Newspaper of Evening Star, October 25, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 25, 1860 Page 4
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It 11 THE EVENING STAR. Kmlish Pbovijicial P*o*t**ciatio!I?Chambers's Journal the following as a specimen of prontini'laflon 1n ontof the rami and mining district* t>f England: " A vOl t?t& suncy bonk, A ihrrtT hmilr, %?own\ *xv;k. As Qi on ft una) boi k. On <2l?t rtee i? tniorniw*. Oi ?? thni anipaeoorr *eshuj hoy, Coom aflin b/??.ooo n seeltn Iw, Oi saw tkrt] sh pj co >in *eha _ sw, Ou Christmas dee in t rnormn'. "And hew should h*? in th??e thmjr ahips. In tM*a thray 'hips,.in U**sathr%y shipa. An,! hnw Kiuiu'd tar in thisethr&v auiDa but JflMph ami h'? Air faddy ? AiuI hay did whitflo, ud ?U? did s:aft And all tit* o*l' on airtb did rimr. For Joy that 'he Sav iour. hay n? hawn, Oa Chn.tmM <lt> in t morula'.** Adai Isaac* Minn Hixsan ix moii Tkocbl ?Tbm proatenadcc* on Broadway about 9 o'clock on Saturday night, witnessed a great crowd and much eieitement in tba neighborhood of the St Nichols* Hotel. 1; appears that In one of the upper room* of the large building at the no'thetsi comer cf Broadway nnd Spring street, tbe fa'.: Adah Isaac Menken (Heenan) has lodging#. Th'ther her few steadfast friend* go to ??-c her, console her !n h*r grVf and to assist her in her troubles. Amoan those whose sympathies have been enlisted in her f*vor of tbe poetess, artrMl anil un\trM<ir)^ irifa U An? ^ Shan. aban. a South American Spaniard, snd an attach* of a New York paper. Unluckily for the 'South American Spaniard." however, he was not only married, but bii wife li ?d got wind of his vlsita to v* Adah, and having a presentment that he was then with her, she went to the plane alone, and without ceremony walked Into th* house and op to Mrs Menken's, meeting no one 01 her way np. She entered Mrs. Menken's r<>om. and finding her hu*band there, she asked him what business he had with that woman Mm U...k?n i ?..K? -? .uc:i>ru niu nrru wuu iu'" ?irari"rrr v H8. Mr. Shanaban replied that be did not know who she was. and bade her begone. Thereupon M s M-nken atUTTjpt-d to htrike her, snd ordered ber foot the room, at the tame time calling f >r stance Mr^ Shinal an, who Is a South Anierir tn, ?f the old Castiiian stock, and a very fine looking Isdv with?l. confeows that wtien her husband denied bet. and the wornm attempted to strkj Lor In his presence, her biood boiled and she*?iz>d Mrs. .iienki-n by the hair and held her down Then a uowd of women from ail par's of the hou-e po d Into tb? rnom and attacked h?r on* ofthembi'n^ her In the arm. Seeing her husband attempt t<> leave here there ainoag tause viragos, he dash-d her hmid through the window?in j roof of wiilcb she exhibited the wound* which she received from the broken glass?and railed for the police. They were all taken to the Uth ward station house; theSpaniard's wife apologized for ber rude treatment; Adah withdrew her complaint of assault and battery, and all departed as tbey liked A death from hydrophobia occurred at the almshouse, Philadelphia, on Thursday last, that presented mMt shocking svruptoma of that Inscrutable disease The victim wu one Mary Dietrich, un induatrlous German washer worn m Tbre? months ago a pet dog bit her arm. A physician afterwards applied caustic to the wound, and cicatrized the flesh almost to the bone 1 his operatlou, however, was of no avail. The vliis entered into the circulation and there laid dormant until last Wednesday, when the unfortunate woman went Into spa&uis at the sight of water. 8h? sutT?"-d agonies such aa mortal experience rarely witaeaata To aaauage bur intolerable thirst small pW? of ice w?-re offered as a substitute for water, but at th<? first sight of the gelid luxury aha fell into convulsions, snapping and biting Ifke an infuriated cur The convulsion endured for some minute*, when iu the lucid interval she begged the attending physicians to ter iuiua?a uri miv;ry uv arnruyin^ lief llie. tor about twelve hours she posaed from ipaim to spasm, nnttl at length, by long perseverance hi the application of chloroform. sue was thrown late a deep slumber and deatb ensueil Tut rirrblicax Hkadqcaktkrs is Boston Sac-kid?i*ometime during Sunday night tbe bead a uarters of the Republican "Wide Awake'' Association. In Independence Ball, was entered by unksewn parsons, who made sore havoc of the things therein. Tbe public docniuents were destroyed?the book containing the record of the proceedings and the names of the members of tbe aasoclatlen was defaced by emptying tbe ink bottle over tbe pegee A large number of photographs of Llncola. which bad been received from the North, and which were for sale to the faithful were torn In pieces. Tbe cap and cape which was sdopted on Sitorday night aa tb- equipment of a Wide Aeakt and m M? >? * ?? ?f?i> l names of Lincoln and Hamlin painted on tbe tripes were torn Into shred* All the mischief which could b? poasibiv done was done, when the parties left, carrying with them a portion of the public documents, a ad trewtig them on the stairs mm they passed out. Fcsuu or Ma Lvksmm.?On Tturadsy, the ldth Instant the remains of Francis Aabury Lumsden, late proprietor and editor of the New Orleans Picayune, whose untimely end was caused by the Lady Klgin disaster on Lake Lne. were interred with much ceremony at Nevr Orleans. The funeral 'procesalon was very large, and comprised several masonic, military and typographical organizations The Continental Guards tired three volleys over the grave, sod tue solemn burial service of tbe Masonic Order was performed with mnrh ImnnMlmiu" outlays or the Paiircn.?The Prince of \vall s to fx gljO Ut be distributed imong the servants of the Revere House, in Bostoa It la stated that a draft on Barings for Li.MM) repaid the entertainment afforded the Princ and bissuitat the Revere Uoii*e, * l.Me sum tuviu^ been paid at the Contl. nenui. In Philadelphia. and Firth Avenue Hotel, In New York The Prince also paldfl.3uu for the um of the steamer Daniel Drew, on the trip from New York to West Poiat. YZT " Mother," said little Ned one morning? mother I Uilnk I know why I fell out of bed lost ni/bt. It wm because I slept too near tbe place where I rot in." Musing a little while as If Id doubt whether be had given tbe right explanation, he added, **Na? that was not tbe reason; it was because I slept taa near where I fell out." ?7*Tbe climate of South Boston aeerm favorableta k>n?evity Tbe census has brought to light as old ladv of MO years, who is in good health, reading without glasses, and another of 97. who though* 30 years ago that her "aeneee" bad taw taken la Ut* Uat tun- bat is atiU hi the I njoyment of th**n ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS. NATIONAL. HOTEL ? E Rietmde and faro, La; J T Hall, Ark; J N bean, N V; M B Berrt% Me. T W Cumming, Ga; A W Bauoroft and ly, bUm BanrWt, Mia Willie. Va; CooiW, 8 RobIdjoo, NV; MIm E 5t.oemak*r, NM; B N Hhoemaker. Md O M'tchell and If. O U Rlrbarda.W Merrirk and ly, Robt McK'.ijrht, VV V Prttit. W Copptnger, W Beinont, J Korinlef, Pa. 0 Connell. H A Meretn. Re* J B Purney, E M Ortwnway. W I* Hood, T D Warreu and ly, J Dud?? and ly, NV, J M Smith, Va, J A Brawner. W H Wllcbell, G M Payne, John Beaten*. Md; J H B 1 strobe. Mo; J Hodgea and ly, En*; Van Winkler. Oa; ? W L>earb rne, NH; J W 6111, Mra Leach. ?. 1 BROWN'S HOTEL ?D * Pmail, Va; 0 Kellogg, 111, W Council, Mr? Qarborough, Th; J W Spier, NY; 0 Fitter. M 8<?ufa*i, Pa; B Hall and ly, Tana; J Htirr, NY: J Jonta, A M Patrtrk and It, Md; A WUMama, Va; ? H Walknp and ly, F Wtlllaioa. NC; J Elder and motaer. w Rtc?, \V U Uiotl, Pa; A Skinner, Va; J Eudry and ly, NC; \V H Buytr and ly. 9 R starling and ly, Va; J MacImb. NJ; J Fraay. Maaa; T B Haukawor b ud ly, Eng KIKKWOOD HOUSE ?C S Rr*dley, RI; \V A Crawford. ? Ki?*lricU, V?u A Young. Md; R TownaenU. M B Frunpton. NY; N Wl&dowaoa, Ala, B Ruaaiagto.i. Maaa Maj Mordaeal. Maj Symington, USA; W Donnelly and ly, NY; J W Kovtlwa. Fa /!/? p j jlt D w r* m trnTiftt ? * ??-? ? wvnyiii oi GsLuunna dAlxUrtU DA YS Fmmi ras Uiitu firim. fl.'fc mtrt. Ltare. Fm. Da*i New Yor* ? * York ..Bi*aen OotfT ?r*bia 8y?too ..Liverpool. OotSl rir*Mi?. . N ? w \..rk. .Sotiin?.uipU>_.Nor 1 liaon New "V or* . flirrt Nov S York-. Liverpool.. .NovT f uitor \?w York . ..Htrr? Nov > Burop* Uewtor Liverpool... Nov lo Lanuo _^N*w Vwk...Utrr* -Nov 17 F?o* tfcaora Snito*.. York. .. Oct W ?:? ?- *o<*?>fc? HKf York.. .jOot is .? *Twlf- ?-Wi??b>o ,U?I is E"'UH ...?Ootso Adrt*L??..._.v. 8?atVpton ..N?v wfc ..(,<jtV4 Ab<o stxon.... pvwrol. ...PortUod 0*t2S F?r?is ?. .. ?.Liverpool . \ork..?Oot 3 Nortk I ivwrpoo: ...J'ortKnd Nov 1 Jobs Beli Ul?#i?v New York...Nov S V*u<tof?*.l.-w- J?Nlt?'ptou...*?w Yor? . NovT I U Huhu mi( (MmImr* N#w York on ths 2d. 1-tn, I7tn. ud 37th of ?oh month, tad Cn*r;? top on the 4th umI liKh. TL? CJifor ?i?vt N?w Yo^k on ho Sit. **h *t*M wnlh. d * ROCKBIE* ! GROCERIES " Il" illlO^ERIM!! VVuhioc to (?>*? ? of my atock of Qrooeriea, *o a* to ?:j?b rue u? rctmort with ae little mm! oa hand as ?o*a?kio I w?U oocuaiooe* Skte day to aall ar. jtm>ie ia my lir.e at owat <wr ea?U oaiy. ?y atook ja ?r|f, and, a J Kia< freth and sura ia oTuiimm urUoMi bmC with La lay in your winter s jpcdy. Tcr MtfftfC TEaCHKRA?A large tot of aew Merit). iir>tie4 Irgai KaraM f[?o, iil-otiuM id j in p?re*/u I'o-p autM great ?: lu/tta*? /j tfw&jsrli23s C2u > fhiekwingV Piano tftore, C< WO y0? J*. b<*- St* *?1 JOlii ?t* iMiHrMMMv - il < Tifc. i ii* In i i MISCELLANEOUS. rpBB INSURANCE COMPANY A ot m STATE OF VIRGINIA. o? RICHMOND Capital - $300,000. Wn H. MsoPvljimJ, Pwi'tFinMri Bank A. Warwick, firm of Warwick A B?rk?da'e wn G. I rembaw, firm of Cr*n*k?w A Co Wetluutoa UtKtdin. firm of 6o4din A Appersoa T. W. MoOuiM. firm of Ounloe. ?on?ur? A Co 6 A. Barkadala, fi r m o f Warwick A Barkadala' Wm' B*Warwiok. firm Warwiok * Barkadala Jaa A frMt Jo dm. Attorney 1 Law > P' 8' Ruffin. Ajt'noultoriBt and Manafaotaar 1 ?. W. MoGradlr, firm of!*. MoGrad?r A Bona W. W. Crump, Attornar at Law Jaa. i>?nlo?. firm of Bunion, Mononre A Co. J ' BULLING W. UAXALL, Praat O. F. BRE8RE, ~ao'f. HEATH A KNOWLF.9, AKaota, Oflioe?over Bank Waabicfton, Room 16. oo 15 1y.r FIREMF.N'S INSURANCE COMPANY OF WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. Capital 77T... 200,000. QJJict rjmer C street unl I.?u'<n?a ar., over Bank of Vr'a.'hingtom INSURE HOUSES AND OTHER PROPERTY AGAINST LOSS BY FIRE. . DlKECIOKf f*ao SmtPuiater, Sanrwo! Red fern, Samuel Ciopley, Wi.liam Wiiann, Kich&rd Jones, John D Baroiay, Jaoi/b Gidaon, Andrew Rothweil, Tlios. Parkor, Rwliard Barry, B. B. Fraach. No oharga for Policies JAMES ADAMS, President. Abel G. Divis,Seeretary, oc 10-eo6m Furniture W arc rooms. _ ?& WALL A BARNARD 1. are now reviving, on oonsignment. f^PV tfceir Wartr -omi. c<?rj?-r of C I ^ I " and Ninth itreeta, (in the rear of their auction rounii,u v-ry large and g'nrr?l a?*ortinent f FUHMTURK. CARPETS, and HOUSE IKKflSiti GOOD? generally, whioh they invite tiia attention of persons fu'iiinhing to examine beforrt p j. ol>asi:ig?mi'" k which w?t he found : t'anor Suits, in Hrocatelle, Reps and Hair Cloth. Maiogauy and Walnut Sofai, Tete-a tfctea, aiul I'arlor tahj Chair* Mahogany and Wainut Ma ble-top and othar Taoln, in great ariety Marbe-lapOak painted Cottage Seta Wi nut and Mahogany Marble top plain and other Bureaus Cane and w?.*i ?^nt Rocker, Dining, Office and other Chair* Hand?om* Gift and Mahogany Looking Q aa*o* Mihof&nv &ml VVfclnnt u?i af?di Cabinets, Kta* erea, Whatnots and Daaka Bruae" a, 3 ply, lug rain and other Carpets; Oil olothe .Marole top. Wainat. Mahogany asd/jther \Ya*h?ta - da and Sinks Hair, Shuok. aud tMiuck and Cotton Mattraeeea With a * eat var:ty oi otaer good a not here roan Uoned, which will be aold very low. WALL k HARNARH, AiKUonaera. aouta aid* of Avenue, ae 88 eolni ooroer Pa. a v. and <Hti atreet. OLD RICH, MKLLOW AND PURE " BURN SIDE'S MONONQAHELA RYE WHISKEY, Cotacientiously diati!i?d by Mr. Jam** Hurnside. of Anetany County, Penna.. in tha uld-f%ahionnd iioRMt way, Iron til* cti- inmt and carefully ? -oUfcl Kye, and id do cue ev?r offered (or ui? until adapted to wholeaou:e dm by age It ta at oco0 the nvi.t palatable, aa it i? ernpi atioaily ou of the purest beveragea iu the reach of the puMio. To tha invalid, km vail ai to those in health, it oommonda itself f<>r ita unrivalled qualities as a stimulant of the safest. surest, aud nust benefioet t description, and many of the moat diatiDgui?he4 physicians are aainc it in their practioe with the happiest reanlta. CLERY * 8TOCKDALK, Proprietora. 38S Walnat atroet. Philadelphia. wm. u. conovek, Agent for the Proprietora. 325 Pa. a*., ae 24~6rn opposite Willarda* Hotel. Notice to journeymen tailors, at home and abroad. Th? following 1* A li?* rtf ?an?l/t?**> - ? m Vi *110 VlUf lu; I? who pay the bill prioe* ot. and are reootniseU by, the Soonety, to wit: W H. Stanford. Matjock ft Griffith, aval & Bro., Matlock ft Herbert, Win. Tucker, J*me* Lackey. G W. Hintnn ft Co.. J. T. Molotoeh, i.oudon ft Co., Thoe. K. Gray, K. M- Drew Vaudoran. ee B ertta ^OW R K A P T ! and' P A ^HCllvDR|?U ^ 3 la a:l their vanetiee, STINEMKTZ'9, t23S P* kvHRiia p? 9 Near corner Thirtee nth at. THK GREATEST BOOK OF THE SEASON. HRIKF BIOGRAPHIES; br Ssmu*! Simtea, aalhor of '*e!f Help" aud "Life of Geurie Stepuxonon witn aix ateel portraita; in one volume? i<jmo ; liluatrntad ; pnoe #1.25. This work i* prepared b< the author of "SelfH*lp" expr*?a.y for the pr?sa of Tick nor A Fielda Tho many biocraphiea it eoLtaina of iradinc men of ike I9ib caaturj render it one ot the moat vnlaa ble and attraotive b oka of tha leaaon. OVfcR THE CL-IFPS; a novel, by Mra. Chan ter, (a aiiter of the Rev. Charles Kinxaley ;) one to nine; mualin; 91. Taia interesting uovel, by a aiater of tha aioomr uked author of "Two Years Af o," ia marked br be traita of geniaa wr.ieb ao em i.- nt!y diatinjulah the well-known Kingaley family. For sale by BLANCflARD* MOHLTN, 00 13 Corner nth street and Pa. avenue. D. L. MORRISON * CO.. 1 LOl'R AND GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS, And wholeaale dealer* in MILL FEED, CORN MEAL, ft., tc.. Corner ol 12th and B atreeta, Washington o4ty. ICT Cash paid for all kind* of Grain, aa as 4m piONEER STj^AM^f ARBL^AND BROWN The aubaoriber be?a leave to inform the oitizeoa of waakiiigtou, Georgetown anil Alexandria that he ti&n Md-d to hie lone eatabliahed baaineea the auxiliary of a team power for aawing and manufacturing Marble and Brown fttona Work in Iheir varututbranohee, Marble Mantel a, Table and Waahstand Top a, Til*. Montfhienta, Tomb and Head Sf?.e<M, ffla^a. Window Linte.a, Silia, bteaa and platfornia. Having pu-ohacod a large atook of Italian Marble m bloat,from kret hands,atthe loweet ratea, he fe*la confident of being able to fpraieh Marb.e W irt aa low aa it oa^t be purohaaed in New York, Philadelphia. or Baltimore. The trade aupphed with Ito'ian Marble in b!o?k of alaba at the aant* rate aa lamiahed m N ew York, and on aooornmodeling terma. Alao, on hand, a large aupp'.r ol Pnmfoe Stone, Water of Ayr floue and PolIaniuK HttUr at New York priooa. Enoourage the enter paee; it Will !> a^n KOi^alsttion^ Piomeer SiMm JliarttU ami Brown Sto*m Workt, m_ Pa. av.t oor.Thirteenth at. ?? ?i jrn Wi-ahimton. P. H. Thk union wil'. stand, no matter W HO'S PRK8IDENT! CooiJSju'Hi'ly | nh&il remain in Waahinctoa ud on;;t;nu? to parana rry occupation ?f HOUSR, PTQN and ORNaMBNT*! PAINTING. Gildinn in ail it* branohea. Old GUsin< promptly atto Painting and Ornamenting Cottage Faruilurein the heat etyle I alio, oal' attention to the Painting of Roofa and Sriek Wall*. All of the abors 1 will do aa oheap aa tflo ehaapeet I therefore ailioit thepatronM* ofay fnaada and fellow oitisena of the -Uiatriot. Punctuality ?triotiy oUeerved, and work doae ia the beet manner. i Vou will Pleaae mind your atop* and atop at M. t PaRKBR'S PainUag Eaiabliah?ie?t, No. s3! 33 !! 33 !!! Louiaiana av , north aide, batTNt ttth and 7 th at*. I P. S. ftigaa put up free ef aharge, aa uaaai. au *>-? , t IMPORTANT TO hou*KkEEPER8. K. R^UJKKEE^CO.^ ^ inmntinl sot only ABSOLUTELY AND PERFECTLY PURg, , but croand from freeb Spioee, aeleotecland ?le*n?d b? ua exposalj for the pufpqae without raerenoe to oo*t. They vi beautifully p*olml in tinfoil, snrftrs&s mrai'a ^piOM arc almon mvwiably abort. W| nrrut as & (incln trial will abundantly prove. *?i!> if.n> ^ATCH REPAIR IN? A^J 0^VER WARE 1 hare one of the beat establishment*, And far* nished with aoomplete aet or toola for repair- JEv in* every description or fine Watohea.and particular attention givo to the *4Upl I .oruuc h competent workman .a ad a. work auarantit?l Al. o, every deaonp ton of atandard SILVER W a Kb. pia:aand ornamental, manufaotu'ed under ut) own auperviaion, whiob my cuatumera will find far aufvrior in ^uaUt) and fiuah bo northern ware v.u ut ut-*ieri id general ami riirtiMW M U?r own uaDuliutort. H. O. HOOD, u S38 Fa. arenae. near Ith eC i CpARRADAY'S LFCTURE8 <?N THE YA? " hum PtrMi or MtUir aaa their relation to other, edited by William Crooke, P. C. 8 , with iuuivu llluatranou; i volaae ; priae m 0>MjU. Wneat and Tare.; ?rtoe W aanta. OdJ reoale, feeing a jMpalar deeoriptlon of alncaUr raoee of mem, by Ca#lata MayaeRatd, author af Deeart Bona, *<u to.: juleeM oaate i'gfe Jusr fffiaHESSSMS svsr *i^SKWfc?i?. MISCELLANEOUS. BENTSR'8 RESTAUR- ^ _ ^jfc 8tbbkt,A Back or Tiifflk Wasmisoton Bm. ^ The undereigned takee pleasure in informing hit friend* and trie puMic in reneri> that he h%? rnrwxMnd and ren >vat<*i hi* har, v sinh i* now well supplied with LIQUOft3,W|NES, Ao ,uf o<ioieest h-amls. CIGaRs* of superior quality. <*AMK, FISH and al- the delicasius in teasou, whioh wi 1 be Mn-ed up tt> hi' ruetti at the l>ar or in private room* OYSTERS in every ?tjie. Oysters for (anny use sent to any part ot the eitr. The reputation of tkie well-known establishment needs no enoomium pa?ed upon it for its promptitude and tebtMl ik'portment. The Eating Rouui will be op?a trerj Sunday, from 8 a. m. to 11 p. in. ocll-lw* WM. F. BKNTER, Prop'r. r OOK TO YOUR INTEREST, PUR OH AH Li BR8 OP CABINbT FUKNI ft'RE. We have now in atom and daily re- /mmmmu oeivinc the larjeat, handaomeat, and e he* peat lot ?* Cabinet Furmtare ever M ottered to the oitiXAoa of Waahinpton.gfMfea { Georgetown and Alexandria, whicS wt"0" oordial'y invito all who deaire furnishing to call aad axainliie for themaolves. Ouratook i*rnb acss every oonoeiveMe artieie neoeaaary to furniah a parlor, hail, dining room, ohamber, and kitahen. Our ex t?n*'ve atook ia too nnmeroua to particu ariz& name a few of the laadine articles, bucI aa, vis: Koaewood. Walnut and Mahogany Parlor 9uik?, upholstered in a auperior manner in BrooataUe M k fluah, Listing and Hair Cloth, Gilt franio Mattel, Pier and other Glaaaaa, Gilt Baae 1 ai) ea, Gilt Hraokf ta and Marble Slaha, Goth'.o and other haudaome Rooeption Chaira, in Hrooatell,*, Pluah R unhand C$ne Seats, Ete^erea, >?ith Marhle-top* and Mirror Sacks. ifo. rarior umki and WiiatnoU, Roaewood, Walnut nod M'lhog &u? Bureaus. Wa*iistau:ls, ({'Mislead* a&d Wardfobas, very handsome and cheas, Cotta*e Chamber Furnitu-e, in Oak, Imitation Oak, Maple and Painted, with or without Mar ble Tops, Marbe-top Hatracks, in Oak and Waliut. Iron Hatracka, Hall Stands, S'oratanes, Bo?koa?es, Shaving Stands, Marble top Canter Table*, Hair and -^huck Mattress?*, Feather Bolster* and Pillows, B anket*. Comfort*, Quilt*, Towels, Ao. In addition to onr *tock of Furniture our first flnor oontain* a large anJ woll aeleoied atook of China, GI a* a and Crocker*, Plated Goods, Japano*? Ware. Table Cntleiy, Britannia Warn, Blocktin Goods, Basket*, Brashes, Ac., aitogothor formins a oomplote vanetj of every thing ueoeasary to furnish a house in all its apartments C W. BoTfcl.ER A SONS, Iron Hall, No. *18 Pmn. avenue, aa 17-MAThtf between Qth ?.rul inth I QUARTERMASTER'S OFFICE. IL8 M CORPS, Washington, Ootoher 4. 13f0 9k alkd Proposals will be reoeived at this <>ffioe until 3 u'olook p. in., of WednesJay, the 21st day of November next for Tarnish n< r>y contract to ths United r>t?tes Marin* Corps, during the ye*' 186!. tt* fo'iowicc s?ppli<M, driiversMe at tho offioe of the Assistant Quartermaster. U. S M C., Philadelphia, in unoh quantities as ma; from time to bin" l>e required, v.z : WWi uniform oaps with plates oomp'ete 1,000 red worsted pompons, ball snaps, 5 inches in circumference 1 000 pairs yellow metal oreaaents and aaal* straps sets epaulette bullion for serceants and eurao ran aoo aota epaulette bullion for privates St) red worsted sashes S.OOi) yards white linen for pacta, 80 inoLas wide, to weigh 13 ox P ~r yard 2.100 ysrusdark-blue kersej all wool, free frr?m Lair, 54 inches wiJe, to weigh Si ox. to the yard, (in digo wool dyed> 9 not) yarda sky blue kersey,%U wool, freo from hair, 54 lnohes wide, to weigh 22 ox. per yard,(indigo wool dyed) 3,000 yards vhite lin^n for shirts, 80 inches wide, to weigh 11 ox. per yard 6 000 pairs arm? bouts, infantry pattern 800 stay marine blankets, all w o', to weigh four pounds each, with letteri "U. f*. M " in bla?k. four inohea one. in the centre, to be 7 feet long and 5 feet wide, free from grease 3,00) pairs woo en eooks, 3 *ixes, properly made of good fleeoe wo., with double ano twist?d jam, to weigh 3 pounds per dozen pairs, free from grea?? 1,200 fatigue caps, with oovers, to be made of blue oloth. (indigo wool dyed) 3.000 ;wdii dark b'ueflanr.e, for shirts,all wool,(indi(o woo: dyed,) 27 iuohes wile, to weigh 6S ox. ptr yard 1J0<> yards dark bine flannel for ovcrsacks, all wool, (indigo wool dyed,>&4 iaohes wide, to weigh 13 os. per yard 500 yards icarlet oloth,(ooohineal dye,>54 inches wide, to weigh 16 os. per yard 1,500 yds dark bine twilled eioth for uniform ooat?, (iadigo wool dyed,) M iaohes wids, to weigh 22 os. per ya'd 1,080 yards Canton flaaael for drawers, 27 inehes wid?, to weigh 7 os. per jan! M0 oaitndge base* 00 perousaion oap poaohes 00 bayonet soabbards, with brass mountings ISO MrrMJita' a*Arde V> muaioiana' awprda 25 tenor drain* BO box-wood II fife*, (fellow) 50dram oorHi 50 aeta dram anarea 100dram heada,< batter) 75 do do (aaare) * 0 aword froga 900 maaket all. gi ot black leather 215 groaa of ooat t>u ttona,<eagle; 85 do do jaoket do do bi do do vaat do do For making and trimming watch ooaU: ter aetata, oorporala, muaioiana, and private*' nniI form ooaU; fatig no ooat* for the earn*; a?r{?enta, i corpora!*, rau;ioiana, ana private*' woolen paui*; 1 liner pant*; drawer*; flann- ahi'ta; flinnel overI sack*; linen ahirta; and red and jacket* for b y*. Atl the above mentioned artiole* must oonform in nil re>rt(ts to the asaied ataudard pattern* in the Olfioe of the Qoartermaater Marine Corp*, NN aahingtoa; Aatiatant Quartermaster'* Offloo, l'i'io Sprnoe atreet. Phi.adslphia; and at tha Marn.e VtatiOua iir ? k jn, N V.. and Huston. him., where tbey can be examined. They wi.l be I rigidly impeded end cumptred vith theee eaiuplee I by the Akiiatant Quarteruia'ter, or aueh oth?r pnraona u m*T be properly Appointed. **uoh at may i>e unequal thereto will be rtjeofd; in vinoh ca?e the oontraotor will be bound 10 (uri.ith otbwra of th* required kind or quality within fifteen day*; or, if that be not done, they wili be purohaaod at bivexpenM. F.aob pr?poa%l muat be aoooiopauied by the following guarantee: Form of (tuarantt* Tim nitH?paUn*fi ?r " . . , ? 1 Ui .IB UII 3 ate of , and , in the Stat* or , hereby (MrtntM that in o&ae the foregoing bid of lor euppliee. u above described, be aoo'pted, he or they will, within ten days after the reoeipt of the oortraot at the poet oftoe aameJ. exeeute tiie oontraot for the same with good and aufficient aecuriuea; and in oae* the Mid hall far to enter into ooniraet. aa aforeeaid, we guarantee to make good the aifferenoe between I the offer of the eaid a-.<* that vhiek mar beaeoepted. A B, Gaarantor. O 1), Guarantor. B F, Witneee. . 1MM. I hereby oertify that the above na.ncd ? are knuwa to me aa men of property, and able to make good their guarantee G. H. To ba 'lined by the United Btatea Diatriot Judge, United t?tatoj Diatnct Attorney, or CoHeator. No propoea! will be o~>neidered unleaa aooompa nied by the above guarantee ."Newspapers aii'horizea to publish the above will sand the paper oontMuiLC the fir?t insertion to this OUjeefor examination. The bidder'* p'aoe of business, or manufaotarinc ast&bluhinent, mu?t be speoihoall; stated m lUe proposal. I'roposals to be endorsed: "Proposals for 5*np plies, k.o., Tor laai," aud addressed to the underaicned. r?ot:aota will be awarded to the lowest responaibla bidder furpiahing the required aeoiiritiea. W. B. SLACK, ooS-UmMw Quartermaster, M. 0. i Notice of t^b'8riViJiova[.. op the hAND OFFICE FROM FA YKTrF.VIL.LE TO UNTBV1LLE, IN THE BTATK uF ARKANSAS. In aocordaaaa with the provisions of the aot of Oonjrresa entit ed "An act authorising eh*ngee in the looation ol r.uu) ??? -" "?k " lTt?? 5(Li?fA*fc0f 'Ubl3 l*r>d? ? FAT*TT*VILL*, in IB* state of Arkansas. will he removal to Hdatb VILLI. IB Mid State. without delay. ihe nolio ?a* directed by th* Executive ?roo tarnation No (ft, of tovnthi* l"i*ngviVaj>d ?tPJ r*M? 21. tu take place at the i .and MUd StaK on the date de?i?n?^H la I Farther notice at to the precise time of ?k>sinf the oflloe at * uyettev.lle, preparatory to removal, and its op*ta>nc for business at tfuntsviile. will be given by the Refiner and Receiver for the Land District. G iven under my hand at the city of Washington, ""Gi&sxteiu&r JOS. 8. WILSONi Commissions of the Ventral Land OAaa ? 86 w?w TH^DSSC^NTIN ' ' THK ^'NORTHWKsrrjsjW LA$)CJ)?jt! TRICT," IN THIS 8TATE OP MI8*IS8(PPI.

Notice is hereby gi??u that, in pureuanoe of law, and in Yiew of the foot that the uuaold land in tit* ' Northwestern Disiriot,"<Ga*WADA,) in the State of M ississifF?, is reduced belew one hundred thou?tn< acre*. the Saor?tarj of the Inter}*? has direot| ?d tfcedisoontinuanoe of said district, the ffice for i which is looated at Gkchasa. and that th* vacant lands therein be made subject to sain and entry at ! Jjlckson. in said 8tat*, from and afttr tk* l?f dmy 0/ Dtctmbrr tuxt. I Lands remaining unsold and unappropriated b* lav. ftitd subject to sal* m.d entiy at G kinat>a, will ota** to be sub<?ct to nr.try at that olfioo after the iwmpi ui Dung* viiu(?uw< of Uie rt|iit?r and reorirtr thereof. eioepunc only to a?nanmmaui ax; iatiac preemption*, and the [and ofitoara at Jace ' toil will jive public notioeof the dar 011 which titojr wfl! ha prepared to reoeiveapp'ication* fur en trie* of anj auuh lands at their olfio*, which will, it praotioabU, be oa tha irat day of beoembar next. d& ^?^x^vui?sr5ij of November nax'.aa after that data thay will ba : returned to thia offio? for delivery I Qiv*n under m? hand, at the city of W aahin*ton, ' tliia 12th dar of September, uao Doauai ona thouaa li-flwt z?^xs raitras.f-- ? ? w.?. M8TZEK0TT. TRUNKS, BOOTS AND SHOES. MOOTS AND 8HOKS TO SUIT THIS We ire now raanufcotarmi alt ktnda of BOOTS ?d4 SHOES, ud eoratantfv reaeinn* a tnpplj of ?Mt?rn made work or e ?eryae- SB I tcnptlo", made e*pr*?Bly to order, and wiIirMj eoid at a muoh iowtr Brioethau hu be?n* Hk heretofore oharsxl in tnia city for much interior J Pereoiia in want of Boot* and Sh^es cf aaatern er oitj mad* work, will alwa,? tad a jo<rd ai.or'ajea in etoreand at the lowest pncea. Give us a call. GRIFFIN k ISRO., ap*-r 314 Pennsylvania avenaew Five hundred traveling trunks arrirad thia da/, embraoing all leaJi-**^ tiee and bum of Sola Leather, Ladiea'Mnw Dreaa and PaoMnf Tranka. Oar trank^**u mIm room exhibit! at thia time the creatoet variety >V?~<? *? >? n?w i mi, iumi, evf-r? CMorip^ucfc5' ir>"Qid Trauks retired or taken inuohuu* for new oon. WALL, BTKPHBN3 A CO., Tramk Sales Room, marM-tf ?M Pa. >vwn. SOUTHERN TRUNK MANUFACTORY, 499 Tth Stxut, Orpaili Odd H?ll, Wa*ki*ito*, D. C. Travelers will sturtv their interests i>? examinin my TRUNKS, VAIiICtS 4o , tufor* par mm oha*icg elsewere- An 1 us* con* tut t^SfrfjfP best mat?ri?i the market atfords and ?inploT^ ***" the l>*e' workmen, I can confidently reoommend my work to b? superior in 5:r?acnk and l+urability to Trunks that are mule in other oitins arid sold here. I keep sonstantiy on haed, and mako to order (on one werk's notiqsl every description of SOLE LEATHER, IRON VRAM K FRENCH DRESS and WOOD BOX TRUNKS; ASHLAND mmd othtr V ALICES : TRAVELING BAGS; HARNESS: SADDLES; WHIPS, *c., *c. Trunks, &o., Repaired and Covered, in a workmanlike ruaunwr, at short notice. i Trunks delivered in any part of the city, Georgetown, or Alexandria. Also?Agent lor Howe's oelebrated FAMILY SEWING MACHINES. delt-U JAMK8 8. TOPHAM. TRAVELERS' DlKbOTORY. Daily line of new four-horse COACHES TO UPPER MARLBORO', (,'arr yi?f ikr V S. Mat I. The undersign Q tia now running Daily,(except Sunday.) Foar horse Coaches l>?- .. twaon Washington aud Upper Marl lx>ro\ aa follows: t Leave tlie Steamboat Hotel,corner of Suvoiwh street and Pa at7o clock a. m. Returning leave Upper Marll<o'?' at II o'clock a in., am) arrive in Washington at 3o'clock, in time to connect with the 3.2i> p. in. t air. for Baltimore. The Coachrs aro new and cotvmotlioua, the team* firvt class in tiie hand* of careful and accommodating driver*. Fare to Upper Marlboro 50 oenta. To Long Old Fields 25 " ToCenterville 31 " Frei?htand package* in proportion. au 13 tf OS BORN t CO . Proprietor*. Baltimore and ohio railroad. WASHINGTON BRANCH. < 'h aniir or Hoik*. ON AND AFTER WEDNESDAY, Jun?Uth, 1MD, traipn will rvn mfollows: l.oav* Waahington (it 6 2^ and 7 V> a. D. Lea re Washington at 3iu and 6.30 p. hi. On Sunday at 3 30 p. m. J .save Baltimore at 4.25 and 8.40 a. m. .eave Baltimore at 3.15 and 4 JO p. m. in Sur.dar at 4 25 a. m. Passenger* for the Ea?t Will take train* at &?0 ar.d7.4f a. m and 3 2" p in. At itr ?* - rur mo nMiai ?.*> i. in tnd 3.2) p. D). F?>r Annapolis at 7.40 a in- and &X) p. m. For Norfolk at 7 40 &. m. On Saturday evenici thoS.20 p. ?i. train com to Philadelphia oniy. jn 13-d T H. PARSONS. Agent. NEW ORLEANS ZS7 TTTTl-EE] DAY? WITH TB* CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. Blg^M BHB Mi ALL RAIL ROUTE, VIA Orange and Alexandria Railroad TO LYNCHBU&9: Virginia and Tennessee, East Tennessee arui Virginia, East Tennessee arid Georgia, Nashville and Chattanooga, Memphis and Charleston, Mustinppi Central, Net* Orleans and Jads on, TO NEW ORLEANS! MEMPH7S~ROUTE: Memphis bi Rail, thence b? First class Ptokata to Nsw Orleans. MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE: Montgomery t?y Rail, thenoe to Mobile by Firstoiass P&okets. Mobile to New Orleans by Lake Steamers TWO DAILY TRAINS?Scsdays Imcludzd. Leave Wash la*tea at A a. . and e p. ds. The Steamer GEORGE PAGE leave* her wharl foot of Seventh street and 6K p. m. and I oonnnots at Alexandria with the Orange aud Alex- I lujuria t miua lur vao SOUUl weni. Offio*? I'euusyivaaia avoaae, oorner of Sixth it. UMitl CU9KSS THB0U9H TO I1V OKLCAXI. Lrnohburj ?#7 5" Memphis ..... <31 00 Bristol _ 15on Atlanta .2fi oo Rnoxville ?__20 0i) Macon ?. iw no Cuattanoofa MOO Columbus ? 50 D&;ton? S4 oo Montgomery .33 uo Huntiiville .ft ou J via Memphis.42 SO 6rand Junction?_*)(*? N.O.S via ?. J uno. .43 5# I NashvflU 31 fOl \ via Mobil*. ..<6 oo TUIS ROUTE 18 ENTIRELY BY RAIL and is 00 MILKS SHORTEK, and A4 HOURS LESS IN TIME than any other I.iae?the Lycehburr Extension baiug now completed, as also the Mississippi Central, making it the QUICKEST AND MOST PLEASANT ROUTE FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS! It U provided with First-class Sleeping Cars! ITo N#w Orleans. T8 Honrs. ..iftm^itis. i ? do* 3S: ILTTie U.K. jaAILand ADAMa' EXPRESS are taken ortf thiz New Lino. Iuskota cab be obtained at the Konth Wee tern oo, oorner of Bgttb atreet and Pen&sj i vani* avenue, in the follovin; point*: Linchbttrc, Bristol, KnoxnUe, At'anta, Ckatoaooora. Huntanlie. Grand Junction, Mmoii, Nashville, Dal ton, Columbus, Montcomer^^j|f'uAN8m*'ll*t *n inr through tJFkETS to tht various r img ini a springs. Iu7*Omnibu?? and Hume Wagoaa leave the oflfo* at 6 a. m. and 6 p. in. JAMES A EVANS, Tioket Aient, mi SJ-tr Pnrrar at ?<! Pa ? T| HE STEAM FJl JAS. GUY WiU remme tier tripe on TUESDAY, ? ? of February,M60. WiuTeavs WASH IN6TON every TUESDAY and^*"^ FRIDAY, at6 o'clock a. m.,and ALEXANDRIA at ha;f- put e o'clock, (or CURKlOiVlAN and the inter mediate Landings. On her return trine, the ill leave CURRIOMAN every WEDNESDAY and 8ATURDAY. at 5 o'clook a. m. LUCIAN 8. PAGE, Proprietor, NATITL BOUSH. Ag't. Alexandra. fe? OFFICE OF IN8PECTOR AND SEALER U OF GAS METER8, W A eHINOTON. J Biy 1>. I860, NOTICS TS HEREBY OIVEN. That, agreeably to the provision* of tbe otdinanoe of the Corporation approved May 12.1880. the undersigned ia now prepared, "whenever rea aired in writing, and on pre payment of the fre of fifty oenta, to inepect. examine, teat, prove, aid aaoertain the acouraoy of registration of any gas meter in use in tnie oity." very meter, if found lacorrect, will be condemned, and another, eealM and marked aa trie, will be At 111 1*? BlftiM If ^ -- ? meaiur-ment of gaa, it will be aaaled accordingly, and Ktin pat in potttioa for dm. _ Office No. *10 Seventh atreet, (near Odd Fel Jy lt-tf IiuMotormd Seaier of >iw Mmn, WO A 8 FIXTURES. KHivi in etore. tad arc dw.r rtomTtu, OAS FIXTURES of enureiy New Patterns and Deal ana Sid Finiah, superior in style to anything heretofore fared in thia market. We invite citizen* central to oaTI and examine our stock of Gas and WaUr ixtures, feeling eonldent that wo hava Ik* boat elected stock in Wa?hington. All Work in the above line intrusted to our oars will be promptly attended to. myers * MoGHAN. marg-tf ?7? D aUoet Francis harper. having ofkxed a. FAMILY GROCERY AND FEED STORE, Vomer / Nrw York avtuu* and Tenth street. Respectfully aolioita the patronage of thoeew mar be in want of acy article in the aoove line. Hia mleavors aball be t* pleas?laad bra strict attention to the want a of the publio, he hopee to merit a share of their patroiace. Hia took oonaiaUor every artiole nanally to be iuubu in a nsai-oiM h'uulr Grocery uvl Feed Store. me li tf 12,000 the attention of tbepeblio to oarIviitad well m i ieotwl atook of Oh am pax n? and Crab Apple Cider, whioh we coarante* to be jure iuioe, and will be eold on reasonable tanas in order to make roon fee oar apriag etuei. Give m a eall at tke uiui. , e. a. nor*. i.kam. 1 amokehomse throigh the hwob^mI are in eaphal order. KING 4 BURCHELL. I MS CoraK Utb tad Varmoat irata. ill J* * MEDignnsa. 1>* i#1,?uriMoi? LOCK KWriVUi H*? DittmtfU tki wmi CWim, fcjfcarf i/rt??' ffmidj ? U< Varlt. FOR ALL DtSKASKS OP IMPRUDENCE. LET XO tALSE DELICACY PREVENT. APPLY IMMEi) ATKLY. A CUKE WARRANTED. OR NO CHAROM, IN FROM OSR TO TWO RAYS. WuhtM af Ik* kik.tlrlttwfi ifitdiw rfOi BMMpt u< IkMii, hniiMr^ Pwli?r|M, InrjMr. fMml Dikiiiij. NtntuiHt, Ui ii.Ut aptnW. Ca? tWM m liaaa, Pilpy nan ?fiki l?m.T,?>OB.Tii?>wn Duumi ( Itftil ar Oimim af til lM4.ft?n>, ? ( Skin, ATawaaaaftk* UdaMmuUM lfcM< TimHi Dmrdin >r<>| fr+m Mttary BaAti * Tmm-? ?dMM Draadfai ui OHOtcIN ftatutta l>n> W 4u ftuiH|i MfwU*. u4 dltmy kMiMfutHM TOIMMU fitUllT wk* ton >iii?i U< >kiM af BmiMmrj TIm, tkti draadfkl and daairvcuaa hakii vkitk aaaaallT ivufi m aa anuincty grrt$ tkauaod* af Ting Man aftba maat alalia* talania a*4 kriikaitl tetaliaat, vka auM Kkirvna bail aurautad liatamnf f au.u auk ik?ua?n?r? af alaaaiaka at vtkad ta aaataay ika Uataf lyra, m; Mil vttk nil >aat 4a??a. AUUML MltUU rwon, at Th.| MatMat >tw?, tiwj a vara af fhrai** taU?aat,Nyaaia dakUMy <u?rmiu*?. Ac., tf.aaii"* carad. Ma ?ka placaa bintaLl udtf Ua lui af Dt. I. may ilHfl aatly :mMi ia Ma hacar at a (ittlinia uJ awl J tally fM) ay* j tk akill aa a pfcyauiaa. urrtoc Ma T IOVTB rRKtNtaiCI tTCKCT. I?n sua *ia* Ttrnn B*lummrt * ll* i)"n fw? th* tw ii rlil d*4 l*?h??i?* nil uii tulti. kMMf> MM k? mull ft IM|. OR. JOIIfTOI, Hiakin ?f ik* *?T?: Ca'.Xf* ra?>f*Mt, kM<M, iniWI fnamtl lb* rihi *.-?ic,*gi** to lk? Icittd BUtaa, tad U>* frttltr f?rt af ?k*M lift Km km ipmt to MM k?r CUii*' Laodati, Fan*. PkiUdtlkfaia aad lluvbtn, ku a^ otad muii af ih? a?l ihm Uhai wot* *? kr.awn; ro*ny u~??bUd wikfc riiifug to It* k*i< aad IUI tkm uIhi; rr**t n*r**aanaaa, kaknr a!*rm?d at aaddaa and*, aaakfalnaa* with fracMak khaakjof. attaadtd a?ai Ha** with 4Miafw?*t W miad, ?ar* car ad 1?iWiialt. TAKE PART1C1UAR NOT1CS. T*a.? Mao and Mkiit wka h??* >o)ar*d it*Ba*lta* ky a 4*ruin pr?eut* it-daif*d 10 vkio * ati? ? a k*kii fr?<;a*M<y iaaraad (ram ??il caoipaataai, ar at ackaal. tka afacta at which ara nightly (alt *? ? whao nt**D. uid if n?i tit?i rtndtrt marnaft fanpoaaiMt, u4 tuirtyi bath aad baJt, thuatd apply irantdiavtlv. Mmi in unit oftht ltd and maiai.tbaly tllM ??<?!>< *y aatly bat?iu ?f vaatb *1(1 Wtakattt aftJba Ink u< limba, I'nirii vu t't M tau, DmniH of 8f Laat af MncUM Pavtr, Kljiuuati aflht tftiri, Drift pit. Ntrraat Lrnvakfd l;,Dir u jaaatniaf iha Dignun ra?,cui:af Hiutft: UiMui;, ticpianit cf Cai.taaptian, *s. MlklTl'ALLT.?Tbt fttrfal ifieu an tbl *i*d tn MtkU bt -Um ( Mimi;, CMftan tfldtit, DifrmUi af Spirit, Eril Par badutft, Aiinmi af Ikiii;, tiif-DiivM Umf SaUtkd , Tinudi it, IM..UI Mil af Ua ?**U paa AfCld. MKfcTOVI DIllkITT -TUuudi <u vku it ibi caaat af ibitr dtelimnf btaltb, laait.f ibtlf tifar, ba tominf wnk, pall, aarraaa and areaiiatad, baring allegata) iff?uuli abaaiiha IT".CN(ti or ifmpmof af i iMfjuat DIMKA?K* Of iMMVDUKB. WkM ?bi n'tfiukid and latpradani >mmry af piaaawa lata kt Ml irr.piktd ibi tit til of tbit pamfal Uitaatt, il .aa aflat kippiM lb at an ill-timid ituta af mam ar drat J af diaca*trj dtitrtbiro fr?a app 'ring la thoat *k?, frm adacauaa ui ritpicubiluy, can aim kifhMd kia. Ha fa lit La it |bt htndt ( If I.MUI md dtuyaing pet It ad art, ?et, k?fikt> af earing, tick kit ptcai.i?ry ittotutt, (up Ua inllt| nili inn, tr tt l?.g at lit amalliti fit ua kt abtt'.md and in dtaptir Itari bin wilb rmittd bialib la ay* artr bu ftlUi-g ditappffaii t; ar by Ibt at af tkal dttAt pattoa, Mtrcary, bttitn tht catitlilauacal ayiBMMt af M iambit ditaati, iac&at Aftcuacaa'tfct Ha**. Tbraai, Haaa. kto.fcc.. prurrtttu.f villi friftiital rtpidiiy, till dttik ptu atrwd :a bit drtadfa! aafinngt by amdUg bint u that aadUcattrtd eattur fita vktaiMitt ca Ira ? alar rataraa. Ml. joinioiviemkiiv run naui?ic??'?- ? arm latmrKNCY. w Bj Mia I'M ud unpanaot rimtiy tutawWllM HnM ui ipaadilj carad uq fall ?ijar unarti TkMtuli a?Ma mi oaraaaaand daailiu>iad, *k? kad laat ail fcapa, fcaaa feaaa liur.tdaitalT raiiarad. All i.-npa<i'iaaa!a ta Marriafa. Pfcyaiaal ar Maaial DiaaiittlukKi, Laaa al Pia?i?u>a Ptvii, Rantta ItanaM.itp TaaiakUaf ?od WitUui ai CiktaaVaa af Ma aaathufk kfcad apaa* jilj carad. INDOULMUTOr TBK rBESB. TEC MINT THOCaANDI carad at Mia loatr.aUaa vtMla Ma laai aaaar.taan yar.ra. and Ma namaraaa Impartial Baiftaa! ayarauai.a parfarmad l>r. Jahnaao, vunaaaad fcy Ma raaartara ?( iha papara aad aa?ap atkar paraana, aatlaaa af vfltl htra cppauid agaiu aad t|tia fca&ra Ma Hkila, fealldaa ki?aur.4n.f ;a a (a jiiiat-i af l>truui aad ?aaaa?at lUrty, la a atlalaal f aarauiaa la Ma alUlii |u m-lf R. J. JBOVEK DOD-8 IMPERIAL WINE BITTERS, A -? nr.? I..-.- ' ~ - " ? " ?* " ?v?* uu4u| uscxi irum must to me ?reat 8*11 I Lake, ml the moireraal Terdiot of all who ui theia either ai a wsaiicvw ot aa a tmrtit*. i? that they are u&aarpaaad la the world. Dr. DoCa aaad them auooesafaljy io hta yr^oUea for M years be for* wa paroluued of aim the so.a rixht to maaunotare aad present them for sale to the piblio. For the oare of Inoifisct ConcoiD?t:oc, IncLxesUon. Jh* fepaia. PliM, Norroaa Dlaiatoi, Female Com piaiata. and aa oaaaa reamnag a to mo, they are baTond doubt a moat invaluable remedy. Aaida from their madioioai aroaerUea they ara a yerc, wholeaome aud d* lgotnii DeTorate, prodnoing all tha pleasant exhlie rating effeota or Brandy or Wiaa without their iqiarfona remits, l et all friends of humanity and all adrooatee of temperanca &ssiat na in aab*t:tainc thMavaliakle Vegetable Rittera for the mumtm prttmu and adtdttrattd Linttrt with whioh tha ooantry ia doodad, aud tfearatoT ?tffootuaJy aid in ban.slung Oiaeaaa and Drankaeaaa '"'"^CHA^LES WIDDIFIELD & CO? Frofrietori.T# William street, Nrw York. J. 8CH WaRZE. Agent, Waatucxton, D. C. DR. J- ROVER nniM> IMPERIAL GIN" EnrSRS, For Diseases of the Kidney s,Bladder a.a Unitary Organs, and especially for Female Obstruotious, never fail to core, and are warrautod to give saUs*CBaRL.E8 WIDDIFIELD ft CO., Proprietor*, T8 William ?t.. New York, J. SCHWARZE, je7 1y,r Agent. Washington, D. C. JOY FOR THE SIOK AND SUFFERLN?. LET ALL WHO ARE AFFLICTED APPLY THE REMEDY REJOICE HEALTH. Friend, do yon utfi'r? Are you the viotim of any of those numerous ailment* whioh arise trom impurity of the blood.' What are ?bey, do yo? ask? Rather ash. what are they not i I he blood is the eoaroe of life and health, aod it is the first eiement of ocr being to respond to an* uanse whios ^fleets t!i- ty?temvas the poise iualuh'.y attests The over pi^Taiung ;>p\ir?i{i%, in* irritating Krya peae-tue subtle dorofuia,the agonising Rheumatism, Nervous Debility, Dyspepsia, Liver Complaint with ft* torpor and dejection, and the ill* that fleet) is heir to, derive 'heir hideous origin fro? the blood. Deal kindiy then and gaptly with Um Uood. lTs? the vitalising ree^nroea of nature for ite aid. and Buffer ua to o.xnmerid to your c^ntdenoe and im that truly valuable medicament known as MRS. M. COTS INDIAN VEGETABLE DECOCTION. With r?gard to this almost infallible specific popular sentiment ha? spoken in d?oide*! tai ma, ami the evidences ot this groat efeoacy ar* austa.a?d by oonatani avnwa'a of o^raUve oAeeu and th? happiest roin'tc from it* use are aftar all ou*t romediee and the beet m?<Hual skill hav? fared. L?t ua air,in conclusion, th*t certificate* cares are cot sought from the ilht^rata and superficial, but tHey are volunteered fiom tha m?f re ap?otable sources an i justify the highest Unu in which it 1b ?oacib)e to eommend so valuable a specific to pan io approval. We rr.fcy and aUo that the ourative properties of the tredioine are equalled only by ita restorative eff>cts, (he a-at-u rwoover id* from disease with renewed aoastitufonal visor. For aale by all resectable Druggists in this o;ty. and by the proprietor, MKJ?. M COX. Nose genuine unleea her name ia blown on the bottie and her seal on the cork rnr Hrica 91 per bottle, eix bottles for 33. Wkol'faie Aleut. R. T. C19SRL. Druggist. Georgetown. D O.. Wholesale Agent for tha Dia triot, and will au??lr the trail* at m? _ _ _ ? ? ? jr f? *u m-tr FOR STAMPING g^glv A PACKET OF PAPER. . AND EN VKLOPE8 I N 0 TO MATCH. CHARGE! METROPOLITAN ^ BOOKSTORE, PHILP A Salomons, At**** fo* Lmttrence't ttl*bratnl Line* Papera, "U*tT0f0!*ta? Mtllt," tt , *t. ? 81 ly ii'i Pa. ?T- b*t.?t X?H Ktfr ?U. 279 2^6 orderafor ujSorCoBf?oUoM*SFLiio5r? SRfiv Ua;table tyle, with the tune tromjtnaea ud die wSmh wh'Oh *"? h? tiithorto ihnwii a "7 WM. T. DOVE ft OO. AEE Nov prepared to exeoute aur order* orltfc VttSftfMSo riTTlN. C7 Btore on 9th atreet, a few doora north of Pi. avenao, where m%? be founl t oomeiet* is*ortnienl ofCll 4NDEL1ERS and other QA&,8TEAM ood WATER FIXTURE*. ion IT DURK OLD RYK \VHI8RY.-On hoed eerero i tror.d? of Pure Old Rye Wbi> ky, Copper Dietilled, mode by the moet reliob e djeUllera m Peenaylvosio, Maryland tad Vir*mi?, warranted pur*. Alao. Imeortad Hnn.'i?? ' n n *obin?, Alto. Peioh ?a<f a/j J ttndinl traiuta. A iihoiM tot df (iiira trid W'nu ^'ts t,?5iHLMav flUPON-rS GUNPOWDER, ^irowT'I)'(L I Solt Asmum tm li< Dutrttt V CW?tMa. 275 *Liu* 275 JACI801, PL18T*ntR8, 1 . * p?fc?J?*l^\?d m? O AN J?#.? OWETHING NEW.-Nowii atera B 40 b~?U*l BMjot; ^ till Wf?.?sbKMiM4l^lk FOB SALE AND KENT. L^OR RE NT-A hax.daome, fratt^n RBSIr lffcNCK, No 44U K atroot. hotwooa ttk awl 7li> atrosta?*u of the b at oaciui* locMoaiofUu our. I bono* ia fucnh*! with al! ii.odera iaprtiT?mf??i, aa?h aa h*Oi room. t*-t Md oo d ? Mar on tioor, r?> ?o feral and ao^ond ftuAra iMMpi fto? ha cment, to.. A-% Appit a?*t <V??>r, to Dr. J A!*. J. WARlV.. N I I4( E klrtft I* I w-on f b ?dTth. _ oc n ootf L^OR RKNT.-Tti' new WICK T HOI -r.S wit* b?rk t uudinga, 0*011 noooa 001 tairunf it rOfim. ? .:ii i?. ?itu*iM on tlti attest rorth. twtwoon M and N at-??i?, '?nt moderate. Awl* to K. LAZKMHV. oppoai te. ur to JOHN T. Lk.NMAN. Ohio aroaoo, So'wooa l?th aad tau atrssCa, 00 ?g COR SALK-A FA ?li ,.r?n ? r jfiiMwaaHEwacasop ini-MiM, oori-MiMk Mbm, A a ; wai< h?i 1 kadnlarW; Wrtfcia fmmr miim ofWMkli|1n ; M aafaataaaltiTafao*. thehataaa* ntaJiiiMWi4bi It la paaaliarly <le?iral.? aa a aoautry jm 4aaaa, mm perfectly healthy and moat rom*.r,dbfi iT utttUd : exoalieat f shiny and bautlrt Inaaire !S&ffi>M'OTTi >rvl" cig;-gyFOE RKNT-The F1K?T FlA>CR of It* biaid iqg immediately cppoeit* the vwt win* of the OUy al..'f?aeetly oooaped br Chaa. 8. Wa'.aaL M an oftoa. Alao Om front room in tfca mot>m Ani'i i?m cm k, Far <4? Spttdfi (V? ?f Id rmittft *.- ?*, or Fwr ai.d Agae. It err. ftt*? t rem, IKm* A?ue, Paruxlirai Hmmm, or Hi IlKulkukf, u4 Hiiioae F???ri. inAoed f?r the wiiOie C.a?a D?MMeeOri|iMtit| in ei i?ri D'raocenitr.t, Caaaad by Ue .Mntdtic Ovmutnee. No one leuiady it louder oallatl for by Ue n?eea Itiei of the Aip?rican pe. pie tfcar a aare and eafa ara for F. ver and Atae. Peek we ara now anaMed to oX?r, witti a perfect certainty that it will aratfi eate th,? ii?eaao? atd with aeeertaee, f?>aae??d oa roof.'^at ao harm ean ariae fro . iu aae la aay ligahty.. . . ... -] bit Vftioh prouvoU from or i-tTMti tkia diaoc*?r mail t* of immeMwrriM in tkm oiuinau. ttac wliarait pr<v?a,l? Fttvmum i. b?tw ?r?. for tha M?t fioMn the risk ?hioh K? ">??* ? .?*? ? ?ttaelra of this b* ?fiil ?..?? rir. Tfcia "Cc.i" expo.a Ua liiua o x iaoa of *o? fro* tn? a?at*n.t an* >rTTa?a LhA (iAVAiilBir.Aut HI dia*A<A .7 , _ ?L _ r ... ? ? ? t II HIW Ufl III* Approach o? lU premomtorp araptoaa It i? not I oolj t*e beat remedy ?r?r yet discovered lor this ! olaaa of eomp'aiota, I>ut alfco th* eheapeat. Tba larf? quantity we a?ap y for a dollar bria*a it Vitfcia the r?4dh ol rylxxi?; and in bilioaa diatriou, I *h?r? Pivn axs >?ci prtmn, ?T?ritodt iboiid have it tod ?m it fr?*Hjr tx>U for mmrm a-.d r*v?r. I tir>B. A fMt tuponority of thia rrmtc; owur vlur irtr dinove>ea H>r the ifM?i uf* nrtaia oar*of latannittewta it. that it eo'itaiaa inQi rika or aalaerai,a<?n??Hoa?ir'y it prod?o?e mo qam?(M or olMr 1. jnrlou* afi-ctJ *i ?vr*r apoa lb* naatitatioa. Thoaa oarxd hp it ara iaft aa kulUr mm if U*y had nrvar h*j the maa<wa. Faver and Ante it not mlon* the ootae^aeaoa r.t Ua mwniti" p a* >a. A great vanrt) ofdiio-dera I ari-e from ita irritation. a merit which me* Neuralgia, K heumatiaw. Gout Rllndaeaa, T< otbaeha, Catarrh. Aatfcma Pu^tte Ki, Pa nful /sf?eUoa ol Wia Htatarioa, u la the Bewala, Colia. Parafe aw, and D*r*acanentoftfce Stomach,al: of whtob, wheu origiaa tiag ( thia eaca', put oa the intermutant typo, or haooaM p?ri>idi?a.. Thia ' Ctti" ?xpo)a the poiaoa frrn lb a flood, and oaarqurcttj eoraa them all Pr^parW by DR 4. C. AYKR * CO . I^ell. and b.>M bp all Drnggiata, aeerrwhara. oa >4 aolm Helmbold's Genuine Preparation. " HIGHLY CONCENTRATED" COMPOUND pTuId kxtract buchu A Poaitiee and Sa?c:tc Rewirdy For Dtaeaaea of ti?a BLADDKR, KIDNEYS. GRAV Kl., and DROP&JCA L K? KI.MNtttw Tliia Medioid? ineTxaiM Immvw ol Digaaui.a, tod axoitoa tfca A Bh >? BKNTfe imu> healthy aaSoii.bT which the WATCHV OR CALCKROie dar>aitiona, and all UNNaTI*RAt T.NLA R GfcNENT* are redaoed, aa well aa PAIN aaC INFLAMMATION, arxLia good for MBit, WOMEN, OK CHILD RES. HELMBOLD'S KXTRA^^rHtJ, iriiini from Exaetaaa, Halula ol Diaaipabaa Karly Tnd laaretioa or Abnaa. Attmdmd with ik* fmUmwim4 Svmptmmi ? I lnd:apoaiooa to Kxartioa. Loaa of Povar. ygwsr- <**w< Horror of Dtaeaaa, Wafcefu aeaa, fhmacaa ?[ Vuiob, _ Paii> tha Baai, nnptoBi. if to oc. vhi*k tku ^^jci3p_in??rt?ijy MOD foi.i'Wu TMPOTENCY. FATUITY. EPlLEPTiC FITS, Tw O** 0v wKICB TBB PATIMX *AI KIMM. ^isT?M#r, iai tii I /U..1. ? jstjraspsffitapa* R*0"aa uc aid of nedioiM u> atreactnaa VTHitk HflJiiou'a ArivifmaiE'Ss^ iWyrfm. a tbial will commits tmi most lumen. FEMALE??FEMALE*4?FKM At EB. OLD OR TOUJfm. SINGLE. MARHIWIx, ON CONTEMPLAT1*** M ARRIAOE. Bi MANY AFFECTIONS f ECU L.IAR TO MAL&8, 11m extract Pucbu ia an?*a*').4 by Kytuhar raino<ly,M in Cnl.-coma or keUpOou rafu'.vlty, Punrulnaaa, or Strpraaaiun of Caa tonifcry EracuaUuna, L orawni or Neirrhuua aUU of th? Utana, L*uoocri<ra or whitea, *williiyt and for *1 ooaflainu ia?ida?t to Om> a- z vhetbar anau^ frt>? ladiaoratlon, HabiU of O.aaipatooa. **** DECLINE OR CHANGE OP LIFE. NO FAMlLY"?HofT?U Bt*^MTHOUT fT fUb n? mort P*lta-m. Mare*r?, m MrlauNl **ssa< B<Vu*rfc ?BCEB?RksASES Midwasjass ? M <U lv?r>. Pr*muiiiiii evriDf tHriotu-M of the Umklt, * AU?nnt PuniiMl iDflur.m?ti?a, <> u? LM oimi of dimiu. ?ki mii f--rm Dinistd, mmd mmm M Jtfutur. THOU SAX DS UfON THOUSANDS WHO HAVI BKKN TBS VICTIM* of uClCM. ftisd who h&v? (>*io U> b? cored in ?<kort A tirot. h?ve found they were deoeirrd, and tfett U< ^ poison" hM. br th* m irnwam IT mUMMTa." bwii drtod ap ? tb* j Hi m tii tl?fc oat in fta mrtvaud form. PXRHATB APTEK MARRUUM. &&KBS&EZ, - * - ? | , canijutr orsan*- "* Whether exiatibg la f* I Mil Is OK FFMAI.K. -< I rroin vbaUtver ?a.i?e> or'.f iMUj'i; ?<kJ BO K?tU r ?f * I BOW LoN'}Sr*NDI!?i *<f 1 And U a?rt*in to b*v? th? ^y?ctXL*ll bl?- * mmi FOU WHICH IT I? * KCOM 1>EI>. Sritlmct til tk* imh mtul mpv* *%t,U tkm- ? tor will ?ooiti??n* ti?* mf-noiT* ? CERTIFICATES OF CURES. , t*om 8 to #i v??r? With Nivv wow* to SciKSt'R AND FAMR. * ? Trl? ?1 O# f** tecttle, *r ?tx Ur <> . ? -. D*iiv*r*? to la; Addr???, ??ar*i; ptofcatf Ao *1*oba?rr?uofl. ?ff% DwctiBi Btmftoiu ui all ComcfmcArNHM. wi C*rn CMruui*d! A4vlc? firatkl) 1W AFFIDAVIT. ? ? Prkpak jt^^tr^l h?w m?, M I Man m thtetfy of P*L*aoLD,wfcn t* ag HI ivura, DVUHT-UI prepar?',ioa? W tuii ? krtoLo, no awroary. or otfcer ii 'urion* irrmtu Sat fcrt joroij vffaUU*. H. T. HkLM ?OJ if" Swore and xabMrtM bWora m, tkia M k| ?f '1 ****** ^M. P. HJDMKED. JMMM% I Who Hd<Mfr ? AifuN * or rtm oww" *a4 "Olta" UT1CLM OH TW RBPVT ATI (Ml iTTUIII *4 : : wTjSadBsL SL I miwtwtmSk. ; ?*t tMaradfnr 1t AND AVOID IMPOSITION AND KXPOOURM ? ? W?-w>W lO i WEDNESDAY. Nornm T. 1MB. SOMTSO JTUMMMO W 0RQ13AJL1O. ^ll CAPITAL PRIZK 6*3* & 1* SJ5 ?????. tip** CW?^5**5' "'it1 M E*t OVkACOAf*. ' ' r PANts. VEST*. ^ of W? *?? CAW. II N 460 ? rortb ??.. oa?la OfM't* V.^tt <? > -* Y?PM ASjMWflHv ^ ^ $ lit iMor*, No. 4M |*Mo(k it, nf^wu Pr?i u(^S intta, kt WII I H^T . m?1? (to. 4M kmtk *,