Newspaper of Evening Star, October 17, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 17, 1860 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY WEDNESDAY ? Ort.b.r IT, 1MO. ! the n*rnli| l*vaaa. The Comttitmiiom urges the conwwtltf men of the roontrv to profit bv tt?e leaaon taught by tht late State eleetiooa. and unite on ??w Kreckm ridge and Lane ticket. Tbe ume paper pub llahf*, with comments, a Ion* letter from Hon. Amoa Kendall, vindicatory cf hi* late political courae. The Inttllifmetr suggests that the Intelligent itndent of onr political annaia can recall the fre qaent period* at which It has been common to despair of the Republic, and that sacb a retro spect can hardly fall to prove Instructive In every season of public apprehension, as aerving to show that the "evlla" believed from time to time to be Inevitable, have existed rather In fsncy than in feet. V * * . > fTT A great ball was announced to come off at the Proapect Ifouae, Wdttoi, Massachusetts, on Moodav last It vr?? to be iriven bv the bleb colored ton, and was to be attended by the negro elite cf New York, Baffido and Philadelphia. IH7*The Roman Catholic Church at Carlisle, Pa.f was destroyed by ire last week. The edifice was an old one, and was insured to its full valae^ The (Ire is supposed to have caught from the altar candlss. 1X7" A testimonial has be-?n proptsed, on behalf of the American people, to Captain Wilson, of the brig Minnie Shi tier, in rescuing nearly six hun dred .persons, passengers of the steamship On aught, from death by burning or drowning. The passengers themselves have done something. The people of Boston have also testified their imn? p|iiauic 01 qis conauci, ana now Mew York will report ber judgment of bo much gal lantry and humanity Quite an excitement occurred last week In Carliale. Pennsylvania, which came if?r ending In a riot Several United States recruiting offl cer* from the barracks were arretted for fast riding; a rescue was attempted by the recruits, when one of them waa badly beaten. 11 is brother officer* h?ing under the impression that be was sent to jail, assembled to the number of forty, armed with clubs, and demanded a release. The Sheriff called out the citizens, dispersed the mob, and restored quiet without loasof life. fir* We are Indebted to the editor, l'rof. L. C. J.oomls, of this city, for a copy of "Travels in Cnrope, Egypt and Palestine, by Mrs. S. B. Thomas.1* Frnm th?? iiitfr(lnptun i??' * 2 we gather that the work Is by a lady to whom the So itta is largely Indebted for her wccessf-il edu cational labor*. and who la now a rrsidrntof New Orleans. She baa produced a readable book of travels, having a id the good sense to tonch but lightly on stereotyped sceaea and to dwell on tUoae ait ao familiir. The bsok is handsomely iwued by the Li ppincotts. PrrMtal ? IklaVjr Dodge. IT S Indian A cent at Oarsm Valley, I'tah Territory, bas arrived In tHs city, nnd taken quarters at the Clay (formerly the United SUIfii) Hotel. Col Philip Johnson, member of Congress elect from Pennsylvania, arrived In this city this morning, and :s stopping at the residence of bis brother. oa Eleventh street I sane V. Fowler, E*q.. lata postmaster of New York, was to ieave Havana, on the 15th, in the ?t?*iroer La Uulcn for Vera Cruz, on his way to Mexico. The following is in circulation : Mr Everett 4ia rich Southern widow" soon weds, And "whoever it can be," mak?s fools rub their heads. But why mystery 's made of the th'.ni: I can't tell, As he's followed for mouths a Well known South em Bt-U J?hn C. Heenan left New York city last evening to respond to a very presaiag invitation fr-ra Buffalo, where he is to n* required to answer to the rocrt for^the part betook in tbe Price and Kelly tight in Cauada a year since It is under stood that ? the Boy" will test the question of the legality of his arrest should the suit be pr?M*-d. Mrs Anna H Drrr?ey. who has contributed so largely to the Catholic literature of the country for many yeats past, but who has been dan^er n.,aW 111 / ? 1? -4 ' ?- " ... ,ul un HA I1IUIHLS. II m present so mien better u to have recommenced her literary labors the it translating. a* rapidly ai her pul monary affection will permit, a Life of Pius IX. by M Alexandre St. Aubin?a work just issued, from the Parla preaa. "Nr.GM W Kendall writes from Texas to the New Orleans Plcayuoe " It was in the win ter at 1?33-1. at the otilee of the National Intelli gencer in Washington city, where we were both employed, that I at first became acquainted with Pranci* Ashbury Luutsdcn Born in North Car olina. of good old revolutionary stock, he had erred an apprenticeship with the elder Gales in the office or the Register at Raleigh He was now lathe esnploy of the junior Gales at the seat of Government and from the first a strong friendship sprmnx up between us. We met again in New Orleans the following year; we finally started the Picayune together, and from that period a close amity and friendship existed between us." rtiiilnl Ilea*. Tbe Governor of Arkansas, F.llas N. Conwav, has issued a proclamation to the militia of the state, directing them " to prepare for toouble and danger The New York Journal of Commerce analyzes tbe vote cast In fifteen Congressional districts at tlx last election n toe State of New York, for tbe purpose of stowing that the opposition to the re publicans can elect fifteen membera of the House of Representatives to tbe next Congress, thus In suring In that body sn effective anti-republican majority. Got Gist, rf South Carolina, has issued his proc lamation convening the l^eglslatore of that State in extraordinary session oil the first Monday In November next. u that they may be present, on tbe Tuesday following, to appoint electors of Presi dent and Vice President, in ronfermity to tbe act vt Congress, and also that they may, if xdv'.sable, take action foe the safety and protection of the fHate " Tbe Richmond Knqairer. in predicting a dis solution ef the 1'nlon as inevitably consequent on tke election of Mr. Lincoln, holds the flowing extraordinary language:?--Virginia can no more prevent tbe dissolution of tbia I'nion after olaSelection than she can prevent that election >te will be powerless to prevent cts41 war, with u iHuwiaam oomTi Any one of the Soutbfrn states can, and tome of them trill, involve the whole country. North a* well u South, la the Internecine strife of a bloody and desolating civil war. Virginia will, by a majority of her people, decide upon resistance, wLHe a large minority tray desire to jioatpooe resistair e for tiie 'overt act," but. hltcb^d s?? she Is to the Southern St;t< *, she will l?e dra^td Into a connm ? destiny with them, no mat er what may be the desire of her people We believe that a iar^e majority of the people of Virginia. If the opportunity of a State Convention was allowed them, would vote for Immediate resistance and for a common destiny with the Southern States; and w+th this belief ice would adits e <4t slace Stan* nut to AajiIa'c to strike an early Mctr from fear that Virginia may iun ate ms her duly to tke Soieta."' JJ7* The Havana Dtaro de la Marin? under takes ? explain Walker's object in Centga! Amer ic? Arcoroiog 10 mat pap*r, Walkerw.ti not working on bla own bonk, but was the agent uf an AurMcen aaaocution, whw motto 1? the Ri^'uU of the Southern State* '' and with whicti he waa in romtart communication through a "Mr. FayMooi " Hi? project was to form, with the help of a few inhabitant* of Ruatan, known already to the government of TruxiLio. an inde pendent MaU- of tbe Republic of a part of Hon duras and to annex It ur ttie Ametiawi lTn?on. The new Ptate would have contained tbe liay 1 aland* and the whole part of the coaat of Hondu ras, from Punta CavtiHa to Otno*. Walker would have been, ?>f conrae. placed at the h*ad of tUr ntw uovernnicnt And If, by the lAMrvt-ntloii of th? Britabera, the plan was to fail. Walker did not think that all np>n?t Uirurred should l>e loet on ttilt account; -for he hoped that in I lew Lour* he cou'd capttire. on the Hay Itlnnda and on tbe northern coaat of Ilonduraa. from 3U0 to negro**, ard ?ei:d tfcem to Mew Orleans and otL?r stoutUra Mutes, to be aold th*r?*?->-? and inflMTiDlfy Ike peraona wLo bad adyan'erd nuMy for tb? expedition ?? ?oct? Caholma Kuctivm ?lb* H?U Win. r MHet Tim b?ea re-el^-ted to Cougrma, without nppr?ltl?ii. from ttie ClitfUitoi <i?trlci K?frt rtay to tbe eirct'.on of inetubars cftLe i.?gi?iature tbe Mercury aaya: ' Tba question of aepa.-a'e *ecr?ton of South Carolina ;n tba evect of Lincoln *a elrcflon, and states la tba South Ailing to lead, being i>< eiratore, and not a aubject for action before tUe L*-g1*la?ure baa not been made an Ua?e in tbe eaavaaa We be'.ttve tbat the delegation almost to a tuao will vi.u- to arm tbe Slate aud a? call a co?v*otioii and place South C.irolint by the t'.df nf Aitbaira Our readera wilt remember tbat tbeOoversor of Alabama is instructed to issua v-rtta tt election and tumatoa a roneenttou of the jeopie of that State wttbia forty da\a aflti il Is kartrUiked ibat s Jilark Kepubi.rsa la elected to IL? tutideury. Backless Rrsnn.?We are now daily hearing ru mora of plots for the destruction of the Union. Tbia morning we aaw a Washington letter pub lished la the Boston A'lai and B?#, aasumlng to give the detaila of auch a conspiracy. having for lta primary object the destruction of tha Union la caae of Lincoln's elec'lon; and, aa a moans of securing the cooperation of th? Government of the Un'.ted Statea to that end, th? speedy procure ment of the retirement of Secretary Floyd fro* the Cabinet, becauae, aa allegad by the writer, he la well known to be actively hoatMetft the scheme The wonder-monger credita Senators Davla and Slldell and Secretary Cobb with beln? !ta chief engineers. In half an hour afterward* we were confidentially Informed that a secret meeting of the Governor* of the Gulf Statea and South Caro lina had recently taken place, whereat a full and carefully matured plan for the secession of those State* had hem agreed on. According to our creduloua friend, Alabama 1s first by legislative action to declare her connection with the existing Confederacy at an end, South Carolina next, Mis sissippi next, Georgia next?and so on to the end of the chapter. Now, we have to aaajre the public that thire Is not a word of truth whatever In these or any of their kindred stories " floating around loose*' just now. No man in the country is In a better position than ourstlf to know the truth in such matters; and we know well that the gentlemen named by the correspondent of the Atlas and Bte would be vuv I'UVIIV uicu Iu IUC 1UUU vu asmiTJC lO 1071 CI their respective States into any anctf action, what ever tbeir position might be were th??ir State* to take some such attitude. .Nor isit poaslble that the Governor of any Southern State wonld assume to initiate auy such policy for hia Slate: that, not being h!s function. Alabama haa already, by legislative action, devolved on her Governor the duty of calling a State convention in ea*e of Lin coln's election, to be charged with the duty of determining on the course demanded by the emergency for the protection of ber rights and in terests There is danger tint hot blood rather than cool reason may guide the councils of that convention. YX from private information in which wc eon flde. we are very sure that if Lincoln be elected he will at once make such a declaration with rtiercn'e .o iue policy or his administration con cerning slavery, and alao with reference to its composition, as wi'l place upon thoae who would destroy the Confederacy ere aa overt act ahall have made aach action on the part of the Southern States a measure of unmistakable self defense only, in the attitude of vicing to overthrow the tiovernnteut of the United States only for the ?ake of overthrowing it. Standing in such an attitude, they would be utterly paweriess with the people* however strong they might be were the incoming administration to be organized upon the "irrepres aible-ronfiict" principle so definitely as that the South would comprehend at a glance that the main object of its policy coald not fail to be war on the institution and the rights and Interest* of i thr South, from the moment of 1U installation In i r* DKFAKTWIENT SEWS. Army litTKLlioR^cs. ? The troop* at Fort Larned, with the exception of a small guard for the security of the public property, and three of the companies of toe lirst cavalry at Port Wise, win i>e iinmramrif withdrawn to Fort Itllev, there to remV.n for the winter. Assistant Surgeon Abel F. Mecban has been n? slgned to duty with the recrulta to aall from New York for San Francisco on the 20th Inst. Hn will afterward* report for duty to the Commander of tLe Department of California. A*st. Surgeon Geo. K. Wood haa been assigned to duty with the recrulta to ar.ll from thla port to Texas on the 31st last He will afterward report for duty to the commanding officer of the Depart ment of Texas. Ant i*urgeon Clinton Wagner haa been as signed to duty with the recrulta to leave Carlitle Barrack* for T<xai, via Fort Leavenworth, or. the 31st ioi>t. He will afterward report for duty to tli* comma).ding officer of the Department of Texas. News from trk larJiMC* or Pa*am* ?Dlr petches have been received at the Navv Depa t meat from Capt Porter, lu command of the snuadron at Panama, in the absence of Capt Montgomery. He reports everything quiet, bud BDDrehends no further ImnhUhomtl^1. - - - V.u ?UV i UW\ I I l I ID It ts centrally admitted that the timely landing of Kngkish and American force* at Panama pre vented a serious outbreak and great Ion of life and property. It sj>pe?r* that the Kngllsh landed their farces before they were requested to do so by the authorities at Panama Uwtthd State* asdTkxaa Boiidart?The work of fixing the boundary line tietween the Territories of the United states and the State of Texas having been < ompleted under the superin tendence of Commissioner John H Clark, that otllcer, with his party, set out for Fort Smith, whero they arrived on the 2?th, all well. The party will oere be disbanded, when the Commis sioner will return to Washington and arrange his report and maps. MCI rtAX MlN1?TIB PTMrTRY ? Dinpatcbts have been received at the Department of State from Minister Dlmitry, who is still at Managua. There was no political news of im portance. They had just heard of the summary manner In which the Hondureans had treated Gen. Walker, and tbere was general rejoicing uiuuu^ me i^ic?ni^aans Col Landix'i Kxpiditios. ? Advices hnve bfCT received from Superintendent lender, of the Fort Kearney, South Pms, and Honey l.ake wagon road, dated Sacramento. California, Sept. 27th. The party disbanded and Colonel Lander la enjraged in making op hla report In time for Congreaa. Thi WiiTRU -The following report of the weatner for the morning Is made from the A met tesa Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smith sonian Institution. Tha time of observation ]a about? o'clock. OcTOBan 17,1B00. Burlington. Vt .raining * ??cw York. N. Y clear, plraaant. Philadelphia, Pa. clear, pleaaint. Baltimore. Md clear, pleisant. Washington, D. C cloudy. Richmond, Va 411?. Petersburg, Va clear Norfolk, Va clwr, ZZ?, wind K Wilmington, N. C cle??r, cool. Charleston, 8. C eleer. 52 , wind NW Augusta, Ga .....rlrnr, cool. Savannah, Ga. clear, cold. Macon. Ga. clear, ?jold. Columbus, Ga olesr, pleasant Montgomery. Ala clear, pleasant. Jackxon, Ala. clear. Mobile. Ala clear, 50?. New Orleans, La clear, 59?. * Slight shock of earthquake about six o'clock this murning. VBOM THI WIST. Frederick, Md clear, pleasant, Hagerstown. Md clear, pleasant. Cumlicrland, Md cloudy, foj?gy, cool. Grafton, Va cloudy. Wheeling, Va frost. 491, caira Parkersburg, Va cloudy, pleasant. Harmer, O cloudy. Cincinnati, O clear, pleasant. Cleveland, O overcast, 51-. Ottawa, 111 clear, 40*. ? Rock liland, 111 clear, 4 J^, wind N Barometer at the Smithsonian at 7 a.m., (cor rected for t?n:perature,) 30,015; ct noon, *.JU,ito7. Thermometer at 7 a m., 40'; at noon, 54'. Maximum during 21 hours ending 9 a. m. to day. ?1*; minimum 3H*. ? ? ^ ^? J NlVtL llTtLLlcl*n ?Th. " *-* th?* Mediterranean squadron, the itwni corvtt* Ric hmond. Is now In commission olf the N orfel* .Navy \ ard, and only awn It* the final <11? patches of the Navy Department to sail to her destination. She will ptoMWy leave on Wednesday or Tburs d?v Commodore Dell, tbe Commander-in-Chief of tbe new 11-f t. will have hla force* assembled on the nation about the 1st of December. They will be us follows: Oicen Tons tad men. Guns. Fag-shlpsteamer Richmond. 1,929 3U0 10 Steam frigate Susquehanna..2.450 340 IS Steam gun-bcat Iroquois....1,000 'I'M 9 Total. S,:??9 840 41 Tbe Richmond it to be chiefly employed In visiting the most Important ports on the Mediter ranean aeaboard, ana may, for sums time, make nauirs ner Headquarters. The United 8?nte? sbip Sbubrlck arrived at 9aa Die^o oo tV- *HU af September. lJrat. M. C. WatklM, of the Uaitad States burner Sartnae, Pacific Squadron, whose death hat been announced ti ered the service on tbs a h rf Mar, 1H34, receiving Ua appointment from Virginia, of whlob be mas a native Hts tea w rvice aoorukd to IT years; b? ?M an store duty I years and ft 'ornilU. and *pent 4 years idle; total t me in the service 2(5 year* 1X7" The idea of installing the Pope la Jerusa lem has been broached by the French press. fpT A government camel ex pre* tea been ea ttbl! shed between Los Angeles and Fort Mohave. ~ -ffvssi Ckilltntar'ANfMi, CIUm* By the California expreaa, at r*t Joseph, the fol lowing has been receivt-d from California : Sa* F?*5Ci?C0. Oct 3 ?The steamship 9onora aailed on the lal?f October for Panama. ti connect with the A?ptawall tVrniner for New York, with 2lfii)!isaen2?ra*nd #W5,0W) in treasure; atsoT21 (XK) worth of WMhoe allver ore Tbr Douglas primary election held In San Franc! wo, on tbe 291b. demonstrated tb'fkcttfcat the Irish votera are almost unanimously la fa*# of that dlvlsloa of th* democracy n.tV ?? ?? a*.- * * ? - - Dvui i?k> ui >dp democracy *r? conMrnt of cwrying tbe State. A good deal of beMac kas conxneneed. and there ifoii to he no dfor?l* | ia getting backerton even bets either for or agalaftt PfigMa Heavy beta are always supposed to e^rrrlse an Important Influence oil California election* The republican* are accordingly not unminaful of such tactics Kugene Sullivan, a prominent mem tv?r of tlwU party, having already wagered iS.UM) against S5.M00 that Lincoln will be elected by the prople The money is deposited In baafc. I .lent. Heale arrived from Independence St Fort Tejon. with a party of fourteen inen, on the "27th Intt He report* the Indiana my tmhlnnme on the Albuquerque route On the 1st inst IQlum w?i? ..~.i -? u FrancU o from Fremont's Vlarlpo^i mines. being the product of tbe previous eight days. OlKOI. Fnll advice* from Oregon explain the progress of tbe Legislature. Tbe attempted adjournment of tbe House si?i ,li*. a* advl ed bv lsat express, has been eotirelv receded from, and decided to have been impo?' ble under tbe clrrumstances existing Wben it was attempted tbere was murh popular indigna tion at the attempts both in the Senate and House to destroy the session by a premature and illegal adjournment, as well as by tbe secession of factious members, so as to deprive either body of a quorum. At the Inst accounts, September yth, both Houses were in srwion and duly organized, tbe aix al*ent Senators having returned and taken their s-ats in the Senate. The Informal pr#c?d ings had in their absence were ratified. The Governor sent in bis message on the \$th. It takes strong Breckinridge, grounds on National Dolltir.l ?? * x- ? ?111 " "** ? ? ..W ?ua? uc Will CBli II" ** x* tra session of tbe Legislature if it adjourns with out electing tbe United Statei Senator*. Thi? coof?e would postpone the election for two years, the sessions being biennial. Vnder these circumstances it is thought that tbe popular clamor will insist on an election and ' ther legislation during the balance of the forty d iy*. for which time only the session can constitutionally last. ?alim. Oregon, Sept. W?A. joint resolution passed both branch^ of the Legislature, yester day, providing for a joint convention, to convene in the hall of the House of Representatives, on Monday, October 1st, for the e'e^tlon of two l'nited states Senators. The vote wasunaulinous In the Senate; but the resolution met with strong opposition from tbe Breckinrldgc democrats In the House. There Is no certainty of an election taking place at the time specified. China. The ship Lotus brings advices from Hong Kung to August 13th. The Hong Kong Press of tbe 1(Hh and 11th of August has advices from Pechelee Gulf to the 2tHh of July, on which day the allied fleet siiled for the ace.i? of action, tbe French iu 01 vessels, larte and small, and the Hriti?K t? f w . . . ...M uj.fUIMO V* job"veneris It wu generally believed tbat the lit of Aug oat bad been agreed on for a combined attack upon the Toku forU. It was reported tbat much j<*al<?usy ?nd bad feeling bad grown up between tbe French and Brit sh; the account *?ying that the British are very indignant and disgusted at the pretention of the French. IT7" Mayor Wood publishes a card of thanks to the firemen, in whlcL he says he is requested by the Prince to sav that in no country baa he wit nessed an exhibition of like character to tbe New York procession at all to be compared with It Y5?COI,L MBIA ROYAL ARCH CHAPTER, I st No. 13.?A xta ed communication ?>l this rhiCpter will be held THIS i Wednesday) K VK N'lNft - * *" (Wedai - ??? vvnupaiiiuut. Ill rt'gU!tir - in* are cordially invi ?<l. _.t J. F. McCLERY, Sep. A MEETING OK NATIONAL tODQ K, No. 12, will hoiden at Ma*onic Bali THIS !ne<wliiy) E VENING, at 7 O'olock, to make ar rangement* for the funeral of our late Brother, Jams* Luli*. All Master Masor.i are oordi&lij Invited to a tend By order W.M _U Wtt. H. JOYNER, Sec. -Y^y=" CENTRAL BELL AND EVERETT 1 L 3 CLI~B.?In consequence of the hall being ?n?aged for another purpose on to-morrow evening, t ie weekly meeting of the Beit and Everett Club wrl l?e held THIS ( Wednesday i EVENINo, at half-pact 7 o'olock. Member* ate requested to I* punctual in their attendance. ? If CliAS.-l. CAN FIELD. Sec Y"5" THF, REPUBLICAN ASSOCIATION |._3 will hold a meeting at the "Wi<w?m." cor ner of Icili.v a avenue and Second etr?et, TO MO fi ll < > VV < Thurmtay ) EVENING, stl'i o'clock. Tfie lion. Da.vid Kilookx. of Indiana, will aJtlrM the meetirv The pubiio are respectfully invited An opportunity will btf afforded all whr. th?ir r oc 17 8t* v-=f?A MEETING OFTHE JACKi*ON DEM <L ocrAtic Amociation wj:l He held 01 TO MORROW (W?|.Md?yl EVENING, October 17th, lit 7 o'clock. The member* are reqaeated to l>e pa'ctiiAl in Attendance,a* batmen of import ance wul bo tranracted. Br orilw C. BOYLE. Pre*. T H Quktt.Soo Qc lC-2t y*=?DEHP9EY O'TOOLE. ]_3 WBUOINO J.Y/I VISITlNft CAHD FNURAVgRS. Importer of fin# WEDDING STATIONERY, WEDDING ENVELOPES, the moat beautiful at j lea. 326 Pa. Av., between 9tii an.I loth ata , au 27-6in WAinimroii. ONE I'AIR OF LARGE am. FINE GROUND HffOW BOTTLES*, for apotiie<jAri?e' win down, for aale cheap, inquire a'. JOHN Hl'RY A CO. S, coiner Pa. ay. a"d 3'tli ata. oc l?-2t* WARM UNDER GARMENTS. Our A??ortment or Wiml ?;iw- ? -- ' " - .. noun", aiu i/ut" Ion T>uers*HIRT3 anil drawers is n?w complex, botUftt wholesale ami rii'nil , n?. STEVKNS'3 oo 17-6*. Pale*rooin, grnyn'i Hote i. TCKMETKRV notice. H ? ?nbach bar offer* for bis *tock of M A B n< e monument*. tombs, grave ST^Nl Sand MAR8LK MANTEWnt reduo~i price* for omIi or approved note*. An earlr o&ll ia solicited. WM. RU * HER ford. Marble Vvcrti, 3S2 K *t nor?h. 02 17 3m . botweon Uth and isfcb. (^ENTh* Fin# laifakin 8?w?i Boots, $376; 1 (JentV Dr uWe sole ami Drub "upper? Boots, $5: Gent*' fine French CalftkmBMX Gaiters *rd K<vt?- B>t*' and Yfu'h>' Umtf HJ Root*; Ladi< a Kid, M< rocco and G?atakir. Mb Buttoned M??ts; I,iv?tinr l.aoed, buttoned, I on greaa. and MdlakofT Bcota. A!*o. ererr other ??! oi ivuea', ?r>i^anil children'* Root* aid Shot, at J. ROSENTHAL'9, Pa av? batween and 9th ats. oc |7-Mtr RPROF. MARIN I . KHPECTFUlyLY Inform* his former patrons, and the eitis>D? of Washiax'on renora'fy, tlia* he will ai'ain resume hi* DANC>N(i CI.A8SF8 at ?^ie Miowint Academies: U' ion Aead?nirf oortier of Fourteenth street an<l New York avenue,and at Stntt'i Hall, cor ner of Pa. avenue and Twenti'th street. For particu lar* in regard to tormsaiid days of tuition pleaae see future advertisement. ocl7-?* L. O. MARINV. itronj, A o Y S T E R 9! OYSTERS O Y 9 T E R 8 !!! ! wool 1 reip^ctfnlljr inform my customer* of last year, and tha puMio.that! have r-com-^. minced the oppmnc of OYfTKRS a'(^^ my old and, <o'ner Penn. avenue ar.d Frurte?nth street. and will be planed to supply them at any time with Oyst-ra J*hti-ke<l or in the Sh*ll A? I buy tbobrst Oysters and ae'l t" private fomihes alone, with cu'ling out th ' largest for cooking and tlie box, I can supply a tatter article than may be f.-urd elsewhere. SAMUEL T. DRURY, oc 17 .... wrocer. uiirs "i inn jyi-TRICT OF_ COLUMBIA, CogxT* at fy tl tr, I tno ?nti?enber, one of the Ji.?hees of the l*ea?e in U W?To vnt i hereby certj- rr\. fy that Richard liutt, of \Va*hin<ton cnun J V^ tv. District Columbia, brought before and for ?atd county. this HStfi day oi (>e dlAr. in th* .... w uuruuM a* imtra*. tr?apa*?it)7 upon hiainclo!?ur*e,acheatnut aorrel HORSE, at>out 9 years old. 15 haoda huh. forehead, l?ft hind foot whit-, fraPed by the onllar. ahod All rom.d, witch tail, trot* and cantera well, and has been n?ed in gears CSireu under ray hand tlwa 16t)i ?*ay of <)ot?)>?r, 1K0. J. W. BARNAC1.0, J. P. THK OWNER OF THK ABOVF. PROPfcR ty ia requested to eoir.e forward, prove property, ch.?~. .?d ?*. him .Rw?V. bi tY oo 17-3t* H+cond ToU-j?t?, 7th at. ACIiOSltiOiOCT, - LARGE AND SPkRVDIDSTOC* nv ni? v ? ? W * ? GOODS', ' WITHOUT KBOA.KD TO COS*. t The death of Mr. Dtriua Cla*ett makoa it aoooe- (, aary for m to wind up oar haetaooa ao apoedily w \ poaeiblo. Wo therefore anHxmcw our tnlaoliea poxibTolr to oioM oat tiro wholo of oar tatce etoak of PRY GOOIW by Ut? let JM?M7 for oaok, , without regard fc> oo?u en- I . % 'I'ho etook rmlirtcM ' cpnorai Meortmant of ? FOREIGN Mkl UOMK8TIO ! the very boat qotlibeauUI ? well k?o?*i in thi? i community that w have nnver toept My tbinf OMO i Uuuii at olaaa arueloa, > Md wo will warrant all a ?*<? -**?...? lYdrf Ertiol* in tK? ?u.-t. ? 1 * iuri.rvii.v All iMkMM will ka ' " l?y of ?*I?, to ux part 4 * OC 17-1Ot fiREAT BARGAINS IJT IN DRESS GOODS! Now receiYin* from the large wictio* >?j? ta New York much tha 'argeet find most varied ana stWish Mnortmeat that we h*re rftrof to oar friend# aod purofi irite their apiciai I where. ooM?t Ij.towl SaSSevint .y ?.1. Ot'i 't V ,an?T? AddlUeaal Fuei|a iltvi bj Ikc Arabia. A mmirsij of tb* Pope's allocntloe at the e?m ilstory, of the iPUh, Is published. He reprored ind condemned In ite strongest terms the detest ible and sacrilegious sttak of the King and Gov- | rninent of Pledaiont He protested and would lot cease to protest against their acta, which he leclared null and of no effect. He euloglird and ?lesard hip defenders, and qelled on the European Pswars tor assistance. He deplored the dlsastroua Mid pernicious policy of non toterveatloa. and -.ailed oa the Poinri to eftamiae aeriaaslj Into lis langerous effert#. and comc to the assistance of iqb niaff or tli^fUthful, who ia attacked by ttM parrtc'.dal arm* of a d?xenernt? aon. It la reported that Napoleon, la reply to tW Pol*, prauounwd tbe noo-intrrventlon pcfnciplee. I'd while promising to maintain order in the Holy See, stated that bli deaire wu to consign Rome to the protection of a genuine Italian Power. Ylctor Emmanuel Issued an addreaa to bis sol diers at A ncena, extolling their bravery and the righteousness of their cause. He concluded by sayi>g that he usautnes the command aslie doea, to be foremost where thero is danger. In the Sardinian Chamber of Deputies Culettl demanded the production of all documents relat ?*- ** ? ? k ?' ? cum j vi iue rviraiman troop? into l m b'V* and the Marches Count Carour refused to comply. He also de clared there existed neither public document nor private entry?that no conversation or no negotia tions had taken place. and that no power bad nade any proportion involving the cessation of a single inch or Italian territory. He pronounced the statement to the contrary utterly false. The capitulation of Ancona is confirmed Gen eral LamorlHere surrendered to Admiral Persano, vrbo manned the yards of bis vessel, sadJC*T? him his own cabin. I.nmorlclcre goes to Turin by steamer to Genoa. The Sardinian Chambers have resolved that the Ktncr shall Vx> " O? 0 ?? ??.* m ru au (ivA Ul ^.HUini* those provinces of Central and Southern IUly In which the population, by direct untveral inff nge, vote to become an integral part of the Sardinian Constitutional Monarchy. The {Sardinian army has not v?t entered Neapol itan territory, but Garibaldi announces that tbey soon will. The headquarters of the army will be at Aqnllla. and the King will command in person. The forts of Pescarit and Augusta. in Sicily, have surrendered. Messina still holds out. The only provinces left the Papal Government are Civita Yecchia, Krosin none and Velletria. Some modifications of Garibaldi's ministry, to meet the views of the Neapolitans, have been made. Uerian! has been dismissed A better feeling between Garibaldi and Victor Kmmanuei now exists. A n?n? -? -?? > - - .. vi iu?*?iui ucvi'trn mai no King of Italy should be proclaimed before the kingdom of Italy la organized at Rome. Garibaldi baa granted a p'nilon to tbe mother and sister* of Agesilas M ilsuo, who attempted to assassinate the King of Naples. The details of the defeat of the patrlota at Capoa state thtt the English and Hungarian brigade win badly rut up. The Papal Government is making fresh enroll ment*. and promising large rewards to the re maining Papal troops concentrated at Tivoti. The Spanish Government has demanded a Con gress of tfce Catholic Powers with the view of guaranteeing the integuty of tbe Slates of the Holy See. Tne French Cabinet admitted tbe expediency of such a Congress, but says that territorial changes demand a general European Congress. . r Tbe French submarine telegraph from Algeria hat l>een successfully landed at Minorca. The fnneral service for the Papal troop* lately *1*1 n wna celebrated by the Archbishop of Paris at Notre Dame on tbe 5th lnat. Several French Biabops have issued pastoral letters protesting against the acts taking place in Italy. it amors were revived that the Kmperor would go to Warsaw, having received an invitation; but the l'ays and Fatri publish a denial The Paris Bourse on the 3th wis dull and heavy, r\nmi n ? *1 AOt Austkia. The wives and families of tUc Austrian oflicen In Vcnetta Lare b-*n ordered iuimedi itely to quit that territory. Rv*ai&. . uc i-njfjir-w was aainy urnverea ul a 1'riare on the 3d. India. Tbe Bombay mails to .September 11 badxeacbed England. Tbe Arabia baton board tbe American portion. Tbe news la unimportant Tbe Bombay market for cotton and seed* bad cons derablv advanced. Imports continued unsatisfactory, out there was more doing at tbe reduced prices Yarn bad an Improving tendency. Freights was ratber better. 11 WEDDING INVITATIONS, . ASTEFf'LLY Aran*^ anJ Enrravnl by DEMPSEY A O'ToOLE. uc Hitt> Pa. avMiiuf. A SPLENDID CHANCE FOR tlAK(>AIN? ! IX A li. SIMM or DRESS U II O DP! From the Finest Arti'Ars down to (1( Liwil Priced Hoods. r*T A fiDTT L M sfits - - ? vuaur.i I IX. ,11AI s iar<e an>i i p;en<J I (1 ?top k of I*K Y GOO 1)3 maat be oio??J out bel'ore the 1st January next. Thote who wihh bargaina ahould come early and bnn* *11 the Can* lh-y can apa-e. The atock will poaitively be ro d without regard to cost. For Rknt.?The fine and very cmmodioua STORfcROOM? weoeeeupy will be for rent, and po3-e??ion given on the l?t January next Por term? apply to Cf.AGKTT * MAY. oc 17 et S24 Pa. av., hetw. Sth and loth its. P IJ R 8 ! FURS!! FURS!!! I with to call the attention of iny cuatomera and the puhlioin ic?n eral to the lact thai I hnve fitted up, in the rear of in* afore, a retn lar FtJR ROOM having aelected the Skma acd a 1 of my Fur a made to order, of the latest Anil n.?*? fashionable at*Is ^11 cf inv stock is entirely new, sn?l hough* at the lowe-t cash price. I can offer my friends and cus tomer* on? of the larc?*t and best selected stocks in that line ever offered in Washington. A call is all I aik. HOPKINS. Sign of the White Hear, oo 17 eo2w Corner of gixth st. and Pa. av. Dissolution oFroPARTNVRsHip?Tke copartnership existing l>etw>enthe snbsoiibers under the name and firm of N. G. Coasifts & fcryw, is this day dissolved by mutual consent, A. W. Corning having s'>M and disposed of all his int"re*t in tho said firm to N G. Corning, who is author ized to a- ttle up the business of taid firm, and who will continue tne Sash, Door and tllmd Business at the old stand. No Seventh street, opposit* ti.e Center \1arket, where lis solicits the continuance of past favors. N. G. CORNING. A. W. CORNING. Washington. October 15th. labrt. N. B.?I take this opportunity of informing mi f and oustw?eri cenerally that 1 havo obtcrea the einplov m-iril of IM. G. Caning an raJ?rmiin, anJ hail l>* happy to i*e them at iu? place i f buiineim, vhore I shall in eouataat attendance to aerve tticm ae heretofore. op 16 A. W. CORMNG. (VTOTfCK OF COPARTNF.K3II1IJ.?We, the i" uu<t?rsigQ;(1, have this iia? entered into copart rersl.ip to transact the oneral Auction, Commis >ion ami Furniture Business. usd^r tk* ntme and t)leof Box.z k. Gkivfith, HtlNRY BONTZ. C. THE GRIFFITH. BONTZ A GRIFFIIH wobM rea?ectfuUr m for their iriemWanri tha citizana of Waahington that tliey ave opened a c*Mral Auction, Commie IKkn Km( luirmturA IW U ? f\ *J * * -* * ,..VH ui ui*m i ?j ovi *"? nu? "*** / i3i3 vf nui nrwi| between I Kiwi K at* The* will h? atri#t atten tiou to all button** eotrMtad to tltmr care. Par ticular attention paid to all aalnaof Furniture and Rial F. state, both at pubUo and private sale. A ?<are of tiie piiMic i* earnestly aoMoited. Auction and Cotimiaaion Merclianta, oo LS-ooSt ? No. 369 7th at., bet. I and K. ^ wus_g? . A largo let opened thi* day in oar Cloak and ?ia?l Department, cowprifting tbe newMt novel t???, and at ieu thau tuual priooa. Wo invito the ipoaial attention of the J.adiea, J. W COLLEV A CO., o?U5t 383 Seventh iL, abate Pa. a v. W MUSIC.?A largoat collection of the iau?t justreceived. JOHN P. ELLI?, SOfi p* av.. b?twfon ?tb and 10th ata. LARGS LOT OP VIOLINS, PLUTES, AC :ORt)EONS, BANJOS, Ac., jaat ooenrf at IOBN K. ELLIS'S, 306 Pa avonae, b??weea?th ind 10th *tj PIANOS for rent or aa'o cheaper than at any .thtr piaee. JOHN F. ELLIS, 306 Pa.? ., between 9th and 10th ata. . CHICKERlNQ A SONS' PIANOS, thao'deit hctory in the world, ariooa *?a?onablo, and to bo tad only of JOHN KELLI8, 306 Pa. a*., ha ween 9thand loth ?t?. an 16 ggx f\ JUST RECEIVED. oTknf1 Sv^it ?yw?lkj tCSS&SST: " *" ftgHETA ? ??!??? jgW<m,iia j, ) !?,r. < ?T NBW CLOA lOk - n R B?t?ttal* d?y rwaiTM Trom N?v Fort a . no IS TAYLBEfc HUTCqigQff. t?r Umoe. 'A"LV . >! JM Ol li>| ';n , M Uii ; J f|J s -i /.cwaro I I *>* JC Thf Priatf ( W?!m at WW Mit. The New York Pm( ef Tw?d^ iWIBi peaking of the |?mge op the Hudson, tafa -A generous collation waa prepared for the gueaM bout 1 o'clock, under the dlrecttoa ot Mr 8tet aon. of tbe Aitor Houm. which waa faithfully dlacuaaed, aad within the burning of a cigar aftar the company araae Ika boat waa at tbe Wnl Pol at wharf. Tbe Prtare aa4 aulte were here preaaated IVl fuuh.u -- ??- ? . . a. ?aon suggestion ttey wera wniMji koM provided for tba oceuloo, snd trsttrd otr. I^ttd Peaftew appear* to great ?d raatege on bsraebac*. He seemed b<coa>e 1b tutiy a part of tbe spirited creature he bestrode, i*4 drove straight to U? basrts of tbe thoussad* of spectators who liaad bis patb ud tbe hill si dot leedfhg t? Ifcf Ace4?my A dragoon escortaal jted him aa be left the wharf, and when he reached tbe plane a national salute of thirty-three gens was A red from Fort Knox. Tbe party repaired immediaUly to headquarters, the reafdenoe of Col Pel a he id. where ha * as ra re 1 red by Gen Scott, snd presented to Mra.Colonat l)ela Of Id and the Misses Delafleld, and to the prsfeuors and officers of tba laatltutlos, wiCh thrtr wives, and a few other lnelted guests. Af:er a? hawr * isis apeul here, tba party proceeied to Islt the Academy buildings, la company with Col Delafleld and other gantlaroaa attached to tba institution This was followed by s grand review, which Is tho* described by a correspondent of tbe Harald : " Right battalion companies of cadets, elarea flies front, presented themselves on the right of tbe line; tben tbe compaay of ssppees aad miners of forty men: then the UtM* r?n? ?nr.? ?r ????.? artillery?a corps of cadet* acting m can*o**era; and the left wn* occupied by a detachment of dragoon*. commanded by Llaut Dodg*. in a few minute* after the formation of the line, the Prince and anile, Lieut General Scott and Major Deai appeared on the parade ground, when Major Reynold*. the rommandn of the troop*, gave the order to ' Prepare for review ' The rank* of th? troopa were opened, the artillery unlimbered. the offlcer* and color* to the freat. when the review ing party marched to the head of the military column, while tli* band played the air *f 'Cod save the ({neen ' Aa the Prince aad eacort paaat-d down the military tin* the band played the very elegant air of the1 Flovrera of Kdinbargh.' The reviewers passed dow* the front and between the open ranka of the troopa back to their original po sition on the pirade ground. The troop* were then broke into column by com pan la* and mare bed la review?first la common time, then In quick time, and finallv in double quick time. An the commandant**f tbe companies paased and sainted the Prince, be graoefu 11 y raised his hat in ac knowledgment 'The review, although the nnmerlcal strength cf the troops was small, was very good, and the men and salntlng of tbe o liter* beyond criticism Before the parade wan dismissed the Prince, loan ing en the arm of Colonel DelaMd. approached Major Reynold*, tbe commai>daat of the cadets, and expressed his spprobatiou at the feultlea* manner In which tbe review wa*conducted, and I desired the Major to express his thanks to tbe cadets for the honor of tbe parade. Tbe parade was tben dlsmlaaed and the troop* returned to their quarter*. The Priace returned to Colonel Delafleid'a houae wiser* tbe odtcera of the cadet* were Introduced to the Prince " An elegant collation had been spread, daring the absence of tbe party, of which they wwe now Invited to partake by tbe beaten, Mn Colonel Delafleld. and thus passed another and one of ths moat a ;r-e?ble bonr* of the day. Thl* over, the Baron and hia party again mounted and escorted to rAWIl'd HAt*) ht larKUk 4 * menu, and wbw they were permitted io pass tolerably quirt evealn^. In spite of temptations and prsvocations unspeakable from tbecxdetsand the lad lea to get tbein to a bop, upon which all hearta were art Tbe n?y raaltr of leaving tarty this morning, however, and tbe fatigue of tbe day. together with the fetlguea In anticipate*, made tbe adviser* of tbe Uaroa rock to all such suggestions, though he himself waa supposed to be entirely "agreeable " He certainly waa aot tired, for wltbin an hour after their arrival at tbe hotel he waa In the nina-pta alley, with hla coat off rolling ntne pina It waa a disappointment to the public as?e ta bled at the Point that their visitor* did sot ap pear la uniform, and bad tbe latter known in time of tbe preparations made for them by tbe direction of tbe President. no doubt they would have felt It their duty to do so, but they left New York under tbe Impressloa that they were to make an unceremonious visit, and were unable to make the change In their dreaa without losing two of the moat precious and indispensable hours of tbe day. Lord Renfrew deferred so for to the proprieties of costume as to change a white hat which he wore on tbe steamer for a black one. Otherwise be and bis party wore in; traveling Ires*. Among tbe distinguished guests who hired the privileges of tbe reception at the Point were Mr N. P. Willis, with his daughter, M as Imogen Willis Yesterday morning tbe party prorsaded la ths steamboat Daniel Drew to Albany to pay t visit to Gov Morgan He was to remain la Albany till this morning, when be waa to leave for Spring field, Massachusetts, where he was *o elslt tbe armory?leaving for Boston soon after Oa Thurt j dlV #V#r.imtr will ?*?* w.?i ? In tonor of hi* vt*H by tba citizen* of Boston On Friday he will proceed to Portland; ad on Saturday will sill from that point for Europe The citizen* of Portland. unable for want of opportunity to give the Prlnea of Wales a ball, were to tender the officer* of the British royal aquadron a ball at the City Hall 1i that city to day. Wednesday The leading citizens figure as the principal* of the affair Ten dollar* will be the price of the ticket, rnd female Portland Is tu a nervous state of preparation for the Interesting event. fiJF Baron Renfrew appears to hare dispensed presents with a liberal han?,whe ever he has gmm?. The Petersburg (Va ) Fzpress says the Superin tendent of tbe Richmond and Predertrk*burg railroad, William ? Bragg, Esq , baa received a magnificent brea*tpn :rom the Baron The pta represents the British snd American >-olors crossed, aril Is studdrd with diamonds; its estimated value 1s #27.5 It wet 'conferred upon Mr. Bragg la oaa I deration of his kind attention and egeollont management during tbe recent passage of tha Baron to and from Richmond At .New Vork tbo Baron left |7WI to be divided among the servants at the Flfth-avenne Hotel, after his departure oa Monday. Healsu gave Captain Paunce. of tbe r-venue cutter Harriet l.ane, s splendid gold chronometer, and left 1300 ta be distributed anwr me crew of tb*t v??eL. The SQUARE WK1>DING CARD. So Neat and Faemoaabla. Sae ?pOTTiens, at DEMPfEY * OTOOLEU, oc 17-foit Pv ar., between 9th and l lh iU. PDANC1 ?i AC Ai)cM V. EOF. R. J. JPOWfci L \Voud r*rp*ctfollT tnnouua? to the eit>xeu? i f \Va*inni.t.?L that e wi'l open & I) \NC1NG CLAWS in Fra K- JH hn lis I on Saturdar afternoon ne*f. tbetnih^M inrar>t. at 3S o'clock, f<?r Ladiee, Mimm ae<1 (UHk Master*, and on Momtar nirht. t lie *.d inets<<t. at o'clock, for tfe<>t omen, ia which ail tha 1 test and moet raetiioitabledaacM will ba taught. Re? uiar hours of tuition ?ill be: for laqie*, misses, and master* on Sa'nrdajr aod Wedieeday at SJi p. m.; and Cor gentlemen on Monday and Friday ft o'clock Pro*. POWELL can bofoani at Franklin Ha l at any tine from U to It o'clock a. m.,or atNo 4tl l*wtl>iC ? U-K' \f . TEE1H. 1*1 LOOMI$, M D., the irrentor aad patentee ofthe M1NKRAL PLATK TEETH. ?l _~g i temts persona ly at bit pftoe in thia eilyMw Matj persons ean wear th?ee teeth wao^* '''* > cannot wear others, and no par eon oan wear other* who cannot wear these. P?non? ealHec at my off oe oan be aoeomeeedated with sot itrle and prio* of Taeth th^j mf d*?ir?, bat totttOMwnoar* particular and VMh thaparMt. elMMMt, struBf Ht. and aoat frftct dm that trteufrodut! Km MINuaL fL4ifirill ba mora f?ily w*rr*jiW>d. ... ' . Room* in this oity?No. 339Pa.iw nth and 10th lU. Alto, 90T Aroh straat, Fhnadal G? T? NOAH WALKER A CO.* 369 Phi'i Avkmti, AND BUY YOU* , COATS, CAKOO^^lCXg. BtJoINlSW CASSIME BLACK sons. I COATS, * UNDEK8HIET8, TIES, GLOVES, COLL WHERE YOlffolLL ^ 0015 *o3t _ AUCTION 8ALE8. By CLEAHY k. GREKM. A.< neinc M M ri'*4??k, . ftt So S?1 MWtk iMtnd 1 Xk MM. . .1 Go?^?. tc , ?f F Mada._x. r.?q . writ ? l?r?? of 4 c.. #f aftraJaaUB p-T UuMt, H??4?'7.G Ivh. 4f.. ? 5 CwkiMrM, B?r*|N, Uvu u4 Cai OiBih?w?, Polkas. CmIIin, Utu, Wo.' ?r. Ma'toai* Otfc*' ?h*wla. KlaTM, Miary, l rd*r*hitu and fV*?? in? iiumt 7wton at tka former mi* will pUaaa aa'l u4 i?t U?< g ooda mu taat t ha Mai Ml W al*a*4. oollJt CLEaJEt a OlfTKPI. A??*b. Br wall a ba*n ard. a rpftUSTEfc'ift&LEor valuable build 1 inc. Lor o* a anm, P^'L*** Ea?t ot rfi tossgiX&iX&tr, d<wd or ira?t datM I Jt h Octe m. Aa.. oa* acrdadii Life* J. A. .No. . oltK*|at>d t**oid?nt Wa?hinrtm ciitj.D C.. tw?u u.l IB fror.t of th* premia** tba Mat half of nM. **ra TM.frn Una .3 faat I'H iboKm aa A>) romin* haek 1*7 MUt( iMkaa hMvaaa A stt*?u U> a thirty foot fmmi: OmUh4 hard-ed u4 fftr do lar? of hioh matt bo paid on tre croaad > aiediately after the ?? e; ha.aaee ta . if. It, aad * month*. foari | Interest anal eaearad by aaed of trait on the pr?aii??. KUWAkD ?\ CARRINGTON. Traebae. re IT WALL 4 BAKNAkD. Aaate. By A. GREEN, Aaotiooaar. ptOVERNMENT 9ALE OF ONE VORB OP Oxtn at Avcrwn ?On TUESDAY, the l*h day of November b?it Will bo ioM at tW Witt log ton Nary I art, at IS o'aloek a.,oae Yoki of Oxm. ToraM aaeh m spaata. Tba osaa can ba aee< ajoaa^plioation at tha Navy Yard. By order of the Nary Afent Tbrnta Mali. oontawAda A. GREEN, Aaau THIS AFTER NOP If ? TO-MORROW By I. C. MoOUIRE 4 CO.. AaoOoaoaca. rALUABLE UNIMPROVED PBgPg^Y to WT ts. rnnr.iti back 156 foet 10 inches. T run: Od? third cash ; the resiaaa in a aaa i*, with interest, sheared bj dead of traat aa the eremieea. Titlejierfrot oalld J. CTWeGUIRE A CO..Aaoto By WALL A BARNARD. Aaaboaeara. fiTOCE AND_FIXTURES OF A FANCY 8Mr Bruabea. Dusters tad Panr. iim Traja Md a variety of Woodaa Ware, Wo#d >??t Chairs, Waahiac Maahiaa*. Mac hi r* for aakici Broom*, vioa aad otfcar la t'.V?*?S? Mlid WALL ft. BA*P?AftD.Aaat FUTURE DAYS. Bj J c. McGUIKE ft CO.. Aaatioaaara. 'MUSTEE'* SA? K OF VALUABLE PBOP " ?tt O.I Skvknth ?T ?On THURSDAY AP TKltnOON. Oetolwr 4tt?,at in o'nloafe, o? the prrmiM*. I a nail aall. by virtaa of a tfaed of traat? daly raaordad aaaoeg the laad roeoria of Waaaiaf toi ponnif, D. C. parta of l<oU Noa. 7 aall, in fMatra No. 454, rronUo( 21 loct on ?stmUi aL w?a*, l?tweao G and 11 ata. n^rtL. rnnnin* h*?k i? w^th t*e improvementa, eoaeiatinf of a two-etorr briok dwe! ing hou?*> Thi? proper'y is a'tualfd nearly opposite the Pat rat otto*, and la very dettraoie M a buutii 10 Tnr?e: On* third o*?h, i #180 of which mit bo paid* rfora .earit,* th? groand;) the rocidao in and 13 month*, for nolea aeon red by a deed of trnet, tnd h? & c interest. ff the wfcolf |?rmi of aale are not oonplied with within f ?e data aft?r a?Je, tor Traatoe reeerrea the right to reee.l, at the ink aad eapeaea of the fir at earohaeer. N. C*LLA?, Tr??ta?. ee & eoAda J. C. HcGUIREA CO . AaoU. DTTHB ABOVE "SALE IB POSTPONED Batil TUESDAY, the lMhnf Oetoher eatne near aad ptaoe. \ ca'.UN, Tn?tfe o*4 J C. MrGl IRH A Co., Auoa. BTTHK ABOVF. MALE IS FURTHER a^tponed aattl FBID\Y AFTERNOON, tho Wh inat&at, aame hour N. LALLAN, Traatee oolf-d I. C. W^GTIR ? A OO . A iota. Uy THOS. DOW LING ; Georfetowa TWO FRAME HOI SKS AND LOTS AT Atrrricur-OaTMLRSD^ AKTERNo?-X, ttth loatant. at i% o'olock, in front of the jtramiaea. I ?h*H ae'l Lot 1W, hi 'a addition, frontiac St foot ttaehee mi tk? nut aide of Waehiartoa etre^i, toy 191 ia death, with two Dew irane leiia?au. aed*r rent, at 9* rer i?nu Teraa: Oo?half aaeh ; bala.00* in 6. 11 an.1 M mo the, fir approved note*, be*'in? internet 00 Mr. THOS. DOWLING. Aaet. By THOS DOWLING ; Georgetown. DRICK HOUSE AND LOT. FR AMK HOUSE D amo Lot- FciMTrn, Ac.?On fHURSl>A\ AKTKRNOON n?xt, the !Sih Inat., at 3 e'c'oet,. witKoet front of ttie premieee. Lot rw, in Hearty A H*wki a' addition to ?enrretown, fmatiag 7T feet on High at., to fe*t 01 Sixth eC, ?nd fiBBinn KUt-OHIl.. VIIH (WO IMrf uric? hoi". r "mi to Umm1( of tba ttioT* 1 abali ao I tho iri.i<un, Um?, Movn. &?. CvJm Stuff Faao t?ra? Ono-halfoaah; bttecM ui 6 urf It aaoatka, Vila iateroat Iaan)*<iia?aly aftar abova. I ataJ! ooll ir front of the 9 mum, Lot No XS. front ina V foot oa Bifb airoat, with two atorj Vruo Luuae, oypoaito tbo rordfnoe of M A*l?r, Fh , _ Torm : Ob? half oath. balHNin and li noaiM* With interoft. ? _ wNit - THOU. do WLIN?,AaO. Br WALL A BARN ABD. AMboama C'anMr Mtntk (. an'I smUJk ttd* fa or. Dhutcb flower roots just r? ciirn rmox Hitura, Hoiiiia, in rw 8*lk at fuu-ic Atrcnoiu?Oa FRIDAY a? TfcRNOOM, 1Kb mat., at 4 o'clook, ??r; aalt br caulogao, a ?ou4 M*ortoi?nt of Dwtck Flo war *oota. from thaoolobratod aarao r of Ant.Rnoa?a. FloruI.Haarlp?, ia orory van-ty of l>o*bj? aa4 giaule Hf aoinOta. DouMe iad Sio?la Ta ioa. *ar ataaaa, ina, Doubio and aiagio Aaioiaatara, Rao oaoal<a,t^ooua, &cowdropa< Ao , A?., Ao. a " i\u< " bib wry nne ui Lttf landed bom aleainer and vitl he ?o!d for euh oe!? WALL k BARNARD. AieU. TRUSTEES' 8U.K.?By rirtneof a 4m m mi the Circuit I'ouit for MoeUomt'i ooar.ty.ett tin* a* a Court of L<au.t?. H""" laaaaaeol lata E. Thomson, nex fnor d ofWiliiaa l?. Burfo*d, etc., oomplai cant/El:sabeth A. Barford, KmHMHHIMHHHHPH Borfo-d. deoeaard, on SATURDAY. tbe Mk ?f VQ Wfc d-feudanta, the anbacnbera, aa ti aatoaa. at pooito aaJe, ?t the iat? ' idmo* BarfW deoeaafd. on SATURDAY. I sreans- tasttsti sss mmi powMied of, coneietiaf bTMm at,Jul. The land it attvat*4 la Mcntfon?err eoenty. About mile* from CotaaTiha; la mm of >aim to Waahiacton aity, D. C , being about 3 autre from JBeluril e Depot. The laiproT^menta oaaatat of a dvalhag kotM, b%r and all n?oea?ary oat hcueae, on oae portion ./ik. n. ? _i.w - - - - 1 I >? wim vroutriii ri pfMDH UVI tHlN W full bearinc. Thu l?od is ia a far etaie < f mIUtUioq, (*m>i m jc> k1 ord?r,ftod hfte fta ftbftftdftaco of voodtai ?|^0P Also, the HVMrtr known m Jftckaoarille. *oa slating of ftdwelling h >ute. ator*, b ackamit* ftai wheel wruhtlhop or. another portion of aftio iftaJT . Any OLeVimini to Tiew the praniisea before tho ?U? o| aftia, wt 1 be aho wn three by ?u)mc OB MrT. W B#ll, Wbo rcwdai thereon The l?oa wiU be aoli in one en bra body, or will be diaiJed into three lot* to auit hmimi. There Wihbea a.ftt of aftid land, fnr the uaaeotion of tinea wisfiiat to parohaee, oa the dey oreftie. Terma of aft I a :-?ne third of theparehaee ra<>aey to d* wftid on the day of aele, or the rfttifcoatioa thereof ht the Court, ftod the rni4ie to be Mid la two e^aftl ftaoBAl isfttftlmentai the whole to kaw internet iron the d?y of aaie; interaat on the Aft fsrred permeate to be peid ftaniftllr, the i paym^tti to be aecared toy the single billa f arobftaer or prronftte'a, oithaaarety or ami to bo approved by tbe ti uttree; and apoe the i eatioa of the aaia, aad ut for?aol of the 1 jmreftxe aonei.tM/i not be&M*. I Ue UhU? by good end eufboieat dead, ooarey aftid propei Ireeftud o eftt-ol ft i tiftU, V) of Oiro?|ftftny of ti ^ "88VM/cr t*? ocIf M,w.*r,at By A- OEEEN, A | I^RUSTEB'f BAL.K OP VALUABLE Briua I in Lore m r*? extras* r*at or ru cin Shorn- i'ft tiAY. the <tii ftfty of (>? - Jtt?. I front of ta* prenuaaa, aft He a nation. by virtae of a deed oT treat to the Mtifioi. Oiftriot inw It 12 o'clock i loiiu* 4M, WmIiii ii u* iv *! will mud r*? UhtJ

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