Newspaper of Evening Star, October 15, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 15, 1860 Page 2
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3 !*? At iriSW^tWcrrr.^M -?A V ? - ? . Ji IftiUM jk. *+n n mi %k* M*wMk IT ? tK?t with th?? South I tr?e ,tn JK-Mf; and Jiw TmI ua it# aid*. Mi. i>rttckia?ld*-? will Vm Mr. Buchanan' aecruor The h*uiUfnrm holds that the Uu< theory < f i*pT*aenfcft!*e g-.)T8xaai<?nt u not to exact tpedl c pkd?ea of thee* whom it la pro paced ta make tbe deposit >+!< af o?H?t trusts gy Shtlltngtan, OJerm BaHdine, favora ti with a copy of the Novetnbtr number of Frank i^alie aUoi.UilA.a .periodicaI. by the way, which, capital at first, s-em* to improre with each laaue "1 1 aii " . I |rr The London tltuatrated Ncwa la to be con tinued, nndor It* prettit iranagement, for t|? beaefit of U? ftaiily of ita late proprietor, Mr. Ingram, *ho vraa loat by the Lady El*in disaatar ETA tonwentlon of a novel natnre met at Rjr racuae, N. V , last week, which will nevertheless bt likely U be of ate In a not unimportant mattar It ?u a Convention of Sportsmen, held with a. tow to tb? preservation of gam* In future the manual convention will be held In the month nf June, and an addreaa will be made, as weli at trial* of skill lu tae use of rlfl**? and fo.vMttg pt?CM , jJJ* In New York, on Saturday, the Princ? of Wales vlaltfd the veteran chief of our army, Lieutenant General Scott, at his residence on Twelfth street He also visited Mr. Brady's pho tograph g?Uerjr, where his portrait waa taken; Ball, Black k Co.'a jewelry establishment, and Barnnms Museum In the evening the graad torchlight proceaaion of the firemen In honor of the Prince took place. It was a maguifi^wt dlaplay, surpassing In every respect any deinoti atralion of a similar character ever witnessed. The spectacle formed by the miles of torches, ngtnes nnd firemen, pualr.g rapidly in rtvlew; the briiltant calcium lights flashing in every direction, and the magnificent display of rock ta. Roman candle* and blue lights, iliuminaiinp the htOTere with all the color* of the rainbow, was 1b the big beet degree graid and imposing No serious accident occurred to mar the etf?cti Intended by the Committee ?f iCeeeptloa, and the procession wj over and the engims housed before midnight We give elsewhtre a full ac count of the grand Renfrew Bali on Friday night. Perituil Cspt J. W Davidson and family, are at the National. Dr. Blake, Commissioner of Public Build ing.- baa left the city on a brief tour to the North. Qui. Torn Thumb Is a member of the Little Giant* Club at Bridgeport, Conn. It it stated that the Hen. Kdward Kverett la about to marryr tbe widowed daughter of Jndge Pettlgrevr, of South Carolina. TLe lady is de cr.i>ed as blonde, attractive, Intellectual and wealthy, and about thirty-three years of age. Mr Yancey apoke In Boston on Friday trtvlag Faneuil Hall wsi thronged, and hun dred* were unable to obtain adraiaaion. He wa? cordially received and wxi Uatened to with at teotiuu till addreaa waa aubatantially the same aa Uie on* delivered In thla city. The ijtieen of !*pain met with an accident ob Uie :5id of September, while travrtnjf from Mabou to Barcelona, :<he waa on board tbe frigate Prtaeaaae d?? Aaturiea. wh>-n one of ti e p'Ut* auppoctlu^ au awning trecWd for the ooea loo on ttM deck IWl The <tfr<rt?n received three 4 wounda on the Vad. but the mini w?< not a?riona |r?? FKa Aii riMit. ? u , , ?.u^u?a vviiaiuuvuaaiiii rfrouimenfli the calling of a meeting of cltlien# of thut place, Irrespective of partv. to adopt mres ire? to Induce the Uniwd Stat"* Government to Intercede with the tin*'rumen! of Hocdura* far the rcieue of Col Rudltr. nrg^THE REGULAR MONTHLY MEET |L3 in< of trie \ uun< Meu'a Christian *s?ocia tiOn will t>? U-'Ui kVKNING, Oct. jjcii, at their Ruoma, on Pa. ave., oppo?ite Brown's iioUl It GEO. H. TVVIS3. R?o. Sao. nrs=?DR. THOM AS'S LECTURES -Tie a*t ll W of the *e ie* of lectures <>n Sixna of U<e Timet? tii* BiMe Doeiriueol the Deetiny of Ex litiDf Kingdoms ard Empire*?tue present Mateof Affa; r? i fcu'oae Ac., trn! ba deiiv 'red in t: Uni tarian Church TO-NIGHT, (Monday ) at iiaif-past 1 o'clock. It Tr'W3 I. O. O. V.?The member* of C?*n'ral Lod*e; U w fin 1. I. O. O. K.j wi!l rne?-! at thrir Hal' TP!!* (Monday* EVENING, at 7'2 o'clock. to ?iak* ?r'Mfem -nt* to a*?end th? fttite a' of our late Brother, P. H Va5ae<dale, or to-morrow (Tu?- at ' a'temoon. at S!*i o'eli^k. Me^ln-r* ol sister lo-Uoa a-e 1, a.trua.u> mv.tnl to join with ua. By order of the N G. It F. B LORD, Jr.. R. See. iy"^^ ATTEN'TtON. No 5 -^Thc nirinbersof tl:e iJJj Per?s*. ranee Fire Company *'e hereby no tihO'i to atten l a upeciai tue*tins of the Company THIS iMonday) EVKMNG. at 7.1, o'clock, to mak* ?na )t e men's to attend th<-' fon?'ial of our iate lallw in" ill i "ii > H. Hill. K*q. The life in- ni b?r? b? special P'uj- st. are a,*o inviteri tr? By order of the*Pr iai:l* .t _lt^ GEO. FLKTCHKK, gee. ry^?lHK SECOND MATCH liA.MK (IF THE 11 < 'Home and Honw" mate:, t>etwr**n t"* Tir-it Nino" of t;?e Pvtr.ia-i and the ' Second Nine" of Una po!o;i;?e iia:u* Ball Clubs, vi l be plated on t: ? - und* of the former, weit of the f?mttn? I' afitutit n.0'! TCF.SDAY, October 16th, at 2 o'clock p. m. Tne fi icd<1? ?>f the game a: e invited to attend. M. L. OODKN, Jr , It* Secretary Pythian B. B. C. rrS?HALLOFUN<ON ENGINE COMPANY, 11 g No. 'i.-ffhuffai the alarm t"sli of the com I f oni lon< uwe or otr<er cauk<.-i? unknown baa ome csrackd a d thereby r-.ndered u&fit for aer vice, anu a the coir.pao' bad it imposatble at an Alarm fi re to raU - a -ufticieut number of member* to ?o?k ?h" therefore be it /iuo red. rnat a oonm itt*e of two be appointed to wait on the cit:z ui and roiicit contribution* for the pmpo?e of navin* the bell recant. \\ Kich tu unanimously adopted. M? un G W. IIiaks and Juhi D. Baktlitt were app->ut-eJ <aid oowinitt *>. JOHN D. CARTLETT.Sec. W H. I1INES. Pre*. T.Sec. OC IS-|t JY^a- N ATlON \ L MEDICAL COLLEGE i> ? iiwini uaneiur; i.ecturx to the foor*? in tnoNatiouai Coii?#o * ui I* delivered by Prof KollkT Kl?(i STOSlt UltrM* Lecture Room, < \Vw?tuiuU.n luh'*,) on MONDAY KVK NINO, OcUiber 15th, ai ka f p*?t ?even o'o:ock Tl??profeaai<>u anil the pahlie ?r? respectfully m ited attend. oe 12-St* JNO. C. R1I.KY. M. D.. Dose. 326 Pa. At., lj?4weeu ?tn ami loth ?u , sn 27-Cm WajniiNaTOIi. MOTICK TO OR BCHKNCKf* PATIENTS. OR. ?CHK\t:K wi.l bo in Washington city ub !>' .?) n?it, the 17th iniitar.t. at toe Dm* Mtore ot raxue B \Vatte, oomxr l.ouuiana ava an.' ?> vtD.a itut Ail porbona deairona of a*ein( t;.e Doctor should call Utween the hours of *1.111 aa<:3 p m oc 15 tl FOR SALE?K dark k?y HORSE ; lone ta i ; 15 OA?J? 6 year* *U; warranted fiv soai^l.abd k nd in ? osleor d?ut>i? harness. A'*0 a aiiiftinjt-tof \\ ?:aoo UL lrO i . n<?ar "21 ly a*w, ao'l a a?? of amino HAUNESS. ma.l ? by Lao?v <V I bi ! p? Inqune at Um I". S. Araacal. ??tf of ?n? WEDDING STATIONERY, G ENVELOPES, Eboiyu ASl) VISITING CAkD F HU HAVEHS. the moat beautiful styles. Wf NEW CLOAk?. ttavn tbia dav r#i'Vr'iJ rri \ ??? V JW V ftul.efu#w vvTul^T CLOa ICS. rti^h ae th* Ar?b. Zouave and other ty!*. in Bt* k end ? retch Clothe. \l?o pi?JU mail StnjeJ CuitUa.ftl! of wkieh w? < flV i,?w. <x ?* TAYLOR A HI'TCHISON. T NOTHING I IKK LEATHER. IIL Ha.umore l<Mttiir l*ttirr. fi>rm#rl)r loeiteJ At .No. Pa avenue, has be*n removed to No. 3*?OH DMrawt, bet ween #'h a il irtli ?ti? where 1 ho h*pp? o eee all my old cuttou.wr* and tit* 9?l>uc generally. Quick tale* an J ?u,vi profeta. <x? !*-?* Agent for T^ler Powell ,B F??&?lL dinner a n d T E a , t;f White Ooid Band, and rt?hl? deo ^*2fc?!iur:Vi>!* ard SAUCERS, PKH ?i i"' BVPl ,'KSX foil.BT SHTS. with a <?o ?^MlvVori^,, n, ,RON "ONE CHINA. For aale a*'reduced price. n? c* butelkr * SONS, oc is-oM Iron Hail. PIANOS! PIANO S 'l PIANO ?! ! W ? S I h?ve >? tore and for la'e a macnifioent H >? > yooa H* ? P?o: aiao. a. ^ CoUMe Pialo BotJi 'even-octave. fullESa iron frame, prono?no?1 the hint toned"" 1*1 Ptanoa ever offered in una city,(warranted for (i-? VV'J, be .hipped Lorth ? ?*????, Trulay. Ple?^?aU and examine,at No. it ix>?' jaita avenue. oe'&?? O. M. WI8HT XlOTICK UP COPARTNERSHIP.?We, the! ii aaderaigaed, kare thii da? entered id to eop*rt ?erahip fa>tr?act the rcuwral A action, ?ion mm* Furniture IIu?inoaa, under th? name and UUoIVuitzAGlilfiTl, m"mv HENRY BONTZ. C. THK4X GRIFPITH. MONTZ h GHIPFI TH vogid reaPMtfa'lr m for tMir tri?ad? aod the ciUxuu of waabm<tun ihtt tbay baraop??a<j a general Auction, Ci/annii mm aaA Furniture Stori*. Mo. Seventh ?tr#*t, UtwMD 1 and K ?ta Ther will par ?frict fttte* tioo wail M'lnMi entni<ted to their ear?. Far t eular attention caid to ail saiej u/ h urniiur# and H?-aJ Eetfte, both at public aad pnvtte nitie. A *t*" >,t"' lor-ft. % ttsfrfsr"3 Ami I aniiiiiiHiAii Vfar>.l * m J DEPARTMENT NEWS. Akmt Iktklliokmcb ? Captain Callander,Ord nance Department, has Wn ordered to traaafer the command of Benlcia amoal, Cal , to the ordnance officer at that &re-nal next in rank, and v*11l then repair to tola clt.^^d at the Ordnance OtBce Brevet Ltents A \f RinHilBnrfk Hiuir and i. M Wilson. first artliler^&re tr?p-K>-i 1o thf Ordnance Department ^K> gra^Blesaf thr present year attached to the Snanrfl^pajK ment will report for duty a* fllowt: BreM Second Lieut Horace Pffter atWfltPvvftetfraenap, NY; Brevet Second nffut TS^Cdson, if w10t town arsenal, M&aa ; Brevet Second Lieut A M. Randal. at Bentcia araenal, Cal ; Brevet Second Lieut. I. M Wilson, at Benlela araenal, Va. Brevet Brigadier General Joseph G Tott*n, Colonel Corp* of Rngineers. will, until further order*, be employed as inspector of fort ligations H will receive his orders from, and report di recti? to, the Secretary of War The resignation of Captftln R P Maclay, e'gbth Infantry, has been ,i< rfvv d by the President, to take effort December 9i. Jb?o. to whioh date the leeve of absence bere towre granted to bin will be extended. Leave df abeence. until tbe2Stb of December next, is granted to Brevft Major P G, T. Branreguard, captain Corps of Engineers. ' NivHiuroi thkCocxt of Claims ?During the last session of Congress an act was passed ap propriating 83,000 far the fltting up for the use of tbe Court of Clatins the two rooms formerly occu pied by the Committees on Military aud Indian AJfjira of the Senate, respectively. In accord ance wUb tuiaart, the Commissioner of Public Building* (Dr. Blake) bas bad tbeee two rooms thrown Into one. tbe whole neatly arranged, and fiirnisb' d In a most tasty a nd comfortable manner, lu tbe ronttructlon of tbis hall, many deficiencies which Lave heretofore been grievously felt la the arrju?sa?i:te ef such halls have been supplied. Ext?*sio!I of a Mail Co!?t*act.?Tbe Post master General bas ordered an extension of the utatt cwurici rroni r>i jomdd lo salt l.ake UJTy? with the Central Owland Company, VV H. Rua ell, President. Thl? insures the continuance of the Podv Express The probability It that by meant of the Pony Express and a telegraph line via Uehrta^s strait, iu a few y?trs we will be In dally communication with Kurope. Naval Obokks.?Lieut. Bushrod B. Taylor baa been srdered to the school-ship Connitatlen, at Anaapolis. Tni Wbatbsk.?The fbllowlag report of the weather for the morning Is made from the Amur Uan Consolidated Telegraph Line to the %'mlth sonlxn Institution. The time of obofrvatlon ia about 7 o'clock. Octobb* 15, lettO. Burlington, Vt snowing. 34^, wind N New Vora, N. Y clear, cool Washington, 1). C clear, wind NW Richmond, Va. clear, 1. Petersburg, Va clear, 6*'. Norfolk, Va cioudv. 60?. Raleigh, N. C clear, 47J. Wilmington, N . C cloudy, cold. Columbia, C clear, cool. rharlMlAi. ? < J' ?' " Augusta, Ga. cirar, cold Mai on. Ga clear, cool. Columbus, Ga Montgomery, Ala clear, cool. Jackson, Ala clear. Mobile, Ala - clear. 45?. FROM THli WX8T. Frederick, Md clear, cold. Hagerstown. Md clear, cold Cumberland, Md overcast, coil. Grafton, Va cloudy, cool. Wheeling, Va cloudy, 30?. Parkereburg, Va clear, pleasant. Cincinnati. O ..cloudy, pleasant. Barometer at the Smithsonian at 7 a.m., (cor rected for temperature,) at noon, *>,181 Thermometer at 7 a m., W; at noon, 00 . Maximum during & hours ending 9 a. in to 4av. 55*; mtnlaQuna 3tt Amount of rain yesterday and last night, nlne tenths of an Inch. OQA BALTIMORE QOf! tJOO' rONKK^TI'iNKRY. OoO ICECREAM and WATER ICES (first euali tj >Sl oeutM por qi art, at jos. schaffield'S Confectionery, fixth street, between G and Hats. l*arti?*. w?<Jlitgi, etc, suppli il withC^KKS, JKLL1E*4, ORS aments, 1CK CREAMS, ete., <?a the mu-t reasonable terms. oc 15 Iw c^ireitire:: firk:'! r #100 reward. I will sive ?he above r*warJ for the arrest and conviction of the person or pe-sons who fired the ehnn c\f * ? ?lL? 4 1 _ -r W. a KIUUI'I ??U III" llUtll f the 12th in taut. Their all vn destroyed. The C-na'oua and sympathizing public will be called on for a small amount to enable them to reaume their former business, oo 15 I8AAC BEERS. SILVF.R PJ.ATKD GOOHS Cut and Pressed HAS WARE. BLOCK TIN GOODS, BRONZED IRON GOODS, BASKETS aod BRTSHE"*, to'ether wit^ a reneral assort in >ct of CABINET FURNITURE, forming the moct ox t r*ire collection of Hounefumishinr Good* to be found n any one establishment in the Unrted Srate?, *1 'f wlti'ii -will h* 'obJ at reasorable rates and ac com i.odating terms. C W. BOTELER A SON*, oo 15 eo3t Iron Hall. P DANCI " (TaCADKMV. R<>F. R J. POWEi L Wou'd respectfully MinoitnAi tn * " * A ui ntniniion mat i? will open * DANCING CLASS in Frank lin Hall on SaturHa* aiternom next, the 2r>th t"* a it, at J1, o'c'ock, for Ladies. Muhi and , Masters, and on .Monday night, the J.'d mutant. a* ? o'clock,for Gent nuen, in which most or the I' te??fc and nio?t fa-hionaltledances will be taught. Reg ular hours of tuition will be: for ladies, m:s*e?, and masters on Saturday and Wednesday at 3>* p. in.; and for gxutlemen on Mondav and Fri'ta* mertt-i.atu o'clock Prof. POWELL can be foivd at Franklin Hall at any time from 11 to 12 o'elook a. m , or at No 433 Ninth st. oo 13 5t* J|,f TEETH. HI. LOOM1S. M. D., the inventor and patentee oft>ie MINERAL PLATE TEETH, at-. tends persona ly at hia office in this eitr.' Many persons oan wear these teeth who cannot veer others, and no person can wear others Who cannot wear these. Persons oalliac at my office oan be aooommodated with anr atyle and prioe of Teeth they may desire; ?>at to those who are particular and wish the parMt< c.eanest, strongest, and most perfeot dentare that ?rt oan f'O'Juee, the MINERAL PLATE will be more fa ly warranted. Kuomi in this oit??No. 336 Pa avenue, between 9t'n and 10th sts. Also, 907 Aroh street, Philadel phie. oo It tf [A DIES', MISSES, J AND CHILDREN'S HATS. The most el ~*anisun l?r ifp?t ktook ever offered, ail new and J uit opened to daj. Parent* will find it to their into e?t to rail,' and rsamiuH my -took. a* I hall Mil at mall profits. oo 15 2w HOPKINS*. corner of Sixth ?t. and Pa av. ^ATE8T IN VJfi N T I O N! LAUD WEBSTER i CO 'S Tight-Stitch Sewing MachlneN At JANNKVR BOOT AXD SHOE STORK, 34"* Pa Avenue. 'I'hej are the mo-tairotle. Tlie> are the atronkt<fct Th ev *re the aureat in their operation. They uae a ntraicht needle, (Curved onea are of no account.) The? have a feed wh?el Th?jr are capable of doin* anr kind of work known?the? make the ma?io ruffle without any at.achm nta. call and examine? 1> u Vkin?'io ano w coat*. pants. vebt3i caftd <"*?s9fci\|?sfr? coats. cashimtr^-rirr^ <ulls under9*1*1*' drawer*' tib*' oloVE9. collah9. wukrb vou 'toibi- ttai^nkyit||e 1 or TBI STATE OF VIRGINIA, RICHMOND Capital...*. 9300,000. Win H. Mac Fart and, Proa't Karmor? Hack A. Wanriot, firm of Warwiok A Barkadalo Win M Cranahav, firm of Cr<?nihaw * Co WaUinttoa Uoddm, firm of 6 odd in A Apper?on T. W. Moi'anci. firm of Duties. (tDonoara A Co 6. A. lUrkidtl*, firm of Warwiok A Btrkidtlo J?mft H.Grant, Tobacco Manufacturer L- U. Cr?nahaw, firm of tlaxall, Cranahaw A Co John Bacon, firm of Baaon A Baakarvill K. B. Haxall, firm of Haiatl, Cranahaw A Co Jofia Cum/, Jr , &t>i, Ovgtr Wm. B Warwick, firm Warviok A Barkadala Jaa Alfred Jopm. , .?* .?! tof ftl l?4W C. C. ElUtt. Builder lvaS^tf5rSW.ffaM'i?. W. W. Crnw|, Attorney U Law '? u^"'Bi"uWo O. P. " " H*K .IT H*i' *><>? ' MO. A ( ffii*-gver lin k W??JHL#to?, Room 16. t>al5 lytr Tk? Great Remfrcw Ball la Ri? Y#rk n Friday Nigkt. arrive about eight ^carriage* half a mile lor; utenU lata the Academy lout Interruption^ The and, except i !ou?ly arrsn^ed confined to flo\ lfl tapeatrl uiul^Utiv and r e<l out of alirh i-tier associatfoa row of ligt M. No thin by tbe committee Aid so fouch u the tb? upper tier, to im^aawa tbe general i spectacle. Tbe stage proper wu cove head by a tent-shaped drapery, in admirable taste. Of eouree. nothing serious con id be done till tbe Prince arrived; and the Interval of waiting, not a brief oue. was occupied by tbe company la ex changing silotation# with old friends, or In propa gating charitable'remarks about the different mat bods resorted to by Um AinerUao ?MlH^is attendance, to indicate to tbe Prince and suite, when be should arrl re. that they were tbe persona specially sent by Providence on that particular occasion to secure to him a pleasant evening ; tbe men to enlighten him in regard to tbe expeoae of tbe entertainment, tbe nursery-men who furnished tbe flowers, tbe carpenter who constructed tbe floor, and the name of that beautiful girl, tbe speaker's lovely daughter .who ts standing meeker thaa Moaeaever stood, with a bouquet In ber band, thinking of nothing and nobody, while she Is the subject of dlacnsa'on; and the women meanwhile holding themselves in readiness to share with my lord tbe pleasures of '* tbe mazy," If possible, or, if not, to get Rear enough to ascertain from per sonal inspection whether he ever shaved, if be really does turn bis toes in when he dances, as his been asserted, and to catch something from bis lips tliot could V quoted In triumph toasto;>l?hKl listeners hereafter,wlien be becomes King of Great Britain and Ireland. At last, and towards midnight, the uoblegneits of the evening arrived. Their advent was heralded by an unusual movement among the committee, who gathered in full force around the part of tbe sttge at which they were to enter, and bv tbe aid of a loot; rope succeeded in pushing back the 1 idles who were gathered there, so that they could have tbe lions alt to themselves for a time. This, though not much relished, was submitted to with as little grumbling as could have been expected Presently, Mr Charles Augustus Davis requested tbe company to form a procession and walk around, promising them, as a reward for their complaisance, that they should ' ail have a chance to see the Prince Of course such an Induce ment was not to be willed, though not presented in Mr. Davis's mcst flattering manner, and im mediately e prooeesion beyan to move in pairs, like the animals yoing into the Arkvfrom left to ri^ht, In frcntof the Prince, to whom *-acli person, as he came up, was presented by Mr Hamilton Fish. This pro(>os:tioii for the relief of the curi osity of the crowd, though not announced very felicitously, was working admirably, and siffle flfty coapies bid already been presented, when suddenly the upper ends of some two hundred of flm ttHilanlt' * u 1?' ? uv R...?w>uaUVOIJ uiwppcsacu wiWJ fcur, aucvtu* p.uiying noise cf breaking timber and a IoihI thump. Abont two rods square of the floor I in mediately In front of and about thirty feet from ! the dais had uiven way, dropping the throng standing upou it s 'me three ferf down upon the tops of the seats of th? theatre imti.r Jiatelv under it Among those standing on this area were Air. and Mrs. Governor .Vlorgau. The assembly behaved with woiiderfnl dlscre tion Not a tingle cry w:u heard; the Crowd stood perfectly stillj and as soon as the exact nature and extent of the danger was ascertatued, the alanta, which at tint whs naturally considerable, sub sided. One lady fainted. Providentially, no one was hurt. This unfortunate and disgraceful acci dent?for it was disgraceful in the last degree to the carpenter and persons charged with this por tion or the arrangements?literally spoiled the whole ?Jt'air. It converted the beautiful spet tacle which a few minuUs before all wer admiring, into a hu;;e joinery establishment; It postponed the oi?-olng of the ball for a full hour; it dimin lshea the space, already overcrowded, by expro priatinx some ttfty feet square of the best part of ti>e room to rsrpsntors and policemen. thus pre ventliig dancing, or eveu walking, without diffi culty, for what promised to bo an indefinite period. Ta pplipvo tVlS? Haaf ??" ? 4?1 _ _ WW ?av vuiMiwiii W rre ICVJ UCHCU to go to tbe tupper room, which of courae was tlllf-d in an instant, and about a thousand people were jammed Into the corridnri, arable to more bv k or forward, waiting for the ius to come out, that they tbems-lvf* might get in, in order to get out Tbe accident, during this nalnful hour reparation, was the theme of every tongue, and, grateful ai mil were that no serious accident oc curred, every one felt that it wu through no care or foresight on the |?wt of the committee, that a thousand people w?re not killed; for the csreless neM which would permit a floor to give way und^r the mere weight of those standing upon It, might aa wall have precipitated them thirty feet aa three, and tilled this woole nation, and perhaps another, with mourners. When the repairs were completed, a little open ing was made In front of the data, about large enough to awing a cat by the tail, and Mrs Gov Morgan, whose superb toilet was the universal theme of conversation, and Lord Renfrew took their place for the flrst quadrille. Among those who shared the distinction of dancing in this aet were Lord Lyons with Miss Wood, Mrs Gould UII, uaii|(UUI U1 UCU PCUU, cot JV*OU, till son in-law, Miss Berryman with John Van Buren, Jm \V. Gerard, who did " the handsome thing'' on this occasion by Mr* How land, and Captain Gore and two or three other laditsand gentli-men wLom Mines have not transpired. This over, the crowd began sensibly to diminish Lord Ren frew danced several times, and at two o'cloek p ?med to be getting Into the merits of the occa sion. The Express says:?The Uaroa danced thirteen dances, the following ladies be!n^ his partners: I. Mrs. Go*. Morgan; 'J Miss Mason; 3 Mrs. GouldHoyt:4 Misa Helen Russell: 5 Mlaa Jennie Field; 6 Miss Fish, daughter of ex-Gov. Flab; 7. Mrs August Belmont^8 Mrs Col Van Buren, na j|(n?Mn iaw of ex-PrealAent Van Uuren; 9' M u Augusta Jay, daughter of John Jay. Esq ; 10 Mica Kernochan; 11. M m butler; 1*2 Alra. Maunsell B. Field; 13 .VIra Edward Coo,*r. Tbe Baron left at tbeend of the sixteenth dance. Mrs Major Delafleld. U. 3 Awaa dressed la a pearl brocade, trimmed with white lace; head dress of featbera and Jewela Miaa E V DePeyster? Dreaa of white watered silk trimmed with cente, allk over dress looped witu white rosea; head dreaa of white hyacinths. Mra J W. Beektnan wore a corn colored illk trimmed with black lace; ornamenta diamonds. Miaa Turner, daughter of Mr. D. B. Turner, waa dreaaed in white tulle, trimmed with gold leaves; ornaments of pearl. Miaa Kinney'adreaa wm of whitetulle, trimmed with gold ribbon in points, and pufllngk. Mlsa Betta was dreaaed In white tulle and flow era??11 white. Mra. C. Goodhue's dreaa waa of atriped blue and white moire antique, flounces of white lace Mrs Col SVott was dressed In white allk and over dreaa, gold Lama. Head-dress, short veil fastened with jewels and flowers Mra W. Parkin waa dreaaei in pink allk, and lace flounces, and head-dreaa of white feathera and pearls Miaa Beekman'a dreaa was of white silk, with a white tulle over-dreaa trimmed with pond lilliea; wreath of tbe same flowers; gold braid through the putt's of tbe dreaa Mra Mattbewa waa dreaaed in cerise colored allk, trimmed with anrien lace, polntde Venlae? nrnamanta Al? ?- J- * * w. iiiviimi| utaiUUIIVll BIICI p^il) li Mrs John Jay'* dreta wu of black velvet, trimmed with lare; dlnmond ornament* Mr* Hpencer l.orillard?dre*a of manve moire antique, with diamond* on the shoulder*; point lace tiounce* Mr* Joel Wolfe?brocade and diaaaoud*. Tub Tickkt*. Three tbounnd one hundred and -ninety-tve ?IaW*4? ? * * - * one imura, ana mreettiouaand and tweu ty-five mare taken at the door? leaving one hun dred aad aeventy aeni to peraona who did not um them. Thk Coat ov tub Hall Half a Million. The arithmetician! thuacalculate: Jewelry, ?3i0.uu); ladiea dreaaea. 50.0U0; outlay of committee, 40,(AM); gentlemen's dreaa, 37.500; bouquets, 7,000; carriage Lire, 5,000; kid gloves, 3,ouo; bead dreaaea, 7,400?total $600,000 TLe estimate of jewelry la tbe value of the amount tbat waa worn. While large numbers of ladiea own full cocnplementa of dlamonda, obvla tlng the neces?i*y of any outlay in thia regard, others bad to make new purchaaea to complete their ootflt In the Item of (40.000 expended by tbe committee is embraced the use of the Acad emy, tickets of admiasion, auppliM.wlues. music, upholstery, tloral decoration* ??<* ? J SHAWL BORpKRINO. (1ST RtNivM 60 picor? afSH A WL BORDER ING . Utoiteil width* and patterns at ver* low trii!U< Ii. Mi A N S, PpclJ6t 33T7??t. a,,d til P?.ay. . NO. fiV* PKNNA, AVENUE. \j0S. W MH? M. A. BILLS CEf VQlS Will OMB ^ MILLINERY FOR THE FAI.I. THURSDAY, Oct. Ilk oj 13 a 20 ? A S K 8 PAR AfINK CANDLES. 35 b**r?la PARaUNK LUBRICATING and BURN'NG OIL. For aato by oo IS St* J. R. BARK k, CO. EPI1YR WORSTEDS, (lame stock,) WOOI.KN VAIIVS ?il ?I Beautiful CLOUji?~a?d a'rTfo^aS, TINSEL rHKNll I K INFANT ukBtiB PRESERV*R8, (pat rtcU ) BONNET RIBANDS, FLOWERS. RLCHKS. XI13 3t nnr.T HHKPDS, Eleventh el A CARD . TO L0VBR8 OF FINE PLANTS. AtU"|ioa U rwjeot/aljr ealled to the ?aie on MONDAY, Octoteflw,. ?t too/ o'clotk, at U? Auoboii Room*.? I ?h?n let ?f Flov<r|n Flanu, ho, from ih* mire^r* of a di?tin*iM-he<l amateur naartho oity, oiiiprUiM nearly n ? hun dred rarteoet of Cam Mia Japo.icaa, toiuo of tk>m ??t* l?r<e, alt ?f them over ?ix jr*-ar? old ; n/t-tiirr with tome cti.iioo Rwm ami other Qrecn lirfuce Pia-u. t#?* JA?.C.*MtCl'lUt JtCO,, AucU latflllfMCt I BlTTLl Fowmt LiioJTL* CoTTtip+*4tntt / Tht Star U 9. ?Loor-o? I and tbf famllica of (ontui mlilMh t?-?w mi board the Cyan* ( The marine* and tailor* were on shore drilling 1 It the time of the attack, and a portion at them I with the bowHxer were ordered to rematn all < night, aa protection to the peraona and property of 1 foreign residents On the morning after the bat tle Araaa made a formal demand on Commander Lock wood for the refugees, which demand Capt. L- positively refuted to accede to, and they took passage with him to Mazatlan. Quiet being res tored and Gen. A rant promising to respect l be persons snd property of all foreign residents, the ' Cyane sailed, touching st Mazatlan, San Bias, i and Msnzanlllas. rnd arrived at Acapulco Sep tember 11th. Lieut M. C. Watklns, of the Sara- ' anac, died on board the Pacific Mall Staamahlp Company's steamer John L Stephens, a few mo ments alter her arrival at Acapulco He was taken on board the Cyane snd burled with mili ary honors, attended by Masonic ceremonies | Defeased was sick, and on bis way home to the United states Tbe Stephens met with an acci dent to ber machinery when a few hours out?sixty mites from Acapnlco?on her way to Panama Commander Lock wood bearing of the accident, the Cyane was got under way as quick as possible and went ont to her assistance, towing her part of the way back into port. No one wat injured Tbe pisseagers warn sent ashore; tbe l 8 mailt aud iuc uruure was pin on ooara in cy???; and ibt Stephen* taken In tow by the Golden G?m on the morning of the m'.h September, on h?r way to san Prauciaco Some chant/** having taken pln< e In the Cyane officers, tte following will be found to be a correct list of them: Commander?Samnd Lock wood ; Lieutenants?Poxhall a Parker, Geo u. Morris, James StiUwell, k W Mecde, Jr, and Geo e uw, Surgeon?l J William*, Aast Surgeon?Chaa E Lininu, PJvmaater?j D Murray; Firat Lieutenant of Marines- a n Baker; Boat*wain?J A Brisco; Gunner?n. B Willi tt; Carpenter?Win Knight; Sallmaker? Siml. h Bontwell; Captain's Clerk?wn 1) Porter, jr ; Paymaster's GAerk?wu? DeBehrens, Muster's Mnte?John Greenfield Tbe Cyane went Into commission on the91st of August, and sailed on the '23d of SepU-mber, th&s, from Norfolk, Va. II. s. #; reduction in prices * or CarDctlntr. Oil Clatk. rUri.i> ??!>* *nt> ALL OTTftft KIXC* (IV FUR NITUR K DRY (MODS. In view of the lat* event wliieli riieeolveri th? lata finn < ! i'liKult Jt LKxUon, tlie humt.eag of which now devolve* on the uivivinf |>artuer, it ha? been determined to run off the entire ttoek of the k ni At 0o*t for the caih Harm* jaat rep'enished the stock with a !a-<e ana frtuh supply on the moit favo a iln term* poati bid, r i* conbdentt* believed that houmkeepere an<t otbenin want of tarpetinfi in nil their van ti<??, from the loweet prioml up to th<* fineit for par.ote and <lr%wia* roon? can be supplied. cl'RTAiN MATERIALS id fplendid variety ami of iii?tinKUiHhnd ?tylee and qualities, with ftll fheir bol011 King*. OlLCLOTHd,DRUGKTS,in border.and without, RLT.S, MATS. MATTlNtfS, TABLE a.d Tull-Wr r.oniw ? a V* V **Ul In a word, all ?och DRY GOODS* a? are required for the comfort and me of h'>u*~keep?*rs and lodtfera will now h? sold at the wholesale price for thr o?kh. But one price will bo a?k*-ti, no inorc and no leee. Person* wauiiuK Carpeting or Oilo.otha will ?lea.e provide thetnselvea with their in?a?ur<e. either in diagrams or otherwise, which will uvi much time an<f trouble. There rnaT ha fontid in the atock? Ele/ant Velvet Ca< petings at *1 5'. worth S2. Do do do at 91 25, do 91 75. Do Tapestry t E'glith) at <? c'?., worth 81.25. Thre*-plf at?< and 95 ct?., worth ?1.12>a and #1.35, Ingrain at 75 eenU, worth 95 cents, l)o at 60 d<> do 87 do Do at 50, all wool, worth 75 oenU. J. B. DODSON, Surviving Partner of the late firm of Clagett h Dodeoo, oo 9-eu6t No. 4 Market Spaoe. RENFREW HAT8,_ m.%. IN NK W COLO US, J i st Opened, fkom N. Yoke. ID- Our assortment of HATS an J ^AT'!*, for Gents, Youn* Men, ? ... . . Youth*, Boys, M i sues, and Cnildren, nevtr was so varied as at preaei.t. An early oali it aolicited. No trouble to ehow gooia, it H. 9TINEMK.TZ. oc 13 836 Pa. av., near corner lath st. IRON SAFE, AND COPYING PRESS. * We have for sal* at a ar'at barsain? One Seeoml-hand iroa Bale, made by Herring, of New York, Also, one superior iron la'?e-si?e Cop* in* Press, with Stand. C. W. 1JOTELER k. SONS, oe 12 3t Iron Hall. KMPORARY REMOVAL. it,) dur n on the After Una day, < Satnrdar, the 13th inatant,) jlur iuk the time ooeupied in renovating my, xtorerooma, I can be found, with niyiaige] and aeleot aU>ck of BOOTS AND SHOES, _ (auitahle for the a*aaon,) at the Storeroom on the auuth aide of Pa avenue, between 4)6 and 6tli ita , formerly occupied by J. F. Biokel, and whioh ia und r tne rouui of the Jaokaoa I>emooratio Aaao oiltion. oo 113t (Intel) HARMON BURNS. I CLOAKSCLOAKS!! HAVE Juat reoeived, direct from the manufac turer;. iarr* and handaome aaaortment of Lad ?' CLOTH CLOAKS of all th? new atylea Alao, hindaom? aaaortmmt of 9V11& Bo rieredand other now atylea of SHAWLS. Call early ad set the fi at cnmoe. H. EG AN, oc 13 6: 527 7th at. and 331 Fa ar. MEDICAL WORKS. TUDENTS Will find a rood aocortmant of MKDICAL WORKS At the Very L nweat Prio?a, at QUr' on u1 n ??o OC 13-1 w on n nnii u r>. Corner Seventh and D ata. ONLY 5 CENT** TO RIDE FROM NAVY Yard t GIBsON'S, Seveuth it., where dollars tnay he ?*Tfd. oe 9-6t H REMEMBER! " * IBSON it sellinc cheaper than erar. as hn * peneea are very light. On Sevaatk !., Mi. oo l -K ?IIEAPEST STORE! 8AVE YOUR TIME AND MONEY, AND GO AND PURCHASE YOUR DRY GOODS AT THE CHEAPEST STORF, 354 SEVENTH STREET, (Eaat Sid*,) between I and K. oc 12-lin MATTHEWS * GORR. rj HATS AND CAPS. I have now on hand a complete assort ment of goods in the above line, to which ! invite the attention of in; patron* and the citizens of the District generally. Great care having been tak?-n in th* election, I can preaent to my customer* the greateat vari -tjr to be found in the city, 't he xtock comprises every tyle now in vogue in New York. Also, Mmsea'and Children's FANCY HATS of entiraly new shape*. Ladies'RIDING HATS. Children's CAP* of every description. Gentlemen's HATS and CaPS. A'ao, a fine ai sortroentof UM BKKI.L AS. WALKING OAN ES, Ae.,Ac. JAS. Y. DAVIS, Ha'ter. oc 12-2w (let * Con.) late Todd A Co. RY G(JOL>S?L)RY GOODS' DRY GOODS-DRY GOODS! We have now in atore a very large and well as sortt-d lock of Dry Goods, of every kind and ?aal itv We cordially invite all parsons iu war.tor Dry Goods to call and examine our stook before main- g t ietr purchases elsewhere, Everf article will be sold at the lowest markat price. WM. R KII.KY A HRO., No. 3* Central >tores. Between ?th arid 8th st-eats, ocS-eolm OppoMte Center Market. NOTICE TO JOURNEYMEN TAILORS. AT HOME AND ABROAD. Tbe following is a correct list of tin employers who pay the bill prions ol, and are recognitor t>y. the Society, to wit; W. H. Stan ord, Matlock A Griftth. uval1 A Bro., Matlock A Herbert, Wm.Tu?kar, James l.aokey, 0 w. Hintnn A Co., J. T. Mcintosh, koudon A Co., Thos. K. Gray, .M.Drew Vandoran. ee77a<3in O T I C E! TO THE LADIES! NHB MRS LOW E take*pleasure in announcing to the Ijadiee that her State will tie reopened on Sat urday, the 13th i us ant, with a new and well seleoud assortment of LADIES' DRESS TRIMMING". ae U lw it97 Pa avenue, south side. G*OCERlF.s: e^KUCKRIES!>' l/i /I ? >- -* " hi/ awca vi uruotnH. iO M to cnab e me to remove with u little cock oa took at featljr radioed orioea. .. ^ HKNRT C PUEDY. oe 11 2w No. 4*1 p> avenue E\V TRIMMIN'GH?NEW TRIMMINGS! NOW OPENIKO AT MRU. LOWK'8. New ?tyle Parte Gimp* and Button*, plain and Kilt mixed ; Blaok and Fa or Colored Velvet But tons ud Velvet Ribboa*; Plain and Faun? Colured Graduating Button., omething u?w for iadie?* walking ?uiU : Oi t lord* and TumIi, &ik Cord*. Tuiol'li..! ll?irnni ... ni? &1I "*>lor?, on h*od and nude to ortUr? 1 **"*" l* ? 1- n MR8. LOWE. O* IHW My Pfc.jfMU?, lOUlk Bids BALLS, PARTIES *c -I R its TION! LON PARTY Of lciv*MMir Firpt * Hall. 7th ?t . b? HVtVBVIVC ksag ihia tk* pA: owau. admitting ar*n iee will b* Mrttd with a. f I*-ft* art hou.tttb Stott*! Hall, Ootob*r 16 k. Complete ud ample arrangement* hav* bMn iua<1* to wk?j th Ball qn?l to aay heretofore [itm kr| Lhi* Club. Patronage of ita fne^t it *vaft4?at!r led reapectfnly rolictted H ly Hill feud hki b**a nr?*eJ io' th* oecaaion. Tickets 91, admittinr a %entleman and ladies Com miutt of a gentlMan an inMrawu. T. C. Edwards, e M" liloritHMl;, L Tmumc. W. C. Grorer, T'cket* ? cent*. adm ttmj a gentlemau and I ladle*. By on!?r of the Commute*. m II A.M U SEMKNT& ASHING TON THEATER. Fom a Li*it*d Nvxm or Nmmi*. Co* mincing MONO A T * TKXIXQ. 0<t. IUK. w B? desire of a number of influential o?t Washington tM Pnne*a of the Prof* on, BIDWoR |H> I .ate ta4 oni* Original wood'S MI NS T R E L 9. Will gire a linu'ed t umber of their ETHIOPIAN SOIKKK*. With th* whole ctfeojrtVi of their Compear. NEW Mrtr**rdin*>v -1 it \ LI j A os, NEW MCSIC, NEW S-?NG*. NEW FARCES, NEW JOKES. With an entire chance ever? night. Admission. S5 oenta ; orcheater ehaire.M private boxes 53 Door* open at 7 o'clock, ooyaineaoiQf at I. oe 13 dt WASHINGTON theater. Sol* LesMe and Mui(m w. Glbm. w??r, on tha .light of thursday, Nomin lir. joseph jefferson. Tka Comedian of thaAge, wilt oumnwiM ka en gagement of Twe ro Nights on MOJT DAY, .November 5th, and will be io'low d bj -the rooit 1.LUNT stars In the Theatrical Firmameit. 1E7" CouiinuaionUone if addressed to S. \v. Ul?nK, "Oil Uowerjr Theater," New York, will rnevt with prompt attention. au U-tf LOST AND FOUND. Tiiref manuscript sermons were lout last (Sunday) nirht. between th?> New York Avoime Church (via. ISth ?t. and Ha. av > aiH 4k at. The finder will conf'" a a vac by !eavt?? them with i)r til KL1?Y. or Mr.OdAr". ?TOTT. l>re?iei. oc Ij* *TR A v ?Taken up l>y the s'il>*oriKer tmpui .4 inx on his premise , a *orr?l HOKHli.frx. 15 iiaad huh ; four whr* fe t and a blazed H fo ehea I; ehud ail round The ?WHr IS re- ** ** quested to cotne 1-iva.d, prove ownership, |*J char*os, and take himawa* . CHAS. FR'ZZELL, oc 15 at No. 143 High st , (>e ?rcX?ww. Q ? RKWARD.?8 -ayed away, on the 9.h last, 0'? a y""low MII.Cn COW, with hn*n?^jd| topped off. ar.d is inclined to p> k*. Th?|PUr h1h>v? reward will be riven on her return&n^^ to j AS STL'AKT, 15th and N streets west. o? 13 St* li*OUND?On my premises, on the 7th of October, ? a white buffalo COW, with red *ar* ^1# The owner will please ootne forward.p DxaWJkif* property. pay cha tes. and take her away.&Ai JOIIN F. GRIMRB, at the third uouse above the first toll-gate op 7th st. oc H il' C'rtTKA Y8.?Takenu p by the police of George tU town, D. C., one ba? HOR5K, black cv man*, tail an<1 leera; saddle and o<dlar marks T .f on him. One strawl>erry roan b<<r?e; threer^/> white feet and bias d face. The owners will come forward, prove ownership, pay char(es and lake themawa*. Apply at the guard-hoiee. oc 12 St TT1 STRAYS -Cwte some days t(o to Be 1-Air, I). .Li C .the residence of the undertone.), an old, homed red COW, with a white along the belly, ester dm* into theXa^te flanks and the lower part of the tail She fives a little milk. Al?o, a two-year old lufct bay MARK COI.T, with no white or other narks upon it. The owner or owners of the above estrays will please com* forward, prove property, pay charges and lake them away, or they will be disposed of aooo-dinic to law. toe 12-St*? J.BROOKS PERSONAL. IN OTIC K. HK.RFBY Warn the public muni Uftrburmc or mployiaK ? colored bo* n?m?l ihoiuM Hi 1x1, its ha ia an indentured apprentioo to the un^'*r?igned; \Dd any p-traon ao doing will be liable to civil proa eeirion. oo 15-st* A I.FRED LKF I^HK WIFE OF JAMES BOPP, adveitieed ?a the Star the other day, t? not the wife of Geo. Bopp,-onneoted with the coaoh factory on D >tre?t between 9th and 10th ?ts. oc IS-St* I NOTICE HER EBY Give cotice that 1 will p?y bo debt contracted on nij account by any p^rnon other than in* self. and hereby forewarn all persona not to tratt any one laamni croOit on mj aoc.-ant. EDWARD VVASON.Ith at. mat. Wa'hinttoa. Uotober 10, oo H K* ADaME KRMX. Fcrt?n? T*ll#r fi?m P?ri?. beta leave to inform her f >riner friend*. and the purlio generally. that the haa removed to *S0 Ninth atr-et, northeaat oo ner of N. where ah* will k- u . .? ?? ?r_ ' mm,vj w ?ro an Wflu n ajr aeaire IO Uave the pMt, present and future aatiafactorily explained. oo T O THE CURIOUS OR ANXIOUS.-Madam D , ao well known at the -moat aucoesafal ? plainer ?<f the I'aft, Present ai.d Futu-eaTSi in Washington, continue* to be oon?ult<vi weekly Vj hundrcla auxioua to know of thing* at present hid den fr?Hu them. Her oor.auitanon f??, to both cen tlein- n and ladies, is extreme!* moderate. Call at har houiio.ou lite aoutn aide of Ua??achuseU* ar , between 17th at-d 18th ata.?tho oalv liouae there, ae 17-lm n*. NO T I C E! NO TICK!! ISK Mra.HEl.LKR I >itaa th- lartiea of5* Waahingtoa and viciiutv to her Grand Opening of Pashionab.e FM,L and WINTER UONNiiTS, un Fridat and Saturday, 5th aud ?th iaataat, wlfea he wi1! be happr t > have ladie* come and examine her atock of <??od*. as she haa a very handsome took of FEATHKKS. FLOWRlA nn iMia TKlMMINt,- HEAt* DRESSES, fclJOAKS^ SHAWLS, EXTENSION SKIRTS. CORSETS of all kiX' ? and price*, a'.daveij large (Lock of EMBROIDERIES. Ac ,4c. 00 4 No 34 Market Space, bet. 7th .and >th at+ |g0 INTERIOR ADORNMENT. PAPEHHANOTNGS and WINDOW SHADSB. Nev Fall atock of Pap**?a from the rick ma ornate to iho most cnaste and sinxle patterns, ippr. priate tor parlora. Walla, timing room a. cham bers ami libraries Als->, a choice Mwk warranted Gold Band Window M>adea. liiu'at on (jol-l auU sommin Shades, ButT. (Jreeu and Blue ShaJe Hoi i*nda Picture Cord ami Ta?eel?, Cnmaon flearlet. Bin* and Green color*, from photograph to portiait nze Juat received at No 4S6 Seventh at Orders fo" Pap^rbangugi of Window Shade* faithful ) t-xecu-eJ la city or ooact'v SaUefacUon ruivrantlpd or nn n*w r?nni-?<l Pl?. ? ..... ?? w . _ ,.. i iv?? w |it* nn> Sail. Don't for,et lh? number. J. MARKRITttft. No. 4&t? Seventh at. d..or? ?t?<ve ocS eolm* fVdil FVIIowa' Hal HKKMAN Ml.*|i, UPHOLSTEHE *, No 864 (J street, *r*r Ttta/urf Urpurtmtnt, in cr&tsf>"> acknowi*tl<in?? tua >*b?r?l pUiooh* rhich h&' h?retof >re b???n boa'owfd _p>u hiacflo U to p!ea?o ki? p*troM. br-gf laava t > i i.T m ti e m U ini of Waahinntou nt.d 'i^o'g<*t->wn that ha ia iQwyreffrrwItoezMat^vi'h n?*tu*a? ?ud rtiaruob Li ?r>i*ia ib bit iiu? f bH?iiK'M: nob & U* P*w ng, Kilting tad i.??iu? l4owo of new Cfcrprts, ??d ;he 1 tying t'own cf oiJ i.'arj-U; lh? Hanging of 7urt&iaa; tha Covering of l.oinza* Safu, 4c ; t <? tf %nvf?ot?>re or Renovation ofM&Urwaa*, Pii.owa, "nahlnu ? ~ Mr Blj? would fciao ot.ll e'peoi*' attantioa t? u? Pat?->t?o Carpet Stretoher, whinh m>Um kin ,0 put down wit* HOf reatdeoMd *1201(1 iom aud randit*. m? ?olm* NO T 1 C K. REMOVAL . IXYITATION.?I hereby no?if? my Miwneri ind the publio in genial that 1 have rtMfM to Mo 349 Seventh ttrert, (three do ?re fn?m Mm. ivenue.) where 1 thall keep con?tantl? on haml a a-?ea?eortmei?? of FOREIGN and DOMESTIC >RY GOODS. HOSIERY. FANCY ARTICLES, dll.'.INKR\ , *o. New Goode received weekly, rhieh will t-e eold at aetoni?iuni lowjnr?e e n lm* 8 FISH MAN. \TOTICE.?B? reaeun of the death of Oeorje B. ii l.euio&n, of the firm of Lnmi A Beo ?**. t lit? becorue mo*MO to oloeo aid eeUle the tuaineec of the late firm All pertoae are therefore equated to freerLt to the uedereirned all Oi^ir taims againtt said firm, and ail per?on? fii'ltKd o th? fi-m art requ??te J to oome fiirwivd aad Mtti# lia urn* without del*v J NO T/LENMAN. o . o?Hw (Tntal > " " B?rVfVTa< pa*1 J TO V E 8! 8 T O T K 8-" 5 8TOV88S ^ I have on hand 'arc* aaaortmaat of Cockioj ?nd *her -tovaa, whiok I will ?#ll tlMOpor tkaa Ay ?U?#r JaOOM II th? DliUMU u * nt*ntion Ui oIom them ?>at Call nd then jad?* for yourarvM. c oc 9 Next doorJoti HALL 10% m iiiMS rn'is^iv^sss,, of m H A Uo?rtb?4iitai' ~ Um atwcritors, % traalMS. Wl'l < f?r at MM* Ml*. ? a* wnbw of Witlwir (Nrford. d?o?>4. on i*TrKL)*V. Um XHk ?( >pV3! ssn I K'lWi'I oABri^iu or444 UiM of 1*1)4 yrf .^rr?,i5r?^n Ji oartctof ft Ivdliii ko?M, ct hi ?. m ?w jnff la iaateirttattrf ftirutoo*. in mt <U nt mt?, wi.l ??a iJtnn tlit in by e*.lin? oa I ?u~b^.<? .... b*di i *d iato UrM MtttoN.tyuxhu-i. Tk?r? ?'l baa plat of Mid land, for ta? iitMUoi of I** Wl?UI?< ?n th* MT nf?l?. Twh of *a : ?Ob* Uurd ol la* to M fh 4 oa IM <Taj c' t?.?. or th* raU&oation tfcaraaf br tkaCourt, and th# r*aMa* to b? Mid ia rwo aqua! aaaaa; i??u. wo to: tfe* who?* to fcaar iiUtmI (roa Ua da? af Mla;utMMt oa th* 4* f>?Tad aaiiaaato to b* im ukit?, tt* ii?Jbrr*4 pa?ia*nu to b* awarrd t.j th* bill* cfth* ^irotMMaf parr h*>* a. ?iU> ?w*y or ?ur*ti IraaMd oi*a- M a i "tain t?? ?r tarauga aay ?X t iTtiri u> ui<! aauta JOHN IBIJWEI./ - - OKO. \ Tm*taa?. oo 15 M.WAF.a R, A I4IKVM rpRrmtK** BALK tip VALLABLF Brit D 1 im Lot* in tke ba>tebb rar or tab citt at Avcti i.-f#K?UiAV,ui?4uai of Oo?< bor. nS", I ??!! Mil. la pn?t of the prom a**, at pat.lie a .ouon, h? ?irt?> of a 4t*>4 rf traat to tb? MbMitter iMriaf data tb* Tta aay of Apnt, ttta. ui r o.rd?d n Llb?t J.l. A. N % ITi.ioUo* M. 4Su 431 ud 4S ob? of tn* l*na r*oo 4* of Wa*ki?? toBOoaaty.i* tk* Diatri?t< fC? aiaSta, th* fo'low uttoriM ? o^.lj hia* and MH| iau>* oitj ofWaahi ?t>n Oo-tnot aforaaaiA T*? **i* ?tii oommim at IS o'clock m , on tb* first dmm4 prop rr'f, Tts L >ti cumkntd *xt<*n an I urmtHi, (W Bad IT? in r^aaara nt?h*rr<i r?? hardrod an. ??brj *ix. <1.??,) Lot nuniixrM bftorn.tlS.) is ttauar* tta b r?d tan baadrod and ni^oty Ira. (1 <M6.) Lot* i amb*r?J t?oan?i lo?- it *m? ?<ta 9*aar* aom tw??i taa huu4Jr?wl aixi aiaatr **v*a. 11 Ml I Lot* nan btrad *<x Bbd tar?n,iftanl 7.1 la '"ana/a Daw - b?r*M al*rofi ban4:o(1 and at rotor a, (1,1 J,)ooata>n in< V 3B2, a^aara frwt, am* ia?*. Tor ma o*a*. Ail ooav janott g at lb* a oat of tb* Mrrhuar . If tb* i arm a ?r*a?t ootiipl.od with in tr* 4*ja tba t a*t*? raaeraea tb* rent to raaoll tb* propo?t? at tM i uk Bad rxaaa** ol U.e brat parshaaar. K. cTcARKlN'iT N Traato*. o? 15 il d* A. GRKK>, Aaot TltTS A PTERNOON * Tn.MnK*nm Bi CLEAR Y A URKKN A? TWO l?E*IRAHLE FIR^r-CUAIMI REHI DBKCKa IIX*! 1 N < CITt HiLI AT htTBUC Air T1QM -?? M?*NDAY, the ISil inatart. Bkt *11. > front of the premie**. at *H o'e otk p. m., two tM(l> m* int'O'tM t>nrk r?n4nen w?t t-d oil B\rt of l<ola 13 Bad U. to f<4 ikrtiJ'. (rw l 11* (*1 **ah OB Third Bttaet weet ax.d < UDB1I ? t>?*k M r?*t s*? mohM h*twi*? f) and h ?u aoru. T ?e IhiMM bar* k?een IB ifce bast auB>n, p>u?aaw tac moat ii.. drra fc'>u.fc a-d at; la, Br ranted with all eonvecief.eea Ti.ej ooiitaia eaok ?m food room a, Bi.d a a *? a^ooa parlor. mar a,a n.BBt?l?, will Bud |M IotTM)loed tftroaf fc..Mt tla yrtaMM, aad i?*sat dio dmcf U? BoMkM^Ur B id d ?ra6*e aee'i011 of tiia cit*. Tarwaa : I ?m foti rUi ca?b, Muw ir ?. 12. It S4 momlka. for untoa baariac inUrM. and M?r?i Vit % d?ed of tract ou the ?r> mi?*> oa II a 1 t.K\RY A GRfc.EN.AM3U r?i&'e?Lot"uFRgridjN hotu?1??La*t* U at A?r*ia?.-Oa THthPDaV AFrEK NOt?N, Oetobar 11th. a* 4<>'e.ook, at the Aaotion Rooms. wa -haI1 aall ta iota ? aait, a aboiae lat ol Oraa.. Boia* flat*, oomanainc? tS'ahoiaa Camellia Japomoaa of awl? l? rariat-ea o( Ua bast ktada knowr, T oca titer wiU aoata if* and rara ikrubaa of Koeea and otiM Pot Pacta, oo'sT0** ' J. C. MaGUIRK A CO.. Aaota. CpTTHE ABOVE SALE IS UNA VOI PARI V po.tjnnid until MONDAY AF fE* NOON. lMh lnit., BBrna hoar aad place. | 00 ll-d J 0. MittL lRF. A CO , Auc'a. Br J. C. MaGUIRK ft. CO.. Aaattonaara. ri'RMTUlE AND EFFECT? OF A FAMI r LT MtUHpt lOOHltV M At AVTTIOB ?Od TUESDaTJIoRNINU. Oo oix-rliU tUvo't k, tt No. >49 f?U itr*t WtwMC L aad M atra~u, v* afcaU m!1 :k? Parana:* ar.4 EffVou n(i|?iL? iam daaitcioc h ;u?-coneiaUo* of? luMvoud Chiokeriaf Fiftuo Forta and M?>ol, Salt of tirimaon P'u?h odtth! pa'lor Parattara, no?trii ng :arga t*o?a, Ara# Chair Ud mi P?r l.>r (Jlitiri, Roaewood Marble top Caater TaUa, Wainat Wkataota and Bonittanda, Vei ret Caakioaad Aral ud Fatoj Chair*, M*hotany K>f? Louuie Candnabraa, Engraving and Vum, Window Cartaina and t*ha<i??, Cormoa. . .?>! Wool CirMU, Oilc oth, L>rug(ftt. Ru|t, Simla and Doc b e Husk Miu-shm, Ro'atera and Killowa. M?lx>r*DT Cri'i WikhtUadi, Ton't r>?ta. Uinini TkUn, Ci.ina,G tea *6*1 v. rocker j V\?r?. Superior Cookni. Radiator and O'.kar ? to Tea, To?*thw with the iml aaanrtm^bt of Kitohos K^DllitA*. Torina: *' axil under oa*h , or? that mm a credit of 6* and *>? da?*, lor aatiafaotcrtly eudoraei u<tea. h*?riB( ir.threat P. 8.?The Howe la for rent. Injure of A* Aactioneera. mlH 1. C MoQUIBE k CO.t4?Ma. . FUTURE DA YS ~~ Ht J. C. McGlURK * CO.. Aastioarerai EXrW . M-IVE J**L? OF ITOTR 9w?Oi K?l>?\ AFTMtNoON.OatibnM.u 4 o'clock ai the Accuon * ooma. ?? an v: a?H *,?* virfitia mx par Cmt. Coo pot. Roads, R2,O0* Miaeoa'i To do fi/UO r,orj oration of A?x\c>lr.a Mx pit !**ock, ?5,Ky- Corporation of Wa*binfton Six p?r 1 Sto^k t \ That )orp_?ration S?ock? Vtll be aol4 oa Uraia to i?i . The Rtnoka are in hoed a <>f |t/W eaok. Terma oaah U oarrent fande ootid J C. Mo6l'IRK*Cn^ Kjr 1. C. MctiUlllE A CO . 4i#Uoa??r?J I7DKNITURB A\l> HOl>KH?? n Errarra P AT PfBLlC /MICTIO\-0? WEDN SLAV MORNI^to, October at W o' No. 3M I went.rth rfot. between H and 1 ??- ~",k wa aba 1 a*i> a porti . pf U?a Furrwtar a < rf a gratlaaiaa d' hi atekaai lag, oomprt Ba t >f Ko't wood Criawoo t Mia Dtmatk Covmi Parlor Fvnitar*. en"'?M?ii| two bofaa, tW Arm a?<1 z Parlor Chain, R?i>?m4 Mar w top Cw-t?' aid Sofa Tafcioa, Waiaat Whata jU Can* and R aak -?aat Chaira, Oaa ?'hau<1* i?ra and Gaa Fixtaior, Window I'vtMDi an* "htd-?. 8;t of aolld Oak <)i?o? FuriiUa*o, oonirtnaff 6" ratarj, Cloth wvered < eutor* Arm and one Ro*olrinr Cha-r, M ? hoiaay Htir -Mttlola?aiu] Ckairt, B?V o^Eaama*'* <! Cottajgo Furiutura*' wiShS# ard WaioutaadPaiaUd Wardroboa. f arbl* top Waakataadi, oilat 8?U, Bureaui, Looking Gliaaai, i>d?uada, Ma'trtaaea, Bolntora and PUtcwa, Oak Fitauaion Dicing Tahla, Kan* Re/ugo>a or, Oa? Plata Stand, Oak Frcnah Dtniug Cha:ra, loe Pitohara, T<??tk*r wiih a ? ?lal't?ortawit of Kitahaa MiiatH Tar ma: $S> aad ladrr aaah; ormr that a an a omdit 4 M aad ? day a, f r aitiafaotorily aad or a ad aofa. bauing latar?t. oj IS-d 17C. MoOUIRE A. CO . Aaoto. By J. 0. MaGUlRK % CO. Aartnaiira A'.UAB' K UNIMPROVED PROPERTY ii tni Fiaa* wui at Awnow -Oi WED NtHUAY AFTKRMO?>N. Ootobar ITU. at low o'oiook, oa Uta araaaiaaa, w- ahai< Mil Lot No W, li S<u\r? No TO, fronting ? foot ai.d a h%J laafc on Nil >tc?nth ?t. voat. hat worn C and Fata a oca. riaaing baok U? f-at 10 lueb-a. T rm?: On?-third o?ah ; tha retidaa ia aid II nonika, with inn rait, aronrad b. a dood oftridloa . - ? ? - ? ?? ? V Vw ??!? Bf WiU * BABNABP, CJTOCK AMI) FIXTLRK8 OF A FANCY wo viil MU, ?t tha ktor?(UM &*< win daaignaw pi&oa) Od tga Mat aid* of Lit hth a tract, imi D, tha R^kSr?S?JGs5Ka. T b bt Hur Hra'ikaa. DMtori ?d Pan#. Tmri mm nwlj w W?o4ai War a. Tori,4?jt? _ WMi HflCktiri, Wuk'Ilf MMkiBN. MtekiuhrMtu? Itomm, Vim ud ottar Im ?ITS WALL k. BMtWAiP. Anf rpftlMTKB't'balTop'Val^ablk hw?r 1 atT utwin lira ass tlri Bn. uit, ah* UtPUII.iTmi, WuH1.16TVI CITt -Bf TU um of a 4m4 of trait f'^rn Ju?rah CtvUliar. MMi ESL^ w*js?S HSri irLv'tsJSi aoantj.'D ?T, I ?tS:, At tka r?^Mat of the oTwr lm! hotr?r ol Ua r.oU therein *? ' ?, ot Tl'ti Kay, u? MUt?r ot (wot?t xt, u ? ?'(!??*. ?..OA tk? Mil. At IMibtlO MMtina. tA* U >0VlBf vAJMbU prOM't', t>r Ml Ci?rk AM (? nrUIMi?M M r?\t M , TI* : t.?rta Nm, l.s.a.t,i,a, n. ix u. is, a. i" i?, > ><mi? N?. TOTMI Oh tkir4 auk ; and tka rMidaa ia 9.W Ud U aotitka ?1th la^rr.t. IM nm aiurt 1m4 oftroat Uk?a to?-odf?Li?il?(?rr?l pA? AU (SkTI)UMI At Um uroiwtf'i i *L It IM tarm of Mua as* not oo*ipli*<i * U vilAic A ?ia a. th<* truaW* raaarvaa tk ngkt to rttMU At win ? .. r.?- ? W001?W/iH6, Traatr*, * ? ???*<? A 0*>W*.Ama, I IXiiOLN AND HAMLIN MKOALB.* 61*. *

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