Newspaper of Evening Star, October 22, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 22, 1860 Page 4
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ast THE EVENING STAR. Boikiili Mnt/U n* * Lady aj?? Two Ckil* T>*m?Tbe Chicago Pre** and Tribune stetaa that tbe wife and two little daughter* <f Geo w Orendorf, who Uvea on the Delavan Prairie, about aix ml lee frctn De'.avan, la Tazewell county, 111 , were murdered on tbe 10th inetant, daring ble absence On examination ft wa* found that the fiendish crime had been committed with the back part of >a axe, with repeated blowa Nine wound* were found upon Mrs O , a^ven of whleb were considered anacleot to prodaco death. If daadt ainglr. Tbe youngtat child waa much mangled about the bead; the eldeet aeemed to have made ita eacape from tbe bouae and waa caaght la tbe yard aod atrlcken down with* club All the drawer* where valuable* were likely to he kept bad been opened, and from 100 to S40 and a Colt'* revolver taken Tba next morning all the neighbors were railed before a coroaer'a jnry, by tb!? way, if poealble, to discover the murderer Among other wttneeaes, a young man wa< aent for who lived near by, and who had only been in the neighborhood a few week*. On the road to the place where the In vestigation waa going on, a dog belonglne to the man la question got Into a fight with another, and he Jumped out of tba wagon to aeparata them After ba had separated the dog* he broke for a corn field near by, at the top at h;a speed. He waa followed immediately, but not arrested. After ba had gone about two miies he left his boots, in r?rrl#r tn unahU him (a run fialu* n/4 nn k 1 a wpm found marks of blood, which fisten upon him belief of hie guilt. Mr Bxxchkb ahd thk Boxes*.?On dlt, that the Benicia Boy, with bia trainer. Jack M<-Donald who have recently been giving the Brooklyn people a taste of their quality, called upon R?v. Henry Ward Beecher, a few evenings since, to pay tbeir respect* Mr. Beecber received tbe eminent bruisers with his osual politeness He aid he perfectly agreed with them as to tbe necessity of Improving the American pJkftqmi bv tbe development of muscle, but be hid serious objections to the ring and its aurrouudiugs He did not approve of prixo-ttgbting. either, but bad no objections to a fair and ajuue round or two on Christian principles, with a view to promote the digest! /- faculties ITe?nan then banJed Hie paster of IMymontb chnrch a pair boxing giovea. and tb?y do My tbe as- he imde cf tbem folly persuaded his visitors that Mr. Beecber, with a little practice, would be as excellent * urjacleniin as be lsa preacher.?A'. V. Ct Buffalo Advtrtistr. U7" The Springfield (Mass ) Republican re marks, regarding tbe recent earthquake, that it extended overall tbe northern part of New Eng land and through Canada At Boston and vicinity It seem* to have been lighter than here; at Man chester, N. H., about the Sime; while at ^aco Me , there was a large report, a perceptible rix k Ing of buildings, with tbe ringing of tbe bells. It grew In severity as It extended up the Connect icut valley; we hear of It throu^ii Vermont, at Barton, St Johnebury, NortLfleld. Woodstock. IIP I f a * a> * * -- * .. luwi, siiu uiuifiun ai i)priori j nen-u aoori were unlocked and the church bells rung by it, and at Northleid a church spire wit awaken out of iia propriety, and l**ft stardin? obliquely. The Connecticut, Albany, and New York papers do sot mention the phenomena as aUrvd la those actions." EThe Home Journal aaya that, "quite inde nt of hla floe prospect of a throne, the Prince of Wales la a very rich young man?worth seven hundred thonaand pound* sterling Thia vaat aum baa arisen from the sural us revenues from the astaU* of the Duchr Corwall, to which he be< uu? entitled Immediately after he waa born, and which have been accumulating with Interest from that time, and this fund will po on increasing until he, a other aubjecta of the Queen, attaina the age of twenty-one, ao that by that time, the amount of money ha will aland possessed of will be nearly one million ponnda la hard cash. Appropoaof the Prince's mlUlonarity, we understand that Mr. Aitor waa Introduced to the Prince aa "the wealthiest Bean In America." C7" A New York exchange thinks that amla* b'utT and accomplishments are manifested in a peculiar manner at Boston One of the papers of thatclty aays that an --amiable and accompllahed" ladr. recently married, bains locked out of her chamber by bet husband, whose temper was va riable, seized an axe, daebed ia tbe panels of the door, and railed at ber spouse through tbe bole with such violence that be capitulated In fright Joan Biow.iith C?*virr*?.?'Tbe two Mulch ings, i father and aoa,) wboae arrest and trial aa AOoilUoa incendiaries at Cberaw, S. C , have already been mentioned, have been convicted and eentenced to be hung yesterday. Additional and crashing evidence, it Is said, waa adduced to prove their complicity In an lamrrectteaary plot, and this Maled their doom. mr A party of ladies were recently buckle berrying In tne Iron Mountains, Virginia, when they were alarmed by appeerane* of an on usual number of rattlesnakes. They fled, and a number of tbe rougher sex having gone to tbe rendezvous of tb? snakes, killed seventy-four rattlesnakes and dgbt pilot snakes CT'Two ladles recently ascended Pike's Peak, 14.UU0 feet above the level of the sea, with a loss of five pounds of flesh each, in Ave days. They represent the sight as worth the labor and the loss of flesh, too! l?T"Do you see this stick, sir?" aid a very stupid acquaintance to Sidney Smith; "This stick has been all round the world, sir." uln urcu, ' mmr%* a viuvi uiiLMB OIUIITJ, fltlli JfZ% II Is only flick!" The lory la venerable but per* tlnent CE^The ginwng excitement Id Minnesota la equal to that of llif year. Twenty-five ton* of the voot have been exported from the State thia fall ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS. NATIONAL HOTEL ? L A Whlteley. Geo Lewie, H C Lynch. H b Chamberlain, 11 Cham berlain, Md; T Clarke, C H Savre, W Andrews and ly, NY; T R Batta, Ky; 8 H Berry, Md; Jas HHirer. DC; B V laberwood. 18N; t* W Far ehild. *V rt Mayo and ly, NY; H E Lenman. Pa; J M Crusat, Cuba; ti McLaughlin, Pa; R Whl land and ly, C M Ward and ly,N V; L B Grlgaby rnd ly. Ky; E Mtddleton, ?; J T Hall. Me; WE Tncksr, DC; J F Blake. Mass; T H Walsh, J C Braver, A S Jones, 4 MeN'emara, A Cogen, Ga; 8 Norman, Md; 9 R Walker, Ark; C He v ward. Paris; B G Street. Mian; Col Magruder, E Baptist rnd ly, Va; G M Flandera, W H French, Mass; J Ray. NH; W Croaby, Vt; D T Norrla and ly. B F Delane, N Y; W E Schenck, Pa; Miss P Roife, NY. BROWN'S BnTPf A VI. ?. .-4 l.. ft. 1 Gray, Md:R Glranlt. Mtae; D Williami, V*; W Flynt, G H Flyat, F Jadd. R Speoce, NC; W F Burden, C B Tarpon, J Aneibr, NY; J Scrugtra, V*; W Anderaau ana ly, Mr Barkadale, NY; J Qalntura, Md, Miae Alston and maid, Miae Prln g.a. J P Alston, SC; R Arrbar, Md, J William* and If, NC, T P Drayton, U Grandin, Mrs Young, BC; J M CoaTlll and ly, L W Brlley, NYjJ Bmlth, J Thocknorton, DC: A Ttompson, NJ; D Btarena, Md; J Gray and r<un, Mlaa /Ludlow. Mia A M Smlthera, Mlaa; T Barry, A 8 Berry, Md; J Arnold, Wla; J D beBraw ud ly, La; J 9 MacDoaoab, va KIRK WOOD HOUSE ?J U Barklrk. NY; D B Pwrauti USN; J B Pumincer, USA; T Herbert, Ala; S Ucicufit Team: J B Muagrave, La; Capt Pope, USA; Caul E S Dlckexaon, USCSj C Duval, Ml J, J RUfetfatf, Mo; Mr Roee, O. J McCateb eo. J D De Bow and ly, La: F Amaden. Maaa; Lt W W PeUock, USA; L ??u>, La; A Perkins, N Y; J M CaiupfceU, DC. OCBANSTEAMERS' SAILING DAYS fBOJi ma Uairaa Statu Siaaoifri. L*av*. Far. Days N?w York.?? York...Bremen ..OotST Boraaata New York.. Soutbampto i.Nov I Fn.on Evmofm Great Eaatera...MiU'dHaven.New York Oat IT Faitoa ;<mti'ptonTZTNew York....Oat 17 Bammonia. Soutk^um . ..New York.. ..Oat 18 ^ T^Uarajta mail auamara lea re Now York oa SiSiiiKfoiSiASfJ??*.,'. -* "?"h- M IN ? w JLE A D Yl I.ADIE9' riS'Uftn.. U ? i tboir nrittiM, o?9 Vor oontTTt>irt*#nth ?t. r55 s*S?$lwji5i"Bl0WN ?.lB to?ro to la/orm th? eitiiori tt4w2^TB?aa?ffj?a,a turnMri of ium tone for h*iqi aa4 es^iu^>s?SSi^Si s;/-j Work wluvuit?Mki ii Now York. FhiMMalftm. or HtJt-.moro. T&?. *ra4? supplied with ItnliM Mft'Woj* bi<K>k or haL# pt tfco mm 7*to m fkrai'iied iu Now V ork. M4 on h^oanid d*tu* trill* AW. <>o b?*d,TUr?e *?#!/ ol f?umio? 8u>n<-, t\ iter of Ayr Hue* and Pohaitap Puttf M York HWNr KmoWU* U?o MM ?r??o. M wt?l U m fWhwiyjfelM'p fn?Hrt S:. ??n MmrbU md Bi I? Stmu Wsrkt. MISCELLANEOUS. Proposals OF TKN MIL LION DOLLA&8. Tiiiicii lixf A*T*r^x, Sept. *,1860. Sxalid Proposals wm b? received at this De partmeat until 12 o'olook, noon, of Monday, the XM dav of October next, (or ten millions of dollars of took of the United States, to be issued nr.der the act of Congress of ths sad day of Jane last, aathoruing a loan aad presiding for ths redemp 6 n of Treasary notes, at whioh time the proposals v U te opened aad decided oa. The stosk will be reimbarsable ta tea years from ths irst day of Jan aary next, aad will bear interest, at Ire per oen tUK per annum, payable semi annually on the firet days of January and Ja y of each year. No offer will bo aooepted below par, and none for any fraeUdn of one Umueand do'lars, '.or will any offsr be oonsidered unless one per oentum of theair.ouct thereof is deposited with a lepositary of tne United Statu, aub.eut to the order of^the Secretary of the Treasury- Tin -eititioate of a'och depoatt inuat aooompany the p<opoaale. In all omm the offar aoaat be unoorfliUona). wiUi<>ut rrferenoe to other off-ira. and uioat itate tha rate of premium offered. The propoaala ahould be endoraei on the nataide, "P.-opoaala for Loan of 18??," and to be addreaaed ' To the Secretary oi the Treaaury, Washington, D. C." Tke beat bid ^#ra nnder the foregoing oonditione for the aggremte aum of ten milliona of dollars will be immediately informed by mail oftheao oeptanoe of their oflera, and they muat deposit the amount ao aeoepted, with the premium thereon, with the Treaanrer ot the United States, or the Aasiarsci treasurer at uoston, new York, i'hila celphia, Ciiar.eston New Or.earn, or St, Louis, on or before ihe?ddaf of November next. Should ruoiesafu: bidders deaire to depoait at other poiuta their wishes wiil be duly considered on being stAiad to thia Department. Certificates of inaoribed stoik will be iiaued in uma not l?as than one thousand dollars caoh to the iucoearful b ddera, or their aaaigna, for the principal ao dspoflted carrying interest at tbo rata oi ft e par oentuin from the date of suoh depoait Sut h stock wil be transferable ?n the books of the Treasury, agraea'dy to the regulations of the Department. Should auy oft be aucseasful biddera roqnirs cer tificates of stock, with coupons of sMni-annual in terest pa/able thereon from the first day of January next, suoh certificates will be issued, with such coupons attach*], ia su ma of one thousand dollars acn; *nU suoh coupon stuck. instead of being transfarrabl? on the bojks of tne Treasury, may be sfaigned and transferred by ths delivery of the mo ui uq iftsvn&inaa 8?ook? from tse date of tJie deposit to the first day of Jan n\r? next, will be paid to the tuooessful bidder ?r a.d aitoruay, by ths depositary with whom tho principal wa* deposited. Tat' preliminary deposit of on? per Malum, re paired upon al: proposal* uglier this notion, will he inotuded in tlie deposit* of pnnoipal ar.d prcni um mad* by saoo^asful bidders, and will t>* imme diately directed t > be returned to the unsuccessful bidders HOWKI.I, CUilU sel0-2awtl Secretary of tlie Treasury. PI No. 66TJ KOCHMATIoN, BY THE PRESIDENT or THE UNITED STATES, For tha Sal* of Valuabla Lands tn tha lata jYtrtr Fori Indian Re.ierva, Kansas. In pursuanoe of lav, 1, Jambs Bccha.ian, Presi l?nt of the Uiiitej States of Araerioa. d > tier by de clare and i. ake koovn that paMio sales will be h.'.d at the undermentioned Lind Offioe, in the Ter ritory o( Kmja<, at the pa;ud* hereinafter de?n rated, to wit: At the I and Offico at Fo*r Scott, oommenemc on Mondav.ttie 3d day of oeceinber next, for the Jt?po-al of kU?.h of tbs publio lands no*?overr<j by in it.dual Indian looation* as arentuateJ within the following townships and parts of townships in the late reserve above mentioned lor the New York Indians, vis: South oftht ban I mm and eait of the sixth jprincipal meridian, and t? lAe tr*te*shiys an J parts of town skips falling within said reserve. The ttftota or parcels in the parts of townshipe S3.34,35, and 38. of range 89 i he tract* or p*.ro?U in part of township 23. in townships M and 85. and in the part of J6, of racae 34. Tie tract? or parcels in the part of township 33 In townships 34 and 25, aaa in the part of U6, <^f IMf* 33. The tract? or earcels in the part of township 33, in townskips 34 and 35, and iu the part oi %, of ranie33. rh* traots or ?%r??ls in the part of township i$ in townshi?s 34 and 3S. and m the part of 38, of rauye 31. |n? traoU or parcels in the part of township 33, in townsbips 94 and 39, and in tha part if 36, of rsnceSO The tract* or pare*!* m the part of township 23. in t?w??hiM 34 and 35. mil > th? ??r* ..r oi ran re It. lhe Mot tor parcel a in thopartof townsflip 23, in townakipa ? ?nd 36, ud in the part of 26, ol nnit IS. The traota or paroela in the part of townaliip 23, in town?tup? M tod 25, aud is the part of 26, of range 17. A.t th? 1 and Ofion at Fo*t Scott, oomr.ienoin on Monday, the 17th day of December n*xt, for tb* dM?uwl or an oh of the public ianda not covrred by individual Indian locnfiona aa areaituated within 'ha following townampa and parti of townakipa in the ate reeerro above-mentioned for New York Indiana, via: Souik of tk? bate line and east of tke tixlk print :pal meridian, and t? the townships ami parts qf town ikipt falling ttitkin said reserve. The traota or paroola in the part of townahia 23. in townakipa 24 and 35. and in the part of 36, of ranee 16 The traota or paroola in the part of tnwneh'p 23, in townakipa 34 and 35, and in the pa>t of 2H, of range 1ft The traota or paroola in tke part of townahip 23. in townahipa 34 and 35, and in the part of 3$, of ra-jte 14. The traota or paroola in the part of towniihip 73. in townakipa 34 and 35, and io tke part ol 26. of ranee 13. The traota or pareela in tha part of townohip 33, in townahipa 24 and 26, and in tke part of 26, of 'ante 12. Tne traota or paroela in the part of townahip 23. in townahipa 24 and 3S, and in the part of 3b, of rant* 11. Tne traota or paroela m the part of townahip 23, in townakipa 24 and 25, and m tha pa.t ol ^6, of ranee lo. Tha tr&AU ap ?? - r i; ? v. - WV" tu kno |TOtI V Ui to WI)Rfl J p JJj it townships 24 and 2S, Ml ia the part ol 20, of range 9. The tract* or pftroe in the parts of townships D, 24, 25, and 20, of rang* t Land* appropriated by law Tor the use of schools, military Indian, and other purposes, will be ex si uded from tne sales. together with the tracts cov srsd by Individual Indian location*, descriptive nst* of which have been furnished tee local oJfi oers. The of?ni| of the above land will be oominenoed i>u the days appointed, and will prooeed in the order in whioh they are adverused. until the whole shall have been offered, and the alee thus closed : bat no ale shall be kept open longer than two weeks, and so Bfiv&te entry of any of the lands will be permit tad until after tne expiration of the two weeks. Given under my hand, at the city of Washington, this 21st day of Asgust,anno Domini one thousand eicht hundred and ?ixt* L?^ """ JAMES BUCHANAN. By the Presidont: Jos. 8. Wilkom, Coramissiunsr of the General Land Office. NOTICE TO PRE-EMPTION CLAIMANTS Every person entitled to the right of pre-emption to say of the lands within the townships or parts of to w nshi ps above enumerated is req m red to esuibl 1 ah the same to the satisfaction of the register and receiver of the Land Oflioe. and male* payment therefore as seen a? frattxrabU aft*r steim this no lle*, and before the dav appointed for the commence ment of the poblio aale of the lands embr&oiuc the tract oUwadiOtlurwieeeeoholgim w^ be forfaited. . Commissioner of the General Land O&oe. Nor*.?Under the regulations of the department, le heretofore and now existing, no payment oaa t# siade for advertising proclamations except to tuefi publishers as are trviall* authorized to publish f j ? vi iu? UIOTIW blM UIDOJ. au a-uvuw faqle iron works, Ei Coasta Ohio Av. andthibtiinthst. ericsson'S CALORIC ENGINES. Tha undersigned hare bMD appointed tola agents A this city forth# mamijaotnre and sale of the above KniibM, and are prepared to seppiy all orders with >runp*aeM and dispatch. Tnese engines hav<* jeen satisfactorily introduced, and are now practi sally employed in bakeries; by bookbinders; for Jon wood cutting; by cabinet makers; for drawing fsn-blowers to ventilate buildings; for Burapinj^for domestic purposes; elevating grain; gl*ss cutting; [inning oottou; grinding Quartz; grinding paints; [rinding sugar caue on plantations in Cuba: for foisting; for knitting inachiuer; hr manufacturers >f vara; of printers luataruU, of silver ware, ifacrieulturaT implements; of matches; of hoooed mrts; ior pumping at railroad ^tttooi and on board mips; fttr mvii? raaehmas: far job printing end >r in ting dauy newspapers: for varioua plantation inns U't saving and planing lumber; for pioki- g lair: UK poitMiaA coniiw; for shoemakers' usrs; for an? HfUnt, tnrnin*; tobusao cutting and pulver iing{ in tftaaertesand w re making establishments; or aooa vatar m?nwfreittre; for bone crashing; nalt mashing; towing; grilling cutlery. *o They .re iaexftoalrat economical; eaaiijr managed; they eqntre no engineer*; use no water; and consume ery little fuel. Any je'eoode?iro?e of aslng these Sgines, oan by apMMatton to toe undersigned be ' wn a large number of testimonials fron. persons rbe have th?m in daily aee, expressing tbefr enure aiiafaetioa in their operation and uee Prieee of the fcnginee as established by the l*at , IS ?a. eyl'r #SfiA 18 inches cylinder, 3?"> )oab!?U ? 1,4Mb * " 1,360 ? * 2m*> ?0 m " 2J? " s !g|;r : IS ?? ill '* MISCELLANEOUS. By thk rEEsWS^ir the UM1TKD Id cartuanoe of Is*. 1. JUH Bucha-Kan. Praa idenfct the United Statee of Amtnofc do harelj deoi?re *r?.i make known that pullia aalM will U at the ?oder-mention^d Land Ofioee in tfca Sate of Iowa, at the period* hereinafter de?n na iad, to Wit: At the lA-d Oftoeat Forr Dobob, oommneiig on Monda*. th? mh da* of N?T?nb;r next, kwUe dieeoaal of the pub 10 !aud?, Heretofore ancfierad. iitMt?i within the following towaehipe and parte of townehipe, !*: North of tht ba*4 li?* and wut *f tht fifth primtwul miridtan. Seotioni l.S.5,7.?.ll,13, IS, 17, 1* tl,?, Sfc *7, SS, 31, W. and ?, of towaahip ? eeotion* I S, 4, 7. 9 11, 13 is, I77w, *1.? *, ?.?? a.?, and ?, of townebip 96: eeotiene l.t,5,7.9, II. IS, I*, 17,19,SI. M S nf twa.L.. ae. I.sTvto, i'. is. is, n,"B, m, ?~ti, xf. ^?i7?7a?d 36, of township 97; seotlons 1, 3, 5, 7,9, It, 13, IS, 17, 19, SI, 23. 35, 27, 49. 31, 33, and 35, of township 98, of rftnco 27* flections 1,3.5,7,9,11.13.15, 17. 19,21.13. 25, *7, 29,3'. 33. and 35, of to wnshlv 90; SMtionB 1,3,5,7,9. II, 13, 15, 17, 1SUJ1, 23. 26, 27. 29. 31, 33, and 35, of township94; sections 1. 3.5,7,9,11,13,15 I7.19,?, ?. 26,27.29, 31,33 acd 35 of township 95; sections I,3,5.7, t, 11, 13.15 17,19,21,23.25. 27.29. 31,31, and as, ot towosnip 96; Motions 1. 3, ft. 7, 9 il. 13- 1ft, )7, 19,21.23, 25,27,29,31,33, and 35, of township 97; Mo tions 1.3.5,7, Ml, 13, 15, W, 19, ?l. 2S.yft.27, .9,31, 33, and *5, of townsmp 9"; moUods 1,3,5 7,9,11,13, It, 17.19.21,23,25, 27, 29,31, 33, and 35, of towoshlp 99. of range 28. 3 otuna 1,3,5,7,9, 11.13, 15,17,19,21,23. 2ft, 27, 2j, 31 33, and 3), of township 93; Motions 1,3,5.7,9, II, 13,17,19,21,23,25. 27.29, 31, 33, acd 95, of town ship 94; srotions 1,3,5,7,9. 11,13. Ift, 17,19, 21,2?, 25, 27, 29,31,33, and 35. ot t >wmhip 95; sections 1,3, 5. 7,9, 11,13, 15,17,19,21, 23. 25, *7,29. il. 31. and 35. of t;?wriS^ip9fi; sfOt on? 1,3. 5,7, 9.11. 13,15,17,19. 21, i3, 25. 27, 29. 3', 33. and 36, of townsh'p !T7; SM'i^ns I,3, 5,7,9, H.Is. 15,17,19, 31. 23. 25.27.29,31,33,and 45, <?f iownshio 96; s^o ions 1,3,5,7, 9, '1,13, 15. 17, 19,21,2), 25,27 29,31. 33, and 35, of township 99. of ranse 29. {Actions 1,3,5,7,9.11, IS, 15,17,19 21,23.25,77.S?, 3', 33. and 35, of township 93; seotlons I, *. ft, 7,9, II,13,15,17,19.21,23,25,27,29,31,33.anJ 35, of town ship 'M; iM ions 1,3, 5 7,9, II, 13, Ift, 17,19,21,23, 25, 2T, 29 31. 33, and 35, ol township 95; sections i 3,5. 7.9, 11. li. 15. .7, 19,21,23 25, 27 24 31. 33. and 35, of i, ? w ii*il? y iWU'?D8 1 Of 1 "i IS. 1A, 17, 19, 31, 23. *5,27, i9 31. S3, and 35, oftnwuship97; s*otion?l, 3, 5,7,9,11, 13. 13,17, U, 21.23. 25, 27, ??, 31,33. am 35. o township 9*; h orions I. 3, 5, 7, 9.11,13,15,17, 19, 21. 33.25. 27,29,31,33,and 35, o town* ip99;Beo tions 1,3 5, 7. 9. 11,13 15,17, |9. 21. 23, 25, 77, 29, 31. 33. ami 35 oftownalno 1<?, oi raace 3u Sairiwna 1. 3, 5. 7, 9.11, 13. 15, 17.19, 81, 23 25 77, 29,31,33, ?n?J 35, of township 93; ?#Oti D? 1. 3, 5,7. 9, 11.13, 15 17,19, 21, 23, 85. ?T, 2?. 31 33, und SS.ol township 94-, BMU'im I. 3, 6,7,9,11,13. 15. 17.19,21, iJ.25,27, 29, 31. 33, and 35 of township 95; sootions 1.3,5.7,9,11.13, 15, >7. l<?, 21, 23. 25, 27,29 31,33 and 35, of township 96; S'Otio s 1,3, 5,7, 9,11,13, 15,17, 19.21 23.25,57 29,31,33, and Si, ol t >wn?hlp ?C; s?0 tions 1,3,^,7,9. 11,13, .5, 17, 19. 21. 23,25,27, i9, 31. r3, JiDil SS, of town* hip 90; sections 1,3, 5,7,9, 11, 13, 1*, 17,19, 21,23, 25. 27, 29, 3', IB, and 35. of tOwnsMp <?! ha-tmn. 1 s * 1 u II " ,a ?" "e *" ? - %"? "1 '? ? *?* 31,3!, and 3>, ?>f iown*mp It*', of r*ng*3i. o?d 1,3,5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, i9,il, 2S, 15, 27, 2^, 3>, 33, ivnu 3 >, of lowuahip 93; secLoia 1, 3. 5,7, 9. II, 13, 15, 17, IS. 2!, 23, i5, S7, 29, 3 , 33, a?jd 25, of townaiiip 44: atctiona 1,3,5,7, 9,11 13, >5, 17,19,SI, 2*. 25. <7, ??, 31,31, ? d 35, of t <wnih.p 95; aeotioi ? 1,3. 5,7,9,1-. 13, 15, 17, '9,91, 23 25,27,29,31,33. and a5, f lo jrnahip 9ri; ?e"ti ^na 1,3, 5,7,9, 11,13,15. 17. iv, 21. 23, 25. >7. >9,SI, 3<, a..<l ?, of -.owitahip 97; ji-otiood 1,3,5.7,9, 11,13, 15, 17,19,81, 23,25,27, S9, 31,33, and 35, ofto? uafiip 9H; a?otiona 1, 3, 5, 7,9, il, 13, IS, 7, 19, 21,23.25. 27, 29, 31, *?, &i d S5. of town * up 99; s-oii na 1,*,5.7,9, 11, 13, '5,17, 19,21, 21, 5>5, 27, -9, 31,31, and 35 of tow nahie 1?H, of rar*?3.'. Sootionx 1,3,5,7,9.11,13.15, 17,19,21,23.25. 27, it. 31.33. *nd 35, f '.wnnhip 94; township 95; aeo tionj 1, 3.5,7, 9,11,21,23,25, 27, 2', 31,33. and 35. of tnwiiamp '?b; a oti -ra 1,3, 5,7,9,11,13,15,17.19 21, 23.2?, 27,29, 31,3', ?n? 35 of townahip97; acotiona I; 3.6,7. 9. ll, 13, 15, 17, 19, 21. 23, 25, 27. 29,31, S3, * d3i,<>f <'WQ8hip98: seououe 1, 3.5.7, f>, U. 13,15, 17, 19,21,23 25,27,29,31. 33, and 35, of townahip 99; ? et uu? 1.3,5 7, 9.11,13.15,17,13,21.23, 25,27,29, 31,33, and 35. of towmnip 100, ol ranee 33. At the Land Office at Sioux City, oomnMnoing on Mondar.the 2bth day of November next, for tlie dicporai of the pubho landa, heretofore iinof f.-red, mtuate! within the following townahipa and parta yf townaliipe, viz : North of the bast line and west qf the fifth principal meridian. ijvvaivua 4 , >l( II) ' | t I > H, U, IT, I!f , Jfl > ^5. "? 29, 31, 3J, ?'id S-, of townahip 95; st o ion? 1, 3, 5,7.9. 11, 13, 15, 17, 19. 21, 23. 25, 27,2*. 81, 33. acd 35, of towiiK ip98. 8i>c'loii? 1,3. 5,7, 9, U, 13,15,17,19,21, 23,25.27,24. 31.33, and Si, oftowusbio 97; townane 08; nscuonn 1, 3,5,7,9, 11,13, 15,17, 19,21.23, 25, 2T, 21,31, 33, auQ Si. of townatup 99; aeotiona 1.3. 5,7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 19,21. 23. 25, 27. 29, 31,33, and 85, of township 110. oi ra^ge 34. Towiahipa 98,99, and 10", of rang* 36. TownaMp 9*, of rang# 36. To wnthipa 94. 99, and ion, of range 37, Townahipe 90.99, and loo, of rang* 3B. 1 o 4 uahipa Hf). 99. and 100, of range at*. Townatupa 9rf, 99, and 1W>, of range V1, Townahip* 99 and 100, of range 41. Townat>ipe 99 and ion, of range 42. Townahipa 99 and 100, of range 43. Townihipa 99 and l**o, of range 44. Towuahipa 99 and 100, of range 4ft. Townships 99 and 100, of range 4fi. Townahipa HA an t 100, of range 47. Township* 99 and !<*? of range 48. Townahipa <#? and 100, o. ranee 49. Land appropriated by tav Tor the uh of schools, military, and other purposes, together with the "?w&ui? and overflowed lands," will be ezeladed from the Miss. The odering of the above land* will be oommenorcl on the da* appointed, and will prooeed in the order in which thm are advertised, until the whole shail have boon offered and Ute ealee that oloeed ; bat no sain siiall be kept open longer than two wetks, and no private entry <>fanj of the land* will bo admitted until alter .he expiration of the two week*. Given under in* hand, at the city of Washington, thm lourteen'h aay of Ancuat, Anno Domiui on* thousand eight hundred and sixty. JAMES BUCHANAN. By the President: Jo*. 8. W1L805, Comnusaioner of the General Land Ofiioe. NOTICE TO PRE-EMPTION CLAIMANTS. Every person entitled to the right of pre-emption tt\ An V of Hi? 1 n? 1 ? ?*? ? * ? *" ... ........ ..w.u wio iiiwnnnipi and MrU of townships al?ove mentioned, is required to es tablish the sam<? t<> tbe satisfaction of the register sad receiver of the proper laud offioe.and make pay ment therefor as soon as practicable after seeing this notice, and before the da* appointed for the ooinmenoem^ut of the pnblio aa'ea of the lands em bracing tnw tract claimed; otherwise suob claim wi'l be forfaited. job 8. wilson, Couiroiseioner of the Oeneral L<and Offioe. Not* ?Under the regulations of tha department, a<< heretofore and now existing, no payment can made for advertising proclamations exoept to saoh Bubliahers ai are sp'cmlly autkorixed to publish by le Commissioner of the General Land OAoe. an 20-M.wiSw Look to your inter est, purchas ers OF cabinet FUitNIiURE. We have now in aCore and daily re ceiving the largest, handsomest, and the cheapest lot of Cabinet Purniture ever offered to the c;tixens of Washinfton, ucvnnivwn nnu AtvXtQUnfti WlllOj) Wft oordial j invite all who deaire furoiabiiic to oall ara Kitmin* for thomaelvea. Ouritookemb aooa overy conceivable artiole neo*h?ar? to farniaha panor, ha l.dinint room, chaniber, and kitclr<n. Our ox

tensive stuck ia too unmaroua to particu arn* We only name a few of the leading artiolea, amon as. viz: RoMvood, Walnut and Mahoraay Parlor Ruif"? upSolttered in a superior manner in Brooatolle >-i k < lu?h, and Hair Cloth, Gilt frame Mat tel, Pi?r ant1 other (ilaaaqa. Gilt B&aa Tab cm, Gilt Brackrta and Marble Plaba, (iiHlno and other h&ndaome Reoeption Chaira, in Brooatelle, Plnah. Huah and C%ne S^ta, Etezeree, with Marble-tope and Mirror Baoka, Do. Parlor f)e?ke and Whatnota, Roaewood. Wainutand Mahocany Bureaus. WaahBtan'.iB, Brdateada ana Wardrobe*, vary handaorae and ohea?, Cottn.ce Chamber Furniture, in Oak, lmltatKn Oak, Maple and Painted, witn or without Mar Me Tope, Mtrb e-top llatraoka, in Oak and Walnut, Iron riairaoka, Ha.II St&nda, ?-c-et%riea, Bookca?ra, Hhavinc Stands, tllrhn (Mf.-t-'P-'-t. ........ .?r UVJU7I 1CUIDI, Hair and ^huok Mattresae*, K?ather Bo'aters andJPillowa. B anketa. Coraforta, Quilta, Tovela, Ste. In Edition to our ?-took of Furmtare oar irat flcor oor Uint large and v?ll atook 01 China, Glaaa and Oronkerr, PlaUd Good*, Japan e?e ware. Table Cntlety, Britannia War*, B'ook tln Goods, B\aket*, Bruahea, is., altof ether form in* a complete variety of ever? Uilcf aaoaaaary to furuian a nouae in all ita apartments c w. BotELka * 8ON8. Iron 11*11, No. *lo Penn. avenue, ael7-MJfcThtf between 9th ana 10th ata. Furniture Wardrooms. WALL ^BARNARD UL re now reoeivmg, on oonsignment, Ml at their Wart rooms. corner of C f f J ami Ninth streets, (ia the rear of th?fr auction rooms,) a wry large and general aeeort inoutof FURNITURE, CAR PETS, and U OU8 E KtKt'lNU GOODS generally. whion they invite the attention of persons furnishing to examiae be fore puroKasiug?among which mat be fouad: >re purohasiug?among winch may be f< P?rtor Suite, in Krocatelle, Reps and H Mahogany and Walrnt Solas. Tete-a Ma 1 - Walnut and Mi>Vogaay MarSle top plata and Bureaus I Wood seat Rooker, Dining, Offiee and Chair* ae (Jilt and Mahogany Looking 0 aaeee ay ana Walnut Cottage and other fied ^BiOCWk, tetee, and i JotlM.fcU Ma b!e top and other other Uareau Cane and Wood seat Rooker, Dining, Ofiee and other C' Handsome Mahogany and StMk.ll _ _ . _ Cabinetj. Elsgeres,_Whafc^oU and Peeks ?" - r?'?? olotha oiner carpet*; Oil-' OlUUil MarUe- top. Walnut. Mahojany amfcother Wuh its-'di and ginks fcair, Shuck,aEdShuok and Cotton HaiUauM With a k'mU rarietj of othar cooda i?'w tiooed, wluch Will baaola Ter^ low. ee 38 ?olm other cooda not here men iow. BARNARD, Auctioneer!, aonta aids of Atmw, oorner Pa av. and Mh street. |MPORTANT TO OUtfKfc.KKFKAB. E. R. DURKKK M 00.*8 li,,* ^ttoeai are all MSSatttU Qaaeantfleu not oali ELY AND^PERFECTI/y^URfct * to jreyent the TRUNKS, BOOTS A*D SHOES. J?OOTS AND Bj^ .JtfSKTSr JSteA rafcdTexpreeely U> be eold ?t? much lover ir:o< heretofore eharged U thu "tiSZn. I. eitr tud* wofii win ? ? ia itorvand M UM Unrwt m-f si4 TO SUIT ?U kinds of it notinu m wort of ?TinV order, Muvi U ~*t?uks UVl IUI LBD TJ SS Inf ISoklJ e^iee ram exhibit* at raw i i i i?i Truki. t thu ? WALL, gO? mar?l-tf Pt. tw5 SOUTHERN TRUNK MANUFACTORY. OrpttU* WWw"flSiffiuMmgln, D. a Traveiera will study their interests Oj exi BIT TRUNKS, VALICE8 *e . befare pur ' * j else we re- All none hut the I keep ooustantly on hand, and make to order ion one *Mk'i notioe) every deeonptien of SOLM LEATHER, IRON FRAME FRENCH DRESS ?d WOOD BOX TRUNKS: ASHLAND **4 etker VALICES; TRAVELING BAGS; HAM NESS: SADDLES, WHIPS, tc., tfy ~ ~ tree and Covered, la a work iiort notioe. , _i any part of tha oity, Baorga tewn, or Alexandria. ' oelebraUd FAMILY TnjnVs, Ae., Rnpairea man:ike manner, at ehort Trunk* delivered in any town, or Alexandria. g?#rNV!&M0E"'' de It-!? J A I AMES S. TOPBAM. TRAVELERS' DIKKOTORY. Daily link of nf.w four-horse COACHES TO UPPER MARLBORO', Carrying >A? U. S. Mail. The un<lArai^n~d are now running Daily,(except Sunday.) Four horse Coaches be tween AN ashingrnn and Lpper Marl boro', as follows: Leave the Steamtxiat Hotel,corner of Sevent street and Pa at7 o'clock a. m. Returning leave Uppt-r Marlboro' at 11 o'olpok a m., and arrive in Washington at So'clook, in time to connect with the SJOp. m. t ain for Baltimore. The Coaches aru new and ootanoHmna. tk? first class mthe h&ndi of careful and accommodat ing drivers. Fare to Upper Marlboro SO oenta. To Long Old Fieida. 25 ** To Centerville .. SB ** Fieicntand paokacea in proportion. au 15 tf osborn i CO . Proprietor*. Baltimore and ohio railroad. washimtox branch. Changb or Hocb*. on and AFTER wednesday, JunelSth, ISO), trama will run aa follow*: Leave Washington at 6 20 and 7.4n a. m. Leave Washington at 3J0 and 6.30 p. m. On Puntiay at 3 40 p. m. l?ave Baltimore at 4.25 and 1.40 a. m. u<m>o iniwire u j-io ana ijo p. m. On bunday at 4 25 a. m. PMMQf ori for the Ka?t will tak* train at 6Jt> and 7.4" a. <n and S?t.m. For the West at 7.4*fa. m. and SJ30 p. in. For Annapolia at 7.40 a m- and MO p. iu. For Norfolk at 7 40 a. m. On Saturday eveiani tlteUO p. m. train goM to Philadelphia only. je 13-d T H. PARSONS. A tent. NEW ORLEANS WIYM * ? CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. ALL RAIL ROUTE, Via Ormngi and Alexandria Railroad TO LYNCHBUR9: Wvtgxnxa and Teniwtse. Tennessee and Virginia, Ernst Tennessee and Georgia, Nashville and Chattanooga, Memphis and Charleston, Mississippi Central, iVMt Orleans and Jaeieson, TO NEW ORLEANS! MEMPH7s~ROUTE: Memphia by Ra.l, thenoe b? Firat oliu Pitk?U to New Orleans. MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE: Montgonery t>y Rail. thence to Mobil* by Pirat olasa Pack eta. Mobile to New Orleant by Lake Statute TWO DAILY TRAINS?Svnbats Included, Letrt Waahirsjten at 6 a. m. an 0 p. at. The Steamer GEORGE PAGE leaves her ?hart foot of Seventh street at 6k a. m. and f>A< p. u. and oonneota at Alexandria with the Orange and Alex andria Trains for the SonthvenL Oftoe?Pennsylvania avonae, corner of Sixth at. iMiaa CUCIID muxraa ro am? Lrnohhnrt $15n Memphis __~..?S1 00 Hrietol ISO) Atlanta -in 00 Knoxvil'.o 80 0u Mtoon _..?(*> Chattanooga J4 on Colurobna ?-21 90 DaIton_, .54 no Montgomery .33 00 HunUnlle ,J7(I) ) via SO ?raoa Junction low N.O.J naG. Juno..<2 60 aehvHie at tul S via Mobile. _45 on THIS ROUTE IB ENTIRELY BY RAIL 90# MILKS SHORTER,'and 34 HOURS LE8S IN ITMK than anr other f.iae? the Ljnnhbnrc Kxtaneion bains nov oompleted, u also the Mississippi Central, making it the QUICKEST AND MOST PLEAS ANT ROUTE FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS! It in provided with First-olass Sleeping Care! TIME are STo New Orleans T9 Hoar*. Memphis f4 do. teSfflrZf=r=i"8 fc d7Tke U.B. MAIL.nd ADAMS' F.XI'KEW etakec over thii New Luna. Jiokete ean bo obtained at the Sosth Wee tern oe, corner of Sixth etieet and Pennsylvania ar enne, to the following point*: i>Tnonwtrx, Bnital, KnoxnU*. Atlanta, Chattanooga, flunUTille. 6rud Junction, Mkood, r*a*hTifle, Dal too. Ool*mb*i?, M<mt??-T}kw*git*3Fsr** ^ rrr THROUGH TICKETS TO THE VA RIOUS r ISO IN I A SPRINGS. frromnibnt^ and Baggie* Wagon* l*a?* tha offioe at 6 a. m. and p. m. JAMES A. EVANS, Tloket Arcnt, ma a-tr Cornar Sixth at. an<l Pa. * TP HE STEAMER J AS. SOY Will rtnini tar 1 trip* on TUESDAY, Hat of" Pabruarr. 1M0. WiIITaav* WASH INGTON *t*tt TUESDAY ant FRIDAY, at6 o'olock a. m.,and ALEXANDRIA at haTf-paat 6 o'clock, for CURRIOMA^ and tba ictermadiat* Landing*. On bar return triM, the will leave CUKRIOMAN every WEDNESDAY and SATURnAv.its n'nlnftlr " LtCIANS. PAGE, Proprietor. NATH'L BOUSH. Ai't, Alexandria. feSS QPPICK OP ^N8PECTOErAND SEALER Wa?hisoto!i. Jnly 18,1860. NOTICE IS HEREBY OirSPf. That, agree ably to the provisions of the oidmanoe or the Cor poration approved May 12. I860, the anderaigned is now prepared, "whenever reeuired in writing, aad on pre-payment of the fee of ifty oents, to ieapeot. xamine. test,?rove, aadasoertain the aooaraey of registration or any gas meter in use in tnis oity." Every meter, if found incorrect, will be oomiemced, and another, sealed aad marked as true, will be set ta plaoe. If proved to be aooarate in its measnr. meat of gas, it will be sealed accordingly, &^iSoe1 NoVil5<8evenih>rstoset,(nsar Odd Pel jy 18-tf Uspoetor aad BeaJer of ?as Meters. Wm GAS FIXTURES. E Have in store. and are dai.y receiving t OAS WXTC7KJ?Sofentir*IjrNew Patterns and Designs ind Finish^superior in stjl* to anything heretofore %m uwtok * v isTiMpmsona rraprai [ It to o&ll and examine our atook of Gas and Water riaturea, feolin* oonfident that we have the bast elected atoqk in Washington. * All Work ia the above Tine lntrutad to our oar* ""ttlfca 4 pSAN?IB HARPER, FAMILY GR^CkR?kEDSTORE, Comer of New York a?aw amd Tmuk ttr?t. Reapecuully aolioita the patronace of those w mar bo in want of any artisle ia the aoove liae. Hia MufeaTcra a kali he to pleaa*. and by a atriot atten ion to the wanta of the pnblie, ha hopes to merit a ihare of their patronace. Hia took oousiats or ererr article usually to be baad ia a fisst-olaes Family Qrooary mm Feed Mora. maW-tf 12.000 PSMMK $2 he attention qfth* public to owunt aad well aa o Id oa reasonable Urn? ?? mPlCIMB. D* FOR ALL DISKABEO OP IMPRUDENCE. LET MO FALSE DELICACY PEE WENT. APPLY IMMED AT ELY. A OWEE *J**^'{LOEiro CHI Eft E IK FEOM ONE TO TWO DATE. TOIMI liniliUy ?to ktti k<uai u* 'wllai ?f hlinry Titi J;?4 Ml* ruu? Mtracu** fctfcu tbiu umi:> mipa M j fr??? itmuii tiVwmmm Mm iftk mm '< ud MlhM muIUm, aiMc nt?nn? haw bnutaf Iwmi ?Kfc|k?tlMMl( ? ?"M lTH,?r??OwllhUi ?Ti rtui, k*iaf i*m t! >! !!I MrahiNt ten apaadJ* >Mi a *kt iImm kiaulfHlM ik* mm W Dr. 1. at; Nkf Mli mo Ma li Ua Hh> m a hmImu u4 mHnlli r*Jj IfM Ms akiU m ptfntni. urnUBHftflOITK lift kaa4 *a4*jm( (na IdtlMfi Knu, t la* Inn In* Ik* Nn*>. A>1 M uatNm mm u4 imNi. hHHP Mk* ta*4 u4 N*?H IMU| ml joivaroa, bin *f tk? 1*^1 C*ll*f iflarfNM, Mm, mtMl (no mi* / tk* mm aiatui OUtfN i* Ik* lulwi lulu, U< tk* fT*al*r part W whaaa lifa haa k*?* *faai la tk* kM aiula if Ualaa, Puu, Pkibitlakia u< *?M w*M?, kM *f faciad aM* al tk* Met uuaabia( tana Hat war* **M *h*n Ml**p: graat aat'tMr.M* , Miaf *l*ra*4 at aaUM Mad*, kubhlnM* with fr*aa*nt llMiai, attaodad mm* TAKI r A RTIvJ* LAk HOTtCS. Tn<| Mm ui atkara vk* b.?. m)?r*? itaauiliM ky nun pruuei Itiilaif a J la wk*a alaaa-a kakit fraqaaauy l*-ira*d frMn *?il e*Mf>*MMM, m at aehMl, tk* *Inii al which ara oigktiy fait ***a wkaa ttlaap, ui if a*t eua4.| nn?l Rirmff U< tllTlfl Mt U< Mf, abaald apply louaadtaial*. Aiu u< Mia* of Ul i?4 u>4 BtlutM; ifitti ln4Mi< k; a r i? baLita WtmU ri? I WiiUih af Ua Back ut limb*, ruu ib tta Hia(, DiBitiM of aifhi,Laaa af Maacalai Paver, PilpttaUM af lha aart.Drapafav, ilirrMi IrntabiJ ?y, l>ar?of araaot af iha Di|?auia raactiaoa, aaata! DaMtkf, ymp:o'<aa af Cooa? ptiaci. Ac. MKMTALLT.?Tua faarfai afituaa Ua aMata aa*t M ka draadad ? Laaa of Maraarjr, Ca.-ifaaiat af ldaat, Oapraaaiaa af Stmia, Kail Farbadmaa. A*araaanafaatittT, BalfDiairaat ka>a af aiitada, T*B>dity, au .tr* aaaa af Ua aatta pa? d W C f HCtTOII DKB1DTT.?TWaaaadiaaa M?)iip wfcu la tha caaaa af Uair dacuuinf baalU, laaaar Uau <ifat,ka aaatrf aisk, pala, aarraaa aod aaacialad. kaviaf a iiaftiU appaaraaaa akaattlia ifti, ca?fb ar ayiapianaaf caaaaapOaa Dia^Atea or impkudbncb. Wku Ua Biafaadad aad iapr??aat *aurj af piaaaara Ma ba baa im^ibad tba aaa 4a af Ui* patafal dtaaaaa, u taa afiaa bappaaa that as ill-Utaad atuaa af >biai ar draad af diaaarary daiara bin fra.a applrtrf la Uwa* ?k.a, fram adacauan aad raapaeutnlitj, caa alaoa bafi.aad Mia. ? fa'la lata U* baada af tgnaraol tad daai|me| praiaadara, wta, incaaabU af aariiy, Ucb ba paaaaiary aabaiacca, baap baaa intiaf aaoth aftar awolb, ar aa laof aa tba aaallaat faa aaa ba ab taioad, and la daapair laava aiiu viib raiutd baalib u aurt a?ar bit nlllnf duippautacot; ar by tba aaa af thai daafla panin, Martaiy. haataa tba cauatnatiaaal imaum ?* iambi* 4hiu?, iieku AftciMaio'th* Haart- fkntt.Riii, kin.4c . prorrataicf wi'Jk friftnfu. rapidity,till daub p?'.? Hrw4 ta hi* draidfal aafartaf* ky odu( hua la ibn aa llaMntid c rj trim <U< mtm n? tra??l*r raiara*. DR. 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O. jov zi'f AT PLY THE REMEDY REJOICE HEALTH. yoa ?atf?r? Are ?o? the viotiai of fmy ofthoae naneroaa ailmaate which anae irom xm pnrity of the blood/ What are tkay, do yoa ask/ Rather ask. what are they not I The blood is tM oaroe of life and heaJth- m*>A ? - ?v- ?- - * of oar beta* to respond to any oanse which ?ffeots th? system, u tit* palse InmlTibly attest* The arar prevailing Neuralgia, thelrritating Krys peuM.tbe subtle Scrofula,the agonixiag Rkeamatisia. Ner om Debility. Dyspepsia, Lirer Complaint with orsor and dejection, ana the namb?rieu ills t Mb U h?lr to.denm 'heir hideous origin from lood. Deal kindly the* and gently with the bio roll Debility, Dyspepsia, Liver Complaint with its lis* the~vitnli*iDg'reeouroee "of nature for It* and offer as to commend to yn?r oonftdenoe in that trmly valuable merfioameat known as INDIA If r WO STABLE DECOCT ION. 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