Newspaper of Evening Star, October 22, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 22, 1860 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. IZT Tteogh The Stah Is printed oa the forfeit tram prsaa la oae south mt Baltimore, Its edition la so lug* m to require It to b* pot to press at as early bear Advertisements, therefore, should be sent la before li o'clock m ; otberwlae they nay not appear antil the next day. Notic*.?District of Colombia Advertltements to be Inserted la theBaLTmoaa Sc* are received at a ad forwarded from The Ihu Ottce. R KLI9IOC4 ? Yesterday there was a eery general turn-out of the church-going portion of tbe popu lation of Washing ton. and tse reaolt waa that tbe varloua churches were more numerously atteaded than for arrtcal 9abbatba past. Tbe weather waa Ciaant and tbe atrcets tolerably cleaa after the vy rates of the peevloue week. M P. Ckmrrk, Ifimt* ttrttt ?The servIce was conducted i^he morning by Rev P. L W llaon, pastor, who^rearhed from the text of Deuteron omy. 33 31?' For their rock Is not as our rock, even our enemies themselves being judges." After the discourse, tbe ordi nance of baptism was administered to a lady according to thedlsclDllne of tbe cburcb The Invitation beintfextended to tbose who dttfred to un'.te with the cnorch, seven prraina presented themselves and Wfff received into charrh fellowship Last night, Rev. Dr. Gibbon* delivered a very effective discourse upon tbe subject of salvation from the text of lid Tim othy. 10,10; after which, the pastor announced tbe claae of the series of protracted meetings and the resumption of tbe regular order of service; and tbea, a fir a touching appeal to tbe members to continue their personal efforts, and to tbe se rious attendants at tbe chnrch to Increase their efforts, the congregation was dismissed. . St. Aliysi**.?Yesterday was tbe anniveroary r\t th? il*fiir>tlAn a/ tKU aKhmiW II a m a large congregation was present to bear High Man Father Stonestreet, late pastor of the church, officiated at the altar, and tbe sermon was by Rev. Father Karly, President of Georgetown College, upon tbe subject of The tilory of tbe Church. Notification was given that on next Sunday afternoon, at 3 o'clock, tbe corner-stone of St. Joseph's Male Orphan Asylum will be laid on tbe site adjoining St Aloysius Church, on which occasion a cbarity address will be de livered by Father Maguire, and afterwards a con tribution will be taken up for the benefit of the orphans of that asylum The old choir of St. Patrick's church being present, the sixteenth fc r.ind mass bv Haydn wa? well performed. under the cosdactorship of Prof. T. N . Caulfleld. M P Ckmrck. \ary-Yard?RfT.W.T Domm, pastor. prrn bed from 2 4 Tbesaalonians, S.13.14,15. The discourse waitn exhortation to the member* of tbecharcbto do their duty in the protracted meetings now in progress At night, from the word " repent," a uuMt powerful sermon wm preicbfd; after which, the prayer meeting exer cise* were resumed Thong b no penttenta pre sented themselves at the altar, the meeting was very interesting, and promises to be productive of good The meetings will continue every night of this week at the church. Mnkediit Epiuo/ial Church South?The ser vices of the day were conducted by the pas'or, Kev. Mr. Proctor, who delivered a discourse In tbe morn I ng upon the text of J amp* 5:19, 20? Brethren, if any of vou do err from the troth and one convert him. Let bim know that he which conrerteth the tinner from the error of tola way, hall u*e a aoul from death, and ahall hide a mul titude of tins." At night the tame prearhed from J.uke 15:10?4-Llkewi*? I aay unto you, there la jjy tn tbe preaenreof tbe augela of God over one aianer that repenteth n tkurck.?Rer. O. IV. iSiuiton, D. I> , prea- Led in tbe morning from Lamentation*. 'i -w ....1 ? ?. d .... u r vi 1? -? " u ui'f miu bu< uc? ?j vj . v imi ucr? ui laurcaviiie, Aid , at uijjbt. from the text Acta 17.23 U?ton Praytr M*eting?Wjuifli Chapel, Cap itol Hill, under the auspices of the Young Men'* Christian Association, wsa well attended, and the audience seemed Interested Theee meetings have been In progress some montha. and an yet there seems to be no abatement of the interest. They are h?ld every Sunday afternoon at 4 o'clock, continuing one hour. Tit ' Methodist Frotkstast " aso thi Hoidii Methodists?Slnee the General Con ference of the Method'st KpiscopelChurch, which assembled in Buttilo, New York, in Mar laat. adjourned, much discussion has arisen in the churches of lite border Conferences at to what course tbev should pursue in view of the enact ment* ( ! the General Conference. The border Methodists are those of the middle States and the District of Columbia, comprising the Baltimore and East Baltimore Conferences. The action of the General Cenferenre that urged them to the Immediate consideration of the question, "what shall we do ?" was that adopting the "new chap ter" on slnverr. which action bad especial upon these border Conferences. A going that a secession ' inevitable, and one of the wants cf the border Methodists, the question was taken np last week bv tbe editor of the Meth odist Protestant, Rev. E. Yfttes Reese. D. D . who devotes a column of the ehurrb paper to thbe consideration of tbe most proper coarse for tbe border to porsue. and as tbe vflrlal or?an of the MtUiodist Protestant Church eitends an Invi tation to them of tbe border Conferences to unite with that church. Cibcvit Cocet ?The Court met this morning at the usual boar Tbe petit jurors of tbe pending terra were called.and answered as follows: Adam lieddes, Jr , A P. Dully, Hamael Pumphrey. J. \V f-'asby. William C Gregg. Richard Butt, W. Toison. J J Malloy, Henry Lyles, Fulla t->vp, j no i i;i?menta, Jonathan Shafer, C bar let All?-n, Bai 1 Hoby. Wm U Flood, John Mar bury. Jr , Ja? 9 Holland. John I. Berrnt, Cutb t^rt P Wallacb, F.dward 8. Wright, Theodore Hheckalla, \V?at ScoU, Thomas Fiinm.i. John Reynolds, John R Carpenter, Kdward Detble, Henry M Hurdle. Eliaa T ravers, Oliver H Bork bead, Joaepb W Davia The Brat caae taken up waa an inquisition cac la which Edmund Cam mack was the plain*! if tad A. S Wneon defendant Inquisition was rafcirned for plaintiff. la U>e caae of the laited States ex relation* of Uh.rH VV.11./-K ?..t I n " ' ' _ ? ?<>?vh tfoum u-, orrrrv, insyor 01 Waabmgtoa, the Court thlf morning ordered that writ of qmo warranto be :?saed a*jain?t tbe re spondent, to be returned on the l*2tb day ol No vember, proximo Police axd U. 8 Cas?Junta Don* On Saturday John Barnes was arreted by officer Yentman, for being drunk and disorduly tn Seventh ?tr?*t. near tbe market He was taken before 'Squire Donn. who ordered blm to pay * UnrofM 16 He vm taken to tbe guardkouat; krpt till sobered; and then diamiaard County A-era B<? and Oanmiark were called upon to a man named T F Jnhnann >ml wu ? " TWv were charged with stealing anme articles of ctot!. :tjr (n Richmond, from which place they 3ri?i lor New York. They were followed to city and arreted. Tnev were committed to Wait a further bearing or a requisition from Vir ginia ),st,rHaw ?Police officer King arrested Win Adam*. colored, joat out of the worbbouse. but 4run k ag*M. ar>d exposing himself indeasndy in the atreeta. King waa b lading him to theguvd buiiae, when Adama. who la a powerful fellow, began to resist, aad King called upon citizens be kaew to aaalit, but th*-y declined A strar.ger aoie to bla relief and knoebsd Adama down, and aariaU-d to tie Lira. Adams waa sent back to the wavkliouM for w daya Cactiorequested to vara the public Elht-rally, and boarding houX" keeper* part'.cu rly. agalaat a man paaalag under a itame rvl denily ??iumed He i* remarkably fluent of Mi r and baa evidently traTeled exten*:rely to ?e South Re calls hlinaelf a Virginian, but Mli >( prueat from Florida. He Is aboat Ira #Kt eight inches high, very tb jk set, uses apac tar Ira. and wear* a cap. He w ?rs black lumMf loth clothes, aocuawUat rusty and baa la bla poa n.'in a colored pboto^raph of a woman ar>d fcild. wtileh It la believed ba stole He alleges ttat be la just from the South. and arcaants for me absence or baggage by paying that he lost his fceck at Montgomery, Ala , andbts trunks have Dt vet rome on It ! bettered be Is a boatman, book oat ft* him. Accidkst.?A distress! ug tod aim oat fatal aocl dent occurred a* tho rssideuco ot Mr U K Rau d?ll. First Ward, on Saturday night last His roorhman felt from the attic wladow to the gar des, a distance of forty feet, breaking bts arm and several ribs Dr Hagner was called !a, but the Inflamatia* was too treat to allow bim to set the m o at that time The patient was doing as well could be expected under the circumstances RorLirTiM ?Ob Friday nl^btabontbo'eloek, w%>le the storm wii raging, the grocery of Mr. ? fi abbwd, corner of Ninth and H streets north, was cntared, aad the counter drawer with Its Aunts (about 917) carried awnf. Tha pro prt>-*?r w?? fitting In a back room, aod the atora door, opening with an alarm bail, waa cloaed The thief by putting hi* arm through tb?? window fixed the bell and held it till be opened the door. AtiiviD at Carter'* wharf, (foot of Thirteen th -half street.) schooaera Vtoaun, Karri a, ,, Philadelphia. with 10U taaa of coal (or Moraa k Hilton; Charm. Starr, from the rt. with 105 tuna of coal for Mr M. Recb ?araoo. Shaw, from the aame port, with ' coal for Measra. Caatleuian i Uro it?Sometime during the heavy storm I nig bt Last about two hundred feet of the ^.Frln Ninth at reel wait cived in fror^a leeriv ODO*ftit? tli* Pr?*h?lM(?? -l v iptht oppoatV- tb? PalrM O4ec rtrriHHBl A? tu.a ! to orb traveled, tt to d<?irabl? ttot repairs be iuatltuU-d there M tou* m patalble. ' ^ 'I L? Hoi To* for Swmfcer c?QUlm eMuaA 8utr? ?r tba Utee* twMll. xrt?: Cloak*,. ilj^efcndreii,? tlrin, j^orti'Tv^ rrretug and > 1 ' ?jT* _ IifT?i?TiK0 Coimitroiimtci ?Tbc follow. Ins eerr?spor>dence bu tak*n place, on subject which we have already alluded to at tome length: Washington, October 15, 1fJ0U Fir: The pistol referred to In ttoeBclaaied letter hm been aent voo by exprraa It affords roe pleaa ure to have It In no y power to render yon tbia ser te*. It la trne, indeed, aa roeutioned ( the letter, that I did expreaa the wish, repealed]jr and pub licly. that your property should be reatored to Ita rightful owner. My wish. It ae*ma, baa been re spected. and I am glad of It, tfcongh Ignorant of tti* mm* h<?n > ? ' ? 1 J tHv wui w ?IVUI WWVH\<C 11 cuiurs. vy UCIl n5Lfl?WI please oblige me by an acknowledgment, directed to me at Boston, Mam., No 3 W Intrr street I am, air, youra respectfully, ? Tbaodbds Him Col WAsantaroM, Harper's Perry. Ashta1?la. Coc*tt, (O .) Aug. 10,1860. Dew Sir: Herewith I transmit to yen the pistol wbleh came into n?Y possession during the contest tar frMdmii nt mlmwmm -? i ?It to you because I have beard tCat you have expressed with to get possession of It. I believe that thla pistol ia one of considerable value, and that I won Id be justified 1a making it available to the cans* of freedom rather than return It to its former Virginia possessor, (Col. Washington;) but my regard for your noble stand in defease of humsn liberty prompts me to send It to yoa, with full permission to dispose of it as yon may think beet. As my name will not be necessary in this matter, I beg leave to withhold it, and subscribe myself yours, truly, A Fairno of Libskty. Thaddxcs Hyatt, Esq., No 46 Morton St.. N.Y. JirriRto* Covwtt, (V? ,) Oct. 18,1800 Sir: It afford* me pleasure to acknowledge th? receipt of the pistol and also the accompanying letter*. He assured I shall never be unmindful of the courtesy you have done me, and ahould any simi lar occasion be presented to roe. It shall not be permitted to pass without a full reciprocity on mv part. The pistol of Its-lf Is of no intrinsic value, as compared with the improved arms of the present day; but it bears a mystic value, as having been presented bv tafavette to Gen Washington at an early period of our Revolution, and used by tbe General during tbat conflict. Feeling myself to be only the custodial possessor of this relic, its history being national, I can only transmit It to posterity with the injunction with which Gen. Washington handed down to his nephews tbe five swords, viz: "That they should not be unsheathed for tbe purpose of shedding blood, sjve in self-defense or In defense of their couutry, and then the possessors shall foil, but not relinquish them." I would to God tbat tbe interest of our common country was more harmonious than tbe perturbed condition of sectional and political strife finds it; that we were acting as a band of brothers for oar general advancement, and not as fraternal foes who cast it luting stigma on our aires, who fought aide by aide Id congenial harmony for the purpose of transmitting to tbeir descendant* a Constitution fur the protection of which they might rally aa around their hearthstones, and glory in its preser vation. I still trust that the reflection of sensible men of our country will present to them the Ineffable disgrace which must ever attend and abide with the vandal hand which flr*t causes a tear to be made in the parchment on which is written our present glorious Constitution I am, sir, very respectfully, yours, L. w. Washih&ton. To Thaddxtts Hyatt, Esq. Alexandria Matter*?The Orange and Alex andria Railroad will issue round trip tickets to persors wisLlnir to attend th? st?t? t-'air at Richmond, coirmeooint; tbia we-k. Tbe annual meeting of the stockholder* of the Alexandria xnd Loudoun Railroad will be h*Id in Alexandria on the 31st inat The itockholders of the Orange and Alexandria Rsllruad will meet on tbe 1st of November, aud those of the Manassas Gap Railroad will meet on tbe 15th. All theae met-ting* are expected to be largely attended, and aa a consequence many strangers will visit Alex andria dunn? their sessions. The repalri on the Long Bridge were completed on Saturday evening, and tne whole structure ia now said to be more *ubstantial than It has been for so me yeara past The trainson the Alexandria and Washington Railroad have resumed their regulsr trips, and In connection with Latham's line of omnibuses are running hourly, starting frcm the corner of Seventh street and Louisiana avenue. Robert E Scott, E*q., ia to addresa a meeting of the Union party at Liberty Hall, Alexandria, tc-nlgbt. Aa Nr. S Is considered a "big gun" In the Bell and Everett ranks here, a large crowd ia expected to be present to-night. Tom, the blind ne^ro boy pianist, Is giving a aeries of bis interesting and aatoniahing euU-r oiuuirnw at oairpui nau, Aiexanam. we nave beard Tbalberg, ^trakoaoh. Jaell. and other eml neut planlats who have performed In thiscountry, but in our hnmble judgment tbl* blind, Idiotic, untaught plantation negro boy haaa way of getting off niualr. equal If not superior to any of these great iirtla Mr Oliver, the owner of the boy, Informs us that Tom will toon appear before a washing ton audience, at which time we can safely promise the citizen* of the Diatrict a rich and rare tuusical treat?such a one u la ouiy met with ouce lua life time \\J ^ V ? ? ? A A-* *? * ? * .f c aie uapfy u> siaie i&ai Hugu Latham, Esq , of Alexandria who tas been suffering recently from a severe indisposition, bu so fox recovered as to be able to walk out. Ckxtial Gcard-hoc** Casks.?Sunday ? An drew Wilson, (col'd,) drunk and disorderly; fine and onsts, S3 15 Geo Cole aod John Ooesher, (col'd.) do ; workhouse Wi days earli Joe Penny, do and assault; workhouse Wi davs Robert Mil ler vagrancy; flue and rosta, $2.15 After the trial of the cases, and the departure of all tbe prisoners except Joe Penny, and while but a single guard was present, he having laid down op a settee to take a nap, Justice Donn pertly averted bfo f ice frcra tbe prisoners' dock, and r.omnienred reading a paper Penny took a beavy pop bottle, .. j ? - -- - auu a i Hi ink uc-iiuentipiy at tne squire's brad, threw it with all ht? might Fortunately it passed under the ^qufrc'a chin, struck his breast in a gUnctng direction, and caught in the bosom of bis vest The Squire immediately seized a stick, snd leaping into toe dork, gave Joe a sound thrashing. The noise awoke the sleeping guard, who volun teered a few beavv pelts in the Squire's behalf, and then secured Joe. He was sent to tlte work taou*/, wb?re he will remain in Irons until ih? Cflwinal Court Monday ?Joe Wright, an "old soger.'* was drunk fcntl tried to break into the house or a Ger man WOIu:iIi with an n ? micm. nc wa? a?nt down for 90 days Tbos Bonldin and Thoa. Bouidln, Jr , for vagrancy were given a like direction for UQ days. F.KiToa or tbb 3t?*:?Can you inform me If thrre art* any police atatloned In the Pint Ward If ao, so jvhere are tbey on Suuday? Yesterday about 12 o'clock a disgraceful scene occurred on D street, between Seventeenth and Eighteenth; and last night about half past 11 the whole neigh borhood were aroused by the cries of ''murder," ' watch," "help," <kc. Notwithstanding all thla there w>re no police to b* found October 22. " National Rirncs.?We understand that this pirited corps will this afternoon appear on parade, leaving the armory about 4 o'clock. Before re turniug at Digbt th^y will be drawn up In line on Pennsylvania avenue, probably near Four and-a half street, for tbe purpose of having a large and excellent photograph likeness of tbe cor pa taken by Mr Wbltehurat. Paor- Bkluojt, by mlatakc, wa? announced in our iasue of Saturday to open on Monday We should have aaid that' Tuesday (to-morrow) night will be tha occasion of bis dtbut before tbe Wash ington public. Tbe Profeaaor ia engaged, we uiiunnuiu, ih iraiiBinrmiDg me UOd KellOWS' Hall into a Palace of Wonders, and will no doubt astonish and perplex lome of our skeptleg. Hollowat's fata. .Y'rrouj Dtbiiity, fc.?Aa a awdati ve and inrigor at dk medicine, these Pill* have had an astonishing au+oea* in vtrj part of the eirilixed globe. Thar art unaAVeted bv climate aa th*ir operanona arc the ram- in tUo torrid xooe or the Artie regions. Th-y retula the pulse acd the action of the heart, brace ana atreugthen the relaxed nerves, give toi.e and energy to the general system, and by re es'ablish i ft* vigorous effort of the ri tal fa notion* extinguish >1 - *- " 1 * ?ii? vifiiiafiiioi ineiftncnoiy, Uepratied ipiri'it blues, vapors, Jto. Sold by ail Druggists at 25o . 62o. mod 91 per box. oo?-lw _ uta?'s Balsam o? Wild Ckiit. The following letter Trom Rev. Hisut Wood, ol Conoord. N. H., Kditor of lb* Con* regaMonal Jour nal, steaks vo.uinea ia favor oi Balkan Corcokd, N. H., March 1. Mss?m*. Skth W. Fowl* * Co.?Otniitm?: Two years ago, a suddsn and violent attack upon or Lungs confined me to nijr bed for several weeks, and wken rreooverud, I was so tnucli oppressed by difficulty in breatbin*, that I was often unable to sleep or reet apeaab^d by night. The suffering was extreme, and iudgtfig frotn tne i?geaey of the remedies used. 1 supfoeed the disease incurable. , ??*IJ 1 # * ^ I A?rftHTth? ton oat ' ^ hhi' y?ori trulr rb *???. B1U0 BnJ?" -Ua2irL lfn*"T Woo?, 3?@SgS^ ? - ?-aK?X ? j??,?n? **""" * ""* I DcaiJif TIUJMMU that has just peeped away, thou?anas of ?nfsrer? from djs?ntery sad diarrh<ra have been relieved by the m<of Ho*UiUr'i Bitters, a medicine which ie evidently destined to maintain a permanent place in the public estimation. Bil liuas diarrhoea ia one of those dneasea which baf fles the skill of the physician. The medicite they adnim ter to aot apon the bowels never seems to reach the sou roe of (he evil The diftculty is to cet a remedy that will reach ail the diseeuve organs, and live them simultaneous!* a rush of visor to rid tnein tlvea of this disease. This problem n solved i by the Bitters, which never fail to o<* qner the most stubborn e*s?s It is Aur to say that, j dur(n< the season jnst olosej, this medicine has | achieved more caree than any other ever preaented to th* public, and daring the fall, when that terrible s<*ourse, the Fever and Ague, is so arsvalent, the Bitters will gain fresh fame. ro d hy draftists and dealers generally every wnwre. oo 3-Mk M*n, W iJHiow, an ex pari enoed nurae and female phyaiciaa. has* 8o?tki*t Symp for Ch\ldr*n Ttttk int. which greatly facilitates tha prooeei ofteethmt by aofteainx the iimi, reduoing all iutiamwauon? will allay all pain, aad ia tare to repulate the ho wait. Depend upon it, i?oth?re,it will fire reel to youraelvea. and relief and health to yonr infanta. Perfectly aafe ia all oaeea. Sao advartiaement in aaothar coiumn. oc 11-ly To th* Amrcm!?Be rare to read the adrer tiaement of MeLeaa'a Strengthening Cordial and Blood Purifier, in another oolumn. tf J MARRIKD. f On the 'Ith instant, Iky the Rer. Mr 9?pea, Mr. JOHN WH L18to Aliaa MARVn.HTHRKVK*. alt of thia city. ' " DOKD, In Georgetown, on the morning of the 2let inst , after a lingering illnesa of 14 montha, whioh ahe bore with christian forurode and resignation, MARTHA ELLEN, be'oved wife of J. Lipscomb, in tli-* S5th venr cf her age. May her bleaaed Re deemer reertive her into everlaating life in heaven. ( Baltimore and Richmond papera copy.) On the?d inatant, Mrs. CATHARINE LYNCH in the 57th y?>ar of her age. Her friends and relatives are reaoeetfullT invit*ri tj Attend her funera , to-morrow, at 3 o elock, from No. 445 corner 17th at. and New York av. * qoan REWARD.?i will gire the above re v 4vu ward for the arreat and conviction of the part* or paitiea implicated in the burning of raj table on the night of the 15th inat. c 19 3f J. B. haw. corporation of washington, cor ^ poration OF alexandria and washington gas i.I?ht company stocks fur pale, of sums to suit jas C. meguirk & co , oo 19 6t Auot. and ('ommmion merchante. BUCKWHEAT FLOUR.-kvwo ponnda new, fre?h ground buckwheatfoollr juat re oeived and for aale in lota to auij by V. Ld- nUKKIBUn ft CM., O* 19 Corner of Twelfth ?: d B ate. PYOU WI9U TO GET GOOD CLOTHING cm ? A* h?" SMITH'S, No. 4G0 Seventh at., 00 19 In bet wow K and F ?ta. J NOTICE. OSEPH REPET1 Informs the Bublio that ha haa reopened on I street, between 7th and 8th eta. FANC if and MILLINKRY and UR Y GOODS oia cheaper than any other store in Washington ciry. No. 483 Navy Yard, I street, lietween 7th anu 8th ?tg. oo 19-3t* CARPETING 8! garpetings! have just received, from the northern auctions, a large and handsome assortment of Carpeting*, at very low p. i??s Cull early aud jet bargain*. henry E9AN, No 3'il Pa. av., oo 1<> 6t and 321 71 li s?.- n<*ai- Avenue House. 1 N E N SHIRT fronts. iiWdogcn Linen Slurt Fronts just receive-!. of assorted styles and qualities, of my own imputa tion, warranted all pure h?en, HENRY EGAN, oc la 6i 321 Pa av.. and H'i 1 Seventh st. For ovhRcoAi's, pants, vests, hats AND CAPS, Go to SMITH'S, No. 460 8eventh st? oo la iffi Opposite Post Offioa. TGUNS?GUN8?GUNS! HOSE IN Want of GUNS or PI9TOLS are invit'd to oall and examine our n too It Th will be sold very low. We have also a good supply of | Gnu Furniture. Our stock of Hardware, Cutlery, Ac, is now oomplete. CAMPBKLL k. SON. oo 19 9t 351 Pa. avenue. RNT# SHIR TS VI COLL.AR&, TIES. STOCKS. HANDKERCHIEFS, And all kind* of GENTS' FURNISHING GOOD*, at 25 per cent. lets than any ?ther store i. the oity. At ool91m SMITH'S. Serenth st. L/OR SALE-STOCK ASD FiXTUK&S OF r AX AMBROTYPl( ROOM-l will sell the Stook ana Fixture* of my Ambrotype Room* cheap for cash There la a roctl opo-a't j< room, with ex cellent skylight. Also, a ep'endid reception room, " "irniahed, r ' r- r - well furnished, and everything that is requisite appertaining to ambrotiping. Apply immediate" at No. 324 Pa. av. oo 19 *o3t H?w Carpet Rooms! Attraction! in Carpets and Oilcloths! Bt daily aldition. our STOCK OF CARPETS will t.e k pt full and attractive the whole aea*<n. Our STOCK OF OILCl.OTHS is the bent in the city, and present* handsomer styles than are to ha found ?luewhere. Buyers are requeued to call at our rooma before btiyin* rhe* will find our pMoes a* low ai any in the city, and our stock excelling in freshness and variety. L F. PKRRY * CO., Upper Room* "Perry Building," oc IJMit Corner Pa. a?. and Nintn at. WARM UNDER GARMENTS. Our assortment of Wool. Silk, Merino, and Cot ton l\N DKRSHIRTS ana DRAWERS is now complete, l<otn at who'.iaaie and r^'ail, at . STEVENS'S oa 17-6t Salesroom, Brown's Hotel. T CEMETKIV NOTICE. i HK Subscriber ofTera for isle hia?t??ok of M A R B'-K NONUMBNT^t TOMB?, GRAVE WTf>N>-S And MARBLE MANTELS at reduo?d pnoea for oaab or approved note*. An early call ia Solicited. WM. RU HERFuRD. Marble Worka, 3^4 K at north, oc 17 3m between Ijth and 13th. (VIOTICK OF COPARTNER SHI P.-We, the undersiguiHl, have this da? entered into oopart nership to transact the general Auction, Cowims si >n and Furniture Busineas, tin !sr the name and etyleof Boniz * Griffith. HENRY BONTZ, C. fHEO. GRIFFITH. BONTZ k. fiRIFFIlH wojld restectfully in fer their frinmi? and th? oitixen* of Washington that thejr_have opened a general Auction, Comtnia sion ft ml Furniture S?toi?*, No. <*9 Sevrnth street, between I and K sts Thay will pay atriot atten tion to all business entrusted to their c^rA. Far ticnlar attention raid to all aalea of hnrauure and Real K?tat?, both at public and private sale. A nare of the public pafron?a? m earnestly solicited. BONTZ * tiltlFRTH. Auction and i'nmniiMion Merchants, oc 15-eoSt No. 369 7th at., bet. I and K. DMRY GOODS-DRY GOODS! DRY GOODS-DRY GOODS! We have now in store a vey large and well as sorted Ktock of Dry Goods. of every kind and qual ity We oordially invite all persons in want of Dry Goods to call and examine our atook bejors maki- g tr-.eir purchases elsewhere. K.very article will bo som ai me lowest inarret price. WM. R RII.EY A BRO., No. S6 Central :*tore4. Between 7th and 8th streets, 00 3 eolm Opposite center Market. ST O V E 8! 8 TO V E 8~ STOVES!!! 1 have on hand a large assortment of Uooking ?nj other Mores, which 1 will ?eil cheaper than f.nv other house in the District, as H is my nt*ntion to close them nut. Call awl m?,SI and then judfe fur yourselves. c- SNYDER, oc * Next door to tVe Star Office. ??r? *> */ t ? ??/ tuMvuoj oouoontf n? t * Corninf ?old and disposed of all bia interest : in tne tiid firm to \ G. Corninf, who ia author- | isnd to aettle up the Iniainess of t-airi firm, and who will continue the Sash, Door and Blind Bnsineaa at 'I thaold stand, No 568 Seventh street, opposite the | Center Market, where ha solicits the cuutinuanoe of past favora. N. G. CORNING, A. W. CORNING. Washington. October 15th, I860. N. B.?I take thia opportunity of informing mr fields and oastonieri generally that I have enWea the eniplojment of N. G. Corning as salesman, and h%H tie happy to aaa thein at his plaoa of huaiaaaa, where I shall be in cunatant attendance to serve tham aa tivetofora. oc II A. W. CORNING. WNEW CLOAKS. E Have Una dav reee.ved from New York ft beau til ul a?>oitment of caw atyle Fait and Winter CLOAKS. an?h aa tha arm.t> 1. Alia va a nil ntKe* * ?tTi*g'. [ Blyk and Jfreooh Cloths. Al?o. Plun CloUu. ail of whioh w* off#' low. ?L? TAYLOR A HUTCHISON. 117 OOO! WOOD!! ^TOVE^ KINDLING & Iowm T. J. A W. M. 6ALT, ... ?*-. Utk and Utk ata., * P-tf WWtll ?l?1 ROUGHS, COLD8^HOA*BENES8, A^ COMPOUND SYHUP OF GUM ARABIC i nn pieM?nt mm popular Uoagh Km<4; kM bMi so losg known aqi xteaaivaij ?Md,, tkai mo?t Mnnn? h??? bMomr nmiliv witk its wtrao rd i na ry (Comt. It m b? kad at all tba ?rinoi?al drag uorM at 2&and so ooiita a frottie. m? dtmkMm* W u ??9 P*.. At., MiliamJ Wharf foot COAL axBttraBvt* VI7ASH1N0TON ...

V? T *y -J? "UW? JB <1$ i>^v' V>w> I WANTS. I17ANTKD-A WOMAN (whiU or oolor*d> to " onok and nib. Inquire a*. tkit oftoa. war V|TANTED-By *?in(flsm*B. a SITUATION m " koctlar or carmf* drtvar and to work aboat th^ Good rafaracc#* can L* girait. Adjreas K. 1.. a?ortetown Pott Oflc*. oc fa at* 117 ANTED? Bjr ayounj woman, a SITUATION " a* oKambermai'l. wuhur a.n<l ir?,n?r rnrerenne. Apply at No. 9*44 1. iL, between 19th and l?*h sta. It" WANTED?4 SITUATION, by a respectable young girl, 18 years of ag<?, ?? child * nurae ud to asaut in plain sewiag. Go d reeommenda ti -ns <i v?n. Please aJdrea* Box 3, Star Office. t.c a t* WANTED? By a mitMkll vontava SITUA TION a* chambermaid or nerse. wood refer eoo*. Apply at No. 444 K street, betsreen 8th and 7th at*., Navy Yard, opposite the Market Uouie. oS 2-it* WANTED?A F KM ALE. to cook ami wash " tbr a small family A'so, a Boy, who under stands driviac. Apply at 3S6 Fourth st. want, be tween D and K striata north oc 8Q-9t r|RE9SMAKERS WANTED-Ten expert I w enoed Dreaaraaleers e*n find emp oyment at No. 193 F street, south side, betweec 17th and 18th sta.. opposite Winder's Buildin*. Nnn? hnt hands naed appljr. <>o9-9t FURN1TUR E WANTED?Persons h*vir,j re fpectahle Household Furniture to dispose of will hear of cash purcha?ers after the S8th instant by addroesiag J. B., at tois office. oo 19 6t* W" ANTED IMMEDIATELY?From ?5 to $10,000 worth of SECOND-HAND FURNI TURF, of all kinds, for which I will guaranty to par the highest prices, and, as usual, at the shortest no tion R. bCchly. Dealer in Furniture, Stoves, he , oc 9 4QM 7th ?t.. bet. G and H. east side. WANTED?All kinds of SECOND-HAND w FURNlTURE.for which I will pay the cash, at 369 Seventh stroet, between I and K. oo 6-tf BONT3 ft: GRIFFITH. WANTED?To have everybody know that ther ean find a fine and well seleotAd stock of FALL and_<?INTER CLOTHING, FURNISH. 11NU woods, HATS and CA*?S it the Peoalea' Clothing Store, No, 460 Seventh at, opposite Pott Oftoe. ee 28 1m FOR SALE AND RENT. [?r otk*r ">br Salt and Rent" advtrtistmtnit, set Jirtt pag* ] FOR RBNT.-A three atory BRICK HOUSK. situated on th* northeast o rner of T?nth ard M atreeta north,(last occupied by Judge Hilijer,) containing ten ronmi. besides kitchen, bath room, and oellar room* for 'ue! hot and oold water in bath room and some nf the ehamhers, gae thorouxh uni, larce yard, atable. and ca'riace house. In quireofC. 8 O HARK, No. J'>2 Seventh street, b9t ween M and N streete. oc 22 3t? CH)R RKNT-Twoframe COTTAGE HOUSES, P situated on avenue, between 14th and ISth ?l?., containing 6 rni om* each. A fii>e pump of good wa'er in tho yard. For particu.ara inquire at the 'Tick house on the premiaes. Rent per month. oc 30 $r THRF.K HUNDRED AND FIFTEEN ACRES in Fairfax count*. Va., in excellent order; w II limbered; good buildings; a orown atone quarry. A railroad ear shop and water station n>uat he erected on the farm. Also, a new Steam Mi 1 in L^tuloun oonnty. A purchaser can gi?t a I arg*in of G. W. BRAY, Ageut, 516 Seventh st., \Va<h i nut on, D. C. oc 18 I in * FOR RENT-A new and desirable BRICK DWELLING HOUSE in a pleasant locali-r. No. 306 I. street, near Fourteenth. Inquire of C.'i Fst. ??Jn_ F()R RENT-Th en BRICK HOUSES of the hand?ome Row on Ninth, between M and N treet*, with ga^ oomplete. Rent 91.5 per month con sirte rod the eh apept houses in Washington. Applv to FRANK HKRBKRT, No. 40T Twelfth street, between I aid K ; or to Mr. WE LLS' Shoe Store, "pp >Mtf the tiuiblinrs; or to the undersigned, No. 3*3 Pa avenue, between 4>* and 6th sfs. oc 1.S-eo2w WM, H. CAMPBELL. I^OR RENT? The II ALL of tfie Fianklin En gine Company win he rented for concerts, co tillon parties, lectures, Slo. For particulars inquire Of W. H. FANNING. oc 15 eo2w I^OR RENT?A large and desirable DWELL ING-HOLME. No 444 Twelfth street, between G ami il sts .containing U rooms, with all the mod ern improvements Possession given November I, 1M>. for terms apply to JNO. ALEXANDKR, No 240 Pa avenue. oc l.i eo3w P?OR RES T-A fine 4-*toryD WILING.on!: ? %-jwvt i . *? con oi:u g n ?m., Ufttf j UUICInry Square The house i* new, in excellett condition, and, to a ?ood tenant, term* made easy. Also for sain, a House on C street, between 11th and 12th sts. If nnmediae appliea'ioi he made, it will he sold on accommodating terms. Apply to I*. W. BRO WNING. oc l5-x>tNorl 1r?OK RKNT?Furnished?aoomforta.hle BRICK DWELLING HOUtfKjOf in-dium aix?,in a Sleaaant and healthy locality, within convenient istanceof the Public Office* and Penn. avenue Rent moderate. Apply to J. B. MUNRO,*10 Pa avenue, between iHh and loth *ta. oo l?-eotf FOR KENT?Possession on th? l?t of Ootohar The DWKLUNU HOUSE No. 43S D .treet, at present occupied U> the Rhv. Dr. Hutier, and next dour to th? residence of the adverti* r. J. M CARLISLE. N. B.?It will not be I at for a board i me house, se 18-tf BOARDING. ROOMS AND B'MRD.?Board, with a fine Front Room, or other Rooms, ma? be had at No 43s Twelfth st, between O and H?a most de sirable oca lty. oc .o-sft* rREAT REDUCTION IN PRICES VJ OF Carpeting) Oil Clath, Cartain Material AND ALL OTHER Kljllr* OF FTTRN ITU R E DRY GOO DS. 1 a view of the late event which dissolved th? lat<> firm of Clagett < Dod?on, the business of which now devolves on tiw urvi sing partner, it i.a hecn deUrmired to run off the entire sto?k uf the fiim at Qoit for the cash Having just rep enislied the stock with a la-re aril frnsn supply on th?* most favo a> le toi m? possi ble, i is conhdciitlt i-eiievod tnat hoii?t-keep.-rs and otlics in want o| Carprtingt in ?li their van-tier, from the .ofmt priced up t > the finest for par qis arid drawing rooms can 1m supplied. CURTAIN MATERIALS lu xpWdid varietr and of distinguished viylea and qualities, with all fh?ir belougings, Ol I.CLOTHS, border* and without, RUGS, MAT* MATTINGS, TABuE a.d TolLEI GOODS. in a word, all such DRV GOODS as are required for the comfort aud u*eof h uickoepersand lodgers will now be sold at the wholesale pi loe for th?> cash. ilut one price will be a?k<*d; no iiior<> and no I?as. Persons wanting Carpeting orUilo oths will plea e provide themsclvos wi'h tneir meamr ?. either in uiajcr&ms or otherwise, which will save much time a.rii1 t ri'inhlA. There may ho found in the stock? Elegant Velvet Carpetinga at ?I 5\wor'h f 2, Do do do at $12,*., do #175, Do Tapeatry (K-'gli^hi at 9;> c?., worth fl.25. Threa-ply atfti and 95 eta., worth $1.12,S aud Jl Z5, Injrain at 75 ocnti, worth <45 cent*, Do at 60 do do tr; do Do at SO. all wool, worth 75 oenta. J. B. DODSON, Surviving Partner of the la e firm of Cla*fltt & Dodaon, oo 9-eo?t _ No. 4 Mai ket Space. inn bales COTTON LAP*, l"l? For Salt at Factory Prices 5ft pair fine Bed BUrko'a, *11 mx*a, JOOpair B.uo. Brown, Grey and White Blanket* for aervanta, 50 pi-ce* 6-4 Fulled Clotha of the be?t kind, 50 do P!aid Linaey,a!l wi ith*, loo do B!u? and Orange Oanahurga, Calico. With m\ny other ddhira le go.nla, ail of which will be aold at th? very loweat price We eoiwu a call from allpercoua in a ant of Dry Good* VViM H. KM.EY ft BOTHKR, No. 3fi Central Stores. Between ?tli and glti stret ta, oc 18 Hit Opposite Center Market. A SPLENDID CHANCE FOH BARGAINS! IN ALL KINDS OF n ft p u a (i on HQ* From tk* Finest Art it If* doum to tkt Lotctzt Priced iinodl. OLAGKTT t MAVS large and splendid rtock r*f DR Y GOODS muit be oloaed out before the let January next. 'fhose who with bargains should come early and bring a" tUe Cash they can spara. The atocc will positi vely be so d without regard to ooat. F<?e Rint.?The fine and very onramodiovt STURKROOMS weoccoupy will bf for rent, and ?os**s*ion given an the Ut January next Par term* a&ply to Cl.AGETT k MaV, oc 17 6t _ 384 Pa. av.. txjtw. 9 h and loth sU._ 486 lNTEHIOR ADORNMENT. 4^0 PAPER HANGINGS and WINDOW SHADES. ew Fall stock of Paperhangings from the rieh ornate to the most chute and single patterns, ipen priate fur parlors, halls, d<ning roomi. oham hers and libraries Also, a choice stock warranted Gold Band Window Shades. Imimt on GoH and aomm >n Shad??, Buff, Green and Blue Sha^e Hoi knde. Plot u re Cord and Ta??eie, Crimeon Scarlet, Bine and Oreen oolore, from photograph to portrait me Jost reoeived at No 4?6 Seventh ?t Orders for Pap?rhan<inf? or Window Shade* feithral'y exeen?ed in oily or oountrv. Satisfaction (uarantied or no pay required. Plea?e give roe a -a. t No. 436 Seventh at., d<>ore above oc 5-eolni* Odd Pellow' Hall. UERMAN HI.MJ, ~T~~ *1 UPHOLSTERER, So 964 O sir Ml, near Trmntrr Department, in Kratbfnlly aaknuvledfing the liberal patriate whioh ha* heretofore been bee to wed neon hieeffo U to please kia patrons, befe leaveIIMin|W eitj ui ii Nmniivg ?oa ueorjpwiwn um ne 11 now yr*w?dto UMiti wlfk u?tn?u and dia?*tc h til orders in his Una of baain??a; *uoh as the ? * inc. Pitting and Laying Dova of *aw CarMta, and iSSSS"' ItM owi, , IfHlLc woaid also ?U atf Mial attention to kit Patoatod CwMt Btratofcar, whiak sn*.bl?s him to pat down CarpMa wttk nnyfiied?twrt nootk mm aaj maiditf, fiooo UMT! M Meolm' r .i GEORGETOWN. C?rr?*pondence of Tk* Star. bokmtowii. October M. 10M The body of aa Irishman named Peter Curtis, was discovered In the canal bere this morning, between 7 and P o'clock As the unfortunate man was emplored near tbe old Iron foundry until noon on Baturday, In excavating for tbe large mains of tbe Washington Aqueduct, and as bla tin dinner backet waa found Awtlag in the locks veaterday (Sunday) morning, tbe preaumptlon Is that la passing olong tbe canal oa Saturday night U?t, befell into lock No. 3, (between Washing toil and Jefferson streets.) and waa drowned Tbe vpnftrt ftf th? m?? Af i ?.a ?- "**w? r? oner Woodwmrd. was In accordance with tbe above facts. Yesterday was a moat dellghtfn! d?r. and ?or church**# were ailed both at morning and mn In# service It wn a d?y of much In teres* aa ninny of the pulpits were filled by the able prearbers attached to tbe Bait more Synod. vrh? won boats of friend* during their s hort stay hara. GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS ftr tktr <y?rtetown iut9*rtu*m*mts <M Jint FROM BOSTON -Th? racularpacket srhooa ers VV. 1) C*r "ill. A- nou.and J-WTSaarer have arrived from Boston and,^^. if weather permit, will ba disoharcins Monday morning. The J. W. Shaver will ba re ceiving freight fi>T ths abaveaort on Tuea^ar. A? _ HARTLEY.* BRO.. oozv-?i yy fcnrt 1U1 Water ?tr?*t B onnet ribbons, VELVET RIBBONS, BONNET materials, french flowers and BRIDAL WRKATHS, silks and blonde laces, embracing T*ry thing noh and new in the Millinery, at iov KIM*. E. GL'TMAN, No. 117 south aide Bridie atreat, oe 16 3w Georgetown. p. r. New store: new goods mrs. M. simson Informs ber numerous friends and the public gen eraiiv that she is now est*hli?hed at her New Stor", No. Ill Bridge street. Georgetown.^ two donrs above the old stand, wh*re nny be^, found ax usua'.a large as?ortm*nt of MILLINE ry DRY goods, HOSIERY, and EM broid ERIES, at the very loweet market prices. c gen :<$ .14 1 VU M*i III FOR RENT?In Georgetown, two first-ciaaa ROUSKS.iituttedon Weat ttreet, on* con taining 16 rooma,and the other ft. with gas and bath rnom? com piste Apply to H. L. OFFl'TT. No 4ft High ?t.. Georgetown. ocyim IOS. F. IflRCH, UNDERTAKER, tf Cor. Bridge and Jeferro* *tt., Georgetown. Having given my peraonai attention to this branok of my buAineaa, lam prepared to. attend to all oatle with promptness Peraona from a diatanoe can t>e anp piled at a '?* iniuntea* notioe. aa I have a large aaaortment of CUFF1N8 always on hand. Par*iou!ar attention paid to the removal of tha d?ad from the old to the new bartai grounds. Hearaea and Horses for hire. ap 10-6m P U R 8 ! Fl'RHS F t R 8 !! I with to call the attention of my customers and the public in gen eral to the (act that I have fitted up, in the rear of iny n?ore,a regu lar FI R ROOM having aelected the Sinns and a I of my Fu.-a made to order, ?'f the latest and nin?t fashionable ?t?|n All cf my stock and booth'at the lore. t cash price. I can ofl>r my friend* and ene tomeri uiw or the lariftt aud heat releoted stocks in that line cvr offered in Washington. A ca!l is all I atk. HOPKINS. _ Sign of the White Bear, ool7-eo2w Corner of Sixth st. aod Pa. av. NOTICE! NOTICE Mrs. HELLER Incites th? ladies of # [ Opening ??f BONNkTS, ashington and vioinit* to her Grand Fashimiab e FaLL and WI.NTER E . on Friila) and Saturday, 5th and 6th instant, when she vi'l he happT to hav-e ladies oome and examine her ftook of Goods, as she has a rery handsoir<* took of FEATHERS, FLOWER#, DRF.?S TRIMMING?*, HEAD DRESSES, CLOAKS. SHAWLS, EXTENSION fKIRTS. CORSKTS of all sizes aud prioes, and a very large stock ef EMBROIDERIES, to . Ac. oc 4 Nn 14 Market Spaoe, het. 7th and Wh sta. I A DIES', MISSES, AND CHILDREN'S HATS. Tha most el eitant and lar (est stock ever offered, all new ami ju.t opened to day. Parent* will find it to th?ir iiit? est io??.i and examine my < I hall sell at mail profit*. HOPKINS, oc 15-2w corner of Sixth >t. and Pa. ar. BENTER 9RI-3TAUB 0 S,.?t.anbTc< or wiillmtol Bank. Tli# un<iers>* takes pieasnr* in informing hi* friends and the puMio in peneral that he ha* re modelrtd and rennvnted hi* Har. which is ov w??Jl supplied with LIQL'ORS.WIXKS, Ac fctiuicc-at n'lini*. ciirAKd or tuporior quality. GAME, FISH and a! the dehcacie* in season, which wi i Ik i?rv*d up t<> hi eun.-t* at the l>ar or in private rn rns OTSTKRS in f-vcrw et?l*. Or?ter? lor family 0*6 sent to a?ij pa'tol Ih* tr. The teputa tion of tli > wti -ki,o?n e?tili|i?hm??t neent to enooiRiiun paaoc'l upon it Tor its prontp'.itu e a <1 I deportment. I he Ka inn K?>om will be opea evrT Sunday, from Ha m. hill p. m. oc 18 ,w* \VM. F. BKNTtwR. Prop'r. ? II KAFE8T ST (7 K E! BAVF. YOUR TIME AND MONEY, AND GO AND PURCHASE VOI R DRV GOODS AT THE CHEAPEST STORF, 3?? SEVENTrf STREET, < tast Side,) between I and K. oc 12 1m MATTHEWS k GORE, A 1 E S T INVENTION! LADD WEBSTER * CO 'S TIght-Stitcli Sewing Machine# At JANNEV'S ROOT AXD SHOE STORE, 349 Pa Avkxck. They ttre the mo-t cunple, Th?y are the ?trowre?t Ttiey *re th,e in their operation. 1'uej uwe a str&ixht ueedle, I Curved ones are of no account.) 1 hey have a fret wheel They are capable of doinp an? kind of work known-they make the (name rtftie without an* at ai'hm- nts. . Cat. and examine? At JANNKY**, oo IS 1 in 34** Pennsylvania aynne AOJiCWhG Ol"T. LAKUK AND PfM.EVPID STOCK OK DKV GOOD?, WITHOUT BEwARD to CO?T. The death of Mr. DaiiuftClaxett inakea it neeee- j am > form to wind up our t>u*in*?s as tpeedilv aa ' p>??ihle. We tnererora annouLce our intention positively to clote out the whole of our large (look oi 1>K V GOODS by the 1st January next, far cash, without repaid Jo on*t The itook einbracea a general aeeortinent ol FOREIGN and DOMESTIC GOODS, o| the very hert qnaht!e*,<it ie veil known in Uu* community that w? have never kept any thinf elae than fi *t c!a?a article*,) and we wilt warrant all tn prove a i reprenent-d. OjrTh* loweet ca*h price will be marked on every article in the atook. which will be miioh below iu real vali All eackarea will be delivered promptly, on the das of ?ale, to any part of the eity, free of charge. C^AGkYT^MAY, No. S34 Peonaylvania avenue, oo 17-lot between 9th and 10th ata. B. HALL WITH ISRAK1. DEMINO, Wheleaale and Retail Dealera mi bae FAMILY QROCEKlbS, TEAS, WINES, choice LI QUORS of ail kind*. A freak *ux>k juat opened. Gvod 3ugar 7 oenta per pound. Ca'l at No. 434 7tk atreet, between D and Loufiaaa av. oe l-tf CM BBS' WIG, BRAID AND CUEL MANU I FACTORY. 242 Penn. avenae, rear thn eor . ner of Thirteenth atreet-A rery oomplete aueort m? nt of Braida, Curie, Fnzette*. Bandeaaa. Ac., now on hand: aleo, made to order at the ahorteet notice Hair >Vork repaired or taken in exohanf a. oo S Sm IX vjl Mil , i m r.. REMOVAL. INVITATION.?I horoby notify my and the public in coaerftl that 1 bare reuwrW to No. )4l ?ev? itrMt, 4 thro* doom from Mui. avenue.> wh?re I ahoJI keep oonatftntlT on hftad ft [? Assortment of FORKIGN and DOMESTIC MrAvriTO which vill bo sold ftt aatoaiahmg low anotw M?lm' 8. F18HMAN. pAEAFFlNE CA^NDLEjB! A beautiful artiole. pern, i beiag olear ooat. oo 10 Corner JOUVIN'8 BEST I^L'ILIIV GLOVEH \Te hare tact raoeired our Fatf Importation of KID GL.OVKS, for ladiea and gentlemen, in vluta, biwjk, and all the detirab a a naJea lu colon This Glove we have wold fur ?er-r*i Matont. and eau itlMy reoomma d Uiettto Our frtaida and ih? publia jeneralty aa the wri b?it article of Qlcrraa gar aoldinth;. mark* oa iV-W N *>3 Sarenth at. ahore Pa. ?V. DATGMKLOa** INIMITABLE HAIR DY*. THE LATEST NEWS TELEGRAPHIC. Rallroo4? In Himu. 9r Latii, Oct. M.?rfc* 8ui? Ktllnid Cm vwjtion. to devla* a ayatoui at rallroadign*u to bp prraeoW to Coa?r(?ft. MM&bM ilToMk* on W?4w?Ur Uft Ki Ocwbot It oberta M Wyua dottr. prMMed, ud /oka A Martin, *4ikhliM, . i. aecivwy a mr i?f|t aumoor M Mr nin were pmtat, nearly ?*?J M*itf is tbe Territory bain* repreweW . The Cooeeatio* adopfc-d toe follow la* ached oka of ralroad ? rants, rll Oae grant lor a road from Wyandotte, in tbs Kansas Valle*, to Fort Riley one foe a rocd from Atchison westward to the pM mine?. ?>?e for a ro?4 from A t?" hi eon via Topeka and Council Grove, la tbe direction of Hants Fe. aw for a road from Uwmce.iMtk la ttie direction of F?rt Glhooti, and one for a road from the Mlaaeurt State line, known aa tbe Jeffer aoa CttT aad Neosho Valley Railroad. The Con rent! on was la aesatoa two daya. A committee was appelated to urge these graata upon tbc favorable . ouaidernUon of Coagrana Railway Call islam D*T*ort. Mtca , Oct to ?A collision occurred on the Detroit and Milwaukee Railway yesterday morning, two mlleaweet of Birmingham befeea a fre.ght and express trsla, bv which Mr Rlraa, the mall ajjeot. Mr Nlchola, the ei press meaaac grr and Wllkle. tbe fireman, were killed Clivklaiib. Ohio. Oct *1 ?Tbe mall train oa tbe Cleveland and Frle Railroad, going east ta dar. ran into a season at Palasv iu kiii? Solomon Stone, a bof named ink* and lejartM Mr* Dvke, Master Stoae. and lafaat, ail of wbtai were In the wagon Fomt Coiitai. C W . Oct M)?A baary freight train bound east on tbe Buffalo and Hnroa Railway, early reawdav run into tb? Wellaad Canal at this Mare, tbe awing-brldge hiring been left opea Tne train waa drawn br two englnaa, one of which i? In tbe canal, completely okatract iag It Tba road la alan readared temporarily napaasabia No Uvea were loot Uliriptlta al the Kaaaaa CaavratlM 1.14 vis wo ara. K T . Oct. 20 ?Tbe Convey, tton at Topeka waa divided by the adoption of loo majority report of the Committee on Credentials, tbe wltbdrawlui^dclegatea embracing thoae from nrc< kinriu^e, rt our Don. Uormbiu, Oouclaa, L**?*nwortb. Oaageaod Noube'ieeonntie*. with a po-tlon of tbaae from \\ yandoltr, Re'lve ltd Allen eountiea. representing two third* of the population and wraith of the Territory. Tbe K>cfdfn organized a aeparate Convention, and recommended unanimously the p***age of the bill whlrh ba* been recommended by the Com mitter on Public Lands In tb? Houie of Repe aentatlvea. Much feeling exl*ta on 'he nutte* between portion* of rival town* and localities. Movement* of *e?*t?r D**|lu. Jirr?*?K Citt, Oct Su?Judge Doug la* trip from St. l*ouls t> Jefferson.was a continued ovation. He wai balled with about* of wele?M all ?l.>or tb- rod. and tbt rater muititudea aa embled at tlie principal atationa would not let him paaa without speaking Heta nowaddreaalog a vaat crowd In fioat of the capltol Immenae entbuaiss-n prevail*. Mtwi (row Plke'a Peak. OmiRa, Oct. 20 ?An eitra coach of the West ern ?ta^e Company arrived here thi* alWimi - thr*e o'clock.' It left Denver last Monday, with elevei through passengers and the meaeenger of Hl^klev's F.xpreaa, with S6.500 1b treasure and *].'? in the bands of paaaeDgers. From Hnvaaa. New Vobk Oct SI ?The at#*mar Cahawba, from Havana <-n tbe 17tb, arrived tier, to-night The health of Havana waa fully rertorad 5urar cloted quirt. The total revenue of tbe lalandof Culm for the past eight months waa npwards oC 913.(KM),(K10 Georgia Politics. AracsTs, Oct. *1 ?There are active movements lu progress to concentrate the rote of Georgia oa one tlcnet. An esecotive committee baa invited the Douglaaltea and friends of Mr Ball ?o fraterni sation. Tbe Breckinridge men generally oppose tbe movement Rail read Daaaage Repaired New Obleahs, Oct 10 ?Tbe damaf* done to tbe New Orleana and Jackson rallfoad oy the lit* storms has hern repaired, and the trains are rua ! nii'g without tnterruptloa. Fir* la Philadelphia. Pbiladilpbia. Oct. 40 ?Seboteld a woollen vera far tor v on Willow atreet waa burnt laatnlrkt. Lea S3U.KNI. .. Alexandria Markets Aibxa*dbla. Oct. hi ? Flow?Family f7eo* r- 5o; extra *7*?; auprr ?5 7ta& 75. WhMl ?white, fair to Kood fl 4???1 54, red 91-tta 1.43 Corq?while 70*7Ic ; fellow 70a71e, mixed Gda?0c. Rve70i?73. Oat?3l Corn Meal 70x760. p~r busbel. Sredi?1 imotbr IS MMI3 95; Clow *5 75a?6 25, Flaraeed ?1 4m# 1 43 Prov.giona? Butter. roll. lOalSc ; llacon li^?14r : Fork 97.0Qa #7 S*i Lard 13*14e W bltky 24a*V-. ItaHlaeri Market*. BaLttmoiv. Oct 26.?Fleor U quiet; Howard atr*?t and Ohio bel.t at ?5 75; Cttv Milla?5JSU. Wheat firm; red *1 ?al 42, wl.lte *1 4.'<?l 70. Corn 2c lowt r; yellow tttaTQc. ProTia\en? quiei^ m>'M pork #19 *i5al? 50: pr1m#*14 75 Coffea firm at 14 jfalSKc ; no ato<-k In tiraib&ndt. Whiaky rlull ? Rcw Yerl HarkMi. m%w V?m Octobe r 2i -Flonr b?rr; Stat* r 9 JetW.TS; Ohio *5 80jK 90; ^onth- r ?tS ** ff>. Wheat ?bad?- lower; a?lfS of 011.000 krnsb; western r-d tl3Safl3fi; white #1 ,?e?l J>?. Corn doll: wiixed 70c. Pork iMf; utMllf IS a?l?> 37 W biskv dull at Mr N?w Vokk, Oeto T ?. -j?tn ka are dnli end )cwr; I'll,'-*** and Rock Island TdjK; 1111 Mita Ostr-I ?>>ar?* Sift; do. bonds M; Ml-h f^n 5 'Ut.iern 43X; N*-w York Central 9$k; Readier 45\; Hudsou Rirtr k R . 01 %; Va 90*: Ala. 6 a 79ft . inrOn ;be trip in the Harriet I<aae up to Wot Point tbe Prince of Walt* sezr-d a quiet oppor tnnttf to nt-tke a handaome praaant to Caatsla Faunae, tbe r omnia ad er of tbe Laoa. It ooaaulrd of a baedaome ^old watch of tbe chronometer style. with cfcatn and seals, and waa made by tbe eoiriD'nr la London who are jewellers and geld itr.ithi to tbe Crown The chain la of Laavjr gold, a fourth of aa Inch la width, with latge atudded lluLa representing a cable Interspersed are three rsluaW se\is In rich setting, presenting on either surface of tbe rhala a different kind at stoaa, auch aa onyx, agate, cornelian, aad lava On the ring la an elaborately finished kef of twlated colls, resembling a aeries at hitches of rope wunooianena The principal seal represents tlie Prince's crest with the trefoil fee'her, the bending over the centre one forming the loop or fmining to the rhatn The well-know *>oCU. " Trk la well defined. The mtPMr of tbe prmentat'OM and tbe appropriate design of the ^rua mentation exhibit the taste of tbe doasr Naval ?Tbe onaiiaMl of tbe U l.ttrrMi Vandalla. now preparing at Brooklyn t? wiafcwa the squadron In the Chinese new, waa pat oft board that waa el on Friday It constats of loar right-inch guru, weighing? cwt , and 16 thirty two poundera. weighing 33 cwt. Tbe brig Del phi u waa at Montevideo on tbe Mth day of Au gust, to anil for tbe States In a day or two. Tbo Congress and Pulaski were at other porta on tbo tat on The new stesm gunboat taalnols, frost Norfolk, had joined the lost, nod bod received orders from tbe commander-in-chief rotative to ber initiatory movements with the squadron Tbe Seminole worked comparatively well oa tbo voyage South Hhe la tbe lrst rtssmsr m sent for ordinary aaosdroa dutv to Email It waa r?_ mored that the mrveylag' party k*4 MvtM tar the I'atted States. ? UroiTiiT Will Cau 8*ttt id ?The B?nrr L. KiifwUi Will caae. which dinljr laWMto bt rn finally settled by setting ?ide both wills. Hi favor of the Mr* at few. The value of the pad eetate ia aald to exceed 9Qb.?ft>, bra dca larre contingent interest In ianda hall by othtv parties; wblle the amooat af parsoaal pcop erty?inventoried at HTfe.OOO?4e Mok greater tban all the deUa and liabilities of tbeeatate Tba heirs have made aa amicable parttlloa of tba real estate without tba latsi i saMaa af ooorts a* arbi trators. CT The Rev Mr Bloat, at a meeting bald la London recently, aald ?"Not long aga. a warns bad taken bin la with a pitoeoa atorr that bar husband bad not bad a day's work for aTs maatbr It waa true, for be waa a night watchman " ITT The Now York Honld mU ?aatola exclusive dispatches daring the Prim1! I cm HATS AND CAPS. I Jure now mm hw4 t meat o^txxto li iftiUBlioi? _ _ District fMMrmlW. xn hsvim Imn