Newspaper of Evening Star, October 27, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 27, 1860 Page 3
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\ LOCAL NEWS,.. I urtw 9ti> pabllahes the Llct of Lettevs r Te*?ln*ttg In the Washington City Port Offlee ttie provisions of the Uw directing tftein to In printed la the newspaper having Uw largst emulation within the delivery of the <r#ce. Ita tofcai dally circulation Is more than double that of aa y other Daily printed la the District of Cp2 no bin. ? _____ A Slight Mistaks?A few dave ago, a man (whoa w? shall call Heiuieh for want of a better name) who te employed in a tavern in a certain locality, went on a little expedition among his friends, and in <*onaeqoence thereof berame very " - ' * ..vv.i vui iku. w inuca so. inaeea, as to internist his jaerntf horn* Ttrf seriously. and he wandered about iiuuy all ?ISU in a state of ijreat uncertaintv m Ulke ? location of bis boarding* houss. 9**fle<!nie la tbe small hours, howtvfiy ' aa V,e e#">-ts of his tthatlens begne to wear off, br d to Add h*s wwy back to the right quirts, and on trying tbe front door, discovered I bat far was decidedly locked out. Py tbU ttin* the poor man waa suffering Intensely- from hi* delunch; ha bead went roaad In a circle, and cold chills shook bla bones to the marrow. A driak would sober him; and ff be could only get Inside be could imbibe a ** soberer," and then go to bed aud sleep It off Hut tbe door wouldn't open, ?nd poor Heorlch was forced to stagger off some distance to a convenient stone, npon which he sat, shivering, to wait for morning. Presently two men came along, each bearing# long pistol asd a stoat blndgeon; they stopped and looked at the suffering Henricb f r a moment, and then nodded r\ I ~ ! ?- * * * . ...... i...? ng? nrv?*iiou?f w each other, at If in mutual ccncntutatlon; toniddwd him, and ??r-rtained that he wanted a drink and a doctor. both of which article* tbej Instaatly proposed to accommodate him wltQ. if be would go with thtm a sbort distance. They jjot ?*oh $lde.t raised blm to hit feet, and persuaded him along in search of what he wanted, taking the /onte 4>rt' Capitol HIU, down to the Navj ^ ard , arrets t'ue Eastern-branch bridge, and then dlTf^gj^ in a southerly direction. By this time the moralng waa k m,.what advanced. and poor Henrteh waa nea t-j- trom 'the combined effects of " drunk" a'D<i the Ion? mi fb; still his new friends w-him onward, Dromisini? with preat nilrlm- * r . , je 10 shortly furnish Dim wi L tbat ao wrer * j<i tn excellent ptvsir Tho^,<lf!,7,,,^t ?? rJKht. HEnrich w? decidedly fatigued ? >nd . fa tXm, very roUtilLi knowing bl? stranee friends nor being *????? M fo, t^ir . hUbeb?lf The country cont . .1.. -?Quakrd with fe*r,as abductions. ' '5?' _ .der and other fearful things Hashed cuddled brain. He beg?ed them to t' * go,, which only had the effect to * J?m to renew their solicitations, and to * ?ore rloaely to him. In this crisis of affairs * 'r .an eame along the road with a te^ro, and as <*>d lark would hare It recosnized not only H?nx)ch hut his two friends. " Why, Henricb, what t?e deuce brings you here?" said the inan. \V here are von off to in mirh mmnxnu * tn?? ?i? Henrich being in the dark to a twofold sense ( could : Cord uo explanation beyond what we have given above, which he did; and the man turned to tli* two fr ends for more Hgbl They informed feim Hist that they were armed, and could brook no interference; and, secondly, that thev were 1 bring: ng back to the Insane Asylum a man who < bad escaped from that institution the day before, | and whom they, as the keepers of that place, were bound to ree'ore. The man exclaimed, 44 Why, that's not the man who ran away; be is an ar- 1 qua Id Lance of mine who never saw the Inside walls i of the rsylom in his life." He then went on to i inform them who and what Henrich was, aud < after a great deal *f disputation succeeded In con- < vincing tbe two guards that they h*d made a 1 si ^ht mistake ana 44 nabbed" the wrong man, 1 although the resemblance between the runaway 1 and the victim was as be acknowledged (being acquainted with both) most striking. Finally 1 they let Henrich zo. and. verv mnrh > flad that he bad escaped being incarcerated as a i 1 ina*ic. be took a bee line for hi* board!np bouse, ' whWitr reached la due time, and wbere he found the medicine be bad walked so far In vaintoseek. Moral?Never get drunk away from home < . 1 Laying the Corjue-Stosb ?To-morrow, the \ corner-stone of }*t Joseph's Male Orphan Asylum i is to be duly laid, with the imposiug ceremonies used by the Catholic Churcb on soch occasions, | which will doubtifss draw an !a>mense crowd of < c ur ion* as well as benevolent spectators together. We trust that none present will content them- 1 selves with the uiere gratification of their curiosity; but will r member the holy cause of the occasion No other Institution of the Federal M AtpAAAlSa ? ^?*?* *' " ..... .? t'iu- murr rnwwiriini vooa 10an i this s<me J?t Joseph's Male Orpbnn Asylum; nor is any other more deserving of aid from ail de- 1 nominations?Protectant, a* weil a* Catholie? 1 Into which our community U divided. We will I not permit ouraeif to doubt that the collection taken up will be unusually large; for It Is Impossible tb it auy citizen of Washington fails to realize 1 that money cannot be more worthily bestowed ' than In aiding the good sisters of the Asylum in providing for the necessities of the unfortunate children dependent upon their labors for bread and clothing. *t. Joseph's Ma'e Orphan Asylum was incorpo- 1 rated by Cong ma in ifSS. and the present board f>f tr .stees *re Rev J A Walter, Nicholas Cailan, Richard H Clarke, Gregory Ennis, Thomas Feran, Jno C. Fitzpatrick, J s S Harvey. Hugh B Sweeney, and Win H. Wsrd Shortly after we invorporaUou, an asylum for younger orphans vu -?Uoii?hrd under the care of the >isters of the Holy Crr>?? and is now in auecetsful operation, on it street between Twelfth and Thirteenth. This Institution contain* nearly forty orphans under ?ight rear* of age. In the spring the Sister* and orptien? will be removed to the cplendid property nt the corner of Tenth and F streets, recently purchased by the trustees from the late Darius Cla, gett for ?*2,UWi, to uid in paying for which a fair is to be held before Christmas l>y the lady roau* agers of t'je aayium A* the orphans in this iusti* - tution advance beyond the a^e of eight years, thrv are to be trmsf?-rred t-> snd then tnsrurted under the Brothers of the Holy Crow, and It is of this last institution that the cornerstone is to be lsid to-marrow The Brothers of the Holy Cross receive the orphan* over eight years of age, give them a complete religious umi Kn^lish education, and being met**', vr* educated and practical mechanic*, educate their orpbins in the various useful mechanical trades, including gardening end farming 1st** tib? TsciDisr.?In compliance with a revolution unanimously adnptel by the Synod of Virginia, now in aeaaion in Alexandria, thntbcdv collectively vWited, ou yesterday, tt*e Tohib of v \Ya*h'ngt&R, at Mount Vernon. The day btrlog favorable, a large company of the waiting clergy, with their fainfliea, were In attendance, rrpreaentln? diatant portion* of both Mary Hod and Virginia. On IM arrival of the boat, lite members of the Synod, with a large company of spectators, ? ir?? -- vuim tt i uiuii. auu aiirr a scuan of profound (Hence, in which each one present seemed lo feel deeply and wJemnly the impriv IvrnrM of the occasion, with bead* uncovered, united in singing that beautiful National Hymn, railed 'America." Afler which, the Rev. Dr Retd. of Richmond, Vs., made a prayer ref?rrlng moat appropriately to the occasion, and the srene there enacting, at the conclusion of wbich, the whole company united in the l>oxolwjy? Prsi>e God from whom all blessings flow.*'Ac. Tte occasion is spoken of by those who participated, as one of the moat striking and intensely interesting that has ever occurred at Mouat Vernon?reflecting credit upon the Synod. and Indicating the patriotic devotion of the reverend clergy for their country and their country'a cause. PnriViL Of TIB La diss Of TBI PoVBTB PBXSBlTBBis* Cbcscm ?Readers, have you been to the Pestivsl of the Isdles of the Fourth Presbyterian Church. at Thorn's Hall, Seventh street ? Probably most of yon have, judging from the large number present each evening; but to those of our readers wuo have not yet availed themselves * of this opportunity to pass a pleasant evening, we aay A* so at one*, for the fair closes to-niaht. k ts uimchmt, we suppose, for as to detail'sit the various pleasures to be derived frcrn an attendance on this festival hulBce it to say, It Is uuder the supervision of the lad in of the Fourth Presbyterian Church, which, from their well established reputation In these matters, both ss regards srrantfr mt-ul of tables, and remarkable Sualitlts to please, is a sufleient recjmmenda a. Voo will be surprised as wall as pleased with th? bevy of beauties gathered at the different tables In readlesas to dispense the many good things which atooood ia sorb profusion. . CiTm Ma***T ?Last night, quite a large PI aumber of wagoas andcar* from the adjoining couatics of MaryUud aud Virginia arrived in t k the city, sad took ptaeas la ths Center Market sp^re. and this morning the country dealers were < .'"T*1? represented. The licensed dealers also _ wvre generally at their stands, aad the supply at ./ ; 4, provisions was ample aad of superior anality mt gangways were crowded at an early hour f4 'j ^ ith purchasers from all parts of the clry? w *"?* the business of the day was active aad doubtless . , pr-d table The prices were much ths same as during the preceding salfs day* ot the week. Liir Xwht -frof Belmont announces oa bis ^m?s?- hill that this will be the List nlgbt of the "Soirees 9?< Kitraordlnary" at Odd Fsllews' Hall; and we hope on this orcsaloa he will be favored with a Wimmf He Is sn adfat 1> hi? w rmu? ? , richly drserrea the liberal patronage of a WtshM -r l igto'n public Wi rati received ?roan Shepherd, ooraer of ffevwtth a ad l> streets. a a peri ova of his " unparallM^d .un^iwled. antl-miUify i a #-the-1'aloe. Hall Co'?mbU, cbeap nit? paper, aold at 75 or at* per k," ream?only 3^ ceau per quire J vet theartlcW, he thluka t*t the tiiaea ,> , . r Hex iiiTitnauDT elsewhere of PM Marlafa Pnaclnx Academy The Proftaaor la a capital I . teacher of the graceful art, understanding his btiaiaeaa thoroughly and havtag a vary happy way H eoaaatonicattag his knowledge to his puplU. J ^ l ?i. 0 TH* PBB?STTSBIAH STSOD i* ALBXAHSBIA. ? Tbe Synod met at 9 o'clock ywterday morning. Rev. Dr. Boyd in thocluir. Tbe report of the chu rc fc-ex teeolon committee htvl or bee recelred, the Synod at 10 o'eloek ndjenrned to proceed to Mount Vernon. Aftrrnoo* Stssim ?Tbe Synod reawembled at tbe deeoad Presbyterian church, at 4 o'clock p m. In tbe abeence of the Moderator. Rev. Or. Reed, of R ichmond, waa called to the chair. Rev Dr. Balch, of the Bnitlmore Synod, being preeent, waa Invited to >it aa a correaponding member of tbe Synod. Free con vena tl on on the (tate of religion within me ooundt of the Conference was resumed. and aevaral members of the Kyn?d mad* Interesting sv temeata of relltfloua eff>rt* ia their churches, additions to tha Church, Sunday schools. benevoieat operations, fcc. . "a Moderator called Um attention of tbe Synod t?Jfca/aot that aa the editor of tha PwabvtoriHn publlakad at Knoxvllle, proposed to reTi .Wu nijjftted that that paper he united 35* Cbmuaa Obeerver, now published In PMtadeipfatfi, by Rev. Dr. Converse, In that case the Observer to be published simultaneously at Ricbsnaod and Philadelphia, end to beta put tvirtrnlled by a Richmond editor. After some remarks by Dr Reed, cf Richmond, and Dr. Cod terse, oi Philadeiohla. editor of the Observer, tb? subject was laid aside The recommendation of the Committee on the Minutes of the United Synod, that all the ministers of the church be requested to preach one sermon each year, In aid of Education, waa taken np, and laid on the table temporarily. During the isealon, Rev. M. McCauley, of Washington, and Rev. Mr Edwards, of the M. E. Church, were Invited to alt aa corresponding member* of the Synod The Synod then adjourned until thla morning, *t 9^ o'clock. The Synod of Virginia embrace* within ita jurisdiction 4 Preabytertes; 41 ordained ministers; C licentiates; 8 candidates; 50 churches; 4lift! members white, 61 members colored. We compile tbe following statistics of its operations durl g the past year: In that period 2U) meinhpn r> **rAmA Ia tk* ?k?.? *? vu ?v M<V vuuiWUf ?UC?<6 WC 1C7 TxpUtnt* during tbe year; $'21,842 was spent for congregational uae; SI,711.30 for Domestic Minions; S831 47 for Foreign MMouj *2.512 33 for education. This report does not contain anything which bat been done during the year by the Presbytery or tbe District of Columbia. New Boots?Mem. French k Rlchstein,who now occupy tbe well-known store of Mr. Win F. Bayly, In tbe Kirk wood Hotel block, (Pa. avenue, opposite tbe Star otflce,) are now opening a stock of books, stationery, fancy articles, kc , really nc?ci muaMiu in a similar oooistore in this I country. Their book* are all of the latest edition*, and are bound and printed in very superior styles. In their collection will be found a large number of standard and classic wo'ks, as well as all the books of reference especially necessary in the transaction of business with the General Government?a class of literature that has gradually come to be a Urge, and, la Washington, an indispensable one Their catalogue of ladies' gift and centre-table works, too, Is the finest we erer saw, < embracing specimens of the printing, paper making, engraving and binding arts, not to be surpassed in either hemisphere. We advise all who take Interest in such things?and who does not??to call and see them. I That Alley is 8qca.ii A.?We have been i requested to call upon the councils to cause the condition of the alley In square A to he investigated. The alley is situated between Third and I Four and-a-half streets, and Pennsylvania and Missouri avenues, and for several reasons it Is of Importance to those residing in the square that It ihould be placed in passable condition. Perhaps no other alley in the city is more used as a means if convenient intercourse with the adjoining streets t lhan this mie; and It is quite certain that no alley < is in a worse condition than it. Recently a pi pe ? Tor gas or water has been laid down througn it, and c the excavation only partially tilled up, while the a paving stones taken up to make the excavation kave been scattered on either side, and in all dt e? tions but the right one, and not a day passes { Ihttcome team is not stalled in attempting to effect i passage through the dangerous locality. s Tm Bbsihhiro ass Esd ?About the time of I the opening of the notorious "9aake Show," a C ivhu^ man uamra v/uarici^unn, conrifctcd with 1 It, W4? arrested for an assault and battery on j Christina Horstemeyer, and It was said that she was so ludly injured that she could not appear to jive evidence Curtis was committed to jail for i further hearing Y est- rday he was brnuv ht out for a hearing before Justice Donn. He admitted that he strnek her, but that at the time she was pulling him about by the hair. It was also in proof that she proposed with Curtis to compromise for 94. This he refused to do, and she de- 1 clared that she would swear him Into the penitentiary in view ofall (he circumstances brought to the Knowledge of the magistrate, he dismissed the case of assault and battery, and required Curtis to glv# security to keep the peace Oaz or the viit best family papers In the ( country, to wit, Ths Weekly Star, full as usual of Metropolitan news and kouId. and choice liter ary reading, U now on oii'r counter ready for delivery to the public. It It just the paper above all others for citizens and strangers sojourning In the National Metropolis to read ou Sunday and send to their friends at a distance. Price only three cen's per copy, or SI 25 per annum; postage prepaid by stamps when so arranged. Thi Wasiusgtos Thkatkb?Tbe numerous friends of Saai Glenn, Esq , will be pleased to lea-n tbat be bas arrived in this city, and tbxt i under bis management tbe Washington Theater will be opened on Saturday night, November 3d Tbe new stock company, we are informed, will consist of twenty-three picked srtists. and the 1 bill for the opening night will be "Old Heads and VuUD2 Hearts," to be followed by "Jenny Lind" W'HUI WAS THB 9lOXAl. LfOHT ??A tili?ht rif ? ? ? ? - ? I two ago a gentleman riding a horae In the uelgh- , borhood ct the Northern Market, where there la a ttrret excavation, drove down Into an ugly ho'e left by the contractor, without any warning itght at a atrt-et crculng. It waa with extreme d tflcnlty that the animal was extilcated without breaking bla 1-g Rkal Estatk ?Yesterday, A. Green, auctioneer, a>ld the rut half ?>f lot live !n aquare :)71, on 11 between Ninth and Tenth streets, for <J5 ^ centa per foot. Also, the following d^aorlbrd property near tbe City Aavlntn : ?Lota 10 and 17 in an?i 1,0K5; lot 15 In square 1,1)95; lot* 2 and 4 In squire 1,097; lots 0 and 7 la square 1,119, for 1 cent uud I mill per square foot, P urchaser, sjani'l Uratt. Posttoxmhbt or cm Gircuit Court or Fair rax Court??The day for the opening of the Kali term of the Circuit Court In the County of Fal'fax foiling on Monday preceding the Presidential election Judge Tyler has postponed the opening of the Court from that day until Wednesday, the stventh day of November. Assaulting a Hacrxak ?Last nlgbt, Mr. J. Grigg was arrested by policeman J. Ashe, for assmiting and striking a colored hack man He was taken before Justice Johnson, who held him to security fur a bearing on Monday next. Policr Mattrrs ?Brfor4 Juttict Clark ? Simon Sloan and John fitlgh were severally accused of indulging in profane language in violation of ?n ordinance of the Corporation. Justice Clark iui)<vku (nvpn uur iu raco CAM. Wi ux *?yrt?T*D to call the attention of the police to the iranga of rowdy boyi who are In the hibit of Indulging In atone battles on the aquare west of the Sniithsoniaa grouadi, to the Rreat annoyance of citizena residing la that vicinity. SiYMocR, on Bridge at , In Georgetown, advertiara In another column, hata, caps, and fura. Hia rstabliahmeut la a very extensive one, and hia atock large and varied. AaaiviD at Carter's wharf, foot of Thirteenand-a-half street. achocnera Telegraph, Cade, and Blootnfleld, Wheeler, from Havre-de-Grace, with 2U0 tuna of coal for C. M keys. Cinrm GcAKr-Hors* Casks.?Aqulila Ballev, colored, non-reBldent; flue and coau, f 11.15. Jacob K. Anderaon, drunk and diaorderly, $1 00. Alexander Adams, colored, do.; 94.15. Hia aorica, In another calomn, of apecial services at the Western Presbyterian Church, tomorrow. FNT Tmbt Tbe iter of dear Tommy it nwly ec 11 peed, By i prince from old Albion' shore; Tbecrowd, like mad donkeys, all chase after him, And think of poor Tommy no more. No' only the crowd, but our President, too, M In Lane and the Cabinet eitfiM, All acted as if 'twere an honor supreme, That they, with a live prince, could apeak. The crowd may be fickle, but I can't forget,? So to McLaughlin's 1 frequently stray, To look at the toys made by Japanese hands, And to muse on poor Tom Car away. It is surs a great Nation, whose srtlun tons, Caa make work so exqaisttsly neat As that Cabinet aseaat to bold letters and notes, Gems or Jewels?and ail so complete. Then the Work stand, with cmUmi for needle* U4 DiM, neeaiea W itt drawen for Klmn Mid thread It a perfect 60", for, ta patterns moat rare, It, with ?otoer-of-pearl, ra inla d. McLaughlin's the place where the ladle* should go W hen ther wish to bay something that's rare. I? ?? sans V sail " tL(. ? For*tl* beat in the market la there. * ' 3t Di Scwifcy* will b? in tbU cjtjr ?o tho 3lat 7^'" ?OT ~ tk? Charoh of the Kptphanv. bj 111# <?>. Cfcsrle* Eb& WKjt&ab * ' " Mlfo f 1 j 1 / <1. i , '' .1/JUH I a./l?ofr Kn ^4l j " T ABJLIY1X OF HALLS ONE 1 THE CHEAPEST GOODS EVE CAN NOVT>B B. BR ICE HALL'S, 373 ? ~T~ Having two of the Labgkst Sto?k? on the for, we are necesarily compelled to keep a very lai to offer many and DiicmPTinn of aoot laree Invoice* of aeaaonable good* juat received paic*?: French Merlnoea at 75 centa, v Valencia# 45 centa, worth 50 ceata. Vest 12 cent Calicoes at lOcenta, 6 Stella 8 haw la at JM 50, Black Merino for Shawls SI 63, B roc ha Shawl Bordering 25 cent#. Black Cloth fbr Cloaks SI 75, Ladle*' Vesta and Hoop Skirta at half the uaiml price, Carpet log, Ragi Elegant Three-ply Carpeting 96 centa, 8up?r Ingrain Carpeting 50 centa, Good Chamber Carpeting 30 centa, GENTLEMEN'S, BOYS' and CHILDREN'S and price. B*o1a, Shoes, We have a full and complete stock for LADI SERVANTS We get these goods from the in Saod as any that are brought to this city, aad guars oston. g| jm tiy_ t _s_ t? a * -* " ? ? ji_/ tv e wnn ii imprwt on we minda ci ai TER GOODS, that they will reap great advantage oc 27-3t (Intel.) 373 AMUSEMENTS. GRAND ODD FELLOWS' LEVEE. AT FORREST HALL, GEORGETOWN, MONDAY NIGHT, the 29th inat.. Commencing at 8 o'clock. All who favor COVENANT LODGE. No. IS, I. O. O F, withthtir presence on that oocuion may anticipate a pleamnt tim?. COXMITTIK*. Th? following Brothe-? will aot on the Commit tees, the one first named from each Lodge a* Floor Managers, and the two other* on the Committee of Reoep:ion: Ckntkal Lodt.k?R. B&rnaclo, O. H. Birkhe&d, J. Edmonstcin f n n iitl.i ? r* *? ft ABni.ivium?at viut?|4iviu> i? IJBI 'y, v>$ D Hough. Rastkh ?J. T. Petty, J. D. Hatton, J. R. Elru*. Ha?M0!*t -J. P. Whit?, Wm. T. tfcstt, H. N. Ober Columbia.?Wm. D. Stewart, Wm. R. McL?an, Lcni. H. Henry. Lkioji?J.D. Pennington, Wm. P. Brown, W. R. PpHden Feihxdship.?John Boyd, Thorna* Oliver, 9. F owler. Covixaxt?A. D. Baker, John T. Meem, J. T. Fendley. BR*.ro!* ?B. B%I'ard, J. W. Coller, L. B Allyn. Mbtropolis.?J. 8. (jiaj, W. B Brow.), George dayman. xci mot ? W. S. Robert?, R. B. DonaHoon, ? a * w r?aicn*n. . Mechanics'.-Joa. Koons, Jas. Yatea. A. Del( ii A. Eberly. M. Hetiel.F Scwerm. The bant mu?io ha? be<:n engaged for the oor%ion. Refreshments *nJ mpp^r fjrniahed at the iau*l prio a. Vand?rwerken'a co%ch?a will leave or Waahington at all hour* of the night up to two t'clook ; charge modera e. Tickets ONE DOLL \R, admitting a gentleman .nd ladiea. By'TderCom. of Arrangementa. on 27-?t HREAT RAFFI E AT MADES'S. FORMERLI LY TCHAD'S, SALOON, Cosif?aor Pa. ?nin* *hd ihirdSt, A aplendid BaY HORSE,# old, especially A % p led for lad* rider*, will be raffled on THIS <I0HT Shaffra only 25 csnta a piec?. Exofllent Concert Music and ths b^at Later and Heading Ale n town. <lt*> CHARLES MADES. ^yASIIINGTON THEATER. Sole Leasee and Manager S. W. Gliioc. THIS ESTABLISHMENT Will fo?itively op-n for the regular Fall and Winter See*" a on the ?i*ht of SATURDAY, Novimbim Sri, 1???. JOSEPH JEFFERSON, ["he Comedian of the Aice, will cominenoe an engagement of Two ye \i*ht< ou MONDAY, November 5th, an?l will be followed by the mn?t B R I L L U N T STARS Ii> the Theatrical Firmament. oo 20 Q D D FELLOWS' HALL, Fob a Lixitxd Number of Niohth. PROP. BELVIONT, The Champion Wizard, Wi 1 give hu Doirees magi que j^xintorainary, On TUESDAY NIQHT, Ottobtr 2V. Admi* ion 26 cents. Children accompanied by pa ent* 10 " Door* open at 7, commence at 8. oc iO BALLS, PARTIES, &c The members of the franklin active association have ft* Che p'eamire to announce to their f; tend* and tW the public that theirhrnt CO rlLLON PARtv wiil take place on THURSDW. Nov Mi 1, at the Ha I of the Pra kl n Engine Home D ?? , near 12th. Tick-U >1 cent* admitting a gentleman and ladie*. Kest ootillon music engage!. By order Com of Arrangement* lt# f OOK OUT FOR THE HIAWATHA BALL! The member* nf the HIAWATHA CLUB renpectfnll* announce to their friend* th*t their Fourth annua!- ball wil take pace at at STOT I 'S IIAi L. corner ol 20:)i st. a d/Tft Pa. avenn", orj 'i'H 13RSI)A Y". November ht.tAH The Committee pledge thein?eive? that ao paiuTTTr expense will be spared to make this Hall erjovalilo t<> all who may patronix' them. Etputa's haad has l>e< n engaged for tne occasio". Refreshments will be served in Sch&ffie il's best atv'e Tickets On? Dollar, admitting a gentieman and ladies. Committe.. Dan'l Perkins, S. H. Barron, \V. W S ucKir, W. Moore. W. Goldsborough, oct5-5teo* WANTS. ROOMS WANTED, in or near Seventh street, northerly, and not vary fir from the Patent ('f6oe ; tvu adjoining u?furnished rorn?. in a house *upp'i?d with water. Address H. W , Star Cffi o. oc i7 1f %*7ANTKD?A TENANT for a oottage, containinj 7 room* and p\s a?e Also, /oar rooms, wi;h o-without board, furnished or tinfurnishod. Appl? 593 M street, between 6th and 7th. oo 56 2t* WANTED-A fir?l-rate?AS FITTER. fteady w>rkriv#n Apply to <i W.CUNNINGH aM k. BRO.. alO Seve^ th ?t. 0195 3t ll/ANTED-\ white WOMAN, to cook, wash, " and iron for a small family. Apply at No 303 6 at. oo24 4t_ VK7ANTED?By a temperat*, obliging young " Irishman, 20 years old, whi is used to d'l ving and is not aira d to work at a-i>thinx, a SITUATION on a farm. Address JAMES RLA\CIIFI ELD, Box T, Star Office oc ?5 3t* V17ANTED.?I wish to eniplor, in mjr hardware ?? and stove stora, a rood HOOKKLEPEK and SALESMAN.quick at figures, and can oom? well reoommended, and well known in the city. C. WOODWARD, 00 25-St No. 318 Pa. av., bet. 10th 11th its. WANTED?Ever*body to know that PACK'S Confectionery, No. 43G Seventh street,above G. ia the plac-* to art fresh Cakea and other Con feet ona at prices to suit the times. Balls ami pa-ties furniahed with Ioe Creara%wl other Refreshment^ 00 34-1 w* WANTED-Two jood JOURNEYMEN"BAR UERS. Good waxts anJ constant employ ment. Apply to M. E. ALLIOT, under Willar.1*' Hotel. 00 ?-?o3t* Wanted immediately?From *5 to #l<MWn worth or second-hand fi'RNI TURK of all kinds, Tor which I will f uarantv to par the hijhest prices, and, as u?nal,at trie shortest notice. r. bOchly, Dealer in Fnrniture, Stove*, kc , oc > 40W 7th it., het. Q an?l H. ea?t side. WANTED?All kinds of 8KCOND-HAND FURNITURE,for whioh I will M; the caflh, at 3*9 Seventh street, between i and K oc a-i? BONTZ A WR1FF1TI1. WANTKIKTo have erery foodv know that they can &nd a fine and well sel^ctfd * toe It of FALL and INTER CLOTHING, FURN1HBI NO GOODS, HATS and CAPS at the Peoples' Clothiac Store, No. 460 Seventh si., opp?*lte Poat Q?ae. eea-lm f|RY GOODS?DRY (JOO D8! 1>RY WOODS?DRY GOODS! We have now inatore a tery largo and well u aorted atook <>f Dry Goods, or mry kind and ? uali'T We cordially invita all peraona i n want or Dry Gooda to oall and examine our atook before rraki'g t .sir purehaaea elaewhere. fcvery aiticle will be old at tka loweat market prion. WM. R. RILEY A BRO.,

No. 31 Central 'terea, Between "th and tth arrets, Qo >-eolna OppoaiU ctpUf Ma- ket. r|R L1EBBRMAN HAS REMOVED HIS i^/cissaswar COMPANY. 4mwm *ad Tmtk Strut. ? m ? - J."cT MpqUIKK, Pmident. 0. JK HA It BON, 9mmary. <*'' S'/jV"'' *""" *** I UkiMJt ,,'Jiir Aj 9 .i CHXAP GOODS, r , 'RICE STORES. R OFFERED IN WASHINGTON E FOUND AT and 315 Seventh Street.* t: ?? i vxj :nn treet. *nd rout tuffkrkxt detaktmsnti to but rg? et >ck; and our Iimmim assortment enables ? Ml XOT TO bb FOCXD I!f oihb1 stobes. several , watch we arc offering at the following smccst* Ladles' Best Kid Glove* 97 cents, 13 cent Canton Flannels at 10 cent*. 1*2 cent Bleached Cottous at 10 centa, Cassinets at 37 cents, worth 50 centa, 25 cent Kentucky JMiU at IS c+oM, H Table Linen at 25 centa, worth SO cents, #."> Blankets at $3 75. Uentleoflen's and Roys* Undershirts and Drawers very cheap. I, aid Oilcloths. Stair Carpeting 12 cents. Elegant Floor Oilcloths 37 cents, Step Oilcloths 12 cents. 1 SOFT HATS and CAPS In every variety of style una KUDOeiD. ES, GENTLEMEN, BOYS, CHILDREN. ?n<i it manvfacturkks, and wakbaxt them to be > mty to sell them as cheap as any house South of I who have not purchased their FALL and WINs by calling at R. BRICE HALL'S, and 375 S>EVfc\TH STREET, above I. LOST AND FOUND. LOST?Any reward the finder may think "efficient will he paid for the return of % ?mall Watch Key and a small Locket, enamelled in Mue, attached te a ohased Kin*, sup'posel t.i have been d opped yenterd-iy in oraitihus No 14,o* on Seveifth street, between the Avenue and the office Of the rtBiiunm imeiucvnim ocZ7 2t* A. P. DERRICK. No ?2 Pa. ?ve. FOUND?On Thnrsda*, S5th instant, between Washington and Baltimore.a sumof MONEY which the owner can have by payin? for adverii?1 ng, on application t.> WM aTlOKNEY. oo 26-1f fiQA REW ARD.?Stolen froiu the stable of the milr tnbscriber, at Cibin John Hridge. f*y Wanhington Aqoednct, on the morning ?>f jL-%!^ the 23d ins'ant, a small Canadian BAY^^ M A RK, a y ars old, < S hind f<w>t white, small star in the forehead, about 13 hands hich. with heavy mane and tail: a little lame in the left stifle. Any person returning *atd mare will recru-e the nbove reward. <oc25-3tl R?>BKRT MrlXTIKK RKWARD.?Ranaway from the nnderVlw sicned. living near Port Tobacco, Jtfk Md . on the 31st in?tant, NEGRO MATTHEW and WILSON. The former is a'?out 1/ vara or ate. the latt<*r sorao 15 or 16. *n Matthew is a thick ?et hor, wi h brovl he*v>J*? features, very black. Hm with him a Mack euit among other things a black figured silk ve?t, verv good Wilson is rather delicate, very black, anil has also, I think, a black nut No marks or rears remembered Koth boys stammer and tutter very badly. I wi!I give the above reward for their apprehencion, or 535 for either. Adireas oo <5 lw H. COMPTON, Port Tobacco. Hist The above PURF. WR19K V,Cor??* Pwtilled from Malted Grain, being superior and uniform id quality, and highly improved V>? ?<?, i? preferred h? cinsnmer- to *'1 other Whiskies, and particu larly recommended by the best physicians and ahsmint* as posseting all the re?uir?ni<>nt? of a Trw Tonic Inrirorator and li'muital Aunt. The Sotiutlkili Water r>| Phil vlep1 i?, ueed in the dis illation of this Whisky, ia proved by ana'y < sis to be the fofi.??t and purest crater in the l,' tilted State* ; and to this may, in a great degree, b? attributed the excel'ence of this Whisky. For sals by FRSE VlAN ft SiM^SON. Phenix Distillery, ' On the Schuylkill river. Phi adeiphia Otiicef? OR Wall ?tree?. N?w Vmlt 1?<1 Front atreer, Philadelphia And can he had in Wa*hincton of Samnel Bacon k Co , 319 Pa av ; R. J. Ryon. We?? 9'h it., or- 1 n?r D; Keonedy k Pn<h, 5??t? West 7th at; \liiria? tL 3e;nme*. 407 Pa av.; J. It Wilaon, 327 Ha. av ; KarboHr k Hemmes, fi5 I.a. av ; II. C. Purdy,403 Pa. av ; \Vm Brjan, 44 Market Sp ; Moore Ci?aell k Co , 3*7 Wwt 7th at; G F. Gu lick. 55(1 N J.av ; A. Gaddia- J r , <x Co., M, cornsr Eut llih ; Edward Hall, 40 Market 3t>ao* ; K. I F.. White A Co .63 La. av.; Jcha H. Setnraes k Co . 523 West Ninth st. ooifi lm ( Herman, UPHOL8TERKK, No 264 f? slwf, war TV""wry/)>pirt?7!'i?f, ' in grateful!; acknowledging the liberal patronage which has heretofore been bestowed upon hisrJTo la to please hia patrons, begs leave to inform t: e ci izens of Washingtoa and ?aors?town that h? is , now prepared to execute with n?*tnea* and ; ep -1 a I ordera in hi? '.in? of buainee*; ?uoh m the Sowing, Fitting and Lsyinr Down of new Cari>ei?, aud the I ayinir lovn of old t'arpets; th? Hunting ol Ciirtiui?; thsCovprin* rf Lounze* Sofaa, A c ; t*?e Manufacture or Rauovatioc ofMattreaaea, 1'ii.oara, Cushion*, Ac. Mr. Ut*u would .*.! "> eail especiv attention to bis Patented Carptt Stretcher, whi^h rntbles him t.i put down Carp na with unprecedented imu nh i nesa a'ld rnptdity. ae89-eo!rn* I ? H E A P EST STORK! SAVE YOTK TIME AND MOME Y, AND GO AND PURCHASE YOUR DRY GOODS i AT THJS CHEAPEST ST 'UK, 33S SEVENTH STREET, (E&?t Side,! between 1 er.d K oc 12 lm .MATTHEWS A GORE. New Carpet Rooms! Attractions in Carpets and Oilclo ths! Br daily addition, our STOCK OF CARPETS ' will t>e leapt full and attractive tne whole ?ea?. n Our STOCK OF OII.CLOTUS is the beet in the city, and preinuUi.aj.u.tomcr styiee than are to be found tlsewlwie. ljujort are reqiiettfd to ca'i at onr rooms before buyinc. Tliev will hod our p ices as low as any in the city, and our stock excelling in frj*lme?g aud ; variety. L. K. PH KKY * CO., Upper Room* "Perry BuMmg," * I oe 19-fit Cnraer Pa. av. and >inth at. | T SPECIAL NOTICE. 1 HE Undersigned liao this da* appointed H. C. SpaoLDiN?. Es<) , his true and laafn. attorney, to, in his name aud s.eid, a^k for, dermnd. aue for, reoover and receive,all micJj sum or stimsof nion y. debts and d-mands, as are placed in Ins hands for 1 collection, which are now due and owing to him, i eitner on note*, h i s, or open accounts. aiid upon receipt thereof, to give, in hiinaioe, full relias-, I discharge ai d acquittanc ? for Uie ?a.nie. And all person* indebted to thfc undersigned, in any manlier. are reanested to call at on in* ta:J n*t. - ney m?J set ie according!*, HERMANN H VOSS. October 22d, 1860. oc23 3teo i I SARAB CLOAKS?ARAB CLOAKS! < PEC1AL OPENING DAY OF ARAB I CLOAKS! MONDAY, October Vd. Solferino Fmoy Striped ARAB CLOAKS, Gray And Brown Striped AR CI.OAKS. Black ?'loth ARAB CLOAKS, Plain Grey ARAB CLOAKS. Also, Black Beaver Cloth SLEEVP. CLOAKS. BEDOuINS. ALBaNAS, Ac .trimmed with Crochet Berthes and Crochet Frios". at _ ^ MAX WEL'.'P, oa 20 -eo3t 328 Pennsylvania av<*eue. gjg EAGLE STOVE HolSE. gjg I hare the .'araeat and handsomest a*?ortai?it of CIKJKIVG ft.nd STOVKb (new pa A . 1 4. I - . I l_ - * M t mai inn uns evf Deen ***n in imamarK'r, lor Wood or Ct*1. Tfce an'ortment being t o!a-geto enumerate I reapeot'u ly invito all thoeein want of Ui? bMt Stova? to nail anil ui4 niem> ?<?ortment C. tVOODWAill), S15> Pa avenue, oo 16-eo6t between 10th av? llth *ts. WK W4NT OUR OUR Ct?T()MER8 AND friends to know that our aiiortment of GENTLEMEN'S BELONGINGS ia now compete in every department, emb-aciag every araote, and iu grout variety, uauaily kept in a well organized GENTLEMEN'S FURNISHING STORE. Ooonpying for the pant twenty year* the earn* (torn, aii'i buying all our gooda exclusively lor "ca?h," we arc aatiafied that we cau tell a aeror and BETTER STYLE OF OOOD9 at lower prioe* than thoM who bur on "eradft." VVi with hnvavar tn mti ft * i ?i ft. rAanlatmn <V>e - ' ? ?? - ? ?f ???" * ?W1 the e*ie of FIRST QUALITY GOODS, and those at the lovest and uniform price*. At TEVKNS'S oct8-6tfo Mairoom, Brovo'a Hotel. e-V C. * MWLII. ..JOIIX F WEBB M. \VV BkVKaiDGE. 1 CO., IMPORTERS, Wfcole.nU* Md Rota.! Dealer* in CUIUA.OLASS, AND EARTHEN WAJil, Wn? CAtfWrr, Fh?toH WM%, Roll Metal O <wd?, Block Tin Good* Tin i. ha . ber sset? J . pai.ed w?rh.rt^s Ntiatertia ka.St. ' j sT i*ivi jijio i ft* ^ | ^ ^ aitaMaft-fc n ' 4*lr OEOBQKTOWN. Corre*pendent* The Star. 6s0E?BT0wa, October 27.1H? Th? new Hall on Coagrw itrfft, for Covfitut Lodge, I O O F .wbkeh iibbtMlwted wM Imposing ceremonies on Monday ifltnoM ant, Is s nest sad finely proportioned bsUAiag. w4 s grr*l Improvement to tbe net(hborbood Is wbicb tt is s'lusted Messrs Wm H k Jss L Vtmmrs wsre coatrscto s and carpenter; Mr Jos. P. Col- I Um, brlrklsjef; Messrs Ooddsrd k. Coder, pslnterar ?i <4 U > V . 1? ' ? - , p- -uw*,, HI cwiuWiDMM, jr . was tbe architect, and the wbolo work wu under tbe ropenrielon and control of tbe building I committee appointed by Covenant Lodge. namely: MfSirt J T Uan;t. Job* Fowler, and R A Edmoadston Tbe lodge room and mV-wai re *Mily finished and are furnished with conaldersble taste The lodge-room floor la covered witb a dark heavy carpet, bordered with o'l-clotb Over bead are two cbaod'Ucra Tbe usual platforma for the presiding offloera are elevated three step* (about t * o feet) above the floor Tbe lower part of tbe pereona of tboee oflcera will not be partially concealed by the old-fkahloned. pu'pitlike desks. once in vogue, bat at tbe right of each chair (at tbe corner* of the platforms) are placed finely proportioned Dedeatala. minted Dure white In tbr top of each "pedestal ia set a small hemisphere of wood to receive the tapa of the gavel The three principal chairs are of oak, beautifully carved, and the other chatra. settees. k2 , are likewise of oak. Tb? upholstering reflects credit on Mr. C. H Rodler. (of Bridge street,) who performed that part cf the work. If Monday next Is a clear day, it la expected that the profession / under charge of Wm D SMewsrt. marshal, and P ti 's Jackson Edmonston and K. Kberlv, asaisUnts,) will be one of tbe llneat ever seen in our city, and that tbe dedlcatlou ceremonies will be very intert-ating. Preparations are making by all the District Lodges to participate. The rnnt? ?>- wt? <va ?uv p? wcotivu, ?iwi I rat III iig uur city, will be up Bridge street to Washington; up" Washington to West; down West to High; down High to Third; up Third to Market; dowu Market to First; down First to High; down High to Bridge; down Bridge to Congress; from tbence to the Hall; where after the officers of the Ursnd Lodge. Grand Her-lds, tie , have taken position, the dedication services will take place The levee at Forrest Hail, at night, is expected to be one of the most pleasant entertainments ever given here There was a fair attendance at th? meeting of the Republican AasmMatlnn In th? />?r. ner of High and Gay streets, last evening. Hut little business wai done except appointing a committer to devise ways and means for netting the election returns just as quick as possible on the 6th prox A prominent member of the parent Association In your citv (who Is said to be a candidate for the marshalablp) was on hand with a formidable array of documents, prepared. It waa supposed to eligbten the members as to bis views of political matters and things la general, including, perhaps, a rehearsal of Lis celebrated Chicago speech, but one of the leaders was overb*ard to hint to him that he beneved the Association would prefer not to have any speech making This was rather an unkind cnt, and the would-be orator took his departure a sadder If not a Wi*>--r man. One of the most prominent of th" very f> w Douglas democrats In our city, (who defendtd his candidate with spirit and abilttv before the Hell and Kverett Association here, a short time at nee, It will be remembered.) was. we are told, on entering the room, loudly applauded We cannot vouch for It, a* we were not there at the time to see The association adjourned until next Friday evening. We regret to learn that the work on the distributing reservoir has been su?p**nded bvtbe contractor, Mr. A. A McGaflev, acting, It isr?ld, by direction cf the !??cret?rv of War. W? nrrmui?? the suspension ia only temporary. In order probably to consider some proposed change* in tbe character of tbe work Secretary Floyd will probably viait tbe reservoir this morning, and we Lope aome arrangement will be made for an immediate recommencement of operation*. The laying of the tbirty-inch water p pea in Bridge street ia progressing fl' elv. ard me lame may t?e said of the brickwork of tbe bigb-eervice reservoir. Mr. K. Uutman, whose advertisement m?v be seen below, has a fine assortment of millinery and fancy gco<la, at tbe most reasonable pricea. Try bifn H !<trasbarger ft Rro. having opened a new shoe store next to tbe Farmers' and Mechanics' Bank, are determined, they say, to keep tbe best boots and shoes in the market, at the lowest prices See advertisement. See Crandell's advertisement of fancy goois to be opened on Wednesday next, and Uieu give him a call. About BOO beef cattle were offered for sale at Drover'a Rest yesterday. of which number about (00 were sold at 92 50a*3 56 per 10? lbs trron: 250 were driven on to Baltimore, and ISO Uy over. GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS For other (ieorfrtcrn advertxnmmtt re* Jirtt f*t* S~INOING-SCHOOL CONCERT AT FOR REST HALL. KEORGETOWN, r RID AY yiuHT, A?r. 2 In corsequence of a prior cntitjement of the hall, the Concert i? po?'pon- d from Wednesday t > FRIDAY NiGHT Tickets good for Fridsy night. oo /7-9 M* W piTiZENs of Washington and ^ Georgetown wil' please notie? tlir f%A tl:a' CRANDKLL. oi? Bat dob St., tpens on Wednesday nex? a tp endid stuck of New ?n<1 Rare FANCY GO.?PS, not to l>e excelled at ary ettah ishrnent la th* Disoc 22 3t trlet. FOR NEW Vf)RK.-Thf packet rob'r Surprise, Captain E Caae. ha-* anived, and trill ^|i snmrrwnc* 'oa-'ing f r the ahovo p?>rt on gatu dir. the ."7th m^t K?r fraifht ap?ljr to*^^ McCObH A nODGF, oe 3K *>3 \\ >t?f ttmrt. Anew store T No. 83 nR11)1 iE S ? REE r. nfx T DOOR TO farmers aact mechanics hank. The nbserihcrs have j?i*t open*;', a l*i>e aad Boinpiete *-?oi tinent ? ! 15 O O T S aa<'?T^&1 SHOt-.S for Jaiiif*'. K*nlieinnnv< ani olnl- B jg J inn's w>?r, which tiier wi 1 *?>H at l(,*?F SI p-io-?? th&a taey can be purci.a><<i el?e-v whco. ?c;a-v U STR Asn:KGFR * PRO. 17OR ?ENT-A new FRAME HOl?K, su.taI hie for a isma < fami v. i n Kfed-rii-k. ? li street To in* wi!' !>? moderate to a Rood >ena:it. Apply to JOHN KO VVl,ER. on the cuuor * n e; "rtoH WI.NGATE oo84 tt OWELL NO HOUSE FOR RKNT-Thi tn ee story H ick Dwell'!* Hnn?? on ?ia>. I?ctween Montftome-jr and Groen >.ti'.?ts. u h r-c?'iitly occupi d bjr Mr S*mu*l M. Rind, containiu^ 9 room*; above the kitchen ?t<>re a id f rvants* room*; smokft house, carriage bouse, stable and wi od li u?e. with rss throughout an 1 *a*er in the yarl. Apply to P. T BKuHV.No. 121 D.itt lArton itrMt, oo 23 wtt Bonnet ribuonsVELVET RIBS'JNS, bonnet MAI ERlALf, FRENCH FLOWhKS a-d BittDAL WRPtTRS, FEATHERS. STRAW BONNETS, BEAVER fcnd FKi.f HA Tf. PATTERN r=OVNETS, FR A M ES and R U?'H K8, BON NET V KLV KTsJ SILKS and BLONDK LA( ES,eaihraciijc evory thing rich acd new in the Millmnjr li'?\ at iow price., F. GUTMAN, No. 117 aonth iid? Hrid|[eit>**t, oo 16 3w Georgetown. P. O. IT OR RENT?A two atory BRICK DWELLa |NG HOUSE, oa Gay iln^t, con tan mr tea room*, including a two-?tory ki che.,; food cel'ars under the house; tU and wat'r in the premise*. The tons') is in o'imp ete repur.and toa periran nt t-rant the rent will bj low. App ? to 1>. ENGLISH, Georgetown. uc IS eoiw NEW STORE! NEW GOODS! MRS. M. S1MSON Informs her numerous frie> d? and the public generally thit the isnow estaMi-he-l at her Nea-^Ft v? i i i t?rLU? MEjI i ' ? u. lit *j i iu^d en v? u cwi n^w w w , iwo door* above the old atand, wli'w m*y round as onca , a lare* a*?ortin*nt of MlLLINEBV DRY GOODS, HOHKRY.aud KMBROIDERIK?, at ihe very lowest maiket prices. oc 12-lm FOR RENT?In George'own. two firrt-cla^s HOl'tjb.8, ntustM un We<t street, one containing 16 'ooms.and the other 9, vith *?s and b.tthrooms oonpiate Apply to II. L. OFFL'TT. No 49 Ilich st , Georgetown. <>< 5-1 m U A K R i J' R m M D H. LOOBLH THREAD Boudoir Sewing Mftchlae. Tiw* Machine, *u iB?roveii4?ritoB?ro??-r A Baker'a.U timoifr than ibeir*. and for ita '^liability *n. au abi ity ia not > a pwi'd. A dild tvav? 6-an old can run :t wittt *?*e: vet it will e?w from le coaracs; clo'h to the finett swiu. Th? r? ia no t onble of rewind rjt th? thread a* it ia taken from the *poo:*. It ha* do belt* to (i v? trouble, wtil ran backward* at well a? fo-ward*, and anil pewa , eqa'ly p-rf*ct and vi'hout danger of breaking n edie?. It run* by friction, ai d by e! !>ing ta?> box over it. it ia throve out of pa*. In fast we Lav* no heeiratiop in reeoimnindin* i'a? lin Best Fmmily Sttemit Mack'ne ta ?.?< Agency at 101 Bridcerl.Gtorg. town.where may be r.nnd LADIK8' OH FMTRrMMINi.H. BKR LIN XErHVR WORSTEDS, and FANCY VARtRTY GOODS of every d'ao* iptiou. Onr **fortmeotia a* complct* and varied aa any in Oi* District. Ladiea sonneted with benevolent or other aosietiae anil find it to th.*ir adrartate to oall before purchacmg eiaewhere. oq t-eolm Mr a. S. E JARVI*. THK UNDERSIGNED CARPENTER AND 1. BUILDER offer* hi* eervieea to the pot e of Geo~get.>wn, Waahiaftoe, and vicinity, and will aontraot for or auperi?tend the oonat'aeMon of pahiloand private bai tJii?*. Plana v,d oauona will befarai?bed at short notics ?'?oe and ?hoe enCon* raaa at. Georgetown, immediately at'th o the Post Ofioe aa71 ameo HENRY W1NGATK. WOOD! WOOD!! STOVE and KINDLING WOOD,'2t tne lowea poenbt* price, ' * w. M. GALT, ' between Utli am lHi ?ta flA n tf nrrk a'<4 /CVKKCOATS. KAM- M.'l I*. t-T'?NWHIN? * ' GOODS, UATS. and CAP*a .nj.StefJ %ntsi N?, ' -H -T '> " A ' *#>..? ? "K/?iK*C* ?tV? * C ^ Vi ^ $4 i ^ THE LATEST NEWS TIIiKQB APH 1C. r tr~ niiii CiKCimiAfi, Oct M ? The del?**tm road Timc-Ubic Cuamtloa. iwimbM at A* Bnnwtl Hod* la* Th? atwdaaoa wao large, twenty-*rea roads beta* nptwiaUd . J Jewrtt p?eaided A committer of alrtoa* was appointed to prepare and ?ubonit aitoCMtw lloa a Time Table, win tba mo* Wag adj>arw>d, to meet avaia to daf I'pwarda oi of atlroad Interior were repr la the Cm vention. from Haiua Cm?LWT0W!i(0ct i?.-Tbf ttearoor laabal. HimaM tbaUd, baa arrived Tba awar market waa iKbtaied Tbe crona aw* promt*las wall The Il>?? * ?--?? ? vurmpoDOfni <* IM MKW'f "I* I tbe report It unfounded that (tpali it MAaf ? fl.?rt at Havana to aid MI rajnon | Th? Vtwiurln MUlatcr. tfc* ftp??Wb C<*??1 i toLacua><lon? Luadrrd a'd twenty I*paalak ?>ailgranU for VrnrsuaU, bad arrived ml liarana Rail rand AccUtal. BoctoM. Oct. to ?Th? Ktnambont train from New York, froon Kail RIv*r for Bo>Vmi. ru ?t *r track near Mvrick's nation tbla moraine wt?t to a broken ra.l Mra IMnkwaUr, of Pr?rtia?d, ,nr , iiiu ?n arut M?m PBJ >1 n food, of Bark* port, Me . bad an a-m broke*; aa Infaat fcad a tul^h broken; and aeveral otter pa?'ny^n were considerably, but none fatally li'jurtd The In. jored peraona were la tbe last car, wkicfc ?u ovrrt'iroed and dragged n-veral rod* oa I ta alda. The Kama Fbsim. ArcatvoM.Oct 23 ?i*eT??teen tboumad p^ari*# of flonr rom natl ?*< ""> '*** * " *? from Illinois, and arreral eama from the destitute portion of Bo.itbern Kmaaa, wblrb whi la waiting, wrrr loaded.and ?tirW for tbelrdet uUov There h?a prrvloaaly arrived and bora dl*trlb*i d from tht* poUt 5Uu txiabela of corn a ad HU.OUt pounds of floor. groceries. potatoes, Ac, iimii of which waa sent to the Neoatio country The |?m at Tmrtrun NonroLE Oct #7 ?The Grand Division of the ?ona of Tem;*ranre adjourn to day. The follow* log olflcera have been elecb-d for t'be aeit jrear 0. W P., Dr I'eter Trent, of Rlrhmo d; ? W A , Archer Alexander, of Rockbridge; G C , John t. Butt, of Norfolk Railraad Disaster. Bostu*, Oct. vK5 ?Tb? rail River steamboat train from New York ran off the track ?b1a nnrnlog In conaeqnenre of a broken rail Two ladi. a from Portland bad each an ana broken, and sot. e-al other jasstn^ers Wire Injured, bat Iom fatally. lltehnead Kace? Richmod. Oct. !? ?At the Falrfled eoors* rianei won ibe tbre* mile race to-dar la 5 43 ?od 5 3s%. In tbt grrat match race for It.lVO rd?, (brc*> mil* h#>a*?. Exchequer beat Leisure 1 :n? 6 42)* and 6 45*. Marlae Dliaii^r EoATrtN, Oct 26 ?Tbe flahlag i.tioour Foam Ing Hiili>w, of Belfast, Maine, Opt Coodoe, wot wre- k?l on tbe fitb Inatsnt, n?"er Prince Edward It land and all band*, tLlrteea la n ember, were lost. Political ExciUaut la Alikuit. (Alt ,)Oct 2~ ?Senator Tomnha ?ddretold two tbouaaad people here last night, nrjjlnsf reatataoce to the death la case of tho lection of Lincoln Death of Kml Oftycer. NoiroLK. Oct -if> ? Command*' John L Rann. de?, of tb? U. 8 Nary, (a natio* of Vliflitl) d'M here th's n ornlng. He had boon la the aerrlce orer 30 veara rtre to Alahaaaa AroraTA, Oct. 27 ?A dftruca?e Ira took place on Thursday night at Opelika, (Ala ) Nino stores were consumed Haiti wore *tarfeo?a. DiLTiHou. urt V7 ?Hour li dnlij Howard street aud Ohio *." 6;" \ . Wbrti active, red 91 33 1 14; white CI 45al.7? Corn flroi, ifl ow 67a 70c. Pr? Ttaloua qui?t, mru pork f 19 JO. Lard 19c. CoBee firm WVakfdull. Flxaocml Niw Yokk. Oct 27 -Stocks are bet>r, Chir*ro and Rock Island 6*2; Cumberland Cial Co 10k: Illinois Ccntr-1 ab?rea 71 do bonds W, La Croaae and Vlil l\; Michigan Southern (ksm ) 37; New York Central *1*; Read Of! 45; Hudson River R R.57j?;Ya b s afc; Mo 6's 76* FOR SALE AND RENT. [For other ''For Snl* and Kent" adtarrt is ?< ?!, IN Jirtt roc* ] OOMS FOR KENT.- For*?iahod TaMor. ami Chamb ra. Ala<'.an Of t tor r*at, au table to i ndents, as it is l<-oatod mar tke Infiratart ?No, lies Fourth it, corma E oc 27 eotf_ FOR R KNT-Diri*j *?sn<n of CoMm*-? iri?-tls?s threo-atorjr BMCK llOi BE with Fa niah<><i K<v sia. ait?at-?1 in on* of i|m moat do iami tihiiy l' iwuunl in UIV ?rro?. Ac . apply at 37 3 bo- cnth ?t. octT ltt 170R h*- NT-A U??^?-?torr H?|^K H?M *K. r No 596 N itrirt north, M*ni ?th ?*<* nk trMti w ?t, ?oDt*m?>g 1 ru urn * 4 a rood oai ftr. Kit t?rn i?tc . ftppit to at No. 290 or 395 N ?t?.f bftwet-n 6'h a- <11 h rt-~U. o? TT 8t? i'HKEE NEW HK1CK HOU8K8UM IHR 1 IM.AND hOR *At.fc OR KFNT-#n r<i 'tt* rftch, ? nh ?t?ir boabetvar front Ikjbm an 1 kitchen. T<> ftftl' *t 82S p*r moi.t to r?nt ** ?i?p*?r month Ir.ftB'roolJ. W MAR' OW.1M Jthitrft, nr J. B WI(,W?N on th# ???" * 1?* B l> ?. ? ft # ft. _ ft ... li'un ii".n i-a i?ur-'i'i'r D "w i-irom uv> bl? r I 1NG, aituatd oc Tt iit-??rtn it., b Irrra L an! Maataclmvet** av., on* of the moat de iraUe l'lc-nt ona in the cit* i h* horae it fnTi?h??d v <h marbl maotlea ; &1?". [M and wat-r fixture*, witk bathroom Inquueat WM. P. 8HKL?D 8 Pa^er Store, No ana nth at. ?e?7-3t? f? OR RENT?Two new 0K1CK H U9K?*,?ith * ha-k bniHinjca and eel ara, each havmf room*, w th c?-, and tide *!!?*?, eitua ?don I, ?tre*t n *t Thirti^rth Bent ?2V a year, laqmr* >>f M, OIKKN, Groc r.ooner of t hirtaeutii a?H I. ?f?. This pro#*"* la near Fiaaklm Row, om? a few minute*' walk from the I reaaunr liuiidintra. fcu4 oar (J th* heilthieat location, it Waahingto^. oc 27-i w" l^OR RKNT-A hr.ckHvel i n HOUSE o 6U-t 1 wee*. I>etween M and N a'a. north. No. ^O, oontaii.isa roona and a ki ehea. -nod^r m? wppiy n?n now no m pc w |?OR RBNT-TV? bow brick DWELLINOr HOL'HE No 40 Pro?fft own. The hi'U?t> It two atoriaa And bumml *l?r? (round ; t rooms, including kilowoa ud Krmi-' r oai: ra.? awl water in tM ?r*? ia?a Mm' re*a<>n*l>le to a p?rima'iit tenant Appl? to D. EM?IilSH. 1 'it u ridge streat, Gaor^etowu. oc 2* 2w FOR REN "'-The fin* BRICK H U*E No. 100 Wert at, Georgetown. at preaaat ooon pied b? the aubscrihor. i( 141 ?* ro ma. wi.U i?i and w?t?r throacHou*. a fin" j? d, atahle k? . and ia ia a cool neighborhood. Apply to J AS A. V AGHCDKR. v?gtf FOR RKNT?Upp?r Part of th'Houaeoa Enh'H n'reet. h?twf?n the avenae aa?i D at. a ao, X amall Kricka ou Twentieth urM, (ntwwn M and N ; or Jor tale. Apply JOH.NftON ?. fcUTTON. oca tf |?OR RKNT?A neolly rnnti?h?d HOI8K ia tho r Firat Ward, on H, W?tween t7th awl Utbatreeta, No. Wil, containing a doable pftrinr. & or C oh?rr< bera. dining room kilo ban ?aU fUUv ; with |M, cold or hot watar. bath-room, * o . 4 r. Apply lo L. L. I.OVING, Fourth Aoditor'a Oftoa. oc 4-lm THREE HUNDRED AND FIFI KEN ACRE* in Fairfax eouat*. Ta.. la exaallaat ordar; w II timberad; ?oud bai.dingi; a urown Mom tsar; a railroad ear ahop and watar station nuat ba erect?J on tha (arm. Ala", a now Soars Mi I la L"iido*n ??>?ntj. A porah*a#r oan get a harfaia of G. W. KRAY, Ai?4t, 216 Aovontli at.. Waahi n gton, D. C. ^ oc 1? Lai* k^^^crn-s-rovs^* wsa. l ",d N. B.-It wiU not b* M Ihra baardiac I.o?aa wUtf W TR A VKL IN GTRUNKR. shhm? t^,rWNtlCHlNT TilUXINI. . E Inrito off ea*totn?rt, m4 iUrnm* riaw?i lj, to m inat*e i?M? of omr rwtl wV.ioh w* irm Mt* ? wair ta ?P*rior itfMMfirT WVJHMI. . rn otMtf I tot .*?cE^T*P.-AS?,S?ATS7wftnflt c ' OTH i N ST^mTwi|T*m 3" IT^ k?W. w mw piANOS. MELODSONS, VIOLIN*. Bmitmn. 1 A?our4Mu, Tm boriati A o? * o. fefflMaSS^SS E/EMZXa1^ t*dr ~^i <uZ2?Zl M ia . * I I m v ?,fv-> a f'vliu.i. 0