Newspaper of Evening Star, October 27, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 27, 1860 Page 4
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II I I? THE EVENING STAR. TO AN OFFENDED L4DY-LOVI. Di*r L, with aahnrn hair and orient mountain brov. Ami le*th md J Brio's bnl. whence thy power, ? i ;%t? i To Make n? thy el?ve?to !or? thee mora and more, e'eo now. . _ . TW mor* I hwar, and ?" , and rear i.i-re caun 10 hate * Bora to b*?M. aad biNMd with all that it beauty'a portion, . I own th? Lim and #j? divine with matchleu form rfoth blend, iiaoo?ntinf grace m r* ?rf loot, and word,and mo1'h learn? I hotr laaofc the lover i? dearer than the fnmtd. j i >1? absence, how like a po'ar winter'* ehiil hath kaan ? " i;.k? i:t? r i"ui w?? -mm *!hi, buv4 hiv, ?# treasure: What frreiia? bars I not suflTerad, and what darkness s??iu 8ine? under tha bawildarmg olosds uf thy dupleas or*. Bummer in all luxuriant ?>iant/ waiti on th?e : I shut oat-eheeiless, with the* of!ended and away. Floods of tear* repentant 1 bare ?lied in reverie: <4ae*aof Lova! toy pardon 1 tinplwre without dalay. The world hath ao heart lika thine, O giva it hack again! A I thinn* ana faults n'Mrtonb tiul froin hii: niY haart set fr??. Withont thee, lifVa hop) aa?l magnet'a gone, or _ point* in rain. Bat imil*. and earth bloom* and h'awn op#* round thee and in*. I Ymllct Spirit. TH* N?W >'? ?* ? m 3octh Cahoiijia? Tkttr fibti mot V*i D"\d*d ?Tbe a'atement oftkf Charleston Cornier tbat tbe two Hitrblnsra, wt^> wm arrrated at Clio, 9 C., aome dava aince, on uiplcion of being abolRionlsta, bad Wen Lung, proves U be Incorrect A letter to tbe Mercury, dated at Cheraw on the 18Lh. auva tbat tbev are safelv lodged in the Bennettsvule jail, and that the moat conclusive proof of their guilt will be ned^d to secure their conviction. The writer add* The Committee of Vigilance, consisting of ItJ mentbera. in wboae h?nds the prisoners now are, bav* gone u> work coolly and systematically; they tint took meeaurta to obtain possession of the consignments of arnia, the invoices of which were f und among the papers of the accused By the Saturday's noon train the last box ahipped reached thia place; it waa taken to the bank and opened, and found to contain 3j worth The previous shipments Lave not yet been discovered; they were consigned to this place. But have not been received here: whether tbev were taken from Florence, cr some other point, lias not been ascertained Tbe box was found t? contain eight doable-barreled guns, carbines, twelve-shooters, Colt's revolvers, ball cartridges, powder flasks, and other ammunition requisite* When you add to these suspicious circumstances tbe fact that tbe elder Hltcbings is boown to have been In correspondence with \Vm H. Seward, of New York : that his house at Clio was notoriously frrqnented by negroes at night; nnd that he bears upon his back the marks of flagellation for trading with ths slaves, you may understand tbe strength of the case that will l>e'made out against htm. Hltchlngs, sr., is aged about fifty, spare built and of fair complexion. He has two brothers living In Lockport, ^ew York, (the former home of John Brown,) and another lit the city of New Vnrk H? kahx u it,, a?.k - . . aaw UV uu? Ji " u 1U ?UC OVUiU T? rH, off and on, for the last fifteen rears, including Louisiana, Florida, Georgia and North and South Carolina. He proposes U> sbow that he baa a son In Mexico, who desired him to purchase the arms for his defence In crossing the Plains His trial will take place to-morrow, the Committee of eighteen gentlemen acting as judge -nd jury. They are?/tillv determined to do impartial justice, and to weigh carefully every circumstance for and against the prisoners before thsy decide thtlr fate Different opinions are entertained as to what will be the result. One thing Is very certain-that the Committee who conduct the trial will not ia any way be influenced by the excitement and exasperation that now prevails throughout this region against the Hitchlags If guilty, the elder of the two will certainly swing; If innocent, both will be soeedilv frend Cheeaw, 8 C., Oct 23 ?The trial of the two Hltchlnga, father aud arm, came off on Friday, the 19th inat , but not at Clio, or before the Clio V lgllanft Committee; thev were tried at Bannetuville. and before a committee of aeventy peraona elecWd from the aeveral beat compaaiea lathe diatrtct. They were acquitted, by a vote of 11 for hanging, and 59 agaluat it. In addition to the facta of their having acknowledged the purchaae of tLe armi. and the arrival of part of them at th'.a place; and the fur# /*? *K.? -1 J ? M ? 1 J * u< s aw* *ua? IUC nitCQin^l UflU Dffll COTresponding with Wm.H. Seward and Horace Greely, two gentlemen from Pekin appeared ? witnesses. one of whom, Dr. fladley, offered to testify that he had beard the elder Hitching* declare hla Intention to array the .North against the ?outb. as far as was In his power, upon the question of slavery. The Committee, however, In view of the fact that the evidence against the accused was solely circumstantial, decided that the death penalty in this rase should not be Inflicted. Tney determined. nevertheless that the two ditchings Lou d leave (be Stale, aod appointed a sub-committee of six. who forthwith performed the dnty of conducting them to the North Carolina line; notwithstanding Dr. iladley's application to one or more magistrates for a warrant for their airest, Which was not granted ttr w aw- - 1 * * * * - ? ? w lit"ir mcy win pn ocxi, iimx wui lurtber ittempta thev iuay make in the bloody work of aasisting tbe miniois of Lincoln to cruah the South into obedience to bia belllah programme, time alone can disclose. It ia to be hoped, however that tbe eltixena of North Carolina will take proper care of them If tbey should ever dare to ?-ome thia aide of tbe river to recover tbt-lr irma, their hardihood will be repaid by a speedy application of the halter. Their arrrta are atlil hela as trophies of black republican discomfiture. Tbey will, of course, be confiscated, and applied to the service of tbe State UJ-coi. J. Buckatuhl, an editor of the Louisville (Kv ) Anzel|(er, waa resulted, knocked down and beaten by the keeper of sn eating bouse for refusing to comply with an exorbitant demand npon bla puree. The editor recovered himself, drew a revolver and (hot bla assailant In th- left breast, Inflicting a probably fatal wotind. Bnrkstabl was a Colonel of Kentucky Cavalry at tbe battle of Buena Vista, and bears many scars from honorable wounds received during tbe Mexican war. ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS. NATIONAL HOTEL?G Patt, W Smith, CA EITerea, O W Johnes. E Jones, Eliz Jones, Marv J ones. D P Marks, S M John?on, J F Zaderhlll and ly, T Knnkle, H Wager, NV; H ri San ford, B Douglass. T F t*mlth, C?: Maj Chase and ly, Mlsa Chase, Miss Hsetlngs. Fla: W L Kennedy and ly. NJ; T G Howard.* M Wbipple.B Croasdale. Ps; A Matthews. J F Blake. S T Stnart.Va; W Worthing ton. M S Plnmmer. R K Osbourne, Md; W H P?pe, Fla; W Tbornbury, Erg; 8 C Cobb and ly, Mrs Richmond, Mass; J W Gaillard and ly, SC; J Rand, NH. BROWN'S HOTEL ?Mr Hutchias. NY; A Banks, Va: D Hsskins, S E Fitch, NY; C Purvw, Pa; E W Blake and ly, Ct; Rev L> Scovel and ly, J W'Van Cleve and ly, J Cowan, G Stilt, R Dlci, J S Asprll, NY; Hon J W Stevenson, and daugb ter. Ky; D E Oak and ly, Ps; W Coad, Md; W Manu and ljr, Va; D Moore and Iv. Md: S \ln % ru, w u Hffln^too and If. N V; M taa A M Simmil, A W SU??er and fain, Vi; J Kllla. Pa; A R Manning and f .ai, Dr Conner and ly. Ala, G W Sb?rman and ly, W Bouek and ly, NY. KIEKWOODHni'jp " " ? II .munfu, Belgium; B S Alexander, USE; H Crow, P?; Hiram King, Va; P 9 Devlin and daughter, NJ. TBB INSURANCE COMPANY A or THK STATE OF VIRGINIA. RICHMOND. capital - - $soo,ooo. Wn 1L Site Partial, Pree't Farmer* Bank WeUinftoa *M4*9% irm of SoUUin fc Apporeo? T. vOloCaaoa. ira of D ua 1?. a. Mon care A Co O. A. B%rk?tale,mrm of Warwick A Barkadele lawwH. Grant, Tefcew* Mei??6yt.irer L. D. Creaakow, irm u/Jlaxall, Crecthaw A Co Joke L. Baoon, bra of Ba?oa k Baekemll If. B.Haxili, inn of Huwl, Creaafcav fc Co Joke Carne, Ir , 4kt? Owaer W m. H Warwiot. ftrm Warwick A Barkcdale IaeL Alfred Jo.? P r &UVU' 7 ySSSCtfwaaayias^ ffniiir"?J^.?%iW??!a?h22! tor piMO. rioiTn. ?nd^ati,31*'-.."io.'*A^boT^Vu W? !' liA'iMM mow o?98 for impaction. <JS!SS/p&4?L mi ? so* P*. ?T.. h*t Kk *Dd loth Ha. FUH,.0-^0^^^ g8a?,?,0N O?k ?i4 fcr tu ta?da of Praia. ? K-ki rTOU WISH TO OKT GOOD CLOTHING CaJ1 u AT LOW Pikw, MW? """? %SS!VSMk % wmrn*\m jf MI80RLLAWB008. ib^mbehk . Norioa u her?bj given that peblic salea trill h? held, on the dare ar.d at the plaoae hereinafter preified, in the State of Mtnxseor&.oi tMTMUt tract* of pubho huid withheld by Notioe No. MB. dated Stptemher 3, 1?S? from the eaiee ordered tj f rootawation No. MS, dated Jaly ?, MM, via > At the Land OftoeatSr. Cu>c?,oa Moaday. the 36' h day of November next, for the d upoaal of the UaoU tritmn the aadermeatioueri totrnahipa. withheld, pursuant to the above- mentioned notioe. from the eal?a hell on the 7th November, ia?, ander the aid prooiamatiea, vin North Hftkt base itiu ana tetti or IM ;nri* prtiMtjn*/ mertdiM. Tovmkl^ ?, of ran** a Tovsiltip ?. of range J9 Tovnahipa 41 Md U, of ru|l SI Townahip41.of rant* a Xvrtk of tk* ba? /mm amJ un%t of tk*fifth principal mrtftoa To w>ahipa 131 and lfe, ot range 25 To wnahipa 121 and IS, of range f8 Townahp* ?22 and lvS, of range 97 Towna.iipa 123 >24, US, and 126, of rancea Townahipa 124 1 5 126,137. and ia,orrang* a Townahip 123, ot range 3U. At the ljan4 Office at FamxsT Cirr.on Wednoad*p, the 2Uth day of November next, for the diapo ai of the tr&cta, within the undermentioned town* atupa. withheld, purnaaot to the above mentioned boiioe, from the aalea ht Id on theSlatOotobar, It?, under tbe taid proclamation, tii : iYtntk / ikt lan line and iNil of iheAfth principal mrrii mm. Townahipa lit, lit, and IK), of range tl Townahip 118.119 and Ufc?, of ru(6 2* Townships 116 117,118, lit, iau. and 121, of range 23 Townahipa 116,117,118, lift and 121, of rang* 24 Townships 117, lis,and 114, ofrange2S TuWi.shipa 118, 119 and 120, of rang* 26 Townships y?, 118,119, si d 12n, ot rang*27 Townahipa 118.119. and 12,cf rant* it To wn*hip? 118,119, and 13", of range ?4 Townahip: 118 lit, and l*i, ot ian?e mi Townships 118, lis), and 12), of range SI Townatiips 119 and 121, of range 32 Towaships 119 and 12), of range 33 Towcshipa 118,119 and I2?, vi range 3? Townahipa 118. 119, and 12'.of lange J5. At the Land Oftoe at Hixduiox, on Monday, the 31 dai of Deoember next, lor the disposal of thetnota witnin Ihe nr.d rin n'loned townships, withhe'd, pursuant to th?s above mentioned nouee, from the aalea h*>d on the 7ih Nureaiuar, 18je, und*r the said proclamation, viz : y ortk of the bate lime nmd weft of Ike fifth principal mtridiam. Townahi p 112, of ranre Ik Townahipa 111, >12,113.114, and 115, of range 19 Township* ill,Ii2, U3, 1U, and 116, of range*) Townahipa Hi, 1)4,and Ii5. of range21 Townahipa 114 and UK, of ranee 2/ Townahipa 1.3,114, and 115. ofra-ge23 Townahipa I 'if, 113,114, and 115, ofiange24 Townahipa 111, 11/, 113 and 114, of range 25 Township* 111, 112. ll-t.and 114 ol rang*2b Townahipa 111 and >12, of tange 27. At the Land Offi39 at Ch&tviklBi od Monday* ths 26th day of November next, lor the diapoail ot the traou withtn the nnderinectioned uwnthips, withheld, purauant to the above mentioned notice, from the aa.ea hel l on the 14th November, 1V0. under tie aaid proclamation, viz: North of the base lint a mi of the fifth prtneipal meridian. Townahipa 10S and 10?, olraige Townahipa 1"2 aid 103, of ranie 9 Towaaiiipa i*V. 1"3, and If 4 of range 10 Townahipa HQ and 104 of <ange 11 Townah pa 103 and lu4,?<f range 12 Townahipa 101,102, and 1 3, of ranee 17 Townuhipa 101 ! ?, log. aud lot, of range It Townahipa 01, ioj, ICS. aud 104, of range i9. At the i anc Office at Sux*ias Ciit. on Wedneeda?, the 28th day of November next, for the disposal of the traot* witnm th j undermentioned townampa, withheld, purauant to the above-mentioned notioe, from tne aalea held at Cambridge on th* 3 ?t Oatober, 1S50, under the aaid proclamation, via: North of the base lime and vest of tkt fourth principal meridian. Township 32. of range 23 Townahi pa 32 aad s^, of range 24 Townanip 33 of rang ? 25 Townahio 34. of r&nire n At the LabU Office at Portland, on Monday. the 2feth day of !Xovemr?er next, lwr the disposal of the trae's within the und'nnei.tioned townships, withheld, pursuant to ttMabore-mentionetf notice,from the held on the 31 at October, last, under the said proclamation, Viz: North of tki bate hmt and west of tkt fourth principal rruriduin. Townships S3, of ranie 10 Township 52. of ranee 11 Township* 51 and 53, of range 12 Tow- hip* 5u and 51, ot ran<ce IS Tow*hi p* 4.-* and 50, ol ranee 14 Townaiupa 4R. 49. and SO, of ranee 15 Town?hip* 47 ai.d 48, of range lt>. Land* appropriated by law for the use of Indians or other purpose* will be exoluded from the sales. The tracts within six miles on each side of the railroads will be offered, subject, required by law, to a minimum of tiro dollars and Aft* cmts per asre, and the particular tracts oat by the routes will ba sold subject to the r ghtof way for said railrcais, and as containing the qualities respectively snownon the offioi&i plat without deduotious. Tiie odering will be coimencod on the disappointed, ?ad will p-nooed id the order in whioh they ar* aJvrrtised, until the whole shall h%ve been cffsred, and tne sales cloetd; bat no sale thai I be kept open longer than two weeks, and no private entry of any of tha lands will be admitted until alter the expiration of the two weeks. Every eersou entit-ed to the right of pre-emption t > any of th< tracts embraoed by this uotioe is repaired to establish the same to the satisfaction of tn? register and receiver of the proper land office, and make payment lor their eiaims o?or befo'e the da? appointed for the commencement of the publio salvor the lands tract oiaimeo; other* wi?e, such claim will be forfeited. (i'Ven under my hand attheoity of Washington, this 19tb day of September lafio. J US. 8. WILSON, Commissioner of the General Land OAoe. Note.?Under the regulations of the Department, as heretofore and now pajm"ntoan be mad* (ur advertising proclamations exoept to such publishers as are i*t iai/y authorized to publish by the ccmmissiwier ol the General Land Offifce. se 22 win* s BIN? 669.1 V THE PKESIDKNT OF THE UNITED STATES In pursuance of law, I. Jimi* Briii inax. President of the United states of America. <io hereby oeclareand make known that public tales will be held at the uouer-mrntioned land oAms, in the Sute of Arkansas, at the periods hereinafter dee i?uaicu, 10 W11 : At the laud office a? Littlk Rock, commsnoieg on Monday, the 17th Jar of oecemtxr next, for the disposal of the pablic lands heretofore on offered, situated within the following township*, vix: Somia of t*? base lint and wst of tkeA/tk principal meridian. 7own?hip* It and 19, of range 4. ownahipa 18 and 19, of range 5. At the land office at Fatsttivillb, oommenoing on Thursday. the 2oth d%i < f D*o?mr>er next, for the disposal of the public land* heretofore unofferrd altaated within the following townahipa, vis: Xortk tf tk* bast line and / thtA/tkrrituifl m*rul\a%. Township 19, of range 2a. Township 17, of range21. At the land offioe at Clakeksvilli, commencing on Monday, tne 17tn d*r of Df?smh? n??* '? disposal or the puhlio lands hvetof >re nnr tTered situated within thu following townsmps, via: North of tht bast lint mnd wtst of thtAfih primcifl mttidimn Fractional townships 1 end 2. of ru(t 33. At the Lend Office at Washisotos, commencing on W ednesdaj the 19th day of i>< cm dm aexU for tfiedi?po>el of the put>l>o leads heretofore no offered sitoaud within the following townships, via: South of the base lint mnd wett of theAf.h principal menditm. The fractions south of ti?- old boundary Use, of township V), of rentes Si, It S3,14,25, and 3fi. At the l<end Office et CRtvrieion, Mnrnncin* on Monkey, tee 17th day ol I?ec?rnbsrnext, for t*>e dispose! oi lh? public Ian 1s heretofore u no tiered rituaUd within Ihe fo-lowiiig uwnships aad parte of t iwnships. vis: South of iht bat* lint and writ of theAfth principal meridian* ToWcship 19, of range 8. Township Is, of range 7 ownship 19, of range 8. rovnsnip 19, or range ?. Township 30, vt range It. The parts south of the old boundary line, of township 2U, of rang** 19 and an. Lands appropriated by lav for the nee of aehoola, military and otner purposes, together with the "4vampar,d overflowed," wiil be excluded from the sales. The ifl"-*rin< of the above lands will commem ou the days appointed, and will prooeed in the order in wutch tu?v are advertised until the whole shall have been offered and th? tales cosed; but no af ?hall be kept open longer than two weeks, and so private entry ol any of the .amis will be admitted unti! afar the expiration ofthetwo weeks Otven under my hand, at the olty of Washington, this Itth rti* of September, anno Domini one thousand eight hundred and sixty JAM Ed BUCHANAN. By ihe President: JOS. 8. WILSON. Commissionaer of the General Land Offioe. NOTICE TO PRE-EMPTION CLAIMANTS. Every person entitled to the right of pre emption to any of the lauds within the town*hipeand parte of townships above m-ntiuDtod ie required to eetabI I is h the same to the eatisfaotiun of the register and reoeiverof the proper Land Oflkoe, and make payI m?ot the-efor ae soon as praotioabie after eeeiag U Is notio*, an1 before the day appointed for the commeiMomentof the pubhe ealeof the lande erabraeiag 'he tract claimed; othe- wiee, aueh elam wLl be forfeifd. JOS. S. * ILSON, Commissioner of the General Land Diss. Note.?Under the regulation a ef tke department, u liw?tofore and now existing. bo oan be wade for idvertiauu pi ?olam*?iona exoept U such pubhahera as are mulkmi**d toeubliah by the Couiiui*>ioner of the General Laad Oftea. nl-5-yllaa J___ KV KRYBODY'S INTEREST 1ST Rtowipd (Bf Ka LL Bad WINTBK uivisr ?. Tsr.l5?$iSSi5c msd/ootbs. INPEOTINE; ; : . , , ? OR, I BlSIIl * VKVBV on,n? feter and ague exterminated. J* I *r> g , J. | | I cMl " f - > I " " * THE MUMAN CONSTITUTION ftATBD FROM WRECK. .. the preyenttte and remedy ros ul intermittent and bilious warmrs. U -1k > CURES INSURED IN A DAY. NATURE'S GRAND RKSTORATIVB. in pectins, inpbctinb. inpectins, inpbctinb inpbctinb, inpbctinb The terrible malady known ae ta* PR VER AND AGUE ku ? mitten handreda of thoaBands of peraona tbroacbout the world every year, and has never till.bow been m*t by aseoeeafnl medioa treatment that baa not prod need aevere MEDICINAL DISEASES, whiflh affect the langs, the iplNo, the liver, the hnrt, or other parte of the human organism. The IMPECTINE u the natural antagonist of all fevers. anil when it oomea in ooataot with the akin, ia abaorhed by tha interior organa. whioh raaiat eaeily miasma and all tendencies towards those maladies whioh prostrate the mind and body with lever. Fever and Agne reanlt from namerona oanaes. No plaoe ia wempt from the oaases whioh promote the exietenos of the dleeaee. That being onee seat ed in the aretem, indneee depression of apirita, laaaitade, languor. pains, chills, fever, and a long train of Maagreeable aenaationa, depriving the patient of all eoergy, and reducing him or her to a oondition of 8XTRBME HELPLESSNESS. Why will any on* safer the horrors of a debilitating Intermittent Fever, when by the aa? of tha IN VALUABLE IN PECTIN E, Ok PEftSUN FEVEK CHARM. fit A MnifiAdt nnd maviAal analiH** nf wtkUk tr? iutaatly absorbed, ALL TRACES OP DISEASE MAY BE ANNIHILATED IN A FEW HOURS, ELF-CAEE IS BETTER THAN PHYSIC. NATURE IB WISER THAN ART. EVERY DISEASE HAS A DIVINE RUMEDY. THE WISE APPLY WHILB THE FOOLISH DREAM. BETTER PREVENT THAN STRIVE TO CURE. DELAYS ARB DANOBROUS. THE UVPECTINE, 0k PERSIANFEYERCHARM, Hu tirtd thouudi of both mxm of the moat dtwdM Fevara. RmJ ud raliot. WONDERFUL EPFECT8. Lamial Boneall. of Plttabnrg.for two yaan uaeleee to himaelf ud aooiaty?a martyr to Chilla and Perer?anred in lees than three veeka, and improved in eight houra. Mary K. Belknap, Basdnsky, Ohio, after almoat loaing her rsaeoa aa veil aa etrength by Intermittent Perer, vith Ohilla, reatored to health is , twenty hoars. I J. R. Til ton, of Belgrade, Maine, broaght from death'a door, having enfbrad for fonr yeara, made veil in Ire veeka, aad improved m tvo honra. Adolphe Monbro of Franoe, relieved in one . hoar, vhile travelling in the eara of the Port l Wayne aad Chieago Railroad. lie vaa apparent ly dying vith Chilli. Ellen ft. Bwioa, of Lookfort, New York, roaeeed alter htm rMri' agfJiing. perftot our*. tfcoamxd of other mum prevented eed oared ren aoath, end not a etngle eotapL&int ol lite efteienor of the IRPECTIHEi . OB PERSIAN )F1VBR CHARM. TRY IT, PMOTt IT, KNOW IT. Aad Make known ite wonderfal povore aad tIi tnee, that thoee who rafter. or who are threatened . with enfferiag, m*r b? led to aee a eiaple, in i vuit u inniHM bjr Um laid of NtMnibr MAN'S BLESSING! INPDOTIN El 18 SO|J> BY ALL DKU0Q1STB AND MBD1CINE DKALJ&KS IN AMBRICA. PRIOB.ONE DOLLAR, SMtbf MiltoaarywtofU* UniUd State*. * ?-i REMEMBER, It u not Mm iavardlr, bat Is M>U*d outwardly, aooordlng to 4ir??tioM? vbiok faooomptay M?k MANUFACTURED BY Jf HR WILCOX * CO., 1M MAIN STRBRT, RICHMOND, V 1RG1N1A. vt .1 BRANCH OFWKX, No. 36 BANK Or COMMERCE BUILDING, NEW YORK CITY. M MllBtllB w ft m tbunjls, boots and shoes. JJOOTS AND epo^ TO SUIT THK We |f? bow manahotunnc all kinds of BOOTS sod SfiOBt Md owtMtft rtMiTiii ?m^| sispfly of eaatarn mad* work o f everrde- 9Hi onptio", made ex pressty to order, and will J W be sold at a much iower pnee than haa been* Mb ; heretofore sharged la Una ?ty far much infeaer Persons in want of Boota and Shoe* of eastera ai oity made work, will always ?nd a cood assortmea l ia stora aad at the lowaat prieea. Give as a cail. mtMfvnoaa ? ? * ? P i < h uuiiuadv iJUkVlkUNS TMNBB smred fea^dy.embntoint *1] Dreea and Packing Trnnka. Onr tron'k?? aalea room exhibits at thie time the rreateat variety of travelin| reqniaitee. at moderate k? UjTOld Tnuika repined er taken in exohanf* for niv oam? I WALL, STEPHENS * CO* Trunk SalM Room. marg-tf 88)1 Pa. aTwia ' SOUTHERN TRUNK MANUFACTORY. D 499 Tth Snin, ? Orpesit* Odd Fellovt' Hall, Wafkxntttm, D. C. Travelers will atndr their intereeta by exaimnm my TRUNKS, VALICES Ac .before par anTV chasing elaewere- Aa I u?e none but tbtBgRm beet material the market afforda and em^lor^^^"" the beet workmen, 1 can confidently recommend my I work to he enperior in Strengtk and Durability to < Trunka that are made in other oitiea and eold here, I keep constantly on hand, and make to order (on one week'a notioe) ever* descriatien of SOLS LEATHER, IRON FRAME FRENCH DRESS mmd WOOD BOX TRUNKS: ASHLAND amd otktr VALICES: TRAVELING BAGS; HARNESS: SADDLES; WHIPS, te., ft. t Trunka, Ao., Repaired and Covered, in a workmanlike manner, at ahort cotioe. Trunk* rian v#?r^l in - ?- ? ? W?4 j |TWI V* ?HV VlkJ * 0Wf|V town, or Alexandria. Aleo?Agent for Howe's celebrated FAMILY 8EWIN6 MACHINES*. de 15-U JAMES 9. TOPHAM. TUAVM.KKH' DL RECTORY. I \AILY LINK OF NEW FOUR-HORSE U COACHES TO UPPER MARLBORO', Carry?** tk* U. X. Mail. The underaign*d are now runniqg Daily, (exoept Sunday.) Four horao Cyachea b^ /fT/i, * x tween Washington ami Upper Marl boro', a* foljorr*: tBWir*lt> Leave the Steamboat Hotel, oorntr of Seventh atreet and Pa. at7 o'clock a. ni. Returning leave Upp?r Marlboro'at 11 o'clock a iti., and arrive in \% adhington at 3o'clock, in tune to connect with theS.*Jip. m. t ain for Baltimore. I The Coaches are n??w and commodious, the teama first-o'ans in tho Ua.ida of careful and accommodating driver*. Fare to Upper Marlboro. 5ft oenta. To Long Old Fielda ...... 25 " ToCenterville 38 " Freight and package* in proportion. au 15 tf On BORN k CO .Proprietor!. If ALT1MORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. 13 WASHINGTON BRANCH. saa.ii . m m mmm Chansi or Hooks. vii aixu ari r.r wkunfcSUAy, jun?ljth, I860, trains will ran mfollow*: l.eave Washington at 6 2?and 7.4^ a. m. Leave Washington at 3.20 and 5JO p. m. On Sunday at 3 30 p. m. Leave Baltimore at 42S and #.40 a. m. Leave Baltimore at 3.15 and 4.30 p. m. On banBay at 4 25 a. m. Pasner.gers for the Fast will take trains at 6JP and 7.40 a. m and 3 30 p. m. For the West at 7.40 a. m. and 3.2? p. m. For A nnapolis at 7.40 a m- and 3.20 p. ra. For Norfolk at 7 40 a. ra. On Saturday evening the 3^0 p. n. train goes to Philadelphia only. T H. PERSONS. A seat. I NEW ORLEANS XJKT TanxiB WITH TBB CHOICE OP THREE ROUTES. ISlHBHB ALL RAIL ROUTE, VIA Orange and Alexandria Railroad TO LYNCHBURG: Virginia and Tennessee. East Tennessee and Virginia, East Tennessee and Georgia, Nashville and Chattanooga, Memphis and Charleston, Mississippi Central. Ffn? Orleans and J ad ton, TO NEW ORLEANS! MEMPHTsTROUTE: Meraphia by Rail.thenoe br First oLaaa Pooketa to New Orleans. MONTGOMERY AN1) MODILE ROUTE: Montgomery by Rail, thence to Mobile by Firrtomm Paoketa. Molnle to New Orleans by Lake Steamers TWO DAILY TRAINS?StrtDats Iwchtbxb. Leave Washing tea at 0 a. a. aad 6 p. m. The Steamer GEORGF. PAGE leave* her wharl foot of Seventh street at 6M a m. and 6fc p ra. and aneota at Alexandria with the Orange and Alexria Traina for the Sonthweat. Oflioe?Pennsylvania avenue, oorner of Sixth at. UNA81 OUOIIS THBOF?H TO ?W OftLlASS. Lynehbarf . . 4fPI M?iftoa wrn*m?Ml oo priai'i... , . . 10nr. Atlanta .38 00 Rnoxville .... ? JOfn- Macon a 00 Shattaaooja 34on Col umbos ? SI 50 at ton.. 34 00 Montr oim>rT 53 on untsvihe *? 00 1 na Memphis.42 50 Brand Junction JO on N.O.S viafi, Jono..48 40 Nashville 25 *o \ via Mobile. _46 00 THIS ROUTE IS ENTIRELY UY RAIL 900 MILES SHORTER^,'and 34 HOURS LESS khan any other l.ine?the L.yn*hb*rg Extension being now oorasleted, aa a!n> the Mississippi QUICKEST A^D M^T^IEASANT ROUTE FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS! Ik ia provided with First-claas Sleeping Cart! (To New Orleans 73 Hoars. Memphis Ji do. Montgomery . .63 do. Naahvilla 48 do. (TrTba U.S. MAIL aid ADAMS' EXPRESS aretaken over this New Line. Siokets oan be obtained at the South Western oe, comer of Sixth etreet and Pennsylvania avenue, to thefollowing points: Lynonburg, Bristol, Knoxnlle, Atlanta, Chattanooga. Huntsvillc, brand Jnnotion, Macon, Nashville, Dal ton, Columbus, MontfOinerj^^M^le,^^Memphis, and rrr THROUGH TICKETS TO THE VARIOUS VIRGINIA SPRINGS. IC^Omnibnset and Bag cage Wagons leave the omoe at 6 a. in. and I p. in. JAMES A. EVANS, Tlaket Axaot, ma 35-tr . Corner Sixth st. ana Pa. atr. '|M1 K STEAMER JAS, 8UY Win rerame her a trlpa on TUESDAY, 21?t of February, 1M0. Will l??ve WASH IN?TON every TUESDAY FRIDAY, at* o'olock a. m.,and ALEXANDRIA ?th?rr-pMt 3 o'clock, for Cl'RRIOMAN and the intermediate tannines. On her return triM.Bh* will leave CURRIOMAN every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, at S o'olock a m. LUCIAN S. PAGE, Proprietor. NATH'L BOUSH. Ai% Alexandria OFFICE OF INSPECTOR AND SEALER U OF GAS METERS, W AHHI7VGTON. July H, 1MB. NOTICE IS flERKBY GIVEN. That.agreeably to the provisions of the mdinanoe ef the Corporation approved May 12.1800. the undersigned is now prepared, "whenever reeulred in writing, and on pre payment of the foe of fifty centa, to iaapeet* examine, teat, prove, and aaoertaiu the aoooraoy of ?/? ? ? f ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 1? ' * " iwt i??i anun vi mi J iuOMT III QW ID tnia city." | Every meter, iffonnd inoorrect, will beoondemned, and another, sealed and marked as true, will be set 10 i'? plaoe. If proved to be aoenrato in (to meaear* meat of km, it will be sealed aooordiofly, and a?ainjat in position for im. Office NT MO Seventh street,(near Odd Fell?w.' Hv, <'penfrom8 t<)5 em tnAKljCiS W. tUIlilLlVllAiU? Jy 18-tf Inspector and Sealer of 6aa Matora. O A S F I X T a I E 8^ E Have in store. an<l are dai.y reoetvini, OAS FIXTUHES of entirely New Patterns and Designs and Finish, superior in stylo to anything heretuiore offered in this market. We invito oitixena ceneral 1* to call and examine our stock of Gas and Water Fixtures, feelui( confident tliat we have the baat elected stock la Washington. All Work in tae al*ove line intmstod to oar ova will be promptly attended to. . MYERS * MuGHAN. mar 5-tf 87M) street. FH KANCI8 HARPER. **vm L _ _ I ? A?D FEKD8TOEK, York avmu4 and Tenth ttrttt. Reepectfally solicit* the patronage of thoee w V *> m w?a1t.ofarticle in tiieahore line. Hi* endeavor* shall be to please. and by a at not attenStioo to the want* of the publio, he hopes to merit a of their patronage. took oonaiata of every article anally to be in ? irst-ol&ss Family Grocery ana Feed ?o?n moo* 01 vo?nmM iwa <jr?D Apple cider, whioh we i?trutNto be ?ur? Jnic*, mm! will b? old oa r?MKmsble tarn* fa order to make room fcfc?w. hbiinii ^r^rifSsSsr 1 ' MKDIOIWm. I U- ItllimR, L! BAliVnlMB LOCI OtriT&l, B? ftwwuK M? ?W) OrtM, mttf Ifnimmf ITniirf| ? tk* WtrU. FOR ALL DISEASES OP IMPENDENCE. LET NO FALSE DELICACY PRETElfT. APPLY IMMKD ATELY. 1 CURE WARRANTED, OA MO CHAA9Mt tm n/ur n?rr W> rwn n < w? I VMt?H tfiki liik.ltmiiiM llfc^i uil ftUdtr, ift??l?nury tlham/y^a, Iumm;, Imnl KIT ?ia?ifThhm^JM' tisy '*???? lW< Tarrfkl* Ditwtlii inaiaf ftw Miaxj Itlw at TM^m I>raadfa^aad Dmritti'i fnrotw^jrt^Mi TOIM MM* ???teall? wka kara >m??i Ut ><? af >ll?iy VIM, Iktt ifMTOl and d??tratu?* kaku wktak aaaaalla avaapa M m uumtif f r? ? bfoult at J nag Mm wim Mai ?aaliad ttliou and krtllaol taiallact, ?") Bifki KiirviH kt<i aotrenead tt?mi?| Iwttw vtik ik? tfftw rf >I?iii>m a? fiklil M IMUf ika Uateff ly?a, Mf Mil fit rati Ma* makjliu rmon, w r*u( mnmiwruuumw ilui>iii| tvmtf akyaiMl tiUiM, Mfttli daklittp, 44.) ipiiiil? tift4. It ?b? atecaa kinMlllMii Ui mm af Dr. J. nNft aa?lj tMMt ta kit haoM u a (laiiiau u4 iwhwCy ral) pan ki* skill u a p>iv>ia:*a. orriCE Ma. 7 IOITI rUSKUCimUT, lafl hand aida n?| Na Baluaara ittiai, a lav d??a? tna , tka caroar. rail aat ta akaaraa uai tad MkM. bat tan mm ka paid aad ?m late atea? ^ ML|OBIHffO?, ^ tram mi af |t< mm bum! l? tka loifiwin and tba nitur sari af vkMi Uf* ui km apani ia tka kw itala of Laadao, Pan*. PMladalfkia ul alaovbora, kaa af** fattod af tka mot aataaiakiag aaraa m vara a*at kaava; nu; vroaklod vkk Mfkf la tka boad aad aaaa binulns; froi oirvoaaoaaa, kaiag alaiaaad at aoddaa aaanla, b?anf?Tnaai vilh fraaaaot blaabmg, attaadad wi Ian *IU daraafamaat af miad, vara earal liavadUtalv. Till PUnCIUI IIOTIC K. Ta*a( Maa aad o-bara vko kara a)ari4 taaaaaloaa by larun prmcoca icdalgad ia vbac alaaa?a kabu froqaaatly laaraad fraaa aril t am pa alaaa, at at aakool, tka afaau vbich art nightly fait aaaa vkaa aalaap, aad if aat lint] raodara laarnago impaaaikia, aad dwutfi kotk aiad aaa kadr, ahaald apply immadiataly. ftaaa ara aarna of tha aad aad aalaackaip afiau arodaaad kr aarlr kakiw af raatk via i Vaakaaaa af tka Back aad kiiaka, Paina is tka Maad, Diaaaaaaf kifbt. Looa af Maaaala* Pa*ar, Palpitation afiha aan.DrapapaT.Maraaaa Irriiakttft?. Darang amant af tb? Dijuum raactioai, Saaaral Dt kittly, yaipuxaa af Coaaanptiaa, la. HINTALLT.-Tu faarfai afaau oa tka aladan aaakta ka draadad?Laaa af Mlaary, Caafaaiaa of Idaai, Dmnnm afSpirita, Evil, Aaaraiaa of Sociota, talf Diotraat. karaaf iaiitada, TTaidfty, au.,ari aani af lb? ?*Ua par 4sc#d HUTOia DBBlklTTTkoaoaad? laa aav |adga vkal la lh? < ??.? ?/ ih..? H?? I.-.-- i?. ' ? - m mm, Ml UIU ?lf ?, taiaiDf ?aak. fala, ntrr.aa ixd aaacialad,banaf aatafalal if^niutl iwntti Ifil.twjh Hiiap-raatluMupilM DISEASES Or IMPRUDENCE. Win tka onafaidad ?nd impradat.t vatarp af plaiaara lata k* ku imkikad tha Midi af Uu paiafal Imim, h :m rf|w kappana tku aa lu-umad mom af ikwi r drni afdMMtarp diurt lua frxa applying la tkaM wit, fraat adattviaa ud rMpactakaiitp, lac afona kafriaod him. fklla lau Iki band* af ifnarant tnd dni|<iia( mtndin, vtw, incapaklk af canof. Ileh bia pacaniarp aabataoca, kaap kia triliaf aaatk anar mantb, ar aa Uag aa tha anallaat fa a aaa tea afcuuoad, ud id daapair lu<a kin with raiaad kaaltk la aurk a?ar biafailing diaappainlmanl; ar ky tka aaa a( that daadl* paitan, Marcary. kiataa tha eana'.itauaaal aynvptaaa af tka iarnbla duaua, aack u Afacuonaa'tha Eaart. Tkraai, Maaa. Skin.St., pragraaati.g vr.h frightfal rapidity, till daatk pau a par tad ta hia draadftl aaf aripga ky aaodug kia ta that aadiaca'arad cavalry fraa tltaaa kaaraa aa traaalat rataraa. ML JOUtOIHEMEOT POE OROAE1C WEAEMEEB AMD IMPOTEHCY. Bp tkia mat aad laMntniiiaady aaUiaaaafUa anua ata apaaduy caiad acd fall aigar raatarad. Tkaaauda af |M Mat narvaaa aad dakiliutad, vka kad I aad all kapa, ka*t kaaa iiaraadialaly rahr?ad. All lapadiaiiu ta Marrtag a. Phyadaal ar Maatai IHaaaai laaliaoa, Laaa af fraaraauaa Pavar, latfaat Mttalk] Tramklir.g aad Walk a aaa a? EakaaaUaa aftka atathtdfv ktad apaaadilj ear ad ENDORSEMENT OP TEE PRESS. TEE MART TEOBSAWDS carad attbla loatltattaa vlLbta tka laat aaranlfka rain, aad ika * ' til tfinMM p?rfir?ntd k? Di. JthHM, viustml kj ? nnmn ?f Ikl (iptn *rtf taaoj (Uii JMrmi, UUI? d vbKh ht?i ippiitid igiin u4 ifua ktiari tkt ?skU?, k?S4m kiaHula| >i ptiliau ?f iktniui u! riiMMtrtlitf! b > Nliud puuMi M iki ilUui t*stt-ly R. J. BOVKK UOD'S IMPERIAL WINE BITTERS, Are now being nsod from Maine to the Great Hilt Lake, anl the omMrul rdiot of nil who see tLem either as a vu^icdu or u a Mmtwi. u that they nre nncarpaaed in the world. Dr. Doda a sad them successfully in his practise for S years before we purchased of him the sole nght to manufacture nad preeent them for aale to the pa bus. Forth* enreof Incipient Ooneumsuon, Indigestion, J>rspepaia, PUea, Nerroas Dieaasee. Female Oom plaints, nod all on sea reeainng a tonio, they nre beTOLd doubt nmoat invaluable remedy. Aeidefrom their medicinal proyertie? they are n pure, wholesome and deligntfni Beverage, producing aU the pheasant eahilorating effect of Brandy or Wine without their injurious results. Let ail frieada of humanity and nil advooatee of temperanee assist ns in Babstitning these mluasle Vegetable fl.tters for the mineral woistmi ard adwittrattd Liquor I with whioh the oonntr? Is flooded, and thereby aid in banishing Disease and Drnnkafeeaa from the land. CHARLES WIDDIFIELD * CO? Proprietors, TS William street. New York. J. 8CHWARZE. Agent, W ashing to a, D. C. nJWMrms*., For Diseases of the Kidneys J. adder and Urinary Organs, and especially for Female Obatraetioaa. uovor iwi WO ourc, ftDQ are warranted to giro mUi I "CHA'HLM WIDDIFIELD * CO., Proprietors, 78 William at.. New York. J. BCHWARZB. jeTly.r Ageai. Washington. P> C. JOY FOR THE SICK AND SUFFERING. LET ALL WHO ARE AFFLICTED APFLY THSCHEMEDY REJOICE YN HEALTH. Friend, do yon an&Vr? Are roe the riotim of any ofthoae numerona ailraenta whioh anee irom impurity of the bloo<l? What are they, do yon aakf Rather aak. what are they not.' The blood u the onroe of life and health, and it la the f rat element of onr being to reapond to any oaaae whioh ???t? tn* system, as the pulee Infallibly attests The ever prevailing Neuralgia, the* irritating Erysipetae.Uie aubtle Scrofula, the ag 00111 ag IbHoiliu, Servoui Debility. Dyspepsia, Liver Complaint with ita torpor and dejection, and the nnmberleaa ilk that flaah ia heir to, derive their hideous origin from the blood. Oe&l kindly thee aud gently vita the Uood. Us" the vitalizing rea?uroea of nature for it* aid. ami toffer us to commend to yoar confidence and uso that truly valuable medicament known aa MRS M COX'S INDIAN VEGETABLE DECOCTION. With regard to thia a)moat lnfaJUlwe aeeoifie popular sentiment haa spoken ia deoided terms, and the evidenoea of tbia great efiioaoy are sustained by conatant avowals of curative effeoU and thA happioet results from its uae ar* after all other remediea and the beettnedieal akili have faitr-dLet ua ear,in conclusion, th?t c?rt:hoates ourea are not eought from the illiterate and sueerfioial, bat they are volunteered from the "? respectAble sources and justify the higheet terms in whieh it ia goMible to commend eo valuable a aeeoifie to paVic approval. We may add alao that the curative properties of the medicine are equalled only by lta restorative eflecU. the syaUm recovering from disease with renewed <mn*titut-onal vigor. For aale by all respectable Wrug gists in this ouj.auu uy uw proprietor, MKS. M COX. Nou r^nmne unleM her name ia blown on the botf* and her seal on tho oork fry* Knoe SI per bottle, six bottle* for fS. Agent. R. f*. T. C18SKL,. Drocfiet, Georgetown, f> -C.. JVholM&le Agent for the Du triet, and will supply the trad* it ray anoM. %* It-tr tFOR STAMPING A PACKET OP PAPER, AND ENVELOPES TO MATCH, at the METROPOLITAN BOOKSTORE. * PHILP t SOLOMONS, At tuts for Laurtnrt's ttl$br*t*4 Linn Pa.p*rs, "Metropolitan Milts," tc., *c. ? my 83)1 P*. ay.. **. ?U aa4 lftth ?U. 279 ?v^S5SKri# 206 Pa. An., FOREIGN FRUITS, Pa. Ata, Bafi Imti to oa!H tk?MMBti?c \>V&. the _anb! ic ( neralij to his New Store, aader WflIarcra Hotel, Kit opened, in oonaexion with hit oid ottablKAuent, where h? wi.l be haparto reeel re an; orders for nftrwOoiMMi of kia ova importation. Also, all order* lor Diinn, hmn, Bails, aai Private Parties, wmoh will be sirred ap Is aim laSt^^?s^srjs^a' rLr A M WM. T. DOVE * CO. ^ ARK Now prepared toexeeato uj orders wlU Vnioh thej m?r be fevered into* * e^jSjBAM rrrnitf uv oujr? on ?ib i kv aoori corU of Pi itindwd brwidf. A ohoice lot of Ctf*r? ui To- i Dup?ra,?u?ss5fc a I** r** j ; .. i sp^KHraar.i MiscKuLmBoua j my"m*mw I WI u?M(l?IOVI Ml A ?lllin> I b* ha* vic<l u> bit tone oaubtUkwl btUBM* tW | awiiliarr of 1?i Hr mw\mg aa4 ?a afcc ' las sh&s at&nd Tof". Til*. NmAdmU. Tomb tad H?it Stotx*, ?? > . WiDrt.'W Listen. i*il.a. m?M ratfonM. Uana*Kthu?lalargeatookmimim M?rt>leiB wocfc/rx>rt iret*Bede,sfih? <>w?t r>t?. HlMUImMmaf Mag fbnuab Marfete Wort m low M it wo km f?rokM?d ia M?v Yark. ynw; It wfll be a? ?e<WMit>oi f > '-itawji. hi rHr.iiruKi*. AmmtSmum IXorti* o?.<* firvwmitan* Wrnh*. Pk W, oo*. Thirt'?oU |LV Mll lw Waohnnrton. B7c TU UNION WILI. STAND. NO MATTER %MO'9 PRESIDENT: IDS in all lU br*nc(if?. Old GImiih piomjpty loaded to. Piuntini aod OrnMWDtmc CottM* Fomitoraia tb* Neat atylo I ? a*?. o%l' In tk* PkiBtiii of Roof* m4 brick Wtl'i. All of th? obrro I will do mm eb?*o m tha tlM? at. i tha. < f?ra lolwH Um rMrwiMe of mi frtondo *od follow eitiMi yf tfeo DiaUiet. Paoout* itr riot.i ubMrvM, ind work doaa in lb# boat moy'oa will rl?M ait4 r??' *?? m4 atop at M. T. PARKKR*8 r*tatt*f Kai*bliah?arl, fco flV S 1! *1 la LmUim ? ., aorta aido, bocwooa '* 2 of ektft. M a * *'.. | an >' a?r> r |MPORTANT TO HOUSEKEEPERS. E. B. PURREE A CO/S | mH n!r ABSOLUTELY AND PERFECTLY FURIt, * bat groand from freak Spioee, ** eoted ui ?Ihm4 by as expreeely for the purpoee witfcmt isfciM^n to anal. They wt txauufally packed in uiftii, ( ined wUmw.iUi prevent injur? by keeping. aal ara fall weight, *hi!e the .ordinary gr?eaif Ssioee ar? almost invariably akort. We vvt?4 Tgwwafl? ftBfftiniU trim.1 will ^ron, ttaaiilMtartd only bj lb It-if. DA ^ATCHREPAIRING Aj? 0 HII.VER WAKE I h*re ob? of the Itest establish meat*. aed faraieheri witb a roaiplete eet of tools repairinr every il-se'iption of ft or Watches. and aartiealar attention aire to the sante, by thorough oompetentwurkmaii.aad a. wo*kcuara>> bed Al'O, every desorip ion of s'aiidard SII.VKR WARE, plain and ornamental. manufactu<ed under my own supervision, which my cust 'liters will find far anpenor in quality and finish to northera v?t? old by dealers in general and rar^ee**^ ? their own manufacture. H. O HOOD, ae 6 SISPa-avrniM ntarfUat. UOWE'SIMPROVED WEJ6HIN6 SCALES AA Theae ^oaiae areodarad to tiie aaMie an the i moat simple.darable, and reliable eoaiee ever aat im m aaa. premiama hare be*n awardedmtm \ WM United States Fair and Virginia Acioaltaral t\ atj; Virginia Stare Arrlaa'tnra Fair: Fmakita I Ir.stitata Fair, Pennsylvania; New York State I-air; I Vermont State Fair, Ae., Ac. Id every eaae wh ?ra f exhibited they oars received fcrat oiaaa prefaiama For pa a at Aft Louisiana avaaae, Depot af Biliir'i Chi I ed Iron Safaa. gelt-lv K- C PATTIHOI. >>*i O/ABBliNSTON SEW INS ROOMS. " fNtU ti? (see 4eer? Strtk a/ ra. Aaa ^ow la the time to ga( SPRING art RUMMER I M TH ? tim b? In nwiar TWa ?aKa*riKa? in XTvr < / *WWIT! V\ V\ (1^/* DltPATCH! ?? ^ Nw/TBtre the Pieces! Am w^bnti will kmrrm, ita ?* iU-rii*l?ii< fmm&Ui, It U tbtj dMlr&ble to h?ro mom ?I??m ud ooimiMt nr lor m?ihi4 Ftmtw?.Tor% Crock *17, A*. STANDING'S PREPARED OLUB V nnti all ?ooh ?w?r(?D<s'M. aod m*> bosaefeoid mm ftford to be without it. It la ftlw?ya NMV ft??4 ? J to ti.e aycking poiat. T isra it no longer ft aeoar f aitjr for Mir pir.g chftir*. aaiinterert '-'neera. hffl I dolia, and broken erftdlea. It la iaat the ftrtteie for I oone. shall, ftod other orna.?iratftl work, ao popaiftr I witk lftdi?a of raiMMnt and uate. I Tftia ftdnairftlxe prepftrfttion la naed oold. bring I ehemioftUy hold in aolation, and ioimmui ftlr tbe I Tftloable qcfthtiea of tb? beat efth'.not maker*' f la*. 1 ^y he aaed id U?e f ace of ordinary mftftitftf*. V aetlr mora ftdhaaive. I - UBEFVL IN E fKM T HO UMM." I Afc-lSS., HMVPU1N -O. I Wk?l*tmli J?n, No. 4S Cadftr atreet, New York. J Addraaa HENRY cTsPALDINe ft CO.. Boa No. S,M?. New York. I JA I Co Show Card ?oeomp*eyiM wch pookaca. * 9 CT 4 ?&>!? bottle of SPALDINU'S TRBF1HKD GLUE viil save Uu ban its wwt loan*] ly to #T#ry hoK?i.o,d.-/Tl Bold by all irominent tttationor% Pratfiato. Hardwaro and Farultar# Dcouera, Grooara, ui Fancy 9tor**. Coantry merchant* uttonM Ntfc?aa"taof 8PM*BlfHTB PKEPAHKD VLVE. vb?i rootiDg ?p ttMr ImL It Tilliiud ?r.r?liROt> I* II 1? 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