Newspaper of Evening Star, October 23, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 23, 1860 Page 4
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** . THE EVENING STAR. A MODEL WORSHIPER. "Tell me about tha ?*rmen dr ar; ' r??f off yonr ?hawl an.i hat. A n4 come ?n<l ait betide me here : The text fir?t?-where *? that V " Wel\ realty. Aonty. I don't know, 1 villi yon contd ;ee J?ne Munroa, the tire sees like a fri|r M' "Miu Lyman wore a ?plendid ?hawl. With that old homdioea*. The ver? one ?he woe# a*t (all, iniiht'oiu trimnuM on it. "Bat .Hr?. De*ron Jonee had on Om or tk? rioheet collars I ever w an4 her now dress Must have o<Mt lifty dollars. "Htfmnt* what "xtraragance aad waate Jom" pfcpl? *1 w?TB ?M)W ! T -11 Hattie Bell, wiiat want of tats ?he dieiaea With, you know." "The audianc* yoa remember, new. If you do notjhe sermon; Which pra?oh?r djjoTlilc^to hear, Thia on?, or Mr. Herman "Oh, I hke Ur Herman, for Ha's haedaoms, aunt, you know ; Th? h? s to graceful and his teeth How ap!?ndidl) they abow !" 1 1 M Alive Bkiad ?The following are the receipt* followed by the ladies who received premium* for t).e beat bread, at the fair of the Chenango County Agricultural Society, for 1859: .Mrs John Shattuck'a statement for making Brown Bread.?One quart or rye m?i, rwo quarts f Indian meai. two tabLeapeansful of molasses, mixed thoroughly with sweet milk; let it stand an Lour, aud bake It in a slow oven. Mrs Eugene Hurt's statement for making Wheat Bread ?One spoonful of hop yeast; two potatoes, boiled; one pint of water, and make a sponge. mmd when light or sufficiently raised, mix hard, and let r'.ae, and when It Is light again, 1 mould It over and bake when light. Mrs O. L Cromwell's statement for making Wheat Bre^d ?Gnte one half dozen potatoes; Jam, and add one quart of water; one cup of bop yt-ast at night, ana in the morning when light, edd three terrpoonfuls of sugar, and flour to form a dough. Let rise; when tight, put It in tins; let riie a^ain, and bake one-half hour. For biscuits take some of the bread dough In the morning, as much as wontd make a loaf of brrrd, add one cup of butter, mix well; let rise, then make into b;scui?; let rise, then bake. Taalutkt: one ha'f pint of new milk, one cup of bop yeast, set the sponge at night; add flour to the above to make a batter; In the morning add one half pint of milk, one cop of sugar, one of butter, one'etrg, one nutmeg, flour to make it sufliciently Miff; let riae, then roil and cut It oat; let rise, then Kn Ita Mr. E. H. Prentice's statement for making, ttioImscs cake:?Two cops of molasses, twocupa of butter, three egjj?; one third cup of cold water; one tablaspoonful of aoda. and bake. Gaassas fob Lawaa.?a correspondent of Ike Ohio Cultivator, in ailuaton to the ax perl men t* which are in progress to teat the value of the ^prrcnln pilli/tra for lawns, recommends the JnfrM* diekctotna. the (futri of Linn<*us, and knowa by the English name of forked chickweed, <a very different thing, bowsver, from tbe eotnmon cbickweed ) This writer says: * We have this litUe plaat growing in our back-door yard, where no blue grass would flourish, and never was Brussels carpet softer to the tread, or of a finer tint than its beautiful velvety green " We commend this delicate little plant (delicate In appearance, not in constitution), which exists la many localities throughout the country, to the trial of all interested in rnral improvement. Aa It ta an annual, bowevr, there may be some objection on the score of dnrability. There are a number of plants tbat ought to be tried in thia way. The necessity of mowing lawna everv week, or oflener. in order to keep them in proper condition. when made of gran, render* it important to procure something elae, of dwarf growth, that shall not need this poustant attention, if such * thing is possible. At the nine time It la very questionable if we shall find a plant perfectly Lardy, that will not kill out in patches, nor become a troublesome weed, and at the same time form a soft carpet for the feet The Artnaria urtrta i? s verv small, fine-leaved plant, and may poM'.bly be worthy a place among others for experiment, and while the Atychia is an annual, l he Armaria Is a perennial ?Country Gmtlemnn . ThiAit or Di*i:i? at a Hotel.?The art of 41>ing at a hotel is thus told by a correspondent: If you have a taste for delicacies and diplomacy you can slip a quarter into you baud and then fumble for a moment with the back part of your coat collar, the q uarter some way disappears, and John will expedite things for yon in a most mysterious manner Rut a still better plan is to place your flutrUr on th* tahlo lir.Hvf ?n ?r?- ? I'be glass play* the part of a convex lens: the quarter wiidm g1c?ntte dimensions, and Jahn ukaa tt to be a half dollar. The exertion* that h* make* to seenre It are really surprising. You Cwell along with your fish before yonr neigh's soup plate Is removed, and tbe dessert cbases up chicken wltk astonishing rapidity. Then at th? cloaeof the repeat, If you are an artist, and wish to catch tne expression of deep disappointment. just remove the glass, return the quarter to your pocket; and walk off unconcernedly. John his had bis reward; be his enjoyed tbe pleasures f anticipation, and there is good reason to believe that they far exceed those of reality. But never tcccpy tbe same seat again.?Botton paper. KlSSlTO TUT Ha^DSCTMKSY OtSLS.?A distinguished candidate (or an piUce of high trust in s crtafti State, who 1* ,4np to a thing or two," and . has * keen appreciation of live boauty, when about to set off on an electioneering tour recently, said to his wife, who was to accompany hint for prudential reasons: "My dear, inasmuch as this election Is compllrated, and the canvass will h* rinM I. .?i? m IVU* to leave nothing undone that would promote my popularity, au . so I have thought It would be a good plan for me to kiaa > number of the bandaoineat ijlria lu every place where I may be honored with a public rec?otion. Don't you think It would be a good Idea?" a Capital!" exclaimed the devoted Wlfer"aad to mike vour election a aure thing, while you are kiaaing the handaomrat glrla, I will kite an equal number of th? handaomeat young men !" l a's dtailnguiabed candidate, w? believe, haa not aince referred to tbia pleaalng maana of popularity. j AH RIVALS AT THE HOTELS. NATIONAL HOTEL ?J T gtrother. La; C L IVnlker. Ark; J J Edwarda, Md; E R Jewett. E w Ge:<!og. D Harrla and ly, W E Alcock, Guy Rtchird*. N V; ti De Couraey. T Henry, J Levi, Pa; Mr* Munroa Bibbv, ?: K M Beach and ly. Mra and Mi* Conner, two boy*, aad aervta, SC: J M Bow*n, V Brent, CG ThoMpaon, A Kennedy, W K Havw ird, Md. C GalLcape, Dr Llvlagatou acta ly, W Binney, Maaa C W TmuadaW- and ly, Tea*; W A Naah, Ga; J Perry and ly, N J. BROWN S HOTEL ?T C Hyatt, Md: V H Yaugban and ly, Ala; C Reinbard. NY; LColmb. I.a; E C Johaaon, Va; R Scott, Tex: J Proctor, Va; D Wilcox, NT; S C Ludlngton, Va: C Bowe, Pa: A Merka and lr, Ala; J D Cook* and ly, NY; J ?nirbli?A. A n-uv- n- ? - _ .. uiai^uoj waj r BHUODt S If Jirota ?<! lv. Mil* V Hill, Va; M A Smith and fa.n, Mr* t 0 Stockton, infant and 4 nuraoe, Pa; J MeGowan, Md; W J Wardea. Va. KIRK WOOD HOUJE -J Wllkcnon, Va; G J.orkwcod, Vtasi; L P Oooiding, NY; H Miiler, W A Plel, Va; F Biiakall, Md; C TJardella, CS: W B Maclay, d Solymon, NY; J H Turner. P S Hyde, Va. 1 OCEANSTEA ME US'SAILING DA Y8 Faov tbi Uhitsb Statu. Sf/?wwi. Leant. Per. Dny i. N-w Ynrk._^_ Naw York...Bremen Oct71 BoraMi*......... Near Vork . .So?thainpto lJNor 1 Vrom Elisors Grmt Easter n..Mi TdHarea-New York Oot 17 F .South' 3ton. York. ...Oot 17 Ua>nui<i:it*. Sxutti'ptou ...New York.. ..Oe; 18 Tk* H?r?na ?nail ateamera leare New York oa ?.i-< -i... i7m. a:, i ilih of eack month, and Cfcartcaton un tt>? 4Ut %r.4 19th. TL '. i.-iorm* mau! ?te*iaera leave New Yockoa K' *th v..I > th of m?? month. ^ATCB REPAYING j^Erii WAKE ki tn t'r At/ lUlllt. I Uara UH wf bM< atebliatomanta. ami farm?b'J ?itk eompiet* ?ct of lu?l?K?r rapair m; evrj il -o tp ion of fine W atches, and #g| particular attentiua *!? Id tba aaitW), by t ro?i?;i -?*nt wi rkmaiijand a tic-i Al u,??*r? il??enf ion of NMl*rd HII.VKR WAR I .. ?a u I urniMittl, manu<H?tu?ad ander H.? own ?up?rvikiu?, arhiefc iay ouat?Biar? wih find /a.- Mip^nar.ta ma bninh to n?rth?ra wara old > : g?*u?rai and raprraeutad a? thair 0*11 n..".:iu'4ctu.ra. H. O HOOD, h* * Pa. aT?8u?. nttr 9th at. JFV KH V BODY'S INTEREST. t:ST R^' ?1 ''?r VaLL aud WINTER Ob i7'l!v h tu * hi oh |<>ar % ta?ti>a U Oftllad.aa 1 ivs" "* -syfttJwhwfesat?. Zs 1>. I.. M0RKI5ON * CO.. I Kov? Mg^gajgfcVi.WBaa .1IM1 ?i>ul(Ul( ONlen ia MILL FKMlCrOMk UkAL *t., Cu.u?r <U Uth *atl U (treats, YV Miunitoa oUy. fT7- pud for *11 kinds of Grain M 36-tai L^KM\iiiV'< LKCTUKfiS "N THB VAF ii?j> For??( of Mstt-r ud thsir r*l*uon to vi t>* William Crwoka, F. y \?i*b nuii-rotis Utittrmtiun; I #rio? Mi Th- l.*k? R?<ioa of CMtntf Afno*, * pirtturaof Fxi*isMruM.h]f Mtefcft'd P. * wntnn, 0?yt?ln H. At. J. Army, 1 v./am* truh iHattrsuons; pties I). VV' ( ?wv? fcui T? e?; ?r i?? 7& ccuU. 'r.raafflfc i Jtn?# ? > ? II II " MISCKLLAipjOUS. pROPOSAX>8 POK INDIAN 6OOD6. D?itTin>T or tib Iktisioi. I OJUt Indian Afnwt, Oct. 1, i?M &CALZD Pluriwiu, endorsed " Proposals for Indian Goods," (.Class l, J, S. or 4. as the oMtmiy bo. ] will bo reooired at tft? Offioe of India* Affairs until 10 o'oiook iv. m., on Wiijhut, tko twcntrfonrth day of Ootohor next, for fuinishinf tM following named artiolee clui No. 1. nKsiMc OHMIH, iin*j| mma ury uooat. 3,000 pairs S point whit# Maokinao b'uktU, to measure 60 by 72 inches, and weigh * pound* 3 5T0 pairs iS-p*'i"t whit* Mackinao blankets, to mr attire M by 08 inches, and wath pounds 1,00ft pain 2 point white.Mackiaae blackeu, to laeunre 42 by 9ft inohss, and weigh IK pounds 00 pair* IX point whit? Maokinao blankets, to mease re 36 by 50 inches, and weigh IV < pounds SOU pairs 1-point white Maokinao blankets, to mcasnrs 32 by 46 inches, and weigh 3.V poinds. 900 pairs 3-point eoarlet Maokinao blankets, to msasnrsCu by 72 inches,and weigh 8 pomads 900 pairs 2)*-point searlet Maokinao blankets, to msasure 54 by 06 inches, and weigh ? pounds 29) pans 2-pouit soar let Maokinao blankets, to measure 42 by 56 mohes, and weigh 8Si pounds 2W pairs l-point soarlet Maokinao blankets, to measure 32 by 46 luohes, and weigh 3* pounds iM oi' --:-i ? "--u: i?--t ? * aw pwi" o/i pum? iroon mtt iiiuhj umx9U? vo measure 66 by *4 inches,aad weigh 10 pounds | 908 paira 3-point irMB Maokinao bi&nketa, to measure 60 by 72 indie*, and wei(h 8 pounds (00 pairs 2S-point green Mackinac oiaxkets. to measured by 66 icohea, and weigh 6 pound* 300 pair a sS-poiut indigo-blne Mackinac blankets. to miMura 66 by 84 inches, and weigh 10 pound? 390 paira S plint indigo-b'u# Maokinao blanketa to raeaaure 60 by 72 inohea, and weigh 8 pounda 230 paira !S point indigo-blaf Maokinao blankets, to measure 54 by 66 inahee, and waigh pounds 100 pairs Sh point gentinella blue Maokinao mankets, to measure 64 by 84 inohea, and weigh 1? pounda 600 paired-point gentinella-b'tte Maokinao blanketa, to meaaura 80 by 72 inohea, and wait h 8 pounda 400 paira 2S point gantinalla blue Maokinao biankotv to maaaare S4 by 66 inohea, and weigh 6 pounda 290 paira 2-point geatinella-blae Maokinao blanketa, to measure 42 by 08 inohea, and weigla />*? pounda too paira I>6 point g^ntine'la-blue Maokinao blanket*, to measure 96 by 90 inohea, and found# , isu jaira i-puint geuunaua-nme ra&onnno rciank?ts, to meMDri 32 by 46 isohsa, ud w?t(h 3S? pounds 4,noo y?da f&noy-iiit bio* oloth 8O0 - * green oloth 3 ooo 44 gray-list blue oioth 4,t>oo M saved-h?t bine oloth 3,000 - " scarlet ol?th 1,*80 * " green oloth im ponnda worsted yarn,(3fotd) loo dozen ootton flag handkerchiefs 1?> " laocr ootton " M " black a ilk M ion " 8-4 cotton shawls Juo " 14 44 44 60 44 4 4 44 loo 44 8 4 woolen " 600 pounds linen thread 30 groas worsted gartering 40,000 yarda civico 44 M err i mac oalioo 7.600 44 Turker-red oauoo 80,000 44 blue drilling H.ono 44 oanabnrra lAJteft " (>fuwa driilmgs S Quo " ? orirta stripoa MfO . " blue dsnira? 5.'?0 " oottoaade 15,0m - b?d ticking A OA " Kentnoky jeans 2,0?0 " aatmetu njm plaid linseTs ' bleached shirting 15.(**> " domestic shirtng, unbleached 10^*00 " * sheeting. " " bleach d " lo,oco M brown ootton da ok 10,000 ? oheck?, stripes, and plaids 2,000 " flannels, astorted 1,000 pounds ootton thread l,oro " orown gilltng twine, No. 9) 8no " ootton mattrt 1,500 flannel shirts cahoo shirts 5"0 dozen hie?ory shirts 100 " Madras haadkerohieft. Class No.2. Ready-matU Clothing. too frook ooats, indigo-b!oe broadoloth 900 pantaloons, ** " so indigo-blue Ma*kinao blanket oapotos bine satinet ooats 200 " pantaloons tm oaaet mixed uMinett oo&ts loo ' ' ptuttloou 3 0 gray satinet coat a, (Back ) 3iio " pantaioona 5j0 * vests. Class No 3. Hardveart, Agricultural Jmpltmenti, fc. 5,000 pounds brass kettles MO tin kettles, (5 sixes) 150 nests Japanese kettles, (8 in a nest) 9)0 oamp kettles, (3sizes.) 2on dozen 9 *uart tin pans 175 * 3 quart ^ 20 M S-qaart "* 400 M tin oupa 500 " batcher knir'^s ? 14 no&.ping kn ves (in flints 100 gross can worms lfifl iqnvaeli 70 " fishhooaa b?> e-L U m uuiiu uaii imo? 1 two irou ooediea, assorted 200 dozen coarae troth ounbt luo hue-tooth ooombs SO " soisaora 2no * cli Mr i 25 " crabbing hoM 90 M weeding hoaa 175 drawiag-ktUTce, 10 iaekM an band saws isn dozen hand - uv files, ?K inoh 5 " ahovela M 14 apadea l.noo short-handle fry pana T% dozen bastinc spoons ??> " iroa tab I# spoons 90 " axes, to weigh 4X to 9K ponndz US M half axes, to weigh 3 poaads, (WiUi handles) ISO ** sino mirror* loo " b e steels 3 0 poaads bra?a wire 300 ' beat Chinese vermilliou. Class No 4. Kortkwttt Hunt. 1 ,?<n northwest (Qua, flint look too ? " p?rcuMioi look lnodoien powder horns Proposals will be received for tho delivery of oaid at Boeton, Now York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Nov Orleans, St. Loaia, Memphis, or Cinoinaatt; hot tho o st of the transportation of the same t-? their places of fluctuation will be oonsidered in tooidiag upoa the proposals in oaa*o where the same article* shall bo proposed to bo douvered at different ptaoes. Goods of AsMrioan manufacture of the required styles ami quality wiit be preferred; bat as tho ?ant pie* of blankets and oiotbs are foreign fabrics, it wilfbO aecseoary, in proposing a domestio arti olo cf either of those kinds, that a sample thereof shail aooompany tho bid. Sample guns and powder horns must also bo furnished,Troin wh.oh too De partment will snake a selection; and. in oaso vt more than one sample being fhrmsh^d by tho samo hidiw ?kia ?w ???a * *' r. <v~ mi nun inuii oe aisuneuy indi oated in the bid. The Commissioner rmtvM the right to decline taking any nun* and ?o*dr horns, or troie or less than are advertised frr, as he may The'artfofes to b? furn.shed mast in all rsspeots oonfurm to and be equal with the Government samples, which may be ee*n at this Office. They will be rigidly inspected anu compared with tfiose samples by an agent or agents appointed for that purpose, such as may be nnequaled thereto in any will be rejected; in whioh oaae the contractor w>tl be boned to famish others of the r?eaurd fcicd or qua itr withia three davs: or, if that bo not done, the* will be pnrohaeed at his ex- i penae. Payments wi>l be made for Us goods re oeived or invoices thereof, certified by the agent or a?ent? Appointed to insp?ot tbem. It is to be understood that the right will be re- i served to require a greater or less quantity of any of the article* named than that s?eo fied in the above schedule; and all bids for furnishing said a-tices may be reieoted at the option of the Department; and that none from persons who hare tailed to oomp y with the requirements oi a ore- ; vlow wnirui wim uia i nited States, or who trt not man alac Hirers or wholesale dMl?n in (he reqair?d article*, will fos oon-idared; and the fact mat bidder* are nob manufacturers or dealert 1 mu?t be evidenced by the oertificaU oi the Colleotor of the Pott where they resale, or wnere it ia proposed to deliver the artiolee. j The pronoca'a most eaabraoe the artie'ee, wifi the quantities thereof, an they are arranged in the eohedale. with the prioee annexed toeaohin dol- , lars and cents at whieh they are to be jnraished, and the amounts mast he carried oat and looted ap for each oiass. Said prues and amoatita must be to (iivet , withoat any aio<tifioat?on or proposed modifination, or variation whatever. They ahoud b? submitted with the following heading : " I (or we] n?reby propose to furnish for the Mr- ! ioeofthe Indian Department, and aoeording to the terma ot its advertiseineot therefore, dated ' < Mtober 1st, 1W0, the following articles at the jprioea Usreto allied, I here insert the list aeeordiog to theetaee or classes proposed for,] deliverable in , the city of (Boston, New Yorfr, Phi adelshia, Baltiiao'e, New Orleana, St. Loais, Memphis. or Cm- | oinnati. u th- ? -- ? - * ' SATS E K&? ^l^u5,,!i5SS,*.2fMi.r;J;i!:?;: whole or in lift, i/ ntort tltin on* oiacs h# iro._?*?** ?ro>o?al ro*it k? M?omMiiiad with a w^nU*,n 35 to b? ?i?n?d b? uATwT^ ~^2 te-L~S*?ri?. lor giggggiissi 'rK5u WlUr^?l?4 ta tt? Mioint ?T4h? bid . for the fcithfal porformofto* of the contract, with two or aoro itr?tm, who*# nftaiaM* aiM bo oortiiod by a United Stole* jade* or dutriot atwill bo reoeived that doee not atriot I It oonforro, in *11 portion.are, to the torma and direotiona of ttua advertisement. CHARLB9 E. ?IX, oe t JawtOct24 Acting Commtaiioner. pRpt8X? HI mmittMM'kOwe* SurkistjtwDiirt o? Pttbuc PsihttkoI Washington, October JJTlSeo. \ ! .i ^mmm nf Iko ?-.r*vw mo ?hji w pro idsTor ei*oitiD( the poblio printing." Jfce.. ap rored Avnit 36, IMS, and of the loth aeotionof the aot entitled "Am sot making appropriations for the legtalatiT*. executive, and jndioial eimiM of ttoverarnent fur the year ecdmg Jane ?, 1860,"approved March #.1850, sealed propoaa:. wiil he re2?iv3l Hi^1! o?"?."! the CaritoL ontil tt.e fret Monday (3d day) of Deoembsr next, at U o'eloe*. ?., for h>rnj??nf the paper that may be required for the public printing lor the year eading on the lit day of DMember, 186*. The aabjeined l>at cpeoifiea. aa nearly aaoan he asoertaioed, the quantity, quality and deecripiion of M,ob kiad of paper that will be required: . ,Cta?s 1. ! ?,"00 reama fine printing paaer, u^oaiei nH>*"5r? a4wby * inohea, awl to irehfh forty-five toinda ta thar?un nf lifl ihula Class 2. 6 000 r?uni fins pnntiag p*f *r, oalendered, to neature 24 by ? mohe*, end to weigh fifty-tlx pouuda to tha ream of 480 sheets. Class 9 900 reams auperfina printing paper, hard-sized and super calendered, to measure 24 by 32 isobe*, end to weigh forty-eight pounds to the ream of480 sheets. 2 000 reams superfine printing paper, sued and super-'alendered, to measure 24 by Si inches, and to weigh filty pounds to the ream of 430 sheets. Class 4 1000 reams superfiue map paper, siz;d and ealeodered, of sueh sixes as way be required, ooiresp >nding in weight with paper measuring 19 by 34 Inches, and weighing twenty pounds per ream of 430 sheets. Clam 6. *0 reams superfine piste paper, (calendered or uneaiendered. as may be required.) 19 by 24 mote*, and of auoh weight per leani u ih?t l>e required. The fibre oi the paper of each of the abo v * elan*'* to be of linen and cotton, free from all adulteration with mineral and other substanoes, ard of a fair whiteness. ard put up in quires of twenty-four sheets each, and in bundles of two reams eaon; each ream to oontain 480 perfeet sheets. 'J nifot mi ty in oolor, thiokuess. and weight will be required; and do bundle (exclusive of wrapper*) varjint over or under Hre per oent. from the stsnda'd weight will be received, and the'grog* weuht will in all oases be required. Mixing of various t ickne > en in the same bundle to make up t-e weight will te oonsideied a violation of the oontraot. Class 6. 1 1,300 ream* qmrto-poal writing p.ip*r, 10 by 16 inch**, 2.2,000 do etp do 13 by 161-2 do 3. 100 do d*my da 16 h* 20 1-2 do 4. 1.000 <to folio-paat do 17 by 22 do 5. 100 do medium do IS by 23 do a ca -4- ? * * " v. tM ug royal as IS liy 'if do 7. SO do *npfr-my*l do iO by 28 ?lo S. SB do imp* rial do HI-Ahj3t do 9. 100 do doubl?-:ap do IS by M do 10. 100 do colored medium, {jeeoritd colore ) CLAM 7. 1. 6,000 riwrni writing paper, 16 by 26 inches, to weigh twtn'y-ihree pound* p*r re?n 2. 1,500 ream* writing piper, 19 by 36 innher, to wnigh twenty eight pouota jer ream 3 3,100 reams writing paper, is by 39 scoaes, to weigh twenty < six pounds 4 too reams writing papor, 18 by 22 Inches, to weigh twenty-four pounds p- r ream 8. 341 reams writing paper. It by '8 inchc*, to weigh twenty-two pound* per ream 6 4"*> reams writing paper, 12 by >3 inohM, to weigh twelve pouods per rf am. All the papers designated in o'asses and 7 mart oootain 400 perfect sheets to the ream, and no "e?ttidt' qaires. They are to be made of the best ma terials, free from adulteration, finished in the b*st manner, out to a true edg?. laid fiat, and securely and substantially enveloped. The papers in class 6 ar J to be white or hlt>?. *n<i of ?n?h ? be required by this ofioe. Those in e a-s 7 ire to he whit*, and of the sizas anil weight! apeoified in th? johranle Th? right la reserved of ordering a greater or lee* quantity of eaoh and ever* kind contracted for in a'l the olamtea, to be farnfah^d at ssoh times and in anoh quantities aa the public servioe may require. Each olaaa will be oonsidered separator, and be subject to a separate ooatraot; but bidders may oflTsr for one or more of the classes in ths same proposal. No propoaala will be oonaidered unless seenmpaniiul h* tii? #*!*? ?** j .... 9uw<i??ruv Nidi UIO ifiuunr or Niauori, if his or their proposal shall he accepted, will enter into an obligation, with good and sulficient sureties, to furnish the articles proposed Blank forms for proposals will he fumfrhed at this ol!io?, and none will be taken into consideration unlets substantially acreeinic therewith. All the paper in the several classes must be delivered at aaoli place nr p!aees as iiiat be designated in Washington city, in good order, free of all and every extra charge or ax r>en<*?, and subject to the inspection, onunt, weight, ar.d m??a*uremer.t of the Superintendent, and be in al! respects satisfactory. Samples of all the paper required mar be seen at this office, but bidders are required to furnish,with their propo.als, samples of sot iess than one quire of eaoh of the kinds bid for,aud upon which their proposals may be based. The socoec^ni! bidde<s wi.f be required rigidly to conform to tlieir sara P Proposals will be addressed to "Joni* Hubt, Superintendent of tho Publio Printing, Washington," and endursad "Proposals fpr Paper " oc 2-2awtd mi ' ?- " I^IOTICF OF "lVlE rkbJIOVAL, OF THE LAND OFFICE FROM FAYETTEVILLE TO mjNTSVlLLE.IN THE STATE vF ARKANSAS. Iu aocor<1acoe with the provUiona of the aot of Congreaa eutit'ed "An aot authorising ohanree iu the location ot Land Ofioea." a?prot<?1 March 3, IMS, it la hereby declared ana mad* known that the office tor the eate of pabiis land* at Fatkttpvillk, in the ?taUof Ark&sta*, will be removed ut H vi?t? vil'.k iAUJd State, without deia*. 'I he public sale dirrcted !>jr the Executive proo lamati'in No, ?05, of township 13. range ?>, and tcwnatiip IV. of ranceZt. to thke place at the ( and Oifine at Fatkttbvii.ix on SKhlieoembor next, it ia hereby dooiared will be held at Htxtstilli, in aaid State, on the date deaig nated

Farther nottoeaa to time of oloaing the oAoe at Payetteville, preparatory to removal,1 and ita opening for bnalneae at HuntaviU*. will be ai?en by the Regia'er and Reoeiver for the Laud DiatnoL. Given nnder my hud at the oity of Waakington, Uua 34th of September, A, D. I860 i Br order of the JOS. 8. WILSON, Commissioner of the Qensral Land Office. MM w6w N[No 6??.] OTICE OP THr. DISCONTINUANCE OF ?HK -NORTHWESTERN LAND Dl??RICT," IN THE STATE OF MISSISSIPPI. N"tjo? I* hereby ?i vm that, in purbuanoe of lav, i and in view ?f the fact that the uusold land in ike ; Northweatern District," (GnK.Ni.Dij) In the Slam of Mtaaisiirri, iareclnoed belew one hundred thou tad aeree. tneSooretar* of the Interior haa direct-1 ed theduooatinuanee of said district, the < flioe for vbtoh is located at Ubkhaba, and that the vacant laarta therein be madeaubieot to eale and entry at i J acmuji, in said Mate, from and ajur tkt Itt day if Dt'tmbn n*xi. Larda remarninc nneold and unappropriated h? Ut, a?d subject to aale ai d ent> y at Gbknat>a, wilt I ?u .,o .II/IHI to <?niry k( tn&i oOioe alt*r the receipt of notice to thatefleot by the register ud r? nm thereof. excepting only to o?iuiiniMtt exiitinr pre-emption*, and the 'and officer* it Jack ?o t will give pnblic notice of the d?r on wmoh they i will be prepared to receive applications for entries of any each land* at their office, which will, if praoiiotbie, he en the firatday of Heoember next 11 persons entitled to patents at tr.e Grenada Land Office will call f.r the *amo lc fore the 1st day of November n?x',a? after that date they will be returned to this office for delivery Givn under mi hand, at the oity of Washington, thn I2th day of S?ntomhe*, anne Domini one thoa and eight hundred and aixtr. | JOS. 8. WILSON, Cmrmissioaer of the Uroeral Land Office. I ae M-wl?y ; O W Jt_E A J) Y ! ^ ^ ana^8 .. CHILDREN'S FANCY FURS, -!/?/ a t?. VVIIUOi oe 9 Nwr oorner Thirteenth ?t._ PIONEER STEAM MARBLE AND DROWN STONE WORKS. The anbeoriber bega leave to inform the eitisnra of Waahington, Georgetown and Alexandria that he haa addrd to hie lone eetabliahed boaineea the auxiliary of eteam power (Or aawing and mannfac I taring Marble and Brown Stone Work is their v?lUMMoranohee, Marble Manteit, Table and Wa?hataad To??, Tile. Monamenia, Tomb and Head Stonee, Slab*, window Lin tela, SiLa, Kteaa and Platforma. Havingpk~ohaeedalargeetoakofitalian Marbio la block,trom Che luwnt rate*, he f<??U confident ol being abh? to farniah Mar be work at low aa itoan bo purohaeedia Now York. Philadelphia, or Haiti wore. The trade tup plied with Italian Marble in tuook or alaba at the a&me rate aa farni?hed in New York, and on aoAommod?ung tarma. Alao, on hand, a large aurply ol Pumioe Stone, Water of Ayr Hone and PJtiaaing Patty at Ntw York prioee. Kneoarage the eater m tnwr unam marou mud Urine* St<mt Works, r?. oor. Thirteenth it, MSI am Wukin|tot,D.C. |MPORTANT TO HOUSEKEEPERS. E. R. PURREE * CO/8 ? 0m rant and not only ABSOLCTELY AND PERPECTLY/URE. trot t round from frMb B?(<> , telvotod and o)Mui?d filf^e^Vt^whi^the^o^WT iifej BpiOM ara almoat invariably abort, wa wnrraa< tr^^lj^?bmnd?atl>" rfoiV." ' u,f. ^g*v%v SA L "xx ALE AND XXX ALB!! TIS ^."SVtW ? TEUNK8, BOOTS AJJD SHOES. DOOTS AND SUQE9 TO SLIT IU We WW manofacturini'all kinds of BOOTS ?nd 8HOB, Md aontuttT rtteinil kgA) oripno"', in?d?e*7^?]7toorte*?!tt7will^^B t?old at a much lower snoe th&n has beoo retofore oharged in (hi* eife formaefeinferior Persons in wit of Boots and Shoes of easter* or tir mode wort, will si ways find a tood sss<n*isso ? > u? i~?t ?*-' 11* Penasrlraaia a*saa? Five hundrbd travluns trunks arrived this dy. ?ibrasing oil Ifl'-.fM Use and sues of Sole LeaUier, Lsdiee'Hnn Drees aod Packing TruUs. Oar trmk^"* sales room exhibits at this time the greatest variety of traveling requisites. at moderate srioos. to bo found this side or New Yort. AJeo, ?wj deecnetion of LADIKS' HAT UOXKS, VALICK&, HiflPUT UA<IA fliwnnui ? - m. m 9AlVnClii9| A Oe CirO d Trunks repaired or UJtw IB exahaa*e for BOW OBM> WALL, STEPHENS A CO* Trunk Sales Room, mar?-tf ?99 Pa. AT?1? gOUTHERN TRUNR MANUFACTORY, Opperix* Odd Ftllvwt' H*fi, Waihimtton, D. C. Travelers will stud/ their interests o? examinin my TRUNKS, V ALICK8 Ao , before nr?f onamng sisewere. As I nan bob* bat theMNffi best aaaterial the market affords Bad anpioT^ "the best workmen, 1 can confidently record mo ad my work to be superior in Strength and Durability to Trvnks that are made in other cities and aold hers. 1 keep constantly on hand, asd make to order ion one week's notice) eretj deeonptien of SOLE LEATHER, IRON FRAME FHENCH DRESS m*d WOOD BOX TRUNKS; ASHLAND a*} otjxtr TALICES :TUATXUAo BAGS{ HASNESS; SADDLES;. WHIPS, tc., ft. { Trpnks, *o., Repaired and Co re red, in a work KiinuiiKO iiiAiiimr, 11 BIIOTI DOUOf. Trunks delivered ia any part of Um oity, Georgetown, or Alexandria. Xiao? A tent for Howe's celebrated FAMILY SEWLNCf MACHINES. de I!Mv JAMES S. TOPHAM. TRAVKLKHM' IMRKCTORY. Daily line of new four-horse COACHES TO UPPER MARLBORO', Qarrgmt tk* U. 3. Mail. The undersigned are now running Daily, (exoept Sunday.) Four horse Coaches b?tween Washington and Upper Marl boro', aa follow* : Leave the Steamboat Hotel, oomer of" Seventh atreetandPa. at7 o'clock a. m. Returning leave Uppn Marlboro' at 11 o'clock a m.,and arrive in Washington at 3o'clock, in tune to connect with t)>e3.?0p. in. t ain for Baltimore. The Co&ohea are new and commodious, the teams first-class in the hande of carcful and accommodating drivera. *-? -? t? ? r are 10 upper Marlboro. JO cent*. To Lodr old Fields. J5 " To Centerville . .38 * Freiicht and paokaces in proportion. au 15 tf OSBOttN x CO.. Proprietor*, BALTIMORK AND OHIO RAILROAD. * WASH IS <i TON BRANCH. Mmmmmmmmm CHA!?e> or Horse. ON AND AFTKR WEDNESDAY, June 13th, 1M0, tra<n? will ran a*follows: Leave Washington at 6 SO and 14* a. m. Leave Waahinc 'on at 3 JO and 63) p. n. On Sunday at 3 30 p. m. J.eave Halttmure at 4?f> and 140 a. m. ,Mvf K%!tiinore at 3.15 and 4.20 p. m. 4 f s? unday at 4 25 a. m. Paanenfora for the Eaat will take train* at&JB a?d 7.40 a. m and 3 20 p m. For the Weat at 7.40 a. m. and MR p. m. For a naapolia at 7.40 a id- and 3.20 p. m. 8or Norfolk at 7 40 a. m. n Saturday evening theSJO p. aa. train (OM to Philadelphia oaiy. je 13-d T H. PAKSON9, Agwt. NEW 9RLEAN8 x3xr x*j?rwm WITH TBI I CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. ALL RAIL ROUTE, Via Orangt and Alexandria Railroad TO LYNCHBURGi Virginia and Tonnes see. East Tennessee and Virginia, East Tennessee and Georgia, Nashville and Chattanooga, Memphis and Charleston, Mississippi Central, New Orleans and Jackson, TO NEW ORLEANS 1 MEMPH7s~ROUTE: Mfttnnhla K? B ?1 ?W?? 1? r* - - - .? wj HW?| ?hcuw uf I irib O.MI riOKflB fO New Or lean*. MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE: Montgomery by Rail, tiienoe to Mobile by Firstolaa* Packet*. Mobile to New Orie*o* by Lake Steamer* TWO DAILY TRAINS?Sitwdat* tncLTOSD, Lttre waskiaftaa at a. m. u4 6 p. . Thei*toamer GEORGK PAGE leave* her wharf loot of beveutb etreet at 6jtf a. m. and ?X p. m. and connect* at Alexandria with the Orange and Alexandria Train* for the Sonthweat. Offioe?Penn*y lvaaia avenue, corner of Sixth *t. umui oncni movu to raw obuuji?. Lynehbnrt - .R7?i Mwnyhi* ? #31 00 Sn*tol HQ" Atlanta *00 Knojtville 2<J W Macon .SI 00 Chattanooga ..84 00 Coiumbn* ....41 6" l>*-ton ?.?_ 24 00 Moatcomerr ??. .38 M Hactrville 87 oo J via Mem#hi*?42 60 Grand Jo notion 30 nr> N.O.J via ft. Jnne.tJ 60 Na*hvliie__.2i fo S via Mobile. ?46 oo THIS ROUTS IS fi~NTIRHLY BY RAIL 800 MILES SHO^J^K^and *4 HOURS LESS than any other Line? the Lynohbnrf Extension boinc now completed, a* also the Huiuilni Central, makinr it the QUICKEST AND MOST PLEASANT ROUTE FOR SOUTHERN TRATELER8! It is provided with First -olass Sledpmf Cars S !To New Oflsans. .-T> Honrs. ?!Sfcr?::!! fe Naahville 40 do. (17*The U. ?. MAIL'ami ADAMS' EXPRESS are taken over Uus New Line. Tickets oan be obtained at the Month Western Offloe, eorner of Sixth street and Pennsylvania avenue, to the faUowinf points: Lyaeiitaurf, Bristol, Rnoxvilia, Atlanta, Ch&ttanooia, Enntsville. Grand Junction, Maoou, Nashville. Dai ton. Coismbus, Mont*oniorjkwMoMeyAjMeniphis, and try THROU3H TICKETS TO THE VARIOUS VIRGINIA SPRINGS. irmnnihnu. u. ui. l_ ? .v otfeeatfa. and* JAMES A. EVANS, Tfek?t l^ant, ma?-tr Corner (Mxth t.anaTa. av. ?,'"~3=lr FRIOAY, at 6 o'oJook a. m..and ALEXANDRIA M haif-pMt? o'clock. for CURRIOMAN and the intermediate Landing*. On her retnrn V1Hj_ ?h? will leave CURRIOMAN every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY; at <s o'clook a. m. NATH,LBOL^SH.^t.8A^xap^nr.r0>nfo0aii offack bkaleji WiiHisflTos. Joly 18,1800. NOTFTE 18 HEREBY OIVeM, That.agreeably to the proviiioni of the nidinaooe of the Corporatine approved Mar '2- 1*?? the nndereifned ia now prepared, "whenever reeaired in writin# | on p re pay meat of the (on of fifty oenta, to iaapeeti examine, test, prove, and ascertain the accuracy or I r*j ittration of iany [ti meter is use in tin* oity." I Every mwter, if found inaorreot, wtll be condemned, and another, sealed ana marked aa true, will be aetiiii** place. If proved to be aooarata in it a iae*aar>>inent of KM, it wiU beaeaied aooordinxiy, and a#am put in poaitioa fur nee. Oifioe No, 610 Sevontk atreet,(near Odd Paltj 18-tf Inspector and ftealaraf aa Metre, W ? A t5 ri i T U R E 8. f tZtXXZKSg IM Finish. superior m atria to fuiy thing hereto/ore offered ia this market. We invite citizens reaera! ly to eall and exam iae our atook of tfaa and Water F^atory, faeliag o^aMeoi 4?t w? bar* the beet AH Work in trie above line mtrnated to oar oar# will b? promptly attended to. MYERS * MeOHAN. i - - r ~ " rn q-m 37W If rtr?t CRANOIfl HARPER, FAMILY GROC F'RVAT?!)5FEED STORE, Comtr tf JV?w Y?rfc a?MM IWlA lirtt. Respectfully solicit* the patronage of tkMCV mar be in want of any artiole U the above line. His endeavor* shall be to plea**, and by a strict attention to the want* at the pablia, ho hope* to merit a ^H^^to^wjaafiuTof e'verf artiole n*uallr to be foiiad to % fcmt-ela#* Family Grooery and Peed 12JOOO ^mraMI??L?!e whioh we (vanotae to be pare Jaioe, and will be oid on reasonable term* in order to mafcarfeii Kr oar .pru, .took. w? No. iT Cr?wmL. ?*o?r?4r>WB. I.M.LUU1. MOTT. I.It. ifVlTi \y c?? Bawly of >9 <>* * i?RtaJN^m^Smttk ' MMMOINBH. i i i ????? U*" "4WIBfc5? iMnr&L Hm? IMtmmmtd tk* MM Ckrim, 9??df,mmdtml? Kftt?l /Ummtr m tU*~H rOK ALL DISEASES OT IMPRUDENCE. Ur NO WALMM DELICACY TKM f MITT. APPLY UCMED ATELY. m *>??? m jiMkM-juuMu, mm no cham**ml, IN FROM ONM TO TWO JUTM. Km m Huftfi i?? ?f^ Uui, ImmU mSm!? th?*? T?mbl? Piwi<>n inataf Nil >ib?ry liMu ?l THik-iMu Dr??df?l u< DwwXi ftmliii *M i? 4?r Mump lufiirtli. u* 4mu*f >ty M> *?4 MM kpHtetl? tM ktfi Vichii ik* wiilm t! MMuj TIM, OU drttlfal tad ittutcii'i Mil wM uwlli itupi H a (Minil; |rt?i tbcauodt if Tn>| Mm rftM mi ? *J??! u ii>u ??4 fcrilUn taullmt, *?? gurhi tUtrvm ka'l Uiucid lauaiiflMMM Vttfe tlUMHI ?f?lw?nn? nMw ?*MMT iW Una* ly**,aaf ?n VMk Ml M>? ton. mm rauoM,? Tt?(iiNMiM|ii?u ? .? * ?.w ka ?k? >iMH k!m?7Mi(i Ikl mm ?f pw.1. m*y nIM waif mU? ib kit kaoar u a hmImm u4 ??m?tly w) Ifti Km (kill u 4 pkyuaiaa. orrics ? . t 10m ruoaiiciimn, Ml ku< nit f*tnf hw ItMwrt mw, law 4?w? tea Mm unii. til m u rtnm mm *< wkM. Liiw mm k? pam a*d miWi t?lu? ML. WHIVM, mbw af Ua l*;il Calltg,nUM ftam ao? ?f tk* mati taintat C*V?|N M < Vaitai >W*S ui til* |THUI par; af ?Wh lift *iu Mm apaat la Ua kM itataaf Lirila, hi, fk0a4a!Mia at! rWtvkart, kaa ?f factad mid* af tk* ??l atianiaktag MM Ikal tm krava; maay u*akl*4 wiik nnftef la tka kaa4 aa4 aai* tkiauliip; nwi narvaaaaaaa, kalag aianaa4 at taMaa Midi, kaabraMaaa vith friqNgi MMlaf, tttnM Kaai vuk 4atanga?at af aul. war* mil laatMaMtf. TA? ? r^in iLil BOT1CK. Taut Maa >ad Mktn vka ka*a ia|fM Binltw k? I linim Ua?fi#? l? -?v*? ?? - - *? 1;" M laaraad frain a*il (MpitiMi, ar at Mb**!, tka ifM? at *UU iri a<ff*t>y fat* a?aa ?tu aalaap, aad tf aat aarad. itndin nirtUfi taptmUt. u4 daalMja kafk aM ui kadj, akaald apply lantditiilf. TSaaa >r< mi aflfca ud aad atlutM} afaau pradaaad kj aarlr luMu af tntk *>? t Waaknaaa aflka Back ai< lira ha. Pain* la tha litd, Dianaaa af Bi jk;,Laaa af Maacalat Paw ar, Paijccalian af th? tfaan,Dfipapay, Nar*aaa IrrtuMltly, Dar?a? a uiaa t ad ika l>i|?*UTaf aatttaaa, liaml ? ktttly, irnftaxi af Cauaaapuaa. 4e. (rtMTALLT.-Tiii faarfal ifuu aa lk? aa< an ?aa> M ka draadad?Laaa vf Mamary, Oafaaiae af ldaaa, Paaraaaiaa af Spiriu, E*U Pariiadmya, twnaaaaf latiaiy,laH-niauiH, bata af BaUiada, TlnudHy, ata.. an aaaa af ika a*tla pia tot ad. RUTOII DIKUTI -Tkaaaaada aaa ?*?'adra ?HI U tka aaaaa af tbair daeliainf kaahk. laaiac ibair *ifar,ka aaa i| vaak, pala, a arras* ??d aaaaciatad, ftaaiaf a ahfllaj tffaaiuw akaaitka ayaa,caatkarayapiaaiaf inaiayilaa DllttlU Or IMPR*DE?CB. Wfcaa tk? mafaidad aod aaa^radaat ?aury af pi a aaaa a la U ? a-nn? hi - ?i I i f ?'l Wl?? kappana ikit a* illttmii MOM HiUni H ir?4 af ducttin I daiara bin frare app ?inf i* t?-o?* wha, tnn ilwiMUi raapactakility, Mn alana ba Viand Bmb. lalla nu U| kanda af ni.araiii and daaigaiaf praiaodara, wta, lacipaklt f ctnof, >16h hit faeatuasy aabataaca. kaap kla tn#t*| aiaaUh afiar raoaUl, er at lug > tka anaallaai fa* caa ka aaUin<,u4i> daap?ir ! ?? Bi? with rataad biUtt u il<t T*r kia rolling diaappate-jDaat; ar ky Ik* aaa af tkat daaiT) pataari, Marcary, haataa tk* canatitattanal l)Mmil af tab .arnbla diiiur aaca aa ACacucnao'ita Maaru Tkraat, Haaa, kin, Ac.. frorraaairg wiik frighifal rapidity,till daaib pau par;ad ta kit drtadfu faring* ky a*adiag hi* ta Ikti aaiiacaaarad caantry fr*ra wbaaa kiinx aa IraTalar rataraa. ML JOUMOHIRKMSDY FOR ORGANIC WKAIIIM AMD IMPOT?MCT. By UU (ranted unaariem riaaady vaakaaaaaf tht *rga** ar* *p**dily cai*d and fall ngar raatarad. Tkaaaaaia af Ui aaat atrvaaa and d?bl!itat?d, wka kid laat all kapi, kava kaao Unia*4i?l*ly r?ll***d. an uapaatBMBia la nurbfl. rhyrtaij * MnuI WmuMIwlMOl, koa if h?ll, > (?? llfiMMtlJ* Trirakltsf tod Vittauin hhwf W Ul MM huh Ul4 (int. iNDouKMnrr or m run. Til M ANT TB0 6IAIfD? euid Mtfcu iwitdM vltkfc III l*it ( wtiu mn, ul U* mitNi lapwul till)' Ml pmuini firfirtnid by Dr. Jifcoaan, *iummI by UM niarttri if tbi ppin tad wnj Mblf miwu, WltM ?f wnrck btfi ippiarid iftla aad ipn bi'ui lb* Hklit, ? i)4?* Mounding 11 |iitliau if ikwMuru) niiwd -liHr. UI Uai puuUi M tbi ifllbMd. )aaS-ly R. J. BOVEE 1K)D*? IMF IS RIAL WINE BlTTttS, Are bow being netl from Mum to the 8rmt Salt Lake, ani toe uir^rnl verdict of ail who see them either he a mWu-mi or M I freserer*. > that they are ncsurpased iu the world. Dr. Doda seed them anooesafaiiy in hia araotloe for M yews be lore we yarchtoed or htm the eole right to mannfcntsre Mid present them icr sale to the subtle, ror the ears of lr.cipiaut Consnirstion, itKbssetioa, Dyspeaaia, Piles. Nervosa Diaesiea. Frmsis Con pl&iLti, and all caeoa repairing atonic, they are hsjond doubt a njoat iavr iable reined*. Aaida fr. m umht lamiciUM proaertiM they ire a jure. wh e om? ud delightful Beverage, producing alJ the pleaeant exhilarating effecta cf Brandy or Wine without their icJadona reaultn. I/M all frieada of haiaanitj and alt adrooatea of temperaaee aeaiat ne in eubatituing theae valuable Vegruble Bitten for the mineral pct'cmi and aduittrmitd L***ort with which the country ia flooded, and thereby * feofuaJy aid in baniahicg Diaeaae and Drnnkeneea tron the iand. CHARLES WIDDIFIELD * OOr Proprietors. TB WilTiametreet, Naw York. J. &CH W ARZK. Agent, Wartungton, D. C. DR. J. BOVEE DODff IMPERIAL GIN BITTERS, Por Diaaaaea of the Kidney s, B'adder ana Unnary Organa, and npttialir tar Female OMmtioM, never tail to euro, and are warraatad to five aatia^HAkLKfl WIDDIFIELD k, CO., Propnetora, 78 William 'f?Effiyy\jtiz Je7 It J Agent, Washington, d! fc. APPLY T&E^KEMEDT REJOICK'TS' WW at fX! Friend, do yoa suffer? Are you the rietim of aey of tfcoee numerous ailments whioh mm from lain rity of the blood.' Wkttvi tier, do you *ikI Rather uk, whit are they not.' The blood Is the source of life ud heaJtii, and it lathe f rat cieMBt of oar bein< to respond to an* etue which e fleets th* system,** the pu'ee lnfcuibir attests The ever prevailing Nnrililk, the irritating Erysipaias, the Title gorofula. the agonizing ftlinMUM, lervous Debility, Dyspepsia, Liver Co* plant with lU toreor and dejection, ana the nsmberless ilia that fle?n is heir to derive their hideous uric in from the blond. Deal kindly the* and gently with th? blood. Use the vitalising resjuroes of natnre for its aid. and suffer cs to commend to your ounftdenoe aad dm that truly valuable medicament known as Af J\S if COX? 8 INDIAN VEGETABLE DECOCTION. With regard to this aJinyst ln/a.hb.e saeoifte popular sentiment has spnken in decided terms, and the evidences of this treat eftoaey are ?ustaiaed by constant avows ? of oaraiive raeets aad th? happiest resalta from it* ??? ?- *? *?-- " ? remedies aud the beet medieal staTi hare failed. l.,et aa ur, in ooncisstoo, th*t oertllo?tes earn are not sought from the iliit?rau and wtpernoial, hat they are volunteered fioro the ant re speotable eoaroee and Jostif* the ktfkest terms in vkiob it is possible to oOBmfnd so nlublt a ! eeeoa&o to poo te approval. We nay add also that i the curative properties o/the medicine are equalled ' only by its restorative efcou. 4he sysUm reoorerinffrom disease with renewed oonstitatonal ?if?r. For sale kr all respeotanle DrogcisU jn this eity.and b* tpe proprietor, M*?*. M COX. i r*oae ssnmne unless ker name is biown on the bottle and ker seal on tke oark jnr Pme 91 per bntU*. six bottles for & wiolisnl'. lt'nt. R. *. T. ClfetL. Druggist* Georgetown, D C., Wholesale Agent for the IHs triot, aad will coppl? the trade at taj pnoes. aw 18-tr OgS FOR STAMPING A PACKET OF PAPER, ^ AND ENVELOPES I f|0 TO MATCH, Icharge) ?ktr * BOOKSTORE, PH1LP * SOLOMONS. ilMU for iMraui'i t*itbrmttd Limm fmptrt, "'Mttr0rcIit*? MtU*r #* . tc. " ? 1 ly 33> r>- b?t. 9t? ?ad l^tk 279 'JJty 206 A WMJ. pOTK * CO. ASK Nov pro??r?d to ?m??* amt ?rtn trftk P1TT.N. SHMgE jNaaia, Maryland and Virjrsnta, vftrrmirta* tmaa. Croix fcata, and wTbm ? tnrr ^timtf\fLjn Undard brain ?ssWbI?55?x rkUPONrs euNPOWDBR* __, p j {&?!< j g?7? ALLEN 07K JAc/eON. r.T < * L dp?nZ Irivl ,f' 1 B??VI CARRIAGE FA (/TORIES. 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BPALDIN& A CO, Box No. iM9, New York. rat > for Dealara in Caeca eontaiaiag Fear, J Eight,aot Twelve Doaen?a betntifei Lithofra#fclo Show Card aceoupaayuu eacli paokajre. 1 ETA atnaJe bott'e of KPAJ.DirtU'8 FAB- T PJUiED GLUE wid Mr* teb time* ita ooet acaaally to every hoaaeho'id.^3 Bold by all arowiinent ritationerv Draggiata, Bard ware and Furniture Dealer*, Craaaia, aad r'ancy ntorea. SCountry merchant* thonld make a note of BFALIfWB PREPARED GLVE.whaa auaktag a? atriiet. It will stand aor oiimate. fe ?a-ly . I /fllPlit |igfiliS4 * - ?w-?~rs2~ j 6* " rfj C rjA WiWr/tr < k (U? /MUr M> U $U fcjsasswsnr' ;| 2J?*5 illS^SeSrJl 4 'Mi PMSSBB j |TmimlETtoTX' rSf ^ r5f#? Xu>ta.i>(L Htn't tmtf. /< r?JvJ i $;??& i-x^???aab'"a Ir |. -ri?&-8 'ir4P ^ I *1% A < I * I #% ? ' l/MU I IUN. M PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THEVAUEY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS mimma- ii WITO THE SIGNATURE OF m THE LABEL ALL OTHERS ARC i AR IMITATION AMD A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKEY. f ; WKLHDALY, * SOLE PROPRIETOR I . namvuiuvsiKfTK. * i/ii *<r w ror eicnrvuwiw mr I " *y"7-ly ""BAEBOUK"I M ??iky U 4iuiT*d. ?? >? aMm V OLD FAMILY AYM WMIBMMt, : | ta&Mn/Stt&srrjsL^r? \ P^Wll Pi?tm<ry.aauilA?g<tai<#wt!pflU v\