Newspaper of Evening Star, October 20, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 20, 1860 Page 1
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~J J 4 ft 'H T o J J Jf 7 c .cTH-i/ v ,1 , i a t \Jt cro c ,"?!< frinoiril .v. ,TV **T*W ?. ?m t , %. , ?| *%*!: ^}9?? ;;%4 V^. XVI WASHINGTON. D. C.. SATURDAY. OCTOBER 20. I860. N9. 2.895 THE EVENING STAR * f UBUSHBB BVBR Y AFTERNOON, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED,) AT THE STAR BUILDINGS, C*rn*r /Pmns*ivmntm m**nu4> and lUk Ml W. D. W1LUCH. . Papai MTT?d in pMk&|M by oarrlera &l ( i f*fi or *? smb par month. To mail aubaertfcara u* friaa la #U0 a r?tr, ta a-Jaaim?; It for aix montaa; fl for threx month*; and for laaa ttu Utroe moat h? at tha rat? of It canta a VMk. Stasia aope*- OKI cast; ia wraM?' . two cum. UTApTnTiiwgiw loonid baaaat to tkralai batora 12 o'a.ook m ; other wiaa they mtj not lf)av antil tix next day. ' At i e..ui a iv i vtvv^ avni^v ftvn ? When they reached Springfield, they drew up at the inn. where tbiy alighted to warm themselves. The inn keeper, whose name was Fraucis.was a Liberty man. and was called Black Sam, from the swarthy hue of his complexion. He had kept a similar establish ment in the "broad street" of New York,which was awhile the center of attraction to all the bachelors and gay-mirded gentlemen far and near?drawn thither not alone by thejrit and good humor of the dark boat, bat by the al lowed excellence and unadulterated quality ef ' his viands and liquors; and, be it remembered. Black Sam wag a great hero in bis way?for hundreds of brawny wight.* had be laid npou their baoks; unnumbered were the smooth Vot \ tanan noses he had converted into huge mattes; and many, very many a star-beaming eye had be bedimmed by the mighty influence of his magical power?yet, notwithstanding all this, Rlack Sam was allowed to powees good will for all mankind, and for his friends a generosity of feeling seldom equaled by any of his call tng. or any other interested caterer of the good things of this life. H? moved to Springfield when the British army had taken pcaaesiion of the city, follow ing the footstep* of the retreating Americans, and preferring to deal with his half nakad aad suffering countrymen, rather than t? remain where he was and grow rich beneath the pa tronage of loyalty. As soon as oar travelers had taken their ata at a fire in a room of the iun, a smart looking young woman cam) to receive their communis?the surgeon observing ber, ex claimed : "Why, Ness m y heart! can this be Polly Honey?" "The same, sir,M replied the rosy-cheeked dame, with a coquetish courtesy, "but Mrs. Molly Francis now, at your service." ' And did Black dam make you mutretf of hia house and heart to prevent you divulging a secret that would have hanged bin in all probability ?M 44 He married me, it m true; but many think he had a better reason than you aasigiMd," and she raised her eyes to the looking-glass that hung opposite her. k That id lilrnlv Annnsk " ik* ? ?? ?. ? ? ? J u t * u?ul ii?U ? fcS OUI" geon, half-per*u?de<i. on a second look, of the truth of her argument. "And now, Mrs. Polly, ff that please better, go and prepare dinner, and I will subscribe to all joo have said." Upon which Mrs. Francis parsed up h?r prettj mouth, and with another glance at the mirror, retired from the room with an air of consequence arising from self-esteem. which ratj be pardonable in an ignorant beaut/, though reprehensible in a Cicero. As the door dosed, the surgeon said to his companion : " That simple girl was instrumental in taring ai_ - i:r r ht?1_ r ?.? * - ? mi wie ui tt aaaingion. X can spoai Of It WV, it can do ik> harm It ?u about the middle of June, 1776. and while the General was in New York, waiting the approach of the king'* troop#, that the girl oaiue to Francis, her firetent husband, whom (he considered in tho ight of a royalist, and informed him, as a secret ah* had overheard, that there was a plan in operation among the government men to destroy the rebel leader?as she termed the oommander-in-ohief?by poison, which was to be plentifully mingled with green peaj, a favorite vegetable of his, on the following day, t Richmond Hill, the headquarters, where he was to dine. Francis went immediately to Washington, and acquainted him with the danger that threatened him. The Qeneral having listened with the most careful atten tion, said : ' My friend I thank you ; your fidelity has aaved my life?to what reserve the Almighty only knows' But now for yonr own safety, I charge you to return to your house, and let not word of what you have related to me pass oiip linn: it wmi 1/4 invnlva vim ??i? ^ ?I . ? *" VV1 vat U I U1U, and Heaven forbid that your life should be forfeited or endangered by your faith to me. I will take the necessary steps to prevent and at the same time Jiseover, the instrument of this must wicked device.' " The next day, about two hours before din ner, he sent for his guard, told him of the plot, ad requested that he would disguise himself as a femMe, and go to the kitchen?there to keep a strict watch on the peas until they hould be served for the table. " The young man carefully observed the di rections he had reoeived aud had notions been upon his post, before the unfortunate T. H , another of tbe General'* guards, earn* to his door. looked anxiously in and then went away. " In a few moments after he returned and approached the hearth where tbe peas stood, *nd was about to mingle the deadly substanoes, when he suddenly shruuk back as though from the sting of tbe fork-tongued adder, his color changing to the pale hue of death, and his limbs apparently with fear, evidently horror stricken with his own purpose?but soon, however, the asumHaii Af * *" ? '?' ! * vyvi ? </!( Vt I UC UJ7I o jwwunUl 1 HCll QDD6 D I nrgci forward hi? hand, that trembling, I'rtwtd the odious h.tne.and he left the kitchen, overwhelmed with conflicting passion*, remorse tod confusion. "H*roId sleeps no more?the cry hath reached hi* heart ere the deed be accom plished, " said the yoath on duty, in a voice not devoid of pity, as be looked after the wretch. What! f. 11.?' said the Oenerml, sorrow fatly, upon receiving the information; 'can it bo poeaible?so young, so fair, so gentle! He would have been the last upon whom a suspi cion of that nature could hare fallen by right 4?f countenance. You have done well,' said bo to th* youth before him. 'Go join your comrades, and be secret.' "The young man went accordingly, and Washington returned to the piaisa, where sev eral general officers were assembled?among whom was the hero of Saratoga, who was wait ing for further instructions from Congress be fore be departed for Canada. "In a few minutes dinner was announced, and the party ushered into a handsome room, where a sumptuous board was spread covered with all the delicacies of the season. 'Washington took his seat, placed Gen. Gates on his nght hand and Gen Wooeter on his left. WK?n tha ramaimUr n# ?Wo ? J .. ? ? - . V? ?. U? vultvia Witt cum pa D J were tested and eager to comment the duties of the table, the General said Tery impressively: " 'Gentlemen. I mnst request joa to suspend your meal for a moment. Let tLe guard at tend me.' "All was silence and smasement. The guard entered and furmed a line towards the upper end of the spertisest. ' Washington hnving pet upon his plate a spoonful of the peas, fixed his eye upon T H. *' 'Shall I est of this vegetable*' he asked. "The Tenth turned pale, and became drssd faUy agitated, while he faintly ottered : "-I don't know.' " Hare H. raised his hand, as IT by an invol ustsrr impulse, to prevent their Using tested. A chieken was then brought is. that a conclu sive experiment might he made in the presence ef all those witnesses. '* The animal eat of the peas, sad imme dlltslv ditd. lud tlx nrjiliiul T H ????.? ? rith horror aal remorM, fall fainting, and r a bom? from the apartment." f?co*CKTT*Bt.s Doun ?The New York Son the following iocldentWo ore Informed it at the Prlno*-->f-walee boll, durlag a aao -ntarv pouao la which the royal goeat waited the portoer aelectod for htm' for the next act, > Ineane flanker who happm*4 to bo boot a daujjhUr on hi* arm. amtiig what (track u| golden opportunity, v >i iked forward the moot oUequloui Impudence, haaUlr .1 ' ? -? .? ..... ? jwi '?i?i uigiMH h unen ptid-tlWw me t-> introduce my daughter Of tha coliapae tbat followed, we bad an dea~rtp t??o?In fact, tbere wm aothln? left of him to deombe?bet the mortiflad feeliaga of tb? by taudrra wore aucb a? Uiry will never forgot, IET A? attempt to destroy tbc life of Jodr* Ibarra be*, of Wiaronata. %Nr taking away tb? plank? of a krldft oret wbteb be waa oipected to p*?a at night. la xlleg1 d by the A ppletoa Craoceat iic c*ca;-ed, aov?erw. HOW MITH'* BILL WOW THE PRI IDI. Wo aommend thia to all who attend State and oounty fain. It U from tha Rural New year ago. aid it ia sow republished is the Star for the benefit of ofltoera who fill Taaanciaa in committees : , Col. Mooaa.?Soma ytar? afo I got a? qaainted with ona of your contributors, who edited the Wool Grower, and ha u?ed to_put me in prim. x m us nay my vanity *u flat tered seeing nay name printed in the paper, with some things I said and some I didn't nay; and we're kept the paper* ever alnoe. After all. everybody likes a little faata, bat ssme are satisfied with a smelter amount than others. Well, I have not the editor any more to set me ovt, so I haw been thinking I weald jast try and see if you woald not put me in the Rural on my own hook, especially as I want to tell yon all about my going to the State Fair at Buffalo the other day. COXCLUDB9 TO 00. As it was not so far off bat that we ooald go with oar team, mother and I concluded we wonld hitch up and have a week to see the sights and some cousins we had not seen for a long time Mother (that's wife, yon know,) thought we ought to take something to the fair. I told her to take a tub of her butter, but she didn't think it was good enough, but thought I might take some of the stock. But I thought it woald be a great bother. However, Sam was pretty strong in the faith that we could ~ - L -1 J A un>k cuijuuuj uu uurstjs, kd(i wanieQ so mRO old Nance. She's a right smart old beast, is that old mare, jou may depend. TAKES THB MABK. Well, we packed off Sam, for I was willing to give the boy a holiday. It doos the boys freat good to attend these kinds of fairs, I do eliere, after seeing all I saw there. UOES IN. We got safely in town on Monday night, and Tuesday I went up to the fair grounds to see what was going on. I got in and found ha'd got the mare entered, and had got his oard on ner head, and a good stall and all things com fortable. The animal arrangement* were firat rate generally, and during all the time of the fair the supply of fodder was good. I think tnat Major ratricr, who was everybody iii managing things, a tramp sort of &man. HKAR9 80MRTHIXU. As I wne standing up near the business office in the crowd I heard a couple of men talking about premiums. One said to the other : ' Are you an exhibitor?" ? Yes/' " So am I, and we had better look to the committees." "Why so?" " You see the committees are never full, and if you are on hand at the big tent wh?n they are called it is easy to slip in a friend, which is a mighty nice thing sometimes." ' Well, I am showing a patent for making cowcumbers, and if you can get the premium it will make my fortune." " And I am showing a new kind of bob tailed hens, and a premium won't set me back." " Well, you get me on the committ**, and r a * n i win name you lor mine " All right; go in to win when you can " Thinks I. perhaps if that's the way the thing leans, I may m well take care of myself as any one else. Everybody for himself seems to be the rule on these occasions. So off I streaked to the cattle pens to find Smith?be is my neighbor, you know ; Smith, who is in the patent bull line. (Mr. P. evidently meaus "improved.") Says I, "Smith, voa're show ing bulls, and I'm showing old Nancy, aid I guusa if merit counts we can win ; and that's the talk her* on paper." Then I told him what I heard about the committee " Is that so?'' ?l Exactly." " Well, I think old Nance is the b*st mare in the Yard." " And you re got the best ball on the ground" Then I told him that we mast be up at the tent in time. Well, sure enough,when the committees were made up, I was on Smith's bull committee, and he was on the mare committee THE COMMITTH GOES OUT. The head man took the book, as he had the things in it and we were all introduced to each other, and went down to look at the bulla. We wctc on the red bulla. So we went along and luuked at them, and I didn't say much till we came to Smith*! bull, and I looked at him nraittv nirtfdlli nnlljul Hia tail nnii/ih?J >? I * J - I ? ? ' r-?v fingers in his rib*, and went through the mo tion*, u I bed seen the other*. Says I, "Thar * a ball that looks like it." Smith had combed him all over with fine toothed oomb, and brushed him with a hair-brush, and he looked Mick, for he was iuat as f*t a* a bos. And from all I saw, I think fat at fairs, like what the lawyer said about charity, oorera a multi tude of sin*. QBT? THE BURNS POKED AT HIM. Just as I said that, the fellow who had a bull in the next stall comes up to m* pretty fierce, and says he: " What do you know about bulls?" M Well," says I, 411 think I know what they are used for in my section." "Ma? be," says he, "you're one of the com mittee ?" " I hare that honor," says I. - Dm," says D6, " tbat ball bain't got any pedigree." ' Wall," say* I, " he had father and mother, didn't he?" " Oh! yea, but then nobody knowl who they were." " Well, then nobody knows bat they were jast as likely as yoar ball's parents." "Bat, sir. look at my ball's pedigree. There it is, sir. Got by imported 8hirt-tail oat of Skim-milk, by Thnnder," to., and he showed a string ot names as long as yoar arm. "Well," says I to the committee, "are we to judge Lbe pedigree or the animal7" And they said, "The animal, of eoarse." "Then," said I to the fellow, "will yoar ball get better stock than this?" ~ "Of course he will," uji he, "for he's got a pedigree, and that bull hain't." " Well," ssjs I, " your bull has got some body to braf for him, and the other hasn*t. cer tain." And that tort o' knocked him. * But," says I, " I're known people who felt gritnd over their pedigrtfe, and I't? seen a heap of people who couldn't go further back than their lather and mother,who hid banged theia all to pieces for smartness, Handsome U that hand some does," says I, " and as the hjrmn-book says, * a man's a man for a'that.' Pedigree go to grass, I go in for the animal." smith's bull wins. When we got through and looked at our marks, the otner two had Smith's ball second. I had him first. So we talked it over, and finally, as they did not cara much about it. tney altered the figures tod give Smith the first premium,which I think >u right. A!fl> THI OLD MARB. Smith had * great time over old Hance. J.I turned out that each of tha other two commit teemen had friends whose maraa wera to be judged, and they pretty soon picked oat their favorites. So he kept still and let them 1*1 and they soon got into a quarrel, and then they appealed to Smith, and ne kinder sided witn owe, bat thought old Nance wai the beet mare, and finally, to keep the other from getting trat, her aided with him, and he went in for Mia ? weirs. omun aa yi Da u? to in* queer thing* on that committee Yob aao we got our premium*, bat 70a doa't ee, perhapi, oolooeJ, aa wall m I do, that it want* something more tbao merit to bt tare of wiuniag. OBTB fBBBTBBBMT. The State of New Tork ia a great Stat*, the biggest la the UoioD, and the New Tork State Agrlealtural Sooioty la a groat inatitatfcm, hat if there ain't aoma of tha allfiredeat big boat bug* crawling around its Annual Fair then I'm teapot. oovctmi. I want to tell you a heap more, bat I hare used ap ao much paper, I tear joa won't hare patience to print my letter. Youra to command, John Plocqhmandl* Mr. Gocoa's Eloqpbhc?.?The "Lounger," i in the laat number of Harper's Weekly, gives thia ultimate of John B. G-ough r?"The effect produced by the famous temperance orator ' upon his audiences is a most striking illustra tion of a broad impression of the purely dra matic style of oratory. It is another tribute to the inflneace and power of the drama. Mr. | uougQ is not a thinker?he is an actor. Ilis i picture* of the misery of drunkenness, in its many aspects are so vivid and thrilling that the spell over the audience is that of the most emotional actor. The effect is immediate aad immense, but it is mere temporary because it has bo intellectual root. Wben Sheridan had finished his specch in the Warren Hastings trial, and when Montalembert sat down in the fast davs of the last Legislative Assembly of Louis Philippe, after an attack upon the gov ernment,it was moved that the Houses adjourn that they might not legislate or judge under the sway of strong passion. Mr. Oough's ef fects are akin to these. He sweeps all before him, except the passionless reason. That may concede thejustioeof his cause, but it does bo before he begins. It is not affected by his funny or tragical anecdotes. Somebedy told Fox of an eloquent speech he had heard the night before; 'and I will tell you what he said.' 'Stop, stop!' exclaimed Fox,'if you can tell ma what Vio said It ?** ??? m w " "v uv? ? U VtlAjUUUl speech.' Measured by Fox's standard, Mr. Oough's eloquence is supreme. For if it were reported and read, the wonder of those who listened and yielded to its charm would be amusing. For its immediate purpose of per suading his hearers to sign the pledge nothing can be more admirably suited than this ex traordinary style of speech. When a man who hu begun to love the dram-shop sees the final effect of his passion upon himself and his family depicted with terrible power before his eyes? forced home upon his imagiuation so that it haunts him and frightens him?be will not stay to reason or dally, but will hurry to seiie the pen, as if the signature of his name had secured him against temptation itself. A man who has this power over others, and exerts it to their welfare and the peace of society, is certainly a human benefactor. Before this immense oongideration his comparative claims as an orator disappear, and only the man whom other generations will bless remains." ID*The rumor* and conjecture* with reference to tbe amount of damage to the cotton crop by tbe late storms at the South are still the subject of much discussion. Estimates of damage to tbe amount of 2<JU,OU) bales have been put forth, but they find few believers In well informed quar ters it is believed tbat the only loss the crop will sustain will be conftned mainly to the quality of the cotton, wbb-.h In many localities will be found considerably impregnated with sand?a mishap tbat will render good cotton scarce. The actual yield of tbe crop is put down in calculating quar ters ,at not far from four and a quarter million bales. iO~ Edward Moncane, tbe English sailor who made tbe disturbance as Lord Renfrew was riding down Fifth avenue, in New York, on Pridav morning, and was discharged bv Justice Con nolly, died on Monday at Rellevue Hospital. He was arrested on tbe subsequent day for being In toxicated, and was delivered to the Commissioners of Public Charities. He was attacked with delir ium tremens and sent to tbe hospital, where his disorder proved fatal. The insurance company At TUV STATE OF VIRGINIA o? RICHMOND. Capital - - $300,000. Wm H. MacFarland, Pree't Farmenj iUnk A. Warwiot, firm of Warwick A Harktwia e W* G i " rcnahaw, firm of Ci*u?iiaw V Co Wellington Gridin. firm of Goddin A A pper^on !. W, Morano *. firm of Dunl-p. Monoure A Co . A. Bark?dal0,nrm of Warwick k l!?rkedila H. Graut, Tol>aceo Manufacturer l>. Cr?n?haw. firm <>f H*xa!!, Crentliaw A Co John L. Bacon, firm >>f B.iooi; A Hatskpr.ill K. B. Haiti!, firm of Haia!l,Crenthaw A Co John Curri<-, J r, 9hip Owner Wm. 0 Warviok. firm Warwiok A Barfcsdale Jaa Alfred Jo^ea, Attorney at Law C. C. Ell?tt, Builder (. O Kuffir, Atncultorirt and Manofaduer . W. MoGrud??r, hrm of tf. MoGruder A ?on? W. W. Crump, Attorney at Law Jaa. liunlop, nnn of Danl<>p. Moocure A Co. BULLING W. HAXALL, Pree't. >. F. BRE?FJ?,fe?o'f. HEATH ft KMOWLF.8. a sett*, Oflio^j? ovsr Bank Washington, Room 16. oo 15 ly.r Dirutort. a rJTPa, for Genu, Young Man, Bj >Jifi Youth*, Boys, Misti?a,and Children, never wan ?o varied u at present. IDrBA An early call n solicited. No trouble to show goods. B H. 9TINEMETZ, oo 13 >36 Pa. ar., near corner 13th it. HOUSEKEEPING AND Xl SERVANTS' GOODS. We have now on har.d a vail salectad atook of he above go-xis, suou as Sheetings. Table Linens, Napkins, Toweling*. Linse?a, Pull Cloths, ssta?rrom common to very fine?Oanaburgs, B ut { Do mastics. Ginghams, Pt.low Case Cottons and l Linens, Dunbarlc Diolciasou's, Barklies. Chart*? it Co , arvl RioHardson's Trish Linens in all quail tics. all of whioh we will dispose of on tha beat terms. <vo i6 taylqr a hutchisqn. H MUSICAL NOTICE. AVING Been induced to aeoept the position of organist at St. Ajoy si us Church, in ^tlii* ot'y.(Jgf^ a > ? . w uwwi IIIIIIVU * / ivmiailt uui IU5 ?' *' Olitu lug winier, and shall b? happy to reader my . _ professional services to those who may require them. T. N. CAULFIELD, Professor of the Organ, Piano Forte, and Singing. For particulars as to terms, *c , inquire at the Mnaio Depot of JOHN F. ELLIS, Pennsylvania avenue. oo3-lm* N O T I C K! I wish all gentlemen to b.'ar in min*' that the plan whioh I adopted, aiz veirs ago, of selling 'HATS and BOOTS at grtatly re duced priees for cash is in successful operation. Just received a fall supply ol the latest New York styles ofDKESS Ha'IS. The very tboae fine DRF.9S BOOTS at ?X7.<-vbTch 1 have n**n selling for many year*?as well a* the very bestqual t? of Patent LentJierGAITERS nt 9350. Fine French Calfskin Gaiterafrcin 92 to #2 Si. Terme oa?h ; no extra oliarge in order to offeet baddnht* ANTHONY, Ajent for the Manufao tnrers, Seventh Uroet, second hat etore froin the eorrer. opposite Avenue House, No. *40. e 14 3m 'P ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. A HIS N*xt Uravuif o? the Kojal Havana Lpt Utj, ooodtioted by the Spanicb Government, nnder the supervision of the (Captain Seneral of Cuba, will take jlaoe at Havana on SATURDAY. Octobbk 90. 1M0. tORYBO NUMERO 644 ORDINARIO. CAPITAL PRIZK 910ft,000. 1 prise of.. f 100,0001 n> priseu oL 91A* 1 do <0,0001 80 do fW W,W? 16S do 400 AM ,M W>>. nJZ ... A drawi:ig vili Im forwanlod u mob m tt? remit ?i kuwn ^Ail ordeis for solii MVti RwaofCitT enai or ttokats to botddrMMtf DON RODRIGUEZ, of Citv Po?t- Ckarleotnn. ft. C. FARRADAY'S L.KCTURE9 ?N THE rioss Foroan of Mstt*r an?l their rela*i ook other, by William Crooks, P. E VA ??ion to f* C B a villi samavxnu lUnstmtiou; I Yolamn; ?rioe 60 SB'S. Turn U1 R*fioi of Central Afnoa, a Piotnra of RiilmliMt, by R iotisrd F. Hemon, Captain H. M.I. Aran 1 volume wiih illustrations; prioe H, Wasat aaii Tares; snoe 75 oenU.. , , Odd Pectin. Vfoic ftsopuiardeeanptioaiif smn men, ?V CMtui Msyne Raid, nuthor of Desert Home. Ao.. Ao; shoe ? ?onto BLANCOAKOk MOHUN, oo if ooraor Eisrooth at aad Pa. imw, EDUCATIONAL.

T FEMALE EDUCATION. HOSE Parent^ who wiah their danghtera to r? ei vea thorough an<l systematic education. wN^re their physical training will receive dailv and epeeial ittwiDoi. under the moat approved aratem of Caha Uienicaad Oymnaatios, are reapeotriiUy invited to viait the Union Female Aoademy, comer Four J^EMALE BOA RUIN G_ A N 1)_D AY SCHOOL. teenth at lad New York av. ME. * MRS. au?tf ? ALhXAiSUtllA. V A. Mn. S. J. MoCORMICK, PrisctpaX. The thirteenth annua) ie?ion of this Iuatitntion will commence on Tueaday,September 18th, in the house recently oconpied by Sylvester Scott, Esq., No. 1HO Kinj street. The oourae of atudy pnrmied -will comprise all the branohea requisite to a thorough English Edo cation, aud Music, Fiench, Latin and Drawing, it Mund. In addition to day scholar*. Mrs. McCormick ia prepared to receive a limited number of pupil* as hoarder*, who. constituting a part of her own fam ily, will be u?iier her immediate care and aup^rvi aion. She wfl 1 endeavor, a* tar an possible, to aur round them with thecomfortaand kindly influ<?noes of Home. Ktftrencts.?Rev. Geo. H. Norton, Rev. D-. Enaa Harrison, Rev. D. F. Sprigf, William H Fowle, Esq., Edgar Snowden, Ktq.. Edmund F Witmer, Esq., Henry Marbury, Esq , L*wia MoK*n*ie, Esq., Robert H. Huntou, Esq . W. I> Wallaoh, Euitor Eve mn* Star, Benjamin Watera, E*q.,Jas. Eutwiale, Jr., Esq ,Col. John \V. Minor. Loudoun, Meaars. Blaoklock ic Marshall, Messrs. Corse Brothers. Term*. Hoard, with Tuition in all the English Branohea, for the annual seaaion?payaMe aemi anuuallj, in advance. Music and I.Angaagea at Professors' prices. fn* !Mn flTfr* *' \1 ETROPOL1TAN COLLEGIATE 1N8TI iTi TUTE FOR YOUNG LADIES, 464 E Sr., Bktwckn Cin and 7th Sr*. The fourth annual ?e*?ion of the Institute will commence on the first MONDAY in September. Application* should be made Harljr, a* the number of pupil* ia limited. For particular* see oi'culars or applv to the priucipal*, Mr. and Mr*. T. II. H A VENNLR, at the Institute. au9-tf j^CHOOL FOR^SNULL BOYS, Mica ANN IK* R^PKCK^ !i?acherA*D' Number of pupils limited to twenty oo 16 eoTm \fRS. M. K.KINQSFORD'S SEMINARY, 1*1 414 K St.. Wa?H!*<?to*, I). C. The next seaeion will oommenoe October Ut, I860. Terms. A e., forwarded on application. au 15 tf WOOD AND COAL. JMPORTANT TO HOUSEKEEPERS! THE PIONEER SAW BILL AND FIREWOOD FACTORY, <Sia? or th* Blob Flag Staff.) Seatk of the Canal, near 7th itrmt Bridge, Will furnish, at the shortcut notice, FIREWOOD, THE BEST QUALITY, Of Ant Kind, AV,# c!?];< ?- n; ? v?? ???? * v utt y Ast7/itrmsIOHA CHEAPER THAN THE CHEAPEST! With full measurement guarantied. ID" Remember, Tui Blc* Flag StArr, west sl<r? of ^venth street. south of the Caual, aud op posite the Center Market. GEORGE PAGE, Agent. 117* HICKORY ANUOAK PLANK or TIM BKK'oiiuy or dimension i)*A WED, POSTS or JOISTS RIPPED, or LOOS SAWED, at the shortest aotioe IEjr sunfill jobs of BLACKSMITHING prompt ly ?xeonfc.-d. m aoove ?*2J t q q q q q UHIOIf FIRE-WOOD HILL, Carner af Seventh at. and ( anal. WOOD of kind, manufactured to order, toy length or sue, ready for use. COAL?COAl.. We liave now on hand a taftutiAil lot of COAL. botiiRed and White Ash, different ?ize We ate now, and will be reeeivinic C. a'lor the next ten days, which we soil, delivered from tiie a reduction o| 25 m-nts per ton. Bend > cur orders early. MeKNEW & MAKLQW, Prop-ietois, se 27-tf Corner Sererth ?t. and Cat>?!. o o u AND Q o A L Delivered to all p&rta of the city, af the low*?t possible rates. T J. * W. M. GALT, nffio OM D> ?- K..???. ink . - I itfcL ? VIWWV T ' ? ? ? * | UVtWWU likU ?I.U Kill >fW , ma 17-sT north Rids. C'OAL! COAL!! ' WOOD! WOOD!! I am duly receiving large aappl on of COAL from the very boat Pennsylvania mines, which I uili sell at reasonab e p iced Alio, the oe?t quaiitv of Oak. Pine and Hiokorv WOOD.cutanH split, allJengths. Call and leave your order*. R. W. BATES, Wood and Coal Deal?r, ell (State*) Cor. C and 14th at*., near Canal GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS F4LL AND WINTER GOODS. RS. A. WOLLARD Has just received from New York a great variety of Winter^ . French Flowora.Fea hers.Ribbons. Kuches.ltflWg Worsted Goods. Combs, Brushes, P*r-WB fuinery and e- ery article that is usually found iu a first-c ass Millinery ami Fancy Store oo 18 3t No 98 Bridge st., Georgetown. ARABMANTLK8! XX AHAB DIRECT FROM AUCTION, Pkick6 ami ARAB MANTLES! I v IT f 6 and * Dollars, Being Leu Than t'oitoi Material. Also, several lot* of RF AL U1MPLRE COL LARS, at3t, 50,62,75 and 87 cents, worth d.mbie Courtoisier's oelebrated Kid Gloves, at 75 oents a pd;f( A very eheap lot of Embroidered Triinmints. suoh as Catnbrio Hands, Dimity Bands, Catnbrio Edgings and (avertings, IN ENDLESS VARIETY Torether with a good assortment of Shirt Fronts, at ujjr cents, whio;i is the greatest bargain ever offered. Also, a good itook of Ladies' Dress Uood?. Men's and Bots' Wear, and a great vari-tj or v v & fu a * u '' ' 1/ s ;; */ U LOWEST PRICES!'! SPILMAN A HUNT, 98 Bridge street, between Waehiapton and Ct>n*re??, ar? now ?repa"<d to how thnr well selected (took of DRESS GOOD*. DOMKSTlcS, Ao. Their alore i the old ?tand of U. E. Berry) havini l.e* n remodelled and fitted up in thi most thorough manner, th*y eoasess faoili tiee uneqnaled in the District lor the protrouti'-n of a general Dri Goods Bumcea*. They respect fully invite a oall from the oitisen? oi George-ewn an1 vicinity. 006-1 in WEWI?H EVERY ONE TO KNOW That v DRY GOODS can be bought cheap at BROWN A WHITE S, No. 140 (Nobth Sidk) Beiwi St*ikt, Georgetown, D C. And to ooarinee yourselves of the fact, oall ar.d those Black SilVs, Printed and Plain Delaines, Poii De Chevr^s, Merino Plaida, Frenoh Merinoa, Vivien eiaa, Black Bombasines, A'paooas, to., *0. Cloaks; Tyrian. Eleotro and other Shawls; Blan kets: Men'aand B?y*' Wear, a good assortment; .Men'a and Hots' Meriro yhirt* and Drawers; l.a dial9 And MtaaAa* \fflri nn V mmt J- V iA Gloves; Hooped Skirts: Corsets; P ain/Ttlordereci, Hems'itched. and Embroidered Linen Cambrio Handkerchiefs; Embroidering, very cheap, a <1 no hnnihas; Hosiery and Gloves; White Goods; Yan kee Notions, a full line; Lins-y, OsuaUurg Calioos, and Servants' W?ar in abundance; and iriany other things, which vt will tell you of wh?n jri.u oa 1 at the Brown A White Post Store. All of wluoh we will soil as oheap as the cheapest. 'or any other man." Coma early, and don't forcet the plaoa. se 29 2w J| UST EEURIVKD 10 hhd*. prime Porto Rioo SUGARS, 1? bblt. Rye WHISKY, _ 380 bids. HERRING and ALE WIV58, W tltlla | - 90 btfi ?f And K Ahn 10 r?v??:t?FFEK;OA*?. FOB SALE AND RENT. FOR R ENT.?Two n?v thrM-afcur BRICK .T HG1>ES wita beck bui.din**. each hon oortaininc I rooms, witn ??*. plea.-anly ito?'?d on 8tb street north, b?tw?*u M *nd N >tr*?U; rest mod?r?t?. Appl* to K. LAZKNBV. opposite Or In inu^l T I rvM??! " v ? m. >n v?iuu arvnaCf iwwfon 12th and 13th street*. oi> 9tf FOR RKNT-A neatly furnithed HOV*KiBthe First Ward, or, H between '7th an<l litn ?t?.. No 997, ci^nttininc a double parlor, 5 or f ehaia bers. dininc-mom. Kit'hen. and paotry ; with gaa. oold orh<4 wat*r. bath-room. fco., Ao. Apply to L. U LOVING,Fourth A?aitor'a Office. oc 4 Sw FAKM FOR SALE? A hirhiy improved Faro, containing 115 acre*, with two-etory frame dwelling aud ail convenient out hounec; fine orch ard, excell?n' aprinc. fto., gitnated on the Little river turnpike, Fairfax onunty, Va., 7 mile* from Alexandria Term*: $?.?*?; one worth oa?h: tfce balance in 1, 3 and 3 year*. Apply to l.OblHA SO.vtLRS. on the premises. oc 1 3w* FOR SALE?A new lw? fory -and-h?wvr.t HRICK HOUSE, eootaioiiHi 6 rooine and eel lar, situated on Iltftct north,b?t?Mi LaadMsU , No. ST*S?within 5 minute*' walk of \oitiioru l<it>ertiei .Market. Term* ummuall} liberal. App y on the premues, or to McKKNNEY LANi* 1>ALE, oor&er of Pa. avenue and 7th at. se34 lm" FOK SALK-A mail FARM of* 'acres,situated at the Little Fall*, bavins a comfortable dwell ing-house, oornhouse, stable*, Ao ; well-lenoed and water.Hi; within four miles of Washington ; 1ft acres in colli vation. the ba'anoe in handsome wood land. It is p?yuliarlt desirable as a cosntry reel denoe, being peru>cUy healthy and most romantmAl ly siluated ; exoeilent h.hing and hunting. Insure of Mr. MARRIOTT, bridge keeper, Chain B'idte, Little Kalis. d*7-2awtf IjH>R RENT?The FIRST FLOOR of the tniild r inj immediacy opposite tlic west win* of the uity Hft,.,r?oei;t!r oooupied by CitM. t*. Wallaob vi an othoe. Also tne front room ib the ?eooa<l lory aaU tne thi'u floor of the u.ii>e buildinc. Foi term* app y to RICHARD WALLACH.No.Jl Louisiana avenue. ja 13 tf Dh. J. n. MoLKAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL AND BLOOD PURIFIER. THE GREATEST REMEDY t? tJu WORLD, fcnfl the rnott Dkliciocs a*d DELIGHTFUL CORDIAL EVER TAKEN. It it strictly a tei (RtltC and tftftU blt Compound, uro cnrtd by tin diaUlla lion of t on, htrbt, and bark*. Yellow Dock, B!oo<1 Root, B1 *ek IL>~,Snrtapa rilla, * ild Otrry B<rk, and Umidt.ion cuttr* tuto iu com position. Tht t?tir? ae'i?? remedial rrinc pl? of rack infrtdittitu | ?nwi i?K m<c ?I ?1 ?i?WUHKU? IITUN W 1 htftlth and airinftli. McLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL Will (ftctull; Ctrl Liver Complaint, Dyspepeis, Jena die#, Chrome or Nervoue Debility, Dieeasee of the Rideeys, md all d'seusee anaihf frotu t diauHered Liver or liouicb, Dyepepaia, HurtMrn, Inward Pliee. Aridity or Sickness of the Stomach, Pailueaa of Blood to the Head, Dolt Pan or 8wimminf in the Head, Palpitation of the Heart, Pelluui or Weiftit io the Stomach. Boar Eructations, Ckokinr or Srlfosauiig Peeliof when laying down, Dryness or YslfoW- | ueae of the 8km and Eyes, Night Sweat*, Inward Pevera, Paiu in the 8<nall of the Back. Cheat, or Bide, Sadden Pioahci of H?l, Depression of Spirits, PrifbtfaJ Prstius, Languor, Deirondeucy or u; nervosa diet-as, Bore* or Blot'hes on the Skta, and Fever and Arcs (or Ckilla and Favor.) OYER A MILLION BOTTLES hava been aold daring the last eix months, aad in nc tn ataaee baa it failed In rivtnp entire eauafsetir*. ? ha, then, will ie(ir from fl'eilneii or Debility when MCLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL will cue yoa 1 No language cm convey an adeqaate Idea of the iimmedi ate and alu oat miracuioce change produced by ukmf '.hie Cordial tu the dieeateJ, debilitated, aad ataattared laiveei eyetem, wfi?th?r broke.! down by eiceea, weak by nature, or impaired by s*ckt.eaa, the re'.ated and uetriuf organi tation u restored to ite pristine health and vtfor. MAHKIEU r?Kl>ON3 or otbera, eonecione of inability from whatever cauae, *J| Bnd MCLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL * tho roofh regenerator of the eyaterr; and all who >r>a* have in )ared theneelvee by improper indulgence! will bad ia Uua Cordial a certain and apaedy remedy. TO THE LADIES MCLEAN'S STRENG I uENINO CORDIAL ia a arr aign and apeedy cart (or Incipient Coneanpuoa, W>mea, Obatnieted or Diffcnlt Menetraation, Incontinence of Hrint or Involantary Discharge thereof, railing of the Wont, Giddineaa, Fain'inr, aad all JiMaeea incident fa Famalee THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT TT Softer no irnger. Take it acoording to diractione. It will eumalate, etrengthen, and invigorate yon >.nd eaaee the Kjoro of health to moent your cheek again Every bottle la warranted tc five a\uaf icuon FOR CHILDREN If yomr children are eickly, panr or aKieted, McLKAN'S CORDlaL will make them healthy, fat. aad rota at. Del.y not a moment; try it, aad yon wui ba cosviaced. It ta de UctoBa to take. CAUTION. Beware of draggtua or dtaleri who msy try to pain epoo yen aoma bitter or earaapartlia traah, which they can bay cheap, by aaying it iajaet ae goid. Avoid each aen. Aek for McLkaK'H STRENGTHENING CORDIAL, and take nothing elaa. It ta the only remedy that will tarify the Blood tnoroagblr and at the aame tine etrengthea tne ey'eteia. One tcoaftoonfal ukta every ironing faaticr 11 a certain preventive for Cholera, Chilli iaJ fever, Yellow Fever, or ui uiotKut uim?>? 11 ? j m cj' iu nrj? uox"! f B rriCC m't |l f<r bodll, or t k?tlti (or (1 JV H McLEAN, Sol* proprietor of thia Cordial; aleo, McLftn'i VUcmn Oil Liniment Principal Depot on the corner of Tkirl and Pu<e etreete, Sc. Louie, Mo. XcLe&n't Volcanic Oil Liniment, (THE BEST LINIMENT IN THE WORLD) Tha only ??f? aod certain tore for Caocera, Pllae, Ta more, Bwellinfe ard Brrnrhi'e or Coitre, Paralreia, Nea r-lfia, Weskueaeof the Mueclee, Chronic or InlLromMorj Rbeamauaa, Bufneee of lie Join ta, Coo tract ed Maaclae or Ltf amenta, Earaeba ar Toothaclie, Broiaea, Bpraina, Freeh Cnte, Wouoda, t'lcere, Peeei Korea, Caked Breaat. Bora Ntpplei, Barne, Sea Ida, Bore Throat, or amy inflammation or Bala, do difference ho? eetexe or leo( the diaraae mar bare enated, McLEANS CELEBRATED LINIMENT ia a certain remade. Thooaarde of human lemjre haee been eared a lift of dil crepitode nod miaarjr by the nee of ihia inealaabla remedy. McLEAN'S VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Will raliava paio almoat inat&nu.ueonely, and it will rlean, purify and beal tha fooleet eoraa ut an increaible ahort uata. FOR HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. i?ici.tA-? otlLlCIHIa.U L.I.NlSlk.NT Ultl or.Iy M(? u4 reliable remedy for the ore ef Spavin, K ogboae, Wiadfa!>e, Bp'iote. Unnetartl Lurape, Nodee orSvellinfa. It never Uited to cart Big Head, PoMctiI, Piuala, Old Running Sores, or Sveeny, if proptri; applied. Tar prune, Braiece, Icru'.kti, Cracked Heele, Caafee, Saddle or Collar Oalle, Cote, Soree, trWeudi, ituaa infallible reined;. Apply it aa directed and a care ie certain in every loataace. Than trifle bo longer with the many vortMeee Lirimente offered to too. Obtxio e eapfly ai Dl. MCLEAN'S l h.Lt BRATED LINIMENT It will care von. J. n. McLEaN, Sole Proprietor, Corner Third and Pine eta., ft. Loxm, Mr C1TARLE8 8TOTT, 975 P*. a*., aula area: ir Wariimr ton; R. 8. T C188EL, Ueorjetowu eeM-D*Wly ald rich, mellow and pure U BL'KNUIDK'8 MONONGAHELA RYE WHI8KEY. Conaiientioualy dtaUlUd bj Mr James Huroeide, of Allegany County, Pet La.. in the old-fashions* honMt war, fron the oh< ir???t and rant carefully ejected Rye, and in no ou??r*r of?r?d torule until a<lfcpt?d to vholeaome nae by a<e It i? at once the moit palatable, aa it i" empi atioallv on* of tit* pureat beverag^a la the reach of the puMie. To the Invalid, aa well aa t<> those in health, it eommenda itnelf for ltd unrivalled qna'ities aa a stimulant of the aafeat. aureat, and moat ben- hoe: t Ueeanption. and m*ny of th? moit dittmguiiheH pajsioiaiia ?^e a?tuf itia th*ir prMUM with the kiiiMiit rwulii OL.EKY * 9TQOKDAI.E, Proprietor*. 329 W?lnmt ctreet Philadelphia, WM. C. CONOVEk. A??nt for the Prop ietorp 296 f'a.av., M 94-Am opponto Wil.ardh' Hotel. ^CHOOL AND COLLEGE OUTFITS. Youths'1 and Boys1 Clothing for School and Dr&r Wear. Parent* and csiwdiaiu #iehmc to farnuk their ohiJdren and wards with Sohoo! ?~d College Ootf.U for the ooininf laoua, arc invited to examine oar e/eaent la'ce and extemive aMortmei.t BOY*' CL<??THIN?i, wnere thej oaa Stout U?eir onWdrea of ft!l lisit ICi f?? mitnAnfa with awar* Uon of R'adf mad? Garments, of ?nImtactia mm] co. a? ?-ti IM Paaa. *w?? thk un,rby4l;kktf&?p,,a"" CoB??in?o'!? I shall toiiiun in Washington a,o<l in* in alt ita brasohos. Old Gluing promptly at. tended to. PaiaUug and Ornamenting Cottaca Fanuturaia the U??t stjla 1 aiso, oal< attention to the Painting of Roofs and Brick Walla A.II of the ai?ov? 1 will do aa clinay aa the cheap Mt. I therefore ao.ioit tha patronage i.f *17 inrttdm aod fallow aitisaaa of tha DtatriuL Paneta* Hi itriotiy observed, aad work doaa ia tha bast asaa "^Vaa will alaaa* mi*rt ugina&ngssMis, litSf" ?? ???? THE WEEKLY STAR ? _ b ba fcaad ia SMarday noraiaf. Ton* Cut, tmvmrimih, Sim.f ^ anBB*. tl * pw wi?w ? ; fey?n*m rrm? uS B* MlMMMibtBf IB elaba raiaad mkm< Michbon Without lit* inUr?Mitl'?B 'pi a MiiMaalaa aril t*paro?i v*d ?or?rowit. of TK* iff* ?a*?d. It mvari*biv *MIMI tba '-fraahiacto* nWw*" thM hu mi* tv *? ? ??~ n* ao (?n?rftll) throat h oat i*a ooatilo irr- San? ? ' at The oon ntar. {liiaWilM? afW Pnoe?THKKECBNT* I'oitmuttri vko lowid aootamiB^ioo off kta!7 afW '*? > ts vill ba tf MEDICINES. A*? ? * ? t K ICR K t For *? Mr, IntartoittaM Karer. ?r Kfw uh! Aim, Raait^i t Ffvor, Dumb A?u*. Ktri.J u HtKlMn*. or Bri<-n? HmiIui*, ar.<! Rihova r?T?r?. i4**J fortfe* WBO'.o Claaa of LhMBM* Orirta^iZTT. Mhifj l>*r?ataua?ut, CmmHt U? MaUr* of Miumtne Ccontn?? Noon# raawxly i* loader oallad for brUMMM aitta* of Am?ncan para < than a aara ?.ud *a<? ear* for Frr*r ami Ari? (teak wa aro mow Alfor with Mr<Ant w? ? *?? lama.-. ' >1 - u?M U>? BJid with Mirtts*, foan<J*4 ob p>oof, tnat no ftara MB wtw from lu bbo la tar quantity. ihit whioh protoct* from or ffrnU t&U dig r mo?t b* of imtnonM la ttto ormmbbdi tiM vhoro it Brevaits. Prrfniicm it hiWir ttan onre. for U? pitirbt eeoM?f U? risk vimn ? must rua ib t attiekt of thi? ba +tai dit m P>r. Tru? "Or**" expat* tti# miuncr roi?^r of ITIB and Mil from U? f and ?r?T-r>ia the derelopiBBtit of 4i*?a**t i| taken ob the fi- ( approach oi tt* pr+mtttory itattOBt It ia Bot onipt** b*?t ymt dtaO'>v?rM tot lb IB OIMI of OOOipiliut*. t>Bl B.?o the OhMfnt Th* lar* m??uUty w? ?pp y for b ?on?r brine* it ?nth in the r?api ?>f ;aui ib fcilHXM (UBtrteu, ?l?r? Firtiiis Aock pravaiia, bod p sboaid tave it and n w it fre??i? hoth for n - tion A jreat superiority ol tlua rtmoj owr ly othar ever Cimnvaea lor lit* i^mi an<*oert?fca cure of IrUi niiUeau is. that itoo UiLi nu Qa otra or minera , oon^aquentiy it prodqom bo ??( > ? or otn?r irjurlou* efeeta whatever lyon tha 0"n??itutioD. rhoaa oarwl b* it ara left a* fcatlthj at if they had ti?\er ha<i th? cise^ae Fever ano A me ia not k'w* the oonae^aaaee of the maamali < puia n. A t real variety of AMO'der* an from ita irritation, among which are Plairal c<a. KheumaM?m. Goat. Htartaehe, HltMaeaa, T. o.baehe. Ka'arbe, Catarrh. Asthma. P*lpita t on, (*amtul ? diction ol the <*piaan, H'stenoa, Pain In the Bowela,Co 10, Haraiyaia.and I>r*aga mentofthe Stoma*h, all of whiah, when origina ting in ttiia ca?n , pnt on lha mUraaitteat fey pa. or become periodica . Thia"CcBB azpala the polaoa fr^m the Vlot>d, and oonsr qa*rt! j curea OMM all .Ilka PnhwI Kt DR. i. C. AVER * CO , Low#U, &nd t jld t?? all DruifnU. #?r?wli?m. oe IC ?olai Helm hold's Genuine Preparation. FLAMMATION.?*MLti?*oo'< for MEN. WUMSX. OR CHILDRMIf. HELM BOLD'8 EXTRACT ""riJO. % For w? A.Hunt from F.xowm, Habtta ot Iht fc?r.? Inci?crrtnn or AbM*. AtltmeUd with ikt foittwing ndi?iK>?!tj<>n to Exertion, _ I , iHof MtnorTi DUfcmlty of J eak Nerve*, Horror of Diiatae, Kmr,?M of Vkiob. flln In U> ow., nvcraal Uu:tiuo the Mimi v Hot Huoda, Pcbm of the Dry u?a? ol the Skin, Eruj?uou? ua U* Fut, PALLID COCNTENA.NCK. The?fl ympton*. If a!lovW to go on. whlok tfcla 7?.1icin? lnvn'iahW remove, aoon foi'.?%? MPC>TKNCYX FATUITY, KFlLSPTiC FIT8, f In UllIOT WK1CI TU PlTlMT KIT F.inU I \V ho oajj Mf that the*are n"tf~'^n?BO j R>ilU%'M by Uo?? "DIREFUL biSKAPKP" "INSANITY AND CONl*l MPTION. Mint ar?? aware of the eanae ol tne*r tvftrtv. B UT XOXM WILL COS FESS. THE RfcCORDsOF THhlN^ANK asVLI'MS And tk> Mftnnrkolf lMa.tki by Ceniminpttvm Dinr ?mp ? wimfi io id* irnii 01 tr.e UMrvoii. TaB Re*nirea the aid of medicine th (tr*nrtn?a IVkick A(^T C^HU t* ti s^Jv4mj* a thai. wiIm". oorr/nck tmi ion uvnui. PBMALT OLD OR Yoryo. SIhULE, MAhtilkD, Oil iXihTfMrLAT]_y*i MARKlAGg. IN MANY AFFECTIONS PECULIAR* extract Baoha U jtssS?* extract Kucha la B My oihar remndy, m in Ckl<?roaia 01 _ IrrenuaritT. Ka nmliwi, or SurpresaioL of Ca* tomary FvaciMtionc. loeratad or 8eirrho?a atat* of the Utoma, Loaoorrbaa or wkltra, ^twi'iuy, and for oomp aima inoidept to tke a< z wnethar arisicf from ]ixJiacretion, Babita of Diaaipabna, or io the DECLIb E OR CMANQK OF LIFM. !ii tYMPTOMS above. NO FAMILY ^hOI'bU Bk vVlTHOL'T fT TUi no mori b<u*am, Msremrp, ar aayiMMat **S? a ?Em cST"* , , 8?C*ET DISEASE? In al thoir At tittle nixm** Ldttle or no ohanr?ln DmC; Mn lwniBi<i^>Mi>ii It ftiw a fr??iie>t)t desire*CaT firm itrmrtk to Mnato, thereby Rennvin* Oh?rr?<rtio*, Pre.enOn* aod oarin* nature* of the Urethra, Allaying Pun tad lnflamnAijoo, ?o freauert ib tn? c.mioi dieeacr* and e?p<>u.r.j *U lHstatrd. mud Mr* mm M*tur. THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS who havk BKBK THE VICTIM* OB CCaCM, and who bar* pam k*ary ftts to bo ouro? laaikort time. have foand they were ue<vi ved. ao4 thai the POISON" ha%, by the pee of><,wiucL S raiNOKBTa, beer dried up in tbe ?ytei. to Lroafc Aut in Aji rrftVfttAH fnrm anH PEM.HAPS AFTER KARRI AGE. Un Hklmbold'v Eimrr Bicnf?r b aflto tiomi u?d diMMe* of th* URINARY ORGANS. "mai.'k o? femal*. From.** . -mas rrirfmr- of tk* m?t tUimkU tmd niywwli ?4?r tar will IMnfflM"' U>? certificates op curm. >V?* I U so wari' . w,""?!WK?ri]tr? ???.?. 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