Newspaper of Evening Star, October 25, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 25, 1860 Page 3
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>4 LOCAL NEWS. , ) 117" Though Tut St ab la printed on the Mart / atMin proa In use south ?f Baltimore, Its edition | Is so lugs aa to require it U> be put to press at an early btrar, Advertisements, therefore, should be sent in before U o'clock m.; otherwise they may not appear until the nert day. Notice.?District of Columbia Advertisements |p be inserted in the Baltimosb Sea are received at and fsrwarded from Thi Sta? Oflce. DouJLA* MKKTINO LAST Evmik?SPXXCI ot mijoe Tocmti ?'There wu aulU a fill attendance at the meeting of the DougIa*Jack*on m Democratic Aasocistlon last evening, at their headquarter* at the Kimraell Hotk. on C street. M Major Tochman. being introduced. Mid that all were doubtless aiware tb?t be wm not a native of this glorton* repnhlle. He came among them In 1837, from the land of Koaelusko and Pulaski,' which in the days of its power and glory wu th* freest country in the whole world The same political misfortune of his native land which made Koaelusko, Pulaski, and thousands of other* homeless exile* had made him so some fifty years I later Kaisea in me miast 01 tne trials ol such political a?lvr?ity, he bad learned at boiue the value at aouod principles, which eonstitated tbe i lifr-el?-m?Hrt of stats*. as well aa of the inherent (rights of a fre? people. Thia explanation of faU connection with thla country, which bad been his adopted land since 1837, told, In stronger language than he could declare in any other way, why b? waa found unioug the aupportera of Stephen A. Douglas and H V. Johnson, for the high positions of President and Vice President of tbe I'nitedStates He reviewed at considerable length the doctrlnea of non-intervention and squatter sovereignty. claiming that these bad always been the avowed doctrines ?.f the democratic party; and that, further, when the Kansas-Nebraska bill was under discussion, no one bad advocated stronger nou-intervauuon principles than Mr. Breck inridge, who now styled such a mere dogma, Iand as being of fii-l tendency. He held that Douglas and Johnson only. In this camoalirn. represented the principles wnich tbe 1 liberty loving sous of Poland, Frauce. Germany, and Ireland supported by shedding and minglla'g tbetr blood witb that of tbetr old Illustrious sires. Tbls Union being consecrated and c*?ented by tbe common blood of their common ancestors, it was tbe duty as well as tbe right of tbe naturalised rltizens, together with tbe natives, to rescue from tbe Impending danger tbls glorious inheritance. The remit of tbe recent f tate elections should not caus?? ihem to despair and abandon their posts, nor relax their energies New York was tbe harbor of safetyrwbere tte Union-loving crew should pilot the vessel which wassailing with tbe freight of their Federal Constitution; and the Union loving messengers are soaring on the angelic beams, with torches of wisdom?tbey are not W ide Awakes So we should not cease to hope that by the firm, determined adherence to the Con(stitutionai principles represented by Douglas and Jobnsoa, they ought yet succeed la saving the country, and in preserving the existence of the national demccratle party He sincerely believed that on the succtss of tbe principles avowed by their candidates depended the peace and quiet of 1 th? I * n 1 am if nnt iti v?rv* A To Ik* Reporter of the Star .-?Dear Sir: Yon will 1 obltg? quite a crowd of would-be nephew* of J Abe.,r by procuring for u? th? Insertion of I the fcnbjoiued report of th^lr proceeding* at a ' meeting beld at Odd Fellow*' Mall, lu tue Sixth Ward, on Tuesday evening, 23d in*t. It bu been suK*e?t*-<l to me by aeverml member* of the Association, to tnvite your attendance upon future meetings. 1 act upon the suggestion with rbeerful concurrence, assuring you a polite reception and respectful treatment as often as >ou may rome. even If you should make yourself and your readers merrr at the expense of your bumble servant Tbere can be ao question that we are ebnek full of patriotic zeal at tbls time in the cause and . for tbe benefit of " Uncle Abe and as it la not unlikely that some of us may boil over occasionally, 1 would like to have you come dowu, beHaving that tbe knowledge "there's a chiel amang as fetkln' notes'' will have a salutary Influence, reminding us of tbe experience of tbe Dem. Jack Ast'n." We shall fully recognize your right and duty, as reporter, to ' to shoot at folly as It fliea,'' and " laih the vices of the age " But there ta one stipulation we would like to make, and have your agreement; and that Is, tbat you shall bring only one-balf thefaee yon wore wben you so happtly eluded tbe search of " the 1 smelling committee" Bring u much *a you please of the face of " Incle Abe,' radiant with geniality and bou hommle; but never a featu e or expression of the other, If you please. It might provoke both "coa*1ng" ana discussing. But, vehat' blend the feature* and expression of ' Uncle Abe'' with those of the individual who**- name vou have Immortalized' If you can do that, Dr. Valentine ian't " a circumstance" to you. ' Angels and rafniitera of grace defend-oa' " Art thou a spirit of health, or goblin damned'" *' Something too much of this." *-A ooa moston Very respectfully, Ac. Sixth Wakd. At a meMI ng of the Republican Association of the Fifth and Sixth Wards, held on Tuesday eveaimr, the 23d instant, a constitution and by-law* wer- adopted, and a partial organization of the Association was effected by the election of the following officer*: Pr>s;dent. Or S. A H McKini; First Vice President. George Baaaett: Second Vice Pres;de.:t, George Riifl'; Corresponding Secretary, J L. Henshaw; Kecord'ng Secretary, Charles Sleigh; Treasurer, John Griner A committee was then appoint* d to wait upon Dr McKim at hia residence, and inform him of tiia eioctlos Having performed the duty assigned them, the committee returned to the Hall, accompanied by the President elect,who, In a eery neat and pertinent address, signified bis acceptance of, and returned tUauks tor, tiie honor conferred upon him, and the Asso iation adjourned to Its next regular night of meeting. Tut ^TATB'Mtl or TBI F IB ?T AOS OF THB Kki ?A large audience gathered at Mr | WLttiker'i real den cp on tbe evening of the 13th iMt . under the auspices of the Karen Club, to llateii to Hon Joseph 8. Wilson's address on tbe nbove-named interesting theme. Among tbe visitors were bis excellency tbe President of tbe United Sulea. tbe Postmaster General, tbe First Assistant Poatma ter General, and numerous ladies 1 and gentlemen Tbe members of tbe Chib were In full attendance. The address of Mr. Wilson? from whom, owing to his well-known ability asa speaker, much was expected?exhibited an intlr mate acquaintance with thetra!Is and career of tbs V distinguished men who bavs adorned the annala W of American history, particularly of the age that * Immediately succeeded the Revolutionary war, / ?*braelnff tW period of the formation of the Fedi esai Constitution, and tbe administrations of serml <v# ? *- ?.11 ? t. - I v* -uv wvt i icvtucuK ii was tuaracier* iced throughout by accurate learning, by a con4eiis*lien of facte thai gave it compactness, and bf an eioq lenee.Motric*; and impaseioned, that nested and sastained attention from the begin W to the close The sketches of lieu. Hamilton aid of Mr Jeffeiaen, champioua of the popular a ail conaervative elements necessari ly blended In tie structure of a free government?the one having single eye to the liberty of the people, the otter te Its proper direction and control?were drawn with a masterly hand Franklin, Hancock, MadIsm, and the elder Adams figured in the fore teand of Lie weti-drawn picture; nor was W?eblMkin, Uiat great captaia of Intellect, witaout wbe>' consummate caution and watrhful vigilance thashipof Sute would.(a all probabillty.have been w*r<-k<-d upoe the breakers, overlooked Mr W I shusvu iiw cvumamoMwar our couutry with lis wonderful growth In arts, la arms la comnm?. In letters and diplomacy, by tb? laat of which we bad added not only Louisiana, but Tom wid the Californtas to our border*, and pufbn ?d that If the omena that now threaten enr tranqalllty should, like many darkcloudathai hare occaeteead temporary uaeaslneas, pass away, we were yet destined to reach a climax of prosperity and grandeur heretofore unattained by any telvnlzed nation. Cocstt Cask or Assault.?Yesterday, county otB ef Stafford arrested Meaars Pierce Shoemaker and P. Young for an assault and battery on Geo S Bishop. In the county, near the mill of Mr. Htioemakar It appeared from the erldenee that Hlsbop had bean employed by Mr 9. aa a millwright, and that during the time of kis employ* meat he occupied a room over Mr S 's mllkhouse. On the 19th of September Mr.ft. told tit*bap be would hare no farther use for hlia, and requested him to vacate the room. Bishop declined tearing just then, but stopped hit work there and get employment at a mill a quarter of A Mi U A tstant till /van? U ? I (_) Tufaday Kitbop waa about leaving, whan. It \ waa atated. Mr 8 cam* behind him. tod poabed 14 ua over a bank, upon a pile of rocka, tojaring h1? aevereiy. BUbop turned upon B., and waa getting the advantage of htm, when Mr. Young, aa employee of Shoemaker, ran to hia relief, and lifted iitru of. Bboeinaker regained bla faet, aad while Vounx Lad hold of Biahop, took a flick aad attwk Biihop aeveral tlmea. on the leg* Mr * OIlNMt' ?pp?-arrd for tbe proaerutlon. MrTIVhartua Mt the J^iice. Tbe Juatlre decided to dta lu]r \ oung, but held Mr Shoemaker to ball tm Ptur HiLMflix la atlll performing at Odd FelUw*', h-'. to good houaea The Profeaaor eerblalf do * hla bua'.neaa la nrtlatic at via. Ha waa aaalatad i-*'- nigbt by oaa of our well koowa aad hlgfa>pr?aperufc.* attti?na in tbe wine trick, a mt?*? were plesaei tu aee, aa thoaa that genernUft^lunteer their arrvleee are not the moat reepleVe. Tin* programme uadar^oaa an enUie eheote to-eight, aad will no doubt ensure a crowded beuae. r I>kt 6?om mi Tit Niiin ? la looking ov?c L Perry k ? otbex ? *a?t etock of dry gooda, we arc A arpr1?*4 at the extent of their aUxk of all Ute \ in^' flrat-rtaaa atipi'S. at tow prtc*. adapt-?l L " la ate- ?4?u of iht great aw of euatauwri. We M h-r-t< torr bet-n a-tdrr the imptesaian that V talitv wm toe fabrics aloue, at tiir re-1 V Aao^Urtf ofpnow. <??) *. | ^ 'J * 1 ' . .. r v. . -a <+ daiadfcl Accidb5t to a Lady?This Bornlnj, about 4 o'clock, th* little child of Mr. P. H. Newman, living on PoumyIvmiU arenae, near Twelfth street, arose ftooi W another port <jf the home to awake th<? sn^nnt gtrt, and In paaainjj near the stairway leading frwrn the main entrance to the second floor trlppisd agalnat some object on th? floor andfall. Mrs Nrwman sprang oat of her bad and ran to the assistance of the child, and in the darkness iDisaed the landing at the head of the stairway, and was praclptuted down the entire flight of twelv* or fourteen steps Ufltk ? / I _ .V > A 1 - " wi?u iuicc uauist iu?* irunt aoor, D<*r tic#* i liking thfi'on lock of tbe dnor (an old fashioned boxldck) and dissevering the lower part of th<* dom entirely from her face, and alio tearing off ill of her upper Hp ave a *111111 portion at each corner of her mouth. A portion of her tongue, about half an loch in length, waa also cut off la inch manner that It oaiy held by the skin at one edge, and a dreadfdl gash waa cut In #>er chin, nearly splitting tbe loww Jaw bone She received In addition a number of had bruises upon other Ci of her persea, and her delicate condition at time of the accident render* the matter yet moreierlojs. Drs Bliuehird and Lincoln were sent for, and attended Instantly to her wonndi, the serious nature of which demanded the prompt and skillful action which was accorded. Thb PassnrraaiAR St*o? at Alixanbvia.? The Gazette of this morning says : The Synod of Virginia?! tbe Prasbyteriaa Church (Newschool) opeaed its session la this city, last night, it tba Second Presbyterisn Church Thin Synod comprises the Presbyteries of Winchester, Hanover. Piedmont, District of Columbia, sod all th? remaining New School Presbyterian rhurrluo of Marvlind Virginia ><! t?i? of Columbia. After tbe usual rellglom exercise*, the Rev. Dr. Retd, of Richmond, delivered a discurse from Luke 15 17. At the close of the Sermon, and after prayer and singing of a hymn, the Synod wu called to order Delegates were found present from most of the churcws under the jurisdiction of the Synod The Synod then proceeded U> vote for Modera* tor. an d {lev. Dr. A. H. Boyd, of Wise healer, was chosen Moderator. Rev. Drs Mitchell and Leyburn were chosen temporary Clerks. The Synod t> en agreed to meet at 9k o'clock, a. m , and after half au hour spent In devotional exercises, to proceed to the Synodical business. The Synod then adjourned. The N?w Hall of Covenant Lodge. I. O O. F , at otoaoktowm. which 1s to be dedicated nertMouday afternoon. is erected ou the site of the old Hall, destroyed by lire in Marcb last, on noBtfrMM f*ur Hoam /v# D-lJ? -? * a ?? ??.?? ?vvi* wuiu VI ui iuj;r mrc?> Tbe building is of brtck, two i tor lea high, and twenty-Are feet wide by slity feet deep. The first terv la fitted up for a store, with an adjoining passage f r ingress andfgrres to and from tbe story above. The Lodge-room la twenty-fire fact wide by fifty feet deep, with a pilch of fourteen feet, and is ventilated by five large windows In the rear is an aate-rcom ten feet wide by sixteen feet deep The building Is lilted up In modern style, with every necessary arrangement for a Lodge-room, and make* a handsome Improvement to tbe neighborhood. The cost of tbe lot and building is S3 00U. After tbe dedication on Monday, the i<odge will hold a leve* at night, at Forrest Hall, in order to raise funds to liquidate the debt Incurred in supplying the necessary paraphernalia. regalia, etc., for lodge purposes. Let all the friends of tbe Order turn out ?u th* wrMinn CucriT Coc*t ?The Court yesterday considered tbe case of Geo \V. Phillips (trustee) e* John E. Kendall, In which suit waa brought to recover damage* accruing from the resale of a house and lot, of which tbe defendant was the first purchaser. Tbe Court decided tbat In case of the failure of the first purchaser to comply with the terms of sale, there must a sufficient time elapse before the appointment of a day of second sale Tn tbe case in question the time waa only from Saturday to the Tuesday following, with a single advertisement, which they ruled to have been insufficient, and a verdict Was accordingly given for the defendant To day, the Court took up a replevy case of Henry Bontz w John K. Kendall and John H. Wise, which was decided for the plaintiff with one c?nt damages At thi muting of citizen* held at Tem perance Hall on Ta*-sdav evening, to take measure# for obtaining from Congress a rharter for a city railway, K Kingman, Esq ^was called to the cua.r, ana John tf Houston, Esq., was appointed secretary A memorial to Conine** ana tbe project of a bill were unanimously adopted by the meeting. Tbe main feature* of the proposed charter are a railway from tbe Nary Yard to Georgetown, along Pennsylvania avenue, with lateral branches to the railroad depot along New Jersey and Massachusetts avenues to New York avenue, and *lont; New York avenue to tbe Stat* Department, Intersecting there with tbe tract to Oeo'getown- other branches on Seventh and Fourteenth streets, from Boundary street to the Potomac; the stock to be held only by citizens of tbe District, and no Individual subscription to exceed S5C). Republican Movement in the Seventh WaBd ?A meeting was held at Island Hall, Seventh Ward, last night, to take Into consideration tbe propriety of forming a republican association in tbat ward Mr George V\ . Garrett win called to the chair, and George Clark was elected secre mij . a i.uiiiuiiitrT was appuinwa 10 aran a constitution, to be reported at a meeting to b* held neit Monday night, at sows place to be hereafter designated Arbivbd at Carter' wharf (foot of TLIrteenanU-a-baif street) schooners Mary J:\ne, Price, fr?io Philadelphia, u itu W tona of coal lor Messrs. Sheriff A Dawson; Merchant, Philip*, from the rame port, with 01 tons of coal for Mr. K. \V. Date*. Dibmisskd ?Yesterday afternoon, Jobn Brown, who was charged with the larceny of certain articles of clothing a boarding Douseon Ninth street, opposite toe market, was brought out for a further hearing, and was tinaiiv A Discussion between the Bell, Douglas, and Brecklfarldge electors la to take plare at Liberty Hail, Alexandria, to-ni^ht Tbere will doubtlesa t>? a large crowd present. oiiitiil Gca*d-hoc?c Case*?Pat O'Don. nell, vagrant; line, ?2 15. workhouse 90 days Geo Dolan, 1 boa lla^gett. Jss McCarty, Chaa. McGee, drunk and disorderly; fi 15. Ail those interested will find In the Georgetown advertisements a notice of the regular meeting of th? Bell and Everett association this even lug. Kolloway's Hills. Xtrvotu Debility, #e?A* a sedative and invigorating medicine, these Pills have had au astonishing success in every part of ihe Qivihjed globe. They are unaffected by climate as their operations ?re the ame in the torrid zone or the Artio regions. They regalae thu puWe and the action of the he*rt, brace aad strengthen the relaxed uerves. give tone and energy to the gnueral system, and by re establishir.g-a vigorou* etToitofthe vital funotionsextinguish the ek-wents of melanoholy, depreased semis, blues. vai*ors, Ac. Hold by all Druggists at i&o , K2c. and I per box. oo 19-lw Wista*'s Balsam or Wild Chx**y. The fi>lio wins letter from W?, Uo*uv 1 w M ? ?? WW, Wl Concord. N H., Editor of the Congregational Journ&i, speak* volume* in lavor ot H'uinr'i Bal>am:? Coxcobd, N. II., March 2. Mxsors. Sktii W. Fowls & Co.?(rmllemtn : Two yv?:? ago,a sudden and violent attack upon my Lung* con tinea me to my bed for aoverai *e#U, au<l wlieu 1 recovered, 1 wa* ?o inuch oppresMd by difficulty iu breathing, that 1 was oft>*n uuaMe to deep or re*t upon a bod by ni^lit. The ?utfering wa* extreme, and judging from the inetficaoy of U?e remedies u??d. I auppOMd the disease incurable, tteing per*uade<l to try a Dottle of Wi$tar'? B iltam of WndCktrry without confidence in lta efficacy, I fimnnthrt ill iKonlt? ??? ' - - - VIIVIICIJ KniVKXl Mmfore one bottle *M u?ed up. Sympathy with my foil iw sufferers Induces m* to make thin public sta'ain, ?n<l recommend the article to other* imtlari y afflicted. With respect, yours truly. HavKY Wood. None genuine unless signed 1. Hitti on the Wrapper. Prepared by S. W. Fowl? & Co., Boston, and for ale by Z. D. Giiman, S. C. Ford. Jr. #. B. Wait*, G. Sitott. John Schwarae. Nairn 4k Palmer.VVaah i of ton; and by dealera everywhere. oo 17-lw.r Homkopatbic Rnnm All of Dr. Humphrey* * Co.'a apaoiSc Ho aaupathic Remedies put na expreaaly for family use, in boxes, at SB and 5" cents each. Also, in oaaaa. oontaioinc 9) rial*, from #4 to u each, with book of fall directions For aal* by Z- D. Gil man. *60 Pa. a van of. wholesale aad retaji acent; W. A. Fitsferald, 353 north F street; alao by F. B. Winter, corner of Massachusetts araawe ami Sixth street. Also, Pond s Extract ?f Wittk Ha.*el, for internal and external .mis.ruinations of all kinds. Soldaaabuva. maft-ly RtiBU. have you M?n Prof. Wood** advertisement in our paper. Read it; it vill interest you. au ju-aoly .To thk ^rrncTtD!?lie sore to read the aiiver oi ->ici,?an'i Strancthaninf Cordial and BIkoo Punfcar, in another oolumn. tf MAHtiio! At Fiftraath atraat Pra?bytariaa Churah, on the til wi?taut,b? K?v B?ron NunderUnd. WALKER LEWIS to .\Liu VIRGINIA A. BARBOUR," of till oitj. DIBD, O* tha 23.11 c it, aftar a,UnMriag ill MM. J AM ES FREDERICK.aouof Chnatiuaaoa Nicholaa Cal.a?ij in tki 22(1 yaar of Kit ago. Ifa waa a 7?uf;f n**11 of *bi it?, and. by kit corract hatMta, hi*fc lotellactaal oulturo, aud iral daportwwat, had oallad around him a laria El" of ae^uamtauoaa, who wll deeply f*al tha of so tro# a friand, and ona whoae fatnre prvmited ?o uiuoh. 3Utiearof hia a<a. Those iS^WKPfffcS^fVisTOLt *< invito to aall and ?aaaMn? our Uoo* Th-1* will y auldrarf low. Waharaalao a good vupp.jr uf Awa Kurnitu a. or . " ' iilr? .1 . p' ^ AMUSEMENTS. QDD peluo w_V HALL. Fob a Limited N'ikiu or Night?. PROF. BCLnOXT, The Champion Wizard, \V? 1 |ifA his Soirees Magiqne Extraordinary, On TUESDAY NIGHT, Ottobr. 2V. A<lm:??ion 25 cents. Children aocnnpviis 1 hjr vti ent? 10 " U?or* open at 7, commence at 8. oc 20 yy ASHINGTON THEATER. Sola LeeeaJ and Manager 8. W. Ulinn. THIS ESTABLISHMENT * Will op?n for the regular Fall and Winter Season oa the night ef THURSDAY, Novum 1??. JOSEPH JEFFERSON, The Comedian of the Ace, will commence an engagementof Twe re Ni*ht? on MONDAY, Novoint>er 5th, and will be followed bvthe most BRILLUNT STARS In the Theatrical Firmament. CT Communication* if addreued to S. W. Glbxh, "Old Bowery Theater," New York, will meet with prompt attention. au 18-tf BALLS, PARTIES. &c. IOOK OUT FOR THE HIAWATHA BALL! The memhere of the HIAWATHA CLUB re*pi>otfullr announce to their friend* that their FOURTH ANNUAL BALL will takepiaoe fit tBTOTfS HA I.L. corner of 20th it. and^A Pa. av-'iiue, on THURSDAY. November lst.uflfc The Coimmttrte pledge themselve* that no pains <>r expense will be spared to make this Bail enjoyable to all who may patronize them. Esputa's band has be?'n engaged for the occasion. Refreshments will be served in Sohaffiald'a beat stj'e Tickets One Dollar,admitting a gentleman and ladiea. Committe*. Dan'l Perkins, 8. H. Barron, \V. W SiucUir, \V. Moore. W. Goldsborough, oc "5-5teo* PERSON AL7 VI ADAM K FELIX, Fortune Teller lrom Pari* Irl begs leave to inform her former friends, and the public neaerally. tliat she ha* lemoved to tf50 Ninth street, northeast coiner of N, where she will be happy to hoc ail who may desire (o hare the paftt, !..? ?:t? 1 a ' ' vi' *vu? viiu iuiuic svkkiaiauiui ii y c*uiaui^u, OO 11-lOi* DR J.H.8CHKNCK. THE LVKG DOCTOR, of Philadelphia, will be m Washington, at the Drag Store of S II. Waitk, corner of Seventh ?trw>t and Louisiana ivenue, on Wednesday. Oeio btr, professionally. He is ttie proprietor of Schick's Pulmonic Syrcp. the inventor of ?chknck's K e*p KoMBTkK, the only mst-uirent that oan. to a certainty, detect the slightest murmur of the resoiratory organ'). This is of gre%t importance to tt-a oonsu;nptivo. Many eminent physicians inake great mistakes in examining IuukB. Itrequnes constant and long practice U> bec ome familiar wits every sound or rattling of a diseased Bronchial Tahe. Patients oome to Dr Sohonck to get examined that have been examined bjr tuei larnily physioian, who told them that oue luag was almost gone when,by a close examination with the {{^spirometer. it is often found that it is an aifaotion of the bronohial tubes and by getting a healthy aotion of the liver and tone to the stomach, tha sufferer is soon restored to health, iiieiiioi re that will stop a cough is certain death to the patient; it locks up the liver, stops the oircnlation of the hiooil. hn>:nnrr?ir? follows lid in stopp;ng the action of the very organs that caused the oojgh. Liver Complaint and Dvspepsia arethectnse of two thirds of the oa?es of Coniuiiptiou. Persons areatthia time oomplaining with dull pain in the Did*, bowels sometimes oo<tive and sometimes loo !o >* , tongue coat?'J, pain in the shoulder blade, feeling sometiT>ea very restless and at other tune* drowsy; everything that is eaten lies heavy on the a omao i, acidity, belohini op wind. Hundreds aro complaining at this time in this way. Let them take a heavy cold and before they get rid of it, then another, th?n is the tun* to know what to do; thou is the tune to go t > Dr. Schesck ffnd get vour lungs examined; then is the tui.e to keow what cough niedicio* to take. Stop that sooch sudden ac?i then the lungs, liver and ato-r>ach are ail pat into an inactive state, and before the patu nt is aware of his situation the lungs are a u a*s of s> res and dcatu inust soon follow. Schenck's l'uimonio Syrup is an expectorant, bet it does not contain any opium or anything to oiieok aeougti ifU'ldemy, hut if aided with tha Seaweed Tonic an.I V)r,n-irake Pills, is sure to purify and oarry if all diseased matter from the system. Dr. S. has a number of persons, in this city, that oan be referred to. that have beer, in the :a?t stag's of Consumption, and cured by hi* medicine* He does n> t wish to be understood that when lungs are turn that lii* can make new on<s bat when one is ? I ? al tl 4 -* - - ! uuuu aiju fciio uiiior may nave quuc & o&vii? in 11 11 can by artful treatment be ripened, and au<a?e<l ma'.tur carried off, arid the cati*i t net well For a tuuruuzh examination with his R?spirometer he oharrM $3, but it of:?n I a?pena Ma patieuta do not require an examination with the Keapi-ometer, a* he na* had suoli a arge experience he caa detect at a (lasc? wnehersuoh an examination ta ri"ct?ssary. aI! professional advice GRATIS Persons desirous of eon ailing Dr. 8. had tetter avail theinaelvets of this opportunity, as hia calls - aowhere are ao numerous that it ia impocaiole for hiin to viait Washington every week aa he at first oontemp'ated. 8*M. B. WAlTE, Age t for Waahinnton oity. Price of the Pulmonics Syrup, 91 P"' bottle, or H5 per half dozen; S-iaweed Tonic. ?1 per bottle,or $5 per hall dozan; Mandrake Pilla, 25 oenta per box. oo22 Iw JU8T RECEIVED AT SMITH'?. Seventh ttrest, a very la.?e iot of FALL and WINTER C.oThlNG that wi 1 be co d at astoniahiCR U.w price*; oo 19 1m PIANOS. MELODEON8, VIOLINS, Uuitara. AooorUeoaa, T&n:borine? fto., ?o. JOH * F ELI.19, o 18 3ft>> Pa a v., bet, ^th and l<Hh ata DK O L B ' 8 a BALSAMIC LUNG IN VIGOR ATOR, For the cure of CoUGUS, CoLtMl, AFFECTIONS Of THg THROAT a Bin Lrwoa. oo 18 2w* LA DI E?VCH EST-EXPA N DING SKI RT SI'S" KENDE.ttt; a.o, GfNl'S' CHKST EXPANDING SU9PENDERM. Theas art.clea *ivo an erect carriac- to the body without discomfort, and, to ladiea and rent* are invaluable. both as to health aLd persoi ni appearance. (Jail and exaio;ae. ai .IIUUKfc'S West Endl?rug Store, oo20 2w 113 Pa. avenue. mHOFT HATS AND CAPS! \V? never have ha?J no large a variet*^^ of GENTS and YOUTHS'SOFT MATS and CAPS aud of styles so n??w and varied Our long experience in hnaineK*, and buying exclusive!; for oash, enable us to sell at the lowest prices At STBVENR'S oo Jfi 6t 8*l?tKioni, Brown's Hotel. f ARGESr SHOE STORU ON SEVENTH LJ STREET. The largest, cheapest, and Uest assorted stuck of BOOTS AND SHOKS rifa. on Seventh street is at UUMMINS X CO'SsSi Nef Store, one duor south of Northern^ Market. V Persons desiring to buy good as well aa cheap Shoes will find, at the above Store, Boots arid Shoes that c<un?t fail to suit in price and quality. Alao, HATS and CAPS of ih? latest styles. With a large asrortin -nt of UMBRELLAS Remember the large Blue Sign, C. F. CL AIM INH * CO., 347 Seventh st.,one door below oo 20 lw Northern Market. PROPERTY OWNERS AND BUILDERS. Vour attention and examination in respectful!* s ' icited to >xamiu? the oei- brated New York Gl TTA PERCH A ROuFlNG and the GUTTA PhRUHA Pi*iNT for paiutug tin roofa. This Gutta Peroha Roofing an i Paint it acknowledged b* ail the beat architect! in New York oity to be the beat and ohiap^iit Roofing and Paint in evi?t anoe. It oan b? neon at H. W. HAMILTON'S Paint Stora. & 19 Seventh atreet. CA*FIEL.Da HAMILTON are the aole arenta for Washington, Georgetown, Alexandria and the South. For fur ther laforrnat on atld ibi? an above. oo U-|f T* CEMETERY NOTICE. 1 HE 'uhecriber ofl'erafor aalenia stack of MARBl.K MONUMKMi, TOMBS, GRAVIS BT'?NK8aml MARBLE MANTELS at reduo?d price* for oiah or appror*! note#. An earlr oall ia solicited. WM. KU I HERFORD. Marble Worka, 3.VJ E at ntrth. oc 17 Sm between 12th and 13th. FIRE! FIRE!! FIRE!'! 100 REWARD. I will Rive the above reward for the arTeat and oonTiction of the peraon or persona who ftred the o*rpenter'a ahop of Beers A Brott*r on th? nnht or the 12th in?tant. Their all was destroyed. The ( naroua and sympathising publio will be called on 1 For a *riaII amount to suable them to resume their former business. oo IS IBAAC BEKRS HAIR JEWELRY, Such a* Uracelets, t^ar-rlng*, Feb Cbaina. Finfer-riaga/Necklaoes, Breastpins. Guard Chains, Hearu, <Voseee,4c , made t > oruor, at No. 3tt4 Pa. Avisr*, b*tw. 9th and 10th Sts., (Over Claxett & Mar's Star*,) oo 16 lmj Wasktmftofi, D. C. WOOD! _ WOOD!! i WOOD!!! i STOVE and KINDLING WOOf, at the Iowm possible price. 1 T. J. * W. M ?ALT, I 909 Pa. ?., berween Uth aid 13th ate., i WtA t7-tf north aid OUOHS, COLDA. HOARBENE&S, *o. TYLKH'S COMPOUND SYKUP OF GUX ARABIC Thispleaa?nt and popular Coujl Remedy has ? been so lone known and extensively tied, th?t mo?t ( pars 'ns have become familiar with ik extraordinary efficacy. It ov> b* had at all the jrino pal druj ; stores at 85 and aopents a bottle. sea d?mJfceo4m? , BUCKWHEAT FLOUR.-IOAO ?omds new, i < frethgrpund BUCKWHEAT PJUURiust re- I : oeivMi and for a&le in loti to auit by D. L. MORRISON k. CO.. . _oo 19 Corner of Twellfi I JB ?t?. [ /CORPORATION OP WASHINGTON, COR- i JbP?>IUT10N OF ALEXANDRIA and i WASHINGTON OA* Ll'iHT COMPANY wTOcKb for aula, of ?uma to aait

. JA? C. MoGLIRF A CO . | 00 18 at Auot. and c oroinmnBn Merchanu. TfAKK Oil K ADV1CK AND U > TO THR I 1 Pooplat'C!o< hinc Mora, No 460 Bavanlu at., I ..i. Hii' u ?\ i: . ' A Jty I Simli ? >- w? .it* M' ^ * < WANTS. WANTED-A lrat-rato?A9 FITTER. *U*dy w?rk given Apply C. W. CCNMNGH * M h BR( V. 310 SfvauthV oo V, it _ VVANTBD?B\ a rerpi>?utbl? woman, a HTUA HON aa nook. ?a?her ami ironar in a ? !! \ ?t? lamWy. Addre?g Box ft. Ktar (jfto*. It* 1 \1I ANTED? A whit* WOMAN. U> oook. waab. " ' aad iron for a snail Umilv, Apph at &<* 303 (ill. oc 21 4t w A^VTED?^y^resp^ria'ile yonrg wotrnn, a J - - et.vaiivii a* c<'o?. wa*h?r aud tr?>n*r. | Sne thoroughly under*t.ud. her busiueu. Add'e?? Dox No. 6, at thi. office. oc \A-Z-* WANTED?By a temoerStS. obliging younf ( ve*r. old. who iaaaod to driving aid i* notafrad to woik at anything, a SITl'ATIOM on a form. Add re.. JAMES BLANCHF1EI J). B?>? 7, Star Office oo 25-?* WANTED.?I wiib to amploT, in my hardware and stove atore, a rood BOOKKhEPKK and SALESM AN,quick at figures, and oap ooau well recommended, and well known in the city. C. WOODW ARD, oc 23 3t No. 31S Pa. av . het. 10th and 11th at?. ANTED?A WOMAN (white or eolored) to fv ?ook and waah for a .mail family. Inquire at ANTHONY'S Store, A407ih ?t Good ware.will be given. oct4 St* Ruoms wanted .inor near S*ve*>?h street, I northerly, and not very far from the Patent Office ; two adjoining, unfurni.hed room*, in a house supplied with water. AdJre.* H. W., Star Office. oc 34-?? WM7ANTF.I)?Everybody to know that PAGE'S Tf Confftfitinn?rv_ \'n 1 S>. ia the place lo g*t fresh Calces and other Con ect ona at prices to suit the titrea. Halls am) parties famished with Ice Cream and other Refreshinenta oc24-lw* WANTED-A MALE TEACHER. tn take c? arge of a night sohool. App y to GEORGE W RKALL, Bridge street, Georgetown. oc 2$-at \*7ANTEDTO PURCHASE OR EXCHANGE a* A good Second h*?d COUPLE. Apptv at WALTER, K ARM ANN ic BOPP'S Coach Factory, I) street, between 9th and lOtii ata. oo S3-3t* WANTED?An overseer's SITUATION, by one who is thoroughly and p;actica I) arauainted with both farming and EauleiiiMg^ in "II their various branches The inoat tinexcepit " aide references given, as retards character, qua!ihcations, Ac. Address O. R .through tlia Fails Churoli Post!) ffice, Fairfax connty, Va. oc 23 3t* FMRNI riJRK WAN ted ? Persons having retpeciaMe Household Furniture to dispose of wiil liear of cashjourelia'era after theSVtii instant by arresting J. B., at f>w office. Oc 1*? Ct* WA \TKD I M.VI EDI ATEI Y?From .*5 to I worth of SECOND-HAND FI'KNI TUREofall kinds, for which I will guarantv U> pav ti-e highest prioea.aud, as u?ual, at the sUortest notice. R. BUCHLY. Dealer in Furniture, Siovei, Ac , oc 9 40** 7th vt. I>et. G ard H, east sule. \|yA!fTEI>-All fcjad* of 9KCOND HAND n K.^iriX Kiv.iur which 1 will nay tue ca?h, at 3*9 Seventh street, b?tw??ti I *<>d K bontz ic griffith. WANTED?To have everyl?xl? know th*t th? ' can find a fine and well ?eleet.?d ?tock of faeearrf v* INTK.R CI.O THING, FURNISHING GO??DS, HATS and CArS at the Pe->i?W Clothing Store, No. 460 Seventh ?t., oppo*lte Port Office. wa-lm LOST AND FOUND. Strayed or stolen from the sub oriber, residing at No. ITS.south of Fa. av?nue, between 17th a d 18th ?t? . or the 22J instant, a de?p red CO\V. rot jfak )ear? old, white bag ana belly, and wide home re embltn; a steer. A suitable reward will be paid a ?J ui"/n i'ci i mru iu hit re a uonoB. i>c 25 1 w* R JOHNSON. First War:?. Khi\VARD-I,ost,on Wednesday afternoon, <3)*J either on Now Vo k a v., Pa av , or 7th *t? or in one of'h* dry good* stores on 7,h it or I'a av , adr b PORTEMONN AIF. containing a'.out 55 in gold thren or four $5 notes, and uuiie email change. Tho above rowird will i-ivea to the finder bv leaviug at No. 2ft* New York av., bet?. 8th and 7th ste It* R F,\VAR D ? Stnlen f<oni the stab!? of the 1 tub?cril*er. at Cabin John Hridrfc n\ Wanliineton Aq'iednct. on the morning JL-V"^ the 2ii ins ant, a small Onafiia-i H A Y M ARK, jy ar? old, < if hind foot white, small star in the fo'?head, about 13 hands high, with heavy mane ami taih a little lain-i in the left stifle. Anv pernon returning '-aid mare will reac-ive the atxjvs reward. (oc25 3t) R"BKRT McINTIHK RKWARD.?Ranaway frotn the u-dcrv I v tuned. Iivin* near port Tobacco. >11. on the 21*t in?tant, NE'iRO BOYri 47" MATTHKW and WILSON. Theformerie about 17 * ear* of ace, the latW wme 15 or 16. Matthew id a thick ?et l?o?, wi h b'ovl heivy l* ? feature. very hlai-k Hh< wiih him a black vtiit; ariioft; other thmra a hlack fi/ured ?iltr rent, ver* KOO't. Wilnon n rather doiicate, very black, and has ai*o, I thi. k, a Mack cult \o mark? or rears remembered Hoth boye utammer and tatter very badly. I wi I ^ive the above reward for thtir app ehennon, or .*35 for either Ad 'r*?s oc'.5 lw H. COMPTON, Port Tobacco IOST?-On Sunday. Oc'ober 2:?t. on H street, J between 18th a' and V?rmont av.. <?r ui Vermont av .!> t#t?Hi H and M at?.t or near 'he rent- i ttonon of Cha*!ea Hill, Eaq., a plain (old BRACELET. The finler will receive a mutable reward by leaving it at the office of RIGtiS 4c CO. oc 24 3.* STfl AY COWS ?Taken up, on the 22d October, IKS'1 one horned Cow; red ar.d white tr'rk- ; one ear ?p!it: the < thor out on the ?nd. Another Cow, a red ami white huffslo end i.o mark The owner (or owners) of tho above propei t> is requo-ted to come forward, prove property, pav charges, and ta*e them .away. L0UI3L URUNETT.7fh af., oc 24-3t* No&r/the Soooad Toll gat*. FOtt SALE~AND RENT\ . [For otkir ^ For Salt and Ren I" mdnrtigrmtntt, ft* fir it pagt ] , | ROOMS AND HOARD.?Board, with a fine 1 I'rout Kooni, or oth>?r Room*. may he had at No. 43* Twelfth ?t., between O and H a m<mt detirabla locality. oc 25 2t* I?OR RKN r?The hno BRICK ROIIAR m. 1." loO West it . ?;<j<.rg?)to*:.. at present ooou pied hr tho ?u1).?orii> <r. It ti&a 12 10 ina, with gas anil water Um>ueliou\ a fin* ya-d, stable &u,e(ui 1 in in agoo-1 neighborhood. Apply to JAS. A. MA- 1 GRIPER. J |70? RENT-* HOl'PE. situated in the Hr-t i ( VS'ard. on Seventeenth strut, ?<>nth of the Navy i Department For t?r?na apply to JOSEPH 6AW- < bh K. Pa avenue, l>etween 17th and 18th sts. I oc 34 3t? 1 I^OR RENT?A very de?>rahie RESIDENCE ' x ou Eleventh, between (i and H street*. The house stand* liaek from tho htre*>t abontCO feet; cont?ins 7 room*, good dry eeiiar. &.o. Apply to F. C OVER, a.1tt Pa- avenue, U'tw -en ltth and I St h sts. - oe 24-tf WANTED?Two good JOURNEYMKN BAR DERS. Gpod va(?i constant employ rn:>iit Apply toM. E. ALLIOT, under Willarns' Hotel. oc 23-<;o3t* ( P*OR RENT?Upper Part of th* House on Eighth ? uv>wv<?< iiiv /ttouuo ?au u HI. A IO, 2 small Brioks on Twentieth street, between M and N ; < r for sale. Apply JOHNSON <k SUTTON. I oo? tf j F'OR RF.NT-A tw?# atory BRICK DWELLING Gay street, containing ten \ roonm, inoluJine a twi?-?ti>ry ki ciien; good cellars i under the house; gas and wat-?r in the promises. The kouse is intjoinp ete repair,and toaperman>>nt tenant the rent will be low. App y to D. ENGLISH. Georgetown. oc IS-?o2w ' HREENEW BRICK HOUSES ON THE ISf.ANDFOR S*LK OR REN T.-Six rooms aaoh, with stfir-house between front houi>e *ni kitchen To sell at j>?r month; to r?ut ?t $in per month. Inquire of J. W VI > RI.O W. 3*4 SUh street, or J. B. WILSON, on the Arena*. oc 23 2 eo_ ^ J FOR RENT-A neatly furni?h?d HO"SE in th* < First Ward, on H. Mween 17th and 18th slrebts, i No. ii'27^ containing a double parlor, 4 or 6 chain Kara ~ ~J vjiuiiiii iuuiii inunsu aim paniry ; wun vka, gold or hot wator, bath-room, Ac , *c. Apply to L. L. LOVING, Fourth Auditor'* (Jffije. oc 4-1 m i THREE HUNDRED AND FIFi EEN ACRES , in Fairfax count*, Va., in excellent order; w 11 , timbered; co?d buildinga;a orown afone quarry. A railroad oar ehop and water utation wofct ha j erected on the farm. Alsi?, a new Steam Ml I in . Loudoun eaunty. A purchaser can get a barcain J of Q. W. BRAS', Agent, 516 Seventh it-.Tvanh- ? injtton, D. C. ool? Up? J I7QR RENT?Poa^easion an the let of Oetobw . r The DWELLING HOUSE No. 4S8 D etreet, ] at present oooupied by the Rev. Dr. Butler, tiid G nextdoor to the rasideooa of the artrertn<?r. J. M. CARLISLE. ? N. B.?ft will not be let for a boarding house. , , ? H-tf _ { ' ' ' 1 1 ~ J New Carpet Roomi! \ Attraction! in Carpet* and Oiloloth*! By daily additioa. onTiBTOCK OF CARPRTB will he k;Dt full and attractive the wnol? ?ea<- n Oar STOCK OF OILUl.OTHS is the beet in the f pity, and preaonta handaoiner atyiee than are to be * bund el*ewhere. ^ Buyers are reaue<t<>ii to < ?. I nnr r.-nma * buyiiic. rhey will fcnd our p ice* a? low a* acy in ^ the city, and onr stock exceliisr in flreihness and irftnetf. L. F. PKHRY * CO., j Upper Rooms "Perry Building," I oo'IlMJt Corner Fa. ar. and Ninth ?t. ^ l^OR 8ALE-8TOCK AND F XTUREX OF r AS AMBROTYPtC MOQAf-l Will mJI th? * >took aud Fixture* uf my Ambrotype Room* cheap r [broash Thftre is a good operating room, with ex- ? jet lent skylight. Alio ft splendid reception room, ? rell furuished, and everything that (s requisite kppertaimoc to amarotypmg. Apply immMia'ely _ it So. 334 Pa.ftv. oo l?-eo3f r W_ _ NEW CLOAKS. J E Hive this day reoe^rea from Now Fork a ? beatti.ul assortment of bow atyle Fall and Winter tl LJLOaKs, s*-h as tit* Arab, Zc*%ve and other J itp as, in Blaok and ? recch Cloth*. Mao. Plain i tnd Striped Cloths, all of which we off*' low. _??1| BAYLOR * aUTCBtBON. * pAIPBTlN 08! | VL OARPETINOS! I f kav? just received, from the nortiesrn auotiena, kiatK*aid handsome assortment of Carriage It wry low pi 10* Call eari> and g*t ferfaui*. fl I il . O . . i Lj K %*iJ v. I I 1 * i &I* V tW ?ftt GEORGETOWN ADV&RTMTS #W otktr Gtmgt tmrnm mdmmHnmumtt tujkrrt pfi H g QROiWKTOW!1 REM. ANO EVER Lk_S KTT ASSOCIATION.?Tberacvktr weekl; ( ? tip* of theabnve A?*ocnti?n will l>e h? Id TH1? ErfcIriNG. at7S o'clock, at the hail *oiaer <;?* ?tr et . A lull attendaao* of the mtmben ! reqfc???tod. Tin* public are invited to attend It W, H TKNflKY. Sec. FOK 1ENT-A hw FHAMK H(M 8K, MUblc for a ?'u*M fami'T, on Frederick, near 8 h utr^t. Tei Mi* will be moderate to tuud tenant. App.'v to JOI1N FOWLKR, on th? corner ; iwU'H XVl.NGATK o??4 3t A NEW STORK AT No.?S HRIDOF STREET, NEXT DOOR to farmers and mechanic* bank. The *ubteribem hare jott opened r !arje a&d complete assortment of H O O T H SHOKS for ladie*', Yentleroen'i aiidchil-?M? drca'a wear, whioh they wi 1 ?ell at lowarF HI P';c*i thaa toej can m purcl.a?ed Tllfra Oo 21 4t U ?T> tCBITDnCD & BO" , - - !*'?! / (\ ? H II ?. DWELL'NG HOU8K FOR KKN T-The Unje U?r> Kiwk Uv?llirK HoimoiGit.Wtw?*a Montgomery and <)rp?n *tro*t*. t-u'h *irttt, recently ocoupi.d Kt Mr Sainu-I 8. Hind, contusing room*: atove the kitchen *to>r? nod rrvnut*' room*; smoke hou*e, cerri&ce houee, stable und wood house, with ca?throughout as J water <n the yard .Apply to P. t BKkR V. No. 191 Damhtrton treet, oc 23 Bonnet ribbons. VELVET RIBBONS. FRENCH FLOW BKI1IM, WRKATHS. FEATHERS. STRAW BONNKTS, BEAVF.R and FKI.T HATS. PATTERN HOnNKTS, FR A M ES and R L'r:H F8, BON N E T V ELVETS, SILKS and BLONDE LACES, emWariDR every thin* rich acd new in the Millinery Line, at ov prioes. E. GL TM AN, No. 11T south side Brtdpe street, oo 16 3w Geergetown, D. C. , NHEW STORE! NEW GOODS! MRS. M. SIMSON Inform* her uumerou* frierd* and the publio (en- i erally that the is now establi?iied at her N?w^|\ Stor?, No. Ill Bridre street. Georgetown, two doors altove the old stand, whrre m*y t?? Toned asu<ua',? l*r?e as-ortintnt of Mlf.LINERV DRYOOdD*. HO^IF.KY.aM EMBROID ERlES. at the very lowest market prices. oo 12-1 m FVOR RENT-The two story BRICK HOI SK No. 70 on Market street, Set ween 3d and 4th street*, Georgetown, D C Tlie house is ouinmoatous as to afl'ord every comfort, with gas auti water; sutficient ground* to oultfvate vegetal.Ie? and flowers. Tha lot runs hack to a ioint ailev wi*h a sUlile. Apply to JAS A-STMlSoV, No. 49 Cortcreni street, near the Pout Office, oc 11 la? Jw* CVtR RK.NT?In Georgetown, two brat-ciasc r HOIJ8K8, aituated on \Vo?t streat, ?ne eon taimne 16 room*. and the other 9. with ra? and hathlooms complete Apply to II, L. OFFl'TT. No 49 High ?t , Georeetown. oc 5-lni HARRIS' IMPROVED ItOUBL* THREAD Boudoir Sewing Machine. This Machine, an improvement on *>ro?rr k. Baker'*. ia kimaler than th*ira. and for ita 'ehabtlit? ant du afctity ia uot u pa?aed. A ollld twtiv# 1 Mara did can run it ?? ? -111 ? f the owcat elotli to the finest #t m, There ia no t nuble of rewinding the tti<-ead a* it ia tak^n from the apno'a. It has no btlta to giv* trouble. and will run backwarda as welt a* forwarda, and atiil xwa eqa ly p*rf<-ct aid without dancer of breaking n-edle?. It rnn< by friction, and bj oloaing tfae box over it. it ia thrown out of car. In fact we have no hesitation in r?oomnnr.dine it as tin Best Family Stw:?x AfacAme in ?.<?. Agency at 101 Hn<l<eet.,Georgetown,where may be found l.ADiKH' UK F8S TRIM MI N?iS. KKR LIN ZKrHVR WORSTEDS, and FANCY VAR'KTY GOODS of every description. Our assortment is as complete and varied aa any in the District. Ladies connect -d with beuevolent or oth^r societies will find it to their advar tage to call bef >re purchasing elsewhere. oo 2-eolm Mrs. 8. E JARVI*. , THE UNOKRSlGNED CAR PENTKR AND BUILDER off"?ra hia services to the public of Georgetown, Washington, and vicinity, and wi 1 contract for or aupenntend the oonatrnction of publio and private but dings. Plana and ap?cifi- j MBoM wiu be faraished m short mrm ''(Ra# and -hop on Conrreea st Georgetown, immediately no th of the Poet Office au 27 Smeo HENRY WING ATE. A CLOSING OUT. LARGE AND SPLEN DID STOCK OF DRY GOOD?*, WITHOUT KE4AKD TO COST. The death of Mr. Dariua Claf ett rcakea it noeeaaary for ua to wind tip our buaineaa aa apeediiy as poa^ble. We tnerefore announce our intention positively to cloae out the whole of our large atork of DRY (iOOLfc* by the lat January next, for eaab, witliout retard to coat. The atook einttrac a general assortment ol FOREIGN and DOMESTIC GOOD*, ai the very best qoahtiea, < it ia well krown in thi community that we have never kept any thing elae than & at c!aaa articlea,) and we will warrant al. goods l"> prove ai represent d. C^Tne lowest cash price will he marked on every article ia the atock, whioli will be muoii below ita real valae. All paekaroa will be delivered promptly, on the 1 ofaale, to any part ?>f the city. fro* of cha i;e. Cl.Ad fa. I T X MAV. 1 No. S24 Pennsylvania avenue, oc 17-10t between Wh and Him at*. J ^ A T G S T INVENTION! LAl>D WEB4TEK k CO 'I Tlgtit-Stltch Sewing Machine* AtJANNKV* I BOOT ANn SHOE STORE, i 34** Fa. Avihci. I They are the mo taimple. ( They are the strongest They are the surest in their operation. Thev uae a straieht ii?edl<? (Curvedones are of ao account) They have a food wheel < They ar?> eapaMe of doinj anv kind of work known? they iu*k<) the i^a^io ruiHe without auy i attachintnta. CaL aad examine? At J ANN KY'ft, ( oc 15 lin 34s* Pennsylvaniaavrnue TSPKCIAl. NOTICK. HK rndert.i<uedh?s this da* appointed 11. C. ] Spai LbiNa, Laq , hi> truo an<1 laiifii attorney, to, , in lua name and s'.eid, ask for, demand. aaa f r, recover and receiva.all mch iuh or tuinaof n on >, ilelttn and d-* maids, aa are ptaood in huhand< lor < sollection, wuioh am now due and owing to inm. i either on note*. Ii.l a, or open accounts. ai.d cpon recwupt thereoi, to give. in hit name, fall rcl? as . lisonante, and ao*|uittanc for th?? A :t<l all 1 pei sona indebted to the undersigned, in any inau- I cer. are requested to eali at one j on my said attur uev and set.le accordingly. HfckYANX I! VOSS. Ortnlvtr M 1MB ? - -- 1 "V *CJ vv*?H>N?To7r;EE, . INSURANCE * COMPANY. ] irt*M and Tenth Strut J ~c7 MoGL'IKK, President. 9. O. H ANfM?N. ma 7 *< tr EMBROIDER Yl8TAMPINO~on *U kindiT^f materia!.done in the best manner, *t C. F. SCHMIDT'S Toy an! F?ney Store. No. 00 Pa. t tveone, between 21?t aud 33d st? , where can tie F?nnd a *r?at variety ol beautiful Pa'tern* for 1 Vi'kex and Sleeve*, Collars ami Cuffi, SW?rt?, Pau- 1 ah-t*, Hand*, Clipper*, Cloak1, etc. Pfea***ive ne a call and examine. ocSSlm* > \TE\V STYLES " * < l> CASSIMERES. VKSTINiirf i. J aat received hy | V. VAN DOR AN, JfERCHA\T TAILOR, I (Fotmarl* Cutt r for ilfnton A Teei, Pa ?v?) !Vo. 456 Skvzxth *t , Bktw. E a.nd F, t oo a lw* ?'P>0. Patent . I HOSIERY. OLItVtS, Ac H AVF Ju?t r??e?-iv?d my FSill Sepp'f of Ladiea'. ient?'. and Mi ?<? > Hnn?ry tad GIotm. of ail f inalitiee.of Eafiieh and (J?rm?n manufacture all 1 telling at tb? iotreat price* at wholesale and retail. HENRY EGAS, j, SJ1 Pa. avenne. and 5*1 Serenth *t., u oc 19 Of near the AventtQ Houee. MENTS* Fin# Calf?k|p Hewed Boot*, 93.75 * U Grate'Double eole a id u. . Soota, 95;Ger>U' fine French Pa fakinSHf inters *td Ho*?e: Bore'kod Yonth?* "?rcw ioots; Lvli^i' Kid, M rocoo and Gi auk in Mk Jittonfd Hn..u; Laettng Laoed, H?ttoned. ? on- i ,reef, and Ma'.akofr Boote Aleo, ererj other ?t?le 4 ladiea'. mia?ea' and ohndren'e Beott and Shoe, _ 4 J. ROSENTHAL*?, P*. ?,v.. between ith uU ? th ate. oe H eoU b nlSSQLt'TION OPOOPARTNEMHIP-?Th? 1 "TTi Vl a cgi, this day dutolved by mutual oonaent. a. W. I '0;n??c toriif (Old Md diopoi*d of all hit irWert 1 the said firm to N 6. Cormng. who la author ??m1 to eettle up the baaiaaaa of *aid inn, and who rill ooatiaue the Suh, Door and Blinn B* tt " jie old atend. Wo iQ2 Seventh atr?*t, oppoait- the *, -enter Market, wh?re he eoiicite the oonUnnance l' fpaatfcvora. N. G. COR.\l>ti, u Waahintton. Oeteber 15th, l?o? ' 40, [* hi N. B.-l take tbia opportanuy of iafonmu mr u, itoedft and cuatotnera aeneralijr that I havo entered *? be employment of W. 0. Cornlafae ealeiHiIL112 If hail be hspwy to see them at hia plaoeof butineee J? Jim'JSflfo ." C?"U" ?*"*" * t oc1* A, W. CORNING. ' 1% a ( mv a< <\n a> P i'V> . . ' italimurb tiire ihbuilance co,?1>- ,c 9 ooa?u&atsd ! ?.?Jon 1. Donudwr, Pro?.; tc i, oowltb*, . ??? u Tht? com?*nf INSIRE8 LIVES ind BUY! ud GRANTW ANNUITIES, fco. Demrptiwfe p*mphl?U m*T b? obtained It tfc? :omp?UT'iAiMin for th? I*?triet c^f Cwiumbi*. ( tUU? BE8T PIANOS ARK CHICKRRING k. RONS'. wko hare reoetvd forty (u.da-M^. idih T;r.ui5i."SATA,? ,,liw 3E?wdsm,T,m *. i AoVt. M: JLeS?l2^iz$t!i s yfSBr .,! iwtn^o, V ..*.?#.?! . ?? Aj? .1 "U. J ? iu?T?4l .o/ iwl?!?.? * THE LATEST NEWS - . TELEGRAPHIC. 4 Later trim N?Hm. Sew OaLEAH*. Ootahef M.?The >? > Tnimn, from Vera Crui on the 2 lot taot, U* Mr., tb? Anierlcaa Minister, arrived ont on the 17th I nit The United State* frigate Savannah MM tar New York 01 the 1Kb Tta Suaqaehaaaa HtM far Key West on the 19th The capture of Guadalajara t>r the Llbe*aJa ta con firmed The Buffering* of the people during Um Ml|{e was Inmenie General Degollido bod born detected la communication witb tbo enenr and wu ordered ta Vara P-..- # - ? ' wi lit iw vill Tb? Hrltisb and Ruastaii MUMmU4|?M W? Jalap* The distress at t he capital Murrmil It la reported that Pttebla bad beau abandooe* aad the gorrlaoa called late tbe elty of Mevtoa The health ol Vera Crux sad the aqoadroa m excellent. Par larepi. Niw Yoke. Oct * ?Tbe ateamrr Africa Mi lad hence :o day for Liverpool taking oat 914.0TO it ape le fnd 70 paasenrera, Including the MarqaM and M?rchtness of Cbandoa, aad Mia Howie, the sculptor. ObttmryToiosto, Oct ? ?Hon. Mr DeRlaqolore die I suddenly iaat night, of apoplexy. He went to bad In uaa&l health Baltloaere KUruu. UALTinoa . Oct 25.?Flour It doll, Itr 1< wer: Howard atrect and Ohio SS 6); Citv Mllla h-ld > t 50. Wheat firm; red fl JOal 40, while *1 45a 1.75 Corn doll; yelow WaTOc.; whit# 7i 7# Pr< visions dnll b*con sides 11 \; meaa park I# tS * 19 SO; prime?I4 50 Coffee active at 14*ati^c Whlaky ateady at 'tic Haw T*r? Markets. Niw You, October 45?Flow Arm; State*5 T* a*5.35; Ohio t5 75sW0O, Southern ?S 7SaM Wheat steady. Corn Bready; mixed W^TUr Provlslona dull Whisky quiet, *tr. Tuk UiTTti <?r VoLToaao ?Tbe foreign orwo by the City of Waablngtoa la mainly cwaflaed to the details of the hattie of Voltwroo The NeCpoilUot. estimated at 3U 00W strong. si tark^d the Osribeidlaos on the tat. ander cover uf a tiilck mist, and carri^ some proitlora; and, for a time, aucrupded tn driving bark tbe rtartbaldUna. wbosf nun l>*rsdid not resch half tbelea (isr'baldt Went fortt-ard t cbeeris# on bia men. and. after a desperate fight r.f eight boura' duration. tb? Neapolltane w?t# broken and routed, and were pursued close osier the walla of Capaa A brigade of Germane was rut oO from tUe matu body of tbe Nee|K>litan arstf and driven tottie mountains Tbe Garibaldtana took 5.000 prisoners, and It wasektlmated that tbe Nee poll tana bad 3.000 killed and wounded Tbe loae of tbe (iaribaldlans was stated at between I ,*M? and 1.0H0 men . Tbe Royalists subseqnently made a aortle from Capaa to tbe rescue of the Gerinsn brigade, bat were n?pul-ed Tbe King of Nsples and hta brothers were present at the battle Rumors were rurrent that Cab a a bad snrresdered.and that tbe bombardment of tbe town waa progreaslng. but neither bad beer confirmed Tbe line of tbe Voldurus waa still strongly protec ted, and It waa aaid the Neapolitana wore prepared to defend their position. Some Sardinian troupe aaalated the Qarlbsldlans in tbe battle. Garibaldi bad called on tbe King of Sardinia to ?0 to Naples and to ?end him fourteen thousand men immediately The Pirdmoiitrsetroops had entered the Neapolitan territory. It waa report*<i that three of tbe great Powers bad prot-nted against the entry of the Sardinians Into Maples. Maztiol had quitted Naples by request of tho pro-d <tator Adv'cea f om the Papal States Indicate no er.ange in tbe state of affairs there. Tib NY KATuaa ?Tbe following report of tho wither for the morning la made from Use Aaaer s<n Couaolldatsd Telegraph Lloo to tbe <sritt s<Mian Institution. The erne of oSssmllot to iboat 7 o'clock Ocioiu SS. lMt. , Burlington. Vt oloudy. SO*, wind S Nrw ) urt. N 1 .clear, plssaast. Philadelphia Pa cloudy, eool. \Vaau:ngU>n, I). C clear Richmond, Vs. cImt, W. Petersburg, Va...... clear, pleasant. Norfolk, Va clear, #0*. R&ieiirh. N. C Wilful acton, N. C dear, pi wit Col jrotola, S. C clear, pieaaawt. Gh&fitfU>n, 8. A (/l. ( ClMft Savannah, Ga... clear,**-, Maroa, Gk. dear. Columbia, Ga ....dear. pkaaaant. Montgomery, Ala. clear. Jackaon, Ala. clear. Mobile, Ala clear, pleaaant, New Orleans, La ....clear, M3. . raoa thi wiit. Frederick M4 clear, warm. Ha^ratovrn. Md clear, warm Cumberland, M?L clear, pieaarnt. Greftoa, Va .clear, pleaaaat Wheeling, Va foggy. 41?, caloi. I'arkrraburg. Va..... citmr, pleaaant. Cincinnati. O heaer fogCleveland, O cloudy, 50?, wind SI Barometer at the *m tbaealaa at 7 a . na . irerpected for temperature,) 30,ftW, at noon, SO OCr Tbermomrtrr at 7 a m , ?l#; at noon, W?. Maximum during *1 boura. ending a. m. tolay, C6 ; minimum 4l?'. A *a.W4*? * *' * WW W.1 pn one IT WLipped Bt Norfolk, Va . for petty larceny Tenetrtpea were idmi metered oa fe4e oar* bark |XT" The enterprlae of running four bora* oaei ee dally l*-tw?n Sarrauienlo, m tiliforala, ind Portland, Oregon, la now fully laaufctrmted. |f7" A Kr**at match race for tiO.OWi a old* wlli :onw? off at Fat i fir Id courae, near Ricbiaoad. mm r>tday. between Leleureand Kxcbeqner CT'On Tueaday, on tb* track at Roebaater, S' V , Flora Temple wm In another tea* wttb atchfii. beattbraa In flea. The track waabeery. ICT'TUe lumber of Uzabl# ? ?**-* - lelphla U U7,ia>. "" FKP.NCH 4. RICHSTE1N, No U7* Pt. Armi, Between nth ?rvd lith Ilrttu. BULLETIN OF NETV BOOff% f., ftl. . New and interact! n? work jiut raaeived : Camille; trom the French of *i If H_ V lounfcr ; l*in<i; cloth. Prloe ?l 26, by MiL Cwiin Hwry ; by Mrt Gr??, author oT'Littie leau'y," "Gambler's Wile,* Ac; ltmo; cloth. Price ?1.3S, by nM.lL The Actress ui Huh Lile ; ltmo ; loth, fnte I -JS.bfiiiaL. _ Miii Gilbert's Career; an American story; Um; ( Oth. Prioe 1.S8 br mail. _ 1 he H ooseboM of Bowvene ; by a Wont bare fady; Travels nrti Waters ; b? Alfred II. ttract; \2mu ; .IntX P'lM ai 9* K. 1 - w ? * *? Ui?i Margaret Monorefe, or the Firrt Lov* of Ana Jurr; e lomtnc* of the R^ro'ution : by Cha .? Uurdett; 12mo : elotfc #1 ?. by dmI Jack QopHou ? A?tvfniure?, or the Adventer** >f a (i*orc*i ; by \Vm V. Turoat i Uaw; oUrifc. Nem^?U j brt^e beaotifu1 wnWr, Hw n. i, author of " A Ion*," H idrtea Path A o.; Wmo; kth nail. hculak; bf Aucuatal Evant; llmo, al"tk. Pnw fl t?> b> mail * The m Wbit*. by Wilkie ColUaa. Ctotk |1. paoer * cent*. by nai!. M;?J<ntbe F oe*, >7 aether of "A<iam Bade;1* aper. Site at*, by mail. Th* Womaa vl tba Houtta ; ?t->; aatMaa ftlt j a ntifnlly iHuetrau-4. Fnae ?. I?y mil. All the above work* ernt by mail free of q ttte reoeipt of the price. ? . Ob r uiual (JieJ?^M??? -' ? ?11 ouiht ?t ogr ?tor? . F*ENCH k* ICHSTRLM. No 871 Pa. ?* ?, WMkiMtM, D. C. r?t Oftoe. Box 71 7 PC* tmx ? u a a s FTTFTr* ? r n 5! I vioh to oall the ttUatioa of mj ?tonoii aad public linen _ rat U) the l?ct , i?c i hw? f f.tfi Js f. ill the rear of "frt'SoOM bvinc Mi?ci?q mj r?rai*M* k order^ot^lUo of ru* i took I Mitircj* n?v, NImTM^ Ml liounhttt the > w<4 um/i pi toe. I mi offer my Inwli Mi *H xnera oaeol Ute >ar???t tod lMl??k(MriMkt i tnat line *v r offered in Wuk^Kioe. A c*-l lull I A.k. ? lOffifHc oc 17 ao2? ^HEif EIT gTQIE! SAVE YOU* TIM* AND MONET, , AND OO AND PURCHASE YOU* DBT GOODS AT THE CUMAf EST tTOtLM. 348 SEVENTH 8T&KST,<MMI , ? Wt?M I Mi E. i!?4<w>it LhmKSST WSTjTrt af 'm wortod rtrV*-^QjlltlM, ftf >! ?** MB?or^ I ?, Wffinwt U1 run MA]f '? -1 wi** ?*i r?;?T-i?r-ii u?v ...