Newspaper of Evening Star, October 22, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 22, 1860 Page 1
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XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. MONDAY. OCTOBER 22. 1860. N?. 2.896 - _ , ? ? " V THE EVENING STAR M PUBLISHED SVBR Y AFTERNOON, (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED,) AT THE STAR BUILDINGS, Corner /Ptnnrrflvtnia mvtnus andllth ?*., -J W. D. W1LLACH. t T I r\?m tarred la p*oka?? t?y oirrim it ?4 ft 1 acr, or ST outi par nocth. To Mil whMft? Mm jnoa la #sjo a nv, m iJnw; ft for six nUt; SI for Ura* moatha; ftad far laae tku Iftrw mouth* at the rate of tS otaU veek. Siafla Ml*1 on can; ia vr?vpara, two cnrra. (i f" Ayr?a?rw itoiM ba Mt to tka oSn Mtan IS o'oiook bu other vim they ur not appear aatfl the next day. Oprr?U(M*ftkt Patent Offtee. The following '? * llat of Patent* l?uad from the L*.? Piteit Offlce for Um ?nk ending Octo ber 18, I960 each bearing that data : Joshua K Ambrose, of Batavi*, Ill ?For im provement In lam pa. Jame* Bain and Samuel C. Brown, of Rich mond, Ind ? For Improvement In dove-talllag machine* Jamea Boyd and Jamea Belford, of PhiUdal phla. Pa ?For Improvement in door aprlnc. John A Burnap. of Albany, N. V?For Im proved regulator for ateam and other engine* George Bntterlleld and Daniel Bowker, of Boa ton, Man?For Improved window curtain Charles Carlisle, of Woodstock, Vt.?For im proved nail hammer A. P Caaa?l, of Watnga, 111?For Improve ment in shrinking sieve Rowland Chapman, of Darlington district, S. C.?For improvement la sewing machine* V t .. .^1 p.. ./ V... V/?W urn jvu vwa auM a Hwuuic vv*> wi vi?| N. Y.?For Improvement in rotarv engines. Roawell Craiue and W m Baldwin, of Anano ii. Iowa ?For Improvement In tanning. Samuel F Deiter, of Paris, N. Y.?Far im provement in boota and shoes Andrew Deitx. of New York, N. Y.?For 1? provemeat in tanning. Andrew Deitx, of New York, N. Y ?For Im provement In the treatment of tanned leather. Solon Dike, t-f Columbus, 9. C.?For improved cotton preas. X T F.dson. of New Orleans, La ?*For im provement in metallic huba for carriage wheels E. XV Ferria, of Macon. Miss.?Fw Improve ment In astringent medicines. A \fr~i r Cln.h nf Pm Im. ? ? invMt i'lu iutu, v/vu is . a vi * ?m provement in wlndow-bltnd fasteners James R. Floyd, of New York, N. V.?For im provement in making burglar-proof safes Joseph Poster, of Ktchmond, Va ?For improve ment in gas regulators. Elliott P G lesson. of Providence, R. 1.?For Improvement In socket coupling. Richard Wright, of London. Im provement in evapof&ting cane juice F.xvklel li ulle, of Waverly, Mo ?For Improve ment In hemp break* George W. Hathaway, of Tioga, Pa ?For lm nrnvpni*nf in rnrn^h?>] 1 David B Hedden, of Newark, N. J.?For Im provement In wood-beading machine*. R Humphrey, of I'nionvllte, Conn?For Im provement In punches. J.J. Bntchison and J. D. Bradberry, of Cape Uirardsau, Mo.?For improvement In brick-mold ing machine* Edward J. Hyde, of Philadelphia, Pa ?For improvement In grinding mills Edward M Judd. of New Britain, Conn.?For improved window faatener. John W Keloerg, of Pittaburg, Pa.?For Im provement in churn. Uustavus Klein wort, of Albion, 111.?For Im provement In uterine supporters Salem T Lamb, of i?w Washington, Ind? For improvement in fastening blades of chnrn daiben. and one for Improvement In washing machines George Landers and Benry Lampman, of Aflon, N V.?For improvement In grain separators. John B Lilly, of Bardstown, Ky.?For Im provement In straw cutters John (i. Lefflngwell, of Newark, N J , (for merly of St. l.cuis, Mo )?For Improvement m gas regulators. Joseph Marks, of Boston. Mass ?For Improved method of lubricating engines, 4c Thomas J Mavall, of Roxbury, Mass ?For 1m provement 1? manufacture of tiles for flooring. Henry L. Nichols. of New York, N. Y ?Tor lmproVement In slivering mar hint* Henry Fort and Ku^ene Stargl, of New Or leans. La ?For Improvement In boots and shoes Lemuel Poatiewnu, of Rnssellvflle, O ?For Improvement in lathes. Daniel R Pratt, of Worcester, Mass ?For im provement in tracks for locomotives. John B. Preeeey and Daniel Sheets, of SJinoism City, Cal ?For Improvement In carriage spring A. J. Presto*, of Eaat Guilford, N Y?For Improvement lu machines for raking and pitch '"William W. Reid, of Rochester, N. Y ?P?r improved chnrn. Snerdun Roberta, of Cleveland. O ?For lm proved method of making barrels. John A Roeblin^. of Trenton, N. J.?For lm L. C. Rouen. of Denver*. Mm.?For Improve ment in tools for trimming boot*. C has lea H Say re, of Utica, N. Y.?For im provement In strap* for handle* of shovel*. H ti Smith, of Lowell. Mas*.?For improved blind slat mechiue. D Sauier. Jr , and E. A. Preston, of Battle Creek, Mich.? For Improvement la grata weigh ing machine. ti^or^e C Tift, of Worcester, Mass ?For lm proTrd screw wrench Woi H. Tambling,of Berlin, Wis ?For la proved bed bottoms I) C. Teller, of Beaver Dmsa, Wis?For tm peewmrnt in sewing machines Oktlstopher H. Thorn.*, of New Oileans, La.? Per improvement In prophylactic remedies. Jeaph W Thorn, of Courtland, Ala.?For Im ptssstteit in cotton cleaners. 1. Eugene Tourne, of New Orleans, La.?For tawaveiuent in drying chambers. lMthaa 3. Warner and Henry S R?n?dlct_ at eport, Cona For improved ladle with fork John J. ?VtUon. of Baftlo, N. Y For In Nvrd ekwt da*ber. Samael Wetberill, of Bethlehem, F??For tm crovemeat In the manufacture of gUa. Henry T. Wildey, of Philadelphia, Pa.-For Improvement In apparatus for sealing cans. UiD ind G. (iriaun, of Manchester, N. H.? Pern pro vement ta pck?r-itaff motion. MBuel Yeatman, of Providence, Ala.?For In* ufni la filing gin taw*. >iO Adm. of New Orleans, La., assignor to blmmll and F W. Ames, of eaue place.?For lAfK>v*ineat in evaporating pans. IdWn Dopp. of Buffalo, N T , assignor to J. t White, of Mine place.?For improvement la lamp* J.W Harbin, of Delaware Station, Indiana, aa - ^ p H Willi* nf mm,mm mlm~ For vein not la ro*o planters. 0 Tyler Henry, of New Haven, Conn., amlgnor to Oliver P Winchester, of same place ? For !m In magarlae fire arm. WilUam May, of Winchester, Ohio, assignor to klaaif and Jerome de Hruln, of aame place.? For lp prrremoot la calttrators iw SlcCarty, of Philadelphia. Pa. assignor to LjfArrt McManos & Co . of Reading, Fa.?For laaMMtd torse shoe machine. Cujwi.-H E. Burtrbor, of Richmond,Va? Far improved machine for grinding aawa tvfa P . Maoroe, of Now York, NY, asalgneo maelf and Jam-a F. Monroe, of Fitchborg, Ma^.?For Imp o^ad egg-beater. nomas U. Fyo* of Now York, N. Y.?For 1m ??ea?eat la larks C?l?iu 1>. Wjseel-*. of Bridgeport, Conn , (for mmIT > iwvr vork city )?For 1mpro*ad needle cM?4rxl fade*. L?#ul* LefeU** of New Or leant, (formerly ol DMftldaMVilk. L*.)? For Improvement In ateam W. B11aa. of Hartford, Conn ?For im la doer platea. A Btvumis Mot***.? The Rochaatar fVmocrii a/ike 11th luat aaya, "Laat eeeala* a lady who came dewa from Smyaaaton Bridge am the 9 9U trala, aad wanted to tceeaat, waaao be ? .dered and eicitod that when aha cam* to efcanfla can ibe left her infant behind, aaleep on m< tUa watt She oarer mlaaed the UUle ooa tut *he had foaad Mat la ?m of the r?*a tha Wain Then It occurred to her that aomethl a* or Sl's-'ss&.'sua srscc? Th0b?atfal mother waa far a moment 1* an tmtm Mll^Uhl. nut her loat treaau ic ni aoo* ra i ~ aj to h- r all tight Nobody Uiiew It to appropriate U. The cm* might hn beee Mtaar w m*. m4 afar twgottit her utrM or poo book. A Kntt atujr people mid to take leeee of their im.m when tLry go a war from home on a Journey Thay f el *?ofuaed k? a crowd, aad neglect tie tkrMMtttdiwrf precakiUoaafer thetr owmWf X t**?r property; iu~l are att the while ?*4rr the detuatee idea lWat lhar arc tne beea iac Idea tally hew rr iwtlwd from t'apt Allen iddraaa d to hie wlfr data . AMRuet 3o. la which he m Saddiaatoa. of the tteerae DI? ? ill wt 11 ea beard. Jo Election or Loss Matok or Lokdou ? Sat urday, September 1st, beiag Michaelmas day, a omiiiiob-uU ?u held. In accordance with aa eieut usage, la Unlldhlll, for the election at a ahief mavMtrate for the city of Londea in the en nti ag civic rear. The following ikMB the mea ner fa whlcn a choice was made: Previous to the eUetloa the lerd mayor, alder men, and sheriff, accompanlcd by all the princi pal officers of tee corporation, wearing their ap prist* robes aad badges of office, went in state to the church of St Lawrence-Jewry, and heard Di vine aerelce and a sermon, which was preached by the Rev. Henry Christmas, M A., the lord mayor's chaplain After the arrival of the proceMioa at Guildhall, the common sergeant read the ninm of mMnbcn of the corporation who had served the ollloe of aberiff and were eligible to fill that of lord mayor, it: Win Cabttt, M P , alderman and fshmon jjer; Sir Henry Muggeride, e and lnnhol der; W m A Rose, alderman and spectacle ma ker; William Lawrence,alderman and carpenter; Warren 3. Half*, alderman and tallow chandler, Hoajamin 9. Philllpa, alderman and spectacle maker; Thoa. Gabriel, alderman and goldsmith; Wn?. K Allen, alderman and stationer; John J Mechl, aldermen and lorimer; and lid ward Con der, alderman and wbeelwr'ght. The mace bearer then put the names to the meet ing, o>>? after another, of the aldermen eligible to the mijroraity, wjen a large majority of hands were tield up tn favor of Alderman Cubitt. The mention of Sir Henry Moggerlde's name was followed by the next greatest number of hands; and that or Alderman Mechl elicited a compli mentary tbeer. The ford mayor and aldermen proceeded to the ctnmb'r to decide between the two for whom the show of handa had preponderated over the rest of me members or tbelr lx?dy fill the office, and on their return, the common sergeant, at the request of the lord mayor, announced that the election had fallen on Mr. Wm. Cubitt, M P , alderman and fishmonger The announcement was followed by loud and proloagedcheering,ac companied by waving of hata and handkerchlelir Ta? Fobbion Commhxc* or the I'mitkd St at as?The forelgh commerce of the United Htttea la now so extensive that It required In 1S68?the last year for which we have the com plete returns?not less than il,75tt ships, with an aggregate tonnage of 0.6OS.O45 tons, uatlve and foreign, which carried to the various ports car ?;oes from foreign countries. And there sailed rom those ports, with cargoes of American or foreign produce or manufactures, which were ex changed for those received from other countries. 41,275 ships, with an aggregate burden of 6,0O2,8W tons. The crews employed In the American ves sels thus engaged numbered 14'2.'?H. and In the foreign ships 1(0,556, making a total of nearly* quartet of a million men deriving their subsist ence from the conveyance to and from the United State* a ad other countries of the articles which enter Into Its foreign trade. With one exception there t> no country In the world which afford* so much occupation to mercantile shipping as this Young America. That exception is, of course, "Old England " During the stmt year. 1858, there were 97,543 British and foreign ships which entered and cleared the ports of the British Em pire, and three had an aggregate tonnage of Jfci, 3u9 fcl tons America employs very nearly an equal proportion of native and foreign ships, the native being 11,859, and the foreign 11,179; and In the trade of the United Kingdom, the British number 51.97U, and the foreign but 45,573 In the possession of ships there Is but a slight differ ence between the two countries The aggregate tonnage of the United States in 1856 amounted to 5,049-5*17 too*, while tbat of Oreat Britain was 5.*>9.tt23. Of the American vessels not less than *,joi oik> joua are engaged In the coasting trade. Of ateain veaaela, the United Statea is ahead of Great Britain, and domom 7V!9.3?0 toaa, agalnat 4:5.415 too*. British CoLomu Govkbxoss ts Cictci a.kd Sta.t* ?Our colontea have forty-alx governors and thlrty-aix blabopa Tbay are distributed thus :?la Narth America we have seven gover nors and nine blabopa; to tbe Weal Indiea, seven teen gov?rnora and ttve blabopa; in tbe Australian colonies and New Zealand, aeven governora and twelve blabopa; in Africaa aad Mediterranean naaanialona, nine governora and alx blabopa; and in Eastern Colonics, Falkland Islands, and Heli goland. alx governors and four blabopa. There M... ?- af rw__a ? * mv u ?c uuuu^ 111 new AWiana, a ^r^aicr nuuv ber than In India?wbicb country and the Ionian Islands are not Included In thla and other returns rt-Utiag to "colonies." The salaries of the gov ernor* of our eoloniea amount together to about ?130,000 Among them Victoria lathe goldea governorship; the salary ia ? 10.000 a yrar. The governora of Canada, New South Wales, and Ceylon have ?7,000 a year; of the Mauritius. ?4,000; of Jamaica, the Cape, Hong-Kong, ana Gibraltar, ?5,000; the other aalariaa are lower and shade down to ?&J0. The incomta of the bish op* are much leas than the sums joat named; the highest la that of the Bishop of Barbadoes? ?3,500 a year. Their Incomea are almost all pro vided either from colonial funds or the interest of money voluntarily contributed In this country aad placed at the service of the Church for thia purpose; but seven?the Bishops of Quebec, New foundland, Jamaica, Kingston, Barbadoes, An tigsa, and Guiana?have annual graata from the imperial exchequer.?Illustrated London JViwi. How tbk Royal Paiit Roll Tax-ma ?Th? royal party roll very badly Any of our New Yorker* could beat the whole string, and not half try. A ten strike ta a matter of congratulation with the whole party, all clapping their hand*, aad saying "x< od " Eliot, rolling a alow, large ball, makes the moat hlta. St. Germalns rolls with theatrical alt, remaining Hi position till his ball stops, or is stopped by the bays, the latter happen ing more frequently. Newcastle's bails are like hims If, alow and strong, sure to do execution soflaewbOT*?either among the pins or boys. Teas dale not only tjkes off his coat like the rest, but barts his arm. but don't hit the pins aav the totter for Una display of muscle l)r. Ackland uy* that he rolls for exertlse, and It Is likely that be does, for he certainly don't roll to hit or to win. The Frlnee takes the small, or pony balls, and misses very accurately, generally landing his ball in one of the gutters upon either side of the alley, or in the stomach of the small boy who sets up the pins which happen to topple over. All of the party smoke during the performance, and last evening any number of sberry cobblers were ordered up and consumed, sticks of macaroni being substi tuted for straws Perhaps this latter part of the programme Is the real a<t:action after all, for sher ry cobblers are great favorites with all strangers who visit the States The royal party remained In the alley until after 12, and this was all tfte ball they attended. Tunisia AcctcasT?The Racine (Wis ) Ad vocate says:?A terrible accident occurred at Messrs Wells k. Hill's flouring mills, in this city, on Saturday last, by which Mrs. Hill was Instantly killed. About 3K o'clock In the afternoon, Mrs Hfll. accompanied by several ladies, went to the 1 mills to see their operatloa After spending some , time them, they were about to leave, when Mrs H found sbe had left her parasol up stairs, and started back to get It. The machinery In the sec ond story Is drTvea by a vertical shaft, making about ninety revolutions per minute, which psssed up cloee to the stairway; in passing this, Mrs H 's dress became entangled with it, and before Mr Wells, who was near, could relieve her, she was tbrrftoa dewu on the floor and carded round at a fearful rate, bar head coinln* in canUct with tt?? stairway tad a post st each revolution of tbe shaft Tkfe mill was lesUotly stopped, but not In tine to save her life, aa toe first blow undoubtedly 1 killed her. Mr Well* was merely tijmd ill his eflurts to aave Mm. Hill, sad ted a narrow es cape fraan becoming entangled ia ber dreaa and sharlag bar fato. Aa> inliMim Likklt to uCoxviiTao? Rev C. d. Inaut, Chaplain to the frigate Nlsg ) art, writes a long letter to UwObservor. describing tte loyags of toe Japan*** Kmbaaay humewjrd Be I udwives a faint tepe that the usages of Chris tian worship on shipboard haw not been without BU irifhet oaths souls of the brslghtod PuMI Phwart says: M WUlls UU*e are no direct ittempta made to t *roa?lv te, I am happy to my that there Is mush lo the religious services on board our ship calculated, I tut ah. to be suggestive if not impressive to them, and L? lead to thought snd inquiry as to thotraths \ - A . a ? A A 4U- /O * i ?r? W'J'1 '* T ?-? ??? religion W| tav* ngaUf wwnblp, at which the wb?W ahtp>? co*?f*nr attend, on the quarter dack. fwrmors tog nd ?*?Mif, av?*U aa tha public wrrleaaof tbr Sabbath, when eaogragmtlonil ilngln* try the ftcara a?d craw, aad ft aeraaon, are added to baayer. Tfcte wwshlp U opmm to the free ohaarv w e of ttie J a pa neat, and la regarded by th^oi with reapaetful attenllou attd isUreat At trat Vm priacaa, whan oa deck M ttM time tha ahlp'a cooapajif war* ilfft ft?ft*inU?d. retired to (hair MteaUj hot of late thajr o&M rtatla aaapae-1 ,[t^ONl - - ? T- ] .1*1. %od Apal^M ONfe tkTMt ?*tor Ta Rot ax. Squadkoh at Pobtland ?A Port land correspondent of the Bottom Journal write? under date of October 10: "Jut elghty-Ure vean ago this very day, an English fleet, under uxe command of Commodore Mo watt, sailed into oar harbor, and wltboat giv ing the lnhabltanta tiifle enough to sere their property, aet Are to our town and reduced It to aahea. 'And now, on the elghty-flfth anniversary of that memorable day, another English fleet enters our bay, not to pillage and deatroy, but to receive from our handa their Prince, who has been enjoy ing the honors of a willing republic. How might 1 (he statesman or the poet comment udou the con trast between ntnr and then' "At daybeak ttA fla^a of England, France and America, flying froor the observatory, annoancrd that the fleet was in sight, and soon Munjoy, the wharves and every available lookout were covered with an eager crowd. "The acene was truly a beautiful one; English and American flags were flying from the forts, I the shipping and tne public oulldinga; while our ! Forest City and forest-covered islands flung out I the more richly variegated bunting of autumnal | American foliage, and the clear October sua, ris ing over all, abed a double brilliancy on the view. "At half-past nine the squadron, composed of of the Hero, nlnetv guns, the Ariadne, twenty-six guns, and tne Flying Fish, six guns, reached tt.e forts, when suddenly a stream of fire shot from the huge sides of the Hero, the royal salute of twenty one guns came booming over the water, and, en veloped In a cloud of sxnoke, like a spectre ship he steamed into our harbor. The royal salute was answered from Fort Preble, and the cutter ran up the flags of all nations. Next came another I salute of nine guns from the fort In honor of the Commodore, which was answered by the Hero, and then the fleet dropped anchor 1 n our beautiful bay." fTT" Thos. Richards, an old and MiwinMl mor. chant, died suddenly In Philadelphia on Thurs day, at a moment when hi* friends were about to celebrate bis golden wedding, and the marriage of hli daughter. He waa in hid 81st year, quite infirm, ana somewhat excited in anticipation of the day's festivities. A BUS. W1RILOW, M Expert en ed Narse ud Female Physlolac, presents to the attention of mothers, her SOOTHlNtf SYRUP, P*r Child re* Tssthlag, Wkl?a ffrtttlp riduuut Iht prttm tf tttiMuf, bv mAii luf Jt (iiu, r?amair( Aii tul?tnra?tim?will tiny ALL f AIM Attd tpttmtdlt KllM,And it SUHB TO &BGVLATB THE BOWELS. Dtptad ipn it, netbtrt, H vUl fi?? rttt tt inniixi, ui RKLIBP AND HEALTH TO YOUK INFANTS W t ht ?t pit sp tad t aid tbit trtitlt It ??tr Uo jt *rt, i.U CAM ?AT, I If COMriOBMCB ARO TBUTM of it, *bt( ? bu?i atttt ??tu ?bl? tt 1x7 tf ?-jy OTKir Mtdieint?m btbb MRS. hai it' A tlSHI l!f^ ?w.?.(<>?,. ?tai?cb TO Mr Tlet A CUBS, WIRBIjWW'S wbiu timtly ntd lltvtrdid vt kotv iniiTllllVH *" lotunet tf dit t?utfiMi?n by ??.y " tat vbt utd it. On tat ctntr?rj,?ll Art - SY&JP, dtlifhltd with lu PBSAriONt, tnd to ttrtnt tl hifkttt e*(unitud*uaa tf iu ?* iftl tstsu tod ratdicil TLrtatl. Wt tftik in >.it ntlUr WHaT WS DO How," f. aftartaa yaara" aipanaaea, awd niD?i on BBrt'TA TIOH FOB tub rPLULMBKT or WHAT VI MBBB DB CLilB In almaat i??rj inatanaa whara tha infant ia taVar laf (ram pain and athaaatiao. raiiaf will (> faand la tftaaa It (*?ty minataa aftar tba atrip ia RtmiuMarid Tbla aalaabla praparatiaa ia tha praaenptwa af ana af tha mm iirimiiicia i?4 iiarik ?vmi iu Ma* En laad. tad &aa aaan aaad vitb It BTBa-FAlLina iUccBAt THOUSANDS Ot CASES. It Ml aaly rallaraa lha child fran pain, Hit tm|mlN tka attmi'.b ar.U bavaia, earraeu acidity, and fitaa taoa and iMi|f la tLa vhala ayataro. It will almaat laatAilly raltava Glinka xtv tbi Bowbls ajid Win Colic, u4 itmraa eaa'dilaaa, vkiah, If Mt ipaadil; raaadlad atiara (t lk? BUT In da ale. Wa AIVD IUIBIT RIM la all ftaaai af ovt ib?a in cmil arlaaa fran taaihiuf FOR CHtLDftBH TKETftUNO. Bt?T in tha Wob LD MiTBBTaad DIU DBB!*, vbatbar ll or fram au? achat Wa voald a?j ia arary mathai w?a baa a child aBf faiiiif fratn any of tba foraraisf camplalou?DO HOT LIT TO I'I rBBJt'OICBl, ROB TUX PBBJI OI^?? Of OTMBBI aland beta tan yaar acftrtng child and tha rtiiaf tbat Vitl k? ?0*B?yaa, ABfOLUTBLt tOBB?ta fail** tba aaa af Lb aadicuia. if tiiralj aaad. f*miI diraejae.t ar aamr will a tMiMJiT iiok boitn. Noei ftuain* aaltM tb? facVimil* CBRTIt * PKRKtNS, New fork, to m tha nulll wrtpfl oid ky Dn?uu tbrvBf boat ih? nrld. Principal One*, Ma. It C?<l?.r Ioim, M. T. rntiHiiUCifiucubtOi ? 11-dAwlV GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS RAB MANTLK8! A#AB MANTLES! TT DIRECT FROM A UCTTO V, Prick6 and 8 Dollau. Ham? La*? Than Cost ot Material. Also, ie?er?T lota of RKAL. GIMP ('RE COL LARS, At Si. 5u, 63,75 And 87 eenta. worth doib'e Courtoiaier'a oelebrated Kid Otovec, At 75 oenta A par. A very cheap lot of Embroidered Tnmminii, Mok Aa CAinbno Kanda, Dimity Bands, Cambrie Ed|ia(a and jDrertinxa. IN ENDLKSB VARIETY. To?athey with a good a?aortm*nt of Bh.rt Fronte, At UV mcU, whton is the greatest bArgAin ever ofTwed. Alao, a g?od stock of LAdiM* Dress Good*. Men's And Boys' Wear, and a treat variety of other good a equally Aa oi>ea?. ft.t thA rickt hIbaa?\n 11t /lAntk miA*\ Bridge a Mt,ti?or|etown.D. C. op 18 iw _ E. QUTMAN. QO LARGE HTOCR! QQ OO BEST eOODS!! fo LOW EST PRICES!!! FPILMAN A HUNT, Brfdfeatreet, between Wa?hin*toii and Concreai, are now prepared to how th?ir well select d stock of DRESS GOODS. DOMESTICS, Ao. Their store (the old stand or H. K. Berry) having be-n retntnieued and it ted up in the most thorough manner, thAy poteen faoili tie? nnequaled la tne District lor the proceoutkn if a ;tn?rti Dry Goods Business. They respect fully invite a oall from the oitnen* of George'ewn anlvioinity. oo6-im JUST RECEIVKD 10 lihds. prime Porto Rioo SUGARS, IS# bbla. Rye WHf"RY, afiithl.l* HKRAlNDu^l.RWIVHtt. ft) bbla. ('rushed and Rebn d ?U&ARli, ?> I'M* Rio and Java COFFEE, 10 hbdawlow arioed; MOLASSES. For sale br JOHN J. BOOUK. 10 C?ANDBU. gJT4m , Haa ooDstantlT on band a tar,e ass Franoh N?ar-aifbt?d. Potisoqpuj. Coi ned, and aL other SrECTACLKS, oP th* bant % j, in jl old. silver, atael .and Germat ilverframes. N. B. Old F^-ames Repaired acJ oev ( umiim iiuthem t? order. no Ift-tar it., BwrWIMi krf? assortment n?!- t-t.rr.rr \f A8.SEY.COUL1N9 * OO.' L?1 PH1ADRAUGHT ALE.-W receiving fresh attpauee of the abo* race, and invite all persona who daiterated Ala. to it a trial. 8 P1III.ADEL We are Mamafly the above delightful bev vant a para an AM.IN * * tsliliSN, AgeiiU. ftl ?7 SrMg ?t.. ftMriHuwi. rUE INSURANCE COMPANY OV TBS STATE OF VIRGINIA, OF RICHMOND. Capital - ^ $800,000. Wm H. MloFariand, Prea't Ftrmm Bank A. tvanriok. firm of Warwick A B?rkadaU Wm G I'renihaw, firm ofCr-?mhaw A Co

iPeMnttonUoddrn, firm of Uoddin A Ap person W. Me<*ano?, f rtti of Dactoa, Monour? A Co .A. Barktdiaie, firm of Warwiok A Uarkad&le am** H, Grant. Tobaoco Mam facta ror >. t). Cr?n?haw. arm of HaxjUf, Crecahaw A Co ohn Baoott, Inn of Baoon A Baakervitt t . 8. Rax*ll, firm of Ran1!, Crmihaw A Co rArtJvss-*"""'?' * r. * t"-' - - vt-1 wwa nHUlUUID, HOOm IV. M 13 ty.r < FIRKMKN'8 insurance company or WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. Capital ?i00,600. EDUCATIONAL. T_ FEMALE EDUCATION. HOSE Par?nt? who wiik th?r daaf hUrs to r* Mirs athoroach uul iritimuc duoation, whnr# th?irphjMo*l tr&ininc will r**MT?dailr and ?p*>cj*1 attention, ntvdar the most uBrorad mUin of i theme* and Gymnastios, are respectfully invited to visit the Union Female Aoademy, corner Four teenth at. and New York av. MR. * MRS. Z. RICHARDS, an *>-tf Pnnoi pal*. _ F~~ BMAI.E BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL, ALEXANDRIA, VA. Mra. S. J. MoCORMICK, PainciFAL. The thirteenth annual teuton of this Institution will eominenoe on Taeeday, September 18th, in the house recently oooupied by Sylvester Scott, Esq., No. ISO King street. The course of study pursued will comprise all the branches requisite to a thorough English Edu cation, and Music, Prenoh, Latin and Drawing, it deairM. In addition to day scholars. Mrs. MoCormiok is prepared to reoeive a limited number of pupils as boarders, who. constituting a part of her own fam ily, will be under her immediate care and supervi sion. She wfll endeavor, as tar as possible, to sur round them with the comforts and kindly influences of Home. Kfjtrrncri.?Rev. (Jeo. H. Norton, Rev. Dr. Elias Harrison, Rev. D. jF. Sprigg,_\Vilham H Fowle, r-Mj., r.nnar anowaen, 11,84., bilmund F Wltm^r, Km., Henry Marbury, ?.?q , L<'wi? McKmx-e, Esf-t Robert M. Hunton, Esq. W. D Wallach, Editor Evenm* Star, Benjamin Watery Es<j..Ja?. Entwialo,Jr_ Km.,Col. John W.Minor, Loudoun, Meaar*. Biacklook &. Marihaii, Me**r* Cora* Brother*. Tniu. Board, with Tuition in all the English B-anohoa, for the annual *e**ion?pay able eemi -annually, 111 advance. Ma?n and Language* at Professor*' prioea. ur* No extra ohartea. au 2H-tt ETROPOL1TAN COLLEGIATE INSTI TUTE FOR YOUNG LABIK8, 464 E St., Bktwxkm <ir am> 7th St*. The fourth annual session of the Institute will commence on the first MONDAY in September. Application* should be made early, as the jiumber of pupil* ia limited. For particulars *ec circulars ur apply to the principal*, Mr. and Mra. T.H.HA V KN N ER, at the Inatitut*. au 9-tf PLAINF1ELD ACADEMY, (Nlii Caruhik, Pa.) Twenty ninth seetunn (jn weeks loom-1 enca No Tfmbur Mil. A family achool for Twenty-fire kA.. r? ?1 ?- > M irtym, ivi wnuas Doiiuuri aim i Top - ovemeuc e time and energy of the Principal is de voted Eutire expense '573. C rcular* at Star Offioe. To fill a few vacancies call at Klrkwoxk' from 3 to 5 p. m.. October 18 and 19; or addr *s R. K BUR -S, Principal and Proprietor, Painfield Cumberland oounty. Pa. se 26 olin Georgetown female seminary, ( Formerly Miss L. S. Ekolish's.) A BOARDING AXD DAY SCHOOL. The duties of this institutien will be resumed ou th? first Monday in September next. Theoourse or instruction embraces all that ia taught, from the rndimeuts to the raofrt highly fin ished education. The corps of teachers, ten in number,are emt DMtly qual.fiod aud experienced lu their several departments [,ectnw* Friday evening* on the Natural Sciences Without obarge to the pupils. Circulars w*j be obtained by addressing the Prin cipal, Miss mTj. HARROVER, Georgetown, D C. au 22 eo3m . \f RS. M. K.KINGSFORDS SEMINARY, i" 416 E St.. Washihoto*, i>. C. The next session will commenoe Ootober 1st, 1880. Term*. A.o., forwarded on application. au IS tf WOOD AND COAL. JMPORTANT TO HOUSEKEEPERS! THE PIONEER liv him. tin riicvAAn rimnT ? <?iaM or IBM But Flas Staff,* Siitk #| lk? C?mI| arar 7th street Bridge, Will furniah, at the ahoriaat notioe, FIREWOOD, THE BK9T QUALITY, Or am Kihd, Cttf and Split to a?r Dimmtiemt. CHEAPER THAN THE CHEAPEST! With fall me&surnmsnt tuarantied. [17" Remember, Thb Blue Flas Statf, we?t aloe of bevanth streot. south of the Cai.&l, frail op posite the Center Market. GEORGE PAGE, Agent. rrr hickory aniToak plank or tim ber (oray ua? or dimensions i *awej). POSTS or joists RIPPED, or LOGS sawed, at Um shortest noUoe [ET ^nafijoha of blacksm1tu1n0 prompt se27 t i V V V V UNION FIRE-WOOD MILL, Cuur if Seveath at and Caul. W 0~0 D of kind, manufactured to order, any length or ixe, ready foi use. COAL^COAL. We have now on band a beeuU*il lot of COAL, both Hed and White Ash, different eiae irrWe are now, and will be receiving Coal for the next ten days, which we Mil, delivered from the a reduction of>5 oente per ton. Send yoar orders early. MoKNEW A MARLQW, Proprietors, Mg-tf Corner Seventh it. and WOOD AND COAL Delivered to all parte ot th?i city, at the loweet possible raUd. T J. A W. M. OALT, . OAoe 8Sii Pa. av., between lltb and 18th au . malT-tf north tnie. pOAL! COAL J! WOOD! WOOD!' I am daily receiving larpe suppl e? of COAL from the very best Pennsylvania mine*, which I wj_ll vll . jor&nepicMC ai?o, me d?-i <|uauty 01 uaa, Pine and Hiokory WOOD, out an < ?i?ht,afljengtlia. Call aud leave your order*. R. W. BATtS, Wood and Coal DeaW. Ml? (State*) Cor. C and 14th *ta., n?ar Canal. ENPRF.W HATS, Iff HEW COLORS, J C(T OPINtb, nov N. Voas. Our aaaprtmeuto/ H AT?* and CAPS, for Genta, Youag Alen, Youths, Bovi, y)S?e?,and Children,. never \ras to varied ar, at creieu. An early oall it aolieited. No trouble to ihov good*. B H. 8T1NEMKTZ, oc ta ?S6 Pa. ar., near norner IStli *t. UOUbEKKhPlNO ANp 11 SERVANTS' GOODS. .We have an w on band a veil ?e)*oted took of -ne ?iMvo(u<?ii, nuoti aa *Ddeuc*e. 1>DI? Linona, N?pkin?, TuwelinRd, Lmte>s, Fail Clothe, Bjan keti?from oommou to very find?Oanaburca, B ne Dxnestica. Gingham*. Pillow Caae ?:ottone and Linen*, Doobar ft L>iokin?on'?, Harklie*. Ch?r>? SCo , an<1 Richardeoa'e Iriah Linen* in all quall ea.atlof whieh vi will diapoae of on the beat terra*. oo 16 TAYLOR ft HUTCBI9"N. H MUSICAL NOTICE. A VINO Bmq lodttotwi toaooeptthe position of orfaniet at Jit, Aiojaiu* Churoli IB tiiiaoitr,t)?fa f have Jeter mined to i amain :urnik the fuiu-yni inj wmiar, and thall be happy to reader m> TiS? Kfeeaional samcee to thoee who mat require in. T N. CAULFlKTiD, Profeeeor of the Oriaa, Piano Porto, 1 For aartioulara aa to term*, ft a ,?MUireVtVhe Mumc Kpot of JOHN F. KLL1S, Peunajlvama avaaa. ooS-m* mmm n o t_i c bi |9 4uead pnoea for caah ia in aaocnaafui o^erahon.^ Juet received a full ?uj>p[y o( the latoat ?"?? ?ijiw? ui vhl35 11 a i 3 me verj fioe?t Hat #3 80; a firct rate Hat *3: and vry (ood.fiiahio able tial #2 So. All of lite latoat at) lee of soil HATS and CAPS, at tho Terr loareat prioea. I am aonatantlj Buppue<i with a very large atook of tboae fine DKRSS BOOTS at #3.73?which ! hare M?n telling for trtaitv year*?a* w#ll aa tha vary beetqual tr of Patent Leather GAITERS at fSJO. Fin? French Calfilrin OalUra from f2 to f3 *). lurera, Seventh atroet, aagood hat atore from the o?raer. oppoaito Avenne Houm, No. M?. MlUa " HW. HAMILTON ~ . PAlNTKft, FOB SALE AND RENT. I70R RENT.?Two ? tht?norr BRICK x HOUSES with l*ck btudinft, ??oh ho?a? oontuning S rooms, with km. pleasantly sitae tod on Ith street north, b?twMn M and N etreets; rent modern#. Ap?l> to E. LAZ K.N BY. opposite, or h> inB\T iinnnv ???.rr ?- ? vwitx ? uu.t .HAil , V'lllU BTVDUV, WWPfD 12th and 13th mrwti. oe ttf l^OR RKNT?A neath furniahed HOUSE in the r FM*t Ward,on H. hetwron i?U? and lMh ate.. No *47, ocntuninc ?double parlor, 5 or 6 obam bera, dintnt-room, Kitchen and pantry ; with {U. oold orhot wat?r. hath-roor*, tc .. *?. Apply to L. Ij LOVING, Fourth Auditor * Office. oc 4 2 w FAKM FOR SALE ? A hichly improved Farm, oonta.ninc 115 acres, with two-atory frame dwe'.hn# and ail convenient out houaoa; fan* oroh ard, exeelUn* aprint, &o., aituated on the Little river turnpike, Fairfax county, Va? 7 mi lea from Alexandria Term*: 94,Mo; oae fourth oaahj the balance in 1, 2 and 3 yeara. Apply to LOlISA SO.VlKRS. on the premi?e?. oc 1 3w* FOR SALE?A new two-dory-and-baaetncnt BRICK HOUSE, containm* 5 rooma and oel lar, situated on llthat north,between Land M ata ? No. 37?? within 6 minutoa' walk of ?ln NorUu-rn Liberties Market. Terma unusuallv liberal. Apply ou the premiaea. or to McKKNNEY II LaNS 1)A LE, ooruer of Pa. avenue and 7th at. ae 24 lm* FOR SALE?A email FAR M of su acres, aitnatsd at th? Little Falla, having a oomfortab edwell inft-hogae, oorn house, atablna, 4c; waii-fenced and watered ; within four nulee of Washington ; 15 aorea in ctrttivauon, the ba'anoo in handsome wood Iftftil I* IB ? *" Fi^UK RKNT-Tfce Filia l' FLOOR oi Uie baild me immediately oppoeits tL? west win* of the G?*j Ha!.,'?c?nJ'T ^ by CLm. t?. wtllMh as &i> oiiioe. Alto the front rood) in U>? MoDd tor; His't the tb:r>1 iloor of thu ?me btiiidiii*. For tarm* aprly to RICHARD WALLACH, No. 8 STRENGTHENING CORDIAL AND BLOOD PURIFIKK. THE GREATEST REMEDY in the WORLD, LoUlttt&UA STtUUS. J* U tf Dr. J. II. Mo LEAN'S m and the most Dkliciocs ant? ft UBL.ltitlTt'L I* tOHDIAL. EVER TAKEN/ iy ? tQUfic and Vtftla bit Compound, pr? cnrad bjthc dfatilla liar, of row*. krrba, am! uarki. Yellow Dock, Blood Root, Bltck Ro-", ;up? rill*, Wild C??rry B rk, and Uandcliou talari tut* iu com petition. Tt?# t*tirt ae'trt remedial pruicipJt i of taeh ingr?ditai > aud raatoriaf th? aick, aiu.f, acid dtbiutaitd utTaild M h**kh and itrtnflh. mcl.e. as arnr. jtui nkivini* COKDIAL Will efaetaally care Lim Complaint, Dyapepeta, Jaaa dice.Cftronia er Htr?ouj Debility, Diiiwi of the Kidrnja, ad *11 d'ae.eee iHiinf from ? diaordered Lirti or Stomach, r>j?pepna, Heartburn, Inward Pilaa, Acidity or Sickaeea of the S.umach, Fulln*** of Blood to ike Head, Dull Pain or Bwnaininr in th* Heal, Palpitation of the Heart, Pillaiu or Waif lit in the 8w?i?th. tan E net* liana. < bokinr or Si-dociuuf Keeiiitf when laying duwn, Lryuca* or Y*lieW> id* of the Skin and Eye*, NigM Swe*t?, Inward Peaera, Pain in the Small of the Back, Chatt, or Side, Sadden Fluke* of Heat. Depraiaion of 3piriu, Frifhtful Dream*, Lvufuor, De*pord*ucy or aay utraoa* dniue, Sore* or Blot-baa 00 the Skin, and Fa ?'*r and Agae (->r Ckille and ft?ar.) OYER A MTLLIOS BOTTLE8 h*?e b**n aold daring th* laat en month*, aad ia no tn *'.anee ha* it failad ia fi>U| enura atiafituwi. Who, then, will asffer fr->tr Waakoaa* ?e Dabtiuy when McLIaNI STRENGTH ENINO CORDIAL will ear* yea 1 No ItnfUfi can eooeey aa ada.jaa'e idea rf the 1 nem*dl ata and aliaaat mracntoa* chai.f a produced by Ukla| tht* Cardial in the dieeaaed, debilitated, and ahattered r,er?oaa ayitem, wb*'htr broken df.wa -7 race**, weak by nature, or impaired by sicku***, the relaxed and nitrvnf OTfani latlon I* r*?lor*d to tt* prinine health and vigor. MARRIED PERSOKS or other*, eoeiecioo* of inability from whatever eauae, will And MCLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL a tho rough regenerator of the eyateia; and all who luav bar* in tared then *el?e* hy improper m d usance* will find ia tht* Cardial a certain and apeedy remedy. TO THE LADIES MCLEAN'S 8TKENUTHEMINO CORDIAL ia a aorar euro and epeedr cura for locifiant Coaiiniiipuoo, Whites, Obstracted or DlScnlt Mtnetrnatioti, Incontinence of Drin or Involantary Piecharje thereof, Falling of the Wonk, (iiddineaa, fVmunf. and all dUMiii incident to Fanalea THE HE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT gaffer no ! uger. Take it accordiaaf to diractione It ari!l aiunDJtta, airaiigthan, and inngocata Jun and cuu Ok bloom of health to laoart your cheek ajui E?err boule ii warranted to pi?? aatiafaetiou. FOR CHILDREN tfyoar children art eickly, pan* or alidad, MrLZANI CORDUL will inak* them bealtny.fat, and robua:. Del?y DM a moment; itj it, and 70a will b? convinced. k aa 4a Uciooe to Uk?. CAUTION. Beware of draggUta or dealere who may try to palm ?pon yon aoma biuer or (.ireap&rilla tnah, which they can bur cheap, by "Ting it it jast as good. Avoid each nan Ask for McLKaK* STRENGTHENING CORDIAL, and uka BO(hii,c else. It la tha only ramedy that will purify #ie Btrod tliorocghl* and at tha una time etrengtHrn ttie eysteu One te??pooiifcl ttkaa ???ry raarainf htuaf M a (truin pre*entire for CUIrn, Chilta and Ferer, Yaliow Fe?er, ar i?> i>r?T?lant diaaaaa. It la pat ar Ic large bn?i|e* f-rtca only fl bouie, or f boutee for $&. J.U Met.CAN, Sola proprietor of thia Cordial; alao, Mr Lean'a Volcanic Oil Lannaaot Principal Da pot on tha earuer of Third and Pine etreeta, St. Louis, Mo. McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment, (THE BEST LINIMENT IN THE WORLD) Tha orly aafe and certain curt for Cancers, Pilee, Tn mers, 8* eliinge ard Bronchi'e or * 'oaarc, Paralreia, Nea rer.a, Weakti*aa of lha Maaairs, Chrosuc ?r luflunmatorr Stif u?M of -J?* Jowita, Contracted Mu?cl*% or Ligaments, Eimeht or l'.?*i>aclit, Frtntn, Hrrau.*, Kntl Cut*, WooikI*. Ulcer*, Fever Bores, Caked Bre**t, Sort Nipples, Burns, Bealde, Bore Throat, or any lafmmstioa or pain, co di?*r*ac* how *e?er* or lo< r the diseie m~.y We rusted, Mi LEAN'B CELEBRATTCL) UNIMCKT te a certain remedy. Tfcoasande of human bnngi hare V-aeu aared a lift of dU erepitada ?nd mieery by the oas of ui? tnralanbl* rarredv. Me LEAN'S VOLCANIC OIL LlNIMBNt Will raliaee pain almost msuati oaooaly, and It will rlean, purify and heal (be foultat torn in m iatiaaikh short tint# FOR HOHSE* AND OTHER ANIMALS. McLEAN'Sl Ei.EBh.Al ED UNLMENT 1a the only safe ard rtliibla remedy for ike cur* of ttpaeia, H-u/to<.a, Wirdfa!1*, Sp'inM, Unrnturul Lump*, S'u^ei ?ir Sveiline* It berer failed to car* Eiy Head. Pollerit, PlitkU, Old Running Sorra, or ftvaoay, if properly ?n>hn) For Bprsu.i, Bru.ate, Bcrat'hea, CrackcJ Hois, t'aafct, Saddle or Collar Gall*. Cau, floras. or Wound*, iitaau ufailibls rernaiy. Apply a u directed and a care la certain in *itrj a* Luce Then triHe no lorrer with the many warttrtea* Liniment* oflered to you. Obtxin a aapplr at OA. McLiANK U.i UUJTIT1I ItlJlit'VT I. _.fl Prefmtor. Third utd Pint ?u, St. Lock, Mo CIIARLF-S STOTT, It* Pa. ??., ?ol< *??nt Ic W??Mwg Umi; K. S. T ClHSfcL, Utorfftovu. wM-UVly QI-D RICH, MALLOW ^ND PURE MONONQAHELA RYE WHISKEY, Cooaaientloualy diatilWd by Mr Jamaa Burnaldc of Allegany County, Penna., in tke old-mahi honwi war.froT, thaohoi?*at ud muii para looted Rye, and in bo ow* ?v* offered 1 or aala until adapted to vtiOl*aom? in hj axe If ia at odob the mo?t abatable, a? it i" nyfatioaJl) o?| ofthe purntt leVwwi iq the r?arh of th* paMte. To tb? invtiKl.ta well aatothoae ta health, it (v>Tn*if?r?d? ittolr for ita annrailad ava'itie* aa a. timolftnt of Um Kfnt. mre*t. Md miM invitct ISMM-iptlOB. ao4 SWT Of tM BKJfl JIttlBCMftfcaft phvtiot&tik *r? <uubi it in th?ir prtctto* viti th? h?ppi*>t reaulU. CLEKY 4 PTOOKDALKi FroHHton. ppoafU1 WiiWnto' Uot? . Agent far lh? _ M 94- <n oppon ^CHOOL AND COLLK8E OUTFIT*. Youths' and Boy*' Clothing for School and br*j* Wear. Rarent?Mi4 KUrdiM* VMhiBf to far at ah tb?tr ohi <<reu ami ward* wit* School ai d Coii??e <>u?au for ttM ootniog smxiu, ir? lovited to uaaim uir pre Met t?r?? Hid uxt*u?l*? waortment BOYt*' T' InTN K'l Khin f??. t? ?-? ! I ^1' ofiii *ixAi i n Vfff w"mor>' ntT <nth trrrr tion of E'JuJy-rr.ado (Hrm?nU, of ohaUuati*! ??4 co. M 90-tt S9J P*BB. tTMU*. T"E "TaMSr * CoBM^QADtly 1 utall rwn*iB in WuCuikm ftotl Furniture to U?>Mt aj " raiture id U? b*?t ?tr? 1 4 ,lk- * ? THE WEEKLY STAR VkH cxocUaat Tmmttj tad tUmi Jomrmi mm Main l p?Mr niMr of latmatuc rwdl* Mm ota bo foMd la uj otfcor u pobttoM em MISCELLANEOUS. TBI OUT PUF1UTI0I wobt?t or UKIVER8ALC0J?riDENCB* PATEOIUa? FOR STATKSMWK Jtrnnvm I CLEKO YMKy. LA DIES, mnd UENTL KMBtf la All parto of ihearortd taatify to tha -ftim of PROP 0. J WOOD'S HAIR RZSTORATmt and gentlemen of the Pr?u are Kukmioon la tu praiae. A few tMtiB>obia.a our oaa be bare tive^ ?? et-eu!ar for sor*. and it will be impoeeibia tor yoa to doubt. <7 w&ll N*w Yoftt, Dea. ? im IrftUmm Voir not* of to* 18th i aetata kM been reo*ired. trine that yoa had haari that I had boon b?aefitod by the im or WoodVpatr Ma atomure, an < repeating my oertiieato of the Mat if I bad no objection to giro it. I avard it to y??a cbeefully. b?iaaM I think it da*. My age ? about X yeara; the ooloc of av hair auburn, and ino mod to evrl. 9?bm It* or nx yeara ainoe it began to tarn fray, and tha eoa'p oa tne crown of my head to loaelta eeoaibi ity aMl dandruff to form n??n It. Eaeh of theee diaacrea abiiitiee toeroaaed with tin*, and about ? aaoatha ainoa a fourth *? added t j there. by hair fa.ling off tha top of ray haad and threatening to make iao bala. In thisnnpleaaant pred-caTitt I wat indaoed to try VV ood'a Hair Keetorative, mainly to arreet tM ialliag off of mr hair, for J had ' ally no expecta tion that gray hair eon Id ever bo reatored to Ha onrinal oo'or ?*r??nt I *? greatly aurpriaed to fiad, after the km of1 two bot tle* on'j, 'hat not only was toe failing off arreatad. bat ttm ?"lor was -aatored to the ?rat hair* aM aenail >i ity to the aoalp ano cai.ut 11: p?aaed to form on my head, racy much to the (raniioMiot) of or wife, at whoM eolioitaUon I waa indaoad to try it. For thU. among the mary obligationa I owa to bar tax, 1 atroafly recommend all naeba?w*? wko the admiral^ ~>a of thoir witm to proftt b? or example, and uae it if growing era* <trgettia( Wd. Very Baw. A. I *rmnn. To O.J, Wood * Co.- M Broadway. N.A . My family are ahaent from the atty, and I am ao longer at No. 1! Carrol P.aoa. Pi&MAaroH- Ala., laly 8Mb, It a. To Pa^r. O J.Wood: iVar Sir: Voar "Hair faetoratire" hu done my ca>r ao much rixid atnoa ? immMiiuH lu of ?-I '? known to tfce public of ita ?ffroU oath* hair. which ?r? irttt. A n>aii or woinui. tn** b?-nearly dcp-ived of Uair. an^ by a reeort to yoar "Hur Ke?u>rati the hair will return more beantiln than evei ; at l?Ml thi? is it? expenanoe. Beltere u ail' Your* truly, W*. H Kit toy P. 8.?Yon oau publlah the ahoy* if you l.k-? By publishing in oar Southern papers you will gat m ire patio cage *k?utti. I eee t-evera of youraa tifioatea in the Mubi.e Maroury, a Krooa Bcutn?ra paper. W. HKxxaov. WOOD'S HAIR RESTOR ATI> X. Paof.O J. W?(IB: Dw Sir: H?vu? had the rti Hfortune to loee the beet portion of at? kair, fro* tiia effects of the yel;ow fprer, In New Or ear* la 1861,1 vm inCveed to nak->a trial a( yoar prepara tion. and foatiil it to auewer aa the vety ti lag naeded. My hair i? now tuiok and gloae;, aad no worai oan expree* 1117 oi>.nation* lu yoa in cinng to the afflicted ?uch a treasure Pikliy Jo**?cn. TheR#-etorat TeUentapin bottJee of throe him, is: ar*e. meoiam mod ><*' 1: the iBAil hold hall a *1111. and retail* for one dollar per bottio; th* mm - dfurn holds at least V) per oent mora ia proportion than the small, retails for two dollar* p?r b ttle ; the larc hold* a auart, <0 par oaot mora in propor tion, and retails for ftS. O. J. WOOD * CO , Proprietor*, 444 Broad way, Now York, and 114 Marketatrooc, Ac Loots. And eold by ail good DracgiaU and Fancy Oooda Peaiora. ao fr-aolT^nr <*> T. A.. HCIHVEWELlrS TJHTVXESAL COUGH EX1EDT, For all Throat and Lung Complaints, from Common Cnfir to Actual Consumption. HUNNEWELL'S 1 IT I Tin Natural +nd Surt R'm+df for mil Nir~ Cmmpimimu, from NMrtliik throurh ail "mivkm Oni? to that of am Tnmu, and tko ?~* *"* MMtinDlEP uvco vT DLofji i The Tola Anodyne, though containing mot n par anil ma; b? ueeid in all case* wb?r?rw Oeiurr ticie of Opiun^prodneee all the re*ulreine?iU ot, ?!BC Coaffi K* nuidy. (freed frv.m ail *4 without progenia aortbioi Uft Carti, 13 leaving the patient id a re; (eot y natural ale. TbeTcivoreal Conjh K* Bisdy. 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