Newspaper of Evening Star, October 19, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 19, 1860 Page 1
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m . T / - , ? ^,~f -* . ii .< ? -?* * _ .. kl> *?0 . i - ft, / ?*1 '''Li ' !~" ' ^L' ' \'' " (!torag S>tax. / J ,r ?r ? v ->. ." ' t V2t. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. FRIDAY. OCTOBER 19. 1860. N?. 2.394 . _ . 1 i - * ...... . THE EVENING STAR ?- ' J " .* u ; ' < a PUB LIS HE D B VSR Y AFTERNOON, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED,) AT TLLK UTAH BLILDINOS, Cortur / P*nnsyiv+nui mvenut and 1 Itk St., l w. D. WALLACE. Papers served in paokacee by carriers at t? a y*r, or si orau per month. To mail sabeofibers tas price m #i-*J * jit, m aJoMM, #2 /#r m months; 91 for three months; assi tor leM than ttirM months at the rate of K oents a week, Sing'* oopias, cnraczirr; in wrappers, two cuits. fE^ A3rEBn?E**5TS?Bo?ld be sent to the oflkoe More U o'o.ook bj a I her vise they may not appear nnUl the s?xt day. THE PKIM'E'S VISIT IN AN ENGLISH POINT OF VIBW. A Tibadk Ar.Aiasr Americas Ixstitctiobs. The London Morning Poet, the {government *>rgan, referring to the Prince of Wales' Tint to the 1'nited States, indulges in the following splenetic effusion against the Government of thik 1'nifA.i Ktntrii While her M?je?ty is enjoying the a?v?iety of )Mr daughter. and Prince Alfred ia At inning gulden opinion* among the South Africans, the Prince of Waloa hu passed from the colo nial dotuiuiona of England into Mr Bright1* model Republic of the United Stat??. Quite a new phase of life, aocial and political, will have met aim there. There he will Me a great and ftonrishing people, rich, enterprising, and hos pitable. He will see a great mixture of rao?c and very curious combinations of persofil qualities He will see institutions and man new corresponding to the peculiarities of the peo ple. A glance will show him that those people are not liIce his own people, and those institu tions are not like the institutions of his native land. lie will learn that America is not the political paradise of which w* hear so much from the member for Birmingham. tie will find that with all the wealth, and energy, and fertile soil, and wide territory, and abounding population. America is never theless one of the worst governed countries in the world, lie will see a great people so awayed and blinded by an abstract idea of liberty and equality as to be practically inca J'*UIU IH ro?(lilUg UIO COrrMpDDQlDg wocrw, aii'l compelled therefore to sobuiit to u?? harshest of all despotisms?the despotism of cumbers. lie will find all thoughtful people, all this moneyed interest, all the professional men, all the substantial bone and sinew of the country, longing above alt things for the bless ing of a strong <tovernment; and moat of all for 8H"h a change in their Constitution as shall provide them with a permanent remedy against 'ioverumeuu that are weak and incapable, lie will sea the highest office of the State bo shorn of its prerogatives by inferior dictation, eo stripped or its dignity by tha leveling infla* *n-e of the mob. soniinpered by defaotire ad ministration and party opposition, that no decent man who has a social or political opinion to lose rtn be found to aocept ft. The Presidentship is practically going beg ging Our Prince will, we trust, be allowed to see tho slave States as well as the free. He will see there that the virtue attributed in this country to popular representation on tha widest *c*le is n?it favorable to the protection of e^uai rights, and that men who are singularly proud of their own freedom contribute to keep millions of their fellow creatures in slavery.' In the presenco of these astonishing moral and political phenomena our Priooe will loarn to valne more and more the well-balanced con stitution of bis native land, and he will read in the til success of American government of what changes England most beware if she would keep her place among nations But we must not sjan American institutions too freely just now. for our transatlantic friends are doing their best to show overwhelmingly their respect for the principle of royalty and the person of our Qaeen They are according to the Prince all the honor, hospitality, and friADilllDAM ill t hfti P nn*AP wrifrK nrwt and earnest heart The people of England ro Sard the reception-of the Prinae in the United tates with deep interest, and will not he glow to priie at its true value every demonstration of friendly attachment to this country, and wit! a- warmly return it when an opportunity occurs. The Timet undertakes to rebuke this disgrace ful effusion of the Government organ. It says: The time is particularly inopportune for this splenetie effusion on what the writer ealia "Mr. j Bright's model republic." The Priace of Wales, it was known before he left England, would not return home until he had paid a visit to the United .States, to which he had been invited by the Chief Magistrate of the Union, in a letter full of gallantry and real politenaas. addressed to his royal mother The Qnoec ac cepted the compliment to her eon in the spirit of the invitation, and by this time the people ?f the greatest city in America have given vent to their joy at the arrival amongst them of Queen Victoria's heir in a way which must have satisfied him of the cordiality of hi* re ception. The American* may not lovo royalty as a system of political rule, but they have at least the dis?ri mi nation to appreciate the best specimen of the hereditary principle in the person of England's future monarch. Bat the courtly journal, while it hold* up to deserved respect end admiration the good uaalitiesof the British Queen, has the siecra ble taste to denounce the country in which her eldest son is now enjoying a generously extend ed hospitality, as the "worst governed in the worlu. because of its republican rul?r There are times when comparisons can be instituted with advantage between the vtrioms forms in which nations chooee to manage their own in ternal affairs; but to select a time Hke the present for an attack on the politleal institu tions of tho 1'aitod Mates, simply because the (paeon's son is at present receiving the felicita < lions of the eilitens is, we hold, bad in manners " and disgraceful to the source from whence it r * hits proceeded When a gentleman a*ki a stranger to dinner it is not customary for the host to indulge in self-zlorifieation at the superiority of the fare, he furniture, the pictures and luxuries which he places before his guest, or insult him by the cool assurance that he cannot find such things in bis own house. Yet the Moraine Poet is not ashamed to do this at a time when aelicaey and self-resp?ct ought to have prompted come thing like the semblance of humanity. The tour of the Prin<-e through Canada has not been an uninterrupted series of triumphs. In the upper provinces the Orangemen have done their utmost to mar its nleasure bi blandin* tbiatles with roses. At'the insults thus put Xm their heir apparent the eitiaeae ef the _ dniag republic have been even more in dignant then ourselves, and hare a?? a red hia Koyal Highness that when he panes the fron tier which separates his mother's dominions from their*, all such annoyances will cease. This is trae politeness, and we hare no doubt will be tarried oat to the letter. It la the very cooTerae of the syatem pursued by the Mom iug Poet, whoa* breach of decorum at such a time is ahin to impertinenoe. APmiSTiMG Orricc ? We imagine there ire very few who know, whea they read the daily newspaper*, through what difficulties It has passed bofore reaching them. The country farmer, when the work of the day ia over; the oity gentleman or lady, when they rise in the morning and call for the paper, we dare say, never think that the paper which they bold in their hands was onoe raw eotton: that it after wards formed a protection for some persoa from the rammer's sun and winter's chilling blast; or. again, that it was -'old rags" at one time; or that before the paper is printed the compos itors have to handle about 40 small pieoee of metal for each line, about 7,000 pieces for each column, or a boat 214,000 of those pieces of metal for the whole paper. That to nreeent a readable nheet the brain of mu; writer* i? tax*#, or thet the aid of electricity uJ >team are brought into requisition. That the compositors ge o? te work b about seven o'eloek in the morning, hardly ever leaving the office before 12 o clock at a night, and not unfrequently not before 1 ?**<?'eIock; that the p?f er is then tnkra oharge ef by the nreesman, who with oue of Hoe's Jme eylrader presse*. propelled by steam, m99& capable of striking off three thousand iw *~*jptos-?ioD? p? hour, prepares it for the n?ilinr clerk a ad carriers Surely, no one oonaected ' with a printing office, from the editor to the "devil.' hu a very pleasant situation ? P*trr*lrtcrg Bullttiu. [TT- Pop* Pies TX has granted a particular j?. V.lee to th* Sisters of Chanty throughout the world, la consequence of the two hundredth aunt vfftit* of the florloM death of St. Vincent de Paul, their founder The jubilee will be celebra ted in ail the chapels connected with hoe pi tale "^ in their charge, and will It* three weeks STRANGE ADVCNTURK WITH BURG Mll The Meurti. Herbert kept a rery extensive jewelry establishment in New York city, and for the better security of their store against fire and other casaaltiefl they ainployed one of tbeir clerks to sleep is It at night. The idea of the store being attacked by robbers wu not for a moment entertained, but it was for other objecta, each as seourity from fire, and the like, tk f f Art n rf T .r\ ri *M? 4ka + ? tiUMi j vy 11^ ?vi iu|, iuo uisia, oicpb iuvi v, ivi be was not supplied with any weapons to repel a Attack of thieves. Bot one dark, dreary night he was awakened by a lingular noise which resembled that which a party of burg lars might produce in an attempt to enter the building, and looking towards the back win do w* he soon satisfied himself that one or more persons were endeavoring, as quietly as pos sible, to effect an entrance at that quarter. They had already removed a part of tne sash and shutters with their cunningly devised in struments, and must have been at work some time before he was awakened. Now young Loring regretted that he had no weapon, but not through fear?that was not a characteristic of the young gentleman?but that he might pepper the rogues a little At first he determined to cry out and arouse the watoh, but as they had advanced so far before he was awake, ho thought he would drive them off by stratagem. He slipped on his clothe* quietly, and, approaching the spot where the thieves were busy, he saw the hand of one of them passed inside of the shatter into the store in its owner's endeavors to guide a small handsaw with which he was cutting an aper ture for his body to pass through. Youog Loring felt inclined to chop off the hand with a small hatchet that lay hard by, but he refrained, and bethought himself of a powerful acid that was used in the testing of the purity of silver and other metals. One drop of this would eat instantly into the flesh, ATftfi nrniiA rilitnnnna anra in Ion minntai' ? ? ? |^v>WMV<a? W* V 4U vv? UUIUUVVJ time. He cautiously dropped * little upon the burglar's hand and awaited the result. Bill," at length exclaimed the burglar to hit comrade, -'I've got a cursed burning on the baok of mj band. It's bo aore I aan hardly work this saw. Phew! how it smart*' I gue&j I've cut it with the saw?hold the dark lantern here.*' *' Fudge! " replied bis companion, ''change hands then, bat don't stop " "Take the saw yourself, then! I can't stand this pain And while the discomfitted burglar withdrew to groan over the supposed cut, the other took his place with the saw, and in a moment after received a few drops of the flery liquid upon the back part of his hand, and was soon groaning with agony. "Curse this saw! it has cut me, too!" groaned the second thief. And after sundry oaths, mutually ezohanged until the first and worst attack of pain was over, they renewed the attempt to make an entrance. The clerk permitted them to go on a while uninterruptedly, knowing that at any moment he could stop their efforts br crying out, but he hoped to bear some watchman passing in front of the store, upon whom he could cull to I secure the rogues, and he resolved to wait for this until it woald do to wait no longer. But aoon the burglars hod so much enlarged the hole that thej woald shortly be able to enter it by theiaselvee. Seeing that he mast do something to stop them, the clerk crept in the dark closet at one sida of the window, and uttered a low but fierce growl, in imitation of a dog. Loth of the rogues stepped back at this unexpected in terruption. 4> liana; it, Bill, there's a parsed dog in there. I didn't know that the Herberts kept one," said one to the other. " A dog ? that's bad. Curse 'em, if it was a man, why a shot or a dirk stroke woald fix him?but a dog is quite another thing, for if we shot him, he'd "be rare to half kill one of us!" Bow, wow, wow !" cried the clerk. with ail htf power, u he saw them preparing to re sume their work. " Confound the doe!" exclaimed both "XeTer mind; go Aead Bill, and get it open now. I'll fix him when we get in." The burglar addressed at Bill thrust his hand in once more to wrench off the last i>iece of wood that obstructed their entrance, when the clerk, baring already armed himaolf with a large pair of pincers, seised the robber's hand as though in a rice, and set up suoh a barking that the whole neighborhood was alarmed. 14 For Heaven's sake, Jack, lend us a hand here; the curved animal is biting my hand half off!" said the bursrlar to his eonfaderatn. " Pull it eway?pull it away, quick." "Iean't." " Give il a jerk!" said the other. "O-o-o! I can't. Murder, murder!" This cry. added to the bellowing of the sup posed dog, soon brought the watch in earnest, and the tnief who was at liberty to do so, ran for his life. The watchman's light showed Bill Sikes that he bad been bitten by a pair of pincers! This is a fact; it occurred in New York city during the winter of 1841; and Bill 8ikes served oat his imprisonment at Blackwell's Island. A Noble Rxcobd ?It Is seldom Indeed that any great disaster reveals such a noble record of good discipline, bravery and bumsnlty ss the re rent loss of the steamship Connanght. From the first discovery of the accident, through all its ap palling Incidents, to the final rescue, the conduct of Capt. Leitch was admirable. Equally prase worthy was the humanity displtyed by Capt. Wilson and his crew of the brig Minnie SchittW Bat this record would not b? complete without mention of the conduct of Capt Doane, of the srbooner Lai oar tine, who fell in with the Con naught after ahe was abandoned. He saw her at ten o'clock at night, bore down for her, and hailed her. Getting no answer, he croeeed her bows twice, to afford help, If any were there to need It. lie concluded that Ue wrack waa abandoned, but, lest be should err on the wrong side, he lav by i! ii asyugni. td?"W]U" intbiscase sufficiently bow* what the "deed" would bare been It la with great pleasure that we pay out tribute to this noble record of seamanlike qualities: for we trust that, beaides procuriaga lust reogmtton for those who hare been concerned la it, the example will be widely felt and copied.?Baton Journal. Rhiiiit or the Expriss Co*past.?On Sat urday. the 6th of this month, the Merchants' Bank of Baltimore aeot by Adams k Co's Express a package of banknotes, amounting to SS 445, to Wm. M Marshall, E?q ., Caabier of the Hagers town Bank The package reached this town on Monday, having laid over at Harrlaburg on 4nni)?v anil w?h*? *V ? ^ WHVU WUCUCU IUC BUUJ VI wu found nlMliE. Tua package wu in a loose condition and bad all the appearance at having been previously opened, aa of coin* It mutf have been, for In lieu of the money abstracted a number of Philadelphia Ijedgers, eut In atrip* of the size of beak notes, were inserted to ftll up the vacuum By whom the robbery waa perpetrated Is not known, but the amount ofleet waa paid to the Hogerstown Bank by Col Bingham, the Superin tendent of the Pennsylvania Division of the Ex press Company, on Thnradsv last, thus adding another erldence to the many tbls extensive Com pany has already given to the public of its cheer ful alacrity in making good all lasses of property entrusted to Its care, and Its entire ability at all Uobcs to de se ? Hagerstotc* Herald. Dm. Chiivii's Chcsc* ?The London Amerl Ain nrintd s nrntrat wbtUk W*? v?? 4 *- ** UmT, by a l??v? number of the member* of D?. Cfceever s Church, against the application which be Is maklug la Great Britain for pecunia ry aid The aignersdeny that the Church, aa such, la la any need of foreign aid, and represent the appeal as coming from a few individual*, backed by the pastor, and aa intended for their personal benefit, and not at all for the atipport ef the Church They deny that the appeal baa any legitimate connection with the opinion* of the Church on the subject of dlavery, and that 1t Is oaiy calculated to misrepresent and greatly dam age the aati ala rerv cause U7* The wafer works of Louisville, Kr , were completed oa Monday last and the water let oa. . Cr"Yeo doo't pass her*," as U?? roq*t? mii to the bad hilling. Riding la Central Park la the great feature for Saturday* In New York. Sometimes 4,000 vehicle* enter that magnificent enclosure in a Ingle day. besides equestrians and foot-walkers almost without number. By actual count, tbe number of visitors occasionally reaches full 20,000 a day, but Is exceedingly variable, depending not only on the state of the weather, but upon tbe day of the week. The architectural works with which the Park abounds surpass, in some instances, any thing to be found elsewhere in the city. At the ?;rand Terrace, which commands a view of tbe ake, at the Mall, there has already been expended 950,000 or $60,000 chiefly in masonry?and the expenditure yet contemplated at this point will perhaps deuble these figures. The bridges erected over tne water, or at the intersection of different roads, are most of them exquisite specimens of 2 r\ I,.: J .4 ? t-J-v /m.a ?? viBiuoiiaui jj uuc unui;c luii aa uigu and several others very considerable lumi. The Iron bridges, though less expensive, generally coat from S3 (XK) to $6,0(X). Special attention Is now being devoted to the planting of large trees, for which the requisite machinery will be em ployed, after the manner adopted in France. 0"Tbe town of Lekroy, Bradford county, Pa., at tbc late election, yave Curtln 200, aud Koater -i vote*. In 1850 Buchanan bad one vote, and Fill more one vote. Understanding that in th* rest of the State the Bell men and the democrats had united, these two voteri "fused" and went for Foster. CZ7" A teacher out West, in advertising b!? academy, glv^s the boys warning beforehand, that " the ua? of tobacco will not be permitted, and all male students will be required to wear sus penders!" Awks. wipislow, N Kxjerleo ed Norse and Female Phyatalio, jrestraU to the attention of mothers, her SOOTHING SYRUP, Fer Children Tssthtnf, Wktah frailly hcUiialM tka ?rt:m af toihinf, by laftta lay the [lot, rtffaeirf all loiaaiiaaUM?vUi allay ALL rail* an J ipaamadis ieu*o,aod la SURE TO REQVLATE THE BOWELS. DcytBd apao it, aMtbara, H will fit? rut ta yaaraalvaa, aid RELIEF AND HEALTH TO YOUR INFANTS Wa baaa pat ap and old tbia artiela fara?ar tan yaara. acd car vat, in c*RrioiRca ard t?l th af it, vbai? h??? aay af ui; OTHI1 A* IT rAILID.tR tarcb TO BF vbaa limaiy and. an iaataaca af dia oa vim aaad it. Od dalifhtad wit* ita araat in tarma af MBS. WINSLOW'I OOTMNO SYRUr, aarar baaa abla ta Madiclna? rbtbb A IIRdLB IK r bct A CITBB, Na?ar did *1 iu> HlultcUH by any tba cau'.rur;,all ara rBRATlORl, and _ _ bifbaat eamiuandauan ( IU ?i -itel afaeta and madieai Tirtaaa. Wa apaak in ihia raatiar " WHAT WB do mor," aftartan yaara' aiparianca, ard plidob ocb RirCT* tiow for tni ri'LriLHinT or what wb hbkb d? clak B. In alrraal i?ar; inatanca vfcara tna infant la aaf ar tnf fram pain and aihaaatiaa, raiiaf will ba fomnd in ffttaa ar twantj minataa aflar tba ayrap ta aomimatarad. Tbia aaiaaMa prap*&rauan ta u.a praatripuau af ana af tba nt BiPHiBNCBb and KlLrUL ifl'MBl in Maw Eat Uad, aadbaa baan aaad with RBYBB-rAILiR* ICCCBII la THOUSANDS Ot CASES. It aat anly raliaaaa tba ebild frare fain, bst Inrifarataa tba atamach and bavala, carraeta acidity, and fi?aa tana and anatgj ta tba vbala ayatam. It will tlruaat inatantiy raliara 6miri*s in tub Bowels and Wind Colic, aad ararearaa eanralaiana, ?bieb, if ,?at araadily ranadiad ?. ..? - ?' baiiaaa it tba BUT Bt> Y in tba TOILS IRtTBBT and DIAB DRBtt, wbatbar It from an* atbat and in daatb. Wa ARDICBBIT IBM ia all eaaaa af dy? lio in CHIL anaaa fr an taatbinf etaaa. Wa voaltl i*j ta arary mat bar who baa a caild aaf FOR CHILUKR.l TKKTHiKO. fanof from any of tba forafaiar s 1( noa fiif | mn toc* rnBJubicBs, rob thi riBJi'Dirn or othbas aian 1 btiwaan yaar lafarinf chili and tba raliaf that vill ba CAB?yaa, iHOLDTILI tCRB?ta failav 'ba aaa af tb uiTur^inw, i? "ir ? t ???u. r ?u uiri^uoti #r vain^ win* ?i-.h beKU*. .Moii* r?iiiui* nlw ib? f?t nnih CORTlt 4 HEKiiNti.Ntw ink, nm thi tililili triffi oid it j Drwfiata throsfliMi: iht vcrld. Prtncip-il Off c?, N?. II Cadtr M. T. WinnlfMCimitirbltu. ? 11 <M?ly GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS Oft LARGE STOCK! QQ VO BEST GOODS!! " O LOWEST PRICK S ! ! SPILMAN 4. HUNT, 98 Ilridce ?treet, between Washington and Concrete, are now prepared to how their well selected stook of DK K?S GOODJ?, DOMKBTlcS. 4o Their atom (the old stand of H. K. Berry) havinc !>? u remodelled and fitted up in tl?e moat thorough manner, th?y pongees facili ties nnequaled in the District lor the proseouti n of a general Dr* Goods Business. They respect fully in?it? a oal! Irom the oituea# ol Georje'ewn an1* vioinitr. <>c6-'m WK WIs*H EVERY ONE TO KNOW That L>R\ OOODS can he Sourht cheap at BROWN A WHITK'8, No. 140 ( Noith 81 db) BbipuK Street, Georgetown, D C. And to oonvinco yourselves of the feet, oall and Bee thoee Black Silks..Print*! and Plain Delaines, Poll De Chevres, Merino Plaid*, Kronoh Merinos, Valen cias, Black Bombazines, A paooas. Arc., Ao. Cioaks; Tynan. Klectro and other Shawls; Blan kets: Men's ai.d B>ys' Wear, a k"?m' aaeortra(fc?t; Men's and Hoys' Msrii o Shirts and Drawet; Na di"s' and Misses* Merino Vest*; IJajiu's Kid Gloves; Hooped Skirt*: rorsets; P kit, Bordered, lieinsritohed, and Kmrroidered Linen Cambrics Handkerchiefs; Kmbroideries, very clieaj>. ad no humbug; Hosiery a;id Gloves; White Goods; Yan kee Notion*, a fu.l line; Line y, Osnftburg Calicos, and Servants' Wear in ahundauoe ; and many other tilings, which we will tell you of when vou oa'l at the Brown A Whits Post Store. All or whioh we will eell as cheap as the cheapeet, 'or any other man." Come early, ami don't forget the place, se 29 2w IL'ST RKCKIVKD? J 10 bhd?. prime Porto Rieo SUGARS, lS0hb!?.?..d Rve WHIrKV, 2S0 bbla. HERRING and ALE WIVES. 50 bbie. ?iru?hed and Rofinvl 'UOARi, an tiaga R io and J ava CO F F E K, lOhhda.dow prioed) MOLASSES. For aalebr JOHN J. ROGUE. ?e 10 / 'RANDELL, OPTICIAN, v> ffo, 1US it rid* i it., 00org?t?wn, Hu oonetantlv on hand a larje aaaoriraent of French Near-sighted, Penaropio, Co!- ^ f? ored, aiwial. other SPECTACLES, the cent qual ity, is fold, silver, ateel, and German ailver frame*. N. B. Old Frames Repaired and new k aaaee eet jn them to order. no lUi \|A8SEV, COLLINS * CO.'S PHILADEL l"l PH1A DRAUGHT ALE.-We are oonatantly reoetving freeh enppliea of the above delightful bev erage, and invite all peraona who want a pure un adulterated Ale. to tive it a trial. fe? ahny * BHinn, Areata, IT Qrwn at.. RtorrM/iTg, JOS. F. BIRCH, UNDERTAKER, Cor. Bridge and Jiff*r ton stt., Otorgetown. Having given hit peraoualattention toUua branch of nij burfinsa", lam prepared to . ? attend to all ca:i? with proiuptneta Persona from adiatanne oan t?eaup plied at a >w minute*' notice, at 1 have a large aaaortment of CuFFlNB alwaj* on hand. Particular attention paid to the removal of tha d?ad from the old to the new banal grounda. earaea and Horaea for hire. ap l0-6ra to K?a r in minJ t kaf NOTICE! I wiah all gentlemen m mm 2 ? .A 4 L a A a* iiiihu the plan which 1 Iadopted, six years ago, of selling 'HATS and BOOTS at gr?atly re duoed prioes for oaah it in successful operation. Just received a full "ipply of the latest New York styles of DKKftS HA I ft The very finest Hat 93 50; a fir?t rate Hat ?3; and very good, fashionable Ilat 92 50. All of tlie lat st stylos of s?ft HATS and the very lowest price#. I ain constantly supplied with a very large stock of those fine URkSS BOUTS at 93.75?which 1 have been selling for many years?as well as the very best qual ty of Patent LeatherOAITKRft at #390. F i ue Fronoh Caifskin Gaiters from 9J to 92 S??. Terms oash; n? extra charge in order to offset bad debts ANTHOlvV, Agent for the Manufac turers, Seventh street, seoond hat store from the eorner, opposite Avenue House, No. 640. se 14-3m HAVANA LOTTERY. [ of t$ Royal Havana Lot _f SMUiuh Government, ?na?f the supervision of the OuAin nf rr?h&. T?e fry, on<inotM by the ? will taie plaoe at Havana on SATURDAY. Octobxk SO. 1M0. BORTSO NUMERO 644 ORD1NARIO. CAPITAL PRIZE flM.OOO. I prist* of 100,0001 an ot.. 1 do 10,000 eo do I do IMM US do J do ?,uro SOMproz. 1 do ? 10,0001 _ IN ALL 8?8 PRIZES. Wk*l? TUhots. ?*0-Ha.TM, #10-u*artar*, #0. PriBM cached at aif kt at B Mr oeot. aiaoonnt. bi ' on all olvwt Baaka taken at par. A drawing will fco iorvardod u eooa aa Ute mM oo 3-tr ??r??>i UitT fort. Chart?ton. B. C. H MUSICAL NOTICE. AVING Been indooarf to accept the post.ion of organist at St. Aloystu* Charoh in this eity,)Off I have determined to remain during the eueu-ynt in* Tinter, and (hall be happy to reader m> professional servioos to those who may require thw. ? , T. N. CAUIr-FlELD, Profeeeor of the Organ, Pian^ iforte, For part to u I an a? to tarma, Ae , inqtwrS'at th. Music Depot of JOHN F. ELLIS, Pocnsvlxacia iculara as to tarme, Ae , inquire at _ot of JOHN F. ELLIS, JSwnaylva avenue. ocMm EDUCATIONAL. T female education. hose Parent* who wish their daughters to re oeive a thorough and systematic education. where their ph?meal tuning wi.l receive daily and special attention, under the most approved ?ystem of Calis thenics and Q<rmaa?tio?. are respectfully invited to visit the Union Female Academy, corner F?ur teeuth st. and New York av mr. ft. MKS. z. richard#. mi. on " rrincipais. (7*EMALE BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL, I ALEXANDRIA, VA. Mrm. P. J. McCOR.MICK, pHiTtciPAL. The thirteenth annual Mwion of 'hi* Institution rill oouunenoe on Tuesday, September 18th, in the house r?c?ntly occupied by Sylva.ter Scott, F.*q., No. ISO King street. The course of study pursued will compn?e all the branches requisite to a thorough English K?lu oation, and Mncio, Frenoh, Latin and Drawing, il dmtrst. ?n addition to day scholars. M rs. Mo'Jormick is prepared to receive a limited number of pupils as hoarders, who, constituting a part of her own fam ily, will be urder her immediate care and supervi sion. She will endeavor, as far as possible, to sur round them with the ooinforts aud kindlv influences of Hoine. Ke/rrenccs.?Rev. Geo. H. Norton, Rev. D \ Ena? Harrison, Rev. D F. Spncg, Wiiliam H rowle. Ksq., Edgar Snowden, Esq., Edinuud F Witm'*r, Esq., H?nry Marbury, Esq., Lewis McK*n? e, Esq., Roliert H. Honton. F.*q . W D VValla?h, Kditor Evening Star, Benjamin Waters. E*q..Jas. Kntwisle, Jr., Esq.,Col. John W. Minor, Loudoun, Messrs. Blackloek tc Marshall, Messrs Corse Brothers. Tbkms. Board, with Tmtion in all the English B-Miches, iam for the annual session?payable semi-annually, in adv&noe. Music and Langnage* at Professors' prices. VJ~ ts'o extra charges, au 2S t( TUTELLE(ilATE 1NaT1" FOR YOUNG LADIES, 464 E St., Bktwkk.n 6tb and 7th St?. __ The fonrth annual session of the Institute will o?>mmenoe on the first MONDAY in S*pteinb?r. Application" should be made parly, as the number of pupils is limited. For particulars Bfe circulars or apply to the principals, Mr. and Mrs. T. H. 11A V KN'N fc,R. at the Institute. au 9 tf 1JLAINFIELD ACADEMY. (NllR CilLltLI Pi I Twenty ninth aesaion (2fl weeks) com" encca No Timber 5th. A family school for Twent>-five 6nod boys, for whose comfort and improvement fie time and energy of the Prinoipal is de voted Entire expense 8^$ C roular* at Star Ofiioe. To fill a few vacancies ceJl at KTrkvoxU' fr?im 3 to 5 p. m? October 18 and 19 ; or address R. K- BL'R nH, Pnno'pii and Proprietor, P amfi^Kl C?mberland oounty Pa. se 26-folm Georgetown female hem in a ky, ( Fobmbblt Miss L 8. English's.) A BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL. The dutiea <>f this Institution will be resumed on .i r ? a j ? ? in" nrsi .uonaa? in sepwimoer next. Theoourse of instruction embraces all that is taoght, from the rudiuionU to the moat highly fin ished education. The corps of teachers, ten in numberxare enu Sently qualified aud experienced in their aeveral epartments. Lectures Friday evenings on the Natural Scie nces without charge to the pupils. Circulars mat be obtained by addressing the Prin cipal, Miss stj HARROVhR, Georgetown, d C. au 23-euam Mrs. m. e. kingbfords seminary, 414 E St.. vvmei??ro!t,d. C. The next session will commence Ootober 1st 1300. Terms, Ao., forwarded oa application. au 15 tf WOOD AND COAL. JMPORTANT TO housekeepers! THE PIONEER SAW HILL aid FIREWOOD FACTORY, iSiori or ths Blvk Flao Staff,) nth ?f the Ctnal, sear 7 th street Bridge, Will furnish, at tiie shortest notioe, FIREWOOD, THE BEST QUALITY*, Or Any Kind, Cut and Split to an y Dimtnrims. CHEAPER THAN THE CHEAPEST: With full measurement cuarantied. rrr RtinemlKf. Tmk Blum Flab Staff, west slSTof seventh street, south of the Ca:?al, an J op polite the Center Market. GEORGE PAGE, Agent. ID- HICKORY AmToAK PI.ANK or TIM EERf of aa* si** or dimensions )^AW ED, HOSTS or JOISTS RlPPfcD, or LOGS SAWED. at the shortest notioe 1CT Small Johs of BLACKSMITIIINO prompt ly execnjwd. a* above soSfT t q q q q q UNION FIRE-WOOD MILL, < 0 ner af Serealta ?t up! Oml. W OO D of kind, manufactured to order, anj length or ize, ready for uso. COAL?COAL. \V? have now on hand a tieautiAil lot of COAL, both Red and White A*h. different uze |?7*\Veare now, and will he r??eivinjc Cnal for the next ten day*, which we Mil. delivered fruin the vMtel. at a reduction of 25 cent* per ton. Send jour order" earlr. MoKNEW ft MARLQW. Proprietors, A f!nrr.?r H?v?nth at anH ('And WOOD AND COAL Delivered tn all parts of the oity, at the Iowmi po??ibie rata*. T- J. A W. M. GAI.T, Office 984 Pa. a v., between 11th and 12th ?t? . ma 17 tf north ?>de. r?OAL: COAL!! C/ WOOD: WOO?!! I am daily receiving large suppl e? of COAL from the very best Pennsylvania uune?, which I will ?H1 at reaaonal>'o prices AI?o, the be*t quaJit* of Oak, Pine and Hiokery WOOD.cutanH ?plit,a[]l?ngUis. Call and leave your order*. R. W. BATLt<, itnrl r*n?* Ilr>aU 17 (States) Cor. C and fith sta.. near Canal. Ebaolk IRON WORKS, Corner Ohio a v. and Thirteenth St. ERICSSON'S CALORIC ENGINES. The uudersigned have been appointed sole acents in tins city tor the inanu&u-tiireaikd vale of lM*ebove Engines. and are prepared to supply all orders with promp'nm* and dispatch. Tneno engine* have (>o*n satisfactorily uitroduoed, and are now practi oally employed in bak*nes; by bookbindor?; for boxwood outline; by cabinet makers; for drawing fan blowers to ventilate buildings; for romping; for dnntAilir nuiBiiRAt! flUv?tin? tfrain? f 1 *. it pnft.n. ginning ootto-j; grinding quartz; giiuding paints; grinding sugar oane on plantations in Cuba; for hoisting; for knitting machine*; ht manufacturers of placed ware; of printers' material, of silver ware, of agricultural implement*; of matches; of hooped skirts; for pumping at raiiroad nation* ami on t>oani ships; for sewing mashines: for ioti printing and printing dailr newspapers; for various plantation use*; for sa wi n g and planing lumber; for picking hair: for polishingcomn*; for shoemakers' uses; fur ana sifting; turning; to.>*o?o cutting and pulver izing; in tanneries fend w remaking establishments; for soda water manufacture; for l>one crushing; mait mashing; towing; grinding cutlery, 4.0 They aro inexplohive; economical; easily managed; they require no engineers; use no water; and consume very little fuel. Any persondeurous of using th?se Engines, can by application to the undersigned be Knr> m ... L ? 1 ? ? uv nun ioi 50 limuucr VI (.OBUIIlUUI?i? ICW'I* yvi who have Ui*m in daily um, expressing lueir entire satisfaction in their oMrtlion and uu Prices of the fangines as established by th# Pat tiltM: 12 In. ojl'r 5S5fl 18 inche?c)linder, ??> 9A 1 Jfl Double 24 " l,4? " 32 ~ 2^00 32 - " 1,360 40 - " 2J?? 48 " " 8J"0 ?t " * 5 OiJO 31 * " 760 " 40 " 4jrr " 48 " 6,M> " 60 * 9,500 .. We are (Mre a!so prepared to furnish, at short no tice, Architectural Castings, Tow any design* that may be furnished, as cheap as can be obtained else where. Also. Steam Engines, portable and station arjr; huh or low pressure; saw and grist inn's; hy drost?tio, or other presses ; boilers for heatiui buildings, wrought iron waterlank?;shalji?g.gear ing, 4 c., for flouring or other mills, and forging of allkinds. s* 13 2aw8m VYM M EL' 18 k. BRO f?v door* south or Pa. it., , Pawr't old its no. Ftrat Ward, Washington. Hia Har ia onnstantlt atie p.ii?d with tht* cnoioaat Liqnora ami G?nr?. The fc?at Piiad Oyatnra in YVa*huutt?in can Mob'UMd, at hia pinow. Karmli** aafptiM with Oj*?-r? in eve ry at>fe,aad at raaaouahl' pric?. ?ea8 ?<>6in YOIJ CAN BUY Al.l. KINim OF QKNTS' UNDKRG a KMKNTH at tha P. op!*.' Cl? th lot Slote, No. 460 8af?gU at., nppoait* Pout Of nrw. ^ ?o at 1 *r? 6NE*V MELODKON9 No^inato'* 7 John F KLLI8, **T ftfti nr.I Mh kU. /OUAVK 0IONAL HORN. Pile* f2&, jua ?j r?oaiv?f %t til* Mumo jtore of * W. Q.MKTXKROTT FOR SALE AND RENT. FOR RENT.?Two naw thrM-atorr BRICK HOI J?KS with b*?k boiidinr?. Ndi twu** containing 8 room*, villi km. plMMmlr ?itaat?d on 8lh ktreet LorUi, Mwmd M ud N atreeta; rent moderate. AppN to K. LA 7. KX B Y. oppo?i ta. or to JOHN T. LF.NMAN, Ohio ivmui, l>?tvren 12th Hid 13th *.ra??ta. oc *tf JfOK RKNT-A M?tli furntrhod HOl'SK in the Fw?t \Vard,ou H, l>etv*en i7th and 18th rU., No 2117, coitMninz a double parlor. 5 or fi chain hflri. dininc.rnafB ir i fnant*? ?' k ? - -? m uHvnt f'?un J ? WifcH KO?| ooM or hot wat-r. b*th-rooro% 4c., Ac. Apply to L. L LOVING, Fourth Auditor'! Office. oc 4 2* PAKM FOR 8ALK?Ahirhly improved Farm. I oouUuninc 1L5 aorea, witn tvv-atorr (ram? dwelling and all convenient ont houcea; fin* orch arl, excellent pprin*. Ac , ?ituat*d on the Untie river turnpike, Fairf&x county. Va, 7 mile* from Alexandria. Termn: $4.<*V); one fourth cash: tne halance in 1, 2 and 3 veara. Apply to Lot ISA SOMtR8,on the premises. oc 1 3w* Ij'OR PALE?A new tvn-itory tndnt BRICK liorst, oonta uins 5 rouim anl cel lar, situated on Utn kt north,lietveen Land M sti., N<?. .17**?within 5 minotea' walk of 'h? Northern l/il>ertie* Market. Tonne nnuauallv lil?rat. Arp ? on the premi-ee. or to McKKXNhY A LANS DALF., oorner of Pa. avenue an4 7th at. ?e*4 lm* FOR SALb-A email FARM ?fsnacrae,situated at the Little Ka*.a, having a ??>mior tabledw eir iu^-iuMiic, uuin nuuw. lUhuiOB^ ac ; weii-ifTjnun and watered; within four milM of Wanhintton ; 16 Iofm i n oulti vatioc, tbe t*uaaoe in htmlsome *ood lan<l. It id f<?<m;iariT demrable at a country rea> denoe, being perf^otfy healthy and most romantioal ly aituated , exoo.,?nt ftahing and huntim. inamre of MrTMAKKIOTT, bridge keeper, Chain Bridge, Little Pal la d*7-atwt? IfOR RENT?The FIR!?T FLOOR of the build ing immediate, j oppoaite the *Nt wine of the City Hal.,r*cenHy ccoupied by Chaa. iS. waliacii aa an office. A'eo the front room in the seoond ton and the third floor of the same buiMir.r. For tarma apply to KiCiiAki> WALLACU, r'o. 9 STRENGTHENING CORDIAL AND BLOOD FLRIFlJkH. THE GREATEST REMEDY *? tkt WORLD, Lonin&ua avenue. jl 13 U Dr. J H McLEAN S and the moat Delicious asm DELIGHTFUL CORDIAL , EVER TAKEK. It ii trietljj a ?ei nutana vegeta ble Compound, ?ro cored by tke distilla tion of rco:s, herbe, ant! barks. Yellow Dock, Blood Root. Biick Ron>, Saraapa riiia, Wild Cherry Buk, and Dandeli >n enters mto ita con fxmika. The enura aeti?e remedial principle j of eaeb ingredient ie . ? ? Before l?kl?^-si;sssrlifter taking. distilling, producing a delicious, esfeii> rating spirit, aad the moat infTllibls remedy fur renovating the diaaaaad syatsm, and restartag the sick, suffering, and debilitated invalid to baaltb and etrength. Mr LEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL Will effectually cue Liner Coa>pl?iu(, Dyepepei', J?no di'?, Chronic or Nerrone Debil'ty. Dieeasea of the Kidnevs, and all dlsaasos arising fro* a diaorderad Live* or ia?acb. Dyspepsia, Heariouru, Inward Piles, A'ldiir or Sickneee of the Storracb, Fullness of Blood to tbe H?l, Dull P.?n or Swuanunf in the Head, Psipt'uou of the Heart, Foiutoes or Weight in the Stomach, Sour Kiacnuuis, Chrkirg or Scffoc*tmg Feeling when laying down,Drybcaa or YelioW uess of thr Skin and Eves, Night Iweiu, Inward F??erst Pain in (he Small of tbe Back, Chest, or Side, ScddM Flo ats of H-u, Dopreesioti of Spirits, Frigh?f?l Dreams, Lrfi.f jcr, l>eapoi. lei.ey or a*y nereoua dieeaae, Sore* m Rlushea or. the 8ku>, >Dd r?t(iud Ape (or CtilUa ml flTlt.) OVER A MILLION BOTTLES hare t?co told dnriuf tfte l*at an mciatoa, aud m no m tuiee hae if fa.led in entire extiefaeti<-n. Wh*. tli?r, will toller from Weui(u or IMbility when MrLEAf.'a STRENGTHENING CURDUL will cnre yr>? 7 No lar.goaf e can Convey an adeqoa'e ide? of the iBiiaeti ala tud iliuoet uiirmcnioue ch*nfe produced by taking ihn Cordial iu the diae?eeJ, debihuied, nod abauered uerroni ejttern, whether bruken down by el :eaa, weak by nature, or impaired by aickneaa, the reloiad ard inauuf tr(u' talioti la reatored to ita priaune health and ?igor. MARRIED PERSONS or othera, conaciosa of inability fron rafiae, will tnd MCLEAN'S STRENGTHENING I uJvI'IAL. ? ti.u rough regenerator of the ayetetn; end al! wtio i > Ukee in jared then.eel*ee by improper indnlgeucci will Had ia ikia Curilial a cerUia and remedy. TO THE LADIES McLKAN-3 STRENOTHKMNU OORPUL la a aoeer eign and speedy t are far Incipient CoueaaptMai, Wh.i?, ObstrsrteJ ?r Hitcnn AlMauuatiut.. lucouuneuce of Crine ir lateliaUrr IMecharge thereof, i'alllng of the ^ oiat, DtJdintaa, Faintief, aaa all dueaaea incident ta Feiaalee. THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT Buffer no larger T.ike it aceorduig to directtoaa. It will a-.imnlate, atrenythen, and ineignruc yoa end Caaee (he bloom of health te (nonet your cheek agua. Every buttle is warrauted to girt i*tiif*Mioa. FOR CHILDREN. If row elJMren are aickly, pany or afflicted, McLEAN'8 C'lftDlAL will make them healthy, fat, and robiiet Deliy not a moment; try it, and yon will be conviuccd. It it 4c lictona rjiTT/n.v Btwttl of droffiata or dealera who imj try u> p>!n upon yon aom a bitter or ?ire* pari I la tnah, which they can bee cheap, hrcnarit i* laat a? good. Avoid accb mea Atk fer SK'LEaK'8 STRENGTHENING CORDIAL, aad take nothmr elee. It i* the only remedy that will purify tbt Elood tnoroaf hlr and at the umi ume atrtagthaa the lie.em. Out teajpooiiful takes e?ery inornnj Caautif la a certain prereuti** for Cholera, Chille and Feeer, Tellow Kaver, ar an; pre ealent diaeaae li I* pat ap la large hottlaa. Price only (I per bottle, or f bottlea for $5. J. It Mi LEAN, Bole proprtator of thia Cordial; alao, McLean'* Volcanic Oil Liniment Principal Depot oa the coraer of Third and Tiue itreati, St. Loaii, Mo. McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment, (THE BEST LINIMENT IN THE WORLD ) Ttf? only aafe and certain cora f?r Caacera, Pile*, Ta rn "re, Swelling* and Bronclu'e or Cottre, Paralexia, New ralgia, Weikuui of the Moaclc*, Chronic or Iniammitory Rheuoiattain, Btifneaa of the Joiuta,Contracted Maacle* ar Lifamenta, Earache or Toothache, Brmaea. Sprain*. Fraah Cat*, Wowoda, rieart, Freer Soeea, Caked Braaat, 8<-r* Nipplea, Birrn, Scald*, Sore Threat, or aay inflammation or tain, ua difference how ae'ara oe long The diaeaae may are eileted, McLEAN*S CELEBRATED LINIMENT 1a a certaiu remedy. Thonaande of human hemfa haee been aa?ed a life e?f dia creptiude aod miaary by the oaa of thi* ia?alaable remedy. Md.EAWS rOLCANIC Oil. L1N1MEST Will relieve pain elinoat itiataiitiaeowelr, and it will clean, purify aod heal til* foaleet acre* in an incredibla ahort tun*. FOR HORSES AND OTHER ANfAIA LS. and reliable remedy for the cur* of Sputut, R urbrni, Windgal't, Sp'inu, T'anataral Lump*. Nud?> or Swcliii'r*. It ne?er roiled lo cure Big Head, Pollenl, Kietula, Old lUutaii; Sort*, or SweeuT. if property ap|lied t or Sprntua, Brui*e*,Hcrat'he?, Cracked HttU, Utafea R?d.!!e or C"IUr Gtlli, Cull, torn, or Wound*, ituui mhlliMf remedy. Apply it ?e direc'.ed and a care le certa-u in mr; incuac* Then trifle an looker with the many vorthlw Linicneaia ofl?red to ;ml Ohtaiu a eapple of t>*. MCLEAN'S CELE BRATED LINIMENT. It ?ift care ?o?. J. H. McLEAN, Sole Prrprietpe, Corner Third aad fist et*., St. Loan, Me. CHARLES 8TOTT. }li Pt. it., tole trut ia * i?nh| ton; R, 8. T. CLMEL, Ufrfctowu. a* W Dt*lj OLD RICH, MELLOW AND PURE Bl'KNSIDK'B MONOWBAUELA RYE WHISKEY, Pnnaiii?ntiniiAl?r Miatillcil h* \l r Iam?a HnrrtiH*. of Allegan? Count*, Penna., 111 lh? old-faahionej honee' war. fro<?i the oh<?i"*?t and ni??t oarefuily Reeled t(ye. and in no owf ?v?r lur??> uutil adapted t<> wholeaome um by ag* U u at onoe Uie ino*t p%la'able,a? it i* empi atioally o<m of the pnreet bevere^ea in the reach of the pit* lie. To the Invalid as well a? to thoae in health, it ooiamnnd* itaalf for ita unrivalled tua'itie* a* a stimulant of th* aafe?t. aareat, and moat bea<-fio?: t description. and many of the mo?t dittinguixh*^ phjaioi&us ai e auuiitin tbau pracUoa with the happio?t remit* CbLKV * PTQCKDALR, Proanetnra, Walnut street. Philadelphia, WM,C. CONoVEk, Afaat for tha Proaietnr. yjA Pa. a*., >e 24-6?i opposite WilWd*' Hot*!. m^HOOL AND COLLEGE OUTFITS. Youths' and Boy*' Clothing for School and Drest Wear. Paraata <uid vaardians viahing to forai?h their ohndran and ward* witli School and Coll *eOnt<ti for the ooming atMao, art invited to riwiuivtr preaect .arge and extentive aaaortnieot tf< > Y V CLOTHING, wliare they oan fit out their children of all iiaea in a few mi?ir,enta with everv dMrip tion of Ready made Garment*, of sghatantial and co an ?-tf 3)19 Penn. amit H. W" HiM'LTOr< _ PAI.NTER. DEALER IN PAINTS, No. 992 Tth Sum, MOf O4U Ftilewi' Kail. aw t-tf PffTTvT? DOWN. PARAFFINE CANDLES! PAKAFFINK CANDID! A beautiral Irticl6, Mull in &fipt&r&nr i tr> pit^nt Mb..., c.~, ^ 10 CWMrVtrmniil tv mmI Mh ?t?. ?5 ciffliyijS'Lfflrt, a,. Mat* per pound Ta IKVr ^ EIft4* ft BU*C*KL4., M ? Corner 1AU> ?t. ?nd V ermou t ?f, THE WEEKLY STAR TkU UMitnt FmuI; um Nm Jwxwi-Ma i itMttr ntMt of t ?? o?c fucrrt ib airy othw?u oa tfatarday noraifif. T*r*??Ckuk, fawnMJi, *i #??>?. Sine!* *099. pm una fl ? ?iv? ooftM Ten ?>nt By ??t?eribiat la el?b? ml aiaon* MiihhoM witka?t t?? iatarrMt4?a ?*f jfl* to ^ortMiTwl an pot ?ML mt iv Wmkt* scot wi]t to avto. It lavariaMr il?JM u* *toMact?a N?ti" tiat Ku 7\? fMM{ smt otrotiai* o UiroiubOBt u?? vuntTT. h7"Stb?'.?oo?iM (is vrvrmi * Frw"fl at tb? e<>?Bt?r,iuu|i d;&* >] aft*r tto ?a?Mof u?? pa??r. Pne??thrp.kcknt* , IE7* p???mMt?r? wkko act aa ?c?ati will b* ! u?*d a oumnuMioB of ? otau. miscellaneous. PROF. WOOD'S RESTORATIVE CORDIAL ARB BLOOD &eh0vator Ia praeuei* wl*i ite name indicatea, for, wfcila piea??3t to Ue iuU, it ia raeinft iac.ashii?raUbi. invigoraUuf and ttreagthei tug u> the wita povwi, and at trie nmc time renviftaa. and ra new? the B ood in a 1 1U oricinal parity, aud ttmi at onw rrrtortt nnA rtnj'rj t\r tytrm tmr~uin**m6h lomrtmrlrf Jurat'. It ia th- omy preparation aver odereo to tlia world, eo cliamiaa.!? aud akili fuuy OiUnUaad aa to ba t?* moat powerlal Ionic, and at th<" aanaa bmo ao perfectly adapted to. a* to act id perfect aooordaaoe with tfce law* of natare. an i hanoe will tooth' ikt wtmLn: stemarA, and tone ap the digeattve organa. an J that ailay ait ner voue and other irritation. It ia perteet j exMla'a tine and at tae aame time it ia oompoaw entire;? of vrieUbiea, yet an < <>ml>io?-d a* to prodaea the moat thorough toaie efleot, wiUioat proOuoiag at<y IB jarioa* oone?qaaun*?. fa oh a 'emeu* haa long b*en fe t to be a de*id?rataia La the tneaioal worid, for it needa no mcdlrti akilt to eee that debility foltowa all attaoki of dtaeaae, and prooeeda a'd ia dml 111! Ikn II Ittn ra<li In Ilia ?? .?!? of many of till Bl'ttlMkl, lli?{]. for rUHII*. ftk the following . < UII?IIIM?llOQ, ln4j?aetlOO, L>'?P< P*'a. L?a? of i A ito Fainine?a, Nervous 1 rriUkr>. ity, N?utagia, I'a citation of the heart, Meianoho.i. Night owmU, Lai.gor, Oidnaaaa. Ketant n ol. %a W6.1 ? > Painful ouatructed. too piofuaa, or ?'H? oo?nt Men?truation. and FaJlin* of the Womb. Those ail depend upon jerrrai debiht*. 'I'm parr, healthy t"Uio Corjia. aud Hood Keriova*" r is aa ore to oure m the sun it to nse and s<t Th?re ia no inutalta about it. Hut thia it not all If tha T'teui ia weakened we ara open to biiiatia at tack*. tie liver t>?x3"ine? fexpio, or wnrae diseased, the kidneys refute to perforin their fuuotious, aw! we ara troubled with and meontioei or of anna, or mvo.untar j disoLarge ol tfca Mf, yam in the l>uok. aide and betwaea the ?hotnd?Ksv ? * ceedin*l> liable to Blight to Ida, eoeehs. and if an eneoked, soon unaoiatioi. loilo?a.and Ue patient oea down to a permature grave. Hut apaos wi I cot allow ua to enumerate tl?a tuui.* liia to which ? a are tab e in a w?*.k<-n?-J oonditmn ol the ayateni. Hut we will atv in thia Oordia1 and Bioon K' nova t?r yon h%ve a p?rfnet. aa'e. pleaeaM "?1 remriiy for loaa of Apr tile. Biliouaataa. Flats ianoe, weak arm sick &Uxnaoh. i*angour. i.irar Cooip'aint, dulls ana Fevaf.or aaj B uuu attaoa, Co'tivei eaa, AciJitj ofthe St inaeh, Ntrtoatnaea, Neuralgia. Palpitation of the Heart, Depre.emn of Spi-ita.^o'ea. Pimple* on ttie Faoa. or any oie easo anting from inipare Wool, such aa Herofuia. brytipeiaa, Broneanis. Gou?h.di?ru t? of Rreath inc. and all that e ass ol diseaaes oa Ml female weakness,and enuineia'ed above. We wi.l a.-o aay the traveler exposed t > epidemics, oi?au? of o.imate and water, wul find it a pl< a*au ante ?nd tare re"-trip, and no oae ahoalu ever travai with out R??d -r. try it. for we asaure *ot you will find in it a friend ina-ed.aa w*il aa alri?nd m need. All persona ol sedentary hU'lta wi finllt^pe - imoi f e?i<i u*t ui, as wm m a care lor tno?e ai insiita which tnej are part.ouiar.j exp aed Hf.m ministers. afudenta, attorney a, literar* n l*m?*. , and ladies who are n' t aosuat mod to taaoh oat door exo:ci>a, wtu hnd it to taeir advanta?e to keep a bolt e constantly on baud. and above ail mothers or tuose >>*cuinin< auch. wilico th>o?*h that moat dangerous period n*>t only with a), their aooaaomed atreifth, t.ot aafe and free from t*a thousand ailment* eo prrvalaat ani>o( the Ioimi* portion of the wo Id. In short, la md?M a m"t h-r a oordia'. Try it old and yoaac; ao lo gar ran tha risk afdelay:it will relieve ard pr?>?a IMf ?a ^hatiosli? ? Jit st or at i rt CorivU mm4 31?4 lienor* O. J. WOOl), proprietor, 444 Bratdn;, Nsw York, and 114 Market Street tH. l^oats. Mo., and Kottlal*" l^rufg iat?. Priee Una l>oliai per PROF WOOD S RES TOR A TIVE CORDIAL BLOOD R^koVATOR an tn^olf. aiw U. O. n_. db T. . HriWfKWELW TJHIVEE&A1 COUGH EIKXDT, For all Throat and Lung Complaints, from Common Coughs to Actual Consumption. HUNNEWELL'8 JUSTLY CELEBRATED The Natural and Hurt Kemody for all If or th>us Complaints, Ftoo. Nenralf ;a uhrouca ai. cam?a vmtc Opiaaa *m ever ueed to that of Delirium rramena, and Um mum chief oaase of i?i??*?e LOSS OF SLEEP. TheTolu Anodyne, ttiuach oor.taj tur;j not a par ti?l?of Opium, produce# al. the requirement* ot. aud ma* be ueod id ail eam vliaram Opiarc. wm uaed without prolucinc ar?tk.r.i b?t Cure*, and Imvirv th? patient in a perfectly natural atata. Tulnivfn&. Cou?n Rf medy, < freed from all th? oommon obieeUon of ''ough Reined:ea. wfcicb Erutlaoe nanaea or p rx. strati on, t may be oonaidered >? oommon enemy to ail Throat a ltd Lame Cuno piainta. and uaed wiUi perfect impair** Aaklnc ali u> court irom proprietor# or friaoda the moat aavere inve?tiratu>n of both Remc*ii?a,aBd readme of our pamph eta to be loand with all daalara. and more particular.y to parrhaae oaly of thoae who ott he depended npou. we wait iu oonftaecoe u?e deoiaioaa of Paiieuta and Phyaiciaoa. 'Pnoea within reach of ailv J. W. HrKNIWSLL 4t Co, nmi AeiMTt, Waarf. Boston, Geo. Hcxxewbll, 148 Water it-N?r York, Under the imcii Mipemeim: or JOHN L. B CN &Kff ELL, Chemist and Pharmacist! ~ ui, vhoM eirnatore oawr? the o (tenuine oaij, and to wfcoro addrMaftil attoBf. f>j *11 re?r?oi?bl* dealers 17where,asd aJl the OnifKisu 1b WutiD(U>c and G*orc?4ovn. mar 36 eo.r THE W CITIZENS OF WASHINGTON, GEORGETOWN, *0. WKertat, At the rrwmt mob o the ;?i CHOLERA MORBUS, BU,",*taoUO. DYSENTERY. PROCLAMATION ' prevail to an a^'ininj extent It nut be of Ik* FIRST CONSEQUENCE to tretj family (o know ??f A REMEDY at onoe Sa/t, Sr?*d*. and LA cmci<* ', DR. MONTARDE. _ or Pun. offpr* hl^1RACULOlr? paIN KILLER s* th^ ntovt R EM ED Y *'OR1 THE A BoVt" t: (J Sit LaI N TB In order to aaUtfr T8E rUBI 10 tkait do impoaition It intei d?d in tb? aaie of this Groat MeAioipe, THE MONEY WILL BE REFUNDED M all MU | wku tit* medioine faila to five entire aatirfactm Aak, then at any Drnj Store for MIRABu'LOUsTAf'Pln.LER. take aa direoted. and if aot ?erloot.:? aabafied Return to our Acent, D. u. CLARK, ESQ., 4K Street aod Hoimm Aveane, woo wiil reiuud your Price? Q3 and do Centa per Bottle. For Ml* it all Dr?c Btoraa JAB. l^PONNK^L. WARE WATCH EEPA^INO (^,LyEm w| 1 likrc mm of tka beat artaUWshmwat*. a*4 far Biahad w?tk a #?i?fiaU ft of tool* for repair Iv in* every di-ioiltiiui of |m ^atcha*. ud/M particular attention ?ire to t ha Mm*, by ticrouth oorrpetwjt wurkmMji.d a. work futrtii ti#d Al-o, v?ry daacnp ion of randaril ftfl.VKR W A R E. plain tod ornamental, nanaffccta *4 a??W ujr tvi aupamaion. which my cutt-mer* will tad fa> ?up?rior ia> nu ii.ish id aorth?ra warn old by desert la imIkiI awl r?fr?a*nt?o aa thur own aana&ctura. H O HOOD. aeS S3* Pa. avanua n*A> fth >t. "* n I miaiiaou *. /vi r LOUR AND QKN FBA L C*ikMI??ION MERCHANTS, And wttolaaato dMJrra > cS'i IS IZ RStf?????-?,. ITT Cuv |?M fit til Inada of Gnit m ftta 71 G>oi*r? of th* A1^(,U, A*., by Jokm I te fc* U *c *rw ?n V?? ( 1. F- If fit 1 TOl i ?riot II#. W, ,5 hm 'gXM&WfZ. W JWi^fKk^ tk at. ?n<) Pa *T MS piNE FLANOS FOB EE NT OB *ALK. asasKS5ura&s?. ?? kiTiw'o. T?? BAUZACTJ NKW NOVEI., WKwW$?ht ^4 FTJojdn^?,o jr.jj, ?U

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