Newspaper of Evening Star, October 22, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 22, 1860 Page 2
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I UK' KVEMXi STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: MOJUAY October 11, T*?0. Splnt *1 tk? Mtrslai Freee. The Const ami tun charges the New York Couritr and Enqntrtr with deceiving the people ' refer ence to the conservatism of the republican part)', and treats upon wbit it call? the conflict of re publican (uttorllln upon this subject The bmthcnfT argue# ?t length that the In dications of the recoot State elections ought to tearb the democrats to anlte a pon Bell and Everett. ?7- There H to be a grand Breckinridge aad Lane mass meeting and barbecue at Jtockvtlle to-morrow, at which several distinguished speak er* are eapaeted to bold forth. ITT We are ladebted to the publishers, and to J SbiUlngtoa, Ddeon building, for early copies of the Novnfcer number of the Atlantic Monthly. 1 Tbe Atlantic ahowa no Calling off In Interest or good looks. irr In Philadelphia. tbe grand jury baa found ft true bill against W illlam Bverl?. for tbe aub stitutlon of false ?lection returns Id tbe count for member of Congress in tbe first district of Penn sylvania. JETTb* trial of the negro, Jobo Cannon, for the attempted rape and murder of Ml?a Griffith, came effort Wednesday, the 17th, at Georgetown, Delaware, and bo was convicted and sentenced to be boag. IETOn the 13th inst . Wm. M. Wallace, an old and much respected citizen of Zanesville, Ohl?, died at the age of 71 years. Tbe deceased waa born at Rockville, Md. Re fought in tbe war of and was a volunteer f n active aervlce at Fort Mr Henry during the attacx. IE7? Mr. John M Butler, of Philadelphia, has published s card, In which ho claims to be tbe legally elected member of Congress from the first district, and decline* to (or rather contends that .fee cannot) relinquish the certificate of election granted to hid on the strength of a return now well known to have been forged. \J~7~ The storm on Friday and Friday night was pretty sever* at Norfolk and Portsmouth. At the latter place, says the Day Book, evidence* of Its severity was plentiful about the wharves. Floating timber that hsd been washed away was abundant, and many cellars were overflowed. The streets presented the appearance of canals, and uprooted tree* and blown fences were plentU jUl. l ur uania^r uwuc ?v pi v?prci ?j, t? cuiwiutfr able; the roof of one bonae on th? outaklrta of the town wu completely taken olf, while chimney pots and flying tile* filled the air In all direction!. ParMul. Mr. Wlllto, In his Home Journal, tavi "a yocinK* Engllah traveller, (ton of an old acquaint, anre ai our own In London.) wa? eipreaatng hit ntlafacttpn to us, yeaterday, at having bad a privilege iJi Cincinnati which be never rould ?ave bad Id England?that of dancing Id the same aet with the Prince Royal, and taking him by the band ' Oar friend la of the middle cUaa, son of aa Knglfah Judge and. of courae. at home, VOaiu nfTir ur iipir* tu iuca an oonor, -- The Hon. Alex H. H. Stuart, of Virginia, who addreaaed the Bell men of Lynobburg on AYedaeaday night. bad a frightful fc 11 while on bta way to the Alexandria cars to return bom a. "While eroaalng the aqueduct ncroea the canal, near the Tenneasee depot, about four In the morn ing, be accidentally stepped over the wall which terras aa a guide, and fell a distance of aotne thirty- feet Into the water below, without, how ever. aa we are glad to leara, sustaining any other Injary than a ducking. Mr Cleaaaon. of the Aericultnral Depart* merit ef tbe Patent Office, who was aent to Knrope bj the 3-?vatary of tbe I atari or aoaie time ago to octal n seeds. ?a--etable?, Ac ia now on hi a way borne Tbe ar^clee are to be dlatrlbuted to the eitlzena of tbe United eutea aa aoon aa they have been tried in the Government propagating garden In this efty Mr Clamaon, It la aald. baa tome new varletlaa of aeedlinga, for tbe UUi of which arramrementa are In pro^reaa to afford additional facilities The great queation of tbe dsy a^eraa to be whether Mr. Wai. L?. Yancey waa Cared tbe Vice Presidency ou tbe Douglas ticket. It aeema that George Sandtfe made aacb an of** to Mr Yancey laat spring, but tbe Dotjglaaltoa any that It waa one or George's iokes Tbe lndocemeat held oat by !*an Hrrs was that 'Do:glas must ?le within tlx months after hit Inauguration," tad that tLefl Mr. Yaii<*ey would hav# the thing all hi* own way This explains the chorua to the (< ii. p??*n Douglas song: And mnst our Douglaa die? And shall onr Douglas die? Tteu twice several hundred thousand men Will know the reason why. Political Items. The Douglas mra of Now York aro to have a grand torchlight procession to-morrow night. Henry Winter Davis addressed the Bell and Everett party at F.lkton, Cecil county, on Friday evening last. In Mm*" busetts, tbe three parties opposed to the Republicans have fused ia tbe fourth and flfth districts, uniting on Messrs Bigrlow and A|>ple> ui IUT lOllgress, against .iimri nice >lia BUf Nelson (Breckinridge) it elected to the House of Delegate* from Fluvanna county, Virginia, by 84 majority. The democratic gale In the county Inc^ the last Governor's election la iWO. Tax N?t Pbodcct or 9aci<.?ios eorres* Cndent of the Mobile Advertiaer treat* eu/Uy ? plana of thoae passive secessionists, who. In the event of Mr. LJncoln'a election, aee the fruition of their hopes in the refusal of all south erners to taks or hold Federal olBce. He argues: There are fuwr ktade of Federal efllceholderi in Alabama, to wit : XUm others of the Federal Courts. the land oAce?a. postmaster*, and collect or* of the customs. T he judges of the courta hold oflce for life, and, therefore, do not hold ofllce tinder any administration Suppose that there he no marshals or district attorneys la the Federal Courts' Supposr even that the court* be shut up, what good will that accomplish? WJut would l.lncoln care if the courts were closed? How -would It lot?*r?'ere with his administration' Neit come tb? land oUlcer* Suppose the land office were closed, who would he Injured or annoyed by ft, Lincoln or our own people? The Government derives a paltry pittance from the aale of ita bit an-acre land, which it eaa spare without laeon enience. If the offices were closed, our own people who want the land could not get W. Next ths postal uter* Suppose the mail* are * topped, who will be Injured. Lincoln or our people: The tail* are given to u* as a boon, at an expense to the Government, and are an iudiapenaable neces sity to u* What would Llacula care If we atole the mails' Not a ig. And, last of all, the cus tom-house oHirer* From the reeelDts of our cu'* tom-boaw Government derives about a million dollar* per annum. This la the ouly department of tfaa Federal Government the oWrurtion of which would injure or annoy the Administra tion. Bat we have no meana if obstructing U*e collection of customs Suppose we of our pe<v pie dare accept custom-bonne otfices, then Lin cola will lad northern meo wba will aeeept theaa Bnppoee they dare not land upon our soil, then they can remaia oa abipboard, aad collect customs on board a revenue cutter." On the 5th lnat. the remains of Herbert In gram, a member of Parliament, who lost hia life oa the l+dj Elgin, ware buried at Boeton, Rag land. On the occasion all bualaeea In the town IWUNION PRAYER MEETING will bo IkS kolionorarjr da? tkuwook in LnioaCkapol, ?iM St., Flit Ward, to oommoaoo at 4 o"T ' L, Firut Ward, to mnbdmin at 4 o'clock yjjaaly. and to ooatiaoa bot ooo boor. oo fl^JACKSON DEMOCRATIC A8SOCIA ?u , -.CORN ELI US BOYLE. Proa. WM. J. DONOHOO. Woe. It BARBACUE AT ROCKVILLE.-A1] tko mambora of tfco Jac kson Domooralic Auo ? Wfco <*?" to atuod tb* barbae no at Rook TO MORROW will ?Imm ro ll" 7 o*olook, at Jaokaoo Ioobm. All othor Domocrata who trish ? st&mamMterz. WH. J. DONOHOO. ?c. 'r .. a: illoM vTrMa?*t?l to pf? * ** Wlfwun THIS Jiwf that a*UI fr^Ur Rwbliotn netoriMMWWM ?eUbi*t?d in oityTwoold ewrlff ..mtiiM to join U* ptoprit) of SafS * lfc? ?2?Z thl. t7? ^Xrw.^iirb;MrTWW* *" <> ' " ** ?rwMl ,1V?U>'- Q. A> g^- ?**?*> SgggraST FRIDAY*. WW&av iflUJ* orr?AjO ITAIHIKCTOW SEW AND GOSSIP. ! Tut I.1TIIT Dkvklofxekt ?The New York I Hi raid of Friday l*st contained a publication con cern Hg the original position of Mr Douglaawlth reference to the Lecompton constitution, which, take It all la all, embraces decidedly the rVftbeet development of political mendacity ever made In C >nnsction with the history of an American public Man. It amouata to proof conclusive that an other than Mr. Douglas himself was the author of the Celebrated Lecompton Constitution policy; his lo ll utace having been effectively osed to Induce the Loeompton convention to carry it Into effect. That ti to aay: to aubmit to the people of Kansss for their ratification or rejection the slavery clause of the Lecompton constitution only. The proof con late In the united testimony of a numVr of mem ber* of the Lecompton convention, friend* u well as opponents of the submission of the slavery clause only, that Its triumph was secured by the Influence of a letter from Douglas to Gen. Calhoun urging the resort to the policy by the convention, which also embraced a pledge from D. to get the constitution through Congress with the slavery clause only submitted to the people. A lumber of these gentlemen testify that through the influ ence of that letter alone were they induced to change from being opponents to become frienda of the policy In question; which, it will be re membered, triumphed in the convention by one or two majority only The widow of Gen. Cal houn had the letter of Douglas in her poesesslon not long stnee, and bad been offered two thousand dollars for it; doubtless by some agent of D , to whose present position Its publication would prove Inst-int destruction. The H>raid makes it aa clear ii me ngni or me tun at noonday that Douglas Invented the policy wholly to the end of putting the national Administration Into the inextricable dilemma which sprang out of the action of the I>ecoinpton convention. It is clear that when be was secretly urging Calhoun and the rest of his Kansas admirers to submit to the people only the slavery of the constitution they were making, boasting to them his power to induce Congrea to sanction the policy: and pledg ing himself that It should triumph in the na tional Capitol, he designed casting himself against tt if the Administration should accept It. His Idea was that If the Administration refused to aocept it, the whole South would array ltaelf against the Administration; and, if It should ac cept It, the whole North would rise agiinst li the Administration; and that with either section at his back upon such an iasue, he had personal strength sufficient In the other section to secure electoral votes from it enough to give him the number requisite fwith those the srrtlonsl tv?n ularity of the measure would secure him) to land bim In the Presidency u the result of the next month's election. His calculation aa to the sec tional result of the measure has proved as singu larly correct, as his calculation concerning its effect' upon his own fortunes has proved singu larly unfounded Thus, instead of Its securing him well sigh all the North, and his own pop ularity securing htm at the same time a sufficient share of the electoral votes of the South, it has simply thrown the North almost entirely Into the hands of the Republicans, and rendered hlai more odious In every county of every slavebold* log State than any other American public man ever was, except perhaps his prototype, Aaron Burr. The Hermld's developments in tbis connection are In strict keeping with a multitude of inci dents In his public history; for no other indi vidual who has bed an American Congressional record Is so famous for shifting bl| political positions?bit position* with reference to meas ure* to meet the requirements of the vsrloos change* of public opinion upon tb?m. Tbe mendacity snd trucnlence wltb which be asserts and denies wlfhp'it tbe slightest regard to fact? truth?to create false impression* with reference to bis course and that of others, has ap to thil time screened him In a great measure from de served general condemnation In most of tbe cases to which ve refer. The publication of the letter, recently, If not now, In tbe possession of tbe widow of Oea Calhoun, will however bring bla fame ef trucwicBc* and mendacity to a speedy ead. DEPARTMENT NEWS. Bid* ro? TasasrmT Loass.?Tbe Secre Ury of tbe Trewory opeued to his office to-day, it noon, (fa* Wlous bid* for the flO 00u,000 loan Ther?* wat * largn number of tildn rtcelvcd, amounting In the aggrekaW; tp 310 473 WXI. Aiuun<; otL-r? were two from Mesar* Kig^s 4 Co., gf this city, for iduu.uw at 1 per cent, and Suo.ugo at 15-100 C*IDIXTUL?Or A MlSISTKK PlKlfiPQTISTIART PiUKJiTiD-ticn. Psei. Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary f-otn Venezuela, called apon tbe President on Saturday and pre sented bis credentials, which were received and be recognised as tbe representative of tbat coun try in tbe above-mentioned capacity. RsTtrsvn) ? Hon. Geo C. Whltlne, Comm i sloner of Pensions, hn just returned From a brief sojourn at tbe Nortbi a?4 frfumed the duties of uia uuiv'iat pwiMuu. Rkxoval?Wm Brindle. Esq., baa been r ? moved from bis position u Receiver at Lecomp ton, Kansas, and Mr. Cooper appointed In bla place. T** W?a.t*?*.?The follovrlng report of the weathar tor the morning la made from the Am^r laaa CogsoU4*4?d Telegraph Line to the Smith sonian Institution. The lime ?f observation Is abont7 o'clegk. OCTOSBK |i, 1840 Burlington, Vt cloudy, calm. New V ork, N. Y fogg* Philadelphia, Fa. cloudy. Baltimore. Md clear, pleasant. Washington, D. C clear. Petersburg, va clear, 60*. Raleigh, Ct?? ? dcsir, 51^. WllnungtM, N. C clear, rool. Columbia, . Q....,...... clear, cool. tjb&rlM(00i O %fff ?, Auguata. Ga. .clear, pleasant. Savannah, Gl. clear, pie*taut. Nkm. 6ft. clear, eol4. Columbus, 6a, pleasant. Montgomery, Ala. clear, cool. Jackaoa, Ala. clear. Mobile, Ala clear. 5??. New Orleans, La cloudy, 60?. FROM TBS WIST. FretUrlck, Md cloudy, mild Hageratown, Md cloudy, mild. Cumberland, M&........cloudy, cool. Grafton, Va ,,,c!oudy. cool. Wheeling, Va. cloudy. Parkeraburg, Va cloudy mild. Cincinnati, O cloudy, damp. Cleveland, O cloudy, S30. laraaeter at the Smithsonian at 7 a. m., (cor rected for temperature,) 39,992; at noon, ?har%afloeter at 7 a. m43*; at noon, 81". Mai la nan 34 hours, ending t a. m. to day. 64^*; min?nJaa 43'. Amount of rain Haturdii mnlno ?n?n - '<->?p; ~ of an Inch. lY&~I. 0. O. P.?ORANp ENCAMPMENT.? 14 A meeting of the R. W. Qrtad Kncampmont ofthe District ofXol.qmhia iil .be held at Odd (Q'olook! hW;"m"mq"n"day evening. t5?"?d ' TM o'olook. PunctnaJ attendance of iU nd Patriarch. EN, Q. Scribe. Twi?Y RVoSSToStSberni, at iSoVk T h <y> u b. iaareyno*t^reeptotfu 11 y invited toattead. M. H CAMPBF.t.f . R 8. fvTr?IMPORTANT NOTICE.?All oitiaen. of I L_5 toeDietriot ia favor of a horte railroad from theNary Yardb> Georgetown, withkteral branch ee through Ue erinotpai *L;po\t, and who are aleo in favor of (iving every oitifen of 'he Piatnct an opeortuaity to ta*? ?tock in eucli an enter#r??e, fo a limit*) amount, Are reque*t?d to m?et a| T? peranee Hall, E ?tre?t? on TL ESDA\ KV F.NING MTt. Oetuhcr ?td ttta nlnnlr lii fnrm trtinlu nf L OUUton u3 to tr?para ft iueworii: and bill for U?ooaM4?faitoaorCoMn?aa. tx> a>-3t F ajtd Twelfth bt? ?TM AnniuU Courao ^Jakv turM in tbi? institution will waMM on IfON 1>A Y. th? 22<1 iuat. Tli* introductory to thftoourx# will bo delivered by ProfoMor N, U. U , it 7H o'clock p. m The p ofetnou mil publto are ro ELIOT. M 0. M l?-Jt* Don f>r Faculty. JmffiKWfirvSfi?L. tojK.pkta|lft?*SWS; aVf? ffNinm?L^$. Tke Last ef the Prise* ef UTaln is America. His Movimmti m Bourn* 01 Feidat?His RscKmoK in Pokik**i> ?Hi* Dbfaktcrk roa Eraopi. Ac A corrfeoondeat af tke New York Tlmea, tele graph leg from Boston on Friday evening, ?* At4k o\>|aek this inorulag, tke Prlace orWalea. tired a ad used up ma, retired to his couch. wb? be remaiaad ??ttl iajf o'clock, shortly after which breakfast was ervpd, and the boat, aesa of Ikt dijf btgaa. The entire party waa so completely fcggad Out be the unusual exertions of tbedar prawloua, that MvMtgceatiBdlspositloft accept the kindly ptfa#ir<>d services of the ea? tcrtklnin? committee. Tht appearance of sever* elegant baroucbee, each dfewa by four auperl black horses, had great welglt with them, how ever, and at 12 o'clock, In' company with tbe Mayor and Council of Cambridge and tbe gentle men of Boston, they started amid tbe entbostastte greetings of a large crowd toward tbe sest of {naming Tbe entire route was thronged with carriages of every description, and the scene was very gay and beautiful, when tbe Prince reschtd Cambridge be was greeted by fonr thousand school children, who respectfully uncovered as bis horses walked slowly through tbe lines, and cheered him very heartily. A very appropriate ode had been prepared and rehearsed for the occa sion; but owing to shortness of time it waa post poned. The children, however, ware not to be cheated out of their part of tbe proceedings, s-? they threw a shower or bouqaets, with which tbe Prlnee was much gratified. Many houses and stores were beautifully decorated with flags and banners. The Prince was astounded at the great number of young misses, whose smiling races kim a# at*n ^ ? ~ "?* - -* ? i w.i> Hiut u? c*cij uuu w uv Illftll IItHCU their Interest by fluttering their handkerchiefs and presenting bouquet* At the gateway of Gore Hall were drawn up In line the members of the (.'Diversity, each class by itself, all of whom saluted the Prince, as did tbe band, which played the national anthem. Pres ident Felton met tbe Prince at the carriage step, and led him into the hall, where were gathered the shining lights of tbe Bell-Everett party snd many leas notable personages. The Prince was very respectful in his conversation with ex-Presi dent Quincv. and left with that venersble man a very favorable impression. After some tlmespent in introductions, the Prince was taken through tbe various buildings and apartments connected wim iuet.aiiet{f. toe curiosities. ansienl and modern, were aoown him, but with the exception of tome of Agassix's snakes, be paid little attention to any of t&em. He was too tired to care for any thing or anybody. At two o'clock be partook of wbat was called a "breakfast," aided by the respectable crowd before mentioned. During the entertainment indoors, there was one of a different character outside. The Chief of Police was disposed to be very par ticular with some of the students, wben one of them, named Robertson, rapped him over tk* head with bis cane. The consequences were a rush of his friends and a triumphal procession, in which the offender was elevated nigh on the shoulders of bis fellows. The Prince had expressed to the Mayor an earnest desire to see Bunker Hill and the Monu ment; and, in compliance with his request, It was determined to take him to the spot. No police wer<* on hand to restrain the crowd from fnllnwl nn clou upon the heels of the party, and when the Prince bad alighted from bin carriage it waa with great difficulty that the entire suite were gotten inside the Mouument. The autographs of the entire party are in the visitor's book. The apot where AVarren fell and the remaining portion of the American Fortifications received the marked attention of the Duke of Newcastle and Gen. Bruce, who were evidently much Impressed by the place and memories connected wltn it They paid a flying visit to the navy-yard, and then with liubtning rapidity drove through the City, where they visited a remarkable number of places In a very brief space of time Mayor Lin* coin's house, the Ma??abiigetts Historical Socl. ety's rooms, the Dowse Library, and the Amer ican Academy of Arts and Sciences, were rushed through as a belated traveler bolts a hasty dinner, and then the Prince wss taken by several mem bers? Boston's wonderful clique?to the Free Li brary, where the rest of the said clique and about four hundred of the ererne de In crime were gath ered to meet him Velvet covered chairs were placed in front of Story's "Fisher Boy," and twenty-six other chairs surrounded them. Ed ward Everett stood at the h*-ad of the stain, while the spectators surrounded the charmed cir cle. The Prince and suite were conducted in by Mr. Everett, who introduced him toanrh n?nni. a* were tit. and subsequently, a great mativ others whu wtre entitled to a Royal nod, only because thev happened to be Councilmen or Committee men, and who certainly were not all gentlemen. As qiilcklv an poaaible the Prince did the bond ing and storied (or bu hotel, to atari fof Portland next morning. A correspondent of the New York Sunday Herald, writing from Portland, on Saturday night, says:?' The Prince of Wales left Boston in a special train at o'clock this morning. He was escorted to tbe Rattern railroad depot by a troop of lancers. The streets were fairly jamnaed peopje, who cheered enthusiastically, waved o*k? ??? uBnu?ercM,en, qnq ip eYfry way sought to honor tbelr departing guest. The Vrlnce wai io excellent humor, bowing and smiling responses to their salutation*. At the depot be took leave of Mr. Wlntbrop and other distinguished citizens. Mr. Everett being too unwell to be present, Mayor Lincoln, Senator Sumner, and Governor Hanks, accompanied tbe party to Portland. The pftrty arrived at Portland at two o'clock, and was Received M the depot by Mayor Howard and tbe committee,, and escorted to carriage*. A proces sion was ttien formed, consisting of several comT panlM of soldiers, three of whico had eoute a long distance from the back country to do honor to th? Prince. The Portland Rifle' Corp* acted u a guard of honor. The scene waa very fine, the streets being crowded with people, moat of whom were ladiea, and the display of military being very commendable for ao small a city. The pro cession passed through nearly all the streets of the cltv. The day was cold, with a northeast wind, a:id the party found the long ride anything bat agreeable. \V bile the cortege was progressing, sailors were occupied, under (he direction or Commodore Seyniuur, in getting the royal party's baggage on board the ships. Each article of clothing seamed to be done up in separate portmanteaus Numer ous were the parcels. Dr. Ackland hsd many boxes of books and mathematical Instruments, Including some presented by Senstor Seward. Among other articles the Prince had sevecal tur tles, which he had captured on the prairie, and an immense box containing large moose b or us, from Canada Lord Hinchenbrooke had ainglng birds and cQiirier squirrels. Ifciteif and 4lsp*t<?h*# were received by the party soon after reaching Portland, tmd the pufce of Newcastle read his papers as lie rode In the procession The letters were distributed at the l,..?v.- ' 1 niwu WIUIO mc CPUIUR(UI) W45 uyfr, QQQ (Q6 baggage wait on board when the Prince arrived. Passing under a large arch on the hill back of the harbor, Suid walking down a loug ilight of stef* to the dock built for the sU-anibhip Ureat Eastern, ifter quickly reviewing the troop*, which were drawn up along the wharf, the Prince said, "I'm yrry cola?hurry,'' and moved toward*the Hero's i>srga The step* leading to the boat were covered with cflmjoi) cloth. Shaking hmds with Uov. Bank*, Gey Goodwin. Mayor Lincoln and Mayor Howard, to whom be Mid, ''1 am sorry my visit here has been so brief," he Jumped into the barge The remainder of the party stayed a few moments, shaking bands. sa\imf "good bye" to their Canadian friends, Gov Bauks, Senator Sum Iter, and many American* Ln urhnm ?h?? h?H !>* > previously introduced The scene was roost imposing Many vessels were lying in the harbor, and these, with the lykaryef aitd vessels lying at them, were black With people, ?pd the hills behind were literally covered, the g*y dresses of tbeUd'e* gl?iag tUem tbs sppear mce of being covered with auti}Uin>l woods Still behind these, upon the summit of the bill, were hundreds of carriages, tilled and covered with curious observers During the p o cession the Prince's carriage stopped a moment, and the whole party were photogrsghed. At last tbe Prince's barge, wbicb bore his plumes on the front, started for the Hero, and lnsUutly the guns of all the ship thundering a salute This was repeated, tLe &h?ps' bends playing " tiod 6*ve the <4ueen." "Kail Columbia," and "Vankae Doodle,'" M tLe i'rlnce stepped on tUp Hero's deck, at half-past four o'clock. Lord Lyon* and other members of the party remained some time loeklngat the ship They then enjoyed the hospi talities of Mayor Howard, and returned to Bos ton at six o'clock the same evening JUe yessela of the Prince's fleet set sail almost liqinedJ?te}y. They were accompanied a short distance from the harbor Ify several sailing vessels sad the steamer WUton, loaded with spectator* from Boston, and were sainted by Port Preble as they peaed. By 0 o'clock they were hull dawn upon the horizon, aud at 7 flahermen reported thrm out of sight. They steered direct for Eng land, making no stoppages. The especial port which they will make has not yet be*u decided upos, bat the Admiral thought that thry would land ttt pjygaouth. The whole ?ugll*U Jhaanel Sset it ejtpecle?i to there soar distaaue out de the harbor, and receive ihatp wifb royal honor*. pH0PQ94LS FOB PRO VISIONS. t? unmii u? axi^u, UO|U|Mr ?IAHD t?*i.pu?i.L?, to Im eudonwi"P for fruvtB'uM," Will bj tfci 4S5utfwwKVSKB*S3tiSJ MM icd. u^r/'A rjx:,of",>Tw,o,w-,,iw rr?Ul nieu fofk 25 ?to flour, ?XU? aaperftn?(Arg?U MilU) ** eourdf noe, c:?*n *nrt whole 7 bu?h?la wniw navy bjBiK.o*? olwo W ^cDuUa oImmi Er? i ofl'M .1 Mi do 4tj brown a?far ??C?ilooa old#* YMMKW i ;x .* M to b? dalivep ? Real enough and biget.ow Brus sels CARPETING* AT PRIMK cost.? Tl-* en'ira atock in trade of Ve vet, Bruaaela.Tap m>t y,an?J orh?r Carpeting*. with Mags and Door Mats to match. are now Mllinc out at cast, for the cMb, at the old ator? of clagett 4 DOMON. oo Citeo No. 4 Market

N**V STYt ASflMEEBS, v*rriN?s.^ Jtst reMtvod fir SRCH . .. /an dor an. MKRCHArfjTTA 'Lbx, c (Ftrraerlv Ou ttar for Hirton A fbi. Pa. ?v?> \a Alt Sitrsth ??., Bktw. V; am* F.H irtain materials at co-t.-Th* ? _ tire a'ock, compnainj the moat complete raria te* of material a for Ourteina adapted to fir a win* I tooina. parlora, dininc rooma, ohambera. oAc ?. g?i uuciw ior in tlua ritj, are now Mll ih out ? prim* ooet for the ?mK M (Inold and ea tah'i tied atoreof CLAGETT* DODSON. oog-ecCt < No. ? Marfcal Spaa*. PIANOS. PIANOS?The Itrttrt uiortmMt of Pianoa, Melodeona, Gaitara. Vio-^^m Mm. B?mnn Beat Italian Btriin. A? MW! oordeona, Flatin**, Cnnoertinaa, Fititra,' " * * Fuea, Flafeol*tt?, Clarionette, B-ua Inatrunaota, Dm ua. awl everr variety of muaiaal ware, aieo an iram^nae a took of Sheet Maato. Maaia Uooka and Of?-a?t for jrery inytrnment at the. Maaia Store of W. G. ME rZKROTT, oornar of Pa.av. and Utn atreet. Sole A rent of Steinway A Son* a Baoon Raven A Co 'a and Kaabe k, Co.'a Piano a. oe ?i if " JUST RECEIVED, FROM PHILADELPHIA. dress caps. MtiURNINO.CAPS, tlItAltKAST CAPS. INFANT CAPS, From S7k and upwards. ZEPHYR WORS rKD, 20 cents per nunc, Huh onlorad extra KNITTING YARNS, WINTER IIoSlERY.aU kioda. GAUNTLETS and GLOVE*, SI'^ANBONNETS.RIBAMJSand FLOWERS, NUBIA", MARIPOSAS, *? oc 22 3t (Int ) SHEDD'S, Eleventh at. THK f?.?Jt^V^.'k0,T3EJt,^ Lo. tory, oondnotoc by the Spaniph Goveruinent, onder the tapemmon of the Captain tfeoeral o( Cab*, will take place at Havana on WEDNESDAY. Novimiii 7, 1M0. SOHTEO NUMSHO 645 ORDINARIO CAPITAL PRIZE tlOO.OOO. I prime of 9100,000 SO jriaee of...?.fl,or* l do ao,oon go do w 1 do *>,<*? 148 do ?n* 1 do lu^oo ?appro j. in i do lo^Boe Mr AT T OU ????* ? *a? ? <*< ?A i?IA JHUi WhoU Tlokau. #40-HhvN, f 10?Ouartera, ft. Sri>M oaahed at aicht at ? aer oeut diaooanL ill* on all aolTent Basks taken at par. A drawing will he forwaraed aa won aa tea Milt baoomea known. All order* for ohsmM cr tioketa to be addreaaed to DON RODRIGUEZ, oo S2-tr Cam of OiU Pott. Charleston. 9. C. FURNITURE! Furniture! Tho o'd eatahliaheri Houaefur niahi^c Warerrtoma of McflHtOOR fc CO. fc are now well filled wi?h their Fall snnplr of FUR NfTURE and HOUSEKEEPING GOODt* in very variety, whim we off ar at redaoed ?rioe?. Our PARLOR FURNITURE. DINING ROOtf and CHAMBKR FURNITURE are especially worth the attention of eurohaaers. a? the styles are rauoli improred, and nnish so pa ri rtoaur we have had. We hare a fine assortment of? Gilt frame Pier and Mantai Glasses, Bookcases and Writing Decks, Hall Fnrniture, French China and Knrlish Granite Ware, Glass Ware, Fine English and American Catlery and Hard ware, Fine I'lated Ware, Also, Tulis, Buckets. Brooms, Brushes, Mats, Also. Hair and Shack Mattresses. Feather Be Is, B ankets. Comf ?rts. Ac. neaae give ua a call, ami w?> wii> aell you bar gaina. ftlcGWF.gor fc CO.. oo 22-3teo 530 Seventh street. All kinds op family furniture LINEN AND COTTON GOODS, AT COST' A full aaanrtment of heavy l.inen Sheetings, in 10-4,11-4,and 12 4 width*, at 66, 70, ?nd 75 cent*, worth 90, 9112% &q<1 $1.25 in the regular retail ales. Pi low a^d BoUtPr (.irena at prime enat. klegant Real French Curtain Chintz's at cost* they wero bought at low figure*, and will be closed out at the iaiM ; tliey are rich in the extreme and y?tv < h- ap. Rlagant Fr?neh Piano Covera,aom? embroidered. uiu"in iu iniiiAiioD oi inuia or cashmere deanus, n? el and elegant, at ooat urioee. Xflw atyle of Cover*, lor dinner, circular and oent?r?tal>!?? and workatawls, at cost price*. Pinner and Breakfast TaMe Damaska. coins in t*>* celebrated and scare Belgian mtket. in all iiee, with Napkins and Overlay* to match, at coat prices All liiM and qualities Bed Ppreads, in Mar art In, T"rki?)i. Dresden, aad other makes, in while, pink and blue, at eoat prices Housekeepers and those commencing housekeep ing <rtlf doubtless never have suoh another oppor turity of supplying themselves with eomfortaMe and nM?s*arjr a tides at auoh unprecedeatedly low prices as the present opportunity affords. These goojs were a I bought on the very beat term*, and they are nov sell nt off at the same ; no more Till be aaked, no more taken, at the old stand of CUfitTTt luinonv oc 23-?o6t No. 4 Mtrltrt S|?ce. ON* OP THE BEST ITOilU EVER WRITTEN. Will oomm?no? this wmI Will oommMot Una WMk ia THE HOUSEHOLD JOURNAL No. 6! TIIE HOUSEHOLD JOURNAL No. 6 THE HOUSEHOLD JOURNAL No. fl! THE HOUSEHOLD JOURNAL No. 8! THE HOUSEHOLD JOURNAL No. THE HOUSEHOLD JOURNAL No. t! BY W1LKIP, COLLINS I BY WILKIE COLLINS: BY W1LKJK COLLINS! BY WILKIB COLLIN'S! BY WILEIE COLLINS! BY WILKIK COLLINS! Author of "The Woman la White,'' "The Dead Secret," Ao., called THE CROSSED PATH! THE CROSSED PATH! THE CROSSED PA TH ! THE CROSSED PA TH! THE CROSSED PATH' THE CROSSED PATH! The HOUSEHOLD JOURNAL is pub!i?hod woaklv. Price THRKK CKNTS. To be had uf all icvi-ageots. Copies mailed oa receipt of the price in stamps by the Pablishers, A. HARTHILL A CO., 30 North William Strut, Nnr Yon, Subscription $ I 50 a year, or 91 for thirty four weeks. Try oue number of thi?, the most enter aisiBK and instructive periodical of the day f with two pues of the newest and best njusio every weak. oo a 3teu f\R. J.H.BCHKNCK, THE LV\G DOCTOR, 19 of Philadeishia. will be in Wukintinn ? Uri( 8tor* of 8 A. Waits, corner of S??Mtk ?treat md Louisiana avenue, on Wtdmsday, Oct* btr titk, profeeelooally. Ha la U>e proprietor of ScllMtf's fPLMuific Sraur, the inventor of t*c?BNCK'a Rur.iuHlTiK, tha only iiiat-mrant that can, to a a?rtaintr, detect Uw slightest mur mur of tna respiratory oriam. This is of (int in Srtance to the consumptive. Many ami Denti ykioiana aiafc? graft t mistakes ia e*aatUHBr sgs. It requirea oorktaul sad long practice to ke"oma familiar wita every sound or raltlitc of a ?'is?>a?*"d Bronchial TatM. Patients come to Dr. Sokeuok to get exitniuaj th\t have ueen examined by Uti lainily physioian, wl?o to d tticni thai oie ling waa a-moet gone a oloae examination with tha E*s?irom?tar. it ie often found tkat It la an ?(taction of the brotiohial tube* and by getting a healthy action of the liver and tone to the atornaoh. the uffrrer is soon restored to aealUi. Som? times SMioi >e that will stop a oough is oartain death to ? patient; it looks up tae liver, stops the circala tfam of t]ia blood, Lstuorrsge follows, and la lact, topping the actios of Ule very organs that oapaed tha congh. . _ Liver Complaint and Dyapepsia are tha oaase of two thi'da of iike ca?aa of Coaaa nption. Parana< are at this time oomp^aiiuag wita dsn pain is the aid*, bowels noxietimee ooatira aad sometimes too lojs?, tontud cos tad, pain in tka shoulder blads, u tua uraa to go (9 ifr. Bobanak and (*C yoar lane* aXMtlaad: then ii the tin e to snow vut oou?h medioine to take. Stop that aoaxh aadiaa aed thea the lungs, liver and ;to?>eoh ut ell aatiato aa in t'ltive atate, a ud before th* paUt at ia iwar* pf hia aituation the lungs tr( a a Ui of acrea and death mo at aoon follow. Bohenek'a Pol mania Byrap ia as expaetoraat, bat jtdoea n"t oontain any opiuau*r any thine to ohaok kfcougn nddeniy, bat if tided with theBaaweed Tonic anifwandrake Pina, ia aura to purify and oirry < f all d iaa*?ed mat tar from the ayatom ?>r P. baa a nambar oT parsons, In tlie city, that oan J>a relerred to, that be*? baiR u? fhf >aU Wi'i of Consumption, aad cured by k(a ased'oiiies Ha doea n' t viih to ba understood that whan muga are ami? o?u by cartful treatment ba rlpeaad, a*d dueaaed matter carried off, e*>d the fatloiU gat w?il For a tuoroagh ezaaaiaanoa vlth hjsRespirome She charges ft, bat it of ?e happeee Ma patieata not re* at re as Mtamtnation with tfcaRaaptiome jut, aa ho hat had eaoh a arc* txpart?moe ha oaa Matoct at a glanae wUebar seek aa examination w nio^sary. a II pcofaeaHvaledTioa Far^o^ da.uoa^oXy^'jiK ? H b?ty 'rio? ofU( ~UA ,vi*n??-; !iuiu!'-'i) i it AMUSEMENTS. QDD FELLOW 9' HALL. For a Livtvfe Nrmi or Num. PROr. BZLHOXT, Tk? ClMuupiD> Wizard, Wi I |ir? hi* Btireai Magique Extraordinary, On TUESDAY NIGHT* Mrf. 'J - -2S C#nU. ChtUrW ftO*omp?mod by B* ?nU 10 - _l)ooni?Hn ft 7, mmmMU S. oc U> yy ASHING TON_THKATBR. Sol* Lmih ud Manner 8. W. Olch*. iuio oa i Aou^ i I Will op?n for tnq re* alar P?J1 aai! Winter S?*?on on ta? night of THURSDAY, Movuut 1st. JOSKPH J~EPFER?ON. The Comedian of the Ace, will ooibimbm aa * fMeraem of Twa,Va Night* mi MON DA^ .November 5th,and will bt followed bo-tlM mo it BKILLUKT STARS ID- cJiSSSsfr? 5. w, Glkxh, "Old Bowery Theater/* New Yo'k.wjll meet with prompt attention. ma M-tf BALLS, PARTIES, Ac Third grand roTiM on party ?f the IS LAN D SOCIA I.CHJ U will takeplaae * at the AS*"* ISM tfl.Y ROOMS. l,ou. ay . b*- M tween 4* and fith et? , * ON DAY KVeM NINO. Ootober 22d. The Committee pled*?UI thenxelvei that neither pain* nor rxpenee will be pared to make it ik? Harty of the aea*on Mr. > oang, <he proprietor of the r omi. Imi mfttted the roiaa tn the mult modern stile, which will eoa tri^ete largely to the feetivitiee of the tretiii J>puta'? Band hat been eacaced. 'lokeu FUty Cent*, admitting a gentleman and iee. Commute* of Arrmntemmt*. T Ke'lr, JFIemming. P 8 MeNerhaaf. Wm. Flamming,W. H Bnght, T. R Bubop, c.8. nr&Mr ; 1 n..? J. . Crook. N. B. Positively, no hau or cap* allowed to ha wornin the room. oc 16-6t* I OOK OUT FOR THE | j SILVER CUP ! The member* ol the OUR CLUB (iv?t a Grand BALT at Fokkkot Hai l, Geore town, on TUESDAY. November . Ticket* one dol lar. A Silver Cup will he p'e?ent*d to thei Club having the largest lumkr of member*! present. Particular* in a tuture advertisement, oe 17-?oSt* PERSONAL. Grand A I NOTICE. HEREBY Give notioe that I will pay no d?M? contracted nnmj aceoant by any person o'her than inysen, ?na nererty forewarn all person* not to tru?t anT one seeking credit on my account, oo ?-3? PATRICK FLYNN. Dissolution OF partnership. Take notice, thut the partnership heretofore ex isting httivMn Wm. C. Ckocikr and Cnai.?? N. Ki'OLEE. under the name of Crocker A Kugler, is this day <tis?<> v?d hy mu>ul! consent; and the Mineral Water hue nees wil! hereafter be oarrie^ on hf the said Wm. C. Crocker, who will settle op all business pertaining to said firm. H?S. N Kt'G' PR. WM. C. crocker October ?>th. ia? oe MADaME FELIX. F'-rtuee Teller from Pari* beg * leave tn inform her former frieads, and the puhlio generally, that she has removed to UIO Ninth s'r*et, northeast corner of X, where site will be happy to see all who may desire to hare the past, present and future satisfactorily explained, oc 11-lm* JUST RECEIVED at smith'S. Sevang street, a very large lot of FALL and WlNTER CIO THING that wi I he ?l ? ... 1-? l?irU(Hir| IUW no l? lm PIANOS. MELODEONS. VIOLINS, Guitars. Aooordeon?, Tan,bonne*. An., *o. JOB* P ELI.18. o-1? Pa > .. b*t. til and Wth ete $1MA KEWaRD.?The above reward will be 'JIUHI paid by the subscribers for anr in'or f ion that will lead to thearreet of the teoucdrel who fired our stable this morning MORGAN * RHINBKART, oc lS-St Weetera Wharvaa* DK O L B'S e BALSAMIC LUNG iNVIG ORATOR, For the cure of Cores*. Colds, affectioks or thx Tbsoit a*n Lrwas. oc U tw* ROPERTY OWNERS AND BUILDERS. Your attention and examination is rejpect'ull* o icited to examine the ee'ebratad New York TTA HKRCHA ROOFING aad theGUTTA GLTTA CKRCHA ROOFING aa _ , _ PERCHA PaINT for yamting tin roofs. Tkie Gutta Peroha Roofir.* and Paii.t ie aoknowledjed br all the boat a'ohi trots in New York city to be the beet and ohaap=st g and Paint in eiiet anoe It can be seen at H. W. HAMILTON^ Paiat Store. A13Seventh street. CA**FIELD ft HAMILTON are the roleacents for Waehmfton, Georgetown, Alexandria and the Sonth. For fWr ther lafarinat on addieee ae a'wve. oc 11 tl f "aD'RVCHEST-EXPANDING SKIRT SUS PENOEkS: a'?o, GKNTS' CMKST EX PANDING SUSPENDERS. Theee articles sir* an erect carriage to the bod; without dieoonuort, vvt, to ladiea and cent* are invaluable. * ? > hwaltli aad personal appearance. Call and eiammt, at MOOR Ji'S Wait End nruj Store, oc 2<i 2* 113 Pa. avenue. A SOFT HATS AND CAPS! W? rever hare had no larje a variety'^ of GENTS and YOUTHS' SOFT HAT? and CAPS, and of atyloa ao new and variad. Oar long experience in butiaaaa, and bayinc exoluatraly for oaak, enable ua to Mil at the loweat prioea At STEVENS'S oo an 6t Saloaroom, Browu'a Hotal. TO MVS1C TEaCHEKS.-A arte lot of M? Mmo, imported trom to rope; aTr-. e*l??tioi iT>?d -> in peraou froia ail the f roat pubiiiuia; koaate fn Buiton and New Vark, a eoia !y aaaorfcd l<>r piano, viohc, and dot*, & .. &c. Alao, Dueta or all instruments now op#n for mavaetiun. John f. Ki-Lists fhiokeriug*' Piano Store, <>o 3D 306 Pa- av? b?t. Oth aod l'Kfc eta. \f ADAWK BOIVIN'S FEMALE ALTER A~ JI T1VE PILL**, for th? exciuaive on ul f?mi ea laboring under anjr of the following ooa.plamU : Oti?tructlon?, Sappf?eaioua, tir?en MckofM, flawl aclie. Pa n in the Side, Palpitation, Loathing of Food, Diaturbed >;? , and all IntarrupUwna at.d Irregnlaritiea of U>e Meaatre?l F'eioia. N.H ? Thoaa Piiia ahould never be taken t?jr lemale* dur ing pregnancy,aa the* are aura to oaune nn-oar riage. Prepared for M'dame But via, at l*)K?e Veuga ard, at Paria, France. For tale at 17V eouth B at., opposite Smithsonian?the only Agent in Waahington. oc *a-Jt* f ARtiE*r SHOK STORU on SEVENTH Li STREET. The largest, oheapcit, end Weet aaaorted atock of HOOTS AN 0 SHOES f n Seventh ?t?eet ib at Ul'MMINS A CO'SHHI Near More, one dcor aonth of NorthernW Market. * AL Peraona deeirta* to hay goat aa well aa cheap Staona will feed, at the above Store, Boota acd 191 ? *" " - oners mai c*nn-1 liii lo suit in prioe m<1 quft) ty. Also, HATBand CAPS of the latest stjles. With a large as>ortm nt ??f I'M BR ELLAS Remember the large Bltie^irn. c. f. crwrSiiN* * oo? >47 Stveatk door below oc3ft I w Northern Market IHUHIEKV. OLOVKM.fco. BAVK J net received my Fall t>?p?';i>fUdi?i', Gents', and Misses' Hosiery and G lores, of all qualities, of English ami Oerman manuiacture ail Mlling at tha lowest prices at wkote?aiea?4 retail. HENRY EGAN, 3*21 Pa avenue, and ?21 Seventh ?L, oc 19 6t near the Avenue House. IRE! FIRE!! FIRElt ~~ *100 REWARD. ( II >?. T *? -' ' * ooa viction of the i wvo k w?fu iui uv ?nu _ > parson or ee a<>na vl?o |rad the o^rp?n(?r'i ihup of R?*ra ft* Brother on im nixnt of the llth In.tAnt. Their all wm 4'ntroyed Jtneruui ami aymialaiiiai public will ha ealM o? or & (mail amouut to eaable them to naam thair former buawteae. _ uo 15 ISAAC BEERS. ao?i w'ne w", and tMt of aiofie IfAftTjf made by Laoe^ft^Phi I pa Inquire at the U. 8. Areeual. r. such aa ifraceieia, eir-nin. roo u Mr-rinra, Neeklaeea, Breaetyina. Qi laaru, Oroaeaa, Ac , made t liaar, to tar ad mjM of tuittoa mm L. G. MAJUNL />*RAT BAK6AI.N8 H ^ \ IN DKBS8 OOOM1 ' " " "HP ?ssa ??. mWbss?#? h*&4 w potubU. I ? MrUiing in my lio? at 4 ? MW MMni : mm* ,G?OCKJtIKg ofOroMtfM. wo B2i?sr.5 ^Ukoal;. it?SX. * i. v. noVLIBb * tu . Al srf? 'rt. MeeUIRK ft CO . Al Uj A. URfcEN Amu *(a Ttit.tBUMllrii HMrtMBt ol in tar*. W? MBin*r?u> u. pet? Fin* M?>i'tin? ^ Wwrnt P*rl? r Sou, vith Uio o*t*l.? fc.v?nni. oonspr.aiAf t T*u * T?t?i, t Arm and 6 fvior Cteir*. Pin* M?ho??ay M*rk? top Dreatmc ki4 otk?r it, Fl*? MUoiur Mftrbia-U p Center, t?id? fend H< U F,..rUlrw, WkfctcoU, Corner, Book u4 otker SUtDd ?, Fin* M&bof&cy Hwr-eoiht' ne.! and 9prtcg 0ofM. Lcascee. Cm*tor. Arm ud Routiag I'fcetr*, ri? u.l ?? ? " ? ibv aav rfwuny 1 1DU, F fAMIi U4 Otbtf B#.1*t??d?. Cm* mm ufts*. Duaii, ui CUntw Ckftiri) Pia* W| LiUwi Mtkoiu; Wardrobe*. BoaktMt ard 9*?r?tari.?. Fib# Marbi* top Cottage and Hall H??U, Ch na. tila** and Crock*rv War* Vv ith a larg* ran*t? uj oth*r t-ormtar*, which w* d<*m u?n*o***ary to Miwaiciat* Alio ibr?*8.??ad kanu fit chilM.oMo/tb.k la wj mitt or, ?:tii Stool *r,d Cov*', T*rma: Ad ?uni? uu.i*r ti5 oaah: n??r ft a or*lit of 2. 3 ? d 4 nioiitha. lor BoM iiti*laotunl| n-i->b*arto? mt*r*?t. H- lu to Ruvtoii oftM Ioim by tk( la: of noTMbtr, bare* * nit? btu? oud wCd A ti H r.KN . Ait Br TH09 DOW LINO ; Gforfilovi. CURNITLRI'., CH|C?K*?. DUCK*. T Ac?Ob THURSDAY MORNINO. tk. t ?h lait , at * o'olo?a, 111 front of ;k?tu?.iot rouai. iW tf*oW ui *tamiij 1 ?a?nt* l? wn, oou?iktiM| of? Chair*. I* im, Hurraua, F*atli*r btdi, H?d.t<??i?. Crockery Gimi W 1*o<?io( G w>*>, W<im, k e , Ae. Al?o, thraa ftn? Hof?. Lot of t.hiokaas, Dacka, 4o , 4.0. L*tTd ?M"' THQg. DOWLIW6,Ai?t bV BARNARD k BUCEKV. iiebooMri, IT'OTfrlrtru, D. C SI PVRIOR HOU8KHOI.U ANORITCHKN rcutmi 4T KlkllC A I'CTIOH.?Oa r RI DA V it<OkKii>u i ?i:?t , at 1 o'oirck, ? will * ). at th? r??td?bo? of J. A Yarro , K?? . 100 W??t tiiut,1>.C .hi k? HouMiao.d Far m tura, *o , o< ?ipri? mi ? Maboffany Ha.r-?< at ?ofa, Aria Chair* and Boak r?. Mano|u; Piath ?aat Chain and Mirror, Do Marb^-t p Oct#' 1 abi* anu T?a Po?t. Goth o Chair*. Eta<ara abd Matotacy ?f?d? Ta bUi, Candelabra*. CLaode!n*r? an i Cabinet Vaaaa. ValTet. Bra***!*, Ingrain larpat, Kuf* aad Mat lia|i Cartaim. Carpet aad Hall Oi!alatli. Pir.a China l/iunar, Tea am l odMBaUaa^ Plated War a, M&kAaRb* Hint** Do tflfieboaid aod ??:**s Ware, Hat Raek, toMV()od and Mahofacy Marble top Dtmubi liratu, Nklmiu? ud VVatsut Bedeteade, Do do WirCrwM ud Itir-mi Ckftin. goH?uiid and Mahojary Marble to* Wntwt>id and Toilet Sets. Exoellent Car led kair Mattr?**ee, Feather Boleter* an* Ph'om, Shuck and Cotton and Shack Mattrea*ee aad Tailet filMMiaad Mirrora. Chamber Carpet*,Ca?* ?eat and Woodeeat Chan* and Kootm, Stove* and Rrfrifentor. With an exotliaat assortment of Kitchen Parni tara. Terms: ?2S ca? h; ow that amoant a credit of and M day*, for approved endorsed note*, beano* iatereek _ ooS 4 BARNARD * RICKEY. A??U. THIS AFTERNOON 4- TO-MORROW Br J- C. Motif IRK *. CO.. ? ? AT OeWssr 'UH UUI1IU|"UVIU[ M WO' JOCK, V# aflSil eel!, Bt f h# Ac'ion Ko;'m?. a ?ma!l eullectton of Kindiomc Staffed Bird',production of A. tialbraith, Tandai rmti. enbiaoieg, eoli?>eti?e, fcoth native a 4 foroif n Birds, ar: a f *d on aingi- aprara. IB ptift. and uadcr g taaa ikMut, representing living iM ?. l>rm? ouh oo 19-4 1. C. McGt lRE ft CO.. Aaeto. CTTaE above sals 18 POSTPONRD OB aoooaatof U*BMtk?r. Bitil MONDAY AF TERNOON, Oet ?d, ?u* hear Bud ?UM. ? v * - RE 4 COTai oo ao d J.C MoUUl Br CLEARY * GREEN |A Household furniture, i?ry goods. Ac. at Accrios ? 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