Newspaper of Evening Star, October 18, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 18, 1860 Page 2
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Ji AfiSH iKCtfON oitTtUnj TBPauuy..r^..^rr. onrttr is. imo. - ' ? ? i 1 I Li ' ?f tk? rt*ralt| rron "The ConMhuiio* argues that the Bell Everett party ! identical with Know-\othlngla?n. The Imtrlfrfnr'T defends the Slavery record of be Hob John Bell. IP^^hilHngton, <>deon Building, sends in an eopy of the excellent November number of ^iey's Lady's Book. fCT l? th* year ending the r*Mh of June laat, Qreat Northern Railway Company, In Engnd. paid no leaa a snm than XX,312 under the ad of compensation for aonideoU and loaaaa. ID" Tbe re* son assigned for tba order to axtingmtot tbt UfMa on Veeetfoe cowl to. ?M ?arlbaldlan amenta ifccreUv entered the higunea at night, In order 4o 4a If a tot5dingi ID* Tic portfolio *f I .amorlciere bM Ullca Into the hand* Of Benenl Fanti It la said to coBtala letter* of the most compromising chwift#r, ?*d Um nnt poaitlve proof* of numeroua latriga?* entered fttto with the legitimist and even the red republican party again* the government of Napoleon. |[ r There are sad accounts from the wine district* of France. It i* no longer possible to ch?*rlafeauv IlituloM about the vintage. The continued bad weather ha* doue irreparable miachlef. In point of quality, the wine of 1*08 mml certainly be bad aa that of any other year within memory. In districts the grape* are not worth gather Tax State Llkctiok* ?Official returns of the Ohio eb-rtlon from aearly all the counties la the State have been received, and show a republican majority of about j0.uuo, which la a gain of about16,000 over the vote of 1M7. The returns from Indiana indicate that the republicans have carried that State by upwards of 10,000 majority The PcnaaylvaaU <.fflci<il retuns come in slowly, and do not materially vary the result aa already an nounced, to wit, a republican majority at abant |?7" Tbf 1 dm of I natal li iig the Pope in JernaaVm baa bveo broached by tbe French preaa They aay that it ia n<? further from Jerusalem to Jtffj than from Rome Wilts aea-port, CI vita. Vecekia; a railroad would place Jernaalem within I ooo boor of tb? Med'terrarean, and It would be cry nearly aa convenient for the Catholic world aa Rome ia bow It wouki add, alao, very much 10 the advauce of Christianity in tbe Kaat Tb? French anajr tn fnrta can eaally take poaeaalon of Palestine,1f tbe Sultan ahould dare to refuae a demand for It, la fwt. they tay it would be the easiest way to aettle the Roman question. / ii . Pmml. > lUn.Chai ilayarre and lady, of Near OrIbu. La . are at Klrkwot>d'*. Cora. Armstrong, U. 9. N., and lady, are at the Natloii*l Hon R ,*r T. Hunter, of Va ; Hon. W. O Jonra, of Ala.; 0?n VV. W. W. Wo?d. of Mlaa , are M Brown'1 \V. H Fry, of the New York Trlbnne, ia aid to be rapidly falling in health. It ia doubt/?1 if be ever writes any more. Wm r uh tt MP. -IJ - - ?. , a.i aunuifu ana im monger, has been riveted Mayor of London for the entiling rear. Mr Duff Green publishes a long Utter in tha New York Herald of Wednesday on the state ?f the political parties Nena Sahib has tamed up again. He 4a till alive somewhere In India, according to a Beagai paper, bat la oat of reach. .... The Empress Eugenie, since the death of Mr slater, the Lftcheaa of Alba, haa abaolutelv refused to recelva rompany or be seen in pablic. - The Coontesa I .a Torre ta a lady so devoted to Garibaldi and hi* cause that she follows the Dictator wherever he goes At Ciserta she wore sort of bloomer drfss, ^ntaloona, a nan's hat -with red feather, and high boots For arms she carried a revolver and a saber, both of which ahe can use with deadly skill. - -Mr*. J crone Bonaparte, of Baltimore, went * to Paris in the last trip of the Vanderbilt, on a visit to net grandson, CapUm Bonaparte. Hsr son Is also there, having preceded her a month. This mlolsn of tto family at Pahs may have been brought about bv tb? late death of the Prince Jerome, as it Is well known that Mr. Jerome Bon?parte. of Baltimore, la still anxious to test the legal qurttiixu involved in his mother's mar-' *? *? Tir* Kljktidm bt thi Hoc**.?When Mr. Jefferson vu elected President bjr the House there were suteew r?U?tt in the Unioa. snd nine were necessary to s choice. During the flrst thirtv-Bvc 1m 1 u tLey stood each time: Jefferson etgbt. Hurrsix. tied two Or-thethlrtir sixth ballot, Jefferson had ten ?tau-?, Burr (out, blank two. In Ifil. J:>bu Qulncy Adams was cboMB Frtildeut bjr tbr Houir of Representatives. Th?-r? w?rc* twenty-four *tat?a. Mr Adams received in the House tbe votes of thirteen WaUs, General Jark*>n sewn. Mr Crawford. of Georgia, four, la 1980 then- are thirty tjree State*, and the man to b?e elected iuti*t re^rlvr seventeen. In no event rn l/mroln get tills number of States.?kmoxmilU Whig JtiviK Fibatk* is tic Dklawm ? One of tbe numerous trie* of Delaware river pirates, , named Grant, was rested at Philadelphia, on Tuesday, for lobbing a vessel -Tbe Press says : th# |# 111. m 11 ivkb ths i ? j ? - . M* iyv?? ??otr aiifr uari , are of a moit IjwI>m <-karaeW The low ialoons *ieeg Water, Penn and !*vranscn streets, and Nortb awl Soutn wharves, are scenes of th# rankeat pollution and wickedness The river piratea flit abt-it in acuwa ai.d Uttteaax, under the shad- , o?t of wharves ami shipping, sod to walk in the 1 vicinity of ttn? wbarvts is to rnn the gauntlet of all villainy There should be a general rxtennl- < nation of the river thieves and land sharks. ! fT~r A dreadful caUiuity, resulting in the im- i mediate d-sth of four persons and severely In- i jar lux several otbrr*. is rt-ported to have occurred i aU ColUuavtUe, Illinois, on Thursday A small i portable earf ne and boiler were erected la that 1 Ji -a - ?_* * - u>wn. scm mr lauer suddenly exploded with U>e disastrous c->useqinMicrs mentioned The suffrt?? ?j? Mr. Logan, a son of L>r 11. Wing, and two others? these were Instantly killed. Mr. Turner Juhnaoa reeHved injuries which It la thought will r?*uIt in death. The nd occurrence toas caat a gloom over the community In which it happened. Dlirt t<* a D?btob'? P*iiojr ?Sir FrancfsDeaanijea. Knight, wba bad teen Sheriff of Loudon aad Mlddleara, a lan of Oifordshlre. expired ) tbo Queen's Prison on Thursday evening An Inquest waa held, when It stated In evidence that the deceased had been an inmate of the palace upward* of four years, livery attentun was Slid to him, acd L? died on rtarsdny evening om natnrsl causes. Mrs ClitfTd, the daughter of tBa decewed. stated that her fitlin was ii years o.J ?ud had bitterly complained of his iuiorts oaqtot <i"> Uy IV Human* Soeletr ot Benton Wave mtdil cf tUe highest riaas to Captain WIIma of brig "iliBuff ScbllTer," aud a silver mrdal U> Tbca^a.lWiuatf o/Ums Coni)amglkt, and 110 to ea< b of Ibe cMW.fur tbrir noble coudurt iu rescuiu tue f^taSMl^rrs of tlie strJiiK-r 1 l'ouaui)^i?t. Tb* hocirty also fusstd t resolution rxprcMiii^ tbe tratitudf of all Ih* (r lends <*f 1 iiMfir* -"}' to Capwn Leltcb of lie lU-.tiner C?c- 1 itaotbt, and Cflptaln WliSjn, of tLe .Vlluuie I VckXM*." Ra'ilkoas W*i.-Tb? Chicago Democrat says 1 lbat th? cyoipMiUon W*f?n the |ev?r*l railroad 1 aad (teamboat line* connecting lb*t aty *11u St 1 haul. Mnioesota. baa again culminated !p &u upe^? 1 war. Rata ot tu* b??e h*w put dowto tu tbe 1 tgurc of 85 ?0 for flat-class pMa?|ft;rQUiCblc?v* 1 to Bt Paul; to Chicago tt>? passenger can (Saks MTb tprrn? h*lty> ?* ?? ?? ? ? , " ? wnum*. MtocbiKXM The Wiai'fi charge aothtug froaa , ?t Paul to Puolelth, or to the other railroad ! tevnual on tb? river ; U7" Herarhel V. Johnson. the Douglaa candi- ! date for Vice President, made a spcech at Terr* Haute, Ind , oa the Stb, In which it tm reported be mad* the following diguHlcd and gentlemanly j lMilli :?> Ah* Lincoln ia the great rati vpllttef. t 1 own twenty hoya, ear one of whom c?u> beat i fctaa at a dav'a work apllttlng rails, and give two i hundred 1 would prefer one of thetn for Preal^,r' w-l .. k. C?i - ?>? - " *?>V V <M?| w ? WV i^l UC tUU .*' I Miimai ox * Oiath Bid ?la Mannlnzton, SaieSKcoanty, N J . M Friday, September AJ. ! Jtfr Edward :* Til*m wu mirrlnl tu Mlu Joum, at 33| o'elock In tbe mora lag. Mlaa June* vrii ' oa her death bed, and wanted to be marrird; Mr. ' Tataaa waa aeat for, ud Ut? caretnoay waa periortatd during the altent Lour* of tha night lira Tataao titan ecpraaaed beraelf perfectly bappy. and died at noon the unr day. U^Tbe Ricbn.cxtd. Va , W hi# aUWea Uiat a I eeliMiiNia aorlei,- Lu lately burn organized under 1 (Le title of **Iodrp>-ad?t<t Aarriau Goibciira," tbe'atlrct of wfetcii la to diwevtr ail ronnert^.i 1 wldracffK. It la aald to be < otupoacd uuiniy U FicdcI and Gernuia, aooae of wbopi a#r ajxio?~ t HifOtua! rt*j4xUUc cUiaei a cf Klf htuttd. J ' * / ; t 0 il *. rf'if.f*. -i "" I - i * o,"5 t'- * | * ?m 4 * ^WA?MH?TOfl5pW%Aa?<ap?|ir. J ' ? - - - - 4 Kimii.?Tbiddeai Hyatt givea an extreme picture of the destitution existing in Kuiui In * letter to Prrtldcnt Buchanan beuyi thousand* of once thrifty and prosperous American citiien. are now perishing for want Winter la upon tbem, of clothing they are nearly bereft; food they have not to laat them through the cold season Uut la approaching Of over a hundred thouaaud people upon Kxnsas soil, aix irewths agf>, al Inst i one fourtn or one third have left; of the remainder It la aafe to aay that forty thousand at t bis niMieat aee nothing but txodus or starvation at the end of the aixty days now before them* from tea to twenty thousand look with onla despairing ayes upon November tboueand?'a*nno%a????st apenib longer unaided, other tboittands ate living upon | the little which their neighbors deprive themselves of to five to them?neighbors equally unfortunate, and with whom the starvation ts merely a question of but a few days longer while still other thousands, If not at once retleved. must perish from hunger or tbe diseases that follow In Its train. 8k>a*e have already died, others are dally oyhig: While thehoursgrow darker and the daya wax longer for the living to whom relief i iiiiim not ann wKom *vm "*hw ?-v . ? ? ? ? - j - ?"w *. nvHlM? W 1%U W?ftU" . ! ngt for tfee M?ot tbat delay* Such li, doubthss. a truthful picture of the resale of tt?e labors of tbe abolition einlgratioa aid ?etettes, toshape the Institutions of Kansas as New Kfflasd preferred to have them. These starving creature* are neither more nor leas than tbe sweepings of the gutters of northern towns, villages and cities, wto. without the least fitness for succssaful life oa the frontier, were transported by thousands to Kansas on tbe money raised by tbe New York Heary Ward Beecher, s?-?!., to accost" plish a political end at war with tbe spirit of the Constitution. They are of tbe el*ss with whom (Hsawatomie Brown worked there. The work of that description being over iu Kansas, tbey are nn Inncrw nf vain* *r? tk* .....v >?v Tiui^iaiii aiu suctrura, wbo have turned them out to starve. The fate of lhear poor ereatnres as pictured by Unit I* perbapa a just retribution for the mlarhief to the cause of.t>.e Wye principles of tba Caitftitutlnn they permitted tbenuelvea 10 be uacd to work out. It also accords to the Utter with the fat* of threefborth* of the runaway slaves seduced from kind ousters and really comfortable homes In the South, by the class of northern people who compose tte e i.ijjraiit aid sr>c.letu?; who, while ready to give thousands to work out a mischievous political end, will not part with a penny to relieve the absolute distress of tbe ignorant ar.d unthinking whom they have brought to misery in accomplish log their political ends. DKPAHTnEPir NEWS. ? COMMIMIOHKI lifcKENWoUb All) Tfti AkaTaliiii a no Cbktbnxk Indian* ??)ii Tneadnv. the lion. A. Li lireenwo.-d, Commissioner of Indian Attain. In coasuoay with otliers of the party, returned to 111 la Kitir rrom h?? _ ? v ?? ? ? ? V.VIV v/u*> Irt I Visit IU tbe eo?!itrv of the Arsjnboea and Cheyenne Indian.*, and rMi'inird tbe dntle* of h:a ]>oaiti<>ii Tbe L'ominiasloner. In treating with tbete Indiana, wjm attended with tbe aueces* which 111varinbly mark* bit iuterviewa with tLe Red men. Tbe following is a succinct account of tbe meeting with tbe two trihei mentioned above: Reaching the region of country occupied by thcaa Indiana, and meetl.' g w ith Little Raven, use of the principal cliiei*of the Arapahoea, he Informed bliu tbat be dealred to hav? a talk with tbe chiefa of bia tribe, and alao thoac of the tribe of Cbeyennes. Tbe latter being abaent at the time, a runner waa dispatched for them. On the IsttU of September, White Autelope and Black K? ttle, with several other leadtrs or that tribe, arrived at'a Fort. On the evening of the aame day, tbev. with tbe chiefs of the Arapahues, visited the CollllIliaaii?l>-r'> *-- ?> ? ?? - ? v -.t. jncai wy , w u?"lt ttir < ouncil win held 1'he Commissioner expUliud tu? object of hit via t, which was to communicate to theinthe dalr? of their Great Father. the President, to have bis red colidren occupy a reservation of land?a portion of tbeir old bunting ground? now being aslected in accordance with tbeir wishes. as far aa practicable. In the opinion of tbe Government they possessed more land than tt<cy actually needed for tbeir own ate; and aa ;belr white brethren were rapidly locating themselves In the vicinity of Pike's Peak, and other placea adjacent, the Government desired to purchase a portion of tbeir laud, for which a fair and reaaonable sum would be paid them In addition their agricultural implement*, stock animals, and farming utensils gent-rally would be furtilabed tbem; and white me i w ould be sent a:nong them to teach tbem agriculture and the other arts of peace. The Commissioner exhibit**! to tbem a diagram showing wbat portion of the country be designed as a reservation for tbeir future and permanent uouin i on region extends along the banks of the Arkansas river, front tbe mouth of Sandy Pork to within a abort distauce of Huerfsrno, a very large tract of country, the (oil of which, however, la arable only along the shores of the river. It waa determined among themselves that the eastern portion should be occupied by the Arapahoea, and the western section by the Cheyennea Tbe chiefs of the Arapeboes?Little Raven. Shaved Head, Left Hand, and 4i Storm '?seemed highly pleased with the propositions made, and readily gave their assent to them, expressing themselves anxious to consummate the treaty at once. Those of the Cneyenne* who were present, likewise, made known their approbation of ail tbat had been proposed; bot urged as a reason for not at the present timesigninga tresty, tbe absence of a large number of their chiefs and leading members, who could not be notified in time to iueet the Commissioner; but observed that they would be ready to enter into a treaty in the spring, or as soou as a consultation could be had with the others A small portlou of the goods which had b?en pare based out of an appropriation by Congress for the distribution of presents among the Arapahoea and Cheyennes was distributed to the Arapahoes, on account as well of tbelr good conduct hitherto as their truly deplorable condition. The CbeyruKS who were present were desirous of having the portion intended for tbem distributed also To this, of course, the Commissioner would not consent. He told tuein they should receive nothhiU until they were willing to acquiesce iu the vsrioua propositions, as the Arapahoea had done Arrangements were therefore made for thocife keeping of the guods at Fort Wise, under the command of M*jor Sedgwick. The remainder of the goods intended for the Arspaboea, and those Intended for the Cheyennes. will be distributed when they shall have concluded the treaty as agreed upon. During the Commissioner's stay at Fort Wise. Col.W.W ttent resigned bis position as sgent for these lndiaas,and Dr F. B. Culver was appointed & special agent for them, until a permanent successor should be aDoointed Coxmssiojria (iaunwooD axd the Unruly I*duns ?The following is an incident tkat occurred during Commissioner Greenwood's recent vi?it to ibe region of Pike's Peak, which we puMjsL at showing only In one instance th? happy effect of his brief sojourn among the Indians of the West: On the 10th of September. Llent. Taylor, first cavalry, stationed at Fort Wise, captured a Cantancbe Indian, presumed to be a apy. Judge Greenwood and Major Sedgwick, after constuution, released hiiu, mi condition that he would send lit to the post the chiefs of the band to which be belonged This he did, and In n few days thre^ chiefs came In to the post?they were nattud-'Old W t?iuan."f'Mule Anu," and "Blackbird" A "talk" was held with fheip bv tt)e Commissioner and Major Hedgwlck They disclaimed having been in any manner identified with the A i iW /...III-- ?t.U ? - ?* 1' - - u * iHi.umt'* wiui i ur wuimss or luai tnelr band I tad Imci engaged with the It to was in tbft exist* |n>; troubles; and tbejr promised to continue at |.euce with the wbiu-s, and not Interfere with parties traveling through their country, malls, Ac "Old Woman'' was a fine lookiug man, tall, muscular, and warlike, with a good expression of countenance. ' Mule Arm" looked as If tie '4'ould W?fUM to glre bun a ' recommend ' I as an hunt st fMdtfl*, a then steal his liorse for doing the fivor, wbjle "Blackbird'' had the appe&raflee of poesiwlog tb? ferocity of the ily,'" the eunn'ug t>f fo*, ??<i thel??c/-^?f rcrjM'U of the W0lf. The Commissioner Infoupfd Ihem that If their Great leather at WuaLliMfton bearu S* Uielf being again engaged >n any difli i Jm* witk tke irb'M aettlrn,\r... tint *e wouTtf Irfld bti loTitlerf out po tb? pLilos in tl?? TlclDlty, kad uMiae the at to "oou?b the prairie*," and clear itsem all off Tbey MMMd to uu**Majtd U> la perfectly. PaY* >*mi Obdkbzd ?pamjmter Cunningham bu Lmb udered to the U 8. aioop-of-war Vandalla, defctinrd for the ?-*#t Indies Paynoutrr Carp-uter u> the l> 8. |loop-of-waf . ^arato^a. bound for tbe coaat U Africa. i mmm > -* t Ipr M Blond tn gave bi? la it performance At I ones'* Wood on Monday afternoon. He walked iUe tope on atllu made of wood, with aa iron threw-pronged fork at the lower end. Hia foot were more than twenty iucbta from the ran* rbrre was a great crowd In attendance, tad tbe jerforaianoe wu loudly applauded ifJT Crinoline on horseback !?a marked femtute it the New York Central Park on Satordars Tlfc iadirs' riding hata are described as "loves of things.'* especially the black beaver onee, with lark g reen fealbert and black Solferlno trimmings. K local paper ttlnks H Is dangers to look at a pretty face, rosy wltb eurttoa, under one of the** laocy hots. Horsi RaiL(i)ads i? Lowpop ?A etaf of ?orreyors have lx-en making preparatlops la London for laying down rails for an experimental line of korso ralTirar la London on tbe plan of Mr Ge?. Francis Train. wb> Km Hon. "tlwiy into ,UU0aU0? * G? , hn mJUi on fee President I* interfere f?r tee rri??WP?i ftudjer, t*e SUba**, In p,hon ln flSjJta < * >' ' " A '. \ ' -I ?Oi J . to- ' ?Y I * ' ?.i ? ?M 1W . ,* ? I" Tb# republican* bare rommtn'cci aqoabbllng In Pennejrlvanla to aee who shall be senator In place of Mr Bigler David Wllmot, John W. Kornav, Morton M^Ujhsel. Alexander McClnre. ex-(ifcvernor H. Reeder, Tbaddeua Stevjpa, Ell H*r.rfr C Carey, and WiUlam B. Alton, are luAed for die place. Mf. J?bn M BuUMcMbtlabea a card, la wblafc be dtalma to b? Nip Willy elected mcdMI *f Cor.S*a* from U?fcH dfitrlet, Pa . and daeL'nr* to relfequteb tbe AartllMtf of election granted t# him m tb? itMglk 4f a return now well kwwj to have lxfn The eourae of Mr. ftatler *? r>n 1U*U ? ? ? * * * . ... ?umi among LUS republican frtea#. v -t * Tke Wlde-Awfte#*t Mr. Lincoln's baape cefebr tted the victories ta Pennsylvania. Ohio aad Indiana by a grand parade last weak. Tfc*v marched to Mr Lincoln's residence and irav* three cheers tot Lincoln, throe for Senator Trwmbull, who happened to be his gueet. and three each for Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana In response to repeated calls, Mr. Trwtobull made a brief speech, predicting that llliitots Would foMow np the rlc?In Indiana with a majority of at least 2t),0uli .Jncoln. and then the Wide-A wakes repaired to the wl|(waai, where addresses were made by Judge Logan and others Tex wiathit.?The following report of tin weather for the morning la made from the Amer lean Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Umltksoalaa Institution. The time of ohaai ration la about 7 o'clock. Octomi re, 1860. , ' _ Bnrllngton, cloudy. 41*, wtad N New York, N. Y. ...clear, pleasant. Baltimore. Md. ..cloudy, cool. Waaaingtim, D.C.. clear. Richmond, Va..? clear, 39?. Petersburg, Va ..dear. 88*. aleizh, N. C, cloudy, cool. Wllaungtcn, N.C. clear, cool. Augusta, tin loudv cod. Savannah, 6a clear, 63?. Macon. Oa. cloudy, cool. Columoua, 6a clear, pleasant. Montgomery, Ala clear. Jackson, Ala clear: Moblle, Ala clear, mild. New Orleans, La clear, 34?. raoM TUX wut Ottawa, III... clear, 3u?, wind NK Cleveland. O overcast, 43 , wind K llaroiueber at ttie Smithsonian at 7 a. m., icerrt*-t*>d for teir.i>erature,) 30,1*24; at noon, *Ju,143 Theroiomsitcr at 7 * m , 50*; at noon. t'2j. Msrtmnm during it Lours ending V a. m. today, 57-; mtalmum 40 . IS'iblt Act ml a W aahingtan City Sailor. Carretvondrnn nf Tk4 Star U rt.Hnipf*T Lorn, ) Perisarola Bay, October 10, ISOO. J lU ir Star : On tbe pannage of the C. B. abtp St l.onis from Rio I.a Hacba to Pensac.ola, and while crouluK the Gulf of Mexico, on* of h*r crew, l.amed John Croasen, bad tbe misfortune to fall overboard Tbe thrilling cry of "man overboard'' Immediately brought all hands on deck, and during the excitement attendant upon tbe rapid execution of the officer ?f tbe deck's orders, to let go the life buoy, lower tbe quarter boat, shorten sail, heave to, &c., Jtc., one of theseamen belonging to the forecastle, named Junes Wiley, . ....... v* .. Lity, iu*> unfortunate man could not swiiu, rushed aft to the poop, stript Lirr.ielf In an instant, leapt over the atern^ and atrurk out vigorously to the assistance of hfa shipmate. bnt reached within a few yard a of him only In time to a?e him disappear forever. What added to tbe generosity of tbe act waa that tuat portion of the Gulf waa lofeated with sharks, one Laving beeu aeeu a abort time previous near the ?hip Yy* MASON IO.?A regular com muni cat ion of WmhiBktoit Centenn at Lo<ife. No 14, Free auTAccei>t*?d .Maawna. will be held at th* hall, corner D ar.d Ninth ?t eets,THIS (Thursday) EVKN1NO, lata, at 7 o'clock, at which time the Grand Visitation will take place A I Matter >>a?ons in i;o?>d ataridinr ar? fiatarrall* invited it* ThO. J. MILLER, ??c Ylf3* THE republican association Jof will hold a meeting at the " Wiiwarn." corner ofli.dia a avenue and Second street. TO MORROW (Thursday) EVENING,at7S o'clock. The Hon. Oavid Kiloork. of lndiaua. wi.l aJdreaa the meetiac The public are respectfully invited An opportunity will be afforded all who desire to enro;l their i arnea. oo 17 St* n?UEMPSEY t O'TOOLK. U WBDIUHU AND VISITIS& CAM) KNGkAVKRS. Importer* of fine WEDDING bTATiONERY, WEDDING ENVELOPES, the moat beautiful styles. 326 Pa. Av., between 9tn and loth sta , au 27-6m Wajui?0TON. Bam jus- b TUKNG NEW.?Nowin store 40 beautiful Banjor; prio<?a tro>u 92 to $2 j. JOHN Y. ELLIS, oc 13 306 Pa. *t., bet 9th ar.d 10th at*. oaa coal?COAL! ?\)\J TONS FUKNACK. EGG, And STOVE COAL., daily expected bt aohoouer Mountain At enue. A B. WALLER, oc 18 St Near the Capitol Gate. A saddle and harness horse will be sold luw, the owner harm* no fur- ry _ tht-r use for him Would suit a physician. Apply at No 3?S Fourth street, near G opposite the jail. oo 18-st* PIANOS. MEI.ODEONS, VIOLINS. Guitars. A&oordecn*, Tanbormes Ao.,?c. JOH"? F P.LLIS, o 18 30ft Pa it., but, oth and 10tn ats _ O; ||||\ KG WARD.-The above reward will be 'JIUU paid by the aubacribera for aar inloriaation that will lead to the arrest of the eoouodrei who fired our stlbiethia morning MORGAN k. RHINEHART. oo 18-3t Western Wharvea. Dk o l b's . BAI.SAMTr LI NG IN VIGOR ATOR, For the cure of Cocohs, Colds, Aftectioxs or the Th*o*t awo Lrwas. oe l? Iw* L NOTICE. A ETCHISON ft CO . in r?movin| from the south to N?- 'JO. north aide Of Henn**lv*nii?.vani,? hare not been induced to do ?o by tfie re*nlt of the recent elections, but in ord?r tn open a larger and better selected stook of Fa: cy and :*tapl? DRV GOODS, where the friends of Abraham. Stephen, and the two John* can all be accommodated with cheap Goods. oc 18-St* / ^KEATEST INDl'CEMETS IN \T H AT8 asd CAPS raw Ever Oirmo to thi Pvilic ! All the latest and most fashionable EHI styles of HATH and CAPS Mimas' JOCKEY H ATS,now ready at ULADMON'S New Star#, 386 Pa. av., near corner 11th st, . oo 18-St Opposite S'ar Oflioe. pROPERTY OWNERS AND BUILDERS. Yon/ ktteution and examination is r#??e?tfnl!jr ao icited to examine the celebrated New York fiL'TTA VERCrtA ROOFING and theGUTTA PKki'HA PaINT for painting tin roofs. Tbts GutU Peroha Roofing and Paint is aoknowledged bj all the best architects in New York oity to lie the beet aid cheapest Hoofing and Paint in exist ance. It oan be seen at H. \V. HAMILTON'S Paint Store. 213 Seventh afreet, CA*FIELD k, ham] LTOn are the sole axents ?ur WftAhin?tA> I ueorftloWn, A.Jex?udri? Mid the Sooth. Por*taT* ther information addreaa aa alxivtv. oo lttf inn BALES COTTON LAPS, 1UU ftr Salt at ntfm Pricts. 50 pair fine Bed Blanket*. Ail ?iz)?, aii^air B;uo, Brown, Orey and White Blankets for Mrva??. to pi"e?i o-4 Pulled Cloth* of the b*?t kind, fid do Plaid Lioaer.all width*, l'? do Bine and Orange Oanahorf a. Calif*. With mtny other deiirable gooda.ail of wliioh wi'l l>? aoid at th< very lowest prlota We eoiiait a call from aF! persons in want of Drr JG ooda. WM. R- "y-Sj.'c??,!?; _ \yOIllflr .HtHW. I WM K WANT OUR OUR CUSTOMERS AND frieuii* to know that oar atforUnent of GENTLEMEN'S BEM5NGINGS i? now complete tu everj department, ernbiastng ever* article, a ad in groat variety, luualljr kept ta % well orgamxM tiENTLKMEN'S KLRNISHlNO STORE. Occupying for the wut tweotj )4tri the Mm*

(SMW sfn-E w floons . at lower pridtfe than thme who bur on "ora&L" IV e wi?hJp^w*Tfi,t# mat u taut a refutation for (he e*le. (jOODi, aiul tlioie at the loweat arw|^i?tftirij|^r?aee.^ ^ I oc 18 tteo Vaieerooaa, Brown's Hotel. ^S>TS-S"'Lu\ \VaSBlNOTOM BaHK. Thfl un3er?5f i*d takes *le*eiir* i? iiC. - - **'? rrt?nda *nd Tha public ?*n?r^tkuu"h?kJT r?^ ? ^ ia now wall auppiau viu{ Uyt OR8,\Vp(fc8, to ,ufohoio< at terJf3ft&"j&sw?i^ik8tWi U ?irv?d !rj; ?..?.U ?i tn? Sir or U frivkU rooma. OYSThRfl in wnOr.ter. erarr Sunday, from 8 ?. m. ?o 11 p. m -iJ r <wl?-tt' WM. P. BENTER. Prep>r. ^OCiR.E^OCM.^OC",,^ Wiahinr to du?uaa of au aUak af Oroeariaa. ao M 8? ? a ma to iimto with mu hula ?U?sk ma Mc&ff POaaibfi}. I will im* day to aril took frt grMtijr t+lmoU IrMM - " ' ' W -.. ?. *^SgR?. , tp4^is^: ' ~T ~ "? ., -v -/U *< '.i,1 f Wi! ^ ti I ?16 /^?' 1 i iU ' * tff M W i #?M V "># | * p EtSSn^T1* IT)ember of Congress from Tenni-?ee. recently made a peseta in Indiana, and a writer to the republican press of ihe North elves Its substance U follow. "He extorted hi* political friends to cast away nil ideas of supporting n 'Bell' ticket in Indinna. and glvethnir united support to Lincoln. He ad vine* U>at*i the effhru oftkn united rnfsntUoft should bearer ted to the oiwtbrs* offmMmoc ratio par If, which nould to* only fee ddfce by defeating tbitr candldntes in as OMnv Stntas as possible Be s*:d if he Bred in lnrtlii ha L " -? - woum row for l.l ncoln. but m be deed to a State where his eWn ticket bad a chance, be WqaM ?ote for fell Tbla advice frort a mat of tba position held by Mr. Ktberldge In Ll? party baa great weight' wltb tbe membera oX that party In Indiana." ''Mikctb Mkn" in Sobra Casoi.i*a ? As ?n offset to tbe "Wide Awakes" of the North. "Minute Men" are organizing in ail tba principal districts of South. Carolina The CaarlMiM Mercury savs: ' Their object iato form an armed body at iaa, and to join In with our fellow-clttzena. now forming In ihU and our aiater States aa 'Minute Man/ whose duty ia to arm, equip and drill, and be ready for aay emergency that may arise in tbe rctaent perilous poaitioa of tbe 8oalba>ii State* u Kershaw, Abbeville, and Ulchlaad diatrteta tbe organisation la already complete and power, fjl. embracing the flower of tbe youth, and led ou by tbe moat inflaential citisena The badge adopted ia a blue rosette-^twe aid a h?ir la diameter, with a military button ia tu? contra, to be worn upon tlie aide of tbc hat " Presibkst Buchanan* Pbi?bnt to AnnWader ? Our Conatantiaopl* correspondent, aavs the World, saw a few weeks ago, on its war to Syria, a magnificent present "From toe Prasiaeat of the United States to bis Excellency Said Abdel-Kader, of Damaacus." it consisted of two Colt's bolster pistols, mounted with sliver and beautifully ornamented with arabesque work, la a rosewood case, aiao silver mounted. It was designed by the government for same notable in Syria, a*a token of their appreciation of the handsome treatment which our Ambassador. Hon J as Williams, received in Syria last year It goes now to A\kl-el-Kader aa an expression of not only this feeling, but of gratitude for his baviug protected the Christiana of DaillMim Ifc lnii..- ! A merit-an Consul, during the late riou there* Th* Mohmojss ?The New York TIdimhvi: "Judging from tbe accounts whicfc reach us from Utah, Urtgham Young has very little idea at the r>r*-sent ttme of leaving the v^llr-y of the Great Salt l.ake with hli follower*, even for the more climate of a Pol) nraian or an Kast Indian Tiland In fact, a revival of the old Mormon spirit keiui to be going forward, which it likely to lead to a more ttroi establishment of the Saints in that region than ever before. The Tabernacle, which for some time after the advent of the foiled Stats troops remained closed, has recently beeu once more opened for public worship, and Brighum himself harangues the people two or three times every Sabbath. Missionaries are also being sent out to Europe and other countries, among whurn Is the celebrated Elder Orson i'ratt U7" David Vlllets. of Uridgewater, Conn.,who murdered his two daughters and cut bis own tl r?at a fs w da\ s si nee, says he was in a depressed condition of mind at the time of the act, and bad concluded that as he w<ts out of work and in no prospector finding any,it would bt? better for him and bit children to be out of tae world He accordingly took a hammer and beat out the braiaa of hi> girls, after which he cut his own throat. Their death was immediate, but hit own wound has not proved fatal yet, and it ) believed he will recover The girls were respectl vely aged twelve and fifteen years. Vlllets says he Is not sorry he killed his children?his only regret being that be did not kill himself. nil ????? ONE PA1R4>P LARGE ASD FINK GROUND SHOW BOl'lLES, for apoUMoan*s' win dow*. for Ml* ehoap. Inquire at JOHN Ht'RY A CO. S, c?>iner Fa. ay. aad >?Ui sts. oo 17-21* WARM ~ UNDER GARMENTS. Our assortment of Wool, Silk. Merino, and Cotton UNDERSHIRTS and DRAWERS is now complete, both at wholesale and retail, at STEVENS'S oo 17-81 Salesroom, Brown's Hotel. TCEMETKRY NOTICE. H E *ub?cri ber offers for sale his atook of M A RBI.E MONUMENT*. TOMBS. GRAVE ST'?NHSand MARBLE MANTELS at re4u,??4 prices for oaah or approved notes. An early oaii is solicited. WM. Ri HKRFOKi). Marble Works, 35U E at nosih. oo 17 3m between Ittb and 13th. A SPLENDID CHANCE FOR BARGAINS! _IJI ALL KINDS or l? k is 9 f goods! From the Finest Artieits dotem to tki Lirwett priced (roods. CLAGKTT ft MAY'S lar<e and rplrndid ?took of |)? Y GOODS mast b? olosed out before the 1st January next. Those who wiih harpuM should come early and bring all the Cash th?y can sparb. The stock will positively be so.d without regard to coat. fom R?kt.?'The fine and very errnmodious OEKROOMS weooocupy will b? f<<r rent, and possession given on the 1st Jamta-v next For term* apply to CLAOETT ft MAY, oe 17 et 3S4 Pa. av.. betw. 9:h and Hi'h sts. Rprof. marini ESPEC TFUL.LY Informs his former patrons, and the citixuus of Washing on tener<il!y, ftX that he will a?ain resume his DANCING jH Cl/ASSKM at the following Academies: jB Union Academy, oorner of Fourteenth streetiAjfe and New York avenue, and at Stott's Hall, comer of Pa. avenue and Twentieth ?tr?nt. For particular* in regard to terms aud dais of Luitioa ? lutur* advertisement. oo 17-6t* Q. MARIV1. | OY8TEB8! OYSTERS!! 1 O YSTER83! I would respectfully inform my customers of last yo?r. a if I tl.e public, tint 1 have r'com.^. ,?s ' unenoed the opoaiug of OY>TKRH ai^Q f-J * my old stand, corner Pean. avomie a-td^?\^fl# Tuurteenth street, and will be plta^m! to supply Uiein at an 7 time with Oy?t?rs < ShmieJ or in the !*hp 11 As I buy th? Oysters and sell to private fanuliee alone, with calling oat * th? !arje?t for cookinc and the box, I oan supply a ' better artiole than may be f-u^d elsowhe'e. SAMUEL T. DRURY, oo 17 Grocer. A CLOSING OUT. LARGE ANDSPI-E^DIDBTOCKOF DRY GOOD**, WITHOUT KEtJART) TO COST. The death ofAlr. Darius Olajett makes it eeoos mi j iui u mi wiua up oar nusiaess m speedily m 1 possible. We therefore our iatenuo* * ,po?itiv?iy to close out the whole of our Jarre stock 1 of dry GOODS by the 1st January n?j*t, fur oath, 1 "without regard Ui oo?L i The stock einhraoaa a general assortment { 1 PORK1GN and D 0 NIKS T I C GOODS. ?>f ? th? vrry t.?st qualities,vit is well known in this 1 ooinmujut) that we have n^ver kept any thing else than h st class articles,) and we will warrant all ( too N to prova as represented. fl^The lowest cash price will be marked on eviwy article in tha stock, which will be inuoh below its r?al value. All packates will be deli rered promptly. on tha day of sale, to any part of the city, free of charge. \ CLAGETT tk MAY, No. 334 Pennsylvania avenue, oa 17?lot betwen 9th and loth sta. 1 Dissolution0pc0partnkr8h1p.-the ? copartnership existing between the subset ibers under th* name and firm of N. G. CoBNtxa 4 Sow, t is tfcis day dissolved by mntaal consent, A. W. t Corning having sold and disposed of all his inWeht t in the said firm to N G. Coming, who is anthor- s tied to settle up the business of raid firm, and irfao a will continue ttie Sa?h, Door and Blind Bu'inPB* at the old stand, No *69 Seventh strcat, oppnirit* the ( Center Market, where b# solicits the continuanaf of past favors. N. ft. CORN1 Hii A. W. CORNING, I WmhingtoB. Ootofaer 15th, Mftt. j i N. H-?I take this opportunity of informinx hit jri?nu? anu cimoniera cenemjhr that I have entered k Tnh>n. ?i?' Cor1'n* u taloeman, u j o hail l?o happy to im them at hia place of bovineee. Where I shall b? in constant attendance to serve them as heretoture. a L??i? A. W. CORXING. P'LiOAKa^-CLOAKS! fi V l. * . , SHAWI.W?8HAWL8! ft tiaa,wala't ia*a than atual *n??a. W* lartte th* tpaet&l attaation of th? I.adie* 1 ' . J. W. OOLL.EV * CO., ocM-M Ma ?erw>th ?t,ibor? Pa. *v. Eiftiv IV1RSARTIES'HAIR JEWELRY, 'y ! Bach M Br?a?leu, Kar-rinf ?, Fob Chain?. Fta; Kor-nata, ffecklao**, Bieaatpin*. Guard Chain*, ' Ii*?ru, gro??e?,tc.. mad* t. order, at No. 324 Pa. a v k m i, irrw, 9t* Aira 1?tk Br*., , V??? viPfcwk * **7 1 ?00 16 9t* IftAmitw, D.C. " ^ W NEW CLOAKS. K Hart thi? dar received from Near V'qrlc a beautiul aMtutneoi of new atria Kali an* Wiator CLOaKS, nnu the Arab. Zouave ??4 oth*r ItyiM, i^iliiaclc ud trench Clotlre. \la?. Plain Yu'ftJBbM. F nuwi'i oeientax nKUUM^Ay^ BALDNESS ACNU*BLaD4CME, ^lTtkiynflAKflAiH> .?;' V ^ T I u u. , .JIf DRE8SCOOD?! J ^ vsrsai^^JfassvSa $ tt) liah aaeortmeut that we have < ffere<f to oar J, IrwNMlaaad amrahaecrammmOm, to which wa ta- S JOJH f #?3 SerMMl <, alwre fa. ay. 1 1 ? ao?*? x40t<*A < ** ooB "* ?*?* i U<V| .? *i o -O^ I / > Odd fellows* hall: 1777". ODD FELLOWS HALL! ^rJA^TUJiKS NIGHTS v: THRKE SIOHTt' T fftTDQn a tr ? ? ?*???' / THURSDAY,FftlDAY. Md SATURDAY ! ' O?$obar .8th, MU> ud iCtk. UDW01THS lAt* aad oata Original WOOD'9 MIK8TRKLR, Undar the pe<nal fM*rint?nda?a? of \y\ ^HJpB^ORTH. SPLKNIJTD BILL SPLENDID BILL TO NIOHT. TO NIOHT. A9ICrrr*: Cktlmih 13 Curt. IkKus open at 7 o'clook. aomyy tl i. oo'? t w ASHINOTON Tir*/TWR. - Solo LNMt and Mta?fr T~ S. W. OLOT. wiH j KrrBft&ott. Tha Comadian of the Age, wul i n f" ?Itieisut of Tm w Nigkt* oa.MONDAY! Noraniber 3th, a?d will b* jMiow?d bythe raoct BH1LLHNT STARS Ih the Theatrical Firmanueiit. fry OorpmuTuoationi if *Ure?*?l W 8 W. Olk**, "Old Ho*r??r? Theater," New Yerk, will meet with prompt attention. aa It-tf BALLS, PARTIES, &c Third or and ootiia o* party of u>e I dLA ND SOCIAL CIA BwUl take ptaav f* at the AS*KM tt f,Y ROOMS. Lou. ?v . be tween 4*4 mnd Cth ?t? , MONDAY EVe-M NING. Oatnlff-^ld. The Oowimittee pMflUa themaelvea lh?C neither P%in* rx>' - xpetiae wi.i ! ? upared to Hi*La it iJU Part) of the ?ea?ou Mr. } omng, -he proprietor of the t om'.nli refitted ti?e lO'Mwe in the meet m<?d#rti etyle. which will e.crn' tribute lar({?l* to the festivities of the eveaiug. * ?<puta'? Baad lot* l>et?n en?ag?d icketa Fifty Oeuta, admitting a ( utleman and ladies. Commitiff of Arrmntrmmti. T Kn I*. J . Flamming, ?3 AUN*>rhaay. Win 1-lemming, w. H Bright, T, Rniikuf, C. S. Draper, O. Donohne, J. Raioey. I.A.Crook. V U Positively, bo hau or aape aiiowed to be worn iu the room. oc 16 6t * qld HIBERNIA IN THE fikld AO A IN ! TheTWF.l PTH GRAND ASBFM BLY oT tha HIBERNIA CIA"B will he rirr* at ft* Thoem'? H\ll,7th ?troet. between p ae4 K MM M-.on FRIDAY F.VKNING, li h.JA iH61 Tickets 53 cent*, adin tting asenile man'*? ivrxl Iviiea. oe 8 3%eo* First grand coth.i.on party of the ISI.AND FRIENDSHIP ASSftCIA- m TION will taka place at Th<*n'h H?ll. 7th aire* t. Iietweeu D and E, 0?'tol>er I MM. \M>. JKM T'cketa 50 cent*. a<lm ttinic a gentleman aod*"V| ladio*. By order of the Committee. oc 11-7. LOST AND FOUNft. FROM THE fNDFR-IONFD on Jlj Sarnrday. theISth inxt-. a ha* M ARB./TV with a*4dle ami t.ridle; two whi'e tun jL-^V feet, anrt blind >u one eye ; no other mrh**' ? rro lle?ted 95 will he given for her return to R. B. ()\V ENS, Ma*?achu*ttU av., between 4th a>i4 5th ?t?. w??t oc '?-V* V OS t? On the Iftth in?t?nt, a rad horned CO W 1 i with a pieoe out from one tar anil a "lit in the other. Sb* h*d a *tr?a around h^r pUr neck at the tin e left 93 r^wa-d wi 1 SmJLb b* ?iv?n to the Snder hr returning the ?am* to C. OFKN8TRIN, No. 373 Maryland are . l#*Nn 2d and 3d ?t?. ? fbTSTRICT' OF COLUMBIA, Coy*tT or \f \V ajhisgto*. To wtt I hereby certl- /TV fjr that Richard Kntt, of Washington eunn ty, l>t>triet Columbia. hron*bt bef<w* the suDacrtticr, one of the Jnctiee* of the Pm> in and for anirt couniT, thi? 16th day oi Oe ober, is the year of our Lord li?>. as attrav, tr*a?ai?iric upoa nil inoloiure*,a chentnut torrel HORSE, aiiout 9 yrara old, IS handa hi?h biased for?h*ad, Uft hind foot whit*, railed by the collar. ahod ait round, awitoh tail, trot* and canters wall, and haa been uaed in geara r. i veu under my hand Uua 16th t'mr o4 Oatohar, I860. TW. BAB.XACLO.J. P. THE OWNER OF THE ABOVE PROPER KKfiigaum w) come mrvtrfl, prove property, p*y charges, and take him awav. y RICHARD BUTT, ex 17-31* S?oond Toll-rat*, Ttti at. LOST?On Saturday la?t, between and 6th U.onPa avenue, a plain gold HRACELET, with the naiM "Linda" aagraved on the top. The finder will be suitably rewarded by retarniag it to the owner or leaving it at the Star 4 ?ticc oc 17-3t* Mrs LI.VDAsTLART. f OST?On the afternoon of Tueeday, the 19th, Lj between the oorners of 6th and E ate. and 7th at. and Pa avuti*, a ladies' small HO..D f\j WATCH, attached to a black guard. Aisa.dUp a chain, 11 which the key was attached The fader will be liberally rewarded by laavia* the earns at Na 4?T K etroet, naartth. oa IT-8' DOG LOST.-s3 REWARD.?Loet. tea days ago. a Pointer Pup, six months old with ye] <>w ears ; holy mostly white with small yellow specks. Had oa a eol ^ iar with owner's mm. The a bo re reward will ha paid on his baing retaraed to theawnor. Apply at this offioa. r oa w-at? PERSONAL. MADAME FELIX. Fortuue Teller from Paris, lvl bera leave to inform her former friend*, a&d the t>nl lie ?eners!l? ?fc*t U?. ? 1 - " - ? w . ... m?< i?iiiv?w iu *40 Ninth uortheaat eO-n*r of N, wh*r? ?he will be happy to aee all wh>> rrny d*attr> to Kara the paat, preeent and future eaAiaUotoriiy iiplMMd. 00 il-lin* , i^ | g kAG~LESTOVii HOtHMC gjg 1 bare the !ar?eet and haodaomoat Mmrtamt W 1 Co<iKlNO and HEATING ITOVKT(m?H?- I t*r?ii?hat haa e*ar hen aeon in tfcia market, for Wood or Ct>ai. Th* a**ortKiat>t baiai t o *%rje (n i>Dbm?rat4. i reaaoethnW invite all thoeeia waat of '.hi boat Stove* to oall and exMMwe m? aaaertmaet ' C. WOODW \Kl), SI"* l'a arena*. i oc 16 eo<H betwcup IQU> aa < nth ata. i> " ~~ DANCP O ACADvMV, rifir. R. J. I'OWKi L Won d raape^tfnlly . innounc* to the ouixeua of Waahiastoo that <M ' a will open a 1) ^ N"C1NG CLASS in Fra- k in Ha'l on Saturday afternoon next, the Shtli naia it. at 3). o'elock, for I?artiea. M i??ea andlflB Matters, and on Monday ni*ht. the I'd inatart. at t o'clook, fur Uai-t, in whtoh all the 1-teat i md moat faeliiombiedAn jM wiU b* taught. atllar houra uf tuition will be: for ladiea, iwsaaa, , uid maitera on -? *> - Noedtr sod iFnuM 1!^'U- p ?'clo*k Hro/. POWRli can b*foanl ^ r ra.??klin Ha I at aay time from 11 to It o'aluofe i or at i\o U) NinUi at cj !*-* CLOAK ST 1 C L O A K ?:i CLOAKS"1 A MAONIF1CMXT DISPLAY. Our regular fa! lad winter G at.d OpnUK of all ^h? new ?tj a? of CLOAKIjl, auoh a* Lk# Arab* tfextcani, Albacaa, Camelia*, A?., A o? wiil take Ch"?n M . October 15th and We oap aunr* aur fraud*. a 4 the Mbtie ia rem ral, tuat uii thia oooaeioa oar atoe? of ? LADIES' WRAPPINGS imnraoea a more axtaoaira aae<>rtgMat af aoveiuaa ??iT"1*,r M"1 lfoiaa viaxtiM omr si okm snu cirairi nnumi vii] nnii mo-? va ietr of I " tjrle, ?ir{Mct of at ov?r pno#? tnm t >ii* other houe* ta W a?tiiegt?n a Rom.' plfcoc n the < Id and fuwili 'loak and MaMt la fcioroof the UAXWKLU, . P.?Cloak Roam* >n2d etory. oo IS w? l B^Wg&Kfii8Rc?0t?Ni!; J DOUGLAM ANDJoHNFON, And all their re<ipootive fneiwa, are in vital to *n at rtiTHTi rtT***T.(lela^d,) W^O .nd examine hia lore* and varied atoek," OTk ,nd iud^a if he di>ea aot nli ae low wd kaap a* ooua'ticleaaeaargna. _ k ?. jsifcssfv i foutne' HottiMfl, 1 H-?<-fbp > at 3 jta!, rout he" tt?oea at K e?h,t (.arti**' Boate at 7fc A Jfl i A hne lot i f Ladrea' H*?l OwtHi aad Wo taol P k>oti at 91 25 ? ? w Ij ruvii m, u, -3 . ? --?*? v nw * ' V 10 Pif?' Coilari Tor 96 cents. 1 A ftne Uinftam I'maraJU, oL jpt* I jLrmu .ionr vui . m.ww nrkitt*!. ? ': . CHARLfcft A. rOWLK* 4 <M> . IMPORTSMM, k WkvleMl* and Retail Dealer* im -f CHINA. GLASS. AMD BARTH1K WARS, igia'tefli i tc ohjWf* of OtfulMit ?t ' ?u r ?? u|W *V?^uo'"/ H?iftw liRr J^Wftrto*. Tbw? 4??rinf i* pi I > ? wiii pi? ? 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By i. C. MeBUlRB ft CO. Auctioneer*. TRUSTEE** *ai k OFTALDABt KFROF* iitt on tfgraaT* Pt?Oa THCRHi?a Y AFTEfcNOON, Ootu?>er ??.?* ive ?m> U* i reiaieea,I ah%i> Mil. bf \ Irtae of a d^Mif trust. 1 Jalj i?: r i i am i r t"r r~1 r -*r ~ -*-r s ton euanly, D. <i. nf *??.* aad *, ia f &? ?ara No. 454, 'r online 21 |ee?on (VmU at. weet. bHveen O an* II ata. n'-rtfc. nriniag^baek UB fart. ...B?Itnnt 01 ft tVO-StOTf t.r.ok 4w?i mi & ?? * Thi??rvper"j u lUat'd n??> Ij tk0 Fatrat (mom, ftnd iitm! d?kir?:>l? u ft UiiMN u??^ml: Dm third nak. vfcicti bmI to ptHWi leftving U? cio?a4;> th? rMMM la ftod U months for n^lea aeoitrtd u> ft d**d ?(trust, ftiid b?ftrinr intermt. If Mm vMlt lifi o4 Ml* ?r* nt ?mHM with vat ID i T* dft ftfu-r ?fti?.UM Tr?*t?* rfta*rrlft the rtf ht to rti' ftt !u? r. k fti.4 ripi-m of tfc* int Mi'obftm. N C* l.t .ANjTTrt.t^. tft?ok4i J. C. MoOUIKR * CO . A at**, i TRF ABOVE V/TLE l? FOSTIHJN||?i Bill TU WBAY. the 1?h of Oot?h?r hV i tad p-fte*. 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