Newspaper of Evening Star, October 24, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 24, 1860 Page 1
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4 0 V?. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. WEDNESDAY. OCTOBER 24. 1860. N?. 2.898 MM???????????. THE EVENING STAR ? ? PUBLIX HED E VBR T A FTER NOON, SUNDAYS EXCEPTED,) AT THE STAR BVILDIWI, Comer /Psnnrylwima mvtnu* and lltA St., ?T W. D. WALLACB. Paper* wrml 1b package* by oarrter* M f( I I?r, or 31MUJ per month. To nuui aubeoribee* the pnoe is #U3 a rear, w* a<m?c>; 92 far ail months; 91 f?r three ?K>ntka; and for leaa than three montna at the rat* of H oeata a week. Single oopiea, omb c?it; In wrapper*, two cut*. ABrx*Tra*w*MT? aaonld be aeat to the oCoe beiur* 12 o'*,o*k m; otherwise they nay not appear antil the next day. ^ ? -J [Pon thk Stir. BK URSIOS FROM WA9HIMGTO*?A* 9 New Bedford. We sailed up ttnixard* Bay daring a dark, cold, rainy ai^ht. and entered New Bedford harbor early in the morning. The rain pre eoted oar landing till nearly 10 o'clock.; Prom the brig, at nncbor in tbe stream. We had a fine view of the eitY of New Bedford on tbe vwt, covering the rising ground for about three miles, north ftnd south, and extending one mile from the water; the hight of the hill being covered with prinoely residence? On the east of the harbor lies Fairhaven, a town of about 6,000 inhabitants. It is situated on * perfectly level plain, and Its talt spires are alt that relieve the monotony of its appearance. It was named after this estuary of the Aschu uet river, and justly too. as a more beauti ful harbor, with its islands and surrounding cenery cannot easily be found. There did not seem to be as much activity in the whaling business as formerly, there being but few ship* in the harbor, ?nd we were informe-l that whiles had Loco rue SO Wires that hnt fpw ships now left that port for a whaling royage. Indeed, one was lying at the wharf that had returned from & long cruise, and had not paid the expense wf fining oat. The part of the city near the water looks old and crowded. The streets runuing north and south are nar row, crooked, and irregular, but straight up the hill. As yo? ascend about half waj they baeouie regular, and the eitj is in squares, bat on reaching County street you iud pal aces. The wealth of the sea has been gath ered here, and many an opulent sea captain cow lives at his ease, enjoying the fruits of his hard labors. The extensive grounds around these bouses are Anely laid out, and many urge old oaks were carefully preserved, form ing a beautiful contrast, with their gnarled appearance The pubHo buildings are an or SMoant to the place; the Town Hall has, til) the erection of the Town HaU at Springfield, been regarded as the finest building devoted tn civil porpcurj in New England. A dingy. clay-c.?Iure?i yellow seems te suit the taste of New England people, for nearly all their fine dwellings in this city, as well as others we visited, were painted this color. North Brh>o?wat?r. This is one of the pleasauLest and most ac tive villages on the line of the Old Colony and Fall Rirer Railroad. The principal business is the manufactory of shoe* and boots. One of ihe inhabitants gave us a sad pioture of the "times."1 saying that it was difficult to find labor suffioieut to support the people. The shoe business had been very dull since the strike, in which this town took an active part There seecu to be considerable business Dar ned on in other branches of m'inufaettm; and tnapnken/4id>> twa?a ^ " ?? ? ?* - ?'?*? m?v v**' * 'aiov mti w io ? iCHiiIRiOIC KiC3111C9 4 newnes* in the appearance of the wholp village Every house seems to have been new-1 lj p?inted on all sides. I did cot nb-^Tfe an* whitewashed houses, or even fenoes. Each house has small jard in front, with flowers and fruit trees, and is surrounded with a well built fancy fence, painted the same cofor m the hou?e. Every cottage hits green blinds out side I should judge that every man owaed," or expected to own, the house he lived in. T? Mxeeu do not appear to be very wide or reg ular, and are destitute of sidewalks. If the churches ire an index of religious influences, this place must bo the best in the world; for eertainly no town in the United States, in proportion to sixe, has so much property in ehureh buildings as this. The value of ehurch ? V D 1 3 !- if?fA ? - ~ 1 1'' k* J ?'c" r.ugmnu ID 1NV WIS &U.012, and the population 2 406,139; giving a pro rata amount of about $d. In this town ?? observed fire large churches, eosting at least, with the laud, $12,000; and the popula tion being a boat 5,000, we hare a pro raUi amount to e.ich man, woman, and ohild, ef JJi We endeavored to visit them, but suc ceeded in gaining admission to but one?the Methodist. This is a fine structure, both out side and in itj interior arrangement; its archi tecture la unique, especially in the tower pad in the orchesier. On* of oar party touched the keys to the organ, which in tones did not belie iu external appearance. We notloed very pew was supplied with a book-rack and tools. The pulpit appeared to be of solid ruaewood?altogether, we thought this church gw?l u >dt>l, far excelling most places of wor^nip, ma yet we were told that tbe other churches were wmt of them superior even to this. W?mw but few of tbe inhabitant* of the Tillage, ami these were remarkably pale looking We regretted leaving this place ?o sooo, out the oar* came, and 1a an hour we were in Boaum. the Athens of the New World. Boaio*. .y Entering tbe eity by thia route, a very un ?!eai?ant impression was made on our party, t stems to be occupied by the poorer class i-f foreigners. We were, however, soon located on the bight of the peninsula, near the Staje , Mouse, ia a very pleasant p*rt of the city. As much as has been said aboat the erooigd, ncv rmc streets of Boston, tbe half has not been told, and I doubt if any one can realise the I inconvenience attached to them without actu al ij visiting the city. The sidewalks are m*. itirolj * nuisance,' many of them being not , more than four feet in width. Many atreeta, * including bo:h aidewalks, ?re not #o wide as the skUwaik on either tide of Penary Irani* ? (> ?. Washington. In the eentrei barinaas " part of the city, in the rieinlty of the City Hall, there are luaoy fine bailJiags of grauice and freestone, five and aix atories high and beauti "^frrtly ornamented, on atreeti not more thin aixteen feet wide. During oar entire atay io the eity ? **ld not accustom onreelvea to tbe Yankee method of dodgiug, and were eoo ? Unually knocked off the aidewalka. The ac tivity of erery one waa moat remarkable, ther #e?n to wfA to ltupfwo the minute*, for not a leiaure person wu seen. Some of the Urreat granite warehouses are lifted near the Castom House One square y tn particular we noticed entirely covered with a single granite stracture. In the nev part "*f th? oity lying on the neok, and in the b*k *'v 1>ay on tire west side of the old city, cLe atraata are regal w and of snitable and eon^ nient width?when completed, it will be finatt part ef Boston, Mia' ujd perfectly <1 The general appearance af Boston prupor nimply of a jumbled lot of building*, racl all waja, on every conceivable curve a aagte. Ike "eqaaree ' are of all ahaoea ap.i ftaes. ft9m a warped ereseent, con'aiijBJ a fe*nanire<l feet, to a doubled and twiaied m~ quadrilateral oonUiaiag the "Cuauwua,1' of _ fifty aertfc Boatoa look* aa ff it once had fkir -if jrfwpwitioos ? population auitad to ita ounw, k crooked aaroota; but now rr?y inch U over V?J meupied?eren tke alleya aro lmod with Urge teiiMM piao?a. Thoir in* chaivh?ia and ptb J kae ediftaaa have no grounds attached to thom, and tha Music IlaU ?? approaebod by a narrow alley, batog aituatad in the central part of a " igtara. V. Livrb^tz. ? PoraiiTro* of Ca*BLaaTon. 8. C.?Frooa the ' la* return of Cbarlaaton. S C , It appear* tfcat nvmber of wh:t? Inhabitant* amounta to 27, an locreaae la the last ten raara of 3 315 ; matber of aiavea to 13,000, a decicaaa of S,tM. 1 fre* colored 3 v!57, a decreaae ?f 184 l*he al kaa lacladed ta hte report a population probably Include^ In the cenaua returns of f what waa then known aaCb?->ston Nack ua a total Bonu1>J)An *>wt*? j EofW.W# It l? falrto preauma. If U v??-ra tfce tar(? number at iliwi told out of th? that part of oar population would bow bare bees ?least *>,00?. ? ^ ITT Til i will davakapcalba coiimm fhct that thTrr arc more Scotch deaceodanta ta Coadon than lti Edinbarsh, mor? lriab (ban In DuWto, luO.UN iroft Romftvi* U? ?* *(??, ?nd nvo;? Jewfl .JZI\m ptiiaflMrfMrmi ?lao lh tha Mat ao Lata than 60,000 G?rman. *>,UOC Sa??r. aad 8.000 Italian . Wf of ^fWydc'nama^ ' Pray, maddm / Syria. A R R KIT OF FlVK DECS! CHTXrS?MosLKM SlT TLIMEU* BVBST?ABD*BL-KaD? RSCXIVIS k. Prsscmtfrom Pr*?i??st Buchana*. [Corretpttndence of th? Boston Trailer .J Bkt*aot. 8vr1m. 9ept. -?i.?The arrival and the arrest of Said Bet; Jumblaat with some of hiscom pecra, are indication* of the moat vigorous meas ure* against tbe Drusea. The live Chief* came into Beyrout with music and great display, but ttoty were coldly received by the Foreign Min ister. wbodid not invite them to be srated or to amoka the pipe of ordinary courteay. After a few int?rropator1ea be teld them to go until they were enlled for. and without anv of th?. mmi ulnti. tlona so common la the East, even between muter and servant, be dismissed these proud, fierce war riors from bla presence. Yesterday they were placed under arrest, awl are win close confinement. This result was evidently not anticipated by the Be?s, who are noweftt off from flight ana all hope of escape. Their followers who remained in the Lebanon unwilling to venture within the reach of Fuad Pasha's arm have now begun to overrun the Mos lem villages near Damascus, and reports have been received this morning of the destruction of two lar>?e Moslem settkments. In which the houses were burned, the property carried uff, and the in habitants massacred. Should thi> policy become general, and the Druses determine to fight for their existence, Lebanon will see bloodier sights than have hitherto transDlred Th# rhlef war. rtore and great captain* have not surrendered tbemaelves. and will b? able to shed much inno cent blood, and occasion much trouble and con fusion befo-e they can be subdued or checked. The departure of Fuad P -sha yesterday with a large detachment of toe Turkish army for Sidon, with a *lew of polng to Hasbeyia, is an Indica tion tbat the Turks are quite prepared for the L>niae campaign, and that Fund Pasha will him self take the Held He is a host in himself, and not a poor soldier, is his campaign in (ireeoe will testify Information has jnst been received that four teen out of the thirty-seven Druse chiefs hive sur rendered themselves to the government, while the others, determined on resistance, are doing all the talachlef in their power to Christian property Guards from the Amertcan Consulate have been seut to the mountains for the protection of such Americans as are exposed to the fury of the rebel lious fugitives. and as the Druses are determined tn flirKt Tn tha -A- ' " -v? .uV *uu^uiuni y l UHUICU y Of txprcted between th?*m and the French army, u well as tbe Arabs and the government troop* 1 learn that previous to the appearance of the above proclamation, tbe Druse* sr-nt a deputation to Abd-el-Kader to ask bis aid sud ad v ce in their time of trouble. "How many ll^bting men have voo?" replied be. "About thirty thousand," was the answer "No mare?'' "Perhaje a few more, but about thirty thousand " Well," said he, "1 had over one hundred thousand well-train'd soldiers in Algeria, and was unable to contend with tbe army of Franco. My advice to you is. surrender yourselves at once, and then 1 will exert my influence'' In your behalf" Tbe Druses went away heavy hearted. Some took his advice, and others did not. Tbose who followed tils sugges tion may now be sees looking through tbe barred windows of their prison room at tbe barracks, awaiting their day of trial What a humiliation ior mew proud mountain chiefs l etter* from Damucui Mate that the trials are till going on. Nine were bone laat week, and otbera have been condemned to death. One of tbatr number waa a Druae who had beeh at ths massacre of Haabeyla; another waa the actual murderer of the irlah mlnaionary, Mr. Graham Upon the receptioo of the present of the pistol* from the l'reaident, Abd-el Kaker, called at once upon Mr. JVfeahaka, the U S Consular Agent at Damascus, to express his high appreciation of the gift , I tee many reports In American paper* of 30,001) women haviug been carried away fiocn Damascus by the Arabs and K*orda The fart is that (bene were only tS.UUO Christian Inhabitants In tbecity. It is possible that a few hundred were thus car ried away, possibly a thousand, but p'obably much less would be more In accordance with the truth. There is a great deal of sickness at present in Damascus, and It Is feared that on account of the great number of unburled dead bodtes under the walla of the mined houses, plague and pestilence will rarags the city. The Uritish Consul makes a loud aDDeil for medical aid ?nrt Hriti.v. Syrian Reli-f Society will no doubt i?nd out a medical staff with good medicine* and hospitsl tores, and pc/uaps some of line Fluxeoce N'lgbt iugale nurses gTOne of the editors of the Spring Held (Man.) Republican, while in New York city a few da)s ago. called upon Lieutenant General Scott, whom Ue photographs as follows: The General was writing as 1 entered at a large table spread with papers and military reports but laying as de his pea he greeted me with a smile of welcome, and in su^b a simple, uriostentatloa* manner as to annihilate all feelings of reserve, and I was soon conversing with hlin, and listening to h!? own conversation with freedom and pleasure. Alluding, among other things, to the battle of Niagara, commonly known as Luady's Lane, be said: " 1 have some reason to remember that battle, for that ball la my shoulder crippled ine badly. But a good physical system and a sound constitution saved me" "As you see," be coo t\fttrd, " I am unable to raise my left band to my i i h t ? - - urou. i now doucm ror the orst tin.# that hi* left shoulder was a trifle lower than hi* right, but the ball 1* not there, aa ha* sometintes been stated. It passed through the joint, and, to use the Gen eral's language, "for aught 1 know killed some one feebled me." Inquiring aa *o hi* health, he remarked he was cont lous of no ekangt, but that hla health had alwaya been and was now excelleat In speaking of Weet Point Academy he mtd he should not advlae an? young man to enter there after 17 years of age. since bo would not obtain an opportunity of raising tiis raak antll somewhat advanced In life; yet so loagaa we are In need of an army we Med also West Point. Hi* offl~e or businees honrs I learned are from 9 till 12 a A. and from '2 till 5 p m In his habits he f* very regular, taking a pedestrian tour on Broadway, or elsewhere, immediately after break fast, returning In time for the morning'*work In Utue, as every one knows, be surpass** any man In the "service," being 6)? fret m height, and weigning -.nw pounai. ana yet lie h-a a physical ?',stt:u ttucly organized and rloaely knit together. To aid la reading be dm glassea occaatoaaTly, but vdlaarity require* none. Hi*eve*and complexion mm eacoedingly bright and clear, although 74 winter* have aerved to thin and whiten bla once auburn ball, yet they have by do mean* rendered him wholly bald. An bour alipped away anconaciously to melabd I hade hlna good morning, with a deea regret that I <e **tid way no looger, yet profoundly im pre*aed with the belief that he ! In ?nany reepecta the representative man of tbe age. To the tuperflcUl observer, the glare of bl* mil itary reputation baa thrown Into tbe shade many of 14* moet noble traita of character, and If can not be denied that he has dene more to rake the standard of morality In the aray than aJl the chief tain* who have preceded hlin. Hi* brlghWat amvm BO* H?n WOO Dy masterly efforta In warfare; the guardian angel of tb? Union bind* upon hi# brow a more eodorlng chaplet, and In Kflbea la geiden tettera the word Pacificator, for It la la that" character that he ha* nadtrtd the Union the moat important terricea. . . _ , f be amicable adjustment which he effected of the Stain* boundary a tuition, the settlement of the diihculttet on the Niagara frontier, hla peace fal, q?rtet removal ?f the Cherokee# beyond the Miasiaatpp4v and, later yet, bla recent aacceerful miaaion to our W eatern border*, entitle him to our deepest gratitude and Us ting homage. And uivut(B mere my Oe tbose who are now envious ofkH ftmt, it is satisfactory to reteet that wben k?bMgnw the American people will recognize tils great virtues, Lis public services, sod his tn swtrrltg patriotism The aatlea will have lost a noble aad exewplaey cltixea, the united Re public one of Its strongest pillars, and temperance on* of Its beet practical advocates and flrnieat supports. n A. H. ' " Oroa* Mann Phovlb to Blskf Tosith ? Hall's Journal of Health, which claims hljrb authority In medical science, has taken a stand against married people sleeping together, bat tblafcs MWT *ad better sleep in adjoining rooms. It s?ys that kings and faeens da not Mtrp wgeiaer, an* way imoh ether people? Think of tb? Met of eeperatiag a ewly.cnerrtrd couple on? rtM wlntef'i nirtt, be<-au?e Hell'i Journal of Health aaya ea! You go to gnu, Mr. \jjdjS*cka?gt t C7* SoT* (ho HeraU reporter, telegraphing !?ro?u Portund : " The Duke of Newewtie and the whole eertf proaounoed report* of laealta to them la^ldLmoad hMe fabrication*?no aach thing l?7*Aa-Jthfltoh klriirtwi iwwwcw the fu? 'trjSls:i:3 ssartrtb' preventing the circulation of air eaaential to l?a health jr action Willi** C. Bryant Describxs thk Wis ajm Steamer.?The poet editor of the New York Eve Ming Pott wrentlv been touring it through Maryland. While at Baltimore he was taken to aee the Wlnana steamer,which he thua describes: "its shape haa been compared to that of a aegar; keel, sides and deck are round alike, and at each end It taper* to a aharp point. The length ia 180 feci, with a breadth of 16. It la formed of two hollow Iron aplndles, firmly connected with each otlter at the broad end bv strong iron plates, and between thwe apindlea plays a wheel with screw paddies,with which ttaesteamer ia urged forward. The blows of the aea from before or behind can take no e fleet upon it; all that the waves can do la to allde aoftly over it, and when they strike It on the sidf? tbey meet with much leas resistance than in vtssels of the ordinary ahape It can never abip a sea. A trial trip baa lately been made with thia steamer. ' It ran round one ?f the fastest steamers in our harbor,' aaid a gentlenua to me: 4 playing about It like a shark about a sailing packet ' I do not know what may be the expecta tions of the Messieurs Wlnans in regard to Its apeed, but the talk at Baltimore la of making the paaaai/e to Europe in four or tlve days, bearing with Tt tbe mails and specie and a few passengers. As 1 looked on this enoruioua iron shuttle, tbe velocity of wtlch can be xearcely more affected by storms and head winds than that of a fish, and thought of it darting through tbe sea with the ai>eed which ia claimed for it, it occurred to me that if a sailing vessel should come in its way it must be pierced through and through, like a pine shingle by a bullet." ID~ The White Man, at Weatberford, Ark , stima up the result of the ranger campaign against the Indians as follows: TLe rangers have con sumed twice their weight in )>eef, at 11 ceota per pound; two citizens have been killed; and the colonel of the regiment has been married ! |p" Phelan and Collendor, the billiard players, are aboot to inaugurate a billiard tournament in New York city, and offer a aplendidly gold mounted billiard ene aa tbe prize to be played for. The tournament will continue eight days. T ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. HK Next Drawing of tne Royai Havana Lot tery, oondnotod by the SMnieh Government, under the ruperviaion of the Captain General of Cuba, win am piacn m nav&na on WEDNESDAY, Novkwbk* 7. \m. SOHTEO NVMERO M5 ORDINARIO. CAPITAL PRIZE ?100,000. prtxe of f 100,nno do so,ooo do 50,000 do jo,noe do lo,u? IN ALL JHB PRIZES. 60 prises ot 60 do ? 153 do appro*. 8^00 Whole Tiobeta, *5?0?, f 10?Quarters, 99. Frn<w oashed at sight at ft per oont. uiaoount. Cilia on all advent Ranks taken at par. A drawing will be forwarded u toon m the retail beoomea known. All orders for sohemes or tioketa to he addreeaed to DON RODRIGUEZ, oo'7-tr 0?r#ofOlt? Piirt.nharl??tnn.S.C. CURS! F IJ R 8 !! FURS!!! I wi?h to oail the attention of my customers and m?j pmiiic in gen eral to the fact that I hare f?tt**d up, in the rear of my ?*ore,a re?u larFl'R ROOM having selected th? s?km* and a 1 of injr Fur* made to order, <>f the latent And m??*t fashionable it) le Ail of nit stock ta ntirelr new, and bought at the - - lowest cA?h price. I can offer my irienila and cu? toin-*ra one ot th?> largeat ami Wat elected ttocks in that Une ev?r offered in Washington. A o?H la all I aak. HOPKINa, oo 17 eoSw Sicnul tho Wmte Bear, Corner of ft. and Pa. av. BENTER'8 RESTAUR- ? ^MTC 8tri*t,abTc? or TRif^k Washington Hank. Tot The undersigned take* pleasure in informing hi* friends and the public in reneral that he has re modeled and renovnted hi* Bar. which is now well supplied with I.IQUORS.WINES.tft ,< fohoi?? ?t brands. CIOARf* of superior quality. GAME. FISH, and al the delicacies in season. which wi i be served up to hi < gue*ts at the bar or in private rooms OYSTERS in every >1x16. Oyster* for family use sent to any part of the e'tr. Trie reputa tion of th? wi ll-lrnown establishment need* no enoomium passed upon it for its promptitu e a d gentaf I d portment. The Eating Room will be open every Sunday, from 8 a m. to 11 p. m. ocl? ivr* \VM. F. BKNTER, Prop'r. r-w HATS AND CAPS. I hare now on hand a oomplete assort ment o! goods in tne above lino, to which I invit? me attention oi my patrons and the oitixeni of the District generally. Great carc having been taken in th* selection, I oan present to my eu?tomers th" greatest vari -ti to be found in the oit. Tho st<>ck comprises every at)le now in vcguoln New York. Also, Misses' and Children's FANCY HATS of entirely new shapes. Ladies' RIDING HATS. Children's CAP?* of every description. GenMennn's H AT!* and Ce PS. A'?o, a fine as ortnientof UMBREI.LAS. WALKIN" CANES, Ao.,*c. JAS. Y. DAVIS, Hatter, oc 12-2w (Ict>Con ) late Todd k. Co. il REAT REDUCTION IN PRICES v* or Carpeting, Oil (lath, Cnrtaln material AND ALL OTHBH KIHtm OP FURNITURE DRY GOODS. In view of the I a to evant which dissolved th* late Irmof Clagettft Ikxlaon, the business of which now devolves on tho ?urvi?inc ha> been determined to rnn otf tne entire eloek of the fiiui at uubv tui mo ganu Harms just rep'en i shed the atock with a ia'ge and fresh supply on th? most lavo poeti ble, i' i* confident!* believed that housekeeper* and others in want of Carpntings in all their varieties, from th? lowest prioed up to the fcnest for par>o.-s and drawinr rooms can b? supplied. CURTAIN MATERIALS in splendid variety and of distinguished ttjrles and qualities, with all their beloHgings, Ol LCLOTH*,I)RL'GKTS,in border* and without, RL'GS, MAts. MATTINGS. TABbK a d ToILKI GOODS. In a word, all auoh DRY GOODS as are required for the oonuortout use of h -us^keept rs and lodcSrs will now be sold ?t ?he wholesale puce for the oath. Hot one price wiil be tv?k?*d; no more and no lefcs. Persons wanting Carpeting or Oiloioths will plea e 5rortde themselves with their measures, either in lagrainsor othorwise, wbiok will save muoii tme and trouble. There mar be found in the stock? Elacant Ve!?at Carpetings at .?1 ??. wortfi ?2, Do do do at *115. do il * Do TapeitrytBn^linhtMWof"., worth *lii Thraa-fly at *> and 95 eta., worth 91.12% &n<ifl.25, Ingrain ftt 75 omita, worth 95 o*wU?, l)o attio do do 87 do . Do at,50, all wool. w?rth 75omits. J. B. DODSON.Bamviag Partnar af _ the lata firm of Clagatt ft Dodaon, _JNo.4 Market j^a. 100 KALES cotton laps, ^or Sate At Factor* PritfM Maa.r fina Bad Blaivketa,all .i.?*, lonf erUtt; **'? ?' Hwa. Brown, ?ray and. vVhite Blanket* for aervanta. 22 'l2* ClotAf of the be?t kind, u? 5? width., Bhia and Ora/Ife Oanaburga, Calioo. iH1 J2TL ?th*r d?"r?bl? gooda, all of which Zin &~ Li< *! rerT lowe,t prio-? We solicit a ?. ?> r^'xio in w?ni oj y/T unoa*. \VM. R. Rl LEV ft BOTHER, No. Centrsi Btoree, ' 1 i - Between Tth awl ?th rtreew, oo 18-10t t Oppoaite Centar Market. JOL'VIN'S BEST QUALITY WZl _ KID GLOVES. , itt received our Fall Importation of S.9, for ladies and geutlomen, ia white, I the deairab'e ahaues in colon, i we have u>14 for aev?ml aeii?on?. a-d oap mM; reoomineod them to oar irie'.da Aid the pubhe generally ae the very heat article rf uteres ever sola in this market Pleaee oaM and examL e them- J. W. COLLEY 4. COT oe lt-iot We. <93 Seventh at., above Pa. a|. O T I C E. q . REMOVAL. INVITATION.?I hereby notify my onstomers arid the public in geaeial that 1 have reinnve<t to No Seventh atreet, (three doors from Ma*?. ?-lm* >?7?- n?w uooai rewiwd wot > ?o!d ftt astoniahing low pi S. FlSTfM A' B. HALL ?MING, o. utir fmnda &ad ouatomera. EDUCATIONAL.

T female education. hope Parent' who with their daughters to r? oeive a thorough ani syntematic education, wfcere their physical training wi'l reo?ive daily and special attention, under the mos? approved *y*tem of Calis thenics* and Gymnasties, are respectfully invited to visit the Union Female Academy, corner Four teenth at. and N?w York av. mr. A. MRS. z. richards, _au 30-tf _ Principals.^ Female boarding and day school, alexandria, va. Mrs. 8. J. MoCORMICK, P*i!?ci*al. The thirteenth annual session of this institution will oomiuenoe on Tunsday, September U'.h, in the home recentlr ocnunierf h? c ? J ? 7 T VM ?V> W"??? m-A WM No. 1<90 King street. The course of utility pursued will eompnee all the branches requisite to a thorough English F.Uu cation, and Mnsio, French, l>atin and Drawing, il desired. !n addition to day scholars. Mr*. MoCormick is prepared to receive a limited number of pupils as boarders, who. nnnstitutinr a par* of her own fani iiy, will be ut'der her immediate c*re and supervi sion. She * >11 endeavor, ai lar as pos?i bie, to sur round them with the comforts and kindiv influences of Home. HtfrT'ncs.?Fev. Geo H. Norton, Rev. D% E'las Harrison, K?v. D f. Sprigs, William H Fowls. Ksq., Kdgar J*nowfien. Esq , Edmund F Witmer, Esq., Henry Marbury, tisq., l-ewis McKenie, Esq , Robert H. linntnn, E*q . W D Wallaoh, Editor Evening Star, Benjamin Waters, Esq.,Jas. Enlwisle, Jr.,,Col. lobn W.Minor, l.oudoun. Messrs. Biacklook &. Marshall, Messrs Corse Brothers. Tkrms. Board, with Tuition In all the English Blanches, ?>nur wio annual session?payable ?emi-annual!), in advance. Mukic and Languages at Professors' pnoes. 11 f >o extia charge*. ?u 28-tt Metropolitan collegiate INSTI tute for young ladies, 464 e Si.,Betwkkn 6th ahd7ih Sts. The fonrth annual ees?ion of the Institute will commence on the hrst monday in Septomb-?r. Application* should l>e mad* early, a? the number of pupils is limited* For particulars see chculars or appiv to the principal!, Mr. ami Mrs. t. II. U \ VKNNKR.atthe Institute. an 9 tf ni ilM'iL'i n iPifiuuv lAJUi/ A I t (>KAR ClKLlSLK, P>.) Twenty ninth session (80 weeks) ci>m" ?ncci No vember 5th. A family school for Twentj-five Sood boys, for whose comfort and improvement lie time and ene'ity of the Principal is de voted. Entire oxpauie 576. C reulars at Star Office. To fill a few vacancies csJl a; KfrkwoiHW from 3 to 5 p. m.. October IB and IS: or luMr M R. K. BUR ?>*, Prmo'pal and Proprietor, Painfi*Id Cumberland county Pa. wo 36-eolm f^EORGe/TOWN FEMALE SEMINARY, VI ( Formk&lt Miss L. 8. Eholuh's.) A BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL. The duties of this Institution will be resumed on th<? first Monday in September next. Th? course of instruction embrace* all that ia taught, from the rudime&U to the moat highlj fin ished education. The oorps of teachers, ten in number,are emi nently qualified and experienced in thoir several departments. Lectures Friday evening on the Natural Sclenoea without oharge to the pnpils. Circulars gj&j ho obtained bv addressing the Prin eipal,Mis? juTj. HAKKOVhR,Georgetown, D. C. au g-eo3m . MRS. M. K. KINOSFOItD 8 SEMINARY, 4 Id E St.. WinmsTOir, D. C. The next Reunion will commence Ootober Mt.lMO. Term*. Ac., forwarded on application. a . 15 tf WOOD AND COAL. |MFORTANT TO HOUSEKEEPERS! THE PIONEER SAW HILL A*D FIREWOOD FACTORY, <Si*?K or thk Blcx Flao Staff,) Inth t( the Canal, near 7th atreet Bridge, Will furnish, at the ahortfwt notice, FIREWOOD, THE BEST QUALITY, Of Axt Kisd, Cut .ind Split to any Divunsicms. CHEAPER THAN THE CHEAPEST! With Tall measurement guarantied. TTT Remember, Tn* Bliti Flas Staff. west olfflo if Seventh 8t-?"?t. south of the Canal, and op posite the Center Market. GEORGE PAGE, Agent. ID- HICKORY ANDOAK PLANK or TIM BER (ofatu- )*< or dimension*) *A WKD, POSTS or JOISTS RIPPED, or LOOS SAWED, ?t tl?e shortest notice ID* Small jobs of BLACKSM[THING prompt ly exectgatl. ks ahore se27 t R R R R R U^j l^J I^J U^J UNION FIRE-WOOD 91ILL, Ceraer ( #ereu'.h it and Canal. W OO D of kind, manu&otured to order, any length or iize, ready for u %. COAL?CO A I.. We have now on hand a beautinil lot of COAL, both Red and White Ash, different site J?7*\Ve are now,and will be reoeiving C?a! for the next ten daya, whioh we netl. delivered bun the ve?Mi,at a reduction of 25 cents per ton. Bead >our order* early. MoKNEW A MARLOW. Prefri?ton, m 77-tf Corner Seventh it. and Canal. WOOD AND Delivered to Ell parta of the city fat the low set pouib;s raiaa. _ _ ^ T. J. A; W. M. GALT, OOon '292 Pa. av., llth end 12th eta , ma 17-tr north tide. r'OAL! COALL' C WOOD! WOOD? 1 am rtaiiy receiving larjo auppl es of COAL from the very beat Pep nay Irani* mine*, whion 1 \rill aeli at reaao^ab e p. ices Al?o, tho be*t tuaiitv of Oak Pine and Hickory WOOD, out and ?plit Call and leavo your order*. F "* ~ ' Wood - ? i* /pk>?*.\ r? ? n utand *plir,all lengtha. R. W. BATES, id and Coal Dealer. i/ iciwwa/ i/ur. v uju i?m mi., nwr t anti. nft. N O T i C E!_N O T I C li!! SLUffiV Ha HKLUKK Invites th* ladies \Va?hinCt?a and vicinity to her Grand Opening of Faahiouab.a F&LiLand WINTER BONNhK, nnFfW?) and Saturday, 4?li indWii instant, whea ft si ib:$^fR t?I c^sk^i shfe wi1! lie happy to have ladies oou>e ana examine her stock of Goods, as sh? has a very handsoaiv stock of FEATHEK9, FLOWERS, DRF.M of all aiz?? and pnoos, and a very largo atook of ".M BROIDERIES, tc , fco. ... oc4 No * 4 Market Speoe, bet. 7th and Sth sta. f> EN FREW HAT8. II Iff !ij? W COLORS, Just Ornu, raox If. York. TTT Onraa?ortm?ntof H ATM and f!APS, for Uenta, Vonnf Men, Youth*, Boy a, Miaaaa.and > hi Id re a, never waa to varied as atprewmut. > An early oall ia solicit?#. No trauhlil In itinai ?n*,U B H. STUIEWKTZ, oo 13 8?6 Pa. ay.. wear corner 13th ?t. HMUSICAINOTICK, , VINO H??n i?4?c?4 toaowptthe po?it?onof organist at Pt. Aloynn* Church in tin* 0lt7>.)Srf f haredetermined to rtnin <inritn the Le,1'ti5* ioc winter, and shaJi b? bappr to reader iny?sS? K'S ""1 "n"?" ^ 'felLXFL'H.fcV Professor of the Ort*&< Pi?no Fort*, and ?iug?Bg. For Mrtioulara a* to termt, Ao . inquire at the Muaie Depot of JOHN F. ELLIS, Penu^h-aeia avenue. oe 3-Un* N O T_^ C I trith all featlMtiwt gentlem to bear in mi?d that thft nlan winnh ! Uuoed prieea for oaah ia ia aeececafut oMrttiw, Just reoiv?<1 a full rapplr ?f Hte iAtent New York atyles ef DKE*S HOTS The v?ry finest Hat ?350; ? Ir,t rate *at #8; ami vary rI'cwJ, finhio able HatJM 50. All of the fat >at*t) lea ?*f aeft HATS* and CAPS,at the rwry lowest price*. 1 ain ooaatanUy ?upp i?tl with a very large atoek a< those fine DRESS BOOT* at fST^-wmeh 1 have heen eelling fr?r many yeara?aa veil as the very Ueatqoal t* of Pat' ut Leatier G A IT BRt? at #350. r taa French Ca>ftkfa Saitaee frr.m $3 to 99 0). Terma oaab: so extra eliarce in order to effiiet baddrbta ANTHONY, Aftiil for the Maoufke torer*, Seventh street, twnd bat ater* froki the err~, opposite Avenue Ho?aa; Pfo. ?40. aa U 3m - . . Wie, HRAIO A?D CUBL llANU u FACTORY. ?48 ??ean. areaae, aear tr.? oor ?ar of Thirteenth street.?A vary oorapieteV??<>rt MJ_m bad^iq mad^'to'wTfir at the shor let { won r?|uno or i?K?n in iudhi?, ?* ?? - . -,-t * t (yVKRCCVATft, FALf/9IT UNITING * ' GOODB, HATS, and CAPS at mr urtl low prioe?, at SMITH'*, f lu No. 46# B*r?aUa X. GEORGETOWN ADYERT'MTS Arab mantlks! A?AB MANTLES! DTR KCT FROM A UCTIO V. Price 8 and & Beiag Le*? Thau Lo*t oi Material. Also, wtetl lot* of RPAI. OIMPl'KE OOL L A KM, at 3i, So, (8.75 and 17 carta, worth doable Coartoiaiar'a oaiabrated Kid Glorae, at 75 00at* a pair. . A rary ch?ap lot of Kattbrotd?r*d Trimannca. {uoh aa Cambric Uaoda, lJimi' j Baada, Cambria Mgiuga and In?<Ttmg?, in enuiTem variety. Together with a good ataortnent of Shirt Frocta. atlfH. oanta, whion is the greatest bargain arer cl!"T<JU. At?o, a rod atoelr of Lediea' Draaa Good*. Men a and Boya* Wear, and a great varitty of other goods eqna'ly aa ot>eap. (.an at Uie richt p!v>?-No. 11T <*o?th aid*) Bridge at Ml, Georgetown, D. C. _ oc f<Mr F,. GUTMAW. QU LABOR *?TOCR! QO BEST WOODS!! L. O W K H T PRICKS!'! S FILM AN A Ht*NT,9SB'lc!f??Ueet, between Wa%Fi?*ton and f!t?i??re*?, *r? new to ihowiiwf v?li trlaotHl (took of UKKw ft(JOO>v l)OMK3TI< S, Ao. Their store ( the old itftod of -H. K. B*rry>hario/' Se*n re??<1<?|i?! and fitted up in the in oat Uinrouch manner, ih-y mmw faoill ties unequa:ect in ttie District lor the poeecuti n or a general Drr Good* BmuoeM. They re?p?ot fally invite a oali from the oittzena ot Ueori*'?wc vicinity. oc 6-'m JV*X RfcCRIVKD Jtt hhd?. prime Porto Rico SUGARS, 19nbM?.i'*! RvMVHI-KV, ?hW? HKRRlNG and ALEWIVKS. cn ?.Vv - 4 l _ J j ? ' > *?* * ? J w Oil a. ;i?nru anu W"I)U a 'IKAJIS, ?> hat* Rio and J?va COFPF.E, inhbda.<i><w anted> MOIjAnstS. For ?aie h? J()II\ J BOG UK. ae 10 i JLANUELL. OPTICIAN, V> No. 149 BruU? it., Pwrniww, Has oonstantlT on hand a large aaeortment ( Fronch Noar-a<*ht?d, Periw?o? o, Col-cuMA or?.:. and at o*h?r SPECTACLES, 01 **-r~ the bent ^na.ity, ;n cold. ai>#r. ateel.and OffMi liver framea N. H. Old F-amee Repaired and W0W r aaee? get in them to order. no 1>-It \1 A8?EV, COLLINS A CO/S PHILADEL IM PHIA DRAUGHT ALE.-We are o^nntantlr reoeiria* ?"*?h ?ii???f?ea r?f the above doligbtfal bev erace, and invite ?! peraona who want a pare un adaiteiaun Ae, to ir.s it a triiw. ARNY k. SHINN, Airato, b( 47 6iw?n ?-- SxmAlnwn Dr. j. n McLean s STRENGTHENING CORDIAL AND BLOOD Pl RIHtK THE GREATEST REMEDY t? the WORLD, aad the moat Delicious asd DELIGHTFUL CORDIAL KTER TAKEXr It U mictlr ? tti anuie ud Vejt la bia Compound, pro curtd by tha diniili tiou of iv-ota, harba, acd barka. Yellow Dock, Blood Root, Slack Root, B?rupa* T\n rilla, W ,M Cherry IMT" HFV B*rk, and DandeUun BjH [TM\U eaten laio >u com- Sf j sjnti _ tru....... , remedial principle ^?-IB * of tack injradientln irfwtaJdjifr-^^sss^lfter Ubiig. diatiilii (f, rrodncinr a daiieioaa, exhilarating epirh, and tha toat infallible reme ly for rauoeaut g the diaoaaad ijmih, and restoring the tick, itltruif, aad debilitated invalid to haalth and strength. MtLEAWS STRENGTHENING CORDIAL Wilt (ffaktually care Li?er Cotaplnat, Dyepepota, Jaaa diee, Chrooia or Ntmti Debil-ty, Diaaatr? orthe Kidneys, nd all dliseses arising from a disordered Liver ne I cmith, Dyspepsia, Heartburn, Inward Ptlta, A'lduy or (ickaui oI the Stomach, Fnl!cee? of blood to the Head, Dull Pisa or Swimming in the He'd, Palpua'.ion of the Heart, Fallacsc or Waighi ib tba Stomach, Soar Inicuueat, Choking or Bifoettitf Feeling when laying down. Dryness or TrlloWi neaa of the 8Wn end Kyee, Night Iwttu, Inward Fsvers, Pain ia (ha Small of th? Back, Ubaai, or Side, Sadden Flushes of Haat, Deprtsaioei of Spiriu, Frtgfe-fai Dreamt, Lanraor, Doawondsiiey nr ut mnoai dise-se, Korea or Blof.haa o<i the Skin, acd Farer and Ague (or Chilis and imu OVER A MILLION BOTTLES lane* ku it. failed iu rmnj court eausfar.tir-Q. W ho, then, will itftr fmn Wtilint h Debility whin McLLANI STRENGTHENING CORDIAL will Mr* y?a 1 No lii(li(* Can coneey au adtqutt idea of the immed^ at* and alrooal reiraculooa change prodaeed by taking U? Cordial io th* di**a**d, d(biliuiid,>W a*>at:*red nereoa* yetem, whether broken down by eieete, weak by nature, or impaired by n:kn<*?, the related and toetranf orfani tatiou i* reeiored :o it* pnaun* health and *ifor. MARRIED PERSOXS or othtr*. coatciou of inabilitr fr<?ai whatever cawe, wiB VCLEAN-S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL a tho- 1 ronptl ref en era tor of the tyttcia; and all ?h* may hate in ) lured th*n.a*l*e* by improper indulgence* wiU And ia tin* I Cordial a certain and apeedy remede. [ TO THE LADIES MCLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL t* * er?*r Ifn and apeedy care for Incipient Centamptioa, White*, Obetra-:ed or Pi#t*lt Mta*tra*tioa, Intaatiacac* of I'rinc or Jn*ol??t*ry Dueharf* thereof, Pallaaf of the Keak, Giadineaa, PakiiDf, ana all die*a*e* incident to Female* THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT Suffer no loafer. Tah* it according to dir*( uou It will (timalat*. wr?aftb*a, and iariforat* you oaJ caoae ;S* tlMm of health to mount your cheek aftia. Every bottl* it warranted to fie* itutfiction. FOR CHILDREN If your ehildrta are tickly, puny or afflicted, McLEANV CORDIAL will oak* them heajtri*. fat. ar.d rabnat. Hal a a not a momeot; iij it, and job viU be eonviactd. It ia dt lieioma to take. CAUTION. Beware a( drajjuu or deaiara who m?T try to palm apoa job (omt l>iu?r or luuftrilli uuh, which tk>j cu bay cheap, br i>*igr It UJvat u rood Aroil rach sen. Aek for McLEAND STRENGTHENING CORDIAL, ui take nothing olai. It ta tkc ooly ranted? itai will purify Ai lood thorough!v t nil at the una una suaagthau the ayatea. Oaa laaapooofal takau crary morning fatting is a ctraia ayate earn, preaaatiaa for Cbolara, Chil'a and Fr ?er, Tallow Faaar, or iny prevalent diaaaaa. ft ia pot a? la larva boulaa. hrica Mi'y |l par bottle, or t toulaa for $t J. H McLEAK. Sola praprtetor of Una Cordial; alau, McLean's Voieao.c Oil Lfouuant Pria"ip*i I)|pot sc tea corner of Third Lad Pioa streets, St Lotus, Bfo. McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment, (THE BEST LINIMENT IN THE WORLD ) The only aafa aad certain cure for Caucara, PlUa, To mora, BwsUinga aud Broiieln'a or Castro, Paratyaia, Natt r*lna. Weak bees of the Moaclcs. Chronie or InSimmatara Rheomatiam, 8riffneae of :bt Jmnu, Caotractad Maactea or Lipnnu, Earache or Toothache, Brtiiu, Spmiu, Frah Cata, Wound#, Ulcere, Pa?er borea, Caked Braaat. St* Nip|.iaa, Burt.t, Hcalde, Sore Throat, or aujt ibtfammatian or pain, do difference how ?e?ere ar tonr the ua; hart aiteted, McLKAN* CELEBRATED L1NIMEKT a certain remedy. Them a*.ida of haman hair fa hat a beea aatad alifa of <Sa crapitnda nod mieeiy by the aaa at ttiia uiralvHbte rtaiedy. MCLEAN'S VOLCANIC OIL LlNIMKNT Will relieve paia aliaoei inetant* ueouely, and it will clean, pariIf aad ?eal U>a (oaleat aoraa in aa incredible abort tiaa. FOR HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. McLEAN*CELEBRATED LINIMENT ia the oaly aafa and reliable rairadr tot the cure of Bparin, R orboae, WindrM'e, Sp'leta, Unnataral Lampe, Nodee ?w S?alh re It hw failed U em B?f Head, Palle'il, Fiiiaia, Old RontinJ Soraa, or 8weeny. if (aeaarly aaplied. for Bpaayaa, Brataea, S?r*i-bee, Cracked UaaU, Ctafee, Siddle or Collar 0?!N, Cau, Scree, or Woende, ll ia an infallible remedy. Afpiy it aa directed and a care ia eertata ia avu-y h>at*Ka. Thaa trifla ao lanfar with the ataay warthlaaa Liauaeata offered la im. Obuii a laeiJ* mt Da McL?lNV CIL? brated liniment. It wiu car* ?oo. J. H. MCLEAN, Mi Preprint**, Corner Third *nd Pin* ft. Um, JH*. CKAUU btott, tlS P*. ?*., Hll iftnl tr Wuku# ton; R. a. T. C1MEL, Q><?f now. ? X- Da W1 y ^CHOOL AND COLLE?K OUTFITS. Tenths' and Boys' Clothing for School mud Dross Wear. Parent* an<J rnir4i*n? wrehrag to ftarmeh their ehi.rfren and warJ? trtth BoSoot ard Collie uwfti fur tiie ooiain( inMoii.krt uvued to examine jar iimt iftrta mat] extensive aeecrUseut BOY** CLOTHING, *??? lit*J fit nut their oaUdrea of all uiii la a few momeaU vilh evert descrip tion of Rra<1y iriule Garm?ct*. of no Setantial du? durable (nahty. at wj rrfwWareerte-e WALu HTKFHF.N8 * OO, nasi tt 34* Penc. avenue tlOU?FKBfcPlN9 AND fl ' SKRVANT8' GOODtJ. Wa have now on hand a well ealeotatl ek'ok of he above eoo^e, eeaa a* bheetiase, i ab.e Lii.en?, Nauiaa. Tuvfrlifica. Lidbaii. Kbi Hl'lni Rxn tnoommou to T?rj Oaralarc. B ? ca. Ginjham*, Pillow Cwe button* and l,iosn?, Dmbar k. Dickinson**, Kt'kliM. Ct>ftrl*? & Co , aa<l Riofc&rdaon'a Inch Ltaana ia all anali tt*a.?a of wkioi w will diapoaa of wo Um brat oo 1* TAYLOR * HUTCHISON. HW. HAMILTON PAINTER, tad DEALER IN PAINTS, No. f?? In Brim, ?Mr Odd FklUwl kaUf P17TTV M nnu'M THE WEEKLY STAR Tkia UNdNt Fwaily ud Mm iou?l-?r Uao o&n b* foiad la u; oUir-u rtuluM Sarordty morning. Tiui-Oui faMrwttr. Blnet* oonr, por ftunaa.? Kiv* * , Tm. Cvtpio* .. T*f?J OcpiM^. r""l- it invmrifthif uvtaioa tk* ? rwan UU hu J%* ?r?mtmt 9 f ner?.,.y thioigliost tb* oomiilrj. 90fim (in *r?fp?n' iu b? ] P? Po? Vbo Mt m iiwti vtU to * lo*M a rom.aia?ii.>n of V m?t> FOR SALE AND RENT._ fJ*OR RKNT-A DWF.LLINO. o* K r itr?vt. )4>:wvnMbft>iat'h ?U.. mr+r JmliM+n u?e 1 h? houM la new, in exo?Ilo_t ooo-lili'-n. Mid, t ? itxxl t-n%ot. t?rm? m? 1* ?*} aim for ?*J*, ft Hon** on C Btroot^ b-iwc-n \ U wd ?u. If iiniMdiftCftpp ;o*'io )x ata?, || *ili w ?(.:d or term*. Applr ti * W. BKO WNINO. ocU-xkNotI CH)R RKNT?Kwrnmh?d-ft oomlO'tftN# BKICK r i)W KL.L1NG HOOK, of w <tmm ?!? . L* ft [>.sftt?ftt ftnd hrftJth* ICK-a. tT, vuhia M I'*Une? of thft I'uMio O?oo? ftr?d P?i?n ft?*oo? Kent Mdtn Aipli to J. B. Ml.NR 1 kr?np?. t^t w?rn ?Wfi ftod loth *U. oo POR RKNT??Two now throo-fttar? BRICK I HOI with back bai.dinca. oftoh homt joi.Umtnx room*, witn rioo?*o ijr rttuft'od >n ?th *tr?<ot north. Wwm,i M ftnd N ?t-^oU , root nol'Tft's. Afpl- to K. LAZKNBN . <<pp <?ito or 4> JO?Ii> T. LENMAN, Ohio tvtBut, bow*** 3th ftn.1 ISh?'root? oo W |?'OK >ALfc ?a new tw?-at*ry-*nu-h*Mfb' at r J RICK HOUSF.,ooBUiaiai Wo im aad o*i M, t taatod ob Uta ?t north, ktvofn L aod II ?U . \o. 57H?wttMn S minute*' walk of f" No th?m ;itort?B Ma'ket. Term* anusuallv liberal. Ati^y n u? prraiiM, (h to McKKNNfcY A LaSi DALE, corner of Pa. avenu? and 7th it ?M In* b^UK. KKMT?I'M KIKt*T I- LOOK of U? lot uriu.??d lately oppoeite the VNt wimoI ?itT Ha!.,mtent!y oooupiedby Cbea. 8. WaJ hi m oftr*. Aiao U?? front room .a Um m itorr and the third floor lh* *?* b**idsM. Per rm? apply to RICHARD WALLACHTMo. ? ?ui?i*n* avenue. it II t THE OVLY PREPAJLATIO* wotrir op JNIVER8AL CONFIDENCE * PATRON AO! FOR ?Ti rrcurw rr~n/j* :lehgymen, ladies. qejvrirmwv in a<i p%rta of iha world taatify to tkt tftoor of PROP 0. J WOOD 6 HAIR. RESTORATIVE, ind (tutlrmfn of the Pr??i w? iouimii la ih KUi*. few teatinoniaia oijr oaa be here firm toe ci for nore.aad it wi.l ba impoaaiUle for ron to doubt. <7 Wall Stemt. N*w York. D?c * ?* onttifm ?: Your not* of the :wh inttut tea ->een rvo-i ??i. ?ayinr that r?i ha^ k?ara that I iM boon beaefitftd by the uaeof W?o4'a Ha>r K? tomti v?, an < repeating n; Mrtiioali of the iMt f I had no objaotion to giro it. I award it to yoa ehoa fully, booaaae I think It lue. My are i? about 0P years ; the ?"|nr of my >air kuliart, aud loomed to eurl. ?? or 11* yeara vine* i? began to tare fay. and th* iaa i ?n in'it'ovii of m? ?? <! 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Wood k Co-444 Broadway I*. Y. My family are atuent from tha city, and I am bo ocjer at No. 11 Carrol p a*. ?:a*AfTojr Ala.. Jn'y **h, irt. To Paor. Q J. >\ uuo. Dim* tit Voir "Bvr Iwtmnw" bu done 017 nair ao ntak good mm* oomniKi.oMj til* oa- < ! it. that I w ibL l? ;nown to Um pubi;e of ita rfwti on ?h* Wr. vhiek F? treat. A muor vow mn- b- nearly d< p'iT?fl hair. tad by a reaort to your "Hair K<"?torat>??" he hair vi'1 rer-mi more beaatlin than erar; at Bill th ? 19 rj T eipetienca. Boii*re 1? a'i Yoore truly, W*. H Ksyrtrr. P. S.?Vob can pabitah the abo** if you iTia H? ubi:?hu* in tar Southern ptpiri job will Mt 1 >ro pit'OLic s.i?tx I acreral of yoar oa< - ifioatea in tb<> Mobile Meroury, trongH- uth-rn per. W. H RniN. WOOD'S HAIR RE*TORATITfc. Pao?. O J. Wood: Dear S?? : Ravi>>g had the niifor;une to lot* the beet ro'tioa of inTaair. fioa he i-J?oti cftn? ow frver, n >?? Or. ?"a*a in k61, 1 waa ibwUO?<1 to rnikt a iri?! of yoar trspara ioa. M.d fuund it to r a? rory tiiag >erd^l. Mr hair le ti<?ar thick an<* gloaay, and mo rord* o^n rxpreaa my ob.igatoa* t<> t?< la gtnng o Ujj aS.atod auoh atrcaaare I ixlbt JobKaon. The Reetorative i? not np in bottloe of thr?* him, -is: large, m-diuai and anal; the amal told hatf pint, aud r'Uil* for one dollar per bottk. thr aie inm hoida at iea*t 9" p*ro?nt r j;a in rr<??ortioa Wan the amal', retaiia for iwo doLara p*r a <t!a? f * iftrtc no da a ?u*ri. ?o p?r omit. nurt m propoc ion, and r?t-i!? for ?s 0 J. V\'?'Or> A C<?, Proprietor*, 4*4 Ba^ raj, New York. a^d 114 Max*?iatrM*t. ?U Lonia. to And aold by all rnod Dm^r lata and Faoo ??"da taaiara. ax T7-?iU.a w tJ. O. FL^db T. ik. DIIHIIEWELL'S U9TYEESAL COUGH BXKXDY, 7or mU Throat ond Lnng CompimtuU,/nm Com own C ought to Aetnml Consumption. 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O THE CITIZENS OF WASHINGTON, GEORGETOWN, At. tth> >n?m wmw tke BU& HO LEE A MORBUS, IYSENTEET. Dr'rE"'6k.,UTY.^*.. rrrti! to ta tltnaitf utatt i pibsV conSeqUShob A REMEDY at oim W?, ?n<>, muI iMiiy i?i DR. JKJNTArD*, Ben MJnEA0BMj|jp PA1II( Kr THE MOPIBY Wj^rWkerUN kM tte aduuMUili ??IW Mw ItCirn lot 4*1