Newspaper of Evening Star, October 24, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 24, 1860 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. * THK STORY OP A1BITIO!*. When Jogei w%a fxt*#n. he wm? bent Ob *n? U%j Mat President. At tw?atr-Hv?. thought ?h?t he Content m dirtrrot Jadg* wanld be. A' thirt* he w?* maoH e!at?d Wheu for m?>oi of t'roitown norriaaterf. But hoo*l"? all "? nonimn?i"u? Mil rir?i. T??rpk?"?. H?o?>d th1 station. At f<vty-ff?-a hf* were fled? flop* M<i mlution hntli war* dead. When from hi* toih h? fiwin4 re!t?*?, H? a jiiKfrce of the ? .J. youttiXul he*r\ so tii?h and bold, Ttiat t? thy bi iff, sltd ator t told! A Fijiah BoDv OcAh ?ro? * Bimm Pmci. A letter in tbe Glebe, frem Ccionef Armatrong, a coionlat, settled at Uraham'a TcW?, Sontt? Africa, deacrlbea dm remarkable feature frt the entry or Prince Alfred Into tUat town: "Her Uajeatr will net be d: pirated wbcn she bears an arcoant of r?art of the Prince's body guard; aeventeen ladtee, inouiite?L. well equipped, flrat rate born en, cftab wearing blue roeettea. with silver auction. irrmed til* ^uard. a uauijnier ?i uiino having bad the honor U> belong to this corps wLlch Uia Royal Highness named Prince Alfred's Own Body Guard.' Being a retired cavalryman, ] thought i could not be more honorably employed than la taking command of the lady cor pi. On pr road out to meet Ma Royal High new, practised loem to fv'm.'ng threes and wheeling Into line, and fo-.rnd them most wiling and obedient wcort. 1 formed them next his Royal Ulghneas's escort of the Cape Mounted R <! . They etcorted him to CL? qnarters provided for him at the tAefftenant OoTrrnor's private residence, where they were present ar.d received his melt gracious acknow ledgements." ?? . A P*a'?*wo*tht Act ?The Cincinnati Com mercial says. r,r>n Xoo(u last ope or the eugl neera ?f the Central Oiiio Ralfrua^. iamM Frrrtf. ? jiTe t-d a horrible death. being ran<>ht by the legs briwt^n the engine and tender, both JtlSg thrown from the trac k oy the breaking of & tire of 'be driving wheel. While In this situation, exposed to small streams of scaldiug water from the boiler, ccvfhted in a small apace filled with steam and m;ke, the ofice of alleviating bis terrible suffer ings, aa far aa human aid could do so, was per formed by one of his fellow-employeet on the train, Mr W H. Stewart, who west Into th? nar row opening with the suffering engineer, and held Inm in n'.s arms and administered to hit con tinued calls for water untfl death relieved his torture, after a period of nine hours Mr Stewart 1* qu te a younc man, employed as brakesman upon tbe tra'it. His fortitude and faithfulness to bis unfortunate friend, in assuming a position ii ciii -ur i.'ULTSk uraiw wuuiU (JUAH, II at aervlng of all praise M Motimiiti i>Frw*K.O.C 's. ?The Galvestor !<fwi of the 11th ha* the roHowIn# concerning this mysterious organ!cation: "We Lad a rai vssterday from Geu Bi^kley, of Virginia, wel known aa the founder and now the chosen leadei of the -Knights of the Golden <Mrcle.' Hearrlw yrtterdar from New Orleans and l*ft In the after noon for Houston. A"*tin. and San Antonio Hi suouM have b?*n in Tex s ten da?s ago, but wa uiavoidaoly dftlnvd ??ii his *av H?* Informed u tMt be laabeed of the main body; and wogatbersc from his remarks that the parties who have) reach ed tbe Ko Grande via Corpus Cbristt, wentaboa< without his orders Ha appears to be quite deter minod to proaociita the object* of tbo K. G. O.'s aud confident 1 rt thoir resources to do so. Wa d< not think any lual atepa will be taken until aftei the presidential election ." Th* Cm o? Fii.ii Whtt* is Niw You Coroner ^chlrnirr concluded bis inquest on th< body of Mrs Blmkmxn, (formerly Finny White, on Saturday afternoon Tbe testimony of Drs Csrnochan and Dr renins was conclusive tha apoplexv was tbe sole cause of death, and that n< trace* of poisou were discernible tn tbe stomach intestines. 4c., which were fouad ia a health; state The jury therefore returned the followl. j verdict: "We find that the deceased cam* to be death by apoplexy, and would recommend tt>? the portions of ber bodv in the hands of tb ebemlst for the purpose of analyzation be returno to tbe cus'Ady of th* Coroner, subject to tb* ordt of ber husband." 017" A letter from rtlerra Leone, W. C. A , data September 7, savs: This port is very heaithr, am so is tbe Republic of Liberia Tbe English an< American ve?seL>. are vigilant in suppressing- tb the alive trade, and tbe works of missi^nirie* ar wonderfully successful in converting thousands o heathens to Christianity. Tbe colonists are rctir Ing from tbe coist into the interior. spr?edlne tb< flad tidings ofOoapel reformstinn, and reclaim nif land* that nuw produce cotton, sugar, coffee tobacco, which promise to btcniue staple product In a few year* ?7" Advlcee from Rio Janeiro are to Septembe 7 The !*enate and Home of Deputies were abou closing their labors. Au act to prevent the aMe u lives at auction, and forbidding tbe separatiei of slave man and wife, had been Introduced sn< dl> u?>d,i but was not Itkeiy to pass Prlnc Alfred, a son of <^neen Victoria, had arrived a Rio, ar d teen visited on b<*rd his vessel by th Kmp*-or The port was generally healthy am .. free from fever. 1X7* Lately, the Mavor of Kingston, Jamaica was made a Companion of tbe Bath, and mor recently Mr ^emoel C'jckburn. another gentlems of4color, and a creole, of the lslaed of (irauads haa been appointed administrator of tbe vov?rn meat of M ontaerrat No loyal subject of the l^ue* can rrf>;ae to recognize as a aerial equal any on wboin abe. a* tbe fountain of honor, choos*-* t appoint to high places In her realm. ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS. NATIONAL HOTEL?O D Spurrier, T Getr mell. J N Jones, L A VVhlteley, R J Brent,G i W llliama, A T Smith, C II Lewla, fl M Seett, JI Ward K A Hoitnea. P Bowling, Aid; J Huatei I?C; A ri iiardluig, Gen Dexter. F Hall, Vfaaa; I Monjl*, A K B^acu and ly, K E Derte, J k Nick erafc-n and daugb, M ji Wilson, Master - Wilson W K Bdcbn.NV; Mrs Nolan, Mlaa Nolan. J j Mitchell nnd f^in, Mm Poet and child, S Good rich. T B Dyer. La. T Crowe, En^i *tra C Held en, VI; G 1! Held, JH04 J L Mosa, J R Crawford W H Dallett, T A Aanburn. Pa; A Colbrld, W1 lfib*rta, H \Y Bknker. ?; 8 G Milllgan and 1] Ri, Jno McHae and ly. J Cohen nnd ly. '2 Mlaa* Cohen. 0 Mi>aes Myera. MraGrlawold, MlaaOrli w.?lJ O.*- ^ * " * ?u.u. u a wdM and f im, Ga, J C Killer, 1 S.N; J 9rherruerhorn, L'iM. BROWN S HOTEL ?Mr Young, SC; M Va. di-aer Ma. I! V >a B il, Pa; A Krbb, R F Maaor NY; J c Kedhlffer. Pa; W B Fraactaco, Mtaa Cork'. Tenn, \1r? f H Plant and daughter, Ga; Hoaghtonaod If, Ten*; T WUmordinjt and fan N V; Hon J M Kunkie. Md; W Stone. A M Jone Knx, W J Wyan and If, H R Menrfte. Mo; 6 Clo^g and ly. Md; J Jonrt, La; D H Henderaoi K A Dtii'D. M iaa, J T Smith, W Talburtt, M< E *v BUke and lv. Ct; \V Fleslnbeimer. Va; >1 J?nnlnc. G A Blakrly, U R WelM, W Intle V? Mahev NY; R Cuyler and If, Oa; J HelltsV aid ly, Mass; Mr and Mra Tranier, children an aurae, Mia* Heyward. A M McGlenney, SC; Guler, Pa. KIRK WOOD HOl"E -W J Taylor, Md; W Cnaiief. Va; M R Johnson. Md; W Wall, C Orrtris^.n, D'J; M C It'sjrain.O; J 9hroeder, K1 M D Bill and fain. M a Swan, Mlaa Malory, Vi A K *c'.rei?'.e, Md; T H Bryan. Mo; D Oaii, II O Y Pra/?f. Kt; \V fkiteitM, Va; H L Patterao and If, M.i; W P Davta. La. t>C EA XS TBAMERS?SAILING DA Y> iwa tib umm Statsb. Kttnm?r$. Inr*. Ft*. D*V N w Yi'ft .... >i?w York . .Hremon Oot3 A'?h!*-.. Boston Liverpool.. .. .Oot S Hicaakift ....New Vork. r^ntnwnpto..No/ JIliK'tt York. HavreNov A* a ...? New lor*.., Livrryooi..'..Nov ?n wn ~w?$?v Jfork-^Havre.......Nov Fnropa Ronton .Liverpool.... Nov 1 At anuo York.. Havre .Nuv i PtOH Eukopb Fnlt?r._ . 9<>eth'pCon. N?* York Oot 1 M?Tvr ijia ?*o?ta'ptoo*?%....Ootl B Mia Liverpool... Qusbee .0?tl k.?r>p* LTveif jol Motloe ......f A4r.*w?. Soath%toB.. N?W V wrk. ,i AttgfoSaXoik... LirerpvmL.. Port.and?.( N '""kX *rj**4 Vork-M i___ Lmer:oar..l iverpool ...-PotflM*. - - . j rtrn Ue^VT... Gimio* New York...^ov tfj.udort.ut .... .^onth ptoa..,J*?w York...Nov "l'be fl?v*n* iiiAii iMMfi Iwt* New York o I{m 34. Hiii, 17th. *dJ /7tn ni e*ob month. ? "? Km ?a end l?tn. I Vi? c&'i i?rmtn inai Inn Nn York o tuMii reotti.. 41, a. XX A Lb: AND wtoio* to tM o44*u ?l ?-> Ute W\TH Eft V- fkifikMMitirw acd MnmK ?hi U (it* actira iuw >?0. C0Uf4UU ^ tthia* to rtiar ? of fiif kloeK Of OmtMiM m M W 0u*t>? mo I* ie?of??tun,|,ul4|H) : ? fcanu * pwaaitM*. I will oomniMct taia 4a y ta Mi aaywutu i? mt i(r,? UcmI; lor aaafcooiy. My ,u>?| iai?r?a. ?rul, 1 r*u?? trash mJ par* |o?ta i^i* % efcaooa Co*.i>?) i(j?t w;th to lay ia jmh w,Bl# aloe* si gretiy to4u<x*l priori. nKNRVC PUHBY. m H 2w No. I?i Pt ?thm. npo mim<, ti.Tch^ks-a ?m ivtof ruin Karop*; aiaOj aaUotior iw-xl ' in per too (tout ml ??U.i?tnn4 hetU' 1* M< aim ft Ltd N-w y jrk, ?U <T a**orV |v< pi* o,in<! Huts it .. A.a. A??*. VIM gMMMM * INOlk i^aisSk. or aii t u?u la now op'n for mat JOHN V. * rhiok??ioc?' l_ %OC Pa. tr., I^l Kk i Zrt A VK Ai. HUR V, P<W ji, Jki i r*oaiv?i at Lna Muaio otore of Mi W. G. MKTZEftOTT. M ISO EI JiANEOUS. rJiJIK INMJRANC E COMPANY I Ot TB* 8TATF. OF VIRGINIA, or RICHMOND. Captta\ - j woe,ow. Dtrettort. Uod *?* "? S* * ApparMB ???ana* ? <4 Dutiop.Monourrt k. Co fkiriaSa'fi ""F ?? WarwTok ft BarkadaJa y * D5rri^'?,^'l *i oco M an o facta rer LDLCmmIS* fliA" i'ruH"a,L: CT*??h?" * Co L. D. Cran?h?w. ?i/n \ Maoortit Banker vill riii-O;. ail, Cranthaw & Co rwiok & Barkadala Law O. F. BREHFB, !-ao'?. HUATH * KNOWLK8. A Otto*?art Back Wachiutton, K ?m J^IRKMRN'S INSURANCE COMPANY WASHINCTON AND GEORGETOWN*. I'aphat 9*200,000. Qffie* comer C siftet and Louisiana ?r., ovtr Bank ti Washington. INSURK HOUSES AND OTHER PROPERTY AOAINJfT IX)88 BY FIRE. 0IIICV41* Geo Shoem'.Ker, Samuel Rwlfern, Hamuei Croplay, William Wi ion, Riebard Jouea. John D Ha-c!?y. jiooDOUlcoB, Andrew Hothw*fl, TtJO?. Parker, Ri?hani Barry, B. B. French. No ch*rs? for Policieg. JAMES ADAMS, President. A1U U. UA VIS, wurcmi j , vv iv-vwiu Furniture Ware rooms. ZWALL A~BARPIARD t?L are no* ,'* ** ivini, on consignment, Ml at tfce-r W<V*er<?oin?, corner of C f 4 I and Ninth street*, (in the rear of their motion room*,) a verjr lar*e and central aeaort mentofFURNlTURK, CARPKT9,aad HOLSK KKKPING (iOODrt cei. orally, winch thej invite the attention of person* lu'miening to examine be fl>re purcriatinf?urn inr wh. befouM: Parlor Suit*, in Hrocatelle, Hepeaad Hail Cloth, Mahogany and Walnut Sofas,- JT?te-a-U*ee, and M Parior Easy Chairs Mahofuny and Walnut Mab!<.vt?p and other ?Tablee, in great. anet* arb'e-top Oak painted Cottage i >* . alnut and Mahogany Alarbie to.* ?lam and other uoreau a Cane ?n<) Wood teat Hooker, Dining, aad other Chair* Handiomi ?*ilt and Mahr>?*ny Looking i? Mf Mahogany and Wainut Got lag* and otbe,~ lied mmmi Cabinet*, Etagere*, Whatnot* and P#?k> Brusaejg, 3 ply, Ibgraic and other Carpets; * 311 oloth* Marble-top, Wa!n?t, Mahogany aodjothw Wa4 ti d* and Sin,k* Hair, 8huok,aod Khsok and Cotton Mattra??o? With a feat variety <>/ other good* not her* men tioned, whtoh will be nold very low. WALL i RAXTVMT*. Auctioneer*, south side of A?Mt',t. e 88 aolm oorccrr Pa. av. and !>th ?tn et. OLD RICH, MULLOW AN U PL KE Bl UNSIDK'S MONONGAHELA RYB WHISKEY, Oonaaientioncty dm<i!ird f>y Mr. Jam** Hurseido. of Allegany Couatr, Penpa., in the old-fashioned hone*t way, fron tho ofcuioeet and most *arefnlly eieoted K ?e. and in no cue ever oBered Jor ua ? : until adapud to wholesome m by age l* ' at ) oooethe most palatable. ? it i? emphatically one of the parest beverage* ia the reach of the puMio. t To the vatl a* tnthoae in D ooametods itself for ita unrivalled qua'itie* a* a stimulant of the eafeet. *ure*t. and m"*t l>ee?fioert ' description, and many of the moit diatioguiah** V phyaieians are ufiajitiu their practice with the ( uKppient revolt*. r UL.ERY * STOCK DALE, Proprietor!, t 3lis Waniut *treet. Philadelphia. ? WM. O. COHOVEK, j Agent for the Proa'ietoij. Pa. * .? ae 8?-g?n oppo?.te Wiliard* Hotel. NO TICK TO JOURNEYMEN TAILORS. ATHO.MK AM) AMRlltb Th? following l* * ?orr?ot lint of th? employ?" who pay 1110 bill grioea ot. ami are r-oojntzed '?T. tho Society, to wit: Matlock k. Griffith, M*tiook * Horbort, Jarm-a Lackey. J. T. Mclnt<>ah, Tho*. K. Gray, Va doran. Zl ooSm W. H. f<taniord, I'uvali h tiro.. Win. Timker, G W. Hinton & Co., koadon It Co? . M. Urew O VT R E A ladFe* an1 CHILDREN'S L) V r a .i c y k l k s , ~ la a 1 their varietiea, TINEMETZ'9, J3b Fa. avenue, Near corner Thirteenth at. THE QKKATE8T BOOK OF THE SEASON. 1IR1EF BIOGRAPHIES; by 9amn*l ?mile?, author of J*eif-Me!p" and '"Life of Georte 9te nenaoa ;" wiui tix steel portrait*; in one volume* hmo; illustrated ; prioe *1.25. Thi* work i? prepared br th" author of "Self felp" expreaaly for the presa of Tiogoor * Fie.d* he many biographiea it oontaina of leading men of the ]9:h oeotarr reader it on* of th? moat valua b!e and attractive b oka of the aeaaoo. OVfcR THE CLIFFb; a novel, by Mr*. Chan ter,(a wat*r of th? Kev. Char lee Kinfsley ;) one o'ume; moaiin; 0!. Taia inWmtinK uove!, by a muter of the aco"m p'.ished author of ' Two Year* Ago," ia marked J y the traita of ceniu* which m> eurn'titly diatin^mah the wel.-known kmcaiey family. For *ai* by uiiuitm oe 13 Corner lilh and Pa 17* 1>. L. MOKMJWN A CO., r LOIR AND G KNEE A I. COMM18S1UN merchants. And wholesale vJ?al-r? in MILL FVBD, CORS MEAL. #?., #y., Corner of 12th and B streets, Washington ottf. liy Cash paid for all kind* of Grain an 2S dm PIONEER STEAM MAR BUS AND BUOWN STONE WORKS. The subscriber begs leave to inform the eiticor.a of Washia?tt?a, Georgetown and Alexandria that he ha* add?'l to hie lone established business the auitiarr of steam p<>wer for sawing and manufao tarinc Marble and Brown Stone Work In their va rioasbranch ?? , Mart.le Man tale. Table and Wash tand Tom, Tile. Monurnrnts- Tomb and Head Stone*, ffia-ia. Winnow Lintels, Sil:s, **te?s and Platforms. H aving pwchaned a large (took of Italian Marble in bloek/rom krst hands,at the loweet rates, he feels eonfidect of being able to ftrmsh Marbe Work ae low as it ean be pnrohsee4 in New York. Philadelphia. or Bslt:ninre. Th? triLrU nnliA.1 rr ? with Itrfi&n Marble 10 bl(>ok or ?i&bs *t the wu? fartu?t?ed in New York,ail on twwnnio datliLK Wisi. 4i??. on hand. a large mipply ol !>!!?? ^.jiTiT'v tter Ayr Aoce and PoUahtnn hJ k *"<* ? Enooare^e the outer " "I* 'iKW'Mlif&Wko. Txmtm Steam Marble and Broum St on* Work I, ? __ Pa.av., oor. Thirt enth ?t., aatl sm Washington. D. (j. The union wil.'. stand. nomattSr W UO B president! Contaqnsntly I ahaN remain in Washington and JVIV f ho?W. uav auu 1 ? b f" A 111 Tlltllt llUQ in? in all its branchea. Old Glaainii promptly at tended to. Hiuotinf and Oroaroentiac Cottfge Fnrnitnr* in th?b?t?t?l9 1 *'m, oal' attention to the Painting or Roof* and ftriok Walls. Ail of tM ahore 1 will <1n a<i oh*-?p ae the oheap eet. I therefore eolicit the patronage of my fn*ada and fallow aiuaena of the l>i?triot Pvnetn*Uty trlotly observed, and work dune in the beet man 43 .! 33 Louisiana av., north tide, between 6th an?l 7th ?te. P. 9 pot up free ef charge, as aaaai. aaaiSm IMPORTANT TO HOUSKkttKPfcRlk f B. R. DURKEE fc CO.'S mBiiBOT sn Guaranteed not only ABSOLUTELY AND PERF, bat f roaad from fraah Spioee, eel J? VW1 w i H-7 owmiBiiy rMIM I* UaJUli, Sfir&rcag car^S^a ?pio?e are almoet inrariably hort. wt twrwH UKj I Vi*V AUU WIUI M % ?ia*le trial will abundantly prore. ass^t ?i, ^ 4 fc latr.n* t*1 Pmrl ?t_. NhVii^, ^ATCHRK^AI^NG AN^MBILVB* WAKE I have on# of the beat e*tabli?hment*. and fur niahed with aeomplete ?<-t of tool* for repair in* erery d?aoripti?n of fiue Watchea. and #911 rarticular attention (ire to the aame, by MBS loroac h competent workman .and a.. njj|rf||* I^AflRA DAY'S MATURES ??N THE VA J**? "won of Maftr and their relation to ?mh other, edit?l by William C.roc*?, F. C. ? with nnmeroua lllaatrattona; I tohtiae; prioe M o?jiU. _ Plata re of Captain H, Brio* AS. JNPEOTINE; PERSIAN FEVER CHAR'/, FBVEH AND AO US E1TMRV jNATSD THB HUMAN OON8TIT CTION SATED r*OM W(1 BCK. THB PREVPttorfw*> - ? ? ? musj KBMBUY TOR ALL INTERMITTENT AND BILIOUS FBTBRS. : / 1 n p '* J . 'J t f CURESINSURKD IN A DAY. NATVRK'S GRAND RBSTORATIVK, 1NP.CCTINB, 1NPECT1NE. WPJKT1NE, INFECTIVE \ iNPECTMB, INPECTISE The tftrriltU mfctady known m the FEVER AND AGUE Hm onittton hundred* of thouiands of per sona throax bout the world T*ry ye%r, ?r?d hw never till now been m*t by ?n?OM?fnl nedtoa treatment ti n dm not prodnood levere MEDICINAL DISEASES, whieh affeot the lange, tha apteon. the lirer, the heart, or other parta of the human organism. The INPECTllfK ia the nataral antagoniat of all fa vara, an4 When it oomaa in oontaot with tha akin, ia abaorbad by the interior organa. whioh reaiat eaaily miiama aad all tendeneiea toward* those maladies whioh proatrate tha mind and bod; with ferar. Fever and Ague result from nnmerona cauaea. No plaoo ia exempt from the oah?c* whioh promote the axiatanoe of tha diaeaaa. That being onos aeat ed in tha avatem, induce* depression of apirita, laa aitude, toagaor. paina, ohilla. fever, and a long traia of diaagreeable aenaaUona, depriving the pa tient; of all energy, and roduoinc him or her to a oond*K>n of EXTREME HELPLESSNESS. WH? will any one ?uffer the horrora of a debil itattat Intermittent Fever, when by the uu of the INVALUABLE INPECT1NE. ok . _ PERSIAN FEVER CHARM. t*a eminent medio*! and maiioal ?oalitiea of vkioh are instantly absorbed, ALL TRAGE8 OF DISEASE MAY BE ANNI HILATED IN A FEW HOURS. SELF-CARE IS BETTER THAN PHYSIC. NATURE IB WISER THAN ART, EVERY DISEASE HAS A DIVINE REMEDY. THE W1SK APPLY WHILB TUB FOOLISH DREAM. BETTER PREVENT THAN STRIVE TO CURB. DELAYS ARB DAN9EROU9. THE ISPECTKBnS, o* PERSIAN FEVER CHARM, Hu ?ored thoasanda of both Msec of the moit dreadful Fevera. Read and reltaot. WONDERFUL EFFECTS. Lemuel Bonaa'.l. of Pittaburg,for two yeara uae leaa to himaelf and aooiety?a martyr to ChUla and Fever?cored in leee than three weeka, aad im proved in eight hoar a. Mary K. Belknap, 8andnsky, Ohio, after almost losing her reason as well * strength by Inter mittent Fever, with Chill*, restored to health ib twi^i hoars. J. R. TxKoa. of Balgrade, Maine, broaght from death's door, haviag Mfffcred for foar years, made well la ft to weoks, and improved in two honrs. Adolpho MoaHro of Praaoo, relieved in one hoar, while travelling in the oars of tha Fun Wayne aai Chioago Railroad. lis waa apparent ly dying with Ghilla. EHo^R. Benson, of Loelrport, Now York, res oih uvn htv3 ;?rr ?o*eri?j. A perfect euro. Tkouu4 of ether mm prevented and aur?J everr month, aad not a unci* oomplaint ot the litllMT Of ft* 1RPECTIRE, PBR8IAH |FKVER CHARM. TRY IT, FKOTE IT, tNOW IT. And Mkt knm its wonderfal powers aad tvM, that thoee who wfT?r. or who are threateeea with aafforiac. mar ba led to dm a eiiapie, ia;i ' anxioaa preparation, Jataiahed by the told of Natare for > o juumsisinfu! * IB SOLD BY ALL DRUGGISTS AND MEDI CINE DEALERS JN AMERICA. PRICE ONE DOLLAR, Seat by m?il to my urt of th? UniUd State*. 1 1 -"vjor.ijJA It fa Hot Ukm inwdly, bat fa applied outwardly, Mording to iliritllnH, vkiok^Moapwi e*oh MANUFACTURED ST t t j _ , JOHN VIIOII fc CH., 1#C MAIN ITUBT, " RICHMOND. VUOIfti* BHAN<Ut MUCJt, , Sfl ? "j i No. 1 OF coyacSKOK JJl,T HVO ' i SllfW YORK CITV. M * uaiAvila TRUNKS, BOOTS AND SHOES. J?OOI8 AND TO 8UiT W? ?r* n<rir manufacturing bJI Icindt of BOOTS nod SHOES, and eor?tar,t'.T rwemni ? i t ~?? ?? wv. rvwi.v,, nwrivinn a ***?[* ol made work of ever* d? hifw". m?o* expressly to order, led be sold at a much lower srioetkan hM been' Wk heretofore eaar<<*i in this oity for much inferior article*. Personi in want of Roots and Shoee of eastern or otty mad* work, will alwutg find a cood la store and at the lowest price* Give a* a oall. (iRITJN Jt MRO., >1 *-f 314 PennsnTania avenae. CUV* HUNDRED TRAVELING TRUNKS 1. arrived this day, epib.aoinc ail anali-onr^ ties and sues of ^oiJF I^atner, Ladiee'Bl^t Diwss *cd Packiug Trunks. Our trunk^?"" ale* room exhibits it this time the greatest variety of traveling requisites at moderate prices, tv be foand this side of Nev York. \i>ov every deecfiw P.f..^JS,UI??' "AT boxrK Malices, CAJ4PET BAGS, SATCHEL*. 4a. IL/-Old Trunks repaired or taken in exchange for new ooei. WA !.1. K'fPnm>?ia - "" - - ??i waui nijiV3 <1 V>U?i . Trunk Sale* Room, inarlVtf Mil Pa. TRUNK MANUFACTORY. C5 499 Ttb Stiiit. _ Owpoiiii Odd teilmps' Hail, W*>h*nttcn, D. C. Traveler* wiil etua* their interrata r.j examinin my TRUNKS, VAL,IOb> Jko , 1-efur*- pur gnQi oharlsg elMT'ri A* I uae Dona but th StnJ beat material the market affords and employ^*1?*" the beat workmen, I can confidently recommend mj work to be auperior in Strcngik *nil Durability to Tranka that are made in other citiea ami aold hare, 1 keep eonatactly on haud, and make to order (on one weok'a notioe) every detoriptien el SOLS LEATHER, IRON FRAATE FRENCH DRESS amd WOOD BOX TRPNKS: ASHLAND and o*k? W ALICES; TR AVE LINO BAGS; HAR NESS: SADDLES; WHIPS, tr., tc. , Trunka, 4c., Repairec and Covered, 1b a work manlike manner, at abort notice. Tranks d?liTere?l in *n? "* ~ ? ... / f>?i vi tuo ulij t town, or Alexandria. Alto?Arect for Howo'i oe!ebrated FAMILY SEWING MACHINES. delfr-W JAMEP ?. TODHAM. TRAVELERS' DJJbUSCTOSY. Daily line of new foi r-horse COACHES TO UPPER MARLliORO', Carrying Ik* U. S. Mail. The undersign- ?i Are now running Daily, (except Sunday,? Four hurse Coanhe* >" -. tween Washington and Upper Marl Mir bor<>',*? follow*: T5 L?av? ih* Steamboat Hotol. corner < ?' street and ra. at7 o'clock a. in. Ke'iirmng leave UfperjMarlboro at 1J o'dooV a m.,and arrive id Washington at 3o'o:?ok, in tuna to connect with tii? 3-ii p. in. t am for Baltimore. Tue Coach** arc nr w and commodious, th? team* first class in the hands oi careful and accommodat ing drivers. Fare to Upper Marlboro -Wcentt. To [.our Old Fields & " ToCenterville 33 " Freight and packages in proportion. au WW OgflOKN ? CO . Proprietors. OALT1MORK AND OHIO RAILROAD. D WASHINGTON BRANCH. Craso* o? Hours. ON AND AFTKR WEDNESDAY, June 13th, law, tram* will run as follows: Leave Wasnmgtou at P 2'> and 7 Y> a. m. Leave Washington at S^i and p. m. Oa Sunday at 3 3" p. ni. Leave Baltimore at 4.25 and 8.4t a. m. Leave Baltimore at 3 15 and 4.20 p. in. n. ? - %ru UU UU ai % ? ) IQt P?8?ffin?ri? for the Fa*t -will t&ks traini at S^1 an<l 7.#i a. rci and 3 JO ? ro. For the W'efct at 7.4<> a. in. an<! p. ro. For Annapoliii it ).v & ni- &u<i " .M p. in. For Nurfukk at 7 *0 a. m. On Saturday oveinng theJJO p.m. train too# to Philadelphia only. jc 13 d T H. PARiSONS, Atent. NEW ORLEANS xn tblulee ui\Y? WITH TH* CHOICE OF T11RHE ROUTES. ALL RAIL ROUTE, Via Oraags and Alexandria, Railroad TO LYNCHBUIt?: Virginia and Tennesser.. East Tenn*$s?6 and Virginia, ll^.i -5 ? _ a rt-z-xfooo u/u? Nashville arM C/uUianoogm, Memphis and Charleston, Mitritsipvi Central, iVtte Orleans and Jaekton, TO NEW ORLEANS! MJEMPhTsT ROUTE: Mnnphis br Rail, thenu- br First oiaaa P aetata to N?t Orloaiu. MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE: Montgomery by Rail. thenoe to Mobil? by oi*M Packet*. Mobile to New Orleana br Lako Steamers TWO DAILY TRAINS?Sirift>ATS Jncmm, Lmti WukiiuUi it6? n nud 6 p. m. The Steamer GEORGE PAGE !? ?* her whar! foot ofHerenth ?tr**t at 6jf a. m. and t\i p m. and oonneoU at Alexandria with the O ranee and Alex andria Trains for the Sontbwe*t. Office? Pennsylvania arenee, corner of P!xth at. baqsasb cnons rnsouen to k*w qrl?ah9. L-ractiburf ?..#7 5" Briitol 15 f* Knoxvilie 2<> (*' C hatu^ooj a 241* D*!t->n.._. ~24 no HoDtaviHe 27 no 8 rand Junotion Mhvflle 25 tn\ Memphis . >81 00 AUauta *6 00 M&Cou 29 t? Coiuinhua St 50 Munltomer* ?S <* J viaM?mpluB,42 50 N.O.S viaG. J uac. .tu 5o \ via Mu bile...45 oo THIS ROUTE IS ENTIRELY 1IY RAIL. and if aoo MILKS SHORTER, and 24 HOURS LESS IN TIME than any oth?r f.irxv-the Ljnehbnrc Extension being nuw eompler<v!, &? ?20 the M)saia*:ppi Central, making it tiio QUICKEST AND MOST PLEASANT ROUTB FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS! It U provided with Firat-olaaa biecpiac Can! i ?o itew wpram.., 711 Honrs. i?ihv ) Mcroybli ... .. do* rioiK < Moatfu;n?: r ? #3 to. I NaehfiiLa- *6 do. cym U.S. {KAIL and ADAMS' KXP&EfcS arotakan over this Now Lint, Kkots can bo obtained at the HoMh WwUn i, corner of Sixth atreot and Fencsyi varna ?? anae, to th? following point* Lrsohburc, Bri?tol, KnoxriUe, Atlanta, OnaKanoora. HanUnlle, (irand Jnnetiou, Mason, Naabruie, Dal ton. On'umbui, Montgomery Mobil*. Memphis, and MU VT U{lL&Ail9> 07" THROWN tIFkETS TO THE fA BIO US VIRGINIA SPRINGS. VprOmnibaaM and Wajons io?ye the offloe M6a.m. aud 6 p. m. JAMES A. EVANS, Tioket Acent, ml O-tr Corner Sixth ?t. ar*l Pa. ?. npHE STEAMER J AS. 8UY Will rtniiltor I trips on TUESDAY, 21 ?t of Feirrnarr. I860. Will ieave WASH C^Rg|? INGTON every TUESDAY and^ " *? FRIDAY, at 6 o'clock a. m..and ALEXANDRIA athalf-pa*t6 o'clock, for CURRIOMAN and the intermediate Landings. On her return cripa, she will leave CURRIOMAN ?v?7 WEDN*!SDAY and SATURDAY, at 5 e'olook a. m. LUCIAN S. PA6E, Proprieto?. NATH'L BOUSH. AtX Alexandria. fe? riFFlCE OF INSPECTOR AND SEALER U OF OAS METERS, W4*Ht^pto5, Jnly It, 1M. NtrrrcE is hereby wVf.V, T&at. agre? ably to the provisions of the ordinance of the Cor poration approved May It- 1W0, th? undersigned is now prepared, "whenever required in writing, and on are-payment of tke fen of fifty cents, to ivayebL examine, test, prove, and ascertain the acourafey of ??istntion of any (as oister in use in tnis ouy. very meter, iffotwd incorrect. will be conrfnmnul uu anouier, seaJM and marked aa true, will be et ib iM place. it Kwni bt be accurate io it*. M?M>T?iaent ?f?M, rt wyil beeeaied aooordiacly, and %<ain put ID ?o?tunB fur u?o. OffloiN# 010 Seventh street, < near Odd Ftol low?' Hall ) (>m from 8 a. m . to 5 p. m. CHARGES W. CUNNINGHAM, Jr l?-tf lmpector aid bealor of <Ja? Mater*. W ? ?, 8 F ijiT U R E sT^ ~ . It to oall and examine our atock of Oaa and VTUrn PixtWM. feeiiQf eonfident that we have tka beat eieobed etook in Waafctastoa. , Ail Work Hn the above line intruited to oar oaf* will be promptly atteaded to. ' # - myers * MeGHAN. mar ft-tf 3T? D street Francis harper. i HATI5S OPIXKD i _ FAM11.Y grocery AND peed store, Corner of .Wic York ifmn ?i Ttntk strut. ReapeotfuUy MliaiU the patronage o/ theeew ma* be m ?**? ?f ;- * '? ? ? ?h; vrtlUiC ID illOBUWr 11 DO. HI| andeayors shall i>e to p;eae<s and by a rtriot atten tion to the wart* of the pablia, ba hopes to merit a %^*?ron*u?rart?oiT Mtiale usually toba found in a itrtrclMa Family Orooary aad Feed i?ooo the atter.Uan of Uia potiiio to our iarcaud wailaa leoted >took of Gtiamparne and Crab A pa la C^der, wbioh we arantae to be aura juioe, and will Ei Id i n Mn. iira us a oall at tb? Union Bottling Depot, >T Br*** ?t. B??Wiaw> L?U?. Mon . S& MKD1CINB8. D* J b^k# FOR ALL DISEASES OF IMPKUDB!tC& LET NO FALSE DELICACY PEMTENT. APPLY IMMKJ) ATELY. A C9AE WARRANTED. OE NO CHAE9E, IN FROM ONE TO TWO DAYE. VuklMllflM htk,IUl*WM ifll?M?(tM??ll)l u4 llUiw, in?*l?oi*ry DutkutN, 1?num;. luml D?ki!ity. RirTMnim, lit Ml, M* hMb. Oi? (Mm M I4?u, PklpiutMB ?lIM Oi?illirfk|Mw 4>4dM*w, Dwmm ftINI?4,TW?^ l??H Ml . A ? _.. ?? UM ku n, Iwcl ?i ft*****? Umi Tarrikl* Di**r1 ?r* iraUf (rm Mwri kliu g T??ih?dim* r>r??df?l u< Puiracu** FniucH vktek r*? to lUitttft IaiwiUi, u4 <iw>) b*u Mr u< MM TOW1I0 MEN liptlWb TM ktrl bltMl III ?! ? af Mhiy Tin, Ut; diaaifei u< 4winMU*? kaktt wkiek aaaaallr ivtipi V u> uuir il; gr*?? ih*aa*ttdi *f Ttttf Man *' mi ? iiUd ultnu wd krillaat UiMllMt, wfc? kt fUirvai k?'l nmneti ll?t?aui( liutn witfe U* ikcadtrt ?f m | ?uu la way ?k? Uvuf It**, m*y mU w* fcll ? * ****** ? """ff MiUUtl FBUWW, w Tim|Hi^im*?yli>*iMw 1 rtaf ?, kaing ivirnf akyaiaal (lUlW, Nfull dakl!U> 4*raTrB1l!l>, t(., Spf il!T Clfld. i It ?to ptiCM lnwtllu<l( Ut hn *r Dl. 1. Mr nM|l I aaaly inHi is pm raoar a* a faiLaau a?? aaaMaMl? Mtf | a pan kia aktll aa a f hjaiaiaa. I Off tCK Ma. 1 BQ9TII fl?nUICI?Ttt>T. I laft kaod aida_fainj fits BalUmara uraai. a lav #? ?? tea ' tka carrar. rail oat ta akatrrt mm ui uakil kattt* Malta f*M aad aaatata aluap. ml joaiirroa, Naatan afttl laftl OUaf a aW*>|iiai, fca*<# inHil (imb aaa af tka Mil a*a<a?M Uali|? M Ika M" Bwaaa, aad Uia^jaaiai par: af vkaaa Ufa iu kaaa *Hf ' ka ka? Cm 01 mum. rwH,niuii:rkit u< ku *f 1(4 M?n? ft M? <DMt htm l??l '*1 I *? hxMrn; muny iraakiad *iU nngittg U tka k/Wl >4 mm hiauliip; (tot Dirrnwin, ha in a iltrai^.J itMn aaar.da, buhfvuitu with fr?<,? ?i >|I*M1 mm Ubii vuk dinufiontif ?u>4, ?in cuii ii?W*wt?, TAKE ?AET10UAl HOT?C>.<M Thi( M.o U)(9 atfcira vbt h?r? u.)ai(< *J t linut pritUct lodalf td ia *bn alaaa ?? aqatrlly iMroid fram ??ti cMiptiMM, m ( aehaa Im 'fitu ? w.'.ichara atfhuj fall a*?n ?Im aaiaap, " W >v<t Itodtr* m*rri?f? inipaauhl*. Led daauwya >V <ili4 ?M fc?dr, ahoald afr'/ ? Vbaaa ?r? aama oftha ud nod aalaaaMy >fw ' ,<rada??d fey aarlv hafeiu af vac.k via: Waakaaa* lV? >Vck lunfea. Paint ia ifea Maad, Duanaaa af Sifki. U4> +-H ? iiln Pawar, Pulptuuan of tka ifiui, U/ip*pa?. Half *# Unlabel Vf, Oarncf crnao'.af iba Lhjaatita/anttMaa, *ii (*>. DafeUtty, fymrtanta of C?' tvinptiar., Sc. ' MKMTALI-v _t.. I ?- .a - ? - ? w m ww < rv VV9I I uOltrwr CilwH ?IKf I f tpiriM, Ktil Karbadinfa, A'arataaaf fecial* A. >Dwuan U'l ?f ?o'.iv*da, tfniduy, a la., ui ?ai ! W a*u* p? <?ert. NHTOII nMlV!TT-n?.i?li?n *#'>#(? *Wl ta tba aaaaa af tba* daalialaf b?tiU. laaw-f i?*<? ngat,** minf waak, pa'.t, DimM and imiiulal, ht>'?| tia(llii tppaaraaaa tbaaiiiia apaa.caafti ariycipbawal ta^paptiaa oiiLAU^a of inrauDKNC*. Wat mi?fii:d*<i ilJ in.p'adam ?aury af piaufat la da it hu irr.tkad iti? da af thsa painfkl iuiui, U taa aflaa UppaM ibat an tll-tmad aaaaa af aktiri ar 4raid at dtatatti] data ra bur (na applying ta lhaaa *M. (ran adacanaa tud raafacubility, can alana aafriaad bin. H* fall* lata tbt bauda af ignarant ar.d > { | uiuadan, alia, af carina, ilch hia pteamary tatMiaoea. kaap hia Uillaa ataoifc aPtr nantb, ar a* Uar ?a tb? aatallaat ftl can Vi ak lauaad, aad in d?ap*ir taa*a him wtb ruiaad kaattb u aurt , a?ar bia fa-hug dtaappaiauaaoi; at bp ika aaa af that daatfli paiaon, ITarcary. baitaa lb a eanatiiatianal ayreplant af Um ttmbla diaaaaa, *acb aa A(*ctiar.*?'te* Haan. Tbraal, Maaa Ckui.fcc.. rrafraaa<nr vitb fnfVfa 1 rapidity, till daalb pal* a pariadtabil Iraadfd aafaruiga by aaadlnf bua ta tbat a? diatavarad caaai/y frau wtaaa b?anw aatra*aiai launa. Dfc. JOUHOM tftEMEOY FOR OWUIC WUUM AMD IMrOTKNCT By tkti rrtat cad lire arum riiaady vnhmifUl aifaaa m ifiililf car?4 ?na ?ip? rMMMl. TWtmdi arifca hi*?ai an# 4<kiliiau4, *b< kad 1M all hafa, ta?l lin mm?di?l(ly MUi'ti All impatlimaula la Mirmga. PhyaiaaJ tl Niwi UlaaaaH, Lm af Piitiittitl Pmr, Rt/itu IrrMatiMty TnmHifJ i:. 4 WttUuitl Exbtaauan aftht Mil flltfe kind apaaalilr cm!. niiM>u cMBjrr orm nm, TBI MANY THOl'SANPi car*4 attbta ii?i ir-a< wlttto iki Iih uiabUin jwn, u< ika nam*rmm MfartMi Vara) aal ( raUaoi frfmrmti ty Dt. lannaan, tiUMMl k; U< ra part an af '.hi p?p?r? ml many Mkai aaraaaa, aauaaa at which hava aapaara t ajaic and ?jv.n bafara tki ha aldia kMUndtaf u a fantlaaaa af Itanwi aal njia^ tilii;, it i iiliiaii (unmii la IH ifUui )u?lf Dr. j. bovek dod? IMPERIAL WINS BITTERS, Are now being nasd from Ma n* to the Brtat Salt Lake, anl the universal aerJiot of all who km them eithflT ?i a it mm or a? a u that they are nnrarpaaed in the world. I>r. Dod? c?ad them sucoeaafailT in hit praotioe for S3 year* before we purchaser ol nira the sole right to waaaftctare and protect theui .'or ?le to the ?pb!ic. For th? oure of Ir.ciyie&l Conaamitioa, InUiiaaUon, Dra jeptia, Pllea. Nenrow Di*aataa, Fomala C?s* plaints, and all ?iw reamrrj atoc.c. tney are > - youd doabt a most invaluable remedy. Aside from their medicinal jroeertiw they are a para, whole koine and dehghtfin Brverr.ce, producinc aii the alwisant axkiierauar effect* of Brandy or Wiat without thoir injurious renuita. Lat all friend* of hamanityand al! advocate* of ten re ran oe aaatat na in .ahtfil.!.. ?t?... - __ 1MBBU TVUIII T OflUDlC HIRWI for the mmcrml ppixm* and L*^M with whion the country n floocod. and thereby fxj:aaJy ?ud is ^Tii thrnr PiMtii m< DrankaaoM rith whiaii Uie country ia flooced, and thereby jotaa.; j aid ir * ' ?~ * troa Um ImmI ^ , CHARLES WJDDIFIELD A CO.. |?r?jrietOTfx7^Wmnv^yiUwt, Now York. 't v. Washington, I Ml* of the ladder a e? pec ially for Female Ol Charles widihfield * co.. Propnetora, T8 William at.. Mew York. DR. J- BOVKK DOD&' fFERIAL 0IN BITTERS. For Diaeaeea of the Kidney a, Bladder aiwl llrutn Organs, and enpec tally for 1 Femaie Obstruct: one, never fail to oure, and are warranted to five aatia Cl Proprietors. TB William _ _ J. aCUWARZE, je 7 ly,r A tent. Waahiofton.D. C. JOY FOR THE fMCK AND SUFFERLNtt. LET ALL WHO ARM AFFLICTED READ! APPLY THM REMEDY REJOICE fy HEALTH. FHend. do you suffer? Are yon the victim of My of three nnmeroua ailraenU ariae xrcm w purity of the blood? Wlratare the*, do yoa aak? Rather aak. what are ?hey not? The blood ta the source ol liie and health, and it i? the ftret element of oar being to reapoad to an; oaaae which atfeota th? gyst'-m, aa the pulse iofalfiblj atteeta The ever preYniling Neuralgia, the irritating Erya pe ajt.the subtln scrofula, the agonisirjr Rheumatism, Ner voua Debility, Dyspepsia, Liver Complaint with ita torpor and dejection, ana tho Lunberleae ilia that fieah ta hetr t?>, danve their hideona oricio from the blood. Deal kindly tiiea and gently with tike bk>o-i. L a* the vitalizing roeonroee of natare lor ita aid. and suffer us to commend yoar oontdeveeaua ... ui><; njeniCarnPnl IDOTI a* Mns. If. COTS INDIAN VElfKTABLK DECOCTION. With regard to this aira^st infallible eaeeifis popular meet ties ?p<*ken in Urmi, and the evidence* of tius great effteaoy V? sus tained by ooustant ?mirali uf curative afWta and th* happiest r-??n;t* from iu cs* *re af*er all other remedies and the beet m?<iteal skill have fai ec. Let Ql MT, in OOTClMlW, U<t mtllklsi onrae are not sought from the illiterate m4 super ficial, butthey are voibatAared freia the ami re spectalde pcuroes and ju*ufy the high?* Hrw ta which ft ta possible to oommeod eo valaakwe a specific U> pun io approval. vVe may add also that the osrative properties of the m<sJ. .cine are equalled piilj br its restorative eff*ot?. th* syet?m recover ing fromdiscase srith r?s?*^ oonstitst'onai visor. For m'? by ail respectable Druggists in this city, and by the proprietor, MKS. M COX. None rcnoiue unieea her naiae is b.ovi aa the N>tr? and her s?al on the oork . ?i ? ' ? tL / * ?* k*" wwi'i ^jx npipfB lor tokol**al? Annt. R. * T. ClSSK!.. I)rti?i?t. GetTtetoirn, H f?.. W'hn!<mJ# Ajent for the DU tr;et, and wiil rnpplj the trad? at my pnoet. l?-t<- __ FOR STAMPING A PACKET CP PAPER, AND ENVELOPES TO MATCH, ttlM METROPOLITAN ,f BOOKSTORE. reiLr t rolomonr, Atentt for LaurnurU cO?br*i*d Limm Pajert, ivntrefoninn TU"i, re., f<- . m 24 ly 338 P*. *r.. b?t. tr nod 1?tto ?tt. 279 T. POTKNT1NU iiior 206 ?T?i It to toL - 5S Lao, kit ord?ra pjTH?P?rt?^v imiUblo atTl?, wiUt Mfth whien he h&? mr*. on t A WJt. T. DOVE * CO. /IRE Now prepared to exeeata ur F plu&K2, e^^?TKAM nrnm KT Store on Mh street, ib* doors nortk ti Pa. tilled. made by Rio m? SSHt&S'*"''1 * Co.. Jatoe ~ y.?Oa ban* imi Brandj, part SEtfJte, TPJSKhC < ? mrin, Mniu CARRIAGE FACTORIES. DENTISTRY. MTEK ' H. LOOMIS) M. 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BILLS.after i ?r_ fella tint he air. witK confided* racoiv mend the CbeojtiaUc I"r>c??? (or inaerting irtlidH ?eelh It the Idvic'AXM of I atracftfe. h?Mty,eiflM<in?ea,%Bd chmpueae. Pal pair a eta ifiaartad for 9 SI. Pirtlli la proportion. OAwKMPi&twis. aa? MISCELLANEOUS. i> j-h rvii IT Theaa SoSoa ara ?nerad to U>* public M tin moat aifoplo. dara&ia, and roltabio actioa ?rr put ia in. First o.ui pienurma htvabooa ?wM|i?n by tha Utttod Faur md Virginia A? al :? k. ft>Virrlci* t*t?r? Arn?u tor*. Fun Frankl*a [ntltau Ffcir. P*naav>vmniA. Naw York Stiur F??r. Vtrnont iltete Fau. m., to. Ii> ?* <- ?tin? Xtub]tod they oar* raoeirod fcrat oiMopromicoia for uett bi I^oulaiM* avanaa, DofM of a Cktl.od Iron 8*'"' do ?It F' C PATTTflO*. Ai?rt !VABttJN?TON BEWIN0 ROOM*. " M MA Km (?* d?ri Sort* of Po. Now la tho Una to gat MPRIN9 and M'MMKI RHlMlt* oiV.t at to or4*r. Tbo onbaoribor la *- ? k? gfii K?K PR A W F^tp,Jk*.. at t>-a up to orflor. I no anq i?BIKl>. DKAWEflPHH notioo. 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