Newspaper of Evening Star, October 23, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 23, 1860 Page 3
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,1 Y LOCAL NEWS. J |?jr Though Tu Bra U prlated on the MM K?tm pre* in ok aoutb of Baltimore, Its edition It m large m to require it to put to pre* at an eerty botir; Advertlwenee*, therefore, ahonld he tat la before U o'clock a.; otherwise they Btjr net appear until the seat day. Notic*.?Dtatrlct of Columbia Advertlaemeati ?o he Inserted la the B&lthio*b 8vn are reeelTed at aad forwarded from Tax St a a Oflce. Citt CouMCiLa, Oct. 23.?Bo+rd / Aidtrnun.? Tbe Board met at the aaual hoar, Preaident Deee la th? l'hil> romnrwMATivm. ' Oae from tbe Water Purreyor, 1* ?niw?t? a reaolutfon of the Board of Aldermen In r^^tlon *ntbe number of the Meigs fire-plug* wh'^j, ^,Te .^>*en Mt by him In tbe street* and **er-0e> 0f the i 'olty; referred Aleo, one from tbe same, statt'? that Water Registrar bad reftawd to teat hay? teated at tbe es^^^^mssafsst coco; referred A*ao one from t1^ Water Regtatrw.tranamittlng an e*pjanat1on L^,wry' fire-plug hydrant had not been drily teated at tbe pipe-yard na per raaol oa. of tbe Board of Aldermen; referred. io .one from the Mayor announcing hla having Peered tbe following act*An act to grade and tbe alley In square No. 1*1 An act fixing * > salary of the treasurer of the Board of Trustee* tit be public achoola. An act to lay a water maia I in K atreet north f>om Thirteenth t? Fourteen'b treeta weat. An art authorixing the Water Purw vavor to connect the city main with the United At; t->* 39-inch main An act to lny water maia la Thtrfcmttth atreet weat from K street north to M * An net to pay the contingent and other ??pe<>?ea of the public achoola for tbe year-ending June ?>, le?6l Aa art making an appropriation f<>r ide extirpation of thiatlea. An act to Improve M ?mri avrnue from Fotir-and-a-balf street weat v> ?iitL atreet weat, and to lay Rag foatwtya wMt the tame. 4 i *- F?TI**D*8. Of Patlei Stewart, aikin^ rem I salon of a Una. Of J A. Fletcher for remuneration; which ware ?rtf erred. COXXITTll KKPORTa. Bill to jrT^de and gravel Fourth street weat. from O to (.I atreeto north; passed. BUI of the lower boird to take up and relav the putter on th* wfit tide of Tenth street wnt, from T street north to the natural sew?r creating?Tenth street, be? t*r>n G sad H streets north; passed Bill to remove toe obstructions to the free use of the alley Id sqoare A; laid over. Joint resolution author* 1*1n* the Board of Trustees of the Public School! J to permit a srhoolhouae to be used for religious purpo^s, ttmW certain restrictions: passed. Bill to construct two stench traps In Tenth street west, between G snd IT streets north; passed. Bill authorising the extension of the watermain in Iaq'iare A\ passed. Bill authorizing F H. Sage to weilCh 4nv, straw, fodder, Ac ; passed. fUl ??Minln(iton, from the police committee, to -which was referred the Mayor's nomination of Wm H Bright for police constable in the Seventh tIco S. J* Chlpley removed. re per ted the wis* back, recommending his confirmation; and i?b? nomination was confirmed. m Joint reootutioa authorizing John \V. Whitt mrvrr to occupy certain stalls In the Centre Mar| V_# #A. Ik. ?U * ^ ? . -*- m * - - ? v. ivi ??ro miv v? nc?u niraiB, ItHWCQ 10 pOUC6 com-wlttee Bill for relief of John H. Fitzgerald Thi? bill sroMkioutof a me mortal sent to the Councils, in which the petitioner claimed the sum of S404.SU for filling op acd grading certain streets; and the committee, upon an investigation of the claim, reduced the amount of the same to 10 cents, with interest. for which amount the bill was drawn. On motion, the bill was jossed unanimously. Bill to lays footway in Thlrteen-a&d-a-half and Fourteenth ata.west; passed Bill to erect one of Meigs's sidewalk fire-plug a brdrants at the nurthwest corner of N street south aasl Kleventh st. east; passed i Bill making an appropriation for the benefit of 1 1h? volunteer militia of the District of Columbia; paiaed. Adjourned. Lirmmvn twnni ? nr iu organ introduced kbill to lay tag footway* a. ross Thirteen-and a-'jalf and KfwirWnth streets, north aide of Ohio avenue, ji?rnn4 W?rd; passed. Mr Roberwon offered a resolution Instructing the committee on ways and meer.* to report some means by which tbe Mayor mbe able to carry out the laws of the Corporati on; referred. .Mr. W llaon offered a Jol'^t resolution Instructing the committee on tbe department to report a bill for s paid Are detriment Mr Borrows thought that the movement was premature. Hes .iggested that the resources of oar city bad notb^fB sufficiently developed for such ^ legislation tje was iuclined to think that all such W business legitimately belonged to tbe Insurance ^ Compaq,M He was not nrfnifwl tn ,K matt a it prveent, and hoped that the resolution w ,?uld be laid upon the table. Mf Wllwo advocated the resolution He hoped It would be acted upon on lta merits. v Mr. Borrows said be was detersnned, if pos 1-, i bis, as f*r aa he was r oncerned, to bring the lnn iranee companies at least partialis- into th? *xpease o! lee ping up the Fire department, bat the I Corpora::an was not prepared to act in the matter at present. He moved to ley the resolution on , the Uble; snd it was so ordered Mr. Powell presented the petition of R T Morsell sad others, praying for the construction t of a glitter in the Second Ward; referred. Mr Jooes moved to take up a bill recently rt|* Dorted from the committee on wavs and meana tor the better protection of the o?roeri of prop*-/1 ty sold for taxes; bo ordered, tad the bill wet rend Mr. Kdmoiwiton moved to strike oat the third section providing purchasers at tax sales shall herr-fter be allowed 15 instead of 10 per cent in-i tcicst on their purchases until the redemption therefrom Mr. Jones hcp? d that this section would not be stricken oat. lie thought the interest littleenongh uadt the precarious and uncertain circumstance* attend! u? purchases for taxes. He said money %rss worth W per cent, in ordinary, definite business transactions, where there was no risk of erroneous sales, 4 c. Mr. Lammoud considered the bM itself a crwui iane. and hoped It would be patted, u thelaod hark* hereabouta were plenteous, and some protoctloa a*n?in?t ibem should be provided. Hr Jonea advocated the b'llat l<-*gth, referring to the many CJrar* of hardship which had arisen . under toe present law. Mr. Edmonaton spoke la favor of bis amendment He thooght the interest of ton per cent, allowed by the present law aul&rtent. He constdtted the bill a very good one in the main, but I I thought that It needed some ameadmeat. I < M r. W llaon was la favor of ths fifteen per cent ' . Rf believed la allowing the purchaser* at tax I . sales goodIptaraat ?a Itoeir money, and protecting the people la the matter After further discussion by Messrs. Borrows, ' Powell, aad OthersMr. Edtt>?>nston withdrew his amendment, aad Tne em wtt taken op by aectlona. 1 After aundry aaendntenta of the flrat thrae aectioas,on taking upthefourtU reauluiion,allowiag 15 pef cent intereet on tax purchjaea, Mr Edrnooatoo read from the city charter of IttJO, to thow lb*t ten per ceut. waa the g-*n<?t Interest Allowed on Mx purchaaee, end feud accUon wa? accordingly atrteaea out TtM to. I, e* ?inenJrd, ?u thee read a third lime?i?d r*?.-d aa follow*- ? A KiU for the pro-action td owners of property acl.l for taxta by virtue of any law of (hi> Corporation Sec. 1. ?> it i?attid, fc., That at leaat aixty aud net more than aeventy-ftve daya prior to the tune fixed by law for the l*iue of a feeaimple tiUe by thla Corporation in and to aay let er lota er paru thereof tod for taxae aa provided In the aet approved Deeeinbar 37, f?4?. entitled l'?n act lo pro*)*? lor tLe better oolleetion eftaxea,'' it ball be the duty of tbe Register of the city to cauae a printed or written notice lo be aervtd upon all aneh persona aa nay be ownera of properi ty sold for taxes and to wbom the tame may be I MHHcd "* *** * UUr* ' ** atBlple : I about Msg tasned by tbl? Corporation, aettiair f forth in wnhui-e, that ankea the property In I queattee be Mdeeefted, * Utle ia fee atmpie will iaaue as provldW by law. at time to be mrrein apectledi said fioUee to be left at tbe residence or place of b?lupi of tbe ow ner or owners of sueh r s^siiitts'sr^iis noanaleN be foead, tbee,to bedrpoaited In tbe I'aeMMloe to the diractloa at tbe owaat or owners o far aa tbe mmcm be aeeortalned bf tbe ftqghj **&?.* Tbat it stall be tbe doty of tbeiezltfter' I to keep In bta office a record of tbe date of toe tie[ 41 ..... ?w- -A * * *? * ? ?? f toTaol ?t iuxf 1 7 ifemiafe wrpf UUtd toafaeof Uf v f rnU^ehar^ejrbte upOri^the Htc's. TIuTTk addition U the MuirMDMta o(. /.-the ^wa?<iM mcUm, It atntl be the duty the jjfcraMtw the ctty, a IMI thirty iadart??? forty^day^pirioc to tho tec IjlifBr leihr for lut?' " t* UWUOtfllUI, to : \|&ppuWlm?*ol?ltomodelaaei#dallynew. ShMiiiiiblkiMuA having a large Ha* M? clretfMou lo the etty of Watt. nzu>?, aettleg forth UjAataiiee 'he number of the lot or lota or parts Jprjy qo*'*, and the auae of tLw owoer, "'^itirwhom uoreaed, and lUlag, that uaJU*#b>4 Stir lvUOe redoeeied by the owoer, or PWOe t< aw??rd, * tltte to foe aim pie will later to I he ponjb?i r at a tlao to be thtrolo mIM. ' tb*ce*efMcfc pubHctUoa U btfkngtd to * , property !?>? Uwttini, is rack cm T? Pr?V?Ulrf, ThMt-ta ?M CUMVtMKtktPWVr k or itnm of property, or the peraoa to wnoou the KM ttjr bt ?Mint thai), u-pom tW receipt of a e tbeee*^"qolre4br tkeS?iwitoefltlAa?t, W ' ?> a lUumeut la writing with tte ligtrtw th b? gjlfc.fcle KM??i,tilvrff?(t ttet W.?M,artkMr. 3t?x <U1i? '? ??*tfc??J?ow?l*etWj*i&W 0 I I??? notice required by this section, tben and In that ease bo such publication iktU be im4*. Mr Van Reswick. from caaualMn ea lmprovamenb, reported bank favorably Joint resolution from upper board, making appropriation for repair or roof of CUy H*Ui pair d. A Lao a bill to repair alley In square 4671 passed Nlr Edmonaion said ha would Ilk* to aak tbe ! improvements committee a few questions He weeld like to know wben tbay intended to roport a bill for tbe repair of tbe ebamber tbat they were in. He thought It a disgrace to any w* of men to be sitting then with sorb a dirty old carpet, and other thina* in fcsaniM ? ? ?- < % m o- " 1 ?U 1*. Mr. Clarke, from improvements committee, nported a bill w trim and gravel Tenth itrttt weat, from L to N el. north; pmm4. Mr. Mohoa, from the committee on drainage nd djatribut.on of WMrr, reported a hill to lay *Tat*c malna alone K at. north, from Seventh to Ninth at wttL ?---* Also, a bill frantlie Board of Aldermen to lay water maina along Eighth at., from K to N atreet north; paaaed. Atao, a bill to cohMctwatetmalnln reservation A with the United States mala la Pa. a*, for the purposes of elrcslatlos; passed. Mr. Ober, from the same committee, reported a bill to place one of Meigs* sidewalk lire-plug hydranta at the northwest corner of M atreet south and Eleventh street east; passed. Mr. Ober moved to take op the joint resolution vuuiviixiiig me jjobuc scnooi trustees to give the me of the school house of primary school No. 2, of the third district, to the East Washington Methodist Protestant Church for the purposes of a Air during the Christmas holidays,- so ordered, and the resolution was adopted. Mr Jones moved to reeoasMer the vote by which the claim of James Towles was rejected at the last | meeting of the board. Without acting on this motion, iut board, en motion, adjourned. List or Coksioxbss per steamer Montlcsllo, from New York, Morgan ft Rhinehart, agents:? Amy ft 9hinn, O W. Andrews, C. H. Anderson, J. W. Angus, Alexander ft Cook, Dr. W. Bartlett, W. Bradley, Barnes ft Mitchell, B. A. \V , Wm. Bsllantyne, C. W Boteler, Bradley ft Berry, C W Bennett, Prof A. D Bar be, J.S. Buck, W M Brown, CaniDbell ft Sob w * Ml, J. H Clay, d. W. Cunalngham, W \f. Corcoran, C B Church, M. Clay, J. W. Colley 4 Co , J a cue* Crult. J Clementa, P. A Carroll, B. Darby, B. P. De Bow, G. 9 Diacomb, M De J M. Davla, W. T. Do*e, J. F. ElMa, F.ngUah A Sbn, L Frame, W. B Franklin, French A Reichlnatine, C. 8. Fowler A Co , Franklin A Rothrock, Peter Fegan, Wm M. Flynn. W Falconer, Z. D. Oilman, W. H.Godey, C. E Qreen, VV. L. Green, J. H. Graham. Jaa. F. Groaa, J. Gloaon, C. Gautter. M W. Gait A Bro , W. Horton, Holnroad A Co., Hutchlna k Monroe, Hooe, Bro. A Co, YV. M 8 Hopklna, Wm. Hance, 9. N. Hilton. John Hart, E. Han, F. M. Harrey, C. S. Hall, R. R. Hall. Holstead A Co., D W. Heath, J M. Joy, Dr. W. P. Jofanaoa, B. J oat, Jackaon, Bro A Co., King A Borchell, G. W. Kirk, J. O. I?ewia, T A. Laienby, F. Ai I.lltz l.awnmh? r. IT . ?t ?v uuj^iivu) w xl Ji'Uj I" iillllO, 8 Levri*. E. M Linthicum. VV. S. Mitchell ft Co., J. \V. Moraell, J. MeDevitt, Morgan ft Rhinehart, Miller ft Coeta, Moore ft CiMell, McGregor ft Co , W. L. Maury, Capt. M. F. Maury, M. Mercelr, Mclntyre. D. Moore, Geo. McCoy, T. M. Owen*. L. F. Perry ft Co , Parker ft Spaulding. Phillip* ft Smith, Phtlp ft Solomon, Tho*. Purce.l, H.C Purdy, Geo ft Thos. Parker ft Co., J C. Hive*. H Rock, G Rumby, W. Richard* ft Co., Z Richard*, Smithaonian Institution, D. L. Shoemaker, ino. Shaftr ft Co., Sibley ft Gur, E. Stocked, J L Scagga, P. D. Steuart, W. O. ShreeTe*. J Skinrtng, J. L. Savage. 8moot ft Burroughs, D Smith ft Son, 3. B. Smith, L. H ft G C. Schneider, C. 9-ott. J. Shllllngton, Paul Sepo*, i. M. Singer ft Co., State* and Union, John Thecker, F. Taylor, John Trettler, J. W. Thompson, F. Tenney ft Co., G. W. Varnell, C C Walbridge, G M Wight, M WIllian, J. C. ft H. A. Willard, Wall, Stephen* ft Co., Geo. Water*, J. B. Wilaon, J. B. Well*. ? Cibcvit Cocet ?Tbe Court met to-dav at the nioal hour. AU the judges present. Chief J art Ice Danlop delivered judgment in the case of Henry Tamer, convicted at the last term of the Criminal Court of obtaining fraudulent possession of a onehundred-dollar note from oh Croxler. It will he recollected that the counael in this caae, before the Criminal Court, appealed from the judgment of that Court to the Circuit Court A few days ago tbe case came up for argument in the Circuit Court. Mmri Bradley, ten , and Carlisle appearing for tbe appellant The decision Is as follows: 'We hare examined the bill of exception* tn tbe record In this case. I he testimony of Dr. Jones, with the exception of tbe words 'heard that Turner had got some money from blm," and offered by the prisoner Turner on his trial, and excluded by the ruling of the Criminal Court, aa set forth in the exception*, we all think, waa pertinent to the iMue on the trial before the jury, and competent and proper to be submitted to their consideration, In determining the felonious intent charged against the accused It all related to what was said and dose by tbe accused and Crozler, at tbe time of the alleged larceay, and to directly connected with that transection No part of the (iffered evidence (with tbe above exception) ao rejected in in anvjuet sense collateral to the issue on trial It tended to impeach the accuracy and credit of the proeecutibg witness, as to certain ftcU connected with the alleged larceny, and to exf>taln the motive* and intent of tbe prisoner Turner The jury were the proper judges of itr weight and credit, and tht eff-ct they wonld give to It. and ooght to have been submitted to them. We reverse the judgment of the Criminal Court, and remard the cause with directions to Umi court to award * vtnxrt facias dt novo. Oct *22, 18?). J ami* Dvnlop." The Conrt then went Into a hrarlng of several ruses of Inquisition to recover moneys alleged to be due on accounts. At thjs Doron* Hxidqdaktku, (Kimmel Ilouae,) last night,we fouitd moderategathering of th? member* of the Club, who seemed to be ttking thing* eesv. The speaking wm of a desultory conversational character The prospect ahcidwai admitted to be aomewbat blue; but the t' nor of the advice admlniitiered by the apeakera wu, to take tblnga tranquilly, and hurran aa If tbey '*warn't skeert." Several accessions of memb?-r< were made; and a motion to adiourn waa withdrawn for a while, on the ground that the quarter* were coming in pretty freely Among the busuess transacted, leave was unanimously given to Mr. James Dunnawin to withdraw from thw aianclattoa. Mr Jamea Henry, of Ohio, having the floer, called the attention of the meeting to the aplrited time anticipated at the meeting on Wednesday Ulifht. whan t'.ov i?? t? H- i? " ?ltr?j -- ?w aww^Mcu wy mmjf?r Tochanau and other capital speakers. Mr. Henry remarked, parenthetically, that he wu glad to M reporter* present, and honed they would continue to call. Tlkiir association waa willing and ft'id to hare their proceedings published, and here waa nothing about their mode of '-raising the wind" that they were afraid to Me la the papers The money nal^ht cflme rather alow sometimes with them, but It waa aure. [A laugh ] Anut o* Biac Hickman is New Voaa? The New York Express of yesterday evening says: "The once gay and gallant 4Bean Hicknun.' who figured aoconaplcuoualy la Washington City for many yeara, noted particularly for hia politeness to members of Cwngresi and other* who would p<ty handsomely for being ahowi the elephant of Washington and various other elites to wbleh b? might be invited to accompany pollticai coleimties, was arrested this (Moaqay) morning by detective Wilaon charged with having perpetrated a*me confidence swindle oa a gentleman living about Ablngdo* Square. The particular* of the tranaactioa were not ascertained by our reporter uo to 12 o'clock. ttu? o that time being abaent in search of the complainant. Brau wn taken to Police Headquarter* and detained to await further prugiess in the caae. During the afaaenc? of the oftcer srrestlng him, Beau was rery aoxlous to go to the Metropolitan Hotel to call on tome gentleman from Washington, whom be wished to aid In extricating htm from his p esent difficulties, hut he was not allowed to depart. Hickman, evidently, Is now on the wane, as his personal appearance falls to indicate hftn tobefn the fall ltd*-of success." . . . 5? , Lmbt ! Lioht ! ?Last night another accident occurred at a street excavstlun, in consequence of tka nipsblt neglect of the contractor for excavating Tenth street, In not hanging oat a signal light at the Q street Intersection. A valuable horse, attached to a huckster's wagon, got Into the ditch left open without any warning light, aad waa so badly injured as t* render Mm worth? - -- L. vi- .... --- ??i ' : ? * - - - w lii uwu?r i mpoor uimu w? extrieatta from Ui? trap by those II viog la the neighborhood, after much bam labor with the pick u4 ahowal, he bring so completely wedged into U* Harrow bole as to require to be literally exhumed. Tbere aeemt to be no tort of regard to the law r?quicl*g signal-lights to be bang out al the crossings where exca rations are left unfilled orer sight by those who contract for toying the water mains, and not night passes bat what some unlucky man pr bone U caught lb the trap* thus left exposed; and It would Mtm as though the street excavators, the surgeons, and ibe undertakers were in a conspiracy with a Ttaw to making a handaome thing, ?&ch la bit Um, oat of Use Introduction of the Potomac water Into the city / Til VoLMtsn NCiuti*^-The numbers oI the roiaatoer militia of the city will be glad tm learn that last ntobt the CWy Councils passed a blU, reported by Alderman Aanlagton, maklag aa annaal approprlaUou of #250, for the purpose of natiiur. (nt nnf"** of m sod l??i ' ,k- r* fauat&aXmary?the bill toeoatiaua id hill farce uattl HcktimuC<wgniiitaU, by leglalatien hi that respeat, reader lu proTlelona unnecoaaiy Aekitid, at Carter'* wharf, foot of Thlrtaehthand a-balf at . achoonar Mountain At?oo?, KeUy, from Philadelphia, with 8IA tana of ?oal for *h A B Waller. Ah. M*KTt>(8 t.AOT Nioht^ The Assariftiom Feels Bmd?Tka: Smelling Coxmitt it unable to nstertain "f?ho Stints"?An / rwiftow of Another Son Entered Upon?The Star Reporters Cm fed, Ezeommeemionted, Sequestered, Anntkemtuit'd, and ordered to be Erpellod ?TKt Sergeant-at- Arms eatUd uvon to do Hie Dutf?A rYesk Di*tomAtm*nt ? Tkry Can't be FbundSpoecket of Judge Sine lair and Judge PM'M I'Ka fk? *<- ? VHCHM AWKllHOn Mm* togathtr 1 art uight la a decidedly unamlsble mood Fn ?m thlif, It NnM (hit tbi aiflUBfi committer had been unable to ascertain precisely where the ball smell came from that so -stunk In democratic nostrils," aa announced at a late meatlag. Thaa, again, the IS assessments for honorary members hi pa cama in ao slowly that It aeemad doubtful If enough candidates will consider tbetnarlvra honored live dollars worth to fork over and liquidate that $200 deficit. riut all thia waa but naught to the trlbalation caused them by the course of the Star; all their tnsublea came from the Star, the Stor, the Star. The Slot had published every word of thetr smelllng-comnaittee proceedings, matter wblcb, in their opinion, should never have seen daylight. Somehow, with the best intentions, we can't please these gentlemen. We give them too much spice or too llttla. We publian full reports of tbo doings of the other political aaaoclatlooa, with all tha fun and by-plar. and the D J. Association is I unhappy; we doth* D. J A. the same justice and they refuse to to*comforted. Last night, the amount of profane (wearing, they lot off at the expense of tb? Star, was positively frightful, and we think the should take tb&tt lfe hand. Bishop Ernulphus' form of excommunication, which In the opinion f Mr. Shandy contained lit forma of swearing suitable to all caaea, from the loweat to the highest provocation which could possibly happen, aeemed quite inadequate to tbe occasion, and Mr. C. C. Cooper (Chrlatopher Columbua) distinguished himself especially, by interlarding some Fifth Ward oaths of such exceeding freshness, racinoaa, and vigor, aa to atrike dumb with envy all the dispensers of second-hand oaths. Such members of tbe Association as didn't want to discredit their professions of Christianity by oral swesrlng went about banging tbe doors to with I what Hood wouldcall'a wooden d?n ' The Star folks were excommunicated, ansthematized and scque?>rp<i from tbe thresholds of tbe (D.J. A.) church,that they might be tormented, disposed and | delivered over with Dathan and Ablram. And all tba principalities and powers were invoked to curse the aforesaid Star folks in eating, in drlnk-< ing, In sleeping, in walking. In standing, In sit nag, in lying, in working, in resting; to corse them in all the faculties of the body, inwardly and outwardly, in all the Joints and articulations of the members from the tops *f their heads to the soles of their feet, and so on. Then, being dry, they liquored up at the nearest grocery, and than It was time to open the meeting. President Boyle took the chair. The first business appeared to be the Star and Its reporta of the association's doings. Mr. Holloban introduced a series of resolutions, censuring the S/?r reporter for publishing the private transact! oas of the association when requested not to do so, and after having, it was understood, given a promise to that effect. Mr. Cook, of Miss , and of "Aghta" Nos. 1 and 4.?see Star of the 11th Inst,) deuounced the Star as not a democratic paper. It was well known that in the municipal election they all had to flghi against it. The ealtor of the Star was not and never had been a democrat. [Cries of "That's so."] Mr. Bradford thought these proceedings were premature. It was proper, of course, that the proceedings of business meetings should not he nnh. lished, but it was right that public meeting* hould be reported, and reporter* ought not to be excluded from such. Mr. J. T. C. C. Clark (John Thomas Chrlstopher Columbus Clark, ex-know nothing.) mov*d am an amendment that the Star reporter be expelled from tbe room, and stated that '? be came there prepared to attend to the job of expulsion If no one else would do It"?whereupon Mr. Clark, who is a feeble-looking little chap of some live feet nothing, or not quite ao tell as his name ia long, glowered through his spectacle*, and waited for the applause, which duly followed. Some gentleman, whose name we did not catch, objected to the amendment He said that one of the speakers who waa to address them this evening had Invited a reporter of tbe Star to be present, and did not wish to speak unless be could be properly reported. Mr. Clark indignantly insisted upon his amendment, pitched Into the Star some more, and declaimed vehemently about what be termed a brea> h of faith on the part of the Star reporter in publishing a report or a business meeting after fiavinis- nrnmiaMl nnt Hn ia I tie vote being taken, the resolutions were carried by quite a hearty 41 aye " Preildent Boyle here requestpd the reporter of the Star to vacate the room, If he waa preaent; and, In caae of bis failure to do so, directed the i*ersjeant-at-Arma to ?? do bis duty.'' Thereupon there waa a general twisting of necks, and fierce glances were shot Into every corner of the ball, In qutst of the obnoxious reporter. A gentleman who waa present and was supposed to know something of the Stmr office and its employees, was requested to give some information as to the number of reporters and editors connected with toe establishment, and such description of their personal appearance as would enable them !o single out anyone cf the detested set who should be present. He was unable to satisfy thein to the extent of their neeaaj and as no reporter bad taken the bint and started for the door, It waa high time, in the language of the classic Cooper, --to do sutblng In atrnrst The fterri>ant.*l-Arm? ?r?? - "J ? ? v~.?v? u^vu HI " UU hi* duty,'' and that functionary, invigorating himself with a fresh chew of tobacco, proceeded to hia merciless task. He walked cautiously up and down >m?w the benches, peering sharply In every face, aa if, like Dlogems, in uuest of an honest man Meantime we sat in fearhil t-rpldaUou, dreading the official'! mice, or In lieu, tbe aveuging claw* of the blood-thirsty Clark. Tb*n our good angel suggested an idea, and a? the 8. ot A. bore down our aisle and fixed ua with his glittering eye, we anddenly twisted our handsome countenance into a phiz of hideoua, unique, un- i imaginable ugliness?a sort of crosi between j Uncle Abe" and "Lum Cooper." The disguise was complete. The official shuddered and p used . on; and i t wasappa'ent to our mlud that indescrib- j aoie ugnneaa 01 ieaiure 11 iue rig tit sort vl credent} al at a D J. A. meeting. The Sergeaut-at-Arma liavtng duly gone Ma round*, made bla report of nix reporter, aud the Assoc iatiou, under toe slightly mistaken notion that we weren't tkar, took a long breath of aatiafaction, and proceeded to the next item of bualn eaa. The report* of committee* having been called for? Mr. C. C. Cooper (Chrlatopher Columbua Cooper. not Chrie<oph?r Colwibua Clark,) reported in reference to tbe Kockvlila Barbecue, that omnibuses would be ready at 7 o'clock In the morning to convey tboae who wished to go, fare C*2, ana tbat tboae who wished W? go te private carriages h^d the privilege, bat were expected to contribute eomethlng tot the muilc. On motion, a committee of Ave waa appointed to invite Judge Meek, of Alabama, toaddreaa the 1 On I ati I I# Al * . am wwam piC?CUUf OUUUUUWTU mm Judge Mark had consented to sddrssi them on Monday night next An animated dlacuaaien then arose upon a resolution cff-rwl to publish the proceedings of the Anociatton c llictaliy in tbe Constitution, Star and Stair* newapanera. ft waa moved to atrlke out tbe Sior and states, on the ground that the Constitution wai the only democratic papur tn the city. Mr. Lam Cooper urged with great vehemence that the Statra should be retained, on tbe ground, as be said, that "the States was the main viper to the Stmr:' (?) After rolling awhile la the sea of doubt, tbe association determined to cut both Star and States, and Insert In tbe Constitution and Baltimore Sun. Mr. Cooper here made an affectionate appeal to the meeting to come up and contribute liberally for tbe music (to Rocaville) so as to enlirea tti> hearts of the democracy and dumbfounder the almost dead know-nothings of Montgomery county. President Boyle then Introduced, in complimentary terms, Judge C.B.Sinclair, of Virginia, designating him as one of the most able and eloquent speaker* of the Old Dominion. Judge Sinclair proceeded, lo a speech of moth force Sad eloquence, to illustrate the uatlonal disasters that must result from the election of Lipcoin. sad made a earnest appeal In bohalf of the Consrltuttoa and the Ualon. ; . He was followed by Judge Price, of Mlasouti, ,U. a. iwum.woo Kepi iuanoience well lntereated for a considerable ttm. ! A* Invitation from the Breckinridge and Lane Club of Annapolis, Md, to attend a grand dlac.uaalon on Thursday, the25tfc iuatant. at that pkor. waa accepted; and then the meeting adjourned until next Monday night. : * Tnn Wsslxt Cxapkl Mrtikg ? Last night the members of the Wesley Chapel Station of tbe Methodlat Episcopal Church, bold a meeting at the chapel to consider the propriety of electing lay delegates to the convention of laymen to meet In Baltimore In a few weeks. The meeting waa organized by electing C. W. Boteler,Sr.,chairman, and IT hoe H. Hmcnner, Esq., aecretary. It was unanimously resolved to send dMegetee to the Baltimore Convention, aad Wm. R Woodward, Pan _ mi nlnftri^ (ha 4ntaM*a f j* ' ?^ > ?? BMU * UUKO 0?" wvii?, alternate.. A resolution vu alao adopts! Inciting the alater atetioaa ai tkU diateict to salt* wiUi til* (tatlou in the convention. The pro" - fl ? , ) Eacin or Peuonbki rao* rum PuifinTUii?ThU morning the warden of the O B. Penitentiary dltcorerM that two of hla priton?ra had aaeeaadod in making their aaeape. Thofiud managed to work thrir way from their oella iotho roef, and thence to the ground. One of them w*? George Johaaon, convicted ia thla DlatrU* of 4 1 Bass Bail?Potomac n. Nat ohal?T?? Co>K}Baaij?a Gams ?A correspondent who wii on the ground furnishes at with the following : The match of base boll came off yesterday between the aboTe clubs on the grounds of the National, resulted is a hand sonar victory for the Potomac*, who more than doubled their opponent's score. For many reasons tbls gsme toss excited more Interest thsn any other e*er played hwre, sbonte. Tbe question of superiority hss long been undecided, sod aa this match was intended aa a : tot, U? deciding game waa a matter of the greatest Importance to both clubs A xal a the Potomac* (unwilling to sdmlt thst they played better on | their own ground* than elsewhere) caw their op Crnis me cbolce of grounds, and thsy ebooe row*. The Potomac* were aomewbat abort banded, Trook and P Wlae, two of their strongest bata and beet Ielder*, were abaent, aod their Toaa waa much felt, though their tubatltutaa played well and effldootlf throughout Roach. Hartley, Bigger, Robinson, and Fahertr were strongest at the bat, striking, each, some telling ball*. Big* ger** pitching waa even and true through the whole game, and he fielded in tip-top style, "fastening In" every ball that-cams near him. Hartley managed tbe second baae well, stopping and fielding handsomely to first baae several beautiful balls Wood, though unusually unfortunate at the bat, played gloriously In tbe right, and Roach oa tbe third baae played with stead 1neaa and quickness On tbe whole, tbe playing of each member of the nine waa a very creditable exhibition. Geo. Hibba, Dooley and Beale, of the National, WPnt fntn fth* ili?nrVi 1 * 1*?1 ?V vviaiu^ I1IIV k/i v tty 1BI KCJJ ) kUV Utter leading the score of his tide Beale, as short, and Dooley, In the left, lMded beautifully; and French, on the 2d, played with his usual certainty. Bat Geo Hlbbs' That fellow has a magnetic attraction for balls; for they often paas him and come back. His fielding was beautiful, easy and sure?though his pitching lacked Its usual regularity. Ed Hibbe made his first appearance in s match, and though not up to mark at the bat, did pretty well on the 3d. He will y*t make an A 1. Frank Wright, on the first base, played well?so well that Brown's absence was not felt. Below we give the score: Nation*!. Potomac. Outs. Rons. Outs. Runs. French,2 b....3 1 Hartley, 2 b 1 6 Gorman, c 4 1 Roach, 3 b 1 6 Beale, c. f 1 4 Bigger, p 2 5 Wright, 1 b ..4 2 Wood, r.f 5" 1 Geo. Hibbs. p. 2 3 Michel,c 4 3 Benner, r.i.,.,4 2 Newton, 1.1.. .5 2 Dooley. 1. f.... 1 9 Robinson, 1 b. 2 5 m mium.jd.) 0 Kaberty, c. f.. .*2 4 McCutchen.s. .3 1 Camp, 5 1 Total 16 Total 33 Runs In each Innings. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. National....0 1 3 4 6 0 1 0 1 Potomac....5 2 3 5 11 12 41 Scorer*?For Potomac, Walter Taylor; for National, H A. McCormlck. Umpire?Carl Yulee, of the Washington Club. The decisions of the umpire were clear and impartial. There was not a dissenting voice beard in regard to them. Taken as a whole the game was a good one, atydltaettle* the local championship. The vie* tors ara quite anxious to get a game or two lo Baltimore; but the cluba there have decided not to give th-m a "final bearing" till the spring. We would be glad to aee the Inter coarse betweea the'-If. JB1" of the two cltira eatabllabed on a more aociable footing. Why can't the Waverley'a -now they "have bo more world'a to conaiier" In Baltimore?ran over for a few boura and take a friendly look at the Potomac groundi. Cannot the proapect of an IndUn auminer'a day and a warm reception tempt them to come for a Waahington ball ? We hope it may. Sals or thi Mhagkri* ?Thia morning at 11 o'clock, a large crowd aaaembled at the apace i oppoalte the Bank of Waahlngton to witneaa the aaie of the ?'aaake abow" by the bailiff*, who had seized upon tt. It waa a very rough lot of goods and chattela. Tne caaea were conatructed oi dry good* boxes, except one or two amall onea for hirdf. Tb? Arr.hMt^r nf thu stshliehmant iated of one big drum. The sale was proceeded within the following order: one cige, 'i5c.: do 20c ; white mice, SI.15 ; 9. American squirrel, SI 25; stuTed ouraug outang, fl; horned owl.50c; raccoon, ttJc ; fox, 96c.; wolf and cage, 92 35; large monkey, 13.28; small do., S10; wildcat, No. 1, SI; three pictures, 45c.; wild cat, No. 2. S3; big drum, S6.50. The aggregate receipts amounted to 931.78. Odd Fellows' Hail.?Our readers will not forget that Prof. Belmont commences a series of his eonjnring entertainments to-night, and that his page or assistant will be Madaii.e Belmont, wdocu he uses as his subject in the viel suspension This feat, it will be remembered, was first Introduced by the celebrated French Wizard Houdin, and served to set the Philosophers of France Into th? most ridiculous controversy, which was finally settled by a private conference with the great Wizird himself; after which they were more sstonished than ever, not at the feat, bat tbe gigantic expertmenta made by thrra to accomplish me nine aim pie ena. BlKCKt!tBl?3S asd La!?B RaBBACCK at RoCEvillb ?This morning, about 9 o'clock, an omnibus containing a band ?f muaie, and followed by two hacks containing two members of the Democratic Jackson Associations each,passed np Pennsylvania avenue on their way to Rockville to the barbacue to be beld there to-day. The paucity in nuruberi of the " profession'' which this Assoelation assumed to manage in its own way, is a sufficient commentary upon the disrepute brought upon tbo Association by the late puerile and brainless action of Its members. Dbspbbatb Assault.?On Saturday night a man named Wm Trecey was attacked In the Fifth Ward near the Capitol, and knocked down and dreadfully beaten He Is so seriously injured tuatbebaa not spoken since. His condition Is very precarious. About a year ago Tracey was attacked and fearfully stabbed In the breast. At I bat time a person named O'Neil wss arrested on suspicion, but was honorably discharged. This time a person is suspected, but the evidence Is not definite. Cchtbb Mabebt.?Tbe market space was aealn thoroughly occupied this morning,"notwithstanding the very heavy rain* last night, which made a very unpleasant route from all parts of tbe country to tae eltv market The gangways were crowded at an early hour, and an active demand, and profitable sales appeared to be prevsiling to the satisfaction of the dealers. The prices were about ss quoted in the Star of last Friday. Cbnteal GrABn-HorsE Casts?James Holt, profane and disorderly; line and costs, W 15; workhouse 90 days. Anthony Chase, (col'd,) disorderly; do. 00 days Wm Jones, (col'd.) disorderly; fine $11.15; do 80 day*. Eliza Brown, (col'd,) do ; do. $1 15; do 90 days Jas. Thomas, do.; fine and costs, S1.16. W. Heatly, do.; do. St. 15. Richard Wharton, (col'd.) do.; do f 1.15. Geo. Bruce, (col'd,) do.; do. 31.15. ? . ? r Holloway's Pills. Nervous Debility, |c.-Ai a sedative and invigorating medicine, tiiese Pilla have had an astonishiog uooess in every part of the civilized globe. They are unaffected by oliinate as their operations aro the ?amn in the torrid sone or the Artio regioas. They regulate me puise ana lit* aolion or th? heart, brace and atrengtheii Uio relaxed nerves. (tv? tone and energy to the general avatem, and by re ea'afcliahingla vigorous effort of the vital function* extinguiah the elemm.ts uf inelanct.ol/.deprqMed spin s. blues, vapvra, fco. Sold by alt Druf giafa at 26c , fi?o. ana #1 per box. , oc 19-lw wtstak'* Bilham or Wild Crimy. The following letter from Rev. Uxvaf Wood, oi Conoord. N. H? Editor of the Congregational Journal, apealca voiumea in favor of Wiitar't Balsams Concokd. N. H., March 2. MiasBa. Sktu VV. Fowl* A C: Two years ego, aaudden and violent attack epon my Lunga confined me to tny bed for aeveral week a, and when I recovered, I waa ao much oppreaaed by diftoally in breathing, that I waa often unable to aleep or reat upon a bed b* night. The autfernig waa extreme, and judging lrorn the inelfionoy of the romediea uaed, 1 supposed the diaeaee incurable. Being persuaded to try a bottle of (Tutor'* Bfttam 4/ W%ld Cktrry. without ooufidenoe in itaefleacy, i found the difficulty almost entirely removed before one bottle waa uaed up. Pympathr with mj Mlow sufferera iaduoea me to make thi? publio state me ut. nnd reuoinmeud the artteie to otfcera aimilarl* iMwitad With reapect, yoara truly. Hixit Wood. Nona itutm udIni n|ud i. Bctt? on tha by g. W. Fowl* * Co., Boatoa, ud for mm* by Z. D. Qihnan, & C. jr.. if. !. Wnte, O. Stott, John Soh waraa, Nairn 5k PjJmar.WMh mgton; 4ad by deaiani avarywteara. ac r7-lw.r To THK ArrLicTtu!? Ba iar? to read tha adrartiaamaot of MqLaaii'a Strengthening CacdtaJ and Blood Purifier. Ul another column. tf 'i .'* 1' '| ? . '* J ^ i married. * ;; daughter of tka >ata J oka T. Tawara, Eaq., all of Washington city, . . m . piaoa, to MrtAA AUGUSTA.Uaughtor of Ualata J. AJaxandar P.tara. * .a.a. ? . MID, V. On the rnorminf of the 23d mtut, ?t 9 tfoi^k, ALEX. OTBdS D, Jr.. in ku Mtfc j?t Hiaian?r?t will tak* Pl* ? .-morrow wornim, ?* 10 o'olock. from th*r??ideiiM of kim tettMr. on ad tfet. bet? wn a-?mi p. fh? fnt>nd? 11 t?i? fkTiilt r*qaost?d to fctUud, wKho^ fur* % ' '"*AXTS. ' W*.HBBHtxt ?**?>? m?* App'r tn M. fc. AULKVT, u-dt: WillSr^t' Hotel. oo?-?tft* imTANTKD-A MALE TEACHER* to ttk* ?W < ?t*?? of ? nicht ohoo). App t to OEORliE VV REALL. eri4|?itrwt,6wr|?lovk. or ?-a? w I U n KCHAM, OK KXCHANOK " \tooi Second hand COl'PfcE. A pah at NVAI.TRr. KARMANN * BOPP'8 CoMh taot?rf, t> street. bsttm 9th a ad 10th ata. oe \17 ANTED?An oreraaor'e SITUATION, by | one who la thoroughly and p actio* ly a? qaainti>d with both fenuiUK aad carder.:rir in *11 trifir various branch's f h* molt unexcpti "aMe rrleraaoee given, as regard* character, quautuationa, Ac. AddresaO. R .throaibthe Fa.l? Church Pott Offioe, Fairfax county, Va. oc 23 3t* WOMANfWhito or oolorodl to " cook aid wa?h. Inquire at tine ofleo oo?j at* \V ANTED-Bt a single man, a SITUATION aa hoatler or carnage driver and to work about the house. Good rslsraaeaa can be g iraa. Ad.ircea K. L. Georgetown Post Ottoe. ocB tt' FEMALE, to^oook and wash - 1V1 aillBll ikDIIlf A'lO, ? HOT, WHO understands drivmc. Apply at 396 Fourth si. weft. between D and F. streets north ?.c ?-3t r|RE?9MAKER? WANTED ?Ten c*pen * enoed Dressmakers o?n find mp oyroert at No. 193 F treat, south side. between 17th and ltth sts.. opposite Winder's Building. None but experienced hands need apply, oc ? St C*URNITURK WANTED-Persons having reHousehold Furniture to dispose of will hear of oasn purchasers after the Win instant by addressing J. B.. at t??s office. oc it 6t* WANTKD IMMEDIATELY?From 85 to _ 110*00 worth of SF.COND-HAND F1 RNI tl're of all kinds, for which I will fuarantjto pay the highest prioes, and, as u?ual, at the shortest notice. _ r. bCchly, Dealer in Furniture, Stores, Ac , oo 9 40fr7th ?t.. bet. G aod H. east side. \]kJANTED?All kinds of SECOND-HAND ww FL'RNITURE.for which I will pay the cash, at 369 Seventh street, between I and K. oc 6-tf BONT7 A GRIFFITH. 1M7ANTED?To hare everybody know that ther vv can find a fine and well se>*cted stock of FALL and WINTER CLOTHING, FURNISHING GOODS, HATS and CAI'S at the Peoples' Clothing Store, No. 460 Seventh at., opposite Post Offioe. * eesa-lm ra n s t n * *** **?? run AHiJ .KENT. [For otkir "For SmU and Rent'1 adrtrtxtmmUi, it* font ragt ) FOR SALE?A RUIIDINO LOT on H street, n ?r the pnitio: office For terms anply at DKX I h R'S KeiUurut, corner Thirteenth il tl ant^Pa. avenue. oo ? it* FOR RENT?Upper Part of the Houae vn Eichlh street, between the Avepne and I) tu A'so, 3 small Hrick* on Twentieth ?tre-t, between M and N ; or for tale. Apply JOH NSON k. SUTTON. oc 23 tf FOR RKNT?A neatly furnished HOI ?K ja the First Ward, on H. Wetween 17th M't 18thstreets, No. 447, containing a double parlor, 5 or <1 eham hers, dining room, kitohen and santry ; with eaa, cold or hot water, bath-room, *o . *o. Apply to L. I.. LOVING, Fourth Auditor's Ofiise. oc 4-1 m rpHREE.NK\V_ BRICK HOUSES ON THE m isi.AniurUK S\L.K OK KKNT.-Pixrooml eaoh, with store-iouse Ix-tween front house unl kitchen. To sell at $25 p?' month ; to rent at HI* per month. Inquire of J. W M'RI.OW. 384 9tb street, or J. B. WILSON, on the Avenue, oc 23 2ieo I7oR RENT.?A three story BRICK HOUSE, situated on the northeast corner of Tenth and M streets north, ('ant occupied by Judce Hilijer,) oontaininc ten rooms, besides kitchen, l*th room, and oellar rooms for 'uel. hot and oo!d water is bath-room and somaoftheahamhers, gas thorough* out, large yard, stable, and carriaae Uou?e. Inquire of C. b O'HARE, No. 222 Seventh atrret, between M and N streets. oo 22 3t* FHOR RENT-Two frame COTTAGE HOUSES, situated on Mass avenue, between Uth and 15th aia., containing 6 rot oms each. A fine pump of good water in the jrard. For particu ars inquire at the brick house on the promises. Rent fin per month. oc 80 St Three hundred and fifteen acres in Kairfaxjoount*. Ya., in exo*llent order; w II timt>ered; gooa buildings; a orown stone quarry. A rflilrnfiH o?.r ihnn anH ?fit?r Hon ^ erected on the farm. Also, a new Steam Mi l in L"udonn county. A purchaser can jet * ><arssin of G W. BRAY, Aged, 516 Seventh st.. \Va?hington, D. C. oo 1? lin* I?OR RENT?A new and desirable BRICK T DWELLING HOUSE in a p easant locali'T, No. 396 L street, near Fourteenth. Inquire of C. CAMMACK.31'i F st. oc 10 FHOR RKNT-A two story BRICK DWELLING HOUSE, on Gay street, eontairinc ton roows.inelndmc a two-ktory kr*ch?>u; rood cellars under the house; gas and water in the premise*. The kouse is in oomp ete repair, and to a per^ian >?t tenant the rent will l>? low. App y to 1). ENGL1SH, Georgetown. oc lS-eoiw L^OR RENT?A handsome, first cla*s RHSlr liKNCK, No 449 E straet. between Mil and 7th street*?one of the m st eligible locations of this oily. ') he house ia furmshe 1 with all modern improvements, such as t>ath room, hot a?d oo'd water i>n each floor, first a?d ?econ<1 rioors hea'ad fiom ba?c?rient, Ac , Ao. Apolv n?xt d??or, to Dr. J A*. J. WARING, No. 444 fe street betwee* 6 h and 7th. oc 16-cotf IVOR RENT-The two story BRICK HOI SE No. 7 0 on Market street, Setwe<*n 3d and 4th street*, Georgetown, 1) C The kouse is oomrae diou? as to afford every oomfort, with ga* and water; mufficient (rounds to cultivate vetetaM#* and Howerf. The lot ran* back to aJoint aUev wi*h a sttble. Appiy to J AS A. SIMPSON. So. S9 Concre?* street, near the Post Offioe. 00 11 lawJw^ FJ^OR RKNT?Poi??e??ton on the lit of October 1 The DWELLING HOUSE No. 43S D street, at praaeat occupied by the Bor. Dr. Butler, and ueztaoor to the reiidence of Hie advertiser. J. M CARLISLE. N. H.?It 7111 not be let for a boarding house. se 18-tf BOARDING. ROOMS AND BOARD.?Board, with a fine Front Room, or other Kooinit. ma* be had at N'o 4 4* Twelfth at., between G and tf?a roo?t desirable oca lty. oo 8-2t* GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTO For otlur Utorj(ttirumadv*rtit*msnn tu Jirti ^PD rELLO^r|VE^? (tteortetrirn.) MONDAY NIGHT, oc lS-eo October as. WELL KG HOUSE FOE E E N T-Th? I' tb'ee-story B iok iiweUirg House cm (jay. between Montgomery and (ireen ?troets. eu h aide, recently oocupifd by Mr Samuel 8. Rind. oont&ining 9 room*; above the kitolien store aud eervauts' rouuis; amok* hoave. earnaae house, stable and w< tfd home, with cas tnrou* hout an 1 wa-er m the yard. Apply to P. T. BCaRV.No. 121 D jm bar ton street. oe M ec6t FROM BOSTON?The reKu'ar pa^?et acboonera \V. 1) Car^iIl.A'aott.aad J.W. 8eav?r?-Th have arrived from Boston aud Ka?tport-a.i,d.>^. if weather permit, will be dtaobarginK Monday morula;. The 1. XV. Sparer wiil be receiving freight for the above po't on Tuee^ay. Apply to HARTLEV A URO.. ocC0-4t 99 and 101 Water i-treeL BONNET R1ByoN% BONNET MATERIALS, French Lowers ..A f l' a tu f d a atd a ir u . m v l"ra or a \tx?o r OA i annotoi ?? u" u, UC<a * ct? l and FKC/r HATS. PATTERN BONNETS, FRAMES aiid RUrHES, BON NET VELVETS, 1 BH.KS and BLONDE LACES, embracing arary tiiing rich ud new La the Millinery Lid*, at .ow pricea. E. (Zl'TMAN, No. 117 Booth aide Bridge ?treat < uc 16 3w . 8a<r|Moyn. D. O. ATEW STORK! NEW GOODSt 1* MRS. M. SIMSON Inlorma her numeronv frte .ds and the public (?n r?Hy thnt the ia now established at her t*tor*, No. Ill Bridge atreet. Georgetown,?** two door* above the old stand. wh?-fe miy be^^E found a* n?ua ,a tarr* aicortuKKt of MH,I,I.NKRY DKYGOOUH, HOSIKRY.and EMBROIDER IF>8, at the very iuweat market prieea. oc 18-liii I?OR RENT?In Georgetown, two &r?t-aiaaa F HOUSKS, kitiukUd on^Weat atreat, oae euri- ! 48 Huh *? , Geprgatawa. oe Ma ^ U AR^XS' IMPROVED tl DO LB Lit THREAD Bo?d*lr sewing Machlm. s ?b < du abtTity i? not *arp?M?d. A chiid tveivo San okt cau run it with ??(; i?t it wilt n> from ? ooarttf: olotk to Jbe sma*. Thaw* u no t ouble cfrewind ng tbe thread. aa it ia to* en from thsapoolt. It hM nubeka to |>ta truut>>.Axd vill | run nadnrarda m Wbll ts furtr.-vrda. ?nd atiII mvi eqalf perfect aod wukout dauer of hroakipf J n-*>d ??. It runt by frtlti .c.acdbf oJoaini tt?boi over it. it ia. thrown out of tear, la foot voter* , no hesitation in r*conomendinc itaa tha But* 5?w?tx Mackmt tm km. i rortrneat u M M4 wild M Ui in th? Dirtuct. L&Siea ooomcuT trlth b?MvoW ur THF. U**?Wf?J9NBD C\KPE?1Ti;!l v.^U BmLl>BBof>r? biiMTtrionfoUvfv' ho or 6wrf?tovn, Wuhiactoa, tad rimftfty, kai wi.l oatrMt lor or ?OM>n >tMd th* ooaat'a?tft? of pablioMd friT^tolfcidtBt*. Plw aid m?fiofttiona vHlt?fcrai*iMd?t abort notie* *A > m tJ 9mtm RKIfltT WINMTK L_JL. TELKQEAr B1C. Maria* DlauUn NoaroLK, Oct. 38 -^Arrived la H?yHn |?ti? on tbatutb. Brmw bark laditfbr.*** ftrwraa, bound to B?Jttiox la Lfaa Ima Biy, ta F rldar. ib? M her topaak la Ma gat* vUck then prr railed The bark DamkwtM ibIIot la tb*Cb?apeake, on Friday atgM, a*ar tb* aiart T*?fc rinr. Sbr aallad (Ma Batua>?r**a W?da*ad*r, Tbr c*rjto*wU?b* Jarcd, In dWMfdicmMw, bat tbe vraarl i* llkelr to b* a total W. Ho,tom, Oct 82 ? Rrporta 1 adl^ato tbat tbc ablp ?ack flawk. from Calcutta tor B?*toa. brf t* fa poriea mlaning. kw bnen kot, wilt all on kMt4. Hhe wns iMt Ma || |h? Bar of Bfn|ll nboat April 15th, and ?ft?wnl?? portion of tfc* wrack of an Amrrlcan tpm! wm dinowmoA. * m laf*rtaat Political lM?tii|fMi tram Or* Pr. Joesr*e, Oct. Si?The OrrrHod Eipna from San Fm*cU-o on the lOtt ban arrived Tbc Senatorial aUctlun by the LnnUature of Oregon occurred on the 2d In Iwal form Mr. Nfomlth, (Dou*Uatte) wa? ..wW f - "*?anioc Tor the Iobf, and Baker, (Repnblicnn) for ttm bort term Baker la a r.oo-Intervention Rapabltcan of the Eli Thaver nrhool Tbe republican of California with Bakar to In m n th? *!? ? ! **> ? ?/ K-l It far Lincoln An emigrant train rf 4? persons. 1nclodt?g rr women and children, bad oren sttsrkrd bv tkt Sosks Indians and every ladlvidual, wtth oao exception, maeescred Fir* la Salem Boston, Oct. tt ?K Ire ia fUlem. oa Suaday morning, destroyed tbe Franklin building, occupied by several stores, tbo armory of tbe Mn Cadets, tbe Bielodeon manufactory of E F Nichols; a primary and a private school, club rooms, Ac. The building was valeed at fctt.ouO. and insured for ?13,UX> Total lorn about *35,(00 Has. J M Bsttr Petbkiscbo, Oct ta?Hon i. M Botts was received here this afternoon by a large aad enthusiastic crowd and a salute of luu guns He la to makes nubllr k<iilr?as UkalsM tUIUBMr? >urt?? Burmoii, Oct 23 ?Flour Is dull u4 u?chengod Wknt ateady; red 91 Mill 40; white I 45*1 70. Corn firm, yrl.ow 67a70c , whit* 70s Tic Pn.vlaloue dull; bacon t.dre Ufcr.j m* pork 919 25*919 50; prime SU 75. Coffee firs Whlaky Heady, at 2*c lt*w Yark Mtrtiu. New Von. October 23 ? Planr beery; Ptato Sj 3.?*5.35; Ohio 95 801?.' 90, Souther % ' 80a?R. Wbeat heavy; choice southern vt-bite SI 33 Cora heary; mixed 70c Porkdull. Lard dell at It\a 13c. Whleky dnil at Blew Carpet Rooms I avuKuooa utupra ana uucioi&i i By daily addition, oar~t?TOCK Of CARPETS will M> k 'M fill ana Attractive IM whole Mtmi. Oar STOCK OF OILCLOTH* u U* be*i* th* city, ami pr??*nu hand turner ?t? lhaa arc to b* lound lsevhora. Buyer* are requested to ca'J at oar rooms bafara bnyinf. rhet wi'l dad our p iee? a? 'o* m a- y la the city, and oar atock exoollint m frealm*** aad variety. L- P. P^RRY * GO* Upper Roonu "Perry Bulla nf," oc 19-61 Coreer Pa. a*, and Niat? *. A SrLEXDin CHANCE FOR BARGAINS! IR ALL KISM OF DRESS GOODS* From the Fi*ett Articl't down to ike LmniI Prteed Good*. r* i irrt-r l ai a *-?o ? * ? ?* - -? uuaupi i m. ma i o mrmm mma pmm< noei of DR V GOODS nut be closed out before Ut lit jMDtrj next. Tho?? who with forfaits should com* ear It u4 brim all thiOnn th?v car ips-r The stoek will positively be so d without regard to oock. Pom R?*t?The fins and very enuaodioss SToR^ ROOMS weooocupj will b# for rent, and pomeasiuu given oa the Ut January next For term* apply to CLAGKTT k M AY, oc 17 6t 324 Pa. av. betw. ?ch and loth sts. i "'ENTS' Fibs Calfskin Sewed Boots, 03.7N VJ Genu' Doabie sneti4 UuUb a-upaer^^^M Boot*. $5; Gents' ins Pr-toh Ca'Ukin^^Bj fititfrs and Bo Btys'aad Yruti*' or>if ( Boots; Ladies' Ki<1, M- roooo and G aukin Buttoned ?*<K>ts; (ratine L?sK, Hwttoned, ?e grass, and MaafcofT Boots. Awo. every otk<* et? ! of ladies', mi4<o*'and ohildrea's Roots and Bios. t J. ROSENTHAL'S, Pa av.. betweoa $U aoZ 9th sta. oe 17-eotr j HATS AND CAPS. m I kM kOV on kud ft OOB^ltU MWt ment of goode in tfte ftbove ha*, to whioii I invite the attention of my pfttroni tad (he oiumi of tbe District (ftnorfti'T. Greet cere hftniif Seen tftk-n id the *eleot?o?i ( Oft I) preaoot to my oMtomwi tbe tntlWI vftriaty to be found in tft* oity. ( he stock comprise* everv sty le now is votrue in New York. _ Also. Misso*' ftod Ciii dree's FANCY HATS of entirely new ?hftpe?. J.ftdies* RIDING HATS. Children'e CAP?* of every 4e*cri?iioe. Gentlemen'* H A I> ?rvl C - !*> A s->, ft fcoejM sorimeot olL'Ai liKl.I.I.A-*. W Al,KI.N?? CAN KS? An., Ac. J AS V. DA VI*. Uvtm, oc 12->ir (let * Con > lftte T-dd A Co. I^ATKST IN V_R NTION! LADD WEBSTER * CO Tirhl-dtttrh ?eulnr MnrhlaA BOOT A\I>ASHO} STORM. US Pa Avwre*. They are tha mo- tumclt, fhey are the tronreet hay are the in real in Otoir operation. hey use a etrai* lit needle, 4 0?rv?<] on* 9 are of mo imou'.I They bave a food wueel. They are capable of doing any kind of vorfc kr.own-tbey make the isacio raffle vitbont any ateohmeeta. Cat: and exa-n: next J ANN FY'S, 00 15 Irn P?DoylTa<ta ?? aoa. A CLOSING OUT. LAJIOE AND 9HUEM3IDSTOCK OP DRY without imui'to coat. Tha death of Mr. Danue C!a*ett make* it mimtary for aa to viad ua o*.r hn tinea* aa epeedny aa poaaible. Wo tuerefore aaboafaoa oar latei.iioo po?mr^;r w mot' out t*e whole or oa larce aiook of DRY GOODS by tb? Ut January next, for oaei., WiUoat r*|Hd to coat 'Die etock enibraoee a central aeaortmeot of FOKEluN aa<J UOMEITIC UOOl*. <H th* very heat <|uaimee,<it la well kown ta thta co ram unit j that w- mm never kept auy tkiaf alaa than n at ?Iasa artinlea.i and wa will vaoaat all roods tqprOve at repreaent d. ICTrw Itoweat eaeti price will be marked on every article ta the ttuok, wkiah will be moefc below Ua rea. vain a. n packaraa will be delivered promptly, on the day of sale, to any part of Vbe eitj, free of ch* ke. CI.AGhVf * MAY. No. >34 IVr.n??lvaajaaveuae. oe 17-IOL between 9th and M?U tit _ Linen SHIRT PRONT*. inedozen Linen Skirt Fron'" jwt reeeired. of asaorted ttykeeand qua litiea. of my awn imp ?rta-i?" tarvRV ?o??. oeiyot jvi ra ar . ani avi ;*ar?nm at. Tno?E iWttWttWna*... in vit'd U> o*l. and ?nmin' our stuoK Tli-y will b* told vtrjjow. W? barf a |?od of Our'itock of Hardware, Cntl*rj, Ae , i? now o >mplet?. CAMPBKlX 4 feON, G^^aaszh. t.^ . And *11 M?a of B GOOD*, at K par omI 1*m tfeaa aaj tt*rMur? tu the Oiir. At oo 1V1? SMITH'S. g*To?tfc 1 l^o* ?at*-srocjr and fiXTUKKS of ? AJV ambrotyfk room ?I wii! aal! Im Bleak MM F$*Tur?H of mi Aaibrotypa R>-<>ic u.? ?p fur cub There i? a trv.<1 opeatmr rjotn, % ith ? fHNt ?? Thrtt Alto, a a/lanC.d reofption room. 0 fitrniatei, Md avam)ua? that M r*??aito atp^rtai-iiri tc a?iDro 'f mj. ap^lf lanWttttlf at No. 324 Pa. a*. oa 1? W STOV"!?*OTm??,TOVE,!! MtiUM jo?i?fec ""MHC oc? Nmdwr>ottn?to Oi?t [*MMbLLTTluM OFtx>t,AETNi-:ngHir.-Tfc? F c?p?rtDer?hi> existing Uotweu U?e iub?eal<*r? CoriM* h?j n* enld tod dUpowxj of all bn lnt Wl ( W* Wj.F? tafl ?. Corning, ?fc?? W?S^.s?SttR5^k^8.r..v.. of part favor*. >'. G CpR:,n>J?. ^TTkifc^i;,. Q*+m <***** j torau Luata*rt. w_ cmmiH#. W E Aw N?w V?rk* iMttb r 4>>*rUio*t of i?? >t}i? K?l. m4 VVm i#r G6"0 u.?v ? X "? *-./ ?

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