Newspaper of Evening Star, October 17, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 17, 1860 Page 1
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J#* t IK V> ^ t ?i . / c .jw * ? * MM I ? fl - ? 1 ?* .'v ** II ?? \?y. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. WEDNESDAY. OCTOBER 17. 1860. N". 2.892 THE EVENING STAR u PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, (SUNDAY* EXCEPTED.) AT THE STAR BLILDI3Q*, Corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 111 A rt., ?T W. D. WALLACE. r?pers served in pMkMN by MrrUM ft* 94 ft jear, or 37 cent* per month. To mail abeeriber* the price is ?i_j> & year, in ndvunet; 92 for it* m<Dth?; 91 fbr three month*; ftni for leae thftft three mofttha ftt the r?te of H oents ft week. Siagle eoft^t. oncjNTi in wrapper#, two ckiit?. lur.VErar:n*nTi caonld be sent to the ofioe hefere 12o'c.cok mi alhvwiM thej may not ftppe*r ?s|i! the nextday. A Pittif ta Westers LJi~A MiNtNi*! Trial. Tbe follow;ujf letter from Deaver City, Sop*. ?*th, will give our readers a fair idea of an inter fttnjr pu^a- In trr*Wa life, tiordoo.a notortou* delinquent and fugitive criminal, captured at Leavenworth, Kansas Territory, was, under es cort, brought to Denver to b* tried for murder. The rest the letter tell* for itself: He uras escorted by an ImmriM crowd of peo ple to a tftovfc on the bank of the Platte; a court was gpftMlily organised by tbe nomination and ruction of Mr McDowell, chief justice; Dr. Peck aitd T H. Warren, asaocistes. As tbe attorney foe tk? defease announced a readiueas to proceed, ? Judge Keanett was nominated prosecuting aMor Bejr. The Jndj<e came forward and decliaad the fxwtion unless the case could be postponed until to-morrow morning at 9 o'clock, a new lary to be ejected, and be to have the privilege or deterin ining whether the trial should proceed to-morrow or deferred until the arrival of Important wlt n*?*? who were now ia lUe siuus, or on their way here. Tbe question wa? s-.boKtted to the crowd wbeti*e? to adjourn <>r aot, and decided unaiii iM?nly la tL<- ^IK-maUve. The oltreci; wlthtbelr t*i.?jner, (with bis hmy chains ?tlll attached to his aukles ) returned, followed by a large con course of eit:zens. to a room procured as a tempo rary prison, lit which the wretched man Is now confined, surroanded by a strong' guard . 4?orilon Is a young man, not ever 25 fears of age. of rather mild and gentle expression of coun tenance?rendering it dittrult to realize that he ia guilty of the crime with which he Is charged. , Jl'.s youthful appearance excited a great deal of sVvtathy for him anions the roueh men bv whom lie was surrounded, andfrotn the remark* ni*4? In tbe crowd uot a few would rejoice at UK t* ?-:iw from the terrible rod which awaits him. aud the nrae men who a few days ago were i?tid in their threat* to hang him at oncw on hla arrival, are now dispos?d to deal gently with htm, and I v? rily believe would rejoice at his acquitted by the jury. If tue attorneys for the defense manage their eas* shrewdly, and make a passionate appeal in bttiatf of their client, exciting the sympathy of 1 the jvry and the people, bta escape Is not .it all improbable. Carl Wood, a notdrlont character, , n>i|>ltca*ed In ail the murders that have taken pia -e h*re for tbe last two years, the companion and ?dvis<r of Steele in his attack upon Mr Byere, editor of the News, against whom there was a or. st intense feeling of hatred, aud fixed deterini uutio.i that he should die, was brought before tbe people's coort for trial, and the ras? proceeded froai day to day until at the last people became cool ana tired of It, when a proposition that he bould be "let oft " on condition that he would, leave the Territory and never return was heartily Irdorstd by the nn?table mob. and Wood w|* re> l _??d. to the apparent satisfaction of a mainritv of our citizens"" bcrdoa su-od well in this community up to th? time of hit attack upon and sssasrination of a peaceable German In a saloon in this city. No one he re belie vest hat Gordon premeditated the u?u sin&tion of an? one, but ttiat be was crazy unda* the influence of liquor which frenzied him and drove him to tbe commission of a deed of which lor a time be was unconscious, the i-m rmity of \?6kb be could not comprehend until some d*\ s afVr the event, when tbe effects of the wbiskjr btd passed away and he was restored to his ri^hl mind. How be eaeaped pursuit aa be did has been a ^vuu > >V VUI piv)jic, maily ui wuuili lupputta bitn ( from the effect of the ihot disc barged at Lioi. killing the horse on which he was riding; - but noue of them, as since ascertained, took effect u|K>n his |>erson. Unfortunately for Gordon, he niailtti a letter to some one here, which came cafe W> hand. In which he gave a minute account of his escape from his pursuers? that he was travels lng towards the States ander an assumed n~ru? with some emigrants, bv the Arkansas rente; also giving the name he had assumed, and his proba ble destination. The letter. by some rrwsua or etner. reached the Committee of ViiiluKt, sod t*her If Middaugn was dispatched to Easlera &*n sis to overtake, arm* and bring htm tp this cltv f ,, t- ,1 wki.k v.. -? I ' "? j Uinpnoru. The Next Smtt. "Occasional,'' l^e WuhlttlM correspondent of (be Philadelphia PreM. ba* the following ?p*f lulattons rs the tor political di vlrtons of tbe Cnltrd Mates Srnate after tbe ttb of tfarcb next:?The! neat in Westing question la how will tbe fenate taad .ifier the4tb of March next keaturkv baa elected JoLa C Breckinridge-Recession lx?mo crat, in place of John i. Crittenden, Aiiertoaa? Jaa A P?arce, Recession Democrat, haa bees re flected from Maryland; Salmon P. Chase Repab llcan, elected froin Ohio, In place of Ueurge K. I'ugti, Douglas Democrat; and from receal t-lec w? may ronQdeatly calculate that a RapuU 1.ran will succeed Hannibal Hamlin from Maine; c* !?' j/\?'/i?vau " ?? ?avvw^4 wv*?tu ^iv?i?i?w 4l Yi* *, (probably h;ui?lf;) a Rep-ibllcan wi4auc c-?-d Sir Bigler, Secession Democrat, fr?m Pvtin j?rtflriuii; a H ^publican will auccewd Crfatiaan N. ? Ittrb, ?*ecessi??n Democrat, from Indiana; a Re s' f iWiieaa will aucceed 11. M Rtoe, Secession I;-??K)crat. iroin MiunesoUj iwviug a vacancy in 1 9 Ccllforni i. and the tha two senators iq Oregon in c 4 d^bt, wilb the cbaoce in fivor ot a Seieaion Demo-rat from California, ia plaac ?f Dr. ?iwin. aivda Uoozl ia Democrat and a Republican from Cktcgon- It ia also probable that an "pr?'if ?. - Deinucratlr Squalor, probably Pierre wtt! be froui Louisiana, la place *t J?bn Sli dflt. Secession Democrat. With tbeae changes and rslculstioas tbe new Senate wlli aland as follow* Secession Dem. Repub. Maine - ' / !\ew Hdinpaaire Rhode Island Massachusetts Connecticut Vermont... New Ycfk.. J#rsev Pennay IraJila Delaware .... MUfUkd .... Virgin!* ....( Norta Carolina ? 51 i t 1 - * o .-. <T V> <ns v I T 4 *<? J J . /' ^outb Carolina OcurRia .. I Alabama MlMlailppl UMllMiMi. ?;hlo Kentucky Yer.iictrw Indiana.,...,.. JItiitoU. IttfUUII Arkansas PloritU.. TmM ... ... it ' ... * ... 1 * ::: i ... r4 ...a .... -j .. t > . . * .... 9 .... :I .... 9 4 .T p ?n - *?!? p... *?-. 4. f.* JaW f% if m hVa - 2 Micfeiga* - a WMfvMil - 2 California -J 1 - > 1 ^cession IVruocraU nppc'jiifaiu * i ? s <u *y. The BtMle eooalau of ! itr-al* wen ben The Are not include* u above are Mpfceft i Pou*t-. U?, .Demoenrt (fllinola); A Kennedy, 'Afcaertflh (MaryUfldft the Senator to be dectednoM l.oui?i wtoo w*jf be Ait. Boule, and the two Ui&V rTiled ScMCton from Oregon?in all live If Kan mi is admitted, tbia will prufctbly tnrn-aae th? Republican cclumnto tbirtr Mnebwtll dej^-i.d upon tba course of 0*>ugte* and Kennedy, and tbe rerjft of tin; Orajjoti elactfon. " Ax rifuatttv TiacsDT.?A Ottn (N. c.) tofrwpondeM of tbe Petrnbunr Eibreu gimutt>? M It.... -_. .#4 L __ 9 - . . ... BiTipg ?wtrn ismf Of bib Dogt; ll? urn lMt Fw ?*apW la walking around M? /arm, be dl? Uifce of Davi?'? cWUtrcA ua bit wberrupon be carried one oftbeui )>"< witfc u'rc.1 Ttw tw? 01 b*r c&jldrm rammed iMBie andT<aa thrir fwrrnta what had bappea?4 Wutieled) tbry urmrtl thrm^Wr* wttb ' v-'*?*. ao4 soon pmr?t?(l th?i uur aadioonpra^neotu* ?V| - tw?u?e, wl*f?*g*n*ul ttjbt? m ? mti?, wmrnm, tad ?ktl4??a of l? CT JtowJ wKh ^Dorlni tlw ibnott .'? vru bjr nt U *UA- ??*aof IU party w?? <Ua ou.W wound .a-? H I ljo y, tLou^iy wounded?w of tke *o?|a Iwvtag S^hTel br*k?a um, *?d. It la wld, If'T trwk ?<* From all .ccouDt^tkry fo^fht ? ? *!" T~/|T 0>?H ?ud quit with mutual coowit Th? wr**?d P?rt>* h?*? wwlad, jnd pUced U tue^^?r Jil I ?? ?"? *??* . - ..* ' - 1 ' | frT? The ?ppolo'?d oo*< raBn(l|ia<riire wnn xar inartitwiurm 6T tl? Knft?K jk^ ? Trinrnt a price of nearly ?Uty-lTe ft?iUlng?, British, foe each ptere Tney ba*e written to say fb?t they will talM 2,500 at that pri??. Valve *t a r*a*tltatl?a. [Front the Philadelphia Ledger.] By this we do not mean that a political conatl - tution. written, like that of the United states. or nnwritten like that of (treat Britain, la of value to the people poaaeaaio^ it. All of that la true, do doubt. But we wiah juat now to apeak ratber of ta* value mt a good phytiral conatltution to the man who pntaeset it, and to the nation or State where It la inoet generally poaaeaaed. Yet it la ope t\9 iKnaa hleeei nrre baI/1 r in nnveolntAil >i n Ii 1 U i *HV?u S UJ *?U until li * gona. and once lost it it aeldo.u recovered Of rourM health la valuable for ita own sake, or for the aake of avoiding the perpetual mi aery of aick neaa. Bat by oastttution we mean something more than health. We mean a healthfulneas of the whole physical system, so strong that It caniiot aallv be Interrupted There are many persons who are never al?k. and yet never robuat, never well. They never loee a day' work, and yet nevar do mora than tba work of half a day Tbelr ltvea are made up of a aort of compromise be tween atcknraa and health, which keepa their frieuds always supposing they are about to break down, while yet they never really do give way, but outlast half a dozen florid, healthy-looking men Paaty and aallow faced, they have a per D*tual liver complaint, a chronic cough, or an inveterate stoop of tha shoulders that makes tbem bead round like a ball or a tortoise. They seem to live upon tobacco, pies and ground nuts Tbey ever smile, never ?et angry, never are hungry, (lever are t!red anil never u?m< <ri>rrlu Tliia race la on lb* increaae amongat na. Our cltiea i warm with auck A breath of freab air more tban common would kill the wbole race. A visit to Cape May of two daya usea them up far the aeaaon | VV'e protect againat auck men. Tb?y maybe, and often are, very keen In partlenlardepartmenta and walka of life, but they are not and can a at be men who lake broad, eommon aenae view* of thinfra Tbev will fiddle-faddle over detatla and mln?ti?, wbile a large, heavy, broad-faced man of much greater obtnaeneaa of mind will aelze the ^ica? uuvmiri u& uUBincH, auu won ibcdi inrouj^D sn< cessfnllv. Men without constitution are soon w?n? out. Th*y cannot gire continuous attention to one point. After-so many hour* their minda flag, and any man wbo caa bold out quietly till they are a little worn down, cao (ret his way with them. There is a vital stamina of purpose which la lack ing in theia. Nervous, impatient and fidgety, they cannot wait for the right time and place, to icarry their point and eff-ct their designs. On the other hand, the man with a good con stitution Inspires a sort ef respect by his robust. firm, large and healthy look. F-verybrdy tcft i that there it power behind all that la put forth In everything that he doe* Ilia cool, eaty, placid wav. bit rheerful and aelf-aatiefled air baa its weight aa well aa lta aoftening and pleating in flnenee. He doea not eaaily get out of temper, and when he doea, it it the raye of a atrong man, o>it of the way of which all weaker men had bet ter atand and get atide. He will often lack qulcknaaa of perception, and be still alower In motion, but tkere will oe do w<tfte of power about him. if he makes a genture in speaking, fit will h? 1i??l Wis Ma* no more. A food constitution lie* at the basla of much sound morality. .It makes a man Instinctively noble?tna hater of all littleness and deceit Cor rect feeling and a comely person go naturally t or ether. Education may make a man moral, but the body Is the organ through which the mind acta, and where the body la in any easy and natural condition, Its instincts will at least be apt to be troe to all the dictates of what Is refined and worthy and becoming. If all this la true, it may ahow us the Importance of keeping up a good constitution at any price. The student who vetn this out. generally does it not ta? nver-tnair. Inij hi* mind, but by aeglectlng to do something else besides ?nertainiog to proper food, e*erci?e r bathing. But in bo doing, be cuts bimself off. not only from success, but from the good-will, the rinpect, ud the proprieties, if not many of tfce hlgbe* inanities of life. The parent or teacher who overtasks a cWld's brain, or does not take care to ar? that the mean* are taken in tbem to build up a good physical constitution, are train ing up miserable existences whose misconcep tions, feu Us aad depravities wi 11 make those ?e glrcted ones a disgrace to their fatniliea, if not a oare to the State and to mankind. ?? r HkU v* 1 a b IV I ??MT nfHVi.18 AT H105 kotia?Grrat Mortalitt 01 Hoard.?A letter from Capt Lothrop, of shipHouth Snore, of Bos ton . which took out a cargo of the captured Afri can* from Key W?t, states that he reached Mon rovia August 30, in forty-six days parage, after a fine run out The agent bad not decided whether ke would receive the negroes at Muarovia.oraend them down to Basaa The captala states that be had no trouble on the passage with the negroes, but Uev suPered severely from disease. There were 106 deaths among them froiu scurvy,diarrhea, dysentery- 4-c , no contagious disease Laving ap K U ?* "? ??? " ?_, wm>i,u ?u? m mr pure Bir IQQ cToaolinesa ofihe ship lu f* t uu greater s imber died on the pu< ^e taan while thy remained at Key West., They were very much rimciated when they went on board, and two thirds of them were diseased; and on examination a few days after leaving port, thev were all suffering more or lea* with the scurvy, the guins being spongy, toe teeth blooding and loooe. and leg* swollen?an in dication that they had >>een living on salt food Without veuet&blt* and fr?h mMt Th??? .. ? "V? ^ no e^f'taUlea on board for them daring the piaagv,a great many died In o?n??q'i<*ice. |y There wsaconnldfrible exrltwneut In po litical cfrrlei la Philadelphia ou Friday, produced by the official couBtof the voto for CongreM la the flrat dUtrirt varying from the return* made on the evening of theflectian and to the Frothono wrv * once so much as to elect Mr. Butler, re publican, la plac? of Mr. Lehman. The return j adije only preseats a certificate of the votes, *1gi)*-d bv tbe officers of tbe election. th?j ballots them ?'lvc?are sealed up on the night of tLa election and deposited with a magistrate, In case of any contest or dispute abont tbe election. Mr. Lehman alleges that this certificate has been fraudulently altered, and be asked a comparison of Its returns with the returns lied in tbe office of tbe Prothono tarv. But the election judges decided they could not eo behind the return, and gave tbe certificate of eleeltno to Mr. Butler. Mr. Lehiasn then ap ptird to the <.ourt, but tbe court bad no power to open tbe boxes Congf-as only has power, for the Constitution renders it the judge of the election retnrrs and qualification* or lta own members, aud here tbe matter rests for tbe present. v hit or thi t-KiMci to Rkiimwbs.?The Klibmond papers unite to giving emphatic and pdwnptoty contradiction to the Ul-natored state ments of correspondents of certain Northern pa per#, that the Prince of Wales and his suit* were treated with disrespect and rudeness by a portion of the -population of Richmond, The only ap pearance of truth in the allegations fa that on uaa or two occasions the crowd, from curiosity, pressed t >o closoly upon the Prince; but no harm was In tended, and tbe ineonveni^nc* w*? ?f ? iraftsleat character We have reason to kiow, from the best juthorlty, that the Prince and hi* nlte were especially pleaard with their vlait to K.cninoad, and with the completeness ?n4 good ts?Xp or the axran^emeaU by the committee ?f rfctptlta It oaght to be remembered that bis Jtceptlon In Richmond, unlike that In ??rtnth? T city, wu entirely popular. without military or j-uU,. e< and If, ??iW the circumstance*, |(ref>trr W?r and decorum could l>e preserved !n any other American tow#, we fcaow not Where it it. K. " 1 I * 1 ?*. i Gov WOK* IIICK* a*D Lktchkk SlIIKAlIS uovi. Mien, ca Jaarfrija4, sad L*tcb?r, of Vlr giaii,returned from an inspection tour over \ar Baltimore and Oulo Railroad, were poblicly H ived at Wheeling. Va , oa Friday eveainjj li a law my* ? o'clock ?lt*v. mad* bp of rank and vras formed, and lad by a ed to tbe taotrl and serenaded gentlemen. Ob*. Letcher r? I Wi VT51* for the u* th# r^V1 ,e*^*Ri ?U?d#d briefly U fl|* .PV]?n' ,h? 'impending crwti" iflra VtrgfQimiu should tie r'?* aid b? called ?i i loudly ippU 1 bi. roacludti rprr????d feUnaalf hlu ruUm AV'k^Mnv ' ih 'is by hit h?rer?, [?* wherein with hit. pss Tbr movement ja to have for ita laaAar *' a diat.a jtiriabfd g??t?*<ni from Eaateni Virginia. not regardrd m particularly aoaud ?pM the ilartry question f<M may year* pa?t y for hw and (or tiWy Instituted legal 0rocee<VUH? bg? landlord for damftgra to the amount o? becauao be lalUrd to bave tbe porch mad* strong enough to bear 110 poanda weight. Horribm T*a.gbdt is Cokwicticct?A Man Kills kit fir.? D wghtrrs and Cult kis otrn Tkre<tt. The New Haven Journal, of October 12, aaya A horrible double murder was perpetrated on Mon day evening 1b lirldgewater, Litchfield county. A man by the name of David Villets, a batter by trade, while In a lit of paaaion, or temporary In aanlty, murdered his two daughters, axed 11 and 15 respectively. and then attempted to pat an erd to bla own existence bv cutting bta throat Vllleta is about 40 rears of ag?| baa always Lived In Bridff port, and has been always considered a steady temperate man. The circumstances connected with this heart sickening affair are about as follows : Villets oc cupied, with his second wife, a small sbanty bouse In the town, and his two daughters by Ins first wife lived with them. Nothing was known of tbe matter until the following morning, when (s<t>s tlie Bridgeport Standard) he rapped on the window and attracted the attention of a person passing. Of course there was a great gathering at the place, and a physician was tent for. VilU-U' throat whs sewed up, and he was able to tell what be bad done, but was not disposed to say much, remarking that he supposed be should be exam ined, Ac. His manner was perfectly rational. If lnetne at the time of committing the murders, be had apparently recovered. It ia stated that several of bis connections by the mother's side have been deranged. A few monthi since he was in the employment of Messrs Sanford, at Hridaewater, but left them, or was dischsrged. He bad been at work in Brooklyn and otbt-r places, but had not been able to obtain a permanent situation. Last week he a J V .?* _ ?.? J ? * 1 * -* ? reiurnra iwbik, ana 11 is saia proposed w> give up houtekeeplng?hit wife to go home to her con nection* in M attach usetti. and hit daughter*, be aid, be would place with the Shaken. Ills wife, (not the mother of hit girlt) left on Mondav, and be, It is said. attended her to the car* Nothing unusual appeared in hit manner, and It wat noticed that hit daughters went tome distance to meet him on hit return. It it thought that be may hare had some difficulty with hit wife, hut thlt teemt to be mere conjecture. Hit first wife died tome years tince. He hat been re nut' H tn ha man ryf anKar h?Ytita ( t ( n |/ua u ?v w a mull vi b\'wci uauiw. X in i"up* posed that beta? In needy eirrumatancea, he had become dejected and probably deranged. The victim? were found as if sleeping. They proba bly died without a atruugle The firat blows which were inflicted with a hammer destroyed all consciousness. It ia thought that VilleU will recover. He la now confined in Litchfield county jail. Tn* Magnetic Telegraph Compact of Great Britain are now issuing small adhesive stamps for franking metsaces throughout their lines in the United Kingdom The principal is precisely similar to the postage stamp sy*u-tn A message can be written wberevt-r convenient, and, aftpr affixing tbe necessary stamp. It can be sent either by post or messenger to the nearest magnetic tel egraph station, and tbence forwarded to its deati nation. There is said to be a liberal discount on these stamp*, in order to assist in bringing them into general use. The multiplicity of the Ameri can Telegraph Companies will Interpose a serious obstacle to tbe imitation of this convenient plan in this country, yet it seems as if a conventional tariff might be arranged for an effort of tbe kind. Ann*, vrinslow, N Kiporlen ed Nurae and Female PhyalolM, prcMuU to the attention of mothera, her SOOTHING SVRUP. Fir I'htldrea Teething, Wkt?k grtn.f hdiitnia tb? pr?c??? ?f mifcuj, ~?j Hltn laf tht rami, rtaanr.j *11 mi*??maU???-*Ut tlfaj all r aik aod ipuiMdu asn?n,aad ii SURE TO HSU VLATK THE BOWELS. n?p?ad ipM it, ra*th?r?, ?t will fi*? r??: t* iad RELIEF AND HEALTH TO YOUR INFANTS W? hi.? pat ap and laid i>i? arucl* for avar ttu ytara, and can ?4T, II* COKflDiWCl A!*D T?UTH af it,?fcat ? bt?? aaaar btao able la. my ( any OTntK Madieii.t?(iBTBk MRS. | Ha? it failbd, in 4 t I K i L 1 to tr uer a cull, "sl'u " " wfcta timely u?d. Nt ??rdid wt kn?wi f?/i 'ifiii Ian loatane* of die atUfccUtti by tnj "?* ? TO. vh. n,| it. o? lha eaniruj.allari SVRJi1, Jalirhtad wiLfc lu eFIRiTIOKI, *nd J r >k la iirroi ( kifhtvl commtndittaa af it* ificj aid madieai ntwn. W ipnl in ;hia mat:ar " WHAT VI DO Hot," aftartan (iptriMCI, tKD rilDul Ot'l RIPCTa Ticn roi tni rvLriLKiHT or what w* hiki r>t CLil I. I> (Iitimi ttir; intetiMl irkiri uii infi'il n inf ?i (rmn p.un nail iiliiat'.i?u, rtml ?ui ba loud in r iwritj mtitvui afur tht trrap aumiauitud. Thia pr?p*ratia? u i?? prucriptia-i af ana af tha MM IXPIIIBRCID and illLPCl. NURIBI lo N?w En? ludiialiu btaa aaad wi-Ji ncTin-PAiLine (Ucciii |? THUVfyAH HO UJf UAFSAS. H im Wily rolia?ao tbt thiid from p*in, hat Ir T;p*r>iaa rta toraath and kawala, corrarta acidity, and ftvaa Una and Barf j ta lb* whala a/atam. It viU laMi icataatiy Obipih* in rum Downs Wm? Colic, aad o*?reonta ?*nialnm>, which, 1/ iat apaartily ramadiad ad u dar.k. War tmouiT nu ll kit caaaa of OT? UCi lit CHIfc afiaaa frw tar M. Wl FUR CHILDREN TEETHING apaartUy i it I Iba IJUI ?t r in tba wublb iffTtBT ?a<i d??* nutn, *h?:htr It or from aar otliar ?iii h?a a child ?af fariaf fra? to; of tfc'a fwaft.n'f complaiou?Do not i.CT f?i-I riUDixcw, i?mjh> rRDi'DK i* or ataad batwaan j?ar mf artng child arid tha raliaf th-.t will ha Il'?l-;||, ABIOI.UTCI.T lURB?to follow Via Baa of lb maditma, if ttn-ity aaad. Fall diractior.a or aoief will a o in pur a?th bottia. Nana faoBina aoltaa U?a fac-aiioila UOHTii ft PKRf.lNH.H.w York, la ou tha oaiaida vrappa Moid Bt DfBf'lau u.:?-gt.eoi tha world Prioc.pal 0"c?, Ifo. !l (*adar Siraat, M. T. Prtia oolv U Canta par Bottia. oall-dftwlv ilRORaCTOWV A HVRRT'MTS QQ LAKGKfVTOCR! AQ ifo BKBT ? ? O D S !! I. O W K 8 T P R I C F. 9!': F PI L.MAN it HUNT, OH Bridge ntreot, b*tw<*n W??hio*ton and Congress, ar? now ?r?p*r*t to how thnr w?ll ?a!cet >1 ?tock of DRK9S ilOODP, HOMKSTICH, & o. Ttieir iitora i the old Rtandof a ? n v 1 _ i J i j r . n. r<. oarry i nana i>e- n reraimei ou ana op la the rnoai thorourh in&;:ner, tb*y pu??m? faoili tie? unaq uaied in trie District lor th? pro?fcnti',n of a general Dr* ijwiw ttuataeat. They reapect-. ful.y invito & eaii Irom tha citizen* of Oeorgo'ewn aui vicinity, ocR-nn WK WISH EVERY ONE TO KNOW That i)R\ GOODS can ba houcht ohoap at BROWN k WHITE ft, No. 140 ( North &idb> Ban*** Street, Georgetown, D C. And to oonvinoe youraelvea of the fact, call and im those {flack SilV*, Printed and Plain IMame*, Poll De evr**, Merino Plaid*, French Marino*, Vaieu cian, Biack Boml>a?in*a, A paocas, fto., 4ro. Cloaks; Tyrian. Electro an<t other Shawls; Blan ket*: Men'* and Boy*' Wear, a pood assortment; Men'* and Boy*' Merii o Shirt* and Drawer*; l,a di?a' and Misses' Merino Vests; Baiou'* Kid Glove*; Hooped Pkirts; L'oraets; Piain, Border*!, Hems'iteh?d, and Kmnroidered Linen Cainbrie Handkerchief*; Embroideries, very cheap and no hutubuz; Hosiery and Gloves; White Goods; Yan kee Notion*, a full line; Lin*-<y, Oarahnrg Calicos, and Servant** Wear in abundance ; and many other thine*, which we will t?H rou of when ?i u ca 1 at th? Brown k. White Port totore. All of which wn will rail aa cheap aa the ahcapeat, -'or any other man." Prima ?rl. in,! <!><?'? ??? r? tj | UUU UVU * l?l % ?" J'lCWO. ?*' ? * W JUST RECE1VKD? . 10 hhd*. prime Porto Rio*i WJGARS* ISn ".hie. i..d Rye WHISKY, ' ISO bbla. HERRING And ALE WIVES. 60 bbla. Ouahed and Refin?l j-UGARh, SO bag a Rio and Java COFPKK, 10 hhda.(lov prioed > MOLASSES. For SaTeby JOHN J. BOGUE. ae 10 / IMANDKI.!. nPTT/TJV ored!,\ndfif C^LE ?. CoU of Ue beet siivity, in cold. aiFrar. itwljui'l 6?rmjui

nlver Frames. fT. B. OM Fr*m? E<Saire4 *nd ??y hum ?et ia thya to owlV. mo ?-lj MWti F?-W? ?we ?orietinitly lutimi iifan mi psraoniLi iinmoii to loia of mr bttinma; 1 un pr?par?4 u> r*r?on? from aauuuieo pan t>eatip- . ^ fi;ad at ? ' * oUnutmr actios. &a 1 ba^??l?r|? u? ' ruit immIk -'8*1 alp KcsJrgb' lw* ud Hnra??i rRANT,, ?um 01 SR/cSlRsas^ - -- |IANOi?-Ono very i prices. ?e IF YOU WISH TO PURCHASE CORSETS leea thta tht muaJ frioee. o?ll at oo ?* GIBSOVj 'S, ?f Seventh ?t. EDUCATIONAL. Academy of modern i-anoauages, ( Washinoto* Building.) Pa Av.itw, Comtr V $?r?ntk St'Ut. P*itat? Nstkcctjo** tn Fbkkch asd ?pajush. day AND KVKNING ri.ASSES TRAXSLAflOlto. a m. Dk MO\TfllT<RV. Prof??sor of Modern language* and l.i eratjre, baa :h* honor to an nouuce that ho will reaume hia Classes an J Private Lesson* <>n Wadneailay next, the 19th of Seplem o?r, m me above Academy. Ho i* prepared ?!? > to Jive, in scbooli and private fain I lie*, & C<>ur?e of .ecture upon the Fr*noh Literature, from the ftar lost Formation ef the Language to the Present Time. For term? ami furtiier particular* inquire at th* Academy, whart Prof. D? Moathurry will l?e in at tendance daily from 3 to 11 a. m and from 5 to 8 p. in. ?e 18-lm FEMALE EDUCATION. IIOSK Parent' who wi?h their daughters to re ceive a thorough an<1 vatematio education, where their physical training wi'.l receive daily and ?p?cia! attention, under the most approved stem of thenic* and Of mna*tica. are respectfully invited to visit the Union Female Aoademy, corner Four teenth at. and New York av MR. * MRS. Z. RICHARDS. T cftu lTincipaia. FEMALE BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL, ALEXANDRIA, VA. Mri. 9. J. McCORMTCR, PaifciPAt. The thirteenth ftniiual notion of this Institution will commence on Tuesday, September UUh, in lht> house recently occupied by S)1 venter ScoU, Ksq., No. 1*0 Kin* street. The c?ursa of study pursued will comprise all the branches requisite to a thorough Kngli-th E?lu cation, and Alusic, French, I.atin and Drawing, il desired. In addition to day scholar*, Mrs. McCormiek is prepared to receive a limited number of pupils as boarders, wiio, rOHstituUug a part of tier <>wu fam ily. will be under her immediate care and supervi sion. She wfll endeavor. *? far as possible, to sur round them with the oonifort* and kindly influences of Home. HefetentuRev. Geo H. Norton, Rev. D". E'las Uarruou, Rev. D F. Sprigs, William H Fowl*, Keq., Edgar 5nowden, Esq . Edmund F \Vitmer, Esq., Henry Marbnrr, E*q , Lnris McKenz e, Esq., Robwrt H. Hunton, E?q , W. L> vVa'lnoh, Editor Evening i*tar, Benjamin Waters, Esq., J as. Entwislo, Jr., Esq ,Col. John W. Minor, Louqonn, Blaokloct A. Marshall, Messrs. Corse Brothers. Tib .vs. Board, with Tuition in all the English Blanches, <}2r*>for the aniiual session?payable semi annuaiij, 111 ait vance. M uno and Languages at Professors' puces. jUj" No extra oharges. a a 28-tf \t ETROFOLITAN COLLEGIATE INST1 1~1 TUTE FOR YOUNG LADIES, 4Dt L. ST., BETWEEN 6TH AXD7TH STS. The fourth annual session of the Institute will commence on the first MONDAY in September. Application* should be made rarly, as the number of pupils ia limited. For particular* ir-? circulars or *fP'J to tlve principal*, Mr. awl Mr*. T. H. HA VKNNfcR, at the Institute. au9tf Mrs. m. u. kingsford'8seminary, 414 est.. WAfHiJI&TO!*, I). C. The next Mssion will oommence October 1st. I960. Terms. 4.0., forwarded on application. tu 16_tf_ "WESTERN ACADEMY. HP! VrprniiiAa thi* ?"?k/vrvl * ? W - v m BVIIWI y M U?D I ?uo VIH*I fcW of Or 9. L 1/Of HiB. and tho Primary Department un<1?r Mi?a Aimk K pKCi.will be re?ume?i Sep tember 3d. Circulars can be obtained at the book tore*. r (Int.* au 17-eo2m PLA1NFIELD ACADEMY. <>R?R CAtLllLK. P*.> Twenty ninth ?e??ion <20 weok?> oonrt">enc"-s No TMiber 5th. A family ichool for Twentj-five good hor?, for whose comfort and improvement the time and energy of the Principal i* de T?ted Entire expanse $75. Orcular* at Star Office. To Ml a few vacancies eaJl ai KtrkwojiU' from 3 to 5 p. rn.. October 18 and 19 ; or addr hh R. IC. R(7R ^ 54 Prlnft: fk*I ?.nrf Prnnrirttnr Cumberland county. Pv we ?-olm rjKOROriTtJWN FKMALE 8EM 1JNAKY, , VI (Kobmkhly Niii L. St. English's.) A BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL. The duties of this Institution will bo resumed on the firtt Monday in ?epteml>er next. The course or instruction embraces all that is taught, from to* rudiiueut* to the most hishlv fin isl:e?t education. The corps of teachers, ten in num!>er,are enu Sentlf qualified aud experienced id their several opartment*. LooturoaFr. lay ev?oini;?ou tlio Natar&i Scicooes Without oUatk > to the pupili. Circu.arn w^\y bcot>t&in?t l>v ttddrensinc the Prin 01 pal. Miss 5T J. HARROVk.R,treorgetown, li.C. au22 eoSm WOOD AND COAL. JMPORTA.VT TO HOUSEKEEPERS! THE PIONEER liW SILL 15? FIREWOOD FACTORY, (to of i:ts Blue Fi,*e Staff.* 8*?tb of the Canal, near 7ih street llridge, Will f_rnish, at the shorten notice, F1KLWOOI), T IIK B E ST QUALITY, Or Any Kinp, Cut a S lit to any IHtnrntic**. CHKiP~A IHAy TilK CHKAPEHT! With lull measurement guarantied. TTT Rom^mher, Thi Bmt* Flao 8r*rr, west mil* of seventh ?t*?et. muth of the, and op posite th* Center Market. GEOR6E PAGE, Agent. n? iirr^nuv imii mi: pi i vr Ti\f < L f a 1 v/ < V * V I * ? ' * ?-? V <1 tk IJ.\ II VI A i .U - BKK (ofaujrni?<><?riJimoii?ioiis>f,A\VKD. POSTS or JOISTS KIPPED, or LOGS SAWED, at tU sh> rteM not! oe ]JJT job# of BI.ACKSMlTHING prompt ly oxsotuod, aa aibovo. MSl-t "qTTTTT lifllUl riKL-WUUII miLL, Ctrncr ef Seventh at and Canal. w oT~o d of kind, manufactured to order, any length or size, ready for use. COAL?COAL. We have now on hand a he^ntiful lot of COAL, both Fed and White Ash, different size in- We are now, and will foe receiving C^al for the next ten day*, which we soil, delivered fruni the vessel, at a reductiou of iS cents per t<>n. Send your orders early. Mo KNEW A MAR LOW, Proprietors, e *7-tf Corner Seventh st. and Caual. WOOD AND COAL Delivered to all parts of the city, at the lowest possible rate*. T. J. A W. M. GALT, OAoe 383 Pa. av., between 11th and 12th ets , TrifL 17-tf mrtK 1 <Ia COAL 1 COAL!: WOOD! WOODS I am daily reoeiriai: iarpfr enpplee ofCOALJrtmn tiie very heet P*nna*T\-ama mine*, mriiioh I will *?"1I < at rea?o:.ab e prices Al*o, tho be*t quality ?f Oak. Pine and Hiokwry WOOD.outaa'l pJit.aflleniEtht. Call and leave your order*. R. W. BA I KS, Wood and Coal D? aL*r. a* 17 (State*) Cor. C and ltth ?U.. near Canal. NOTICE! I wish all ganUMBM to twar in mind that the plan whioh I ilopted, eix yeara &* >, of e^Hin* IATS and BOOTS at itrtatly re dnced pr;oea for cash ia in KBOoeatful ?oration. Ju*t rcerited a full t upply e( the latoat Wr York ?tyiea oi URKM HATS The vorj very Vfrrr vl^a finest Hat *18n;a fint rate Mat 93; and 1 komI,faktiio* able Hat 92so. All ofUi? latratat of aort II ATS and CAPS, at the very lo#e?t prioea. I am fontUriKf mimIkm wttt? ?wry large itotk t>f * ? Am DRCSS BOOTS at #ST5-whioh 1 kave he??n aelltnc for many y?*ara?aa v?ll aa the vary hart 50a! t? of Pat*nt 1 .anther OAITKKS at #3SO. F?ae FVeaefc Calfckm Gaitera from 92 to ?2 9). Terraa oaah : no extra charge in order to offaat baddekta ANTHONY, Agent for the Maiiirfao tnmrt .... . M K. r .1 orrer, apposite A ?!) Hmm, No. *40. ? u-**i ti MtWONBAHELA RVS WHISKEY, Co*Mt*itf?stirdi?t|tkdto7 Mr Jtm?i Bunrnde. of A IUjmj Count*, P?W?I?., ib %ti? otrt-??hiooi?<l lionMi lhoobui<?at md m??*t carafaUy ?wt*d K r?, * t a im> ea*e eY*r otferrd lor sua til ad?pu>4 to wtl?>lr*oaie IM ny t(? It u at ono? the moct aalatabla. ? il?* ^ noa'lt on? Hf Ila th? r?*aeh o{ tu? pa*'io. uie invauu. t* van uuuimi 4n r.MUta, tt ,?omnieBd? for its unrivalled quau m u a irttmulREt of the *nre*t, *ad uu>?t bei *6o?t 'leupr.ptjim.aad m*cr or tht> mn?t Ptijr>ci?n? are u?id< it iu tLajr p.acUae with the WM. C. CONOVEK, n>m. FOR SALE AND RENT. F^OR RKNT.-Two new thrw-itorj BRICK HOU;*KS with hack bmklinc*. raoh hocn" cor tuning 8 roomi, witn t??, tica>ai<Uy iituu'eJ on 8th street rorth, between M and N streets : rent n?<w1??rMe. Appl- to K. LAZKNRY. opposite. or to JOHN T. LKNMAN, OUio avenue, betweeu 12th and 13th etreete. _ oc 9tt ITOK RKNT?A aea'.ljr fuuulied HOUSE In the F Hrnt Ward, on H. between >7th ahd ltth ?U, No 21IT, coatMninc a double parlor, S or 6 chair, ber*, dining-room, kitchen. auU paltry ; with (aa. oold or hot *??'r. Hath-roorn, Ac., Ac. Apply to L. 1, LOVING, Fourth Auditor Ottes. Oe4K* t^AKM FOR 8AL.E ? A hiehly improved Farm, oyntairuu# 115 acres, with two-story fame dwe.ling and all convenient out houses; fineorrh ard, e*eellsn? Ae., situated on the Little rn*er turnpike, tatrfox county, Va., 7 miles from A'exandria Terms: $4,001; one fourth cash: t! o balance in 1, 2 and 3 years. Apply to LOl ISA SOMER5.?n the preunuoa. oo 1 3w* FOR SALE? A new two-storv-and-baeeiicnt BRICK HOUSE, containing 5 rotms and cel lar. situated oa 11th at north, Iwtween L and M sta , No. 37*"?within 5 minute*' walk of Ho Northern Lrtt*?rtiej Market. Term* unusuallv liberal. Apply on the premises, or to McKENNEY & LaSS DAI.E. corner of I'a. avenue and 7th at. ae 34 Ira* |<*OR KENT?A three -atory BRICK HOtSK I on H ."treet, between 4th and 5it>. Also, a two atory BK1CK COTTAGE, jrarden, corner of Tennessee avenue and north F atreet, surrounded b> a large common pasture, and would be a desjra bl" location for a dairyman. Inquire of C. 1*1 R(? E, iii; 10. k .? ? ?A F^OR KKNT-TM FIRST FlAMiR <* toe ouua ice imrr)edilW?lf op ?o?ite the vest Vint ?f thr City;j oocupird hy Chw. 9. Vrallttot Re an offioe. AI bo *he front room in the soocne stori and the third floor of the unx bviidinc. rot Unas apply to RICHARD WALLACH. No. 8 STSEHGTHENlNa CORDIAL AVI BLOOD PtRIPiKK THE GREATEST REMEDY in tkt WORLD, Louisiana arenue, ja 13 11 Dr. J n MeLEAN'8 ard the most DBi-icjor* **t? DELIGHTFUL CORDIAL EVER TAKES. It i? trietir a ?ti ladle and \eftta bit C'oniponr.d, pro* emtd by tba diauila r. i Of r?on, herba, and bark a. Ttllo* O^efc, Blond Roof, Black Ro<", 8? ran pa ri I la, Wild Cfxrry B*rk, and Dandelion tntfr? into it* ccin po?ition. The truri aetiTt ramtiial principle ol ?ith ingredient ia Bttore r taking. dtetillinp, producing a daiieioua, eihiitratinj apirit, ?od tha moat infilliMa ramfdj for rtnovauug ikt eyeiera, and restoring tha aick, nBtrtug, a&d dabiiuaud iuvalid to health and ?ue McLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL Will effectually enre Li??r Complaiut, Dyerepem, Jaun dice, Chronic or Nerroui Debility, or the Kidne**, nd ill deenaee arUinf from a dnirdered Liver nr fl'oinach, Dtiptpui, Heortnurn, Inward Pilee, A'idity nr tickiiHi of tte 8;ointcb, Felln'ae of blood to ihe lit?d, Dnil Pain or 8*i<iuiaii| la the Head, Ptl(uuuoo of the Heart, Flllueu or Weijjlit in the Stomach, S'iur Erocutione, Choki ? or Suffocating- reeling when layinr down, Dryneee or Yellow nan of the Skin and Eree, NifM Sweat*, Inward Perern, Pain in Oie 8in-ll of the Back, Chen, or Side, Sc?<icn Flnehee of Heat, Depreeeion of Spin-a, Priftatful Dreamt, Lanronr, DetpunJtuCy or any ueriuu dietate, f'eret or Blot-bee ou the Skin, and Fever and A roe (or ChiUe and Fe?tr.) OVER A MILLION BOTTLES have been aold daring the lae( til raocthe, and In nc in nil u UIIKU 1U CIIU(? iHiwiactK? ?r ' t. m'l, will enter from Wtnlu'ii or Debility vh(o MCLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL will care you 1 No language can eoneey an adeqn.v* ides of the immedi ate ar.d alrinet miracnloue change produced by takir if ihie Cordial in the dieeaood, debilitated, and ebat-.eied nervosa yatem, whether trokeo iovn by ticeas, weak by urnirt, or Impaired by aicknao*?the relaxed and uneuur.g organi. i-Uou i* reelored to it? prietioe health ar.d njror. MARRIED PERSONS, or other*, con scions of inability from whatever cacee, will And Mel.KAN'S 8TRENOTHENINU CORDIAL a tHo rough regenerator of the system; and all who may horo in )ared ihtn.sslvee by imprupor indulgences will find in thia Cordial a certain and tpeedy remedy TO THE LADIES. Mi LEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL la a *o?*r eign aud speedy cure for Incipient Goneerr puta, IN hues, Oli:ru"el or Di*cn!t Meoeir3itioo, Incontinence <4 TTrine cr loTolant*ry Discharge thereof, falling r4 the Womb, Giddit.eaa, faulting, ana all dueaeaa incident to Fenslea. THERE IS ,XO MISTAKE A ROUT IT Snfl?r via Tak? if arcardiR# In dirtrnmii It wall antiinlate, aueufthAn, and mrifontc yo and can** the bUwn of health 1* tiiovnl jour cheek ajfua. Eterj loiUe I* wnirni'el tc give MtitfaCtioo. FOK CHILDREN. If rent 'hildran *re ileklr, or a(Bicl*il, MCLEAN'S CORDIAL will roaka th*rri be?hf>?, f*c. aad rrHmat. Deliy not a mviMnt; trf K, tad yi>o wul ta ccoriac*d lit* de IfcMBlUlakl. CA VTION. Beware of drafctiu ur de uiri ? ho ma7 try to ptlgn npmi jou ao:ne bit:*r or raap^rtUa t.aah, which tb?y. c <a huv ehe*p, >? aayiiir it i* lux >1 rood. A?oid *neh man Aek for McLEANt BTREfcGTHKNlNta CORDIAL, acd uh? noUnur alae. It la th* only remedy that will parif* th* Blood ti.Jroughlr aad V.tha aam? urn* atreafUiCn an av'strm. Obi teftipofeuful ukca titty uwrtiii .g fie imp i* ? certata pr*?*nti?? for Chill* < nrt Fe**r, Tallow Ftwr, ur tor pre*.lent 1?*ae*. It ia pot at hi large H'lri i"r 1 a* only $1 p?r tx-ula, or < Hattlaa for $i. J7 H MtLEAN, Bole proprietor of thia Cordial; alao, McLean'a VhIcmiic Oil Luuma&l I'r.acipai Dapol oo ti>? earner of Third aad Pioe mteti, 8t. Lobta, Mo. n'i Vftlporiir? Hi! T.i?im*?nf U ? V VM 4MAMl?l?VUVf (THE BEST LINIMENT IS THE WORLD > Tb? only aafe au4 certain carl for Cancers. PIIm, Tb more, B?ell:nge ai.d B.-ooeht'e or Coitre, P.<ra)reie, Ne? r?i?ia, of rbc Mutclee, Chr?uic or Infunmitwry Rheumatism, U' of the Joitiu, Contracted Mua:ie? or L'.gamenta, Ear-Che o( Tuoil.tcht, Koun, Spraiae, rreeh Cute, Wound*, Ulcere, Ferei Serfa, Coked Brrtat B -re Nipjlti, Buri.s, Bcald?, Sort Throat, cr aajr Inlunsiatioa or re.:o, do difference how severe or tone the diee-?te ib?t hare eiiete*. McLKAVM CELEBRATED LINIMENT U a certain remedy. Thcneacds of htuucii beings have heen saved a life of die crepvsde -r,J miaeiv by the uet of (hie invaluable remedy. AlcLEASTS VOLCA SIC OIL LI SIM E N T Will relieve pain almuat iaetaof r.eoualy, aad it will clean, UUrtfv ud heal tha fonlttt t'km in an inrrtilihlf Ann iiii * FOIi llORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. MeLEAN'8 CELEBRATED LIXLMENT lb* oal* ?fe n.1 reliable remedy for the core of 8p*?m, R nf!H?e, V\<r,<*p?l a, Bp'rati, Unnatural l.urape, Nodee * Swellirra li ncer filled hi$ Heed, Pclleril, huuU, Old Ranking S >re?, or Hcttay, if prvMr'y tpflied. For Spr ilu, Brunei. Rcnt-iiri, Crocked Hte.i, Chafe*. Buddie or Collu OalU, Cell, Horn, or Wonndi, ); ta an infallible remedy. Apply it ?* directed ud a care ie eerta a in ever/ melajice Then trifle no lorjjer with the tr \*j worlMraa Limmonte oflfred (n yon. Obtain a aupply of DR McLEANtf CLLE BRATED LINIMENT. It will yon. i. H McLEAN, Sole Proprietor, Corner Third end Pine Ka., tu Louie, Mo. CHARLES STOTT, 375 Pe. ?., ?..le ire.u in W?.t.i?ir to?; R, 3. T. C1SSEL, Georgetown. ie<4DtW'ly 'r ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. 1. HE Nwt Dravrinj of the Kuyti Hjh?? Loi ter j, ootnlaoUvj Lr the Govorairifnt, umler the r*B?rv!?ioQ of the Cap&ic Gecer*! of Cub*, Will U*o plkoe lit Havana on SATURDAY, Octoui ?, 1W0. SORTKO NUMERO 544 ORVIXJMO. CAPltAL PR1ZK 9100,r00. 1 pr:se ci f 100,000 i so prize* of #1.?* 1 fo co do f<$ I do ~ _ 30,000 1153 do . ?uo 1 do . S8r>,<W| Xapprox. , ... gjpp 1 do _ io/?<i i IX ALL **? r Ml IKS. Whola Tioketa. *20?Uvvfi, 9 iO?Oaartora, 96. Prize* ouhM at muLt at 5 Kr cent. discount. Uilla on aJ) ?o>ert Banks U?eu at p?r. A 4ravine will Weforwaed M mod aa the roank wviuwauvwm _ . _ , . Ah order* for ??hwne< or ticket* to he Midrcaasl to DON KO'^Rlwl CZ? oc S-*t c*T?nf Citv Pout, r^.w-r'^rtn. A. Q. ^CHOOL AND COLLEAK OUTFITS. Youth*'' and Boys'' Clotking for School and I)rift Wear. Parent* and fnaruian* vuhiaf to ftirmnk ther 0i<!rfnimJ ward* with Soboo i d I'oll' <? OuttiU the comian i?\*onrar? iuvji*4 r*ft#?nt !a'e* and extsneive %**ortm???>i BOW* PLiiTWlWW, Ifcwl th*y r?n it ???* tln?lr ek<Mr*n of ail eisaa in a few moriMtt with ?r?n descrip tion of K>*dy mad# Garment*, of *ci>ataati&l ai d CO. an3n-tf 3 Jiirenn. ayenaa. HW. HAMILTON 7 . PAlNTKft, DKAlrE* IN faints. ^ No. MS 7tm Sr?t*T, ?v Odd Pktln#' H+U. .wi-tf prrrv i? down. pARAfnKE yftffrw. CANDLE*! A brtntlful %rticl?.*<fO?i in to jalaat oUarCnd w> i?m4 j nn?t ?t mucb MM ooTt Ki.\G k. BURCMKTLj ftn lo. Corner ViuB^ot ir. ?ihi 5th ?t pOR t ym t?ALB.-A ptur M CO?Uh T?mi Mil faut. *-;M far ? * THE WEEKLY STAR Tki* n?*!!?t FiailriM Nm ! !?I ?i u.ioic? ft raruty of iat*rwlinc rw*n ?h*r. OU M f>??4 IB UT ?Uk?r?M fvMulMd M SMBI-da? IDOTBlhg. T?im> Cirt,Mnrn>l|>,wi<wn. ^incx" +M. M* MOW ? ? Fi**c B* t^Wnbirtc to ??W w?M ?? ? ????hbeq? without the iatrrT?>cM?B of a own **?ut. ? v.II >eioeire?l per otmt. of T\* VN. It lDWIftMT OOOl*?t>? th# __ **?falIt U g N*wm" IMU itM mint 7'4? #<? ? < S1* o teorr&My tkroHghnat the ooMlrj. 11^" iinfl* oonm tin vr%*ferB> ?ti attheeo?Tit?r. 'niir. %A** tfc* ? * *& P?|mw. Pnw-THRbt CENT? ICT Po?t?MMt*m vko act H MNH WlU fc* *1 U>v?>k isonniMui Of * ONll. MISCELLANEOUS. PROF. WOOD A RESTORATIVE CORDIAL AMD BLOOD RKNOVATOR la preoiarlT *a?? ita rain* Ir*)?H?. ioe, villi* to tb?t??t?, it la re.ivifMtc. aitil^nun ?. iatl?oral>nf ao>1 ?trei.jtl?oi ln? U> tue ?iia hiwri, Uu at ttie ?aoie Urn* revivitiM. rcinttotM, a*? r* newt th? H ood ii. a I ita onciral po it?. and at onoe r?$tor*i and re*4?n tkt w*im\ ??? ?<? to titlark* if 4 *????. It la tk oBif frfftialiya ever off'phi t-> the worM. ao oheroioa.i? an* kill fully o .mbined aa to t?e tne r oit powerial tome, and at the aam- Urn* ao perfMtl* adaptor to. aa to act in perfect aoo?rilat<oe with the la we of nature. aiji nwiw will tooth* tk< ?r<aJUrt ttnmmtk. and U>n? up the di(<wtiTr '>rgaaa. and tfeaa Mi aer vntia.d other irritation. it ia j??rfeot y ?-al?ila'a tine and at the nm? time it it ei-mpoaed ertirel? of TfijeUli M, yet ?o oontiiii>4 ii to yr?ii?t U>e Bult iborvu<h Iwmfl without piuiliwiaf M) in jariou* con?' ^uch a 'SwnJj h%? ioi.k i>?en fe t to J?ea def>id?ratnm tc the Medical wix.d. foritnneda ao roe<Mo%' akill u> rM that dtfe.litr followa ali attack <4 diaeaae, and prooeeda a- d ia - deed laya the nyrtem cp -n t>> the inatdiona attacks of mu; of the moat fatal, auk. far a* to* following: CoaBuiiijPUtiU. JijditMtloii, l)>?p?paia, Losiot (Appetite. ta-io',n^??, Nervoua writ**! t'y, N'tiu pta. Va! citation of the heart, Metaaono:?. N iht owt-ate^ Lanror, Hidunma. Retention at. aa wi i > I H.IIIIUI VKIIUCVII. WU fMHUK1) or ?)?nl MruUruatioo, atd of the Womb. Th> *e a'l dep< nd ofH>n fei erai <Jatilit?. Tki?pme. health? tonia Coroia n?l H oud K*iH>vat<>r i> ** kuro to cure a* the sua i* to r>a? and ?rt. There is no n~.i?tak* it. Hot ihia i* not all If Uia Mtem ia weakened we are opaa b> i*Jieu? at taoka, tae liver br Koek torpid, or wnrae di**a*ed, the kidney* r?faM to perf-nti their function*. an<f ?? are troubled with Maiding ao4 ine-w tme? o- ef tirii>?, or invoiuuiarj (!;>0{.a ^ o;u.? hum, pain in the back, site and between t*ie ?homdei?, e* c?vdmrly liable to aiif ht cold*, roach*, ai.d if ?n ohecked. *<h>n em%otati?n foilo?a,and the patient (<>m duvi to a perinatar* crave. Hot anace ?nl ' ot alio* ua to ei.uu.orate the i.iai.f Ilia lo which w* wo iivviq iii m wtmrnro c'hohioti ri mt lyiffn. Hutw? vi. m< it Urn C-ortiki tad BI*o4 R*rnn tor )on Suva a p?i'*ot. nit, pi?A*Ant And rff#ot??l remedy for lor* of Apptu*. bilioutcMa. FiAti leceo, w *Ak .i?k ^U>*baa)i. i ?nco?r. l.irer Couip aiDl. Chill* And Fever, or An! B lioo-AltAo*. r>> i,vjie*?, Aci'litj oIlktM atAon, NfnoiniiHi, Nea'A ciA pA'P't*tH?n of the H?Art, D*pr?**ion ofSpiuU. slorci, Pimp.?* on tli* Fa?a, ??r abj di? ea*o Analog from in sure Imooi, each A* hcrof?iA. fcrynp^'Ai, Broncfciii*. Courh,d:A"u ?y of Bres.Hi in*. And All IteAt o'am vl Ji?- a*?? oa; ?d Wa.* ve&kn?aft.And ecumerAted Abo**. W? Wltl A>*^ ij trio iiAVCioi rjup'Ji'-ii i*i cpiarmiCl, on?fi. f Of climate ai d water, will ?nd it a pl? aaait. aaJr *id tare r*~r ?.d>, atid no one ahould trat*; i with out. K??ot, try it. for w? aaeure yon ?o? wwl bud in it & fi tend ind ed.aa well aa atri"nd in Lee?l. All peraona ot sedei.tary hal'ita will find it* p?i feet p pv?oti?K of, as w?;l ai a cure for Uio?e an maou which the; are r&rt:cul?r'y ex p'.sad He> oa nunistwa. aiudvnta, attorney a, nterar? gt-n'lemeu, nod ladirgwhoare r->t ee -nat m?d to mi?h out door exe.eue, will find it to taeir ?dia:.ts?e to keep a bolt e cou*tai.Uy on hand. aul above * I inott.eia or tiioM hecumiac a?,cli. wi.i *o th ou?h that moat <1 an?eron? period d't on!* with all taeir aacaa'omed etrergth. hot eaf* a no free fiein the Uiounan l ailmei.ta <? prernirr.t aaooii tin fomaia portion of the wo Id. ia short, ta indeed a m< ther a oordi&l. *1 i it old arui yumic? iu> 1? s?r rii.i lit* n*k r f delav: it will r?li?v? and pr< ?* it??if *m phat.cM.* & Rtitcratit* Coidtal and Blood Sewer* tor. mm U. J. WOOD. *r??rrt'-tor, 444 BrotdfH. York. Mid 114 Muk't^lrttt W. Ixwii". *n. ?nd o d b? all |jod DmgtiaU. Pno? IWn BultlOi PROF WOOD'S RESTORA TIVE CORDIAL BLOOD R^OVATOR au aj w xj. o. t. a. Hr!l!IEWELL?l . UNIVERSAL COUGH REMEDY. For all Throat <?nd Lung Compiaupt*. from Common Coughs to Actual Conwuwtptutr HUNNE WELL'S JUSTLY CELIBR1TID The Natural and Sur? Remsdf /?? mil Ner vous Complaint*, From Neiit!(i? Uirumk aU mmi vhan Ofhb was ever uaed to Uiatof l>*.iriuni i rowror, ?. OOIlllOOfc 0iU#l Cfclif of LOt* OP SLEEP. The Tola Anodyx*. though ooutaminc ??t a par tie * of Opui'Ti, prodaoea all th? reaoirmarnU of, and mar be uMd ic alt aaaes whererrr Opium *a? ua?wl wititout arrffaeicg aayOiin# bat Cii/m acd 1m*iui th* pati- nt a p*r ?ot y nr.utm. aiate. The L'niveraal Cough R * moor. (Tree* from all tkr common obicateoa of <"amA Rentedre*. which pr nausea or proefattoart may he onnaiarred th* wmnor eremytoail Throat and l>ar( Com pi&intt. aiid used with per foot impunity Aalin* al to crutrt from proprietor a c-? irtoada lh? uv?r? luvoatnatx o of both Rerr?edi>?,aii(t readme of our D\trphlelii to t-et?>nr.<1 with a!' <iea!er?. arcfl more partlcl'Vr'f to porr^KW unit of w.' o ~ 'rf * " ~ d-Mn Ji>u* of I'r.U. i:t? *nl Pk?r;o?an?. Prices within rwioh of a :* A?tirns J. vv. HrifTTtwuL* Co., 7 aad 6 Cmti Wnarf, Bo?Un.. tfs.u I! rwiiwiu., 14 A W?'.er at, Now York, It.U-r rheep^i*. tup*rri?K>n of .MIR N L. Hi N KKWKLL. Chemist auJ P!iartnaooutiat. PoeUyt, M?., wSow* airmtar? nr?n the oofcaoftha genuine only, and to wfcoat atldraasaU oornmuci in*>?i iij aii r^pAOtattia daaiais evarrvto***. and all tue Diu{(iiu id \Va?iiiu4t6? and Qeotcatowu mar 2R en.r To PROCLAMATION I THE CITITPVR OP WASHINGTON, GEORGETOWN. 4c. WIlWl, At the preac** seaaoa o Ur rear a uiiu una o un I L* u WalmbH ouo, DV8ENTKRV DfellUTY.fce.Re.. prevail to an alu'mrri extent: And tekertat, |t wut b* of th? F'RST CoNPEQl tNCB ? ??<??"? 5Xe4edY_ ?t once Fuft, Sr**4lti, and Ffc&c?* ?. UK. JOQNTARDE, or offsri hi> MIRACULOVW PM1* KILLBR CKRTMN AND * FfliCTUAl. REMEDY FOR Thii AliOVK COMPLAINTS In order to ?ati-fy _ THL rt'BMW that :to itm?o?:t?or i? intend**! in IS*sale of tl.ia Groat Mtd ?' ne. TUB MOMKV WiU KK RLFl'NDEP M C454J when Um B*ii:au?a UiU to (iv? eaUra Mlicfe??;*) A?k. then tAsx.t Dm* fltre f >r utm A.cri msira * ukfn rtlwwl, and tf act perlretly Rata.'a loOiir Aurtt, L>. B. OC.AB K, E#0 . 4)4 8u?et *??d P*&uajlvibt? A?nn whuviU rifutd your moaej. Price?8# ard 60 CraU f*r Uotu*. For aala at all Drag . tore* wrjvh?*p. J AS. NkDON.SJiLJ., OtMoI AlMt, JyH-?otr HfciBinm. Xff ATCHREPAIRING ANO^UA'ER WARB wjr IH [>vr Ainuill . I b?r? o? Ike and (?r nuii?d with aoomaUle ?U at L*..? for r?pa<r lv uuc ?>v?rjr d*M>i?uon w 6?e TVa'rhe*. ? 11711 reticular att?ntl< ? fir? to tt>? fkmf, H v#HK |oro;i?h noropft-nt workman an^ * wrr k ftied Al o.av?ry to* M * aMw >! i W R W A RK. >f Mcfctn ^ H?r my own Mparvia>?R. which m$ ru?t *i" * > ! la'?up?iv>r iu quMil? and to oitU'ra w??? old Ly 4ctt*ra n.fatrrai *W t'rJL' TV", ;VI,i'*,r Otn luuwctara ft O H'M>D. iat Hf> fia.???? ?*?'' KlOU* UA> fcoMMlBfclON fILL * T?f ? C#*ner < > *ti pkH* IWrfh* "* ' VB_ rtim *?<?" Of tl?? ft'**,**, * Jr||? * ?* j?nrr?r>? < ? ,. pirt IX Tua ; r-.?? I wr^. Ml ULANCtUID A MOtiV Cft u?r K??t?uUi (. mm! Pa ?* piNE PIANOS rOH RENT OB1&U. M ? wowt?4 %- Lil'fc! ?oa ultor imw tv *? W( r IJ V?* Ba7* AC* JllfW WoVtff. HKGrwk'MMMi Pwlt?tiirotu^r^, lfoir th# Kresell of Huoort d* Hftluc, IrtMlllW s, mM 1L*t?bUi H. wd r?. ft*.