Newspaper of Evening Star, October 17, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 17, 1860 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. T?? Sinvti Bath IS Si*? A Horrid P?mttkm<mt ~The torture* of Sing sMnff prison are^d by tar the punishment Inflicted in Neapol itan dungeons. If the details of th^ -showering" wi one desperado there, recently, are true It was Tom Kelly, a noted ruffian, who suflVr?d. It Is aid he only look advantageof the keepers negll geace, esraped, was recaptured, and the keeper, actuated by revenge. punished h<m beyond reason. Kelly was placed naked In a bath, bis feet, hands and head being firmly pinioned. The water was allowed to trickle down his fare and warm body for a few minutes before the bath fell upon bis head At length It fell. Tom bore it well, not a shiver of the le^s, not a muscular movement of the hands or fingers, not a single cry of distM#s, although hs was actually being drowned for about five minutes "Yon bear it well. Tom," said on* of the keepers, alter the first five minutes had. lapsed, and time had been given him to reenpe- I "f*. 'I11'* "^fulk' Tom's reply, "bu: lean'J j m .uriutruy iyown rsrr.t me water ai{?ia. ?,,u for flr? minutes longer th? if'irjjling tonnrti ot "? strangulated mau wrr* audible, and. when 1)0 whs exhausted, tbe cord was let np find the watei topped A few minutes of release wai granted f ana down nme the water, and the scene was more terrible than tbe worst execution At length ?onge>tfjn of tbe brain was threatened, and a 4-hiJ?" fr.irn t physician brought tbe third scrte to a close He bad been hfteen minutes tinder the ahower. bnt bad twenty-fire miouh s of fa? sains to endurs, and for tbe next fort* days tbe nme punishment will be meted oat to blm, unless h? d\es nnd**r the bands of tbe keeper Is is de scribed ts an awful Sfieetarle to witness tbis man ander th? bnth. Every musrle contracted and became cordrd; sometimes tbe hands would be come convulsed, and every nerve strained, when tbsre would follows relaxation. After Kelly had boon showered, and taken to bis cell, tbe ket-prr tnrned reind. and witb malignant siuileex Jaim -*J, " We'll stibdne him."' Outsiders, from that ? ngle errreisive wut nee. may guess at the rule iu Sing Slngl i in finviLi uojipisitT?a ieu*r irom utir Tltti' k Court No<tae. N . C., addr^svd to a gentle miH In Norfolk nlr. d..u <i October rt, aavs: " Tfaer? ii a tr?m?u?lfau* excitement out here in >na*qaeuue of an intended Usur/ectiou of tLe negtoe* Tbt. jail here is full, aud they are coi. auntly brin^io^ them in. It ia a good thing the a brae baa been nipped is the bud. or It might hive prov. d fatai to a yood many white p opie. A good deal of laformatlon haa been abtaiaed from theprisoaers concerning their pi in* of operation." I r&m Prmctts A**f ?The examination of the nenr<>ea a'?po ted of incendiary drsi^utf will uke place on the 5th of November. We are indebted to a gentleman who arrived from Prluceaa Anns laatevening tot the following Information: It has been *S4-ertain< d that the j extent of the cGn?r>;rf?rv riten?l? from Ciirrit.i/-i< . i ^ . .-n m, | N C.. through (i;bUs' Woods, B'.ackwaW, (ireat | Bridge, and all the district southwest of ."North JliTer, and the Chesapeake and Albemarle Canal Every kind of li.str unent that could be i?r?curid was to W used on the occasion. such as pw k axt s. pitch forks. .Sec Oni cf the magistrates issued a warrant yesterdiy for a white man named Tboe. Carroll, s upe> ud of Inciting the negroes to insnr rectioa. There are about 21 negroes in jail, their ages running from 20 to 70. Tb? sunounding country Is utider patrol day aud night, and a s-'rict guard is kept on tne jail The free negroes, it is nought. will be reqnir^d to leave the county at short notice.?JVor folk Argus. Ecrqrus Shobmakkk* Cassot Comtktk with A'sirstCAW?An cfl'ort has been lately made to Import boots and shoes into the South directly from Oermany, with but little success Reflecting on tlits. a southern exchange says " 'I toe idea of competing vrith tlie cheep sho< s of Massachusetts. or <he liner work of Phiudelj hia. by any such means, is absurd The leather of f rauce,Germany and England is too high ill price for general use In this country. In the facilities of the shoe manufacture we are at least half a cen tury In advance i<t either of these countries; there Is no country in the world where shoemakiiig has been so exalted as a branch of manufacture* as in our own. and Its facilities have been augmented by machinery nnknown in other lands At present, too, tbe dnty on foreign articles forms another impediment The foreign commerce of the north ern ports rmy decline; the southern people may become a community; the products of foreign looms, and numberless articles of Kuro^>ean inge nuity and tas'e m-y reach her snores by direct importation, but none of the present race will live ... ?.-? w iki ??? irrr |iiant?ri ana negroes abod by | Kuropean ahceinakera. ?P?CHLATIOM KxtKAOKblMAKT - An Knijlish I libeller of our countrymen i? s*td have d?:l r*-d J that a Yankee would m?k? a speculation out of j Lla grandfather"! bonea, If an opportunity pre- | >?nUd Thia remark la naturally brought to - mind by the statement, apparently well autben- I ticajed, that Mr. Ralph lertiLain. the lastaurvi- , vor of tbe Inttle of Banker Hill, ! under the j niins^enuot of persona In Boatoti, who pocket a Koodlv portion of the money bestowed upan him ! br Till tor* It la a sbaaie that this veteran patriot, | on hia appearance in public, thould be theaur-jact I of sordid design* What a couim?ntarf upon human frailty 1? furnished by tbat mercenary spirit which cau iia? tfcla ltiterp*tin? ceaWi.arAu at Barnu:? does a'* What !att'" , A \YT A traveler in Italy, who, not long alnre, n.ei wUh Father Gavazzl at the table of Garibaldi, thus describes hla personal appearance :_"ln stead of the close-ahaved face, the reverend padre baa adopted the prevailing fashion by letting his beard grow, and a thick crop of black stubble* ?;ave great promise of ita future excellence lu tea of the dark, majestic. flowing rot*- witii which bo waa wont t<? dr.iM m m?*.ie ... - ac wor? a red shirt; and. to complete the transfor mation, a souvenir of hi* visit t.> America, in tde shape of a bloodthirsty-looking bowie knife, to gether with a Colt's revolver, was thru?t in a bslt ttai had to have a reef or two let out of it before tfc? repast wji half finished " Qnite a transfor mation. A Pktdkst C??tom ?Mr Siddons, In bis lec ?:e la*. evening, said that all vlaita to the Palacs vere restricted, bv custom, to three dfys-the first da}* for the arrival, the second for the recep tion, and the laat for the departure. I be Prince of Wales ha* rlgidlr observed this practice in his tonr through the United States, never stopping more than three days in any place, unless Sunday Intervened. Many families would rejoice to have this fashion introduced into New Kn^land?B >j <oit Tramtript |[T Cap*. Hinekley. of the II. H. M steamer Olldntftf, who was severely beaten In a bttr-room la New Orleans, by a friend of the filibuster. Walker, fired a national silute on leaving tbe port, wuich waa done to show th?t k? *ji.i ? .? Mv ? << nu? K* gard the attack upon htm aa a national intuit. iD^ Three Wide-A wake (Lincoln) companies or clubs ha*? be?u formed at WheeiiM*;, V?. AKKIVA LS AT THE IIOTE LS NATIONAL HOTEL ?B Harrlaon. W Bowl- J IRK- Md, J Churpubauter. NY; I Moffatt, A Gil- { more, C J Chambers. Paj W E Aleock, NY: UU ' Hup-ood, Wis; J 0 XVard and ly, NJ; K Rooz, ; Pa; L A Wbiteiey, H Snyder, Md: C Martina j do Hot, BA; M'? and MiftHayu-?, w H Pill, W K Scbenck, T Nrrrywntbtr, Pa. U W fcmun, M'j; 1 Fcf il J l.ruMttand lv, Cai; W J Heird, Miar, T 0 Stetson, O ft Booth and ly, NY; \V Miller, ^ H B Tavluf. Teno; T P Hers?-y and ly, MiaaHrr er, - Mlwes Clagett. O Claijett D \\ Rkldle. M k?tT?4>'r. \Jd; G Bl*^aoca and ly. b t> KV.tna Pa; j J E Thfin*. Wis; C Morgan, M;m Wheel r, ?; K t*?<ri4aon J K AJnrray, NY; J Hedges,Del; \N ! M<".Dutfir, NY. BROWN S HOTEL ? BCooley, Md; J Brooks, ! Wii;CH Duval. PU. H W Scott, Pa; J 9 Glenn I and ly. Tenn; H de V Glentwortb, Koine; M Be - 1 iuk NY: 1 U *?.?. ? la* -??> U( ? . ,?.>Hu iir, .uiMei ileriot, ' sf A F Meefaiu and ly, G F F e,-vf Pa; 0 fi I J^jon t/d C UnUowiy, o VV Letitron, C \V; W B ! fVtoYtS, W Srarlr*. N P M<?; \V Klsnn? ( iMllv.tnd O; R Prt?>r?<>n, NY; J TWiX-r, R Tboriiia, T 11 liradfurd. V*; W (joldlhwaite., 1 A M J Wor^barc, Teiia, \V Gourde. Ala; J Huii, j 4 Ti (Jali, Pa riRKWOOD HOl'MB,?J B Bakrr, Pa; C | Y?n?c, DC, A M Ball, Va; \V 0 Tt-uipletoa. Lb; T"' Moi Ut Wood, NY; C?ipt BuUiaw, ls*E; L?TV!!llanj?on, Md. OwivdA3TEAMER8* BAILING DA YS * <> tbi I'vitsB Static. fwJ""' L?r?. For. .Boeton Liverpool..... Dot 17 >t? Yart.BreiMC .... OetiT. "Sow Yu.'k .. .Sontliamntn . N/??? . .. --s [* Y?vrk. k>rua*ia.. r * 4* v i Vck &??Honor. " V ? * ?* Oct. 9 I r????l fca?:orn. ..Alu-'uli*'11- N?w York U?t 4 I u;?vn... ?'? vf * ?.V.orfc {jut 17 i m*. A-uC i j,u>? \.??rk Oct 17 i . * ?* mmil M?eei?ra , w * u?*>-,..Ootl8 } ftr J** - nu>' m<1 ",n ol-+rP?* York on J Omummmm* tM*?u mo4 linn. month, ml! s he^fJk Md y*ft month. York on | I \ WAUL. A CO., PtoMylr*. *i? A*?n?e. bare j?rt r?weiv<wl a.isrc* vauetv of * ww KaJ'Go?di, to wti:eh tfce> ixmte th# *ie?Ui>u i x.( inmir frittntiajr.-f * 3"-tf \V o o i*? V? W O O OS W O O Hi! *Ti>Vfc; ?rJ KINDLING WOOl),At Uieionrot r T J.A W.M.IAI.T, P* ?? .. llth Ml! IStJl ?t?.. IM *7 ?' I>n4 K vi4 jVu.T.-T*?(ti i>Mi? r?*rtot met*. AJ?*. 4>*k> . ? < >?stv M?LOl>ISON8 Now ta (tor* IJ JOHiM P. ELLIS, M W 30?, MVNt MbMd &h.u. 1 i /j i ? t \ MISCELLANEOUS. Notice of i^k kkmovai, of the LAND OFFICE from FAYKT1EVILLB Tp HUNISV1LLE.IN the STATU uK arkan SAS. In acoordfir.ce with the provisions of the act of Congress e.itu ed "An aat aathnrmng ehanges in the looatioD ct Land Offioei," approved Maroa 3, 1853, it ia hereby dec areo and made known that tae oftoM for tbe sale ef pablia lands at Fa YKTTitriiAi, in theSt.iteof Ark ansae, will bereniovad to HuiiTa vili b in said State, witkov: dtlay. Tli* puoiic sa'e direote*! by the kxecutire proc tarnation No f?, of township 19. ran** 2o. and township 17, of ran?e2l. to take plaoe at the I And tjtfi je at on *?th December next, it is hereby declared will be held at HTXTsriLL*, ia said State, on the date designated Further notice as to tho precise time of elosing the office at t-ajettev.lle, preparatory to removal, and its op-n nj for business at Uunts?ill?^wiH he ^1 von ny mo AO|i* v> ?au ftrvu?vi AVI IU? A?MI ! Given'under my hand at the city of Washington, this 24ta of September, A. D. l&tiO By order of tha President: JOS. 9. WIL90N, Commissioner of the General Land OiM. ee 26 wbw N [No 668.1 OT1CF-OFTHK DISCONTINUANCE OF VHK "NORTHWESTERN LAND 01# Tk ICT," IN THE STATE OF MISSISSIPPI. N? *i?" * hereby jciren that, in pnmuanoe <>i law, *n<i i? View of the fact that the unsold land in the *Northv"'Mtern Oiirtriot,"(GmKM*DA,> in tbeS'nte nt li MPPi. isrodaoed bel?w on? hundxed thou ..mi the Secretary of the Intwior ha* direct ?dth?Tdiw>n 'moanee of said district, theeffice t>r whkhiilocaU -datUMHADA.and thai the vacant ^Iid. thrrsfn be ade snbjrct to aale and entry at "ftrrthtUtday .ac'dT'rema'u i'nf law, and subject to aa. cease to be ?ubieot to a. f J ^ receipt of notice to that eh ,i, t,? t, IC" eirer thereof, exoeptinc <k Y* j j\r?~ utint pre-emptions, and the . son will tire public notioeofi. >a^n??-Jv^ will bo prepare to receive app*t 2.L,??. $ of anj such lands at their office Jflmh'irTiil practicab'e, be on the first day of IX ?!.? ?!!f5f... All pe-fone entitled to patenta ak AhJTiT?^* Land Offiao wi:l call for fhe same beff?i. ' J f of November nexN a* after that date tb J ' D? returned to this office for riolivory. r?. Giva under mj hand, at the city of Wash. * this 12th day of S?ptembee. anno Domini one w aou" ^ wlLgop< Cnmtni??iouer of th? General Land Office. ?14-w6wr Furniture Hal-erooms. WALL &~~BARNARD are bow reoeiving, on consignment, lit their War?.r>oin4, coraor of C and Ninth street*, (in tho rear ol tnwir auction rooms,)a very large and renertl assort ment of Ft RNITi;RE, CARPETS, and HOUSE KEEPING GOODS generally, wliioti they mute the attention of p?rson? ftirmshing to oxamine'bo fare purchasing? among which "?ay l?? found t Parlor Salts, in Krocatelle, Kep;aml Hair Cloth. Mahogany and Walnut Sofa*, Tete-a teles, ai.d Parlor Easy Chairs Mah"zai.y and Walnut Ma'ble to* an I other Tables, id gr*at ?arietr MarMe-top Oak-painted Cottage Sets Walnnt and Mthogany Marble top plain and other Bureaus Cam* and Wood seat Rooker, Dining, Office and other Chairs Handsome Gilt and Mahogany Looking Glasses Mahogany ami Walnut Cottage and other Bed - steads Cabinets, Rtageres, Whatnots and Desks Brusse's, 3-ply, Ingrain and other Carpets; Oil nlntlia MarMe-b>p, Walnut, Mahogany andjothar WmI* sta"ds and ?inke Hair, Shuclc, and Shock nnl IT< tton Mattr&Me* With a *rcit variety of other rood* nothrre men tioned, whioh wiil b? mid very jot. WALI. A MARNAR*, Auitionfrf. south yie of Avenue, M 28 eolm corner I'a. av. and f*h rtreet. FOR STAMHNO A PACKET OF PAPER, AND ENVELOPES TO MATCH, at the METROPOLITAN BOOKSTORE,< PH1LP k SOLOMONS, Ai'Mts for I.avrtncr's ttUbrmttd I.iiten Papert, "Metropolian Mills," $ ?., B? 34 ly 3J*2 >'*. av . b-4.9t> and 10th Hta. SUFFICE OF INSPECTOR AND SEALER yJ OF OAS METERS, W*?U!Not<??i. Ji>!y NOTICE IS HEREBY tilYEN, Fh*t,nr?e ably to the provi?iu:>? of th? ordinance of ti.f Cor poration approv vi May 12. uiideriicned i* now prepared, "whenever rc^mrecl in vrritm?. and on pre payment of the fe- oi ?ifty o*uU,to in*poet examine, test, prove, and aaoertain tl.e iviv.urtx:y ol rsriltntinn nf tnt %??.* ?.# ... " ... .. .j - ' >u WOT 111 ?! ! uny. Every meter, if found uioorr<H>t, will be condemned, and another, seVed and niarKfd n* true, *i!l lx> Mtini'* place. if p/ov*<] ti? tm accurste in irt meaanrvirent ofgaa, it wilt M *<?al*d sccordtugl), and atain put in *watiio? for use. Office No. 51() S^venili sTrset, < n<*ar Odd Fol lows'Hall ) OpeufrotnB a. in , U'^ CI1AkL.ES W. OlNNl.VrtKAM, JylS-tf lni!>ector and Healer of tf as >1 tera. PIONEER STEAM MARBLE AND BROWN WOKKS. The aubeorib?r bega leave lo rnlurm the oitixec* of l\ ashington, Georgetown as.d A.rAanJria thai he has add*d to hi* lone established l*isiii?s? the auxiliary of atoara power lor cawing and manuiac turing Marble and Hrowu !*t->ne \\ ork in their va nous branches, Maroie Mantels, Table and Wash staid Top*, T i e} Monument*, Toin'i and Head Stor??s, >.ar??, W.udow Lmt^ia, Sila, Mens and F latforma. Having pi?-chased alarge atookofltaliar. Blarole in blookjrotn k;rthan<i*,at ihelowrat raiea. feela oonfi ler.t of being able to furniali Marb * Work as low as it can be purchased in New York. Philadelphia, or Baltimore. 1 he trade supplier with Italian Marble in blook or *.aV>s at the taint rateaa furnnhed in >ew on arOonxiio daung Wins. Alao, or hand, a large supply of ?-~i .? ww( vi a*, j i uui<o auu ruiinniQf rutty at?w York prio?-K. EocuuMce the enter priso, it will be an acquiaition to tli* city. AUuX.iRU TH EIt F?)ft D. Fi?nitr Steam al**blf und Drown Stoni Works. Pa. av? cor. Tairt eiith *t, au 21 3m Wasbmeton, D. C. UNION WIL'. STAND. NO MATTER 1 WHO'S PRESIDENT! Onaequen'iy 1 aUall remain in Waahingfon and ooi.tumA to pursue mv occupation ?-f mlHSK, S1G\S and ORNAMENTAL PAINTING. Gild lug in ail ita hranchea. O'rt Giazing promptly at t-md?*d to. I'au.tii* and Ornamenting Cottage Fn>-niturein tbefwatatyie I also, 1 attention to the Painting of Ronfa and Brick W'ai's. Ail of la* al-ove 1 will Uo aa cliea# aa lii? ohfap eat. I therefore axhcit ttie patronage of nij friti'dr and fellow eitiaana of tho District. Pfnctu* it; a: notiy oUaerved. and work done la the beat man ner. } \ on will ?!e*se miwl your a tops and atof at M. T PARKER'S Painting Eaiabliaument. No. 31' 43 !' 53 !!! Louisiana av , north aide, between titli and 7th ata. P. h M{j>a put up free ef charge, as uaual. au &> 3m WFALL DRY GOODS K Are now reotiving a beautiful assortment et Faiof ?r1 Staple Goods of the lateat stjfcea, am bract mfa!l the latest importations i st|ch a#? Pop.tna, Veiour Ottomans in \ariety, French Mousaeh'ie*. Finured and Piain Sarin fimahed Me rmoe. Cloak inc ?';otljs, Arab Cloaks in great van ety. Fa iof Silka f om SO oents to 42.2>?i ih?m ioo. , liomtO* to lAi cent*, Fall and Winter Saavlt in icr^&t varintf. Jiuu??ehneB ar.d from 18 to 5i cut*. Valn.lia Eniriah Mr>hairs and Hrood t? ! ? Hf>oa?d Hosiery, Glove*, fiaunUet*, rV.awl Bora -*nng. Family Blank'te, Hl??*hedaud Brown fliientir.ji, Towllnr*, Tak, ? l.inrtw. Our ttnok is now r?ry eomp.oto, aid wo offer it or the moat aoeommod*t??f term*. TAYi.OR A HUTCHISON. R A N G I * HARPER, HATING OF E.N KI A FAMILY GROCEKV A\l) FKED STORE, Corn'* of Ntxc York avtnu* and Ttnih strut. Respectfully solicits tne patronage of tlomv mar lio lu wartofany artiole in tbeanovelino. Hit en-iervvora ahail beu> p ease, and by a strict atten tion to the wantsqfthe public,be hopes to merit* hare of their patronage. His tock consists of everf article usual It to bo found in I Family S'lre. wiU UAVIvJtJtfr HKCfclVED A. 5CWAS ' ? eortuv at ?f dteiuvay ? Siti' tMiac saiisi iq?v? PlfNOeL oftM diff*r*nt ?ty e?, wnoh Are nr>w l.# i -uLUd "II ? ? it ths ^-^at tnatmmmta man jfaotnr?d. We ara o'Jkli-ei.t ln?t everybody wiil admit lUu fact after a oV?*fu exaimoatioii. Our frienla and t&e pofelio Id e*?aial ara reapeatfally requeetrd to call u.d hH*? ?or ts*cr.?alvea at the ararooma of W. O. MhTZKKO^T. ~ fOtUUS, COLDS. HOARSEN E88, Jte. Vy rYLKii'S COMPOUND SYRUP OF GUM ARABIC Ttu? j?Ka**n? and popular Cua?a Keiiedy hai t>aen ? lone W kiwi: and < xtanatvaly uaad, that moat para na fca*e t?*? faun lar Tith ita axtiaordiM r? e?sa?r. It ean h* had at all tf? ?ri?e:pal drug >h>r*aatttand Woaatsahottl*. MJI djii^eotia* LjTKlNWAY Sl ?ONb' OV|Tr?Tr LJ N (1 QramJ ^ fqaaro^tANiHi are now o?!>#i-I?r*4^^?_ toe txwt inacafa?tur?ik For aale a# AtBO v.- MKTZKROTT'8 +u>t* rwO octave J<ecoud hand P.ano* for aa)? *#l80?>ach. PjanoB far reut. ac 4 ? ??1 ?' tfTT' ^ ?>? w| 1 ' >nya?a^? W ~ ..11- - OALTV IT/ " ^ C O A L. . *** Pa. Aw., Hrrw. llth ajcd lfr* St**'' _ North wd?, ~ foU atul Wln?rf foot of Be vat* tii'.l d, >? *? *r w.irt^wv rvMr j tiMnt ?? BLACK TKA DaR1> HIJACK TEA At 00 ? KING 4 BURCHKLL, o,>rn?r vyh<i V>rtn>*>t??. 'IlffiSSiSS; >/k NEW PIANOS, from Ckiokerini A Sou >U now in ator*. JOHN P. ELLIS, eZT 306, between 9th ud l?*h ato. ^PEOTII^B; 'i , ' ' >'lr . i -,-<t PERSIAN FBfBRCffARH. FSVBR AND AO I a BlTBUMIfUnb. . - | r> , . r > * # t r ? } /,? 1 '+ * ' THE HUMAN ' JOKiTITCTION BATED FftOM WRECK. "Jfc . ' } " 4 * J ' ? ? ' J i' i_? : THE P'HETENTirM AND K9MEDY / t?" ') t , ".of VOK ALL INl'EMMJTTKNT AND BILIOVS FBTBKS. CURES INSURED IN A DAY. NATURE'S GRAND RRSTORATlVK. IltPSCTlNM, IKPSCTIMM. INFKCT1NE, 1NPECT1NB 1NPSCTINB, IXPKCTIXE Tk * terrible malady known as the FEVRR AND AGU? !?? ?n??ttan hundreds of thousands of par dons 1 'iroafhoat the world every year, and hai never t n?w been met by roaoaasfal medic* treatme. '* tbat haa cut prodaoed aerere MEDICINAL DISKA9BH, which lh# *ka apleon. the liver, the heart, or wth* r parte of the bumaa organism. The INPECTIN* ' the natsral antagonist of all fe vers, and vrbe* 't ooraee in oontaut with the nkio? is absorbed by fche interior organ*. whioh resist easily miasm* *?d "il tendencies towards those maladies whi4>h prostrate the mind and body with fever. rover aad Ajae reealt front no melons causes, No place is exMirot from the oau??s whtoh promote the existence of th? disease. That betas onoe seat ed in the system, indices depression of spirits, las sitnde, iaogaor. paid*, chilU. fever ^ and a Ions train of disagreeable sensations, depriving the pa tient of aU energy, anJ reduoing bin or her to a aondition of DAinDran Jibl/rLibinriBW. Whr trill any one rafler the horror* of a debil itating Intermittent Fever, when by the see of tha INVALUABLB INPECT1NB, I * om PERSIAN FEVER CHARM. the eminent medio*! and mat leal <nalitiea of vhiob *re iaitantly abeorbed. ALL TRACES OF DISEASE MAY BE ANNi* HI LATH P IN A FEW HOURS, tfKl.F CAiiB Id BETTER THAN PHYSIC. NATURB IS WISER THAN ART. EVERY DIHEA8H HAS A DIVINE REMEDY. THE WI9K APPLY WHILE THE FQOLISH DREAM. . ,, - I 11 " * ' 11*1 BETTER PRBVBNT THAN STRIVK TO CURB. DELAYS ARE 0AK9EROU8. THE UPECTISE, - DVBOTi N V P V r n n IT k ? \m A AJ M U A U C AJ V JJ M VU A IV ill | Hu oared tkoiwadi of both hxn of the moat Jreadfcl Ptvtri. H?M ant ralleot. WONDERFUL EFFECTS. Lamaal Boaaa!l. of Pittabvi,for two yaara ma. leas to fcimaalf and aooiaty?a timrtrr to Ckilla and F?ver?oared in law than tkrao waaka, and im proved In aif kt hours. mmrj n. BMaasKy, uuio, alter almost oaing her reason w well a? ?tre>mth by Inter mittent Fever, with Chills, restored to health id twenty hoars. J. R. Ti'.ton, of Belgrada, Mains, hroafht from death's door, ha vine suffered for foar roars, made wall in five weeks, aad improved in two hours. I Adolphe Monhro of Franee, relieved iq one honr. while travelling ia the oars of tha Part Wayne and Cbioago Railroad. Ha was apparent ly dying with Chills. Ellen R. Benson, of Lcclrport, New York, raa cued after even years' Buffering. A pecfoot ovt, Thoueand of other canoa prevented and on red evenr month, and not a aingla complaint ot the efl&oieiar of the I N PECTIHE, o a PBRBIAN ITEVEE CHARM. try rrf prots it, know it. And aake known iU wonderful powera and tIi tue?, that thoae who suffer, or who ara threatened with anfferiac. atajr he led to uae a ample, in aoziuaa preparation, laraiahed far tfct held of Natara for mait3 blessing! IB SOLD BY ALL DRUGGISTS AND MBD1 r ' J I CINE DBALERS IN AMBRICA.. f i - * . fj -* 4. . | PBIOE ONE DOLLAR; it. -- tat by (Mil t* tar yvt *f Mm ppHW i ->? i. . - ?? ?.? * $* ? r ,* jj . t?s ):l W/| // >. -Uli -idm ' J' " J' K! -? :i?CK*t&r2?r?a MANUPACTURBD BY I JOBK WILCOX * CO., 188 MAIN BTRBBT, * IICHMON D, VIRGINIA . ,A| BHAtfCHjQFFICM? '1 . . / Jtv - * 1 *?SfV> | <o. BA*B of OOHMEMB BUILDING,

NBW YORK CITY. 6 I * K i \ th or i TBUN.XS, BOOTS AMD SHOES. ^^jssbbsi&sss o?p?r fJk Gents' km Frmth C?:rMl " Mtm BooU tno ?^aaj' "Tk and \ o?th?'Lone Boots.C 1 Baatiof e< fcmi Qntt viK'"''1" WraUforw n't Bout* anil Sho*?, at , <v . J. ROSKNTHAJ.'S, ?otr IxtwwB 8th and?U. gOOTii AND BUOl^ TO SUIT TMK J^e ye now mannfaotiiriaxall n?<i? "* cnuco, ata oonst?ntTv reoeinag auppij oi miUtd made work of W?n dfl- MI soription, made expressly to order, and willy W be sold at* much lowec shoe than has been* jMfe heretofore oh&rged ia Uus city for inuoh inferior article*. Persona ia want of Boota ard Shoes of eaatera or oity made work, will i' in store and at t. will alwayafind a tood assor*.njen the lowest prioes. Aire as a oalL >14 Pennsylvania ar?nue. ap t-r >14 Pe?asylv%nr CMVE HUNDRED TRAVELING TRUNKS r arrived this day, enbtfcotnc ail ssaiWKHHi ties and sues of Solo Leather, Xjaaies'flraH Dress and Packing Trunks. Q*r trank^"** ales room exhibits at this tima th* gmales! variety uioJerala prices. to ha for new on. WALL., STEPHENS * CO., Traak Sales Room, mar 31-tf 3'itt Pa. avenue. SOUTHERN TRUNK MANUFACTORY, 4M Tia Stkict, _ _ f*P*4titt Odd FtlUwt' Hall, Wmikinttt*. D. C, Travelers will stulr their interests bj examiaia j myJTRUNKS, V A L fC LbAw., fcefo rep u r ?WTW ami UPr Df>ne Bill ttlfl beat Material the marketafford? and "Wiploy the b?et workmen, loan oonfldentljr recornmrnd mj work to Ims superior in String** and Durability to Tranki that are made in otber oitioa and aold her*. I keep oonstently uu band, and make to order <o? oae week's notioe) ev*ry dffloriptieu of SOLE LEATHER, IKON FRAME FKENCH DRESS mnd WOOD BOX TRUCKS: ASHLAND and TALICES; YHAV.SJ.:LX(S BAGS; HAR in* work Tiinki deliver ad in any part oT U? oity, 6*orc? town, or Alexandria. Ai?rt?Acent for Howo1! oeiebrated FAMILY 8KWIN5 MACHINES. de 16-1 t JAMES ?. TOPHAM. xjsa YJBLilSKS' IHKECTORY. Daily line of new fdnt-Hnkaa COACHKb TO UPPER MARLBORO', Carrying 't< U. 3. Mail. , Tho nn<1ersi?n*<t are ?u* running Daily, (e*ocpt Sunday.) Four lior?e QdaclieB l?c- .. twwii Washington ar.d Upper Marl l>or<?', a* follows : Lear* the Steamboat Hotel, corner of Seventh street and I*?. at 7 o'clock a. m. Returning leave Lpper Marlboro'at li o'clock a ni., and arrire in Washington at So'slock, in time to oonoect with theSJOp. m. t am for Baltimore. The Coaches are now and oommodions, the team* first-class in the hands of careful and accommodat ing drivers. Fare to Upper Marlboro 50 cents. i u i/BuiprYUie ....38 " Freirht and paokae?s in proportion. au 1 j tf OSUOKN k CO . Proprietor*. B ""WHMi ND OHIO RAILROAD. KGTON BRANCH. MM M r****~^T*TrfTMHWTiF? ,?3BP!_5El sen Crxmi ot Horn. ON AND AFTER WEDNESDAY, June 18th, U^S train* will run a* follow*: Leav* Was tun if tor. st 6 iff atid 7.4n a. ra. IiOfive Washington at3Ju and iJ&) p. aa. On Sunday at3 20 p. m. teye HaUimore at 4US and 8 40 a. m. ve Haiti morn at &i& aad 4.3U p. m. On Sunday at 4 S6 a, m. Pa*MDK?ra for the Kaat will take train* at 6ju and 7.4" a. ra and 3 2(1 p m. For the West at 7.4-Ta. ra a ad 3.20 p. m. For Annapolis at7.f) a m- and 3.jn p. m. For Norfolk at 7 40 a. ra. On Saturda* ??.- ? , , ?B ~i.m? w w* irkm fOM 10 , Philadelphia only. 1 1? IS-4 T II. PARSONS, Afwt. NEW ORLEANS > IN TJblMBB DJ9LTS ' WITB thb CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. ALL KAIL ROUTE, Via Orange and Alexandria Railroad TO LYNCHBUR8: Virginia and Tennessee, East Tennessee and Virginia, East Tenne'ste ana Georgia, Nashville and Chattanooga Memphis and Charleston, Mississippi Central, New Orleans and Jackson., TO NEW ORLEANS! MbMPHlifROUTE: Mamphia by Rail, thenoebjr First Packets to HO* uriMDI. MONTGOMKRY AND MOBILE ROUTE: Montgomery by Rail, thenoe to M(?,bile by First class Packet*. Mobi e to New Orleans by Lake Steaniera TWO DAILY TRA1N8?SrwuATi Isrmim, Leave Washington at 6 a. a and t> p The Steamer GEORGE PAGE leave" iter wharl foot of ;*ev<?Qth street at K a. in. and p. m. and oouueots at Alexandria with tLe Orange Alex andria Trains for the Sonthwe*!. Olfcoe? Pennsylvania arenas, ooruer of Sixth it. ULMAOI CUCUD ZSKOCOft TO UW ORLIAXf. ^jnohbarg. Instil ?? [noxvi'iie .. 7 80 _ JS .moo .moo .24 00 Ih&ttanoof*". Walton Juntsville ?..... .!7oo 8 rand J n notion ??i? ashvillo.?? tt K> Memphis A tlauta _ Macon... Columbus .. Montgomery - SI 00 .* no ..? no .31 so . ? 00 irr........SI oo J via Memphis.*} 90 N.O.> viaG. Juno.,42 SO V *ia Mobile ..45 uq THIS ROUTE IS ENTIRELY BY RAIL and ie ?<X> MILES 8HORTEK^aid94 HOURS LEES than any other l.i*e?the Lynchburg Extension being now oomp'Mod, as also the Mississippi Central, making it the OUICKKST ,(vn ifocr ??r r* * " ? *rm c ? _ ? ? v JU* M Ai?i/iuyiiTi Al/i/i Jl #T>? SOUTHERN TRAVELERS'. It Ja ?ruvidc*l with First Sieepitm Car*! {To New Orloa.n ?....T'J Uc'irn. Mo;npnii^ ?. ft4 do. MoEtjnmefT <3 do. Majihviiia . - . AH <JU, nyThft U. 8. MAlL~an<t ADAMS' EXPRESS are taken orer this New Lice. Sleket* can bo abtalred at the *oath Weetora nc, onrnar r./ftLxth street and rosoayirania av enue, to toe following foints: Lyiiohbar*, Bnr.&i, KnoxnUe, Atlanta, (Ja&ttanoofa,. fluntan!!*, Grand Jnnotw*, Naahville, Da! ton. Oo.umbua, Maoon, Naahville. Dal ton. Montconiei t, HoMto. M* Ii L W UKLlSAriS *nijhu, and TO" THROUGH TICKSTS TO THE VA RIOUS VIRGINIA SPRINGS. fD"Umnibuaee and Bartafe Waconi leave the dCn at 6 ?. m. 8 >. m. JAMES A. KVANt*, Tiokrf AcwU, ma2*-tr Corner Sut'i at. and Pa- ? . THE 8TKABIEH J A3, SHY Will rewaw Mr 1 trip* 01 TUESDAY*. 2UI of ^ hidf pMt 6 o'Oi ook, for CURRIOMAN and th? t {, rnft,dT*g'JtfsV3HAj?,i^ mmf?1: Lad 8ATUBl)AY,?t5 v'cUtok ft. iiw _ B ?te8i KSMrta NATtl'L BOCSI fea'i?Ess, dNE BE .M1I-1 Mrs* it. wharf, Baltuaor?, at "ffciST NicaoLASCwei? WEDNESDAY, ?t6 >. 1 cSSSJe^ry WKDNEWJAY MORNING, ? t?. Ht. mcnoL*i. ovory SATUjtDAy,&l6a? a. 4 For froiftit,* RIL?Y> 8 mar M-TttTSm R,,#T'' * LV ? OA8 Ki*Tl;*.E8. I " K H?t? u> ?tor?, tad are 4** J roooivinf, MAS f tlXTUR MB of eatiroi/ N ew FStta rna aad D*miz ma on FjHUb,?df?rior in ?tjrle to anything her*t*fer? J! flVreu in IBM market. We invttoeitiaens cenoral r to oaU and examine our ?tnnk of Gat an. I vV'rt-"T JR 'ixturei, l?ipljni ooiifid^tit th*tw? have tfe* beat pleated took in - _J All Work in th?at>ove4in?MtnMM to oar Mr* < plipigpiM hioh guarantee to ?nr? imoe, uS will be Q >ld on rowoiubl^tarnui in ordar to make room X ffovw&ntook. , t? No. It flrwn eu eSorfefowB. . i MMDICINB8. I f* MKMTOi. i-r lurum __ _ L J*M WWHtU Ml MM o JUmW) pom ALL DISEASES OP LMPftL DETiCE. LOCK HOSPITAX* wtrW Mi mm (Vmm, KMy, mU mU| Rffttm+l JUourfjr m t4? Wo*U. LET NO FALEE DELICACY PREVENT. APPLY 1MMED ATKLY. A OURS WARRANTED. OR NO CHARBt, IN FROM ONE TO TWO DATE. WtUiMt *f tfci liU, Itniuru ilitttm atUM Btiifi u4 gltJdtr, ta*?l?ausy Duika rg**, InMuu;, t??M OtkiHty, W?hwiim,P;?y<??T.Un<M,Uw jywU.Cw fii? < I4t?i, MpiMm ruif(iR,'*>ai4MT.TnBniii|i, D\as?* of fcfkt ? iMdmm, Dniui WullHl.Tkiwl, Nm ? Skin, AfKum tf ikt Lwug%, femBCk at U>m? Tirtikla Diwnltn ?mla| ft** Itkw ml T?uib'?J)?t Ur???f?l ntf PracucM vki?k in luntfl MfMaikU. u>4 4?irty Wu Mr "< MM TODNHU ?p??t*llT *ki k>*? * ? < ? J( Tic.tiM f wltarr TIm, tk'i 4rt?afkl u( d?umtuT? kaku vkickaaaaally nit^ M , , .. m I X [ MM ?UI MM uud uUo'i anJ brtllaai tniaUaci, vka aaiakt atharviaa kin MUtKU UMtiiti Imuh vuk U?Um<ih af iIkhim m wakad W IUHli; ika U?lnf ijii, a*7 Mil vail MiadM Mm*. HAUUM LAJUUBa PWOn, n T?nr Mn inw^liU. t Mar data, k?ia( ???m #f tk^Ml vmImA, w(iti? MI19, dtfvmiUM. *?.. tpttduw (Mil vti* pkeaa hin.a?lf ardar ika uti ?! Dr. i. ?ay rallf! Miy (mHi in kia Haaar m a fMutau >>t twMnllf r al pan kaa tkill m a pbTataita. orricx i*?. r torn ruouiciiniR, ltf? kud aid* f*tex frta BalUBwr* atraal, a fkw Ihb trum ika earn ar hdnM taakawta mm ud aiatai. Wauar* skat ka pai4 u4 MauiataMW. BLiUMIT)*, aaakara af ika ttjtl Ualiaf* af Barf aana, Ualia, rradkaM dw ana af tKa aiaat aniaanl CaUaf aa la (ka Inuaa atatat and ifca fraatar part af vfcaaa Ufa h?a ktaa apam ia Ika kat VacJa af batdaa, Taria, Pkilidalphia aad alaa wkara, ku af fatiad aana af ika tnaal aatamakiaf aaraa tkai vara araa knave; ruay iraaMad vttk nrging la ua kaad aad aart ...... .....y, gran canxaaaaa, kaiaf iluni at iW4n aa?ndi, t>atV?Tran %ilh fr?c;?aol klaaaiaf, auandad Mat Mm* vHk da?inr? ?maf Bind, *>n earad laai<bU(Ti tack ruincdu none*. Ti(i| lad Mtiri ?&*ktn u>)arad iMuhI'H ky limn prtatfc* odaif ad la *tlt akaaa?a habit fraqaa-Uy* d freni ?til iMifuiMt, tr at ttbaal, ttoa *f**t? " vhlth iti nightly Mj tin vhaa (Ciif, a?d t1 Ml afrad randan mrriaft tisfaaiikl*. id4 4*atfay* ka? au?4 aad kadi, alkMtd .pptj i?aJa.d*ar?!r Tnaaa ir? aa:n* afth* k{ ir.a mtlanchaly afatt* ?rada?ad by ndr tij Wh / ??atk to t Wulnua aftk* l?tl aal limht, Pain* in :ht M*> Diowiaaa al k|*t,Ua af Maacakl Pntr, Mrttatian tf iat ? ?, if ?f, II lmt? If, Dtr .af amM.t af Digc?ut* rariiUatl, laallil 0*kUMy, nawiE^af CananfOM, Ac. MX.NTA ULT ?T"I faarfal ifai.i aa ika mind ui ?* *? M k? dr*ad<4?Lo?* df MaK*ry,Oaofaai*a af Man, rtapraaataa af Spiri'a, Crft farbaJbiai, iiinitntfBmktf, *kf-fcitra*t ka*? af Satttada.Ttsudity, ui.,ui aaat J ik* inla f? dfoCtAa MULT OH DU1UTT -Tbaaaaada aaa aaw|*dp vkal to tha cam* 0tthafr dtdtoutf kiaitfc, kaatn# hatr *if * ka *aniof vaat. pal*, nan at and aia?ciatad. nanaf a **r jaiai iffatnaia ahaacth* aya*, eaafh ar ?y mpi?a af aaaa?Uaa DIBCAIKJ Of IMPRCDKNCK. Wiaa ma iswfatdad '.ad is>pradant ??nrj af |<l*aaM? i?d? ka ttu Lrv'ikad U? aaada ' in p? .nful ataaia*. ki I nappana <o?t in m-timad aacaa af ahuaa ? draad aJ diaca'acj datarabim fram applying ta tfcoaa vba.fram idMi'm u4 raapacubiluy, ceo alar.a kafriaad *n?. Ha falta iMt U? Band a t( i|n<K?rt and daMgaing pra.andara, vita, incapak)* af carmr, ikktiia pacanurj aa'at-j?ea. kaap tata tnlir| iwsU \(i*r moclk, ?u If ?< lha aroaj'.aat faa can ka ak tamad, at.- in daapair !?a?a bna *"k raioad kaaltk ta abrt atir bit falling <lia?pp#;.-iun?r;; ?r ' y tha Ul (ftUllMilt paiaan, mtrttry. kartaa ika eanaittafta??iI tymptataa ( Uw tarnbla diaaaaa, aacb aa Afaetianaa'afea Maart . Tkraa'., Haaa. lain.*?.. prograaaanf wifh frgbtfai rapi<u.y,?lll daaii pan a Rnad labia cra^tifal aafanogakp aaaCing Ma la tfcat w caTaiad emu* fram vbaaakaar?a na traralar rttmt. DR. ;OUBO>1 REMEDY FOR OROAWIC WliUW AMD inrOTCHCT. I; tk?a (mi and IatartaDt raraady vaakaai* af t*a ataraw ui apaatf "f cara i an J fall *tfar raatarad. Tkaaaudi af u? at Bwrnaairf daktiatntad, ?ka kad tan aii fcapa, kt'l kaaa imraadi.taljr raiia'ad All itapadananu ta Mtrriaf a. PkyaUil aa Maatal Dtaaaajk aatiaaa, Uia af Fiawatlhi Pawar, lacau IffnaWkf TramWin j aad Wathaat ar KxkaaaUaa afua Maifiaih kind apaaadrtj car ad. KitnoRaEMEirr or tee run TIE MANY TMOUaAMU* caraC at tbia ir atitalMa ?tltk Ua laat at*a?tatn (tin, u 1 Ua aaratraaa uapananl Saral I aparauat>a parfaru ad ka Dr. Jakitaao, witnaaaad kp taa rapar.araaf (hi papari and aanp aUir paraaot, satiaaa al wbrck Kara aapaarad agaia aod apii kafara Ua aakita, ka ttdaa hia auaaiog aa a paliaaat af akaiaatai aad laaaaMf tUltf, la a aaEiiaai (aartnlaa u Ua aE;atad. taa *?-!? Dr. j. movke uod's IMPEHIAL WINK B1TTEKS, Are bo* taint and from Maine to the ttraat Salt Lake, ul tfce anitera&l ardiot ol ail Vho im Uiem either u a mmliemt or U I ta that they are DL*vTfxao^ in ihe world. Dr. lXx)? a ted them an^c-aafally in his practice for IS yeara before are purchased o:\ira lh? eo'e iLeht to maca&ctcre asd pree?rt thorn for aa o to ft* pibH?. Por the cor? of Ineipiect ConannyKion, Indireatioc, Ore pepaia, Piiaa, Nerrona Diacaaea, Kerr.ale Co? plaints. ami a. I catea rejuinnt a tome, tan we ta T-jnd doubt a m >*t lnYaiuaMe reroeoy. Aside Lroir their tcediciaal prcpertiea tt.e?r are a pare, vholo aonw? aa't delufctfm; Bererare. arodaoing a!I the pleacaot oxhilcratjiiK elfeoU of Brar.dy or Wise without tiicir iicuMons reaalta. all friends of hun.anitr and ?4l advocates cf temperance assist as in enbartuirj these u!>;akl? Veceubie B. tiers for the ftifoai and Awiitrattd L\qvor> with vhicli the o mil try la fio<?ded. and thereby ef f?o'a* iy ai l in bar eking Disease aad Drunk cceea from the land. DR. J. BOVEE POD** IMPERIAL QIN BITTERS. For Diseases of the Kidneys. Bladder ana Urinary Organs, and especially Tor FemaJe Obetr notions, sever fen, to cure. an<! are warranted to fir* aatis taoOon. CHaRLE* WIDDI FIELD k. CO.. Proprietors, TS Williaa fcg JeT-lv.r Ateot. Washington. Li.'c. joy m mm m ?*' READ! APPLY THE REMEDY RE JO tCK JY* HXAI.TH. Friend, do you nfffr? Are you the Tietha of any or those numerous ailment* which arise irom ia riirity of the LI?V'd? What we *hej, do you ask? Rather a*k, what are they not? The blood is the ouroe of life md health, and it i? the f rat ^lament of our being t<> respond to any oavse wlneh s fleets th? system, as the jpt?e mfhlliMy attests The ever prerniliug Neuralgia, the Irntatmg Fry* pe as, the subtle Scrofula, the aramiing Rheumatism, Ner vous Debility, Dyspepsia, Liver Comp.aist vitr. :ts wiBjr &(. o?jiK!ii?ii, ana tfce namlHtriM* Rmi it heir to, derive their hidenne onrtn from th* h*?od. D?&! kindly tne and *ent!r vita the Wood. Ua? tn? rttaliiinf rM- urcM of natare for iu aid. and suffer na to oommeod to y<>ar ooaftdetioe aod us? that truly vaiar.bie medioarnent known aa MRS. M. cor8 INDIA V TKGETABLE DECOCTION. With rugard to thle almmt infallible specific fja'sf s?>*.tin5rBt ha* trokra in d'cided tortm, kna th? e\wleno*s *f this rr*?at HAcaoy aro ?aa tAinrd by c/.rriAci avm?ata of ' rati v? sif eota and tb? bappiert rrsolt* from its iia* ar* af'er a!I other rem*<dioe and tha M?t M*dioal aki'i fat ?d. I.nt us say,id c< i.o<u?ivu. th?t oTtitio*. itrn am r>< t fc??:?*ht from tli^ ilfit*rata and rurer ioiaj, hut thoj ar? rolvntivrtd tiom tlw wit r* ?p<??tal>'a f.iirtwa ajo?tify the hubeet Wina in which it is no??iM? tn " >* * ?1 - , WW ?V ?p. ip oino to pub l ) tfpi' vml. W> mn kid iltu thkt .uO curative pr??p-r ctcs ofths laediome ?r? e^uaWed >cly bj its restorative rffenU. Vie aycfcm te-^art ncfrom aU6a?9 mih*' oonititnt'ana' tIrbt. Per .v? fc? &J1 rt*Deor?M9 DruceikU 111 this nty.acd bj tn* prorrietor, MKS. 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Maryland and Virriaia. warranto* par*, leo, lmfiertad Hfandi**, Henneaty, OtaHL Depnj . Qov JuTee Rol.its, Ao. Aleo. Peaoh and Apple randy, pure Hollaed Sta. oH J&roa.ea aodSL roil Bom, and Wln-e or erery ranetr, anof 1666. _ _ 1 A 1 ? iM imported from racafi jjjjif.JjoroliTtC M *4 kUFOMTS GUNPOWDKE, r^-pgflMMeaKi ?2 Sate if?* fmtk* Ikttrui mf cHimmiuk. r?li ar'^1 <OOD LIGHT! ' - .? I *n< r CHEAP LIGHT' W! SAFE LIGHT! 'ARAFPINE OIL. from Coal. Ph. ^taiffiWSk I *>" CARRIAGE FACTORIES. i ff* UJUUUA9K&. 1 IS tabMnbw kftnu m*u? H M S^SttfiVST t:-' fcS'SS^at ftOKtsatmnn/ CA It RJ AG K * LIG H f W i * WAW)M8o( * I liMi ruBi'l U ?rfUMC.u< from kit Ini uf?pN ib U? b?>ia?, M kiyn V (?L?kt mwfif uct. iu luiidj ( juni<H m4 UgJit Wi4? k?H m RjyAiE?M?itT?? "T? DENTISTRY^ ODEStAL card. I R. M^NSO.* IM? f-tcrnrd ??i<l r?,.? frnfs??ion. i fce??rrt *?? ?? 4*1 ? ?. third door rMt VnU 11> additloe t-| v*ry o liw ?ppiov*d tt?i>r. M n*?i trKTf h AB D*? 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