Newspaper of Evening Star, October 31, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 31, 1860 Page 1
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i 1 V2t. XVI. WASHINGTON. D. C.. WEDNESDAY. OCTOBER 3k I860. '} L N?. 2A(H THE EVENING STAR PUBLISHED EVERY AFTERNOON, <8imDAY8 KXCBPTED.I AT THJE STAR BUILDINGS, C?r**r ?f PttfUfUu/ua avium iqd lltk H., W. D. WALLACH. fN? "nwi u rantMM by ovrivi U #* * rmr, or 17 oontavsr month. To usatJ ? hasnhsra the jrioe is fa.*) a jtmx, im mdvanf; #3 for six aanUt. |1 for tkrM notUu; uU for im Uu throe ssoaths at Ik a rata of ? ? nts a wssfc. Biaglo oopiss, on cbmt ; in wrappsi *, two cxht?. b?lor? W ?*?io?t o^tnrw* they n?y molapyaet aatil UxrtMxt&ij, 1 .-J 1 .? 1 !" M "Il Atiwi m tbb Wvrrie Statu Natal Orrv c?as at Pa.iaX4 ?Tto Puin* Mar and Herald contain* i card, ilgmd bf a large number of resi dent* of Panama, thnnk^nj? Commander Porter and Lieut Commanding Boyle for tbetr action la Landing a force at Panama, on a recant occaaion, lo protect tbe citizens from riot Tae follow Lug letters have been returned by the officers psmed : UsiTia (Hates 9utr Br M?its, > Panama Bar. Oci 11, '?(*? $ Gtntlemen I have seen published In the Panama t*tar and Herald a letter dated the 8tb Inst., In which you are pleased toatate: "ToCaptals Porter our thaaks are due for the energy and decision which have* Illustrated the man, tbe officer, aad the American," Ac. la reply, I beg to state. If I had not thrown over the American residents of Panama the protection of their own da*. I would have been derolict to my duties It affords me much pleasure to notice, bentlemea, that yon haveaot forgotten tbe officers icd men undt r my command Upon the latter all J|k burden of doty falls, and It la not often that ||B honest "Ja<*k" gets his due share of praise, S3 f can truly siy that if all tbe officers and 0ors la tbe L oiled States naval navvies were M&) posed of such men as 1 have the good fortune te>V mmand. the American elt'zens would have ^occasion to fear In the hour of need. Of such ^firers and men the Government and citizens of fbe United States should feel proud. 1 It will always afford me pleasure to have It in ^ny power to be the moans of protecting the lives ffinil tWAr^rtv at div pad ntrvmun urK^si^iruv in reiga in Panama, I have the honor, gentlemen, to subscribe my self yooT roost obedient servant, W. D Poitii, Com*g U 9 floon-of-war - St. Alary'a." To D Corwiae, w Nelson. H D. Berating ham. L P. Klu?r?, and others. L' S 3. "WARtn," Panama Bat, ) October 15, 1^60 J fi*Mtlewun : Allow me to return my thanks for the honorable mention made of me In tb? com plimentary card published in the Star and Her Hid. It Is uiy duty to render assistance to th government of New Granada, Americans, and others, when called on to do so And r? st assured that I. the officers and crew undfr my command, will always be willing and ready to do our utmost to preserve order. 1 am, gentlemen, very respectfully, voor obe dient servant, Jc!?ir? Boyle, Lieut Commanding. To Messrs D Corwiae. J. N2i K Cooke, Wm. Nelson, J P. Ktage, and others, Panama, N.G. meiawMn hdwura ? i,iv! ngston.wtioae death on Wedneaday we have already announced, wu bora in the Island of St l>onatngo, and was about 11 or 1*2 vara old when the maaaacre of the whltaa occurred; her family name waa D'Avfzar, who originally came from Prance. Her parent* were refined and educated people, and poaaetaed large wealth, ail of which w?a ioat. They fortu nately eocaped by aome meana with their lives, or at leaat the mot uer. with two daughter* and a aon, and landed at Naw Orleana la very narrow elr eumataneea The mother opened a genteel board lng-houae In that city, while th? accomplished daughter# turned their atteutlon to teaching mu aic Amoog the flrat boardera of Mad D'Avizac were two lawyera. ?iz : Edward Livingston and Henry Carlaton. who soon obtained a high post *i at % < ? ? *? > - - * ? i.uu ai ilp u4t unt ot me aauguier* necimrMri. Livingston and the other Mr* Carlatou. The brilliant career of Mr. Livingston 1* wrll known; be waa reckoned the mw4 polistit-d atau-smaa of blfc time. while Judge Carlston reached the high est judicial honor* is the gift of the Stale. Young D'Avlsac, the son, stuUU-d law, and became a *uco-**fal advocate H e acted a* ore of General Jackson'* aid* at the battle of New Orlean*, and wa* afterward* appointed by hluo Mluister to the Hague Mr* L., In her time, was a remarkably ttue-looking lady Erect In her walk, with a flue ii/UMtml rM/n:srlv aue* was remarkably striking Her (ryes were of dark and brilliant hazel, and teemed animated by the tropical tun beneath which the had been born T be mother teemed never to hare recov ered from the untold sufferings of m ud produced by the horrors of one of the most brutal and un called for scenes in the hUlorr of iua.n. Sue fell Into an early grave And the death of Mrs. Livingston, we believe, the grave has closed on ail the members of this once alttu^nt and happy family, who s >ught refuge on our shores in hon orable Indigence yrr Dr Cahlll's last letter from this country to the people of Ireland roundly rebukes the Canada Orangemen. The following is an extract: 44 ^ pa hav?, of course, read all the Orange freak* in Toronto sud elsewhere, in order to cele brate tbe visit of toe Prince of >Vale?. Much Cite Is due to the firmness end poller of the ke of Newcastle He has taught a deep and useful state lesson of government to the future King of England, and lias given a cheek to ram pant Oraiigeism which wlllat once set at rest this mischievous clsaa-combinatlon, and restore so ciety The Duke of .Newcastle has oeen wlae in hit m! f at?rl a I r<iailn/>l i ? tKi< w hu silenced the fanatical Orangemen of Toronto, he baa too. perhaps, preserved the colour of Can ada from being lost to the Queen of fcn^land Inault to the Canadian Catholics la a dangerous policy jast now; and although the Irish Catholics are the iss against whom tne insult Is directed, the French Catholics will not patiently endure this lUgrant gratuitous outrsge on their Irish co religionists Believe this fact, this useful hint to your sovereign lady too Queen of Engla&d Then is no part of the world wnere a little tpark would sooner kindle a great conflagration than in Canada at this moweut; and as the Catballc* there ran be araied in a moment, the prudenrs of the Duke sf NtwcutitdMcrvri much just praise " Imi Hos A H Stiphess, or (iA., Riposted to iivi Abandoned Doculas?Th* St Louts Bulletin of the 26th lost say* :?We were greatly surprised last Monday when we learned that the distinguished and brilliant Georgian, A H Ste phens, bad failed to meet bis long-announced ap pointment to speak at Centralla that day with Mr Douglas The mystery la explained He says that the recent election* have aatiefled him that Dong I as will met get the electoral vote of a single Mate; that there is Imminent danger that Lincoln will be elected, and that it therefore becomes tbe duty of every southern man, in tbe presence of tbe dangers which stare Lim in the face, to fortgo bis personal preferences, and to use every effort lo combine the South aa a band of brothers, in sup port of that candidate who is not only evidently the moot popular, but who la at the same time the moat ear neat defender of tbe rights of the South and of tbe State*; and that, believing that Mr. Breckinridge la that man, be bo pea that tne p?o >?>le ot Georgia Will give blrn their unanimous 4 vote We hope that Mr. Stephens' advice to the wui d* louowed by the eltiiena of trmery southern Stale. n-T- Tbo Burton aalo of bookaaad ?<r(? Is Sew V rk has at leoptb closed It coaUlacd many book* scarcely ( be found any where else In tfce country, and a long catalogue of rarities and cariuoitles, among which tkoee connected with the life sod writings of dbakspeare were moot nu merous and (lurked. A list of c-rtain articles and the prlcoa they brought mar not be onin Westing: " Clara Fisher's Stiaksperian Cabinet, of nine teen piece*, netted -50; tbe Coffin Medal broSgbt %<i\ the great Clay Medtl brought #6; Metal Watcb, dug up at Bunker Hill, 75: \V aiblnv to?'s Repeater. worn at Valler Forg*.S63: Talma Repeater, preeented by Naptlron. Sli-i; two Oub lota, from Sbakspeare's mulberry tree. 30 Tea Caddy, frutu Shokapeore'i mulberry troe #85 ?* 117" T be New Orleans Picayune etatee tbat the rnil|rtiloB of frtc colored people from Loulaiaaa U> Havtl. aloce the ratabli?bu>?nt of Pn-eideot MltCritd'i livurniBMi. Ui oauoitd eucb an T. MfWnce tbat a ateamer Uaa bean placed for tba ft rat time <ia tbe lioe between New OrUane aad ftait SUe will sail far Haytlen port* on the let | , Of AoveniU-r aud continue making nyuUr tripe ? Mttl. content plated, ebe wlU be b?ughtj by tie . gaytten ^ortraneat 1)ec:mal CmiKcr in tri Paoviscse ?Our M?w B mo* wick neighbor*. la aattcipatioa of Ui? 4eUy In receiving tbe provincial coinage by the fltat of November, bar* taken atepa to procure a kjgaaattty efAm?<lcaa ailver te 6. 10 and '25 cent ' placet, and of Canadian luacu ??<? ? 4be tnuilion of with the Cauks and truatr j tflrr IU 1st of November. Tba Naw Bruuawick mo iey will be out ttaglaad at tte b?-giunloj{ of the new year. rr i be aumbrr or miUa of paaaeager raftroad la im eity of Pblladolpbi* it IMJk. awacd bv compaalea The capiul repr?a-utoU la M S5U urn The number of cava raualng 49*. emptoyt?g 'i.701 boraaa Four fear* a^o there *Jl not a in lie of . tbla Oeacr?i*u>n of railway out of New York At ^MMtit ail tbe principal of tha United l^UUi Xava tbla mode ot coneey^nca. gjr- w btto, tba defeated aafirant fur tbfyekam ?ptou*aip af tba rtuaea. waaaa eba<riaad *4 tba Vm victory of Cbambara that ba fauag Maartf day after UU defeat. . Wn.LT* rw a. f LTOTir? Ca* M*. Willis, in the Home Journal, phllosopWoail* iirritn a night's experiences and observations in a sleeping car on & western railroad, as follow* 'As this deeping ear has no curtains and accom modates both gentlemen and ladies, as da the other cars, the going to bed snd the getting np in the morning constitute embarrassing portions of its dormitory experience A very stylish faintly on their way .North.who ctme on board from the isart)on with the Southern Railway at the K as k-iakla river, occupied the pew and hammock Im mediately forward of oar own, and their embar rassments were probably as instructive as any that could be selected for description The arrange ments for the night were already made when they entered?a fashionable yountr mamma with three polled children, and the grandmama, a belle - In fossil' of perhaps forty yeers of age, arrompnnled by the colored nurse?aiid this oue pew with ltd hammock wer<* all that remained unoecupied. The tired children were easily disposed of, and ao were the bonBeta for the nape of the neck, and the several Instalments of black balr; and then the leepy negress collapsed into the corner of the car like a carpet ba^?but, how the ' misuses' were to attain and maintain their respective hori zontals. with hooped skirts, was the difficulty! And that the article of feminlnehlp-orracyshould not be worn aa part of a traveling costume. Is ths Improvement' of this my present discourse. Any thing more ue*diessiy inconvenient than that mamma's tumbling over Into the pew among her children, aud trying to lay down In her umbrella on-ed^e instead of a night gown could not easily b# contrived. One otber utilitarian suggestion : Ladders abonld be provided In time sleeping c tra aa an article of indispensable furniture, t he still handsome grand mamma of our Southern party was U sleep alon*; In trie hammock over head?-and how was she to get there? An active boy, In hia moat willing pair of week-day panta loona, would have considered it q lite .1 cllinb? for it wss aix or seven feet from the door, and uothing to atep upon but the bicks of seats. and criuoline, to the contrary, notwithatandlng. the ascent waa made?how (and bow the descent was mide in the morning) I of course forbore to a?* We were to reach Cincinnati for rattier a lnte breakfast, and of courae there we e several un washed hours in our sleeping car, the beds being weUmorpbos'd intt seats, and Ihe prone passen gers restored to their uprightness soon after sun rise. Really, one gets a startling appreciation In tbis way of the value (to ladies especially,) of comb* anil looking-glasses. towel* and water! To tee the dear angels get up from a nt^ht'* sleep, and ait up 'uu ministered' to iu the betray ing daylight, hour after hour, ia a lamentable disillusionizing of one's ideal " tp* Ralph Farnbara has returuod to hi* home In Acton, Me , and write* to the Bostou Tran acript: * * * Thoijgh I am in my 106th year. I am not passed all usefulness; I aplit my own kiudltng wood, and build (by own Urea. 1 am the flrstone up in the morning, aud tha first oue In bed at nigh*. 1 never aleep or lav down in tneday time, but rite nt 5 and retire at 7, and this I continue summer and winter. I have always been temper ate, and for over 30 years past I have not tasted a drap of spirituous liquors, or even cider. I wss never sick in my life so as to require the attend n/>ii A# * nhvaUU* A Wn.?t -?? ?? ? * v ? *? wuvv jyu . A Wilt 4U y cnri UK" I uroia inf thigh by falling on the ice. and bad a doctor to set if, but tbti i? the only time a doctor ever at tended me. I live on plain farmer's dirt, drink tea and coffee, and eat a very light supper, never eating meat after dinuer. I have no doubt it is owing to these abstemious and regular habits, and the avoidance of medicine at all Utile aliments, that my 1 fe has been so prolonged 1 voted for Gen Washington for President, and Lave voted at every Presidential election since, and hope to vote at the next election This Is the duty of every Christian freeman This letter, which my grandson has written at my direction, I have care fully read and approved, and I si^n It with my own hand. Ralph Fakxham Thi Cattlk Disease?When the cattle disease that had prevailed la the vicinity of Brsokfleld, and In *tuer places,suddenly disappeared In the early part of the summer, those whose faith In the fearful cbaract-r of the disorder was fully confirmed asserted that It would rMnn??r mn ? extensively In August and September, with tb? coming of cold nights and cola rsins. This was Credicted with tbe more confidence as that has een tbe experience with the disease In Holland. But August and September have comw and gone, anl we are In the last days of October, but with all tbe fearful anxiety of the catt e raisers of tbe State, not one case of the disease has come to liubt?not one svmpton has been discovered. Tbe opinion begins to prevail either that there was an unnecessary alarm upon the subj't-t or that by tbe tboroojrh manner in which the commis sioners acted the disease has been exterminated, cut up. root or branch. It Is ret too early to be fully assured up >n this point, but certainly there ! t?wn ui uupr mil ine are-iaea calamity baa been avoided ?Boston Travtlltr. Ixduha Wise*.?The Indiana State Journal say* that at the recent State fair a premium nf waa offered for the beat gallon of wine, native U the aoll of Indiana. The specimen* exhibited, however, were miserable?but little better than a mixture of inolaaaa. vlneear, whisky, and water Some ape^lmeo* from Cincinnati, which were ibown for th? benefit of the Exhibitor*, not being Included in the premium list, as they were not product* of Indiana, were al*o very poor. To V. -t.l-l- * * Srrra& pi?iuir. lucre ws? noi a Olt or good wine that came under the Inspection of the awarding committee There were some brauds of sweet Catawba that were pleasant enough to the taste, but they w?re not j;ood articles of wine when the genuine qualities of that liquid are considered. |[T The Mobile Register, speaking ef Mora's execution, says that Mora'waa the man who com bined all the Central American States against Walker, and iu tbe war against him spent a large pert of his private fortune Since then, however, Walker's enemies had become his enemies al?o, and the Register hat reason to believe that his last expedition was not without connection with Walker's descent on Honduras, and that on Walker's success depended his to a great extent In other words, but for the most unfortunate con juncture of unforseen circumstances, Walker would have found a friendly government in tbat oi umu Kica, ti&a tie succeeded to Houduras Rather doubtful. n~7~ When the Duke of Kent, tue Prince of Waleal grandfather?then a yotin?r man of twenty even?arrived In Boston, la 1794, the only men tion of bis presence made in the Independent Chronicle, one of the paper* of the town, occur* la a paragraph apologising for the brief report of tbe foreign news contained In the sheet, and stat in/ that the Kagllsh papers were loaned to tbe Prlaee, who carried them away with him! The MuUrhtlMttl M?rrurv nf ?~<X4 devoted three Ubn to tbe royal visitor, and inertly aid: "Yesterday arrived In tbls tovru, Edward, fourth son of tbe Chief Magistrate of Great Britlao. His residence la at tbe Hrltish Consul's." Tbe London Court Journal says: A divorce case, omler peculiar circumstances, is likely to attrset public attention A lady, belonging to a distinguished family, long befltited between two eligible suitors; she at length selected one of theui and was married, but soou fancied she had made the wrong selection, and eloped with her rejected suitor. Proceedings were Instituted, and she was among the first to avail herself of Sir Cr<ss well'S process of " Freedom made Lasy," by marrying her guilty partner; but she seems scarcely to know ner own mlcd. for she has since re-?lt>f>ed i. n * * ^ miu uct urn uuiDoOd. Cuuliti are puzzled a* to wltlcb she may be dlapoaed to like best. Mr William A. Davlei. a wealthy resideu* of Poughkeepaie, NY, and a devoted church man, h<u just completed a church building at hi* own espense in Davies' PUce. Poughkeepsie. The cbarrh la called after the Holy Comforter, coat S)0 000. and w*aconsecrated on Thuraday by tiM Bight Rev. Bishop Potter, a large number of the cl?rgy of bis diocese tsslsting. The building ia a substantial stone structure, with a lofty spire, and contain* a number of handsomely stained glass windows. THI LiTI CilTKOIill ?On lh? !?? is Kamouraaka, Canada, the shock of an earth quki was more severs tban snywhere els*. The buildings on both sides of tb? river Buffered oou slderabie damage, chimneys war# toppled over with the shock; the croaa of the church fell, and plctares were thrown from walla Tbta la the neartet approach t* nay sertons damage being done that we have beard of. irr A few nights ago the editor of the Tappa bannock (Va ) goutueruer woke up in the ni^Ut aud found himself la bed with a hooded adder - An eichance, who appear* to- know the editor, add*"It is ever since a mooted question which bad the moat disagreeable bed feliow?tbe editor or tbe *mkr " A BMoumeot ea a mecnlfoeot seal* %o Lu tirn t* to be erected at Worms. It it to cost 1 ?17,1*0. AUCTION SALES. By J- C. McGUIRE k, CO.. AvotionMra. 1 VERY HANDSOME AND SUPERIOR \ HOCtlHOLD PrftRITVKC A^D EmCTI at { Public Auctiow.?un FRIDAY MORNINO, { NoTMib*r 2d. at ?0 o' th? raaidenea of th? ' Hon Gra*ory V ate,nf California, 011 0 atreet north. liotwMn 14th aud 15;h atreeU - e ahall Mil all the ' rum m re ?nu r.otou comprising? Superior Rosewood Boudoir Pianoforte, Vf Gil bert. Ronton, Suite of elegant Rm*woM Parlor Feraiture, fin ished in Maroon Piush comprising two tete-a tete Sofas, two Arm and six Pario' CUaira, Suite of aohd Walnut Parlor Furnituro, finiahed in Green and Ho d Brofat'lle, comprising two t'?e a t?to J'olas, two Arm and six Parlor Cjain, Suite ot solid Mahogany Parlor Furniture, oom priatng two Sofas. two Arm Chairs, ard atx side Chairs. finished in f&uoy worsted ouvers, Ele?ant Rosewood Marble-top Centre .:ofa and Fanoy Tablee, Handsome Walnut Whatnota and F.teceree, Fr uoh Plate 4#lit frame Oval Mantei Mirrora, Gaa CtaanJ*liere, Gas Bracket*. &o , Hue Gi.t Window Shades and Cornioe, Bxnelleut Bruasela and lag am Car/eta throughout the houae, Superior Bniaaela Sta:r Carp?ta. Podaand Brea, Us I Hat-tree, Chairs, and Oiloloth, Walnut fcx tension Dinior Table, Kef ig*rat"r. Do Marble top Sideboard, Oak Dining Chairs, French Chita Dinner, Desert, and Tea Ware, S?i parior Table Cutlery, Waitora, Silver platod Castors. Cake and Fruit Baskets, Seooaa, Forks,Cut *!aas Decanters, Tumblers, Champagnes, Wiuea, Finger tfowlv, Ao.. Walnut md MsIhusbi Jsnnw I mil - tiedateaaa. Walnut and Mahogany Marble top Dreeainx Bu r*>ana and VVaabatand*. Koitvood, Walnut, ai d Mahogany Wardrobea, Handaoma FreaoO Ohio* Vaaeaaud Mantel Urna Superior spring acV. Loung<??, Chamber Cbaira, fc*oeiient Our ?-d Hitrand ?prin< Mattreaaea. Fine Feather isolators R\d Fiflowa, blanketa. Com fort*. Liftea Ac , Finn Office iieak, Writing Tablea, Revolving and otb-r Office Chtira, Together w.lh a general r.saortment of Houaehold ard Kitchen Fu<niture. P. S. The above Furniture ia all of auperior ?;uality and in line order, having only been uaed bar month* IVrinc 9W and under n??r th*.t anm a credit of sixty a-td ninety day?, for aatiaiactori;y ..dom?<l uudti, baftrmi int?r"8t. oo3-d J. C. McGtUKE k CO.. Aoota. By CL.fc.AK Y \ <>K KKN, Auctioneers. .)Ut) Mntk sireet. [AKGE PALK OF SECOND HANDCAR -i HKtS, lilDSTEvD*, TAbLKC, CllAlEK. WasH *t*nu* ?o.?Uu sa1'UR1)a> MjKNINO, the 31 Nt>Y<?mb'-r, w.? ?hall sell in fror.t cfour Auotic* Ko?m, No. 306 Ni"th street, at 10 o'o'ook, a. ra,, a !arc<> lot of Carpets aai t-jrniture from a large H toi in this city, eonaiitiar o( ah >ut? 6> 0 iard? Velvet Tapes'ry Carpets, 450 do English lirusaii* Carpdte, ww <io very good 'lhree-pij Caipeta, 40" d) Ingrain Carpeta. Atao.a la'fe lot of? Mabogany 8i leboarda, and Wan'-.stands, Mahoga.iy and Walnut Tahiea, Chaira. Bedat^ada, Itockera. I,*af Tablea, Together with many other articles. Terms cash. oo 30 'State) CI.KARV * RBV'EN ??? Br J. C. MgGUIRE & CO.. AuoUouaera. T7IXTBN3IVE SALE OF FURNITURE AND ?i F.ffec:s or Caspar;*'* Hotbl?On MON DAY MOKNIX5, November 5ti . commencing at lOo'olookand o^ntinunr until the whole is dis posed or. we khall aell the entire Furniture and EfTeota or "Caaparia'i Hofei,' i n aouth A treet, oppoaito thi t;*pitol Park, compriaing the Furniture, &o , of fortv rooms, viz: Mahogany hair aprin* *?at Sofas, Rookera. Arm i'hairtiftr:d Parlor Oiiaira, Ma< bia u>p Centre, Sofa and Side Tah'e*. UaiiOfxny Oar J, Hreakfvti, a?d Writing Tablea, (i;lt frame Mint-! and Pier Giaaaea, Dairmsk an i Chintz Curtains, Caoft Curtain* and Cornioe, Cane-seat Chaira, I.oungec, Easy Chair*, Ruah-aeat Chaira F&nc? Tab ea, ill - J a a* - t? - ? ? * * tt vum, .iiftuunut. ?bu sotiu */uerry trenoh Hid *'*aUi, of Bra .ly'to m&ke, Wal-.nt and Mahotauy Marble top Droning Bu r-ftU', Mahogany and Paints Wardrobee, Wa*hetanda, Mip*rior FMtlitr B-d*. Hair and Hutk, Boiat r? aurt Killowr, Exoeiient Biaukete, Con.forU. Syreada, LArjr? quantity of Sheeting, Table Ulotha ud Ti>w?'?, Bruaaels, Throe p!y, and Ingrain CarpeU, <>iielotn. Matt.RK, Cra-th. 4c , China Ulaxi, and Crooknry Ware, Table Cutlery, Block-tin Ware, Caetora, Waitera, Refrigerator, t*t.>ve? of varioun kindi. Also, one very superior Billiard Taol?. liar rooii' Mi lures eorno:o!e, Together with a targe a s rlm?nt cf flouaahoSd fc.tfe?t? not necessary to enumerate. P 9. Ti*e Hous*. wtiiv>h ia on" ef the most com plete for ita six* in tha oitjr. is for rent. Inquire on the premises or of ihe Auctioneers. oc 24 d J. C Mobil:lKK A. Ci?., Auols Rr A. GKKKN. Auctioneer. pOVKRNMKN ?' BALK OK ONB voKK OF vJ Oxz* at auction ?On TUESDAY, the 13;h day of November next will lie told at tn? With iuKt<>n Nav; lard, at 12 o'olook in., one Yoke of Oxen. Terma oath in sp*oie. The oxen oan be aeen upon application at the Navy Yard. By or<t?r of the Navy Agent. Termt e*?h. oe 17-lawAda A. GRF.EN, Aiot By CLKAR V 4 ORKKN Auctioneers. 500 Ar'tatA ilrret. PXTF.NSIVE SM.LK Or^ STOCK, GRAIN. ii'Qti, Wieom, Huureuolu FcisiitRi, Ac, belonging to the ?*tat* of tli? lata U&nus Ciagett, debased, at Fub'io Auct <m ? On*FRlDAY ami 8A.TU KD* V, th 'IG'h and 17th of November noil, we ftii&ll ??ll. at the farm L'i re?lder.oe of the late Dor us Claxstt, d c?ts)d at 11 o'o'uok * rn., on the Seventh street turnpike,!the flag on the road w. II de*igaate the plao~,) at out 6 miles from the oitj, all of the Personal KIT ota belonging to the aid deceased, ooneisti' g in pa't of? 5 fine farm w>rk and oarr,a;e Horses, Sexoellnnt Miloh Cows, 1 Heifer, '3 Hog*. 1 Bull, 1 Malo, 4 *lark?c VVa*--ns. for one or two borsAs, 1 fine Family Carriage, Harness and Cover, 1 do. Small do. do. do. 4 Cart* With a 'a<gr lot of Harness, 29 sets of oonnpleta Harrie**, Mowing Machine, Horse Rake*, Pollers, Flows of every d'soripti >n and make Cutting boxes, Corn and Cob Crushers, Harrow*, Cultivators, Wi.aat L)m1 s, Rake*, Hoes, ShoveU,8-aiis. Foiks, 4o? P tato I'igger, 1?> ?eta Plow Harness, Wagon Kodu-s. Harness Kaoks, Sieves, Wheat-fkiu, Who Ibar.ow* Scythes, Cradlas, Thrashing Machine*, in perfect orde*. With a large lot of other Implements, too nu merous to in ntion, 40 acres of growi ur \Vn?at. not in fiae order, 70 ton* of p- me Timothy and Clover Bay. ?ii bushaU of excellent Potatoes, liA ha.rrili fit Pnrn. 3.2 ? stalks of fine Celerr, of finoCabbtga, Larre lot of Straw and Loo* Fodder, M*nur? Cenie'i*, (86 bags,) Alt i? lot of hot- bed fash. a Lao. The HOUSEHOLD KFFECTS, oonaistini In part of? Piuo. 8too1, and Cov?r. Mahosany tefa, Mahogany Parlor Chairs, Rooker, ko , Do BsJutsftd Wardrobe,and Huresu, D? Marble-top, Centre and other Tablea, latent SKk chair, Ortaod Bronze Candelabra*, S Pa-lor Window Curtuna and Ornamanta. Large ot anroe Ueeae Keaihara.iu Bala, Bolatera, and PiIlow?, Exoe lent white onrlad Hair Mattreaa'a. Do Parlor, nha- Iw. and Ha l Carpets, Toilet Seta, Mirrora, Shuck and Cotton Mattresses. Larce lot of BadJinx, ' oneistini of beaatiful B'anketa, Coraforta. Quilts. Linen Sheets and CUM, Bedstead*, WMhitoniii, Buratua, Chair*, Cooking, Kadiator, Hal', and Chamber Stove*, Andiron*, SbOTei and Tongs, Feud era, and Pin board*, Dining. Hall, and Chamber Table*, Handsome plated Tea Set and 01 as to ra. Silver Spoon*. Ladies. and Forks, Oilo'oth, Cocoa. and Straw Matting, China Glass, and Crockery AVare, Toother with a large and exoailent aaaoitment of Kitchen, Pantry, and Dairy Ware*. Term* < f sal a : vl *um? under C3U oath; over S3J, a orojit of 2,4. and 6 months will be given. In ali casos notes must be satiafaatorily endorsed, bearing iator?st, and made payable at aoma bank in the oitf of Washington ID" We desire to call partionlar attention to ih# above sale. It is by far the moat interaatinc sale that has aver taken plaoe in thi* vicinity. Orar.ibuaea will start for the also* of aala on the morning of r a?h day at I o'clock from the door of U? Auctioneer* <n ?th stre?t. near tha avenue. W. H. CLiSRTT, Administrator, oc 29-dtd CL.KARY It GREEN, A act*. rp QUNS?GUNS?GUNS! I .* HOPE IN Wut of GL'Ns? or PISTOLS ar? i mnt?d to call and famine oor >took Th y will Nb seld very low. We have also a rood supply of Oan Furmtare. Our stock of Hardware, Cutlery, *o , it now complete. CAMPBKLL A SON, w 18 ** 3al Pa. a venae. \lR8. J. RfOBIE, ! ! ARTIST IN HAIR JEWELRY, Suoh as Bracelets, Ear-rin*?, Fob Chains. Fin ger riajs, Necklaces, Bieastpina, Guard Chain*, ?uv. pO? OVfcl? pivfs, VjgJf'iND Ci.F?. ?? " SM1TVS. l&ytilpSV EDUCATIONAL. P|. A. 8. DbVILLIERS. ROFESSOR Of the FRENCH tad GHKMAN LANGUAGES, *17 Eighth atr et, between 1, aud U, has the hunor to *nnouno? to the pubho that he iaa resumed h-a lesaons in the abov lantua^e', md h*a opened ? Miss Wnod 8 aemin\rr. S94& I treet, between 12th and lath at* , a Kreneh Cla?i> in rhich young la>l.e? will be a<linittod. Thia eia.a rill meet three timea a week at haif-past 3 p. m. Terms: $5 p?r quarter of 1ft weeks Satisf'otory ,rran*em?nta made for lesson* sivn in school*. Mr. de Villiora offers tiie beet r*forenoe? aa tn h(a teal, ability, *g? <te oa 24-lm rm FEMALE EDUCATION. HOSE Parent-" who wiah their danphtera to re oive a thorough aa<l systematic education. where heir phyiNoai tiaimnr wi I recivodaily and special .ttentioo, under thei.iost approved a>stoin of Calis lionio-i ami GymitMtios, arc- respectfully invitod to isit the Union Female Aoadeuiy, corner Four seuth at. and New York av MH * UUU v tmuiona <w v. (< mx/iiani'fi ^uSO-tf Principal*. FEMALE BOARDING AND DA.Y SCHOOL, F ALEXASUHIA, VA. Mrs. S. JLHeCOKMICK, Paisc:fAt The thirteenth annual >e?Bion of this Institution rill oommsnoe on Tuenday, September 18th, im the oune recently ocoupied by Sylvester JSoott, K?m-, io. 1*0 King street. The course of stud; pursued will comprise all he branches roquiitftj to a thorough EUu ation, and Music, t .ench, Latin and Drawiag, it esirea. In addition today seholars. Mrs. McCormick is repared to receive a limited number of pupils a? os'd'TJ, who. constituting a part of her own fam iy, will be unoor liar immediate care and supervi ?ill -* on. one wui t-nui-avor. a? lar a* possible, to aur uund them with the comforts and kindly influence* f Home. Kt/trmcf*.?Rev. Ofo H. Norton, Rev. IV. Kits* larrison, Rev. D F. Sprisg, William H Fowl?, "sq., K.lftar Snowden, Kdmuml F Witmer, Isq., H*nry Mar bury, Ksq., l/*i? McK<=ni e, .iq , Robert H. Kunton, E<q . \V U vValiach, iilitor Eve., in* Star. Benjamin Waters, Ksq.,Ja?. intviislfl, Jr., F,so ,Col. John W.Minor, Loudonn, li'ssrg. Blackiock ic. Marshall, Mewrt. Corse trothera. Tbkms. Board, with Tuition in all tha F.nglish B ano':i??, t2?*? for the annuai session?payable aemi-auauaily, i advance. Music and Languages at Professors' prices Ujt > o extra eharses. an 28-tf ^KORGeiTOWN FKMAl.K SF.MINAttY, J (Formerly Miss L. ?. E.nsliru*s.) A FOAKDiya ASD DAY *CHOOl. The dutie* of this Institution will be resumed on le first Monday in September next. The course or instruction embrac?? all that is lupht, from the rudiment* to the most huh.) iin ihe<l education. Tho corps of teachers, ton in nunibertare crni entlv qualified az.d experienced in their several apartments l.wctures Frida* everunesnn tlm N'?.titr?.i u^ixn/ioi rithout charge to the pupil*. Cironl&rg mjiv !.eotiUiia."l bv ad.! resting the Priu ipal, \li?? .fTTj. H ARROVKR,Georgetown, D. C. au 23-eo3m kf RS. M. K. KINOSFORD StfKMINARV, *1 4 14 E St.. W*bhis?tom, 1). C. The next tettion will eommencc October lit, 1W0. 'erms. *c., forwarded on application. au 15 tf CARRIAGE FACTORIES. Ll/ASHiNGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY, * b Strut, Btttotendtk and 10(A Strtstt. We have junt fimibed a number ot hrit e!a?> lARRlAGFS, ?u';h II Litkl fancy. m\MkV Vagons, Pa>k Pkcitons^ Family C-ar wm* wmon w? wui eou ' 1 van *m*ll profit. R?ine practical mechanic* in different braaohoa f the business, we flatter ouraeires that we Icr.oK lie atT'O* aui! of work that wiil t;vc aatai wt'.on, combining lfttatneta, ooiufort and durabin r. Repairing promptly and carefully attanded to tie ahortMLt n< tine and inott reasonable oharces. WALTEK, KARMANN & IiOPP, Coaoamakera, auocenaors to Wm. T. Hook, ap 27-dlj rCARRIACKS. tth Saiw^riDer .isTine ujult additions Vo hi kotor j. maxi.'s it now out oI _*T5Mhf?. i the Diatriot, where tua fauiatiea f.->V r^WP: lanu-vnuric* <" Ak l< 1A6I2 t LitoH'f 1 ** - > AwONS v\ all kinds oar.not be snrpaaaed, ai.4 om bia loc: exp^nanee in tMa b??ic*?i. be hepe* i tire ganerai aatiafaoUou. 11 kind a of CarriazoaacJ JLigkt Wagons ke;t o$ *Yu R Ki'AI KB neat! * 4eca, erd?ra prempt r aUai-kd to. Kaoesc-Wasd Carriages taken inexehance (orarw im ANimKWT JoVCB, ' >1 -tf ui-BM ?t Kll IM K ita. [UST RECEIVED, t AT SMITH'S A lot of GENTS'S UNDERSHIRTS AND (KAWKR8, from anotton, which he wih ?ru very it. r>a l? lm 3IANOS. PIANOS?T^e larjrett assortment of PiAnui, Mfiodcons, Guitar*. Vio at, ti?'i Boat Italian Stiiu*a Ac rfVir^l urdeona, Piutiu&?, Coiioertinaa, r ? ? f nea, Flayeoietu. Cia ionett?, B-at* ugtramentii, i'u ?. a ul every variety of inuileal ??'t, ttUO a imm?n?e (took of gheet Musio, Mu?io Book* nd OjM>r&*, for every instrument at the Music tnrnofW. G. ME I'zKROTT. corner of Pa.av. nd lltA street- Sola A*ent of St?inw?.? * A..i ' ason Kaven tc. Co.'e and Kub? k. Co.'e Pianoa." 00 22 tf l JTOVK9! STOVES!! I 7 STOVK9K! 1 have on hand a !arge assortment of Cooking aid ther * tov>'?, wnich I will >ell cheaper than fci ny other houae in the Diatriot.u it ia hit ( lt ntion to close them ont. Call and aee.JHBV imI then jud*e for jroureo vet. T!5r: | C. SNYDER, o^9 Next door to tVe Star Office. 1 MUSICAL NOTICK. | AVING B<^n iutluoe<l to aooejit the fovi'ioa of 1 riranut ?t Pt. Aloyaiu* Churoh in tl ia eity, 1 have determined to remain liurinK the eriau-^PQB IK winter, anu *n?u i>? nappy 10 render my JU" rofeaaional aervicea to those who mat rruuirv ion. T. N. CAULP1KLD, Professor of the Organ, Piano Forts, and Singing. For aartioulars as to tame, fro .inquire at the lnaio Depot of JOHN P. ELLIS, Pennsylvania venue. oc 3-1 m * inn bales cotton laps. LUU For Sale, at Factory Prices. ) pair fine Bed Blanket*, all aiz?a, ?pair Blue. Brown, Cray anU White Blanket* for aervanta. ) pircoa 6-4 Fulled Cloth* of the b??t kind, ) do Plaul Linaey.all wi lth?, *) do Blue and Orange Oanaburga, Calico. With m*ny other detirabls goods, all of whioh rill be eo!d at th? very lowext grio-a We aoUcit a an iK?m an p?riom in warn 01 i?ry WM. R. RI LEY A UOTIIER, No. 3<> Csutrai Stores, Between Tth and Sib streets, oc 18-10t Opposite Center Market. VOTICE- REMOVAL. INVITATION.?I herebr no tiff my oastomers nd the pubho in jeneial that 1 have rework to io.349 ifeveath .troet, (three door* from Mass, vena*.) where I shall keep constantly on hand a k'reassortment of PORLIGN and DOMHbTIC >R V GOODS, HOSIKR Y, FA N C Y A R TIC L K8, New Goods received weekly. rnicii win pe iuiu ti uuiiuioiii( IO* ?rir?? ?? yt-lm* ? FIgHMAN. B. HALL WItH ' ISRAEL DKMING, Whele?ale and Retail Dea'.ers iu fin* FAMILY I ROCK HIES, TEAS, WINES. and chmoe LI >UORS of all kinds. A fresh stock ju?t opened. >uod fugar 7 cents per pound. Ca'l at No 634 7th treet. between d and Louisiana av. oc 8-tf ^ O W READY ladTes' and CHILDREN'S FANCY PUR8, In a!lth#ir variet.ea, at STINEMETJS's, 216 Pa. avenue, oo 9 Near corner Thirteenth st. D. t.. M0B*T*O1M A. CO.. r LOUR ANljk Gl^Efe*AL C6AMI8U10N Aud vholauU* de&ie'n in MILL FBBD, CORS MEAL, ft., #*., Corn?f of 12th ud B atrMU, WMhingtoa olty. VQT Ca?h p*iri for aH kinria of ftr?in m aM5m v MERCHANT TAJLORTS9. y*w 'WtffiWrtA'rffl'-CAM1 WALL, STEPHENS k. CO., 3'iS Fennel lit Av?oue, haw luat r?o?iT?d ft larxe Tftri?u of i?w Pall Goods, to which they write the tf thwr meqdeftori nottoaMmi. ftu ??-tf MI BBS' WIG, HRA1D AND CUEL MANU U FACTOR Y. 943 P?nn. avenue, near-tha oor m of Tmrt??nt4atrMt.?A ??ry complet* Maori n? nt of Braid*. Carta. Kru#tt?? . BuJttai, A a., ? on kaod;a!?o, made to order at tha ahi rteat U?e Hair Work rajairad or takeu In axohang . to totiae o? s Sm L>ALTiMORE lr* * h?p?. W**tim?r? ^jkw BrcgWaii^^. BCC1jWHE4T LOVE.ING'J GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS Being Laaa Thau ? oat or Alao, ve;ai lot* of RP.Ai. GIMri'KE COL LAR?. at S'.Si, 62.75 ?nd 87 oerta, worth mw'* Couruiiai wr'a oeiebr&Md Kid (#,ov?a, ?t 16 omu * l?ir. A rtrr oh?*p lot of Iwi,broid?r*d Trimminra. atioh &a Cftirbric Handa, IMmi'y Banda, Cambric ?ud iuk?rt:iua. IN KX&LKSS VAKTETY Together w.t.h a *o<v1 R^sortiwnt of Shirt Fronts nt lHW AAr. t.M vhl/^h la tka 11 ->?t jb t Karaam ?? Pun# Dollais. ? ?-?-?* - ..... - ? ?? ? - ? ? m? ? - ? - offer* J. A;?o, a trnd *toek of I.adie?* Preae Good*. Men's and Mors' Wear, and a great variety of oth?>r goods equally its o ear. rail at the right p!ac?? S'n, 11T (sooth side) Bride* ?toet. lieorg jtown, 1). C. oo 16 iw E. QUTMAN. OA LA k lit MOCK : Ud "O BlST fill OU8H ifO LOW K # T PRICKS!!! PPiLMAN A HUNT, 98 Badge atreet, between Washingtou and CoDgie??, ar< now prcpaied to how their wetl aelact d itock cfDR ttOOD!1, 1HJMK0Tl- d. *o. Thau store < the old stM 3 <J H. K. C r[> ) havinc be n reniodai'ed and lit fed up in the mint thorough m?nn?r, th?y wwm facili ties u?o?|ua.e<l in tne District lor the yioarouti n of a general i)r* Goods Busiiioat. Thoy respect fully invits a call trom the citizens ol George'own an* VIClnitT. nmfl-lm Juht rkcpivkd? 10 hhd?. pnm? Porto Rico sugars, l*>bbl?. ,d rjfwhi-KY, ssnbhia HERRING and ai.ewivfh. 60 bb a. '"rukiieu and Refin-<l -uuaRb, s>ba<a ri<> and Java COFFEE. 10hhd*.<l?>w priced > moi,\*ses. For mtla b* JOHN j. ee 10 d 'RANDKLL, OTTIC1AN, v .vu. 11? Urultt tt., h tOTftfwn, i!u oocatar.tly on hand a lar^e aaaortuient of fn?t\.th near minted. ?>?ri?c<>biot Col orai, r.iiu si. other speotaoljis, " tba beat 4 in colli, surer, ete^l.snd r.lvf r N. b. Oid f*m?m Repaired mid ppw r*r ant in th?m to order. no 1t h Mash8y, COLLINS ft CO.'s philadel phia dr aug ut a LE.?\ve aro oon?tant.y receiving f-eah ?up?lie3 ofihe above drlichtfu! bev eraxe. and invite n 1 p*raona vho w&ui a parent ajuitif auw Air. to live it a trial. abny a ?HINN, Arenti, fo t {t (srlmn it.. ftuntuxowil Db. J. II. McLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL A*D RMMIU rtKIFlKK THE GREATEST REMEDY ta the WORLD, ?tid tin- moat DbLICH.11 AND DELIGHTFUL I COK DIAL EVER TAKEX. It it *1710117 a aei OUfiC lid Y(|tU bit Con.pound, cro cs red by tli* diatllla Uoo of mil, ntrba, and barka. Yellow Dock. B1m4 Root, Bl*ck Ron', 8* raap? rilla, Wild 0?rry Bark, and Uaadtuoa ?at?r* into iw com* fwtlto. Taa iitira *eu?* remtdiAl principle j of each :nyr?di#iit i* ? !irrRlfSS3^fttr ' kinj. diatilhnr, rr->dnciof * daltcioua, *xhilar*tinf *p?rU, aad tha mo*t infallibla r*m*>tT for r?no??u,.j th* <li*?aaa<l *j*t*n., acd rtnorinf lb* aick, aafftru.g, acd dabtlisatad invalid ta health and auenpth. McLEAWS STRENGTHEyiNG CORDIAL fTIU (BKIUIIJ VH1 yWW I, l/y|S<p?|l, JkBli' dice, Chronic or Nereoo* Debility, Dii?.i*ei of tbe KiJn???, ?nd all d iiMti arieior from disordered Li?er or StoiMCfa, Dyapepua, liiuitltu, k?4rd Full, A-'iJut or M.cknc** of th* 8t>.r.ach, FslltitM of Blood to ibt Htnd, Dolt Pud or Swiwitnff in the Head, Palpitation ol lb* Heart. Fallneie or Weifbt i? th* Stomach. Pour Erncttioo*, Choking or BufftfC .*3n( Poling when Urine down,Dry nee* or T*l!?W. ii t ii uf I Ik Skin tod Eye*, Nif>i Ivuli,' InorJ Piriri, Paia in the Small of th* Back, ChoM, or S,da, Madden Flcahe* of Heat. Depraaaioo of Spirit*. Prifhtfa! Driapn, Lanfcor, De*p<'t>de*cy or a ay nerroui diaoaM, Sort* or Blotchea on tii* ttkiu, and F*t?r tod Afot (or Chill* and 7<>tr.) OVER A MILLION BOTTLES bare be*o aold duin.y Ui? last an month*, aud in no 111 t*ne* h** it failed in Ii'inf amire u*facunu. W ha, tbui, will *of*r from Wt?io?u or Debi ity when Mi LCA.N'D STilKNiiTHENiNO CORDIAL will cur* 70a ? No U?(oa;t (kii tontey an atUqaatc idea of the immedi ate and aliauai niruUMWi cfaauf* prodnced by Ukinf thl* Cordial to the di*e**ed, debilitated, and *hat:*red nerroue ayatain, whether brokeu down by eacan, we*k by nature, or impaired by elckreaa, th* related and nnetronf orfuu auod u r**tor*4 to it* prteuu* health and ?ifor. MARRIED PERSONS ?r other*, eor.icioa* of inability from whatever cause, will bid MCLEAN'S BTftENGTrtENlNO CORDIAL a tfco ronfb regenerator of the tyittia; and all who wa^r hi** in |nr(a ir.ea ?ei*?? oy iu?s.|cr.tii viu uu ta una CordiaJ & ctrtaiu xu<l ipctilj ramtdj. TO THE LADIES. McLKAN* STRENGTHENING CORDIAL it a ae?ar ign and apctdy cur* for lncipitbt Con?cn.ptio?, Wbitet, ObairnriaJ or DiScdU Mauttmalioo, Ineoat'hanca at Urin* nr InvoloBtary Diicbirrt tbirtof, Falling of th? Womb, Giddincu, Fatnuug, and all dia?*a*a ineidtat to F?maUa. THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT EuCtr oa linger. Taka it according to diracuuoa^ It will luuiolat*. atraagtbae, aitd urigorata yam ud caax ll.e bioon of haalth to ir.oaot yocr chaak again. Erary bvul* u warraiitad to giT? aauafaetioo. FOR CHILDREX If roar chiidraa art aiekly, pan* or aflietad, MCLEAN* CORDIaL arill mika tbam healthy, fat, and rotnat Dfl ; not a moment; Vtr it, aad you will b? coiiucid. it ia da licioutotaka. I CA UTION. 1 Bevare of drngfkta or >UaUre who nr y try U> (hlIib spot job ?om? hitter or ?jr?Ap*rilU truh.vbicb they c-n bo* ehear, bv airing it i? ]? ; aa gcvA Avoid itch rn*u. Atk tor McLEAN'S sTKfcVlGTHltNiMG CORDIAL, nd tikr nothing alee. !t is tfce orly reinely that will nariff t!?* Blood thoroughly >ud at lb* Mm* ume' *l/eugtlif u >B* ey'et?t* On# teaapooofcl ttkn ?<tr; utniinj faaiinr ?* a cartawi I pnriatiti for Cbelera, Chills *nd Fntr, Vello? FtTir, ? ui nritiltnt diitut. It i* | : t p It l*r?? b'fl*? trio* I BC>(y 91 per bottle. or f bottles f-r #5. J. H McLCAN, ] Bclr proprietor of thi* Ccrdial; alto, McLnn'i VoUntuc Oil Ltaimaot Principal Depot on the corner at Third ud Pic* etr*eu, St. Lotui, Mo. McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment, (THE BEST LINIMENT IN THE WOULD) Tb* only 11ft and certain car* for Caacar*. Pllaa, Ta re or? , Swelliaga and Broncbil* or Coitra. Pvralvaia, Nra ralg-ta, W*aku<u of tb* Mnacl**, Cbiooic or lori train-lory Hbaaaatiam, 8'tfncaa of tbe Jrinta, C*atract*d Maacle* *r Lifamatiu. Etr?cb* or Toothache. Bniiaoa. Sbraiua. Kreah Gnu, Weiadi, L'lc*r?, Fe?*r Sort*, Caked Brent, 8 re Nipple*, Born*, 8ca|A*. Sort Throat, or any iiilimnaucu or Cm, uo dif?r*nc* now sever* or ion* th< itui<? may *? tii*led, McLEANH 0 LLEBRATE1) LINIMENT i* ? etrtuiu remedy. Thoc??j.d? of tuMu being* ha?e bean aavad a lift of di* crepiiude >uJ aiieei y ky the u*? at tbi* wraJnabl* rem*dy. mcleans volcanic oil liniment Will rati*** pain alaMM inataou aaoaaly, aad it will cliu, parifj and bul I ha fovi**t *or*? IB an incredible ahort lian* for HORSE" and other animals. , MCLEAN'S CELEBRATED LINIMENT la U* ociv *at* 1 and raliibl* xmidr foe th* cure tl Bp* via, R inn, Wiadral'*, ip'inu. Unmtaril Lump*, Kod** or Swdiisn It m*r (ailed to car* Bif Raad, Polie?il, Plata La, Old Raaainf Boraa, or Sveeoy, if properly applied for I I Sprain*, Brnia**, Scratch**, Craekad Haala, Cbafaa, Saddle I or Collar Oalla, Cnu, Sort*, or Wound*, k u aa u lailibl* remedy. Apply it aa diraciad and a oar* i* certaia ia e*er y taataaee inva uiofl mo torpr win \mm nwaj votuuch kiai-iir.i offtrtd to fom. Obum a aoppl* of Da. McLE*N* ci.LE BRATIO UNIMJCNT. li ?.fl cor. ?o?. J. H. McLf-iN, Sol? Proprietor, Corner Third ud Pica M*., St. tttii, Ma. CHARLES 8T0TT, Sll Pk. >?., mIi unt ir Wuhiiif tan; R.B. T. CI8SKL,Gaorfaiowu. 44-D4W1 j j^CHOOL AND COLLESK OUTFITS. Youths' and Boys1 Clothing for School and Dress Wear. Parents aad guardians wtthiac to fartuah tt>?ir Jihiirtren and warde wit* &0.V00! ard Cud. r Ou'6t? or the coining a?Mon, are i an ted t-> examin* our present large and extensive aaaortmept flOVc' CLuTHI.Yti, where they oar ftt ??t their eh.Tdrea of all eisae in few Rioinente wit* ever? deacrip tion 01" R^adf-made Garment*, of svbatanUal aud durable enahtr. at vorr moderate prior* WALL, STEPHENS * CO SB 30-tf 3ii2 Peon. avenue. fipDiSlBEFiHe SgD qood& We bar* now on band a well selected ?took ? f he above io<>4a, tuen at Sheeting a, Table Lioeni, Naakina, Towelinfe, Lin?e*a, Fait Cloth*, H an keta?from ommnn to Terr fine?Oanabarc. B ?>e Doraeatica. Gingham*, Pillow Case Cortona and Lineae, Da "bar ? Diekineon'a, Rariliee. C?aM<?? H Co .and Rto^ardaon'a lrtah Ltaeaa ia all *?ali tiea, all of wbieh we will diepaee of on the beat terma. it Ti* a RtTTrmanM JJ W.-HAMU.TON DEALER IN PAINTS, No. 98t Tt* St&xkt, ??ar Odd Pkllmrf h*U. Mltf FTTTTY~n* DOWN. DARAPF1NB CANDLES! IT ... , PA* APPINBCANDLE**! A bMotifal ftrtieie, Mufcl > ?????on to MUut ar1? <x> 10 Corner Vermont >y. md iStl ?U. W o o "d C ? A L OFFICE, US* Pa. A*., U3M ***1 S?i# . THE WEEKLY STAR J This ?xe*Uaat Puallf mmt N*?? J?vmI-mc Um ou b? feud in Mr ttar? \a mm SMurlsv noreiag. TUM-Out, By nvWoribiiit m ?l?ba nualMM wiakkan ruo?i Ut iit?f>Mii"i >"roeiT*d *> . ?*?d. It IBT?rt*MT N?w?" tMt toM mad* Tbt J o ceMral.7 throM^oat th? oointrj GT-SiBfi* Mum ooBbt*r, p*p?r. Pn JE r DENTISTRY. t?nda I) at hi* o??* In tiiia oil, ? Many porauna eu wm..- i*?m ImU wik. cannot w?a* oih*r?. urn bo p*?ub oaa oUmti who eunoi ???r tiiraa. ? r? m. l ? ? ' raoacan mmootti with an?atylaand pno*?fT**th lk*r May 4Mir*; hat to those who ar* ^?rtien ar tW wilk U>* r<ir*M, oleaneat, atron?**t, a:.?l iu<??t f*ff*ot dan tar* fBK trtou frotut?, tha MINh&^L CLATE will k* mora Mly W? rrn.t*<t. ! IB Urn city-No 33* Pa tmnjutww 10th aU. a'*o, ?\tl Aroh atr*Ot, Foorr, 4th aad phia. D a: J k<>MM ki 4CS E DENTAL CARD. K. Ml'NSON Hw tM?ru?< au4 r* ird door ???( of Kixth In addition t v*r| O'hw tr^r?T?l it) l?, llr. M ha? ^ teeth on valetnit* Bw? lor th* latl th w y?ar* and. from ex?eriano??, know* it nw.f all oUtera. and t? on* thirti l*aa in frioo ih?w foW Uu oil pfttrnna of WuMn|[t?i, Aluuorft,ud0?orn town ar* r*>y*otfw'l? ao io't^l t ea'l. ? a 16 *oiy Ddhn T1DTKY. R. HILLS, after it-actio* teat of t*? fo?ls that ha can w:ti oocfidauo* reeoi .n*ml um Cheoa:aat;o Ptooom for la?rtt ?.^iL 'k I - - -? .uunw loimi n Liir MTWIUN ??I ' ' ' treucth, t>?aaty, ej?aa.inM?, a&d Pal appar 1N1 icjarttd for *?. Partial la pvMMVM. o?c? 306 Pa. av*Li(. aal IALXKi4' CH KST-KX PA \pi >0 SKIRT SI'S a HK.NDE**: a'M. OkVI-?*' CHKST KX I'ANDIMi Si SPKN DKRS Thaw art.elaa (ira an araet curnac* to tha body without diaoowfort. n. % to !aJir?k anJ r?r.?? *'< mva uabla, both a* to n?a!th and p< r?o"?l apaatranoa. CaU and axamina, at MOORE'S Wait End Orac Btora, oc y Jw IIS Pa. img?. Ay c k * S A O C e CURB, For tk* red. (tert ?/ La <?rmut?nt I > r?sr. ?>r h ?var a. d Ara?, KmjUmI . ?? ?, D-uib Avuf, Period ral Haadaaoa, or Hi'i. a* lIo'^\chf, and Ritu n? Fwm?. iiM (<> tli? wwl? t'l?>a of Oriiigabii la i i?n I)?*'ang9n.??i t, Caused by Um Ma^ana of M nwir.atic Ccut-trtea. No on* rcm?,? la loader toiled for by the mon <>f ?? A iixrieou po< pie um eare and eoie curs fj: F vrr .\cd A rue. ?uoh *r om bow euohTe4 to of *r, with h psrfect (Wttictr 'oot It will ermdi ott) and lu ifMt, foaod?4 on pfoor. Hut no harm oon oriae irofa. m ih in Tnitt - IikS prot/?~t* from or p-evetU thia die order mwit t? of immenae **rif? to t?e or>?ioooi - tiee Where It prevaila Prtvitum ia better tbon cure, K?r th* p.'.tirnt eaoopea the rlak whioh ho mmt run u ri no* t otivka of Uua bo efa. die em Fir. Ti<i* Mf < the nuoem o poieon of ivkk and /cn from uie aietem.ond prevjoia the of <!:??*? ', il token on the fe>ot approach <?' it* p-etooounrp aymptoma It ia n?K only t?e l?e?t rained* r?r yet dieo--vered for tjin olo?a of c (wpiunW, hut o!*o Ue eaeopeat TUe lar^- quantit* wr rnipp y for a dollar brinja it with mwjrwcnoie ?tjBuan?na in Dillon* natrict*. where Fivii ami ^orip-fTtn,ovary body ahoa* bar* it acd ?> it fr??iy both for ear* ad pra^ea tion A ?:t at auperiority of tr.i? ramady over any othrn-fr dni<ivo ?t for the p?*fir and oertaia cure of intermittent* I*. that it contain* noQaiaina or annarau. ooa**<)n?atiT it prodnaea no ?uiaiaai or otnar lojartoa* etfeete wr>at?r?r apou th? o >n?titutioo. Thoaa ourn., by it ara la/t aa healthy a* if th*y i?ad n?-\ar k?al the ciaenae. Fever and Af re 11 not a! one the oonaeaaaooa of the rniaafnatM p?w n A treat roriety of?i?o>aem ari?e fr >m ita irritation. anoni which ara Naaral ia. Khauinauam. Goul Hcaoaohv, Wlmdneaa, Ti oihaoha, Ea-aoh*. Catarrh. Asthma. P*,pita tor, Painful -\S?suon of the Pplaeo, Hveterioa, Pai-' in the Boweir, Code, Paraiy?i?. nnd r>?r??ra mjr.tofthe ^fmaoh. ail of ? hieh, when oruina tine ia thm ca.ia , pn? on the intermittent t?a*. or f eontne p?ri<-diGa . Thia ''C%E?" expaia tha p tiaon ft iu uie Wiood.anu ooaaeaueutlr surea them aii ^l^re pared by_PR J. C AYF.K k CO . LowVI, tea ? jiu oy mil urut riftt, mfwb?rt. oe ic hoi in Helm hold's Genuine Preparation. " highly concentrated" OOMPOl Ni) FLUID KXTRACT BUCHV a Positive aatl Specific Remt4? For of the UuADDT.R. KIDNKYB. tfRAVIJl,. ltd i,R< -PSiCAL S* tlllN(,S, Thii nee** * the mvn ui Dtceaiion. ind exoit'i ni? Alj^O* BKNTS into tn ttu ac tion,by wbiek> th<? WATFIY OR oalckrjm B ?r unna rt f a i knla16i - MBNTS ??? reduo?-d, m w*( * PAIN tod in - FLAM mation, vi4ji( toud for MEN, WOMEN. OH CHILDREN. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT -rcHO. For WatkswMa Ariaicr fr< in kiwimi, KftbiU uj D>??ipaUta E?rif indiscretion or Ab?e*. Attended Symptom* ? I bh iihi .tit'.nn tn k' TArtinn I jmb r\f 1" L,om of Memory, OiAoalty of Urettt?1 WeakNenres. Trw.bli.i: tHorror ol Dis<?.<-, Wtk?fVne??. hom?M of Vision. Pain in the Bsc*, Jet vers*! L&esitude 0 the Miimu ?r Hot Hm4s? of Htxly, Drjceea of the Skin, Kn?uvMu.UtFicf, PALLID COUNTENANCE These ry mptous. if t!U>wed U; *.? on, ?hioh this me-iioine lavauahi* rer^ovs. 1009 IMPOTBXCY. FATUITY. EPILEPTIC FTTB% In 0*1 or Wricb tu* Patif??t kit K?rrm?. Who c*r imj tt.stthoT ?r? n?rt fr yorctlr fo! o**d hy thoe*MUlAKFUL l?ibKASKt? ** MlN?ANITV AND CON HI MPTION. . ItiAj are &w?r~ i f the c*n?r <>' tH^'r m,, BUT yen E WILL CONFESS. TB".RKCORI m OF TH K I \saN r. At*VI 1*MS And tk* M'ln+rkolt bt Coy mmptum Be\r *r;t to the truth of the srseit oe. rHE CONSTITUTION ON OK AFFKCTL6 WITH ORGANIC WEAKNESS Requires the aid of mea<oinc> to ctr-ucftien A U<! Ir.vtf r>r?t? th* ' JI'WIL Wkuk Hilmbolo'* E\TKA?'T BUCI1U t v dotii A. TB.IAL WILL CORVflK I THI MM r HirTMlU FEMALES?FEMALES?FEMALES, OLD 0*^f&fiffjtlf-/' IN MANY AFFECTIONS rECCLiA* TO PEMAbi.3.rt? **traet Bucha i* bd*?oh a by inj other reiitt^ly.M in CUi n.?i? <.r Mrttt uob [rr*(a.a>ritj, P-uuil.i >? . or ?uppraatton ofCua tointry KtmuUiom, L"oer?UHi or t-o<rrt>oa. mit aflba Uterus, l.-fnourrl.cca or V* iutaa, tkarilnty, md lor &1 oompl&inia inotda?t to tka a z ?h?tu*r uiain^ from lndiaareUon, H&bita of Dtaaiptbob. DKCLIKK OR CHAN9E OF LIFE. ii ansi-TOMa iuon. _ NO FAMILY 6HOt'Li? Bfc. WITHOUT IT Tmbi no m.of* Mare?r>, m muJmmmI "webs'* Mfen&Sr* _ ?BCRB?13*EA8B8 [n til their Btwo*. At tittle ex; Little or no 0U14tin Dirt; Noinoom A*d M jzptiwt. ItHDHi ? fr??Dent desire iu i giTM atreivftt to Urinate, thereby Reacr'vlr.g obetrixH. >nj, PrevootinganJ evriDt St*-,et?r?? ottr>? Yrothr*. Allaying P*.t,?od 1?1im?Moa. x> ? Lfce oiexe of dieeasee. and Mpeiunc mM. r riffr?i Du?A*id, md %0orm out Num. THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS who wn uu tsi viw.iu or ovackk. and who har* Mid ktmvyft* to U cured m arlon bice. h*ve found they wore deoeived, and tkftt tho "PO^bON" W, J* the mm of "k^wwtt mnom:? " been dried ay in the eyeteat, to tilth out in an ??rr?T?t*<i form. u4 PERHAPS AFTER MARMIAOM. I'm Hklmbold'* Rxtkact Been for a* tf<* OBSANS. "tfrA OR FEMALE. f . X *?5139*5 IS THK I K I vr DIUEtmC. And la <M>rtaiii tA h?v? th?> do?ir?^ fleet u Ml Du MM FOR v.'Hlcii IT It* RRCOMMf M>EL> W Uu mmd ?*? - Ur wiil MOOTr**"* the irt^lcT"?? CRRT1F1CATK8 OF CURBS. wmP.Mr ? ? rrte* ?' ?? '*T W""- * */"LS/Lfl. [Mtvcrcd to My A4di*?t ^makmt * m1- ~ _w.? rri?* D?liw? observation cvw 6?? AF P?r?onftlW Uscity orrki duly twort, doth ?' narootio. to i? bet are porKy 8?ort ? " S^rro*. n no. ,, UAVIT.

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