Newspaper of Evening Star, October 29, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 29, 1860 Page 2
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? * ft . * J 4 ' * ?. " WA^IIINGION 01TV: 5I05WAV. OfHWr 3?, 1M?. *lrtr1t ?f the W?r?t*| rrw?The Comit, Mticm critlcl*?? ?t lengthi l*te?peech of the Hon Henry W. Hllltrd, of AUj ?t Richmond, V?. The htUllif*"' quot* *a article from the Albany Argua to ibow that tilt pr^**pect of the usion ticket in !*e*r vert m not so Daa aner au. fIj- A Unm Thursday night destroyed nine J aOrw at Opcn>a,Ala. " [ ~f I be London Commercial Record states that tbe Grert Kaatern steamship la ao ahaken up and weakened that she is unseawortby. irr The Havana correspondent of the Cbarlraton Mercury a?ya the report la unfounded tbat Spain ia fit'lag out fleet at Havana to aid Mtodmon, In Mcxico. m7" <>n Saturday laat. a largo number of demo, crata, favoralle to tke election of Breckinridge and 1-ane. me. at Gravea'a stand, near Silver , Spring, Md Among tbe?peake-a.who entertained the meeting at considerable lengtb and with great ability, were Mr. Sproule of Indiana, and Frank M. Spencer, Ksq . of th la city. C*!?sc* or DitAWiir ?The census of the State of Delaware hat been completed, and ahows the following malts: White and free colored inhabitant*. 110.512; slave*, l,?US; number of dwellings, 19,t5~; families. 19,261; farms, 6.606; slave owners, 6io Total population of the State, 112,347, against vi..>? in ls50. There were si.2W slaves in the State in 1850. U_/" The Wathington correspondent of the New N ork Herald, speaking of the correspondence of the Times, uLkL we alluded to on Saturday, My*: The reckless aap^rslons upon the position of the Secretary of the Trtwury by your quadilaleral 0 ?ntempcrarv gain no credence here He was the I nfon caudfdate when he was elected Governor of Georgia, In the day* that tried men's soul*. To rerst sectional aggrtssi^n is true Unionism To submit thereto is the surest road to overthrow \1 r P.aKI>'? "? n t^^aA ..n'a ? . . A K t m * St.. . .. . WW ? uncvcu- U'*, uIiu UK pir?rn? y\*u. nun vindlest*! ttoetrown roiifiilfn^j snd ps triotiMn.' \rr We bare received from .Mtnti French A Kicbsteta (vh* have tbe book for sale) a copy of ' MHhodt?m Koccresful, and the Internal Cause* of ito-tcce-a;'" by Rev. B. F.TeJTt, D 0 ,LL D , Uta President ?f <>enea*ee Co lege, author of Webster ai.d hia Masterpiece*," 4c ; with a letter of introduction by Kisbop Janes; Derby & Jackson, publishers, New York. Among the subjects treated of b, this book are: The first Metbodiat?being tbe life of John Wesley: numerical strength of Methodism, rank and power of Kngltab Methoitsnr; rank and power of American; outside solutions of tbe success of Methodism; Methodism the recovered ideal of Ctifistfanltj-?the flrst cauae of lta suc*ea?; Metbcdism a recovery of the original method of tbe propagation of this ;desl, Methodism the recovery of tbe ideal cf religions life and practice. It baa been truthfully <m!d that thie valuable and deeply interesting volume will be welcomed, not only by Methodiete, but by all !??er? of eterling rellgloue literature. Also from the ?m?, a copy of "Will He lad He*;" A Romance of Sew York and NewOrleanr; by Winter Summer ton; Derby and Jackaon, New York. The author, In hie preface, cava of thle muet readable book, that it waa not written for publication, but for the entertainment of hie Invalid wife, who. en her death-bed, requested bim to give to the world the narrative that had filled her *oul with exquisite emotions during the t >ar hrrght k**rs of slowlv but aurrlv snnmwh. _ - / r i lug dissulutioa. lie says that though the book U styled a romance, there is not aline, from tbe flrat to the last pap0, unfounded on fact?that the ?ubject* in the book are r?W, and owe nothing to him beyond the light and shade by which he ha* rendered the din: and undefined realities of life boldtr and brighter to the eye and mind. Pernaal. Hon G N. Fitch, of Ind , and Lieut. Col. t*cott, U.S. A , are at tbe National The London Mechanic's Magazine states that HoOOs, Ute famous lock man. bu r'tlrrd from busln* ss?probably with a fortune?and i? about to return pe iitauPDtly to America with h!a family. Gen Joseph Lane, of Oregon; Hon John Brodhead, of Philadelphia; and Mri ci-Prnldent TvJer, of Virginia, were at the St. Nicholas Hotel. Nsnr York, on Friday. Jamea Kedpatb, a well known abolitionist and fttend of John Hrown was the rnripient of a popular entloR at Port au Prince, ou toe 27th of September, on the occasion of his return to the I"irtled states. He made a speech. Col A G Cumn. (rsrereor fleet ?f PennsylTinla. arrived in Bc?on on Wednesday. His health is not entirely rt-sWed. Darin)? the day he visited Bunker Bill, the Na^y Yard and Faneull liatl. arc ru^joied by Messrs. Charles R Train, Jclyt 8. fceyes and Z K Psnyboru Re* Dr r?hin ?k? l-i-l. n -r. . ??v ???-u ivv,. pr^acner and Journal!*'. has leased a dwelling at Rome. N \ .with the intention of becoming h resident tbere He isevidentlv enamoured of this country. All his letters to Irish journals represent every, thing In America flevr de rot*. And'w B Hutchinson. a son cf Jesse Hutch* inMD, of Mllford, N. H . and a brother of tb? well known Hutchinson singers. died at the lunatic hospital atttoutu Boston, of i^ronlc insanity, on hatnrday. He was llf?y-two yars of age, and for many year* was a grocer upcn Broad street. .Mrs fed ward 9 Livingston, relict of Edwar* Livingston., the ?tates:nan and jurist, died at htr r??tii'?'-e Mongomery Place, Mew Vork city, on Wedaesdav Uat. Mrs Livingston was in the HUH >*? of her age, having been born lu the Tear 17V1 She was afflicted with no special d;*eaae, ai d expired siioply of eld age acd debil11/ Sh? leaves behind her but one child, Mr*. HtitMi. wi(r nf (>' u 0-* mv? w. oarvuil. OI t'OllAQfI* j plii?. In tbe laitrr part of her life Mr* Living- , nnww wholly withdrawn from society, although be-alwuy* rrtilmd the liveliest recollection* <>f the brilliant ifnn through which the baa pasted. jry The nttmatf of tbe iixt of lt? New York c.!? pwbUc acto?l system.** ju*t submitted. shows u total of ?1,JUU.'W, which ia#175,009tn excess of lb- rati mated l*st \ear. . Of this total the salary of teachers and jMivtora imouM to S?5<5."00, and be ka U> Tfcecommit'ee ori sUt?ii?? mad 9 tcnji* ikiv?i reconuii. dations :n rtferencote prin ary i?nd yrarr.iri?r fa.hv<>U vet U is to be prerut without du* cocsiaeraUon. Their report provide* tbat hereafter do lestona *b:<U be j:iv?n to tbe children in the primary department to bestudifd it bo:oe: that tbe lemons to the prl-1 niary department shall be given lu tbe class room j and no book* whatever ?iven to the children. In ' the gram mar schools the teachers are required to occupy two hours la each day in preparing the scholars for the leasoas to b? recited on tbe subsequent day, and ao t-a< her to be permitted to rive ..?? nwui imi win Uke more than one hour to study. rr-^?UNION FRAYhR MRKTIMG will be II ? hi Idenevery aay tl>>* week iu Rev. Dr. FmSiei Churc", German Lutheran) corner K and 'Am ?t?, Firit Ward, to commence at 4 <>'el?ek preci???ir. a'-d to be continue one r>oer. <>o Z?-nn rV%=?THK RKPUBLICANfeOF THK FIFTH 1*3 A.NU SIXTH WARD* wi l hol.i ? ineeu iL7stO<l<i Flows' Ha 1, Navy Yard. TUESDAY F.VRMAiG, at7o'<*k) k An ?ppo lunity will le aifocdod to a I who (Wire to eaiuii their a&mes. ocg H? ___ rr?**TRlL JONEH.aMini.tfr of the Society IL3 of K r?. b?U, frooi Mine, ha* appoint d a ni*?t.afjfur divine worship, to be hcM i i the English Letfcersn Church, coruer H and e UvwiOto Me , THIS iMotda,) kVkM.NO, at lb. o'clook, to whioh tae mtt'.ta are lavitol If (V^eATTliNTlON. SEVENTH WAR D -The J-ri Se*'r,tn \N ard Repub ican Association will K?!d arjooraed muu at Ppiema* HaJi.e rn; r Mary?i 4 avenue *73 i th street. <m +HI8 < M.-noay ; J- \ E.M.Ntt, ?? -?iz , ? /-? ? v >'??> w w nu umu* oppuitamtj of jouun*. B^r^or W. GARRETT,Ck*iria*B. GEO. CLARK. g?wtory. If ^tuk flight of birds-ark rTr. I Sift I Jtfonof eienc*. "*fcU' ana and mechaoicw.^od the oiti*?n?rf?n?r?jIy.wR(? may ha pr?MQt. will hear much both naw and htcb ll * ?* who may trao? 5C ??S;',Vw8w praaanc*. will asoaruin how tfeair W/? <j?wuj?j b?RMMy?l la thair distant |o*er? aad kmd onet.ovar laod and na, at th? y?* <* ?? k*n4rt4 m tUiptr Kmn oa t7-U *?_ WKDDI.NO t.NVELOPKS, ? Pa. At., i WatouMToa, 1 *ai < ?? .aoJ WAMiiwqTOH mrw? ACT qoWIT" Thi Disunion Cloud.?Each succeeding day that baa pawed alnce the late Pennsylvania election made the probability of the success of the Repabllcan party In the national election on the 6th psoxlmo apparent to all. haamadaUaooraandmor* clear that that event la to be apeefttty folloteed by v?ry wide-spread and dangeroua actlea throughout the South, to aever the bonda now balding the ever*! States of the Confederacy unAar a single gavernment. Notes of preparation to nch an came to us equally from Soorth Carolina Florida, \ Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, aad, we regret to have to add, Virginia and Ten, nessee also. Tbey come In tbe abape of newspaper article*, embracing demonstrations on the p?rt of leading individuals and public m^etinsrs, aad prove beyond all question tbat a very considerable flortlon ef the southern people are prepared to risk the ewntualitie*af disunion in preference to continuing under the Government of the United States with the Republican party In power. Nevertheless, we sincerely believe that If Lincoln l>? elected, be will have It in his power instantly to check thisSouthern tendency towards immediate disunion. That is to say: by caoslng it to be at once everywhere known and believed ttMl HI! puipvcr 1* uut IV uiatc ?U ?VUUIIUU ^UY* eminent of his charge, aa hla eastern supporters insist be designs doing; but, rather, tbe conservative Whig government, which bit wcatern aup porters for the moat part counsel. The abaolute necessity for tbe promulgation of aome aucb declaration of bia purj o?e muat already be apparent to him, if be baa duly aoted the current of alfeira throughout tbe South. If not, we fear that by tbe 4th of March next joint action on the part of four r five States to set up a southern confederacy will have been matured, with all the aolemnity and preatige that It can acquire from State iegislit ion and legally authorized State-convention action. Hnwired- of thousands at tbe Sooth will spring forward to oppose tbe destruction of the Government without overt seti against southern rights by those intrusted with Ita responsibilities, If satisfactorily assured that the in-coming Administration may be trusted not to perpetrate such overt acta?hundreds of thousands who now believing thnt the speeches of Messrs. Sumner tt al , and the newspaper article* of tbe New York Tribun* tt a/., are likely to prove the embodiment of Its policy with reference to tb? South, see less to be dreaded under the dark future of diaaolution than uader the apparently still darker future to the South of an abolitionlzed General Government. By this time Lincoln must surely comprehend the force of this fact, and must realize tnat his only hepe of coming into the Presidency of the Confederacy u it now exists. lies in tbe promptness tad earnestness with whi? b, If elected, be shall create a powerful real Union party at tbe South, by dispelling southern apprehensions aa to hi* purposes aa tbe bead of tbe Government The current nominal southern Union party la almost aa powerlesa at tbe 9outh for guiding and governing popular action, as la its representative? Bt-ll-ar d-Kveret?am?at the N orth. Well nigh as few live men of the timet are identified with it In the Sontl. as in tbe North. Lincoln's ultra abolition supporters are relying upon ita southern power, ia self-deception We trust that hla wellknown angacity prevents him from placing any confidence whatever in it. We repeat, be and he only may ward oft tbe threatening danger, as exnlalnett lhnv* DEPARTMENT NEWS. La?*? Salss 15 MiarasoTA.?The C< mmlsslener of tbe General Land Office having r? c?tv d a letter fton the Governor of Minnesota reqtif-slnt; a postponement of tbe public aalo adveitiaed to take puce in th?t State In tbe fill lueonatqneace of an existing difficulty between thettiate sod her assignees under th? railroad grant, state*. In repiv, tbat tbe adjustment of tbe grants referred to has fxsen made upon tbe lines of ronte certified to by the Gorernor of Minnesota and admitted aad accepted bv the Geueral Government as the >?a*is of said adjMstni"iit, and It Is therefore binding ops? both parties, and any change which a lay be made cannot be reoognised by the Department. The act of Congress makes the grant to tbe Htate. and with anv conflict which mnv h>u aritea between h?r and her assignees. the dovernmrnt can have nothing to do The office, add* the Commissioner. will proceed to complete the adjuain ent upon the data defore ns, and to r ertify the lauds thu? ascertained to be due to the State for her disposal as the act of Congress provides. Asmt Istklmokxcz?a leave of absent liar* lng been granted Capt. P. T Turnley, A. Q. M., he will be relieved la the duties of Depot Quartermaster by Cant R K Clary. Chief Quartermaster of the Department, who will give the necessary receipts for the public property for which Cspt. Turnley is accountable Brevet Flr?t Lieut. William B Hazen, filth Infantry, has been ordered to report immediately at Fort Coiumlnts for duty with the troops to sallfor Texas on the 31st inst , as far as San Antonio where he will resume his leave of aheencr. Thi Cask or Gkx Hasskt ?The Secretary of War, in his communication to Gen. Harney on Saturdav, in regard to hla course in the San Juan affair, although he censures him for disobeying the order* of Gen Scott, yet, In cons'deration of his valuable services and of bft high estimation of bis character as a soldier. Is disposed to be lijht in his ceusure. tten. Harney will remain In bis former position in the army If be desires it fce will be allowed leave of absence for several months, or will be assigned to one of the departments. Naval ?The following passed midshipmen V-ave bern promoted to masters in the line of pro mrtton. from the \Mth October, 1?G0 : Fran' Is B. Blake. J W Ait-xnider, Hen'v D Told, Jas M. Pr tctirtt. Kdward Terry, Charles T. tiravn, Francis M Bui.ce, Byron Wilson, H^hrr H.t*e?ly. Fred'k V. McNalr, John W Keliy, Thos. B. Mills. Arthur R. Yates, Clarke Merchant, Henry W. Miller. _ The Wiaths*.?The following report of the weather for the morning la made from the Amer Uan Consolidated Telegraph Line to the tfmlths itilaA Institution. The time of obMrrattsn la about 7 o'clock OcToama ? lbflO. Burlington, Vt. ..cloudy, AT3. New York, N. Y rainy, cool. Washington, D. C cloudy, wind NE Richmond, Va. clear, 66?. Petersburg, Va. cloudy, 08?. Norfolk, va cloody, pleasant Raleigh, N. C clouds. Wilmington. N. C clear, mild. Charlcat^n, 8..0 rainy, 7U?. Augusta. Ga rainy Savaanah, Ga. rloudy, 72". Macon. Ga cloudy, warm. Celuronua, Ga cloudy. Montgomery, Ala fo^^y. Karonrtw at the Smltbaoalan at 7 a. m., (eo?rarted far temperature,) #) 3?3; at noon, 3o,l8l Thermometer at 7 a. m, Si*; at noon, 7W Maximum daring 48 boura, ending a. m. today, 65'; minimum 4H'. Heath jt knowles, life. fire k marine INSURANCE AGENTS, Oftoe?Room 16. over Bank of Wuhington, ! ooO tr Waahinaton. D. ft Connecticut mutual life insurance company of hartford. ACCCM6LAT1UH ? 93 300,000, Pre?*n'.? inducement' to all elaaaea equal to any eonpMi, and far aup'rior to moat. Divul;nda made and paid annual*. HEATH k KMOWLKS, Amenta, oc 29 tr Oftio*. over Darfc of Waahimton OB PKNINROK WINTER MILLINER Y.-On TtiaiedaT. Nov. lat, wa will int nrino* I 'Br new at*fea of FALL and WINTKR ! MILLINERY, when we will l>e pn-aaeil lolg^r have a eall ttoiu all oar lady cuatoroere.^WTwh > will be aerved aa heretofore in thia de- ^^* partmf nlof th?huii?*n b? Miaa THOMPSON, who, ?e feel a?ieed. will fill all ordera in bar hoe with aatiafaetion and diepatcb. HUTCHINSON a MUNRO. aa ?L?* ?? A ra_ ? ? " w A, rm M( Htr? *od JOch au. __ iAUx Sentiptl, Intel ami Con ) 200 MB8ir ^wi?.LE>? yARN In Blu?, Gray, l1\'Vi? ^ hit# and uikm on or>. \V doIm and Cotton Hoaiary nod Glove* GentleiWa Ribbed Wool Shut* and 6rawera. Th*?* goods ar? extra ?uaJity. vimwwn. Silk 8hirU and Orawar*. M?noo Hhirt* and Drawers ofall cradaa. rf avs ttaii k -~!5 Mo n, ^ R R'^EY k BRO.. OC ^ Btoraa. bet 7U1 aod 8th ata., - -?-wawlm opposite Centra Market. ACARD-Huii(k?? informed by a?v?ral r*- 1 apac table o ti/.rna that o> ater haw |a?ra Mlliug from ha?k*U On thejTo* f mjt reeta, have repre*?nteil tbnaaalvoaaa^^jLAMF tihtw for m#, and not a fear Mnam bave it thia waj had imparl ?pon th?m loytiro oy?tar? ?aid tooylaiu' havini Wn madi tow to ttia ftWet. I hav? to My 1 wo htirkvr' aVhiii for m from uaekrta and do sot llov the bnstawa to I* carried oa it org my MtabliaiiiDriit ?il do not 6ml mOj.tu? orthatcHw*. !f the: ao> *?anok of?.y e>.t?fcliahimiit ? My Mrt or th? city. No ara a?ot by me to v'^'l AtS W;i>a UfiAU " 111 1 T*i P*???tt*iui? Stvob or Vttatsu at Alsxahdkh? Sai*rrf?jr Tba Synod met at 0# o'clock, and after prayer for half an hour, the Sy nodical butt neat was rfaumed Rev. Dr Boyd latradtarad the following minute In reference to the action of tbe General Aiaembly In the Hatter of the District cf Columbia PresbyV *. The General Aimfclr having paused thVfollowing actioa danng ttsMasion in Pittaburg, in May, IMP. ta wit YVherpas. the Preabytariea af VViaafeester, Piedmont. and Hanover, coaatlAent potior* of tfcp 8? nod of Virginia, have folIwed up their previoua vote of withdrawal flram the Aaanably, by a paaitlvv connection with aa ther^fcleaiaatica^brdf, therefore, the committee rerommend that the botiada of the Synod of Pannsylvania b- ao extended as to embrace the Stafo4f Maryland and the Diatrict cf Columbia; tbat the Kresovury 01 me lusimc( 01 uoiuruma i>e transferred to the said Synod, and that the Synod of Virginia be stricken from the roll"?the Synod of Virginia deem It proper to place upon permanent record a declaration of sentiment; wt.leh, after considerable discussion on the proper form of tbe document, was accordingly done. The report of the church extension committee was then taken up and discussed at much length by various members of the Synod Pending tbe consideration, tbe Synod adjourned until 3 o cl'k. A'ttmoo* Session ?The subjectof the employment of sn evangelist to travel the State in tbe interMt of tbe cnnrcb. at a salary of S3,OUO, as recommended by tbe church extension committee, was retaken up, and agreed to. The Synod then resumed tbe consideration of the subject of the consolidation of the Chrlstlsn Observer and tbe Presbyterian Witness, and after dlsmssien, and a statement by Rev. Dr. Converse, a resolution was adopted approving of the anion of the two papers, under tbe name of the "Christian Observer," and to be published simultaneously 111 Philadelphia and Richmond, with an edition In each place. A vote of thank* to the member* of the Second Presbyterian Church, aad other citizen* of Alexandria, for hoapitallttes to the members of the Synod, waa adopted The Synod then took up the aubject of the locatJon of a theological aemtnary. Rev Dr Boyd stated that It waa originally Intended to locate the seminary at Charlottesville in order that the student* might enjoy the advantages of the University of Virginia lectures and library free The Faculty were willing, but the Board of Vlaltora refused to grant the privilege by a rote of 2 to 5 This object failing, they thought that tbe price of board waa too high in Charlotteavile, and bence thought Richmond the beat site. Th- subject waa discussed at length by Rev. Dra. Nourse, Johnson, Leftwltch and others in favor of Charlottesville as the loAtion, and Rev. Dr Gaines and others in opposition. Pefcd'ng the consideration of the subject, the Synod adjourned until the night *e*t>Ion Xizkt Ststion ? The Synod met at 9 o'clock and rrs'imed the consideration of the in tter of the iqroioHicai seminary tue penality quesuou oeing resolution tint the Bo rd of Directors be requested to adhere to their original Idea of locating tiw institution at Cbarlott-sville Aftrr farther discussion by Rtr. Drs Mitchell, Leftwlcu, Gal lies, Boyd, Go^gin, and others, the mi lion was lost?ayes 6, noes It The $yaod then adjourned until this morning. iO" Re*. Mr. Blackatock, a Baptist preaebpr, In liaraisou county, Ga . was killed In a quarrel with a nan named Phiipot on the 1st Inst. T?HE INSURANCE COMPANY 1 Of THE STATE ??F VIRGINIA OF RICHMO *1), C**? Cirini 3100,000, Incurea %(iUDft loss by fire. HEATH a. KWOWl.fc*. Agent*, oc 2J-tr Oftio*. ursr Bank ??f Washington. tf^OODHUE FIRE 1NSURANCECOMPANY ** OF NEW YORK. Casu Capital ?200,000. Tue Inureit participate in the profit* without incarring any liability whatever. HKATH * KNOW\.F,S, Agents, oc 29 tr Q3ic?, <>v*r of Wathington. I\R. W. J. CRAIGE.V has just received Blair Wyeth'a compound Svrup r.fihe Phoiphate* or chomical Kood:Laroaue? Elixir Colisaya, Needlra compound Hemlock Plastaia, pure French Brandy and l'ort Winy for Medical purpoa?s, and a lot of pare and fresh attained Hooey from the Alleghany*. Alio Extracts, Colognaa and P<omade?, to he found at the eornsr of 7th and I streeia. oo ?> St" pRIMAllNGS, BUTTONS, TASSELS! Tha*b?*t asi>ortmsnt~of TRIMMINGS, BUTTOVd TA<^k.i ? at... v * ufc i ? i a /v a m u ?* u ? r, I n " ii , I aa<t Shet'ami WOOF,, are kept in Wanhmcton. No. 30 Market Spa^e, noa-8th at., at New York aal Baltimore price*. rc?t jrw* F. MUH LINGUA US. ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY.?The following nijiiiitera drew the principal prize* in the drawiLg oi October 20.1WK>: N?>?. Crista. | Noe. Prixee. 17, 75 I .9?>.inn 71 <m 5f>.0f? I h).27d W.flift S,(M. Noi. 14fi5. IW?,3 5?,3M?.S33i..Sr>\fi 2S, ?f<7A, 6?3n, fi-rro, ttsj, 7G>n. rm. me?, 1 s?.s, iiv2. 17732, 12B.V?, IStfO. 13435, 1*531, 146?4 15XJ% 15311, lS"fc7, 15&54, 1* 3 '7T3,I74*?. 17.011, Wii. <M74. 1M77.I3ft4", 117*4. an ? . 2.S-U, 22371, A5 '3. 241K, 2IMH. 21371,25123, to ?*, 287,11. J7344 ?'25.r.?WB-f1.Weach. The next drawin* of thiacelebrated Lotterjr will take place on the 7th of Vnvemlter. For particulara aee aJvertieement in another column. It* ___ DON RODRIGUEZ. Daily link of new four-horse OOACHfitt TO UPPER MARLBORO'. ALSO, A DAILY LINE OF TWO HORSE CO?CHES TO CHAPTICO. Carrying tkt U &. Mail. nu i *i ? - ini nni!?'Mnn?,ci Know runninK uany,(exoept Sunday,i Fonr hor?# Coaches h?tweeu Washington and Upper Marl 44jaflg~j?._?? horo', and Two-hom? Coaches he- W rv**y twwn \Va*hinrton and Chapt co, at fol;<iw* : Leave the Steamboat Hotel, cornrr of Seventh atreet and Pa at? o'clock a. m. Returning leave I'ppor Marlboro'at 11 o'clock a ni.,and arrive in Washington at SoVlock, in time to connect with the 3.?j>. m. t ain for Baltimore. The Coachea are new and commodiona, the team* fir?t class id the hands of careful and accommodating driver*. Fare to Upper Marlboro. ? I 00 Way r*?aeo(nrH aud Kreiehtin propo'tion. oo a-lw* J AM US 08B0RN. Proprietor, i Mariboro' Gazette copy.) M" KCH.VNICS' TOOLS, BUILDING HARDWARE, A c..4.c Di**t<i*>'? snparior Hand, Pan<-1 and Rip Fair*, Batcher's ^Vilea, i - ? ^ iff Bra??. Copp-r and Iron Wir?. J5WMELED CLOTlT, Brown. Blue, Green, d Black Carr.age Knobs. Gimp Tacki Silver a.nd Brise L ning Nafi*. Katie Carria?e Bplts, Fire Bolts, Nnta and Waahera, Bridle Bits, rpura, Ac. Jn*t rsr^irndanother lot superior EASTERN Cl'T NAILS, decidedly tbe bent in the market. J. E. Sill El.Db. Hardware Importer. 339 Pa.av_ ( ?o?_St Oppoaits Brown a._ DARE CHANCE FOR SPORTSMEN.-For IV sale a thn-mifh bre'1 a d well broken SETTER DOG; a Rood r*tri?ver. In qiire at th? wo?>d aud coai >ard Fa. ay..- " l?etween 17th aud 18th streets. wHIf T. PRURY. PROF. L G. M ARINI has the honor of inf. rm- i _ iu* Ins former patrons and the public sen M I t?iit um ni* usnctnc Aca-Iemy ia now upon SH for the reception of pupils, and that h?wi!l/Pl? c?n:rn*nee hi* first uiiwt rcn Till. KSDA Y.UhBl NovfinliK' lit, at 3 o clock, at Union Academy, corner of Fourteenth street anil New York avenue: aid at Stott's Hall, oorner of Twentieth street ana Pennsylvania avern*. on FRI D\Y, at 3 o'clock. frr For particular* see Circulars. oc <:7-8t* [Intol.] TA WaHNINO. UK fal'inr leaves reminds us theBammvr is past, and the Winter ia drawing near, and that it is hicli time for all ttooae who are still weanns Straw Hats to l?v them aaid* and make their way ti SriNKMKNTZ'H HAT STORK, *36 Penn. Avenue, near o >rner 13th street, aa it is now a well aoderxtood fact, th\t hi* stock is to arcs ard varied as to auit all who may favor him with a cal in price and quality without looking further. ooXrU FLOU*. buckwheat, BUTTER, &c. no kbla._Fani?ly_and_l?xtra F LOUR. 3,?i?!M BUCKWHEAT, an bbla Prime Roll Bl'TTE*, 6 KG?H, 15? APPLF.S, Large No 2 MACKEREL. Forra'ebjr J. K. RARR A CO. oo 27-31* Ninth at., near I). P E. E. O'BRIEN? ~ UTROCERIK* AND VARIETIES! South woat corner of L ai.d Ninth ?U. A VERY SUPERIOR ARTiri.R OF OLD A. MOUNTAIN DEW RYE WHISKV.for medioiu&l aurpoaea. Ju?t reoeived and for vale by K K*. n'UD i L'Vi SouthWMt corner "of i> ar?d*N inth ita. A SUPERIOR LOT OF BR ANDY, at ?l per hot?l?,?nd Ol D RV B WHISKY, at 3U cents per bottle. J nit rtoetvrd and for sal* by K R. O'BRIEN, Southwest oo nor of L and N inth am. VARIETIES. VARIETIES?Jaatraceived and forsale by E. E. O'BRIEN, Southwest corner of L and Ninth sta. fhRANGES. I EMONB and MAPLE 9U0AR. V/ Jest received and for sale by K. K. O'BRIEN. South treat corner of L aod Ni&tk alt. oriveu aad for aale by E. K. O'BRIEN. . ocS7-6t Southwest corner of >. epd ftinfh ? ?. pUNOS JliMOIOhl. VK>L!N?7 Guiifcie# I ,saWi" # ? . ! ' AMUSEMENTS. " QDD PELLO W8' HALL THREE IftBHTS ONLY' BIGHT P ER~F O R M E R 9 . Vocal and \ WiU & !? PROF. IEL40XT, TO-NIGHT. ftXTIMOII RKUCCBD ?S oc 29 _, IStmilOCmfo 0?AND > ODD FELLOWS" LEVBE. AT FORREST HALL, GEORGETOWN. MONDAY NIGHT, the 39th m?t.. Commencing at I o'clock. All who favor COVENANT LODHE. No. IS, I. O. O F-, with thrir presence on that oooat ion id*) Mtigipato ft fleaeMt time. C?IKlTTtU. The following Brothers will act on the Commit ini, the one fir?t named from each Lode* aa Floor Manager*. anrl the two other* on the Committee of RflQ6DtiOtt * Ckntkal Lodo*.?R. Barnaclo, O. H. Birkhead, J. Edmoneton Washijiotos.?J. Crmt, J.C.C. Whaby, C. B. Hooch. Eutnn.-J. T. Petty, J. D. Hatton, J. R. Elrsjia. Hitxomr ?J. P. White, Win. T. Scott, H. N. Ober. CoLrMiii.-Wm. I). Stewart, Win. R. McLwi, Lem. II. Henry. Ukio*.?J. D. Pennintton, Wm. P. Brown, W. R. 9prid?n. Feikndshit.?John Boyd, ThoinM Oiver, 8. Fowler. Covisawt ?A. D. Baker, John T. M-etn, J. T. Fendley. Hbacoi ?B. B%l!ar>l, J. W. Co'lev, T? B. Allyn. M*TmopoLie^?J. 8. Gray, W. B Brown, O*ort# Fay man. ?- xri bio* ? W. 8. Roberta, R. B. Donaldson, \y Batchen. MtCHAjruV.?Jot. K^ons, J a*. Yates, A. Delsell. OmmtTAL? A. Eberly, M. H?t*el,F Scwerin*. The heat music ha* been engaged Tor the oeoa ion. Refreshments and supper furnished at the titu&l prions. Vaaderwerkeri'i co%olif? will leave for Washington at all hours of the night up to two o'clock : charge modera e. Tickets ONE DOLLAR, admitting a gentleman and ladies. By order Com, of Arrangements. oc 27-H yyASHINGTON THEATER. Sole Lessee and Manager S. W. Glbwm. THIS ESTA~BLISHMENT Will positively op?n for the regular Fall and Winter Season on the night of SATURDAY, Novixbu 3d, 18S>. JOSEPH JEFFERSON, The Comedian of the Age, will commenos an%?ngagement of Night* on MONDAY, November 5th. and will be followed by the most BRILLIANT STARS U *uv ? Iiwti a VIM * u IIIWIUWI. % vv <Q BALLS, PARTIES. &c. IOOK OUT J FOR THK SILVER CUP! The m?uil>ers of the Ol K CLUB dive a Grand BAI,l.atFoia**T HALL.Georretowu, D.C., % on TUESDAY. November 6. Tiokets 3'. A S? silver cup will be presented to the club hav-#CB ing tho ia-test number of member* present.IliiB PlrtMMiiars in a future advertisement, oc 24 eoTt* PERSONAL. rty DISSOLUTION. 1 Hli COPARTNKRSHIP Heretofore existim between the undersigned. nr.derthe name of Osbori 4 Co.. waa this day dissolved br mutual consent. .1 OtfBORN. H. CAMP, SiMUEu N. GARWOOD. Oetol>er 211, 1860. MADAME FELIX, Fortune Teller from Parii bee* leave to inform her former friend*, em the putiIio generally, that she has removed to QH Ninth street, northeast corner of N, where she wil be happy to see all who maj desire to have the past present and future satisfactorily explained. on illm* ' Apaperhangings. CHOICE Selection GOLD, LOW-PRICEI SATIN,and BLANK PAPl-RW. At J. M ^RKRITER'S, No. 4*6 Seventh street, oo 26-lw* 8 doors aboy* Od-1 Fellows' Hall. Window shades, warrantedgold d*nd. Buff, Green,and Blue HOLLAND SHADES. At JOHN M *RKR1TEK'S, No. 4*6 Seventh Ktreet. ocr6-lw* 8 doors above Odd Fe lows' Hall. P~ icture cord and tassels. A variety of oo'ors, froTi photocr%ph te portrait siz?s. At JOHN MaRKRITER'S, No. 4S6 ???*uth street, oo 26 Iw* 8 doors shove Odd Fel'nww' Hall. [vie kino ~ SHIRTS AND DRAWERS. iMj atook ie now complete, conipiaiui alarpe a* sortin-nt of Gents' and Ftoy* Meiinoaud Lambswool Shirta anil Drawers?at lowj?ti?ea. HENRY EG AN, oc 26 6t 391 Pa. av. and 331 Seventh at. (VIEW and splendid stock of rich 1^1 dkess g? ods. Which we invito our frieudi and pnrohaaer* to call and examine before making their aeleotioni eUewliere, aa we have ina y clinic* a< vlea. j vr. col.ley a co , oo 16 fit 523 Seventn at., alxxe Pa. av. BeiTblankets AND COMFORTS. J have now on hand a !arg* and fin* aa?ortmen1 of Bad Ft anketa, B d Coiniorta, Crib Blankets, White MaraeilJea Qui-ta. AI?o, arce a??oi ttiieui Servants' Blankets. HENRY EG*N, 321 Penn*. avenue, and _oe 26 6t 521 Saventh et.. near Avenue TTons*. mew and btylisii h cloak?. Opened to-day. a large and beautiful assortment, made expreaaly to our orders, and at mueh leaa than f'Wmer pricos, to which we &?-k the attention of the ladies before making their aurt^anes. j. wTcollky a CO.. Oc 26-6t f 23 Seventh at., above Pa. av. JUST RECEIVED TO DAY TWO MORE NEW BOOK -*, AT FRENCH A RICHSTKIN'8, No 878 Pa. at. wi'l He Fi- <1 Her, r?r Winter Somerton; Dmo., cloth: prl ? 91 25 !? mail. Meihodiem Sue- #salul And C?u*? of iU Suotm ; bj R?v. B. f. T< fit, D. u.i LL. D.; 12n:o., o'< tti; P" ?? 25 by in*:'. oc 26 rlHATS, l|? CAPS, ra ^ AND FUR SKVMOL'R, id Georretowu. ?nnnui.c-? to the citizen* of rbc Di'triot that he h*? now r?adv loi KJkle an rxtendve ^kiirtmant nf \lnl? ?lrin - fur ireiits, oft he var;on? sin pes: Soft H*t? and Capi 01 evnrv ?st>le f?r men and boys: Ladies' Fttrs, Misses' anU Children'* Jockey Fiau, Ulubrell/w and Walking Canes, at pries low e< oorh to please all. W. P. SKY M OUR, lie 25 2w 13:2 Hridga street. HAT THE LADIES WANT TO KNOW. Where they can buy Jonvin's U*?t Kid Gl"ve? at 75 cents, ,var;a Lori?a.n*w make, at 6i>* cert<, K)d Kid Giov?s at $J)* eerts, best quality Kid antletts at l%r*e assortment of ladies' and Misses' Fleeoy-liaed <*ilk and Thread Gaunt letts at low prices Best French Corset* at #125; t^oop skirts at half price; Indies' and Missed Hosiery ; Morino Yes s; Linen. Cambric and Embroidered Handkerchiefs at low prices; Silk Rob's aid Hyadcre Silk*, a little ontof ?t*l*, at half price; r? !!.h u sna riuxT ureas ?u*s; wacK MIKs ah.: lhe*s ijoodsof all kinds at unusually low prion. Also, Urg-J and liandnomeassortment ol Cloaks and Shawl*. Call early and f?* first choice. henry egan. 321 Penn. av., an<L5tfl Seventh at., <>o 2ft-8t near Avenue House. provision store. M. LINKINS Ha? opened a Store for furniahiqc sueh a* may favor him w th their patro ace with a sepplv of FRKSH PKOVIMON^mI, m their orleia. It is located on 1 street north b tween 15th aid 16th at* , and will be op-ned aaty till aun??t,arul8atur<lay bight till 9 o'clock. pc v&^lw hm, Embroidery stamping, on *ii ki?u oi material,done in the beat manner, at C. F. 1 SCHMIDT'S Toy and Fancy Store, No.MPa. avenue, between Slat and 2Sd sta , where can be fiiund a ureal variety ol beautiful Patterns for V fkea and Sleeves, Collars and Cuffs, Skirts, Pantalets, Hands, Slippers, Cloaks, etc. Please give me a rail and examine. ooa lm* New styles CAS3IMKRK8, VKSTINGS, Ao. J ust received by v. van doran. MERCHANT TA I LOR, (Fot/nerlv cuU-tr for Hinton ft Teei, Pa. avM) No. 456 Sivkxth St., Brrw. E an F, o3S2 1w* Oppo. Patent Office. Real English and bigelow BRUSsels cam petinos at prime cost.? tt e en<ire stock in trade ol' W\tM Krmuin T??_ at'jr.tuidA;h?r C&rpeliM" with Hugs and Door Mats to m\tch. are now selling out at cost, for tbe c?*h, at the old itori of CLAGRTT * DODftON, or 22 Gteo Wo. 4 .Market Spu^e. CH I RTAINM ATF.RIAT 8 AT COST.-The entire a'ock, oompruinn the ino?t complete ranetien of materials for curtaias adapted to drawing par Sara, diniac rooma, ehanbera, ofhoea, *c?evaroffered for sale in tals city, are now selliec oat at prime coat far the eash at the old and astab Miea etoreof CtAOKTT * D0080N, oog *- > No.?Mart?t8pa>>. B*.N r. FIDIC H. WM. r. BICHiTIlN. FRENCH ft IIC18TEIN, (Sure tutor i to Wwi. F. flay If.) Whaaeale and Retell Dealers ia . BOOKS, STATIONERY^? PERIODICALS, No, SI* FiatsYL varua Armi Wedding a ad Vr?itt*i Card* aaatlr Mi l ?rinUd. <am 1 Pa#*r aad Kn vaktpa* * UnfA viU Initial with aNt ct;? charg*. T-ft'l ?n^ UCMIUP* CH(' ?to?k. ! [All bound H??>kp ro.<l now 10 to *> f*t m&(. 1m? TS^S^Brtsn,satta IM Pkl?4fifiiifc K t ; J L../ 4 I IJX-- ?Jl V ACCTlOJf PALIS. Br BONTZ * GRIFFlTff. Aio?io?^rt S*K?rd Chair* C^5>BS;T'rH" ?ta" F?iT?r V*I. Hi.k Mi?um? W?h'y Md?h4MC?foekery and Gift** Win Cookin* and olhtsfnvm Tib Safe. *o . ft*. Trwuikw with aranera.1 UiortMltof Kltekff Rrqaialte*. Termr: $2?) ard cnd<*r. oaah: orer that Mm a erwtfit of 3 d*??. frr rattafaoton'j nrtAiM Bote*, bearing interest ^______ _oo 29_ BONTZ k GRIFFITH. AmU.^ lfc CLEAR V * GRKKN. AnltHilWi. 406 Sitnk ttre*t. _ . E*XTBK6iVK t?ALK Or ?lOCK. QMAlS. Ci VKGKTABI.KH, K*lt4ll*f? C*?ll'Ull, WiOOll, ilocoiHoLt1 K??MTtII, Ac, l>el >ncini to the e*?at- of th* Iat-? Ihino* C'agetf. ilDsfMn), at PuWifl Aoo' on?O* FRIDAY *?f SATURDAY. th ?i6*h and lTth of Nwi?t* ? ??. vt shall il. at Ue farm ind ra?ldscoe of the it I* Dana* Clacett, ti?o<-aa-xi at 11 o'olock a m., oi. tho Seventh atr?et turnpike, i the flu on th? road will the plao*,) *>out ( inllw from the city. all i f th? r?-?o a! Eff'ota helonjing to the aid decea aod. ooraiati-i: in part of? 6 fin* farm w<xk and carr.ate Horace, Sexoeileat M iloh Cova, l Uaifir, 13 Hoga, 1 Hvl',1 Mule, 4 Market ww>B*. for one or two horses, 1 fine Family Carriage, Harneaa and Corer, 1 do. Small do. 4o. do. 4 Carta w>ih a larre lot of Haraoea, ? ssta of oomplets HtmHt, Mowing Mwiiii-* Hon* Rtk*?, Ro'.Un, pinw?of **ery rf'seripti"*and make Cutting-boxes, Corn and Cob Cr?*jM?B, Hac-o **. Oaitirar r?, W wt l?<u s, Rake*. Hom, Fo?k*, kc., P- titn Mfc?r,1'*?*ta p'ow Hsruess, WifogRodiN. Htritu Rt?ki,KMTM, Wheat fane. W>e*l?>*rrows 8?yth*?, Cradle* Threshin* vaobioos. in orde*. With a larce lot of oth*r Imylemuu, too meroui to rmntion. *n acres of crowio* Wh^at. ntrw in order, 70t?n? of .im? Timothy ft?d Olorrr flay. *A-? l_ _ I _ - f . ? * " * * ??*untnemoi ' i'ClltJlil rnUlWMf 125 barrel* of Corn, J J ? Ktatki of fine Celerr, l.arpe !*t of fine Cabt?%re. iArce lot of i*traw and I,onf Fodder, M *nure Cement. (M beg a.) A la-ge lot of hot-?ed *a?h. The HOUSEHOLD Wi*ECT9, aeauaUpg is pfcrt ofPiano. Stoo'.and Cov-r. Mahotan* Sofia, Mahogany P*H?r Chain. Rooter, ke , Do Bertetwtd. W?r^rob*,?n?< Hareas. I>o . MarMe-tnf, and other Table*, Patent fi'k chair. Gi't and Bronte '"an-'elabree, 3 Pi-lot window Curtains and Ornament*. Large 'ot prime Oceie Fca here,in Bed*. Bo'.iUra, end PiTlow, Exoetler.t white enHed Hair Mattree*-*. Do Pa'1??r, ?'-ha h??-. and Ha'l Car*e*?. Toilet f*<"t*, Mirror*. Shuck and Cottou M?tr*i?M. Larr? tot of Hed-Jinc, rfn-ist!nf of b*e*ttfe( Blanket*, Omcrt*. Qui.u, Limb 8k*e?* and Case*, Reda'eale, Waabstanrig, Bnraana, Chair*, i Cook'nfr. Ksdta'or. Hal1- and CharnH-r store*. 1 Andiron*. Skovsl and Ton**, Fender*, ar.d Firehoard*, Di'.iut, Uail, aad Chamber Table*, nonoaoino r s.. ; .a i ana UMUTt. Silver Spoona. L<dl?a. and Fork?, , Oilo'oth, Coco*, and Straw Matting, Chin*. Glaai. and Crockery Ware, Tor?*h?r *ri?h a iar?? and excellent aeeo~traent of Kitohen, Pantry,and Hairy Warn. Trmi f anifi: \'l Mmi under ta-h; t)??r a oreait < ( 2,4. and 6 montba vxil be *ir*n La [ all caa-a not*e moat be aatia aetori'y end reed, i bearing i?ter??t. a^d mvle payable at iome back ia oitr of Waehinrtnu J?7"\V>deeireto eal pa-ticul?r a't*rtion to above sal*. it ia by lar the moat aale that haa evar taken placo in thi vioiiiit* Om ihua<*a ?i i rtart 'or the elaoe of e\le cm the morning of raeh day at a o'olock fn.m t?-e doer ?.f J the Aueti'?r?f r? on *th street. near the avenue. W. H. CLA"KTT. *dmin??arator. I oo?-dtd Ci.RARY a ORF.KN, Aaota. , By WALL fc BARNARD. Auctioneers * VnUiarfM D It POSITIVE PALE OF A VALUABLE FARM. jl Slavs*. Ptock, Oaors, *c , Ac , in Pmsc* bion.i ? coumt, .Maryland, at pen* Ait > tjon ? Oa WI?l>Nfcl$UAY, the 1*1 h of Ueeeebrr ri?xt, oath* premi?e?.we WI<1 sel 1 that VaJaa le Farm, known a?a " Part of 6ra: nwoi-d Park Knlar*?," three milea iroiu the 0!d Fi* d?. upon which Damei K . Wait now resides, and adjoimns ttie fa-ma of the late Dr David CranfVrd, Albert H Berry, and tne lata Zaehanak B. Beat), oon'l?VO HUNDRED AND TWKLVK ACRE*. The Farm ia divided into four field*, and a auffieijnt Wo">d and T mber Lot. Kaohfitldia ftatared an*i in a huh state <>! cultivation. The soil is of a noh. dark loam, and *er? f od active for To)>aooo and Grain. 1 he totd is unsai passed by aav ib the cooutT, awl (he aitaatioa parfaotly 1 health*. ? ? , ? The Improvement* ooneut of a New aad Coaa fortable Frame Dw^llinc, H%-ns, Stab as. Corn House. Ice House, Negro Quarters, Ao.; alao, a l*urni of Wat#* raar the door. The Farm will t? ao>d at !3o'eto?k M,on the foliowii.s terms : *?i?e foarth oash; the baiaaoa ia 12, IS, and 2i uiniUis, with interest; a deed siren and a dead of trust taken to secure the dr far red payments. _ Immediately altar the aa'aof l-ard, we will aall tam Valuable Mavea, una a food Car pan tar; aix [ work and Carriage He-ana, two Carrtagaa and Htmess, Catt e, hoi*. Farming Utonatia and 1m i plecn?nt?, Ox Cart. &?.. Ac. t Also. Five Huhdrad Barrels of Cora, aa4 other r?? a? 1 u 1 -- 1 fuuuov ? ! riUTCUUCT. Tertna: $25 c*?n: over that amount a credit of four mouth* for Baltimore acorpranoea, iatereet added. Thia a*Je will offer an apportumty rarelv ooenriot to arocuro ?<Le of lite boat f?rm ir. the ooactv, and wbiofc will be eo.d only on aowiit ot the > owner'a removin* to towa WAiX A BARNAR". Auota. Corner of Pa. av. and > h atreet, oc y it W??hirTfton. D. C. By A. GREEN Auctioneer. %/ERY FXTENSIVE PAWN BROKER'S " sals ok lnksdbkmsd plxdosa. at apctior. On THURSDAY. November 1st, at 1" o'clock a. m., I aha i aell at tnv Auotion Rooms. Sevecth atreet.o.irner l> etreet, a very laee collection of unredeemed pledn??. ooinpriainc in pirt? Extra & e Gold and Silver HuUiui Caieaad Lever and other Wa'ch?a. Do Fine Gold Neck, Fob, and Vest Chains, Genta' Diamond, ani other flreaat Pina, LMiiea Superior Gold Ptnaaad Ear Uinta. Sinai a or in ^u. Hf?u Gold Seal. Plain and F?mt F ingot Riara, Together with en extensive variety of Ladiee wearing &pp& e'. Such as Mlannet, Crape and other Shawls, -ik and V- lvet ana Moth Cap'**, and Com, Silk a* d o?he- Drneaes, Kar?, *e Ike., Gent ein*n'a weamg epp*rel, auoh aa Overenat*, t r- ck aud Die**, do Parle, Vesta acd Fu n > iahiug Guodf l^reat varieiy. Also, Revo vera, Musical iastraments. Two eupeifiae Hutee i And a erge variety ofother a*tio'es too Bomvron to ennmerate in Ike limit* of an advertisement. > Faie to oommenee wi'h W stab's aed Jewelry. ISAAC HERZBEKG. raws B ooker, oo 27 A GaKKN. Aaet. By WALL Jk BARN 1RD, AaeCioneers. Pt'inlh ft. and south tide Pa ar Excellent furniture carpets. Miaaons, hin* and Glass Wat ar Ave Tlos.-On I HURSDAY UkR^ING. November t, at 10 o'rli>ek. we vi I sell. at tha Aaetioo Rooina, the Furniture a'd H<>u?etoold Fff*eta of J 8. Kirtlaml, Esq , removed for convenience of sale, oompriaing? Tete-a Tet??, Lonoje. and Parlor Chairs, ophol tared in crimaon alik damask. RoeewiKtd Reception. Fancy Largeaad Sesad Am I Chairs aad lUekar, Hair seat Easy, Side,and Cottage Chairs, Rosewood Marbie-top Canter Table*. Gilt Frame French Plate Mirror, W by at, aad Bra;k?t, Velvet and R'uaaels Carpets, Ruga, ChsHtk Cartans aod Shades. __ . _ Heavy Solid Oak Extension Table aad Diaiag Chairs and Sideboard, . . R niA*rxiH K4at T.aa mr A KX?1# ) ? mm wmw ? w. M.U u*l? V/HV Rosewood Ktecere, Sepoys. and Lounse, Solid Oak and Walnut Chamber Seta, full Marbieslah Bureui and WaeWstands, Walnut and Cottace Hsdateada, Washatanda, and Toiiet Sets, Sprin* Curled Hair, Bheek. and Cotton Mattrd?MI Proooh Ch'na and Glass Wars, Htorfs and kitchen F nrniture, to. 1 Sewing Msehine. Terms: 9J9 oash ; orsr that aaaouat, a era lit of 39 and 60 d?j s, for approved endorsed |?>is, bearin? interest, . ?>c 26-d WALL A BARNARD. AnoU. Will be added to the a bo re sale? 40 Rolls Brussel, Three-fir and Inrraia Carpets, ISO Pairs Window Shades, 10 Rolla Olio oth, J,?""fttft * M.NAM.. H^AT K8T INVENTION! , LADD. WKXITU * (J*| tlfbt-Stltch Sewlni HacklM BOOT A*bASffE]f STORK. 349 Fa. Arxxux. They are the mott simple. They are the atroaceat. They are the sure* in their operation. They uae a straicht needle, (Curvedones ere of asasiout.) ?y have a feed wheel. y are fcapablr of doing any kiad of work Stown?they make the aacia raffle without any achsaeam. call and examine? At JANNF.VS, oomj* **? . ^Maslfcaik D.'"''Wo LilNO iNfRMMTOA, cw.. y,yeaar ?'ofyti^111^ ,.? ^fcJSWSWJSilVu ill <"T>?1 for instMHfT* rw? ?o* 87 j c. metilire a co. aiot?omm. fnsaeuMii/sMivur e^s. baf ??. ?? * o'c 00k. o? Ui* oroauoe*. Mfwr # ? Mlce/tli tad L ttrt*u, we (ho'l tm\ ?V>?t m .t*ci,.o'tir^of cw?. yTTTt* * c. WoOITIKK ? OQ . *. Br wm. markhm.!,, aft*tio?o?r. jy,. v17*A MM. Mf MUow* ? ?. ivanpsom^puftfiaiyes. caipkt?, ? of br 8oid7m*'o?.n ftoj ?k uk'* C??e*?d W.U^t,no. ^c^'-tru. Rm 4*. Brnra?l?, V#tri>t. ?m V HiS,at'"? W rth ft l*n? ftMnrtment of other b """ Sag"1?. ? r-wr?Tm, !?i~_ Bf WALL * BARNARL. Auotit. <*Mr* Ccntr if A'muh it. m*d ?ovU > wf? ? / A?. * I'.Btftci, ftt llc' Will artl. in front of * Aaotion Ror>n>a. ft l?r^? stock of prhn* firucmft l.iquort, An , octroy Bftrrela Rebi:?l Ud V?l?*taiftn, "ftf Jurft, Kin ?nd Bur..I Ct|r?, Cheat* lu.p?rift). Your.* H?*oo ftad K'ftck Tmi. Hoxm Sporm an"I Aa?m\r tiw CftndlM, Rdxo* CoatitW. Otlr? and Brown rxl n * ' ia* Pinnftn/ n ftnH Paamt I Roxn 8t%rch. eraaad and Kxua?i? off**, Bnxeaand C?i?f MmUrU *jd SwU Oi , BhinI dic>. r,oth?i V:u* aod 1* ki. Hose* Chawing Tobacco. U, Ml Aifferft r>*?t:<U Oiftn, KW? ri'rKn.~lT and WMM Ban all K ^^JSSJJJTuT Pil (IXO; OV?f tM . MtoaM ? (Milt ?f SO a.VwTdV.7 for " ??ror?d eodor?4 Bot a a?d %. AL?_1BAR>AR0 AacUWILL BE ** wfco" 11 may cot,aara, an<J-*??W at k .?5!:*^.,. 2 oaaaa SB M. each. f?n:tw *Wor 1 do 26 do La NoraUt | do lo do Opera. t do i* do ^ -<rxm, m J? <a A . - - ' - t ? ? z no i" mo r?mM ??, u* ins, I <o > do 2i MM tor* Oil 25 boXM MW oropt RaillB*. 1 he l>r*ler? are invned to this m1? u it vort*^' tb?Hr attention S 0? 27 WALL* BARNARD, A#***" By A. GREEN. Anetion*?r. EXTENSIVE B?LE OK l&^D>OMR NEW ?i KrWTTII ABD rum ?T Ancrio*?Ow THURSDn* t*#?li in?t. at H oVnck a. m , f kaii Mil *t '.fc? wareroo*. No IH north D Mta, bMVtMMlAl.d 7th lir?rtl VWl,?l MNllNtUla toMl 9t N*w FnraiUie. VV inamerat* la Rn? Mahogany and Wa-nut Parlor f**t?, with Broeat?l ? Trt? a T Arm, and 0 Pa-for Oaira, Fine bahocaar Mar&la U>? Proem ( aad otnar Fine (ft '?anf Marble tf? Crater. Hide w4 Sofa Tabee, Fin" Mahogany Whatnots. Corner Bonk and otter St*'i t Fine Mahegaav Heir eaabioued and 6pr>"f IBafca. Lcnucea. Caaiwr, A i u and Roekinc Cbaira. , Fin* Manotany, foe Jenny Lar.d, F revolt aad otter Bedsteads. Cane arat Oftea, limine, Kaeeftion aad Chuater ChMi, Fine Walsatand Maho#inT W?r Jrobea, Bockeae* and 8rflr?Urt*?, Bt>e MarHe-tof Cottage aad Bai! Beta, na.Glasa and Croekcry Ware, With a Ufa rarirt? o( ?ther Kan.itnro vhtek *? d*e?i a li nee senary to enemerata. Alao, three Second Land Flat>o For*<a one of tieh ia rery superior, wif Hloo' and Cortr. Terms All anma iiuder *K> gut; ov?r ?2S a credit of 2.3 and 4 mot ha, for bote a aatiaiaote> i<T pd<: jried, b arirj icte-eat B-fnr compelled to mpre out of tk* Hoaee by fte let of ^orwnbtr, barrel > nay be ** parted. oett-d A ?EEKN.Aaot PT THK iRflVk hai.e UILI ur rriM. tinned ou*YU?!*DAV7the *Hh inat. -am# to?r." ! _ooX-d A. OREEV A?iot. FUTURE DATS By CLEAR Y A GREEN. Auctioneers FJSITIVK SALE Ol> KUOTft AND SHOES* Stoee Fixma-s. Ac. at Arrrios ? Oa THURSDAY MORNING, Nor? I i, wm stall soli, at lto'o Aet,tt>t<ir( No 39* eoatfc.sid* of Kmb arenne, hetweva tttftodliU a'r?aU.MBB?aia.te? und- rthe B eckmriaic* A sxciattos R?.otre? ala-ge and fin* uk>itrcent of But'U, Shooe. aft., consisting of? Men and Boys' Hn? Ca'fand latent Leather B ou. Do fcesvj &i.oes, Youths'fine Bout? acil 5:ioe?. ?*?' G%it>n, Bo. u Phoes and Slippars, Mioses' ?<o do do Children's do do do To?ether with ft gec?ra; assortmeat o; fine Fftaey Shoes, M Boot and Shoe Drawer*, made in tftft beet aaaner, 4 Char.dHiers, doabi? Earner*. B? ;ard? O.tftloUi, oa floor, lot of Glass D?>ar and Cases A So, two fine Show Windows, bow araafad ta front of 11. Bonus's Shoe Suve. on uortfc Ml of Pann a k> t mmm M L/ A _.1 f i. m VMM, o vi' ?>-, in ? w 1 v 11 l Itnii O II ' Terira: A11 a urn* under ?jPoa?L; ovar #JCaor?dit * 1 of 30 and W day*, for note* ? at i effector! If eodoraW brtrmi mUrMt. oc2? <1 CLEAEV 4. etMH.Awte. . Bt J. c. MoGt'lRK k CO.. A nctionMra. Elegant antique carykd park* Midi Cabixet Fibsitteb, 6ilt AND Bronze .ANTSL CLOCK, t4*ML?llt? twu CiniuiTicu m xiTca, i ci bun ah* Golb Dkssbbt mbvki. Ho BJtlAH ouu WaBI, PKB.NCH China bum a?I* CttrrKB AABI. Iia* <*HaXDKMEB* Mia?o*? Cabpbt*. Bsduibb . Ac. Uo THURSDAY MORN?%?, N?w?n?w 1st, at 10 w'alock. la Um> ihciimi' it Mroon of C. Wi?o4- | war 'a Bui <1 ng*. tUre? uoora w hI of the iiuu<>o roomi. ( where tbea tleiM hare been ?rranged for convenience of ?ale.) we chall ee'l the FaraJtura ai 4 t ffeoU of Mra Tbwxtoi.a Ktrotber, wbieh wii aI. M'ebaaed in Par.*, oomf ri*i a? Bait of aotid Oak A'li* ?e CairM Ubrarr FaraiUir", oonairUng of Sv>fa,. two Apr ao<1 l#?T fide Chair*, two Bookoa*e?. Wnuai ana Connie Tablet, all exqnaitelj oarved, aud ?atft Satin &* Covered Eaey and Faiwj Chair*. I Walrnt Morooon Cove.ed uiomg Cbaira. Oaa Cane-seat Din n* and Ruak *ea? Chaw, Rom wood and Wajaut Mark *-u>a I able*. Pour el-gaut Gttt Frame Mac lei Mirror*, One very arge pier Gl&aa, Sunmet in'i tnrra?im?, M. anrtiH>me Roanvood an4 Wtlnt Bwntiry u4 < Writing Deck*. Whatnot#. * Mirrors. Frua. Ward uM)mm'in> T?bt?, Sjpiaiidld Gilt Gu Oi.anoe i?r? luii Fixlarr*, J Walnut KHs%b?th%n and Jenny . isd Hiuilfome Fa I ?l?t f)raa*it>g Streams, Wuhitu<liuiO>?nin"d??, | PWhw Htli, Hair Mutrtw, BoliUrt a4 N<* I Iwwi, _ aoa I Biank**!. Cheating, Toiift 8#U, _ ? I Beaut, fu I)a.. a*k. CliiuU Mid ..acs Curtains,Cm - ] nio?, <*ha<1<>s aod rikfurss 1 Solid Oak KiUnnni Lining TeMn, \ Oak ?*id?t nard. Ftagsra, " " 1 Supert> Grwg and iwd Bohaaiiaa gto DhhM' ' Service, ooftt ASOO, W? HudioNMiiijHortUil PranaJi Chiaa Dium P?i. , wi i Ma i ;oa oorvioe, , . ,. 8iota Crystal out (i.m ? Itw ?W<f Cntr.r?, Waltrr*. Cm ion, Cafca IU>K?U, Tra tt?ooa? and Fork*, K ?fut Brors? Bowl. Out Mltoka, OftM MMChtlt, Lohim, ? fc?? V?l T?t, Bru?*e.??n<] Thraa p)? Carj*U, To < at her with a gruwai aaao*(?aat of flouikaMni Rrquuite*. Twnii: ?** ana andar ea?h; om that n?| eradtt of ? and 90 J?Tt for ?ati??aotorily eedom* ' M>to? baannc intrrrst. P. S -Ca'ajr iBwewiUb* iewi*ia?rwd*rit*fce?6' ale. *<.:*? no 21 -d J. C. MaGUMUI 4 OO- A? Br J. C. McGWE 4 CO- Aaa *iXTEN5?IVF. SALK OF FUEMTUBSAjpi . JD^rracj , or^C*?r^a.u> Hotel ?Oa ??-? i VOBHUVIII |L; u 1# <.'e!ock and otstiDiinu ant.i tA? vhul* n Jl*r bomkI of. wa ffctl! !! the antir* Faraitara u| Kfaote ' "Cmhiu'i oa mtt ? atraat, oppoaiM lh? Capitol Part, aoa?rtata? UiV?T/nS iETfcfiS; toekarK Xr4 "/"J ardPa'lo? LThau.^ ' ^ Marbla-ta* Caatra, Bofc tad M4a TftBaa, Damuk aotd Ctunic Cartataa, uw CarMv aad - < ?ina^a?at^h*ira, Loaogaa. Ruj Ckalra, I nah-aeat Chair* Panev Tabiaa, a r.jt, Mahocanv and aohd Charry Fr?ah l*f?? ' ataaia.of BraJly'a maka, WtlaaltadlUkaiui Mvkl*-tof Onaatai iJIris'Kawjasyfc, Bolat ra atd Pillowt, , T" Bxaaltaot Btarkato, CoiaWu. Bjpray4a, . . . barge ^uantatr of Shaattag. Table CMfcafMft"' To wait. Jv Brutaolt, Turea p.j.&od lagr*** C?rp(tii ^ OiUiothj Cn+k. A*. Xi A w** ft?fri?*r%tor. Ht-.iv? of r?now kiad?, *5ffAl*?LoMVwr7 twfrior BiDiftH TftMo, * feys? zixvvzrzvzi * I^Umx tb^HO^zvSmJ?ifmSZ?i?i>wjyiik.i ?!? for iti ?s* i* t)M oity. u mr r?aC IhiPH , U? wnhm or of Mm Aicticwin. o?M-5 J. C. 4 OOM Aigipf T H 0?K {* told v?ry low?' WtteM*iwhMMi TSufgKri j oaWlm* Wmtimgtm, J). C. M POI OVt.BOQ>rt> , '^y*1 HHam* cjgs I r~ ^wwSJB I 1 I

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