Newspaper of Evening Star, October 18, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 18, 1860 Page 1
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# 9 ^?i?fc?i^^bmm?n^_ '** 1 1 ' ' 7," y ,--. 1 ^ 1 ? ? ?- - - .. , ; ? I 1 ' * ' f, ) * *.. * .'/'? ' , *. , , ? . . . ,,,.... ... .. ....... ., ' .?.. im.i;r V^, XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. THURSDAY. OCTOBER 18. 1860. N-. 2.393. II I LI I I ^ h " " ' '7 . '..'i = THE EVENING STAR t. 1 P0MU3UBD BVERT A FT BR NOON, (WTIfDAVB EXCEPTED.) AT TUK STAR BUlLDt.IGS, Conur /PtwHM/1?nm uvetnt* *nd 11 tA St.,{ W. p. WALLACH. f4 r?r?'i mttM Ik yaokm?M by oarriore ftl |4 A r<r, or V conta par month. To mall rabo?rU>?rc ta? prio4 u fajo ? rwr, m aSvamt; 9* tot wk* ?a?*m 91 for ttro* month*; ac4 for Um UH ftroo months %i tho rat* of It coats a vaak. SUfla M?tM, oaa c??Tiia vrappora, two cuts. ILT ADvcaTtmnnr* eooaid M Mot to tne o?oa More 13 o'o.ook m.; otlktnnM they Mr not ?M?w matil tl?e neat day. I FASHIONS F9B OCTOBER. ffrom Le Follet ] ;j October is leading us onward* toward* tfte winter. We hare no longer the freahnee# and implicit? of the tiaeae* ror *ooamor. nor have we general I j adopted the rich material# for winter The autumn toileu that are beginning to make their appearnnoe combine aomnwtimx the oharaotar of winter drew with the lighter and more cheerful aspect of the toilet* IL Worn In warm weather. Barege and mualina are pat en oae ride, exempt for evening dreas, and are replaced by tenter materials. The r?dingote form of dress will inaugurate 4M imiob, nod oan be worn either with ? atated or round body. Of coarse, with the qfier. the skirt mast be set in Urge plaids. "FIoobcm will be the ornament mostly used cAi silk dresses; either sersral narrow ones to the knee, or one large surmounted bj narrower ones, ur by a trimming L&rgo buttous, called macarons, surrounded with lace, are in great favor as ornaments for redingutes, or a simple style of drea*. Passementerie, which has so long played an important part in toilettes, will ooniinae so to do, it is much employed both for robos *?d mantelet*. The paletot is the form of mantle moat used, aud is made either in light cloth or silk. The bornons is still worn, with either a round or a Square hood, though our elegantes seem to prefer the capuzhon vieille femme, on acoount of I iu being more becoming to the figure Both ' paletots and buruous are generally trimmed all round with some opposite color. it n ujet too earlj to speak of caahemir* "bawls Llama* aro much in vogue on account of ikeir lightness and elegance. A form of neglige has latelj made its appearance, and has created a great sensation. It i* a specie# of peignoir, with Urge plaits at the wtut, and is accompanied by a small pointed hood, finished by a bow of ribbon*. Xhey are ) generally made in eachemire, bnt of oouree any other material more or lew costly can be used. The deshabille, in cacbemira, i* tximmed all round with a broad band of quilted ailk or poplin, of a striking color. (tray, which is the favorite, admit* of band*, either dark blue, green, violet or groeeille. Plaid* are aaore suitable to poplin neglige*. ilreen, maroon and pensee are shade* which will bare great succea* at the begiauing of the season; a little later en the Haranne and black tfltl be the color* moat elegant and oomme il fait. Trimmings are worn en tablier ; narrow fl)aacM or ruches are often disposed in this Banner?they here the effect of making the wearer appedt taller When the skirt uie or* Hansen ted, the body is trimmed to correspond la the country dresses are worn alightly looped up,so as u> take the skirt off the ground. rnderneath is worn a colored petticoat, either blaok and whiia, or black and gray. So staring colors are allowable. The tight sleeves, which have been laid on one side during the summer season, hare again made their appearance. Nothing is at present (N?a*idered so thoroughly distingue as extreme simplicity Dresses, mantles, bonnets?every :11- 1"-.., vuiu^. ?-? uup>vwiiuiu? m p-^aoiyie 1QU iUX* urioui *111111110117 u the be*: criterion vf tiA? and ityle, for the various articles most be well made *nd worn with elegance and taste,or they I make both wearer and clothed appear coiuaou; while on the other hand, if bien tattea end bien ported. they give an aristocratic cachet, which cannot be obtained by any other means for evening dreas. tarUtaae and Chambery X?uio are inucb worn, generally with a fuule of narrow flouu'es With white, the ornaments are generally of some light color, inch a* pink, pale blue, or apple green. vte aouoea a wnue tarlatme dress on a young lady The skirt we* entirely covered with narrow flounce*. Kauh flounce wee trimmed round with a narrow ruche of Week guipure. The body, of course, decollotte, *u ornninented in the seine meaner, end e taufeof ]>iuk ribbon, surrounded by black laee, was placed oa one side of the skirt. With this ?lr??* was worn a wreath of piuk wojm ros? bud* Iwtuuag a diadeoie iu front, aad ending behind ifc a touffo end brides of blaek laoe. Another white dresa, of erape, was Lriauned rouu.1 tbe ?kir? wub tbrea booiltona, eaoh of wfcieh fir eroaaed-barred with narrow black at. Bunches of green fern leavea vera placed between the bouillon* at tha side of the draaa. The ooiffure wu oompi/aed of Xeru lyat^d and dewdropa, formed in diaaaoda. "ft# ikiru of ball dreaaes are made with a tram, and expanding like tha tail of a peacock Tfc* trimming ii very varied. It ia rare, how tf %r. v? aee ?ay reach above tha knot Narrow flMan :e*. perhapa, form the moatgaueral style In light material the robe ia a* wide at tha top of tha akirt aa at the button, while in other artielaa it ia frequently made en pointa and quite flat at front ami on the hipa. It ia not probable that thii fancy will be laating. Bouilloua form one of the favorite trimming! alight dreaaea, and alao on robeafor evening r We were eapecially pleaaed with two lh wa have recently aeen. faa waa wfcita taffotaa, and the skirt aligbtly mil - mkx >mte ?i top; at the bottom it ?m trimmed wiil boaUlou, or rather with ?wr?l, in tullo placed one above the other, and separated by pall ranches decoupeas in whita taffeta*, held At intervals br bows a aignilettas, black and giroffeo. The bows were pompons with ends.' A black and giroffoe ribbon, fasteued by a Tary beautifa! agraffe, enameled to oorreapond termed the wai?t belt. Plain body.with barthe aootboaad of two booilloxu crapes bj bow* of bl*A and giroffee. The sleeves, short, and bouilkonneei. were trimmed ia the same manner The coiffure was eompoaed of a wreath of dark grapes, and leaves intermixed with daiaies to correspond iucolor with the giroffee. Thu had a ?harming appearance in light hair. The bunches of grapes hung at the back of tip seek, almoat as Tow as the net fhe other toilette wan in talla, and the bouilloneoa the biaa instead of being horizontal; they were rary bouffunto, each Apace itiirked by a aery narrow string of pick nod whit? h.; I A Ttry wida wbita ribbon, with I err iBiaaia pi ok tine* diepoaad an rajorea waa faatanW at toa aid* with long enda. The body a draperies faatened in At* different places by aiEaWar to thuae at ib? bottom of tBa attH. Ttt? lame atyle of trimming, bat is miaiflbv/vu carried out on tba alaavM. Tba affect of ibii elegant and taataful drasa was moat pleaain* br iu freabnaat. The bead dreaa to be irotti with tbia rob* waa aiupty a oat. with tii? maabaa oaeiM" i of wary imH 4aiaiaa Altboagb a eomawhat singular atyle of, eaiffare ft in eery food tnU, tad hkraa Diaad ?iLb tba dr??. J Long palatota, d?ai aja*tae with collar r&d wide sTeeraa, axa conaiderad tba moat f?thron _ ??.W ? W St w*ct, ?nd, with pock?Mi" * "Mil apj#ar*iw;? ' Gray, tnnaad with a ribbon, nod Ur<e button* of tha same color, U A fayorft*. f*j jao is black taffetas are mora drutj. Tfcof are etthar plaia or AnUh?4 wilfc a gaipurwp#** aementerie, or a ihm rf ribbon. Wi k*n noticed tone with an hwartioa of guipuro.*HL arcunJ and a whit* ribbon pamad ?a4ar it; ?fco [rtaw and eeaine vara etfrrthad with white'. i|>e e^trwt li rather TialanL aid to ku? mmm say b? aeaeptable lu originality ia, p*rr kaoa. iU priwipal r?BOti-ti.enin-iuQ. . i ! zMra jackeUwill Mil probably ba it v?fl?.tfcui winter. :Tboir mart nppearaso* convenience era rtnmr CttflTte tb?ir hfot/ They wHl be nightly" vaAM- ' * TS* loose style of dreee introduced by tfc# paletots viii, a* cUnbt, prevail move or 1m? for wmm* a me. It will be to fiad?ub dtute powewtog ea?*l idruUma. A Am, the iiHatiM of on* of ft toll* illusion, &l4 tk? top jnum b??4?4 with a mete of larflar dimensions than those om other floeoeee TIN ceinture of the not material u the dress, with long ends, and trimmed with the tune description of reebeet, foraaed a kiad of scarf. The sleerea and body were covered with ruches of the same oharacter as we have *1 ready described. A single rea*, with light foliage, placed at one side of the head is the most appropriate eoiffure which could be found to suit so fairy-like a dress. v There is a tendency to wear flrMtts open at front, thftv ?r? ???? nAW a , ? ? ? <?* vu uv " W^MIViailV DOCUi They wiftno longfcr be worn so closed. It u expected tkat revcrs will be fasbioaablo. Em* broiderasl guimp** in muslin, a?d a moderate siaawollar. are worn with the** dresses. Some u* alao mad* in Yalenoiennes, with inmrtion. Cage* are muoh diminished to ciroumference; some flat at top, increasing downwards, which impart* a very ungracefin appearance ! to th* figure As a rule, paletot* in silk tak* th* lead, and ibtrrnous predominate in wool. Bach ha* its advantages un certain occasions, and in its ton is hotter adapted for particular use. It is very essential to exercise great care in adoptiug flowers as a trimming, so as to avoid nanaing into th* extreme practised by some of our milliner* and dressmakers, who evince a remarkable wunt of taste by the in?ongruous manner in which they employ the mass tbey bring into us*. A portion only of the ouantity wapld have a pleasing and elegant cffect. as tk* superfluity of flowers creates a confusion in th* design, and produces an unsizhtlr an poarance by the unartiitio arrangement. Tax Ciyil WaikCuit* Rica?Bjr way of Panaata we leara from Creta Rica that cm tie 29 th ultimo the troopa of President Montealagre, 1.300 strong, tinder General Maxemo Blanco, attacked the fort of ex-President Mo'i, at the Augostura, near Punta Arenas Tl?e force of tbe latter onlv amounted to aboat 250 or 300 mea that he bad armed front among tbe launch men aad other Inhabitants of Punta Arenas; of course, they could net resist the attick. and, after twenty minute*' flghtln*, the attacking party succeeded At the same time a small party of thirty men came down In small boats and took Mora and his 1? - ~ mm uy lurin.H at uteir n?*taquarier* at Punta Arrna* After aome remittance the houae wsi taken; tout Mont and two other* hid themselves under the floor of the adjoining houae, where thev remained a night and a day. When they caiue out they surrendered to Gen. Blanco, and, w'^boutaav trial, even by a court martial, Mora ami Arancabta were thot In the moat lumaQ&ry manner on the rooming oftbe30th Gen. Canaa. who had command of the fort, fougltt very bravely; be tired the last gun with bis own hands After the storming of the fort, Caaan came to town and took refuge In the bouse nt Ika Vfi 11 ' -? ' " ? .. n uiauuuian ^UII-UI, OUI lltfr IDV tl 'fmirt was over be surrendered to tbe commander, who pardoned him and promised to save bis life; bat on tbe night of the 1st an order came from San Jose to shoot him also, and consequently be was executed on tbe morning of tbe Sd. W hen tbe truops entered Punts Arenas a great many of tbe friends of Mora wefe killed In th?* streets and many bouses robbed. The number of killed on both sides la said to be about 3UU. General Jose J. Mora, brother to tbe ex-Presidsat. Don Manuel Canas. brother to the Oeneral, and Mr Maunet Arguello, were ordered to leave the sou a try but their friends bad fser that they ini^Lt also be shot, and tbey succeeded In getting an order from the Coinmander-ln-Chtef to be tjken board tbe American barque Reindeer, where they were toremaln until the arrival of tbe steamer Colu tubas, when tbey were ta em bar k to goto 9a n a. ??- 1 3WT1IIH. J ? i' A Mohl Califokxix Senator ?Senator Latham of California, Intends to return to Washington In a nortl way Ha baa bad constructed a carriage at San Francisco, for the special conveulenac of h intflf and lady It Is of Uie general exterior appearance of a heavy Concord wa^oa, * ? on springs and through-braced. Two aeats. with spring backs ami cuicioas. are placed within it; but, by an ingenious arrangement. they both can be so disposed out of the way that a mattress ocoupiee the whole body of the wagon, whereon jthe rider may sleep as comtortble as in bis own bouse witb only a gentle eartbqttukesbock rolling Mow Behind tne driver's seat. which can be eatirely shut off by a curtain from interior when dartrable, la a aerie* of drawers, above the straps for the sbootiag irons. As for the apparent cuu ? *1^- ? .... fuucuM ui ma carriage, an invalid mi? tit crow the Continent oa it without one* f ?ot on the ground for any purpose Awnings are outrtjjjjed on both sides. and care baa U-en taken to sevyie a good ventilation at all timet A tent, fitted to be raited on jointed polet, will afford a temporary tabernacle when It la deemed desirable to "stretr h," and for a day to be free from the raouotoay of the carriage. The tent it parked away uud?r the driver * i-at when not needed Tbe company will consist of six?the Senator and hit lady, two servants, conductor and a driver. The roote determined on Is by tbe ButterlMd route to F.I Paso, tksnes by tbe San Diego and Ham Autonio. and thence to New OrleatM The overland companies furnish teams, snd the party will take their own time, probably from eight to twelve weeks, to accomplish lUe trip.??a* ?a?rffto Htrald. a ct41tli5s kckoi ?Stewart1* Mir bit Palarr tebrt >m>. a Lagtr Bi?r Saloon?Norwester, tj? Rooeraily well Informed New York cerreapoudeat of tbn Boston Post, writes to that journal as follows: 44 Lager Bier is king at last! Cotton Is deposed and tbe Ebony Idol must Anally give place to the W~ ? " L. : *na wny, aay you ' There la a alartltng rumor around to-day to tbe effect tbat Lliidrainuller, the Bowery laker seller, baa l-i.i?ed Stewart's marble palace ou Broadway for twenty years, and proposes to tarn It Into a rast billiard and bier saloon Retailing of drinks npplants the retailing of dry good* Women's huananda hereafter will run up their own billaat tba great sbop, and men's wives must do their trafie further up town. Stewart's establishment is to be transferred to the neighborhood of Ninth ?tre?t In Broadway, and as soon aa the btg shopkeeper'* nrringemeuU are completed for removal, LlndenuiuUer ia to have poascssiou of I tie marble Clare Now Isn't UiU a rumor worth vent). iaf?" Vliafbn M . ?? - " ' v .'i * jiinaLLWivj flKK I" UMCKl. rtlOfC are now WO well orgauized cavalry companies la Virginia There will be a grand Inspection of about *J0 of the number at an eac>irapmeRt to bs tx-ldla Richmond on tbe 7th of November next. Tbe Enquirer srys that on no previous occasion bit ao large a force of cavalry assembled for drill in thts 9Ute. and It is of great importance tbat tbe very Iwet iusiractors should be on tbe groand We are gratified to ki*v that Col. Hardee, author of the system of tactics now hi nse in tbe Uolted Butee Army, and Lleutaaant Colonel of Cavalry, baa expressed his read loses to attead tfee encampment aad impart lostrueUM, if permission be obtained fro? Ue Secretary of War. - r - Dr O. Hoilaad. again at thg Houduras Interoreanlc Hail way Company, baa arTtVed In New York, on bla Way to iionduraa. H.tMtated (bat thia coiopui baa recently teen reorganized, and Mr. Kicnard Cobden, lb* eaoUiaatBrttlab tta teaman. late become liecbalrtaaa, la tfcw place f Mr WlLHam Brew*, realgned. All oautte political addition ?f E a rope will adtrtlt of It thia eoBBp*ny>lo be launoted. French Emperor l? also aa;d to take a lively internet la tbaettterprtae. -> \iv . r> v,*V ^ IT^fll Philadelphia on Friday evealag a But* girlT aeven or elgmyoara old, aarryiag * bob* atrio tuonUie old la he* arma, attempted to craw Viae tree* ta * ?* of paaeenger railway car. So^flrf the car aopcoacblng the girl got frightened aud propped (be baby in tbe aUeet, and before tbe car {oula be Stopped one of t%? wbeele caagbt tbe blld'a arm and crfBbtid It leogtburlae la a dread ul manncg,, . jet A #otre?pond?nce hour? ' Ill' Axcbbfcfctf Jud ticr^v of California bubwi g?*?d in tWllnltor ^pepr of t*?n FranTitkm ?ccto?lrttira profrt* *n*.t?r?ble drrouidajtopathjr with tna floli??s ;q hlapraaaat ilr*. #ihi At Pope repliesi lh the usual maalu. A nutfalttceat chall?e?T California manufacture. together with valuable gold tpacltneoa, i vm aeat with the addrcsa {TT, .^iLfrate yg?y?/ss?.'g /pwialuM In K?y Wm4, F)?rlda, but In hi? C r?*i modesty f* retirement. A eorreapoo. iart of tbe Picay une tofti |9UpB[ 9? <>? .Acred to ?b?tr*cUonl?t Ct tb# flf?t waiter Tin fexi^ui ?m in furMlt wr riUiMM,and hi? it wpiwee* Ui*t tte to rut bb?od^? aa '' ITT Tt* alitor of tte Jitrit OrUoo* IMte ?n mmj Mmi t?t woo Id taw Mm of mttr?t ?p m o^olM t? M pocket u t* VuntMblnfilakitt get to hiaotik* daring tt? Ut* iauodat)OQ Fbom ** Ton** "?The following it an extract of a letter from " Tommy," recent]? received by Lieut F Porter, of the J a pane* * Commtaalon: 44 You do Hot know how worry I waa when I left New York, at thought that 1 could not come back to an jroa again; Japaneae law forblfla It now. but by and by can eome " I am vary much obliged to von charge youraalf with me, on boa'd the Philadelphia nramboat whan we arrived from Sandy Rook, and wherever we went In the United Statei; I thai! keep the photograph presented by yon and look at it everv momtni? I put It aafe In my bureatt, because I afraid aomrhodv steal It ?' Wa were exceedingly pleaaed with our vlaltlag, aad at thla time have great deal talk about the united State*; about everything we saw. patent ? ? i'ihiwvuiiii iRgniiiie, mgn annorm duitiful buildings, milrotd train, manufactories; baloona; Are ateam engine; fire work*; aoldlers pro fMion; raustck; bultlful * tram boat theater muaeum threat hail and everything we saw They will be astonished when wi> tell It all In Japan " [ry In Philadelphia. on Sunday afternoon, the child of a negro woman named Finma Anderson, waa nearty eaten np by vermin. The woman went on* and left tbe child, an infant only nine weeks old, In care of a woman named Davis, who locked thecblldup In tbe room occupied by Ita mother. Some time afterwards, hearing tbe baby crying ptteously, tbe woman went to the room ana found that the child had been attacked by rata The animals bad euten away tbe noae. part of one cheek, and destroyed one eye. Tko 4-J 1 t-i UC pwi i mailt ^'irariiHTU a fiUUCftlll^ app^flfcillCC The attending phyafciau bu no hopes of it* recovery . 117" The Emperor Napoleon, In a speech at Algler*, during hit lat*? *Wt there, gave hit ideas of what constitutes civilization He ?aid : "Providence reoutr** us t? exUnd over this land the benefit* ?f civilization. Now. what it civilization? It is to coiulder liipp'ness aa something. the life of man a? innch. and bit moral perfection as tbe greatest good. Thin, to elevate the Arabs to the dignity of freemen, to ipread among them instruction, at the same ttine respecting tbelr religion; to ameliorate their condition by raising from tbe earth all tbe treasures which Providenre hs deposited there, and which a bad Government would leave aterlle. Such Is our mission, and we shall not fall in it " Tifi Wiaxth of Mississirri ?The Vlcksburg Whig tars It has been estimated that the taxable wealth of Mississippi, in land and negroes, for tbe year 1800, will amount to the handsome sum of 90s3.0uu.000. Tbe estimate for the county of Warren Is put down atsiu.500.0<i0 Hindi im nntilourn a? thericbeat cotinty?being #28,000,000. T.owndei coaie? next?f W.'DO.UOO. Yazor> and Bolivar, t25.000.000. Madlton. **3,<4J0,000. Maraball, #28.000,000. D? goto, S30,u*?,000, etc., etc. AniHH. W1RSLOW, N Exparien ed Notm &ud Female Phye'.olM , ?re**nts to tiie attention of raothera. her SOOTMlNtt SV RUF. Fer Cklldrta TmUiIdii Wklah gaaatly facliifataa tha jiihu af ( ihing, k? aafiaa tag ik* nai, r?4?cir( all laiammauai. -will alia? ALL r?> * and apaamadic aeuan.aud I* SURE TO REGULATE TUB BOWELS. Oapaad apaa it, mathara, it will fi*a raatta yaaracWaa, ??d RELIEF AND HEALTH TO YOUR IXPANTS Wa kin pat ayaadaaH tti* articlaf*raT?rtaa yaira, acd can a**, iia reNriaanca amd tiuth ?; it, what waha** n?**r taao akia ta - aay af an; othil Madieiaa? i* a* an MRS. wa? it rAiLat,,iw A iikili w?w?n??rt? TA"C" T? "V iict A ooii, WllSLUn 9 Whan tirraly aaad. Naurdid wt kutw RnitTllIMn *n 'nat?nta cf dtlaatiafactiM by any ?> md it. On tfca cautiarj.aii ara RVR-Ji, f.aiirbtad with ita APIBlTlOfl ?*i.?4 - .rv.aTV ..V aifhaal cMcatsJiliM ?f 1U '* Hal a-lacta tad ma 'it e a I rvrtaaa. Wa apaak la Jua ibiiur " what vi do mow," ?f?ift?n y?ar?' iipari*nr?, AWD rLIPSI OCI HlPl'lirion roH thi fulfilm b*t or what vi hbkb <> CLABB. In almaal a??-/inttaiiCt w>,?i t r a infant'? ?uf aiInf fram and aihaBitan, rtlta* will ba foaod in fflaai r tain'j miirtMaa aftartha ??rap it auminiatarad. Thia TAlualila praparau?i. la tna praicrtptian af Ma at Ma MlBIfUlll'CBtaiidlllLPQL KUBIBI In Nav Bnyil?4, aadUI ??an gaad arith w B*BR -Fa IL150 lOccllf Ik THOUSANDS Ot CASES. il Ml aoiy ralia?a? lha Child frarn pain, Bat u. tifaratta U? tamieh aad bcwili, carraeta aeianf.abd fiaaa tana and i.arf? ta tha wsala ajataru. h v:U U?.aa( inauntly radar* 6BIP1R0 IN TH* BOWIll AND VVIND CoLIC, aadaaarsaiaa eaiimltiani, vhieb, If lat tcaadMa rao>adiid and in ilantli. War"?? jbahtTttlUa ???T AlftlOBIITllM-! rOH - hiviimn in *11 ? ( L>T?-[ C'HILI>RC7I t t*TinT una DIA? t* ?MIL- TEKTHIRO.If**". "> *? ?? krmi f?#? itfthinf | lor fr?*r. ?r.? oth#? :ihi WI ?NJli<r ( ???r? mojttr wfto bu thiM ?*< ' rinf from ?ii? of th< (ai?f > . { i?o i.WT youI pacjobiai*, cob r.n 'hjuuicii <.? othmi urd fciiwttn ;?ai ir J?rS .f tfiiM *1.1 tot r?li?f th*i will'V* ?vaa? ?m, titoLCT(L) to follow th? v?# ?f t| 'aoilicint. if lln-oip ?mo<I. V'Qll tliriciti or u?.u| will ? Mtpt-nt ?.eh botuo. Noco (onamo ii,lm mo fte-oiuit* CltRTil * PKRKINH.Jlow fork, > m> thj okuiJt wrt^pt i t j Pri|(uu thr?achr?i t?,t wotld. Prtotp*! OlP&?. No. It Ctiiu Muiti, T. N?l Ml? 19 CMU Mr l?ta? M 11'Mvlf GEORGETOWN AD VERTMT8 Qtt LAHUK STOCK! Qo UO B K S T 6 O n D S!! L. O W K H T P H I ?5 K * SPILMAN A HUNT, 9* B'idgnstreet, between Wakhiuctoii and Cvnsrona, ar- to* ?ro?lt?l to how th<*ir well selected atoulc of UK E$S GOODS, DOMESTICS, to. Their ( the old ataud of H. K. Beny ) ha vine l>? n renr.'?de!leJ and fit'eu up in ths most thorourh manner, th->? possess faoili ties nnequaled in tea Distrust tor the poai-ounn <>f a renarai Dr* Qoada Business. They respect* fulijr iavite a oall from the oitneus of tieorfe'awa an I rioinlty. ooS-im WE WISH EVERY ONE TO KNOW That DRY WOODS can be Ivnuht cheap at BROWN ti WHITE S, No. 140 ( Nokth Si ?it) Bbiuok snirr, Georgetown, D C. And to oouvinoe ) ourael vet of the fact, oall. and ee those Black Silks, Printed and Pain Delaines, Pnii De Chevfs, Merino Plaids, Krenoh Merinos, Valen _ 1 til n ? ' ? - - dim, ninoK t?onio?iinfl?, A'pvjca*,aio., ?#. C>oak?; Tyriaa. Electro and other Snawle; Blanket^ Men'a and Hoys' Wear, a good aaeortment; Men'i and Hoy?' Merji'o *hirt* ami Drawee; I.a dn*e' and Merino Vent*; Baj >u'? Kid Glovex; Hooped SkirUi ioiwt?; P.ain, Bordered, Uema'itohed, inJ Embroidered Lin?u Cantbrio i!andk*rohiefi; Embroideria*. very oliaap. and no humbug; Hosiery and Glove#; White Good*: Yankee Notion*, a full line; Line -y, Oariuurg Calioon, and Servants' Wear in abundance ; and many ouier thim?, whioh we will tell tou of when y?u ca l at the Brown k. White Po?t More. All of which we will sell m chcap w the cheapest, -'or aay oth?r mtn." Coma early, and don't forget the plaoe. ?e 20 2w JUST RECKlVKD? 10 hh4?. prime Porto Rioo SUGARS, 1S> bbie. i>id Rye WHlf-KY, 280 bbia. HERRING ami ALEWIVES. 60 < ruthed and R?fin<d -UGARb, W b*<a Rio a ad Java COFFEE. 10 hhdt.(luw priced) MOLASSES. For sale by JOHN J. BOGUE. m lo / RANDKI^U OPTICIAN, Vv No. lii* trvlMit,OlllllllWI,' Hat oouataatir on hand a Large aaeortmeut of pa^aSt^s^ist?ifG^k. Ue teet?, in joid. silver, (tee Land German silver frames. N. ?. Old F'amee Repaired and iwtin eeet tiUem toordT. Ml?-ly !Vf *g&P?A?9JWW *. flt. ccl^ PHI^adkv easSBi 1|UMr JJLNY * iHlNN,A??nta. <fci) J ST fir*w 1. *OTiKnwt. |OB*F, 01R C H, VXDF.RTAM&A, ? K -tW. Bridtt iwf Jtfmiwm m.. Qfcrtttov*. Havinj *iven mr^rioml attention to this Wraneh pf ni bu?oeee, I am piwpalad to .?rj? attend u? all os! 14 vith prometoeee Parmuns f?ma adistanoe mm hempplied at a %w amitee' notice, aa 1 have a larfe Meurbnmt of OuFFlNtMt vaya on hand. Particular, amotion M l? the removal of the irad from the old to tftaMW banal grounds. I Hear*? and Hora? for hire. ay 10-fai ? ' " " ' . " 1 * 1 j N o T_I C B f , Bi sHi? SffiR i^SSs^'s A" or%3.St ^%5 f'T*" HAT^>nd CAPs,? the vary low out p,1o**. I'!?? \r^wb?d*V>h*v.f

e>a: n MWti| ch?nt? hT*pwU * -' ' 1 HP?s?s _ n ?? EDUCATIONAL. SCHOOL FOR SMALL BOYS, *3 No. 21 T I ?T?E?T, Fi*?t Waid. Min AN NIK B. PKCft, Te*oh?r. Number of pupilt limited to twenty oo 1? ?otm Acadkmy of modkrn i.anoauaors. < Washington BllLDIS?,J fa Avtnut, Corntr if Stvtnik St'rrt. PaiTAT* IStTfrCTIO** 15 PEKNCH A.ID SPJlAUH. day and KVK>iiNG? la&es THAN STATIONS. a M. d? MONTHurty, Professor ?fM?d?n I nn.l I i ?? ?"? l *L* ' ?-? litis lav no?wr to innounod that he will resume hit Classes an J Private Letuton* <?n Wednesday next, the 19th of Seoteiul>??r, in the almve Academr. He i* prepared also to five, in schools and private fairiliee, a Course of ,ecture upon the Frenoli I iterature, from the Kar11 ht Foruiatiun of the Language to the Preitent Time. For term* and further particular* inquire at the Academy, where Prof. D* Montliurry will 1* in attendance daily from 9 to 11 a. m aud from 5 to 8 p. in. e 18 lm TFKMAI.E EDUCATION. HOSE Parent < who wieh their daughters to receive a thorongh an 1 systematic education. wieere their ph. eica! trainin: wi I receivedailv and sperial attention, under the most approved system of OVisthenio* aiul Grinaantics. are respectfully invit??i to vieit the L'mou Female Academy, corner F*>ui Ucntk at. and New York av mr. k. mrs. z. richard#. au 30-tf Prutoip&La. fFemale boarding and day ?chool, ' ALEXAX UKl i, VA. Mm. SL J. MeCORMICK, The thirteenth annual session of this Institution wilj ooiniin'noe on Tuesday uik;pteml>er 18th, n She noime rxcT.iijr ocgiiuiou liv s) Ivo?ler Soott, 1'*J, No. 1*0 Kine itreof. Tho eourse of study pnr?ued will oompri e all the branches req ?Nite t<? a thorough Enelish Edo nation, and .\lu?io, F.eucli, I?atin and Drawing, it desired *n addition to day *chola.-s, Mr?. McCormio.k in prepared toreveivt*a limited numlierof pupils l><?ard?r?, who. ron?ti?utin? a parr of her own family. will b? under Iter immediate care ami nupyrvision. Slid will ?>ud4?vor. a* far a,? poa?ihle, to *urrouud them with thooomfort*ami kiudl> influence* of flome. Rtftrnw*-?Rev. Geo H. Norton, Rer. D*. E.ia? Harrison, Rev. D F. Sprigg, William K FowIj, K*q., Edgar Snowmen, , Edmund F Witmer. E*4., Henry Marbnry, , L'-wis McK<"ni e, Km . Robert H. Hnnton, Esq . W D Waliaeh, Editor Evening 8tar, Benjamin Water?, hlsq.Jaa. Er.twisle, Jr.,, Col. John W. Minor, Loudoun, Messrs. Illackloek it Marshall, Messrs corse brother*. TttXI. Rnard, with Tnitiou in all tho Englifh B anohes, fSiofor ih* annual session?payable semi-annually, in advance. .Muno and Language* at PioIa**ojV price*. No extra eharxe*. au 2H-tf jyjETROPOLITAN COLLEGIATE 1NST1FOR YOUW LADIES, 464 E sir.. Btrwui 8tr in?7th3ii. The fourth annual session of the Institute will ooinmciiooon tne first MQNDAY in feptambr. Application- should be made early, a* tre niiin(>?r of pupil* ia limited. For particular* sen ci'culara or apply to the prinoipa.l?, Mr.and Mr*. T. H. HA i VENiVl-.R.attha Institute. au 9 tl" i \fR8. M. E. KlNG8FORD'8 SEMINARY, i lTj 41* E ST.. W*(.H!MTOS, D. C. The next eesaioa will oommen<*()otol>er lat. 1881. Terms. Ao., forwarded on applioation. an 16 tf ( WOOD AND COAL. j JMPORTANT TO HOUSEKEEPERS! THE PTONEER ] SAW BILL if D F1EEW00D FACTORY, <S?:aw or thk Blp* Flac Staff,) \ Ssuth of the Canal, near 7tb street Bridge, Will famish, at the shortest notice, FIREWOOD, THE BEST QUALITY, 1 OF Ayr Kino, ? Out and Spht to any Dirn^nnont. CIFAPMJt THAU THE CHEAPEST' J W itli full measurement guarantied. t fCr Remomber.Till Hun* ST?rf, west ahV of Seventh timet, south of tne Caial, and opposite the Center .Market. CiEORUE PAGE, Agent. t lET HICKORY ANDOAK PLANK or TIMHhRrolaar?ie<'or dim?nMons i *?A WRD, POSTS ? or JOISTS Rl PPlSli, or LOOS SAW F.L, at the C hnrtjat notice o Mmall jota of DLACKSMITHlfVG prompt- t lj > '.acdj-ed, a* abovt ? Mitn i Pq q q | union FIRE-WOOD MILL, c Corner ef Seventh tt and Canal. r ? .. ll WOOD of kind, nianufaoturdd to order, aajr or uxe, read) lor u??. , y COAL?CO A f.. f< We have now ou hand a LeauuAJ lot ul COAL, " R?1 and White A ah. different size ? l?7" Wa ai?i uow, ami ?ii< U? receiving C<?al f??r the u<jxt tou days, vhieh We mU, delivered truiu* ?* til-- tmmI.i: a reduction of 26 cenu par ion. Saad your orders e&rlf. a MoKNEW k MARLpW, H ProprinU?r?t e IT-tf Ootuur *av?nith at. and Cui?l. W U "U A N D COAL D?lU?ro<I to all parts <a tuc city, at tl-w iowsat ? poiMibto rata*. t< T J. ? W. M. UALT, n Ofio? Fa. av., betwMB 11th and mF ?t? . i. mai7-u uortii ude. c />OAL,! COAL!! ~ ' P WOOD! WOOD!! t I urn daily re*eivinr larre auppl'ea of COAL from ? he very l*?st Pennsylvania mine*, whloh 1 vriV hH at reaaonab'a prK*? Also, the b??t quality of Oak, " Pine and Hickory WOOD, cut an-1 ?piit, aJllerigths. Gal) aud leave your order*. R.W.BATES, y Wood and Coal Dealer. p 17 (Statos) Cor. C and 14th ata.. near Canal. LOOK TO YOUR INTEREST, PI'RCHAS ?" ERa OF CABINET PUrtPU i UKE. * Wo havo now in atore and daily re- r oeivmg the larjoaU handsomest, and tixJSv 6, cheap??t lot t>f Cabinet Furniture evar M offered to lite oitisena of Wa*hinatoa,x4Mf*?& ?? Beorn??towTi and Alexandria, whiot i? oAMliorHU..U.all.k . : "l - ? - M uvimw j JU1UIB11 WHU UDBi.a 1UI lilMlll.g lOCftli M.C examine for themselves. Our stook tmb mm ever* oc oonoeivable aitiole necessary to fbrutaha parlor, Bl ha l.diuiug room, aharnber, a>id kitchen. Our ex tensive stock is too numerous to particu anza We name a few or the leading estwlee, euoh Roww^Wei nut and Mahacaoy Parlor Pu^s, I r, Upholstered iu a superior iranii* in Broeataye rl Hi k tldsb, Lasting and Hair Clot a, J Oilt frame Mantel, Pl?r an<*other Glasses, Gilt Base Tabies, Gut Brackets sad MarWe Fhahf, W Goth to and other hsndeome Reoeption Chairs, in V Brooatelle, Plush. Rush and Can* Etegeros, with Marble-tops and Mirror Baoks, Do. Parlor Desks and Whatnots, BSSSi^IsM,.fiS3.MSaB?il!SS-?, I handsome and oheap. Cottage Chamber Furniture, to Oak. Ipitatim Oak, Maple aad Painted, with or without Mar MA Topsf ? '"r Marble-top Hat racks, in 0*k and WaftTtt, Iron HatraokA,' Hall Stands, ' W Secretaries, kookoaees. Shaving Standi,' Marble-toe Center Tabiea. i> ' Hair aafflkacfc MettrBsaas, Feather Bolsters and PlUowa, M B anket*. Comforts, Omits, Towels, *?. .. In addition to oar ?took vt Furniture odt firvt to ChtSBttEiaand'4^6 k ^nu'd^iMJil eee'wWo. Table Cetterrl^ri taima War^?B? W| tin OtrSafTBeskets. Branties, he., altofether form- > in? a eaauiete variety efs*err thirg aeocssaritb } furnish a house in all iieaja^m^nts . _ TT . T I roil H?a) o! 5r| tf* fran ^ J] b ? H*MfcThtf I fr^eea 9th ?n<hl>th afr. t? QUD **?. MfoLOW AN1) JW? * fc M0N0JS9AHELA RYE WHISKEY, tu Cao*i>i*ntU>iuly<Ui'ili?d bj Mr Jmn Barftaid*. d J of Alleg& / Uo?Btv, Pan oft., la U>* id-fo.hioned honsat war, fro u t&eea?i?*at lad not! o?r?f%lly ,_J a*leeu<1 Ky?, and in no um ifr offered tor **!? ? uatil *d*?U? to vhn|?toine ?M by M? It ??*t r onoo Mm Mat Mi?*ible. u it l? of the pnreat btrtraiMii the r#Mfc of the pu u?. T* t n? mm>? -- ?-"i ? ? -- --T?' ? ?~ v?n mm ninm in HWITS. (KMMMdt ItMl/ f.?r tts M?tV?H?d |)t IS tmulMt of tti* a&faat ??*wt.?nd moat tww-tiirt r Malta. ' ' fel VL.BRV ? HTncIOM^ Fmr*?.?nra. f 19SW*luut atra??t. Phi"*.!-labia, J AfU^fWtV pS* ^or?^X P*.V* fT YHfwplSe^ni bI<WS1ttiVy ?*V *<i.TT B C NEW MELCJDEONS Not to Hon rj O Jit** ? F KLI.^5, L mD Sft, ttttVMn 9U ud luifcata, i FOR SALE AND RENT. ? FOR RKNT.-Two I*w tbr^Mtor* BRICK HOLSES witii back bsiulto^a, wsoh Jh>?m oortftining 3 roonn, witn t?*, aitu?tM an 8th strMt r.arih, kM?wn M N ?tr*?U: rMK moderate. AmI L> E. UZKNiV, i>Mi??U,?r to JOHN T7LENMAN, Ohio avenue, between 18th awd lath eTeeta i?e "tf -%y\D D ? ? - ???"? r-\/iv i\r r-A b??u) inrni?ni?i HdVEinth* Firm Ward,on II. b?tr(?n i7th aart ISta ?U., No tf*4?,o? tittiuiac a double parlor, 6 or t> oiuuuber*. dinmf-room. kitchen and paltry ; witli *a*. ?<)Worhitw,\t?r bath-room, Ac.. *?. Apply to L. i< LOVING,Fourth Auditor Office. oo 4 2w L^AKM FOR SALE?Alucbly improved Kami. F ooktAttiing 115 acre*, with tw-?tory frame (Iw<>.11r.? and xi\ convenient out hou?e?; fin* o'ch Mil, oio?il?-u'. *pniyc, Aa.,?ituated on tho Litue river turnpike. Fairfax county, Va.. 7 tnilee from Alexandria Term?: 4.?*?; on* fourth canh: oalanoe in 1, 2 and 3 year*. Apply to LOlltiA gQMERS. on tke premuei. oojl 3w* FHHOR SALE?A now two-htory-and-basemmt HRICK HOl'SF., oonlsinin* 5 room. *n.) eoliar. MtuAUftt Oil llta It nortn lwl*Mn I.?fw4 u ??? No. 378?within 5 minute*'walk of'li* Northern Lit?ertie? Market. Term* nnunuatl* liberal. App'y oil the prei.ime?. <?r to .M'-KKNNV.V i LaSHDAI.E. euruor of Fa. avenue and 7tb ?tseS4 Im* POR RK.VJ?A threa atory BK1CK H'ls-. r on H street, between 4th and 5th. AI?o a two atory BKICK COTTAGK. w-tk garden. corner of Veiine'see avenue and north F afreet, aurrouitded b-. m. larcc common pasture, and would l>e a desirable location fur a dairy man. Inquire of C. UIKOK, 446 12 h ?t- jy l?-^oam* FOR RUNT?The FIKhT FLOOR oi UoMM in* : in nicd lately opposite rtie w??t wiujof ta? City JlaL,rrceatly occupied by i>. Nfal.ioi. as an offion. Also the front room in the aeootxi story and the third floor of the same bmlditr. Foi termi apply to RICHARD WALLACH.No. 8 Louisiana areuua. ;a 13 U Pr J H McLEAN'S STRBKGTHEKIXG COEDIAI AMI BLOOM riRIFiKK. THE GREATEST REMEDY t* tk* WORLD, A \ ,y It U tui.tir a sei- Mm fiW.I \fr entile and ?*J?la- wLg^T h!? Conponnd, pro* If^Ww enrad ty t*? dlitil'f LUM UM CM r ac, her'a. and bark*. YtlUw fB| *\ Flack Rot?, S<rii(? rW1 WSnk nlU, Wild Carry llij^ />yp <&V B-rk, **d DtnJclluo /Wi/t ?ut?ra i to IU cam- Hfc j g |w ^ Th? ftirc icu't c ^ "T? remedial principle SU^aB^f of each ingredient ta Before taidn&;^;r.^^w0df After ttfring. Jutilllif, prodccin f a d?iicinua, t itii.iraai, J ?p rit, <tr. i Ui? moat t- fall'.ble remedy for renoaam.g tbe Jiiuiia ayaum, and reatcrin|r the aie?, aafariuf, and debilitated invalid to linlili and itrength. McLEAX'S STRENGTHS Stiff* COR DIAL Will ad actually car* Li'fr Complaint, DraPfpiH, Kailea, Chronic or Nereoue liability, Iheeiaee af UBe Kidiitva, bd all d'aeatee uiaiug from a di?o< Jerad Liver ?r 81. mar h, r>yepepei?, Heartr orn, In* rJ Pilee, A-idiir or Ui ki.aaj of ;ht Stomach, Follntea of Blood to the Hatd. Dull fait cr ?wiaa?iinf in the H?ad, t*alpr.aoan <>f the Hear'. rdl>im >r Wfiftji in the Sumach. few Krneutiat.a, Choking or Snffocaunf Fteliof atbti lav .ug io vn, Dryn eaa .>r YelloW,eea of ll.e Shit, and Eye*. S.{ iSwou. Invnrd Fa vara. Cain in the Striall of the Back, C>ie?t, or Side, *jd?en F*lo?nea of Heit. Denreaaion of Mr.mta i?. ? ? ^uiptf, Deepondeiicy nr ujr litrroni die true. Scre? or fUoi'bee ou lb* Skui, %?i Fe?er and AgM'. (or (* utf r???r ) OVER A MILLIOX BOTTLES live bttn sold dnrinp the latt aix months. nod in r.c inmae* h?? H failed in ri?w>r entire tiefcction. *kc, tb'n, nil taiTtr from W? Itrtu er Debility ?hea MCLEAN'S ! . RSNuTHLNING CORDIAL will cere yc? ' Nu lanfbaft tail couitf an adequate iducl tht iuWiit* and almost miriCBirwu change produced by ukiop thu oMial in the diaeaied, debilitated, and ((tattered r?rrou? yetem, whether broken d<>wn by tictH, w??k ly aatare, t impaired by aickneaa, ih? ituiid and Dnatruwf arfiuuatlwi ta rtiurid 10 pristine Leillb and rigoe. MAhHIED PERSOKS, r whin, coniciow cf la ibiln* (r ?r wh .te??i cauae, will Ikd M'Lfc/lN S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL tb?onyb r?ftn?ntor ol the (yetem; ai.d all who i.?i have in urr J therueeWee by improper will la. J la rh,? 'orJjll a certain and apearir nmidj TO THE LADIES M.UAN1 STRENUTHKKlNtt < OK DIAL > a eorttkfn and ipnJ; ctra (or Ueipmi CwMiapuoa, Whuta, )C?UU"ied or liilcilt K<dluioUMt IncotUuuci af liruie r Involuntary Dueharf* thereof, Falling ol iht Vonk, Mldtneaa, Punting, nan ill dtaeaeea incident to Pemilea THERE IS SO MISTAKE ABOUT IT. I?ffer no !"u^*r Take it according to diractiona. It will namlatt, trenrtt'*", and in-rtgorat* TOO and eaotc lh? kMKB J< fc faith to r joni.l yanr cbeek again fcvary tnilil ta rarrai.ieJ tu gi?e antiafictiou. t-og CH LDREN. It your cliiidraa ara *icki?, pun* ?r aSicted, MCLEAN'S 'ORDIaL viU Ball Uiau (at, aad rolaai. DeUy M a moment; trjr It, and yen miM ta cabatu&ad It m 4acIobi to t<ke. CA UTION. are o/ dmgglata uc dealera who may try to pilm ou tuuia Liuar or a.ra&panlla (rank, whicfc tfce-y ?iu b?T heap, by a* v in? it u joai aa good Ato.d a?.k caen. Aak ,r MCLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL, auU uka cthing flat. It U tha only remedy Ikat will panfy ttic Hood tr. sndat the aan:e time etren^then tbr intern. Una texpouaful taken e?ar? uitrtiinr (?aune ta a r?ri?i.. raaaeiiaai?r Ckvlin, Chili* ui Pt?f, Yrilo Kaaar, or Ulr LI t aaltut ClUIH It M pm kp In l?i(r 1.4 .11 trie* nfy il per boult, or 6botU<i for ?6. J h MiI.EaN, ol> propnator of thia Cordial; alto. !WcL<fin'? Vulcanic Oil Liaimahl Priccip?l Daroi on the corner of Third and flu* itiitu, st lontt, Mo. KcLe&n's Volcanic Oil Liniment, (THE BEST LINIMENT IN THE WORLD ) TI11 ??ly ufi and e?rt?in ear* for Caoean, Ptlaa, T?. tora, tlwtllinfa tod Braachl'i ar Cailit, Paralraia, Kti. ilfia, Weakoeaa of Itl Miucld, Chronic or tni miaaiary hamtauait, S.ulujaa of the J"U.ta, iMtractati MmcIm <k ifamn.U, Karirb* orToothacUc, Brunei, ipr-.u.a, Fiaah iiti, Wouuda, Clean, Fa??r Sorea, C.ked Eraaat. Bra I iippiat, Iiume, Seal Ja, Mora l^roat, or any mS imnatioa or tlu, do difareoee ho* a?ui or loor the <lia**a? un? exiatfl, MCLEAN'S CELEBRATED LINIMENT is airuia remedy. Thonaa.-da of hcitian beisjra bare bean aared a lift of dia rejnlude ?u4 miany by the cat of tl la luralubn raracdy. MtLEAN'S VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT fill ranera miu aluiaat kaeUati-aeaiMly, ud it will claao, I#_ ? ? - amy ana neai tn? Tomcat tores m an iucredib|? sUon. urn, i FOR HOHSBS ASD OTHER ANIMALS. McLean's celebrated liniment ? u* ?ni7 ??r. i 4 raknfclc ttnidf for the cor* at Npttu, R urt-uut, 'ladjalU, Bp'tou. Uanatnral Lorapi, N?dt> Swtlliijgt aevN failed to car* Big Ht>d, Pallavil, Pi?lcl?, Old , niiuuig Horet, or S?eaajr. if paoMhjr anpteaJ P.* ^raina, Bruit**, 8cr?t'tit?, Crickti Ctifti. >441? C*llar Gull, Cuu, orWou*<i*, lii*?c ufaliihi* m*dy. Apply il ? dirtcuJ aud a cor? u cititit *??ry 1 tanee . Tli*u ttil? o* lnn#?T wub ? maajr worthUa* Liniiavati I [ red to yt*. Obtain taupp.r of Di MCLEAN'S CELERATEL> LINIMENT k *ifl tut j*. J_H. McLEAN, 8ol? Proprietor, corner xiiira *na r?u? ?t?., hi. Lout, M?. CHARLES (STOTT, Its Pt. r.< , loll mat in W??hinr |R,I T. CItJMCL, Ud?f?lovii. HM-MWI; P ROYAL HAVANA LOTTfcRY. 1 L HK Nut Difcwinx of t&> L?t rj, conducted by tLo SiujIi 6 jrernmtni, uir:< r I 4 HHnmoii of U>? Captiin Senar^l of Cabc, ] ill tat* ?l*o? st Htnnt on SATURDAY. Octoh* *>. tm. BORTWO VUMXRO 644 ORVINARIO CAPITAL PA1ZE tlOO.OOO. ? zz fiSi^^rox. zr mS i r*ww* i ibbbusksi i 00 jhtr Oaiaof City PomL. Chart?ton, ft. O. ' JCHOOi. AND OOLLEOK OUTFTT*. j t>tuk? emd Boft1 Clothing for Sekoof and ! Dnu* Wear. Parent* and *?nrdi*??w??*ii?s to fomnh th"i- ? itHreuaiul ward* witii 8<v ooi ar4 Coa-csi >?*tiu rth? coming ??i?on, are lun'tso t > e*ai?ju ?-o?r large and exteirefr# awnrtoinnt ftOY r L*?T(iI!w,%D*re th#y can ft out their rl. kfr<?u I allti(M>B?fr* mof HU vim 0vmrt <k*erip- I >a at Rca>'y B?wl? Omtm-mtt, mt aahataatMU and co. msntf 3*3 Pemi. avanaa. I.w'IUJULT0^ PAUJT?. . DEALER IN PAINT*, ... ' [a, 593 ?r? S****T. im#t CkU &M*m* Hmii. * ^ 'tf ^TTTV^S mw\. 4 Pf'3^k,gh^t i tAI? Vi It*A 81 K il \ t i. .. U. Arno'??. fur u - a' T W*f, Rratt.mad Owl Mtnafecor*. *X J 4 , HuMita uMr M?k U - ? ?* W.e.MtfiUJUJTT | I THE WEEKLY STAR ' 1 mm* nnUl ?f UtmMui rmMt Ux*? 0*11 be foaa< in UT oth?r-u pvbtutMd m 9to.ri%j morula*. T?B -fVuA, Mi ilc(l? oo^f, per fc&cam . ? #1 8 ive ovpies ?? ?? ? ?? VM|| OUflMk. ? !* 0T MWibiut i* ll|N Wl?l IMkl<? VUho?t the icterven UT. ol* Mkli Hjjtl* TIB be Mjocived 2v Kr omL of TV WwA/f Wto a red. It lifimMf oonOkjna the ** <* N?wi" ttat faM nv)? 7^4 Cmmm etreeMe lo ftnfrwy UwoxiiL. ut the cm untry. r*jxw. TKKKK CENTS 117" vbo tot u i(Kti will * < l?Mi & eo?nu?Ma < It mm*. mggg^????????^ medicines. . A J-> 1^4 cw? ^ laUxiuitLael F?r*r. w v d fi?*. EiwUm I KeVer, D?m*> A|oe, F#rU?di aTj(??dto. -TUT Hi law HMdKl*. ? <! ?"? * *?"**' 'wliH Kr t?? of Dii'MII Of14 ? " ? 7 ? - ?? ? ?- - - t MV ak-ITII III OMDtrlM. Noon* remMl* it >o?der called fnr Itim?>on-> eltie? of the penp-e * ?r# and mu? oar* for K?v<*r ami An*, &ueh *?' bow ?u?st?d to oB>r. with a perfect crtainty that it wi'l emA cat* tfwxtieeae*. a?d witli u*?i?bm, f?iud?4 ?' ptoof, toal im? kna ?d aiiae lr*m iu ihu My quantity. riitt whi??h protect* from **r p-erents tf?f? (t? otder m*?t be of itnni??>?? etrne* in tk* ? mmmm*tiee where it prevaila Prtr*ntton i* better Ukn oure. for the patwct the risk whieh ? iicst ran m vi?ie t UUtlu of this fc?ofal e?s mm P?r. Tni? "Cra'1 expo the tu.asano et.isoa of KVIK amD tOVM from the ii?Uut,Hd prevnts the d<>vi> ,ne:.t of uiseaae, if taken on the first approach ?? lt? prwmoaiutrf STmptome It is aot only ?*< l?e?t r?>n??y *v?r y?| ?ieoow*d fur tbie ula*a of eonpian.t*, I'Ut t>?? oh*ap^st. 'I he larc* quantity *r ??>pp ? for a dollar hritus it with in ike r?ao 1 of e?ery???..i? ; and in biU*as <*tetriote. where FtricK ksu Auok prevails, even body sbo?l4 [ ?vr it ?nu ??? n irwij tx in ior oar* a fl piMrt tmn A rr??t ?urrrii>rit9 ofUii r< mwt ?w M i.tji?rev?r Ct?>.t>v?>?r lk? | lt^ HTltU cure of Intermittent* i? that it oo Uican> Qu dim or ?un?r?i.Cf?n??na*!it.T it prrKlue^i bo leiwefii or otaer u.jur ?>u? f-dcoU wi.ktovtr Bp * tkm o n??itution. Thoae curnJ by it are i?A a* At-alUty At .ft!.-? ht/1 n-ver had the Ci?e%.?e K#v<" and Acre u Lot & one tk* ooneeaoeoM of the riii&MiLiU i p <;? u. A variety ofduo d?r* an Ir m ite irritalf>?b. annua wt .** are > e?r?. aia. Khm.nM?m. bout. Hta<*aohe, ttli'iar?aa, Trvo'fca-he, ka *oh?. Catorra. Anhma. Fa'pitat OH, PatDilli ->itMtl<>? Of IB* ^p MO. fl Mtor.M, Faiu in tiie Bowel', Co 10, >'*>-*,) ?4?.ai o I>er*nenn?il of the Stotnaoli, aii of whuh, *nn orifIe&Uuc in this oaaa-. r?t oa tie nH?i?ia?a to**, am eouin* MtiiAM- Tkli '"V CKfc" ex.p?ia tii* puiao* f--*n the Vlood.and oon?; qu-ttl? carta than all b? DR. f. C- AY BR 4 CO , LawaU. and sold by all Druggist*, ararrwhara. 00 If aolm Helm bold'1 Genuine Preparation. HIGHLY COVENTRATED" UU< * v I ? Of l'ff? A -mrnrnm ? ? ? - ' -v .u i v/i 1/ r i < u ' r a I AAVT BUUU U A PotlUv#rnmi flfecitc Rfmedy For DuetiN <>i Uk- buAiiUKR, Kl DNKYB. GRAVEL. M4 DRi'PSICAL 8^ ELLINGK Thia MMiCin* 1 the *owrr of DiiHriot, and e*oit--? tb? Ahmjh BtNT> infc> ho*lUr? ?inn. by which the WATER V 0* CALCEROlft rpontioDi, ftti'fi' l NNAl'l RAi ENLARGc.IKNT8 *r? reduoid. m w*;I ? PAIN uid IN> LAM*' ATi<>\, a- *ii? rorrf for MKS. VuiltKy. OK CHILDRMX. HELM HOLD'S EXTEA**T wt'CHU. For W?kL?M Ax.nut from Excw. Httuu <4 lAui|?t>oa E*riy la<li?crt-Uo& or Ab???. i Ann.rluf mirk HufjUnrimj Swfmt ? Indisposition u? Exortion. Loos of i* war. Low of Mw?n. Di?onlty ( *, WoiikNorvw, 1V?T?WtT|. Horrorol piw?, WU'itlnnt, Dtnui of VicioL. Pub in Um Umiveran LHtitMtO thi ImemirHiiUM.! ; Mot iiaotla, Pi u?lTn* of the My, Dryuc?? "I tfi? Skiii, K ny>n???e <> U??- P?w. PALUD COL'MKNANCU. ?yr rtr tf a * to to bit, whiefc Una m. In Oit* or Vvuich m* Pat*bp*t may Khiii. hfthSttfilFri L^^EA^K? S '^BJMTV AND rON^l MPTTON. Mui are aware W trn? eaaae f>? the.r ?9*rlnr, bvt soyk ?-/l; confess. THKRKCORL?OFTUI I .>ANKA?HIMI >(*<# Af'"?*r*'>r? fSmtkM it) CMUumpttom Benr im?i? c to the truth of the VMtiML THK C*W?TlTUTION ONCK AFPKCTKD WITH ORGANIC WF.AKNKSS Repairer the aid of mediciue to ttrenctnec " iwzvm&trtSh., Ihdms. A nui WILL COT*#?t U Tkl *0?T BUTTICU. FEMALES?FEMALES?FEMALBB, OLD OH YOVNV. SlbVLF, MAHkIKB, Oft OOTiTEliPLATINU MAhhlAQE. 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IIIBBFRD, Nmtj?UMt.ctMv? ?*&?, i'cil*. Addr?M lettsr* for tufT-maUon fnflorvfioeT.r. to H. T. HELMBOLB, CWit. De?oU 104 South T'niJi it. b?t Cr^itut, Phlm ? Who oeavor to Oiapoa* * op ruu owl" Ml OTHl**' AJLT1CLM OH TBI UTUTA.TUMI iHiitn &.INow. e~jU? ? M ia^aTMaoaTwuk. Sold by 8. B. Waits, Aa8 B???Ui m>wL 4*4 B. 3- rou, JM., oorcer renn. imn a*a JCUv.*% mreSfgfa. ' ' '" -imi 1 OTATCaBJEPAIRING AMDAli.Vic* had. Y h*? rw $tV* &tAeVuSSl??t.. **4 W\.'r iUk?d *rtt)i a ??Tn?l?? wt of too)* for Jtv ac rrw? **?ripUnn of fcw Wttanot. tod fy.l .MUouiat JRtonQna or* to the ttnxt*. *? WirfcrnftOjUrf ?. Wo*k rntrk'O led A1 o.exsrj ioaof M?*4?rd Ml.VXft * VaHK.h l: %nd ori:anr-uia!. minufaaty od ?^U>r nt own ?u^rvi?<>L, whiufc our^ufU4ti*r? fcr?B>?T:Or ttl oo%,Ut ?nj Vq iwrV.KfH m *n?,, oid l?f d<*lan fn u8i9re*<n to<} u Ikeu. SWrt. mill rlurt'1.' / * Co m of l**Md Hrtrtwta. W*rt(nfto? 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