Newspaper of Evening Star, October 13, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 13, 1860 Page 3
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I I.OCAL NEWS. 1 QjrTni Stab publish** the List of Letters remaininjj In the Washington City Pott Office i nder the prortitons of the Uw directing them to be printed in the newspaper baring the Urgent circulation within the delivery of the ofice. Its tot* delly circulation Is more than double that of any other Daily printed In the District of Co lumbia Thi RsprnLicAK Piock?ioh I-ut Nmit.? Tie Republican Association and the Wide Awak't made toetr demonstration last nleht successfully, and in Imposing force, though the numbers were not so large as bad been anticipated. The procession was led o# by the Wide-A wake*, hundred strong. The Wide-A waken were ?/ wvrini mm iviiuwa . Pioneera?Mraara J. R. Cronin and Wm. H Praater; Prm drnt. Lewia Clepbane; Vice Prcai 4eat. <ieo. H. Plant; Srcretarr, O A Hall; Cap tain. Henrv M Knight; Plrat Lieutenant, R. K Klllott; 2*e?ond Lieutenant. R M Downer. The uniform worn by the Wtde-Awakea waa miliar to that ua*d by the kindred Aaaoclatlona elaewhere. The Captain and Lleutenanta' uai form mnatated of an inverneea mantle, or over > oat with cape, made of black enamel cloth, aod glared hat. The Captain carried a red. and *ach Lieutenant a blue or green lantern. The private? were ? blaek eoan^-l circular cape, qu)t*f?ill. ?i?d ef good length, glaxed cap. and carried a awinging or fireman'a torch. Two ploneera, tbe talieat men in the company, carrying very large torchea, were r tattooed on the extreme right. Fallowing tbe Wlde-Awakea came tbe Repub lican Aaaociation. or rather three or four hundred of its *ne thouaand membera. They alao bore | nretoea, not the awinging lampa of the Wide Awakov.hntaome got npby the pyrotechnist Kdge, and labelled " Patent Torchea for Night Procea ataaa ' A few tranaparenclea wrre borne in the prereaafon with the following lnacriptions ? Free b?m?a for free men;" " Maine 16.00 > mi iorftr" *' Vermont WOOf):" ?' na hav* failh ttat right makes might'*?Lincoln; " Wezofor frr- white Ub?>r;'' 44 Pennsylvania pood for iivijoritT In No?eraber;M "American iuduatry rou?t be f"?tered;" ' Pennsylvania 32.000 major ity," " Republican Association of Washington Ci'y, instituted ?ept lso5;" " Honest Old Abe," (picture of a rooster;) " Lincoln, Hamlin and Vic lory;'* '* For President Abraham Lincoln, Vlee Prr?ident Hannibal Hamlin;'' 44 Indian* majority, good for 20,0?i0 In Nov Ohio ?),'<*> majority;'"1* An Iron Bond of Union?the Pacific Railroad;" 44 Free Speech " The glass trana parrncy carried by the Wide Awake* bore upon ench of its four sides a representation of the hu man eye. TWIGOlSrt 'lX. When the procession bad formed in frontof the wigwam, and the torches were lighted ao that men in the line could be recognised, it was curi ous to see the crowd of outsiders passing along from front to rear, and rear to front, to "twig" tbe party, and many exclamations of surprise were* red as outsiders recognized in tbe ranks friends w bo net long since had been enthusiastic pneti taos of tbe various otticr club organizations of tbe citv Hells. " says A out of the ranks to B. In tbe ranks-. ? - what are you doing there "Ah,"' aa.s B., "thisiaarrowd worth training in. We're bound to win; don't you see.'' ' Dern my but tons," ?*rs A "if It don't look like it; and I've a great mind to join you." "Come In the ranks bow," saya B , and you'll be all right afterwards if vou waut to come into tbe party. Come and rain with us to-night " "Not to-night,"savs A., "but. bv thunder, if I ain't in the next procession it won't by uiy fault ^ TBI START. The profession left tbe wigwam at 8 o'clock precisely, and passed down to Pennsylvania avenue by Indiana avenue and Third st. The street cor ners w*re crowded and ti.e sidewalks lined with spectators, including many ladies; and at tbe cor ner of Third and C streets we noticed a group of ladles mo. in ted upon a carriage block, waving their handkerchief enthusiastically aa tbe proces >n ras??l On nurhina 1h? <? ?fc? ?? ? cn? |o tbe spectators were greatly increased. and the sidewalks vrcra occupied by a running crowd w tio kept pace with the procesaion, and a cordon cf spectators was p*k*-d in tbe carriageway upon ?*ca aide of the line of march. A strong force of policemen. stationed at clow interval*. Intervened l>etw?en tbe lnn?r tiers of the lookers-on and tbe republlcana. It la due to Capt Goddard and bis force to aay, that they performed tUelr onerous task of maintaining good order last night. In a manner deserving greetcredit Capt U. In per on a< romp?nnd tbe procession throughout its entire route, and waa promptly present with his beat oftcers to suppress any indicationa of disturb an r#? THR FIGHTING COJ1B*. Far tbe most part the Intercourse between the pr</eewlM and the attendant crowd waa of a friendly nature, eonaia lng, for tbe moat part of rocd-humorrd bantef, Inquiries of "what offlce?" invitations to 4,jola in,'' Ac ; but on reaching tbe famoua fighting ground, corner of Sixth ?tre?t. tbe temper of tbe gathering there aeemed decidedly vicious Some bard word* were flung at the republicans. and the Chief of Police and other* bad aotne bother In quieting down an excited yortng man by the name of NN aldo, who pro claimed a to fight the whole procession AfVr tb? republicans had passed some distance up tLe Avenue, however, a number of excited youths <-t the 9lxth street corner waxed so indig nant that their friends felt called upon to bold theio, and they were obliged to content them selves with cries of D?n the niggers' tb*y ongbn't to be allowed to march thrbugh the streets,'' Ac. A street meeting was improvised here, and va rious strong resolutions paaard ntm eon , amongst ?>un> wnie ur itr.av "iau any mm wQo accepts office nnder Abe Lincoln is a traitor." and --that tt :% crowd won't accept office under Abe " Justice Ltonn, there being no police ofHeera Mrxit, tried to keep the crowd quiet, and was threatened by one or them with a blow from bla t>t if be Interfered. He stood bia ground, haw. ?*(. and sent to bia office for detective officer A. >. milen. i> A Harrorer. W J Par ham, and a MfllDber of our law-abiding cttizena stood by to 4# In creating every man of tbe disorderly oases mti tbe ttrat overt act. i Tswwocraa.on paaaed up tbe Avenae aa far aa S; itaeat. it eet; tnence to H street, and along H ILLCXIXATlOSa. Tfce residence of Mr. Wm Blanchard.on Penn ?%aaia avenae, between Twelfth and Thirteenth MTeets. waa brilliantly illuminated; and sa the proceaaion moved by, tbe ladies there aaaembled waved their handkerchiefs in quite an enthusw as tic manner, which compliment the officers of the two a*s->elations politely acknowledged by 1'fling their caps On tbe pavement in front of tbe house was a aprightlv looking little boy, son of Mr. Blanc hard dressed after the fashion of a Wide-Awake, and holding in bia band a torch. vokd triwiiird to take jjreat prid* in exhibit'ng The restdence of Mr. Geo. H. Plant, on Thir. trenth street, between G and H, was boantifuliy Ngbted up with ku The profession here baited, when tbrre cheers were given. Tbe body then moved up G itreet n far u the resid'iK-e of Mr Lewis Clspbane, the President > f. tbe W1dr-Awake?, and 8ee*etary of tbe Repub llcan Association, every window of which was brlUiaatlydllumlnated Suspended from the tran som over tbe nialn entrance to the hall was a Urge-sized portrait of Mr. Cartla, the Governor clrctof Pennsylvania, lncltsod In a beautiful g it frame, handsomely festooned with flowers of various description* On reaching the residence, tbe procession marched and countermarched, b tb )>?nds play in* lively airs, which, with tbe lighted torches and the vast crowd eolleeted In all quar tern, presented a very animated appearance. Be fore leaving, tbe WIde-Awakes went through wuu vurir peculiar c noer IB aa aatbualaatlc man nrr which waa gracefully reapondrd to on the part of thr ladiea aaaembled on the baicony and tbe atepa la fx out, by the waving of handker chief VUtT > HI H4IIUIUKCTIVICDHXIItUIOOJM Again tak a* up the Hoe of march, tha pracra pru. ?^d<rd dowi Eleventh street to E, and from thence to the rooma of tbe National Exeeo tl v- CoaaaaiUee, ou E, between Sixth aad Seventh a*r?cta which were lilurelnatod and taau-fully avaauMrnted with banaera, he , aad In front of wMcb they were drawa up la Una, when three fetttty checra were givaa for their Candida tea Ma. iiLoeki'a erase! Han Mr. Kilcore, of ladlaaa, waa tatroduced, aad addreaacd tha aaaemblag* la the following language: W Ida Awakea, aad gaaUenaa of Waahington: I appear before you aa tha reprannMtae of tha re public* executive wlttw, to taoder to yoa *?m iiaiui U4 MW> cvniaiitccaiiavur COilBOreS for this kind ^reetlav I cannot permit this op porttaity to pass witbeot alee tiprMlii my joy that the time has come to the city of Wsshl ngton. dedicated to the cause of freedoca bv our teUMri. wheo yee, as the friend* and representatives uf ~ that maeh-abaaed party, th- republicans, are per mitted to iMemble together undisturbed and uo Intonuptod That party, of which 1 am in part the representative, has perhaps been more abused an* vilifted [A Voice Vou oatfht to be,"} than any party that aver existed in thl? Uakon Their relaclpHS ha*e beeeperverted and misrepresented n very locality. Oar political opponents have not allowed us to preach oar own doctrines and l?y 4owa oar owi princlpise, but they take It apon themselves to deal la bitter denaactettom with hetag th* * ? *?? of the roontry; with beKg oeetlonalirts; with being abolttloolsta k A Voice ?"Tha^a ao too." Mr Kllgore (coottnolog )? Ewy torahMbmi used that would be aaleoUtod to throw epproblum upon tKat forty. ) A Vetoo.?"AOf nejroea lo the rankaJ1' -^Another VoU*?"Yea wont to Meal oar ne ?^llr KlifOro ?Permit me to aayto ron to-night TlbaUe?eu, that an Intelligent people. | care not where the* *re, are eapoble at all tirofa of dlatia auhing between "aboltahlag alaeery"anrt 'pro "vjitlnglu spread " The republican port* had oo ymm xai^i upoa the iaetltotion of aiarery where jfrttlato by riiW?tfar local tow* ottfe Ml !? '' M MiO f Aim ' i t?Sl A Voice ?"That's right." Mr Kllgore ? We we the friend of the white A Voice ?''Good again *' Mr Kilgore ? Wbst we desire is thst the terri tories of this Union, where white men can labor and live, aball not be taken possession of bv the overgrown capitalist* of the South for the purpose of working the negroea. Instead of becoming the home* for freemen and th?tr families A Voice ?"Tell that to the Marine* ' Mr Kllgore ?That gentlemen, ia the doctrine of the republican psrtr Weare in favor of girlng free homes to tbe friendless; we are In favor of protecting the interests of all tbe people cf this country, whether they bo rich or poor, great or Addressing the Wide Awakes :?Yon, gentle- I men. have been misrepresented, perhaps, as ex tensively as the republican party (a your orgaal- i sation I have hoard it charged in this city that i you were getting up a secret organization for the purpose of countenancing John Brown's raids, 1 and all that sort of thing. i Vou know, and 1 know, that your organization VII called Into existence for the purpose of pro- ' tertlng tbe citizen in the enjoyment of all taia le- I git (mate rights; for tbe purpose of securing peace i and good order; for tbe purpoae of establishing a i discipline In tbe republican ranks, such aa would I enable you to bring to the polls the legal voters 1 and to guard against the depositing of Illegal and 1 fraudulent votes You were gotten up for a < peaceable and legitimate purpose, not for an llle- ' g-il or riotous one, aa every man knows You i Lave b?en. and I have been, day out and day in, i within tbe laat few days, told that the election of i a black republican to the Presidency of these i I'nlted States, would be a signal for toe dtasolu- 1 tion of the Union. A Voice ?"That's eo" Mr Kllgore (continuing).?That tbe Inaugura tion of a person aa President avowing such senti ments conld never take place I tell you to-night that the American people who have the power to elect a President, likewiae have tbe power to In augurate him; [Cries of "That's so" and cheers] and let me t?-ll you to-night that they will Inau gurate him. be be who be may. A Voice,(from the Wide-Awake ranks )?"In deed tbev will." Mr. Kllgore?I tell you to-night, that If Mr. Yaneey, tbe leader of the disunion party at the South, were elected President, there Is not a re publican but what would aay be should be Inau gurated. [AppUuse 1 We are for the Constitution A Voice.?"The devil you are." Mr Kllgore ?We are for tbe Constitution, and the "enforcement of the laws," and no difference who the man may be, or what the principles he may avow, If he be elected in accordance with tbe requirements of that inatrument. th? Am?r- i lean people, the American patriots, will say that I he ought to, and shall be inaugurated. [Ap- i plause j Oh' but the Union Is to be dissolved! 1 The Union is to be dissolved, if Mr. Lincoln Is elected. Who is going to dissolve It? [Laugh ter] The Republican party * Why. I tell you, | gentlemen, i don't know a single aisunloniit In the entire ranks of that great organization. A Voice ?"There are none.' Mr. KilgoreIf I did know of any such, I would be in favor of banging him I would not even wait until he had committed some overt act; but 1 would favor the hanging of him instantly because he cherished the sentiment of tresaon In his heart We have no dlsunlonlsU; we are for the "Union, the Constitution, and the enforce- i ment of the laws." I see these words inscribed upon the banner of one of the candidates, as if it intended to convey the idea that the other candi dates were opposed to the Constitution, opposed v> ia? union, ana 10 me run enroreement of the law* I Ag*in, tbey ??y, " Vou are abolitionists " , A Voice.? ' rfaev what's so." Mr Kilgore ?Home one In the crowd a abort while ago aald. "You want to steal our negroes " , A Voice?"That's so." , Mr Kllgore?Let me say to that gentleman that ( we don t want to have anything to do with the negroes, either free or slave*. ["Good "1 We are opposed to having anything to do with them, and would not have had anything to aay about tbem had they not been thrust down our throats. The question was settled, and aa we bad hoped perma nently, by the Missouri Compromise. The country was at peace; but suddenly there arose an indi vidual who, wltb others, was determined to have this compact, established bvour fathers for mutual Cotectlon and harmony, repealed, and the coun F ayai n thrown Intn a it*u nf - s -B ? ? - ? ? ??v u^ixiMvu auu tuu* fusion. Thry succeeded. The act wu repealed Now you have bad an open field, a fair fl^ut, and had the question settled in accordance with your own terms All the powers of this Government were called Into rennisltloo to aid tbose wbo hid taken advantage of their foreknowledge of tbe repeal of this measure to locate themselves in the Territory. The twwers of this Government, 1 say, have all been called into requisition to fight the battles of 1 slavery. We, the friends of freedom, rallied there ' for the pnrpoer of settling the country. The battle was foaght, tbe victory baa been won, and what more can they ask.' Tney have given us the Invi tation; we didn't seek it. We wera willing to 1 stand hy tbecompromlses of 1$*A); we were willing ' to stand by tbe .Missouri Compromise line Hut after tbe South bad occupied that portion of the territory that had been conceded to them to tbe fullest extent, they turn round and say, " We must have tbe battles over " The free laborers of tbe North, however, wanted that beautiful territory ss a hoine for themselves and their children; and j because they have taken possession ef it. despite tbe efforts made by the Government to force sla very opon that virgin soil, and other free Terrtto ties?because the party who were opposed to such action has become triumphant, therefore the Unl< n is to be discolved. Why, my countrymen, if this Union Is not more valuable than that, it is net worth maintaining. If the patrlotsof tbiscountry, and if the patriotic sons of patriotic sires have not patriotism sufficient to stana by tbe Union and the Constitution, they are unworthy of their noble 1 ancestors. What condition would we, as a people, present?we, the only bope of civilization and Christian liberty in the world? \Vbat, shall that beautiful banner be torn, tattered, and trailed In ti.. ??.. # i.. ' ' * uu? u] tuc wui ui irrrnmn?oy (tie Oil! Of 1 America? It was tiande?l down to us by our father* at a blessed legacy, v i'.h the ( harge to us, ' a? their sons, to protect it everywhere. and finder all circumstances It lloata now In pride over every sea; and a citizen of these United States, no matter where he may be in a land of civilisation, always feels safe in the proud consciousness of being a citizen of this great and glorlouscountry, and that he Is under the protection of that glorious ensign?the stars and stripes. That flag protects him everywhere. But what do the disunionUts propose? They proclaim that it Is their purpose to tear It into fragments, by severing this glorious Union over which it now flaunts in sucn triumph, and the citizens of which It affords such sure protection. But, gentlemen. I have no fears of a dissolution of this Union. We are bound too firmly together by interests, by railroads, by our patriotic lnstitu* tions and love of freedom as It exists everywhere. A few madmen?a few craiy men?might, in their frantic minds, imagine that they can dis solve this Union, but I tell you, gentlemen, the great mass of the people won't hear to It. f "That's so" and loud applause]. We trust to their pat riotism And let me assure you thst It is my hope aad my belief that when the last tramp shall sound on that d*y which is to terminate all that is earthly, those same bright colors which now wave above our heads in such beauty shall be the last etrthly remnant that shall be swnllowed up in the vertex of ruin, but shall remain as the bright emblem of the liberty of a peopH who have taken upon themselves the right of self-government. [L >ud and prolonged cheering ] That is my wish^ that Is my belief. 1 do not think that there Is a power In this Government that caa dtstroy it. Allow me to say one word In relation to the Coaprciaoi .nr. Lincoln. 1 suppose all concede at bU election 1? a foregone conclusion. If he Is elected it will be by the will of the Americas people [Crleaof "Good."and applause ] When be Is so elected, let bis administration have a fair M and a fair trial, as we have given at all times to every administration that has come Into power. And let me say to you, gentlemen, that 1 shall re turn to my borne In the nr West and sball say to mv people that I bav* had an opportunity to meet inn* city at Washington?where but a few Tears ago riot s?emed to have run mad, and tumult and strife and murder* were committed day In and day oat; where tbe very name ?f a black repub lican stunk in tbe nostrils of tbe officeholders and oBceseckers. [great laughter}?1 ssy 1 shall tell my people that liberty of speech is onoe more tol erated, and that black republicans [laughter] can appear In a torchlight procession undisturbed and unmolested 1 have no abusive epithets to deal to my political op:M>4rats. I presume that tbey nre honest man; Ilia IK> DMBBllfl* I Ah* 11 anv tiA UmwA 4Wt? boat them. We might say a great many bard I tainga in rniaUon to tbe abuae we have received i la the city of Washington; bat let ua bop* a I brighter day to dawning upon ua; and froai nay 1 poet observation I haee no hesitation In saying < that a great change will shortly take place in th? 1 city and the District. [Laughter 1 1 apeak now ] from what 1 have observed in by-gone aay?; and < what has been will be a^atn under the aame cir cumstance*. Let me any to you, my countrymen, that we Intend to elect Abraham Lincoln. We ! know thnt by so delsg we absll wound the feelings of some oflce-holders; but we eant help it (oanghtor) We have a number of hungry men j amoug as; and yon know we most lake care of oar own. You have bad your banda In the 1 Treasury long enough; now let as feed oat hungry 1 In conclusion the snesh* for tMf Mn4 attenttoa, aid retired amid loud applauae. t trmi or mt. rawaaoBwv. Mr. PangborM, of Maaa , editor of the B?ton B-e, was mkI latooduced Ha MmtncM tay rauurklBf that UiU wm not aa oceaaton far arma ment m tar loag apeeekee; l?ut for eoogratulatloa, - and for a bop* for good nature, good feeling, far a few moaieata apent aa common cltlzeaa of a eM?M rovatry 1a rrjoielag over a g" * political Tlrtory Fberc waa no orcaaioa ever for aay word of unkiadaeaa toward si M<i ka waa molted to sea that there waa _w ? poaitlon ta allUi* *Mt Wm 4 dVWd ? ait alriA 3 ->e utter a single word of unklndneas For the lut ten dava he had beta engaged la the thlekeet of the light, where the battle waa the hotteat?ia Pennsylvania In all that time he bad net heard one angry, one unbecoming, or unkind e*pre# lion, either from a democrat, republican, or Coo s'ltutlonal Union man. The citizen* of Pcnrsr). vaala m*t upon a common battle field. t?ck recognising the rl/ht of tb? other. Tbey met M brethren and friends, to try tbelr political strength. Tbe result, be waa rejoiced to say, wm on their Kt gloMoualy In their Ihvor. Ha4ftb-?-n?jrain?t m they would hare aubmlttad like men, and ; like American citizen*, without a murmur. Bat It ao happened that the victory waa on their aide} thef had iwept the great Slate of Pennsylvania.' The voice of the popular condemnation of that ptate fairly, fully, and emphatically expressed, baa been uttered, and they have repudiated the ulailaUtratlon which to-day holds power In this pity, and recorded their verdict in favor of the people's candidates. Would any man aay that [hey had not exercised their right? No man would gainsay It He prooeeded briefly to notice the position of the three parties In the field in oppoaltlon to the republican If it would do them any good, he ind his party would pity them. If there waa any ;all upon them for sympathy, they would accord It moet cheerfully. It made but little difference to the republican party which of the three fac tlons 1 n the field got the better ef the other? lther the Breckinridge. Douglas, or Bell party rh? n r r 11 nAtUion j" v-wv i? i ? v/ i ui iur*c ?ai ivu> tat.tiuii* reminded him of the difficulty In which an Irlsb lervant once found bin,self Involved. Having tnswered the bell at the hotel upon the call of a iUf*t. ju*t as be was about leaving, the guest halloed out to him, "Here, stqp! what you done? Von have brought me one boot and one shoe?" 'Ah' but your Donor," said the Iriabman, "thrtt loesn't bother me at all." ' But It botbera me." exclaimed the guest, conalderably Irritated What bothers you," aaked the Irishman, very coolly. ' Why this predicament you have placed nae Id," aald be, in reply. The Irishman turned >n bis heel, and aa he walked away said, as a *onaolation to the guest, " Ah, but there is a gen tleman on the lower floor, in the same fix, 'by jolly.'" Now with regard to these three parties, whlcb ;ver way they take It, the gentleman on ibe floor ?bove or the floor below was in the same flx, by jolly, and let them adjust that matter for tbem lelves. In regard to the question of disunion, be ridiculed the idea by the relation of one or two very amusing anecdotes. He denounced the fan cies of the North as much ss those of the Soutb, ind warned his countrymen ngainst heeding any thing that might b? uttered by them. II? v.. I 1 ? J *?? wu^iuucu u) punuuiiuiii^ a uraunlui ouu ?loquent panegyric on the Union and 1U benefits toall sections. and deprecated at abaurd the threats made by different fanatlca relative to its dlssolu tion in a certain contingency. PAS# THE RESIDENCE Of CAPT. KNIOHT. From here the line of march obaerved wasdown Sixth street to Pennsylvania avenue, up Pennsyl vania avenue aa far aa Twelfth street; from thence to Maryland avenne to the reaidence of Captain Knight, of the Wide-Awakes, which was also Illuminated. They were her* likewise greeted by the ladiea by the waving of handkerchiefs After one or two evolutions, the Wlde-Awakea responded to the kind welcome of the ladles by an enthusiastic cheer, when they parsed on to their headquarters bv way of Four-and-a-half street to Pennsylvania avenue as Ur as Third street, and thence by way of Indiana aveuue. BTUK* TO TH* WIGWAM. Arriving attbeir wigwam, it waa not long bo fore they divested themselves of tbelr uniform and torches. .They were then c-Uled to order by the president, Mr. L. Clephane, who addressed them in a few very pertinent remarks, congratu lating tUem on the great success and decorum whtcn had attended this, their first, demonstra tion, and concluded by suggesting a vote of t Lanka to Capt Goddard and his police force, for their efficient and successful efforts in preventing any disturbance At the suggestion of the chair, a vote of thanks was unanimously passed, when tbe meeting was dissolved by three vociferous cheers for Lincoln and Hamlin. ST&1HGE3T SULKS. It being ascertained that one of the Wide nnmr! m line was lOUI'WOll intoxicated, U11S fact wu made known to the captain, who imme diately divested bim of bit uniform, and placed it upon another, leaving tbe unfortunate Wide Awake standing in hia track* la tbe middle of thestr>et Tbii action wai In accordance, we hear, with stringent rule* of the association In regard to the conduct aud bearing of its mem bers. ASSAULTS. As tbe line was passing along C street, between Sixth and Seventh, some stones were thrown from an alley on the south side, fortunately injuring no one. The police made a sharp chase after tbe as sailants; but the latter bad too much start, and es caped. When the procession was opposite the nuirket bouse, on Its way to the Seventh Ward, a man In the line, by the name of Hiram Allen, was struck a severe blow on tbe head, by a young man narnrd Cornelius Desmond Tbe police promptly arrested Desmond and took bim to tbe watch-house. THK LISCOL* MARCH The band performed in spirited stvle, all along Pa avenue, as far as the Executive Mansion, tbe. new march by Prof Ksputa, entitled as above. By the way. tbe procession was put over tbe ground to some of the quickest music possible; and we Imagine tbat ail concerned must have reached home in a big perspiration. BORriRCS. As tbe procession moved along the various street* we observed several large ltoufires, which indica ted that some of the iuvenlle* w?i- '-with Vm " The Revival ?The protracted meeting* will probably continue several weeks longer at the churches in which they have been held. L*at night. Rev Dr. Sunaerland preached at the Methodist Church Couth, with his usual ability, to a very intelligent and Interested audience. After the discourse the service at the altar waa re sumed. and five penitents professed conversion. Rev. J. T Ward, of Alexandria, preached to a very attentive congregation at the .Methodist Protestant Church. Ninth street After which, the service at the altar was r? sinned. It was an nounced that, for the benefit of those who cannot ittend at night, a series of discourses will b? preached in the day time during the coming week, the service beginning at 10 o'clock a. m. Dr. Sunderland will preach on Monday; Dr No ble on Tueaday; ana Rev. D A Shermer on Wednesday rooming The evening service as usual. Rev. Joklah Varden is expected to occupy the pulpit Sunday week. Cbrtsal GUAVD-Horsn Casks ?Thos O'Don nell, drunk and disorderly; security for a further bearing. Wm Buckley, (a boy) throwing stones it toe procession; lined $2.15. John Brokane, Irunk aud disorderly; workhouse 90 days Cor nelitis Desmond, striking a man in the republl. ran procession; held to security for a further bearing John C Smith and J.K Polkinhorn, [assumed names) were arrested for having con cealed deadly weapons about them, last night. They were taken to the guard-house, and two Bne Colt revolvers taken from them; and tbey were held to security for a hearing. Thomas Nichols, colored, carrying a billv; lined ?21 15, *nd Sent to the workhouse for 90 days. Joseph Penny, colored, disorderly and throwing stones; io 90 day* Washinoto* Tiikatkr.?This place of atr.nse ment will be opened on Mondsy evening next, by jur old friends, the Rudwerths. with their line troupe of Kthi'ipi^comedlans and melodists. Several new artists mil have the honor of making their first appearance before a Washington audl nce, and several new pieces will be produced. On Monday nisht Mr. J. H. Budworth will-de liver his great L nloo Speech,which has been pre pared for the especial amusement of the ladles, nrbom we hope to see In numerous attendance A new farce, upon the Troubadour, and that side iplittlne Railroad Explosion,will also be present ed we shall expect crowded bouses of the tlitt to wltneu the performances of this excellent troupe under these favorable circumstances. Fight No 5 ? Mr. P. M. Dubanton the part of himself aad his brother, George Dubant, request us to sst that neither of tbem had any hand In the Itfht watch we specified aa Bomber 5, yestodav, iny further than to repel an Intolerable Insult, In the mildest manner possible. We take pleasure In adding that Mr. Dubant is a quiet, law-abiding iltlzeo, and though we dare any be could "bit out from th? shoulder" If occasion nquired, we are certain he would rather avoid than seek any such pugilistic reputation. Ox* of the very beat family papers in the coun try, to wit, The Weekly Star, full as usual of Metropolitan news and gossip, and choice literary reading, is now on our counter ready for delivery la the public. It is just the paper above all ethera tor citizens end strangers sojourning la the Na tional Metropolis to read on Sunday and send to their friends at a distance Price only three cents per copy, or 91 45 per annum; postage prepaid by tamps when so arranged. Ladies and gentlemen, the only tewing; ma chine worth buying Is Grover k Baker's. It has been thoroughly teated for years, snd found want ing la a> particular Examine (t carefully before making a pure baas. We explain with pleasure the great advantages and simplicity ef the ma chine at Wevens', 338, between Ninth and Team streets. 7t iiiinn, uit ueiuim luipruTciuejm in bit SKire bika| bow complete in every department, 1 shall we every effort to keep ay atock well aaaorted wtth the moot choice gooda of the aeeson, and otter tke mm at the very lowest ceek price*, and one LVuu>oaly' CaQ at *mc* ** ywi ?tbt?s?, aole agent ia tkls city far tke celebra ted Qrover Jt Baker aewtng machine*, 336, be tween NloU* and Tenth street*. Price* from S5U to?i60 7t Smwi' dreaa kata for ledteeere aqoiilla Qo ?~ct ttaee tbem, 3M, batw*. Wntiaed Ten* i J* 4,1. ;i.a ti' ' ?* ? +/\a >- :>*o ww?v a iMam V ?a* j* -X; toaioO B <n

Thi Washington AqessccT?Aaexam'natlon tn mide by Engleeers llfen and Button yester day of lb* ooaduit bctwwa the dlstiibutlng and receiving reservoirs. Th?v passed up In a boat throagb the conduit. . Wtjftrn that br tba i?t <A December tunnel Mo 1. neaftst tho Great Falla, Will be completed, and that very shortly afW the ^rbole line of conduit between the distributing Kservoir and the Groat Fills will be ready to r? I-ive the water, with the exception of that part at ?bi"j >hn Bridge, which cannut be done till >tne \nn* In ttw y?ar t*6l. The work ?t the ock fr*M( Bridge la |>rooe<*dtni at a fapid rate, )d the structure la already putting on a strtking ornate appearance. It frirt ted br thecontrac >rs that they will have completed the abutments rfoce the aevere frost comas. The laying of Uw iirty-luch pipes In Washington Is proceeding frith vigor, and will be all done by the 1st of December. Cavght ?For months pest the dealers in the Centsr Market have been loving their fntt and vegetables by wboleaale, and recently thev formed a plan for an eflVcUvo watch. - Last night a man tamed Wm. Mayhew, who keepa a store on Cap ttol H1U, was seen to come into the market spve With a wagon The dealers noticed that Mayhew bad nothing In hia wagon. After a little while they examined again, ana discovered a barrel of kpples They let blm go on. and soon discovered another barrel of apples. He drove off with his freight; and they tot ail othcer. who went this (Doming early to* his house and found the apples, just as the barrel beads were about to l>e destroyed, wbich would have prevented Identity. He'waa taken before Justice Donn bvguard?man Donovan, and was sent to jail for trial at court. A Dkdicatio* ?We understand that the New York-avenue Presbyterian Church In tfcis cttv, of which Rev P D. Gurley, D. D., Is the pastor, will t>e dedicated to-morrow, (Sunday.) at eleven o'clock a. m The dedicatory prayer will be offered by Rev. Septimus Tustin, L>. 1J , of this city; the dedicatory sermon will be delivered by Rev. Henry A . Board man, D D , of Philadelphia; lae aermon In the afternoon will be delivered by Rev B. Sunderland. D. D . of this city; and that of the evening by Rev D. X. Junkin, D D., of Philadelphia. The services of this occasion will no doubt prove interesting and Instructive. whilst thr audiencei will All to repletion the beautiful and commodious ediKce to be dedicated. Ocr NiisHBOkK on the *west tide of Rock Creek teem to be waking up to the advantage of advertising In the Star, aa an evidence of which we refer to the Georgetown column to-day. The sewing machine advertised by Mrs. S. E Jarvls, at 101 bridge street, is one of the best we have seen. At her establishment may also be found one of the inest assortments of worsted and fancy goods In the District, embracing dress and cloak trimmings, head drewes, gloves and gauntlets, and everything to be found In a first-class store. Washington ladies who Intend to see for them selves might find it to their advantage to give our other advertisers there a call. Police?Before Ju*tie* J)<mn ?Thomas O'Doa nell, after a hearing of the charge of being drunk and disorderly, was lined S3 15 Cornelius Des mond was called for trial upon a charge of assault a id battery upon a man walking it) the procession lest night. Failing to make his appearance, the bond was ordered to be returned to the Criminal Court John Betts. arrested by policem tu J P. King, for disorderly conduct In the market, was lined 93 15. John Evans, a boy, was arrested by the same officer for the larceny of a penknife in the market; he was held for trial at Court. lirivniiiTav ?4lw*?t tt?A *V 1a?W - lng some vtllian act Are to the carpenter shop of B. F. Bc*n, on Pennsylvania avenu? Mwwn tat a id '2d streets wert, and the shop with ita contents Including tool! and work was destroyed entirely. It is a total low, not lesa than five hundred dollars, uninsured Mr Beers is an estimable young citizen, and a very excellent mechanic, and his loss excites the sympathy of his numerous friends. Thou who have not already enjoyed the pleasure afforded by the performances of Percl vat's Pagodi.atOdd Fellows' Hall, should not miss the last opportunity, this evening, to do so We assure them that in visiting tills place of amusement they will find a rich treat prepared for them. Mr.G B . J swill, who has a large soap and candle manufactory on Green street, in George town, near the canal, seems to be doing a tine business, and is disposed to sell for a small profit Call and see him. For your bonnets, hats, flats, ribbons, French flowers, feathers, dress t linmings, embroideries and rsal laces go to Stevens' fancy store, 330, be tween Nlrfth and Tenth streets. 7t DIBD, On the 13th instant. 1 DA TUCKER, the daughter ol Mary J and John T. Braxton, aged 3 yuara, * months, and 8 dais. The relatives and friends of the family are re guested to attend 'he (iineial, on fcanday. th? MUi ui?tant. at ao'o'ock, from th? residence of Iter pa rents, 3t>9 ioth atreet, island. * WAHTS. WANTED?Bt a gentleman and hi* wife, a first or second floor.< f not 1*** than three room.", to keep huusn in. Vlireks, itating location anil terms,to B F.,8tarOA<M. It* WANTED? * I T RCnASKRS.-Wanted, Purchasers fo' 2,'"?n ooH* of Wood, standing on the land situated <>r ^ha Potomai river, 8 miles from Washington,a t ?an behroushtto market by the canal* TB? vrool ia of the >?e?t quai.ty of hick ory. oak and pine, an 1 ? l'tahle for !mrmer and ship timber. Address C. '<?. .. at Star Office. oc IS eoSt* WANTED1MMEI ATKLY-A first rate Coat Maker. Toaote . vltacd .good ws?es will l-e ?iwn AppN to RlCHy.RD FLLLAl.OVK. lili Bridge st , Georgetown. oc 12-3t ANTED?By a voting man. a SITUATION as porter iti a grocery or dry (nods store, or wouid like a coachman's p ace. No tTnjeQtion to the coun try. Has good testimonial*. Address Box 4, Star Office. oc 12-2t* w WANTED?At the refreshment rooms of the Waahinrton BTaroh Railm*<La. \i ? v or WOMAN to cook. Muat understand the hn? ine??,a* tliedutie* ara L*ht and the wa%cs * re iib erat oeil-y THESL'BSCRJL'ER HASOPENED '?N TUE comer orNinth and E street*, an 1NTFLLI CENCE OFFICK, for aervanta, where he will at tend also to letting of hou*?s and the collection of ren'a, itc. Per?on? wishing hi* ?ervice* will p,ea-e call oo 11-St A. S. SCHOO LCRAFT. WANTKO?For a t-rm ol rear*, a britk DWELLING HOTSE, nituaUd botw?eaU*l? and 20th street* wo?t a~d G ar,d I stre?t? north,and o ntftinine not ies* than 4 chamber*, parlor.dining* room and kitchen. Peraona bavin* tuoh a noua* oan aecure an entirely atufaotory te< ant fiK thft period of 4 ?eara. *pplj to J AS. C. McGUIRE 4. CO., Anction and Cemmi**ion Merchants. oc 11 3*. WANTED I MM EDI AT KLY?From *5 to MOiMi worth of SEQOND-H AN D Ft RNI TL'RK of ail kiadc, ?ur wtiich I wili guaranty to pav the highest price*, and, aft U?ual. at the ahorte?t no tice. * R. FMJOHLY, Dealer in Furniture, Stove*, 4c , oc a nr 7tn n.t o^t. u a-.g h . east md?. XJLI ANTE D?All kinds of SKCOND-JiAM) ww FUR NITURE, for whioh I will ray the cash, at 3*9 Seventh street, between I and K ?cft-tf HENRY BONTZ. ^Al.KSMKN WANTED? Om or two firKt-rat? Salesmen, who can be relied <ni in svihj par to ular. are wanted at the Hoing-Furnture Dry I* 3t<>re, No 4 Market Space, near 9tWM. As will b# valuabla4ioth?aub#criber, it T? hop^d will y but sacb as arc aompatcnt to fill the Goods Store, No 4 Market Space, near 9thJM. As tim? \ none< p'aoe. oc 9 eolt J. B. DODSON. WANTED-?5.ono worth or SKCONlMI AND KI ENITTHE, ?or which the inchest ea?h prices wilt be paid Addre?t. or Inquire fwr.C. T, GRIFFITH,at Cleary A Green's Auction Room, Ninth street, one door from Fa avenue. oc 6-eo6t WANTKD-A FLUMBKK. Inquire at MY ERS A McGHAN'S. None but a ftrat-clas? workman nead apply oc 1 U7ANTED? To hare everybody know that they can find a fine and well selected stock cf FAj^L andj*lNTKR CLOTHING, FURNISH inw UUIIUB, hAl'S and UAfB at Uie Feupiea' Clothing Store, No. 460 seventh at, opporite Foal Oftjne. ? W lm 1I7ANTRD-A CLEKK, who i? aequaint?d with *? the oity trade. for a JewM^ Store. Boat o| referenoea required. Addreaa T. H., No. 5, ^tar Offioe. ae 14 FOR SALE AND RENT. [IW Hktr "ftr fiiii mmH Htnt" udMrtuMMad, t*$Jlrtt pagt ) I FOR 8ALF.OR R ENT?Th? v*ry Heairafcieand eotnmodiyna QW'KULING cv^niaa alfven mom*. i\o 394 Twelfth street, directly ea*t of FnankllnRow. For terms inquire of THO.M A? B. GR1KF1>,*33 M at. ocU 3t RESIDENCE NF.AR WASHINGTON CITY FOR RBNT OR SALE rHKAP-A large Dwelling home, 2}% milM from George owa. D. C.. with exteoaira garden and orchard*, and aa much mora lacd may be daair'd. It will bo rented either with or without tha furniture, ard. to a good tenant, very cheap. H. LOUGHBOROUGH, ?!?-?* Qraariaad. P.C. pO* SALE-One tw<v-?tory BRICK HOUSE",' *" ,-T1"1 two atory back building. pre?? frnofc Nv, on Eleventh at, between O and P ?t? north. T*?rnn?v w and i? ^onthi. In quite1 of JOHN W. mEED. on the premiaea. oc U-st*_ Til* OWN EE OF A. ROU9C KBAR THE I Capitol deairea to rent one or two kOOMI, with tha uaa of tha kitchen if rooujred. '1 arm* u? - ueually moderate, aa the objoetfbr ranting ia to ?a cure protection (or the property while abaeut frufr thecitf. Itiuuira at timottce. oo 11-at* FOR RKNT-A HOUSE on Fifteenth at. we*, hetweeq L aad M itreata nar'h; las 8 rojiaa andaaix-foot paaaage, in rood oider. A puu.p pf i^wa?r,iu1^ ?Q? ^ &Lw'i vr./aS1 Uiqaire at No, on L atroot, of A. BORLAND. 00U-?* VTlJ AH<>\ -. ,wuwei r ?a J GEORGETOWN. 1" Correspondence of The Star. ^ IHsombtow*. October 13. um. "? iiinuuMiTi iDf nepuoiiraa Aasoclalloa. who ar? confident In the assurance of certain Tlctary tn November next and carrv thrmaclna accord ingly. bad a meeting last evening at tbefr "wig wam,** corner of High and Gay streets, but the session moat hare bean a abort one, aa they bad adjoarned and gone to takes part la the lmpoalng demonstration of their brethren la your city be fore we could ft there A considerable number of application* tot membership were a?nt in Interesting services are expected at the new Mlwion Chapel la the First Ward of your city to irSrow. \Ve understand that a considerable number of Sipes for the 30-inch main new being laid in irldge ftreet are on band yet, aad that the con tactor can haul them to hla work at any time Enough are caat to complete tb^ connection, and will no doubt be here in time, so that there ia and wlU be no delay of the work for want of the necessary materials, and its progress depends altogether on the expedition used by the con tactor The dedication of the Odd Fellows' new Hall, en Congress street, will take place on the 29th Inst. An Interesting time is expected. The revivals are atlll In progress at the M . E and M P churches oa Dumbarton and Congress streets resDectlvelv. in our citi- an<t in Inter in. Attention ! particularly called to the George town advertising columns this werk, as readers *1U Jlmi there much to please and something, perhaps, to profit them Our ft.end Tennev, we e, advertises '-Salt river wblskv." We Infer frrm Its name that it la a very toothing beverage far disappointed politicians, and will be indt rnand for tbe next few months GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS M>r other GtorfttotmadverturmaMs ttt JirU f*|i FOR NEW|YOR?.-Th? jacket schooner Fair fax,Capta:n8 Mott, will be rea<lT to re eeive cargo for the al?ove port on Monday, 15th insl. For freight apply to McCORB k. DODGE, oc W IS Water ?t.. Georgetown. 37 BOXES NEW YORK CHt>S*. au MtU Lovering's Refined SUGAR?, *t bbbi. I'nnie New Orleans MOLASSES, Stipeno- Salt Kiier WIIISKY,at #2 per gallon. For sale by ^M5l3-St W. H-JTENNEY._ If OR RENT-A two story BRICK DWKLL I ING HOUSE, on Gay containing ten room*. inoinding a two-story kitche,.; rood oelars under the house; gas and water in the premise*. The kouse u in oomp'ete repair,and to a perrnan'nt tenant the rent will be low. Appiy to I). ENG LISH. oo 13eoiw M REMOVAL. 1**S CLAYTON Hai removed her plaoe of business to No. 7 7 Bridge street, four door? eut of the Farmer! and Mechanic*' Bank, where the La* received her FALL Pl/rchases. oopaictiac of nea.Hr every thing usually kept in a first c!a?? TRIMMING and KANCY STORE. She revest, an egamination of her (took bv those wishing to pnrchase Trimmings or Fancy Goods for fell an I wi?'?r w#*r. Thankf. I to those who have patronized her dnrirg the put. she solicits a continuance of the pubho favor in the future. oc 13 6t* C~~ IRCULATING LIBRARY. The undersigned bees leave to inform his numer ous friends that he has finally ?lelded t?> their re quests, and will open his CIRCULATING I I BRARY on SATURDAY. October 13, with 9* volume*. G. CRANDKLL. oc 1 i 3t No. 1 g* Bride* *t . Georgetown locks! clocks:: clocks::: A new. large, and elegant supph of CLOCKS just reee ved direct from the makers. < nouewa lietter mad?*.> warrant-d to keep oorrecl ti no.KAl and the striking part properly adjusted Old Clocks caret ally c eaned an I repaired E3l a' a u odei ate charge. Wanted, a Young Man t? learn the busine?e. oc 12 3t* J. A. WATSON. Bridge st. c iki f m ttT# ? d r> imiju iv oivJivr, UUUJLK5 . 11 MRS. M. SIM SON Inf<~irms her numerous friecda and the public gen erally that a he is now eatabliahed at her New^^Pk Stor?\ No. Ill Bridge street. Georgetown,Omm two doora above the old atand, whore mv be^^ found aauatia'.a kara* a*?ortm?nt of MILLINK RV f)KY GOOD S, HOSIERY, and EMBROID F RIF.S. at the very loweat market price ?. oc I 9~ B ! FISH!! T FISH!?! 4W barrela Nn. 1 Pickled Eastport HERRING, do do (iippfd Boston do 231 do do Round do do . |i? do St John'a ALKWIVES. Sft do prime No. 3 metflam M ACKER Daily expeelert per achootiera Arnon, J. \V. Ser ver, and >V m. D. Cargi.l, and for aal? on or bsfore arrival in lota to auit. A'aoinatore? l tft ?I ^ ? n. - 1 ?a unu o t arrt !?? iwirii piniif ricniwi [i rnni:>u, ion do No. i ALEWIVES. 5) do St. John's do ?) half (arrets *?. 1 HERRING, 25 harrei* No.3 lar?e MACKERKL. And ft f-? ettr* Ro? an<l Cut HKRRING, in barrels and half harr?U, sale on plr-atmi- tenna. App'y to HAR ri.KV * BROTHER. 99 and lOl Wa ar street, oc 12-1 w Georgetown, D C. HN. A. SCHLOSS AS Rwtvtd hm Supply et FALL AND WINTLR DRY GOODS. Puroha:-er* will find the quality and price as rev eonable a? evor. FOR RF.NT-A very desirable STORK, to ruit most auj c(nt??l business. A prompt and sucoes - I'll cash trad* in the dr? goods &ud millinery busi ngs* ha> been don* at thi? plaoa and can b* contic ued. Apply to N. A. SCHLOSS, No. 10a Bilge street, Georgetown, DC oo 9-5t* QU LARGE STOCR.: OQ iJO BEST GOODS'! US L Q W F. H T P R I C K S SPILM AN & HUNT, 9S Bridge atreet, between Waatwugtou and Con?re?p, ar* now pf?pa"*<i to how th*ir w*ll selected stock of DRE^S GOOD!*. DOiMKSTU'S, Ao. Their storo (the old ?t*r.dof H. K. Berry) ha viae b**n remodellad and fitted up in the most thorough manner, th*y e< ssess fvc li ties uoeqi.&iod in toe District lor the p oarcuti n of a cenerai Dr* Goods Business. Tliny resp?ol fuliy invits a call from the citizens ol Georgetown and vicinity. oc6-im FOR RENT?In Georgetown, two first class HOIJSKS, situated on West street, one con tainer 18rooms,and theother 9. with casand Lata rfinma A/)mnl>tn A nriv tn I# I i I W C I * T T V Hub it , Georgetown. oc 5-lm HARRIS' IMPROVED DOUBLE THREAD Boudoir Sewlog Machine. Thi? Machine, an .wprovement on Jro??r A Ba k?r'a, U eimalar than tneire. and for ita r*!iabi itr aq t fluitihi'ity ia rot ?arpa?aad. A o^ild twelve ?*r? old can run it with nir; *et it will ae w fiom the eo&riMt eloth to ihe ftn??at Sr,?i. There ia bo trouble of rewinding th* thread aa it ia takin from the apon'a. It has no b?lt? to riv? tronlle. and will run l>ackwarda aa well a* fo'w&rda, and el.l aewa eqa ly perfect and withoat danccr of braking nr?d!et. It runt by friction, ar.tJ by cloamg tn* box orer it. it ia thrown out of era'. In faot we nave no heaitation in r*oomm?bdinc it a* tht Best Family Sewing Nttkmt tn mm. Agency at 101 Hnd?e at.. Georc-town,where may be (ounit LA 1)1 K8* DK KSS TRIM MINK*. BKR UN ZBrHVR WORSTEDS, and FANCY VA RiKTV GOODS of ?very desouptiuu. Our i % ?ortnient it aa complete and varied a* any in the Dutnet. Indies oorni??trd with benevolent or other toeietiea wiH find it Ui their advartate to eall bef ?re purchasing iaewher?. ooS-eotf Mra 9. E JARVI*. W~~E WISH KVKRY ONE TO KNOW That DRY GOODS o?i be bought cheap at BROWN A WHITE S, No. 140 (Nobth Sips) Biiiick Street, Georgetown, D C. And to oonvinoe )ouraeives of the faot, call arid ee those _ . _ . . _ ? _ Blv?k Silka. Printed and Plain Delaine*, Foil De Cnevreg, Merino Plaids, French Merinos, Valfii um, Biack Bonbtxinei, A p*oc?i, 4c., Ac. Cioaks; Tyrian. Electro and other Shawls; Blan ket*: Mnu'saud Boys' Wear, a rood assortment; Men'* and Roys' Menro Shirts and Drawee; U di?s' and Misses' Menuo Vest*; Baj>u'? Kid Gloves; Hooped Skirts: Corsets; Plain, Bordered, 1 HemsMtohed. and Embroidered Linen Cainbric Handkerchiefs; Embroideries, very cheap, and no humhuf; Hosiery and (iioves; White Go<>ds; Yan kee Notions, a fuTline; Lins-y, Osraburg Calicos, and Serranta' W*ar in abandanee; and many other things, which we will tell you of when j?.n ca'l at the Brown A White Post Store. All of which we will sell as cheap as the cheapest, ''or any other ib*b." Come earljr, and don't forget the plaoa. se S 2w The uni?eksigned carpenter and BUILDF.M offers his services to the pablio of Oeofjretown, Washington, and vicinity, an4 wi 1 contract for ot superintend the oaaatmation of i MPhlm nr i vra f A h hi Hinra Cltm n.Tifi. I ' eati<j*e will be farnub^d at ?hi>rt notio* I'ftai and shop on Coninn ?t GwrMton, lamMiiU* I) iKHfWef the Poet Offoe aj 27 Smeo HENRY WINQATB. F. 8. GAirilER T~ wprctfuUy icformt tiie citizen* -r, L &-hiuetou that ho hasr?lren th? True }. 1 \ . Jaoription Store *t theoortiTof 8nthf \r _ streets, whore lie will k?ep a well ae iv-oy-^l and wnorted stock ofpiire MEDICINE*, id CHEMICALS. SI'ANDARD FAMILY DICINES, TOILET ARTIC MiPlClNES, TOILET ARTICLED. PER MEftY.&o , 4o : and hopes. by careful atten tion to business, to obtain a fair share of the publie *&?B. Strict j?ertonal attention given to preeerip tiocs. oc 1 ?w WGALT8' OOD AND COAL OFFICK. IN Pa, Aw., Brrw. lira aa? 11th Nor* art*. foot of & i 17 tf n?i Mill aa<l Wfcarf foot o^Sere^eeiith at. I KVKRYBODV# INTEREST, rSJLf1 *2*r*r fall and winter CtOTBf^e. to wkieh year attecti<? ia eal'ed.aa I am enftdent that I oan sell sood CLOTHING. FURNIBU1NO tfOOD?, HAT8 aoJCAl* at TAYbOK t'ifuTcWigotf.'S are aow reo*ivin? their en braci ng all the new IMien, Lq vkiftklkiiM HbmjmnimmSZ'*' ** " /mft .-iee .eto a*! iJt aeewsv' .40* THE LATEST NEWS TELEGRAPHIC. AMillml fr?a Boaros. Ot 13 ?TIm E?m, from H?tt* on ibrWUi nit . baaarriT?-d Har " bara beoo anticipated ?*iU additional 1 trail of talaita* Garibaldi bad rooarntcd to a of v, 1 ? _ " ruuii (monaning JOVHi 1 people of Veneti a to a gnwil lie *44 them that tbe prwnt wtr w* ?*? which could gin Of ? >?? Ow hottlra are no many marc-bes in our pwge*l? tbe AIm. on the lummit of which alone we will atop Ha authorized tbrni w actaa ai mmcUUm for (bt ptirroae of relate? mM4m for ad kinds of laaur recti on and wir-iuklic MrtoM The Ktng>a eotdtrre at G acta bad detnoltebod the residence of I be French Conenl nndar pre tence that there was a connivance Iwfosn bin and Garibaldi Re wae abeent at the time A formal ordar baa been given to tbe Pledmen tese commanders to avoid s conflict with tbe French, and even tbe dlacnaaloa of any pot at whatever with tbe French commanders It Is said that Farinl Is to retire f otn tbe 9ar diatari Cabinet a? a compromise between Garibal di and Connt Csrour'i administration The Commander of tbe Fort of Bala, near N? p e?. still resisU, and threatens to blow md tbo fortress ratber tban to surrender to GaribnMt Tern:*. 5<ept ? .? Farinl aoeoamaaw* tba fttng to Florence and Bologna The ftlcllian deputa tlon la expected to pay homage to the King Th? remainder of tbe military contln^oot of M.Uti men bave been called under arma Lord Russell's note to the British Minister at Turin, expresses a fear that tbe attacks against tbo Roman Stat?s snd Naples tnsy lesd to attack on the pnoseastons of Austria In veMtfle. Tbe King of Piednoit. be says is not at liberty to attack a nation with which bo promised to lien lu peace and friendablp Should ancb and event ACAUr Italtr tr< 11 n<mt n Kn ?v~. A oil chance* of uncertainty Thi Utut bi tbb Aratca. The Parla correspondents* tbc Daily Nfwi says a PrlvyConnell was held on Thursday, at which It is understood a proposal from litt (ioyom In augment the French army In Rome te W.onu urn. and tome say. to put down Oaribaldl. wasdis cussed. It is t? be f.ared that ibe result was de cision which will ie?d to a bloodv war. and at l?<it put an end foe a long time to ail hope of the regeneration of Italy Marital Valilaat leaves Pnrla to take command of the army of Italy, and will apeedllv be followed by two divisions It ta stated more positively than ?vsr tnat the Pope has resolved tn leave Rome The capitulatiou of Ancona is confirmed. The vanguard of the Sardinian army was at T1 volt, six kilometers from Rome. The Paris Patrle reports that the Neapolitan R ova lists were masters of Yolurno The s^iip Conway, chartered to the Brlttah stry ernnient for the conveyance of soldiers and their families is India bai tn la ihuiiniuJ KM) from Midftrt Tte J64 passengers and crew mm all rescued It U reported tbat Usribaldl haa withdrawn the command of the Neapolitan fleet from Admiral Peraano It la abated that Austria intended to propose at the Wariaw mertla^ that the different povrera abould not recognise any itttlemtat of the Italian question as binding without her consent Mautni is reported to have been well received by Garibcldl. There was considerable dlssatls faction expressed lu Naples and Sicily at Gtribal di's principal appointments Tbe Marquiade Brlla. Garibaldi's ambassador at Paris, has tendered his resignation The commander of the Fort of Balaa, near Na ples, tureiteua to blow up the fortress before de livering it up to the Uaiibaldiana The Loudon Tluiet publishes a letter abowirg the imminent dab^ar of an attack by the Spanish on Vera Crut bat, adding, as the American Sqnadrou has b?en strengthened to an unusual degree In the Gulf, it seems unlikely tbat Spain rau venture upon a bombardment without bring i n){ oa collision with Amtr ca. one of the flrst r.snlts would be, the low of Cuba " A letter froai Syria states that as soon ss Fusd Pasha concludes his mission there, the French Ken?*ral will commence military operations; but t ie letter dots not state against whom these opera tions are to be directed The dismissal of Admiral Persaao by Garibaldi 1? received ss aa evidence of a complete nstrvngs ment between Garibaldi and Victor Lmanuel The health of Florence Nightingale Is Improv ing. She has been removed from her city real - drnce to the more salubrious atmosphere of the suburbs of London Cicltiag Affray la Philadelphia. Pbiladslpmia. Oct ?C^ulte a erene occurred thia morning at the corner of Third aad Walnut streets, between Mr. Preebury. tbe proprietor ef the Girard Hoiiar, and Jsmes ?d wards, oaa of the owners ef that property. The lie passed beiwaea them when Edwards struck Prasbury oa tbs facs with a cane, drawing blood, Presbory drew a pistol and flred two shot*. neither of whteh took Mrpnl nn th? fnnf nt hvaHss^ae V A wr?*4* tb?*n struck Presbnrr with his fist. ?Lid tbe pv t e? wrre reparalei ni Pre?bury arrested. Tbe ct:tf :uitv grows out of a litigation relative to tbe Girard Rouse property. between be brothers Gtofgc and James Edwards, which may result la the retirement of the present proprietors of tbe Girard House to NaahvlUe, where they propose opening a new hotel Later frsas Haraaa New Yosk, Oct. 13 -Thsstamshtp D? ftote. from Havaua oa the Hth, arrived here this morn in* Tbe steamship City of Norfolk, whose seiiurs * a sliver was announced from New Urtoaas, Ucdrd HjO negroes on the island, and was soot to sea with a full head of steam on, her ealvca ?hut and feed pipes opea, with tbe fail expect.tlon tart she would founder. Bat the went ashor?. aad tbls accident led to tbe s?tcure of 5 V negroes and tbe crew. Tbe latter were sent to Key West by tbe American Consul $U?ars were quiet and generally unchanged. PeaasylTaata Klectlea. Philadelphia, Oct It ?Tbe rote of tbe Crat congressional district has been thrown Into court for judicial examlnatloa. Mr Lehmaa testifies tb'.t bis majority In the foarth ward has bees re duced from 3IK> to *J0 since the count o11be judges wis made. Tbe Court refused the application for a certified ropy of tbe papers in tbe Prothonatory's office being a matter for Congressional decision, but ordered that said rape-s be dlaced under lor k and ker. subject to further orders Mr Byerly, the return judge, has bt-en arrested on the charge of forgery The Philadelphia CUy 6ai ( pan PfliLantLrMia, Oct. 12 ?The trustees of the City (ias Works are manifest nif opposition to the Improvement In the manufacture of gas, by cat ting off the connections at the Girard House, and refusing the supply from the City Works, unless the proprietors st^p making water gas. with which a portion of the hotel haa been supplied for ruonlut past. Nebraska Klectiea. OxiHn, Oet. 13?Returns from twelve counties give L>a:W, iEep ) delegate to Congros, 137 over Morton. (Dem ) The tea ccuatlea to Lear from gave U*l oirctloa 38b Democratic majority, aud the Nrbrasklsn claims tbe election of Morton The Hons* > Republican by a amail majority, . but tbe Council 1* likely to be Democratic. teagressieaal Ntmiiituaa. Bostos, Oct. U ?The Douglas Democrats of the Fifth district nominated William Appleton for Congress, thuefusing with tbe Bell-L'eeretti Stoclbsu-ok, Oct 12 ?The Douglas Demorrata In tbe Lleeeuth district yesterday aoraisated Nor man F Leonard, of Westlrld. for Csscismms, and I'hineas Allen, of PittsAetd, for sleelor. Opera Kaeati la Pklla4slrkta< Phi la l>sl r h i a. Oct. 12.?Tbe opera ?isatesfail continues, aad tbe New York Academy of Marie troupe have abandoned Philadelphia for tbe lesson Mr Ullman announces that be will aot rraume operations aay wbtrt until aft-r the eler lion, by which Ume bo hopea the I m practicable male aitiats will be broaght to reoaoa. Froas Mexico. New Oblahs, Oct. 11 ?A private letter Inn Mexico save that tbe Joaret Oove> a meat have dta approved of tbe eelmre of the eaada'-la by De eohado, and that they are d1?pootd te advance 1150.000 towards tbe payment af the English debts. Th* Ball la knw *f tb* Prise* mt WtlM Niw You, Oct. ti.-TV grind bail la h<*?r of Baron Renfrew toakplnceLiat night. and m am really* magnificent affair. An accident tu the platform. Uowe?er, prevented Ui? c*?um**w e 'mt at the ?in|it)( tklil midnight The Print* open.d the ball with the wife af G** Morgan. ladina* Electin* InniAHAPOUa, Oct. IS ? Return* from hw^T four co iat n? give Lnne, tta republic** a mdldat* for Governor, 11,294 majorlt*. ngnia *e*r Willard'a wte la 1?5? of 17JM N*w Yoke. Oct. u"3umt Lawa, wfco, It is allege*, two rttrtMo MaiMllVBiUOti lit^M bills of the ColoaiaTBuk oi Barbados, baa booa arm od ben. Mow York Harfcna and "exalted! and pr\cm biw rtwut Malir , State tswyn^hto VSttofti Mutter* ?6 SJ. cilrd.closing3aSe. b.^Lr-r. Corn buoyant, a*la?d trm, hoJdm mJU?( Mjlfe, teal Wye* o*r oaly L'fW rXii *+ *i smn i?#f. It Mf