Newspaper of Evening Star, October 23, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 23, 1860 Page 1
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# _ ? ___ i 'v.. wir-m :?2\ ^W^?J,M ~^"?* -v" " "' "" ' ??,,;, r.,,-7,,,, ^*y& f * f*^ 1 (ftamg Mm, - * ....? JF^^r IS^ES^^5jj||^^BflC^^^^E!pSSOS38^SB^^i^3^^333!!K^3B^3SCSE2^E^2E2S232^SSS^I^3^S?S^I^ES3 ^S^3^^K^5^^33^2;SSE2^S^S?IS3^^^^5!SS3E3^3SE53SE3MI^33B^B Vet. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. TUESDAY. OCTOBER 23. I860. N?. 2.897 |' _ ?a? V) THE EVENING STAR J M K rt . f PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, f (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED,) AT THK STAR BUILDINGS, Cf of Pimufloami* wimm and lltA *r W. D. WALLiCH. f Papon Mrrad in psokocoo by Miriars H |4 I y?r, or ST Mats pm montk. To Mil aibaoritan t*e prioo u #3-5" m year, m Uimm; ft for alz Mithoi SI for tfcrw bobUmi an* for Jooo^ ttu inr-M. mourns mi ms rata 01 Koenu a wess. sine* ao ?ies, o*? e si?t ; in vrawar?, rw? eniers. tL^"Aj>vMTM???i?T??<?ot*W be seat to tha ofioa before It o'eioek ra^ otkirvM U?j u; kotih*v Mtil the next day. _ ' ; Willis m Chare* Huic. Pint, let me tell too of my falling otMnunli Mm bands of my old friend Indt?v?*nsabie Brown, I Beadle, of Grace Chu/ch, and Grand Chamberlain at l'p-towa,) and of ray narrow eacapa from Ifcfcantt? in the listening to hum music by his courteous introduction. With the 'forty year* in the wilderness" which baggage has to undergo before Its dtitrsrance. when put into th? hand* af "Stadley's Express," t was detained orer Sunday in New York on my, 4 return f-om Boston; and. hoping to be forgiven for sttefrritnirdlvfiMisorvie* In mv vesterHsv'sablrt and stockings, I went to Grace Church In tb^*ternocD. An excellent sermon from Dr. Taylor. 1 and the music they have always at that heautlfnl plac*?ah, roe ! ??uch nsusie aa flies low ovar the breathless bosom of a lake, shedding the lifted drt?ps, afterwards, with addyiny* that reach the abore of Your heart You know what thsae tremulous cadences are. In the rotes of Mrs. Bodestein, chief chorrlster at this church, and bow lacspres-, siblv emotional ts her sweet sinking, always. b'nt Brown came to me aa I found my way out, afltr service . The best organist in our country was in ths choir, (Mr. Morgan,) and. If 1 would stay till the congregation were goae. 1 should hear a little of his skill on the Instrument. From the virions pieces he off-red to play for sae I chose the simplest?that great thuader-anth-m of melody and majesty,' (iod snvetheOaeen1' 1?anil not without remembrance ot the boy whose mother is thus gloriously prayed fbr! Answered as the world-round Iteration of this subltme pr*ref mum to be?with a mother reigning as If taken Into God's holy keeping?may bla reign prove to be the inherited troodneaa of such a life, a* beau tfnlly prom teed In the commandment! The church was empty In a few minutes, all ex* cept two or three expectant listener* who lingered In toe aisle; and the alow measure* of the hymn was tint murmured low, like the scarce articulate utterance of a prayer in solitude W ith the dim. nraa of the light npon the splendid arcbitectare amnnd, and with the absolute st'lines* of the atmosphere, this beginning was most 1 mpress 1 rely reverential. And then came the few note* of the air. played with massive solemnity and strength? like the chant of a whole army on tkeir knees? Impossible to bear wtthont in awe that hushed the breath. And the variations commenced, pro. 1 greasing upward with the exquisite complexities f ??f inspired cam position?the original, simple air ' dominant throughout?and brain and h-art, tku? far. keeping pace with the anthe??s stately tread. Hut. bow describe the iratberlng together of all these wonder* of sound these miracles of nrprlaes la harmony, and thandering them forth 1ft on# burst of a hallelujah, with toe whole power of ths flayer and his Instrument! The hush of the de? sorted build i nsr.and the reverberating; echoes from the srebes of tbe vaulted roof, probably added to the effect?but 1 began to feel tint strange sense of uncertain foothold upon earth which comes with tbe overtask of reason and sympathy Uorne to the limit?where mortal comprehension ceases and anfels take op the hymn?sndstlU the Instroment went on! 1 was losing the kaowtedgmf ' where I was reeling In an ecstacy of wonder, whet I the sublime hosanna was suddenly still?ceasing, ^ I scarce knew how. I hsd a vague sense of as apology to make, for 1 bad jnmped up and seize# hold of the player's arm in my bewildermenthut. with a moment or two of looking down upon the stillness of the deserted aisles. I felt tbe calm I nf Ik. r,? ?V. 1_ J 1 v* ?uv ??? ?v, wi?u ior^c urupt Ol 1WPOI standing on my forehead, I recovered the knowledge of my whereabout 1 had really been almost wrought up to frenzy with the skill and power of that wonderful music .?Home Journal sho?!5o Accident iji 8t. Louis?a young fjtiy Burnsd to lUmtk.?A shocking aocldent accarred at the residence of Mra. Keilly, In 81. I JLoa , on 8u:iday, the 11th Inst , wbtch resulted ' In th* death of a roung lady named Ann Ravell \t The St. Louis Republican says: Miss Ravsll tad ~ just returned home from church, and hurriedly i approached theflre biasing on the hearth, to warm b*r bands Upon turning suddenly sound, th* skirt of her drees, which was gsaaily expanded by her beep*, look ire, and Instantly enveloped ber in flames. Mrs. Reilly was tbe only present at the time of the accident, ana she became so panic stricken on witnessing the agonizing situation of Miss Ravell as to be almeet unable itn reader any assistance, or even to give tbe alarm to th: adjoining neighbors Miss Kavell, well aigh smothered by the flames and smoke. 1 -wiiii oer nearly burned from her body, 1 and uttering the mist excruciating torture ^9 rushed wllalr from tb? room toward an alley leading to Tenth street Her sudden movement faaned the flames that wife consuming her. and consequently but Increased the Indescribable miserv she nods red. Bhe bad, however, scarcely reacimd the open air when a heavy blanket was thrown over her body by Mm. Reiliy. By this time th? poor girl h?d lost her strength, and, bewildered by her Intenae paia, and almost suffocated by the deadly iahalatioa, which it waa impossible to avoid, aha fell at the - touch of tbe blanket The groans aod erica of tfce sufferer were heart-rending la the extreme; but the spectacle that was presented oa removing the blanket waa appalling. Hut a few ahreds of t|e drees remsuied, and disclosed st ance the terrlhie ? havos made by the flames. Tbe whole bodv, from the feet to tbe neck, was frightfully burned. ' She lived natil the next morning. i DuttrictMi is 6aisci ?Almost a Rrrp1 i i.rti?!f ? \ letter from Athens to the Semaphore | ? of 4farse1lles g1v?a the following version of tfce J disturbance of tbe 15th alt: A O.t tbe occas oa of the inilrtnarr of Greek in ^ d'-peadea-e it Is uuU to erert a triumphal arch j ia (wit mt the palace, knt the government would M eel tlliw II thts rear, nor were the military bands B p^rmitvd to pt?y la th<* evening, as usoal. In the torulng various pattola traversed the city in all jArrcttana, aa if It had been in a state of airgt. itw ?i>f^Onim the troopa were kept within tb?-ir berrieks. and at nightfall the police cloaid -? Ml tha pablic establishments About 0 o'clock a ,T e;c'W<l, composed chiefly of students and you*g I^W>en belonging to tbe b?-si families of G;ee<*, . t Went to lbs square before tbe palace, where sura. H ? bern ert?led m noil, und MM4d ,44-rtHaf Gir!b*ldl tnrevm"" ''flowanitk th?* l Awetrlan policy'" *<Tfce oonttitutloo fo#e**T!"' ' and othrra *111 more Ttoleitt. The Were in0O on the tpot, and after aome little hetitatleu tue tree were all pat out Tbe measure, however, only Increased tbe uproar, for tbonwto did <n not about wfcen tbe place wai li^hu-d. did to In T tbe darkoraa The crowd went to the reetd~nce ^Admiral Cimta, cloee to tbe Kiug'a palace, jilrterinir U* crtea, as well as Caua/U I t "Dc?b with tbe tyrant!" Tbe boof? ad (eoduian, both hone and foot, aoon came a*ap aad disponed tae erewd without aay blood?uSed - mwdk Exmmioi e* a Diajtoao Machink?IttsgttiTr WtUr kiowo, aajra tbe Macramento L'aloa. that ? party ?f geetifeiee b?*e been ex perl men tin* |<r months n diamond making;, and |u(| Mtd purpoae hate cauaed to be put together aoitir mm amui iMBMry oi mme Kind peculiar W the T* vocation, we know not wbat At any rate it U of ]?*Hon. nd baltrd ud riveted together about u i; strong ai machine* can make aucb thing*. On ^ AVodncedar, about noon, ail. \V. ruderwoed ,?#rat ezaMrtaunting with hit pet, which U ,to at> make dlaaondt aa cheep ae pebblee, tbe thing fblew up. and the ?zpenmenter barely ?Ktwd with his Hit We andfniand the power of fee exploa: re g*? wu ao great aa to tear aankdqr appd Iron thrt-e-foartha.of an loch thick aa r?*4?y >* one would tear up wet paper . _ ,i I " ?One child In one thousand U an - jwbecUe. Thrt *?,WK> In the United 9tat?aad " ^cobably fa New York. They art ao by flltYmdt awtiget, by droateneeea of parenta, by egleer and lltfreatMMil, and aoaae Urnea bemedwtotMna. Very I lute baa ever been 4?U fee Ifcefn, I f^HPtbeotht peaalhle Bat It (e tMe that almoet iH j "'.Hb children caa be brought up ao aa to gi In I tuttclent mental atrength to take care of (SetaI aelvaa. end be meaaureeblr IMeliimt and kanlv Tb?acbooU f<?r (alNcllwU P?rli hitr Hotn . tkl? ,TV?- lUtt# amrk of mind tbey bav?, mp?t pe pfrvditdtA* imum4, uiklwa kr lata a dJlh*. It vamy be done la a lwKt Molarity ?(pM 4ah<Ml?fcaVa recently been eaUblUkfd kfiwkMUi, PM?rln?U. nd New YaA. m4 0fBTr?)im is Whiht ?In MM popular ifn fj-ir- Ute resort at U>? Aommm fbkv JDBil AwcIiUm beld la thl? city) Uwre Is {JraUtertf-lB Mtiid to HryehaiM la vkWnr. auaabet mt wbUkrotiTMimMtelbg 1 '*1 w* l>**> *** **** to ?WM % v^fi^^r^andwe karoo* baeaablatoaaclHaln SKur rallabU ?oureo tbat tba practice ?rtikf: fM?fr vrbatne la w to laky U erar followed Ttw ffcct *Uo that one part of IUychnU>? will lmputk?te.! ^ VblabMU?M?to?u^waUi w?iidmn? a t-j raoiimU 1% Mac otad for thle ourno* ' * ' J J J A FokMn R?tii Viiit.-JlU Visit of Prinot Edward to Boston in 17M.?Tba Button Transcript, In the course of aome comments upon the recent letter of the venerable Joel ah Qulncr. reprWaca tbe following:? letter from Juw, iftrrwvdi Otr. 1 nor ewe Bom Mr, to Judge Wm. Cuabing, dated Feb. 14. 17M, pvbltahed am -rear* ag? in tbe New England Hlatortcal and i>enealogk:*l Register, makes the following mentUa af the viaft of tbe grandfather of the Prince of Walea to Boeton ilxty-ilx years ago, deacribad by Mr. Qntaer. HJa aeeouat ia of apeelal lntrreat at tbe preeent time. It will be aeen that tbe Prince, aa well aa nta grandson, waa noted for hia dancing. Mr. Sumner writesPrince Edward, eon af Baarge the Brltiah King, la now In ttAD frAm fJuaKat urnttLnnr a >KIm f*Aa? U.H hi to convey him to the West Indies to tike the command *f the British forces there. ( expert to dine In com pur with htm tomorrow. Cousin Mujr Cubing is bow with as on a rlsit, and says she saw blm last evening ' * very crowded sssewbiy, where he behaved with Kreat esse and politoaasa, and that ho danced gracefully, to tho entire approbation a# alt the ladles. A sasall larident toe PrlBee met with on the joarnev from Canada be thus relatesAt a tarern an nonest Slew F.nglaod man thus accosted him, " Well, ow do you do, sir; and are yon really the soo of Ktmr George?" He answered thst he was " Amazing!" said the mao: " and how doti your daddy do V "He was well," aald the Prince, " when 1 beard last from him " " Well, bow,'' saia lue nonesi man, "don't yon think be wn wrong Id qearrellag with America as be did?" " I don't know bat bo wm," aaid the other," but tbere't no foreseeing at all tttnee how matters will turn out" ?*Troe,M said the man; but if It badn't been for that plaguey quarrel, I suppose he might have been King here yet." Although our honeet citizen came to Cbe point rather abruptly, he seemed to understand it. and I suppose was wlUteg to let the Prince philosophise upon and dilate the principle he advanced at leisure. Singula* Physical PaixoMK!io!t.?It appears that a wonderful physical phenomenon was ob. served tn the East Indies on the 14th of July. At the village of Dhurmsalah, place about twelve i - * u - r?i v_ ii - n.L^p w uiqivuui ?i toe uaaniaanmr mountains, the inhabitants, at 3 o'clock intbflaftorneoB,wer? startled by a series of terrific explosions which luted abo ;t three minutes. A cloud bad settled upon the hizbeat peak of the mountain, and from Jbat direction something was beard whizzing through the lira so near tbe earth that all bands were involuntarily raised to shield their heads. An Instant after a ouge black mass was seen to fall In the direction of Its path, about a mile awav. The spot wfs at once visited, and an immense block, apparently granite, covered over with a pitchy substance, had buried Itself 3# feet into the ground. When dog out it was found of an |<?tT Mklil MS ?1 ? W 1 M " ? >w picu* uiuim iroiii 11 couia not be held In tbe band. Two smaller pieces of the same kind fell within two miles of It. Tbe tmctare of tbe granite correspond! exactly with that of the mountains, snd as they sre covered with perpetual mow, the lev coldness of tbe meteor suggested a conjecture that the explosion tors it from the peak, 16,000 feet hljjh, ana carried it 12 miles through the air. The question was to be scientifically Investigated. (?7* A flrtft eonviction for murder In thesecond degree took place In Nsw York mi Saturday In the Court of Oyer and Terminer. This wsa tbe esse of Jager, charged with the murder of one Pebler. The sentence la Imprisonment for Ufa. n>?_ -? *? v " * i ne counsel lor toe prisoner desired tbe Judge to instruct tbe jury to make some allowance In the prisoner's favor on account of taia belnsr Intoxicated. when the Court remarked ''that tbe original rule was that If a man choose to reduce himself to the level of a wild beast by placing himself beyond tbe exsrclae of the mind and feelings of a reasonable being, tbe act being voluntarily, he was still wholly responsible for His acts the same as though he retained his faculties clear and unimpaired That was bvfhr the better rule. I.ater decisions, however, did undoubtedly give some weight to the fact of Intoxication and cousequent irresponsibility; but no degree of intoxication would ever excnaa an act plainly malicious, and so long as the intoxication stopped short of insanity the person must be held responsible." Condition of Vkjuce ?A correspondent of the London Times wrlW?s from Vienna September '29: nrtlltinal In Vanl/*a U ?? ?? * ___ 9 . ,.?W? mm* ? www l? ?VI J n? ra?, and the Inhabitants of the city appear to be ripe for mischief They scoff at the troops and Oetman residents, and Insult the government whe#_ ever they tliink they can do so with impunity. Daring the ni*ht ofth<* 21st the Imperial arms were palled down from a pnblic office, and so abominably bedaubed that they were untouchable. Many Frenchmen have recently arrivrd at , Venice, and oa the 8lst one of them, an engineer, was arrested while making a sketch of a fort. It i is whispered that very important discoveries have recently been made by the Imperial authorities in Venetla. The whole aflkir is kept vrry secret, but it Is balleved that th? v? 1 - r bands proofs that there baa long been a direct and constant correspondence between tbe tiaribaldlans, Venetians and Hungarians. Several peri sons have recently Wen arrested at Gorlco and Udine, and sent to fortresses In tbe Interior of tbe emplrr." Na5a Sahib Tc?n?d cp Again.?Tbe Bengal Hurkara baa tbe following letter from Gorrockpore, dated August 16:?All doubt about Nana la now eteared up; he Is still alive, though I fear oat f ?m reach. A man who was taken away from ibis district,and bas been for some time a prisoner in the rebel camp, has returned. He Is very ill, but every care is taken of him, se tfcnt there Is hnna ?* ??* ? n ?? ?^ * r_ ? ... .WW! j uvvctuiucm uu oraerca the man'* deposition* to be takep and forwarded to the proper quarter*. Report give* this aa his Ule: ' Toe Nana and bit friend*, before leaving Nepaul,each eat off hi* little finger and performed all the eereanonlee of a faneral, aa of leaving their whole bodies In holy India This being done, they entered upon their anarch to the north, and had escaped through a pass to the other side of the saawr raage, and the camp eoasists of a force, so report roe*, of 10,000 men and 13 gone. It appears a left Xepaul about the time when the last tee of Ute rebel* appeared la your paper. At leaving they were joiaed by a brigade from Central India , LiQtroa Axmohia in Vmoxoca Wovsrn.?We find in the Bombay Times a letter from a ?upertntendentof police, wherein an account Is given of curse obtained by liquor ammonia, used both externally and Internally In cases of bites from nucua. me rcuteay is mgbiy spoken of, and with it the pettenta were generally roused from Cue deep stupor la which the influence of the venom bed thrown them. The toptical application! stem to stimulate the pert, end alley inflammation and irritation. I How Ban Hocsto* was Mask Elioiblb?k Tennesaee paper in announcing the death of J. Whitalde, at the age of 90 years, adds that when feem Houston was a candidate fer Governor of Tenaeen*. and not being a freeholder waa constitutionally Ineligible, he (WhlMde) gave to the ow illustrious hero a tract of land, which quailfled him to receive" the office to which he wae elected r \rr The proposed testimonial to Capt John Wilson, of the Minnie Schiller, and her eOeere, has already received the sanction at a large nunberet tea prominent ship ewnera and merchants of New York, the sum ea -Thanday having reacted $3,306. A meeting of the Life Insurance Companies of the city of Nf* York,w?? held, and arrangements made for making some appro puaie testimonial to the captains . 1 K Tiirtnijwi Ciiiicrn.-Befon Judge | Strood, amw time mgo, * deposition wm read, In which wit Involved the reputation for ebrlety of a cltlseu of another SUte The deposition was carefully writtea by a lawyer, and gave explicit ansWera to the CoowMom before whM It was. t?fcee. To the question " Does Blaak drink ' liquor habitually? " the answer was "on/jr el camp mulMft amd similar ft Him* MCUiMU^' \?T Blackwood's Magazine any* aa elepfcaat In a p??s!oo. In India, lately, attacked a Highlander, and trampled him. to d. ath; then went at a baker's cart; the bullocks, frightened, tumbled the cart and all late a ditch; the stsphsnt, calmed by the sight of breed, ate ep*M loaves In flvs minutes, made a desert off of sugar can* la a Said at hand, and watered up with 3U gallons of muddy water frntn l??k 3sssasKfessss olkMI, ? wtooa laif* 4mm of tb? antidote won f1rao,o*ly twa iled Ovkl is Mmoni?iMlah i. Farter, Gm .wm addr?Mlag a p?MU??l luoottftz at Nodowaf. Mo.t oa tte iitb InMaat, when Cm. Harten calWi htm Ufcough aot tally, a* imftimt U iirt. ?- :<> > t, 5? I . Twb N?w JmtT Titer m Lnnu ? A umber of Industrious colored colored fam lltea are wanted to people the tract owned by the New Jenev Colonization Society In Liberia, which la one at the finest la that country. President Beneon Bay* "that the great thoroughfare from the far Interior leads through this tract; that caravans of two hundred or more natlvea, laden with the rleh commodities of tbe country, pasa and repass through It;" and add*, 'that not much lem than half tEeexporta from Liberiaare from the couatry of Grand Ms? It has the best camwood shipped from the coast.'* Experience at Caryesburg has confined the expectaflon that the dangers of acclimation will diminish aa emigrants retire from tbe aea-ahore, and add the motive of health to nttlM tk. 1.1 -II ! -? >wvn> mi hjc iuumpiic?uon vi interior settlements. The site of the proposed town on the New Jersey tract li from twenty to twenty-Hire mi let from the mouth ?f the St John'* river, and to be approached by boata for one-half the distance The Liber tan government ia disposed to co-operate with the society In opening a road, and preparing for the arrival of emigranta. Theaoelety will aee that houaea are constructed and lands appropriated for their benefit ? ync*rk Ativtrtistr. Tin PmiHcs akd th* New tokk Srvskth R to im tNT ?A gentleman holding a dlstfnguithed place in the New York Militia, writing to a staffotticer of the Seventh Regiment, thus chronicles the ooinlons of the Prtnr?? of W*Ih>m) antt* with regard to that inprrb corpi: "I had a conversation on the way froin West Point with the Prince, Gen Bruce, Karl St. Germain*, Dr. Ackland and Lord Lyons: each of whom remarked that certainly England had nothing to compare with them. In fact, aaid Gen. Bruce, our regular army could learn much from the Seventh Regiment. The great wonder with all waa, bow yeang men would take the time, and labor and expenae upon themeelvea to graap to much perfection. Our volanteer system they cannot get through there." On Willi?The distant public haa been anrpriaed at the mccounta of oil spring* in western Pennsylvania; bntthey aeem to be widely diffused in the West. The following la from the Parkers ourgfva.j uai-tte: "Tbe oil fever continue* to prraa In the region of country about twenty or thirty miles east of this place, In tbe vicinity of tbe Northwestern railroad, and of tbe Staunton and Parkereburg turnpike Indeed, we are not surprised that sucb should be tbe case from the reliable accounts we have of the rlehneM and abundance of those oil veins. Preparations are now being made to operate quite extensively an old oil well on tbe Staunton turnpike, from which It is believed an Inexhaustible supply of oil may be obtained." Siwix? Machines Movxd by Hot Ata.?Cap*. Ericsson's admirable invention for setting In motion sewing machines, without the aid of a wvaaie, is meeting wnn mucb nvor Compressed Irfarntshes tbe power used. A lsree receiver Is placed In the operator'* room, into which It forced tbe air afterwards conveyed to each machine through tubts The sewing girls are thus relieved of the fatiguing task of working the treadle, and have notfciag to do but regulate tbe movement. A Colored Max Appoints!) to the Govebxmrst of a British British Government appear to be determined U> carry into practise the principles of equality set forth in the noous act of emancipation Thus, lately, the Mayor of Kingston, Jamaica, was made a Kniyht Companion of the Bath, and, more recently, Mr. Samuel Cock burn, another gentleman of color, and a Creole, of tbe Island of Granada, has b?en appointed administrator of the Government of [ iHUUMCi IOI. ?W??? I'.ffbct* or tui Tiatb Frosts rroj Tobacco. From all account* the effects of the frost# of the latter part of last week upon the tobarco crop have been moat disastrous, Involving the loss, perhaps, of aboat one eighth of the crop in the tobacco-growing region of the southern portion of the State. Some reference is made thereto in our commercial columns this morning.?Louisville Journnl. P^agle iron Works, ? uumuuniVAT, 1.1U 1 H'KTIIilTH ST. ERICSSON'S CALORIC ENGINES. Tim under-Binned have been appointed sole agents in this city for the manufacture and sale of the alfovH Engine*, and are prepared to supply all orders with Croinp'noM and dispaLch. Theito engines have ten satisfactorily introduced, and ai,e now practically ?mplo>ed in bakeries; by bookbinders; for boxwood cutting; by cabinet maker*; for drawing fan blowers to ventilate boildinp*; for pumping; for domestic purposes; elevating grain; glass cutting; ginning swUuu; grinding quartz; grinding paints; grinding sugar oare on plantations in Cuba; lor hoisting: for knitting machine*; b? manufacturers of pla>eu ware; of printers' material, of silver ware, of agricultural implements; of matches; of hoop<nl skirts; for pumping at railroad nat ons and on board ship*; for sewing machines: for job printing and printing daily newspapers; for various plantation uses; for sawing and planing lumber; for pickirg kair; for polishing oumtis; for shoeniakers' usss: fur and silting; turuinc; tob<ooo outline &a<l pulvrKmg; in tanneriesand w remaking aafahlisiunents; r so?la water manufacture; fur Iioum crushing; ina't mantling: towiag; grinding cutlery r 4 o. They are inexploaive; economical; easily managed; they require no engineers; u?" no water; and consume very little fuel. Any person deairoui of using theae Kr,gine?, can by application to t ie undersigned be shown a large numlier of testimonial a fronr. persona who have them ill daily use, expressing their entire satisfaction in their operation and use Prices of the Engines as established by the Patentee : 12 In. oyl'r ?S5n 18 iaohea cylinder, Double 34 l^no? ' " 1,360 " 32 ** 2,ann 40 M M 23"0 "40 " ' 4jnn <8 ' " sjno M 48 " 6JBno 00 ? 1 "** 6.000 " ?e 44 9<S?HJ4 " " 750 We are f re also prepared to furnish, at ehort notice. Architectural Castings, f. on any designs that may be furnished, as cheap as oan be obtained elsewhere. Also, Bteam Engines, portable and station ary; high or low pressnre; saw and grist mills; hydrostatic, or ot'ier presses ; boilers far heating buildiugst wrought iron water tan*a;shaftin?.*enr inc. ?.c., for flouring or other nulla, Md forging of JlkioiU. ?13 3aw3m WM M ELLIS A BRQ. insurance company A or THS STATE OF VIRGINIA. ow RICHMOND. Capital - ~ $300,000. Directors. Wm H. MaoFariand, Pree't Farmer* Hank A. Warwick, firm of Warwick A Harksda.e Wm. G. t:ren?haw, firm of Cr#?naUaw A Co Wellington tieddm, firm of Goddin A Apperaon T. W. MoOnnos, firm of Daclop. Moncure A Co G. A. Barkadale.firm of Warwick A Barkadale JaniM H. Grant. Tohiuinn MninfiKtuw L. i>. Cr?n?h?w, firm ot tUx&ll, Crenshaw & Co John U Bftoon. firm of Baoon A llMkervill _ K. B. Huall, firm of HaiaII, Crenshaw ?. Co John Carrie, Jr., Ship Owner Wm. 8 Warwiok, firm Warwick A Barkadile Jm Alfred Jones, Attorney at Lav O.C. EiUtt, Builder F. Q. RuSp, Acrioaltari)t?od Manafaotnrer K, W. MoG ruder, firm of 9. MoGruder A Bona w. W. Crura*, Attorney at Law j-. O. F. KMpWLKS. *|MU, Ofioe?over Bank WuUcfton, Room 16. JNSTR'uction . J_A.Jf, LITTLE, PROCESSOR OF MUSIC. n?? reiurneq to us oity and resumed the du- Wt* ties of tun profession Prof LITTLE, hav- UBt : Dg ah&rge of Mus.coi Department it Aluwiok^* and Pleasant View Seminaries, and boing aajaped four days in aaoh week at these Institution*, hn consequently but two d*y?ij| oaoh week t" devote to p. r.ate lostrnotion of pupils, or to a similar en?;ement in another institution. Those dasifing professional aervioea will please make itpplieftn at Dr. Haat's. 310 Pa. avenue ooilmeo* Tmork new goods. HE Undertianod hare just oompleted their took of Goods for the Fall and Winter. comprising a fall and well selected assortment of CLOTHS, CA8SIM ERESand VESTINGS, with the latest GOODS of the beat quality, to which they respeotfully inriia tne attention of their iriaada and ous* ? *** E'&wtim'h>tt. Military Naval and CitiMmt' Mtrehmmt IWiri, oe t-eolm No. 818 Pa ar. _ DUV8*8 ORIRNTAt. BU.?*u 11 BALDNEE& A$f>^S?ADACHK, Thu arr tofOTtrj kM prodnetd Htoiiikiai r#f?Iu la on rim b?idu?MM4 (tmiutlMkkir from railing off It removes d*.ndr?ff ar.d all rayCtniui pfdMikiiiftMrtaiitai* for ** WALL. MQVi|GNB fc Qof, WD "Penn?Jl???U Ayww, kfv* jut rmiwd a (arc* rarietr of ?Hv) i f.- ,^0 ml *o < m EDUCATIONAL. THOSE to revive a thorough and *TWtem%tio education. where their phTetcat training wul rweivodaily and special attention, nnder dke must approved ( tern of C?h?thenwand Gymnastics, arorpspectruliv larilod lo i?it the Union Female Academy, corner FourteenUi aland Now York av. * MRS. Z. RICHARDS, au 39-tf Principals. 17 EM ALE BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL, r ALEXANDRIA, VA. Mr?. 8. J. MoCORMICK, Prijicital. The thirteenth annual seoion or thu Institution will Mmmonoo on i?t h >i ?? ? J , ^-r.v...uwi SWdlf ?(1 MIO house recently occupied by Bylve?ter Soott, F.?q., No. 10O King street. The oourse of study pursued will comprise all the brftnolies requisite to a thorough English Edu oaiion^and Aluno, F.ench, Latin and Drawing. il In Addition to day scholars. Mrs. MoCormiok is prepared toreeeivea limited number of pupil* as boarders, who. eonstituting a part of her own family, will be under her immediate oare and supervision. She will end<?vor. as lar ai possible, to surround thorn with the cuiufortsaad kindly influences of Home. _ _ ... Rtjertncr*.?Rer. Geo. H. Norton, Rev. l)r. Ehas ! Harrison, Rev. O. F. Sprig*, William H Fowl*, I Ksq., Fi<i#ar Snowdon, fcsqi, Edmund F Witm?r, Esq., Henry Mai bury, ut., Lewis Mc*C?iia.e, Esq., Robert H. Hunton, ISsq , VV D Wallach, 1 F.HriArPn>nin.?l>.. Mr-.-? ? ?> w?v.,,ufi,i:,H"ii ?ouJft,ii'n *T jnorp, (v^q.tjns. Kntwitle, Jr., r>?i ,Col. John W. Minor, Loudoun. Messrs. Blacklock & Marshall, Menri Corse Brothers. Tun. Board, with Tuition in all the English Braaehes, for the annual aeaaiou?payable semiannual), in advance. Mu*io and Languages at Profeaaora' prioea. ITT" i>io extra ohargea. wn?-tf j^ETROPOLlTAJ^fCOLLEGlATE 1NST1FOR YOUNG LADIES, 464 K St., Bktwskh 6th and7tbSt*. The fourth annual session of the Institute will oommenceon the first MONDAY in Jfepterab-r. | Applications should be made rarW, as the num'mr or pupils ia limited. For particulars see ci'cniara or agfljr principals, Mr. and Mrs. T. H. HA t rvii ii r.i\, at mo nu Ml J SCHOOL FORlWALL BOYS. O No. 27 7 I 8i?ut, Fiest Wut. I Miu ANNIF, R. PRC*, Teacher. Number of pupiU limited to twenty oc 16 coftm I \f RS. Ml Jb. KINGSFORD'S SEMINARY, 1*1. 414 E ST.. WA^hihgto^, D. C. The next MFcion will oommenoe October 1st. IMOt Term*. ft forwarded on applifiation. au 15 tf WOOD AND COAL. JMPORTANT TO HOUSEKEEPERS! THE PIONEER SAW HILL AMD FIREWOOD FACTORY, (3io? or the Blue Flag Surr.)^ miu ?i ?e tanai, near 7lb itrerl Bridge, Will furnish, at the shortest notioe, FIREWOOD, THE BEST QUALITY, Of AHY KISD, Cut itmd Split to any Dimmsion*. CHEAPER THAN THE CHEAPEST! With full measurement guarantied. ICr Remembw, Thi Blob Fl*? Staff, w*it ?1>? of Sevonth street, south of the Caual, and opposite the Center Market. GEORGE PAGE, Agent. ITT HICKORY ANDOAK PLANK or TIMBER (ofaiy si??or dimensions>iaA\VKl), POSTS nr J(IIHTh II 11*1*1 ft iw i nnaiiWPh -? ?i? ? .... . ?iwu wi* ?? rii/? en vuc horloct notice ILT Small joh? of DLACK9MITHING promptly eieog^d, aw ?vr>ore ?e27-t q q q q q UIVIOIV FIRE-WOOD MILL, Caraer ! Seventh it and Canal. W 0~~0 D of kind, manufactured to order, any length or aize, ready for use. COAL?COAL. W?_hare now on hand a beautiful lot of COAL. both Kfd an>1 White Ash, different *ixe IC^We are no?r,and will be receiviax Ccal for the next ten days, whioh we soil, delivered from the vessel, at a reduction of 25 cent* per ton. Send your order* early. MoKNEW k. MAR LOW, Proprietor*. se 37-tf Cornor Eevfnth st. ami Canal. WOO D AND O O A L Delivered to all parte of the city, at the low?*t possible rates. _ _ T.J.t W.M.GAIX Offioe 393 Pa. av.f batwoen lKh and Ufth su, ma 17-tT north side. r?OAL! COAL!! K; WOOD! WOOD!! I am daily receiving larje supplies of COAL from the very best Penasrlvania mine*. whink I Will feall at reaaoriab e p.ricea Al?o, the bent quality of Oak, Pine and Hiokory WOOD, cut and ?plit,all lengths. Call and leareyour order*. R. W. BATES, Wood and Coal Dealer, a* 17 (State*) Cor. C and 14th ata.. near Canal. ? * ? UNION RB8TAU RANT. f\ (mj Br JACOB RUfPLI. JRft tm.J Corner oi"19th and H ata., a^Jilf I"w Uoora south of Pa. av., Faviar'a ^>id ataud. Firat ~~ War4. Waahington. Ilia Kar ja o^natantly au?plied with theohoiatat Liquora and Cigara. Tne Mat Fried Oyatera in Wa*hinct<m can be obtained at hia alaoe. Familiea auppliert with Ojat?w iu every atjla. and at reaaOnabl- pncea. ae ?-e?6m RENFREW fUp^ COLORS, J Just Opened, raoM N. York. W* so !tr Our aaaortroautof HATS and 'n CAPS*, for Oeata, You ni Men, ?|9 Voutha. Boya, Miaaaa,and Children. _ - never was eo varied u at presort tSuKfl Ab early call is aolioiterf. No trouble to show goo<<a. ? B H. 8TINE.METZ, oc 13 836 Pa. ay., near cnr-?*r 13th ft. Housekeeping and . BfcRVANTS' goods. We have bow on haid a well seleoted stock <>f 'he above conda. auob aa Sheetings, I'abe Li-.ena, Napkina, Toweling. Linset a, Full Cloths, B an kete?from common |o very ftne-Otnsburgs, B we Domestic*. Gin*ha??, Pillow Caae Cotton* aad Linens, Dunbar & Dickinson's, Barkliea. Ciiarle* & Co .and Rlo>?a dson'a Irish Linens in al< aualitiec. all of whioh we will diapaae of on the beat terms. oo 16 TAYLOR A HUTCHISON. H MUSICAL NOTICE. AVING Been induoeH to accept the position of organiatatSt. Aloyaiua Church in thiscaty, ) have determined to remain during the ensu-l^H lac "winter, and shall be happy to reader myTfi* profeaaional services to tnoae who may rec uira them. T. N. CAULFIELD,' Professor of the Organ, Piano Forte, and Sragmg. For pwtiaalara as to term*, to .inquire at the Musio Depot of JOHN F. ELLIS, I'unnsylvania avenue. oc 3-1 m* flEBft N ? T 1 ? K! I wish all gentlemen to bear in mind that K^H 5b pis a which I ^jK^H^vlopted. six rears ago, of selling ^^HVlUTS and ROOTS at gr^atl* re duoed pnoes for cash is in successful operation. Jo?t rece ived a fall rupplr ol the latent New York stylaa of DRESS HAT7* The vary finest Hal 93SD; a first rate Hat 93; and very Koo<1v?a?hio: able Hat_#2 5D; All of the lat>atstyles of soft HATS and the very lowaat prioes. I ain constantly supplied with a very Jarre stock of those fine DRESS BOOTS at #3.75?which 1 have been selling for many years?as well aa the verv boat qoal ty of Pat-nt Leathor GAITERS at $3 50. Fine French Calfskin GatUrs from $2 to %2tu. Terms cash; an extra oharge ia order to offset bad debt* aNTHOoY, Agent for the Maaufao lurori, MTmin atroet, aeoond hat ?Wr<' from the corner, opposite Amu* Boose, No. MO. ae 14-9m T" u"'?U&WkatflM?MATTiia OomubwHt 1 ahal) remain la Waak in ton jpd BI O Nm/o^U^ E?fr A L "ft I NT i i IdIBK ia all its hranehea. Old Olasinc promptly attecded to. Palatini and Ornamenting Cottage Pnrniturein the beet style , I al?o, eai' attention to the Paintlrt of Roofs and Brio* walla. All of the above I willdoaa cheap ae tM bearcat. I therefore solioit thapatrunace of my ftte/ids a.nJ fallow oititena of the Dietrtoc Pnnotu*ity atriotly observed, ami work done in the beat mas iS1.'. 53 aurtk mi4e, ?etw?a 6'.li tiXw., Um ?r aharc?, M mu!. I u>'?m I . fl^T.Moafc bou^ GEORGETOWN JLDVERT'MTS AKAB MANTLKS! , A?AB MANTLES! DIRECT FROM AUCTTOV, _ rKIC>6 AMI) 8 DOLLABS, Being I.?m Than ?>at of A!?o. several lot* of RF.AL, GlMPtKK COL LARt*.?t3I.Su,fiZ,75and 87 MiU, worth d?ob!e Conrtoiaier'a oelebrmted Kid (Mores, at 75 oenta a pair. A very ohnap lot of Embroidered Tnnminii, fpoh u Oambnc Rands, Dimity Band*. Cambrio Bdginga and Incertinr*. ? . IN ENDLESS VARIETY. Toeether With a too J a* aortas nt of Shirt Fronts, at 1?V oodU, which is the greeteat bargain er?r , off* rod. ..A so, ft grod stock of Ladies' Dreaa Good*. .Men'a and Boy*' W?r, and a treat witty ?t "SrafMCTTKaL, Bridre ?tr?et,(J&.fC<towB, 0.0. ?H> IS 2w K QUTMAN. HQ L.AKGK STOCK! Qu i/O BEST GOODS!! ifO LOWEST PEtSKSr! SPILMA.N ft HINT, 9* Bridge etreet, Mwm VVaahincton and Courraav. are now prepa'M to ihow tbejr vaU kImm (took of DftEAH GOOD?*, DOMKS PI OS. Ac. Tbtir (tore ( the old etartd of H. K. B*rry ) bavin c ba-n remodaiiad ud fittad up to the most thorvatli manner, th?y ?<>??eM fko litie? nreqsal?d in tne Diatnot lor the proafcvti^n of a general Dry Go?d? Bu?me?v Tkty raepeetfally invite a oall from the oitixene ? Georte'ewn an^ vKimty. ?> 8-'in JlT?T KtOKlVKU10 hhd?. prime Porto Ri?o SUGARS, 1S? bbla. ml KTcWHIfKY, 250 bhU H KH ft I Mil ?.iwl A l.EWIWM 4?> bb.*. Oruebed and k-fin-Al " UiiAil3, 3) '?? < Rio auJ Java COFFEE. 10 hbils.(luw prioed.) .MOLASSES. For gale br JOHN J. BOGLTE. *e 10 (jraniibia. orriciir Hu cot.itE.ctiT OH haul a lerg* a**ortroeiit of French Ne&r-cicbted, Periaootio, f-?i- ?- ? ored, andal. other SPECTACLES, the l>e*t *oa.ity, in roid. ulrer. *teel,aad German dm frame*. N. B. Old Frame* Repaired ud new z mni set in them to order. am ?b M^HASSKY, COLLINS * CO.'S PHILADELPHIA DRAUGHT A LE.-We are ?wHMtlj reoeiviDK fn>?h *uf?c.te* ef the above dvlightfhi beverage, and iuvite a.l peraon* who want a pore unadu.teiat?<i AJe, to riv* it a triaJ. ARNY A SHJNN, AcorU, to * 4T f)r??n ?t.. G?nrt etowx. DR. J. H. MflLEAirS STRENGTHENING CORDIAL A*D BLOOD PURIFIER THE GREATEST REMEDY tn ikt WORLD, and lite most Dkliciocs axd piW Vyj iricttr ?ciLflfl yr antile and HTM bla Compear, procurt4 by ib? tii?uiUUou of ram, btrba, and bark?. Yallov l^r A Dock, Blood Root, Ht Tfl Blick Root, Sara^pa- r?3-3i nlk, Wild Oarry AW Bl rk. and Dftndlliaa ?rW\ B cultrl 1UU> iu com- BE j >18 \m Tke er<tira active / 5 JP remedial prmtiple of each infradiaotiaTr^^^^*? More taklBg.? ^; SSEfjift" ' klig. dieitllinr, rrodacin? * deiicioae, exhilarating spirit, u< the noil infallible riaHf fa* reaoreting (h? <imu? eyetera, and riMortng til aiek, eaf*nng, and debilitated invalid t* health and auength. Mr LEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL Will efectaally care Lieer Coiaplaint, DyaMpata, J?uodie*, Chronic or Nerroae Debility, Lhae???a of the Kidneya, I and all diatatee arising from a d nor (J trad U??r or Stomach Djeptpeia, Heartburn, Inward HIm, ifiditf or Sictnaas 4 (he S'.omach, Palinaaa of B4?od to the He-i, Dali Pain or Swimming in tha Head, Palpitation of ike Heart, Pbllneea or Weight in the Stomach, Soar Eraetauone, Choking or Bstfocauug Fee.iof when Urn r down, Drjueee ar Yellownee* of the Skin and It?. Nirt.t Sweau. inward Pmra Paia in flit Small of ihe Back, Uknt, or Mil, ftaddra Flmnti at Heat, Depreaaioo of pinto, KnyaifOi Drtti i, L&ufaor, Diipaii4?ucy or aay u*r*ou* due***, loru or Bloterie* ou the bkin, aod F*??r aud A rot (?r Chill* and full.) OVER A MILLION BOTTLES ha?? b*?o *oH dnnnf ih* lul kit moMki, and in m ia laoc* ha a it failed in uari ? uafacuoo. Wka, tk?n, will taffcr from Wiiimm or Debility whan HcLtANI STRENGTHENING CORDIAL will cart yoat No laufoafe caa eoa?*y an adequate id** nf the imia*dt t* aud akaoat imracalot ehaaf* prod ace4 b? taking <h? Cordial : lb* diiauid, debilitated, and thau*red utrvev whaihar brak?o down by etc***, weak by aainr*, or impaired by aickntaa, tht related ail uatnui u(ui tatioa ii rtttored to it* prietia* health and ripor. MARRIED PERSONS or othan, coractoca of inability from whaler can**, fill And M< LEAN'S tsTRENtiTlIKMNO CORDIAL tboroofh i *?t!i*rator of lb* ayitem; aad All tka laay kavt ta Jared tbtn.**lTc* by inproper indaigtnea* vail tm4 la thi* Cot dial a carta il. and *peedy remedy TO THE LADIES Mt LEAN'S STRENGTHENING nOUIIALi. . .?..r tirn and ipatd? cart for Incipient Cotiaomption, Whuee, Obiirceted or Diffco't Menew? t??i, inrootinence of Onne cr Itvetnrt^rj Diickuri thereU, F?iilof of lit Wiab, Uiddiueei, Kainting, and ill dieeasee iucideat to Fiiulu THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT Soffar ua longer. Tuft* it according to (Hrecuoaa. It will eumnlaie, aixengthea, and inii|ortu jom and car-ae the bloom oI health to reooat roar cbeek again. Kvtr/ Untie la warranted to gi?? eatiefactioa. FOR CHILDREN Ifr oar children are aickly, pun r or adictid, McLIANt ClIlDUL will make them heakby, fat. and mbwet Ttr'.yy not a moment; try it, and job wiii be toanuced. It if aeiecjoaa to take. CA VTION. Beware of draggiateor daalara who may trj to pala a pan I job aout bitter or aaraaparilla traah, which tha j caa bww cheip, bj MTItlf H II mil U {n?l Jl?oi4 BOB. A I* ror MCLU.N1 BTKEISUTHENIRG CORDIAL, and Uba ooUHnr aise. It m the ouly riaid; that will verify #>< Blood thorough It and at the Mm* time *lr*a{ thai. lha ' One teaapooufol taken i?uj utominf f*?unf i* a c?n*in . pr*?*uti?e for Cholera, Chill* ud Fe?er, Tellow Fcur, ?r in* re?alent dteeaae. It U pwi up la hr? bottle*. fnc? aaily |l per bottle, or ( bottle* far ft J. H McLXiK, I Sol* proprietor of tha* Cordial; aiao, McLeaa** Vtltui* Oil I Liiumeot Principal Depot oa the corner of Third and I'ioe eueeu, St. Loots, Ho. McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment, (THE BEST LINIMENT IN THE WORLD ) The only eafe and certaii ear* for Caacera, Piles, Tamori, Bvelluife aod Bronehile or Coitrs, Paralraie, Naarvlfu, Weaktieea of the Moaclct, Chronic or lai^naaaiofy Rheumatism, Stiffne** of the Joint*, Coatractd Maociae or Lifamaate, Earar he or Tooth at he, Braiaoa, Sprain*, Fresh Cate, Wound*, Ulcer*, Fever Sorts, Caked Broaau Sure N if pica, Barua, Scalda, Sore Throat, or as; uAammatujo or Ciui ho rinci ww Kitfi nr t?tf iac nnfiM may M fiincl, McLEA.N*B CELEBRATED LINIMENT U > (titan remedy. ThooModt ( huui bimp Have bm nnl a Uf? tf dia craptiude ud uwiit by ihe aae of tfcia l??ala?We reaardy. ' MCLEAN'S VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Will rtliav* pain I renal inKutuionly, and ? will cloaa, panfy ud h?al tbt loalin aorao ia aa tacraaibla abort tiaaa. FOR HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. SI-LEAN'S CELEBRATED LINIMENT ia the oaly aafa ? aad r alia tie icmedy for tke Care W Spavin, R arbaoa, Wmd-alla, Gp'iuta, Uuaataral L ton pa, h'odei ?r ItiUun. It never failed to care Bif Head, Poll evil, Fistola, Old Rwninj torn, or Bwttay, if prtparly applied For Bpraina, Prciui, Scuai-hee, Cracked Ratle. Cnafea. Saddle or Collar Oalla, Cnta, Soraa, or Waaada, u ia aa infallible remedy. Apply it aa tftractad and a ear* U certaia ia ovary I laetance. Than trifla aa 1 ??a aoatk ?ko ?? ? ?~*<LI - ?? oflVrcd to yon Obtain a "apply of Dm MCLEAN'S CELEBRATED LINIMENT hVtf eartyoa. j J. H. MCLEAN, Sol* Propnotor, Conn Third ud Put >u , k. U*ii, Mo. J CHARLES rrOTT, 1)1 P?.m(? inx tr ??kiV ton; R. 8. T. CIMEL.OwnWwii. oo?-PSWly * MONONOAHELA RYE WHISKEY, j CoatdioDUoukir cioalird by Mr. Jin** HanMde, of Aiiegfeny Cosotr, Pan a*., in U?? ola-flwuonwi i.vaoot jrivr, fr?? the choi?*?t nod noit carefully aai%at*l Hi?, and tt ui mm ?T*t jor Hi? until ad&ptra to wholcsom* im by a< It laM orio9 u.o moot p%lnrab!?,?? it i? emptetMAlly <?te of th* rnreit t>?v*rag?? is th? reach of th? public. , To tha Invalid a? wall m to thsss ta oummMdi lUeif for ita unnvaiifd aua'itieoaaa i stimulant of the nW aa/nat, and moat benefioer t aeecnpOon. and many of the nott di?Un*Bi?h~i Bhjsiotani are aaing it in their praouoe with the BftPtiMt rivuitf? OUBRY * 8TOT.KDALE, Proprietor* ? 3S? WaJmatetrawt. Philadelphia. J WM. C. CONOVKKV^ 1 A taut for the Pru? latere. Ml Pa. a*., . ea $?->m oppoefte WiKarde' Hotel. ' ?j*CHOOL ANP OeiXCTK OUTFIT*. Youths' and j*w' Clothing for School and Drttt Wear. tor Uta aotmac aoMon. ?ra invited to azMuaeoar < p?eeant larre and exteaelve aeeortment BOYS' . CL< ?T!I1Nw, where thej oaa it out their ewWIra? of all eiaee in a few momente with ever* depariptioo of K-Miy-inaJe Garment*, of luuetaatial and HW. HAMILTON j a PAINTE*. < nr..) DEALER IN PAINTS. 4 NO. 39* Tts StbJUV, Wi Odd nilow' UmlL j purrv t* nowi , "SSS no. WggSfi} I v I . . _ ? THK W^K^ stAH jKTsrarsaswss tkt* ?M t*bwaAi* W etbw-u ??blM*a4 ? S?t?rd?j tnaruACf. SlBCl* 0OJV. MM* ?i ? ??* or pir* ? ? * 1*? uju'mini t? dBffisaMBawaw o tWTX'. j throat boat taa ecmaUy. dE: FOR SALE AND RENT. FSfc^'sJWJtetfMK ooT.tiumnK ? f???. *nt? fti, (iMMlr Wh and nth ?tr?ta. ' ft/AKM FOK SALK ?A highi) impror?d Ka-oi. r eoDta*nia( 9 aer??, wit* twi- w%ory frame* d waUnc *< ooavaaioat owt Ik um?; fir.a rofc ant, exoell.?at aprinc, Ae., a.tuaUd oa the Litu* rirar tamaike, Pairf** oo?u??t . Ta . t ml** from A exandna Term* : *4,?>. wn? foartk faaa. tM balance m X. 2 aa4 3 jeara. Apply to LOT IftA 8Q.W tRS.on U>? praauaaa. ? 1 ?w* lar. sitaatM ?*o lUn at north, h*tw?ea L and M *U , No. 47fe?wiWMn mmntoa' walk oitk? Nortfc*m LuxrUa* Market. Term* unu?ua.l? libaral, Aft*? on the prt nrne?. or to McKKNS'KV A LaK? UALR. ooraar ml Pa. avaaae aa4 ?U at. ?f Jl ! * LUiR RK'M I?A Utreoator? RRICK H??l!?K f on H traot, bM?Mn 4th aad Ma. Aiao.atwo aU>r> UK1CK COTTAGE, aariau. ooraer of TBniie~??e avenue anr* north F rirm** tarroaaM I oca! i an for a lia^rj mm! Inquire of C. wrcr 446 H'h at. i* L^OK Kt.N l-lMHKM ILUUK oi Ot? L>iti.a r in* lnsMiatolr oppoeite the waot r?i of th? City Hal .fooonttv .?o. .pied by Chaa. fe. Wb.n., aa an office. Alio the frcat rooa m the aooond Tory and the third floor of the wi NiildiM. For UrjM^MFly^to JRICHARD WALLACH/So. ATII'I ague coax, For Ik* Spudf Out* of la -ermitteiit Fever, or terr ai^i Asm, E liter t Fever, Damn Afue, Periodic*! Hood acne, or Bi'ioaa Hmdaobe. and Biliooe PemriHini (<>r the vnola Ciaaa of Duaaeaa Qruioatii-i it Ki iarr Derangement, Caueed try the Maaria of M aamatic C? artriee. No on* remedy la lo jd?r aaitad for hy the aaoaaaitie* of the Aimtiou pane.* ua? a ear* and eal* aara for F<*ver and Ana. f&nak irtima all i to otf>r, wiui * perlect oertainty that it will null cat? tSe?ti?e*?e, and with Mnrnw, fi>aM?d on proof. that no hwnauiilNfr?a iM imu wt trhiok pmtecta from or prevent* tkte 4m oHer mast bt of imiwm mttim h ui? wmhi tin where it prey-mln. Pret>mu*tm is bettor Umi our*, for the patient the rfak wfctoWla most ran in vioiar.t attack* of Una baiofal aie**s Pir. Tw? "Cm" espeu the nuuaio poiaon of kvbb a!?d Aon from the rretain, and frrf^n? the deve.opment of iimie, if takan em toe tret approach of its prunomiory aymptoae it w not only the best remedy >r?r jret discovered for th e class of complaint*, hut also the eheapeaL The lire* quantity we tapply for tfoHnr brine* it witoin the reac.i oj e?eryi**J?; and in liiiova <*ietriotr, where Fbveb axd Aovu jirovaiia, every body iS??d have it ar.d u?? it freely both for oare n d pr**na tion. A crrneeei*e?rity of tlua renMdp enrwy other aver diecovd*VA-lor the tpeeeir anl oarUm cure of IntarmittenU i* that it oo tame noQu an.e or minern , conee^nentiy it prodacaa no ??uim ?r otaer injurious eflccls whatever upon the ouniumuoD. i noae cur^a ny :i ar? I ell a* bfuuf Mirth*? had never ban (he F?tw fttd auk* u but t!?u? tki oounmim of the miumahi p?ie->n. A great variety of disorder* ari?e from ita irritation. *m<>nc which ve Ma?Wl is. Kbeumatiam. Uunt. Headaehe, Blindaena, Tcotbache, Earache, Catarrh. Aithma. Pa'pita t on, Pa nful Affection of the Wpteeo, HyeteriM, Pain in the Bowela, Coiio, Paralyata, ar.d D*r?n*e meat of the Stumaoh, ail of whieh. when origina tin* in Una c%?ie?, p? t on the intermittent t? pe- or ^eeome peri"dioa . Thia "CcaB" expala the poMtm fr- mthe blood, and ooase^uently care* them all Prepared by DR. J. C. AYKR * CO . Lowell, and aoid by all Drtmreta. everywhere, oe ?< ealm Helmbold's Genuine PrtparmtioxL " HIGHLY CONCENTRATED" COMPOUND FLUID KXTRACT BUCHO A Poaitiveand Specific Remedy THa ^Mieuie inoratiN the over of D roatioa, depoaitiona, and all L'NNA Fl KAI EMLAifilMEXTS ir? rodooW, m well u PAlNand ISF LAM * ATI ON, ir&ie food for MEN, WOMEN. OR CHILDREN HELMBOLDf* EXTENT Ariainr from Rimm, tUbiu ot Jbfcny laduc.-etioE or Ab?ee. AtieruUd wuk tkt followx*t Bgmittomu :? lnd.f position to ExerUcn, Loee of Powar, L of Memory, D.Soulty of jrwtt>t t? Ppfror of'piaaaaa, WUuSffilSwZ Dutreaa of Viaioa. ? Pftia U U?? B?k. fc,&Si.',w" * "ESBta. Dryuaat of the P nn, Krr?tf>ua <m Ui? Put, PALLID COUICriSNANCK. Thee* eymptome, if allowed to l? on, whasfc tk>a no'lso a* iDva^iai.i* inncvi. mono ItLPOTRNCY, FATUITY SFTLMPnC FITS. In ORt ot Tvhjch rn Patibwt mat b?WU. , Who 0*0 Mr tft?! th?t wai bT U**" "WKEPUL D1BFASK* " "INSANITY AND OONfeUMPTJON. And tk> Kflmrholy Or+tkt fr* rV?J nip?i? Bear trntl* witne?e to the tnrth of tb* *Tt'o?^ THE OONSTITUTION ONOK A FFfcCTEI) WITH ORGANIC WEAESKSli Eat aires tlia aid of mediciaetn ?tr*n?Uv?e Which Hklubolb's Jgfani&TiSk. A T1IAL WILL OOITT??i ft ru MOST SKKTTICA.1. FEMALES-FEMALES?FEMALES, frssrfws arumi from Indiscretion, Uabiu of D:MtpMM*. or la the DECUttm OR CHANGE OF LIFE. NO FAMlLrygSCT*B h^tTHOiT IT iiw 110 mm* Mtrrmrf, ?r wmrimtmmI M*dirm* ft* awtf Dmmrtrom* />'M?iii. ilKLMBOLi>'e* KXTKACT UCCHL SECRET DISEASES Ml their St&c m. Athttle mmmi e or no chanreln Di?i; *- No looonvetiieao*. iai m Exrenm * It "uim a fr*?aent dittft ?m fitm itnafU to L'rin&te. tii0Tt Kcnwrioi Obatruououa, frcvarHiitK an<4 ourii.f Stnoturm of the Vretfcra. Allajiac rain and Infl'inmaUon, ao Ir^uatit ia tfce oiaM of dit?*ae?. and axp*lln>j aU ftitmmu msm*en, mnc worm ?w mturtr. thovsands rrorr thovkatrot w*o nn inn in victims or qw?cK?t Mtd who har- ran ktmvgfrtt to (> urcd i* i hort Umf.Mvofound?w>j *?f?c??civ*d.?od UaJ UM fOISON* niii by the BM or-'fumm *iraiNGZKTC." baet: dr;?J ay i? the eyrtnr, to tre?* rat m mi form. sntf perhaps aftwk marriaok. Um Humou'i Kiruet Vmsi for % UN* jTfffNA^Y O*GAJ1B. Whether exiitiri U MAI.K Oft FEMALE. Proa vltttrrn ??? ?nrinitiii ?dJ bo aMtor?f HOW LONG d7lKl)IN$ ITVtMV or IM vmM ri.CliW* AMI * Dehvere?to ?y*tilUM.liwti pMfcari ft* SsnSSssa?C?s5c?fa:=. i?r<xHtc,^?o ^w>rra?r^^??r o V rlBMSorir 'orm iiticlm tu umitw imtni Rt^oiTa 9mmim f ?>w?W, ? iwnwiJUgyA 1*1) tVolD IMPOfilTlONANDEXPOSVKK

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