Newspaper of Evening Star, October 24, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 24, 1860 Page 3
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. L O C A.L. _JNLE W S. ID* Thou.'Li Tu St a* la printed Mi (be taste* ateam |-fra? In nae aouth ?f Baltimore, I to edittot >a ac l?rg*> a* to rev; 'dre it to bf put to fiVeaa itai early be :r, Advertisement*, therefore, abovld b? rat Id before 12 o'clock m.; otherwise they may Mtmppear until the next day. None*.?District of Columbia Advertiaementa to be Inserted tn tbe R&LTnios* Bp* ans reeei?ed I at and forwarded from Thi i*tax Ofllce. Th? Bkll a5 0Eve*?ttClcb Rco*?. (Thorns Bu'lding.) were well filled last sight, and tte audience seemed !n very good spirits, (he P#n>? v Ivauta elei lion to the contrary notwithstanding, Quite a nuiiiJ'er of new recruits were taken lrtt* th? Association, and their name* enrolled upoa the books Some preliminary business having been trans acted? Mr Ljrls nldr-ssed the meeting la relation to a notice be had given at a former meeting that to. Ttigbt be Miou.d introduce a resolution looking re tLc expulsion from this AssocUtioa ot cerwif ineimbe's who had gone over to the Republican Association, and whose names remained o?tbf rolls of th'? club ftuch bad been his detfnuia*> lion at tbc last meeting. but upon reflection, and aXVr ikAvlail na<i Ku raM/ul that the aumb?r of the traitors did not amount t* more than eight or teo, and that they wi?r* suck bo account" trUuwa that the AsaoeMfeM ?JI tietter off without tbao with them; and further, taring ramie up hi* mind that tbetf eipulilob from th* roil* by resolution would Rive th?-m k ??we<3 ten?-e tbry did not deserve. he hr.dcoi> eluded to let them slide. [Applanse.J Chairman K'nnfdv stated, for the purpose at Ttnderiutc jtutlc* to Mr Thorn, (the proprietor of tb? HaU.) that Mr. T. had iafermed htm that some maliciously disposed person, for purpose* of mUeblef. and likely with a view to the Injury of his standing (n this Association, had propo^d his name and had him averted to membership ia the Republic*! Association, all of which bat Wen done without hia knowledge or consent Mr Thorn had (said the Chairman) expressed extreme indignation at the act, and it wa* due to Mr. Thorn U> say that he felt that for such au no warrantable liberty to be tak?o with his oaf.* was outrageous and lnTarnoos Mr. Ukcman nid be could explain that matter to the satisfaction of Mr Thorn or anybody els?. He bad ascertained that there wuaTbnrq, ares 1 tl<?nt of the Island, who bad been recently cUcted a member of that AssoclaUoo. and tbat It ww aclll icnt for this Association to know -'that t&rlr Ttiorn Is not onr Thorn " [Applause.] Mr. Oallaher being railed upwn to address the Association la relation to bis late trip through a portion of tbe State of Virginia, did so, firft paying a posting compliment to tne handful of men who tie had been surprised to learn bad gone over to tbe republic*!! ranks from tbia Association, and predicting tbat tLey would very shortly And out that tLey uad gone over to Abe a little too late lb lit* dsr. Mr Gallaber then went on tc speak of poUtl<-al r.Sairses h" had found them during a brief trip tbrrn^b tbe valley of Virginia He had arrived at Stinntoii just at the meeting of the Federal Court there, and in 11m? tn -- J J _ _ . ? . ? .mm U' WW UU??| ^?e tl VU1 Mr Yancey to tbe people of that place. From wliJt Mr <y . could gather from bit remarks, be bad made up bit mind tbat Mr. Yancey did no good t? the democracy of Virginia in wbat be said to tLrru there. If be effected anything, it was for l>oa;:la& and not for Breckinridge; for bis line of arguuioat was calculated to arouse the* of Doa^ las to I be greatest exertion. Mr O hart expected to bear from Mr. Yancey something new. and some foundation for bis pecnliar doc - trin?-s, bot had been very much aiaappojnled The worst thing be bad said about the candidates of the Union party was, tbat we bad bung out a great big bell. w ith the tongue tied up. T'ue np-?ker thought this remark came with peculiar grace from a gentleman who was engaged In sup porting a candidate wuo had refused to answer tbe questions propoucd?d by Mr. L-<mb to Mr. Douglas at N? rfoik. Tbis Association would recollect timt not very long ago Mr. Yancey had boen presented with signal tokens cf approval fcv th*? 1?riinf v;- -* * 4 _ . .. ivi Ui? aiu I'l ku? ta tc of tbe Mount Vernon Association. The speaker would like to know what Mr Yancey is 4?ing row toward* the perpetna'ion of the U?-stiroat>le Government formed Oy George Washington! Mr. Yancey toid tbe people of Staunton bow the South should suataia a constitutional l uion. and bow Judge DougUs has only one U 9 Senator upen lil% aid* in tbia campaign, and that Senator la J edge Douglas himself; and then charged Doug las with having made overture* to the republic an partv.with a view of going over to tbem Mr. Y also railed upon Virginia, aa tbe inotb?v of States and statesmen, to lead off in the secession move ment. if Lincoln is elected. Mr. ti tbeu give some account of the state of public feeling in that portion of Virginia through wh:ch he had lately traveled, and spoke hope fully ? f tbe success?! the Union ticket in Virginia on tee 6th day of November. He said that the people of Virginia were practicable man, and de sired to see peace restored to the coontry. They desired to plow their land in peace; arid every ttilBi/. SO {J.T s.% lwi rmiM 1?9"? -1 - _ - ? ?? ??? ? i .iuiua icii mil ti-lC ptroyle of ib&t State are not yet ready for ?***: 04 uor diauaioa. .ft Mr. G. concluded hia remarks byreadlnga letter from an eminent atatfsman (Mr Hill) of%*or^.* to tbe New York Herald, in wbicb the writ-r counsels tic diirupv-d democracy to concentrate at once upon the Uulou candidate as the only practicable or poaaibie meaaa of defeat*r%; its prtjeeU of tbe irrepressible conflict, and Umj dis uuioa eroakera. aud restoring to the land tbe bk-Mln^a of harmony and brotherlv lave. Mr c B Carrtii.tM being loudly called for. mme forward to tbe stand." and waa received wttb cheefa and applaaae. He remarked lit opening. that "to* inan up a tree" It looked a* tauugb old Abe ia coming, and went o.i to apeak to tbe meeting upou toe consideration of the (reservation or tbe dissolution of tbe tfoiou, and expressed tbeoptnton that In Tfror or fa solemn and all-important a com:deration it tfebooved every man who could ?peak not to be tfleat Tbe apeaker bad just returned from a Journey, durtu^ which be bad pasaed nrtr a cou alderabia portisa of tbe State of Virginia, and bad hot lust an oDDortunltv < ??? * r , J -? ?'?*? i lia~tf duriug hlstraveu to icake-a long and a lout howl fur the faUta. [Applaose ] lie thought thai in bia efforts to do a litu- for tuis cause h* b?d been ntfMorablf swr.?eful, and tUat be eoa'd aay with some eonfldcace that be bad brought an occasional bard-hearted loco loco tin ner in pent tene? to the mourner ? bench, and l^uaed him to partake of saving gracc (Laugh ^ 4 Wr C then reviewed thecourae of the eecesxlon d*?cti<rs of the South, and characterised the dor Vin of ivh fmtirmen aa Yanaoy, Toombt, yrvor and other disunion leader*, in strour terma Jlr Tomb* desire* to be a candidate for Hin;? of Georgia; Mr. Pryor Intends to pl*y Brutui wiirn JLfec Lincoln La inaugurated; and ano-her leader m tbia liifetuove project deairea. When Llnocln is A* led, to see Prnusvlvania avenue flowing knee fc-p in human biooa. This. ?>id the tpe&ker, u I tfce language of the leader* of the dcnrocraiic pa/iy. mil. un iiouidatr ' It would a? em it thoogh tbe tine for argument h id paaard. Tba V^emoeratie party were r??pon*ible, and they for toe agitation which bow prevails nit er toi* btoad land. Hav i*g aurceeded Tn foa terlng into f- arful activity th t moi.tter of Mar k rapabifca&iam, and by ao uoiog placid ths Wy in sndearlbable pert!, they now preach ltce* alon and diutiiofl. The ipeoker traced the riaa of the republiqnn part* growing out of tt?e democratic eopwi of |he fgiaaoiiri FOtttpeonMae. and its rapid growth a? ridKl fry the democratic Kanaaa-Nebratka mefc? Mi charged bom* upon the de;nt* r*ic evil they b?*? wra-j-ht,t'j? contrqueneea HtreiUcaia straw out of ILud held that no* 1^0 leader* of the party jt* attempting to ^jMMj^nmate their work by di??w*lng U*a Lnian Hi <W years ago the couatry wa* at peaaa. but in u evil hear Uie political ambition of a few lead ing d^aaerata had lorn aoander the compromise iiKWa/e* wuieh, aader tha Binding hand of that nol>1e*t of men aad statesmen? Henry Clay?bad b^en ratablished, vivln^ peace aad Iin(?? -.?i -? 1(f*t tton to all ?r<r?lon? ot the Union, thereby re lTinjj the old and turn dead faction into what it anr jwtty claws to bo?Um A oil Bit party in the country. , ' I Air a tlto* went ? to tpmk 4* tt? ft.ts of ito. 0*>pa ??odtd?tou *trtj arn?pd that BrU alone, of 411 tLe before the country, is able to Mak *1* tfc> alern WH ot disc?f Mi. C 4?k* *t ?fa ? length, ?? retirad amtJ* a?dy. ftftafiman.) alfcv reMht th? I ~I fad Uha ear our gaeaHu iMk ( ?,2RBa^b H agtr.^lr of the |>rasyecl oC the iieU sad Kverett _^artv la Ttpvemu* ^.pfopoaed three cbaen for the _^hfcndld3>s of the party, which were accurtlrd With good will, ana tiger" thrown la, and tbe 1 i ag adjovtrard to mart ou TBfcnday ; a wrek. irmui StaoD, fN V-Tfe? f nopal _ j ai U?e Virginia Synod, (H- *.,) cafcve#?a rsaodria this evening hj the Second lV?bjr FCbnr^h, aad will opened b* a aernr|of? "m moderator of V*? last ftjnoiif Tint ta m?tto?a (Met *0 tbe jfjayuiru from au parta of the SwBT Tha pu hoapitaMiea of out clttseaa will, fct. be called forth, and ampi* pru*laioa for aU ! aOrBdvtce. The car* of a Ur*e n of ftonr\?blM churcbea. acattered over I parta of Itaa Mate, de*oi?ca apao thla l, tnt raparta from which Wtll ft*a rk? to ittn* and lu?ortsint dtarraajoqJT -JT?t Itn *qo*tioB of ? iocatioa for the tteoWk^l column, of the baft of MtfaattoMcfNo i LsCTr** OS THK PlO>H?CIK?-?r>> Militnium H ftwwi met fn The ftCttfte* t?f UTT Bax ter. at Ko^land. last evening, at tbe Methodist Church, Ninth street, was listened to bv quite a largaand apparently a ?wt Intelligent and appre ciative audience The subject on which he dis coursed was "The awful national calamities pro phesied to be impending: and tbe coming rf Christ to judgment about 18*4-48." The lecturer regarded this subject as one of the most moment ous and important tbat could possibly engage the sttentton of man. Many persons' mind* were much pr^jadiced against the idea of Its being possible to tall of the tim# rtf n hHsd 'a <?At? iln.F te% the earth, because of^he declaration of the DIM# that'*Of that day and boar knoweth no man; no, not even the angels in Heaven !" If such persons would only conalder the various connection* of thla portion of Scripture, their minds wodld at once oe relieved of all doubt and bcaltatlon aris lu2 in oonaequence. It ahould be remembered that the Helytf boat waa not yet given at that time; the boon of Revelation wai not then given, and moreover that the time had not come on the earth when It waa declared that the mlaaion of Christ should not be hid. but should be unclosed and unsealed. He exhorted all to aeareh ibe Scrip tare* diligently that they might underetand tbeae thing* There wai a double blessing Invoked upon thoee who read the book of Revelation; white upon thoee who disregarded ita teaching* were to be heaped fearful anathema* and caree*. The lecturer then proceeded to demonstrate that the year 1987 had always been looked forward to a* the period of Christ * second vlait to the earth, quoting various eminent Kngliah writers in aub. atantintl cm at thta vteur At tw? tim? ni-.t.t would tlrst appear In the air, In order to take up the righteous dead and the righteous living; and then. as soon at this was accomplished, delation and judgment wnu'd be brought on the wicked who were l?ft behind. Some supposed that this uprising of toe righteous would take piece so twperceptlMy that It would be tome time before the wicked ones on the earth would b? aware of it; and It was thought, also, by many, that God would refuse then to listen to the prayers of the wirked enes It was the opinion of nearly all of the eminent believers in this doctrine that the present Emperor of France was In a short while to become the ' tjreat Anti-Cbrial" spoken of ia the Bible; and, after the Jews bad been restored to Jerusalem. Napoleon, in his teal for the lntldel cause, would l<-ad one of the largest and most Imposing armies that bid ever been known to a successful attack upon that ancient citr. He would consign large gumbni to destruction, and put others to the word J 11st at this time, when the Jews would be reduced to the last t-xUrmity, Christ, lu answer to their prayers, woaU descend to the earth, and would pour out up*n the** oppressors hail and fire and destroy flve-*1xthsof them. AitheEmpe rors of Ruwia atid Franc** were to be combined io this dreadful onslaught, it was not dehnltely determined which would be the more conspic uous. ? Tb? millennium waa to berin after the battle of Armaged'm. In which all the wicked would be destroyed It was not supposed that the whole earth would be consumed by this conflagration; but the cities and towns would remain very much as th?y existed previously. Organization or the Board of TftrsrsKi The meeting was ealled to order by the Mayor of the city. All the members present,excepting Mr. Awn. Two communication*?one from Miss Julia A. Stewart, and the other from Miaa Mary E Clark?on the (object of appointment aa teacher*, were received and appropriately ref?rred. On motion of Dr Irtttuide, the chairman waa requested to appoint the usual standing commit tee*. and report at the next meeting The Mavur vacating ti>? chair, Mr. F 9. Walah wns unanimously elected president prt tftn Dr Ironside moved that the b<>ard authorize the opening of the night schools In four district*, and the rule* and regulations of the day schools be aprtlied to them. The motion being agreed to, the following gei tlemen were selected ?? tr*rh?rm fr.* ??.?> a tricts referred to: First district, Mr. S JohnThom ?vu, Second do., Thames M Wilson; Third do , W W. MeCathran; 4tb do., John E Thompson The esereises of these schools will con.mrtire at half pnst six and close at half put nine o'clock p. m. They will be opened on the evening of the Ut of November. Mr. Daniel was elected teacher of music at a salary cf 1500 per annum. Tax Hobs* Railbovd Thbocoh P*x*stl vajia Avmhve Again ?Last night. pursuant to advertisement, a Isrge meeting of the citizens of Washlagton favorable to the establishment of a borse railroad through Pennsylvania avenue, from the Navy Yard to Georgetown, with lateral branches through the principal streets, was held at Temperance Hall. Tbe subject In question wi 1 I _ J * 1 - - - * - wU uikuwu jreeiy,aiier woichthe bill reported for the action of Congress last year, waa modified and adopted. The modification* of the laat year a 8lan look to an extension rf the roxd through Tenth street. from the bonndary to the Potomac river, aid alao through Fourteenth street from Hennajlvanlaavenue to the boundary. The meet in? alao directed that 500 copies of the aald plan (the memorial and bill)be printed for distribution, and that the bo?k? be opened at the office of Mr. George Alattlngly, cortier cf Sixthstreet and Perm sylvanls avenue, to allow those desiring to take ?to:k in the proposed railroad to subscrlbs. Tub Revival* ?The protracted meetings In the central stations sf the Methodist Church, which l1.1v/5 bean In progress during the past two months, ead<d with the OeKiiUiinE of this week At ti? M K Church South, and the Ninth-street M. V. Church, tbe meetings were very Interesting daring their continuance, and resulted la the conversion and addition to the cLurehts of a large iiumbt-r of person*?minora and a?lutta. Tbe meetings are continued at the churches iu tbe eastern wards, and also in Georgetown At the Cast Washington Mlsaloa, (Rev VV. T. Dumra, pastor,) Rev. H C. Westwotd, of Union Chapel, preached a very abl- discourse upon the subject of salvation; aft-r wtii- h a very Interesting prayer meeting, lnUr peraed with exhortations, occupied tbe remainder ef the even int. The meeting! at the Georgetown churches continue to be very interesting and sus ctiaful. ^ Ma. Eiiitob I would Invite the attention of thr Ma*ur and his officers to Seventh street freoa the avenue to (i street, also to D street from Eighth to Tenth streets, to tlie numerous boles iu each, .... .HV>( ^nuiromn ronaiiion; Iurllitr, to Dm ii thy and untidy appearance of Ml the <>ilai ueaa ?tr?*U of tha city, ana the constant nnlawfnl otMtrurtion of the sidewalks With all sort* of rib hlsh, barrels, crate*, boxef, and what not. A few sickly newspapers, and the correspondent of a luminary, so constantly bedaub the Mayor with their adulation that be really appears to aee, do. or kaow nothing. Why, air, a glance at our nodfi police would lndnce any atranger to think that our whole municipal machine waa a dead fsilnrr. Intense hatred of dead know nothings, and load proft-saluns of democracy* U not all that u i?quir?a to govern a city. Dkmocbat. Thi Democratic Mketihg at Rocktillk Ybsykrdat ?This meeting waa largely attended by the democrarr of M ontgoinery con nty. Com 1 ng to rtner ?t a little before two o'clock, It waa first . ?! ?- ?? " v? ?, xiw Rirai inrce ann cogency, >y Mr. Boulc, el re tor for the district, who wa? followed urcessiTtly br Mwn Thrift, of this clty; Wm. J Rc*e, of N>w York; C. R. Russell, of Georgia; Aiken, of this city, and Meek with West Mr. K ussell felicitously noticed the pretence of a con siderable unn brr of ladies, wbo aided to Inspire the orato and cbeer the audience The nuniber present was probibly about twelve hundred. Ci*rtnr Cot*T.?Yesterday the Conrt took up a case m wnico action was brought by Mont gomery Blair against Wa Carey Jones, to test the right of the Utter to pas loss the furniture, books, etc , of the late Thames H Beaten. The rhm was decided for the pMntftT, and one c#nt datuages awarded. _ ,' On motion of Chas. H UttenneUe, Esq , Mr. Ales J. Be.ntiev. formerly of Cincinnati, Ohio, wa* admitted to practice as an attorney and eowhsHlor in tills Court, i To-day the Court it engaged In the- trial of MM whm t? ? ?? ? .. ?.wueu? ?V IV^V*C? UTUW alleged to be doe. A s a *s i o?r ?cs ricioxYsaterday, J ?ha U rown, * well kaown dealer fa rag a, Ac, was arrested by ol&cera Kltubell Mil K?ea* on suspicion of a lar omty Ufown wu m* of ttw ?cusses la tbe fioMtoui 'saabs shaw which rmlttd I# t*s sals of the menagerie yesterday la ir6aX 61 tt? Bank of Waahington. As ttof Whlfc mlc*Wrra mentioned fn connection with the wr?t. If la ihU U Um wind lag up of aU matters in r?aa?;tioa with th? ahow In this altf. l*?own was com art tied for n further bearing. Pabdomd ? Robert Ceoss, wbo, it will be re in*u?bered, was convicted about three year* ago of shooting Tbamas Kohinaon, a poliee officer of Hr SI I th Ward, for whlcb he was sent to the penitentiary, was yesterday pardoned by the Pies dent and released. Since nil confinement he has been regarded u one of the most tractable of the prisoners Strict attention on hla part te hie moral conduct wirt soon restore him to confidence, and hts frfends wtU be glad to hear that this Is the course he has marked oat for himself. Odd Fellows* Hall ?Prof ? glctan. opened laat nlgbt to a vary respectable and latrtttgenl aodleaca. At 8 o'clock precisely tha curtain rote, and preaeated the stag* beautifully lllomlnatrd, and decorated with all the glitter and effect thit could be produced The Profewor proved himself to be a perfect matter of the my silt; art. He will to doubt be patronized daring bit Uf l**re bT crowded boaa*. 4' Sloniag In the, at*'' la of Itself well worth, the price ofadmtuloa. . i m 1 ? ? t i To Tutiiuii io> iu Sort*.?Peraons ln toadiog to vjalt Key Wad ar Havana are directed ' aoar advertiatngcolumnafor Information greatly , to tbelr In West. The favorite and fortuaata ataam talp Isabel, (the accomplished aeamaa and gaft uruian, WiLUara Rail)us, commander) leavaa # ** lrt * Nar?n?*r. An ageacy for tickets aad information baa bean eetabllabed to tbla otty i nwa*-* '/'H :!J' >% .? i i*i * . ... , i?<< luitwr <* * ?1 t*' 1 /!b<)k H ? <K .e'f #<>i ?!?! I ,1 Comb Aoaih The pump maker imw>*b> In demand at the corner of Flrat atreet eaat ir.d Peuaavlvaoia avenua. There ia a great aeed of wi??r'thw. wxi conaeqaentlv iwy time the pomp faiia, lbere ia ?reat inconrenlenre. Several of the reaidentaof that vicinity here been com plaining loudiv recently, and uk a *peedj remedy for the fault cf the pump. Tri LADima of the Fourth r.-rabeteriaa Church, on Oth atrret, open a Festival tail evvoiag, In Thora'a Hail. Seventh * treat, to beeon?l->ued three event i-ga. The proceeda art- to be appropriated to the improvement of the Church. For pertlcu lara of tLe fair aee advcrUicinent in another UVlUlilil Oysters . Otstkrs Families can be supplied with fresh oysters every day by calling at Harvey tc Co.;? Oyster Depot. Styenth street, between L and M. Washington, D. C. N. B.?Oystrrc, fried, stewed, or scalded, served at the shortest notice, aad delivered to any part of tbe city. * Wx axx reauestwl to call attention to tb? ad vertisement of tbe meeting of tbe Douglas and Johnson association to-night. Major Tochraan is to address the meeting and a spirited time is an* tic'.pa ted t?xx sotici in another column of Festival to open tbia evening in Thorn's building, next to Odd Fellowa' Hall, Seventh street; and be s?r? and see the Festival Itself. Ckktx&l Guard Horsx?The trial docket was blank tbia morning, and tbe magistrate bad no duties to perform. Drains thk avxMicx that has juat passed away, thousands of sufferers f om dys?nterv and diarrbepa hare been relieved by th* us- oflloiteiter's Bitters, a meamine winch is evidently destined to mainta.n a permanent place in tl?? pubiio estimation B i I - liott* diarrhoea i? one of those diseases whioh baf the skill of the phjsician. The medicine th<*y admini-ter to act npon tlie bowel* never seems to /? . - . '1 ? ? nm euuron 01 me evu itie uimcuity i? to get ! a remedy that will reach all the digestive organs, and give them simultaneously a rush of vigor to rid j tuenoit-lv?mi of this disease. This problem n solved > br the Hitters, which never fail to conquer the most stubborn o*srs It is only fair to kay that, during the season just closed, tias medicine has achieved morn cure* than %nv othe' ever presented to the public, and during the fall, when tnnt terrible s^ource, the Fever and Ague, is so prevalent, the Bitters will gain fresh fame. ro d by druggists aud dealers generally every where. oc 22-eoSt Holloway's Hills. Ntrrotit Dtbility, fc ?A* a sedative and inviijor atng medicine, these Pills hare had an astAni*Hir.K success in every paitof the civilized globe. Thefr are unaffected by climate as their operations are tlie same in the torrid zone or the Artie regions. They regulate the pulse and the nation of the h??ft Kr?.? ami strengthen tho relaxed nerve*. kit* toi.e and energy to the general system. and by re-esablish ingla vigorous effort of the vital functions ex tin* uish the elements of melancholy,dep reused spirits, bines, vapors, Sto. Sk>ld by all Druggists &t 25c ,f2c. and per box. oe 19-lw Wistar's Balsam of Wild GBntT. The following letter from Rev. Hkney \V ood, of Concord. N. H? Kditor oftheCongroeational Jour nal, speaks volumes in favor ol W%*tar's Balfnm:? Concord, N. H., March i. Mkssrs. Sxth \V. Fowli ft Co.?Gentttmm: Two years ago, a sudden and violent attack upon my Lungs confined me to my bed for several weeks, and when I recovered, I was so innoh oppressed by difficulty in breathing, that I was often unable to Jeep or rest upon a bed liy night. The suffering was extreme, and judging from the ineffioacy of the remedies used. I suppOMod the disease incurable. Heine oerkujuied t*> trr & hnttunf nr? ~ . - - J ? - va .? ?v??' a 1 of Wild Cherry, without eoi fidene^ in its efficacy, I found the difficulty almost entirely removed be fore one bottle wan used up. Sympathy with my fell >v sufferer* induces mo to make this public statement, and recommend the article .to others similarly afflict >d. With respect, yours truly, IIemit Wood. None cenuine unless signed I. Bctts on the wrapper. Prepared by S. \V. Fowl# k Co., Boston, and for saie hy Z. D. (iiiman, 8. C. Ford, jr., 9. B. Waits, G. Stott, John Schwarze, Nairn A. Palmer, Wash ice tun; and by dealers everywhere. oc 17-lw.r Homeopathic Kkmbtom All of Dr. Humphreys A Co.'s specific Ho meopathic Remedies put up expressly for family use, iu boxes, at 25 and 5? cents each. Also, iu cases, contAiuhig SO vials, from 94 to A5 each, with book of full directions. For sale by Z. 1). Gilman, 350 Pa. avenue, wholesale and retail agent: W. A. Fitxserald. 3A3 north F street; also li? F. B. Winter, comer of Massachusetts avs * - * i n ? J'- ? ' *** * hu? 0uvi otAkii SMCOfr. A'?"| J EtJC-lTOLCl OJf W Xl^f% for internal And external inflammations ftf all k>mU. Sold as above. ma9 1y Rvinza. Have yon seen Prof. Wood's advertise ment in our paper. Read it; it will interest you. au 30-eoly To thk AFfLTCT*D !?Be pure to read the adver tisement ?>f McLean's strengthening Cordial aad Blood Purifier, in another column. tf MARR1KD. At WesieyPhapal, on the 23J instant, hv Rev. L. F. Morgan,FLOOO W. HO WARD to Miss RO SA HhNMNG, ail of th>s city. * DIED, In Georgetown, on the evening of the 23d instant, FRANK LIN K. APPLEBY, sou of William Ap pleby . in the 22d year of his age. He was a youn* man of fins intellectual capacity, and entered life witn briiht prospects of furor* use Ulu-?f; but c Hsumotioa that fell de?troysr, narked him as its victim. in hi nearly ptune, abd cu: hi.a down?thus severing the endearing rein ..f l.ft. u.. ? ?* - ??? v* >u?- mu? wv uiwurn uufc fti anise WflO RA-V6 no hope; for he leave* behind him the happy ?ur auoa of exchanKing the su3\*rui*s of earth for repose of heaven. bi Sua and Amtrican oopy.) - PROPOSALS FOR PROVISIONS. VVa?hi*?5T0!? Axsx*al, October 20,186?. Szalid PaopngAL*, to be endora?d "Proposal* for frovia'ona," will ha r?c?ived by the Aotm* A?sista t Commissary of Subtisteno at thi* At ua'.ontii lOo'l ck a. m, of the famishing tb* to iowmjt articles of provision*, via: 65' pound# l>aoon I'rht aide* 3 barrels mees pork 26 co flour, fxtra superfine (Arfeld Miilt) W) pounds rioo. ot<an ana whclf> 7 busn-)l* w:nt" n*ry now and o.ean fion pounds clear. Rio Cc-flae ?fXI do dry b ows au;ar > nation* fli'lsr vinejrar !*< pounds tallow caudles (6'?) 35<? do liatd brown soap 4 rust)"'* nae salt All ?he must i>? of the best quality, and are to be deliver**! in tort- at tii* Arseaal on or before the 29th in*<.*nt Sampesofth* artiole* to ho furnished will be reanir^ with esol p'opon.'U. JOHN 8. S\l,i\I)hRS. op 22 St Pvt. 24 Lieut. Ord. A- A.C 9. ARGEST SHOE STORE ON SEVENTH STREET. The largest, cheapest, and M??t as ported stock of BOOTS AN? SHOES on Seventh *txeet is at I'M MINS h. f*0*S New Store, one door south of Northern Market. Persons desiring to bay rood as well aasheap Shoos will bnd, at the above Store, Boots a.d Shoes that cann"t fail to suit in price and qnnl*T. Also, HATS and CAP# of t he latest styles. With a large assortment of lTM BHEI.LAS. stock of ? as cheap Remember tho iarie Klue Sign. C. F. CUMMIN* A CO., dii oarnuiB iL,oonuuor D'lov _oc20-1 w_ Northern Mfcrk"! pROPEKTY OWNERS AND BUILDERS, Vour attention and examination i* respeclfullT "licited to 'xamine the oelebrated New Y?rk OUTTA PfcRCHA ROoFING and the GUTI'A PERCH A Pi* int tor painting tin root*. Tan Gutta Pereha Roo5n? ami Paiut i? acknowledged b? aJI the be?t architect* in New York Oity to be the beat and ch>M?c?t ft*<ofir,g and Paii.t in nmt ano?. It oan hi seen at H. W. HAMILTON'S Paint Store. 513 Seveath street. CA^FIELfli ham II,TON are the anle arenta Tor Washington, Georgetown, Alexandria and the South. For far ther mfurmat on arfdreat a* above. oa 18-tf Real English anii bigf.low Brus sels CARPETINUS AT PRIME COS T. The entire atook in trad? of Ve vet, BrtiMelt.Tap eatrj.andorher Carpeting* with Kug? and D?or Mat* to inatob. are now aelltag ont at oost, for the ?a?h, at the old store of CLAGKTT * DODBON, nn W Han a * ? ? rwiniei otufc m. | CURTAIN MATERIALS AT CQ*T.-Tb" en tire a'ock, comprising the ino*t complete vji?? ties of material* for CurVains ad&ptroso drawing loom*, parlors, ilininr rooms, ohamnera, offices, Mlo., ere. offered for sale in this city, are now s#U> ins ont at prime coat for the cash at th" old and P? tari i hed ?tore of CCaGKTtT A POOWON,i 00 22-e?6t ?fp. 4 Market Spucf 'P CfiMRTKIT |*OTlCR/ 1 KB Subeeri her offers for aale hia stuck of M A BMC MONUMENT*. TOMB3, U* * 8T'?Nt-8and MARtiLK MANTEL* at jrlg.for-hora, * *" FIRE! PIRBil FlREt'! v _j lOO UEWARDL I will eive the above reward for the arr??t an

BHB ... fte arrest and oonvtotiea of the person or peraoas who 4fed the o*rpenter'a shop of Heera* Brother oki the *ikht of the 18th instant. Their alt was destroyed. The generous and ayinpathixinc pnblio wilt be called oa for a amalt amount to anabie thara to resume their former business. ' " ** l.i i?? ?" ? wa?v< ?t-h MRS. J BlttBIE, ill ARTWT IN HAIR JEWRI.RY, _ Such u MracelsU, Ear-ring*. Fob Chain*. *Ftn Kr-nng*, NitklKM, Bf*a?tpin?, Guard Clf&ai*, f Mrti, , made t order, at No. 344 P*. Avmm, ?*tw. ?th a:<? 10th Cfs., ..'?*w#?!?2f^ - -if otKlm* ^OOD! w o o .n* *-0 & Ut BTOVE and KINDLINO WOOD.ktth? po**ibla iris*. i T. J, k W. M. OA' ^ nSf" ^ UU"^ T watts; - WANTED-* oook wash. * ? ?ad u?m for a strati famnr. Afyfr at N- **? G ?t. rr^ ocU it W rmv B' ar??p*ctat>J?w?*ia?. a *7 TIONa* w-tnorw-. Ayplr at No 4 bat W.^n 2d and sta. W\ lt# W NF.ORO BOY. Apply . f-,rH9^ HAVENNfcR, J47 C itmt.V Hrwn Sth ?nd ?k. WA\TKJ>? Bt r#*pect&W? jran* wowajv, * SlTV*TION u cM>k. w*?h^r knit i??4'r. 9Wtlinroi|hl]r under*t?nd? her hoMueas. Add-eaa Pox N" ft. at this ofllic* oc >4-2t* WTANTKD-A WOMAN (white nr colored) to " r >ok and warh for % *m*ll family. Inquire a' AN rH(?iNV*8StOf?1*40 7[hat Oood?MMVi.l ha given. oc 24 3t* WANTKD-A rood Ureal and Fano* Cake BA KKR, to io to Madison Court Hon*?, Va Apnl/ to JAMh* H. SIMPSON. No. * -onth Farfax atreet Aiaxaadrwy, Va., or ?* tf ROOMS WANTED, in or near Seve?h str?et, northerly, and not vary iar.fforo the Patent Of fice ; two adjoimnr, anfdrntinm room*. in a bou?e auppl'ed with water. AdJrcia H. \V.,Star Office. oo 24-8t* WANTEP?Ever* body to know that PAOF.'S Confectionary, No. 436 -eventh ?treet, above G. ) tue plMft to g't treah Cakes and other Con hub ?i prices in huh me limes. lia'is and p* tips furnish od with Ice Cream and other Refrenh menta oo 34-lw* \*7ANTKD-A MALE TKACHKrV"to take " c' arc? of a nijht ?cho?L App y to GfcORUE W RF.ALL, Brki<e street, Oeor*#towti. oc 23-3t V|7 ANTED TO PURCHASE OR EXCHANGE ?? A eo'id Second h\nu COl'fi h. Appiy at WALTER, KARMANN A ROPPS Coach Fao tory, I) street, lolweea 9th and 10th its. oo a-st* WANTED?An overseer's SITUATION, by on* who is thoroughly and p aotiea'ly ac quainted with both farnunc and cardenin*. in "II their various buMiabet f he most unca??pti'?>fthle references given,- ns regards chara<?tt?r, qun'itica tions, Ac. Address O. R ,throu*hthe Fail> Chnroh Post Office, Fairfax couuty. Va. oo 23 3t* FURNITUR K \V A NTF.D -Per??n? havi e ro pect&I.Io Household Furniture to dispose of will hear of cash ?>uroh?-e'8 aftur theSHh ir?t*nt by aJdres?ine J. ft., at this < ffioo. oo 19 6t* WANTED IMMKDIATKLY-F?oni ?5 to flO.onn worth of SECOND-HAND Fl KNI TURF, of ail kind*, for which I will to par toe ui?iit??t pi iec?, Mil, aa u'uai, at the shortest no tice. R. BUCHLY. Dealer in Furniture, S'?>ve?, ft c . oc 9 4 OS 7th ft., bet. G aril H. rant ruie. WANTED-All kind* of SECOND-HAND w FURNITURE,f.?r whieh I will pay the cash, at 369 atieet, batwoon I and K. oc 6-tr BONT7 &G RIFF1TIL VI7ANTKD?To have every bod t know that they ? oan find a fine and w.-il ??'e<jv*<l *took <>f FALL ar?d ? 1VTKR CLOTHING, FURNISH. ING GOODS, HATS and CAfS at the Peopled Clothing Store, No. 400 Seventh at, oppose Post Office. te 28-lm LOST AND FOUND. C^AMK TO MV PLACK, on Sunday !*Ft/nyo j I ITTl.E Pl?<* itf.v.n. ??' ????.? Wt/VI I will plewee ooireTk^^^ wrwksold The owner' forward, prove property, take them away. __ It* Temperance Wiley. Lost?On Hundav. Oo'ober l:*t, on H ?trept, between 13th ?t and Vermont av.. or on Ver mont av .between H and M at#., or near the resi dence of Charle* Hi!', Esq., a plain ?oM BP ACE I.KT. The finrter wi'l reoeiv* a ?intaWe reward by l< av>n< it at the office of R1GGS 4 0. op 2i 3f ?2 Til AV COWS ?Taken up. on the ?2d Octnb?<\ k1 1 St50. one horn*!l C.>vr ; r< ! aril white.nrfnM marks ; on* ear rp it: the < ther cut on t1 e Another Cow, a red and wluie buffi-? In end ro mark. The own??r (or nwnerii of the above property in requested to comn forward, prove property, pay eharite*. and t??e them nwr lotls I. HaUMBXT, FOR SALE AND RENT. [For ot\*r "For Salt and Kent" advtrtntiitnts, '' ! ' ?f first pair?.) Handsomely furnish kd rooms, m elndinr parlor* and chambers forre t ntlAD Pa. avenue between 17th and 18th sU.. ??>nveni?tt t* the Departments. etc. ro 24-Steo* . ? y _ -r > - < " "* I70R RKNT-* three-*..ryhrick DWEt.l.ING I r HOUSE, No. 3 <0 F street, next door to cnfr#r ' of F and ilth it* Inquireot Dr. H. P. HOWARD, corner 10th and F st?. oc ?4-3t* lJ*OR RENT?A TTOT~PE. situated in the f-irit r Ward, on Seventeenth mrert. south of the Na?v Department For term* *ppU tj JOSEl'H GA\V i.KR. Pa. ar?r lie, between I7w and ldth at *. oc 24 3t* fr<OB RENT-A vfery d??iraAla RESIOENTE. on Flev^nth, between O and H street*. The house grand* back from the street about/0 feet; eont*in* 7 room*, good dry oatlfcr. Acs. Apply to F.. C DYER, S36 Pa. avenue, botween IStli and 13th *U. oc 24-tf FOR SALE-A Bill OfNG LOT on n street, n ar the priytrnt ufc?e For terms apply at DEX PER'S Restaurant/earner Thirteenth st'oet and Pa avenue. oc Zi 2t* F^OR R EN f?I'pfie? ^a7t orth?"irr>n*e on Eighth *'reet. betveer^ the Avenue an(^ D st. A eo, 2 mail llricliM on TtMnti?th street, between M and N ; or (or ?ale. Apply JOHNSON & SUTTON, oc a tf t . FOR RENT?A neatly furm'sh-d HOt'SE in the First Ward, on H, between 17th and 18th streets, ^o. 227, containing ? double parlor, 5 or 6 cham b?r?,dininr room, ki'o^en and pantry; with ejs, cold or LpLyater, l>iih-ryoti^ *o . *o. Appl) to L. L. I.OVblG, Fourtk AmUtor'i dff.;e. oc 4-lm fpOR RENT-A three *t >ry HKICK HOU^E, ' 111 t Iin ?* ? "g ^ ?* 1 ?? ? ?. . u ?-? ??. ?! ?u-' it\n nn.-?ri xi i ur- ?fi irnui IW n M streets north,(ia?t ncccpH I * Judee Hu ??r,I o?ntairunj ten rontnt. b?? ikitchen, bath r<>- in, *ii(l o?!!ftr room * for 'not. hot an<1 no!d water in bath-room and toiiioofthe chamber*, gas t-iorciici. uut, 'arie ?ard. staH". aj(4 ca-riace hou<e. In quire of C. S O HARE.X#. 252 Seventh str et, I etweea M and N street*. oc 22-3t* TniRKKHI NDRED ANDFIFI KKN ACH fcS in Fairfax count*. Va., in xe^llont order; w< 11 timbered; ?ov4 i>ui dir.#*; a uruwn *'o;ie quarry. A railrotri car ahop ar.rt wa'er ii u?' bo erected on the farm. Als", a new Sieain Mi 1 in L'udourj oriunty. A purcb*s^r c?'i ei t a t areain of G W.'KRAY, Afent, 81? Seventh st.. Wash ington. D. C. oo 18 Im* FOR R KNT?Th-ee WRICK ITOrSFH rf the hand hoi us Row on Ninth, between M and N atreets, with gas comp!nta. Kent $\b por month? connidered the oh apest house* in Washington. Apply to FR ANK HKMBlR r ?H).4nT Twelfth atrent, between 1 and ii , of to Mr. Wcsl-L^' Hhoa Sture, rp igite the builduue; or to the uudersigned, No. 3*3 Pa avenue, hrt*?e?n ?W and fith at*, oo 15-eo2w W.M. H. CAMPVKI.Li. m \0 D PWP fl- II * I I a l_? rv/iv i\ r.i i ? i nc ii ii/ii ci hi" r rcfrnKiin nn Itim Company will be rented fbr concerts, eo tillno parties, lecture*. ?o. For parUctii*rs lo^uir? of W. 1L FANNING. . oo IS-coSw IZ*- h i : (?OH RKNT?A large and desirable DWELL ING-UOUiE. No. 444 T.welftk street, l*tween O and H sta , containing li roon>?, with allth" mod ern improvement* Po?a^?|oi4 given November I, 186). Kor tenns apply to J NO. AEXANUKK, No 240 Pa. avenu*. oo 15 ec>3w FOR RKNT?A and d*?si'able BRICK DWLlai/lNtt iHHJSIiiua p earaut lorali v, yiJKSSft m t'ou,MM'rt 1?OR RKNT-Pon???nnn nnthejst of Qotol?t 1 Tb?l)WRT.I,?N?HOU*HN?.?S? fl'itrael at present uetupiod l?j trie Rev. Dr. Butier, sod uext door to tlie residence of th? a<! verti**j. jTm CARf.rsLB. N. B.?It will not be let for a boarding house, se U-tf _ _ Ill ??^ BOARDING. No. 4.If Twelfth at., bet wren O and H?<a most d4 lr&blfl oca ltv. oo r3-2t*r:; JFURSKTURE! R\ 00 Furniture! Vk Th? o'd *?uNiaa?<i Hotmfur-* "nfeSisssstf? . -- ?r?jj?>w-wen fin*d witjfth^fV'FNrll aopphr of flfR NITUHK; -nM HOiWKKFITTING tfoons in very variety, wlti ;n we otJVr at r?d?cMl fnaea. Our PARLuR Fl'RMTUKE, :-7 w-ww, RNITL'RE are egpcc al'y worth lh?* attention ofpurchstfr*. ajithe ?tyles aro mire* improved, and finish ?i% e ri rtoaav we have had. W 1 h? na . C ? - .lisra.-FSrifaaa'Wii^. Bookoiues and Writiug Detki, FreiJih <?hina an4 fiai!likh'l<Jf?nite Ware, Oia?? Ware | * Fi(i? K*h?h a#d Cattery and U?rA ware, Ala*?^mb*; iiSt'ta; Bfdaia, Bro?h*er*iih, Also, Hair and Shuck Mattre^e*, Fi?i'!Si>StnllStti:c.aJfJftS5?Ti m Mr-' gain*. McGREUOR k CO.. < oo 22-3teo 530 Seventh street. GHgeTKOomt i t?. Attractions iji Carets an4 Oi\cloti?! i!y daut a^i'.iUon, ??r STOCK Of! CARPETS willhe lr *pt fall and attraotive the wlijato * * ?i,i Our STOCK OF OILCl.OTHS i? theh^t injth#. fou'nd'liKSlS^ W'0 " JS" th" M ta. b" Buyers are requested to ca 1 at our ryotm befou, rJf7 M ) *,*? It v-nji muu our Itoci ieilliOJ l" 1 *""*"' *n? I variety. L. K. PKi?V A CO., j J ,T H Up??rRo???-Krry BjUM-ni/l : oc 19-6t Corner P*. *nd Ninth , WT: CLOAKS. I V* E Hive thu d?r received from New loA t*MU!ul MeoitiM*t Af*?ctale FaL ud VV ifur C L?J AK^iar h trie A^r?b^^^u?re^SBd ojbw ., t' i ? rw> - . iiirPifym lt vT BUB" It 1 UnWi Correspondme* of Tk? Star. SioMltovi. October 7\. 199$ Yo?r fine corps, the National R'tea Cattail Sebaffer, fa vorrd our cltv with a visit on Moidiy evening la#t. and hailing naar the armory of th?* Potnmec Light InUuUy, drilled for sometime Those fortanae enough to be present were to weil pifMl, &mt have ai?eminated such flattering report of tbe wonderful proflelency of tb? cot* ninnnlti?l??.A " "?' *" | ; ...a . pl UIIW ??j AS VI UIIU. ?UBI IUTI C it a gewal w:ui to are tUeoi b?re again We hope tbe R idea will yield. and clw ttre desired oppor tunity at an early day; *nd wben they do.We an*, gest that tb?r march through Bridge and HVjfn sts. to some point writ of tbe latter tborosrhftre. (?av Firat street,) aa tbe west-end ladies are not pieas*d that tboee In other sections sbnuid mo nopolize tbe military. Tbe mem ben of th? Po tomac l.'gbt Infantry.with troe military courtesy, d d everything possible for tbe comfort u>4 con venience of tbe visitors, who wersninotoi, ud tbeir evolution* impeded, vre regret to bear, by a disorderly crowd, until Capt. Hollic?sworih (of tbe P. L.I ) and some of bia men succeeded, after great exertions. Id clearing a small spooe. Tb? incipient "roogbs'' retaliated by abuse and Insult, knd Capt HoU'Sgwortb was struck la the ffcre witbamud ball Where were tbt police! We are told that not one of the force Wat visible In spite of a very stringent Corporation law to check ! rowdyism. our youths are "getting *o better, fast *' Enforce tbe law, though. and parents aud guardians will soon find it to lie 1? as eipensivt and less troublesome to use* lit'Js wholes* ine re straint and keep tbeir charges in doors, particu larly at night. Two sailor*, named respectively Francis Miller and Job Wilson, made an unprovoked asssult about 11 o'clock laat night upon Wm J?mith and Edward Finley, two reaideuts oX our city. They were standing on Wnter street conversing;, when they were approached by tbe sailors. who belong to vessels now ;n our harborf some worda passed, when the sailor* drew their kniveaand cut Siaith ncrota the throat, making a ghastly wound, and Kin ley was badly cut arrorn the forehead Of ficer* Thomis aid Sebastian went In pumilt of the parties, and arrested them near the *pot where they committed the assault Th?-y made a des perate resistance, and Miller naed h.s knife on officer Thomas. making a Innge at bioi which fortunately ouly reached far enough to cut tbr??'>^h his coat and vest They were finally secured, and had jui examination before Just!-* W A Klui; this morning. After a bearing tber were. Id default cf ball, committed to jail to await a trial before tbe Criminal Court for an bssault with Intent to kill. James Thomas, a colored man. vraa also com mitted to Jail bv inquire King for stoning and threatening to kill John Booth, tbe attendant at tbe guardhouse. Tbe Potomac I<1ght Infantry were out last night for a drill by moonlight, and attracted much at tention as they marched through our priucip^l streets Their friends say that th? progress of the company in tbe mllitarv art Is very decided from week to week, and we hare no doubt they report truly. Business is still active on and about tbe canal, and the navigation is unl'nterupted. Tbe boat* engaged In the e.oa! trade haveseldrm made wb quick trips and so iiuun" of them The propeller Oatbcart, inAl boat, by the by. makes her four trips a month from Cumberland with coal, we hre t/>ld, and it ia claimed site cm utake five If this Is so, we shall expect iteamUcau to supersede horte-boata on tbe canals throughout the country, and that at no distant day. GEORGETOWN AD VERT'AITS For other (reorgttvten tiHrertxmtrunts .?<? Hrn i FOK RENT-A new FRAMK HOUSE. wtv Me for a ama'i fami v, <?n KreU-riek. near h rtroet. T?nr^s_wH jH?_rni?l*r?t* to a Rood tenant. Oi>D FELLOWS' LEVEE! FORRESTHALL MONDAY NIGHT October 19. I Otorgetotcn.) oo!5-eo m Appij 10 j1 >h > mmtlkr, on the c?jn?r? o??; orfoH WINGATK. ' oc U X Anew store T No. S3 RR1DUE STREET. NEXT DOO* TO FARMERS and MECHANICS HANK. Th? unhsoribera hav* juet op*r?d a large and complete assortment of BOOTS and 8(10hS for ladies'. centlenien's and chil dren's wear, which the* wi 1 sell at lower prices than tfcey can be purchased else where. oc24-4t H. STR AS^FROVR A PRO. FROM BOSTON?The Kimvt crs \V. 1) * 'ar^ill.A'-nou.aiid J. W. Se?v?r have arrtved from Boston acd ? a?tport.a.d.<Vfc_ it weather permit, will be disonarKiuf Monday morma*. The J. W. Shaver wiJl be r# ceiviu* freight for the above port on Tune^ar. Ap ply to HARTI.EV * BRO.. ooSMt 99 and 101 Water treat. BONNET RIBBONS, VELVET RIBBONS, BONNET MATERIALS, FRENCH FLOWERS a-.d bridal wrkatup, FEATHERS.STRAW B'>NNKT8,BEAVER and PKI.T HATm. P?ttf*m iV FR? MES and Klt'H KSi BUN NET Vt! f. VEtR SILKS ?ud BLON'DB LA CES.ewWucm* every ttiin* noh ar.u new In tb? Military Li??, at .w*r rrioei. F. 6UTMAM, No. 117 scnth side Bridie street. 90 16 3tr G??r|ret?Vn. D. CJ E\V STORK! NEW GOODS I MRS. M. SIMSON Irfo'ms her nntnerouii frie'-ds and the pnhlie (W erilij th%t f h? 1* now established at her Stof, No. Ill Bridre street. fieorjretowv,C/ff ?wo doors ahove the old stand, wh-rs m*y b found a? mil* .% Iar?* a^'O'tm^nt of M' l.l-INK RV OK V GOOD?", HOSIERY, awl EMBRO.'b L RI EjJ. at the very lowest ma ket prices. ' oc i?-' m i l?OR RENT?In Oeorpotown. two &rat-ela<>s a HOl:Sh-S, situated on West street, one con taining 16 noma, ami (he other 9. with mi an'i bath rooms ooinpIHe Apply to H. L. OFFUTT. No 4ft Htth et , Georgetown. oc 6-l;n A>E OF THE BFST STORIES EVER W WRITTEN. Will oomraeoce Ihii week Will ooaunence Uua v??k ia THE HOUSEHOLD JOURNAL No. 6' TnE HOUSEHOLD JOURNAL No ? ' THE HOUSEHOLD JOURNAL Ne 6* THE HOUSEHOLD JOURNAL No. 6! THE ilUl fiKHULD journal No. 6 THE HOt'SEHOLD JOURNAL No. ?1 by W ilk IK collins I bv wilkie collins: by wilkik colunt*'. by wilkik collins by wilkie collins! by \yilkiu Collins; Author of "T!w Womla in Whin," *'Th? De?4 Secret," to., called ' THE CROSSED PA TH ' THE CROSSED PA TH ' , d. . THE CROSSED PATH' THE CROSSED PATH ' THE CROSSED PATH ' ' > THE CROSSED PATS' The household journal i? p?bluh*d vwklT. Prio* three CENTS. To l?hft4of all oewa a*enU. Copie? nni!?l on reoeift of ti?? pnoo in lumps oj lue r aLusher?, A. HARTHILL k CO., 90 Nokth William Stsxst, Niw Yoke . Subscription fl a jear. or SI for thirkj fo?r week*. Trf ?n? nomt>M of tht?, the mott ealer aiftinj and instructive periodical of tha day , with two pages of the newest and bast ruu?io ? very week. - c ??e 2t- 3teo A LARGE ANb ? " D&STOCK OF TRY GOOD1-,. i . . witHor* Ksoafto to coat. ^ The deatk of Mr, Sanaa Oia*ett makes it ncqra .4* V CI ?RY ^uqiit QBkrd u> cost. | r&fm&r&ji thev?x> best uiiahties.itt oi.mtnunitj U.ftt w* bave fiver I thaw fi st fcla** articles.) And w good, to provf l< represent- d, . K5"*TJnj Jowf?t oa?l? prioe wi!1 1>e 'marled on v?ii articJe t&the stock, wuioh wtU teinuoJi l>ek>? it* r?ai value. Allpaotaies viH *e delivered promptly, on the day ofea.c, to at j part of the eity, i ret of cha'se. ? * MAY, T JS?. 224 lVru-njU-aBj* a.enue. oo 17-lot r betwe??u Mh aad lOUi ?ta. ^ATK?T INVENTION] L4M. WEBiTU * CO ? Tlght-Stltck Sewing SUchtQei A* JANNKV* <? "BOOT ASD SH&K >TOR*, St* P* Arilti. T>ej are the st?t leinaple. - - , Thftv &n Ik* itrnnait ^h*f toa'ttpfc&r'af dots* Mjr kind of work known-th?x make tin iua?io rmnU vubout Mr it aehm nts. ,ANfNEVt?. oc IS lm *48F?na?> l-?'?(WoU1&h4. ?r.T ????. -^?nar/* ?j j .11 v i *? 'V ?v" ,V * * I i ^jw" Prtl .of. .IIT1K1 ? I IliEJLATEST iNEW s T S L EO R A P H 1C. it. JoBHS. Oct S3?TM St*ajuab'.? City ?f Baltimore. from Ll*arp?et ? Ibe lOU, itguermtowiiM the U lb and paaaed Cap* Rm? saterday *ba vu boarded by tbe afeal ?* <k* Aaaoeiated Pr?ss, and furnlsbrs tbe foUewieg ImpittHwi ^ ; A bloody ?nvur?Bral bad bMt wjM Mmi tbe Gar1 baidiant ird (kt N?ap?llb?? ? VeJ tirno, tbe details of which bsae b?e?j>u bl ubrd f tb? F.ngl'sb press Tbe GarlbaMlana w*ee lucceaefUI. but at tbe expense of l.*ut mmm kmkmg |> kort dm tvmtmi Tbe Neepolttaa Imwb tarere eatimated at 4.0UU kilted aud wvuoded, br )d< S.tiDt) prise:.ets Tbe Neapel'.tan iimynfftnd w?fre k?M It |;uti?. ainn uaitlca ai.d stores, and wrre compelled to retreat ia great disorder upon Capua Tbe battle was botly rontestad. and lasted soom bours Tbe inradlair zrmy of tbe Klu of Sardinia bad er.t?-rtd .Wapoutan territory, bul k ?ru?DMt had taken pla<e with Neapolitan troops' StlMk. naenta, bowe?> r. wrr? prra?nt at tbe urtton ?f tto Valturuo, and ?Mrd In tbe defeat of the Neapoli tan army by tbeOnflbaldlank Maui at bad left tbo rlty ot N a plea i There bad been no new nvvtant Hi tb* fml State* ComxuciAL Th<* Liverpool r otto a market Hr thw day* ruled Irm at extreme price*. and cloaod wltt an upward tendency; aalea of toti'-OW bale* [Via Qneenato'wn, Tburaday. Iltb ]-Tb? nil mated aalea of rotton lo-day were It UOO to 13 ? halea, cloalnj firm at full rate*, a* predion If quoted Flour and wheat were a'.l^btly lower. Com steady. Pro*lalona dull Consols 93\'*8G V Robbery ( KBl|Tkit. BROwfttriLLB, X T .Oct 2-i ? A pnrtr?? emi grants Itum t uii arrived in tua i lac? ??o f^turday night One of tbetn, named Allen B. Warree, ?aa charged by another of the party, Owff* MiilMmc rc. a youth of robbing him on the Plain*, near the Blue, of nil In gold, the reeult of *teen month* Wbor In Utah- A committee of eltlaena waa appointed, who investigated the matter and aeari hril the accnaed, upoh ubom tLe stolen money wsifound Th* agrraratlnp ri r'-ninstan'-e* attending the theft cauaeamnch excitement Tbn prisoner la itlll in cuatodvof the Sheriff Warr a was on bia way to Janesrfllr, where be baa friend*. The KfW llatel la St Ltalt. Si, Loru. Oct 23 ?The new Ltodal Hotel baa b?f n by the litUndi, of the Metropolian Hotel, New York, for hft>e:i vetn II It MM of the lar^eat hotels in the United Stats. t(*on.ra? dating !tfte? n hundred gueata, and will be IT ted with every appliance of the age Rtkkrry at ll*>t?a fee. Bono*, Oct -Si - The ticket oflce ?f the New York Central Railroad wm broken open thin morning, aud SU,UUU in bank bill* stolen fro? the aafe. i.a?t night, at \Y altham, Barney Dabarty waa murdered by Edward Johnaon. Arrival af tha Iteaairr Ariel. New Yoaa, Oct S3 ?1 he >teamer Artel, from Atpiawall, haa arrived, being la* upward* of f*4t.uu0 In apecie f>om California Her datea have been anticipated by the Overland Lzpreaa Freaa JKiica Ntw 0?LK4T*?. Oct. t3.?Private advice* front Mexico state that tbe Liberal* uuderOgaxen. bad recapt'irtd tLe eltv ct(iuadalaiarn Otltlaari Mar ?aia. Halt.moii. Oct 21.?Flour la doll and bfery; Howard atreet and Outo 85 75. Wheat Arm; red SI 34*1 4U, white SI Tli. Corn 3;. higher; yellow 69a70c ; white f I 71*1 75 Pr?.Yia1ou# dull and heavy; me*a pock *19 ?>, prim*$14 90. Lard 13c. Coffee firm and active. Wolaky ateady atSSe Flew Tarh Mara ate. Hi* You, October 24?Floor hear?, land 5c lower; State *3 25a*5.33 ; Ohio 16 7JU3 80, Southern f5.7.VaS6. Wheat la'2e lower Cora areadr, but rather buoyant; mixed 7Uc FrorUlona dull Whlaky doll at t3c. A LL kind? OP1 FAMILY FTIINITl'RE A linen and cotton goods. AT COST' A fail aanrtrtmeat ?f Hoary*n ftheetinn in 1C-4, 11-4, and IS 4 w?<itha, at tt, 10, m4 75 niU, worth #i liH and (IJ6 in tUe regular retail S&ldA. Pi low a-d Boluter Lirena at prime poet. h lecant R*al French Cnrtwa Chtnta'a at o?*et; theT wto ijout r>t at low 6* rraa. and will hat ? ? on' at tfca ; tne> ar? riofc la ttw extreme ukI very cinap. Ea*ant Fr?co!i Piano ronrt.tontembroidered, oth r? ta imitauou of India or Caaittr.ere daaign*. no el and eleg*tit, at oostvrioea. N?w ? !? of Corers, fiy d>nn*r. circular and oont -rtta' lac and work* a?da. ai oo?t pM <aa. l?inn<t and KreaiMae* TaNe Dtmt>ki eome < * tha eel hrateri and anar- e Haitian m?lre?. in at mim, wtUi Napkinaaud Ova.iayi to matoh. at e"rt privet /ll si*?? *"4 qm'itiet B'-d fproada, in Mar *ei lea, TnTki'h. Dre*d n. and other makna, la whita p<nk and Nn*. at ?n?t prtoo* H- u-ake-'?ert anfl those nomnienciny hovaakoap iu aril; douitle?? nw hare mah another OM?t tituttji ut xuppljinc tbemaalvea with aowifortihla ami uttc a wj a tide# at aach unprecedented^ low p* km at the p'eaent opportunity affotlp. These goo'a were al t?ou*ht ?n the rer* bant terma, thee a>-e bow eel I nr <4T at tha aame : ao inr* wiiiaaasked, no moret?ter,at tha tldrtaod of CLAGE TT * DODtON. oo 22-e- 6t No. 4 Marka Space. INTERIOR AOOKNMEXT. PaPERHAXGJSGS WlfiDOW SHADES. New Fall stock of Panerhanclnfa from tha rich ?.n:1' trx thf? inr??f rhu?ta ? i ""'a appr pn%t?? for j?ari??r? hait'.dninr rooim. chwn b r* a id libraries Ait ", a olituce nock warrattM Gold i>ai..l \\ iudow Hiadaa. lrai'al ui l?ol" aM com?n 11 Shad-*, B*if. *nd Bine !*ha Hot li- d- Picture Cnrd?;.d Ta?ee.?. Crimaon lariat, Biue and Or^aaaolora. bom puouicaph to port ait. Just rcoaiva l at .N# 486 S*v-aUi at Ord*?-t fo' Pif rhan*i ft ??r Window Sha<l?e faithful r *x*eira.f in 01T7 ?r rourt -r SitiafkaUoc fn>araati?d or no p*? rr^ui^?J. Plea.e jiva ? a oalL Doa't lor tot too numlnr. J. M4RKRITER. No. 486 Seventh at. djurt ai< w oni rain* 0?kl Prllowa'Hall. QHEAPE8T STORE! BAVR YOUR TIME AND MONEY, AND GO AND PURCHASE YOUR DRY GOODS IT THE CHFAPES r STOJR r. aas SEVENTH STREET, (Eaat Side.) between I and K. Oci; im ; MATTHEWS A GORE I A DIES', MWRKV AND CHILDREN'S HATS. The moat al ?ca>it ami iar rest ttock ever offered, all new and just opened to day. Par* at wilt nna i? w ?j-ir ,Ilt? Mt to r? 11 aud txaiBiu*' my 'tock.** I *hall 11 at an&li profits. OPK1N*. ex 15 2w corner of Ei?th t tml Pa, a*. Linen 8HI?TfRON^ latdozmi L<rm **n?r* FrouU Jun . assorted stvlee and qutltUa*. ?-f mj ?wi imp >rta Uar. varraz.te?i ail pure li> eu. kENRY KG AN or IMt 321 Pa ar., to! *1 I 8?t?bU t*. j ?old yrj 101 Qua Furtttu biiir unutu f Oar ttock of lltraw*r*. CntUrT, *#, la mow ?ompleta. l.L * BON. OO 9t SII P* ti CO,...,, A?nt a* kiiH? of OkNTM- FlRNtflUN* p OOP% %t 2b ptr otnt. Um than aay alht atora ' ays- *' 1 i avfouhfcod ft trjn tortaeBtaf Cooklag*^ alh^r-tor**, vmeh I vin ftl wwiir thaa MIT <*h?r ml*?? t*? milrict. ubiinvl tnt-ntron to elooe iH?m < ut Call lad and the* jadf? for yovrw. vm. awYOff Of* __ Nnt d??r t? tb? fitkr Mm I \l SOLUTION UFt oeAKTNfc.KSHlK^ I k* \J. mtMrl>>ritii> asiatin* bmlw +u U*uto lt?or? iwtO' Ih * n*m? and inn of N. <J. * ?? * it Chit (toy du-olv-d ?.? milMi I, 4. W. Corniac h?v bi *44 di?*.???<? of Hi k/e W *M* UlMMkl krn to N ft. i oraia?. 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