Newspaper of Evening Star, October 30, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 30, 1860 Page 4
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w THE EVENING STAR. HiAXTHfiLSt** or ArPLKt ?Tber? laacarcely n article of vegetable food, nya Hail'a Journal f Health, more widely uaeful. and more ualrer wlljr lo?f d, the apple. Wby every farmer In to e nation baa not an apple orchard, where the trcaa will grow at all, la one of the myaterW*. Let every ftinlly lay tn from two to ten or more barrela. and it will be to them the moat economi cal investment in tbe whole range of culinaries. A raw, ir.ellow apple Is digested In an hour and a half, whlla boiled cabbage require* five hours. Tbe n.ost healthy deesert which can be placed on a table, Is abskedapple. If taken freely at break fast, with coarse bread and butW, without meat or Beah of any kind, it baa an admirable effect on tbe jretieral svstem. often removes constipation, eerreeting acidities, and febrile conditions more effectually than tbe moat approved medicines. If families could bo Induced to substitute the apple aoond, ripe and luscious?for tbe pies, cakes, candies, sweetmeats with which their hlldren are to be too often indiscreetly stuffed, there would be a diminution in tbe sum total of doctor's bills in a single year, sufficient to lay in a stock of this delicious fruit for a whole seaaon's use. rovcmse iistamcb or matiimo.iul uivo Tios ?Frederick Leech convicted la Anderson Li'.strict. 9 C , of the murder of Hampton Cobb. w>e sentenced l?at week to be hung on the 11th of January next. Hia wife vlaited him In prlaon. and at the conclusion of the interview very quietly remarked to her unfortunate husband, that she Mppnoed abe would not ?ee him again, a? there would be aurh a large crowd at tht hanging.tbere would be no rhaoce for her to aee. and, besides that, the i hlldren would all want to come. The itood lad? then called at a grocery atore, com plained of bavins; the "chollc," turned cff a eouplc of glasses of umedicine,'' and then let out tor her ' desolate home." ID" A singular case wji on Wednwdav decided In the Superior Court in New York it appear* that a merchant a clerk owed a debt of between twenty and thirty dollars to a party who called for payment at tbe clerk's place of builnw, but which tbe clerk could not eflect Thereupon debtor and creditor fell to quarreling, and next to blows, the former getting much tbe worst of It A third partv, tbe merchant, now stepped in?not to the fight, but to a court?and brought an action of trespass against the creditor for having thus exercised himself on bis, plalntifl's, premises, claiming xnat ne naa sutrerea m lo* in comc auenre of the affrav. The trial resulted in a ver ict for the plaintiff for 5400. HIT" The roof ol the retort house of the Citizens' Gaa Company'* works, just erected, In Brooklyn, fell In with a tremendous crash, early Friday morning, carrying with It a large portion of the lde wjlla. It'Is fortunate that the mishap hap pened when no one wca at work. The accident appears to have boen caused by defecta in the Iron frame-work. It was a 'hiproof,-' and the hip rafter, which s-istalned five and a half times as much as any other ra/Vr in the building, was of the lime size ar.d weight of the rest. The danger bad been repeatedly shown to the com pany, but they accepted the work. U^tos Klectoral Ticarr in Niw - i ue several committees or tr>e two sections of the democratic party, rnd tbe Union Constitutional party, in New Jersev. met on Friday night, and tfrrrd upon the following electoral ticket:? Peter D Vroom. John S Darcy, I Brerkinridge;] Edmund Brewer.SlUsCondict,(I ni->n;) William Cook, Joel Parker, Theodora Runyon, (Douglas ] Ther?* Is now but one ticket in New Jersey op posed to Lincoln and Hamlin, all others being withdrawn; so tbe chances are that tbe State is lost to Lincoln. Eff*ct* of thi Late F*ost? rros Tobacco l-roiu all accounts th* effects of tbe frosts of tb< latter part of !nat wwk upon th* tobacco crop in K>*<tu> ky, have been moat disastious, involving the loss, perhiipa. of about one-elgbth of the crop in the tobacco growing region of tbe southern portion of the St?t?s The Uouisvilie Journal ol tbe l?tb snys tbat tbe effect of a knowledge of tbii filling off .a already apparent, and an advance oi fullv $1 per hundred wv? ?ustained in thatcity on Tuesday upon all descriptions Th* Fi?st Codfish ?Tbe yatcb Richmond re turned to pert Monday evening from a cruise wltti over '.''HI codfish, caught 10 miles W . 8 W . of th? Sow and Hjrs light boat Tbeae are tbe firs' brought to thia port thia seaaon. Tbe first oih caneht of_Nantucket were taken on Friday.-fIfm titHford Standard. IT7" On Sunday, the I4th Inst., tbe Re? Mr M Neel. a Preabvterian minister, fell dead, whllt preaching, In the brick rburch near Mr Staten Doro'a. In tbe southern portion or Dallas county. A!a. It la supposed it was from dlseaae of the heart. {pr One of the Portland pickpockets on Sat urday had tbe audacitv to drop a portmonnalc lulo tb? pocket of a policeman, after having ab stracted it front the pocket of some one In tbe crowd, and appropriated th? contents to hla own use. The wines of the late Aagustua Thorndlke of Koaton, were aold at auction, on Wednesday The amount of tbe aale was about S3.l*Ki ranged from 96 75 to 9~ tS jx-r bottle, and iom? berry, marked 1777, aold for 9*2 87. lE^The total number of hales of cotton raise*! In Tenneve for tLe year ending August 31, !&<*> was 111*,076, valued at &>.43:i.-t>9 For the yeai previoi.* it wai only :-6.321, valued at S1,?J6,050 ARRIVALS AT THE HOTELS NATIONAL HOTEL.?T A (iilmore. NH; 1 R Lane. F Atkinson, Me; N Atkinson, H Chase mam, J u Mvae. Berthood, C Moore. NY; H K Holcoir.t)?, Va; \\ S Hopkins, Md: F K Latibe Df Converse, Fa; f)r Blar.kburne, S K Dennis, T Doford, Md; J D Hnead, W A Stephenson and fy J L Stephenson, J A Sirpheuson, Va; 11 G Shut Mrs E J Nichols, Mi?Jj M Atcblsoo, ?; W L Gurney, II Napier, J De Beroise and lady, NY RH Key.?; F 9 Scbenck and lady, NY; J F GuiM and lady. Mass; C A Waite, USA: A H Partridge and sister. James Thompson, N V : R B Joyslin. Ohio; J F Levy, J T Wilson. Pa; J Hog W McDuff, NV. BROWNS HOTEL?H Scherman, La; W Hall, DC; \V B Garner and lady. Md; W Doug, hi Ps; J R Pernery. Md; M Blgelaw, Ni; T Wright, Md; J Bloxham, NY; J H Hosley, Md; M Bird. Va; J Barrett, do; J D Hell. Mr and Mn Mitchell. NY, A H Poe and lady, do; J B Cum ming and family, Ga; H Bunkiey, ?; C H Ollas, Md; J Sapham and family, NY; J J Jones, I .a; N de Bodico, Russia; F Daniel and fimily. Va; F NV McJannie and family, Ala; J A Bordes, 111; J B'unt and family. NV; L Cambell and l?dy, La C Trayer, NY; J W Munn and brother, Va. KIRKWOOD HOUSE ?R J Dobbins, Fa; J J Sb'ink. t*A: N H Famahar, USN; N J Belfleid NY; R S Wilkinson. vi?- I u n ~ - Brlakltv. NY; Dr Merritt and lady, do; R F N Alston, SC; Mr* Alston and family, do; \V \V Tula, Pa; Dr L S Duval, Fla. OCEAN STEAMERS' SAILING DAYS Fbom tvb United Statu. S'utmtr t. Lean. For. Day*. ArivU*. Boston Liverpool. Got SI BoroMut New York.. .s?onth<\inpto u.Nov I Illinois .. .New York .. Havre.........No* ! Asm ~.__New York-. Liverpool ? Nor1 Kaltnn New York Havre No* > E?ropa.._ Boston Liverpool... No* lo Atlantic- _ New York Havre Nov 11 P*ou Kdropb Saltan. .ftnuth'ptoa.. .New York... .Qot 11 ammonia. So*th'ptoB . ..New York....Oec 18 Aoheanian Liverpool Queheo Oet II Karopa.._ Liverpool. ...Moston ......Oet 2< Adristii s^outh'pt.'n. New York...OetM Anglo saxoa.. ...Liverpool.. ..Portland Got IS Persia Liverpool. ....New York. .'Get 1 North Amerteaa. Liverpool....Portland Nov 1 John Bell .. .Glasgow New York.. .Nov 3 VftudrtriMit ?" ... ^<ani pi.?n.. .new York. ..Nov 7 Th? Hirui mail stee-inera leave New York oo Im ad. lith, nui. uo 27th of each month, and CkArlMton ob th* itn and lith. tpiiirt Im 5tn aa4 SMk of m*t month. The Can forma naai. leave New York od A CLOSING OUT. LAHOE AND SPLKj^DID STOCK OF DRY WIT*?1IT UtUl' TO COIT. The death af Mr. Darius Clafett make* it neooa aary for as to wind of oar buaineaa aa apee?1ily aa poaaibi*. We taarefore announce our intanuon positively to eloae oat the whole of oar large a took of DRY GOO DM by the let Janoarj next, for oaah, without regard to ent The aCock embraces a genarai aaaortment ol FOHElON and DOMESTIC GOODS. o| the rrry beat taalitiM ii? ?- w?ii w wvu kUV* Q lO mil oontniuntty ium wp have n?ver k?pt any thaa 6 ?t class article*,) and we will warrant Ml ti>otla t?? pr?v? m reyreMnlrd. . . . . BTTIw lowest gwh prise will b? ?n ernry latha stock, whick will b* much b?ow 'tAl?%wkM* h* delivered promptly, oa the to, ofS., ?ww ,;r j|J <?**<? No. 194 Pennsylvania avenge, pg n-m between 9th and 10th sU. INSTRUCTION _i _ ir* mi; mo. a- f. uttle, PROFESSOR. OF MUSIC. rmvrnod to th? city and rwumwl u* d?- ?l tin of hu ?rof<w?:on Prof LIT i lk, bav-lah in* charge of ma?ic?i d?p*rtm?>?t ?uln?i.k^ fad ptommt yi?w gomimri**, md beiac en(?<?d four itfi in moii *h[h th??? laiutuarvo*, boa ? nac^uenfl jr bit Wo dutu mk vm to hvou to f iv?t? tnsuucciob of ?wli.or to* imilor iv?nrnt ib toother uwutution. rboao domriog fata yroatwiuiioi mtviom will plt&t* raaka &pp-lo? tion ?t ur. Hunt's. 310 pa. >v?bb6. oo4 1?o Tmoke new goods! ? HE u?dorm..?<* k ?? * ?lij ioviu th? Ik iMri and the WOOD AND OPAL. JMPORTANT TO HOUSEKEEPERS! THE PIONEER iiw mill avi rmwm factoet, ?S?iq? o? th* Blub Flao Staf?J tli ( tk? UmI, arar 7?fc street Bridge, Will fnrnith, at the ihorteat noUoe, firewood, THE BUST O II A l.tT V . Or Ant Kind, Cut Mi Split to ?hi Dimmtum*. CHEAPER THAN THE CHEAPEST! With full measurement guarantied. rrr R memher, Th* Blo* Fla? Btaft, we?t iSTof seventh street, south of the, and op posite the Center Market. GEORGE PAGE, Agent. irr HICKORY ANDQAK PLANK or TIM BER (o?aaf siae or dimensions! SAWED, POSTS or JOISTHHIPPKn. or i .00* <4 A \v F t\ ? th? ?h.?rtek? noUce 1 w an>*n Job. of BLACK9MITHIN8 prone ly exec Pod. a? mow. ?? 27 t q q q q q UNION FIRE-WOOD MILL, Ceraer el Sermth it aid CttAl. W 6_O D of all kind, manufactured to order, any length 01 aixe, ready for uae, COAL?COAL. We have now on h&nd a beautiful lot of COAL, both Red and White K sh, different site . _ IL^weare now.arxl will be receiving C"?l foi the next ten days, which we toll, delivered from the a reduotion of 25 cents per ton. Send your order* early. MoKNEW A MARLOW, Proprietor!, ee J7-tf Comer Seventh it. and Canal. WOOD AND coal Delivered to all parte of the city, at the lowetl poeuble rates. _ T i. A W. M. OALT, Office 289 Pa. ar., between Uth and lMh eta , ma 17-tf north aide. i^OAL! COAL!! WOOD! WOOD!! I am daily receiving large auppl ea of COAL Iron the very beat Penaaylvarua minea. wluoh I will a?l at reaaonab'e p ices Alao, the beet quality or Oak Pme and Hiokory WOOD, cutarnl aplit.ail leaitna Call and leave Tour ordera. R. W. RatRK Wood and Coal Dealer. M17 (Stat??) Cor. C and uth sts.. near Canal. Eagle iron works, Corner Ohio Av. Thiktkittii St. ericsson'S CALORIC engines. The underlined have been appointed role agent in this city for the manufacture an.I sale of the aboy Engines, and are prepared to supply all orders wit! promp*n?S8 and dispatoh. These engine* hav 1 he?n satisfactorily introdroed, and are now praoti call) employed id l>ak*ries; by bookbinders; fo boxwood cutting; by cabinetmakers; for drawini fan blowers to ventilate buildings; for pumping; lb HnmAatin nnrnniA** f lflv?fin* >ram> ?riao?i uuvmi^ ginning cotto*; srindinc ouartz; grinding p&iiit* grinding sugar cane on plantation! in Cuba; to hoisting; for knitting machine*; by manufacturer 1 of pla e<1 ware; of printer*', of silver ware of agricultural implements; of matches; of hoop>i I skirts; lor pumping at railroad ?tat <>ns aini >>n boar ships; for sewing machines: for joh printing am printing daily newspapers; for various plantatioi ' uses; for sawing and planing lumber; for pioki hair: for polishing comns; for shoemakers' us>*s; f? sane sifting; turninc; tob?ooo cutting and pulver t ising; in tanneries and w re making o?tabii?tiinenti for soda water manufacture; for (>on? crushing malt mashing; towing; grinding cutlery, &o The are inexplosive; economical; easily managed: the require no engineers; use no water; and connum 1 very little fuel. Any person desirous of using thes > Engines, can by application to tte undersigned b hown a large number of testimonials fro<r. person wno have tti?m in daily um, expre*aing their enttr satiafaction in their operation and ua* Price* of the tcginei an Mtahhthed by the Pat entee: 12 in. ojl'r $35^ Double 24 'l |,?no " 32 " 2,a? " 40 " 4300 48 0 e^no 9^??) 18 inches cylinder, 8-W> 32 "* " \,V. 40 ** 2#" 48 *' " 3 & 60 " ' $,? 34 " " 750 tioe \Ve are are alao prepared to furniah, at ahort no ce. Architectural famines. Um int ii?iifm ?ti? may be furnished, m cheap a? can be obtained elan wnere. Alao, Steam fcnginea, portable and atatinr ary; hull or low pressure; ?w an<t grist mil *; h> drostitic, or otner presses ; boiler* l?r lieatin building*, wrought iron water tanka; ?hallin?. geai in*, 4c., for flouring or other nulla, and forging i aifkind*. seiaaawSm WM M ELLIS k. BRO. Furniture Ware rooms. WALL jTbARNARD are now receiving, on oonai^nment. tat their Warcrooma. oorn?r of i! i _ and Ninth atreeta, in the r*ar of thei auotion room a,) a v?ry large and general aaaori ment of FURNITURE, OAKPKT&, and HOUSI KEEPING GOODS generally, which they invit the attention of peraona formatting to examine be fore puroh.aaiog?among WbicU may be found : Parlor Suit*, in Hroeatelle, Rep* and Hair Cloth Mahogany and Walrut Sofaa, Tete-a tetca, an P&rlor Rut PJuuva Mahogany and Walnut Mft'bla-tot and othe Tables, iu Croatr arietr ?arb'e-t*.?p Oak painted Cottage Pets atnut and Mahogany Marble top plain an other Bureaus Cane and Wood seat Rocker, Dining, OSoe an other Chairs Handsome Gilt and Mahogany Looking Q ateei Mahoga-jy and Walnut Cottage and other Bod ItMdl Cabinets, Ktagere*, Whatnot* and Desks Brussels, 3 ply, Ingrain and other Carpets; Oil oloihs Mari-le t<>p, Walnut. Mahogany andjothar \Va?i *ta-ds and ?inks Hair, Shuok, and f*hnck and Cotton Mattrassei With a i'?at variety of other goods not here met tioned, which will be sold very low. wAbli 4. BARNARD, AicUoa??rs. touta tide of Avann*, 28 eolra onrow Fa. av. and 9th atre^t. T ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. HE Next Drawing of the Royal Harana Lot tery, oondaotsd by the Sp?n:?h Government, ond? the ?u^erTi*ion of the Capt&in 6ener?l of Cubi will Uur? place U Havana on WEDNESDAY, Normm T, 1580. SOhTEO NVMKRO (as ORniNtmn CAPITAL PRIZE 1100,000. fn prixoi of. ai,M 00 do .? U 148 do ? joapprcx. S3 ??tW,ono ? sn.nco ?,ooo JO.OM 10/500 IN ALL PRIZES. Whole Tiofceta, ff-JO? Ha.vr*. 1) 0?Unartera, 91 Prise* owned at eif bt at s per cent, discount. Bills on all solvent Back a taken at par. A drawing will We forwarded u soon as the tee a becomei known. All order* for sctieinee or tioketa to be addrecee to DON RODRIGUEZ, oe 52-tr Care ef Citv Poet. Charlaaton. 8. C. o LD RICH, MELLOW AND PURE BURNSIDE'S MONONGAIIKLA RYE WHISKEY, ConaoienUoualy diaulud by Mr Jtmee Harnaidi of Allecany County, Panna., In the old-f%ahionn honeet war, fro n theohninrat and moet earefall aeieoted Rj?, and in no eaae ever offered lor aal ^lOVVDU IVJO, auu III IIU UMO OTri uuorou jur Ml until adapt:d to wholesome u?? by ac It is a iin/ta Ike ui- * ur>r, rva-aiiic,&t 111? emphattoally on of tha pareet beveragoe in the reaoh of the puMi? To the Invalid, m wo!I at to thoae m health, i oommenda ltaelf f?r ita unrivalled qna'itiee aa i atimalant of the aafeet. anr?at, aod moat beaeioet deaonption. aod many of the moat diatinguiehe hyaioiana are using it in their praouoa with th happia*t reeulta CLERY * PTOCKDALR, Proprietors, 339 Walnut street. Philadelphia WM. C. CONOVEK. Agent for the proprietors. 2.S Ha. av. a* oppoafte Willarda* Hotel. ft Wa.Kni NOTICE! NOTICE! Mra. HELLER Inn tea the ladies of 4 H. annington and viciuitv to her Grand Opening ? Faahionab.e FALL and WINTER BONNETS on Friday and Haturilay, 5th and bth inatant, whei aha wi'l he happy to hare ladiea ooina and examia her atnok of Good*, aa ahe haa a rery handsom took of FEATHER*, FLOWERS. I)RKS # ? r* ** " " immiwiixh?*, mka" ljkkssks, cloaks SHAWL?, extension skirts, corsfct: of all m*?? aiid prioei, and a very targe atock a oc 4 no. *4 Market Spaoe, bet. 7th and Sth sta. Notice to journeymen tailors at home and abroad. The following is a oorreot list of itio employer who pay the bill prioaa ul. and are reco?aisau by the Society, to wit: W. H. Stanford, Matlook a Griffith, i'aval' A Bro., Matlock A Herbert, Win. Tucker, jauies Lackey. G W. Hiot n A Co., J. T. Mchitnah, London A Co., tlive. k. Gray, u. M. Drew vaudnran. m>27 eo3ui piremen'8 INSURANCE COMPANY washington AND georgetown. Capital 9300,000. OJlct renter C stTfti and Louisiana mr., tmtr Ban, of Watkingtan, INSURE HOUSES AND OTHER PROPERTY AGAINST LOSS BY P1RE. Diksctor* 6*o. Shoemaker, Samuel Red/em, Samu*1 Cro?Kr. William Wi eo?, Richard Jodm, John D Barclay. Jaoub Gideon, AnJrew Hothwell, 7-? RmharU Barry, B. B. French. uliciee fboe. Parker, No charge for Pol JAMKS ADAMS, President. fl. Patm, g?Mtonr. _ oc io-eo?q /Sunionrrstaurant.^" %Ql*cid&$??i U'lh'r&LU l-w doore south of Pa. av., x?r A xx, tfV,?r'* ??ndv P,rB? , Ward, Waebincton. Hie Har le cnetantly ent ailed with tk?oii.>iMu ' MISCELLANEOUS. p*?8v.v? sat mvmt was,'* OtneilfMininmiiT o? Ptblic PamtuMt Washington, Ootober S In parsnavoe ol the pruvi- ion* of the "act to pro ride Tor exeevting the publio p-intinr," fce., ap, rroved Augnst 56,18*2, *i,d ul the iota section of lie Mt entitled "An acc making appropriation! f?r the legislative. executive, and judicial exp?ns<"a or1 Government for the Tear ntding Jane 3r>,nW?,"ap proved Maroli 3,1&59, seal* d eropoeais will be re* eeivel at thia offioe, in the Capito1, until tb? ftrat Monday (3d day) of Deo?mher next, at 12 o'clock. ?., for tarnishing the paper that may be required for the publio printinr tor the year ending on the 1st day of Deoembar, IMi. The subjoined list specifies. aa nearly aa can be ascertained, the quantity, quality, and deeeription of each kind of paper that will be required: Class 1. ream* fine printing paper, " metsare 24 by 38 inches, and to weigh forty-fir* pounds to the ream of 480 sheets. Class 3. 6 000 reams fine printing pap?r, calendered, to meature 24 by 38 inohes, and to weigh fifty six pounds to the ream of 480 sheets. Class 1 900 reams superfine printing paper, hard-si?ed and caper calendered, to measure 24 by 32 inches, nrf tn ai?h -?? ?1 ? *- *l - ? w iui viftub pvuuui iu ure resin ui w short*. . 2 mn r*?m? roperfine printing taper, used and uper-' Al?ndered. to mMiireM by 51 inohei.and to weigh filty pounds to the ream of 4ao sheet*. Class 4 1 00? reams superfine map paper, *is*d and oal dered. of such sim*s a* ma; be required, ooiree pondmg in weight with paper measuring 19 by 34 inohfB, And weighing twenty pounds per ream of 430 sheet*. Class 5. 2tt reams superfine piste paper, (oalendered or urca'endored as may I* required.) 19 by 34 inei es, And of such weight per pmii a* m*r be requiiad. The fibre ot the pAper efeach of tie a'.xtv nlA?w? to he of linen And cotton, free from all adultMation with mineral and other snhstAnoes, ard ol a fair whiteness, a d put up in quire* of twenty-four Qfeta each, and in buidle* of two reAm* eAcn; each rum to contain 439 perfect sheets. Uniformi ty in color, th)okn?*s. And weight will be required; nuv un uinuiiiumgiire 01 wrappers) varyuu over or under five par cent frum the standard weuht will b? received. and the'grot* weight will in all c\iN be required. Mixing of virion tt iokne im ia the mm bundle to mali* up t e weifht will be considered a violation of the oontraot. Clash 6. I. 1,500 rtuni qu\ru>-peti writing p^p?r, 18 by 16 inoHo*. i 2,000 da ?*p do 13 bjl8H do 3. 100 do d*my do 16 by SO 1-3 do 4 1,000 do faiio-poM do 17 btB do 5. 100 do ntdiua do 18 by 23 do 6. 50 do ray?l d> 19 by 44 do 7. 50 do tup*r-roy?J do 20 by do 8. 50 do import*! do Ml-ibj-31 do 9. 100 do double-cap do 13 by 26 do 10 100 do colored medium, (.iM?rted color* ) Class 7. 1. ?,<vw> reams writing paper, 18 by 26 inches, to weigh twen'j-thre* pounds p*r re\m 2. reams writing p\p*r, 19 by 16 mnher, to wrigh twenty eight pounua >er ream 5 reams writing paper, it by 25 ir.ohes, to weigh twenty-six pounds 4 100 reams writing paper, lit t>? 31 inches, to weigh twenty-feur pound* p r ream 5. 3f> rumi writing paper, 18 by '8 inches, to weigh twent? two round* oer ream r ' 6 4X1 mmi writing paper, 12 hjr II inches, to K weigh twelve poinds per ream. r AH the papers designated in c'asses 6 and 7 must * oontain 4nn perfect *h*eta to the r?tm, and no "out > : ride ' quirea. l'h?y are in be rnv1? of the best ma r j teiiil*. free from adulteration, finished in the best * : manner, cut to a true cdg*. laid flat, and securely 1 And ?ubet".nhai!y enve oped. The papera in olaaa 6 'J ar* to be white or bine, and of such weights as inay 4 be required by thia office. Those in ola?a7 are to be wh'te, and of the sizes and weights specified in 11 tb-? schedule * 1 The right is reserved of o'derinf a greater or less ' J quantity <>f each and every kir.d contracted for ia " a I the clause*. to be farniahi d at such timea and in auoh auantities a* the publio aervioe may requi'?? ' . Each olaaa will l>e considered separately, aud be ' i sn^jfot to a separate c^ntraot; but bidders may " off- r for one or m'>re of the classes in the same * i proposal. ? | No proposala will ba considered unless acoompa * i ried by tue guvaotee th*t the bidder or fcid-iera, * if hia or their proposal shall be aocepteH. will entei 0 | into an obligation, with good and sufficient sere : tiea, to famish the articlesfroposed Blank formi " | for proposal* will be famished at this office, and 1 none will be taken into consideration unless sub . stantially agreeing therewith. J! All the paper in the several classes must be de livered at auch place or place* as may b? designate "J in Washington oity, in good order, free of all anc " every extra charge or expense, ana subieot to th< inspect'oo, oount. weight, and measurement of thi nupennieaueni, ana D? la all respect* aatiafao tory Hanr>pl?aof all the paper required rim be aeen a' thia o(n,"1 hut bidden are reauired to furniah, wifl their proposal*, umtlM of net ieas than onn quirt of each ol the kinda bid for. and upon which tn?n proposa's he baaed. The aueoeaaful bidde.i will be required rigidly to conform to tneir aam pUa. Profora'a wiH be addreaaed to "Jobs Heart Ri'p?rintendetitof ?he Publio Printing Washing ton," and etdoraed "Propoaaia for Supplying **a per " oo 2-2awtd | ! pROPOSALS FOR RATIONS FOR 1801. f ( QUARTXRXA?TIR'b OfflCR, U.J^ M.Cpiri,^ *r a'misotom, ?iin sept., 1P0O. S 9kaltd Proposals will ba reo*i*ed at this offioi until tho l?th day ol November next, at S o'c ocfc p. m., for furnishing Rations to the United Statei Marine*, at the following stations, during the yeai Idol, viz: hariestown, Masaachuaetta. Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Brooklyn. Lone Island, N?w York. Philadelphia, PennajIvania. Goaport, near Norfolk, Virgiria. Warring ton, Florida; and Wathiagion, District of Onlnmbia. Kaoh ration to o?>n?lat of one pound and a quar terof'reah Heef, or th'C*? qulrt?*rs of a pound ol mesa Pork; eighteen uuooeaol Hread made of extri fupcrnn* floor, or ertra superfine flour at the op tion of the Government; and at tha rate of tet pounda of good ColTee, pounda of boat Nei Orleans Sugar, eight quart* ol beat White Beans fniirauarta of Vinegar, two quart* of Salt, foui Counda of good har<1 Brown Soap, aod one and t %lt pounda of good hard dipped '1 allow Caudles t( one huudred rationa. The Beef required ahall be delivered on the ordei of the commanding offtoer of each ata'ion, eithei in bulk or br the aingle ration; and ahall oonMst ol the best and most ohoioe pieces of the earcaas; tN Pork to be No. 1 prime meis pork; anj theG.ooariei to be of the b<??t quality of kinds namad. All auhjeot to inspection A t? ? ' ' ~ nn uiti iiiusi i>e accompanied r>y the following (UiaotM. Farm of GncranU4. The undersigned , of , in the 8tat( of ,and ,of , in the Stat* o f hereby guaranty that in oa*e the foregoing bid ol for Ration*, aa above described, be ao ; oepted, he or they will, within ten daya after th< receipt of the contract at toe Pott Office n\med , execute the contract for the earn*, with food ant eulfici?"t auretiea; and in eaae the aaid , hall f?iito*nter into oontrect aa aforesaid. w< j guarantr to make good the differeccj betweeu tlx

i off?r>if tUa a&>d and that whioh m*y b< accepted. A B, Guarantor. Witneaa: C D, Guarantor. EP 1MQ. I hereby certify that the above named re known to me aa men of property, and able t( make good their gaAtftntee. G H. (To be signed by the United States District Judge Uuitod State* District Attorney, or Coileotor > |i*i> provum w?ti ue ounmdered unleaa acooinpa nied by the above ?na'ant*e (Newap&ptrs authorized to Publiah the above i, will aen<i the paper ooataming the first insertion tc d thuoflioe for examination.) v I Proposal# to be endoreed "Proposala for Rations | for '861,' and addressed to the uuderaitned. I W B. SLACK, el M?-la?4w Ma'or and Quarter ranter, i ]\I 1 Mo. 6TI.1 . fc i^otick *>F THK REMOVAL of THE t land office from fa yet tbvillk t<j HUNTtJViLLE, IN THE STATE OF ARKAN SAB. | In aooordanee with the proviiioca of the aot ol Congress entit'ed "An ant authorizing ehangre in u the location ot l.and Offioee," approved March 3, lav, it la hereby deolare<l and mfeie kAown that th? e a? - ...? uain iur ms ??! Of puDIIO lftn<Uat FATETT1Vi LI.l in the Stateof Arkanaaa, wUl be removed to Uuots V1LLS in ?|Ud State. without Utlay. The paolic aa'.e directed by the Executive prco lamation No. 669, of townahip 19, rang* au, and t>wnahip 17, of rancetl, to take place at (he I and Office at FA.TSTTtvii.LS on 20th December next, it ia hereby declared will be held at Htxtivillb, in aid Stat*, on the dat* deaignated Farther notioe aa to the preoae time of oloaing the uffioe at l*ayetteville( preparatory to removal, and ita ofn<ng for buaineaa ?t Huntavide. will be i?en by the Regia'er acd Receiver for the L*nd tfietriot. Given under my hand at the eity of Waahington, 1 thia 24th of September, A. D. I960 By order of the Preaiaect: - I * 1/iU U HMI 0/>ar vuo* O. W A LiOU 11 f Commiationar of tha tioneral Land Office. m96 w6w WOOD! WOOD!! WOOD!!! STOVE toil KINDLING WOOD, at the lowaa oaiibia pno?. ^ F T.J.kW. M. GALT, 99tt Pa. a*., betwaea 11th and 13th ats.. H* rt-l' north arid YOU WISH TO GET GOOD CLOTHING AT Low PmtCMi Call at SMITH'S, No. 460 BaTSnth at., op l> lm between K and K tta. TO mvs1c TEACHERS-A large lot of naw Muiio, imports from Europe: alto, selection made in peraon front all tbe great pabliahmc home* in Boaton and New York, a?eeially aaaortrd for piano, violin, and Date, & ? A.a. Alao? Daeta for all inatramenta now opon for inapeatooa. John p.t-xlib's Chiokeriaga' Piano Store, oe y Ha. ay., h-t Pth and loth ?ta. FLOUR C0Sl!liIB8I0N k ...I ?-I?I? - ' I TE^ f*?r *? *m>d? of Qmi, aa 38-6m f EVERYBODY'* INTEREST JU?T R?*o?i??4 ?? FaLL an<f WINTER CLOTBINO. to whi?h y?r attention la oaHwl.aa ! i "r*ivr-nyrttV-naf^i. *. . ' OATOrt^LAiK'tf lMIMlfAdbB HaIk uVli. f IS and all firat-oaaa Toilat Artiolaa, for me at , GIBBS'9 Wis, Br*id. Md Carl Manufactory 94* : Pa. avaaa*. aaar lath at, ooim TRUNKS, BOOTS AND SHOES. jJOOTB AND SHOES TO SUIT TM W? in aov Hifcetvui ill kiwii of BOOTS SHOES, and oonstaitlV reeoivM* tgAl rapfir oi MiUrn raid* work of ?wi o'-MI senptto", mads expressly to order, aaa, willf be sold at a mioU lower prioe thiui iu been heretofore charged in this city fsr maoh inferior MiM Phwii in mat of Boots and Shoes o! waters at ity made work. will always fcod a food aseortinsn in store and at the lowest snees. Aire as a call. _ 6EIPF1N 4. BRO., ?p?-r an rennayirania Five hundred traveling trunks fcrriroU this day, embracing all aaali-?^ tiea and naea of Sola Leather, Lmim'IhH Dr??? ma P&okin* Trunk*. Our trnnk^^*** aatoe room exhibit* at tfau time the cr?atest variety of travolinf re^umtte* at moderate pnoae. to be found this aide of Nev York. Alao, erenr deeona tion of LADIES' hat BOXEb, VALICES, CARPET bags, SATCHELS, A* lLTOld Trunks repaired or taken la exchange for new onea. wall, stephens * CO., _ ^ Trunk Salea Room, mar ?l-tf saa Pa. amn. gOUTHERN TRUNK MANUFACTORY, Omtili Odd >V ulfi * ?.? n r Travelers will study their interests Di eximiUB my TRUNKS, VALJCKS fee , before pur-flma chasing eisewere A* I use none bat theHjnfll best materia! the market affords and emplor^^ the best workmen, I can confidently recommend my work to be superior in Strength and Durability to Trunks that are made in other cities and sold here, I keep constantly on hand, and make to order <oa one week's notioe) every description of SOLE LEATHER, IRON FRAME FRENCH DRESS mnd WOOD BOX TR UNKS: ASHLAND and otktr TALICES: TRAVELING BAGS; HAM NESS; SADDLES; WHIPS, fe., Trunks, /to., Repaired and Covered, ia a vark ma:<ike manner, at short notioe. Trunks delivered in any put of the eity, George town, or Alexandria. s^inVSaMb"'* FAM,LT de 15-lv JAMES S. TOPHAM. TRAVELERS' D1KEOTOKY. BALTIMORE ANl)_OHlO RAILROAD. L? ITAStiIFfWTOy BRANCH. Ciimi or Hours. ON AND APTER WEDNESDAY, June 13th, 1800, tr&mfl will ran aefollowc: L?vt Washington at 6 and 7.40 ft. ID. Leave Washington at 3J0 and 5 JO p. m. On Sunday at 3 an p. rn. Leave Baltimore at 4.25 and 8.40 a. m. Leave Baltimore at 3.15 and 4J0 p. m. On Sunday at 4 25 a. m. Paeaengeri for the Kaat will take train* at MB and 7.4<i a. m and 3 an p. m. For the Weet at 7.40 a. m. and 3J0 p. m. For Aonapolis at 7.40 ft m. and 3?0 p. m. For Norfolk at 7 40 a. m. * On Saturday evening the3.20 p. m. train (OM to Philadelphia only. }e 13-d T H. PARSONS. Agent. NEW ORLEANS IN TJXRZIB WITH TKB CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. ALL RAIL route, Via Orange and AUrandria Railroad to lynchbur?: Virginia and Tennessee, Bail Tennessee and Virginia, Eatt Tennessee and Georgia, Nashville and Chattanooga, Memphis and Charleston, Mississippi Central, New Orleans and Jackson, TO NEW ORLEANS! memphTjTroute: Memphis by r&il.thenoe bj First ol*ra paoksta to New orleana. ! MONTGOMERY AND MOBILfE ROUTE: Montgomery by Rail, thonoe to MoFilo t?r Flrrt ct&ss Packet*. Mobile to Now Orleaca 5j Lake ?teamore | TWO DMLY T R A IN 8?9trm?aTi Immdii, ; Leave Washington at 6 a. m. aM 9. m. - , The Steamer GEORGE PAGE leavo? her wharl foot of Seventh etrect at 6>f a. m. tui <K ? m. and k connect* at Alexandria with the Orange and Alex inma 1 lai'iu wi vim ouniHWCil* Office?Pennsylvania arecuo, oornw of Sixth ft. ASSAM CU0U1 THEOCflB TO KBIT OELBAHI. Memphis 931 00 A ttar.ta 2? 00 Maoon 38 00 O(Hunihus SI SO Montgomery SI Of" ) via M*m?his.42 SO N.O.S viaBf Juno..43 40 \ via rt??ue.?46 00 Lynohburt ? Bristol ? L. y? _l5mi Rnoxnlle OhattAnoo(& -.MOO Ualton _ HuntsTiIlo _34 00 ? 27 00 6rand Junction ? .*>(*> Nashville _.3S W? THIS ROUTE IS ENTIRELY ISY RAIL and is 00 MILES SHORTER, and 84 HOURS LESS IN T1MK than any other Liae?the Lynehbure Extension being now oompleted. an alio the Mississippi Cnnirm.1- m*k-i n?r it QUICKEST AND tioSTPlKASANT ROUTS FOIl SOUTHERN TRAVELERS > Ik ia provided with First ol&u Sleeping Ciri! STo New Qritxnr T2 Honra. Mftinyhii ?4 do. Moatfom?: r *3 do. r-'Mimlle .46 do. u/- ino ?). a. niAil' an? ft DAMS' EXFREtt? are taken orer thia New Line. Tioketa oan be obtained at tke Sonth Wnt?ri Ofton, oorn?f of Sixth street and Pennejlvauia a? enue, to the fcIJoTrinn point/ Lrpohborf, llricioT, KnoxnUe, Atlanta, Chufctanooia, I{iint anile, tfraaa June.ion, Maoon, Nashville, Dal ton. Colnmbaa, Montcomerj^^llcyriljs^^einfhw, and JET" THROUGH TiFkETS TO TUX VA RIOUS VIRGINIA SrRINOS. n^Onuubnaes and Baggage Waeons leave tke office at 6 a. m. and 6 p. ns. JAMES A. EVANS, Tioket Arent, ma B-tr Corner fcixth at. and Pa. a*. THE STEAMER JAS. 8UY Will reeume her I tripa on TUESDAY, Slat of JT""* h February. 1880. Will leave WASI? i~< TIM f 1NOTON everr TUESDAY and?"?i^? FR1 ^AY, at o'olook a. n>.tand ALEXANDRIA * niui-nBiD o o:o?*, ior (JUKKIUfllAN ana u>e : Landiofi. On her retarn triaa, aba ? &nfi ivriiR n & v *? A^i WEDNl&i>AY and SATURDAY , p.t 5 o'olcok a. m. LUCIAN 8. PAGE, Proprietor. NATII'L BOUbH. Act. Alexandria. fe? nFFlCE OF INSPECTOR AND SEALER ? \J OF GAS METERS, IV*rHi*?TOH. Jwlr It, 1860. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVES. That, agree ably to tho provinons of the oiditianoe of tne Cor poration approved Mar '2 18fin the underpinned ia low preparod, "whenever reanired in writing, and > on pre payment of the fee of fifty oenta, to inepect, i examine, test, prove, and ascertain the acouraey of registration orany gaa meter in ?ae io thii eity." i Every meter, if found inoorreot, will beoondemned, and another, aeaJed and narked as true, will be *etmi*? plaoe. If proved to be asourate ia ? measurement of ru, it will be sealed aooordingly, and acampatin posiMoa for ?an. Uffioe No. 410 Seventh street, (near Odd Fel > low*'11*11 > Open from a. m.. to 5 p. m. [ CHARGES W. CUNNINGHAM, jy U tf ioapeotor and Sealer of t?as Meters. WASHINGTON SEWING KOOMH. WSrt Mt? two docTM Sertk ?/ Kk iw. Nov ia the time to cet tSPRII by the United States Fair and Virginia Agricultural S<>oiety; Virginia State Agricultural Fair: Franklin Institute Fair, Pennsylvania; New York State Fair; Verpapnt State Fair, lo? 4o. In every caae where exhibited the* nave received fret oiass premium* For iae?ti? Louisiana avenue, Depot of Siller's Chiled Iron SaTea. de U It K' C. PATTIBON. Arwit. WH OAS FIXTURES. E Have in store, and are dai.v receiving, OAS FIXTURES otentirely New Pattern? and Designs and Finish, superior in style to anything heretofore offered in this market. \Ve invite citizens generaJ ly to call and examine our stock of tias ana Water Fixtures, feeling oonhdent that we have the beet elected stock in Washington. AH Work in theaiiove Tin? nkwM ?>'? ? Will be promptly attended to. MYERS * MoGHAN. mar 5-tf 3T(t D street. Francis harper, H?VTN? <>PI*Xt> A FAMILY GROCERY. AND FEED STORK, 0?m*r ^ yne York avtntu and Tenlk Re*pe<itfnlly solicits the patronage of those w ma? he in want of any article in the above line. His endeavors thai I be to please, and by a ?triot atten tion to the want* of the public, he hope* to aunt a hare of their patronage. His took consist* of every article asoal!^ to be ft)and in a firat-oiass Family Groom ana Fs B?r?. ma 17 -tf 12,000 $S th? attention of the fibllo to oarl&rre and well m ?ss&sretts!jssisgro old ob r?uoMMi term* in *rd?r to paka rooa for our aprint stook. ttive as n call at fi? ?. ?.?p?ta,^88aE^ . a. mott. 1.1. Aim, |jAJU*.MOTt*AUTRJk rw? *m< vumou ur mrftbVMw* LET NO FALSE DELICACY PREVENT. APPLY IMMED ATBLY. J CVEE WARRANTED, OK JfO riTlXtfl IN FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS ad MaiM?, ii'Miowt DfMh:;, llinnuM, Dra r*at?u rfUui. Palpitauae f Idaaa, Palpitauao H(lMrCh?4iU1niBHa|i Dihm *f tight ? liMnm, Dihim fWwi r IkM, ika La?r?. Iw?tt ? |m*< r f frail ihaaa Tarrtkia P?iri?n umb| ma fc?f Itkw ? Yaaik?-tfcaaa Draadfal ud Diftmu'i PnilMM ttict rm Am Mimtft i?pimH?, u4 iMtnr kata M; m4 MM TO INS MSI apttiallT vk< ka*? kicmt tfca ?ietiiaa *f MMwy TIh tkri druml and itNtnwiift baklt ?Mt uiultt I u niMiilr |rt>? tkaaaaada WlMnf Mm Wi?a mm ailtd itl?u and krill&at latailaat, wta mifti Mkarvm ka? tauaacad lUHiiaf Itatwa vfek Ik* Ulaain af tlwlMMa vakadia ium; ik< tm?? lyra, hi Mil vttk fall aaal MM*. UUUH UUB PUIOn,? Thi|I1?vm>mbpMu Mm llui, kklaf IVtrirf kfcfkMal Wflllt UMM| Itrariamaa, kc., imi < wka pheM biiMtlf u4n tka tui tf Dt. J. w; nllr tmty mMi ia kit Maar u i piilwm aa4 MaMnltf IM ?p*u kia akill u a pkyawnk. urncK ?. t aovra ruonucimur, lift lui nil |mii| InaltliuMi HIIM,?h> Mhi trm ika unit, rul dm it (tMrn wai u4 aaaka*. kttttl MM k? fait u4 Ma talk a luai ml jouiroa, Maakara af ?ka fca?ai Cailara flnpaat,kaaM, m<W f??? kaa af ika awi aatnaat CaHaf aa ia Ik a f anal (Ma ud tka fioiar part af vkaaa Ufa kaa kaaa apaat ia IM Ml aitala af Laadaa. Paria, FbUadalakia ia< aiaavkara, kaa a fa ciad aaraa af in a maat aatantakiaf caraa tkai van a?i kaava; many tfaakiad with ringing ia tka kaa< aa* aai kin aalaaa; tmt aar?aaanaaa, kainv alaraaad at a*44? aa aa d a, kaakfaiaaaa vitk fraqaaat alaahinf, at*ka4*4 aaaw Ukai vitk liiufaaaat af miad, vara ina4 laaaOakai*. tau PAJiricvkAft nones. Tni| Mac and atkata vka kaaa ia|y ikaawaiaaa ky artaia praauc* iadaifad ia vkaa alaar a kakii fraqaaatl which in nifhUy fall *tM "I p. had if *M aarai rtadtrt auruft iap?uki?, ui 4?uifi Mk bM m kad*, ahaald apply latntdiaialy. T^att in taiaa oftht m! til mUmM; ky aarir kiktti ?*/ r??:b fin Wutam aftka Back aa Ha ha, hint ta tka Im4, Ihatia af ftftit.Laa* af Maacali Ptvit, Palpttatiaa af tka l(aart,D*apapaf, Marvaa* Imuhtl ly, Dtr? nf t ratot af iht Dif aauat Pttllnt. Caatpai DiMk; tyro atom a of CMiumputt, Ac. MbNTALLT.?Tntfaarfal tfttuaa tka atalm aiU1 kt drtadtd?Laat of Mtmary, Caofaataa afMatt, Ptantiii af Bfirnt, I<|] Farbadtnfa, Ittrata a'laailtT, laU Diatna kataaf taluadt, Timidity, ata.,att aaat af *a a?Ua pa <Ui4. IUTOII DEBIUYY.?Yfcawaadt aaa aav|a<f* vfc la tht aaaaa af ikatr daclining kttltk, laamr tka4r ?WM,k aaattBf auk. ptlt, ntrtaat tad (fnaetaihd, httiaf aaaf?li tppaaiaac* aWltthi tytt, caayh af tyipttat if iitiiapkl ^ DlflKARK* Of IMPRUDENCE. " # - .a. i?fi aaivi iw; H piHJVIl It hu imsikid iht aatd* afihi* painfal duitii, Ihn rfli ktpptiu that an ill-rim?d aanaa af kimi ar draad af 4w(4v?i diurt him fr*oi applvinf la thaaa vH?, fnm adaaaUan u nipacwMil;, <u a Ion* kafnaad turn. klta au li kaada a( ifDWui and dwif>u>| aratandaca, wka, Itwitk if CBrtor, llch his pciuurf nbtiuei, fata iritla nth aft*r morth.ara* lanf aa lk? *n?H**l i** can k* lam ad, and in d?ap? :r laaaa him with a ma 4 kaaltk t* au aaar hia railing diaapp?u>tta*nt; ar k? th* aa* af thai daae paiaon, Marcary, haatan tka caaathauaaal a^mMtm at U tamkla diaaaaa, aach a* Afacuacaaf Ik* Haart. Thraat, Waa kin.Ac.. profraiau ? with frifhtfal rapidity, nil 4*?th pau aanad ta hta draadfal aafarinr* ky aaadtaf kiaa ta tkal a diaca'arad cawntry fraaa wbaaaMM aa iravatar raiaraa dl joimoittiMtnY roE oasAmc vuuii AMD IMFOTK1ICT. By Ikt* (ml aad mpartaot rarnady vitUaa*af Ika ain ua apa?dily tarad aaa Ml air*? raaiarad TkaoiaH* aft aat r ir?aa? and dtkllftaiad, vfca had aal all tapa.ka kaao itataadiaialy raMaaad. All lupadimaota ta Marrtaf*. PkyaUaJ at M*ata Dtaaaa laauaaa, Laaa af fractaauaa Paw a*, Raniai :nrtiaMU franklin* aad Waakaaaaat Klkaaatlaa af tk < tMtfMil bkJ A jciroouEMnrr or tu nt ? ?. ni MA NT THOUARM (?ri< aittaia utaUtMtaa wtt ik* lut ' nine mn, ud tha tMiran uifmui San ttl pirtUHi pirfwtid k? Dr. J?hna?a, wilaaMa* ky ' nMtlHi af tha papara tad ?Ulf cwM?, oaUaaa vhicb bar* tnurti i|tu u< ifui k?f*r? Ui nklll, I ddu kilMulBf u I |i>Uhui af ikaraawr asl rMH 'tiny, la a aiiiiial pu?ua M ika afllau*. )aa DR. J. BOVEE DOD'S IMPS RIAL WIJfE BITTERS, Are now twine oaed Irom M&me to tke Greet Si L&ke, ml the nnivgrM* verdiot of ail who mi thorn either M a tci*? or Hi btrrraft, is tk th?r ?re enxmrTMed in the world. l)r. Doda net them auoooefnllr in ht? treatise (or K tmti btfr we p' :o!im? of h m U?e aoie right to inanifcetn and present them for nil to tLe pnbiio. For U onrs o[ Irv^fieiJ ConeuupUon, iatUfeetton, Pr frpniKi riCCf HITTOIH U1MUN, FtlCllt Ooi plaints, and aJi mum rMiinni a tonio, they are b inramaiiie re?edy. Aaidefro jeir medioinai properties thry are a para, who1 tome And deit(htfiii Hererace, prodvotng all t pleaiact eii;>raticx effects of Brandy or WL vithont their iiJariois resalt?C l?et all friaads humanity and all advos&tes of temperanoe assi as in sabetitains these valnaHe Vetetable Bitte fur th? mrnrrzl and nsimittr+ttd Liqmt with whioh the country is lloodea, aad thereby < footu4.iy aid in baa-xiung Disease and Draakene trom the lauu. . CHATtLE? WIDDIFIELD A CO* Proprietors,7% William?treet, New York. i. 80HWARZE. Axent, WaAi*fem, DiC. DR. J. BOVEK DUDS' IMPERIAL OIN BITTERS, Por D1mw?i of the Kidney , B adder and Uriaa Organs, and espeoiaily for Fsaal* ObatraotioE nerer fail to rare, aad are warranted to five aaU wUpo, CgAR LE8 WIDDIFIELD A CO J?T lr/ Agent. Washington. PTC JUY FO* THE SICE AND 8I7FFERIN0. LET ALL WHO AliS AFFLICTED RBAD! AS PLY THK REMEDY REJOICE iiY HEALTH. Friaad, do yo? auffer? Are yon the riotim of ai of those nomeroaa ailment* vaieh ana* trom if rarity of Ik* biood.' Wta&tare ?h*y, do yom Ml Rathoraak. whatara they not.' Tlie blood i ia tl of oar bfunt to roapond to any eanae hioh affeo the aratem, u Die lnialTihlv attaata The or prevailing nieuralf ia, the irntaaaf Eryaipolaa, tl nbtie Sorofnla. the agonising tMuaMaai, Ne Tons Debility. Drapepaia, Liver Complaint with i torpor and dejection, ana the ddruberleea iita th fl??b ia heir to. derive iK?if - * .. . .... n.WMWiUHlilVlllW blood. Dev kindly the* and lently wito the bioo U"" the vitaliiing resource* of nature for ita ai and suffer cs to commend to your confidenoeat tie that tmiy ? me,1ioanient known > MHS. M. cors INDIA v vegetable: dkcqction. With regard to tt?ia almost infallible speeil popular sentiment hat apoken In decided term and the evideooM of this treat rfioacy are tained by oonatant avowals of nn rati re effects ai U* oappieat results from its use are after all oth remedies and tke beat ntedteal skill hare failed. Let aa say, in eenoluaioa. th*t aartiaeatea eurea are not aought from th? illiterate and suae ficial, bnt they are volunteered from the most r apentable sources anl jn?tify the highest terms whinh it is eoaaible to eommend ao valuable gpftciCo to pun io approval. We may add also tfc tiie curative properties of the medioine are e^naiW only by ita reatorauve the i?st~m reoove ing from disease with renewed oouati tutorial viso For sal* by aU resectable Druggists in th city, and by the proprietor, MRtt. M COX, None rename unless her name is b.awn ob tl bottle and Iter aee.l on th? <vnrV [rr Hnoe ft prr tottie, iix bottle* (or fS. WkoUtaU a rent. R H. T. CIB8EL. Oragfii Georgetown, l? C? Wholesale Agent for tke Di trior, and will supply the trade at bit pnoee. an 18 tr Kin T FOR STAMPING PACKET OF PAFKft AND ENVELOPES !(HARGe) iu uivn, kttto metropolitan bookstore, PH1LP * solomons, ifMH for Lttmrence't teltkrmttd Limtm pi... _ "Mttromht** MiU*," ft., te, mm if 338 f*. ? .. bat. ?u aad lttk ate. 279 * Pi. at*., po potentini, ST* 206 fo B^'55 timktmilm or ul wwtom Now Store, iad? wl VSL ordtra for itporior on. JACfBON, .-t-.v P L j.l T a MM M 9, , ?? 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At oo!9-1m CMITHI* hivMtk Hi f?I EMANISIMPSOKJ ^old\W^X tr^\ WAMIiy RYfflFAMin,DRYE) ThaaboraPURE WHISKY,Cor rie Diitillw rBOM NaLTXD b?i?f iDM ior and unifora in qaality. *?< hlfhly miprovodby age. it prafarrM h? onB?n?*f? to t'l o'h* Whiakiea. and particu - larly roeommendod t? th* t*at p>i*ii?'tna and ohemiata aa poaaeaairg all til* raaair*m*nta of a Trmt In ntorator and R-mrdtal J gen I. The Sonny Ikill Water | Philadelphia. o?e?1 la the dia illation of thia Whi?k?. ia proved by ana ; aia to ha the foft**t and par eat yrater in the UrutM ^tatM ; and to th<a tray, in a %rrat d??r?e, ba at trlbatrd t h? eioahene'' of thia W bitky. For aaJa by FRliL HAN A J*.M 'SON Fktail DiatiUery, On tha ?ehnyIkili tirer, Phi a/lr'phla 96 Wall atreet, New York ; 109 S ?th Front ?treet. PH'adHphia And can t?a had in Wa?hir.rton of ^mia! Bail A Co , 319 Pa it ; R. J. Ryoa. Wm? 9th at.M nor D; Remedy A Pu?h,i?9 Weat 7th at ;N?? raj Jt Seitmai, 407 Pa. ar.; J. H Wilaon. 19* Pa. fcr ; Bar hoar A . 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I>ri||iM% Firiutare Dealers, Grooorft, wm &5&8S& I ft CAUTION. PVROASERS SXOUIB be CAREFUL in roRcusmc the vauit WHISKEY to SEE THAT it It X> A ' MNEUUfl WHISM ' WITH THE SIGSATURE OF ON THE LABEL All, OTHERS ARC . AM IMITATION AM A COUNTERFOT J Of THE ABOVE WHISKE*. f. WMJLDALY, * I Mil VlUttll S! NEWflBL . ton BALM IN WASHINGTON MX 1 Mr BA&BQUE 4 i