring stook. Give *? a oall at the Union Bottling Depot, In 9 N*. IT CrMii it. ftMriMnVB. !.?.? luii*. . . on. i.kiinr. AMAft.MOYT* AUTRY. f a _ ATTURNMYS-AT-LAW 1 foixlsfllm, mim.. Fill KMbo* in the Hijrh Coirt of Krrora aad A??li at Jao|ffon,the Federal Qourt a' Pontotoe, > Coart? oTtheS#v?E*h Judioia. Dutriot of MU- 01 ppi.and will attend to thff Collection of ClaiCM t *>-? > M'wwuii ori-iir g 7 MAGNOI4A HAMS! ? E Are again in reoeipt of a further sapply of " ih? Ham*. They have been tn the nnkehuoae tnroaih the eeiann^aad are in oapital d?r. ? KING t feURCHELU. M 8^ Corni mk *C m4 V or wont avebie, *_ t* f. " * ??????a?i HMTITiL, FOR ALL DISEASE*} OP IMPEL IWNCE. LET NO FALSE DELICACY PREVENT. APPLY IMMED ATELY. I CWEE WAEEANTED. OR NO CHARS E IN FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. VMteM iflM ItU.aWMiM ilnBtirfik< PtokH *4 Btaidar, is'dwu; Dhttem, ! ??? ?, mmW llWty, DjaaafcT-fcac ntf. Law fcWc<r MifMni, ?-'| *li Tiiaftiii )imim < ?if ki a* iiMmw, Dmhm >( U? liU, TWmv lata at Skin, af ika l*A Siantck a* Timblt Ditardar* tnatt( frtre Itlitiry ItMi af raatk?i*a.. Oratrtfal u4 PwUMIlii Pruticd ?M i? tat Huntfi uapaaaakla, *04 (wot; btu My t*4 MM roiMMn laynulli wfc* ka** kik* oeuai af MHuf TIm, kti dr?*?hil ?o4 aaciracuva kakii vkick taaaallT km^m lb Bnuaxir fr??? thaaaaodi af YtU( Man aftba aw aiatid ttlaata umI krt!!?st to tall act, ?k? aifkt atkarwna ka*? truc?4 Iiikuu>| Imtii vttt tkiUltAn rtti< I* itMir ik* lirtaff Iyr?, may uli VKk fail k?> HAUUA9B. MAU1IB riuon, w y*atg M*^iwiia^>Ui( Mm tag*, k*tnf ivuitf f.i vtikiiH, ?i|h1? 4*?UHp lafatnuUt*. ftt , tp? >ii.. t ortd I* ?b? p.ttM kimalfand*I lk? tu* af Dr. I. rtUgl Maty chUi i* ku kM?> ?? * pul*au a4 Mliw.; rflf Ifw kia tkill u * pkyaiuam. a orncjc h?. t sorra ninuuci rratn, ft kand atdali?a Baitusara a ftw daaaa 'raa k? aanat. rid uat taabaarva umu4 aiaka*. kaoaf WN p?14 ?a4eeeuie iiuw DLjumiroa, aakata af tka bjptl Ulltfi rflarfitM, baaCam. ran aaa af Ika a<aal aoataaav Caiiagaa ta ik* Bu'ufl iuui, Lad Ika ftaalar partafwkaaa lift haa kaaa apant U Ika kaaftula af Laotian, Paria, Pkiltdaia&ia and alaavkara, tu a* Wciad aataa af taa raaat aatanuiktnf caraa Utmt ? ? nai uwwij iku; iNMiia vim rin|Mi( to tha tiU u( MM vkau aaiaap; nut uruiutH, kiui tl?rn?d M aaddaa taandt, baakfninaaa with fraqaant ktaahinc, auandad B?mi tail wttk <MupBMt W mmd. *m farad ?Bi4kUlT. TiU PARTICBLAR. HOTICK. T?'|1|D tud *cn*r> v&abaaa u|m< uimiItn kf 1 luitin pracuca .ndaifad ib ?hn alaaa?a kakat htijiiMj aaruaJ (ran a?il ctiiftntaii, w at iCkMl, tka ifttu H rUeh ui aifktly flit < [> vb a iilwp, ui if m on<. randara ir*ri i?f laipaaaitla, ui katk >?< ui Mdf, ahaaid m maouialy. Tlmi >ri aoma oflba aad ?l lutM; iltcu IrtiMri I; ?'rlr babita W aaaU. ?t? I Viiknm af tka Back u< imka, Pauia in tlia Maad, Diutiaaa of ifht, Laaa af Maaaala I Paver, Palpitatiati ef tka fMrt,DripiM?, Kirtto Irriuki I 17, Darauf amaut aftb* lhjaau?a raucuaoa, anaral DaktUty, If fuptain* of Catiaaanptiaai, At. MICNT ALLY.?Tka harfil iftiUMIkl a tad ar* awk W ka draadad?Laaa af Mamary, Gaafaaaaa af ldata, Dapraaa.aa af ipirua, Bail ParLadtufa, Aaaraaan af Saciair. lialf-Diairaat, Ua?a af Balitada,Timidity, ale., in aaaaa af tka arila frataaad. BBRTOBS DBBlklYT.?Tfcaaaaada aaa aa*|adft vkal la lb a caaaa af tbalr dacliuiaf baaltk, laamf tkair aifaa, ka laaainf waik. pala. r.arraaa ud anaaaaud, kaauig aaahgalai ippaaraaaa a aim-Jia ayaa.eaifh atafmptacaafcaMa|da DiafcASES OP 1MPBUDBNCK. Whan tka miaf aidad and Impradaat ?al?rj af plaaaaa* #?*a ka ku imtikai tha aaada af thia painfal diaaaaa.Ktaa aAaa kappaua ibtt aa lli-Uaaad aanaa af abate a ar draad af 4lac*T*n daiara him fram applying la ikoaa wba, bum ajacuiaa and raapaetabili'.y, can alona kafr.aaJ him. Ba falla !.iia tka kaada af ignorant aad daitfiiiaf praiandara, arka, tncaaakia af caring, lick bi* ptcaniary aabaiaoca, kaap kia in tic | aaib altar n.a?Ji, ar aa leaf ai tka aaallaai faa 1U ka akkainad, aad iu daapair laa?a kin wltk ratnad kaaltk ta auk ?*ar bia railing diaappau>lmaut; a? ky tba aaa af ttat daadly palao< , Marcary. haatao tba eacabtauaeal aymptaana af tk? tarntla diaaaaa, aaek aa AfaeUauaaftka Baart. Thraai, Maaa, km. Ac., prarraaainf with frig+ilfal rapidity, till daatk pat* par tad labia araadfai aafannra ky atading kin la tkai aadtaca?arad caantry fram vbaaa kaarna aa traaaiar 1 a tan. a. DL JOBBBUNBBKMKDT POR OBUABIC WBAIBBBI ABD IMPUTKBCT. By IkJa graat aad lucattaat raaady aaateaaa af tka ailtM tra apaadily carad aad fall aigae raatarad. Tbaaaiada J ika mi rT*mi ai.4 dtbilualal, vkt kid laat ail haps, un kaaa ImratdUlaly raiiavad. AII imp# iimiBti la Marritf a. Pkyalsal at Maaui Lm af Pnttiulu Nvii, Iwt?u UriuMlln hwkluriQd VukilMW UUMla fill* MHlMilc Uid iptitMr cnti EHDoiiuim or m rtM. rax MART noui^HN ??r?d tuku mniinln vkikte Ik* l*n Htlatlli ?ttn, and tka Binirvii tapanasl ll|t Ml ?parai.?ua ptrram*4 ky Dr v.uiawad ky tM ra?*rt*n af tka papart md aaauy aUar Hrmi, u(l(M al vhfck kiT* iniirii i(ua aad iftta kihrt iki fsVia, ksMmUiiUmb|UI (Mlluiurf tkiruutul IWIH^ rilltr, ta a asflciaai puuui t ika tlMUi tu W| R. J. BOVEE DOD'S IMPERIAL WINE BITTERS, A re now being used from Maine to the 6 r?t gait I*ke, anl the universal veiMiot of all who ut them either as a mudicmt or ai a b&vtratt, is that they are nnsarpaaed in the world. Dr. Dode need them snooeasfuUy ii hie traotioe for V yean before we perohaeed cf him the eole ncht to macujfcotara and presett then for sale to tne rnblio. Por the oure of Incipient Ooaxumition, iudiceaQon, Dyspepsia, Piles. Nerrooi DImum, Female Com plaints, and all caees rescuing atonio.they are berond doubt a moet invaluable reiredy. Aside from their medioinal properties they are a pare, wholesorae and deiigntfui Beverage, producing al' the pleasant exhllerating efieou of Braody or Wme without their injurious reaulta. f-et all friends of humaiiity and all advocates of temperance assist us in suhstltulnr these vaiu&ble Vegetable Bitters for the mineral poisant and cuiuitrraitd Liquor* with whieh the country is flooded, and thereby ef xjtuaJy aid in benching Disease and Dnntsam from the land, _ CHARLES WIDDIFIELD * CO., DR. J. BOVEE DOM' IMPERIAL OIN BITTERS. For Diseases of the Kidney s^Bladdarano Urinary Drfur.i. snd fn? r ?V> i iu?? VUVWHOUUai, never fail to care, and are warranted to give aatia*GHARL1& WIDDJFIELD A CO., Prop.ietora, TS William at., New York, J. SCHWAftfcB, je7 1y,r Agent, Waahicgton. D. C. JlOY FOR THE SICK AND SUFFERING. LET ALL WHO A HE AFFLICTED READ! APPLY THE REMEDY REJOICE HEALTH. Friend, do you ?uffor? Are you the vioCim of any ofthoao numurou &i!:nei l? whioh auae trom impurity of the b.ood? WLatare ?li<yr. do yon a?k Rather a*k, vh?t are they not? Tha blood ;a the ouroe of liie and health, and it la the firat element of our l>eing to reepond to any oauae wmoh *lTeoU tii? 8T?toui, aa the pulae lnla.iiUy atteata The ever prevailing Neuralgia, the irritating Erya peiaa, the ml.tin !*on (u!?. the agonising Rheuinatiara, Nervous Dabilfy, Dyapepaia, Liver Complaint witn ita tornor and drjeotioii. and the nuniborieea ilia that tieau ia heir to, derive heir hideoua origlo from the blood. Deal kindlj thea and gently Willi the blood, ra* the vitalizing rea-nrooe of natnre lor ita aid. awl ? offer u* to oonimotxi to y<->nr oon&denoe and lue that tniTy valuable medicament known aa MRS. M. COX'S INDIAN YFAiETABLF DECOCTION. With regard to tnta aim -at infallible apeeifie popular aentit:ient iiaa ?p<>ken in d'oided teriua, and the evideooM m thia great eftoacT are urn tainea by ooiinlaut avoviii of curative eff?ota and Ln? happiest results froin its uw are af?*r a'.! oibor remKlie* and the i>ert tr.'Oical ?kili hav* failed. ua say, in ooiiolu-u-n, th*t o*rtiti?atee sures are not sought from the illiterate and sueerEoial, but they are volunteered fiom the m*al re peotable aouroea aa-i justify Uie highest utdu ia whion it ia nooaible to commend ao valuable a ipeoifio to pen io approval. We inay add a, so that the curative proptsrtieaof the medioibe are equalled jnly by ita reetorativc rtT-cta, the svst?m raeoverinc fromdisease with renrwo.1 constitutional vigor. For eaie by all respectable iHuggists this jity, and by the proprietor, MRU. M cox, *oce genuine unless her iiame is b.ovn on the lottle and her aeai on the eork r~T" Prme f 1 per l??ttle, six bott!?s for MS. Wholesale Agmt. R *. T. C189KL. Druggist, Seorgetova, 0 C., Wholesale Agent for the Dla .riot, and will anpply tiie trade at my pno?e. au 18tr Q*7Q T. POTfcNTlNI, OAfi ?( / iitrPiTH or ?UO Pa. Ate.. FOREIGN FRUITS, Pa. Arm., 10 11u ,^fect.0^8. Will.,, UUL CONDIMENT^'Ao., * }?{ leav* to oal > the attention of hia friandi and h* public jenerally to hie New Store, under wilar<Pa Hots!, joat opened, IE o^oaexioa with hia >ld eetabluhmant, whore ho wi.l l?a hapar to revive u; ordara for upenorConfeoUoua of hia on mport&tion. Alao.ail ordara for Dtni'^ra, &oppera, Bailp, aaC nrate Parties, wtuon will be tarred ap la hia lamit&b'e etyle, with tba prompts*? and diaaiflti wbion he baa hitherto m?wd. m 7 WM. T. DOVE A CO. f\RE Now prepared to execute uj order* with rhioh they may be tarored if the PLUMB1N6. GAB Oft 6TEAM F1TTIN? B UH1N L88* ff-r Stora on 9th street, a few doora north of Pa. ivenue, where may be fouod a oomaleu assortment IatkH v;WM%d eA8- "'jffiH DUKE OLD EVK WHISK).-On haad eevera L brandt of Pur* Old Rye Whi? ky. Copper Diailled. made by the moat reliab e distillers In P*aaylramia, Maryland and Virginia, warranted pura, Llao. Imported Krandi**, Hen newsy, Otard. Da pay t Co., J*le* Kobina, fee. A Leo/Peach and Apple Irandy, pure Holland 61a, old Jamaioa audSt. Jroix Bum, and Wine* of errrj variety, af; ol UJ&rd .Wug to ?Tr* a* 14-It ? *? F* * _ N?w ?th ?*d frnh sia. [7? DIRECT IMPORTATION, fRKNCI LETTER AND NOTE PAPER oat imported from Franoe a la^ge and complete aaortment of fine Letter and Note Papers, irom lie celebrated Mii:a of l.aroche, Joubert, Da ierqu*. Lac re ix A Coat ABfoalena. BLANCHIRU * MfiHrw Corner l"fU ?t >v. | L BI V XX ALE AND XXX ALE!! l&Y. TtniAleiamwlafron B>vt>nd hoMoelr ad otnnot nil to tire entir? utitffcotlon to tram. C. CQLINEAU ,Pro?n*or of U?? m>mw I KM ?lh !75 ALiEN 275 , J A C I I o !t, ! r U *Pmui Atsvt' * Bwtwooa 10th d llth ttrof. |? HI 5 "|UPONT'8 GUNPOWDER, Sib ifwct (if tkiDutrw %/ CWmtu. r Mt OnUra Ml also bo loft tt tho 0A00 of Adim** ? ??r? Com whit. W?*lnnrt?w. D. fi. hyittii "'OOD LIGHT' 1 JT CHEAP L1QBT! ' SAFE LIGHT ! PARAPFINB OILjrow Co*J. | I1NO * BURCHKLL, *8 AlHIitNtUijt, | .J .w > w. ^ ~ CARRIAGE 1 ACIOEIUB. WAM.IN?TUN C^A^AgJJJT^ ? ~ m/ ^ M ? !! ' WW* *W w?#( W'? Ut?jmi im?bad a oii?>j?' cl &rat cten n?|il,m4 />?.,? n >, th:M V? WUI aaii ?|*UJ ? MT< null WML Maine p'i"t nn i oMchaatea ia diftaraat braeafcaa of ti>* mhmm, ?' IiUm <* liial w* kmum tk* ttrl** *.nd im.i'i of work that ?f ! Clr* *ati* faoUoc, ovatiMkc ligktoaaa, oowfort im darabi' i If. Imirill from rI j aaiJ oarafa: ? atuadad to M?Sl^ "11 CARRlA?t> S?M WMMk gg^gggagr, DENT18THY. D^m DENTAL CARD. ft. MUNSQM Mm ratarn*d aad rnmid hia arofaaaioa. Oftoa aud liou** a: 463 E third door ?Mt of l*ixtb la addition bMtod *varj o'har approved ?tyle. Dr. M ha* ?>**11 r u treth on raioanita Raae for tba laat thta* ?aar*, and, from exrerirnoo, kavvi it all otb?r? ar>d ta ?na third laaa la prto* thar (<44. hutd patron* of Waahmgtos, Ai*xaadna. aad Oaori town ara r??p??ctfollr aoliaitad ta oali. Jb awly ^ DENTAL NOTICE. S ft. LOOMij* Ha* u.i>*?d hi* vfto* for tto *?a- j on, and w.11 ba abeont. a* usual, duriaf th? auai^ pi?-uuv ?inm inr in Of Oob>t>er. of whick furtts. nutioe wiil b* ?.*?*. jy Ddentistey. R. HILUS, after a pisotiu* tMt of ?*o years (mu tbal M oan vitb oonfideaoe "" j* 1ft H maud u* o Ftoowfori&MiilttJIuM art-Iioial t*Kii 11 aa* lie ultiu^tt k'CLjlb. b*auty. olflaiJuieaa. and ci*eapi ?ea. Fa I stser rets inserted for ?U Vans. is proport.. OiMMCPftttJU*. Ml Mii40KLtLtAN tiUU5T Ou* stock is always row pttwtit[>f the o*'ehrated Chirkrrias A Son*' _ equaled PIANO FUKTK-, eabrscin JL. MsA reo siie, ?tyle, s*al* and finish, at p!i.?s*"? *" to seit tli* time*. Old Pianoa Ukou top-rt Hr*iM t for new. The Ch?ekennf?'have twsa awarded > fotrt aad silver mertaia at the dtff>r<at nhiKiti... . in til* UniMd t?tat?a for the a*p?ri<tritv of ?h?ir Pianoa over a 1 other mafcera. Tfcetr Pi?n*i are better. their prioea as low. thatr Urn* of psyiat aa easy, t^eir disoonnts for cash traaier than u} oU ra. Gail and m for yourself. JOHN P. El LIP, ? ? ?<*> ra. av . h-t t*h and i?H? ta. UOWEH IMPROVED WEIGH1N6 SCALE* II Theae Scale* are offered to til* ssblie aa the moat simple. daraMe, ai d reliable soalea ?v*r nt la aa*. Piratniaas pr*WDms harebell ewardadtiMm ! by tbs United Stat** Pair aud Virginia Ag koaituri< Society; Virginia Stats Ajneu uira; Fair: PraatUL InettnU Fair, Pecasy vaius, New York Stat*)-air; Vermont Btat* Fair, Ac., Ac. Id *rsry ?au ?h?.r* exhibited they oav* reoeived first premiaai* For aa at * Louisiana avecce, Depot of ttt!ier'e Chi ed Iron Safes. he t?-1t k' c patt.wim. ami WASHINGTON SEWING ROOMS, yt M *ik ll? lies dear* "eli ?/ Pa. 1%a. Jow IS tt* tine to r? SPRING and SI'MM ER 1RTS made cp to order, Tie subaeriMr is prepar*d to m&ke SfllRTS. DH AW KR S. As.,at the A'iv'A / ^// 10010111 \l'<? \ j? dispatch! \ ? ^ 8itc the Pietei! As m?ndm:i wiii kmrpse. sr?m is ss*U-rsr?*s'?d /swiKss, It is rwry desiraMs t*> bars - >* sheap and oonreaKiit war for pe??-ru r K^mibir* t.,.? Crockery, 4 a. IPALDIRQ*! PREPARED OLIII BMU all *ach Aa>ereeix>iee. and co boaeeboM ou afford to be without it It u aiwaya raady and ap to the ttakiac Mint. Tnere la ao loacer a inmaitjr lor umpiac cLaira. i p :rt*rr-d ?'nee re, h*ad<e?a doCa, ar.d broken cradlaa. It la iaat the arflcle tor oona, abeii. and othar ornamr rta work, ao popular with ladi?a of refinement a:M tame. Thia admirable preparation la seed onld. betnj cUemioaJly bald ui eolation, and poaMweiat ml: u?a Suable *aahuee of the beet eal>in#t maker*' flue, nay be used in the piaoaof ord.i.ary a??> tie, ag raatly in "re adbeaiTe. " VSEPUL IN EVERY HOUSE.9' rf iii tt oenta. N.B.-l Braah aeoompa&iea aaeh bottle. WhMuml* D*r*, No. 40 Cedar atreet, New Fork. Addraaa HLNKY cTsPAIDING 4 CO.. Box No. S.M*, New York. Pat ?p for D^alera in Case* oontaintnc Poor. K rht,aad Twelre Doaen?a b-eotifk! I.itbo?rapb> lo Show Card aooompanyiac e*ob package. (TT- A ainale bottle of 6PALi>lNU'8 PHMPAHED OLVE will sare toa timea tU aoet annually to every hoaeehoid.-/"TI Sold by all prominent btabonerm. Draff talk and Fariutara Dealera. Qroaara. aal Fancy Storee. vvmnu j uiorruann m'>QJQ ft bote of !jP ALDiy&S F RETAKE f) OL VF, ?b? a? thair !i?t- Tt yt'l and *"1 e;im>te <p i?.w / ( K^Taro m ATJ cnl lil pil^iS ^ y'-Wo/ur / f-v (lif ? W ?? u w<4# r#/7#?-0/ri# ,)/wi ]i 1 '+0<? JL JW ? km^mt k*m^ IN I S?8 ^4* | *} ? ir'i ?v T?aM>Wt>U( #?w /!> ?> ?-^V 5_? F pi IM ( V<??1> Ifn*. . >* ' C5# J Bole I'ropFiator. fjf 5 ' ^ " -p ?s *"^Tr H CAUTION. PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VALLEY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS ?I1C^ ^ ?55 iRomnc VAiifY whiskey WITH THE SIGNATURE OF ON THE LlBEL ALL OTIS^S*RT " AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFfrT OF THE ABOVE WHISKFY WM.ELDALY, SOLE PROPRIETOR 19 SOOTH VILUAM SI NEW YORK. fox SALS IN WAS HI NO TON St fl tf BARBOUR k PEMMKX f REEMAH | SIMPSOJjJ 5Tr^.? r^Lartt?"!S,uTa*%raA2;srsa OLi) FAMILY RYE WHISKEY, **A kAI. ? V i _ r. .l. i V. a. 1 nrcvsHKEKT" "CI 0?? A KKKkMAN A glMPtwl. - J hsniz DHdUary, om tk? StbayJiii nv*r, ~ A*3?fC?^?.Vo" >?r j

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