Newspaper of Evening Star, October 18, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 18, 1860 Page 4
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THE EVEWINCJ STAR. Tlir PKfNf r. A!JD THE P?E|. At tbe Wtutbrop School, Boston, where there ere nrwriy a thonr*nd iprti. tbe following tames from l>oof fH!<*?'a pen will b<- Wthe air of "Uod tkr C{uee4i," on tbr inlrtl of the Prince of Wiln: on rtTFii* 1,4*0. Sod bless vgr LMWi eep fter in heart and hand ? >ne with our own ! From her foes defend, be her brave people's fner.d, . OaaM her rMinu deeeecd, J Protect her throne. Father, in lorin? ear# Guard I'hem her kiaedom'a h?r, timde all hie ways: Thine arm hie shelter he From harm by land aud sea, Bid storm and dancer flee, P.olonj hie days! Lord, let war's tempest ceaae. Fold the vholeeanb in peaee Under Thy wings ! Make al! Thy rations one, All hMrtl bA f&tH th? inn Ti 1 Thoa shut re'tn alone (ireat fcLm< of Kia<a ! UftrtilMi ( lk? Patcat Office. The following It a list of patent* Issued from the U S Patent Offlce for the week ending October 8, 1^60?each bearing that date: Francis B Abbott, of St Louia, Mo ?For improved quartz crusher and amatgam.iu r. A.. Lemuel Adams, of Philadelphia, Pa.?For apparatus for copying letters Joalah Ashenfelder, of Philadelphia, fa.?For Improvement in transferring railroad cars from one track to another Henry Beatner, of Sralthbarg, Pa.?For Improvement In Xruit driers. Aaron Berhtol. of Berkly Springs, Va.?For Improved bedstead fastening. James Arligton Bennatt, of Kiug* Co., N. V ? For improvement in propel 11 ag cars on Uie railroads. John A. Berrlll, of Waterv He, N. Y ?For Improved paint mill. Peter I. Biderman, of Philadelphia. Pa.?For Improvement in conveying city railroad cars over obstructions William Orland Bourne, of New York, N. Y.? For Improvement In ore separators. William Breitenstein, of New York, N.Y ? For fire escipe Frederick Brubscb, of Lancaster, Pa.?For Improvement in wooden cotBns Isaac C7. Bryant, of Philadelphia, Pa?For Improvement 1'j casting embossed type. Patrick Burke, ef Helena, N. V.?For Improvement in stabling rows. V f! Part*, nf r>l?>P(h. I ., .1 E>u I . . . v vw ?? * , vi v invu vi ?y t iiiu ?r of 1 inpiUTC* uifnt In cultivators. Ezeklel Cunrr, of Penn Yan, N. Y.?For Improved mill bush Robert Cathcart. of Baltimore, Md.?For Improved light for ?ars Lewksd. Chichester, of New York, N. Y.?For Improved mill for grinding- coffee. D. W.Clark, of Stratford,Conn.?For improvement 1a stirruui T. Cotuel Clarke, of Camden, N.J.?For Improved filter C P. Grossman and J. B Brovo, of Warrto, Mass ?Fur improvement In stove radiators Cyrus DeboH, of Ottawa, 111 ?For Improvement in cultivators. Charles DoulitUr, of Oswego, and Alfred Careon, of New York. N. Y ?For fruit case A M Dye, of Clinton, 111,?For Improved folding bedstead Lewis Evans of MoreaMown, Va?For Improvement !n breech-loading ordnauoe. John Krlr?*on, of New York, N. Y.?For improvement tn atr engines Leonard Y Gardiner, of Amsterdam, N.Y.?For improvement in window aanh sirpporter. W ra W Gavee, of Cos, Ohio ?For Improvement I a aeed 1 n^ mac h i nes A J. ttlbtou. of WoreeeW. Mum?Por (m. provenj'-nt in revolving flre-ar ji Washington L. Gilroy, of Philadelphia, Fa ? For paint ran. C. Gk>>d. of W vnaut, Ohio ?For frame for bill of fare. U W. Grader and A C Wursb?ch,of Memphis, Tenn- For improved steam-gauge Jamas T Ham. of Senatobia, Mis*.?For improvement in eotton-aeed planters. Ludwig H Haase, of New York, N. Y ?For improvement in submariua Utnpa. Andrew A. Henderson, of Portsmouth, N. II.? For improvement in caloric englots Daniel Herr, John Herr, and Joseph F. Herr, of I .an caster. Pa?For improvement in corn planters Joseph Hill, ?f Brooklyn. N Y ?For Improvement In galvanic plates for medical use James Hobba, of Columbus, lnd ?For tlrsesoape. Keuben W. Holt, of Boston, Mass?For improvement in apparatus for bu.niug gaa. Lewis Holcomb, of Granby, Conn ?For improvement in method of oiling leather. Gilbert Hubbard, of Montvllle, Maaa.?For improvement in measuring faucets Charles HujLt-s, of .Nt-w Orleans, La?For improved machine for straightening bale hoops, kc nriivKK t I1UI1VUI aao now ira I DOmptUO, O! Fort Uvr jd. N. V ?For improvement in operating gat*? of eutl lorkt. A? Gevr<M C J nks, of New York, N Y.?For improvement la letter boxes Atuoi, of Lebanon. N. H?For 1 m provemeat In roof bracket* Jno Johuaon,of Biddeford Me?For improvement tn *team genera tort. P. \V Krseb'r. of Forbwstown, Cai.?For Improved gate end door awing Truck*, n S La France, if Elmlra, N. Y.?For improvement in piatona for atmu engines Andrew J Laird, of Mtddietown, Pa?For improved arrangement for operating the valves of tearr engines. Salem T Lamb, of .Ww Washington, lad.? For improvement In harvesting mac bines. Andrew h Lapham, of Naw York, N. Y.?For Improved washing machine John P-rker Lindsay, of New York, N. Y ? For litp evemeut in leeks for Ire-am* jjeaitia 0. Litilelteld, of Albany, N. Y.?For liuprarsment in faro aces. 1 reaertck II .Nlannv. of Rorlrford. Ill ?Fn? improvement la windowing ir,actings. Taos J Mayall, of Roxbury, Mass ?For improvement ia breech-loading otdaanc*. Charles McCarthy, of New York, N Y?For improved safety apparatus for steam bolUra Jaraea M ;Mahon. of Amelia, O.?For improvement iu window aaab supporters Geerge R Mer.eely. of West Troy, N. Y.?For Improvement la banging bells Titus Moimier, or New Orleans, La.?For Improvement la apparatus for scumming CUsries New. omb. of New York. N. Y.?For Improvement In appsratua for tb? ventilation of ral iread ears Joba \V Falser, of Port Republic, and Jobo K. Leedy, of Tom's Brook, Ya ?For improvement In baK-W?ea J. T. Parte. of Fairport, N. Y.?For Improved packing p-e* bdward Pays, of New York, N. Y-, assignor to ilmaelf and Cornelius H. Delamator, of same place ?For improved forge hammer. Jacob Marsh Perkins, af Chicago, 111?For Improved pte-aie or excursion seat. John Pettinrell. of Lowell, Mass ?For ImI rovement in Iron chimney top# John J. Pike, of Chelsea, Mass ?For Improved carriage Jfk. I 1' t- M V ? i ure v? .in* i vtb, rt. i ? r or improved apparatus for beating railroad rsrs William G Pollock and J. W Sener, of Fredericksburg, Va ? For improvement la ared planters iMvid 8 Cjuimbv, of Brooklyn, N. Y.?For Improved flre-plaoc frrmlur C L Rehn of Philadelphia, Pa ,assignor to J Lucas Ac Co., of aame plac?.?For fastening far metallic kcus J K Robinson and J M Clark, of Bellalre,, O ? F?* Improvement inplstonafor stcuiueuglncs HewfT D Koifera of Tiraftfln, OWo ? Per Improvement In securing points to ploughs. Jotn Rue^g. of Hi Loula, Mo ?Fur laoproeement H) brush machines Michael K. Rudaslli, of Shelby, N. C?For Iminwaawat le punape C J. Mekwedee, of Astoria, N. V ?Foe Improved pan-lkr Robert Beott, Jr , of Madison, Ind ?For Improved cottuj proas. Matthew G Sktminoat, of Cadii, O.?For Improvement In ploughs. 6. Aayder aed ft. M Smith, of Hawley, Pa *For 1 an proved portable crane tienrv snyder.. #f Dayton, O.?For Improvement in meebioeefw pdilrjj tad cutting sulka. Henry Stanley, of Troy, N. Y.?eor Improved pro poller* la Utrie appt.. ?uon to wmmlm. AteMiUm it- Olaitf. of Plaqaetftine, Ut.?For improvement tn cane harvester*. laaae Stoddard. of Great Beud, Pj ?for lruprovement In proprttltg machinery by Imh S D Stoat, of Cbsr'.eetown, Tenn.?For Improvement tn pumps. Jimet B *?ilt?, of IndlsnapolU, Ind?For iropfowwd device for apenUmf ttbiog Mia in hiajrle merbinee. George W. Yen De*en, of Big FUttt, N. Y ? Fur I ir proved valve for steam engine* M W Warne, of St Lout*, Mo ?For Improvement in Alter* J L Weill, of St. I.ouls, Mo.?For improvement in composition* for tanning. tifOfj[? WUmIm, of Now York, N. V.?For impru**1 k^y-hol- guard. J<*0 K WtflMog, of Washington, DC ? Km icopMVniiMit In attrrupa. but Wtavrall, of Springfield, Vt.?For las- | prowmm* lu ?ouiblue4 window net tad nlh SimuH IVfswali. of Hyde Park, Vl ? For In. - - - - Corola U. Wood,ot H'orceater, Maaa ? For 1?ptovwaoat is breoehrloadlag fire-arm. Jtlchard C. Bu-ux), of Troy Al. V., assignor is if: I) Barton and W J Harlan, of Jersey City, IV i ?For Improvement la suaoi tbgiaea. CLmt r* C Crosby, a4 Naatackat, Maaa , a?t/Bofle btwaelfaad wiu C liirduw, of ?an?e ]>l*r? F#i taii-r-?*d omk blue f<* poj.v-ulnjj mrii bold John Or*y. mi Heirs*, N?'l?iH|in to hlmMlf, J R Werf, and C..M. Ctay, of New Y?*k -Ity, and J W. Danford, of Brooklyn, N.Y.? Fcr improve washing machine K. T Orc*n,??f ^toneham, Mam , assignor to hluMnlf and J. R. Folaon.. of same place?For lmpiwtuent 1b machines for cuttlnc boot aa4 r bof bt-els Albert Kleimtftiber. of Mllwankie. Wia , usvtcnor to W Mmgtov#, of New York otty.?For improvement In lamps. H. 1.. McNMi, of 1,owf11, Maa . Mira?r to himself and D C Butler, of aane place ?For improved barrel head machine. Frask 9. 9lbiev.of Brooklyn, N Y.,aaalgnor to hlmsslf and W E Doubleday. of aanae place. For Ian proved method of curling bat brlraa Sylvanus Walker, of Boston, Maaa , asslgaor to hlasself and 9. 9. Hemeoway, of aame place ? For improved aaab fastener Rtistutt ?Edward L. Perkins, of Roxbury, VIJIM _Knf lmnrov?n?nt in rnnrhinaa f.^n ?ie?inn paper and other fabric*. John ft. Roger*, of Sacramento. Wia ?For Improvement in percussion teed era. Daniel W. Share*. of Hamden, Conn ?For Improvement In harrow*. Horace Smith and D B Wesson. of Soring field, Ma**.?For Improvement in revolving firearms. V Amoa Whlttemore, of Cambrldgeport, Mas* ? For improved machine for making horse shoe DtngHt.?Samuel H. Tailor and Jacob Steffe. of Philadelphia, Pa., assignor* to North, Chase and North, of same place ? For design for stoves Eliaa Tompkins, of Brooklyn, N. V.?For deSign for heater fronts. Additional improvrr.tnI ?Theodore T. fi I^aidley, of IJ S. Army ?For improvement In tape primer for fire arms A Primitive Mcuder Trial in the We**.? Jaine* A Gordon ha? been convicted at Denver City of the murder of Oarnz. and has been *en/ -t- * * M Ii u tu wvmu miUlll SI A U?y? OI IQP llllt? <'I conviction. The history of tb? murderer bat been moat eventful. 1IU crime, wrap*, recapture, *nd idv?ntn<H have from time to time been published During hit exciting trial, Gordon, with hit band* manacled, addressed himself to the jury, lie was verv mif-h affected, and hia youthful appearance excited the sympathy of the crowd in bii behalf The court charged the JurV. when their retired and soon returned with their verdict They banded it sealed to theclerk He went to thedoor, opened and read It to tbe crowd Ait the word guilty fell upon their ears there was no outburst* of paaaiou or applause?all wm quiet. The prisoner heard it with composure, as if tie expected it. He asked time to prepare, to settle up his bust new, and to see his mother, whose arrival he wa* d ?ny expecting. Tbe court aubmltted the question to the people bow long a tliiiu should i** granted beforo his execution. It was proposed tint six davt be allowed. A vote was taken a <>4 It was granted. K!7""In Philadelphia, Win. Byerly, return j.iaie of tbe Fourth Ward has h??n charged with presenting at the meeting of return judges a forced cony of election return*, which ?eve tue choice or CeiigrcMtitan from the First District to John M Butler. Republican, instead of Win K. Lehman, Democrat, who was legally elected, according to the duplicate returns tiled In the otlJ'-e of the Pntbonotary of the Court of Common Plea* nfter the election. From tiie testimony ( the jiid>;<*. il wm clearly proved that a fraud had been Perpetrated; tint the returns from the Fourth ward were f.ii*!tl?d and on them depended the election of Mr I^limaa There Wdiiu testimoney toahow that BverTy committed the fraud, though the magistrate held him to bail la fl,5<M> for court The affair baa caused great excitement and indignation. fl.7" la Philadelphia, on Monday evening, the ex'enslva oil work* of Metsrs Helme A Co.. on Bridgewater street. w>-re totally destroyed by Are. together with about 2.6UJ gallons < f oil. tanks, it'lls. machinery, Jkc , eatimated to be worth from S-'W,tM> to #-!(>.I*XJ. upon which there was no insurance. T*o workmen (Daniel Brown and Wm. Smith) were engaged In the second story, pumping oil from one large tank to another In the turn* room. A light was taken the oil by one of the workmen, and it was immediately set on Are and spread with great rapidity. th?- workmen having scarcely time to escape from the building. Brown was badly burnt, and Smith slightly. Tkbeb Nkskoks to bb Hi*ng in Viesim* ? r,-11 -? - " - , ?w MV^-O , an Plain, wiirn ronvicwa a* the Lunenberg, Virginia, court last we*k, cf an attemptto poison tberimily of Mr. M L Spencer, the owner of two of thTii T!it*y were sentenced to be hnnz on the iKh of November next. The effort to kill was arnn;'>-d by placing a itron; admixture of some poisonous herb or riant Into a bar 11 of milk The peculiar odor oftbe poison i>rov*d to l>e so strong tbat tbe suspicions of those for vrbom It waa Intended were aroused before tbe milk waa drank, and to this circumstance are the* doubtless indebted for tbe preservation of their lives. Uipthkkia?The Kaston (Md > Gazette states that this dreadful disease is ra^ltitf on 'lll^hmans Island. and there are from 38 to 40 eases on ths Island, and it is still on tbe increase So fatal Is tbe disease that six deaths have occurred from It in the last two weeks. ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS. NATIONAL HOTEL?Mr Cole, SC; N Jordan, Va; P \V Smith. E S Renwick. NY: Wm W blierord. Kng; K K Lcwli, C L Brown, F Bailey, Maw; R H Stuart. J L Hopp* and lady. T L llobinton, J J Robinaon, W 1, Robinson, Gen J Cocke. K?v W M Yoanff, Va; J P U ilton and lady. R D Flaraon. Mi** Lewi*, Md; P H Oliver ana lady, Ga; E P Goode and lady, DC; O Tucker, Mr* Ttiomai, Ml** Ker*wey, J F Kenney, Ky; C A Lewi* and ladv. Ct; Com Armstrong and lv, ?; O A Hill, Liu W Ford and lady, Ml**; J MeCohan, Ky; 9 C La.e, tJa: O 8 Van Wlckle, Mrs Van Wlckle, NY; J W Alger and Iy, Pa; J Coutourlel, NY. BROWN'SHOTEL ?Z Berry, J Mould#*. 11 H Carter, B Coaley. VId; B Talbot, Va; Dr H W M Waahlnglon. FSN; W B Forbea, NY; T W Bevaa. Md; D Hecb. NY; <ien W W VV Wood, Mi**; J J Dukepart. Md; J R Poore and ly. W W Terry, Goo*bland; T A Boteler, Pa; Capt JrflTerAla; J Whitaker. Mo; Hon W A Jone*. Ala. J Allen and ly. W H Hoffman, Va; R F Mead. Pa; C? 1 Dea* and ly, Ala; GA Nlcbolsand ly, Mlas E S Crm?h?w Hon R M Hunter, Va. KIRK WOOD HOUSE ?Hon C Gayarre and lv, Ln; H Martin, D+-1; W K Fall*. Md; J Sbu.lilt, MraC F Sinclair. Va; A B Dtsliinan, Md; J E N?*W, Pa; A Morrill, T S Shield*. W Rocb, Md, H L PatU-roon and ly, Mo; J E Whc*l?r. Mr ana .Mrt follard, W Hon la, Va; J Devlan andly. NJ; C Cuahman, Pa. JCE AN STEAMERS' SAILING DAYS Fbom tdk Ubitbb Statbb. St' i. Ltavt. For. Day\ rabia, . Boaton Liverpool.... ..Dot 17 Sew V ork New York... Bremen Oct 21 Boruaaia ....New York.. .Southanipto-.Nov 1 Fbom Kdbopb Nov York South'ploa...New York...O?t. 8 Boruaaid. K?>utk'pton.. New York Got 4 Ureat Kaatera. ..>liil'tlH%vea.New York Oot 17 Pulton .South'pton.. .New York Oct 17 Hatninonia. South'pton . ..New York.. ..Oot 18 The Haraji* n.ail ateamera leave New York on U.e 2d, uth, 17U?, and nth or aaoh month, and C||ari?>*t?c on the4th anil 19th. Ti.o OalJoruia mail at?*>n?ra leave New York on Ui. aixiauth ?f month. pnii kTiUPiwn ? r tl? * packet op papktt, and knvklopes no to match, CHAHGL metropolitan n^-""1BOOI8TORE, PH1LP A SOLOMONS, , Attmlt ft* Lmmrtnet's ctMrwd Lintn Paptr*. M M ""'"Sffff ,?> >. , OFF.CK OF^NSPBgJ^AND 8KALKR VVjLiimaeton, July If, 1880. NOTICE IS flKREBf OIVEX, Tb?t, Mr<* ?bly to the proruioni of to* ordinance of the Corporation ??proy?4 May It. 1*?, th? nnderfi(ued :? now prepared, "wWnmr reeiUreU la writing. and on pre-payment of Wi?xee of bftj oents, to ioepeot. examine, te?t, proV?, acdMaerfain the aoopraoy of registration or any iae nMr in tue m tills oity." Every meter, if found iaourrect, will be oondemued, and another, sealed and markrtf ae true, will be set in i?? piaoe. If proved to be aoourate in ite measurement of wul be teemed acoordinfiy, ??j2'w?iiraasrJBS..(W p.. Jy 18-tf Inspector and tteator of tfas Meter*. b it A N C I 8 H A & P K ft, FAMILY G R O CA ftVK K D 8TO R K, C+r+rr tj iV?i? Yprh i??M amd TtntX Urwet. RetpMUully eoliaita the eauonat* of itioeew nay b* in want of any artiole in theaoov* line. Hi* enaeavor? shell be to plaw, and by a etriot attention to the waatpofthe public, ha hope* to merit a ?u, ?.* fcuad in a W?laM Family Grocery aa<l Feed New S?^L?sri/c^*flSi. Ciisrv* ,U,J r**ived a larie va?et? of new Fall Good*, to whiok they invite the aiteatioa of till r friend* sj>d nustoaieta. au tO-U OALTiMORK w?B,H3?^oywL,. J MISCELLANB0U3. T> omCTAL. k roposals for loam op ten million dollar?. Tiuuit Dkfaktmdt, ?, l?n. 8ial?i? Pmort'?al? will b? received at this Department until u o'e'ook, noon, of Montiar. the iid da* of Ootubor next, for ten millions of dollars of ?U>ck of the United States, to be issued under tae act of Congress of the sad day of Juneiaat, authorising a loaa and providing for tho redempti n of Treasury notea, at whioh time thepropoeal* vll.e opened and deeided oa. The eioek will he reimbursable la tea years from the ft ret day of Jaa vary next, and wi'l bear interest, at It* par oeutass per annum, payable sersi-aaaaally oa the ftrst days of January and July of eaoh year. No offer will be aeoepted below par, and none for any fraction of one thouaand dollars; nor will any offer be oouaidered unleaa one per oeatum of the amount thereof ia deposited with a lepoeitary of the United States, aubieet to the order of the Secretary of the Treasary. The -ertoficate of saoh deposit must aooompany the proposal a. la all oasee the offer must be unoor&itional, without reference to other offers, and mast state the rate of premium offered. The proposals ihould be endorsed oa the outaide. "Proposals for Loan of I860," and to be addressed 'To the Seoretaiy oi the Treasury, Washington, O. C." The best bidrle-?a under the foregoing oonditions for the aggre*ate sum of teu millions of dollars will be immediately informed by mail of the acceptance of their offers, and they must deposit the uaount so aocepted, with the premium thereon, with the Treasurer ot the United Aasiatant Treaaurrr at Boatou, New York, Philadel#hia, CLarieaton New Or.eane, or St. Loaie, on or before the 22d day of November next. Should auooeaaful biddera deaire to depoait at other pointa their wiahea wiU be duly considered on betnf atated to thia Department. Certificates of inaoribed stock will be iaaued in auma not leaa than one thousand dollara each to the aucoeaaful biddera, or their aaai(iia, for the j priueip*l ao depoaited, carrying interest at the rate of five per ointurn from the date of auoh depoait. Such ati>ok wilt be tranaferrabie on t'uu hooka of the Treaxury, aereeably to the relatione of the Department. Should any of the auooeaaful biddera require certifioatea of atook, with coupon* of admi-annual in ......nn-umu?; <"l next, buoIi eertificatea will be laaued. with auch ooupona Attached, is aumaofnae thousand do'.lara naon; and auoh coupon atnok. lcstead of boiag trannferrabke on the bujka of the Tr*aaury, may be ruiicoe-J and tracaferred by fti* delivery o/ the ce-tirieatea. The lr.tereat of the last named alock, frotn the date of the deposit to the first day of January next, will be paid to th? auoceaaful bidder or hia attorney, by tha depoaitary with whom the pnnoipai waa depoaited. The preliminary deposit of one prr centum, required upon alt prop laalx under thia notion, will i>e included in the iiep?.-ita of priaoipal and premiuui made by auooeaafut biddera. ami will be immediately directed to be returned to the anancceaaftil biddera HO W EM. OOBK ce H-Awtd 8eoretary r>f the Treasury. QtJARTKRMASTEK'8 OPPIOK, U. 8 M CORPS. , Wi?hi?utun. Oet?b?r 4 ll? 8ir k r.r.n Peoposals will t?o reo-ived at thi? office until 3 o'clock p. ni., of Wflueeday, the Slat day of November next for fu'nialr.n* by contract .o the rmted 8tate? Maria* Corps, during the yea'la6l. Uie following ewppiSe*, deliverable at tlie office of the Asmstaut Ouaitermaater U. 9. M.C., I'hila- j lelphia, la luoh quuititiee m may from time to tiw?" b? rtquire<1. vit: ftr>> nuif-rin cap* with p!?ta? oomp'ete I ,oop red w?>r?te?J pompons, IkvII ahape, 5 inches in circumference 1 fn*> pair* yellow metal orean?nts and seale straps 2W seta epaulette bullion for sergeants auU ourporals ?"?> iuU epaulette bullion for private* . <H1 wurateo naahes 3,im i yards white linen for paata, 30 inqliM wide, to weigh 13<?s p-r yard 3,300 ynn: a dark - blue keraey .all wool, free from hair, Mir.ohos vide, to weigh 22 oi. to the yard, (m digo wool dyed) 5 oOo yards sky blue kariey, all wool, free from hair, S4 iuolie? wide, to weigh 22 o*. per yard, (indigo wool dyed) sum ja'u? wmifl un?n lur aiurt*, an inuh?a wide, to weijih II oz. per yard 6 eon pairaarmj t?H>t*, infantry pattern (jim gray marine blanketa, all w weigh four pourrJ* each, with letters "U. 9. M " in black, Tour inohe.4 long, in the oentre, to be 7 feet long &r<d 5 feet wide, free from (reue 2 twi pair* woo en sooka.S ?ixea, properly of good fleece wool, with double ana twisted jvn, to^reigh 3 pounds per dozen paira, free from greaae l,2TO Utigue c^p?, with oovera, to be made of blue cloth.(indigo woo' dyed) 3.U00 yarda dark bine tianr e. for ihirla.all wool,(indigo woo dyed,) 27 iuohea wide, to weuh ?S of p?ryard 1 /jUi yard a dark b!ae flannel for orrraaoka, all wool, (indigo wool dyoJ >M inoaaa wide, to weigh 13 ox per yard 500 yarda rcarlet ol< th, (oochiceal dye,)54 tnohea wide, to weigh 16 ox. per yard 1,500 yda dark blue twil.'ed eiotfa f r nciform ooitf, (indigo wool dyed,) 54 iuohes wide, to weigh 22 os. per va'd 2,000 yarda Canton flannel for dravara, 27 inches wid<-, to weigh7ox. per >ard J'O cartridge b>x?a if"i p*rouaaion cap pouohea 8i?> bayonet Koabbarjs, witn braaa mountings 50 aergeanta' * word* <-> muaiciai.a' awords iS tenor drum* M> t-ox-wood ti fifea, (yellow) So drum ourda Ql 9 Jar a ilriim en?PA? lw> dr j ti htada, ( batter) 75 do do (auare) So aword frog a aou mnaket tit. t? ol blaok leather 215 groaa of coat huttona, i eagle; as do do jaoket do do 5C do do vm( do do For making and trimming watoh coata: aerfeauta, oorpo a.e, inmioiana, anJ private) unifcrui ooata; fatuue ooata fjr the uma; aer<?anta, o<-rpoia)?. <ou iciane, ana private*' wooie t peit?; iinen par.ts; drawera; flaun ? ahnta; flannel uviraaoka; l.nen ahiru; uud red and 0 u? jacket* for lili. All the above mentioned artiaiea muit oor.f >rm in all risptct* to tbrt *?a!ed ataaidard patteriia lu the Offioo of thi Quarienuaater Manna Corp*, Waahington; Aa*i*l?nt Cluartermaater'a Office, ivuo sp ucj atre^t, Phi.&dt-Ipliia; aud at tno Marine Htationa Hror klyn, N V., au J Button, Maa*., wrifri they can be examined. They wi 1 be lUtdiy inspected and co'npaced with theae aainplaa t>> the Aaaiataut Quartermaster, or auoh other peraona aa may be pruparly appointed. fuoh a< may oe unequal thereto will be rejeoted; in which the oonuaotur wili be bound 10 fnrmah otnere of th* required kin 1 or quality within fiftnou day*; >r, if that be not done, they will be purchaeed at hia expense. Kaon prupuaal muat be aecuin panted by the following guarantee: Form of Guar ante* The utderiigneu, , ol ,lo the ?* ate of* , and , in the State or . hereby guarantee that in oaae the foregoing bid of fur auDOlifn. aa ahova ^ accpted, he or they wiii, within ten days aiW the reoeipt oi the o n.traot at tl<9 post ofRoe named. ex?onte the oontraot for the same with good and utfioirnt aecaritie*; and in caae the Mid khail far to enter into contract, aa aforeaairt, we Baarao'ee to make good the differenos between le offer of the said a* that whioh mar be neoepted. A B, Guarantor, C D, Guarantor. E F, Witneea. . 1?60. 1 hereby eertify that the above namfd are known to uie aa mea of property, and able to make good their gcarantee G. H. To be *i(ned by the United H La tea Diatrict Judge, United StaUa l>i?triot Attorney, or Collector. No proposal will b* ooniidered nnleaa accompanied by the above guarantee Newapapera authorized to pabliah tha above will end the paper oonULiUg the first luaertiou to thia Office for examination. The bidder's place oftwaineae, or manufacturing eatabliahinent, muat be apeciho&lly atatad m tha propoml Proprtaala to be endoraed: "Propoaala ft?r Bap plies, ito., for 1881," and addreaaed to the undersigned. t'onuaota will be awarded to the lowest reapon| aibie Dtdder (urniakmg the mutredjteeiiriiiy?. oo ft-law4w QuartarmaeU^ tf.'c. The subearibar beg a leave to inform the oitiseca pf Washington, Georgetown and Alexandria that tie ha* added to his long eetabliehed buaineaa the auxiliary of atoaai power for sawing and inanufao iuS T^.^iS"M.iKS3I: T?V ud siu H tones, Slaos, Wi?low Liateia, toils, Mm aad Flatfor ina. Having p u-ohe?ad a Large s*cofc ofltalian Marble mbk>o*,from Urat handa,at the lowaet ratee, he feela oonfiflant of being able to furnuh Marine Work aa low aa it oan be purohaaed in New York. Philadelphia. or Baltimore. Tie trade aupplied with ItaUaa Marble is blook or slabs at the saine rata aa farniihed in New V ork, aad aft aenomiao* fating tarina. &leo, 09 hand, a Wra nui? ?* 1 romioe stone, vvater of Ayr Bum ud Po){s&inK Putty atNsv York ?r?Ms. BMonrege the ?aUr ""I" Pimm Sttam MarbU and Broxen Slotm Wmkt, Pfc mr? oor. Thirteenth iL, | kM-M Waehinrtop, D. C. T" " S5P^ fuently I ?haj! remain in Washington and jd*0JRTAMkKNT.' ^5? Oi)d: 1 ita branches. Old OlavfnK promptly atI . Pamelas Md Ornamentlnc Cotta?? win Uw best style I also, cajt attention inting of Roofr aad Brink Walls, ^ All or ti>e abora 1 trill do as cheap as the cheapest. J therefore solicit the patronage of mr meads and fellow Oitisens of the Ihstrfot Panotuvity stnctly observed, and Turk doas in the bast manmt. f9i Mftr*0at i** * M K^lk*a65 CHElSsWA^AioSl VCjf'TEA At* m M Corner 1XL at. Md VarmoatftV. 4 i?dto?? Tsrazs, BOOTS AND SHOES. C* ENTS* FINKCAL^SIUNSK WED BOOTS, U |ITJ Gent?'Uouo ?-ioi?*na Dobb.?-aram upp*r B(>oU, #5. G?m?' fine French Cs fSSf bkin Gaiters. Hoota arwi Sho**, W low. Hoy*' * ?<! Youtfc#* Lone B"oU,Cob-* iih ? uwni DWH ui ?nrr deioriDhini. Lmm* ' uni* Buttoned H <U, ' I-aatiuf Laocd, riutiocad, ContrMa ami Malak.H Boot*. Alao, every other atrla of L^aiea Minus' and Chilaren'a BooU Sid at ' tr P. .. MENTHA ?-*S, 00 ? WBtf Pa. a*., beUree* 8th ami 9th at*. jJOOlTJ AND 8^,^^TO SUIT T1K on?5??. ^erexprwti7to ei5#rTao!7wniy l j5 2f B,oot" ?? ??"> of watom or oitymidf work* will *lwmy? find Atood mortim in ttor* aad at the lowaat prioea. (5 ire ia a ?* " a>S-r aiAiEIFFfN * M*?" *>* ' 314 Paamyhraiua a vans a. Five hundred traveling trunks arrived tau day, embracin? ail tuali-MWfW tvm and sism of boi? Leather. I ?IWjR Dresa ud F&okicf Trunk?. Our trunk^ *1" aalee room exhibits at uui time the (r?ate?t variety of traveling requisites. at moderate price*, to be found this side of New York. Ajw.fwj deeonptioa of LADIES' HAT BO*Efe, VALICES, CARPET BAGS. SATCHELS, fco. IETOii Trauka repaired or taken in exekaafe for aaw out. WALL> stcphEM8 ft. CO., Trunk Sale* Room, mar M-tf 3*8 Pa. aveana. OOUTUKRN TRUNK MANUFACTORY, V, t&VS?j?8VWi,k**-. D. a Travel* will studr their interests o? examimn my TRUNKS, VALICE8 fto . before ohfcrtnx elsvwere I us* none bit theHMH best m?ter in trie market affords awl employ^*"** the beet workmen, 1 oaa confidently recommend my work to be anporior in Strutik and Durability to Trunk* that are made in other oitiee aud eoid here. I keep constantly on hand, and make to order (on one week's notioe) eTery deeoriptien of 80LE LEATHER, IRON FRAME FRENCH DRESS amd WOOD JSOl TRUNKS: ASHLAND amd oiktr VALICES i TRAVELING BAOS; HARNESS: SADDLES; WHll S.Jrc., It. , Trunks, ic.. Repaired and Covered, in a workmanlike manner, at short notioe Trunk* deliverod in any part of the eity, Georjetown, or Aiexaridrm. Aia>?A?eut for Howe's celebrated FAMILY SUWINCT MACHINES. det5-lT JAMF,? A TOVHAM. TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. Daily line of new four-h?>rse COACHES TO I'ffKR MARLBORO', Carrying Ik* U. 9. Mail. The undersign-a arc dow ruuuing Dailjr, (exoeft Suuii?>.) Four hor*? Coaches b*?tweeuAVailiiugtonaud Upper Marl boro*, as follow*: wg " I Leav* the Steamboat Hotel, corner of Seventh strret and Pa. at7 o'clock a. m. RetnnitOK leave UfP >r Marlboro' at II o'clock a in., and arrive <? \\ ashiugtou at 3o'e'ook, in tune to coaaect witfc | the 3J?) p. hi. t ainior Baltimore. | Tab Coachcx are new aod commodious, the teams ! first clasx inthe hands of careful and accommodating divers. Fare to Upper Marlboro flh oertts. To l/omt Old Fields. -....? 25 ** ToOonterville. ..Ji * Freight and packages to proportion. au 15-tf OSBORN ? CO . Proprietor?. Baltimore and oHio railroad. WASHINGTON BRANCH. Chisigi or Houks. 11V AVn AtfTVD iVL-nwt'Ona v t mm*-* m* 4%& a MIV ?? Ol/il OOVA I | 4 WW 19U1? le*7>, train* wil! run as foliova: Leave Washington at 6 30 and 7.4* a. m. Leave Wa-hingtoii at S.jn an'l 63' p. m. On Monday at 3 an p. m. [,?vc Baltimore at 4.25 and *.40 a. m. Leave B&ltimore at 3.15 and 4-3" p. m. On Sunday at 4 25 a. in. Passengers for tha East will take trains at 6JS* and 7.4" a. m aad 3 ? p. m. For the West at 7.4*> a. m. aad 3.W p. m. For Annapolis at7jio a ?? aad S.20 p. ra. For Norfolk at 7 4fl a. m. 1 Or Saturday evening the3.20 p. m. train ion to Philadelphia only. )> 13-d t h. paraonb. atwit, new orleans xjxt tbrbe x>jlt? with TBI CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. 3ch?b all rail route, via 0 rang4 and Alexandria Railroad to lynchbur?! Vtrgtnta and Tennessee. East Tennessee ana Virginia, Eait Tennessee ana Georgia, Nashville and Chattanooga Memphis and Charleston, Nisrlssijryi Central, N&w Orleans and Jackson, to new orleans! memphhtroutej memptu* bf r*.i, theuo^bj first oifcm ptokatl to now uriM&i. MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE: Montxomwy by Kail, thecoe to Mobile by Firstmkma Packet*. Mobile to Nov Orleans by Lake Steamers TWO D\ILY TRAlNS-Srswri Imuiiu, Leave Wubinftoa at 6 a. ui aad t> p. m. Tho Steamer GEORGE PAGE leave- her wharl foot of Seventh street at 6V a. m. and BJ* p m. and eonneots at Alexandria with the Or ante ai.d Alexandria Tram for the Sonthweat. Odioe?Pennsy 1 vaula avenue, ooraor of Sixth at. UMitl CBICCID THBODM TO UV OtLlAX. Lynchburg ?#7 50 Memphis ?#31 00 Onutol?? Atlanta 3R 00 Etoxtnlla ??uStOOw Maccju 2i 00 %ttaLR*>ta ....MOO Columbus ? 60 uaitofi... wiMontfonieTT as <#) Hantsnlle ?. T71el 1 viaMer.iptin.4i W Sraud JnuoUvn?? SO U"|N.O.S t?*8. Juno .42 ? Mhrvli# M *0! i via Mobile. uu THIS ROUTE IS ENTIRELY HY RAIL and is 900 MILES SHORTER, and94 HOURS LESS IN TIMB than any other l.ine?the Lynch burr Extension t>eiuc now completed, as aleo the Miaaiaaippi Coutral. making it the QUICKEST AND MOST PLEASAJfT ROUTE FOE SOUTHERN TRAVELERS! It ii provided with First oiau Sfrium Cart! {To Kvw Orleans ?..T9 Hour*. Memphis ?.. M do. Montfomerr 43 do. N?*iiTille. .46 do. (D"The U.S. MAlLand ADAMS' EXPRESS are taken over Lias New Line. Tloketa can be obtained at the South Western AitvnAe Arau?k m. A ? v^Mtwvi wviuoi iM wi rot auu M WUU1J 4 f >1111 ? " sue. U. Ui? following point*: Lyuohburc, Brutal, LnoxTiJe, Atlanta, Chakanoora, EJunUnlle. Grand Jnnotion, Muod, Nanhvtlla, Dal ton, Columbti, M????.Rkwa^VA{|ir?bi.. ^ ITT* THROUGH TICKETS TO THB VARIOUS VIRGINIA SPRINGS. fP^Omnibisas and Bmna Wi(ou leave the office at 6 a. ni. and 6 p. m. JAMES A. EVAN?, Ticket A?ent, ma 23-tr Comer Sixth M. aod P*. av. j THE STEAMER J AS, GUY Will rasuma bar a tripe on TUESDAY, *1?t of Pobruarr,law. w,piM..wia? g^TW-f JNGTON TT TUESDAY and^*?*" j FRIDAY,at o'olook a. m.,and ALEXANDRIA ; at TiaTf-paste o'olook. for CURRIOMAN and toe , intermediate L&ndlnga. On her return tripe, abe , a^2m;^<OT;rBBN,&bAV j NATH'L mere* at whan, Haiti more, aa fol-**"i^*"? ! ??he St Nicbol?b avarj WEDNESDAY, at6 p. ?h0S. w. RILEY, Afoot, | IV OAS FIXTURES. and Finish, superior ?a style to anything karetofcrs i offered in this market. We inviteeitisens general j It to oall and examine oar stock of 6u and Wst? I Fixtures, feeling confident that va havo tkm boat j ?legted stock ta Washington. All work in the above line intrusted to oar oare ' 12.000 Mtk&UfliKUSK .*25 the attention of the py&lio to ?arlarre ud well ee ieotod took of OhtmrMntud Crab Apple Cider, wkMk ,w? guarantee to be Mr* Jiuee,and will be No. 11 Arawiat.. SMrf#( iwn. t.?. e. luui. c. m. uort. >, a. mn. .mokehoeee tfcroagl toe jft~>^a;e laeapuai *8 I % * I, . I I , , I I II MEDIOrSBH. 'I ni i i - ?? i tmmm mwm m IMK IMTITAL, ( Ht Di**?+*d Oi MM fftNM, Owmtf. tmd mtf \ Ef?tuml Kiwudf m tk* WprUL t FOR ALL DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE* LET NO FALSE DELICACY MKTMNT. J APPLY LMMED A.TELY. } A CVRE WARM ANTED, OR NO CMAMMM, * IN FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. t WMbHtrfIM luk, IdMWM a.mwWUilKiHI u4 IkMu, tiv?i>urj DuttarfM, Ibmu?. ImM BiMlky, RirMMtM, Uttw.Uv ImHU.O? r?i? if'-*--1 'r-* *?"~T_ ' | t Pin- ' ? !* ? ?f U? ?4. T>?s Hmi h Ikut, A(?vimu *f lk? LmIimuIm Imb- | Umi Tirrftli Ouinlin iniuf frmm Hkitj l>Mu m T?i* ikii DrMlhl u4 Diwhih Pntee* vknk r* . Humfl iBfMlMt, ui <nui) tou litj 1*4 >M y TMM Mil f Bf Ml-illt ?Uktfi b???n ih* tii lit rf *m?y . i IkU triiifU u4 iuimuii fctbu *Utt uuilll ivtip u U Dliaxiy ftt>! ib>i>iaili ?f Ymc| Mas /(? *?*l U- | alt?4 itlwa *ad krillut isuIUct, vb? might Mkirvfti hl'l MIW>I*< lUUMlf Iwim Witt rflllllWM W I viM ? MMUf ik? IKuc lyt?, Mr Mil Mt tea M- * *,,t IUU!i?L 1 HiUtm rr TmiBujumMu Mn sersiTiiitci ~>?s53ra?,. wto^ltetiI kirn** !f mud* I u* mm W Dr. J. Mf nH|I m; CN1II1I 11 ill awn u I (atUau tMlttMlf ! )) apaa tu? (kill u a pbruciu. . OITIC* W?.T?Orr? r*KDUUCI?T?.E*T, ] left kud aidajutif flmm BaJuanara (Uau, * ( * 4Mr* tiw , U? MHW. rul oat ta >W?MI Mat aad aaabai. Uttm f ?iW|?Mi>twul? ?aui|. | M. iuunoi, t Miaktn ( ikt l*f>l C?lt(< UMw, mMiU . (nb?i?*( Ua isaatamicaa; CaUafaaaifca Sc*a2 Maiaa, aad tka rraatar partafvHaaa Ufa haa kaan apaat ta t*a kaa- . aiaala af Landaa, Pacta. Fki'.adalphia u( <Invbm,kat if . Net* J Mm* *t lb* aM ucmmu| i?h wart ktaava; mauy UaaWad Vltk naaftaf aa tka lw< ?ad HII "j Ilia ul**Pi ffrcat imnuiii, ?.u ( ...tram M I taanda, ?aa?fkjiaia vttk fraqaaut klaAinf, auaadad Nat Maaa a ilk tMupaatl if aiuid, war* aarad laailiaiatf, * nu rttnciui none*. Taasf Mao aad athart wka ka?a mfarad taaanjalvaa kj a a a nam praauaa ladalf ad la vkaa ataaa?a kaku ftaqaaatly (faia a?U eatupanaba, ar at acbaai, Ik a at at :* a< | vklck ara mfh-lj fait a?an vkaa aalaap, aad if aat a?ad. J raodara niutun tnpoaaikla, aad daauaya balk Biad aad | bad*, aboaM apply immadtxtalf. . Tuaa ara aaoM of iSa aad aad aaUntkaly afatu pradaaad by aariy aobtta W naik <ai Waikaaaa aftka lacl aad lauka, rawa 10 lb a HeaU, Shiaaaaa af <( at, Laaa a( Man at a I " Paarar, Palpitation af tka HaaritDrapaaaT, Maraaaa irnubut- J ty, Daratif areant af itaa Lhf aaa*a ra^tUoa, Casual DaHlity, trn I'to'ua of Caoaaunpuaa., te. " HICNTALLY -Tha fa.rf.l " - kt dtaadad?Lam of Mauiary, Canfaaiaci W l<m, !)??? * f Spirita, Cvil JT?rWn. iitmM af fecial*. fcalf-Dwiraa^ U'ltT ItttwU.TlMth;, IU.,UI MC1I af Ua a?tU ? toaad. I HUTOII PmilTT.-?k?aaadt m uvlilp vkat U iba tain ?f thair d*cluuc| btuU, iaaiaa ibair *i(a?, a a- ' min? ? ?*> P*>?, air*aaa ud uutut, ba*i*f Ml J ipf?uui? tkMt Ik* (;H, Cll(h ?If (? ?> ( MuHjapOli J D1BKAIM Of IMFKUDENCE. Win the taiaf aidad sad lirprwdant rturj af ptaaaara lati I ka ku itubikad lh? Mid* af taia fkamfel dlaaaaa, il m rflM 1 ktppaua u -mi1 ? ? Utni t trail tftlntniy I davara bia fr^n appl*iaf la U>?*? ?ha, tlmm adacapaa mmi raajactabilhy, taa alaaa kafr.aai km. It falla u>i? IM f kanda af if t ?r*nl and daairoiaf pratandara, wha, tataaaklt t af canuf, !<: hia pacauiary aaW.uta, kaap kta oil la | manlh ajtar taauUi, *r aa laar la tk? aacallaat fa a cam ka akluca J. and ui daaf xit laa*a aim vilk raiaad kaailk La auk a r l>U rallir.f dii>ppaiauaint( ar by Ua mm* ml ikM tiull paiaar. M*r*ary, haatan Oil eauKKauantl ijnaUM af ull J iambi a diaaaaa, aacb aa AfacUaoaafltia Haari. Tkraat, Waaa, 1 Min.kc.. pnfrtadrr wiik friffcctal rapidity, till daatk paia | Mr tad la bw draaJfai ailinnn k; aaadlaf hmiatkataa- I 4iata*irad caastrj from vbaai iaan>t >* UaTaltr raiant. Ct. JOKllOVIUM?l)Y roi OKGiltC VCAUIM I ADO IMPOTKMCr. By tkta graat cad iinpnuini ranted* vttlctaaaf Ua atttat I in tfat JRf tarad aiii Ul *i|ar rttuiai. Tkaaaaada a? Ik# | aaai aarvaaa aad daklM-tad, vka bad laat all ktpt, kIN ( kaiu ia>i?a?iiualy rallarad. All UBpa limapii ta Marnif I. PkyaiaaJ ? Maaui Pitaaalk aauant, Laat af Prawittltt Pawtr, Nar*aaa ImuVliM Tnaktmi ?nd Waahaaaa aa liktMta aflkl awl fluff klad ifaaaM? cartd. BiDouiMtaTormrtm. I ft MAJIV THUHANM carad aofcta inati'-aUaa allka Ui lUt UIUUH TUTI. tsd lk( UttMl UlfWlUlltMl- | Ml i^irtum pirfarm*4 kj Dr. viuiait fcy tM j Nftnm ?f Iki p?f?n ul on; Mt? MnMi^wUcw ri Vhrco h??? eppiertd a(tln m4 I|Uii k?f?r? U# ??WlU, k?lliM ItiiuMiDfui (tillMiarf Ibimuiul rwiwi* . kllily, U a (MfUlM U >A? iAImC ?-ly R. J. EOVEE POD'S IMPERIAL WINE BITTERS, Are now beinj used from Maite to the Great Halt l^ake, in 1 the aalveraal verdict of til wh?? bm thrm either aa ft wuSvint or ft* ft btvtiOft, la that they ara aanryuM ?u the world. Dr. Doae eeed them aaeceeatally is hi* pcftotioe for S yeara before we pnrehaMo of him the eole ncht to nunbotve mid pre?3M tf^m for sale to tLr nMio. For Mm os<-e of Inalplect Conau.niit.oa, luauNbon, I)j?pepsia, Pile*. Nerroui Uiaeatea, Female Com plants, and all ohm real ma | ft tcaic, they are beyond donbt ft moat invftltiftble remedy. A vide from their mediciio* properties they ftre a pare, wholeeome and ce.ithuai B Tver* to, prodnoinj ftil the j pl.vinaot PxhilorsT.n effects of Brandy w Win , without their icJii*lu-.ia reeults, l et fcii fncitua of humanity wed aliadvoofttee of teinperanee ftaaist Rin aabatitain* t^eee ralnak\e Vegetable Hitters the nwml junto*! and aAuhrrtttd Lifuer* with whioh the country la riooded. and thereby ef:*o' ftiti in ban.ahmg Duaeae and Druknui i from the iacd. t CHARLES WIPDIFIELD * CO., i Frof rietora, T? Wifliam iL-eet, New York. < J* 6CLHWAKZL. Agent, i WukmrtAii iTn For DiMWM of the Kidney a. Bladder and Urinary Organs, and espoo.aily for remaJe ObatructioQa, I never fail to oure, and are warranted to lire Mtu^HAliLKS WI DDI FIELD * CO.. Proprietora, Ts William it.. New York. J. SCHWARK, J?7 Iy.r Acept. Waahingtop. D. C. JOY FOR THE SICK AND BUFFERING. LET ALL WHO ARE APFLfCTBD APPLY THEOREM EDY j REJOICE if?HEALTH, Frioad, do y?,a suffer? Are you the victim offJ?T of those numerous ai-raeste which arise irom im- ; aurlty of the blood.' What are tuoy, <U too aak t Rather ask. what are they not? The blood is the sou roe ol lile and hea'tk. and it ia tke firat elewent of our betas to reapunu to aqj eauae whtoh fleets 1 th? system. a? the fulee inJauiKy atteeta The aver prevtillnK Neuralgia, tb? irritating Erys, the aabtle Sarofoia. the agonisine RheumaUara, Ner- ; oue Debility, Lirar Conplaint with ita torpor and drjeotion, ana Uie numberless ilia that flash ia heir to, derive 'heir hideooe origin from the bicod. Deal kindly tbea and gently with tbe blood. L's" the vitalizing resources of aatura lor iUaid. and suffer us to o ininend vo your ou&ILdanae and use that truly valu&Me rnnrticaiaent tLuwn aa ZMMM m. cors inviAx vegetable DKirtcrwrr. w ltn regard to tine aJmr?et infallible imoiii popn m MliUtoeiU hu tpnken Ifl U'CldM Wu, anil the eviaenoas of tin* great tfiouf %r? ?uatain*<< by colbt&nt ivot&!i of curative ?fNoU and tli> happiest remlti from iu ?ee are after all other rera*die? and the heat in*dioal akfll hare fai'ei. Lei aa tar, in oouclaaioa. th*t oArtifioatea onre* are uot ioa(kt from the illiterate and HMrfinial, but they are vo)uut?e(ed front the uuat re?p?*ctabi? sonroea an 1 ju?Mythe higheat tetna la which it ia eo?aiMe to commend to valuable a aMioifie to pan io approval. We may add alio that i the ouralive properneaef the nudieiae are equalled only b) it* reatorauve efi <ota, the avaUtn recovering frowdtaeaae with renewed oujtaUtut'oo&i vigor. For aale It a!l roepectabie Drugtiata in thia 1 city, and by tpe proprietor, MRK. M COX, ^on? rename unleaa her namu la blown on the bottle and her teal oa the cork inr Prioe 91 per bctile. an buttles for 95. Wkolisal* Agtni. R. **. T. C186KL. Drngciat, Geortetowij. b C.. Wholaaale A.*eotTor the Dim trie', and win rcpply tlie trade at my pnoea. mi tr OTO * POTENTIN1. c%d\/y "SMfeS; B>(i leare to call tieatunueii of Ua frierd* ui the ?ubiio generally to hid Nev Store, under WI1lartTa Hot?!, jut opened, ib oe^cexioa with hia on! eatabishmont, where he vi.l be happy to rooeive any oraxtra lor eaporier ContOoaona of hie ova importation. Aiao,*.. ordera (or DiCL-era, ftnppera, Ball* tM Crivate rartiea, will be aorved op in kja 1aintable atjle, with the sane eromptneca and dleMfch wbieh he nu hitherto ?ho?m. no T WM. T. DOVE * CO. A.RE Nov prepared to exeoute anjr ordera viU W GA^g^^JLM FITTiN# |1 T Store on 9th itriuit a. -? ?* awa?, wh?r? mar bit found a oopjal ?ie"a**o rbneni DURE OLD RYE WHISK Y.-Onkand nthi Jt hr%ndr uf Pur* U;d Rye Wht> ky. Copp?r DUtillad. mad* by the moil r*liab!* <li*uitoraTti Pm ylvtkia, Maryland aud Virginia, varranud vara, Ai*o. ImjorUrl HrwUM, Humm;, Otv<L Dvpny ^rantf ifeftaj f??h r,W)wi- ; isttsaVtin2srs/?tff*ssfiia the cnl*?.r?t?d Mil'* o[ La nek*. Joub**t, ihi MX Cornfer 11 U> ?t. fced Pa.ay. Ale: II A I.K A Mn TT* ? ? *? ^tewaufjsi ERY. Tbn? Ale ! made from malt aas koMaair md oMQiot Cut ten** ?ntir? miiifMOoi to m nm "c. CO LINEAL' ,Projntoor of U* W *-l? W?bMi IbMm.imniw Km<>? ? 275 allbr 2t5 * jackson, f L A3 T MRM *'* Punu. Atshvb, ' B*tr*?a U>U ?d nth Or?to. to I* . 1 nUPONTS GUNPOWDER. , ' c u s Belti Ainuy tm " o'hktk.' s ^SKaP" 1J9WTI I \ CABHUGB FACTORIH8. WA??m0TON ????, pmrk Fh <u**, Ymmu* Cmt SfMXgi (flffM. mm.d Klfltflfi ? Kid! ? ? m i " mmSi JfcniiC rr*ofr?f WKMMM t? kflMtM if l*? DKIlllMt, ? tk(Ul that W R?W? If ?tyI ifrlfl 'kojairlat prompt'? awl oan-fo" j attoadcd to fig eefcerlber^!sriag^?ae illt to M sSEjSHd&BM tf A9UN8 of ati kiu4? ?aot bo wrpyi il. U< rM|ku loaf tpwweMla Ik* kuiMM,WMfa imr&sSGfa ** THPAlMBWlly ?w,?U?U eN*. prw DKNTISTRY. r\ DENTAL CARD. L/R. MVNSO> xti and rNiatd Vt? rofe??ton. OBoe and houae i: lO E ?l _ Wt i bird door m?( of Puth It) addition tMRkf wmf o'km &fpi?rtr*?t etyle, IW. M e?r*J'IV 3n ?i *cw>mm 8m? far tfc??ct tkrtt f4M, L from 'irMirrc*, kku?i I unii all WML U one tlurd i*m in ftiM lb** j?.u. Kit *44 >atroD? ?f Wukmitoa, A.s?*u<iria. ud 0?ur( ?*? are r*?solicited t > cm'., au 9 oij Hi 1MINTAL NUTICL LFR. LOOMlj MutiuMl HinkM forth* M?10 u, U<l Vili 1m- t. a* u?ual. duriLi tba mm uer mouthj ; will iMyiw prt> tw? at?ut the let of JotoW-'r. of vUioh furUifc u..t.o? wi.J ba give*. ! __ fk _ DENTISTRY. LrL RI^LS,afUu t to*t of hr* yaaie Ms that he gu vitL cwuidrace raoota Mad the Ch?o>lfc*tIr rrvoeet for l ueerL g WUfoiai tfxAh ft U*e the ?OT**e? of*""-1* itraacth. beauty, ieaahnoea %?.< cn<*fbMa. Fa! i?Hf irti iue*r?efl for Partia, a prvporiiua, )fto* JM Ft. krtnu. ae7 MlSCKLLA^M.?Ua. r\UR stock is always co?TTetk~of .M^??vipant ?ar? ei?*. ?t?l*. ?oa> and fin:?h, fit pn e.'TT IT ? *? id it the time*. <> d Piano* taken me irt rtT*i*rt (or m0Wj The Ch'ckertnj*' fcave bwa awarded ?> ;oio ua ?liv?r M*aae at In* different eifcibitim.e d fh? United 5t?tr? lor trie ?uv;ri..rit? of Unr F*ian<>e over a 1 ether maker*. Their Piaooe ?<-? jetter, their pribee aa low, their term* <>f ptyta* ae ? ?, f?air dieooBnte for oaeh rrealer thaa uj otkira. Call ud we for yoarealf. JOHN P. KI Lift, ? y 306 Pa. >t? t>M Wi. a?d V+t? ia. U OW B*S IK P R O V KD W KI? HIN 4? t*CA1. E0 IT Theee HoaJee inoftM to <re aabhe a* tM *>o?t uin*Ie.darable, aod roiiafeiee^iaMeevor ??t ia im. Flritolaes prawiaaM t>ave boea awardadiMB KJ the CciUadlAtea Fak aa?i V :r<u ? A( M^Uim Sivciety; Virilwa State AjneutarB. Pa.^ Frail^B InstUdte Pair, Perneylvaniv New York State Fair; Vermont State Pair, Ao., Ac. In every oaee wWra Ukibttad they oave r*oai?ad bra* ?ae* rrfti:t?ia Kor u e at ? Lenieiaca aveme, L>e^>t of BtiW^a Chtled Iroa Baiaa. de 1? IT P.' C PATTISow. ?r?H WASHINGTON 6KWIN? KUUMa " KM m* ?M (we deari Sorak of fa A*a Now i? thetioM to ret SPUING au4 StiMUKS. SHiKTe iniMte ?? to order. Toe ? _>?, nbar i? *rw pared to make SHIRTS, 0RA>A hp p, 4c., ai u* / i?v^,w,,o,rr; DISPATCH ' thc_FUcei! ii esidmtt wiU lflr??a. r?rs ta w?i/ '?f?Zar?4 feaUiMJ, it ia wry dcurable to Lava kim choa? ud ooavenieLt war for rejjurin Paiuitarc, Toil, Oreafcary, Aa. SPALDING'S PK?PAKID GLl'R taaaU all aaak anerienojaa. and no koaeafeLd oao sJTnrH Ks wilKnn .* 1# - - 1 ? :-"1 m -- - ?... it > mtmmim rwij up to tho tooting poict. There ia no lor.fer a a?VM |itr for Ttrapmc oha<rt, ?plirtwred - no?rt t.ead'<<ee loUe, and broke* eradl*a. It i? :a?t the erft- for choJi. acd other ornamental wvrk, ao popular With of aa>J tutf. Tkia admirable preparation le ceed aulA, ?*ta* uhaimcaaly lielJ in solaLo:., ar.d aoteuMiLg ail tMm valuable qaatitiee of the best ca!-. .. t >uakera' 'lae. [t may be need in the p ace of orviiuaLTj maoilace, Mat vaati? mora adkeetve. " VGRVUL IN SfRRY HOOSt Prici, H oenta N.B.?A Bntak aooomwi>? ?ak bottle Wktlusli No. 48 Cedar (treat, New York. tddraaa HENRY (TsPALPING A CO., Box No. S.bOW, New York. Pat ap (or ia Caaaa oontaimi>f Kcaa, EiibUaidTwaiTa Boaen-abeaaUiu. Litbuarapaus show Card aooorr paxy 1 MX eaub CjT A amcia botCa of SPAl-DiNH'S FUR PARSE GLUM wiilaave te:. t.uiae iia coat at aaaily to every honaMjold.^T] Sold bj all aronuoeat tflatioaarv Draf?iata, Hardware and firtitwt DeaJera* Grocer*, and Kioot 9tore?. Country nerchanta aheaM iwake a Dot* of SPAl DIM'S PREPARED ULCK, aaea inakiuc ap Lheirhat, It wiU >umd aay climate. ? E^Taro MAT j C^A if ^ |(1^^ ^Tl? 11 ka^> iimm'I > < ^ u ' 4 0 \Jk ltaw/?/?f M tf (11/ n'l? duM/br ? )| J U? IWiw *( Ifa Jin /w Ii >2(5^ > C**CtET1 * t V n ir / j* w#M ^"Jf * W ^ z^5l.04m> 4<uu?^Ult< ritu't tmK. Hit*r ,T *+C.fjk y in UJ I *' fm+ /%r*~*-4 mlr >_ MJ w, Uirbnii-ni irfuMi m gfg I I * Bole ^?r?pcL?*or. J 1> CAUTION. PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL ?N PURCHASING THE VALLEY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS WITH THE SIGNATURE OF ON THE LABEL.AU. OTHtKS ARE AM IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHtSKEl WM.EDAIT, SOLE PROPRIETOR IBSmkitlWiSriOTML tOR SALM IN WJAHJMUTOM MI J f-lj BAMOW4 IIMHM . I 11 rprruiM I umbom* OLJDTAXIL TMTK WHISMHY. J ~ j?L JESSBSST. !&KX?frWZ v-?^^

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