Newspaper of Evening Star, October 26, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 26, 1860 Page 3
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L04J A L NEWS. Though Tn St** to printed on Um ?t*n1 Unn pra> tn ?m aoath. of Baltimore, 14% edition to ao large u to require It to be pot to preaa it an early honr; AdhrrrtlarsarBta, there%W) should be aeat in before U o'clock m .| ot>>rww ther rnmr not appear nntll the next day v .?, . None*.?Dtatrlct of ^luKbia Advertlaementa to be '.naerted in the ^^ltuiou Sbs are recoiled ? and forwarded from Tn Sta* Office. i ?iirw it thi \\ iowaM ? Th* KtpukI hr**' (r Exrit?4?A Fnrs in tk* Family^ I Tk'j Ar% Adm>nt*k'i l? Imke Warning from tk* f i* .? Jntk. 4m n?Biack Balls T*rn up m '*? f 'Bor?Tht Want A'stiatitn* ??< tkt Fa. Mil Assoriatton Disc*** Family Matters?Spetck S .Mr. ?The Republican Association, "(vitb Ita acw accrMlon* and iU sprinkling of spec S I tutor*. ratber overfilled the big wigwam laat Whether from the beat of tbe atinoapber* In the eloaely packed room, oc from tbe natural brat apt to be evolved by tbe joatltng of tbe elements of a large and vigorous organization, It toon became apparent to one looking on abojt tbe ?4i'fs that more ?r lesa of a torn waa brewing. Fbe hat of appiteanta being read by tbe Secretary. objection was made on th* part of some to tbe following names, wbieb subjected them to a separate vote by ballot: Mr. !. Dean, Wm. G. Inmost, and Jas. B. Peak. Tbe others were dariarrd uadnimuualy ejected, no objection being *. The President, (Maj B. B French )?There I a.-e now three mmn to be voted upon by ballot. J Mr. John H Wise moved that those making I objection be required to state the grounds of their objection. Mr J*mee \V. Deeble, of Georgetown, would Inquire if such a motion would nr?t conflict with oar constitution ? If not, why I have ne objection to its pdaaage. Mr Win ?I think, ?tr, it is right and proper that th^ae objecting should state their reasons U.erefor They may object to a member merely tfc ro ug h prej a di ce. One of th* Objectors.?I can give mv reasons tm raising an objection, and there are others who can do the same thing. A Voice -Mr. President: Itwlll be recollected that not long aince the name of a gentleman was objorted to. and when the person objecting was ssM to make known his objections, It was ruled I out as betag unusual, uanec?iaar v, and unconstiMlsnil. The motion requiring gentlemen to state their Ejections that tbry mi|f hi have against gentlemen pmpoaeil, being carried, 1 On* of the Otj?>ctors rose and said that toe obtacton he had U> Mr Peak was that he had be?n ne.trd to apeak very disrespectfully of the repob- i Hi a::s?applying a very ugly and harsh epithet to them An Objector in the Corner.?I wuthe one who objented to Mr. Dean. Be haa, within the laat two or three tears, been endeavoring to Identify himself with two or three different political parties. to my knowledge?that Is if it is tho man I IroncfiTt i* mo oe. 1 A Voice ?Put bim out, then .Another Voice.?Where doe? he live? I \ Third ?The gentleman says ' if it It the man be means." I will state, Mr President, that he j La from tke Sixth Ward, and is at the present Lme. I believe, an employee aboot the Capitol. < The Objector?Oh, it isn't the man I mean, | feen The Pre?ident.?Does the gentleman withdraw i his objection Tije obj?ct?r ?Yes, sir. i A Voice in the rear ?I renew it, as he Is an < empiovee of the Government. Mr Coombs.?Mr. President, I know nothing i vbat-ver of these gentlemen whose names have been proposed to night and objected to, hut 1 i must ?-<v that If, as in the case t>f Mr. Dean, the I rniy t on ha that he has at different periods 1 4d-*tr S'-d b'mself with different political organization*, such cannot surely be regarded as a valid i ?*?'<ction. W ny.sir. 1 venture to assert tiiat there JS not a R.enibpr of this Association who has not at sow* iuo? been connected with some other t thiu a repubiiiaa organization, [-'that's so,''] and 1 are we going to prescribe men for that* Has not ] / th.s A-sociation witbin the last few weeks been * i.cj ? mi; nij^t a- vt?i>/i?iiuiu miv ionM Ui U\un J political orga.T.xations' We hope to be able to i contril tbe municipal elections before long: and i hov: are we to do it if not by receiving and wel- ^ coming those who have been associated with other parlies than our own, but who, becoming i convinced of the error of their way, have determined to forsake the wrong and bold fast to that which is good ? i A Member ?The gentleman-* appeal is all very i 1 well, but why wu it not put in when a member ' of this Association was expelled, not loag since, t X for heing seen marching in the ranks of the Jack- I m son Democratic Association? I M Mr Coounbe.?Ob, that was after he had joined i tbe Association. Hi* backsliding showed that he i ^ vtm not sincere in Joining [ ? That's 11 "J 1 f Mr A. Durall ?! can be allowed. Mr. Chair man, to say somtthlng to this Association, for It < Isn't often that 1 trouble it. I Lave been a meml>rr toot ttveor six years. A candidate is opposed , here to-night, sir. because be haV belonged to some other organization; and another one has been 1 objected to because be at some time denounced us as "J?n black republicans Mr. President, ( I can say that there are members here to-night? II vixxi, honest, and true?who called me a d?u 1 black republican when I became associated, and i I think nose the less of them for H. It has not been foor weeks since some gentlemen who are now members cf this Association were members of the Bell and Everett and other Clubs iu this city. I do not object to you, gentlemen; but, for one, am glad to welcome you Into our ranks, and 1 have uo doubt this is the sentiment of every ember Mr John P Ililton.?Mr President, 1 am not acquainted with, nor do I kuow anything with i rinrence to these irentlemen whose n?m? H?? i been objected to tbla evening; but, air, It haa beta ! annftuneed here that one of them ia an employee i | uadgf- thia administration Now, air, in my | opinTqp t?.'.a ia a aufflcient cause fur hia rejection 1 by a republican a?aoriation. (Applause j I am I reminded, air, tbat the downfall of the American , I party niar be traced to this very eanae. The faUl i I nelicy of admitting aucb persona into organizaI (ions of a dtftereat political character waa clearly i 1 evide iced in lUe career and aubaequent decline i \ of tee American pnrty: aad therefore 1 think we % afcoc.d take warn lug. We aaaemble hsre to-night i to rally under thia republican banner, and are 4rt> niilned that ita proud fold* abali not trail in tbe duat by any aucn miMtep aa waa then taken M\ (Appiaose j 1 am here to raiae mv voice and to ?a*' my vote against any man holding offlce < W uader tae Geoeru Government. [Crleaof "good," ' f and loud appiauaej J I Dr Breed?Gentleman, I will not Inflict more I tku t flve mlnutea speech upon you. I wish i J alapiy to reply to what baa fallen from the lip* I of tee gentleman, who, I, it from tne i Seeoud Ward. 1 c?u sympathize with the uuki i of out people who have been embed by tbe 1 pc? Administration. I can sympetbise with the atmbrri of tb? American party who Lave beeo > treat'd lam well aware of how inocb '< you have suffered, yet tterc is a higher standard lor republicans to take than baa bee* ttken by tW democrats. There are in tbe employment of tklt lt?vrrnnient men so noble, so true to republic** principles, that we should be haaored indeed to brush tbe dust from their feet. A V*ice ?1 deny tt. Dr Br--d ? Sfldie, I sey. Make * distinction, ge?Ue?<n ?make * disfiaction. 1 sympethlM x iwita wu Aiumcsiw ni" we overpowered iff tnrc^a vote; yet there ii a Lie bar standard for the republicans. There la a plaia oa wblcu w? BMit stand aa brothers, tad where we must tart la thr (iecmansu Uie Lrisa; where we must say ' Cmn, ye from ail the utMi of the earth?come m ui sOsrs, and toara the daeiple* of rep a MicsstM with as. Come Uentlle. come Protestant, MM Catholic, cecne Infidel?come amongst us ts4 embrace the pnnrtpian wf republicanism;" and 'hen we ahail prosper L?t ns V-ach tkeliUu; tot aa leach the Germs u s A V< ica.?Want to bar* aothirig to do with IM Breed. (coatinul*y.)?L<et us track the lgaaro n t American that It Is a higher plank 1 say U is stupidity; it is Ignorant* that makes you rwpri a man because be is an aa;pioyeaof the Uov. ramrnt; because be ia bom in a particular latitude There are la Kuropa mom true epobllcans than in America. There are astonssi ua meti whs, in their youtU, have leftttleir affluence and liuary. and eon* into the war, as vow would not m mo, lo B^bi ujo Miun ox Ifrmtom mere ar? mm f Mra wti,. tia v?* tacrlfiood tt.eir in Europe? tea at education?i any there are dim In Europe M eartiftt arid Tran k yon, sad yet mow lntrlil1 gent ikMti you Ait -wUj c?ji?e/rumUiebuUtutiooa \ of loarnlix [? ?! * ' f No inch thing:1' vni ^ 1 kMw ] thefre are men there, tad there g m tafned men fn oar country of tir mtme elta* I ?4MMh that elnaa of men Unt w* moat need < I tCWWcr -Take him ont.^ "Hurrah for LinI "'Wft'fl? r~iM?tJ.Itet ?iM 'a*. i =?235BSK3i -7^** 4 AM* !??' '?A 1 ? *1~' i iraruwi bh, hi sun lead lit Hd i wrl doc in dm of tru? reputiucMtaoi I Than ire men HMi( {"Dry up'M tbey are I wl llog ?e ***r U?e prl rwi pirn ?g?i Mt IU? p rnmr?i ! I they Mve fought avoir? tft *W?tral Vofcrr?Vote L?t ? b*T? ft rote on A 'Sfe'EtKi; (feMtiDtn )?I hope the grail*. I / | aM?l 1 lM*li*???U)go ii* Are we a civilized A 1 art ifjta, or ar? we a to 4e of barbtrlac* t JP J# JvnBUed ? 1 may have aald something, gaaflwuw liiUli you, b?t it waa la order to V 4? Mfooo Lrt oa look only to the nonl charI li ? i t a. ? "V! ?"i I " 1 ?e*w wd principle of fee man, not to hla place of birth. We want all wbo are willing to come. A Voice ?Would yo* lie willing to receive Sqaita D?mm towrnkfr Dr. Breed ?I would not oppoae tal* election. Several Voice*.?I would oppoo* kin. Dr Ureed ?Mr- President, 1 ro?e simply for the psrpom of reply! ag to the *poreh at Mr." Hilton I D?*e nothing m?? to mj, *1*. Three cheer* vet* km proposed and given for Mr. Hilton. M r Talt.?Mr. PflNldent, 1 do not deal re to detail this meeting, bat I wish simply to say a word With reference to an obiertlna that hu h?n niurf to a gentleman here t&ia evening. A gentleman raited objection to tb? name of Mr Dean "if it ws tbe man be meant.'' On having the man dcacritfed to him, he said It waa not tbe one he took it to be, and therefore withdrew hie objection. An abjection waa again raised by aeveral la th? rear part of the hall, alleging that he waa an employee of the government Now, I will go aa tar U Mr. Hilton ?r Anybody else in oppoa tion to and in hatred of tbia administration, or any other democratic admlntetrattMi that baa exlated in tbia geveinniatM alnce the daya of Andrew Jacksoa to the preeent, Bnt, air, I am oppoaed to crushing oat of this organisation here, or elsewhere, any man who happeaa to be la tbe einplavment of the go*ufna*?t. Sir, if be baa independence enough aa an employee of the government to come here and join this Association; w- av ? -vi ? a* __ * ? h - - 11 HICK uc uu uiucr uojrcuon w Bid), 1 ibink we ought to be anxious to extend to him tbe right band of fellowship, and hail him at a member of this Aaaociation [Load applause ] 1 hope, air, that in regard to thea? application* we will understand each other folly, and know what we are dtolng. Do not l?t us present anpeetacle here that will render us a common laughing stock, a byword, ana a reproach to our enemtss. Let them not taw tbe opportunity of upbraiding na with thus early beginning to quarrel, and almost fightlug. over the application of as individual against whom there baa aa yet been no valid objection imised. If there are aeriona objectlona to gentlemen, let ua have them In plain, commou aenae terms, ao that we can understand them. .nr ju a wis?.?Mr President, a clerk who live* in Georgetown, by (be name of Bowie, told a gentleman connected with the Georgetown Republican Association, a ihort time since, that be was a Buchanan man as long as Mr. Buchanan was President. If Lincoln was elected, after his Inauguration be would be a Lincoln man. In otVr words, he wonld favor whoever was elected President, In order to get the "loaves and Ashes " Do you want such men a? that ? A Voice ?Oh, thst'a a different case. Mr. Wise ?No, it Isn't a different case at all Mr Joha H. Wise?Mr President,a gentleman Informs me that this Mr. Dean Is uot an employee of the Government, but Mr. Isaiah Dean, a huckster ia the market 1 vouch for him as being a good republican The Vice President ?1? the objection persisted ll? Several Voices.?No, sir; It Is withdrawn Mr. Jas. A. Wise.?No, sir; It ia not withdrawn. The Secretary (Mr L Clephane), on examining the list, corroborated the statement of Mr. *_i *??? - * - -- - icon w lie, as to iu Deln< Mr. Isaiah Dean. Mr. James A. Wise.?I will not withdraw the objection, unless some gentleman arlaea here and testifies 'o bis knowing the Individual. The Vice President ?Several gentlemen have 10 stated already. Mr. James A Wise.?Then 1 withdraw the ob[ ction. Mr. Clrpbane, (good humored!v.) ? I should like to lnqnire if this is a Dem. Jack. Ass meeting? 'Laughter.] A Voice.?It looks something like It, that's a bet All objection to Mr. Dean being withdrawn, be sras accordingly declared duly elected a member tw* a ? ? ? /i iuo uou . The mine of Mr. Wm. G Smoot was next aubnitud to the meeting for action. Tl?? Vice President ?Will the gentleman who ?iaed an objection to the reception of the name of Mr. Smoot be kind enough to state the grounds of lis objection The Objector ?Mr. Chairman, I was mistaken n the person, i therefore withdraw the objection. Jlr. ^moot was then declared duly elected 'ft*- uaiue of Mr. James B Peak was next pretexted. The Vice President?Gentlemen objecting will please make known the reasons. The Objector?Mr. President, the objection I iave to this individual la that he denounced the epubllcans aa a set of '-unholy thieves;" and, air, mire than that, has always used bla Influence, what little be baa, against the republican cauae. A Velce ? Did you bear him make use of the pitnet you have attributed to blm? No reamnae. Tbe aims Voire ?Mr. President, I with to itate that this gentleman sustains an excellent reputation for morality, Intelligence, and general worth, and I am aure tbere ia not a member of this Association who knows aught to the contrary 1 have known him Intimately for a number of yeara, and have never known him to expreaa any boatility to the republican party. He never baa, I think, been connected with any political organization. Tbe Objector.?He has declared that be intended to oppose the republican platform aa far as his power lay, as long as there was a Dutch plank in it. The vote being taken by ballot, Mr Peak was rejected, fourteen black balls being cast against h<m, four more than is necessary to defeat a candidate. r u a u ? * * ?* 9 uux WHO uau uccu rifcwa memiwi, were then requeated to come forward and alga the constitution, and pay their initUtou fee. They did ao, to tbe number of about eighty Mr J. L. Henahaw.?I have been inatrurted.air, hy tbe auxiliary association of tbe Fifth aud Sixth Wards to state to thla association that they completed their organization by the election of their others on Tuesday ni^ht laat. I have also been ii.atructed, air, to report the following resolution: Ktsolvtd, That all applications for membership in thla Association of peraona rea ding in tbe Fi?th and Sixth Warda be referred to the auxiliary republican aaaoclation of tbese warda. A Voice?Mr. President, I call lot tbe previoua question on this reaolutica Another Voice ?1 move that tlte whole subject be laid on the table. U> J. * A? *- ?? - " mi i/cwuic ?i ucviro tu ui ft ijuciuon, IT IDC Seatleman will withdraw his motion to lay on le table for a moment, all. The Mover.?1 will, six, with the understanding taat after the gentleman or others who desire to speak are through, It be considered as the pending motion, to be next considered, and to upersede all others Tbe President ?The Cbalr suppoaee there will be no objection to that understanding. No objection being raised, Mr. lfeeble proceeded ?I desire to Inqnlre, Mr. i Chairman, if the adoption of such a resolution would not Involve a virtual abrogation of our bylaws. Several Voir.** ? Matt p?rt?i?l? i? <- ? WW- ?- *? / ? M U?V.VH* ititutlonal, and ua't be received. Toe SecretaryMr. Chairman, I would state for the information of member*, that such a resolution would directly conflict with that section of the constitution providing for the election of member* into tbl* Aasociatlon. Several Voices ?Certainly it would. The Chair caa't entertain It. member from tha Sixth Ward.?It Is constitutional; we have a right to pa** It, and are going to do it, too. The Secretary.?Well, If you intend to disregard your constitution and by-laws, why perhaps yon may pass it. Mr. Goodloe.?I hop*, Mr President, there will be uo quarreling or bad feeling between the re|iublicuns?f Washington on this question. 1 conr* that I approve of this idea of auxiliary associations. I Me nothing in It that can conflict with the objects and aim* of th* w? hiiirrlAn I aaaoclation. 'This is a large city; if not Large in population it is large la extent; tad it mast be very inconvenient for persons living two or three mile* from this place to come here two ar three times each week 1 was one of the original members of this society, and 1 believe I wrote the constitutes; therefore I feel as if I have a right to speak on this question. And while I am clearly of the opinion that, while 1 shall always remain a member ef Uiis association, 1 think It wosld be very preper to encourage the etgaalxatlou of auxiliary ateoclattoDS in three er four parti of the city _A I, * a t. ?? ? r - - ? um. i unit it vroiuu oe me meant of hrlnglag many ioto the republican ranks, Who would not be Ileal)- otherwise to unite with ua. I would suggetf, however, with fefcard to the resolution, it besoaeaeided aa aoi to make it com pa Laory ou the appilcanta to preeent their names before that association, bat allow them the privilege to preeent them here without any reference w the auxiliary one, If they saw proper. Mr. IXeeble?Mr. Chairman, I do not differ one lute with Mr Goodloe in anything that he has said with retard to the propriety of theee Associations. but T do wish to do things decently . , J In M l ' ' ?T ? v.?? mm a cuuc?iT?, djt adopting thift r?Miot)on. we would he dot a* teat which w* la direct violation of our constitution: and, SSSSKffiSSSE, * U + aU*?rU?r cue. W? did no* aafc 4* hawall apphcationa to this association from ow elty referred to oar organisation 1 wttt ?ay W the gentleman, also, that our fcsaoclatipn always consults the parent aoclrty hefort taking nr important itsp: so aa to ha we its idriiM aa U> whwh eoorae would best promote the interest of the causa ia-WMWitgtoB. Mr (ioodioe?tlr fmidirw, If the geatle i m m* i - - ?? ? ? w ... M>J vpiulea (be object of sa sflialisa 11 k* this Is to bring la tbos* wfce will tow the repobUcan ticket If a man has a veto, and to willing to sign oar ceastttotloo, t don't ear* what sort of a man ha la, ?rn If be com** from tb* penitentiary: - > (tengbtar) uoleaa tb* law dJaqoallflaa sucb, as I ' wlere it does. Sir, wa wut men wbo can aid ua by their votes . Mr He as Law ?As I Introduced the resolutions, 1 bope I may b* indulged la offering a few sug % ing to spring tip la this Association. I ami little appreh?MJ*?. ?f, that we *b*ll be ihown op, air, a little after the manner efttoe Dwn Jack Asa*n. I know m> well, ilr, that a collision of Intellect U rs apt to strike fire as a collision of flint and rteel, 1 that 1 should much have preferred the call for the previous quesiloa to have been put and eartied 0taa?tsions are always dangerous la sock larfe MmMirei as this Mr B. thea tmefiy stated his reasons for offering the resolottrms, his principal one being that w?j nuiiw vx> !n??ic )? hi lie acquunKa wiiq IQ6 character of tba individual living in their ward than those residing In other w.tion* ?f the city. ' He thought it well to establish such associations, that the honors of president, vice president, and other olflcer*niight be shared atnongthe ambitious t ones, as there were not positions sufficient In the ! present Association for this purpose. He hoped there was no jealousy on tho part of any lest gentlemen should cross their psth. Any attempt to crush out these associations would only recoil upon those who attempted It. Mr. Deeble ? Mr. President, I hope I will not be understood as wishing to crush out any such sssociation. I am in favor of such; but 1 say the I adoption of such a resolution as that offered by the i gentleman would In n;y opinion be a violation of i the constitution Thst is the reason I opposed It. If you want to pass such a resolution, repeal that section of th? constitution with which It conflicts. Mr rionhln*?Mr P U ? t u ' rw??- - ?? < ic*i?cu?, 1 WVIUU ??w that I have no objection to the formation of ward MBoclations. Fur one, I am rejoiced to aee the republican party In the Federal Metropolis becoming ao numerous and so powerful as to be able to organize such cluba. But, gentlemen, we have an association here?the "parent association," if you please. Now, if tbe republicans in the various wards think proper to organize In this way, they have a right, and they ought to do so; but should these organizations have tbe privilege of dictating to as as to what Individuals we shall or shall not adroit as members of our organization ' ["So.'! "no."J It is but right and proper that they should have supreme control over their own particular club, and admit whomsoever they see proper, even though such persons roar have no cnnnx-Hnn lulth * vwhuvvivm ? ' " <UV UBiCUt IIHIUgidUUil| UUl i j do not think this association should delegate that most Important power?the selection of it* own member!?to an auxiliary club. Once given away, gentlemen, it can never be reclaimed. To have the great leading organization dictated to by such associations, in the disobsrne of tbl* moat important branch of ita power, I think would be somewhat humiliating ["That's it," and applause ] We are a separate and distinct organization. and if tbe various wards think proper to organize clubs'they act as a kind of auxiliary, if you please, to this aasociatlon, or act as lndedependent clubs ["That's the idea."] In regard to the Georgetown association we recognized it as an auxiliary organization, and are glad to hall it as such; and glad to hail tbe ward clubs in every ward of this city. But let these WS rA art a* 4 ? UL ?? u? uv >i<j 11i?vnu^ii* ubd<r< laviuiiB n i tii rrgaru to their own members; but not require us to refer II application* from that particular ward to them for them to ?ay whether they ahall be admitted lnt? this central organization. ["That's ao;" and applause ] Gentlemen. you cannot constitutionally paw such a resolution, for It would be in direct violation of that instrument and the first article of your by-laws. If you wish to effect the passage of such a resolution, why at least du It In proper form. Offer an amendment to the constitution and bylaws this evening, and then action can be had on it at the next meeting 1 trust, however, that members will *ee the Impropriety of the adoption of such a resolution, and not insist upon thrusting that in here, which will have a tendency to disturb the harmony which has heretofore character- | lzed all our deliberations. [Loud a l plansJ } I i am not induced in my opposition to this measure : by any feelUigs of animosity or personal revenge towards any gentleman, or to their associations; but 011 the contrary. am particularly gratified to witness their organizations. 1 nin gratified to behold such large numbers of uf American friends uniting with us; I am ; pi'jenffl 10 see those wLo were lately Identified so ! eartontly with the bell and Everett party, under thd belief that they were pursui ng the right course a:i4 (arryiufc.fut their principle?, like sensible person*. forsaking that standard when they found they were about To be sold out to the democratic party, and "led like sheep to the slaughter." [Loud and prolonged applause ] 1 tell vou, gentlemen, this cause is progressive. It is taking hold of the minds of the people. Objection has I been made here to-night to gentlemen because but a short while ago they denounced us as black republicans. There are some in this room wLo i -i ? - av U navr none me nut uitDg; UUl we ought not to erasure them for that. ["That's so."] They have since seen the error of their way and become converted: nnd have now come fully to undented that tbia party ! the workingnian's friend [Great applause ] A Member from tbe Sixth Ward.?I call the S-atleman to order; he la not confining himself to e question [Crlea of "Go on !" "Go on!,:l A Voice ?Mr Chairman, waa I In order when I called for the previous Question. The Vice President.?The call waa In order but was superseded by a motion to liy the whole question on the table. A Voice.?The previous question Is in order; that motion was withdrawn Th? Movnr.?Onljr fur a specified time. several voice*.?lio on, (Jiepliane Tbe Vice President?The gentleman will proceed. Mr. Ciephane?Gentlemen, my speaking ha? been objected to, because the previous question it is said. uas b-en railed 1 am much obliged to j gentlemen for their willingness to hear me, but 1 could not justify myself in speaking when some 1 gentlemen so strenuously object, on the ground of being out cf t.rder. The Vice President ?The Chair rules the gentleman to be perfectly In order Several Voices?Goon. Goon. Mr. Clephane ?There irone gentleman objects so earnestly, and 1 must therefore decline pro- j ceeding further TK? Chair h?i n rr a Knnt tn nn?al!An am MW ? ?v ^/Uk IUC \^UC??<UU VII the motion to lay the subject of the resolution on the table? Mr. Deeble inquired If the resolution were adopted, if the recommendation of or objection to any member by any particular association would be final. The Chair stated it would not?merely advlsatory. Mr. Wilson?I desire to state that there is a gentleman preaent to-night who has made the assertion that it waa given out in the aaaociation of the Fifth and Sixth Wards that we were coming here to-night determined to push this resolution through at all hazards I pronounce the charge to be false. member near the Presidents table.?Mr. 'President, 1 suppose the gentleman refers to me. Now 1 will say to that gentleman that a person informed me (for I wai out at the meeting) that It wo* there given out that the members Intended to come here to-night with tbe determination to pass some resolution, the nature of which I didn't ascertain Mr. Wilsoa.?Mr. President, that Is entirely different statement from what I understood the gentleman hid mtde here this eveniug. The Vice President ?The Chair thinks that is , wholly immaterial. After a little skirmishing as to the best mode of getting at tht sentiment ot the Association with r-^.ird to this resolution, the motion to lay tbe wbole subject on the tabife was finally passed by j a large vote. Mr. Clephane ?I will suggest to the Association. (-'Order, order." r,6o on; go on.") 1 i was about to suggest to the Association that when M ward association is proposed to be formed, that , It would be a very good plan, and & vt ry satisf tctory one. 1 think, to the ineitibera of this Assoc 1- j ation, It a notice ef the time and place were I SiTen in this association. I am told, Mr. Present, that a meeting was called the other night la the Seventh W ud lor this purpose. Several members of this association, residing In that ward, I came to me and inauired as to who called the meeting; they destrea to know whether It was properly called or not. I could give them no Information concerning it. The members of the [ Seventh Ward knew nothing of it until they saw It In the papers I suggest, gentlemen, whether It would not b? better tu have notice irl ven of tbeee meetings here. and then everything would go o i harmoniously and prosperously. Do not Let us bar* ao jarring, genueiMa, of any kind. Do not lei ui imitate that aaaociatlon which, thank heaven, ha* ex , ploded, exposing It's corroptlve elements to the whole country. [Laughter and applause J Mr. Wilklns, who had been Invited to addreaa the aaaociatlon. declined doing ao, as several members bad Insisted upon having a motion to adjourn put to the meeting Just as the Chair bad called upon him to speak. , Mr. uoodloe said that In the confusion doubt- ' leas the merabea did aot bear Ike Chair call upon Mr. Wllkins, aad he hoped be would not regard the calling for an adjournment aa intended in any way to reflect on him. . Several ?>? hers corroborated the statement of !JHrv Goodlo#/ - iw A qftlM Mr^a than pasted tfniHrtanowalt In WMMs to address thein af the next ^air^heodore Wheeler wii thss called upe? ! for WM-rHiHki, aitd interested the mooting for (I MMili '* tieo-vi* v ;n 1 ?f?i 'f be-fcnecMn^ then adjourned. . ' tiV a. i ? ?vi ^ . -> f ,f<i i <ii tjurre as ?xcrrniK:?T occurred a few dars sine* >?>iwm two ladies, which at one time Uirsstened to be rather serious. The dispute arose about the economy of attending auctions to buy second-band furniture. One oftheUdies Insisted that she eoisld buy mum and desirable furniture at Brown's, Mm Seventh street, as cheap*as the other <

could hay second-band it sales, and save the time and ertra shoe leather As soon as Brown's was named lady No 2 caved in, and said she would _l Is ?? -? - * t. . .? .? " gi?c II up, urn IDC aeiWTM MTMI/ (MI BIOWD uadannU anybody is the city W? bellevr Mm ladiaa came to a wlae eanelast?n. It Tarn ATTtMTion of the Com mire toner of the Foartb Ward Lm beta frequently called to \ dangerous break in the ptTeawt at the corner of jtU aad b ?U. It ta In euch a conditio* that any one paaalnv the leeality In the dark la liable ta raeai we a daagerooa IkU by it. Why U It nat attended to? f. ??:' v /i > ' su * Hw 'J Bat 0 m PinmnuR 9tt*ob at Aiixaxdbta?Sttond Dnf?Klkton. M4., vru aa the next eiee of meeting of th* Synod. and the fourth edneaday of October 15CI, u the time The Moderator appointed an a Comraitte on frinanee, Meaara Jameiaun and Henntng: on a Committee oa the Nirrnttvecftbo state of K^Utlon within the bound* of the Synod, M?**ara. Hooper and McMurran. It wan agreed that the Synod take a reeaaa at 10 o'clock to-d.iT (Friday,) and pay a vtalt to the Tomb of Washington, at Mount Vernon. R?v. Dr. Baird of the Synod of New Jeraey, RrT Septimua T oat la of the Synod of Balttmore, and the Rev B. N. Brown of tbe M E. Church, belag preaent, were invited to take aeats aa correaponding member* ?.? vt. uaira of tbe Synod of New Jersey, upon request, addressed the Synod in the interest or tbe Southern Aid Society, an associstion which has been organized to asaist tbe Southern Held, a* a compliment to the Home Missionary Society. Thla addreaa waa extremely interesting. (bowing the operationa of tbe association on Southern ground. Among other Interesting Incidents, be noted tba caaea of several minister* in New England, who had told blra they wiabed to go South, In order to enjoy religioua liberty, lie said, too, that the Christiana of the association bad no fear of a dissolution of tbe Unlou They believed that its desUnV was in the handi of nnWM thai man, and that men could not dW>lv? It Several members of the Synod, and Dr Convene, of Philadelphia, testified to the Importance of the Society represented by Dr. Biird. A resolution, expressing the confldenee of tbe Synod In the Southern Aid Society, and of gratltude to that Association for assistance rendered in their feeble Churches, was adopted A letter from Rev. Mr. Kolopokaks. Missionary In Greece, was read; and thence arose an animated and moat interesting discussion upon the general subject of Missions in Greece. Aft'moon Stsnon.?The subject of the missions In Greece was further discussed, In which a gen v?? ? ? r*wimu k> eniargv? me urrcian Mission,and the following resolution was adopted: The Synod having heard with much satisfaction, the communication from our Missionary In Greece, the Kev. Mr. Kolop<>kaks, in which he suggests that oar Board of Missions would undertake the enlargement of our Greek Mission; therefore, Resolved, That the Synod concur in the suggestions of Mr K.. and recommend to the Board of Missions of the United Synods as soon as practicable to enlarge their mission to the Greek Nation. General and free conversation on the state of the church was then commenced, and reports made from the various churches within the jurisdiction of the Synod. The reports showed general prosperity of religion within the bounds of the Synod? the Second Presbyterian Church of Alexandria, however, appearing to be decidedly the most prosperous, us?ful, and energetic In the connection. Before the conclusion of the conversation ou the state of religion, the Synod adjourned. The Democratic Jackson Association Mkktino, last night.? No audience?No speaking? V^.# if h*t f /"?-*? ? ivv* ? vo x'j j ??#? nwiuciiuui eye ICil UpUU the following notice, yesterday, In the columns of a morning cotemporary: Jackson Democratic Association ?A meeting of the Association will )>e held this (Thursday) evening, at 7 o'clock. The Hon. J . D B De Bow, of lx>uisiana, and other distinguished speakers, nave consented and will address the meeting. The democracy of the District and surrounding counties are invited to be present. CoRMLirt Botli, President. XVu. J. Dohohdo, Secretary. So, about 7 o'clock, hiving shaved and put on a clean shirt to do honor to the occasion,we were on haud at tbe D. J . A. rooms At the head of the stairs, however, we met a gentleman, who spoke ratber despondently of the prospect of getting nn audience together, from a failure to give due notice in the papers, (the Star, we suppose,) and he thought there would he a postponement till Monday night. On entering the main hall, we found It in total darkness; but groping our way through, we at last came t? gss light iu the committee room, at the end of tbe hall,where a few D J . A .'s were in perturbed conversation The topic was The Star! One of them remarked that he thought they Were pursuing the wrong course; for, Instead of demolishing the Siar, they were only increasing IU circulation, as everyl>??av was taniiiii^ and IUC pajTf. MJirr Willi II DHO IO Bay about them It seemed to be rather reluctantly admitted that the failure to get an audience aroae front the fact that the meeting wns not advertised in the Star. After some further rather lugubrlously-tor.ed conversation, and the expression of a wish to break the Star reporter'* head?*/ tkey could only finl Aim?the meeting adjourned to aome more propitious season. M^lttakt ?The military corps of the District arc taking advantage of the moonlight nights for improvement in drill I.act night Company C of the Light Infantry battalion paraded, under command of Capt. Stevens, and, with martial music, marched through a number of the princlpalstreeta and avenues of the city, and also visited the festival of the ladies of the Fourth Presbyterian Cburch at Thorn'i Hall, fieYenth street. After a few momenta pleasantly passed, thecorpp resumed their line of march and continued their drill until a late hour. The older companies of the battalion are also In constant practice, and are highly favored by the clear sky an?l bright moon. 'The Ilardee drill occupies the attention of the cornpastes at the present time, and they appear to be making great improvement in their movements The National Rifle# are also in constant practice. _ - - - - - ana seem aeierminea to maintain their wellearned reputation. Their dress drill* and pa* rades continue to be as attractive a* ever, and the punctuality and zeal of tbe member* in these matter*, peak well for the enterprise of the com!*???) : Th? Fcnkial of the Late Feedieick Callan took place yesterday morning from tbe residence of his parents in P street, and was numerously attendee At 9 o'clock, am, the funeral profession moved from the house, headed by two gentlemen, uncovered, followed by* acolytes taring an elevated crucifix and lighted (alters. Then came the pastor of St. Matthew's Church, (at which tbe deceased was a regnlar attendant,) In his ceremonial robe*, followed by sir younjj gentlemen bearing the body of their de<*ea*ed friend, the parents ana other relative*, and a numerous train of friend* The procestion moved through Fifteenth street to the cnurch, wh**rc solemn hlitli mass was celebrated by Dr White, assisted "by Rev F. X. Boyle, of St Patrick's Church, and Rev. John McNally, of St Matthew'* A solemn requiem was chanted by the choir, of which deceased had been a pro.ninent member for a number of years; after which an appropriate eulogy was pronounced by Dr. White. I he services over at the church , the remains were taken 1 to the family vault at Mount Olivet, and consigned to their last retting place. Tut Political Discussion is Aliuxsiu, Last sight.?The Gazette of this morning savs : 44 Liberty Hall was densely crowded last night, with persons eager to hear the discussion between Messrs Shackelford, Hunton, and Brent?the Dell, Breckinridge, iuid Douglas electors?who each spoke for one hour.when, by agreement, Mr. Shackelford closed the discussion, in a speech of about twenty minntes Kach gentleman acaultted himself very creditably, and was applauded by hit political friends. Mr. Shackelford was parti/>lllerl >r ka >vrv? nollantln " ^ ' * ? .vutui if uuppj, auu |^at;aiiki j aiiu wilU CUUIiy upheld tbe cause of the Union, and advocated the election of Bell and Everett Ills speech told with the audience, who evinced their appreciation of the speaker's eft'ort and their own feelings in k manner that must bavc given renewed assurance to tbe friends of the Union." Limit, Att*ntios.?There are hut few fancy or millinery stores in this city where tbe ladles can get a bonnet made or trimmed in tbe latest fashion, and out of materials of tbe best quality. But among tbem all none has such a good reputation (for the qnality of the goods ana skill with which the work is done) as that of Mrs. R. G Etchison, No. 14 l*a. av., between Eighth and N inth streets. Tbe bonn?ts speak for theinsslves, and can be seen any fine day on tbe avenue gracing the heads of the most fashionable people in Wash-" ington. It Lambs' Festival ?At the festival of tbe ladles of tbe Fonrth Presbyterian Church, at Thorn's Mall last evening, a large nuiufcr of both aexes ware present, and an abundance of everything X<jod to rat and pleasant to look at. Tb? hot rof fee, with chicken flxens; the Ice cream and the o her refreshments; the tin wen and useful and ftuicy articles appeared to be ju?t to the taste and liking of tbe numerous company. And tben the beautiful youag ladles; whatfhall be said oftheaa. Go and see. Pbof Uplxout, the wizard and magician, was f lwrcd with another large and highly respectable audience last night, which he treated' to an entire if* bill, going through all the experiment! wltli Hie same ability as masked his previous performance#. There will be a matinee K*v?? tm>\ morrow afternoon, (Saturday,) at 3 p. na% tor the ladles ana children; and we advise all to *o wlee ' fl?Te not already be??, ' ' t ' ' . ?M . CiacVfT Cer**.i-T? day, several cases otowInu Out of unsettled account* between.sundry iu- , dividual* were taken up and disposed m by juty' * The business <4f tbe term la pro^leMaivg rapidly, and with eveYy prospect of a speedv conclusion. " " .11 tiSNTKAL 0VAk?-8OW?l CA?**.?iWBI. ttofciDl# druak, aitoieapue ng blmaeit iuderenttr; tin* and coru. #vl 1ft. 'W. D. Joaee. drank and disorderly:. ?| 15. Tbo# Kelly was dismissed, and Jao Bannister wasffned f2 15 . . , Dr 8ca?*c* will be in this city on tbe 31st Instxat >< 3t 1 i/ MARRIED. On theMtn instant, by the Rev Father Yconr, ROGlTA^i-OK *? Min KLI EN - i m m WW. (i?i the 35th iastant, at in o'clock, of consumption at Iter reaitieaue, near Washington, Mra. JULIA K 4>ICKI^SO^. wife of \V. F. Diekineoa. in the I , ^' 3 GEORGETOWN. Correspondent* of Tk* Star. StoMituWj, October 2* 1M. Tbe Bell and Everett Association met last evening' at tbe ball on tbe corner ?( High and Gay stret-ts There was qolte a fhf! attt-ndanre of tbe members, but do buatneas of important waa tr&naaeted. An Inetdantaldtaeuesloaaraaooatb* politics of Mr. Douglas, (candidate.) In which several members of toe club aad Virginian gentleman, whoee name we did not learn, participated; after which the Association adjourned until next Thursday- night r?f PaIim Trunnell vnttrd?v morning arrrslod three sallo-*. (Moore, Stephens. and Simmon*.) charged with passing counterfeit (*5) bills, purporting to b? on the People's Bank of Baltimore. Md. An exam ination wai bed before Justice Fearson, which resulted in Site dimissal of the charge against the two men tint named, sad the b Idin* oI 0. A. Simmons to ball In the sum of fCJuu for nit appearance to answer at the Criminal Court. IHirlng the late war of extermination waged by our police against those friendless curs not under tbe trgn of The law, many amusing Incident occurred We pass the* by, however, lo chronicle a case of canine sagacity, which is worthy a place on some record more enduring than tbe page of i dally paper. A '-pizen sussa^e" was thrown to a Bridge street do,-, and dog-like he hastily seised It aad made tracks for Lome. He bad got half way across the street when a suspicion Hrned to crcH hts mlud lie dropped bis prize, looked at It, smelt It, shook bis bead doubtfully, torned around and satisfied seemingly that be bad acted tbe part of a discreet and prudent animal. trotted borne contentedly. Not so knowing and not so fortunate was "Bob. the omnibus dog," a protege and pet of tbe drivers of tbe L nlon Line. Bob was paid for. and bad his "medal" on "cording tattle (dot;) law lnslcb case made and provided, but In drinking from tbe "horse-backet" at Tenney's corner bis "medal" caught In the handle and was torn off Bob not knowing bis loss, imprudently ventured acrucs tbe s reet to see an r*ld acquaintance or make a new one. when a policeman, who says he didn't know Bob, "drapped Lis pizing;" Bob /oolisbiy partook thereof and thus came to an untimely end. GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS For other Gtorgrtmm advert* ftrr.mti i?? Jirtt |7g odd fellows'levefTI Jv_2 Forrest hall, (liMrfrinm.) monday night, _oo t5-?o October ?. P)R NEW YORK.?The packet nc^'r Surprise, Captain E Case. ha< arrived, ar.d will onmrneoce 'oa-'ine f r the above port Satu il*j\ the 27th inst. For freicht apply MoCOBB k. dodge, <>e 26 63 Water street. Anew stork t No. *3 r ri D<ik s i rEkt. n k x t d( ?or TO P i D M L U kl . ?.l iff/' II a V* * f o .. ? *- ? * V ? n? mivnc ?HM i?I??Vy I1A.1 l\^3 D AA IV. The pubienbcra hare jn?t opened a large and complpt" ai?ortinent of BOOTS SHOKS for la?!i^i>'. n?ntlemeo'? andchiNEHf drcn's weir, which they wiU eell at loserr 11 p to1* than they can fee purchased elae-* where oe Zi-il H. STRASPLRKK.R A HRO. Dwell ng house for r e n r-thi thee-*tory B iclt Itwellirg lleeee ??n Gar. between Mon?itom*r? and (?r>'?n street?. n?h eide, recently ncaupi d by Mr Mimael H. Rind, containins: 9 rtjoms: above the kitchcn utore and ervairta' room*; *ni<>k? house, earriace house, stable and wi oil h?u?e. with ra* throughout %o i wa'er ? the yam. Apply to P. T BKkKV.No. 121 Dumbarton street. Bonnet ribbons* velvet ribbons, bonnet, FRENtJH FLOWERS and BRIDAL WRKATH*. FEATHERS.8TRAW BONNETS, BEAVER and FELT HAT*, PATTERN HO\NKTS, FRAMES and R L'' H K S, BONNET VELVETS, SILKS and BLONDE LAOES. embracing every thicp rich atd new ia the Millinery Lit*, at tow priest. E. GUTMAN, No. 11? south aide Bridge street, oc 16 3w Georgetown, D. C. NEW STORE! NEW GOODS! MRS. M. SIMSON Iaforms her numerous friecd* and the pubho |Ner\ll\ that she i* now established at her New^#\ Storr, No. Ill Bridge street. Georgetown,CK* two doors above t!ie old stand, wh- re msy foil lid a? nsna', a large as*ortm*nt o< M'LI.INERY DRY GO(\[)!t, HOSIERY, and EMBROIDERIES. at the very lowest market prices. oc 12-1 m , FOR RENT?In Georgetown, two firat-claa* HOI SES, situated on W*st street, one containing 16 rooms, and the other 9. with (a* and bathroom* complete. Apply to H. L. OFFL'TT, No 49 Huh st . Georgetown. oc 5-1 m FOil SALE AND REST. [For otktr " For SaU and Kant" advirtistmuiti, tet first p*gt ] POR RENT-A bnckd wel i-c HOUSE 0i?h it. r wen', between A) and N' s??. rorth, No. 'JSO, con'aiiii n* 3 ronni* ?n<1 a kuchen. Term* moderate A pply next door no th oc 16 lw* I70R RENT?Th# new brick DWELL1NO1 MOUSE No. 50 Proupcct Geor?? ??'i The house is two stories and above rround ;is rooms, including kitchen and servants' room : gas and writer in the pre"is<-s K?n? reasonable to a ptrnnnent tenant. AppU to I). ENGLISH. 13? u ridge street, Georgetown. oc 26 2w ROOM* AND BOARD.?Board, with a fine Fronf Room, or other Rooms, ma* be Lad at No. 4 5? Twelfth st., between G and H-a inoit Jtjsirabl* locality. oc 25 2t* FOR REN "-The fine BRICK II'IUSK V" 100 Wc?t <1. Georgetown. st present oecu pied h? the subscriber'. It'2 ro mn, with jr?s and wat?r throughou*. a fine yard, stable An. snd is in m cmO'I {.eulilM>rhoo<l. Apply to JAS. A.MAGRUDER. ?.c ^ tf FOR KENT-* HOUSE, situated m t*e ? ir.t Ward, on Seventeenth sire^t, south of the Nevy Depa-tment For term* apply ti? JO^Ei'H GAWlKR . I'a avenue, between 17Ui and IStli sis. oc 24 St* U'OR RENT?A three-rtory brick DWELLING r HOUSE, No. 3 *0 F etreet, next door to comer of F and 10th sts Inquire of Dr. ii. P. UO W ARD, corner loth and F sr?. no :* eoat* Handsomely furnishkd rooms, mcluiline parlor* anrl ohambers. for re t at 139 Pa. avenue, oetween 17th and lfth sts., crn-cnient tojho Departmenta. eto. rp 24-3>eo* FOR RRNT-Th-ee BRICK ilOUSKS of the handsome How on Ninth, between >1 and N itreeta, with eueomplft*. Rent $15 pe- month? eon^Hered the ch Rcont houses in Washington. Apply to FRANK HERBERT >o. 407 Twelfth etreet, between I &n<i K j or to Mr. WKLLS' Shoe Store, opposite the buildinrs; or to the undersigned, No. Pa avenne, between 4k and 6th ?t?. oc 15-eoJw W M H. CAM PHEI.L. f^oR RENT?The H \LL of tb? Franklin En Cine Company will be rented for concert*, cotillon parties, lectures, fte. For particulars iuqnir? of W. ?. FANNING. oc 15 eotw J^OR RENT?A large and desirable DWELI.IMi-HllI'SK N'n 4 i A Twelfth street >?tvMn G and H ?t? , containing 1 i room*, with all the mod era improvements Possession given November 1, 186). ?-or terms apply to JNO. ALEXANDKk, No ii 10 Pa aveuart. oc 15 eo3w IpOR RE NT-Upper Partofth? House on~Eighth street. between the Avenue and D ?t. A so, i tmall Hncks. on Twentieth street, between M end N ; or (or i&ie. Apply JOHNSON k. BUTTON. ocas tf KV)R RENT?-A neatly furnished HOtiSE in the r First Ward, on H, Wotween l?th and 18th streets, No. U'it. containing a doable parlor, 5 or S cham beru. dining room ki'ohen and pantrv; with caa, cold or hot water, bath-room, *c , J*c. Apply to L. L.. LOVING, Fourth Auditor's O?co. oc 4-1 m 'PHKKE HUNDRED \ND FIFTEEN ACRES r 4_ ?r _ i_ I i ?. in r couni*. ??., la riwi[tni umcr, it i timbered; ROild building*; a orown none quarrr. A ! raiirotd c<%r nhop and water station nn?i be erected on the la:m. Al*>, a new Steam Mil io L* iidoim conntv. A purch?e?r cat get a bargain of O. W. BRAY, Agent, 419 Seventh ?t.. Waehinjton, D. C. twit tw* I^OR KENT?Possesion on the 1st o( OetoNer 1 The DWELLING HOUSE No. 43S D Uraet, at present occupied by the Rer. Dr. Bntier, and no* t door to Ute resideaoe of the advertiser. J. M. CARLISLE. N. B.?It witl not he let for a boarding houae. se M tf ERMAX Kl.MT, UPHOLSTERER. No 264 G strrrt, ntar Trmturn Department, in Kratrfiilly acknowledging Ine liberal patronage which has heretofore been tieaU) wed upon kieeffo ta JI TB LIB II'VMU.-Bt IV* ? tUIVUi tuv VI ? ens of V\ ??hii?t' u ?n<l H?o felnwu tl ftt h* la nov pie^ai-wllo exejut* jri'h n?*tnet* and iliiMUh *;! orrl?>T? in ht? line "( bBiinew; such ? the ww- i id*, Fitting b,:*4 i ?Tint IU?w? ?f n*w Ur^u, fcud : <ii? ? ftfiM l*Mr? ol old Ca*??ta; th* H*ngttiirof C'jrtMca; the Covering Ae ; t*? . 8?n>ifvjtureor Renovation of Piltova. vpthinas, *o. ''Mr. Hut woiM ?l?o ? !! ef-*t*' teDfme to I Patented Carpet SUflcJier, whiah ea-t>;e? bim t jVtMlMfcD^arpMs with ?nfr; mm "IT pe?e aodraptdrtT. ~se**-*r>lm* TyTFoTeltT^^' It" n,!| **** AND MONKY, t 1 AND OO MHH VURCHA?E VOL R DRYUOUDS.'J; AT THE CUSAP?ST StOR*. ? ; 3A? SKVKNTH 8TRBOT. < ICMt Suir > 1 ' '-'.n't ! ii?TK. oc 12-lm , A , TMATTBKWg fc QOfcK. lf?w Carpet* Rooms i i ^ Attraction! in Carpets and Oilclotki 1 By <iaiir dditioa, oar STOCK UP lUBPKTi will he kept full ft ml aUnkoUv# the witoi-r -~i?r Our STOCK OF olLCt.OTHS > the b??i ia im city. ft?l prorata tiaatteomer itjiM than intob* found f Uewhere SBuyer* are rmueOrtl to oft'i at oar fj?<m boforo lyiftft. Dm? viJl fcad oar p-tf** ? k><r m My ia city, im our stock ex?Mlini ia fr*aliBMa im variet*. L. K. PkRRY * COn* Ki p. Uff*'*oobm "Pwry BjiiMhaf," 1 *-* Coraer Ft, ? . *b<T Niall it THE LATEST ftKW S 7. TELEQttAPHIO. St Jots rat, Oct ? -TW h*r Kipna ha* arrived, br: oglag three day* iatet aivtaaa. Tbe newa la mftagrc and iilMirtlit __ Tbe itftn* Gol4n 300 t>iwrn^?ri and f 1,2S<?,W0 ta iNMf* lbr New York. Money waa eaa. , and tbe HXMr*! ??. K??ff mTiu were met with unusual fbclllttea There *u >n intenae a?*lety to bear the N*H of the PeaMvlTula, Obta a <1j Indiana ftacCtoaa Governor Downey bad been etunipiog the State for tklUlllM A m m ? *?? 4 - ' * 1 ^ ?? t-.pi l?? 1in ib that California wilt ?o for Mr Dooalaa >? a'la?*a majority. and that Breckinridge will run behlad tbr feepablieraa Tt U believed that the Ml BM wilt rr.oailv vote far Mr Daaglv senator Uwtn and <.m?r?l McDoagal haaa been making tpaarhra TiaUallj aliaal m amwaliif each other of diaUoneatlr repr?amtiag California It wu rumored that a hostile eartcapondeare ted taken place The Dou*l?a papenof OreffM bitterly daaaaaoa the coalition bv which a Repablteaa Bwalu had two elected The Prea deot ml tte Saeete. a Dooglaatte. had been bu at la ettyy la a tmH rrpiraanted by a Douplaa Democrat Later Iraai Karap* Fvarasa Poixt. Oct. 28.?The ateamahlp Canadian sailed from Liwpeal oa th* 11 tt taached at Londonderry on the lfth, aad paaard here tha foreaooa He* commercial adrlcaaara imawtaat, but the general newa contains bat llttla of la We*. The Liverpool werkly cottoa rapart aotlcaa a a.ight general advance, but aa adva&oaaf faBf lh an naafnl The Liverpool breadatuflk rtpmH aatloaa a Itelinc of Jald ilncc Tuesdi v au wkMt. while the flour market vat weaker, oat tbe oorn HW ruled flrm. Tbe proTltlan market nlad dnU, Mkd particular change lu tbe different irtklM CoosoU were sotnewhat lower t?ev. WUe Ogee the l*aU %m lalu Ml Noiron.Ort 25?im?w. A tseeddreeaed a latg* crowd at tb- brerkinrid^e Wrbecue, la Prior sea A line county, yesterday He spoke for three and a balf hour*. advocating tbe naltv of tba Saatk la view of the approaching crisis. H la remarks were received with great cheering and eatkuekaea*. At tbe cloae of hi* remarks be offered a resolution advocating tbe formatloa of Miaute Men la that and tbe adjoining counties Tba reeo1 utloas were unanimously adopted, amid great enthustsam The Oder ml the Vlca PruUtarr It Mr. Taatst. Cmablkhtom, Oct. 25 ?Toe Coarter of ibis eit? paUl tabes a letter of George N. Handera. nr? kailng that bisoflerof tbe vice preseadewttsl Hrwglss aoralnatUo to Mr Yancey was made In joke at a dinner party; but tbe Courier. notwithstanding, declares tbat tbe nomination was thus ?fl?red in sober eameet oa altogether another occasion from tbe on? alluded to by Pander* Hta eiplaaitl? turatout to be a poor case of special pleading, aad on'y m*ke? tbe matter wore* for the Purl sal las. ratal Acctdaat. Sc rawtot*, Pa Oct 23.?A car, containing twelve miners employed by the Prnn Coal Can p*iy, at tbelr work* at Fort GrllBth. going down a *W>pe or tome 1,900 foet, was precipitated to the bottom by tbe breaking of the rope wbn about bj'.f way down Kt^ht of tbe miners ware kl Llad, and two of the other* are D?t expected to live Fraat Pike't Paak. St Oct. 94?Tbe amount of duet brought from l>enTer City bv tbe Pike'* Peak Kxpreas during tbe past week was flS.tTJ ?0, ' Tlifrre la bo uew* from th? ml ties The route baiwfen here and Plke'a Peak la thronged with emigrant*, and trains are going in both dlrecttoat. Fraadaleat Traaaacttaa Omaha . Oct SS?Mewra Harrow, WlUa'd k. Co " draf ? for SI . H*?nd S?23 have been obt*ined hew by a eoontetfeTer ia exchange for fraudulent notes and dufk d'i?n on Messrs Oilman 4 Co , of New York. Payment baa beea stopped. re titles la the katk. Arr.riTA, Gs . Oct. 25 ?Tbe Bell ?d Krintt executive commtttres of tbe State rr* to meet at Atlanta on Monday next, to d-Wmlne upon a fusion tlrket for tbe Presidential election. ' 1 1 Sinking ef a Western liraaw. Mwrait.Oct Mi ?The stesovr Fred, bound fr?m Alwnphla, to Cia?*lBaatt. with n thoasaad haies of cotton on board, ?unk to-day oS lslaad So. 10. Tbe boat la a total lone. riaaaclal. Nxw Yo?k, Oct? er 2? ?Stocks are lower: Chicago and Rock Island 61; CumbesUad Coal Co. I0?; Illinois Central shares 61 jf; da. bonds i*5; Mlrli1g?n Southern (*u*r )3*\. New York . ? a i <>% n_ n a m -? ? i ? r mm?a *>rninii ?#; r?. */??i V/O nj; jt; nunton R ?tR R.55; Cantons 17*; Va 81 *, Uofl AU KINDS ? ? FAMILY Fl^RNITL'RE A. LTNEN AND COTTON GO#!*, , at cost: A full ?s?or?m?nt< f i eav* 111*1 Shwetta**. Ml * -4, 11-4,aii'i U> 4 *i lth?, at kS, 70, and 75 oMk, wnfij) 91 and ?L2i in tlie regular retail *lea. II low ? "') Bo'?t*r l.iren* at prim* ooet. * legant ReaJ French Carta*a Ckints'a at eoet; t'ie> wre bought at low Ut ro?. and will be ato-e<i ou< at tiie san.e; tuej ar> rich in Ue extreme aai venr en*ap K>?ant Kr?n??? Piano Cover* ,?o me embroidered, otb>r* in imitation of India or Cathcnare deeigas, no rel ami rier*nt, at onit *rioee. N?w *trl?? of Cover*, for 4 nner. oiroaiar aad And work m< mkU _ ft.t oo?t mno.#* llinn^r an ! Breakfa?t Tal,!e Darr.a*k? *c*m? la the eel brated and ?rar<e Belgian m*ke*. in *0 iiui, with Napkinaaad Orerlara to match, at oo*1 prices Ali siz^a and qualities B?d ?pr?a>ls. is Mar *1 lee, Tnrki'h. Drewl-n. an 1 other makae, ta white, pmk and blue, at ?r>*t prioea 1|. n ekwoera and thoae nomm?noiB( hniaekeep inc will do'i!>tle?.< new hare aneh aeother oppor tnr.ily of supplying themaelrea with comfortable and uec a-%ry a ticlee at auoh uapraoarieatedly law prirecas the pi eaent opportunity afforda. These cools W*r? a 1 bought on the Tory baat terms, end the; are now sell nc off at the aame ; ?o more will be a&ked, 00 noretakeu. at the oidrtMl of CLAGETTA uODSOIf. oc. 3 No. 4 Market Space. ONE OF TUE BEST STOftlES ITU WRIT ren. Will commenw tt??? ?roelt Will ooonmettee tUt? week 1 ! >* , THE HOUSEHOLD JOURNAL No. 6 * THE HOUSEHOLD JOURNAL No. ? * THE HOUSEHOLD JOURNAL No ?! THE HOUSEHOLD JOURNAL No. ! THE HOUSEHOLD JOURNAL No * THE HOUSEHOLD JOURNAL No BY WILKIE COLLINS I BV WILKIE COLLINS: BY WILKIE COLLINS.' BY WILKIK COLUN8: BV Wii.hLk. COLLINS: BY WILKIE COLLINS! Author of "Tjs Womn in W ,-tr" "Tt? D**4 Fooret," *e , exiled THE CROSSED PATE! THE CROSSED PATH? fntlp r>D^?CPn n A Tff t j. nr. k, auou & jj / Aia THE CROSSED PATH ' THE CROSSED PATH' THE CROSSED PATH: the BOPSEBOLD JOHJINAL to published weeklf. Price THRfct Cf.Mt*. To be fcai of a.: new* a?eit?. Capiat nuM oa raoeipt ?TU? p rioe in atampe If Ulj Pn!*i? ? " A. HAS THILL * CO.. 90 Notts Willi a.* Strut, Si* You. 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