Newspaper of Evening Star, October 29, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 29, 1860 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR Womki'h I*t?stu>x.?Tie semaphore of Marseilles flutes the following somewhat amoving incident which is s?id to have occurred at the ball given to their JSajestiea at tfte Chateau Borefi "At the moment whan the doors were opened, two ladiea. accompanied by twa gentlemen, and duly provided with ticketa, presented thamaelvaa for admission The ladiea were elegantly attired ia white dreaaea and kaadaome omamenta, bat uafortaaateiy they had not eoaformed to the established rftaaette. so far as regarded their af ir tVnr wore hunnpt* TK??? appendages were, it is tnio. of the most light and elegant kind, and ornamented with marab*it feathery but they were considered, notnith standing. Inadiuissable. The stewards at tbe door expre*ed their regret in the politest terms, but a9 their instructions were positive on the subject, they conld not allow themselves to be softened by the entreaties of the ladies, who retired in great dismay. An old proverb pays that when a woman determines on doing a thing rothing can prevent her. so it was in this case. The ladiea. inspired with a sudden idea, went in among some trees that were growing near, and takinr off the objectionable article of dress, despoiled them of the feathers, which they speedily transferred to their own hair. The question next arose what shonld thev do with their bonnets, which were too pretty to throw uwaj Feminine invention t ire again ouut to tbeir aid, for, lifting their ample crinolines. they ?*Wy attached the discarded bead-dresses within their ample folds, where they were completely unobserved. Thus newly equipped, they presented themselves and were duly admitted. Romantic Maariagb ix New Jrk^iv?Air J .icon st ast Bridb.?Two young ladies of Hightstown, Mercer countr, had been wooed and so far won by a pair or ardent suitors, ae to bare named the day and the spot when and whfero they would surrender hearts and hands. On Sunday last, at Princeton, the silver cords were to h*re been tied, and the tender vows ealed; bat alas! for the mutability of haman h >pes. one of the fair ones, whose affection* Cupid had forgotten to label "not transferable," dm bo iar tost signt or an lormer promises as to allow a new attachment to spring up in her b ? >n?. and, on the wedding morning, when the first suitor called to claim his bride, he found oho had already gone off with ber new lover to the very spot where shp was to hare been joined to him iu the holy state of matrimony, forthwith ho started in pursuit of the fugitives, and, arriving before the services of the elergy had been rendered, the disappointed bridegroom took hia inconstant one aside, and represented the injustice of her txeatthent. So moving was the appeal that the fair one at length oonsented to marry according to original agreement The proud spirit of the man rose witnin him. and he spurned the offer with eontempt, refusing to take to his arms the heartless creature who had broken her vows, and preferred another before him. The dauntless heroine, determined to be s bride at all hatards, immediately returned to her lover, who waited with treinbhag anxiety the result of the interview, and, without risking further del ty. wa.? married to him on the spot.?iV> teori Evening; Journal. Slicidb ix a CsuBTEitr.?On Saturday.Sept. 22. the body of an unknown _young man was iounu in aceaetery near >an Francisco. Death bad ensued from a pistol shot, which had shockingly disfigured the face. In the pocket vf the deceased was found the following note: So now I am ready. I have been trying the revolver the whole afbernoon,aad itis a first-rate one, as you may see on that piece of wood in the paper?10 feet distance. I should like to go to the b'-rder of the water that I might drop into it; but it is a pity for the pistol?that would be loet. Now I make it a present to Larsson A Co., that they may see how easily I could have killed all in one minute. And, aj you see, it is not the courago that prevents mo from doing it. Now I will start for the cemetery; and my last word is: World, good-bye! Move on without me. "I ?hall lay down on my right side, and put this paper in the right pocket, that no blood caaeosne in it: I shall shoot myself under the chin, that the ball may pas* straight up into the brain. _ aVk. !- " lue sua is setting. "21 Sept., 196?/' ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS. NATIONAL HOTEL ?W F Dement, ftld; O H Carton, Pa; M Townsend, Cal; M C Milky, Fa; H F Wbll#>. NC; Mtaa Young. Mc; T A G11mm. nh: A R Notts, DC; hob G N FlWh. Ind, A C- Armalrotig, N Y; J E Fleming.Va; R Blackburn. Md; g h Stone and it, iii; C s Wataon, f W Ktfk, W Lucy, A Lucy, Eng: D A Gl?en, Kv; R A Grange. H M Klniley,NV; H R Burgwyn and (Win NC; A Dlckerua and ly, NJ, C Etselatyn and ly, NY; HO Duneotnb and ly.NJ; \V S Brent and ly, Va; Woo Paull, Pa; W Burns and ly. Mlaa Btrrna. NY; A C Lawrence, A Carpenter, La; W Amey. G b Williams and ly.NY: Slits A Winchester. Ct; W A Browning, DC; L \Voronoff. ?; H Snyder, G \Y Robi neon, Md: D N Roaselt. Ala; Lt Col Seott. V9A: T J Viterlcln J L Newbold. Pa; MrSolarabal, Mr Verone. Mr D- Espola, Cuba; W M A Ilea, Pa; G F Thornton. Ala; A Hubbell aad ly, T Br??rem, Mra Dobyn. N Y; W A yt-attwo. Va; J Bollock, ?; T Merryv.eatber, Pa; J 8 Hedge*, Del; A E Beach and iy, * y. BROWNS HOTEL ?G I* Snr, Va; B Cooley, Vd:C B Turner Pa- J i--? uua ia'iy , \J| 1\ Ford and daughter. Me; J H Gray, Va; T A Gray, d ?; Mia* E Grey, do: Miaa J Simpson, do; J A H ill and lady, Md; w H Gray, do; J G 8tur, Va: F. B Vail and NY; W Vv Branham, Md; \V <>\ren, OTA; W Z Moore, Teia*; R B Marlin. do; S Jon?-a. do; J I) L*ckbart and lady, Ga; E Kinu a .ililauL'tiT- Ala; J M Hunt, Ala; K M Tudd, Md; \N Hamilton. Ga; J G Hamilton and lady, Va; Mita Haiiiiiton. do; Miaa A J Hamilton, Mlaa M i: llamSltia, do, W T Hamilton, de; J Bogando< NY; Miaa Hamilton, Pa; W H Gran, do: T Caartell, NY; J Covrea, Va; J Velth, Md; J C F^rtath, Va. KIRK WOOD HOUSE.-J D Aadrewa, La; W XV Wirt, da; S N Carrothers, Md; J C Spencer, NY, J D Bradbury, Me; J B Burleigh, Nil; A L> Wifttln. do: !* S Une, do; ? Town??n4, N Y; C I.ttakein, Canada; Mlaa S Patteraen, do; Miaa Laubeu, do; D H Tracey, NY; G Withered, do; J Dt*?n. do; Dr A J Fo?d. USA; W P H TneiH*, Mo; A S Paue, DC; L Rlmmlngton, Ala; T Tlllataua, do; J D Wlddowuaon, NC; M B Millar, ' UCEAIV S TEA ME R8' SAILING DAYS Fbom tib Uhitsb Statu. L*tr*.. For. Dtvi. A K? r* tv>?i>>? Liverpool.....Oct 91 liiiiut* New Vorl.. N)Uth?mptOj.No* 1 li.ioota ...!* w Yofh...HfcTr* Hot 3 Aua. ?. New Vork-.. Liverpool ...P?ot7 Kuiton. ... .Now V(>rt^...H?vr? jNo* 8 Kurop* Boston.Liverpool.? Nov 10 At %nbo ?? N?w York.. Hftvr* Nor IT K*OH KLRUPI Foltnn- ? .South'nton.. .N?w York....Oot 17 tUmiwinn. fV>nth'pt?n .New Yofk ...Oot II n"k?WM. Liverpool... .Uuebec ?... .t?ot la F.nrop* Liverpool....B >?ton .Oct an AdriMio !*?um pt >n.. .New Vork.. .Oct 14 Anglo S?ir>n ....Liverpool Portland Oot 25 r rmi* ?Liverpool .New York.JOtl 2 JSortk Ameriaan.Liverpool P<*rtlaaJ Nov I J?*a Bell ... GlMfu* New York.Nov S Vau4l?rl>iil.._. ..BMrtVtt'ib. New v.?rir *? _ . "i . . . f rue Ha ran* mail Meainora hv? New York on toe t4, lTlli, ITth. and 2711. of each month, u4 Chartvatna oo the ttu Aiul ULt. T%? California mail Hw?n Iwn N?v York ?a h? Sth and AX* of mm* moaLti. Wood: WOOD:: WOOD!!! STOVE aad KJ.NDL.iN? the low? possible jrioe. w M SALXf ? n y? ** 11th ao< ^ IF YOU WISH TO OKT I GOODCLOTHING Can at AT LoW ***" , SMITH'S, !fo. 460 Seventh ?t??< la Iwt K aad F ?ta. l*fcl ACH KM8 ?A l&rv* ?~~ - .fg? trow Kunifo, Mao, Ml<-OtlOOS ni*d4 iB |*r?uu from *aUM??r?ujut?ii?hini boiwi in B ?t0" ? "?' ?? '?&* * ?<"? J Jul pii^aw. viiiiib. ?n? n?u, *?.. te. Also, Ducts ", "KVS FEftU CfeK>k*rinc*' Pi?a? ?tor?. f><i? 3Oft Pv ??.. h*. ?l? aj>d Wth rta. F S8*?,?,on [T7- n?h H?l for >11 kiad? of Or?i?. ?1M" jSw-SKTWE r"snhMT?? CLOTHI \H. tm which ynmr Mtaotiua u osJIad. m t.~5-as. nwjfi.'sr.a.'fc^i?. K*Y. TWA.f w?*??oraiK^X ?&' . MISOKLLANBOPB. ' P?ocLA?AT^;|^HMS,D,U.T For the Sale of Valtuihle Land* %n the lote New YofJf Indian Reserve? Kan*tu. In pnrauane* of law, t, 'ami* Bvchamaw, *re?ideut of the United ?tatea of amcnm, do her< br declare and aake known that public ealea will ba held at the nn4ot?iant?on?1 OSef, in tfca Territory ol Kaneaa, at the parioda hereinafter deaig nate?l, to wit: At the Land Offioo at Fo*t Scott, oommenoinc on Monday, the Si day of IfeMjnbar ant, for the diapoea) of auofc of tba public laada not oo*er*d by individual Indian location* aa areaitnatad within the followiac WWMkiH and parte of Uwnahiaa in the late reaerre above mentioned lor the "New York Indiana, via: South oftht bat* l*n* and tatt the girth primtipal meridian, and in th* townthip* and par it of town skin faliint within taid ltttrvt. The traou or pareela ia the parte of townahipa 33, 24. 2V aad 38. of range 2k 1 he traoU or p&roels in the part of township B. in townahipa 24 ' &* aatl in the part of 38, of -sr. iracta or paroeia in the part of township 33. I m townahipa 34 and 35, ana in the part oX 38, of ranae 23. The traeta or paroeia in the part of township 33, in townships 34 and 25, and in Ike part of 38, of range 22. Tlia tracts or paroeia in the part of tnwnnhip 38 is townahipa 34 aad 25. and m the part of sb, of range ti. 'Ike traota or paroeia in the part of tnwnahip 23, in townabipa 34 aud and in tae Mrt af at. nf ranee 9n. Tm trMtior Hnxli in the part of towrship 23. in townships 34 and 25, and in the r?;t of 3b, of range 19. The traoti or parcels m the part of township 2*. IB townships 24 and 26, and in the part of 26, oI range IK. Tne tracts or parcels in the part of township 23. in townehips 24 and 25, aud in Uie part of 26, or range 17. At th* Land OAoe at Fo*t Scott, aorameaoin on Monday, the 17th day of December next, for the disposal ofsach of (he public land* not covered by individual Indian locations aa are situated within the folio v ins towns nips and parts of townships ia the late reserve above-mentioned for New York Indians, vis: SotttA of 'ht last ^UM and east of th* tixtk pn$u*r*l m'Ttdian. and ialti Itw?i4t>i *iparts if townships fallin* wttiia said r?j?rr?. Th* tracts or paroala tn the part of township 23. in townships 94 and 25, and in the part of 2b, of ranee MS Toe tracts or paroels in the Bart of township 23. in townships 24 and 25, and in the part of 2b, or ranee IS. Tne tracts or paroels ia the part of township 23, in townships 24 and 25, and ia the part of 26, *f ranee 14. The tracts or pa'oela ia th' part of township 29. in townships 24 and 29, and in the part ol 26. of ranee 13. The traots or paroels in the part of township 23. in townships 24 and 25, and in the part of 26, of ranee 12. The tracts or paroels in the part of township 23. in towaahips 24 and 25, and in the part of 26, of ranee 11. Tne tracts or paroels in the part of township 23. in ?A?*tteki ma OS a -.1 AC - - J *- ?L ' - ?vm uDiupa ?i auu sua m vnv pKl OI <t)| Oi ranee 10. Ths tracts or pareela in the part of township 25, in township* 94 and 25, and la ths part of 26, of rang? 9. The traeta or paroo s m ths parts of tovaships 9, St, 35, and 38, of range S. Landa appropriated by law for the use of sohools, military Indian, and ether jmwill he sxoiuded from the, together with the tracts covered by individual Indian locutions, descriptive Hats of which have been furniahtd the looal officer*. The offering of the above landa will be commenced on thedaya appointed, and will proceed in the order la which they are advertised, until the whole ahall have been offered, ami the aalea thus oloaed ; but no aale shall be kept open longer than two weeKa. and no private entry of any of the landa will be permitted until after tne expiration of the two weeka. Given under my hand, at the oitv of Washington, this 21st day of Auguat, anno Domini one thousand eirht hundred ?nr) ?i*t? _ "JAMES BUCHANAN. Br the President: JOS. S. WlLMM, Commissioner of the General Land Offioe. NOTICE TO PRE EMPTION CLAIMANTS Kvery person entitled to the right of pre-emption to any of the land* within the township* or parts of townships above enumerated is required toestablish the Mine to the satisfaction of the recixter and reoeiver of the Land Office, atui makf payment tktrtfcre at soon as praetieabU after strut* this notie*, and before the ilar appointed for the commencement of the public sale of the lands embracing the tract claimed; otherwise such claim will be forfeited. JOS. 8. \VILHON, Commissioner of the General Land Offioe. Mots.?Under the regulations of the department, as heretofore awl w* existinc. no payment can be ma<le for advertising proclamations except to each publishers as are speriaJly authorized w> publish br the Commissioner of the General Land Offioe. au a-lawl3w Bl No. 665.1 Y THK PRESIDENT OP THE UNITED STATE#. ln^ursuance of law. 1, Jambs Buchanan, Fres iiwnt ? w? vdihw nam 01 Amsrioa, do htrtb; declare and make known that public *!** will M Ueid at the niHler-mentioned Laud Offices in the S at* of Iowa, at the period* hereinafter desif aa1*1, to wit: At the Land Office at Fokt Dodo*, oommenoinc on Monday, the 19ih da/ of November next, for the disposal of the public iaa<ls, heretofore ira^dered, situated witfeio the following townahipa and farts of townships, n:: Nortk of thi bait lint and tee ft of tkt Aft A principal meridian. Baotioos 1. 3. 5,7,?, 11,13. IS. 17, 19,21, 83, 25, 71, 29, SI, 53, aad 38. of township 98; Motions 1. 3, 3, 7, 9. 11, 13. 15.17,1ft. 21. 23. 26, 27, ?, 31. 33, and 3V. of townahi* 96; ??oiion* 1,3.5,7,?. II. 13. 16,17,19.21, 23.25,27,23,31,33, and 55, of ttwnsni* M; aeotion* I,3, 5,7. 9, li, 13.13,17, H, 21, 23 *1. 27, 29,31.33. and SB. oftownship 07; sootmas 1,3.5,7,9,11, IS, ;6,17, 1% 21, 23. 25, 27, Jf, SI, S3, aad 35, of township 9S, of range 2T. Sections 1.3 5,7, 9,11,13.1ft, 17. 19,21,23. 25.27, 21. 3>. 33. an?l 36. of tn wushi * 93; Motion* 1.3, ft, 7, 8. II, 13. 19, 17, 19, 21, 23. ?, 27. 29. 31, 33, and 35, of tnwnihip 94; seotions 1.3, 5. 7, 9,11,13, 15 17.19, 21, 23 25, 27, *9, 31, SB. and 35 of township 95; stotl'>as 1,3,5.7.9, II.1S, 15 17,19,21.23 25 27, 29. 31. 31, and 35, ol tow islitp 96; seo ions 1. 3, 5. 7, 9 11.13 15,17, 19, 21,23, 25,27,2), 31,33. and 35. of township 97; sections 1,3,5,7, 9,11,13,15, 17, 1<?, 21. 23, Y5.27, i9, 31, 33, aad *5, "ftownsMp ?*; sections 1,3, 5 7, 9, II, 13, l-i, 17.1?, 21. 23, 25, 27, 29, 31, 31, and 35, of township 39. of ruifi 28. 9 eti>a* 1,1,6,7,9, 11.13. 15,17.19,21,23. 25. 27, 21 31 33, and 3V'f township 93; sections 1,3, 5. 7, 9, II II H 1ft . a? ? ? if mi hi ui Mi w <i >)ii ?vi( iflfl 35. 0f lown?>up <M; fctiona I, 3,5,7, 9,11, 13. 15,17. Id, 21, 21, 25, 27, 29. 31,33. and 3), o( t .winhip 95; aecti n? 1, 3, 5. 7,9, 11, IS, 15,17,19,21, 23. 25, Tf, 21. 31. 3k and 35, of t ?wua"ip 96; ?-c? on* 1,3, 5.7, 9,11.13 15,17,19 21, <3, 25, 77, 29, 3", 33 and 3fi, of town?h?p 97; aMii?na I,3,5.7,9, 11.13.15, 17.19, 21. 23.25, 27. 29. 31. 33, aad ii, <>f -owuaiiip OS, ?*c ions 1,3,5, 7, 9,11,13.15. 17, 14,21,71, 25, 77, 29,31,33, and 35, of tovaahip 99, of range 29. Saotiona 1. 3, 4,7, 9,11,13,15,17,19 21,83 31,33,and 35, of townahip 99; aaoticaa 1, S.?,7,9, II. IS, 15, 17, ?. <1.23,25, 27. 23.31,33. and 35. of tnwn hip 'H; ?*o ioaa 1.3 5 7,9, II, 13, IS, 17.19,21, 23,2ft, 2'. *9 3' 33, and 3S, ol to vnnhip 95; afotiona i . 3, ft7.9.11. 13, Ifti >7, 19,21, 23. 25,37- 29 31, B, and 33. of t >wnabip M; aoattnaa 1,3,5,7.9. II, 13. IS, 17, It, 31, 23. .5.27.53 3i. 33, aa<l 35. *( tovnakip97: actional, 3,5,7,9,11, 13. 15, 17, 13, <1.23. 28, 27, 3?. 31,33. aa* 31, o town*hip 'Jl; a-ououa 1, 3, 6,7, 9, II, 13,15,17, 19,21, 23.25, 27,29,31,33, aod 9>, towoa' ip?9; a?o tiona 1,3 5,7,9. 11,13 IS, 17, 19.21, 23, 29.27,K,31, 33, and 3i. of to w nasi? 100, of range 90. Saoiioaa 1. 3, 5,7, 9,11, IS. 1ft, 17,19, *1, 23 23.77, 29,31.33, and S3, of towaahip 93; aeoU ib? 1. 3, 5,7, 9, U. 13, IS. 17,19, 21, 23, 35. 27, 23. 31. SB, aad 35, of tewnalop DC; MMou 1.3. 5.7,9,11, IS, IS. 17.19, 21, 21. 25 , 77,29,31. 83, and SS. of tovnabip 9* eeotiona 1,3,5,7,9, II, IS, IS, 17. 1?,21.23.25,77.29 31,33 and 35, of townaltip W; a'eUuia 1,3, 5,7,9. II, 13,15,17, 19,21 23,2i, W. 31.31.33, aad 35, ol Uwnahi ?97; aao tioua 1,3.4,7,9 11,13, t5, 17, 19, 21. 23,25.27.29,31. <31 anJ '?< * M '* im> <!< j >* vi w w u?u I p IW i INQUM 1,3, 5, 7,9, 11* 13* IS 17,19, Si, 23. 35,27. 29, 3<, 33, and *, of Mvmliii >rr, mjUobi I, 3.5, 7.9, II, 15, 17.19 21,8.25,27,29, 31,31, ud 35, of lownefcip 10?, of ranc* $i. fteotiota 1,3, ft, 7,0,11, 13, 15. 17. 19, kl, 3,55,27, 21, 31, IS, ano 35, of iownahia98; Motions 1, S, 5,7. 0,11, IS, 14,17, 19, 21,?, 35. 37, 29, 31, SB, Mid 35. of townahip 94; aeationa I, S, ft. 7, 9, il. 13, IS, 17,19,21, 2*, 25, 27. 29. 31, 31, a->d 35, of towaahip 9ft; aeotiora 1,3, ft, 7,0,11. 13, 1ft, 17, *,*. 23. 25,27. 29, 31, 3S, and S.5, vf townakiaM; eaotinua 1, S, 5,7,9, 11, IS, IA, 17, 19, 21, 21, ?. 27, 39, SI, 8?, a..<1 1ft, of lownahia 97; ootioua 1,3, ft, 7,0, II, IS, Ift, 17, 13,21. 23, 2S, *7, 29, 51,3.1, and 3t>, of township 9?; action* l.S.ft, 7,9.11, IS, 15, >7. 19,21,23,25. 27, 29, SI, 3*, Aid aft, of tovnatii 99; amotions 1,3, 5, 7,9, 11,13, 15,17, 19,21, 23, 25, 77, :9, 31,31. Ud 35 of mwaahip liw, of range 32. Hwtiota 1.3,5,7,9, 11,13.15, 17, 19.21,23. 25. 27. 29, 31,33, ?naS5. of "ownahip 94: township 95c aeotiona 1,3, 5,7, 9.11 21, 2), 25, TT, 21,31,a, aadSft. of tnwnamp *8; a*otl9na 1, S, 5, 7,9,11.13, 15,17,19 21, 23,2?, 27. 2J, 31, 3<. and 35. of to#n?hip97; sections I; S. ft,7, 9, II, M, 1*. 17,19, 21, J3. 25, 27. 29, 31, 33, a d 36. of township 98: aeouona 1, 3, ft. 7, 9,11, IS, 1ft, 17, 19, 21, a 25, *7,21,31. 33, and 35. of townahip ?; a-ct oae 1.3,5.7, 9. il, 13. 15,17, 19,21.a, 25,27.29, SI, a, and 3V of lo waaaip I Oft, ol range 91. At Uie Land Offloeat Sioux City, oommencinc on Moadav, the 26th day of Norawbar next, for nf ?k? L _ , ... .... ..j.m lauuii Oiwwuiuro nnoifrred, aitnated within the following towuehipa tod p?ru of towaehiye, riz: North ik* hiM <*?' mmi rot </ Mb JV* rri*tvl flfftrfffl. Beetiona 1,8,5,7,9,1 r, 1*, IS, IT, 19, tl, 29, IS. 77, B, 31. Si, and 35, of to wnahi p 95; aeotio* 1,3, ft, 7,9. 11, 13, 15, 17, 19, 21, 33, 25, 27,29, SI, 33. Md ?, of tcArnahif 98; aeoUuua 1,3, 5.7,?, 11. 13,1?, 17,19,21, 2% 25, *7,29, 31.33, and 3>, of townabie 97: townahip #; eet.ona 1. 3,5,7.9, 11,13, 15, 17, 19,21,23,25. 27, 2J, 31,33, and 35. of townamp 90: eeotioua 1.3,5,7, 9, 11, 13, 15 17, 19,a, 23, 25, 27, 29, 31,33, and 35, of lownahie 1?, oi range 3C Towaahipa 98, 99, End 19", of na?? 35. ' 'ownahia *?, of rang* 36. ' 'owaahipe *' and 100, of mft 91. ' ownahipe 9t, W, ud MO, of na|( *. ' 'o aahipa M. 98, and M8, of rM|t 9, ' 'ownakipa 99, 98, and lee, of range V. o wnahi pe 98 and lift, of range 41. owaeMaa * and i?i ?f ??? * To w?eh?ps 19 and tO*. ol rU(t* fowaahipt 90 aud 100, of range 44. Townshjps ? and too, of ruii tt. T ownahipe ? an* 108, of ring* 47. Tow n?hi p? * u4 ion of rang* 41. Towanhips ? ui loo, o. range 4a Laai appropriated by law for the eee of schools, Military. other yvrMM, together with the "ma? aad orwIowM laads," will be exolided from the sales. The offering of the above lands will be oomsnMd oa the days appointed, aad will proeeed in the order la which ther arc advertised, until the whole shall l^re been offered and the sales tLus closed ; bat no SSSHf^si Girsnander my hand, at the oity of Wnshiagtoa, thb |bait**h Jfa# ,?TAaiaat, Anno Domuu on U""-a~ ^IAmIS BUCHANAN. B,tt.FMrig.?kw Commiaaioner oftha Genaral Land Offioe. NOTICE TO PRE-EMPTION CLAIMANTS. EfWTHvieo entitled to tho nnht ot preemption to any of tm lands within the tovnfthiea and parta of towaahipa above mentioned, ia required to eatahliah the eame to the aatmf&otion of the reciater Md receiver of the proper land ottoe, \nd make payment therefor aa toon aa practicable after seeing this noUoe, and before the day appointed for the ooramenoement of the publio aalea of the landa emiT?S.E3? T"! gSm'SfflftiC"C o mm i?? toner of the General Umd OAoe. Not*.?Under the rexalaliona of the department, aa heretofore and now existing, no payment oaa ha made for advertiainc proclamations txo?pt to raoh rubliahera aa are tp*?\ally authorized to pabliah by ie CotnmiaaMiiMr of the General LandOfiee. an JO M.wlJ* WOOD AND COAL. |MPORTANT TO HOUSEKEEPERS! THE PIONEER AW HILL All FIREWOOD FACTORY, isumi o* tuk blvm flao slavv,) <*tk el the CtMl, Bear 7 tk itrert Bridge, Will famish, at the shortest notioe, FIRE W OOD, the best quality, o* ant kind, Cut and Split to any Dimmsiom, CHEAPER THAH THE CHEAPEST! With fall ateasnrement guarantied. ItT" Remember, the blu? flab staff, west w of beveath street, south of die Canal, and opposite the Center Market. GEORGE PAGE, Afeit ITT* HICKORY ANlJoAK PLANK or TIMBERfofaiur or dimeBSiOHS)SAWKD. POSTS or JOISTS RIPPED, t LOtiS SAWED, at the shortcut notiee itt" mm&ll w.ha at bi ihitbh ituivc U,, ?r. K? y'"r?~ ly ex?c<U?Hl.asabove w8 t q q q q q UNION FIRE-WOOD MILL, Cwatr ( Sevealh it and Cml. W 0~0 D of all kind, manufactured to order, uj length or lie, ready for use. COAL?COAL. We have now on hand a beautiful lot of COAL, both R?d an<l White Ash, different sise JE^Weare now, and will be receiving Coal for the next ten daya, which we aeil, delivered from the veaael, at a redaction of 25 oenta per ton. Send your orders early. McKNEW * MARLOW, Proprietors, se 3T tf Corner Seventh at. and Canal. WOOD AND COAL Delivered to ail parte of the oity, at the loveet possible rates. T. J. A W. M. G ALT, 1 AAA VU - ? ? ?F v/muc mew x t?. ?T.t uuiwwn 11vn obou ijtn M j ma 17-tf north sian. /^OAL! COAL!.' ! V/ WOOD! WOOD!! , I am daily receiving large suppl'es of COAL from the very beat Pennsylvania mine*, which I will Mil at reasonable prices Alio, th? best eualitv of Oak, Pine And Hiokory WOOD, cut and split, all lengths. Call And leave your orders. r. W. BATES, Wood and Coal Dealer, ? IT (States) Cor. C and 14th ats.. near Canal. ~C*AGLE IRON WORKS, Hd Cokkui Ohio Av. and Tht*t**?th St. KRICSSON'S CALORIC KNGINK9. I The uademitned have been appointed sole agenta | inthisoity for the manufacture and sal? of the above I Engines, and are prap&r*] to supply all Ofdara with promptness and aispatoE. The?? engines have' l>c*n eatisfactorily introduced, and are now practically employed in h?k*ries; by l>ookbinders; for ttoxwood cutting; by cabinet makers; for drawing fan blowers t ventilate Imildings; for pumping: for domeetic purposes: elevating gram; glass cutting; ginning cotton; grinding auartz; grinding paints; grinding engar cane on plantations in Cuba; for hoisting; for knitting machines; by manufacturers I of plated ware; of printers inaterial, of silver ware.1 of agricultural implement*; of matches; of hooped sk irts; for pumping at raijroad ?t?t.ons and on board ships; for sewing inashines: for job printing and printing daily newspapers; for various plantation uses; for sawing and planing Iuinl>er; for picking ] hair: for polishing conms; for shoemakers' uses; fur sand sifting; turning; tobsoco cutting and pulvnr- 1 ising; in tanneries and wire making establishments; | for soda water manufacture; for hone crashing; ma't mashing; towing; grinding ootlery, Ac. They are inaxplosi ve; economical; easily managed; they re<|iiireiio engineers; use no water: and consume very little fuel. Any persondcsiroua of using these Kngines, can by application to the undersigned :.< i shown a lar#e numli*r of testimonials from persons who have then? in daily i:si>, expressing their entire satisfaction in their operation and use _ rncoe 01 m? r,mines as established hy the Patentee : 12 in. ojl'r $35" 1 IS iicIim cylinder, f5S?> 1 ! Double 24 " l.wo'Ji ' " 1^5?! I " 32 " 2^0n 40 " " 2 J 0 '* 40 " 4JHV 48 " " SAO " 48 " 6,8?tf fln " " " 60 * 9,500 24 " " 740 We are are also prepared to furnish, at short notice, Arohiteetiirarrastinrs,fon> any designs that may be furnished, a- uheap as can 1?? obtained elsewhere. Also, Steain Engines, portable and station | ar>; lush or low pressure; saw and grist mill*; hydrostatic, or other presses ; boilers fer heating baiklinge, wrought iron water tanks;shafting, gear-1 ing, 4c.. for flooring or other mill*, and forging of all kinds. I se 13 2aw3m W,M M ELLIS k. bro. Look to your interest,purchasers op cabinet pukni lure. We have now in itnr?i tn<i Hail* olivine th? largest, handsomest, ab?1 the^2^Br cheapest lot of Cabinet Furniture ever^ offered to the aitixens of Wuhintton,? Georgetown ud Alexandria, whicb cordial 7 invite all who deaire furniahmg to call ai d examine for thanisolves. Ouratookemb aoea every conceivable artiole necessary to furnish a parlor, hail, dining room, ehainber, and kitclren. Our ex tenaive stook ia too numerous to particu arix> i We only name a few of the leading artioles, anok as, vii: Koaewood, Walnut and Mahogany Parlor Suit", I upholatered in a auperior mann#r in BrooateLe Si k flush, beating and Hair Cloth, 6i't frame Mantel.Pter and other u leases. Gilt llaae Tab'.ea, Gilt Breekrjta and MarMe Slabs, Gothio and other handaome Reception Ctaaira, in IJrocatelLe, Plnah. R uah and C%ne Seeta, Ktereres, with Marble-tope and Mirror uaoks. Do. Panor Detks and Whatnots, Rosewood. Walnnt and Mahogany Bureaus. , NVaahatanna, B"d?t?ada aaa Wardrohea, vorj handaome and sheas, ! Cottage Chamber Furniture, ia Oak, lalUtion Dak, Maple and Painted, with or without Mar ble Tope, Marble-top Hatracks, ia Oak aed Walnut, Iron Hat rack a. Hall Stands, ; Secretaries, Book oases, Sharing Stands, Marble top Center Tables, Hair and nhaok Mattresse*. 1 Feather Bolsters and Pillows, B auk eta. Comforts, Quilts, Towels, Ao. ; In addition to nnr ?toek of Fnrnitnre oar first floor contains a large and well a?leoied a took of rkiM.ciu<?ii f"??.? , _ y v .w?? WM? -wuruacry. rmvwi u<>mn, J"pan- i e?* \Vv*. Table Cutlery, Itritannia War*, Blnoktin Goods, Bu^oti, Braaitea, 4o.. altogether forming a oomplete variety of every thing neoeasary to faraish a nouse id all iu apartment* C. W. B"TKI.KK A SUNS, Iron flail, No. *18 Penn. a venae, e 17-MAThtf between 9th and 10th ?ts. Furniture Warcroom. ZWALL ^BARNARD PL arc now reoeivtnc, on oonsignment, |W at their Warrr.>oms. corner of C / 1 I and Ninth streets, (in the rear of their aaotion rooms,)a very large and general assortment of P URN ITU RE, CARPETS,and HOUSE < KEEPING GOODS generally, whioh they luvite the attention of peraona furnishing to examine before purchasing?among whioh may be found : Parlor Suits, in Hrooatelle, Kepsand Hair Cloth, Maiiogauy and Walnut Sofaa, Tete-a tetes, and Parlor Easy Chaira Mahogany and Walnut Ma'ble-toa and other Tables, in greet variety Marble-top Oak-pain ted Cottage Seta Walnut and Mahogany Marble top plain and Other Cane and Wood seat Hooker, Dining, Office and other Chain aandanme Gift and Mahogany Looking G asaea [ahogany and Walnut Cottage and ether bed teadi Cabinet*. Etagerea, Whatnou and Deaka Bruaaeia, S ply. Ingrain and other Carpet*; Oil elotha Marble-top, Walnat, Mahogany aadjother Wa?h tan<la ud t*inka Hair, Shaok. and Hhaok and Cotton Mattraaaea W ith a great variety of other gooda not here men tioaed. wn?oh will be aoid ver* low. ' WALL A BARNARD, Aaetioneera, aouth aide of Avenue, ae? eolm ooraer Pa. av. aad IKh atraei. The insurance company or THI state op virginia. richmondCapital - $300,000. Directors. 1 Farmera Rank A; ** jrwioii nrra ui w&rwicic * Barkadale Wm. O Crenshaw, firm ofCronthaw ? Co JWelliaftoa Uoddia, firm of 6oddiu * Asperaoo . W.MeCasm. firm of Dunlop. Monoar* & Co . A. Bark.dala, firm of Warwick * Barkadala Jam*# H. Grant, Tobaofo Manuftvctarer W. W. CruiKf, Attorney at Lav JM. DunUp. firm of Daplop. MoMrn A Co. _ ?? ? HAXALL, Pratt JeaTH A KNOWLK8. AranU, Ofto*?over Bank Washington, Room It. trunks, boots and shoes. UOUT8 AND SHOE:* TO SUIT TMK We |f? MV MUhMik/; all kinds of BOOTS tad BHOKB, and constantly reoeiviax apply of eastern made work of everyde BH Motion, msd* expressly to order, and willr mj be sold at a much lower arwethaa he* keen" Hb heretofore charge* la tlus city for maoh lofsrier ^Persons in want of Boots and Shoes of eastern of eitr made work, will always find a jood aseortmea In store and at the lowest prices. Give us a sail. ttRlKPIN ft BRO-, ap ?-r >14 Pennsylvania aveae*. finVR HUNDRED TRAVELING TRUNKS r arrived this 4av, e?nbraemt all *aali-nmR ties and eizee of Bote Leather, Ladtee'HMM Drees aad Peeking Trunks. Oar trank^*** ales room exhibits at this time the greatest variety of traveling requisites- at moderate prices, to he CARPET BA?i*?, SATCHELS, As. I0"0!d Tranks repaired or taken laexshaage lor new ones. WALL, STEPHENS A CO^ mar ?-tf Pa. av*na*. r>?/iiii'vn a-* a? ai rw??? ?vsw M acui (Kunt itARUrACTUKY. 499 Tim Btuit, Orrositt Odd Villous' Hmll, D. C. Travelers will study their JnteresU t>j examiaia ?iy TRUNKS, VALlCES Ac .before ?ur?M hMiiiK oleewero. At I ira* none hot OrHM best material the market aJlords Md employ^"? the beet workmen, I can confidently reoommend my fork to be anpenor in Strmitik and Dwro&tlity to ranks that are made in other cities and sold here, I k'>ep oonatantly on hand, ami make to order (on one week'a notice) every descriptieu of SOLE LSATlfKK, IKON FRAME FRENCH DRESS mi WOOD BOX TRUNKS; ASHLAND mmd otktr fALICES, TRAVELING BAGS; HAR\ NESS; SADDLES; WHIPS, tc^ fe. f Trnnka, Aa., Repaired and Covered, is a workmanlike manner, at ahort notioe. . Trunks delivered in any part of the eity, Georga low*, or Alexandria. Al"o?A/ent for Howe's oelebrated FAMILY Si WINS MACHINES. de 1S-lv JAMES S. TOP HAM. TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. Baltimore and ohio railmjad. WASHINGTON BRANCtL UflHi Cuarsb or Hotiaa. ON AND AFTER WEDNESDAY, Jane 13th, 1890, train* will run a*follows: Leave Washington at 6 20 and 7.#? a. m. Leave Washington at 3-Jf* and 5.30 p. m. Un Humlay at 3 an p. m. Leave Baltimore at 4.2S and 8.40 a. m. Leave Malttmore M 3.16 and 4.20 p. m. (in bunday at 4 85 a. m. PaceenKera for the Kaat irill take traina at 6.30 ar.d 7.4" a. m and 3 iO p. m. Fur the Weal at 7.4" a. m. and .130 p. n. For A nnapolu at 7.4i? a m and p. m. For Norfolk at 7 40 a. m. On Catania? eveiunt the JJO p. m. train toe* to Philadelphia only. ie l?-d T ?. PARSQNH, Arewt. 1 NEW ORLEANS IN TnRBB r?^*ra WITS TO CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. ALL RAIL ROUTK, Via Ormnge and Alexandria Railroad TO LYNCHBURO: Virgin*it and Tennessee. East Tennessee and Virginia, East Tennessee and Georgia, NaskvtUe arid Chattanooga, Memphis and Charleston, Mississippi Central, New Orleans and Jack*on, TO NEW ORLEANS! MEMPHIS ROUTE: M?afkis by Rail, thenoe hv Kirat olaaa PMktU to N#w Orleana. MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE RQUTJS: Montrom-ry by Rail, thenoe to Mobile by Firatofui Packet*. Mobile to New Orleana by Lake Steamer* TWO DAILY TRAlNS-Scmn INT-lvdxd, Leave Wasklaatoa at # a. m and 6 p. m. The steamer GKOKGK PAtiK leave* tier wbar] foot of Seventh etreet at a. m. and 6J? p. m. and oonneota at Alexandria with the Orange and Alexandria Traina for the Sonthwent. Office? Pennay Ivani* avenue, corner of Sixth at. bamam cucus rar.oufiH to saw oklbam. Lynchbarc *? 601 Memphia S31 m Uriatul~ 160f> Atlanta -3S no $noxvilI? . mn?.|Maooa 28 Chattanooga 24no|C<>!umf>ua m 31 SO Dal ton 24 ttMMontrumerj 93 ? Huntaville ..... ,97 fin > Brand Junotion ?90 ObIn.O.S viae. Juno .49 ? NaaLn.U 2t ml \ via Mobile. ^4* W THIS ROUTE IS ENTIRELY BY RAIL 900 M1LE8 SHORTKK.and 94 HOURS LESS IN TIMK than any other l.iae? tha Lynnhburr Kxtenaion being now eonaaleted, aaalao the Miaaiaaippi Central, makm( it the QUICKEST AND MOST PLEASANT ROUTE FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS It U provided with Firat oiaaa Sleeping Can! STo New Orleen* . T9 Houra. teolsr?il: NaaJmile da. EJTThe u. 8. MAIL ud ADAMS' EXPRESS are taken orar thlaNew Lane. liuiou o?n oc on?in? at me routn wa?t?rr, OBw, oofwr of Sixth atreet and Pennsylvania it enue. to the foliowine peinU Lynohburg, Bristol, KnoxviLle, Atlanta, Chattanooga. Hnntavil!#. Grand JnnoUoo, Maoon, NMh-rilie, Dal too. Colambaa, Montgomerj^^Mfrt^le.^jHemfhia, and ?ET THROUGH TWKETS TO THE VARIOUS VIRGINIA SPRINGS. O^Omnibneee and Baggage Wat on* lwv* the offloo K a. m. and C p. m. JAMBS A. EVANS, Tloket Aceat, maW-tr Corner Sixth at. and Pa. THE STEAMER JAS, GUV Will [UirnkM I trip* on TUESDAY, ttat of _IT? ^ Pebruarj, 1800. Wii! loave WASH INGTON every TUESDAY and^**^^ PR I DAY, at 6 o'olook a. m.. and ALEXANDRIA atKalf paat6 o'olook, for CL'RRIOMAN and the intermediate Landing. On her return trite. ?he will leave CURRIOMAN every WEDNESDAY aad SATURDAY, at ft o'olook a. m. LUOIAN S. PAGE, Proprietor. NATH'L BOUSH. Ax't. Alexandria. fe at OFFICE OP INSPECTOR AND SEALER U OP GA* METERS, WA?nmeT?N. Jaly It, 186ft. NOTICE IS flERERY GIVEN. Tbat,a?'ea abl to the proviaiona of the oi diaanoe/>f the Cw puiBin n upproToa may 12. iw.U( nuaeraigned is now prepared. "whenever rejnlred in WTltinjc, and on prs-payment of the of nfty eents, to inapeot. e*anus?. tost, prove, sod asoertsin the aocuraey of rS(ittration of any gas meter in use in this oity." I Every meter, if found inoorreet, will beoondemned, and another, sealed and narked sa true, will be setm i?? place. If proved to be aooarats is 11s measurement of gas, it wi,l be sealed accordingly, and Main p?t is poauioa for nae. OCot No. 410 Seventh street, (near Odd Pel lows'Hall > (>?en frumla. w , fctSp m. CHAKuES W. CUNNINGHAM, jy 18 tf Inspector and Sealer of tias Meters, W^BH'NGTON SKWING ROOMS," l" MM Ilk it., doort Worth 0/ Pa. iM, Nov is the time to t* SPRING and SUMMER SHIRTS made sp to order. The subscriber is prepared to make SHIRTS, DRAWERS, Ac., at th? skortest notice. AJl dseoriptions of Sewiiy: dot* <m?r U H t. A. WOTW HOW E*S IMPROVED WEIGHING SCALES These So&lea are offered to the Mblio as tka moat simpls. darable, and reliable aoalea ever est 1a ae. Kirat olaas ireminma have been awarded l|iea by the United States Pair and Virginia Afiosltsru I Sooiety; Virginia State Axnenltaral Fair: Franklin Institute Fair, Pennsylvania; New York State Fur; Vermont State Pair, ko., Ao. In every oase where M h ihi tArl thaw ru<iMil I~? -I- ? For sa e at i f Louisiana arena*, fl.po/oTSiir. i Chil.ed Iron Bam. do 1?-lv B? n. P ATT mow. AfKrt. W| GAS FIXTURES. E Havs in store, ami are dai.y receiving, OAS PI XT U RKS of entirei y New Patterns and Desigas and Fini*h, superior in stvlo to anything heretofore ol>re?l in this market. We invilecitixeus general It to oall ami examine our stock of Ga? and Water Fixture*, feeling confident that we hare the beat selected atook in Washington. All Work in the above line intrusted to our care will be promptly attended to. MYKR8 * McSHAN. mar 5-tf jra 1> street. FI RANCI8 HAKPKR, h* vino oncrsn k 1 FAMILY GROCKRY AND FF.KD STORK, Corner / JV?w York nvmut Tenth *trui. Respectfully eolioits the patronage of those v ma* l?e in want of any article in the shore line. His endeavors shall he to ptaana, aad by a strict attention to the wants qf the pubOo, he hopes to merit a share of their patronage. His took consists of every article usually to be found in a ftrst-oiaes Family Grooery aad Feed Store. ma 17-tf 12.000 iitse e attention of the pqblie to oar larre and wall se ted stock of Ohaiapaxne and Oral Apple Cider, which we r?&r*?t*e tow .pare iaiee, aad will be so Id oa reasonable terms in order la make room Kr oar spring atoak. m 9 wo. ?T Bww i.?.?. una. ?.m. h?tt. Lktmr. Lou.??nu?mn utSfum, Mim.. Will prMOM is tb? ILlc k Cosrt o? IKirora ami A f , 'wHiMy I rpAKB OU* ADVJCK AND OO TO THE I rMtlM* Clolhitif Mori, No 460 toventb iL, MKDiciirm I k* iCKilTUN, IT lurawfti LOCK BOtnriL, H" Bi~s^! SSLSSS&S: -u -* FOE ALL DISEASES OP IMPftUDENCJh LET NO FALMB DEUCACJ FRETENT. APPLY IMHib ATSLY. A CPRM WARRANTED, OR NO CHAR9M, IN FROM ONE TO TWO BAY8. uMUUii, hitflMt^UwOufw, IbmhmI) SmmS Dimw rfliftt t ii??n, Pmm ?ttt? ?4. fWny (hi ?r fkta, Hi. m Wiki Lu|i, kmict at tarrikla diaatdtia axiamf fraa lattery ! > ? 4 tmi-om oraadfal lit daairaau*a pncucm vkak wmin htnrkf< ififc. u< daauay tow m; a?4 mm toimhu bapaakajtr ?k? kim b?mm im mtum af tim, uti iimwii u4 twdmu'i kiktl ?twl iraulli ramflm a uutnil; jmi tbaaaaada af yaaaf mm af im mm aaaltad talania %a4 krillaal iaiallact, vka mirfcl atkarviaa ka?a ittrimil hat??htf inttn vitk ika i>aaaara af alaaaaaaa ai vtm la ilauaj ika itviaf lyn, h; mil ?ltt fall ml laan. mauuacb. miuiu puiom, aa tn.( maoaau^tohn baa ftafi, kan( tetrad yhyaiaal taaltft, wfttia dakuup darar?aiuaa, *?.. apaadilr itral a *ka plaeaa bimairidat tta mm af ?. i. wy l*m aaalp aanma la kia katamt (awlmta ml mmh<| in) fto kit akill u a pkyata^aa. orric* ha. t aovn ruoiucimur, lad mad aid ar?iaj fraa ba)i*???ra atraat, a law 4 van f*av ika tanar. * '"* - mt ?al aaatvrr kattar aaat ka pail amaaatata a aua|. ml jobottos, maaakara aflm li)t< cauafa ahanaaaa, i talaa. twlata (tan aaa af ika aatt aaiaaat cauagaa la tka fcha] btalaa, ail tka muar part w *kaaa i if a kaa kaaa apaat 'a im kaaatula ( laadaa, parta, pkiladalphia aad alaavkara. ma affa cud aana af tka aaaat aaaawtahaif aaraa tkat vara aval *navo; raaap traahlad vm tinftaf la ika mai and aaaa ' vkan aalaap, rraai aarraaanaaa. kainf alarm ! at aallaa i aaanda, kaahfaloaaa vith fraqaant klaaklnf, luaadad mm* laaa viafc dataaffaaaaat af am, vara cbrad laaalltulv. fiu pabticvkar iiotic e, tamf maa and atkara vka kaaa u^arad aiaaihw hp aarvun pratuca tadaif ad la vkaa alaaa?a kakii fta^aaatlf laaruad fraaa aril caaapaaiaaa. at ai aateat. ika alacaa at vklck art aifhtlp fait araa vsao aalaap, tad if mi aarad, randara nurnifa inpaaaikla, aad daatrapa katk mad aaa kadr, abaald apply ivaadiatalr. tsaaa ata aana of ika aad aaa aialaackalp afatla atadaaad kr aarlr kakiw af raatli *i? i waaknaaa af tka baak aad ttaaka, falna ia ika maad, piamaaa af tgh'.laaa af maacalai nvat, palpluuaai ml tka aari.drapapar. nrrvaaa irnukltt17, daraafaaaam aftk a lhfaaura fmtuaaa, saaaral dakuhp, ayatp;aira af canaampua*. ka. mx!ctaul y.?tria faarfal affaaia aa ika altfua aaaak la n ( lltM, OitrfHlM | (Inri'L Enl fMMiiin, iMnm ((Kitu, litf-muw ba?a af aUi?da,TI??dity, U..M ? 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Tkraai, Haaa, kin .Ac.. prarraaatr.f w:th frifktfal rtptdity, till daatk yau aariad ta hia draadfal iifimn ky in4tn| Ma U IMl aalUMtaiii CNiirj (t*a rtm>iw?i M iravalar nam. OK. JOUIOKIUMEDT POR OMillC VIAUM amd imfotmcy. By tkU mil ul laMfiui riml; vitknw af Ua wnaa tit paadily aatad ard Ml *if?r rniml. T>mu<i ?* tka mm urtiu u< AaMiiiaaad, wka kad laal all kiaa laiaadiaialy rtllcU. All iiapadima&u ta Marriaf a. Flfillil a* Muni Dtaaaattlutlaat, fcaaa af Pr*araatt*a Paaar, lar*Ma UrtuMUn Traakiu:f and Watktaaan BikaaaUaa aftka MatfMltl Mad ifiaadilj cand KNoouKitKirr or tu rum (II MAMY THOUIANDI taiad alUua tu?ia?aa wUk* ika laal aaaantaa* tatn, aad tba nanaraaa impariaat Hip aal aytrauaaa yaafvrtaad ky Dr. Jakaaao, witnaaaad ky U? laaafun af ika payara aad many atkar aaraaaa, aauaaa at kick ka*a anatiad agmia aad afaia kafaaa tka fkn?, kaddM kiaaua?K( u i ( uUauaf ikuwai?a< riyd Ality, la a nflaiaal pinatM la tka aKiatad. )aa tt-iy R. J. BOVKK mm 1 IMPERIAL Wllfg BITTRK8, _ An maw bAln* aaed from maica to the 6r?t Salt Lake, ail Mia nntreraAl verdict of All who dm either aaamWicwM or a* a txvar***. ia that they are anaarpaaed m the world. Dr. Doda aaed them ancoeeafally in bia practice for JS yeara betora ?a paroUaaad ofk'm the aole niht to man o future and present thm for aa!e to the public. For the aura of lMifMnl ConA a motion, IvU^eatloi, Dye gn?fiaHaaffTSBfl?gc their medicinal aro?irrt<ee the? ire a pare, wholaaoino and deliihtfii Berorare, prodaotcf all the ple&aaut axhileratiac efaota of Kraody or Wis* without their inJuiioua result*. l<?t all frieada of humanity and all fcdyocatea of temparanoe aaiil a* in eatatitaiticthMe valu&Me Vegetable Httcra for the rnjfiu ard mifwitrrmttd Ltiuort with which th? oouutry Is flooded, and thereor ef> aid iu bau*h>nt Uiiimi and DnittMM trom U?e !ao<L CHARLES WIDDIPIRLD * CO? Profrtator*. TS William etreet. New York. J. rOHWARZK. Aral, Washington, D. C. ?. J. B<>VEE DODT U1AL Q1N SITTERS, Pot Pimm of the Kidsoy a.Bla4dor aid Urwary Organa, and ?specially for F#rua'? Obstructions, never nil to care, and are warranted to give aatuItOtlOC. CH.\*LK? WIDDIP1ELD 4 CO.. JiT-ly/ Ac eat. Washington. D. C. IOY POR TRUaif* ?*xr? ? / LtfiCCmy IH,ljc7&' APPLY THE itMID J . .. . REJOICE W HEALTH, _ I Friend,do you suffer? Are yoa tke victim of any of those numerous ailments wiuch trw iron imparity of the blood? Whittri they, do job ask ? R%ther Mk. what are they not/ The blood is the soaroe of tit* and health. and it is the f rat alemeut of oar boicx to respond to aay oaaee whioh affects th-system, m UmhIm inttllibly attests The over prevailing Neuralgia. the irritating Kry sabtle Porofula. the agouiaiag Rheumatism, Ner?oa? Debility, ltyipepsia. Liver Complaint wiih its torpor ud dejection. and the namberleas ills that Seek ia hair to, derive their hideoas origin from the blood. l>eal kiadly tkea and gently with the blood. U*? tlie vitalism* reaouroee of aatare for ita aid. and suffer ?s to eonameud to yoar oonfcdenoeaM use that truly *BSs. TST8b!5' * * INDIA H TKOKTABLE DECOCTION. With regard to thie almost infallible speoifio popular eeatiinent haa spoken ia decided urmi, an3 the evideoeae of thie treat eRoaoy are sustained by oonstant avowal# of curative effects aad i tk- happiest resuita from ito aae are after all other remedies and the best medical ski'l have failed. Let as aay, in eottelaeion, th*t oertlftaataa cures are not sought from the illiterate and steerfioiai, bat they are volunteered from tke nafro- 1 speotabla sourcee aad justify the kigheat terms ia whiQh it ia possible to ooatmend a* valuable a xpeeific to puo'lc approval. We may add aieo that tke eurative properties of the medicine are equalled only bf ita reetorative effects, the evsUm reoovarisg fromdisease with renewed constitutional vigor. For sale by all respectable Dragfiats ia this 1 oity, aud by U?e proprietor. MKH. M. COX. None rename unless her nameia Uowa oa the hott'e and her seal on the oork I ITT Price ft I per bottle, six Mbttlea for Aft. WholetnU A*r*t. R. ?. T. CIOTEL. Druggist, G?Argetnwa,l> O., Wholesale A seatfor the Dis trici, and will supply the trade at aiy prions. aalSjf _ ? tFOR STAMPING APACKET OF PAPER, AND ENVELOPES TO HATCH, METROPOLITAN BOOKSTORE. PHI LP k SOLOMONS, seM jg 339 Pa. av.. h*.H? aad Wtt sts. Q7Q V. POTKNT1NU CONDIMENTS, feet, Hmi Imt? to oeil lh?*W*tto? M kis friend*Jka4 Uejsblte generaHr *? New Store, ui?r Wfil*r<r? BotaL jut oHMd, w oWfuotwilli kia old eetsMMtuoent, where Jfo wli be ht|?; to r*eeive ur order* for **?enorCo*fectioiu ofluaova l"j?feo^?order* tor Mun, Sewers, Balls, wm4 eftSo wbieh be kw hil-herto ikon. am T WM. T. DOVE * CO. Are Nov purred to eieeste My win vilft "WlfflifiV. 6A?^P^^SAJi F1TT1NB IIT Store or nh etreet, a few doors nortk of Pa. DUItE OLJ) RYE WHlmrY.-O. k?.nd uim? mtvim i,j IMMM r*!tab e dl?tlller?Tr K?onQrotf Ram, fcnd WiSh of ?v?r* r?ri?ty7wi of standard brands. A chcioe lot of Ciffrrs aud Tok Soi?i|?K? fir ^DMrr*??r CW"miMa. Ki?r? Cowpawy. WMlMa?ta>rp. C. 275 "ALfc,:H. 275 " JACI80N, r L A 8 T X R M t a, ma**??. _ ( ? MU JWgV 1 p10""* ???" r gygjsng v^%gnr?yi.ts^; l i'is: $gth?lmsr2: ^"selss 1 5k2"' " ??!. wi?dow dwum, ftiiia. mm mm*. a* es$?ssffig r Work h Wv bm it ou be r*raku?d la N?v York, rhi.adolafcia- or HkJUworo. Tfco tr*A? aaaaliad vtttlseinktikliuumkwiwki m tk? mm m nUukn&im in N?v > ork,u4 n mmbmo ??kei as, 3 has's! tws. * ? Nwj UrJWVii^ fritti."' KMo'inc* lU mI?* *"*" f Ca?n???ttT I ai.nll mnaia in Wuhlittn ul oonttaa* t? ?ar?a* my oorn?Ati<*n *f BOt'51, S4GN ?n4 0RN*MK.VTU, PAINTING. ?t dIng in aiiita hraaaii'a. oJ (j:tnityr<fBni. . tended U> pujmu.g aud UriMrtlini CoMH* Faniitaraia the 1>est styla 1 alao, oall iMHbN to th* Pa i a ting of *<Wi and Brisk W alia. Ail of th* ahor*| will do a* cheap MUtekNi *Mt. I (IwrifeM aotieit th? prtniMft of my frienda nod Mlorn oiUiiu of tit* l>i*irmL Panotaa'tty tnotly observed, and wotk d? ic the bant ant. Von wi'l alaa** mind yonr sto*i and atoa at M. { T PARKER'S Painting KstnbliaMnant, No, A3' L it!! A3 S LaaiMana a? , north aid*, lutaraa 6U J and 7th at*. r, P. ft &?aa rat a? fr** af aharga, a* ami. f an ?> Vm L |MPORTAItT TO HOUSEKEEPERS. ' K. R. PUREES k. CO.t> Lj ?aarart**d not only /. ABSOLUTELY AND PERFECTLY FUR*^ hat gronnd from fr*?h t*pta*a. *a)aot*d and aliaair: h? as u?rauiy for tha paranaa vitimat nafei *ue# ? ?> Oo*u Thay arc haanuraily pMfcad ta tinfotbga (itnad with P+frJ U> preraot taian by Kj are fall vwicht, vhtia ta* ordinary rr?MM tern art almost in variably short. \va vnrraaV. a*a ataai* tmi ?iU a'?andartlv prova. M Manafhotarad only br - * W ?a.iM?w.,, *Sf, Kag^.^. , \ WATCH?BrAI^NO^LVE. VVARB L I hav* oa- of th? ha*t**uhh?hi?*nu, aad far aiahed with a?w>*?l*t* *H of v?ot? for refiair ?v \ ing * <]'>*( ipiioa of ha# Watoh**. aod iM i jarticour attentiua giva to th* ?a?ne. by ' lovmin catBfMeni vortin?B jm I. VorlisVM- |g U?d Al'O. *T?rjr <i*?erip UK ?inandar* ML.V KR ' W AR I pla n Mi1' orc*nifnt?;, ni?r.ufaaUi'??d uM*r i ty ?*n Miprrx wh><-h r r ru?WMi??rB will fcftd k r nupertor ib iwlit^uwl ftmtfc to iwrtkwi ??' old l?> <Ic*l#r? is Md ri?rrwnt?"? M tllfir own maiiufootiar*. H. O HOOD, Ml 13S P?. BTWIW. MBI M It, CP^SSKb. ti BUBBafcZT i And *11 *??* of GKNT*' rl^NlAlNG \ GOOD^,tt&r*rr?AU m Una ut atMrrtwo h iBthaoitj. At _ _ r oc W-lm SMITH'S. IWWjfc ?C L fREEMAN | SINPSO^. [ The above PUKE W H|KT, Corrn Vi*nun rtOM M A.LTKD 4?B?1B, fct'M HMriOt ud eotftvno IB tualitj. ?d ki<bl| iMprwved by a*e. ia preferred tir o"uium?r> to a I other Whjekiee, and portion lar<y recommended by *h? b#>?t phyaieiana Bad obomtataaa laiwiim *i the reonir*io*nta of a JVw T<mit fnntrrrar, r and Rtm-Jixi A rent. The Hohatlkil* W?uw t Pbi)?de phi*. *m4 the dia inalion of thia W kioay. pr?T?d by wmty in to be tit* >?Omi and pareat valor in I bo I'tiM Ptatea : and to thu inaj. it a (root do*rro, bo attributed the exoellrncv of this W hiaky. For sale by FR EE M AN ft !*< M fSOM. Pherii Dietlllory, \ Ob tho Hcbuvlkili nwr, Phi ad*lpM? OSom-06 WaJi ?t'~t, Nov York ; 10* ftoatk 4 Frost atreot, Piuladejp fcia. i A nd can bo had is Wa?hi n? ton of itefnool Bacon ftco, 311 Pa *t; r.j.ktob, wwtlhjm-oof. i d?t D; Kenned* A Pint). 3a* Wrtt 7th at .10mr- I r?T ft SMimoa. 4UT Pa a*.; J. H Wilaoo, .VJT I fa.a?: Rarhoor ft Hemmae, 64 la. a? ; H. C. V urd), 403 Paav.; Wo Bryan. 44 Market Hp; I Moore Cieaoll ft Co , S&7 Woat TtA at., 6 P.Gb I lickt9i6aN-J. a* ; A.Gaddia Jra ft Co., M.oof- I n?rMH iiui : r.cwura Han, ?n Market Ppaoe ; P, R. Whit* A Co , 63 La. av.; J< hn H. k. Co .iSI WMtNuthH ncM In / <?A /.< / If^y V DISPATCH! N lt?? lki_Ficeei! ii mctidmts will kmrrm, aaaa mi ?u mMairi Awifni, it it vary toiiaNt to Ian aoaa tha# and iu?iiim way far ratairlag Faroitara, Twy a, OMfeMTite ? la SrUOINfi'l rUPiAKD ?LCI 1 Mh ail Mck Mi?ntMw*<i?. and fctMluM aw afford to be wiUioMt it. It ia aiwara ready aad ?p to the aUcking poiat. T.tere ia uo loarar a Kf?altr Tor limping ohaira.apUntared ??# ??, kaadiaaa Sofia, aod broken oradlea. It ia iaat the arftele for oaa, akati. aad other oraamental vorfc, ao aopalar nth !adi*a of r*4nem#et and ta?te. TW? admiratxe preparation la ua4 tnM. hftaf heauaa.ij held in enlnUov and poanreaiBf a|T tha valaabla a aaiitiea of the l>e?i aMkara'flaa. A It mar ba aaad in the aiaea of ordinmj-? utiw*. m bota? T*st!r oct* adbo?lr?.~ - USEFUL IN EVER T HOUSE.- 1 fffe-ISSil Ma. j ETfcSdS*?W Slto ??l*2o*iU. * ' inr a nui* boa>? ot fiPALBitrtra rum-? FAKED it LCK will ?n Im UM ita mm m> a auaHr to rorr how?hold?/T| Sold by all prominent ^tafeoacfa. Dmi**! Hifdnrt ud Hrultra DaaJer*, flmt, aa4 y^nc y ConntTT merchant* thovltf make a not* of SPAL~ BllfVS PRKPARKD UL FF. whan naklsc if , tttirlit. It wi'.l ?tand aw-iftwX* f?1 ? U ' |T Tim liU-kr. \ l?\ +OfjA |.i.W?Mi(VkJtl?l<MMir<*| k 1^ iHii i g& J^iSrkS-t 1 fiZeu*2 f v?*w. # dj i ..sasM c i /*.im?\, vB, \/6 ' '> CAUTION. ^2 PVBCHASERS SHOULD BE CfUttnCSi III PURCMSIMC THE VAUIY M . WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS TTL wninraEi WITHTNC 8JBHAJURE OF ^ OR THE LABEL ALLOTHEKS AIE . Ai RfHTATOIIAtlO A COUNTERFEIT or THE ABOVE WHISKEY. > k WM.HJ1A1T, f J SOLE PROPRIETORmJ I mmbiuum::iiemml j2 1 0OM BALM IK WASHINGTON JT 7 Ml WlWIt "'tin

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