Newspaper of Evening Star, October 16, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 16, 1860 Page 1
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4 * I I ?o* s ? *?? k *4t"! *ll ' M* i To * I -. XVI. - iS ?4 WASHINGTON. D. C.. TUESDAY. OCTOBER 16. 1860. N8. 2.891.. PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, (?UNDAV8 KX0EPT&JM AT THE STAR ICtLBtMl, Cortur / Pennsylvania av+n a* and ilfA W. D. W4LLACH. PM?" ?rr?d is fMkt|M by otrrliri t( 94 I ftat, or St mou par aoatk. To mhI wtbooribor* too fnaa u fsjo % jaat, ia daimttj 9* tor ais month*; #1 for throo wiUi; ood for lam tfcM i&roonontha?ttfc?r?tot>f?MftMft v?ok. 8t*lo oopiot, on cut; La vnfMit. two camrn. CTAtmnmnm ioo?M bo aout to tbo o>oo boioro It o'oioolr ra^ othorwi* U??y m*y aotofMtr n|il UQaomKUy. i 3M miuumvm Well. boys, das you bleeve in dreeios? I das. Yon *11 'member that dre?m I had 'bout Jim being elected ? " Jim who, Sam ?" JLb Buchanan, of course. Who else? Why I dremt f m? him n' Fillmore an' Fremont all playta' aerea-up. an' when Jim an' Fill mare was both six ar six what das Jim do oat turn up Jack, an git out. Thl very next thing we bawd ater that wus that Jim wus leeted. 1 rote to Jim bout it, but be forgot to anaer my latter. I tell jou, boys, it's no use tawk ing. I knows what* what, an ef you only knowed what I dremt last nite. you'd know mere tL*n y?u knows now. "Take a drii.k, Sam. and tell uj all about k* ? n Ooat keer ef I do. Well, you see ater I left you, b-jjg hint uite. I wut jest as sober as I ever wut. Yon alt knows that, cause I never drinks cept on speshul oecashuna. I did stum ble a leatle?jejt a leelle?bat ibat wus chum I wut thinking so htrd o 1 what Bill thar had sed boat us gittin Caber ef old Bfeek waz looted. aa bow mee it would b? to put such fel lers as us down thar to take keer of the Dons and Senoriters. It wuz too much trubbled to shuck m j coat or pall off my butes, so I laid down jest aj T was. Lets take a drink Well, as soon as Morfus had rapt me in sleep I begun to dream. I thort a grate big feller, with a cocked hat an a sword by his side techl me on the shoulder an axed me I wouldn't go to the raoa. I tole him I wood go enywhar fur fun, an axod him to pitob abed As soon as we got to the dora thar stood wnn uf the finest earrijes you erer set your ise on. The Souire'? d ot hold a lite to it. My my stems conductnr axed me to get in an then followed hiaaelf Ater we wus in I didn't say nuthin, an he didn't nether, an so we both wut silent. The carrije went niity fast, an in about an hour au a hat we stopt. I forgot to menshuu that thar wus a black bottle tween the cushuns, an that both uf us tuck sevral drinks, ef not more. UijTs. let's take wun now. We got out uf the earrije on to the groan, an looked round as. In frunt. but a little to the rite, mii a grata big white houae, and the rode fruin the gate wux ao fixt that you cood cum to the door from arj aide you pleased. AH the way round wux about a quarter uf a ail*. I then turned round to look at the peo ple who wux thae. They wax aboat twenty in all. Rite in front wax Jim. " Mister Buchanan," aaya the man who brought me. "allow me to " " F?!" sea I; 441 knows him well enuf. I m the man what done so much fur him au Breek to Punkintown. llow do you do, ole frtlUr ? How hev Ton h?an1 ILw j nil 7 An what's the news ?" " Im fust rate, thank yon," sea he, amUin an bowin mity perlite. ' iiow'i all to Pun kintown ?" * Oh, we're all so-ao," ses I; "bat what's to j?ay here ?" "Why we're going to bar the race," aea Jim, speekin low to me. an lookin mity aolcm, "an I *ent fur you to itan an juje who beats. Cum along now, an let me inteiduce you to the folk*. "Air those fire tollers in the rode thd candi dates ?" ses I. " Yea." ses he, "an them other men out thar is their frensand bakkers. But here we air. t*entilmeu. allow me to introduce my pariicler trend, Muter Billings?Mister Houston, Mis ter Billings; Mister Bell, Mister Billings; Mister Linuoin, Mister Billings ; Mister Doug las. Mister Billings; Mister Breckinridge,Mis ter Billings. Mister Billings, gentlemen, will take his stan here and juje who beau the raoe. Excuse me fur aminit. as I a.a see if the track is deer." " It seems to me, I've mei you sumwhar be fore, Mister Billings," ses Mister Bell, "an yourn is a face what can't be ea.*y forgot." " I don't reoollec," ses I; for I seed what he was ater. it uiui be so," Ms be, "tur I re bin every whtr thro thia glorious Union. This glorious Union, Mister Billings, mui be preserved, an tbe eagle tnus bear aloft on magnanimous pin yuns tbe bauner uf tbe start, an skreem lefi nee at the Tiolatcrs nf tbe resplendent Con atitutioD." t? J0^ gQ " I " I'll tell you what. Mister Billings," ses Douglas. wavin his arm, "this here noeue, with all uttie people lookin on, an jou to pass your ftee jugmont boat this race, reminds me pow erfully of Poplar Suvrinty. That air tk* doc trine. sir. All of ns is free an indipindint. ?f I wants to do anjthing?ef I wants to cut my tkvote?who's to prevent me?" " Nobody, of coarse," ses I. "This race is to be wun by runnin," ses Hoaston; "I don't like runnin, and never did, speehully for the Presidency; bat the people would ui*ke me, an I had to. Bat I tell yon, Mister Billings, you orter see me in a lite. X kinder guess I oan kill aa ate as many Mexi kias as the oez man." " Shouldn't be surprised," ses I. *l I'd soorn to trv an influenoe you, Mister Billings," ses ole Abe, " though there is sain as I knows as does it. Bat 1 woald merely menshun, as a piece of nose, whieh, perhaps, you haven't heern of, that I think the Gineral tloveruraent ought to make a few Internal im prov omenta mity close to Punkintowa." " You don't say so^" ses I. " As fur me," ses ole Breck, "all I want is a fsre trac and fto favers " ? -All rite, ole hoes," st>s I. "And now, gen tUmin, you must take your places an git ready." Thoy theo turned in to pitchiu up half a do! Jer till they all got their places. Abe was on tbe inside trac; Brack nex; Douglas nez, Bell nax an ole bam on the ouside. Wall, they all got in a line, and I give tha word, acd they started. 01* Sam hadn't got taenty steps before he stuinpt his foot, an k?r a lap be went ta the groun. At last they got ^hoat half way round, aa Douglas begun to fall behind. Thinks I, ole boas, your legs is t?o short. Ball, too, was a Mow in mighty hard an I seed the race was between Brack and ole Aba. They jes cum a tear in down that rode, I tell you. When they was within about fifty iards of the startin place, them two was jour rest an brcst. Bell was several yards behind, and Stephen in his wake. As for Houston, he jest laid whar he fell. Well, boys, on they cum ilka race bosses, an all tha lookers on cussin sin swaarin as ef they was mad. Brack's bot tom was surprisin; bat ole Aba's long legs was also carryin him along mity fast, I tell you. They had got within about three feet of the ito4. an I wus treinblin all over, I wus so ank ahos, when all at wans, both give a luoge for ara. an? " Which van, Sam. which wan7" " I'll tell ywu. nter the firtt Tn"?d?j in No tcmbtr Boja. let's take a drink."?Charles ten Courier. T wo Ms* Killed im Oxk Pais or Pasts.? Toe body of ux man Nell, who was drowned off the afaip Barnabas Webb, a tew day* ago. waa re yesterday In connection with tbia accl iMt. we have the following alnguiar ator j : B? fiire Utf ablp left Liverpool, the ate want fell off tlwMAKinjf and waa killed Hia wife, the at^w trdw r(fl)<ln?d on bo.trd; and the pintalooua In wbtcli h?* btiaband had hla fatal All, abe cleaned Md put awiy with bit other rlothea Nell. tbe M*k, vru promoted to the oftrc of steward. and When be found it aeceaaary to come aabore at tbla eltv . be bad no pants to ault. and tbe ttewardeaa iaat ht? tbe pan la la wkileb ker busbaad bad killed Ue transacted hit bustnaaa on ahore, u be was going aboard the ship, be fell or the aueIBM and waa drewaed It la not probable ?tuU say peraoa will bertaAer pat oa that faul pttr of C Cr?*ttmt CT'Joba ehwartj, an employee In tbe Cla uMtl hseetator Floor Mllfa. waa killed oa Tu?edar by the ?>ur*tU?a of* mlllatooe . one of the pit 'Art etrlklag him In the aide. trr The cat hof cod tun U<,sbrad <r, and aloe* fee ruaat at Newfottadiand. M la aaJ4; Will thla f mt tail at?ek heiew Ike averaga. * A Sisorn* 'The Republican* of New York have their central headquarters directly opposite the New York Hotel, chiefly patronised by Southern travellers, and not a little antagonism and on* or two positive collisions, have occurred between the adverse parties gathered at the hotel and the headquarters According to the New York Post, whose Republican sympathies have probably Induced it to give an exaggerated color ing to tbe incident narrated beiow. there has been a fraternlxitlen between tbe two, and the bouses of Capulet and Montague are henceforth to be at pe*ce Durtng the evening a pleasant incident occurred In froatoftue New York Hotel, which leads to the hope that the neighbors who have heretofore been somewhat jealous. and qnarrelsome*will in future have a better understanding and apprecia tion ofea-h others1 good qualities A Republican entered Into conversation on the steps of the Hotel, and soon became the centre of a large audience of Si .. ^ 4 - A - - . # At. _ - -A- % cvukiinu gcimcuirn auu uvurr ljueia UI UlC fHflO lisUmetit He had good voice, and gave a clear, Intelligent and comprehensive atatement of the views and purposes of bis party. Ht? language wus gentlemanly indwell ebosen. and he wis listened to with profound and respectful attention. At tee conclusion of bla remarks be thanked the gentlemen for their courteous conduct, and told tbetn If they would go witb him to tne rooms of the Republican Central Campaign Clnh they wou'd Una tbe.-r courtesy fully reciprocated. The invitation was accepted, and a meeting w*s formed about the door, under the Lincoln banner. Speeches were mad* deprecating sectioual dissen sion* and in favor of upholding the Union what ever may be the result of the approaching election One of the hotel men finally said that he believed Abraham Llncalu to be an honest and honorable man; and while he differed from bis political views, he proposed three cheers for him, not as a politician, but as an Lontst man. The cheers Were accordingly given by tbe hotel men A Republican then said that in John C Breck inridge hla party recognisad a gentleman wuo was plain ana honest in the avowal of his princi ples As a frank and outspoken enemy they re spected him, and as man. not as a politician, be proposed three cheers for Breckinridge, which Were given heartily. Tbe meeting broke up with i^any expressions of good fcellug on both sides Thk ALLiuin Attbmpt o!* Napolioh.?The Httrioans Indulged In an lmmeuse laugh yester day (COth) it the expense of tne London Times, ivr I in pompou* ana extra ?erious loader on tte supposed attempt upon the Emperor's life at Tou lon. la Paris this attempt was only beard from London, as are most of the spurious attempts on his Majesty's life. The facts in the present case are these: There is a man at Toulon of the name oI Burle,wbo, if not deranged, is slightly exalted in intellect. This m*n has been, from the first, one of the Emperor's warmest supporters, aud, thinking bis Idolatry ought to be remunerated, ta? constantly importuned the Kmperor fur favors of various kinds, and among other thins* sought and obtained the Imperial protection Tor two of his children One can readily imagine the in creased exaltation of this man wbtn he learned that tbe subject of bis dally worship was about to visit Toulon, and th*t be would see him in pro pria p'tsona He sought, but felled t > obtain, an Interview with the Emperor; but, determined to attract his Majesty's attention to himself, be con arlved the dangerous expedient of firing oft'In the air & pistol, loaded with blank cartridge, aa the oortege passed along the street At flrat, It ia true, tbe people believed an attempt at assassination hiid been made, and Burle was arrested; but be vu toon recognized, and the tragedy wu turned Into a farce, at which every body laughed Burle wai dismissed, with an admonition from the Com mi nary of Police. Vui Dkstbvction or Canb and Cotton ? Oar New Orleans datea contain a list of thirty-two u?rar houses and purgeries blown down 0:1 the Lafourche aad Dayou Black and at Terrebonne and Little Calion Thla la only a part of the loaa sustained la this way. and it (a likely that further advices would show It to be but a small part Preparations had been fully made for cane grinding on every plantation, and this calamity must seriously check the supply of sugar for th?* season. In addition to this is the fact that the cane, by being prostrated, is seriously damaged Every joint that touches the ground, If the weather continues warm, will soon throw out rootlets and commence to grow, destroying all the saccharine properties of the cane, ana reader laic it useless in the present ctop Taken ail to Kc?uri , nv jrrww-i caiaiiutj CUUIU UBTV iailOIl UpOIl the lu^&r growing region. The damage U> the cotton crops in Louisiana and Southern .Mississippi mint have alto been very great, though not as extensive as in the c<ine or sugar. The Picayune says that the storm ex tended Car into the Interior, and there Is much cause for apprehension that the best cotton dis trict. at least of Mississippi, has felt the full force of the storm experienced In New Orleans and vicinity. The wind fell upon fields with open bolls At least twenty-four per cent, would have blown out of its receptabie, much of it be ing entirely carried away That which remained Id the field cmnot but be deteriorated in quality, being stained wtth dirt and rendered trashy. 3y!?od of ViKSima, O. 8 ?In Synod, in ses sion, In Lynchbnrg. on Thursday, resolutions from Presbytery of Baltimore, with reference to appointment of chaplains to the U. 8 Army and Navy military schools were presented, read and referred to committee These resolutions gave the statistics, showing that a very largs majority of the chaplains were ministers of the Episcopal Church, and requested that subject might be brought to the notice of the Government and pub lie generally, in order that this Inequality might be rorrerted. Synod, bv a vote of Tfl to 35, denlded to meet in PafAMKneu An Irt'k A-s.l * V- /u. c v/u ?U* ivtu Ui VUWUfrt iw)1. Rev \Vm T. Richardson. chairman of the committee of the state of tbe chareh, reported thit lomc progress had been made In tbe evangelical labor* of the cburcb. but that yreat deetitutlon exiited; a large proportion of the counties on tbe b? ders of the 9yno.l were atlll destitute of churches of their denomination: the report closed with an appeal to greater exertion In this Import ant matter The report was received and tbe following reso lution offered, which elicited several Interesting speeches Rnolvtd. That tbe attention of the Presbyteries be earnestly called to the recommendation of Synod at Its meeting at l<ewlsburg, on tbe subject of Evangelist labor, and that th*y be required to report their action to Synod at its next meeting " Thk Grasd Taffw* Railway ?The affairs of t*is mammotn oonoern are said to have reached crisis where fresh governmental assistance must be obtained, or the trains will be stopped. The London bankers of the corporation. Baring Brothers k Co , and Glyn. Mills 4 Co., have recently ob tained judgment against It for tbe enormous amount of XHOO.OOO, or 94.000 000, for outstanding balances wbich they Intend to preos to a settle ment. In addition to this, the employe** of the company have sol born paid their salaries, the tradctm'-n and contractor* cannot get tbetr dues, and the bonds of the company have laid under Eotest for several months for non-payment of tertst. The directors have applied to the Cana dian Government to help them out of their '* cor ner,'' but It ts believed that thf application will bo unsuccessful In the meantime measures of retrenchment are being devised, snd a Urge num ber of the employees have been discharged. The road ts now, in fact, owned In England, the in vestments of the original shareholders having been swallowed up In its construction, and since covered up br morWaires larger In amount than the value of the road" Fiv* Mi* Poi?o*?t> ?oe Stkalino Melons ? The CLMllcotbe Chronicle, of last w?*k, baa this Item:?" We learn that some man in Iowa, not for from Mercer coanty, Mo., being annoyed very much with persons stealing watermelon*, pat poison la tome of them. Five men wh? went Into bis enclosure, without leave or license, got bold of some of these poisoned melons, and ate th-m, then and thcee. Three of the party were found dead in the eacloaare. and two died Just outside. It is supposed the two died just as they got over the fence " T?s Ma* Fata Nkgbo Law?The one>oiM law of the last session of the Legislature, applicable tn free negroes In Baltimore county, tjoeen Anne * and otbar counties, la to be voted on at the Presidential election, each votej deposit In* a ballot for or a*aln?t the Uw. It anthorlies the binding out of free negroes from the age of In years and upwards until they are thirty years of ago, and la emae they ran a way or secrete them selves, direct that they shall be sold as slaves for life C7-The PhilwWphl. American estimates that the pff?*nt census of Pecntylmala will show an Increase in population of elgln or nine Utiodrcd tbonsand. and that the total population %lll fee not flu from three million IT?" A Yankee d<<?rn East proposes to navigate l<-rh?f?? fram the poles for toe refreshment of New OrLsoas Cool, that. HA.50I5C ov Antho.nt Bswt.iT ?'The Metho dist preacher hung la Texas, for bis active par ticipation In the Abolition riots and fires In that country, turns out to be the Rev. Anthony Bew ley, a native of East Tennessee, and formerly a member of the Holston Conference. He was born and raised at tbe mouth of Lick Creek.on Chueky ri mp anil maMi*? *?' " , ? ) w ?m?h icvt HUM v* iUVUii, ui AOOBO CUUI1 ty. about th* year 1834, and shortly after removed to the West. We knew him personally,and knew blm to be a claver tuid upright man, but always anti-alaverv, and rather a atubbom mao la mat tera of opinion. At the time of bla hanging lie wta a member of the Arknusaa Conference, and hs bad twice been elected to the General Confer ence, ao thnt be wat^ man of tome prominence. The New York Advocate says he was "devoutly pious and inoffensive " If this be the case, bank ing waa "a short cut" to the kingdom of God, and to the cros*ing of a "river, the strea-Tis where of shall make glad the City of God."?Brown low's Wnxg. A Niw Routs to tki Pacific ?A corres pondent of the Courrur dt* Etntt Unit. writing from Monaqua, in Nicaragua. gives information of the discovery of a new route to the Pacific ocean The Atlantic terminus is about mldwav the Mo?qnlto coast. on ? stream marked on the map "Rio Grande." This la described at lar^e enough to admit our ocean steamer*, although it hs* been wholly overlooked tho? far The water of tbe river i? deep eighty miles inland, from which point It i> but 1*23 miles to the Pari tic. over a level plain All condition* favorable to the en terprise are declared bv the writer to be supplied by tbla rente. Not only Is the level of tbe uni formity Indicated, but tbe climate is less torrid than that of l,ouisi*n*. the region beln^singu larly healthful; while tb>* timber necessary to en gineering labors isconvenient and abundant The Co'irrl^r vouches for tbe reliability of the corres pondent . Naval?A correspondent of tbe New York Times furnishes the following list of United States war vessels, now sailing vessels, which have been recommended by the Board of Ex aminers as suitable for conversion Into steam frigates: Alabama, Franklin, Pennsylvania, Columbus, Delnware, New York. North Carolina. Vermont, Ohio, Virginia, and, |>rclnbly, New Orleans?or every llne-of-battle ship In tbe service. You will observe tbat no frigate or corvette has passed muster. Tbe cause of tbls is tbey have not beam enough, and are, to use a marl'lme phrase, -'too dead" to undergo the o(>eratlons incident to con version. If Congress approve of commencing tbe proposed change early In tbe ensuing year, look out for lively times at tbe Navy Yards, particu larly at those of Norfolk and Boston. ?' nnni * I .u r. ~t i .1 i i.Uft.UA.?HI I aiilUUIl CT01JT1* tv, Fla.. on tte'23tb ult., ?ue ' Regulatort" killed Srif Durden, Willi* M? .agrove. and Larkin C. Musgrovea, charged wit'i ruurderoua crime*. The tlrat ori^ade of Florida *f,illtla ha* been called out to operate agnln*t then. Judge Flnley, of tlie U 8 Dtatrict Conrt of Wcatern Florida, baa de clared tbe country U> In a "state of inaurrec tlonary war." AMIU1. WINILUW, N EzMnra ed N?r*e and FemaJe PhyaieUa, preonta to tnt> ?tv?ation of mother*, her SOOTHING SV RDF, Far Children Teething, WfcUk (tml| IWbitilit id* wmw af latthinf, ky (eft*a > ( tha *?:u?f r?d?su( ?'i iDltniuun?will allay all T AIH u( ay??r*-.adta a; t!" .and tl SUHE TO ILbGV^ATE THU BOWELS. O?p*o<i *p?o it, aatkara, U ?1U fir* raat ta yaaraairaa, aad RELIEF AND HEALTH TO YOUH 1XFANTS W > hat a i>?t ?? and C Jua < rut la for a?ar tan ;aui, <aJ Ian I*V| l? conri|il?t B i3D TBCTH of it, whai II lm?a na?ar t?aao akla la - ,aay af ai;j OIK** Madicina-- Kliaa MKS. mi lTr?lLlD,l* * iin*li in- nv,, ?T*5C? TO er racT a coal, ?TI.1?LWW S ?Uan tirutly u?ad. Nil irdid ti kbaa j *' lnifii.rk of i < - aatiafaetian by auy ju canirary.allara ?rlMlTlu5l, 4Dd V" * lil ?u IVRJf, ?? vh? aaad it. On dallrbtad with it* pirn in tirsi af vftim CMnntnlitiM af ita ioj -icai aCacia ?nd hi4kiI mtaaa. W ipaak la .' !? ohUu ' Wm*t VI oo IKOW," rfitrtw ;?n' iipmi)ci,iKD h.idji ol'i ftkfl'TA* tioiv ro> tub ?i'lhi.?Wt or what wn hiii t>? OLill. lu tloiw mt| initutl whirl im iihnl n lufit tig from pun ud iibiudM, ralial will ba foaud la tfuaa r twanty ntinwH aftar <ba avrsp ! tiirainlatarad. Tbia ??;?abl* praparauao M tha praacriptian *f tut af lb a Ml IIFIIIIIiCII>>i.dtllLirrL ItCtill in Niw Km? llad.aBdbti baan and wits ItBTBM-raiLINU ICCCBII fa THOUSANDS Ot CASES. ii in *a!j rallarai iba child frair pirn, bat tb* rUiiiftk and ba w a I?, ewilt'J acidity, and |i>ia irtti/. asttgy V* tba whala It will ?lm?t inatam'f raliara ObIFIXG IB TH* BoWBLB AflD WlKD COLIC, tad aaareoiaa twiilidii, wMcb, if iat araai'.ilT raaadial nd is daath. WI 4 ** D IDIIIT HIM la tli lull af DTI ?*?? IN CNIL inm frara taaUitof Ml. ?t\i?ra it tb? B BIT M< 1 ui tna wnm.0 ?Ti*r *ud dii? rr.BR, Tbitbti ii af from an/ athai Wa vaaldan la a?ar? ana baa a child aaf FOK 1HILURK7I I TKETiil.SO. f*nuf frain any ?f tli. forafati.f ewnpiainlt?l>o Rot lit fori raBJUDicii, ituk thk piiji dm'Ii or ot?* U..d Ltiwtan janr wftriaf et>Ud <] ifct r?U?f '.hut will >i VBB?y?a, AIIOLVTBLT ?UI<??I# fellow to* Ml ?( th ?4Uiu?, if tbraly fd. full iir*c:ian' ?r ownj ail I a ??ih bottla. Nan* ra..uin? tiuMti U:? fae-i GURTib 4 FKaKIN8.Ni* Y#?k. Uta Iki imUi ? nppt okI ty Itctwguu thraujhoat l*? writ. Principal Utc?. N?. 11 ClUaf M. T. Pn?? aol* SS Cs&u par Battta. at 11-44 vlv ftEOKGETOWN ADVERT'MTS QQ LARGK STOCR ! QQ ?0 BEAT SOODI!! i70 f, O W EST PRICKS!!! PP1LMAN k HUNT, 99 BrlHge etreet, batwMn Washington and Conrreta, are now prepa u> how their well releofd a took of DRESS G<>OOS, DOMK8TICS, ia. Their atore i the old ?t*.nd of H. E. Berry) h&vinr be?n remodelled and fitted up in the moat thornnch manner, th?y poaaeaa facli tiea unequaled in tne District tor the p'oa-oati' n ?f a general Dr? Goods Business. They rnap*ct aliy invite a Mil from the oitneai of (ieorr'ewu an'l vioiuity. oo6-im W/E WISH EVERY ONE TO KNOW That V* DR\ GOOIJS can be hrtqiht cheap at BROWN k WHITE'S, No. 140(NobthSid>) BbihgxStrkkt, George'own, D C. And tooonvinoe yourselves of the fact, oall and see those Black Silks, Printed and Plain Delames, Poil De Chevr?*s, Merino Plaids, Frenoh Merinos, Val-n oias, Black Bombazines, A, Ao. C.oaka; Tyri*n. Electro and other Shawls; Blan kets; Men's a^d Bnya' Wear, a good assortment; Men's and Keys' Merit o Shirta and Drawera; I.a fliaa' A.nd IVI \f *?ri nn V?at?! Union'* ICiti Gloves; Honpfrl Skirts; t'orsets; Plain, bordered, Hem?'itche<l. \d<1 Embroidered Linen Cambric Handkerchiefi; Embroideries, very cheap, aid no humbut; Horsry aod Gloves; White Goods; Yan kee Notions \ fu 1 line; Lins-y, Osr aburg Calicos, and Servant*' Wear in abandanoe'; and many other thing*, which we will teli you of when you cal at the Brown * White Post rtore. All or which we will sell as uhnap as tiio cheapest, *'or any other man." Come early, and don't fonret the plaoe. se 20 2w Just keckivkd 10 hhd?. prime Porto Rioo SUGARS, 15.) bbls. i'M Rye WHIfKY, SSobbls HKRftlNQ and ALE WIVES. SO bbts. ?rushed and Refined -UGARa, ?i bass Plo and Java COFFEE, lit hltds.'low orioed) MOLASSES, For sale by JOHN J. BOGUE. se 10 fRANDKLL, OPTICIAN, No. 198 Bndgt tt., SMrfrtMMt, Has oonst&ntly on hand a large assortment of Frenoh Ne&r Bixhted, PenacqpiQ, if*yy> ored, and al other SPECTACLES, the best quality, in cold, silver, steel .and German ilver frttm->?. N. B. Old F'vmeg Repaired and m* c.asses sat in than to order. no V-lr MA8SRY, COLLINS A CO.'S PHILADEL PHIA DRAUGHT ALE.?We are oonstantiy receiving frwh supplies of the above delightfui bev rs^e, and joviteall persons who want a parens auuormKHi a 10, \o fbt IrN yV'sHINN, Agent*, IT SrMl eU. 0Mr(?tavii 108. F. BIRCH, UNDBRTAtMR, Cor. Bruit* a*d Jeferton US, &??rfct?w. H&vir.( given mj personal mention to this bi knoll of fbt bntiuesa, lun prr J * attend to all oaila with prw Pirtons from adiatano6 oan l>e*up ptied at a 'ew miuutea' noUua.aa 1 have a large ae?orlm?nt of COFFINS alwara on hand. Particular attention paid to the removal of the d?ad from the old to the nev burial (rounds. Hearao* and Horeee for hire. ap 10-6m ^CHOOL AND COLLEGE OUTFITS. YoutA*' and Boys' Clothing for School and Dre*? Wear. Par?nti and ruaidians wishing to farnieh their ohilrfren and ward* with Sohool ar d OoU.|e Ontfita for the ooininc isa?on. am invi'til t<i examine oar IftrM ud Mfirtimot BOY**' CL? THINtf, where they oan fit out their ehUdrea of all eizee in a few momenta with ever? deaorip tioaof Redfamde Garment*, of eabetaatial and CO.. aalP-tt S'J'J Penn. avenue POR SALE.-A pair of COA.OH HOR9EP, lt\ng and f??t.*>ld for do fault, th?fiy ^ aai yvaaiaavaaua.tMtw^U aad 4MiM. aa ? tf EDUCATIONAL. ACADEMY OF MODERN LANGAUAGE9, (Wa#HI^OTO!* BriLDI!fO,? ?? Cvmrr tf Strut k St* ft. PRITATI isstbvctiojh I!? Fauci! AKD SPANISH. DAY AND KVKNING CLASSES A M. D* M0Nl4n ^ ^v/^ro'fJ??or of Modern Lantuazet and Li'erature, has the honor to an nounce that he will resume his Classes and Private Lessons on Wednesday next, the l?th of Seprem ber, in the above Aoadimr. H j i? prepared also to Iive, in schools and private families, a Coarse of ,ecture upon the Frenoh literature, from the Ear nesi rori.uition el the l.?<e to the Present Tim*. For terma and fu'th?r part'oulara Inquire at the Academy, where Prof. De Monthurrv will be in at tendance daily from 9 to 11 a. m and from 5 to 8 p. in. ae 18-1m rp FEMALE EDUCATION. I HOSE Parent-who wien theirdaughters to re ceive a thorough and syatematio education, where their phyaioiu t, aming wi 1 reoeive daily and apeoiai attention, under the moat approved system of Calis themo* and Gymnastica, aro reapectfully invited to viait the LTnion Female Aoademy, corner Four teenth at and New York av MK. A MRS*. 7. RICHARD*. _au aft tf Principals. F'EM ALE boarding and day school, ALEXANDRIA, VA. Mra. 8. J. MoCORMICK, PriwcifaL. The thirteenth annual session of thia ln?titution will commence on Tueeday, September 18th, in the house r^ofntly occupied l? Sylve?ter Scott, Esu., N*. 1*0 Kii'g street. The course of studjr pursued will oompri^e all tho branches requisite to a thorough English Edu o * I P fc- I j .v au |i desired. In addition to <1ar scholars. Mrs. McConmok is fireparad to receive a limited numbarof pupuJ an >oardi ro, who. lOiistitutiiijc a part of her own fam ily, will be u der iter immediate oate and *up< rvi mou. She wrtl endeavor, as far a-: possible, to sur round them with the ooinforts and kindly influences of Home. Hfjernun.? Rer. Geo. H. Norton, Rev. I)-. Elias Harrison, Rev. O F. i*prixf, \\ iil>am H F"wle, Esq., Edgar Simwden, bs.j , Edmund F \Yit-ner, Esq., Hour* Marbory, E?q , I,-wis MeK?*iiZ e. Esq , Robert H.*?i, Esq . W 1) vVallaeh. Eli tor EvenincStar, Benjamin Waters, Esq..Jag. Entwisle, Jr., Esq ,Col. John W.Minor, Loudoun, Messrs. Blackiock A. Marshall, Mussr* Cir?e Brothers. Terms. Board, with Tuition in all the English B'anehes, jfasifor the annual session? payable semi-annually, in advance. Music and languages at Professors' puces. TJ f No extra charges. ?u 2S-tl M ETROPOLFrAN COLLEGIATE INSTI TUTE FOR YOUNG LADIES, 464 E St., Bktwkk.n 6th inl 7th Sts. The fourth annual session of the Institute will commence on the first MONDAY in SeptemL r. Application* should be made early, as the number of pupils li limited. For particulars see circulars or apply to the principals, Mr. and Mrs. T. II. HA VENNER, at the Institute. an 9-tf j\f RS. M. E.KINGHFORD^S SEMINARY, A?m VI4 Ci 5?T.. W ArHlNQTON, LJ. The next setsion will oommonoe OctoS^r 1st, 1360. Terms, AO., forwarded <-n application. au 16 ti' PLAIN FIELD ACADEMY, (Nkar Cuiuit, Pa.) Twenty ninth session (20 weeks* com ' eno>>a No vembor 6th. A family school lor Twenty-live K?'<ju boys, for whose comfort and imp-ovempnt the time ami energy of the Piincipal is de voted Entire expense ?75. C roalar* at Star Office. To fill a few vacancies ea<l at KTrkwo<>Ja* from 3 to 6 p. m., October 18 and IV ; or addr as R. K. BL'K Pnncpal and Proprietor, Painfiela Cumberland county Pa. *e 26-oolm /^KURGftTOWN FEMALE SEMINAKY, (Formerly Miss L. ?. EsoLisu'i.) A BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL. The duties of this Institntien will be resumed on tli<> first Monday ia September next. Tne oourse of instruction embrncea all that ; taught, from the rudimeuts to tue aioht lug hi) Un i ho*i education. The uorps of teachers, ten in number,are emi nently qualified aod experienced in their several department? Lectures Friday ?veoin(con the Natura. Sciences without charge to pupils. Cirouiara may be obtained by addressing the Pnn cipal. Miss 5l7j HARROVhR.Georgetown, D C. au 22 eosm WOOiTaND CO All. I MPORTANT TO HOUSEKEEPERS! Tilli PIONEER SAW HILL AND FIREWOOD FACTORY, (t*ra? of thk Bi.c? Fl?o Staff.I Siitk of the <unal, n^ar 7th street Bridge, Will furnish, at tho shortest rotioe, FIREWOOD, THK BK8T QUALITY, Or Ant Kind, Cut and Split to any Diffln????. CHEAPER THAX THE CHEAPEST! With full me&auremefit jnaraiuted. R?m?nb?r, Thw Btvf Flic ferAFT, we*t al&n of Seventh kt'eet, south of the C&usl, a ad op posite th? Center Market. * GEORGE FAGS, Agent. irr HICKORY ANlToaK PI.ANK or TIM BER I of atur sun or dimensions) 8AWKO, POSTS t < > i ? i nn i' > i f - ? ** ?-* V. - ' wr juisin uirrr.icr wuBaAivtu, ai me shortest notice O" 8jna.Il joU of BLACKSM1THINO prompt ly exeoatxi, b* anove moil x. TTTTT IJNIOir FIRE WOOD jfILL, earner ( fteventh it and C anal. WOOD of kind, in&uuf^otured to ord?r, at.y length or tze, reauy for um. COAL?CO AT,. W# have now on hand a beautiful lot of COAL, both R?>d and White A?h. different size iTTWewe now, and will be r?*oeivin* C^aJ for the next ten day*, whio'n we sell, delivered from the a reduotion of 25 oenU per ton. Send >our orders early. MoKNEW A MARLOW. Proprietor!, 2T-tf Corner Seventh ?t. and Canal. WOOD ~~~ AND COAL Delivered to all parte of the oity, at the lowaat poamble rate*. T J. A "V. M. GALT, Office 383 Pa. av.t between Uth and 12th ?U . rna 17-tf . north mde. i^OAL! COAL!! wuou: wuuu^ ! am daily receiving large suppl es of COAL from the very best Pennsy I vania minea, whioh I will sell at reason ah' Pine and Hiokery > p'ico* A No, the heat qqalitr of Oak, jokory WOOD, eutand ?plit,elUengths. Call and leave *our orders. R. W. BATES, Wood and Coal Dealer, e 17 (States) Cor. C and Itth ati., uear Canal. JL NOTICE! I wiah all gentlemen to bear in mind that the plan which 1 adopted, six imm ago, of selling HATS and BOOTS aft greatly re duoed prices for cash is in suooesaful operation. Just received a foil rupplv ol the latest New York styles orDKESS HAIt* The very finest Hat ?S5n; a fir?t rate Hat $3; and verv good, faahiO' able HatSO. All of uie lat-st sty le"s of soft HATS and CAPS, at the very lowest prioes. 1 ain nonstanMr supp ted <* ith a very large stock of those fine DRF.S8 BOOTS at ?3.75? which 1 hav? he-n selling for many \ oars?as well as the very best qual t? of Patent Leather GAIT KRS at 9350. Fme French Calfskin Gaiters from f 2 to $2 Hi _ Terms cash; no extra char** in order to otTset had debts ANTHONY, Agent for the Manufac turers, Seventh street, second hat store from the corner, opposite Avenue House, No. 410. MM Sm /star * 1 U"" b u r^iTi iVk1' MONONQAHELA RYE WHISKEY, Conaoientionsly dtatilWd by Mr Jamee Barnaide. of Allegany County, Penna., to the old-faahioned honeat ?*r, fro?r. the oboWat and mo?t o&refully amecteti Kye, and in no owe *w offered for tale urtil adapted to vholeeome jn by It ia at onoe the m??t palatable, as it t? empi atieaMy one of Ur pu ?(t bereragee ia the rraeh of the puMie. To the tDralid.aa veil aa to thoee in comineuia it?eli for ita unrivalled tua'itiea aa a timuiant of tke nfc<t aurmt. and moat hen*fioM> t description, tad many of the mo ft dutir.guirh^'i phjiioians are oaing it ia their fraction with the happiest regultn OL.EKY i STOCK0ALE, PromMon. 398 Walnut itreet Philadelphia. WM. C CONOVKK, Artnt for the Pro? lefcna. 89$ Pa. ?v., te 3?-4>n oppoifte \Villard?T Hotel. IF YOU W19H TO Pl'RcHA?U CORSETS lees than the u jial pno**. call at <>? ? eiBt?oN ?. Zii Baventji ?i ZO'iAVK SIGNAL IfOEN, V ?o? #f jui r oetwod m the Mbim ^To-e of w? v*'u wbiz.gon FOR SALE AND BENT. IT"OR RENT.?Two n*v thraa-rtorr BRICK r HOl'hES with back baiidiinfa> aack kouM eortaining I room*, with ta?. flaa?amljr titaatad on ?th street ?.orth. hetw?*n M %ih! N atraats: rant moderate. Appl* t? E. LAZKKHY. opp>Mt?.or to JOHN T. L.ENMAN, Oluo avenue, between lita and 13th a'raata. oc 9tJ fM>R RKNT-A n?atl) furnuhad HOL'^K fn tha Piw Wanl, on H bet w nan I7U? and Mtn ?U.. No 3'i?f aootaimac adoabia padar, & or a obaiu bar*. duuui-rocm, kitnhaa. and paatry ; w^th jaa onld orh^ wat?r. t^th-room, ko., k.o. A?p!r to CHAS. C. f. bARN ARi>, o*itdour eut. oo 4 2w L^AKM FOR SALE ? A huhijr ina^ovnd Ka m, oortammc 115 aerea, with tw.-ator) fratie dwelling and all convenient owt hoiiacw; fineo-<?h ru, upri'u, a c., eituatMl on l .e Little river turnpike, Kairfiix county, Va., 7 railei fi??tn Alexandria Term*: f .OOt; one fourth ?a?h: the i<alaiice in 1. 2 and 3 yrar?. Apply to lAJLI^A SO.tfER!*. on the premises. oo 1 J** l?OR 8AI.K?A new two-etory-and-basement I HRICK HOl'SK, containing 5 ro irn and eel iar, situate! on ltth ?t north, between Land M >-t? . No. 37fS?within 5 minutee* walk of th? North-ri, l.iltertiea Market. Term* ununuaily liberal. Appj on the premise*, or to McKKNNKY A LaS!? UAi.r. oorter 01 fa. aveti je arwl 7t> at. ?e*4 lm* F OK SAUK? A a mail KAKM of*acrt*. biaM at the l.ittle Falis, having ? coiutortalredweil ins-houne, oorr hou?'?, stable*, Ac; veil fenced and watered; wit hit four miiea of WMhinrtun; U acroa in ouitivation, the *>a.n.r<oc ;a handsome wood land. It is p<yuU?riy d? ?'.r?b> a oountry re*' denoe, heinr perf?otiy healthy ?.nd n?o?t romaatteal ii sitnated; exotlie it C*nu u and hcntinc. Inquire of Vfr. MARRIOTT, bridgs V?-ep??r. Ch%in ll'idgr LMIK ItKNT?The KIRfT ! ! Oi ?K at the buinl a mi niuqnliBleij cppomts th?- west vrirrof tfc City Ma ,r?*oentlj '_>ocaj<ie.l ly S. VTailau a? an nffioe. .*'*,? the frort rtv?ni in the iwrct t<*ry a:irt th* thirri fiuor of the n*.-ne l.u/.aiu*. Fin tatnif ?wppiy to K iC"H aKU WAl.LACU. No. i. Lomiuaiia avenue. jn ts tf Dr J II McLEAX"? STRENGTHENING CORDIAL A*D BLOttO Pl ltlFlfcK TlfE GREATEST REMEDY in t\t WORLD, and the mo#t Dklicioc* and DELMiHTFtl. j . CORDIAL T^f^a /Jprrw rjrrvviMff/'B^ It I* etrictl* a Ki entlfic tfid Vlftu tie Compound, pro cured by (he dittula Umi at rcoie, birba, and ba'kt Velio* Dock, Blood Root, Vlick R??, rilla, Wild Cttrry H-rk. mil Datidelioei entere into iu con. position. The entire acu?e remedial principle of each ingredient ia ? - ihoroaphiyattracted i'.tfP Ink III# 11'7 ne w nietiiiwi of IHIVIUg, dietillinr, predating * deiiciout, exhilarating ep'ri', ?nd the moat infallible remeljr for renoeauug the >tiacaae<i eyetetn, uid rotoriuf the aicka eulTeriaf, anil datiluated mtalid to health and etrenftV MrLEAITS STREXGTHEMVO CORDIAL Will afacta\lly cure Liver Conplaiat, Dytprpeia, Jaaa dire, Chronic or Nrreona Debility, [>ie? of the Kidneye, and all d:aeaiee ariain; from a dianrdered Liver or Boieaeh, Dyapepaaa, HtirtLaru, inward Pitee, A'lriit* or Hickr.eaa of the 8(>.mach, of Blood to the Head, Dai! Paui or Swimming in the He\d, Palpitation of the Heart. feHtie?? or Weight in the Sl;/aeach, Smr Ere'tationt, Choking ar SulToe mi' ;^'*eung at ken la*my do? . Dryuea* or Y elloW ueie of the Sku. and Eyee, Sight Sw**u, inward Koera, Paiu iu (be Small of the Back, Cl*et, or Side, Sodden Fluahra of Heat, Depraatioo of npiri-.e, Frirhtfal Dreamt, L?n(t >r, beepoudaucy or aajr a?r*nje, Bote* or Bbt^tti on toe Skin, and Pe>er and Afae (cr Chilu and fmr) OYEK A MILLION BOTTLES Kate beau told dcrinf the laat ait mocitha, ?r.d_in no in met nai u rmuea in fotire i*;i:i r:i n. Who. will autfer from Wr'e?ku?ae or Dability wt.en MiLEAN'ii STRENiiTHENINO CORDIAL will c?re too ' No IwrMft c?n eoorey ?n adequate -4 th? iraiu*4i' all aud almuat miraruluu* change prod acid by taking thi* Cordial in the li??-?r1, debilitated, and a!?ttercd utr'oii yiKm, wh'lhtr broken down by (lent, r?k by nature, or impaired by ncknita, the reland ar.d oniuog otgani Mtion it reitored 10 it? prietine health an.! MARRIED PERSOSS, or others, conic.ou* of inability from wbaiiitrciiu, will find McLEAN'3 bTRENfiTHENlNU CORDIAL * tho rough re<euerit!>r of th* yuan.; aud all wtj it-1y have in )?r*<1 then lelrei by improper Indulgence! will Bud in this Cordial a ctrtaia and ipcedy remedy. TO THE LADIES MCLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL U a eo?ir urn and ipiedy cor* for Incipient Cotiioinpiioa, Whiita, Olatro'ied or Difficult Mmiuo.Uioa, Iicootincnce of Urine or Iu*oloM*ry DU'.hwje thereof, Falling of he Womb, Giddinen, Pdintiug, ana all diaciiea luoident to Pemalei THERE IS XO MISTAKE ABOUT IT. Safer no Ifojrer. Takl it according i j direc'.jna It will iiwaUie, aireugtbtn, aud ibvigor*tt jou and canae the bloom of health u> t your cheek again. Every bottle II Warranted to gift aatiifactluo . FOR CHILDREN. If roor children ar* nckly, pnnr or aflicted, MCLEAN'S CORDIAL wiU link* then. healthy, fat, and .-obaac. Dil y not a moiueut; irjr it, and yoa will be conviocad It u di Uciooa tot .ka. B? ware of drurr'iu or dealer* vho tuty tty to pels ipon yon ?o;t.e bluer or *ir*apanll4 troth, which tkey c ? My Clitup, bj ?-?? ? >t u !n*t ** good Aroid n;.h w?d Ask (or McLlCAN'S bTfcENOTHEKlNrt C0BD1AL, and ukt nothing ?Uc. It it the ouly remedy th*l ? ,11 parity the I Blood Oioreughl* and at tlie atu.1 tizn? uiaugtheu tie ayeteu. 1 One teaapoooriil taken e?e ry mon i <g fatting is a c err all, preventive for Cholera, Chillt *od Fever, Yellvw Fc>*r,of I in> prevalent dtaeaae. If ia pnt cp In large b-i'iee trice ^|fy fl per bottle, or C bottle* for $5. J. H McLEAN, 8-?!t proprietor of thia Cordial; alto, McLean'e Vricna,e Oil I Liniment Principal Depot cu tie earner of Third and Pine atreeu, Bt. Louia, Mo. McLean's Volcanio Oil Liniment, (THE BEST LIWIMENT IN THE WORLD ) Tht only eafe end certain core for Cancer*, Pi'ee, To. . tore, Bweliinga aud Broncki'e or Coitre, Para lye*, Nea. r-lfia, WeaknVaaof the Mnttlta, Chronic or Ini minatory R.;cuc.?ueai, 8:iffuaaa of the Jniuta, Couiracted Muscle* or Lifameuu, Earach* or Toothatkt, Brniie*, BprMu?, Freeh Cote. Wownda, Cleere, Fever Boree, Caked Breast, S >re Nipplea, Berna, Bcalda, Bore Throat, or any iat?;niatiiae ar piin, no diflercnce ho* il>tri or l&.f the <lit*?te m~T h.T? siaud, MCLEAN'S CELEBRATED LINIMENT it a etrtain remedy. T>oiucd< of hnotc btin(* ha?t bttu mti! a lift of dit ertpitudt uf mneijr by tht u<< urtluUa MCLEAN'S VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Will rtlitvt pain alinntt aiUu'j btasaiy, an 1 it will claan, purify ard htal tht foalttt tortt in an Incrtdibla abort unit. FOR HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. McLEAN* CELEBRATED LINIMENT it tht only wit tod rtliablt rtmtdy for tht Cart of Ipitw, R arbott, WindpaPt, Spltota, Uou?tor?l Lore pa, Nodtt ?r ivtuinn It BtTtr failed to cart big If tad, PulitMi, KittlU, Old Ronulng Sortt, or Swttny, if ptmrif imIiiI. For Bpr?tnt, Braitct, Scrtfhtt, Cr-.cktJ H?tU, Cnaftt, Saddla or Collar Oallt, Cnu, Sortt, or Woaadt, Itliu in fallible rtmtdy. Appiy it a* dirtcud and a cart u ctrtam la nrrj IMMM Thtti triflt as iaoftr with tbt many worvnlttt Limir.tiait of trad to yon. Obfctia a tapply of Dt. McLEANtl CUi BRATEO LINIMENT. It will cart job J. H. McLEAN, Bolt Proprittor. Corner Third and Puie ttt., St. Loan, Mo. CHARLE8 8TOTT, 376 Pa. a?.,aolt tjtat in Wa?hmf ton; R, B. T. CI8SEL, Otoryttown. a?? Mffly fr? HOVAL HAVAjSA LOTTKRY. m. nti ii?n umwni 01 me K jai ii&ruft Let tery, conducted by the B?au?li Sorerament. nnJ?r tii* aupervtaion of tfa?Cap(aui Seciral of Cab*, will ta*e place ?t Hava&a on SATURDAY. Octoiii ?. 1MB. SORTEO NUUERO ?4 OR DIN A* JO CAPITAL PRIZK 1100.006. i pnM of f 10 prkm <4 ti^m 1 do in.noo m d? so# I do ac.ane iw <tc in I do ? fc/r?i ao appro*. t.J* 1 dO I nil /N ALL*** PRIZES. Whole Tickets. 9HO? Ha res, $ 10? } tartart, |i. Prise* cashed at sifbt it ft per oeat. uitxuL Bills on all solvent Banks taken at par. A drawmc will be forwarded at mot, as tfce reaaAi beo<>m?s known. All orders for asbeaMs or ueksta to be address*.' to DON ROUXIGUKZ. OO $-tr (V??f Oit* ^-wt. fbd^Mfon. (t. O. FOR STAMPING A PACKET OF PAPER "s AND envelopes TO MATCH, it tba metropolitan BOOKSTORE, PH1LP k SOLOMONS, M ^HARGE) PH1LP Attnti for I.mutnut i ctUbrmtiA lmw Paptm, "MttropolUam Mills." ft , ft. ' m U IT 334 p*. |t, bM. %t *uh vhk Ml. H. w. HAMILTON painter. DEALER IN PAINTS, nto. 49* Ttm Shut, nsar Odd FiUtw*' Man. PUTTY IS DOWN P"A"INE K'i A bwwt'ful article, equai in ?nPi to Hr * ?lt" *nVis?? VuH.'uK't ik. M Cora?r Vermont ?v. ud -4ia ?u. THE WEEKLY STAR Tkia umUwI FMllr u< Nm Jamrml mm T'B'-f a (iMMr tvmIt ot latMMtui i willm TlwMkii <>Mrn??. te U*?wt. ftlnct?o?>H. f* *?*? ?1? ??r? oofiM ?- ? ?? ? ?? SB MISCELLANEOUS. PROF. WOOD'6 RESTORATIVE CORDIAL BP BLOOD REHOVATOR Is prMlMli what it? bMM ltdMUN, lor, wkM4 ?ct to Iff. Uifr?ri wftiM, mvicorMinj ?nd tr*n(tberliif to tfr vita ?td M tt* itm* ma* rwiiUm, m r? n?w? U* B.oo4 lu a 1 ito rt{in*l M'U<. U?? J?nrm tkniiwMIf tomifrkt nf It U ta< MJ preparation ( r offemi to th? worM. ao oboaitoaily and akUi folly e tnbined Mt?b? IM noat povarlal <>iuo, and at tha aarae tuna ao parfaaUy aoaptat to. aa to a?t in parfaet acoordanoe wi?h ?ha law* of oatare. au<i he c* will aaaCha tk* %rnkJc*it ttpm?rk. M ton* Hp tha digaaUv* orgaoa an . tan* a.ia> ail att rouaa a uthar irritatiou. It ia perfect i exhiiara ting and at tha mm fcraa it ia o<>mp?M(i entirely of ragatabiaa, jat ao eoiaUa-fl aa to p-odwoa Uf aoal thorough tomr aftaut, without producing any ia juriou* oona- qatLOfi. hush a taM? baa .o..* t>?*>n fa t to baa ia the medio* 1 worid, .'or it need* do inadleai afcil: to aaa that d-UiMr followa ali attaoka ol dia*a*a. and pr^oaada a <1 n ^aad lay a the a< atem < j> n to trie laaidmua attacks of many of tha moat fatal, aiuu. for ?*air pia, a? taa following: Gin-umptm. iudiia*tiou, l)>?j*-p,ia, 1>'B? ol , A ppetite. Pain na?a, Nerroaa Intav ify, S-uragia, raipitatton ofthe heart. M>.anoho.j, Night swta!?, f a?gc>r, Uid inaaa, Katantion 01. aa woTl a? Painful o^atrartad. too profane, or too ac?nt Menstruation, aid Fa'linr of the Womb rnea* al. depend u?.?n gai eral debilit-. I hi pare, ne\ithy toniu ( uViai and I) ood Rannruor i> aa ure to cure aa taa auu la to riaa aad a< t Th?re ia no mi tak? at-out it. bntthia ia not all If tha y?tam In ??ak*n?J we ara open to ?'-n ? ? tack*, t'.a liver i.-e ??>?? torpid, or woraa dlaaaitd. tea Kidney* n ftaas to prfun th?u fobeUona, arid we ara troabUd with aealdiig aiMi >a?. . . ? of ariiia, or .uvomntaiy d.aci.arge 01 tl earn a, pam ia the l-ao*. aiue and Mw?-u th? ?h *m?.?,.a fcdiu ly liabla to aliibt colds, oougka. aid if an checked aooa eiDBe?at.o;i lolto* a.aud tha patient a down to a par mat ara crave. Hat aaaoa wi.l ot allow aa to aron.orate tha ;iat> ilia '< aa ara lab'e mtawkfr.cJ condition ?l iha ??at-*?n, <ut we wi i a*y ?r thia Cordial ar.f Ra>l N'no** tor hire a;?i<?-ct. aa a, piuataui and cffearni i remedy for loaaof App tite. bt!i?uBn?ea. F at- - lanoa. w>ak a?>< ura rMonach. tancoar, i ivar Gomp'aint, Chitlr an I Fever,or an; li lion -attar**. Co. live-e??, Acuitj r?l?he?-T n-aoV , N?rvr>?*aa*?. Neura (la. Kalpit'tinu o! tra H*-a*t. Daprwatou <>f^pi'iti.So'>'a. 1'imp.a* on tha f ?oa, or any oia aaavariking fr?m luipara b.ool, *och aa borofma, bryaipaiaa. Uronohifia. & u<h,?iift u>t> of Rr^tt inc. and all tnat o.aa* ot dia-aaa* nai ad fooia ! waaknt-xa.and nua-ri-H ahova. Wa wi I ai?o aay tua travaUr rxpoao<) t> "pi?lair xi, ohan.a ol' ohir.^ta and water, wni hn-4 it a p a?ai.t aala*nd aura ra" ?d) . ai>4 l.? on abrmld av?r traval aita not. Ba?d-r. try it, for w? aaeura you ?oo ?t?l find in it a friend m<i ad.aa w^.l aa a !*"l-od ia nae<t. Ail peraons of aoda; t*r> hnnlta wi ! fin 1 it * p-? - faet Dr??anLive I it. L - mi?nu which th.^y are pa.rt.c-ur He..o? mitiatera, kiud?iit?, attorney*. ..i*rar> (rn'leiaM,, and ladie* who are rv t ?o:-uat mud to muan out door Pi?:oi'?, will fc id it tu tHcir rd rat>t*?a to keep a Lott ? constantly on h*Mi: and above a<l mothers or liiOsf '?oomiS( auoh.wih to ta-oafh that moil <1anc*ioa? petiod n?>tou? with all Ut*ir aocuc omw) a>(r*.:gltt, hut *a( - atw free from th* thonaand ailmenta ?9 rreva'ent amort the fema.e portion of the wo Id. In abort. la imlMd a mother oordial. Try it oid and young; no lo car m u>a rtak of delay it will relieve ard pro*?- u*?i' ?m phatioaliy a KriljraJin Cjrdimi anJ ?iooi A*?m - %9T ? 6. J. WOOD, proprietor, 444 Broad *ay, N?w York, and 114 MarkM *tra?t i*C Uhiii and ao d by all (uod I)rui(iaU. Price On* Dollar far Bottle. PROF. WOOD 8 R ES TOR A TTVE CORDIAL BLOOD RENOVATOR *n 2?-aoW.*iw c. a. tt> t. ik. HTIMEWELL'8 UNIVERSAL COUGH RE*EDI, For all Throat and Lung Complavmu, frotn Common Cought to Actual Con * HUNNEWELL'S JUSTLY I'ELkllR&flb Ths Natural and Surt Rtmody for all Ner vous Complaints, From Neuralgia throuih all caaaa where Opium wai evarused to that of D-lirium rremeoa aad tM common chief cm&e of Pieeaae LOt* OF SLBBP. The Tola Anodyu*. tio>agh eontai?in? not a pat Uoieof ilfium, produce* ail the rt^uirewieota o4. and may be uaad in all oaa*a wherever Opium wu aaad without pro- ucin anything but Cure*, and laanag the patient in a perfectly natnra. ate. The lT at weal Coajfi Remedy, (freed from all tin common oSifsstiot of ough Remedies, whiofc r.>duoa aauera or prostration,) may be ao?tdscaa * tb*ouniBoii euemytoaii Throat ard Lun< Cua ptamta. and uaod wiU perfect impjaity Aakiua al to oourt from proprioto a or friondi the moet evere investigation or^oth Rern?di-?, and readina ?I our pamphlet* to be found with all dealers, ana iu 'io poTiiuBi?r.y wi paroiiufl onif or tflOCBWfe* 0%'t b? depenied upon, we wait > oobIumm IM decisions of Pati'iits and Phvsioiana. "Prioes within n?e?h of ail** IIHIUL A.6EHTS, W. w. HrnwiwiLL tc. Co., T and 0, Commercial harf. Bostoa, Geo. Wxnbwbxl. 14* Water fct., New York, Lnder the specia supervision af JOB N L HtTH LL, Chei * " SL- - * rhose enaine omj, etions. ^EWF.1L, Chemist and Pftaraaoeutist, UotVf, M!., whom ait nature ?'vers the ooheortA* ij, and to whom address aL ooauaui Soid ot all respectable dealers everywhere, and ill the Dm* nets 1b Waehington and 6eonetowa. T PROCLAMATION I O THE CITIZENS OP WASHINGTON, GEORGETOWN, WkirtH, At the present ssesoa o the < CHOLERA MORBUS. DIARRHEA, ClOUflL DV6EMTE.VJ, DfeBlLITY.Ae..Ae? prevail to an alarming extent i FiRS^r o'oiSfe^UENCI mil j to k now of A REMEDY 5fl/s, Sr?*d*, mmd R# DR. MONTARDS. ci Paais, nffbra his MIRACULOUS PAIN RILLER Sy'fOR1 THE AHoV^COMpLaINTS io every re A KEMEDY at oaoe Sajt, Sr**du, REME1 In order to satisfy THE PUBLIC that no Imposition i* Intended in the sale of THE MONE^^ILI. RF.'kt EFL N DED is ft// fftiii when the medioiae fails to give euure atu, kuou M?uy mm owio tor DR.MONTAR uKU MIRACCM>rS PAIN EIl.LEE, take M directed, tad if not pBrtaot'y aati*??d Eoturn to oar A???*, IX. E. OkARK, ESQ., 4M StrMt ud P*uitayln>w Awm, wko Will iwind yo?i Prioe?2fl ud *0 Cmu ft BotUs. For ?! 1 *11 Drmc Btorw* wt<tt whar?. J A 8. M^ON^KLLj. ^ jyll-BQtr JttfciUiuo**. ^ATCHEEPAmNO A^.LVE. WARS I h*r+ on* of th* be?t md fn* rushed with aoorr.rlete #>! oi t?:??i> for r*p*.r Jgy lag errry M0t|M of a particular ittentiuii inre to the^ ?iin, by I'on MrilCU tr Eiirr.iru un: Mwr, wWU* I-orotic h competent workman And a. work jtai k*n tied A1 o, ? ?ry do?cri| iob of ? ai.d*rd Ml.VKR WARE pla'M-iitai.nianulacU, ?d i, ny own ?op?rvi?ioB. which iny ookt.mcrw wiil f.nd ?r superior in and Sm?h ?o n< rthrri ** <? old hy d??l#r? ! Bud r*pr-??M,t*? ** tuelr PWD TnBiiiiiBcturo. II. O H?K?I>. py oi p?rior ib 9UB:n y do?l?ra ib (M mi nlA^lur* ... _ Pb. B???iuB Kit ? FD. L. MORRISON * CO? LOUR AND GENERAL COikMI9?OM ? MKKCHA>TH. A ad vhoJ?Mi? c?i'n la MILL FSSn, COtLM XMJL,* l ow of 12th and B ?tr?ats, \va.aiB?u?* wrt>. fl_/" Cash paid f?r ati trir?<t? of aa * ^Ttaa^Gaojart of tfca Alpa, A?, *a , tj J oka ' n-\ ^ f t'.??< ?? r y.i>?i.i> w. *ruCw?tfv EMNE PIANO# FOft KENT Oft SALE, r ^ AIK?LI*M* Maawra^?^trt-Wkli,a? CD if -. MiMKtMaid oca*r Inatrani 1> U< rrut, - Z* ?- < ' **?. XT BALZAC'S MEW *OVK?. 1 ft* Or?ato?Mao4 0*<c:iB?*?#i'???aT H? 't*?r4. Iroai tfca Kraaafc of Honor* 4? R?ltM,'r toV-f );Dr.WWirk(?i4P A * . ??, BLANCHAKD ? M t? \ M U MM klOTCL U I ^ ...

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