Newspaper of Evening Star, October 15, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 15, 1860 Page 3
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\?T T?* Sta* 1* printed on fh? (ittcM team pm In aovtb t( Brittany If j i? w> l?^f m to reqntr? it Hbrf?tti|Ml a* an early Uour, Advtrtiaeaaeata, tiwafbra, tfteald be eat tn betors 14 o'clock m.; otbenrtM tbey My at appear aaUl the neit day. Nonca ?IMMrlct mt Columbia Advertteeaaenta w mm iwiwrn m ia? BALInlOK K miSTV ICtCI ?eu at and forwarded froa Tn OAoc. Dedication or tu Niw VoiiAvoui Pit> iTftiiAR Cauaca ?The nnpceptM? atato of th? amatOer yeeterday did not pww?t a large at twiaio on tbe rariona dedicatory aerrleea at the Nfw York Avenue Presbyterian Church throughout Ibe day. The President of the United Vtatra. a reyuUr attendant on thia ctau-ch, wai preaent at tbe morning service and oc. upied a prominent rosltlon near the puiplt. Postmaster freners! Hon was also present Tbe boar for the commencement of tbe service having arrived, Dr Gnrley (pestor) accompau ?d to? Rev. Doctors Tustin. of this city. J us kits. of FhllaiUlphla. and Board man. of N?w VvikUMk position In tbe pulpit, entering the same through a door on the left, leading from tbe pastor's studio In tbe ixuMnest below. A beautiful anthem, entitled "And in tha Irst days It shall romett pass," was sung bv thee heir, aftrr which rrsyer wbs offered by the Rev i>r Uurlev A portion cf Scrlptnre?the Stb chapter of Kings. < omni?D' ing with the 12th verse?w.-s then read by the pastor, when tbe congregation united with the choir In singing a hymn, of which tbe follow % Ing are the first two verses And will the great eternal God, ? On earih establish hi* '.bod-? And will be from bis radiant throne ! Accept onr temples fcr bis own ' These walls we to thy honor raise, !.ong may they echo with thy praise; And thon descending fiU the place. With choicest tokens of thy grace Dr. Tustin then followed in an Impressive and fervent invocation to tbe Divine Throne, earnestly imnlMinir tK# or?at Jahnvxh Lt tv?rt IK? natinnul calamities which stemed to impend with ?och horror over our glorlona country Another hymn wu Bong, when th? Rev Dr. Boardman preached a forcible and edifying dis burse fronr Psalms, 93 11?"For a day in thy courts It better thaa a thousand I had rather be * dtorkeeper io the house <f mv God than to dwall in ti?- tents of wickedness." A t-xt such as Hits lends naturally to reflections on the duty of all men to give their prestuee to the house of Gad, u* well in acknowledgment of our entire dr jiendrnre ou (Its bounty tor all we are sod all we Lave, as for the sake of securing new Lleaslngs thrwugh that gate of Heavru tcr ourselves, our families, and our country. After referring to this subject !r> Its general bearings, and endeavoring at some length to show that the erection of evangelical cLtur> hea was af great public beneflt, and leagued with the beat 1 nU-pMli t,f fivifti* ha thm rUkflupntltf tn the Yi?t be.ietlts whlrh in'ght eapei-ially be ei pected to reanlt from the erection of thr beautiful edifice In which vhfv w?re then assembled : We are all witnesses to the algnal liberality and eflt<~ienrv displayed by thoae iinuiedlatelyengaged tu the prosecution of this work. This beautiful rdllct attests at once their piety and their bruifl ceitce, their love to Gcd and lore to men They Lave assembled to-day amidst tu* tcurruut sym pathies of the com inanity to presentltas a grateful fferlng to the Trtrtns God?Jehovah A work t'ke thia la impressed with a blgb value under any clrcumataoces, even In a secluded village or among the mountain* What, then, muat be tta Importance here at the very heart of thla proud Confederacy. For Washington, beyond any other rity of oor country, la to be regarded In two es s-utiallv different aspects, which may be styled domestic acd foreign, or local and relative To the o.e it is popular al ke tn every rommu nity; required for its own benefits, restraints, helps, teachings, and consolations of religions ordinances To the ?th~r It la allied by strong and lntiaiate ties with every town and hamlet. It . * raiLCij iuv CAUATa^aui w wim c?ci j workshop of the Republic." This 1* not m mere speculative connection. but an actual, vital union. '1 he puis** which beat hrre aend their vibrations to the remotest point* of our vast territory?into ? very habitation that claims tbe protection of our laws. It U in thia view especially that we insiat upon tbe Importance to be attached to tbe erection of a new evangelical church in our Metropolis. But, however humiliating the confession, we are obliged to admit, that tbe tendency, as well with nations as with Individuals, is to forget God. The experiment of self-government wLi h we are trying, and which is justly regarded as involving tbe cause of free Institutions tb oughout tbe worl<T is no' yet perfected There are omens along tbe horizon which at times cause tbe best and wisest ntnon<f*t us to tremble for tbe lisue One thing at least may be considered as Immutably settled?our future depend* upon the favor of 6od, and tbe only effective method by which we can counteract the calamities witb which e are threatened is to use the weapons He has furnished It la no dls t<iratfemen' to our Constitution and laws, to our Legislatures and magistrates, to aay that there are evils they cannot cure; wrongs they cannot redress; perils they cannot avert. \ ou will understand me when, by way of Illustration, I specify dishonesty, faction and iiaruansm," as ttiree of tbe foul deuiona which are witb shame less effrontery plotting against ua, even at our <*ats i f power With what agency can tou pre vent the f ital results of such evil spirits, otb?r than the Gospel of Christ? If learning and eloquence, If lofty culture and ripe experience were all that was necessary for this purpose, these evil and cor rupting spirits would long since have been driven from the Capitol No revengeful passion, no sec tional ant pathlrs, no faualical maledictions, uo mercenary tritBc, csc resist such. Tbe power is troigertban tbe strongest human arm; Its victories are as beneficent as tbey are decisive But what We need wbat the whole country needs above all tfelnga. is. that this benign influence shall be eu tbroned here, at the very centre of the republic. L(t it roroc down upon thl? reatleaa. conflicting, xoltpblr community, 1 ke rain upon the mown g,nm, like showers tbfet water the earth, and the fMtiema that solve our statement are solved Airoug other advantage* you effect by the e ec tton of auch an edifice as thfa, you aid in d?prf?? lu the spirit of dlarord, now ao rife taoiir land; and aaalst nten of integrity, when they come here aa public functionaries, to discharge their duties foarleaaiy to God and to men. I'uqntstlonably, the social and civil benefits which fluwfrom pub lic wticabip are vital to the well-b*ing of tUa 8t.:V; and the radical idea of the aanctaarv is that of a house of God. At the cloae of the discount, the Rev. Dr. Jun kin IhI in prayer A saio soprano, entitled "Flee aa a Bird," waa than m .r in KAirifMi ttv'U M i aa Uual*? l>r. Gurley (pastor) stated that tbe entire cost of the ediflre u-*a $30,000 Suae fJU.UU of this amount bad been paid over. A thnns nd or more !n reliable snhsrrlptiou bad yet to be collected, leaving a debt of mmik eight or ten thousand dol lar* >et to baliquldultd A collerttua vu taken op. wUn these pleasant exercises were terminated by a byuin aud dox ulo^y lit the afternoon. Dr. Sunderland delivered an edectlve d a. onr?e, selecting aa bia teat a portlou of tbe Gib vers* of tbe tth chapter of Isaiah?"Arid bta nnme shall b<? called Wonderful " At flight, loe K?? I>r J uukin?,of Philadelphia. diarouraed from the Mb verae of tbe 2d chapter of Zacbariab RbliwiuC* ?Yesterday a beery rain prevented the ettendaure of very Ctrxt cougre^at oat at tbe various cbur hes 'l( Prat'UHnt C4*w?, Xmtk street ? He* P lJybt Wilton, pastor, preached from tbe text of Pxlin 122 6?"Pray for tbe peace of Jeru salem- they sbali prosper that love thee ' i*be opportuslt/ for uniting wm the church belau ottered tbe names of tare* persona were ottered aud rei eired f?r registry with tbe membership At ulgbt, the dis< ours- was based upon the text of Konau. 6.22 Wtfl't Ckiptl ?Tbe morning discourse w.? 4e41?ered by S* S Rosrel fr?m the text of Matthew, Kft?"Kut i My unto vou m this place Is ope preatrr than the Irvplt " The r?puUtiMt of tbe Rev Mr Hoazel aa a pulpit orator is well known, aud the discourse yesterday was pruonanccd by . _ _ ? h a m. u* W m m I. I mm 1 ?? ?. t. ? ? ? ? ?S 1 I iWT W UU M?fr ur?u UiiM ir^UVHUf iW U% un? OI Lit rooat eloquent eWotU Jtf E CKurck S.utti ?lu tte oioroinif, Rev J. A Prortor preached fr.-m toe text of Pbijltpiana, Ul?^Fot iw to live U Christ " An opportunity ?uritea for pereoae to unite wilt toe eburch, bud (tie names ot ala* peraaaa were receive J At U.e dlacuurae waa iMd upon tbe text ot ? zekiai. Mil. >4<?<woV< (PrttlyttTUin) Ckwrc4 ? Htr L)r fc>*iu?>a c?*iMlu4'ted tbe services > lit* tuvfbIng, pir* v-btng f.uiu ttie brxt of AcU 1? 31. p*?sm AcciBK*T ? J,net Wedwsd iy Mr. l.awvtu Hoover, while atteudtag to bi* U?tr kilaa ucjf tti!*t-lt>. accidentally fell into oo?. wblcb, fort a amir ly ?n not burning,and wm sev?refty rut I- ? J ..J * t-"V? m- II II. a aixiVfc tur U-UU ?nu im r uy vof liu. Of ? Olllftt brtt?i u> d.v, tod U able to alt up. luwr liid given a tuocb mure mluui phaae to the accident Mid UtU itofniug kll frltodi, hot iwuvtf tic (? ?. vft<t alarmed by tb? report tbat M r over would probably loae Uia ?yea Weal* happy to ?sy tnat Umt injury,tfeaugki not Kktd u tbat AaoTHim Ihccmbiabt Attbmpt ?Ua Satn.-day wUbt, an attempt wma wade to entar WblltM-fta wbr*l?rrt/t>t *bop. oppoatu tb? mine of B?*>ra rp^.u-r abop, wbleb waa de?tr?y*d the morn In v; prrtvtM F?tU?X to e??er, the villain* fr!nd:<*.l a Ire an tbe deor-illl, tiaiaj i bottle of apirit , to tb? rf ?rt. A Ux*? placa waa burned on TJfca d<*or and ?U1. but f?^fcinately tb? in did not pri>;rtaa further. Da M l^josii baa retnraad to tbm ct?y after bia abeenoe, and opened bia oflce one 4opr Mow bia old place o? bualneaa lie la now aa tabllahed ?ttfc Peanaylvanta avenue, near tba corner of Niniu atoaet. ovw J?wekj Dae. ^ e dvenutmettt. ^ WW posaesaeg or SUIT rare auauuea t ailnd aid heart. If la the moral as km the natural worn tb? ileal and uaaaea force* have precedence and power, they Ceel that bta character duscrv?s apore th.n a passing notice. Mr Polk was tt?" nor nf the late Hi Hiss Polk, of Somerset, H* tra ednttfi?-rt for tne'proft"??!on Of I tt father .'an ! wiieogi^td ia tu pi a c 11 re H+ lw>.-a<j<f t-d to tb# I islatvrc of Ma*Y.\r.J .Subsequently, having removed to Indian < he filled vsrn?.s oAees of great trust a Drier Kovermneflt. A*>?Jnt tbe year. HM9 be-aerspted tbe agatey f the Coin, nltat ion Society, sad traveled through wvfril Matt* to advaeate Mm clalma of the Association. He waa appointed to a position la tbe Centos Bureau by Mr Van Buren, and was afterwards placed la tbe ollce of tba Second Aaditor, where he remained from 1831 to 1M6. He has since beon engaged in revising the code of laws for tbe Dis trict, and was a Trustee of tbe Public Schools. At tbe time of bis decease be was again engaged in the practice of bis profession. Mr Polk united great natural ability with an extensive erudition; be was a forcible and argumentative writer, and a deep and original thinker Firm In bis religions con jrt'ons, in all be ssid or did truth was bis sole object. His disease was lapid and itsternsl' nation sudden and unexpected Mr. Pulk's long residence In W ashington bad gained for him many friends, and It s believed be has not left aa enemy behind blm. Greatly beloved as be was, bis friends have many prnclous memories of him, but forbear to offer more than this praise of one wbo was truly **an honest msn," "the noblest work of God." Thk Ci?criT Cocat.?The October torn of the Ci'cult Court coiun encrd today before Chief Judge Dunlopand Associate Judge* Moraell and Merrick It app?-ars that the appearance docket made up for the t*rm contains seven hundred and three cases, of which about tnree hundred are continued and old cases. leaving four hundred aa the number of new casta The trial docket Mima op to the nnmb? r erf seven hundred and torty-flve, and the appeal easts entered are thirty, with ten I more impending The attendance of members of the bar and others interested in the business of the term was. aa usual on the first day of a term, quite large The ap pearance docket was commenced npon and oceu p ert the Court throughout the seuiou. On motion by Mr. Carliale, Win. Bromwell. Esq , Ute of Maryland, and well known in Wash ington as the Star's popular poetical contributor, under the *nm d4 p umf of 'Paid M usinjittm.'1 was admitted as an attorney and counselor of this court. On motion by Mr Stone, Wm F. Mattlnsrly and Samuel L Phillips, Eiqs., (the latter the son of our popular fellow-townsman, Deputy U.S. Marshal Phillips,) were also admitted to the bar It was understood that the papers In the Wal lach contested election case would be filed to-day. F;oht No 7, an event speculated upon qui e freely in the vicinity of the " staiaDiRg ground.'' was threatened Inst nipht, hut hardly reachrd tlie dignity of a place in the ftmoua tally A young man who luaWm Indulging too freely In whiakv (^ojd or bad d<-pju**ot aaith not, having a regard for the reputation of bara which are kept open on Sundayai went Into Browna' Hotel and took a aeat In the ball Another young man gr.t into cocveraatlon with him, and arouaed hia chivalry by tome IncauMoua remark In a moment the i tight gentleman waa on bia f??et. "aloahing" around miacellaneoualy with hia tlata. mla?ing everybody and endangering hia own knuckle* Fight No 7!" cried the aprctatora, who now be^an to form a ring to afford fair piay. Some gentleman. In order to prevent tbe tight one from hurting hlmaeir. took hold of him, when In ateps a big rongh-looking harkman, and turned the whole thing into ridicule by exclaiming. " Ob, let him go, ha c*n't hurt it?" "Can't hurt what*'' aaked a bystander. " Why. them gentle men are holding that feller to keep him from beatin hia abadder, and be can't catch it nohow !" The tight gentleman aeemed to feel tbe force of the remark, and being let go, took a a?at in one of tha armchair*, and waa aoon anoozing away hia wrath I Th* Rivkr ?Rualneaa along the wharvea haa recently taken a lively turn Numbera of veaaola laden with coal arrive dally at the fuel depota, requiring a amall armv of laborer* ? . ? requisition a large number of teami In diacbarg | ing tbena The various coal and wood dealer* serin to be well supplied with fuel for the coming winter's consumption The steamer Columbia arived at Riley'a wharf aa usual this morning, bringing fre'ghta for the following dealers in the city J McCarty, J McGran, P Donnelly, W. Simpson, A Geddrs. Jr , A Co ,G R Thompson, Wm. Bryan. Coyle 4 Bro , J M. Gates, C. P. Whittlesey, Murray A Semmes.S M Caasell, E Hall, Mrs E Lowe, Clagett A May, P Hewitt, David Adams, M Green. Browning A Keating, I Baruour A Semmea. Middletcn A Beal). F. P. tMmpson, H T. Norris. A quantity of freight directed to W B Robertson. Hugo G Learr, and Forrest A Payne remains uncalled for In Ki lev's wareroom. Oysters at the wharves are excellent, but scares, and will be so the coming winter, in consequence of the last winter'a action of the Virginia Legislature in paaalng restrictive lawa In relation to the oyster trade. 8atckdat-?iig?it MAKKim ?The Saturdav night market* are very great conveniences to our citizens, especially to those who have little time during the day to devote to the purcbaae of pro visions to ljat till the next market day. Time I compose a very large aud respectable claas of our I fitilcni ?nd PAnMnn??llt? J"- 1 4 j ?h? w? w '?vm??J inc TtifcMi uat i. i n.arkrts are f equently very largely attend*d. by both dealer* and purchasers \\ e hive before noticed the order and decorum of the Northern Market on Saturday nights, ind we only design to call attention to Centre Market in the same re spect The absence of order and decency 1s fre quently notlcenble; the gangway* are blocked np by gangs of persons, of both Sfxt-s and colors, win* profanity and obscenity are In the highest degree disgusting to the respectable ladles aad gentlemen who are necessitated to bear It. This market, daring the tale hours of the day, la aa well conducted as auy of its kind. Why mi?Lt not the laws of dtceocy be enforced during tne Saturday-night market' Ladies, at any rate, should be protected th?u Grand Op*"ii!io of the Thiat* s To-wiqht ? The celebrated and accomplished Wood's Min strels open thla popular plare of amusement with a full compaoy of star performers. The Immense DODularitv ?>f thulf ?* ?? ? n>?? ?> * - - r _t j ? v.nitB v u -* 111 ?ue pa iron* of all the urnuK-rncnt loving public, and tbeir re engagement will be hailed with delight by tbeir many friend* and admirers. Tbe success of this excellent band consists In the general va riety tbey give their audience The attaehees are all accomplished musicians, each hiving earned for himself a reputation In his line of business, and lnvsrlably gets cast for his peculiar forte by the able management; consequently we have a company of stars In tbeir pla. e, which product-* harmony, the most Important feature and neces sary item in pleasing an audience. The bill for to-night is a select one, and cannot {all to please. Excavations?Thi Watir Mains ?We have received a communication complaining of the condition of K street north, at the corner of Ninib street west, In tbe provision made by tbase engaged in excavating for the great water mains for the safety of those who have occasion to | ass through tbe neighborhood at ril ?bt Our correa pondent states tbat a woman w>s birtlv injured the night before l?st by falling into the excava tion while attempting to pass '>ver it upon an in sufficient planking, in tbe dark. We have fre quently called tbe attention of tbe authorities to tbe culpable neglect of contractors for makio<; excavations, in not providing signal lights at the crcm'ng places to wnrn p*s**ngers of the dancer; bat frequent warnings seem to have no effect, | and although the law Impose* a heavy tine lu casei of this kind, we have yet to h?ar of tbe first Instance where It has b?en effectively enforced against offenders. Kxplosioi and Diath it F.rHtitiAL Oil.? A terrible accident happened on the 5tb Inst . on tLe Cb**ap**ake and Ohio canal, a little way above Haucock, causing the death r.f a boatman earned George Pattmon. lie was, it appears, tiling an ethereal lamp, when it expiou-d, burning him moat horribly, and causing his death the next day The Williams: ort Ledger says his face was fairly charred; the oil run into bis ears and the tire fol lowed, his chest was bnrned into a crisp, and the sinews laid bire on bis roasted arms He leaves a wife and child. Mr Biers s Lou.? In our statement of the loss of Mr Beers by Uie burning of his shop ou Hatur day morning, we placed It at not 1> ss than ftS(JU ^iitce then, we learn that his loss wiM amount to S1,2UU The shop is valued at 8:200. the tools and machinery at aud a lot of finished work and lumber at At It if a loes tint compels biin to start again under circumstances more distdvan i"? w u?n u? urn vegan uuiinets OtPAKTris or Tkoop? ?Thl* morning, a de tachment of ten private*, two ccrporal* and two muaicians, under the command of Lieut. Nlebol aou, U 8 M C , left the barnck* in thla city *n rout#* for Portsmouth, N H. It was said they arv destined to reinforce the marine guard of one of tU vewli attached to the African squadron Buuitt as B& (- ?M?ry Curtin, who was cMnmiH*4 to jail iast week for trial at court on a charge of robbing Mr. Hacket and other*, vil re leased on Friday evening ou |5UU ball for her ap pearance for trial Daniel Curtln, her brother - inlaw, became her tocnrttj. Loo* ofT rom tbem ' -A detachment of sharps, pickpocket*, a?4 hotel thtaves have puased through this city eo route fo, the Richmond Pair. We suggest tbat our friend* of tbaj locality would act w,*My uy imping aunrp iooeoui 10/ luem. Don t be deceived by genteel appearance*. Tm Lose BaiMi, we understand, 1* to be closed for a abort tl me for ttj? purpoae of afford i an an opportunity to renew the planking of en* of tbe outix-fa draws. Attmtio* ta called to the advertisement for KMU of tbe Franklin Engine Company'a U?U. It U a capital uaji tot the purposes indicated. | Til Mxr s bl icxh Mzixiaatt tht Sural Mill#, tl'MMW JfcT IMMft (Ml* fTMrtoy Mr. FRMtek -TTlpn^orr"Tt Bla'r F>g culled to thechair, and Ueone K.'JukiB^IitKl K"er*'*ry Mr. Jddlqs operi?4 ?, tueatirg U* 5|? obML andexeusrd hi* self frwoa mAkin ( a spemh helng unaccustomed to pablir- Irakis tr He then InUodoced /nrfv'* Kii^pre, repmeatattrq from Tudiana.cwLu proceeded to state the prim ctple* and purfMSM ?f the rcpuUku party, wbo, be ?a!d, had i*een mueh misrepresent*d in that netira. I? the eaurse of bto remarks, Instated tbittkr republicans desired to deprive no man of hi* rights la the Territories?that he could carry Ma slaves there, subject to ttas '-municipal regu lations'' therein Montgomery Blair, Esq., followed, and after cmpiimentlng Judge Kitgore,wbo had left him little to say to ex pin nation of republican princi ple, be reviewed the course of the democratic party; referred to the declination of Major Breck inridge to answer Mr Lamb's Norfolk questions, and while admitting Mr. B. to be a Union man, declared him to be aifrald of the loss of the seces sion rote of the South If be avowed hia true senti ments. Mr. Blair highly complimented Major Brec kin rid tress a hiah-mtiwliwt rhi??i?H? m?n, net he wu proud to claim him u a personal frlmd and kinsman Mr fi denounced the Bell and Everett and Douglas men a* "milk and water'' politician, and advised all who wouldn't vote for Lincoln to vote for Breckinridge. Every man abnuld decide either for slavery extension or against it. Both speakers contrasted the favorable condition of the North with that of tbeSonth, and claimed the advantage to the North on ac count of the prevalence of free-?oil doctrines. The meeting wm claimed by Mr Bliir as the first open-air campaign and public meeting ever held In the State ol Maryland; hoped there was a 8ood time coming when tbey would carry the tate. and claimed that the republicans would carry Baltimore for Lincoln, and at the end of four veara would carry the State Both speakers thanked the audience for their respectful attention. The meeting was closed by the address of Mr. Jos. Flftcber. of the vicinity, who made some ap propriate remarks In behalf of the republican cause. Mr Iddins adjourned the meeting, and an nounced another meeting to be held at Sandy Spring next Saturday Not thd slightest "interruption to the meeting occurred, and about thirty republicans were pr?n eot, the rest being made up of Bell, Douglas and Breckinridge m?n. Washington city was repre sented In the persona of Mensrs. Farnbarin, Dar ling, Kellogg, Jaa. Bowen. Moore, and Dodge, of Minnesota Francis P. Blair, Esq . cf Silver Snrlng, Montgomery county, was preseut, but a silent spectator. Tmi Marymnd A jricci.tibat. Com.kgi, at Rt.nburg, near Ulndensburg, U, we understand, going successfully fo ward. The number of slu aruU now in tbc college is flfty-tive, with nlmott daily accessions Two commodious bulldingv are i?oing up near the college, one for the residence of the President of the Faculty, the other for ttie Professor of Cbemi*!ry. The present Incumbent of the flrst-named office Is Dr John M. Colby; of the latter. Dr. Montgomery Johns The le:ture? on agriculture are delivered by Dr. Johns with frequency. Cbas B Calvert, Esq , is the Presi dent of the Board of Trustees of the Institution. Nkw Dancing Acaduv.?Par en Is and the world of little folks will find something of inter est In the advertisement hcadtd "Dancing Acad emy.'' Mr Powell cornea to this city with the very nigbest recommendations ? a teacher and as a gentleman The prtss of hl? native South we tee also speaks In terms the most flattering of bis abilities nnd succtss as a tearher of the grace ful art, and we doubt not he will be able to form a large class in this city. Csntxal Guardhouse Casks?John Hender? son, disorderly in the market; workhouse00days George lilies, sleeping in the street: fine, 9'2 15. Wm. Adams, out after hours; do 9*2 15. John Morton, drunk; do 9*2 15. John Bolyer, drunk and disorderly; ao. 92 15. 8ix lodgers. Ill ?The friends of Marshall Brown. Esq., proprietor of the hotel bearing his name, will re gret to hear of his aerlous Illness. Ladies and gentlemen, the only sewing ma chine worth buying is Grover * Baker's. It Las been thoroughly tested for years, and found want ing in n j particular Examine ft carefully before miking a purchase. We explain with pleasure the great ndvantages and simplicity of the ma cbine at Stevens', 330, between Ninth and Tenth strets 7t Ladies, the extensive Improvements la mv store being now complete in every department, I shall use every effort to keep mv stock well as?orted with the most choice goods of the season, and ofter the same at the very lowest cash pricee, and one price only. Call at onoe and judge for your selves. 7t Fob vour bonnets, bats, flats, ribbons, French flowers, feathers, dress tiimmings, embroideries and real lares go to Stevens' fancy store, 336, be tween Ninth <ind Tenth streets. ?t S TI V IN I. tf)U ?ffpnt in thll te\9 iko aaIaVip* ntwi ??* ted Orover k Baker sewing machines, 33tf, be twf-n Ninth and Tenth streets. Price* from 85u to f 150. ?t Snvis*' drew hsts for ladleaare eiqulsite Go at once to tee them, 336, between Ninth and Tenth strata. 7t I'olloway'* Pills. Debility and I angucr ?To remove the o&usc and prevent the effects in the true theory on which the tioatuient pursued by t o?o medicine* it found it. Languor ftris-s from debiliU and deb !it> fr m !'<!}) . ve'inhnient of t!i? blood or derarigeniout of the dicestive organs If from the latter, the Fids are the bo?t tonic medicines in u*e,?t:d for th?ir puri fying and sanative properties they stand uneqoaled. For sick headache, nervons disorders, enervation, In iigestion, and dopr?s?ion of spirits, they Are the only remedy. Sold by all Druggists at 25c , ?2c. and 91 per box ool2-lw's Bai sam of Wild Chk?*t, Cum Bronchial Aftc'tons and all Disiases of tht i Lum*. From the Boston Evening Traveler, January a. | "It is perhap- but a simple act ofiustice to the | proprietors of fVistart Baham of Wili Skerry for j us to say, that ourpttso.t 11 trptrxenr' in the use of I tins a ticl-i liasinipre- seu us favorably. Oneifrhe proprietors .if the frav ]w e-tirely cured of at severe conth of four months' continuance, bv th^ | useof this B*!?am,and s* veral of our fnendsanii ac- ; <juaiiitane?s, who liars tried the article, have found I it of great service in -elieving them of severe i coughs an<1 shortness of breathing, with whioh they ! had t>een afflicted." None genuine unless signed I. Bctts on the wrapper. Prepared by H. VV. Fowle Ac Co., Boston, and for ' saiw liy Z. D. Giirnan.S. O. Ford, jr.,*. B Waite, I G. Sum, John Schwarao, Nairn & Palmer, Wash in<ton; aud by dealers everywhere. oc 10-1 w.r Oxk of the most hb> VAi.gNT. and at the same time most troublesome and piii.tul dwea?es that attend the huinin flesh, is the Fever and Ague. For a long lime th" me<lioal world have ]* ?. n ci>ti tint ally bringing forth uumerous specified for its permanent cure, but nil without effect. Dr. J. Hiw tettcr, a;) utierienoed and c^el>rated physician, has sucoredeu in furniihing th- public with a v\l iiab'o preparation for the cure of Fevrand Agu-\ i ho ,?. ? K and increasing dpinand lat< Iv made for the Bit'eis, a? d the universal gucoess attending it? u?" have mad f>ri a resuta'inn unsuroassed hv % y specific, of the Hsnd. For tho cure of Fs\w at.d Axiie, Dr. Ho-Ult'T x ttl'brat'ii Sttrmath Ei'ters mur nn ) should claim a supenori j over any other pr-paratioT extant. For ra w by dru?g:*ts an.I dealers yen-rally cv erywhere. oc 8 eoSt Homeopathic RKWUptSi All or Dr. Humphreys & Co.'* upeoific Ho meopathic Kemedie* put up expressly for family uss, in boxes, at 25 and 5ft cent* eaoh. Also, in oases, containing ?? rial*, from #4 to ft* each, with book of fall directions. For sate by Z. 0. Oilman. :<S0 Pa. awnue, wholesale and retail a*?ct: \V. A. Fitx?*rald, 333 north F street; also by V. B. Winter, corner ot Massachusetts ave nue aud Sixth street. Ais", Petri's Ertratt of ifi(t\ lintel, for internal and external indaiumatious of all kinds. Sold as above. mas-iy To thk ArrnrTKD'?Be sure to read the adver ti?eine t of McLean's Htreincthening Cordial and BIoihI Purifier, ra another column. if Mis. \Vin?i.ow, an experienced npmeand female physician, Las a SoutKm? Si/twp for Children Tkerh * ?, wliion greatly iacilitnt * the p>r>ce#* ofteetli>ag h\ woitening the gum*, reducing all inflatn"'atir?u? . will allav all pain, ard ia mr* to reru'ate th* I i'owel?. Drpeod it, wotfiern, it will givo ras' i to *<mr*Plvrj?. and relief and health to jour infant*. P. rf?etl? ihI-'in ail oaaev S?sa advertisement in ! another oo.unin. oc il-l* j 7 R1AHRIED. On the <Hh instant, b? the Rev. J. H. M Lemon, Mr. \VM. H 4IPPKTT. of Loudoun oountr, V%., to MimKMMA ARNOLD. Qfthi?c?ty. * , On the lith instant, bir the Uev Win. I'. l-tiium, Mr. i-DWARD W, MARK8 to Mm MARY fc. , BUCKLEY, both of Nav> \ ard.AVsahington. (Baltimore ^apars oopf. * DIED, In this city, on the 19th instant, at 4 o'o ock p. ns., I Mrs. ELIZABETH P. BROWN, wife of Jame* A. Brown, Esq., in the **h y**r of tier t{< Oa Sunday, the Uth instant, WlLI,IAM IR I VINO, ton of William B and A. Virginia Tower*, ax?d 19 months. { The friends i4 the are invited tp attend tu* ' laaeral on to morrow (Tuesday) morn in*, at if . o'oleck, from the residence of his pireuts, on U St. north, between tth and 9th sts. /2IBB8' WIG, BRAID AND CURL MANU V* FACTOR V, Weno. aveiiue, tear the oor I ner of Thirteenth street.?A very complete a?eort ra at of Braids,Carls, Friaette', Hau iesut, Ae., | now an kaodssdeo, mads to, order ?t .the ?hui tus| B<oo s'sm reared <jr Ufcea pi e*ah?iiK*. Batcheloji^ inimitable HAIR DYE. *nd al' Srst-e ass Toilet Artioiee. lot aMe at Ul BBS'S Wi(, Braid, and Carl Manu/kotor*,944 Pa * >!!?', near 13th st. oe S ?in 6 NEW MKLODBUNS Now ia store k JUU? F ELLIS, t I a Of QAA L ? ? J 1.-L - ??VV| Wf%Vfill TWi MNMMMPt' flMM - WAKTS.. ---1 WANTfcfc-O.. HOK?K 9*4 KXPRK*S WAGON. IaqofrrtiW* c voet. hetw^n^h ?ndTth tm o* tt-tf I W VP'S?-** RITL'A *' TluN ? BnrM or ch*mh>iand. vho ?*n ! !*> wing. A(Wr?M Box 4, *t ttatt ?f : ? )?. " \V A NTED?By a rwpectaMe A - " T M"?\ ? chambermaid. ymtw"1 and Ap"H kt po. 7JW O street, bc^weej 18th srtf lift*. \%IAN TED IMMEDi kTELY-AAral r*?i PoM ? Maker. To a stead*hand jtood vuti will h? cv?t Ajplf te RirHARD FCLLALOVE.l** Bndgi st , Georgetown. PC ia-3t WANTED IMMEDIATELY?From f5 to 110,000 worth ot SECOND-P AND FITRNI TURK of all kinds, for which I will tuaianty to par tfe highest prices, and, asu*ual at th?* shortest uo tiee. R. BI'CHLY, Dealer in Furniture, ??*>re?, Ac, oc 9 4Qg Ttli tt-, l*?t. O ami H. ea?t Mde. V|7ANTED?All kinds of SKCO\ D-H AND w FURNITURE,for whioh I will pay the cash, at 3*9 Seventh street, between I and K oo *-tf HQXTZ A GRIFFITH. WANTBD-A PLUMBER, Inquire at MY - ER8 A MoOHAN'S. None but a first-class workman need apply oc 1 11T A VTPH t? * ? mjy an r.Lr? i u nave everypnu* icov tf;?t tbe7 " can find a fine and well selected ??ocfc of FALL and ^ INTKR CI.O THING, FrPNlST. ING G?m>DS, HATt? and CA?'? at the Peonies' Clothing Store, No. 4G0 Seveuth *t, oppo?ite Post Offiow. 1 n WTANTF.D? K CI.EnK.who isactniaint^ with ? ? the city trwHe, for * J?-w Iry Store Rest of references required. Adilrcss T. H., No. ft, >tar Office. ee 14 FOR SALE AND RENT. [P\w otk*r ' For Salt and Re*t" adremstme.iii $t$ first par* ] FOR REST-The HAI L Of the Franklin F.n *ine Company will he rented for concert*, co tillon parties, lecture*, Ac. For particulars inquire of W. H. FANNING. oc 15 eo2w FI^OR RENT?A l*r,ia and desirable DWEI.L 1 ING-HOU.3E. No. 444 Twelfth strett. t-etwfien l? ami H sts , containing 1? room*, with all the mo ' em improvements Possesion given Noven-h?r i% 186?. For terms apply to JNO. ALEXANDKH, No_Q40 P'^a?ro5u-^ ?c 1-' ?' 3w FOR RENT-A fine 4-story DWELLING.on E street, between fith and C'h ets., near Judiciary Square The house is new, in excellent ct?n l:ti> n, and, lo a rood t?n*nt. terms made easy. aIho for sale, a Hou?o on C street, between 11th and 12th sts. If immedia'e application be made, it will he sold on accommodating term*. Apply to f. \V. BROWNING. oc 15- otNovl FOR RF.NT-Three BRICK HOU9V sTf tho handsome Row on Ninth, between M and N streets, with gas complete Kent $15 j>?r ir.ontb? oonsiiiered the ch at>e*t houses in Was'"iii,<t<>r. Applr to Fit AN K tlKRBr tt ?' *o 407 Tw-lfth street, betwrpn I si^ K ; orfci Mr W>.LL8'Sbo? Store, <j>r.nsite the buildincs: or to the undersigned. No. 3S3 P? aveuue, between *'d and Uth ?t* oc 15-eo2w WW. H. C&MPHELL. F^OR SALE OR RENT?The v.-ry desirab e and commodious DWELLING co-itaiiiuig el'ven rooms. No. 304 Twelfth t.tre?t, directly ea-t ?? Franklin Row. F'-r tt'rms inquire of THOMAS B. GRIFFIN. 332 M ?t. ? o U? 3t RF-81DENCF. NE * R W AMI INGTON CITY FOR RENT OR SAf.F. ' HKAP-A larre Dwelling honse. 2H irrii^s from Geoige own. D. C . with exte-sUe ?a d n and orchar t?. &nd at much more land at n.av he desir- d. It will be rented either wi'h or without the furniture, a?-d. to a good tensnt. very chtap. H. LoUg1*BOROUGH, oc!2-8t* Oras lmrl 1>. C. FOR SALE?One two-story URJCK HOUSE, with two *U>ry hack buildio*. pre*a t rick froa . on Eleventh st, between O and P st# north. Terms, cash; bal?nce ia6,1? and J8 month*. I: quiro of JOHN W RKEO, onthe p-orr.i-es. oc 1 !3t* T~*HE OWNER OF A HOUSE NEAR THE Capitol desirua to tent one or two ROOMS, with the u*? of the ki'chei; if required. 'lermsun uaually moderate, a* the ob.eot for renting it t>> * - cure protection for th-> prop rty while abs-nt from the city Inquire at this oifioe. oi 11-3t* FOR SAI.E ?Desi/rin* improving the store oocuP'?d by me, I offer for *?le the two lane HOW " I\WlW.., with ail the DRA WKK!*an.i 9H KI-.VINO oomp'ete as row in the store. A pply toHARMON BURNS, 40* Pa a v. oe 11 4t F OR RENT?In fe First Ward, a DWELLING and F RNISHED APARTMENTS. That desirab'etwo lto-y Brick Dw?l in*. No. 266. on II, between 13 h and 19 h streets, containing seven rooms and kitchen. Alao. for rent, furnished or unfurnished, a part o' the wliolb of the D w lit No 110, c >rner of Pa avenu-and 20th Ht , nortH ;de. Apply at No. 110, corner Pa avenue and ?">th street oc ? ?<? DAVID HINE* Ir*OR SALE,ON THC MO'T REASONABLE t?rmj. at BOUCHER'S Yard, a beautiful lot of very mperisr Cumberland Lump COAL from Geoce's Creek. Also, a nice lot of Rfxi Ash and White A*h ?'OAL, an-i a superior lot of Hickory, Oak and Pine WOOD I Offices?At Dai> Brown's, on Holy Hill, and at tha yard, on the canal, adjoining Ray's coal dook. oo 6-eo3i VALUABLE MARKET GARDEN iob SALE, I situate* at th? junction < f the Seventh sire t and Piacy RrancU roads, at,out 4 mile* Tom the i city, containing 2 acres. wiUi icood dwelliu* hous*. Price low a d title in Jisputal'la. Apply to CHAS i S. WALLACH. Attorney at Uw, No. 7 Intliaiia avenue, opposite Citv Hall CAROLINE MORKLAN'D. oc G-lawSw* Ezecu'a of Enoch Morelaitd. FOR RENT?Furnished?aoomfort&blc BRICK DWELLING HUt>K, of m-dium size, in a pleasant and healthy locality, within convenient nistaiicoof tht? Puhlin Offir?p? and Potin Kent moderate. Apply to J. B. Ml.'NRU, ?io l'a avenue, l<etween 9tli and loth sts. oc l?-eotf r?OR RKNT-A BRICK STATU.K on Twenty r first street, nrar F, with room enough lor aix horse* and two c&rriazps: would sni-. a hackmu. luquire of \V. H. DOL o AI?, Georgetown, I). C. O ", 3 oo6t* 1POR RENT?T>t? two story BRICK HOI'SK No. 70 on Market *tre?t, Vtsreen 3d and *th street*, Georgetown, D C. The hous? is commo dious as to afford every comfort, with *as and water; suthcient founds to cultivate vegetables and tlowent. The lot run* hack to \ loint alley wi'h a ft tbie. Apply to J AS A. SIMPSON, No. 59 vvuKivt* Biiiwfct nu?I nn> run v/UIJVi <>c 11 Ia?3w* 17?OR RENT?A new and d?sirah!* BRICK DWELLING HOUSE in a pleaiant loea.'i'y. No. 39K I. street, near Fourteenth. Inquire of C. CAM MACK, 313 F n. oc 10 lT'OR RENT.?Two nev- threft-stcrr BRICK 1 HOUSES with hack bn!!d:nss, e?.eh hoo* co-twining h rooms, witn gas, rlsastntly situa'ed on Oth street r.erth. between M and N streets; rout moderate. AppI-to K. LA5KMBY. opposite or to JOHN T. LENMAN, Ohio trcnce, between lith anil Wh streets oo 9tf I^OR RKNT OR SAf I'? A o>upl* ??f new hnck r HiM MKS.isiz rootns**ch> ?itu*ted on Tenth str?-e', hotwe >n O and P sts. AppirtcD T. CIS SEL, No 30* I. street, between 9th and loth stj. oo s et* E*OR IlK.NT-A nea ly famished HOl'SK in the * First Wa.-J.ou U. beW-en i7th ?a<l Intact*., No 337, o<-bt?minz a double parlor, S or 6 cham bers, lining-room, kitchen and paitry ; with gas. o -ld or hot wat'r. bsth-rooui, Au.. Ac. Apply to CIIA S. C. f. UARXARi), next door east. oo4 2w FARM FOR SALE?Ahirhly improved Faun, 0"utaiiii!tK Uft acres, w:th tw>- story frame dwe'.tin* nnd ail routwifit out home*; fn.euioh art), excell u' spring, Ac., situated ou the 1.title river turnpiko. Fairf,x county, Va? 7 mi Us from Alexandria Term*: $4,mi) one fourth cash: the balanco iij 1, 3 and 3 TL-ars. Apply to LOUISA SO VlERS. on the premises. cc 1 3w* POR SALE?A new two-storyand-t asem-nt r BRICK HOUSE, containing 5 ro >ins ami cei la.r aitiiBtoit An lift* it rnrfK luil-jracn I n?<t *.1 No. 378?within 5 minute-'walk of >h* Noittfin Liberties Market. Term* unusually liberal. Appy on the premitM, or to MeKENNtY A I.aSS DALE, corner of Pa. avenue and 7th st. se3? lm* FOR R ENT?Po*?e*<?ion on the 1st of October The DWELLING HOUSE No. 43* D street, at present occupied by the Rev. Dr. Butler, and next door to the re?idenoe of the advertia r. J. M CARLISLE. N. ft.?It will n^t he let for a hoarding house. ?e 18-tf BOARDING. ROOMS AND BOARD.?Board, with a tine Front Room, or other Rooms. mar lie had at No 45s Twelfth st., t>etween (J and H?a most de airable !oca ity. oc IO-eo?* l DUBANT'S Ov jrfJ] RESTAURANT fmj 4%2&Al P. M. DUHANT takes p' a^ure in a suring the NiCf publn that he is at all times prepared to accommodate them with the finest GAME, *?HH, OYSTERS, MRA IS. and other edibles ; aid with WINES LIUUOR", and CI GARSe?jusl in purity and flavor to any tint money will bn* tn any city in thi United States His R*? tan.-ant continues to deserve its high reputation for the manner in which a l is serve* that any furst may nail for. On Sunday next his Eatni Rooms will be open, autl on each succeeding Sunday until farther On Sand&ys the entrance to his Eating Rooms will Im> on Sixth street, the fourth door from Pa. averne. oc * ** MUSICAL NOTICE. AVING Been induced to acoept the posrion of .? dt 1 l> f L. u r- ,kt. MI. cw. niujiiua V/IIUIUII 1U uii* vtij* b4ve determined to rem*m during the eusu-tiyl avenue. oca-l*iw everybody's interest. U8T r**iv?d car val.l ^3 winter "ivsr ^ toaffcaa?. Tavlob .nklum^ are nowreeaiviat th?ir ?tock of fall go??ds. embrtoing all the new ami <1e?r* Ve ?tyl of the ara- n, to which they oortlallj invito the atte. tioa of buyers *ouorai:y, ae 94 GEORGETOWN. Correspond*mc? of Tks Star. 6IOUITOWI. October 15. IBM Oar frlnli nf Hin BtU t*4 ^ ?mM Amor lation, tbcugb dltooocmged. are net, llimm, dlaa??v?d ?>T '*>? republican victory In k'enn?vlv*ma, u?u 1 evldcrk efl \>y ttr lull attendance at their meetug on Thursday evening and tL? entbualaa-n wticu [retail* d. We vrere not present. bu* are lu forrafd that tbe occasion w*? an l?tr-e*tlng one, and tb*t te?era1 rept*?ntatlTeB of the vnriona ? r?.tttte?l j*?*?>ea in our eWe t*w there Mr Hreaaioer apoke v?tt atroagly la a?*? in nation of any fusion with detuacraa and maul to ascribe th? mult la Prauylnali to the unpopu larity of auck unnatural union*. Mr Tenner poke at aorre lensrth In advoeacv of tbe nrinri f>ie? of the Unioo party, and in a hopeful strain of ts prospecta to the presidential contest Ha ascribed the growth of the repnMlran party to tha r<-peal of the Missouri Compromise; censored Mr. fk?o?laa fttr bis share In It. and saw no necessity for the organization of repuMWn *aaoel?i1ona here and in the Hoothern Males, because acting by themselves thev could accomplish notbiag. acting with the other opponents of democracy they might accomplish much. Mr. Jas Goddard (Douglas democrat) asked Mr. Teanev if be did not consider Mr. i)oui>la? to be in favor of the Union. Mr. Tennev replied In the affirmative, but still censured Mr Don^las for b>s share in producing the present trcuMes At the conclusion of Mr Tennev s remarks, Mr Goddard. br tation. addressed the SNwiation. ?nd defended Mr. Douglaa with considerable ability Mr J no Pax ton. preaident of the Georgetown republican association, betntf pr?scnt, was risked by Mr Tennev if Beil and Kverett were not conservative Union'men, to which be responded in the affirma tive; but another question as to the ntcrmity or policy of organizing republican associations In the South be declined answering Our policemen are waging deidlv war agtilnst the canine race, and all cnrs of "high and low degree," If not licensed and provided w th a collar an'l label according to law, are made to "bite the dust " As hydrophobia has prevailed to some exfent. we approve the killing, but e->ter our protest against the mode edopted which la to Shoot the dOHS down in the street Oiu n?tle? although tbey have not bad the advantage of drill practice enjoved by tbelr favored compeers In your city, ?wn to I* cipnl mrkimm, and rarely mlaa; but it la aald that "accidents will happen," and a atray abot Intended for a quad ruped, might "bring down' a biped It ta do doubt a disagreeable duty for tbe police ta per form, but thev witnesn some very amualn^ MM In tbe execution of tbe requirements of the new dog-law. and tbe fun is some compensation for tbe abuse tbey receive. Protracted meetings will be held in tbe Market street (Presbyterian) Chapel every evening this week Sermons are ei p*ct?d from th* members of tbe Baltimore Synod, wblrb body, uumbertng over one hundred members, meets bete In the Bridge street Cbiircb on Wednesday next Tbe heavy rain of yesterday prevented a full attendance at our various churrUea, but tbe ser vices were of au interesting character, ts a general awakening to religious metiers serii ? to have taken plat e Advertisement* left at Barnard's dnig store. at CrandeU"?, or ?t 114 Bridge s reet. (where th?* Georgetown a<?ent of tbe Star may t*' seen.l will be promptly attended to. About Tuo b?ef c.atile w?re < tf.-red for sale at iyiv*-i a nm un rnuay. U1 WLirii TlllTT10ar nCMNV the whole were told at from f>2 o2 to $3 37 per 1<M> lbs gross. Partirularaof tlie Odd Fellows" l.eveeat Forreat Hall, advertised In another roltiinn, will fce given in a future advertisement. it la expected to be a splendid aflMr. OtURtiEl OWN CORPORATION LAWS. A Kksolutio* In relation to the lower end of Higii street. Resolved ty the Board of Alderman and Board of Common Count tl of tk* Corp oration of Georfetotm, That the inui of fifty dollar*, or so much thereof as may be necewry, be, and the same It hereby, appropriated to defray the expense of repairing the wharf at the f?ot of High street. Rttolvrd furthtr. That the Surveyor be, and he is hereby, appointed commissioner to rontn*-t with some competent person to repair Mid wharf under his supervision; ai?d the Clerk is hereby authorized to pay the <rd^p of said commissioner ou receipt of the proper vouchers. Approved October 10, 1960. A Kesolctio* authorizing the Clerk of tba Cor poration to pay or accept orders of the commis sioner* of streets. Kefolvtd by the Board of Aldrrmen and Board of Commtn Covnril of tht Corporation of Georgetown. That the Clerk be. and he Is hereby, authorized and empowered to payor aocept order*draw* and payable to any contractor for work done for the Corporation, without Interest, provided said orders shall be approved and signed by the com missioners. or a majority of them, of said iai proveiuent for whicb tLe amount may be due All ordinances or part* of ordinances inconsistent with the above are hereby repealed ' Approved October 10, I860 A Kk*uLCTioN to refui.d a liue imposed on Michael Kennedy Kesolrtd by the Eoard of Aldermen and Board of Common Council of ikt Corporatism of Utorgfunm. That the Que i?i, posed on Michael Krunt-dy, of two dollar* and fifty centa. Ik- refunded, be paying all costs [Approved Oct 11, iw. A Rk?olct'.ox in favor of the estate of Philip (jortr. lev Rnolrrd by the Board cf Aldrrmm find Bonrd ?f Common Council of the Corporation of G> orgrtown. That tte Clerk be. -ud be ia herebv. dire- ted to pay to the representatives of Phit'p Oortrley, out of any money not otherwise appropriated, the aura of five hundred and ceventy five dollars and sixty three cf r.ti; belnti tLe amount which, in the opin ion of the Recorder, is due under tbe contract en tered into with said Gormler Approved October 11, A Resolftion in fsror of ths Mayor's Contlagent Fund. Retolvtd by the Board of Aidrrmen and Beard of Common Council of the Corporation of (ttorgetmm, That the cum of one hundred inH tiff* riniiar* k?. nod la hereby, appropriated. aa a contingent fund for the Mayor. [Approved October 11, 1?*9U. GEORGETOWN ADVERTMTS For o!ker Gtorgrtown adttrtifmmtt ?? first pa?t rre-ODD FFFLOWS' l.KYEhi \15 FORliEST tfALLi 'JtOTf toim.) ooUeo MON'DA > NlltHT, OeWhfr F i'CK NE W YORK.?Tl?# tv-ke* ach<>on?r Fair fax, Captaiu ti Mott, will M re*rt> to re c.iive cargo fur the al*?ve port on M?nday,(V lAiii in* l. Forfr? gi.t applj <? *<-COBK A IHJPOF, o.-> H 13 Wator at., (i?ort?t?wn, Q-7 BON KS NEW VOKK CHE S L O I ao hbl? iA?un.''a Relim-d hL'tiAkS, 80 tibia. Prime New Otlea-.a MCI.ASSE8, Supanor Salt Ki?ar \V 1118k V,a: %2 per gallon. For sale by oc is-3t_ W. H. TENNKY. 11 REMOVAL illitfa ci ?. v t/iN~ li.. 1 l. ico uu-? -v i v/ * um romuvru ner pined OX I.uitu>>i? to No. 7 7 street, four doork asnt of the Farmer* and Mec.'unie*' Briulr, wh<ve she has received her PALI. Pl'RCHASK)*. con?i?tin$ ?>f n?*ari) *v*iy thm< usualif kept in a hist cl??? TRIMMING and ANCY STORE- Shar^aestg an examination ol her stock hv t*o?e wiahirg to purchase'fnmrrtingh or Fa?cy Goods for t'a'l and vi 'er we*r Thankf. I to those who have p&lronited her daring the put. the aotioita a cnnUauaiice of the pohlie favor in the future. oo 13 3t* CikcULatinu LIBRARY. The u&de; signed be<* t^ave to inform his numer ous friends th*? ha has biialtv \ telded to their ra qu'*t?, and will open hi* ClRC'U.ATI NG LI URARY on SATIRDAY, October 13, with J*i voluin ' . GCKANDKLL. o? U 3t No. 18B Bridge ?t . Urortetown. CLOCKS! CLUCKS!; CLOCK sv; A new, largo, &ad auppl) of CLOCKS just raea ya direct from tbeiuak?i? ?none hotter infUl ?. I ?Krrftltiu! tn k'Aan AArrAAt Lma and the atrikin* part properly adjueUd Old ClcK-kn can-full) o MiitJ and i?[ a: a trode at* charge. Wanted, a Youq( vlanto laarn the b?sin??a, o? 12 3t* J. A. W'ATiOM, Hud*# M. NKW8TORE! NKWOOOD9! MRS. M. SIMSON Info*m? bur numerou* frie-.a* and th? je-.a* and the public gen Mi. had at he erall) th*t n i0* ?t*Wfh?d at her New !*torr, No. Ill Bridge *tr??t. Georgetown, two door* nlmve the old ?taad. where m* j be foabd *? UMia ,a lai/ea;-ortin?nt ol M' L1.IN KV DRY GOOD*. HOSIER Y. %od KMBRrtl KRIE9. at the rerjr lo^-eit market price*, oc l2- .ro Fi a H) F 1 8 H P I S HS! barrel* No. 1 Piekled Kastport HERRING, an do do GippedBoiton do 231 do do Round do do II.) do St John'e AL.KWIVE9, &i do prime No. 3 medium M ACKBRKl.. Daily expected per achoonera Arnan, J. W. Den ver, ami Win. 1). 0?'?i:l, *nq for ante on or before arrival in lota to tut* A'ee in atore? 150 barrels ornate PicklodI HKKKlNtt, I (mi da lfo.1 ALKWIVB9) II do M. John's do SO half barrel* Ho.I HERRING. . 25 barre No.3 l*r?eMACKEREL. Acd a f?w ettra Roe aaa Cat HKRR1NG, in barrela and halfbarrela, for tale onpleaunt, terma. x?,? -Aatfg oc 13-ly Georgetown, Q.C. OUR RENT?In Ueorjetotrn, two first-okaae r HOISK8, aituated oa Wed street, on ooa taiaiag M rooma, and the otter t. with fa and bath iooiiu complete Apply to H. L. OFFUTT, No 49 UtU ?t . Qeorcetowa. oe 5-lm WABH1N0TO N W (FIEIIWra?c&|< MTi 4?MW ?Ml IWlk StrMl J."a M?eUI*K. Pr?}"* ?. U, IU*K>N. 8*?' THE LATEST fUEWS TELEOEAPHIO. rrta CtlUilH U4 CtM U?. N i* V?u, Oct N?ru S*r arrived b?ra last atfbt with Cailforaua datoi u th? 2latuit.a?d VI ,?~Tl.MOu In lk? i-it-nU ma/lf per itmiifn John f, r*1i i b?? ?od Loclr Saot TLe iotoi L *toph?na aiafcr b?i marUmerv wb*n ne*T Arapuico, u4 ?n toWrd I" by Um? tlo*p-of-w?r Ctm* IV r? m '? and ipfcir wm trji*f rr?d to tbr I'tu* Sam and broaybt to Pimim ACTitra wrrv qotr? and rtrdrrlr oa tW Mmt Th* American and Bntlab form wm la tot?t pou-aaton, but probably would b? aooa witb drawn. . Tb? foreaa of Ki Prfildwi Mora bin teaii beaten by tb? Coata Rtran mrmmmt nvn, wn v/iaa, ana o*brr? md taN iMt. ud th?* revolution thus hr?n|rM tn imn'MflM The ship Horaburjf. from Caltao for Kcada, baa been eunk on tt>? ranfic, uU tbe captain and crew bad arrived at Juaa Fw?M?" In small boata Piitarbairt at a Brachiartdc* Barbae**. Cixcixsati. Oct. 13 ?At the Brecklnr'd^a bar beeoe. Bear Wtnchcatar, Clark county, Ky ,jra? terdav, a *o\inn man. nn of Dr Weat, of Bat!, rountv. being prevaated by a geatlaaaaa aiaul i* ;o? from ruabl ug to the dlaaar tabU raaaiead for ladlea, drew a platoi and flred at tba Utter West itiim<d bit aim. bat. unfortuaataly. tbaabat took effect in tbe faoaof Miaa Kaaa Hi. kman,1b flu ling a arrlouB wound Tba conduct of \N aM ao enraged the crowd pr?aetit that tbay aeftad htaa and made three attampta to hang him to a tree when tbe aberlff of the eouatr prevailed ?paa tbe mob to deliver the would -foe murderw ova to tbe law. Want waa Bubaeqaentir takaa to Wtachaa ter coaaty and todged in jail to await Lie trial Kcw Vark < aagraaateaal IVaalialla Albany Oct 13?The n.r,?kH~? n Convention to-day nominated VLoam W < '1m6 for Congreaa. and Hubert Taylor for Couat* TrMnrcr. G**iva, N V, Oct. 13 ?At the .National Democratic Convention of the twenty-aiatfe die met, held la tbla place to dtr, Hon (iror^e N Clark, of Waterloo, mm unanlMouM\ nooiiaaad for Congreaa. LiTTLB Vhht Oct. IS ?Tbe OtntcftUr Cumrwiuaal Convention, which ioet tier* to-day, baa appointed the Hon Mr Burn-Li. of Chautau gue county, for Congrew K. K. Feotan la tbe Kepnollcan iioitlsm Terrific Oale In tkr C>all of ?l. Lawrrare Ho?toi. Oct. 13 ?late New Brnnawlek papers report a terrific nl* la the Gulf of N l.awrenco on tbe 6tb and 7tb of October Tbe rallraaU wharf at r?hed ac waa d eat roved five building* were blown dow n or tlnafc-d ?wa,, two achnooera were driven from tbetr moorlnga hlf b and dry up into th?* field*, and a great number of traoa were prcau-Wd Two a.boooera tbat left S bed lac ou tbe morning of tbc 6tb Inat., are auppoaed to be loat, *nb all on hoard. T be damage at Shediai I '.( estimated at *10 tM) Large brtdgea at Cocagae, Bwktoaebe K.acutanea. and o.ber plarea were much damaged V? rtnent le|tilat?re. Monrrniii. Oct 12 ?Tbe State I.*g1tUture organized to-day, tbe Houae ele< tinr AHai. ton. of Bethel. Speaker, aad Cbaa B Cnmmtne, of B rattle boro*, Clerk The Senate cboae Mr (ileaoor., of Montpelier. Secretory. Gov. Fair bauk* waa inaugurabd, and delivered a aoaaage mainly relatlu* to local anbjocta. The ed*a tlonal, agricultural, and financial condition of the State la repr^aented to be flourlabing Tbe Governor Intimated tbat he would not be can didate for reflection. Bloody Affray la Arkaa Vab Rnti itW n.? n o?' Ul njuftler bere to-day, Rufus and Jarkaoa Cov ington, and a boo of tbc Utter, was k I lied by Silas and Ben Edwards, and several others Ware wounded. Tbe affray was the rasa It of an old feud bet war. i the families Tbe Edwards be ing the aggr tseors were tiiated, aad tba ertwd manifested a diepoalUon to lyacb thai It to fearad that tbay may ye'. taoeasd A New Trial Ortated to Mra Hartvag, he Aiiirt. Oct. 13?The Court of Appeals ad journed to-day In the case of Mrs. Hartunf, confined In Jafl so long for tba murder of bar bus bend. a new trial is granted. The Manor caaes of Van Renaaalser and Cbarcb against the Anti-Renters are derided la faror of tbe landlords, the judgmento of the lower ootna bet ng reversed. The Qalckest Steaasb>at Time ta ilkuy. Alum, Oct 13?Tbe Daniel Drew irrlTtd bere at 2 91) p m.f froaa New York, aftor baring made five landings an tbe war up Her ruattag time was 6 hours and 50 m in ate*, agaiast a toad wind. This is tbe fbeteet time oa record. Flora Teasple Again Wisasr. Sykacvsc, Ort 13 ?la a matrb to-day between Flora Temple and oeorge N Patch en. tbe as are waa again tbe victor. Time? '2? U ? Naval latell aeace Noirai i. (lit ti?Tk? i a ? war Richmond (14 (un) aalled bene# vaavrd?y for tbe Mediterranean lUUcn. wbere tb? will m ame poa: (Ion of the flay ship of the aquadroc. Btltlacr* ntrktU Ualtimokb. Oct 16.? Flour la active aad firm, Howard Nad and Oblo *5 75; City JtlUi ?4^0, Wbrat Ann; red |?a?|l 40, wblta ?l 46*1 00. Cora Arm, wbita ?iia73. yailow 70a7*r. Pmldaaa tf dv; mm pork 18SS; rrlme 014 50 Lard 13c. Coffer Ann at 14*al6fcc. Wbtabydull at ?c Maw Tark Maikato. Niw You. Oct 15 ?Floor Arm, State SO, Obia ti'Wiaf). aouthera t5 tsia6 Wbaat Arm western rrd tl Mai 4U Cora qutat: mlxad7l#c Fork ateady; n.eaa fife 75al?.M: prima S14 So l.ard unchanged. W biafcy dall at Mj^c. W O R r GENTLEMEN'S FRENCH HATJ, BLACK MILK it^H DRKS> HATS. MF.N'H and BOYS* RATS ar.d CA PS Oai.t a * ^ 6LADMON-S, ??? Pa. avenue. n?ar llUi at. oeU* Op^oaitr Star oA??. CMREMEN'8 1NSI RANCE COMPAN\ I or WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. Capital 717... *400,000. OJirt turner C Ureal mm4 LMinaaa a*., +, ,, |M( nf U'aaAtaf im INSl'RE HOUSES AND OTHER PROPERTY AGAINST LOSS BY FIRE. DllKTMi Oao Shoemaker. Samuel Redfara, Samuel Cro^ia?, V ilitam \Yi'aot>, Richard J one*. John D. Bare tar. Ja?. b Gide-oa, Andrew Rota waJi, Thoa. Parker, ^ ^ ^ Riebaid Barry. r>. o. r rtMri, No chart* fur PoUctM JAMES ADAMS, PtmmMik aiki toKsnUij, oo m qUiu K. S.GAITHKK thfc eiti**a? mT S!# _ f , and O ttreMk, w l?ct*d aud ^kr,HtWlW. HKinciN^,AV&ilrt ARrfcT.rY m W M fc R Y, Ae , Ac ; and koMt, by car*/?l I tion to baataou, to obtaui a kit ikn of tM i 'VTWct [,trtoii4l atuauoa gtvM to innrif Uont. & !- ? BE' L AND EVERETT MEDALS, at OIB ICON'S, on S?renth atraM, for IIS oaata oo HI o \V K K A U Y I ^ ^ UNOsuaitn ui ?2i %-i ST"" LAsOr -' A PPLI?-.\PPI.E?. J * PLOl'E, *?. li' Iftrrelf Applnt. IB Mine ord?r, aSSS? r< REMKMRRJt! ~ |

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