Newspaper of Evening Star, October 30, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 30, 1860 Page 3
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LDCAL NEWS., as la printed on the teateal %??m pr?aa la dm aouLQ mi JiaiuataM. lto edition ta ao large a to reqafre ft teturflt to preae at an early hour; Advert! aementa, therefore, ?Uould be aer.t la before IS o'clock aa.; otb?wlae Khtj aa*y *ot appear on til the Kit day ' i TH* J ACXtOX DCMOCBATie AM?CIATIO!l Mkxt im?Fmll Partuulart by etrr Sptttal, Thin-*4ftd, Ertrlaumg l~nltck*J R-porur?Tke Tiro Lnmt *' tot t>aeJk''?A m? Orga?i?atim to Ojf**t tko Wt4*-AwmJm??Tkt *' A'afi?I VWwnfaerj"? Sfo*rk*? of Mtstrt. DoBow Md fitrk. The Aaaoctatlon came together Uat night la more tolfrmbtf spirits than for tome week*, la coaarqiience of telegraphic Inkling* from parties la New York (sappo??-d to be potted) that fusion i ?|n i a were brightening thereabout*. Fur thermore the very com pie test arrangements bad bow pe'fccted for the exclusion of the Star re porter who had heretofore ?o unaccountably man aged to evade the D, J. A. Vigilance Committee. Furthermore. the correct sort of I report for (eflclal) newspaper publication bad Already been vtllned by the D. J A.'a, In which the meeting should be "largely attended," "much enthu siasm" should "prevail," and reports ahould be received "from the financial committee, showing the Association to he In a flourishing condition.' We fouud a .Siar-rrporter detMtlve Stationed at ?>ech door, and bringing the D. J A.e?etobcar vriih fovty-js':kaaa power upon each visitor. But we, being of a lathy build?profound thought and the responsihllltteaof a growing family (boya) having attenuated ua physically?we turned onr sharp edge to the sentries, ana slipped in quite allele. The irst noticeable thing waa an all-pervading smell or whisky about the establishment, which <met! a?emed ?o increase fn pungency whenever vbe committee-room door happened to be open. "The next thing that atrnck ua oddly was to see the two Luiri, the heretofore leading apiriU of the Association, Cooper (need we lay what Cooper) and Clkrk vWd We ?av trhn Clark) taking bark aeata and looking undeniably glum, coUapaed, alack-twlated, and dlsfeaught. Tber? bor? met with an accident. Had beta ~?ot back." The ambition to treed to the footstep* of the ??il lustrated (llluatrioiie?) J?cinonv la a laudable owe when the parties can twaddle wide enough. We are afraid the two l>qbib are not split op high enough for the and may have broke sonie thing trying. we think they have been sbab b'ly treat#- a by th^ Association It was notqnlte the h" jdaotne thing to give them the cold aboul rr for doing the best they knew But the edict -jaa gone forth: lb* Association caa ataod th? dU refute ito longer, and the LaM ar? doormd to go under tbe art! Politically they are to be buried, and two of the troublesome "tmeils*' eitUi guiihtd Their epitaphs will " Here lie the two LusM. They were (not particularly) lovfljr In their ll*et, and !n their detthi they were not divided.'* Fence to their tuhrt' Committee reports. financial tad otherwise, (business mutters, which we sortrpoloosly don't meddle with ) Laving been disposed of, i>r Cl'wy addrr?ard the AMoclation, giving tome particulars In regard to a new organization fum ing in this city to offset the "W lde-Awakes,M to be staled the ''.National Volunteers," and arging all democrats to unite with It. In the course of tbe evening farther notice was given to attend the club-room to-night for tbe purpose of enrolment in said organization. The ?bILm. L. I.- J -w x-a C. -i- _ - nuuiin r? w or a rm tuiri. oiacK p^nti, ana white cap 1'rcsidt-nt Boyle announced that the I Volunteer* would parade enee prior to the elec tion. and that they would be oat on the night of the <$th of November to receive the new* of the election of Mr Breckinridge. [Cheer*, and crlrs of "Lock out for John Barker!''] Hon. J. B D DeBow, of Louisiana, w?a Intro duced to the Association, and proceeded to ad dresa It In hia usual clear, direct, and forcible atyle of thought. sfsxch or m. dk bow. Mr De Bow- opened hia remarks with some com plimentary allusions to the District of Columbia, where he nad apent several of the beat year* of his life, and expresa?d hia conviction that the people .....4 in tk?l- Jk mmmaiL> *1-- IT-I J ? WVIC ?VUi:u in ?ucri* uc?w?iuu w iut VIIIUll UIlUd the Constitution, and. though nominally without political rights. would be tie flrat to sympathite with and aid that section from which she sprung, when the reign of tyranny and oppression should he, If ever, inaugurated. Hethen proceeded to review the course of parties ifor tbe laxt few moi.tha. and especially denounced -Mr. Douglas for bia rule-or-ruln policy, and for liia declarations at Norfolk in regard to tbe coer cion of a sovereign State He compliment*-*.! John Hdl o? a statesman of eminently high and pure rhasferter. but did not regard hit ar>t?<-< rtrnt* lw?t tor the Sontta, or believe that he po*ws?d tbe aexessary nerve to control the ship of State In this hour of peril?though be should support blm in preference to any other of the candlastes except > Sir Breckinridge, whose stsr he thought had not yet waned, dark though the hour was 41 Which of you," he said, " fellow-citizens, Is not ready to shoct to-day, when I give utterance to the sentiment which nerves our heart?the Con Mitution and tbe Union, as they sprung from the csinmon perils and the common hope* of tbe inen of Massachnsetts and of Georgia, in the davs that tried men's souls?equal, iust snd parental In its bMriniri. recognizing rlirht* lih?rt!M ?nil nmn. city, a ltd protecting theiu; rendering us prosper ou at home and Illustrious abroad; carrying tu wgta with ua wherevrr we might winde.f They re to be maintained bv every patriot citizen: but a Constitution and a Union which by the efforts of open enemies or falso friend* are to be the op posite of all this?are to degrade instead of eleva ting?are to oppress instead of protecting?are to present the ?wotd and not the shield?should perish, aod U< d grant that tbeo'.d spirit of Syd ney and llainpdeH and Patrick Henry uiay never be wonting at the South to strike the blow, when that hour shall come. Referrluz to the charge of disunion, which had been brought airainst the friends of Mr Rrw kin. ridge, Mr De Uow said: The vr\m of tlif democracy with which be acted wdi Insolently denounced the pa.rtv of disunion. It is it weauk cause which requires such a flimsy protection It ia the party of the Consti tution. The democratic party without the South ern States is the play of tiamlet with the part of Hamlet left out! Like the blind man in history, the squatter sofereign thinks all tbe world have joai me;r Dili iaai ms ryes are prrTrct Like the lone juror, who lately, in one of our KUWi. held out against verdict; he come* Into court mod bvi:?--May it please your Honor: If it were not for these eleven obstinate rascals that you hare put with ine. we conld readily agree upon a verdict;" bnt let us tell these people tbat in any event, however disastrous, it will not be tbat we love the L'nion less, but honor, principle, liberty, and our inalienable rights more : ?' Far dearer the grave or the prison lllam'ed by one patriot name, Than the trophies of all who have risen O'er liberty's ruin to fame." He then proceeded to say that be regarded the re public *ii party as essentially an abolition party. It ta built up entirely upon tbe single idea of op position to alavery. From a few hundred obscure persons 't baa marched onward, until at present it haa obtained control la every one of tbe free States. Tbe leaders who have ratfed the storm cxn never cootrol it; King Canute could sooner am at tbe rise of tbe wart a. Tbe platform of tbe party la 8utB'-lej)t upon thla pclut Whilst It dis claims lnte/fereuce iu tbe States, it reiterates tbe doctrine of Ute Declaration of Independence, that xU men are fieo Tbia, uken in connection with tbe broad assertion that the Territories are of right dreeled to freedom, a falsehood in terms, fixes the purposes of tbe party It Is a party wWeb has lu a large portion or the free States, ud tbe details were nullified the fugitive lave law, sympathized wt b John Brown, made wv in mhm. enDiuua um underground ratl irad. sad which ha* > it" r&aki all of the worat rltitxbta of tat Nertb, led by the Awards, Sum rvfm. Hale*. Giddlaga, Loeejoya, ate The south underttanda it to he the party of abolition, and the attempt to eelahlUh fbe cou'.rarr would be prrpcaterom The letdJag ofjtans of the party at the North aaae't tfc!a The Chicago Timea. pub liahrd under Mr l.ine?ln'? eye# and Juown to be \m tola confldt-Mce, a?ya ' U the lulen he preferred, aad If the Federal Govrrnmckt he jrdmu.Utered Ibra few year* by - ?4 ? ? L- J - - * * -?c urruiu ??rf camid ?w< t?qt?A w?iC rr*?4< u U< jnae*ful, ktnorabh. im4,t%st<a6i* nnamcipmtim / ?H tki l a??. 'i^ * fVi Stmt*} mitt bt mad* att ft*t??nd, If a republics a coveriiwat la iDtruatfrd vrlih the duty of ibftkintf Uiem frer. the work will be done witL cnt btoodaurd. witbnOt revolutiou, without dl? alaoaa lose of property. The work will be one of U(4 and pitienc*. km it must and trill It* ton* " To tkeaifoe purpose we bate the declaration* of Ut t'bi4u? Democrat: . A1,m "Om di?.!?-? have b?M tUe aa*re ardnoua dtirlng he rem pat*? in taiKift^e of tfce tupgue ad our a*t ?ba?f4?n beintf tied, on an ountor hl? being Iimti UacaU, the uli?^itoocm7&iad:me morefor JUlJnfi u>, tut: ?.ifM?MtM)lfilo agency In 11/7 tturMm?4 ittuali,. We*e rt?D?)fW )?W1? ~??jTj.L- . i .hit i ? .hi ii ,~,ii comlnic imtlho*! ?f ,n/Y<melrmS?lmv0S wUI gj , r.Ul^?^7?MUi*ei, Unit,' Mrfn/I '*? X0 *1]JL and with tkt V'?? / A tam/wicUd tfg*ik*r Mr P*Bo? fttrnvht there wm till a hope Ihtt uioaii'L ^ RP'JT/ km aUXl a hope I ; rtampfa. and wu a WltaeMof tbe Ui rcuieKj't : rta that were belnc nUt ir, S<*w Vi'tk'toian^lbt irwilrr. God j*iaatju??c?? >1 fhcpe patrlote, though the cau*<? lnuml?yttr ^Tbe f.e^tion of Liacrtn would be fo^oweji by a.rt.teoLutioo of the Unioa?it rouW be avwtfrd. He did aot kaoW which state vWLd mtt+t Hr?t, tboogbjprohablf ?OUtb C*r?n?*i ?w? h?Mid a fcigb cewpUaaeat Other* *w(M Alabama and Mimiaaiapi were ?a*#tf |M fW ad?pneed[ aa Carolina the Chetk^n rI*""tb* *>ltew1*r?5"'liiV ?* *f>We**laggings r -A r<*YC>!ntto%,t9 low upon ua don*. We huve done ?iK tod we n<*ir turn from ikwtHh it* record of fkitUM e, gf **ptnf avartoe mad I r -iii jiiitAti . i3^ - A HKIi iM i*S? lUC > fanaticism on the one hand; on the other, unm*n ttRJESSf anffro^^lt'wlth'V^t^lng'o/ relief. To ftM fWiira fctone?that future about to bfrth to a dHtthj lot ua?fearful to roil template, *hou!d we Wl In the dutlrm of frern????gtorioua bouid we nap the WWW ?f the brave and Mr. DeBow would not argue the right ef eeeee ion. It plainly extltod by The very lei? ot o?r rOTDDWt It Willi ???.? ?i * " *" rather than endure intolctatrie'oppression 7 The purpose being to destroy the South, Whether owed or not, aelf-protectfon Would rin higher than Constitutional argument. Be (coated the Idea of coercing a sovereign State. Soch attempt would at once break ?p the Union and cement fn dlssolubly the aouthern si iter hood of StaWs No northern army could ereaa ear frontiers, where the whole atrength of the Booth would soon concen trate If it did, it could not penetrste tar. No southern aid would be given to the abolition army. Seen the moat doubtful of the border States would Ind their salvation in resisting In* vasion. Beside the North would not have the means of supporting soch an army, when cut off from the resources the South haa given her. The northern army to be effective would have to num ber half a million of men, and to support such an armv in the Arid am - ? ?? , ? ? ? 1 vwi ** VM1U V.V?? tWUB VI ??P hundred mlilloha of dollara, judging from the e*pH-lencea of the Mexican and Florida wars. The South would have no fear for ber alavce, and Mr. DeBow quoted from hiatory, ancient and modern, Including all of our wara, of the fidelity of alavea under auch exigenciea The South could eatahliah a government which might defy the world. She haa many time* the population of the revolutionary colon! ea South i/>rouiM, Aimma, Mississippi and Georgia equal the colonial strength which resisted the power of Great Britain. Europe and the rest of the world waa full of examples of small, compact nations resisting great ones. Scotland resisted Great Britain for a century. Holland was once almost at the head of Europe. Mr. DeBow quoted statistics to show the great resources of the South, and what her power would be in a separata confederation, and what ruin would fall upon the North. Upon this point his statistics were elaborate, and were taken upon northern testimony. He copied from English papers to show that Great Britain could not subsist a day without the cotton of the South; and showed that the neces sities of that Empire would make her an ally In peace or Ln war The North bad nothing to offer Km I.J.?>-i.i - " ??. a >vm luuuauui systems were in coonici, and could not harmonize. A northern blo ckade of southern porta would be raised by a British fleet to let the cotton out. Better the British lion than the abolition wolf. He did notaee any hope of averting a dissolution of the Union, after the election of Llncolu, unless Virginia would come forward and aay to her latere?''Stay your movement* at secession, and we will uulte with you In demanding through a convention such amendments of the Constitution as will sec ore us in all the future* and, failing in them, pledge ourselves to go with you." Such an offer might have the effect. He would not say. It wasproper for Virginia to lead, but her rejection ? >uv uMuiiui proposition, aner me jotiu Hrown raid, was not very promising. Mr. D- Bow was for tbe Union as our fathers framed it, and for uo other. It was sot tbe feast to which they were invited. The I'nlon bad been glorious in the past in every Held. Tbe South bad controlled and directed it, as the abolitionists allege, and having done ail that she could to avert the peril, she knows now bow to meet it. As a citisen of tbe South, he "Dared do all that dotb become a man; >Vbo dares do more, Is none." Mr. De Bow's remarks occupied nearly two hours, and were received with hearty and con tMuouaupplause; and were unanimously requested to be written out and ijfveo to tbe press \V e hope that this refluest wllf be compiled with bv Mr. De Bow, and that the public will be favorea with the sprech more at length than our space enables us to give It. KEMAKCS or SENATOR FITCH. Senator Fitch being present, responded to a loud call for some remarks, and kept the audience greatly interested for a brief period He com menced with a sharp onslaught upon Douglas, who he said left ruin behind him wherever he traveled. The counties in which he (Douglas) had spoke were the very counties which had gone republican by increased majorities. The charge against Douglas, of collusion with the republicans, had never been disproven, and D. would not unreal the lips of those who could speak In the matter Alluding in a cursory manner to John Bell, the speaker entered upon the political prospect ahead and upon the absorbing topic of secession. He seemea to take a more hopeful look of the political horizon than Mr DeBow,and advocated modera tion. The democracy of the Nnrth h? thnn.rKt would not aid In attempting to coerce the South Into the Union when the wai making a stand for her rights, and that the time had not arrived for such a step on the part of the youth. The Government has been under the control of the democracy si nee Its inclplency almost entirely. Twice, however, the deomcratlc party has been defeated. Hsrrlson, however, could not stand the pressure of the office seekers, and died. Tyler, who had only withdrawn from the democr&tio party on an ins'gnificant inue, Tylerized those who had put him in power. Taylor also died as d d Harrison, and Vice Pres ident Fillmore, almost an avowed republican, held his oath paramount to hlsown opinions, and stood by the Constitution. If the democracy was doomed again to be beaten, and Lincoln, like Harrison and T?vl?r ahould sink beneath the office-seeking pressure, we might hops (Hamlin being onlv a lew years since s democrat) that under a nominally repub lican President we may rrally have a democratic administration. [ Appiause and laughter ] Mr. Fitch also alluded to the fact of a demo cratic Congress as palliating the fact of a republi can Presidency. On motion. Messrs Fitch and Dp Bow were re quested to furriih copies of their addresses for publication, and they were nnaulmously voted honorary members (So') The National Volunt-ers propose Joining in the demonstration to take place la Baltimore on Fri day night. TH* PjK?BYTlKTA!f StXOD AT ALKXASPKIA? Mondays-Last Day ?Tbe Synod opened at 9% o'clock yesterday, and, after some time spent In religions exercises,some discussion relative to the pr<>i>er form of tlie minutes ensued. Rev J. Lanaban. of the Baltimore Conference, M E. Church, was invited to sit as a correspond ing member of tbe Synod After an unsuccessful motion to change tbe time of meeting of tbe Synod, th? subject of securing prompt collection* and regular report*of aucb col lections for the various benevolent enterprises of the church was taken up, and, after debate, a plan to aecure that object wan adopted. The Synod tben adjourned to hold lta next an nual session at ?lkton, Md Ivckndiast Fia* iw Pmsci Giomos's Cotstt, Mabtlakd ?Last night tbe barn of Mr. John A Fraaer (clerk of the United States Penitentiary of this Dlatrict) situated about eight miles from Washington, In PrinceGeorge'soounty, Maryland, was destroyed by lire, together with lta contenta, co.-iaisting of farming utensila, carta, wagons, threshing mschlnc, etc , and a large amount of grain The less Is 02 000, at a low estimate, and no insurance, Some three houra afterwards a lot of fence on Mr Fraaer'a firm, situated at the edge oi a pin* woXI, wai ft on tire, but with the assistance of the neighbora it was extinguished without communicating with the underbrush of the woodf. and luckily so. or a general conflagra tion would hare resulted C.actiT Cocbt.?Yesterday, in the caae of King II Burchell act Brooke Mackall, In which action waa brought to recover pay for groceries furniahed tk? famlftr rtf ait (hm* ainHai V? ?Mr IUI J ictuiuru fCI* diet for the plaintiffs with full amount of damage* claimed To-day the court took up a case in which action waa brought by Jospesh Kepitter against Louis Weber to recover damages where certain improve ments bad been made by defendant upon the houae of plaintiff, whereby the property in question waa, aa alleged, Injured. Case waa pending aa our re porter left. Br an iu another column. It will be teen that Dr. K O. Davidson will deliver a lecture this evening, at the Assembly Rooms, l.ouialana avenue, on lUe Flight of Birds?to gether with a plan for the practical imitation of those animals on the wing by man?to which subject he has devoted many year* of patient in vestigation. This room has ju?t been richly painted in freaoo. by Mr. Shutter, thereby making it a very desirable place for eatsrtainmenta or every description. tjAst mjsday bvb<iiik? a young man, amni. followed a aervant girl from nnr the Navy Yard to the Capftol Gardens, and annoyed her with In decent proportion*. The girl r une through the Capitol <jround*, where bl* dishonorable pro posals were renewed, and she complained to the guerd, who caused the man to be arrested and taken to the lock-up. Re was afterward* fined 10 and coat* by Justice McKenna. Ckitsb Mauit.?The market opened tbi* morning with a very fair display of pro virions and a toleraale attendance of dealers and pure baser*. Xbe demand was apparently about the average and sale* proportionate. The shower* last night and this rmrtung had the u*uat?ff?ct to maka tbe gangway* slippery and unpleasant, but with thl* exeeptian the market-piaoa waa In u good order a* u*n*?. ? Th* Bair*P*? akb ?0Hid RAitnoan offloe hrrr U teUiae round trip tickets to Baltimore with the privilege of visiting the Maryland C?t tle Show #aad the Mechanic's laetituu Fair, for I 50 Thee* tickets wiU eontlnae to be Issued until Thursday, iMd ara food fbr three dsys. Large 1111 rubers of oar cltittna axe svaiU ng them* sslv>s of this opportunity to visit Baltimore. Han. BaticATioK ? Foe a full report of the Odd Fellows' procrnjtfon yesterday, sad.the dedication at tb* aaw hull of Covenant Lodgs, la Oeorge town, see frat pfcga of to-day % Star. ' * - HT'. ."'i 1 < .f(i 1 / ; (f ; * MT ti i ?? "0.1^ UllfSJH O 0i>* wc uita aiie.j? Bagman ai a>rb<Une < Citt Cornells, October 29?Board *f Alder Mr. Ptafcav | i -|J Um petition af Waa lan and others for paring footway and ***'"? , tone on tbe ear. front of stnare 163 and UK; rr feTre<l Mr. Ward presented a remansfraooe of P. "W. Browning against the opening of alley In sqnare A; UM an Um table for t&e present. Mr Moore preannted a petitioner theeerreetton of defective grading and draining In square #1#; referred. Mt. Brown, from th? ftnance committee, re ported back the bill for regulating the assessment vt personal property, amended by the lower boar* This board concurred la the amendment striking ?1,? ?V. ? ' " ' aalc ^iouiuif, oui noB-cowurrw in inai a*ri*? log oat the clause exempting ?1U0 worth of per sonal property from taxation. Mr. Moore, from committee on improvement!, reported a Mil to re pa re alley leading from Penn sylvania avenue Into Reservation No. 10; passed^ Also, a bill to lmpiove drainage on the east front of square 167; passed. Also, a bill to pave foot way and set curbstone on south fronts of squares 367 and 399: pasaed TJ e same 1 ntroduced a bill appropriating f 10.0W) for the erection of a market-house in th* seventh Ward, on square 491, purchased by the Corpora tion for that purpose; pasaed. A bill was passed to lay a water main on along East Capitol street, from Second to Third street^ A I.~ - wm m ** r.a uui irom toe lower ooara, lot im reiiei 01 the Franklin Fire Company. Sundry bills were received from the lower board and appropriately referred. The special order, the water bill, being taken up, wai postponed until next Monday evening. Adjourned. Common Council.?After the uinal preliminary business? Mr. Bryan moved that the petition and paper* of B. Riordan be taken from the flies and referrea to claims committee; so ordered. On motion of Mr. Easby. the papers of Jno. W. Ott were nlao referred. On motion by Mr. Mohun, the papers of W. E. Cannon were referred to police committee. The petitions of B. Dove, O. M. Oyster and others, and Win. MacBeth, were read and re ferred. Mr. Given offered a resolution requesting the Mavor to ascertain the actual lndeotedness of each company belonging to the Fire Department, and report to this Board; adopted. Mr. Wilson Introduced a bill granting permis sion to W H. Bfium to erect a frame house ad- 1 joining his brick dwelling; passed. Mr. Jones, from ways and means committee, reported a bill for the liquidation of claims against the Franklin Fire Company. Mr. E.nerson moved to amend the same by providing that all claims prior to the act of i-.vj properly vouched for, against all the companies, be also psld. Mr. Lasby moved to amend further by appro priating the sum of SI,050 to lie distributed in equal sums among the companies of the Fire De- , partment I Mr. Given moved to lay the bill and amend ments on the table; lost?nyes 9, noes 14. M. I? * * mi. r,iucr?uii amendment was rejected?yen 10, naya 10. Mr. Kaaby'a amendment was rulfd out of order, i Tbe bill wai rejected on the third reading? yeaaO, naysO. Mr. Van Reawlck, from ImproTementa commit- 1 tee, reported a bill to trim and gravel F at. north, between Seventeenth and Twenty-aecond at west; passed. Also, a bill for tbe improvement of the Common Council chamber; paaaed. Mr. Mohun,from drainage committee, report?d a bill for laying a water main In Kaat Capitol at., fiom Second to Third at eaat; paased. Alao, n bill authorizing the Mayor to contract lor the right to use a certain patent combined fire plug and itop cock. i Mr Kaaby moved to amend, by substituting a bill authorizing the Mayor to contract for 100 of Lowry's combined lire plug and atop cock, at a coat not exceeding ?90 each, including tne patent right, to be furnished as the Mayor shall direct. Mr. Clark moved to amend, by providing that the contract shall not take eifcct uutll the plugs ordered and on hand shall be laid Mr Lauimond moved to adjourn; lost. Mr Clark's amendment was rejected?yeai 3, nays 15. 'I*h? kf. r*?* * ? uuiutuir vi .nr. r^auity was auopitfCl?yeu 16, nays 3. Mr Mulloy, from claims committee, reported a ( bill for relief of Wm Flood; which was passed, and tbe committee was discharged from consid ering two Aldermen's bills for relief of Michael Bach and Daniel Ffyfel. Adjourned. Rpbbebt.?On Sunday evening, about half Cast seven o'clock, the dwelling and store of Mr olomon Hubbard, on tbe corner of Ninth and M streeta, wa? broken Into and robbed of eighty seven dollars. It appears that Mr. and Mrs Hub bard bad left bome about seven o'clock, to go to church. Between 7 and 8 o'clock, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Hoover, their daughter and son-in-law, came to the bouse to pay tbe old people a visit Knocking at tbe front door and noone answering, they went to tbe side gate on Ninth st.and opened it, or found 1t open, and went in They at once t discovered that tbe back lower window1 had been 1 forcibly enWed by burglars. The shutters were open, with several of the slats cut away, and tbe window up The robber bad effected an entrance through this window, and forced and broke tbe 1 lock of tbe door leading to tbe store. Finding no money In the store, tbey proceeded up atalra to tbe front room, and stole eighty dollars in gold and seven in ailver. Mr. aud Mrs Hubbard are blgbly respectable old people, and by this robbery 1 they have been stripped of every dollar tbey baa in tbe world. Tbe alarm was at once plven and ? nnmtm nf persons collected about the premises. It wai supposed that the robber or robbers were (till In the house, and no one being provided with arms of any kind, two or three young men went to bunt up the .police. After waiting a full half hour, and no police coming, the window was en tered and the bouse examined. Finally the old lady and gentleman came from meeting, when it was discovered that they had been robbed of the amount stated. The police were sent for several times, but non? came or were to be fouDd Tula ante store was entered ten or twelve days ago, and the till robbed of seventeen dollars. U 1? supposed that these robberiea h*ve been perpe trated by some one well acquainted with the pre mises. About a week ago the fancy store of Mrs. Par tello, In the same neighborhood, was entered and robbed of several valuable articles Skwikg Machinies?Those in want of a supe rior sewing machine for family or manufacturing purposes, should call at Max well'a cloak and fancy store, 323 Pennsylvania aveuue, and see them m?king ladies' heavy cloth cloaks on their nimble and almost noiseless sewing machines They are rapid in their movements, and do their work in a neat and substantial manner. Licenses is the CorsT* ?I'nder the act of Co:i^re*B of June, I860, tbe Levy Court of Wash ington county la now prepared to iaaue llcenaea to bawkera, pedlar*, actloneera, liquor dealers, etc., in tbe said county. Mabkiaoxs.?Seventy-two marriage licenses bave been issued at the Clerk's office, City Hall, mice the I>t day of October instant. Whitkhbest'sGallxbt Is dally thronged with people, getting whole size photographs at S3, heretofore sola at S5. Smaller size at 25 cents, and duplicate copies at 50 cents Call at onre, and see his low prices. IV* A Cabd.?From n card hearing the signature of T. M Harvey, and appearing In the \\ ashington Star of the 29th Inst., we are led to Infer that the undersigned of said card wishes to caution the public against our establishment. Now we are prepared to famish, on our own responsibility, families with the finest and best oysters in the market. We pledge ourselves willing to supply them during the whole season on the most liberal terms. We likewise deem It necessary to state that we are an entirely separata concern from any other in t^p city, nor have we In our employ either agent or uawiters. in conclusion, we oeg u> in form tbe public that we have jo*t received a tine lot of tbe best and freshest oysters. All orders are to be left at Harvey & Co.'a, Seventh street, between M and L north. Look out for tbe red sign. It* / Peer Tammy. Tbe star of dear Tommy la nearly eclipsed, By a priuce from old Albion'a shore; Therrowd, like mad donkeys, all chase after him. And think of poor Tommy no more. No*, only the crowd, but our President, too, Miaa Lane and the Cabinet cltqut. All acted a* if 'twere an honor supreme, That they, with a live prince, could apeak. The crowd may be fickle, but I cant forget,? So to McLaughlin's 1 frequently stray, Te look at the toy* made by Japaneae hands, And to muse on poor Ton far away. It Is sure a great Nation, whose artisan sons, Can make work so exquisitely neat Aa that Cabinet?meant to hold letters and noti Gems or jewels?and all so complete. Then the Workstand, with cnihiM* for needle* and pins, WltU drawers for acinar*aid thread. It a perfect bijou, for, tn pattern! molt rtre,

It, with metuer-of-pearl, ra inlaid. McLaughlin's the place where the Indie* should go When tbev wlah to bay something that a rare, Of Japaueae work, and other niee thing**'/ For the toact In the market Is there. 3t Db. Scmxck will b? in tbu city on w sut tnvtant. ... 3t Annit 19th, by the R*v Father Yo??|, J AMF.8 B OKEKN WKLL to ANNlK E. JOY, ?1. of tbu Oltf. ARRIVAL OF HALL'S OJNE 1 THE CHEAPEST GOODS EVE CAN SOW I B. BRICE IIALI/S, ST9 Having two of the Lakgkst Stoeis on the i for, we are necessarily compelled to keep a very li to offer many style* and ?*acBirTiojes of oooi large Invoice* of seasonable goods just received rare**: French Mertnoee at 75 cent*. Valenclas *i5 centa, worth 50 cents, Best 1*2 cent Calicoes at 10cento, 16 Stella Shawls at 94 51), Black Merino for Shawls SI Gi. Brocha Shawl Bordering A> centa, Black Cloth for Cloaks SI .75, Ladles' Vests and Hoop Skirts at half the utual price, f'im?tlnr. Unar Elegant Three-ply Carpeting 95 cents, Super Ingrain Carpeting 50 cents, Good Chamber Carpeting 20 cent*, GENTLEMEN'S, BOYS' and CHILDREN*! and price. Btoti, Shoes, We have a full and complete stock for LADI SERVANTS. We get tb^e good* from the aa Seod as any that are brought to this city, and guar toston. fT We wish it impressed on the minds of al GOODS, that they will reap great advantagt oc 27-3t (Intel.) LOST AND ROUND. Oft REWARD.?Loet, oratolen from the inb V^lJ?criber,on Saturday ev*nin? lant.a POOK KT BOOK* or Buckskin Purse,teoutaininp between 9W> and 990 in gold. The above reward will be paid an the return of the urn* to me. oc3n-;t* FREDERICK PASCO. ?O REWARD?Strayed away, on Monday* morning, a small black and tan Ter rier SLUT ; weighs about 9 pound* ; & sc%r on ?uht fore leg; had on a Mack " (lazed collar with tlver-plated rdres. JAMBS T. LLOYD. ocsn st* No. 47 A Pa. av., b?t. 3d and 4>? sts. ?*?i? tr??uiu?T mwrninn, irw Z7lfl IflflAni, Li either in Gutman's store<117 Bridge street)or between there and Smoot'i dry foods store (neirt iioor,)a PORThMONN alE, coi.tmmnr two #2? gold pieces and some small change in silver ; f r whicii a liberal reward will be given, if returned to Gajr st .Georgetown. oc S>-3t CAME TO THE PREMIERS OF THE 8FH criber, on th* *6th ot October, a me- g&C-pM dinm-nixed wiute'aLd red COW, with very Wfcaf* white horns. Tlie iiiunr will please oomcShm> forward, prove property, pay o*arge?. and take her away. GEO. MAY HEW, oc30-St* 1st farm to the left of Workhouse. LOST?On the way frmn National Ilote! to Mr. M. Wilhan's establishment, a light-co.lored leather SATCHFL, containing from 94" to 95\ The tinder wi!l receive a literal reward by leaving it at M. WILLIAN'S, S'i Market Space. oc29-St KKWAKI)?Strayed or stolen from the %J'J commons iw my premises, rn or cv shout tbesnth of September, a sma:l OKAY HL -? y llttRSE. Th? Mia horse may be known if any one i>a? taken him up, by his beinc hard to mount when wanted to he rod? I willsiretH? above reward if rftsrned to me. W. 9. WRIGHT, noith A, betwesn 7:h and 8th oast. _ exs 29-gt* FOITND?On Thursday, SSth instant. Inlwesn Wanhincton and Baltimore,a Hinn of MONEY which the owner can have hjrpavin* lor advertis ing, on application to \V.M aTK'KXKY. oc2B-tf Q1* ? REWARD.?Ranawav from the ucder '3 ? signed, living near T^ort Tobacco, Md . on th?^ list in?tant, NEGRO BoYS *1* inAi rifkw ami W||?J*C)N. The former i? about 17 year* of age, the latter some 1.5 or 16. .Matthew isathick set boy, wih broad he*vy i?i feature*, very black. Ha* with him a Wlack suit urnonr other things a black figured silk vest, verv pood. Wilson is rather delicate, very black, and has also, I think, a black suit No inarks or scars rememltered Both boy* stammer and tutter very t>adly. I will jive the'above reward for their ap prehension, or $35 for either. AiMrons oc r<5 lw It, COMl'TON, Port Tobacco FOR SALE AND RENT. [For otktr uFor Sal* and Jient" dvtrtistnwUs, S**Jirtt p?f? ] FOR RENT-A fir*t class RESIDENCE (fnr nished,) on Pa. arecoe, near 2id street west, No 51. Inquire on the premises. oc TMtt* FOR RENT.? A three-story and ba??m?nt FRAME HOUSE, near Pa. av , on loth, be tween (? and H sts., No. 413. Inquire at 81M LEY it GUY'S Ha-dware Store, Pa. av. oc 3t-tf FOR RENT?A first cla?s Furnished RESI Dl*Nf?E. on I etreet north, between 13th a-d l?th sf:. west, opposite F'ivnk!in Square. Inquire i?n me (renuset ironiztoap. ni , .>o. 3 "Franklin Place.' oc SU 6t* FOR RENT-A t*ro-story FRAMK HOUSE. coitaininR 6 room* and a summer kitchen, on ?ixt?c,iih street, between K and I.. R??nt moJcr at?. V ?<es8ion given Noveinl>er lit, 1860. oc y> "H FOR RENT.?Two of tliose four new BRICK H')USK8 lately erected on P . sr. between 24th ami ?5 h at*., in the Firat Ward, rontaii.inic 8 roomi eicti, anil snpplied with gas, Potomac water end other convenient**. Apply to I,. F. CLARK. No 24S Pa. av . bet. 12th and 13th ?ts oc 3M>t* FOR RUN r?A tare* And ile*iraf> e four sto v DW?L,LIN?-HOUSE, No 463 K street, be tw?w 5th and 6th : very conveniently arranged, with ran. water, and range. Apply to S. D. CAS TLEM A.V.corner Sixth and B ?tt , opposite Na tionai Hotel. oc 90 FOR RKNT? very eonvenient three story bRICK HOUSE, with bock-building, and cat throughout, and large yad, with stable attached, tuatel on Thirteenth st . between south H asd C t*.. Island, near 'he Smiths-nian Institution, in quire of L)r. D. B. CLAKitE, corner 4>s ft. end Pa. av, oc 31 3'.* IJHIR RKNT-A desirable, healthy RESI DKNCK?a three-?tory BrioV House?built and finished in modern style. Has 9 rooms, r?? a H water, a large yard, Mahlir*, Ac. To a punda&l t-nant the rent will be moderate? ^288 per year.) Inquire next door, at 401 north M street, neir 12th street. oeS#4t* ^AD D TVT irt/n nr^.i a?uunui; hid ui wiihicbi*?a I first-e)a*s throo-story BKICK HOUSE. with Fn nished Koomi. situated inon? of the most de sirable ami heilthy location* in the city For iarms.Ac . apply at 373 Seventh ?t. oo27-12t 1M?R KKNT-A thre'-story HKICK HOI SE, No. 596 N street north, between 6th and 7th treats w*st, oontAming 7 rooms a"d a rood caiiar. For tern>? nto , apply to at No. 590 or 49"* N ?t?., betwan 6th and 7th street*. oc 27-31* ROOMS FOR RENT.-Furnished Parlors and Chambers. Also, an Office for rent, su'table to student*, as it u located ntar the Infirmary?No. H?S Fourth at., corner E. oo 27-eotf FOR RENT?A four-story brown-front DVVKL IING, situate oc Thirteenth st.. between L and Massachusetts av? one of the most desirable locations in the oitjr. the house is furnished with marble mantles; also, pas and watT fixtures, with hath room Inquire at VVM. P. 8HEDO S Faney Store, No 502 Mth st. oc 27-31* If OR RKNT-Two new BRICK HOUSES, with r haek building* and eellars, each having 8 room*, wth ga?, and side slleys, sitna'ed ou L street. n*ar Thirteenth. Rent 92Vi a y?ar. Inquire of M, (tKEKN. Groo?r, corner of I' and L sts. This proaertr is near Franklin Row, only a few minute*' walk from the Treasury Buildings, and ons of the healthiest looationa in Washington o 27-1 w" W*OR RENT?A brick dwel lug HOUSE on6th ?t r wait Mup?n M unit N ? ?. Mflrth \n. 'i3(l. containing 8 rooms and a kitchen. Terms m oper ate Apply next door north. ooI6 1w* D^OR RENT?The new brick DWELLING r HOUSE No. 30 Prospect street, George own The nouae is two storib# fcod basement abov* tround ; 8 rooms, including kitenen and servants' r< om; gas and water in tne premises K?ntr?>a sonalile to a permanent tanar.t. Apply to 1). ENG lish, 138 Uridge street, Georgetown. ooKJw I^OR REN T-The fine BKIC'K house No. 160 Went St.. Georgetown. at present ocou fif i by the sulnonbar. It tar ?2 u? mil, villi gas and water througbou", a f?n? ya"d, stable &c , *cd is in agon 1 ueunborhood. Apply to JA8. A. MA GRuDKK. ocSStf nurr.i.i.'Nn iidink; for rf.nt.tim ' th a* story B ick Dwelhin House on Oay. be l?M* MontfoiTMn ana Green street*. s-n?h side, rtceutl/ occupied by Mr Hiwonel 8. Rind, contain ing 9 rwm*: aNove tiie kitchen store aid MrTinti' rooms; sinoc? honsc, carriage houtt.\ xtable and wood house, witn Kas throughout an t w?'er in the yard. Apply to I'.T BEiiKV.No. 1*21 Dumbarton street, oe ? ecftt FOR RKNT-A neatly furnished HC'SK in toe First Ward, on H.fcetween l?th ami 18th street*, No. 22T, ooatatutnK a double parlor, 5 or 6 obaiu bers, diuuu room, kitohen and pantry; with os, cold or hot water, bath-roorn, Ac , 4.0. Apply to L. L. I.OVING. Fourth A?htor?? Office. oe4-lm 1 T?HRKK HUNDRED AND FIF? EF..X ACHKH l m Hi r lax count*. V*., in txcellent order; w II timbered; (Oud buildings; a brown ctone quarry, A raiirotd csr shop and wt:er station nun it erected an the farm. Aim, a new Mia Mi 1 ia Loudoun count;. A poroii*s?r can get a t;>r?ai[ ofG. W. BRAY, Ageut, 616 Seventh >1, Wash ington, U C. oc la im* DOR *KNT? PomsMtoh on the l?t of October T TMlJWELLlNG HOUSE No. 4 3$ D etreet at present occupied by the Rev. Dr. Butier, am, next door to Um raudsoce of the advertit-r. J. M CARLISLE. N.^B.?It wiU pat b?} lat for a hoarding uouee. -tf ,, , y* o* ? ^ DARK CHANCft FOR 8PORT*MEN.-Fc ii nvie.a tbocoMgh fcr???ed well broken ttHTTRR IKJti; m nooi rttne*?r. <wn m? u? wood ?nrf aotl jard Pa., nr., ? Ikitwd ink tad ittk itrwb. ?oTM?* T. DRURY. TTVlr I l i *r "* ii*wT &-1 ?-* > !# ?ln .>( ? <1 fri* . ;>.? tH ,>i V/ 8'*F!ttia ?<K > H Tiid'iU Jl ?JCI llOfi Jli 01; WUCE^ STORES. ; >) , .? R OFFERED IN WASHINGTON IE FOUND AT \ and 8T5 Seventh Street. itreet, ami rocs u:rmi? DirtiTKtsTi to ?ct trge atock: aid our lainit-nae assortment enables na w sor to as rorsc is otrkb rtokkb. !*? * ral 1, which we are ofieilag at the following itrrnii Ladles' Brat K'd Glove* P7 centa. 1*2 cent Cantou Flannels at U cents, 12 cent Bleached Cottons at lu cent*, Caaaineta at37 centa, worth SU centa, 25 cent Kentucky Jeans at If cento, Table Linen at as centa, worth 5f? centa, 5 Blanket* at S3 75, Gentlemen a and Bcv?" I'adershlrts and I Drawer* very cheap j aid Oilcloths. I Stair Carpeting 12 centa, F.legant Floor Ollclutha 37 centa, Stun ftilrlntha IO rwnta ? SOFT HATi1 and CAP:* In every variety of style and Rubfcer*. IES. GENTLEMEN. BOY?. CHILDREN, ud bt maki'f4ctvr(ii>. and WARBA3T them tobf M mnty to aell them aa cheap aa aav houae South of 1 who bave not pnrchaaed their FALL and WIN a by calling at R. BRICE HALL'S, I U4 376 SEVK>TH STREET, above I. GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS ?_______________________ For other Georgetown adrtrtifttr.intl *?< jinl pt|t iry" GEORGETOWN TA X ES.-No??oo ia 'L_3 hereby riven th t.after Mniilit. Sth of No. vember, the Collector is required to advertise or diatrain pr?ip*rtv upon which the anna*) tax is nn paid, and aiao for taie* then due. for imp'overa<>itt cf streets nnder the laws of thi? Corporation. Par promptly, and urn costs. oc 30-1 w CHAS. 1). WELCH, Col'r. FOR PUILADELPHIA.-Thestfamer B ?ey m"Dr, Captain Palmer, ha* ar rived and wilib' ready for freight on Thursday. Aap'v to ' oo 30-St HYOE * PAVIO^ON ON HAND VKT A FEW MORK BAKKKL8 ofthat KURKCRAS APP1.K tIDKK, wUioh has given such satir(action. Ca 1 soon at UEALL A MATTHEWS' Store, oc 3" 3t Corner of Rridge and Gav ets. T< NOTICE. 7 IIE Copartnership heretofore existinc twtween O. THOM/*!* CA H LIN and JACOB Ol'VKRNA TOR i* hereby dissolved ; and. after this date, the unde nig nod will not be responsible for an* mer ? iJ m. r* t. ^-_i wnauuiixT i?u u w u? i uuium uania in (no Dims oi the late firm. or 31 -at* JACOB GI \ KRNATOR. A SWINE. LL Porions are informed that it ia un'awful for Hogs to go at laree within the Corpora** limita of thia town fromthe first day of November to the 6 rat day of April. AH such animala that are found at larje after the first dav of Novemtn^r next will be caught and carried to the Alms House. THE POLICE, Geornet .wa.n.C oc y 1 w Oct oner 29th. I860. Citizens of Washington and Georgetown w<l> please notics the fast that CRANDKLL. on BritwbSt., opens on Wednesday iu>xt a splendid atock of New and Rare FANCY GOODS, not to he excelled at any eatab latuneat in the Dia oo <7 it triet. FOR NEW YORK.?The packetach'r Surprise, Captain E Caae. ht jineuct* .ua-'ing fir For fremht apj lv AlcCOHB tc DODGE, gON.NET ribbon^ _ Captain E Can*, ha* arrived, and wit) ocmineiiCf .ua-'ing f>r ttio above port un/^ Satu.dty, the 27th m.t. For freicht appljr to^^^ _ mccohb tc DODG.., ortf; ?>3 Water street. VFI.V KT R!RQn\'4 BONNET MATERIAL!?, FRENCH FLOWERS and BKIPAL WRKATHS, FEATHERS.STRAW BONNETS, BEAVER and FKI.T MATS. PATTERN HON NETS, FR A MES and R COKES, BON N ET VELV ET8^ SIl.KSand BLONDE LACES, emhracinR every thing rich and new in the Millinery Line. at .ow prices. E. GUTMAN, No. 11? sooth ?id? Bridge street, oo 16 3w Gserswtown. D. C. NEXV STOR E; N E W GOODS MRS. M. SIMSON Informs her numerous friends and the pnMic gen erally that stie is now established at her New^fltk Stof, No. Ill Bridge street. Gnorgetowu,Lmi two doora &t?uve the o'd stand, where m*y foand asnsua .a iarjtn asrctin?i?t of MILL1NE RY DRY GOODS, HOSIERY, and EMBROID ERIES, at the very lowest market prices. oc 12-! m /OR R FA'T-In RMrrAtnvn two f rat^'ua F HOU8K9, situated on West street, one con taining 16 rooms, and thenth?r 9, with ga* and bath rooms complete Apply to H. L. OFFL'TT, No. 49 High it, Georgetown. oe 5-lm HARRtS' IMPROVED DOCBLb THREAD Boudoir Sewing Machine. This Machine, an improvement on ?ro?er k. Ba ker's. is simoler than theirs, and for its reliability snt durability is not rurpassad. A child twelve years old can ran it with ease: yet it will sew from the ooarscst oloth to the finest Swiss. There is no troable of rewinding the thread. as it is taken from tV spools. It hai no belts to give trouble, and will run haokwards at well as forwards, and still sews eqft'lj pfrir-ci ara witnoui c\n<er 01 nrration n-edles. It runs by friction, atid b? olocinc tti* box over it. it ia thrown out of Rf&r. In fact we Lave no hesitation in recommending it m ths Best bam tit Sue iti* Mark'mt in *.<e Areney at 101 Bridge ?t,.Geo'??town.wh?ra may be fuond LADIKt*' DM KWTRIMMINQ5 BER LIN ZEM1VR WORSTEDS.and FANCY VA RIETY GOODS of evtry desciptioa. Oar as sortment is a* complete and vaneU as any in the District. Ladies connected -with benevolent or other societies wi'l find it to their advartaie to call bef ?re purchasing elaewher*. oc 2-eolm Mra. S. E JARVI3. 1"<HE UNDERSIGNED CARPENTER AND BUILDER offer* his services to the pablic of Georgetown, Washington, and fioioity, and wi 1 contract for or superintend the construction of public anJ private hui diags. r ui aad specifi cations will ba furnished at *h >rt notion. tiffioi and>hop on Confess st, Georgetown. inaniediate lj nouhof tue I'ost Office. ao 27 Smeo HENRY WING ATE. ?HEAPE8T STORE! SAVE YOUR TIME AND MONET, AND GO AND PURCHASE YOUR DRY GOODS mm> rur rur i bpct crn? r 358 SEVENTH STREET, (Eut Side,) between I and K. oo 13-lm MATTHEWS 4; GORE. H OW HAVE THE LADIE8 VOTED? Euas Hows, Jr., of Boston, who n the iuv#ntor of tha "lock-ati'ch" used by the principal inachiiio*. require* sworn return* t?? Ire Made to turn of tbe number cold by each oompaay. nod 1N?? MACHINE ispr<ferred by no immense Ma jority of the Iviiea, in ?>ite of tlie efforts of inter eatoxi partiea to irjnre tu sale. 1W?. 1*59. Whoeler A Wilaon *.7,578 il,9?6 Grover A iiaker..? i.iJIV 10,23>i 1. M. fiujrer A Co W.H53 I.n'iil A Webster? W I, 88 A. B. Hnwc Jit Wl BtT-bt'lf i ? ?^ SO I .eavit: A Co.. 73 FinkleA Lyon . 5? All other*. ? , ? ^ _ The Wheeler A Wileon Ageney is at No 3I? Penneylvania avenue. Pride* range fr?m f*> to Ctl'5 Full lustructiona given to purchaaora, at tJlcir tkffwHIi SiIk, Cotton, Neeiliw, Ac., for aale. P. j.STKKR, AfWt, 346 Penasrlrnnii avenue N. B.?Send tor a Circular. oc 26-3wif pUB8! FURS!!' FURS!!! i 1 wish the attention of W) customers and I the pobtaehi?'<?? 1 *>al to the lact tLat 1 ka ,-a ??r. IU?< I Iia ? O l up, in th? rear of i mr iiirt.a resu I ImFI'R ROOM I liavtne cei?cte<l Uip 8k<n? ami a 1 of id) Furs made ?o order, ?-f th? lafpat and most fashionable ?tf le AM of inr (took ia aatiielr nf*J and bout htatiko liiwe,t M?h price. 1 can offer tnr Crieuda and cu? toni?r? oo?of th? aad I est teloatod it>ckg in that line ev*r offered ia Watfhingtoa. A call it all I ask. m: - U0PKTV8, . 81fi> oftka White Bear, ? nru..?w j n. I uc 11 nuw vuinti vi cuv.1! ru ?nu I ft. ?v. WTRAVKL1NG T! K H?t? J??t received th* and nwcfferth* m?tt?xtf>nai o. S >i E I.KATHBH, IfAt.'lfc ?r.d PACKING TRUNK*, H V VA? ISKS, CAKPKT BAOS io thu city, which w# bt? >iu4f. W AL?Lf, 8T? (V# f8 t f i 11/ MfcKOH\NTTA B InriU oor f, to an ic?pe? i trftotive. aoJ r CLOTHS CASS < VfcSTlNGS, OV I vtiiok w# will i tjleitwij I oo 84 tf It J'WY 131 iTiJ THE LATEST NEWS TELKO KAPHIO. * Affair* la H*? Niw OiLiiHt, Oct 29?Mr. Yincw arrived bm to-day, ud wu cordlall* and eathuaiaettr allr received Btiptiki tciiAl. The rnlon Cotton Prwm wa? burnt to-day. Iw 15J00. - The Arlxoaia. from the Bru? arrived Lirre thi? forenoon with 9100,000 la apec le Hw advices are unimportant. The Elertloa Frtad la riiMrlplta Jadl daily Decided PaiLADKLraia, Oct 30.?The jury In the com of Wa Bireir. tried oa tb?ckir(e?f forglag eiecttoa returaa in the trat Coog remlooal dletrirT, and tLu> defeating the electioa of l.ehmaa. tW democratic candid.ic. brought la a verdict mf guilty, thto nor a lag HU couneel wiU probably carry the cam to the Supreme Cocrt rroaa D*iv?r City. Omaha, N. T , Oct * Dnrw wO coach rwM Uii city ibwrt 10 o'clock iMt evening, 6* day* from bflnf lag * poo ??ngrr*. including Ibt mi?i >k>f ot Htnrkley k. Co^a Ekt*ear with tt.Mm in gold duat tir.oun (?mt al?? In the band* oi poaarugera The mining urwi waa unimportant. Gov Cirtti, ol PtutylTtaU PiiuBuraiA, report having bora current bm ttoot the Governor a?cl, Col CurUa, was dead we are happy to awrt :U untruth Ho U In good health in Boototi, and apeaka to-night at Providence. Death of a >?val Officer. PrrEvaarao. Oet 3d?John T *?? r?ud, of the L . 8 Navy. died tore very luddenly Sunday night. He wu nattee of tbi? Mil*, nd entered th? ?*t<rW In ItMI.O* nildahloman. He vu atat'onrd at the tioaport Navy Yard MartM latalllgrarr NotroLK. Oet SO ?The bark Marta, 60 days from Montevideo, and tbr bc1? Brotbma. IS d*va from Sombrero, arrived In Haapton Road* yw terday BalUatrt .Harktu Baltimo&s, October 30. ? Flour la dull Howard atreet, Ohio and City Milla 9& 40 Wheat dull and heavy, red tl.:ttagl3?; white ftl.40* 1.05. Corn lc. lower, yellow 64a<fe?<- ; white 7i? 79c. Provlaloua firm, meaa pork SIS 7S. Code* tMilu Ul/aUL. tirw -u- d-?? A. N?w Yarh Harktu Nbw You, October30 ?Flout hoary Stated 90 aMJS; Ohio S3 ?0a#S 79; Bamh-r.. ts:u*|8. Wheat Arm Cora *rwdy, mlttd 0800c Pro v'siomjqutet; nw Sift 06a*19 IS, prune *14 90. Whiaky dull attU^c. Wi?ti?'? Balaam or Wili> Cmn, Cur11 Brtktktmi Aftt'iomt amd mil Di?? ?m tf I4? _ From th* Buiton Evening Travalar, January 9. "It l* f*rhaj>a Imt a aimnie act ofjustio* to th* proprietor* of tr?7(?r'? B?<???I / W'14 <'k*rrf for ui loit)r,thA( MrferiMM/uwrtMiriathc tin* of thi? artiolo. hu impraiMd ua favorably. Out u(t ha proprietor* of the TravHar wan entirely ourwt of a aevera couch ol foar month*' aontiiiiiMoa. by tka use of thm FU:?*m.and a?vera1 of our friendaaml ao qtim matter*. ww> nave tn*<l the article. have found it of r real aervioe m relieving them of *?rera oonch* and *<inrtneaa of Lreatiuag, with which they ha<1 been afflicted." None genaine un.e*a aigned I. Brrra oa tha wrapper. Prepared by 9. W. Fowle ft Co., B?eton, and for ml* by Z. D. Gihnu,B.C.ron(, jr.,*. B. Wa.te. G. Stott. John Sohwarze, Nairn ft Palmer. Waafc in*ton. and by dealer* ever) whore. oc *>lwj Hollowat'* Pill*. Ifrrrom* Drbxiitv, 4~c.?A* a ??Hiati v* and mngor at.nK medicine, these Pills hare bad an aetonishinf lusotia in every part of the civilised glob*. They are unaffected by climate a* their operation* are the ?ame in the torrid none or the Artie region*. They regulate the pule* and tlie action of the heart, braoa and atreugthen the relaxed nerve*. Hive toi.e and energy to the grueral iiitem, and by re e?abh*h i t'g-a vicorou* effort of tha vita! function* exti^uiak anv vktiiit7|imiii iimMiuuwii % ur^< i rtaou ?vkiis, uiuva, vapora, 4c. Sold by all l)rugr tsts at 25c . ? ?. aud 91 ROT box. oo 19-1 w ? _ Homkotathic Riiidiii All of Dr. Humphrey* A Co.'a ifMile Ho meopathic Remedies put bp expreaaly for family use. in boxes, at 2S and 50 oents each. Also, in cum, containing an vials, from 94 to ml each, with book of fall direction*. For to ft aaie by ale and /. l). Oilman, 3i0 Pa. aveune. whoieeair ?uu retail aceaL W. A. FitxeeralU. 353 north F street; also by F. 0. Winter, corner of Massachusetts ave nue and Sixth street. Als<>, Pond > Extract of H'ticA Hi sr., for interna' and external inflammations of all kinds. Sold as above. ma ?- ly Ruciii. have yon seen Prof. Wood's ad vertise* ment in our paper. 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