Newspaper of Evening Star, October 23, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 23, 1860 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: TUESDAY Ocf tff i3,19?. Spirit ( IH Mtmiac rr*m. Th? Cvmititviim nnticlpntw trouble In the oat of Lincoln's rlection. Th? Intel>igf?e?T in r*plf to the Richmond KxamnM* trjvrm we ? 414 wit *rrV~ to pro??et -ta nriambera axalnt the ?p?ntlM?rtb0-<M4tUM tow" of Julyl4,17?,by lfa? pawge of an act maintaining the freedom of i? debataO. K??> - jj^We have received from the publisher* in thie city, No. 4, of the National Democratic quarterly Review with a very attractive table of coatenta. Tbi Vote or PmnaTLvairiA.?Tbo total vote for Governor In the recent election in Pennaylvanlaatood aafollowt: Curtln, (Republican) 257,546; Footer, (Democrat) 225.Si)?majority for the Re pablleana, Total vote of the Stats, 483,088. ILrRobert E. Scott, t^q., of V? , of the Bell ad Everett persuasion of politics, delivered an eloquent address at Liberty Ball, Alexandria, last night, before one of the largest aa well as most Intelligent and appreciative audiences that ever assembled la that city. fLr"Ths steamship Monti cello did not leave New York at her usual hour on Saturday last by reason of the storm then raging. She sailed on Sundsy morning at 10 o'clock. The steemsblp Vsnderbilt for Havre, Parkerburg for Wllmlng nil \nrth Parol)us and other vessels went to an t the same bour. fE^The Haiti more correspondent of the New York World writes to that journal that the Republicans in Baltimore are preparing for a grand torch-light Wide-Awake demonstration. In which they expect to parade 1,060 native* and 3,000 Germs as A mass meeting Is also to be held In Monument Square, at which addresses will be dell ved by Carl Scharz, Tom Corwin, and others. ILTProf. Lowe, it seems, sttll desires to cross the Atlantic In a balloon. The papers say that he is now angaged la getting up another machine oi me nine size as iqxi a astro yea, qui 01 lupnirr construction. The muslin bu bevn woven for the purpose, and Is close and strong. It will be made about 100 fret horizontal, and 1PU feet perpendicular diameter (exclusive of tUs car and boat,) using 3,C'JU yards oi muslin. fry*On Sunday, Mr. James F. Dwight returned to New York from Havana by the Empire City. Mr. Dwtgbt was appointed to take the testimony of Isaac V. Fowler, In the case of the United States agaiaat George Law and GusUvus Couover, the sureties on Mr. Fowler's official bond. Be proceeded to Havana sad took tbe required testimony, and returned with It under seal. It was filed on Monday morning, and will be submitted to the court In s few days. QZ7" The presentation to tbe Prince of Wales by Messrs Pblip* soiomona or toe photograph from Roaait?r and Mlgnot'a painting of "The Home of Washington," haa a^.'ggeated a companion picture representing tbe Prince of Wale* and the Presldent of tbe United State* atandlng at tbe tomb of Washington. Mr. Koaatter baa already received tbe commiaaloo from tbe Government, tbe Prince baring granted tbe artist aeveral opportunities for tbe progreaa of tbe work, aa waa mentioned in tbe notice of the proceedings In Boaton on Thursday list. Perseaml Hon J. M. Kankel, of Md.; Hon. A. B Meek, of Ala., are at Browna1. Lord Lvona returned to Boston on Patardajr night, having bid tbe Prince adieu at Portland Hs was to proceed at sacs to Waahingtoa. Mr.N.A Woods. apeciiU correspondent of tbe London Times, returned home on tbe British steamer of war Ariadne Mr. Andrews, correspondent rf tbe London illustrated News, goes to Dwigbt, 111., to lake aketctx-a of tbe scenery, Ac. Mi Sarah R. Cobb, aged 68 yean, mother of Secretary Cobb, received at a late fair In Georgia the premium of a ail vet goblet for five handsomely embroidered shirts worked by herself for bee At* Tbe Prlnr? of Wale*, wyi tbe New York Day Book, bestowed the moat marked attention upon Mrs and Mfm L<e Vert at tbe Beaton ball, convening freely with tbem during tbe evening, aad personally Inviting them to a teat In the royal box. a compliment paid to no other ladle* present. Mr. Mayo, of Virginia, nephew to Mr* General Scott, met with a serious accident at the laat races is the Boia de Boulogne, near Paria. Mr. Mayo ?ras In the enclosure on horseback Hia hone suddeuly took fright and reared violently, throwing hia rider and falling upon him. In his straggle to rlae, the animal placed his two fore feet upon Mr. Msyo's left leg, bearing hia whole weight oa tbe unfortunate gentieman'a limb, and fracturing it terribly. .... pa?i Mornhv will leave New York for New aw " a * ? :? ? Viiwnia IU7CUUIWVI loe coming W?I. UUnD| lit* iUv in tbo former city he has been able to visit the Chess Club only seldom. Uli score shows tbst bit strength since last year baa rather increased than ftllen-off At the odds of tbe knight be bas woo at tbe rate of three to one of bis old antagoalst, Mr. Jamea Thompson; at tbe rale of two to nothing of Mr. Frederick Perrln, the leading Brooklyn player, and at tbe same rate of Mr 8 Loyel. Mr. George Sennot. tbe Boston Lawyer wbo defended tome of the men eugaged in the Harper s Ferry insurrection. was recently making a speech ia furor of Douglas and Johnson. la the midst of his warmest sentences, tbe orator was laterrupted by one of bis soditors, Wbo said "Are ytm not an Abolitionist* Did you not go to Virginia to defecd John Brown*" Mr. Sennot. , without ambarrsaament, thus replied to hia aaaallaat. whom ho well knew: "Am 1 a thief because I hmr* defended yo? against a charge of larceny, and have saved yoo from a State prison, where you oeiong*" Tbiaqoeatlon ended tbe con vet aUou. Political licai. Gen Led!* Coomb*, of Ky , It announced to add res* the clUzena of New York at tbe Cooper inatitute, to-morrow (Wednesday) evening John Crltcber, Jr.. (Bell and Everett.) baa been electrd to the Virginia Senate from tbe Westmoreland dlatrlet, vice Beale, dem , resigned. by rwi majority. Tbe diatrict gave Fillmore 873 In 1^. Senator Mston. of Virginia, spoke at Richmond 011 Saturday He reviewed tue state of partiea a:rce JSflO, and declared that if be bad been a del citato to I'LarWaion, and nobody ette bad withdrawn from the Cunv?nUoii, he would have aeteded, actuary and alone *g , A n - 1 1. Jl _ + * _ - - ovmmwt nul iuoifu ii ouraicuw iot n-eiecxioo to the 1'nltcd Mates Senate Tbe Charleston Mercvt makes the announcement, by authority, that ^waatavor may have bees hi* Intention at a prevtooa period, tne pretest critical aspect of affairs prevents hi* voluntary retirement from tbe pabUc Bervice." lodge Grimk*. of Obi*, expreaees tbe opinion tbat If tbo South wanta to aecede, it should be permitted to go. "We should ?sy to them,'' be remarks, -i>n*rt in peace, tbe ratnre of otir cooMellon it happily auch aa to diapenae ua from nalnf; brute force In order to nrlajc vou back. If you suppose tb?t yoar condition will be better afct of tban tn tbia tlaic-honored confederacy?tbe work of our jolat bauds? so be It; and let our future rivalry oaly consist in efforts, wit bin our rvepective borders, to improve uid sueagtbea tbt foundations of etvtl aad political freedom." Miss Labb axd tki Pbjncb.?Harper''a Weekly aad l^aslle's Illustrated Paper preaent sketcbeaof a very ) star eating character la illustration of tba Prtaee'a visit to Waahtnxtaji Tbe artist In Harper baa drawn two dealgaa? ana ftnm w o?k . ?a_ ~a. _ --*? ^ - * * uuni(u'n. iw oiuervanaaa?wmcn I re pUced tide by tide U? " fommemortte two of Ute moat piquant UminrM of tie Prince tlutt bit arrival in tU'.t country?bit fall in the b?ll room *1 Quebec, ? ben the loyal damea of tbat Ine old city were thrown into convulaiona by tbe eight of tktlr Prlnrr proar on the floor, and tfce 1 game at ten pint wbtrh the Krtnre played at WaM>fnirton at JJ rt. pmith't boarding-erhaal with Mlta Lane and Mrs retarr TUvmpaon A few yea/a .' hence tbrae tteuet will poMeaa a 4twint blatofic 1 iloreet " Leslie * artial givea a elaw of Ifee royal party In tbe irytTinatian, tbe Pripra frying Ma aklll at uTRintfUc exerrlaee, and the Ron. Sir. Rlliott in* a-Ukibu Mrceaafully in the tame national aaauaemeat be edltorli concludea w fb the followtan tribute vf reaped tr.nte waa tbtt bttaitd by Mia l<anc and the prme*. la tbe daughter of Ebwexer 8?.ttb. one of ibe ' trAtd men ?f>ootoa ' and la *ery highly ret(.?cWd. Ou tbe dealt of Lot buaband abe* ? *>litbrd tUt iuat 1 tute, preferring to auppcrt ntrfn ltd rbiMmi In Independence to rtceivltg Mapt see from (rVt d? and reUUaal" IT7-Tt>? PtVr??mrtr (V? ) latellif?M*r tmf "A rurmr Is afl-st tbnt tfce bsnki of this Stfttc HAvr ir/iutd 'tdjckuat paper, prrferrlng in swmit lh* result of tie i a. pending rrisis All tbst Is p we, uoadattersted so? at If tb? buki srfsss to dls: ouiit, It is lor tfels sote reason?tbey M*e 1 ?i lb* money. As to their holding ap for f#sr t f fiUiiBios, h is ail stur " - WASHINGTON NBWS AND GOMIP. m Two Niw Usitid Statu Sksatobs Rlbctib no* Oatoos.?Information reached this city per telegraph this morning, announcing the election of Mean Baker (Republican) aad Neanith (Douglasite) as Senators from Oragon We sea no reason to doabt Its truth. This resalt was brought about by an open and award caalltioa between the Douglaslte and Republican parties af the Oregon Legislature. The caalltioa between the two parties in their raeent Coa&retsioaal election wu u pelpeble, though not aucceaful In that election the Douglas party vo'.ed directly for the Republican party's candidate. In this elec* don Baker (Republlea*) received every Douglas vote in addition to the vote of hia own party! while Kesrnlth also received every Republicanparty vote In addition to those of his own party Tbeee ftcta are worthy of note simply as being Illustrative of what Douglaslsm is In its practical operation) and will of coarse have their proper weight throughout th* South where there may exist the pretense of a Douglas party organization. Thi ErncT ov it.?The fact thit the bid* for tb? Government lou, opened it the Treasury Department yesterday, ranged from par to one per centum premium only, la a legitimate result of tie ferocity of the abolitionism of the current tone of the New York Tribnnt and most of the Republican-party orators on th? one side, and of ths counUr position of so many of the southern rights men growing legtlmately out of the Irritating Influence of ths course of the Triluni and Its colaborers. Capital has evidently already become sutplclcus that the present Government may not continue to exist. Else, aa in bidding for former Government loans, the rates of premium offered woold now range as high as thres or four per eentaas. PEF1RTWBWT 1I1WI, . Abut litmueiiici?I-eafr of absence for thirty days baa been grants to Maior P. A. Cunningham, pay department, provided It will aot interfere witb the regular |>ayiuent of this District. Captain John H King, 1st Infantry, baa been appointed to lnapect the quartermaster^ stores and camp and garrison equipage for which Captain A. W. Reynolds, quarVrmaster, Is responsible, and which ne represents aa requiring the action of an inspector. The Inspection will take place at tbe quartermaster's department in the city of Sao Antonio. Lesva of abaence for alxty days, with permission to apply for an exteoaion of two months, baa been S ranted to Second I<ieut Thomas J. Berry. 2d r goons, to tike effect on the l(t of November, 1?6? la compliance with special ordera from army headquarters. the recruita of Jrfferaon barracks fur d ^ ? ?.!... ...til ? * " " ?ur i a?nu y win prwrwi vo ran L/fsvenworin oa the 27th instant, under command of Captain MclaUith, l*t cavalry, and join tie detachment for the 2d cavalry, ordered U be put tn route for Texas. In consequence of tbe low state of the water tn tbe Arkansas river, and the want of sufficient means of transportation at Fort Smith, the recruits for tbe first Infantry, Including those for company K, will be sent to their posts vis New Orleans andlndianola A M Haakell, second lieutenant of compeny K. first Infantry, will immediately repair to Mewport barracks. Cbablxsto* and Havana Steamship Like ? Wears requested to stite that regular semi-monthly mail service will hereafter be performed by the sisntnshlp Isabel between Charleston. ? C.. vsanah, Ga, Key West. Fla , and Havana, Cuba, the oebedale day* of sailing being aa follows, viz: The Isabel will l?ave Charleston, 8. C., on the let, 12th, and 'J5th of November; and 1st of December next Subsequently she will perform two tripe per month, leaving Charleston on the 10th and 45th, and Havana on the lat and 13th of each month. Th* To Million Loan.?'The bids which were opened yesterday were generally from New York, Boston, and Philadelphia. Messrs Rlfgs k. Co , at this city, were awarded t3UHi00 at 1 Keen! above par. and f2.gKlO.WX) at 15-100. The ranged from par to IK prem. The whole I loan Wftl takfn?nil th? h!*Knv? ***? successful as well as a portion of those at par. The proposals amounted to tee milllona four hundred and seventy-thres thousand dollars. Tint How Jacob Thompson, Secretary of the Interior, left tbla rlty yesterday afternoon for New York, to be abaent a few days. Mum Kelly, Kaq.. chief clerk, is tb?acting secretary of the Interior during his absence. . A ppoistmsht*.?Thomas 9. Burr, of this District, baa been appointed to a first-claaa clerkshl p in the Pension Ofere. Also, M. Walllnusford, of the same place, to a first-class clerkship In the Interior Department. Smr.xatioii Accbptid?The resignation of First Lieutenant Edward Jones, U. 8. Marine vorpa, ass been accepted by tbe President. T? Wiathu -The following report of tbe weather for tbe morning la made from tbe American Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smithsonian Institution. The time of observation ts about 7 o'clock. Octobu 23, I860. Baltimore. Md cloudy, calm. Washington. 1).C raining. Petersburg, Va. clear, HP, wind W Norfolk. Va .....clear, pleasant. Wilmington, N. C........clear, warm. Charleston, S. C clear, 80 \ wind N W Augusta, Ga. clear, pleasant. Savannah, Ga. clear, 63?, wind BE Mar on, Ga clear. Columbus, Ga clear, pleasant. Montgomery, Ala clear, pleasant. Jackson, Ala clear. Mobile A la * , j 1'irowui. New Orleans, La clear, 00?. from tilb w?5t. Cleveland, O cloudy, wind S Pittsburg. Pa cloudy, damp. Barometer at the Smithsonian at 7 a.m., (corrected for temperature,) 29.951; at noon, 29,969 Ttwmeroetef at 7 a. m.,51*; at noon, 59' Maz'muxn during 24 hoar*, ending 9 a. m. t*day.67'; minimum 49fc*. Amount of rata ibis morning, twelva-huadredths of an inch. ?? m 9 m ? Gov Litchek ox Sxcassion.?A correspondent of tlie Philadelphia ledger mvi I have seen a letter from ttov. L-tcher. stating substantially that In view of Imminent danger of secession at the extreme South, which result he deplores, he la putting Virgiala in a state of preparation to prevent anything like force being brought to bear against seceding t*t*U>*. by marching government troop* through Virginia," 4te. IO" Michigan and Maine have, with several ' other (Mates, selected the 29th of November for thankagivlag day. CENTRAL BKLL AND EVERETT LJf CI.U B ?Tlio regu ?' weekly meeting of the He ! and E?erett C'nh will be held at Thorn a Ha 1 THIJMTaesday) EVENING, at half past To'el'k. Me-nhers axe requested to be punctual in their at tandaooe. If CHAB. 1 CANFlKt.P. flee'y r?-DOI O:.A9 AND JOHNttON ASS'.CIA il !f T1QN.?A special meting will be held on WEDNESDAY MGHT at 7* o eioek, at tfaftir rooms, in the Kimmel House, C street, between IS an 3 St h streets The meeting will be adJressed br the gsllaut Major T. chman, Demoora-ic county 1 ?ct? t fur Alexandria, Va Oar Geriuan friends are earnestly requested to attead. oo 2S ,y"5?the awful national calami tie* pri>phe?ie<l to be impending and the cominc of Chrut to Judgment about 1064 '68. accostfiag U> eminent Knglieh wr.t*rs? Dr. Cumming. R-v?- &iek?r?teth. Klliott. Cr< bj Cooper, 4o.,with a glaitee at the political destiny ot Amer?aa, 1 gbum and Franoe, ia the anhjeot of a fr?? Leotore at th? Methodi*t Chnmh, 9th ?treat. between K and f,TO NIGHT,at?)f o'olock, by kr. HaxTaa. from England. It* of T.-600D samaritan divi!ltJf 8ION.No. \Hont of Temperance, will hold a publ c meetlrg at Teirperano* IW, K ?treet, on Trf?t*D\Y EV KNING, Ootobar 23d, at TH o'o *k Tne aoMie arc roott regretfully inviteu to attaad. F*r order of tha W. P ocy-V M. H CAMPBELL.R. S. rrg*IMPORTANT NOTICE.?All oitiseoa of iL7 the Dim not la favor of a bora* railroad from Hie Navy Yard to Georgetown, with Uteral branohe* through the principal street*, and who *r? aiao ? wv?r ui givins every oitnin oi me Umiriot an pp'i'tu-ity to tak? stock in ?uoh M enterprise, to a nmiUd-afnouat, Are reqn?-t?d to m?et at T'n poranee Hall, K street, on TUKSDAY KVKNING next, October at 7 o oU>ck, to form a iiclea of Ms ciation and to prepare a memorial and bill Cur theooseid-ratine o? Congress oo ao tt rr^UNION PRAYKR MKKTINU wili U LK* hidden ever* day this week in UnionCnapai, on aotk at, First Ward, to eora/nsooe at 4 o'clock preci?elr. aod to pontine a hat one hosr. oo 22-3re n fp THK IA DIK8 OF THK FOURTH PRKBL? BYTKRIAN CHl'KCH propose to have a Festival in Thorn'shatldiac. naxt south of Odd Fellows' Hall, Hewnth street, on WHDNK8DAY, THURSDAY and FRIDAY evenings of iheprsasnt week. This Pestiva) is heM in aid of tkn improvements "ow ib progress. particularly thsfrescoeing and reloryish.mvfMjrfChnroh. . Ovtten anal Mk.. :n w 1 ? ?- ? --m?i ivimuuioHia win W ?F ?t r?uon*M? |r e??. I Mithiioy *rucle? for tale. """* .jag." ?< r? ^.^saahaf a r"~AH ?7 ?UJ WilWMIOII, Frta H*>4amTHB BOSBVIMOI MtMDIB-COLuSEL SVBLkX WlfVHTABT. A TraxlUo correspondent of the Nnr York Tlmea, writlBg on the 8th Inst, nn: Many Americana believe that tbe Hoodufaaoa area barbarous, a cowardly and a cruel BMpl>t and tbeir belief kM probably been confirmed bjr the execution of Walker. Bat 1 have llvedamong them a long time, and can aaaert the opposite to be tbe caee. They are enthualaata for liberty, and roe apontaaeoualy aad eagerly when call** a pea to repel tbe laewar from their aoll. I I a la iaM tbe men who were greatly Injured by Walkw*l invaalon on the Sth of Auguft aaaiating wltb money and advice tbe belpleaa follower* of tbe filiboafeat chief; and in private life there are no people la'' a a a -a __ li.i a_ a _? _ * r - mc wunu mure curuiai or ftinuer to nnn^tn IDftD these tame HondureDoa. Col. Rudler has transmitted the follow log letter to the Comruandaote of Truxlllo, Don Norbeto Martinez, through the English Consul: "My Dear Sir: I cannot take iny departure without flrst tekaMrMclaK t? yoa my bwHWt thanks for the friendship which yoa evinced for me during nay coninement and trial. Your com duct in this Instance Is worthy the highest praise both as a Christian and a gentleman. As the former, you have fully carried out the precepts of our Holy Church, to return good for evil; as ta? other, you have shown that generous and hlab-toaed character which few mea would have the fortitude to carry out in the trying ordeal which ! have just passed " To your kind lady I am ala* much Indebted for the many comforts received at her bands, and now, through yoa, tender her my grateful thaakv. "1 also desire to make vou the InitnimMi in conveying my thank* to those gentlemen who have so generously befriended me. In doing this you will add to the many obligations which Ihtva already been Indebted to you. In conclusion, permit me to assure you that my conduct shall be sueb is to prove to tm, and all those who have befriended me, that 1 was not unworthy of It May God's blessing be with you and yours Is my earnest prayer. Your more than friend, "A. H. Rcdlii." All the Americans in this quarter sincerely hope that filibustering enterprises are at an end; and, indeed, it is notllkelr that any attempt upon tfca i ndependence of H onauras will again be attempted by lawless bands of desperadoes. Abut and Natal Intblliobncb ? Early on Monday morning the satire garrison st Governor's Island, New Vork, was summoned to muster, preparatory to the departure for California of a large /latarhmaitt a/ ? iww* ?* ? ? * * ?>vw* ?iwp?, u?ri *w ?run|(, wno go Ml reinforce the 6th regiment of Infantry. About 10 o'clock tbey were marched down to the steamer and took their bertha on board. Tbey will atop for a few days at Snn Franclaco before proceeding to join their respective companies. Captain Wat leu commands them. On Sunday night the U.9 steamer Corwln reached the Brooklyn Navy Yard in a disabled condition, ber abaft having boen broken while surveying off the coast of Maine. She was towed to New London, Connecticut, from Portland by the U S steamer Vixen. Her otftceri aid crew are well. The armament of tbe corvette Vandalia was shipped on Friday, st Brooklyn, and Is s very heavy one, considering that the coast of Africa is to be that vesael'a destination It contists of twenty guns, although the Vandalia is only rated for sixteen on the register. She will be ready for sea in a few days. ire new Bicara-corTFit? renaacom Will Norfolk for Waahlngton the week after next, to receive her machinery. The Penaacoia la the laat built of the aix steamers ordered by Congrem In 1857. She waa constructed at Pensacola, under the auperintendence of Mr. Porter, and was subsequently sent to Norfolk to be docked, Ac Advices from the Brazil squadron report the health of the olBeera and crew to be good. The Dolphin, brig-of-war, was at Montevideo on the 27th of August, and the Congress, I'ulaskl and (Seminole at other points on the station, The ship's company of the flag-ship were expecting relief Admiral Sir Stephen Lasting ton, of Her Britannic Majesty'a frigate Leopold, was at Rio. The Richmond will probably arrive on her new station?the Mediterranean?about the first of November. As the Susquehanna la to be withdrawn from the Gulf, and also sent to the Stralta, out Navy will be represented there by three good steamera?the Richmond. Susauehanna and Irn. quois. We generally bav# three ship* on that station. Th? Chibiqui Scbvbv ?The New Orleans Picayune of the 18th publishes the following letter from the geologist of the Chlriqul expedition, addressed to a private party : CHiRiqtri f.AGoos, Setrt 17. 166'?. I have just returned from a trip of twelve dayv to the Changalnola river, where I found eight seams of coal, much of which is of excellent uuality, and burns very freely There will not be tW least dltBcuity in making this coal accessible to ship navigation The bottom lands bordering the river are quite level, and the soil as rich as I ever met with In any of my travels. It Is from 4 to 12 feet In thickness, a sandy, clay loam, with large per centage A# Vwl ? m.M i It ?' A ? ? M " ?t ? uic iHMtcr. au uio uopicai iruits are I found on Its bank*?oranges, Haifa, lemons, banannaa, bread fniit, alligator pears, prunes, dates, \c , fee , all growing wild. Vanilla t?ana are alao fouud In abundance; mahogany, coroanut, and aeveral other trees valuable for export, ar? found convenient to navigable waters The weather la delightful The thermometer ranges from W to 85??sea breezes during the day and land bretrzes burlng the night; blankets have been always found comfortable toward morning. The coal deposit Is accessible to navigation and inexbauatible. The sandstones, clay, and limestone associate with It, alao the rhiracterlatic fossils are found everywhere In the lagoon and in tributaries. * * Jobs Etass. IMPORTED SCOTCH PONY FOR SALE.Ha ii oniv II liAniia bi?li perfect shape; ia sound ami kind, and worka T .1* well either in harneaa or under the aaddle.^^ZX Ha wilt lie sold cheap, and inuatOeseen Ui t>e a>areciated. Inquire of JAM KH W. Pt'MPflRKY. Livery Stable, on C street, between 4,S andtith irts , where the pony can l>e seen. ooBtt PMUROIDKRY STAMPING, on all kitda of Fj material, done 111 the heat manner, at C. F. SCUMli)T's Toy anl Fanoy Store, No. 6(1 fa. avenue, between 2l"t aad 23d sts , where can lie f >und a er- at variety ol beautiful Pa*t?rna for Yokea and Sloevea, Collar* and Cui^, Skirts, Pantalets, Bands, Slippers, Cloak?, eto. Pleaae fti we me a call and examine. oc 23 Ini* T SPECIAL NOTICE. "N I HE Uuderaiyned has this day appotatod H. C. SravuDtw, Eaq , hia trneand lawfu attorney, to, in hia name and aiead, aak for, dem%wL ao* f >r, recover and receive, all such anin or ?um* of iron f, debts and d?fri*nde, as ara placed ia hia hand* (or collection, which ara now due and owing to htn, either on not?s, In l a, or open acoonnta. and ?pon receipt thereof, to (tire, in hi* nam*, fall reJ*aa? diaeuarge, ard acquittane*a fur th* same. Aad all peraon- indebted to the undersigned, iu any luai ner, are requested to oali at one* on my said attor "' "' "' "'"' 'whamnh tots. October 22d.I?60. oca ??a riPFlCE LIGHT HOl/flE BOARD. U Tekasitvt u?rA?Tinn?T. W*?kingten. D C., Ottohrr 22,1IW. Sbaud P*opo?ai will b' reeei?#d at ttii? oflie* uLtil 2o'clock m. Monday, DeonmborM, INK. for one IRON I.tOTlf HOUaE FOR CAPE CAN AVKRAL, FLA. . v , , Drawings and specification* mty bo obtalnaa At tini office, or at tne folio vim; nimrct placet: ' N? w York City, 43 C?dar nt.-eet. Boston. Mas*., No. 1 Comncroia! Wha-f. Philad-Iphia, Girird and Twelfth streets. By order of the Light Hons* B^ard. Captain WM. F. SMITH, oc 23-3t Engine'r Secretary T ROYAL HAVANA LOTlKKK. RE Next Drawing of the Royal Havana Lm(wr, ooudncted l?T the Hl?ani?h Bnv?rrm?nt the nptmiioi of the CnpUun General of Cutn^ Vill U*? p'ace ?t Hknnt on WEDNESDAY. Notimisk T. IM. BOKTEO NUMMRO 649 OHDINAUIO CAPITAL PRIZE fioo.eoo. . Ijmeof ?100,0001 tnfnxt*ol #!,*? I do jo,ooo co do t* 1 do *>rMWI5J da CO 1 do S'.omf an*p?ro)L. ? 1410 1 ^ ~~~l7t~ALlf*9* PRIZTSS, Whole Tickets, #ao? f 10?Oanrtora, ?. Crises tukwl M Mfht nt * per Mat. discount. ills on oil solvsst Bnnks token *t Mr. A drawing will be forvnnled u soon m the res nil beoomes known. AU ordors for sohemee crti ok ? to be sddr ossed _ uun nvvHivUHu oaM-tr Oar* of Oitr P?m. CbwWtot. B. C. N?W *TYC ASSIMER ES, VESTING8, fco. Ji.t r?^iT*dbrv poRAN. MERCHANT TAILOR. (FoLpierljr CotUr for Hinton k Te?j, Pb. a*.,) Ifo. 4*fl S?v*?th ??., Bitw. E abb F, oog-lw* l)??o.P?Uall>fto?. A.-1AA REWARD.?I will live the above re fB ?UU vtrd for th* bt*tt Bed conviction of the part* or parties implicated in the Iturninc of mr ?T>ia on tn? night ortli? 15th in?t. 96 19 #* J* H. HAW. CTJk%Y5ro? ??,Am?EN.'*coIi WASHINGTON OAS LlsHT COMPANY sifters tor jftralRmg * CO . o? 19 tt Anat. and OomraiMion Meroknnta. oeiv*d ua for ttw m lot? to Hit bf < ^ ?fcte^f?g>Vf.v i* ,uv "' 6^s>b?lothmo at low piicu, rpio oua ADViOB Anm oa 58 **nwm M DfcjASSBft ffi4Sg&3?.fi|' Drag Store of 8 Ik Waits, corner of A*tmU treet ud Loiiuui tTMit, on W?Xm*idap. Ottotor Hth. provisionally. He la t&e proprietor of Soa**r*'a Ptrmojfic Sjtvr. the inventor of Kittiw t?>* ooniiuiTit&T*. MaBfr'wrtnent ahyaiciaas make great *M? in MMgainf lunfB. It require*iforaUtt and long araoOoe to hipi fMBhar witi ever y aouad or ratWiaf of a Srooohitt Tab*. PatteaU oomt tc? Dr. SofcMck to lot examined that bar*beet) Wined by tfceinWtly fhysioi&n. vho toM tb?m thai om laac tii almoat gone, when, by a c\.?e examination with the ia often found that ilia an afTeotioa of the bronohial t?b*? aad by getting a n??:mT aouon 01 ine liver and tunc to tli* utomfcoh. the sufferer is soon restored to health. Sometimes mecioua that wt!l stopaoongh u certain drath to the pat ent; it looks u? the liver, stops the circu'.ition 0/the blood, hfrnsorptge followa, and in laotstopping theaotivuof tbe ffy otim tjai niw Liver Complaintaod Dyspepsia are the cause of or v9sm s^siss l^insns are at this time oomp'aimng with dull pain in the >4?, beweis sonebmae eotu ve and misdidsm 100 lo us, tons Me oofited, pain in tke shoulder blade, fueling suaetiires very restless and at other times drowsj; evert thing that is eaten lies h?avy on the omioh, aoidity, belching up wind. Hundreds are complaining at this time in this war. Cut them take a heavy oeid and before they get rid of it,tfcea another, tkn is the time to knew what to do; then is M* tiae to go to Dr. Soheaek and get roar image examined: then is the Ux.e tu kkow what cocch medicine to take. Stop that aough sudden and then the longs, liver and sto">soh are all pat into an inactive state, and before the pati? nt is aware or his situation the longs are a ir ass of aoraa and death must soon foilew. . ctu .I Senenok'a falmoaie 8y ray is an expectorant, bat it doea not ooataia any opium ?r any thin* to oueek aooufh tU'ldenly, but if aided with tne Sc?we?d Tonioand Mandrake Pilla. is tare to pnrily and earry <ff all dieeased matter from the ay stem. Dr P. has a number of peranna, iltit city, that eaa be referred to, that haw bm ta the laataaacea of Consumption, and ourtd by hi* nedioinee He doea n t wiah to I* uoderatood that whan .urja are pons that ha oan make new ones bat when one ia aoandand the other may have <aitea oanti in it it oan by careful treatment be ripened, and diaeaaed natter carried off, a..d the aatisat ?et veil For a tnoroayh examina'ion with hia Rnapirometer be ohariea 93, bat it often Lappea* > is patteuta do not reqairean examination with the Reapnometer, aa he naa had auoh a area experienoe he oan deteot at a glance wne her auoh an examination ia neoosaary. All profesaioral advice gratis Peraona deairona of consulting Dr. 8. l ad better avail themeelrea of thia opportunity. ae hia oalla ff'aewhere are eo ium?rnia th\t it ia impossible fnr him tn U* ? ?~ 1 iwi in iki ?u ?f A*lim? M/U CVCIJ WBfl AS BO M fir?t contemplated. 8aM. B. WAITE, Ace t for Washington city. Price orthe Pulmonic l*Trtip, 91 per bottle, or IS per halfdoaen; Ssaweed T?n??. #1 per bottle,or $5 per hVI doxen; Mandrake P;l!?, 25 oeau per box. oo 22 1 w PIANOS. PIANOS?The larjettassortment cf Pianos, Meiodeons, Guitars, V line. Bangor* Bnst Italian String* A? rrrTll oordton*, Fkatmas, Conoertinas, r utfi,1 "" Fues, Flafeol'tU, Claiionetu, Braes instruments. Dm i.e. and every variety of musical ware. also &o immcnie stock of aheet Muho, Mn?io Books itr.d Operas, for *v?fr instru-nent at the Mu?ia Store of W. G. MEl'ZKROTT, corner of and Utn street. Mole Agent of Sfsnway k. Son's Bawi Haven A Co.'s and Koabe A Co.'i Piano*. oo M tf JUST RECEIVED. F'ROM PHILADELPHIA, DRESS CAPSjurn,nq (jAptf BREAKFA^AP^i, Prom 97H and upwards. JJEPHYR WORSTKD, 20 oents per ouno-. tilth colored extra KNITTING YAKNS, WINTER HOSIERY, all kind., GAUNTLETS and GLOVE*. , . 9 rSANBONNETS.RIBAMJSand FLOWERS, NIJBfAH, MARll'O&AS, *o oo22 3t (hit ) SHEDD'S, Eleventh at. PROPOSALS FOR PROVISIONS. Washington Aminal, Ootober ao, iwo. Ssalbd Proposals, to be endorsed " Proposals for Provie'ona," will b* received by the AoUnf Asauta-t Comsnisaarr of Subaistenos at thia Ar senal, nntil lOoM'ck a. m , of the 25th instant, Prr furnishing the following articles of proviaiona, vis SS" poands baonn licht aidee a barrel a mesa pork 36 do flour, extra aaperfiee (Argele Mills) 4on pounds rioe. clean ana whole 1 bushels white narr beans, new and oletn 600 pounds clean Rio Coffee 900 do dry brown angar 4" gal lent eider vinegar su pounaa unov eaodies <6's) SV) do hard brown soap 4 bushels fine tail. All the artiolM Mast be of the best qaality, and are to be delivered m etore at the Areenal on or before the 29th instant Sample* of the articles to he furnished will be required with each proposal. JOHN 8. SAINDKRS, oo 82-3t Bvt.2'1 l,i?nt. Ord. A. A. O. 8. fcj ARAB CLOAKS?AR Aft CLOAKS! ?PfcClAL OPENING DAY OF ARAB CI.OAKS! MOV DA Y, Otfber 2M. tMferino Fanojr Striped ARAB CLOAKS, Grey and Brown Striped ARAB CLOAKS, Black rloth ARAB CLOAKS, Plain Grey ARAB CLOAKS. Also. Black Besver Cloth SLF.KVK CLOAKS. RKDOUIN8, ALBAN AS, k* .trimmed with Ciochet Berthes and Crochet Frioc**, at MAXWKLL'S. oa a"-?Q3t *3*< Pennsylvania nv>nm EAGLE STOVE HOUSE. ^|g I hare the 'argest snd handsomest assortment of COOKING and HKaTING STOVE* (newpatt tmI fhat has ever been n^n in thia market, for Wood or Co*!. The assortment being t -o large t?> numerate. I respect'u ly invite all those in want of the b*et Stove* to o*U and oxaxme mr assortment C. WOODW\K1), 31* Pa avenue, oo 16-eo<?t between 10th an*i 11th at*. WfT\VANT OUR OUR CUSTOMERS AND friends to know that oar aii*rtment of GENTLEMEN'S BEF.ONGINOS is now oouip'.ete in every department, embracing every article, and iu groat vanety, usually kept in a well O R&nn d G ENTLEMEN'S FURNISHING STORE. Oosupyiag for the past twenty years the same store, ani buying all oar goods exclusively for "cash," we are satisfied that we can sell a nower And BETTER STYLE OF GOODS at lower prices than those who buv oa "credit." We wish, however, to maintain a reputation for the sale of FIRST QUALITY GOODS, and those at the lowest and uniform priest. _ , At STEVENOT ocl8-<Uo SalMrooni, Bfowa'i Hotel. c. rowLa* . .job.n t wxu ..K.wx urnrsoi. CHARLES 9. FOWLER k. CO? IMPORTERS. Wholesale and Retail Bnslrra in CHINA, GLASS, AND EARTHEN WARE, Finn Cutlery, Plated Ware, Roll Metal Good*, Block Tin Goods Tin Chatber Set*. J?pauod Waiters, Ethereal and t*ol?r Lamps, Coal Oil Lamps, Lanterns. 4c Ao. 304 (Odd Pillows' hTll) SEVENTH ST., octleogw Washington City. T\f AD4MV BOIVIN'8 FEMALE ALTERAi'X T^VE PILLS, for the exclusive use offstnaaa lah .nog ander aey of the following oomplaiote: Obstructions, s'uppi essioos, Green Sickiif ss. Beaduk. !? ? /. mT- Ci/4. r>. ?rvn ? , r? ?' IW^?iI<7 UIWO| * mpiKVtlUU, liUVlIliag UI Food, Disturbed sleep, and ill Int irruptions ud I regularities of the Menstrn*! Pe io<fs. N. M.? Those Pills should never be taken by female* during pregnancy, a* they are aure to cause miscarriage. Prepare*! for M dame B?ivin, at 18 Koe Vaiura ard, at Pari*, Prauo.*. Wft sale at IT9 >nufn B ?t., opposite Smithsonian?the only Agent in Washington. oe iO-St* j ARGEST SHOJtS^ORK ON SEVENTH The Jargesvoheaoent, and Kest aborted stock of BOOTS AND SHOES on Seventh street is at?; U M MI N J* at CO'S BH New Store, one door south of NorthernfVl Market v Wi Persons d?sinng to bay good as well as cr eep Sho<*s will fend, at the above Stare, Boots ar.i Shoes that cannot fail to suit in price and quality. Also, HATS and CAPS '~J (he lateat style*. With a large a??ortm-nt of UMBRELLAS. Remember the large Blue Sim. <C. F. CUMVINS ft CO., _ SO Seventh sCILoaf.4eor>.eU?w _oojo |? nonMn Market. pROPBRTY OWNERS A$D BUILDERS. Your attention and examination ia raspeetfallr solinimJ to ?StoriiM the oeC6rst*d New York OUTTA PERCH A ROoFING and theGUTtA PKRCHA PaINT for aaintini tia roofs. Thia Gutta Peroha Roof n; ana Paint U acknowledged by *11 the heat ar ah] toots in New York eity " be the beet and oheapeat Roofir-f aad PaiDt in snriat anoe It eu be teen at H. W. HAMILTON'S nuat Store, <19 9er*ath street. CAN FIELD A MA Mi I.'TON art the role areata for Wpahinjton, O??ritftown, Alexandria and the Soatk. For Nr Char lnformaf on addrata as above. oq l? tf RESPECTPVLLYJnl^rmVfii formw fatroja, and the eitixeita of washinfoa generally, ML, that he writ again resume hia DANCING 99 CLASSES, at the foLqwinic Academies:/HB Union Acadtiqjr, oorner of fourteenth streetMfli and New York avenue, aud at Stmt's Haii, oorner of Pa. avanue and Tweati- tk street. For jaruaJfcrsin r??ard to termsaud dajraof tuition pleaaeaee future advertisement. _ ? _ h? -H&lNrDURE o?n ^VppM^dVithVS; Milk on mod ate Urmi bg leaving their adoreM At Box !fo. 90, Sl?r Ogioe oo 2-2iv lm* ton ilMDVRfSitlTB riWj&jEh'ZWZ complete, both at wholesale and rMMl.*t , oo frlaeroom.irttTnffffo^. rf : ORMRTKHV NOTICE. L ?rr^EMgr I?OR OVbRCOA ?B, II im [?I I r FAWTO, 1 "-rrcfc I ?????? AtTCTIOX 8ALES. Bi J. C. Mo?t'I?E * GOnlMttaMM CUtKR!MlU)8SWOOD SKVKN-OCTAVE Pu*0 Foitb, lOMoai Fjwitwi a? r**tT* Pcw.ic Atctioii?0? &Ulfl)AVMi>feNlN? Oc:ob*r?'A.?t lOoV'k. is in: -ota. eoni?riainf? B??Tor Kn??w>?|| wf cutar* Piai.o tort* b? l?Wol?rBh4f*J^ Boa^;f. _ , El?tant who' \\flMtVWinr Partitai*, ioiab?d ! H u?*nd Gold Brae t?ll?. ud | of ! MMaa/Uaree An to4 ? Parlor Chair*. Rowtwood in'twMat Ma-blato* TiMh, Two ??u Dtawk and u?? Cartaiaa. Canuaa, Bi t Mibi*1 ( lock. Chin* V?w iU OlMMtS, G*? Chandelier. WalnBt W hUnot, Gilt Frame Mirror*. MUo|U< BmWMl. W"te""T Rtu*22aVdTu.fwa? cWra, Velvet, Med aUon an i Br??eel* Car pats, Hll! Hat Tree. Utmuk LoiMa J KMiiuiog and Pmj Ch*irs, Malr Mahqc??- 8|**board. Kxtenetoa Ditiif Tabla, MM! Arwcteirit French China Dinner and Tea ttarrtoa, TaWa Cw*l*ry, Waitar*. Cantor, Jke Wtliat J?an Ltsi BMiMad. B.met led Cott?|e girt. Skadee and CartMa". | r and Haak Mattrtuw, Boieter* and Pilloaa, I hMialo., CovkiM lamaH Pulam, OpanBrateaad Air Ufht?to*?a, ioCoOMr viU th* uM a<MrUMit of Kitakaa I JKqaui'a*. T*nu: #90 ar 4 mmiar o?'h; orar tkt ram % credit of to and *?? da??. for Mb matorily ?<m?i do'**. boannjr iDMrmt. P. 8.?Tba Hoaaa iaformt. lc<miraof tka Amwa? d J. c. MoftUIRK A co.. Ara*a By a. gr8kn, aimomk. valuable building lot on north C Builr, Cahtol Hill, at A?cti*?.-Oa THURSDAY. thatttk inatAnt, 1 akAll Ml. lafioAt of tka rnmiH*, u ? o'olook f *, a Mini Building LoLf.oatinc oe B*>rU C itrMl, Mil to theo-irier of Dnw*ri ?vf: rr, it bo4a( pa t of original l.ot No. 3 in S??Ara lYo.M, AodcoatAia inr t.C74 tauA^a t?et of rroaod. Tha abuv? daao ibed ia a Tory Iwdiwi tmiMiaf lot, witk a aoat" front and a b?a?tita! loaatiaA. Tprima: Ooatkird oAab; tka balAaaa ia I ud IS , mnntha. v?nr?* hkAAr ia aira haIa* ia? *V?o <i*fa>?aX aajiasnt*. bwiDf ii.Waat from A dead given and a deed rf tra*t taken. Tltl* iadiaSatabla. All eonreyanoa at the seat of tka ftrbaanr. _oojjj A. GREEN. A?iBy I. C. MeGUIRE * CO.. A notione?>r?. GOVERNMENT SALE OF DESK* PIGEON " HoLU.TiiLin, Bicimi Carm,ftcr-Oa FRIDAY AFTERNOON, Oetobar thraa o'clock, ib front of Wtadar'a Bai 4iaf. wa atifcU M.I k '<rtof Uffot Fnrnitara, Ac., MaftinafDeaka, Picao* Ho aa. Chain, CloU-aoverad Writtnc Table*, Waahataadi. Toi at Seta, Stool*, Straw Mattmc, Mat*. Bra**?la, Incrain and otkar Carpet*, Ptnvaa. Oi ooth, Ae. Tarn* eath la I oo? d J. c. MtOl IRK A CO , A?la. Br *. C. MeOUTRE A CO., Aaottoaaara. Stocks at auction -On Friday af. TKRNOON. Oatober ?ih, W akall aall, ia anmato ?uit? 02 ,?m r?>por?tioa of Alauwulha 81* ft Coat. 11.525 Hank or the Matropolla ?tock. 2 M8 Corporation of Waahirgtoa Qaartartr 9ia ror Cent. Rtook. 0SM Corporation of Washington SeaiAaaaaJ Six *er Ceat. Stock;. Tmm oaaa in ourrant fanda oo a 4 J. C. Mo6ll*K * CO, AmU. 1 =a AMUSEMENTS. QDD FELLO W9 HALL Foa k Limited Nrvaaa or Nisbt*. PRor. BELno^tr, The Champloa Wizard, Wi 1 giro hia Soirees Magique Extraordinary, nm j v vrn %it aw ? - u | w?wv?' Adima> ion. 25 cent*. Childrea accompanied by m rati 10 ** Doors ojmw at 7, commeno* at 8. oc M WASHINGTON THEATER. Skii* Leaaee and Manner 8. W. Glshk. WiU oa-n fTX n^arR^?l?and ^inMr Ba?o> on the night of THURBDAY. Sornm la*. JOSEPH JEFFERSON. The Comadian of the A|e, will oonmeaoe aa mgtfement of Tw?.? Nj*ht? oa MON^ DAY. November 5th, and -will b? followed bythe moat BRILI.I^NT STARS la the Theatrical Firmament. irr Communication* if addreaaad to 8. VV. Glbn*. "Old Bowery Theater," New York, will meet with urnmni alUntiAn 1JA-ULS, PARTIES, 4c TVTOTICK.?By a rrqu??t of oiir lad* friendi, the ll Fourth Grand Cotillon of thi FmiKND- M SHIP CLUB will take pl%o* ?t Forrest Hall, M Ofor(?t?*n. on WKDNK0DAY EVEN C./M Oct >4, <i??te&H of (itotl'a Hull. ae Mtrrr-Wi ti??d ) Ticket* Sn cent*. almi' a xentleman and lane*. The pait; will open with a craod pi omen vie by abraaa l>*nd. Hayen' brae* a'J ?trio( band bw> been engaged. Bj order of Committee. oc 33 Jt* PERSONAL. I| NFORMATION IS WANTED, d <ad or alf*a. VIKlilM A AW PB/niWL'f ? A-- ^ -- ? ?- . .? wi?? a wim fii n?r horn* on Monday ??<> inc. th*22d mat., I? go w? mPoat Offioe. ace ?hiob time abe baa not 1>mg k aMi of She la 23 yeara of *?e. ? ><! nad ol when (he left & Mack ?i!k drea?,a Mack atella ahawt and a hat with Mack am wj't" feathera Ary information ?f her w her?Mi boat will he thaukfolly rooeired by her mother. MARY K. HILL, No. 1M Tw?aU'th atreet, Mtm* U acd N aU. 11* 1 _____ HEREBY Gire notion that ( will pay no d?ht* contracted ?>n my a-comt by any peraon o'her than myaelf, *b1 hereby f.iwr?m ail peraoaa not to truatanToneeeekiac credit o ? my aoennnt. oo?-? PATRICK FLYNN. Dissolution of partnership. Take notice, that the aartnarahip heretofore ej??tin< between W'*, C. Cufiu and Cum n N. Kroiti, mvier the name of Crocker ft B?*ler, it tbia day diaaoivad by moinai Boawatl tmi ik? Mineral Water bua n?aa will hereafter be earned .ib L. ?k> mU U'- / > r> _i in ?1 ?- ?# ?HV mxm '* "? V. viw?rr, wow VUi BOUJC If all buuooa* HTUim.. to Erm.^ wm. c. cCockkC OrttW> ttth. 1? wtf-y MApVME FELIX. F?rtu?; Tel lor from Pan. 1"1 beri Inre to inform her former im thf anHio tonorwr.that *h? ha* ttMtrtd to 8SO Ninth northoa#t eoraor of N, whore ?ho will b* happy to mo alh who iea* desire u> feavo the fM, rAMni and k>Ur? mlmfmefnis n|liml oo ITup' IUST RKCS1VBM AT ftMITH'S. towfe &5?aar^.t,iEiy'SS^5 ?rioo?. oo It ln^ TJlANOe. MEfAJDJSftNS, VfOUStt, o~ t? 3?? p? t??t. ?th aca Tot ) rt? U* * 7cNG%f,??xTO?. For the car? of Cores*. Colm, affbcttqm or tuTnoit am L>Mt. oe tt tw* PAN DING sCgf'ENDERii. Tbeee artielee bit# an erect e*mar- to the l*>djr without duoomfort, and, to ladiae and renti are invaluable. both M to health and pemonal appearance. CaH and uaaiat, at MOORE'd West End Orai Store, <w??t in mSOPT HATS AND CAPS! We eever have had *o large a variet*^^ of GENTS and YOUTHS' SOFT MATS aad CAPS, and of atytaa eo new aad varied. Oar kmg tfMriSllAA in hMamaee aui ! - .1- A? oojnjBt Saleroom, Brown*! H?UL Ij?vb : J2?*iL-5?S*?_ ]\|RS. J. HIGRIE, lysggpak* No. m p?. Wmhini to di(?<> of my stock of Gi uuwH? m ,AUOTi<* ***> . 7 THIS AFTER I*OW * TO-MOKHOVT I J ' l? l.t IMDIIB * CU . AMMwin 4 yDElyJS01J0<^,b0?*A?tJf1 cS " "Htmi ?ttiT?\s?r!'jciraii*^si?#! * . ru. I assigr* By J. C. MaOUIKE ft CO. Amiimih (MMwiMitlMrc'MMk.ot U* MHM.n ??BUini>i mv?b food rocw. wiu vwl v.: ;?. ,...? r Mi M wwttB. VIU IMNM, NMnd kj * 4M4 of Ipigl ^ Hi# <m H I J. C WeeCrBK * CO . ink. J&gUSZlZiX'MaBKT: lutr- i _MW/__ 4 CJBoOUlftEft CO..Amu | rVTVRB DAT*. ~ ( JTr A. 6EKBN Amuobnt. i MTENSIVh A.UK OW MANDM>MK NEW \ ?,Ars&2? MM* No. )*? MfUl P?tr?! W HTl? \ aU WML M tttflltlt M?W??M? ot MV F?rmi ) KK - l " *r?tJrn R*t. ??t lllh lM^Bd^ll ?l P?rlrr 8?U,WlMi M??' o*t?! f oMririii. ooinpt ' * ? * ? -* TllM, t AmMtlPulwClNin _. . ^ FIm Mth?iU) Marh lop Drrtnmt ottir Fin* Mthoc'iLj Mvbli-lof CHi*' Wi 1*4 left Wtataoti, Conwr, Mi*?k*c ' PiM Mkhi'tMT BtirMikirMd u4 8k>f'H Po?m. Lomn. CMtor, Arm Md ft^r?tine Muofiai. lu Jam* 1-irKt. Vr??k a. " * Oth*r Cut mlUfot, DiDiaf, ReoepUon aad Ckftk.*1^ F1?? w? iitMl Mtkoitiy WardrobM, Boakut^ k flciortlmf# Pin- M*rt>.a top Cottar* and Ball tVU, Cli aa. Hiaaa and crockery War*. 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NaaamMr 1ft. * Mil Mil. at lOo' atoie No. ??* aoatA aid* > ofP?M IWIM. l?tVtf|WMd ??*.? <aiataif anAerti* B'?ofci<Miac? A-MM.iaticc K"ob>?, a large ?K fine aMortmeai U BvoU. 8??*. ko., o? Mtdunf? . ? Men ud fit* Ca'f aoA Patent LnftCkw Baot#, Do _ lutary Bnota aad fr hoea, I Yovlha' fta* ota ao<1 (U??, ' La4W ttMttri. Baota. fenoea mad Blip?**, < * Mi?n ?-? do do ,v Childr?n'a An rt? ?i- ? 1 T<'j?-ih?r\rltk geaeral 57 IwFMor " I M BmTmI Shoe Phtm, mad* la tto kMt 4 Cha> daltera, doabl* baraars, ? yard ? OiltloU, oa Aoor, ?.ot of Glaaa poor and Cmm Also, iwo 1m t*bow Window*, aoV araotaa 1 n front of H. Huma'i c<bo? fttot*. oa aortk side of Paaa. ??*m\ betvran <H and 6 hata Ttrmc All aaa?at>d*r fsoaaafc;over saaaredit "f>?<M aay. fcf K?i uniaoHnl? aaeaiaM b'Wiqf mUreal. oc? d CLEARV A Q?E?1,Aaa>fc Br WAI I. A R^RNAID. 4ae??ewe. fRC8TKtitiHAI.Kor VALt'AtUK S11L0 1 ino Lot on a tiu?t, frvc*.** Eaji ?r tii c^pttol, at ArcTioM ?4>a |-kiua> aftkkNOU>, *th iHtaat, at *% oooec, by rirtaa rf a dead of (fast dated i2'h October, ]g? and daly ratiaim ib Liter j . a. (i.. nn im mmb am ma JA?ord? oi WMklMlM touiTl) 0- I . 1 WiU Ilia front of tha rr*u?M tto iMlkirtf I Lot M, him 72t, fro tiu-Ihrt ItJfiMMa MA 1 runtime back ITT fa*t?X iwchaa Jttga? A -TT^ira-swawfsSE \ doMar?of ?h:rh Mat to Mli tollWI* W- , wriiaUtr altar tto ??j bilaana taC >1. M> ? *< V n.ontf\?, r>?ari' ( iatereet,?e? Mtww br mm ? vrlt RRIN GTOI* I <? ?> WALL* BAKITAKPBy A O&fcEN. AaeboMac. T**U?TK?i'? SALh UP V'ALL AMi-E jaaiSff.ri^swsaKtos.'s!: a*wsfe^wAE?^u?? eeemeeee at It e'oloelrm , en the *rwt naead ftvf tmVLrrd^U*"hKB^ri^lutd .(kiy'aix. b*r?rfUn huMtred ?b4 Ein?ty-MV?a,(1 ?.) bail lac IMS, ^ur* feet ,mt? or Imb. Tirwaui Ali oonrtjaacmc at ih? *o?t ot+m u. ?um? 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