Newspaper of Evening Star, October 31, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 31, 1860 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. Iff 1 Wuyfa Tub Si a* U prlated ou the fastest rtt?m ffek fn iik math *f Biltiaitft, lh edition la to Urge aa to require it to be pot to preaa at an rat la before 1* o'clock m .; otherwise they My not appear aatti the aext day. none*.- District of Columbia Advertisements to he Isaertsd in Ut Butwoii He Bare received It and ft>t warded from Twa 9taa OSee. Tub Ihmtie** WnrtM mat Droa'rXoire (>rr.?It was advertised that a second aeteHng wunld take pia<*e In the Seventh tV srd on Mes iUy night. fur the purpose of organizing a ward rrpnhiir-ma clttb. On rrachiag the spot, (Potomac. Hall.) however, we feoad all dark, aad aacer tstued that fe vfew of the stlmeess of the attend ance it bad been decided to poe<!*?n*th?? A sort of uiiofflcial meet:r.? bed, however, orgaais?d ou the sidewalk, aad Mr. J. A. Whi waa Ma* w?ed h>dr?ae his position and gfcep statement of some ? the u?oat important mcasurA to he id up tad hrr hiiu when he should Tut Marsbsl of tb? Dtatrlct of Columbia Thle be proceeded to do. v\ urn d? orrarw Miruii, xoe rerv first uw be should execute would be the ooe with reference to the slave trade la tbia District The very first man who got a algger, iad sold him in tbia Dis trict, he woold send him to the penitentiary The next more he would make would be "to place all bla poor republican friend* who were unaM# to obtain oa the juries, so that they might get H a dsr <4 iNsiioo,?W iae. su ppoae the IocoXocm wonld a t bebave theniselvts at the polls, what would you do * * - I would bring out the marines. [Laughter J 3ueati?a.?Wall, but suppoae tbej are Irish, won't com# ' \ Writ, 1 would then tarn round and toll the A-u?f1r*M vrbo were in tbe ranks to ffcaot the AkoVxdient dowa. [Laughter.] iLtr?tiot? ? v\ by is U that ih.-v wouldn't let fKpeakia Georgetown Ue other night? WW aaderakind ? aapty tbaft tte rwt?n nf J4 jPWtttir mni of tWm Swr tLere bd nig M0or two, and as it wasn't good policy to have Hi a ape?ch as hla delivered, be thought the Vt way for him u> do, would be to take hla afu-s and leave, for tbe saying la?"A prophet I* Without honor la hla own country." He was lorn and raised la Georgetown, and so tt wou'd ever do In the world, to have him, who used to be a poor, bumble boy, who used to sell black berries there, enlighten them on the politic*! questions of the couatry Hut this poor boy was abend at a good many of them, lie believed mere wu a majority present wuo wouia say M wu lit to be Marshal. Several Voice* ?I,et us take the vote A Bother Voice?We will pledg* onnelve* to vote for you, Wise. If you will promise to bring ut the Mariues. Mr Wl* ?1 will do that, sure t*everil Voice*.?Wise, take tbe stand and give lis s speech. Mr. Wise ?TLislsa bigger crowd than George town; fa lar*e number having by this time col lected;j bat I never will talk unless I ran talk to JO,000 people. When I speak I speak to the people A Voice.?Wlae, you will make an elegant marshal Mr. Wlae.?Won't I, though? At this point Mr. Wise discovered to his dis tjmpoaure that a Star reporter was present, and commenced to abuae us roundly, even going so far as to level that Ocooquan cane at our aarred head Why be ia so down on the Star cflee we cannot imagine, but gathered somewhat Indis tinctly that he objected to being designated a feed mail ' In our rrporls. We hasten to offer him ear biggest and best apologies. and assure tilni luai no aisreipeci wHavenr wu nit-am Dy the designation Realtor Davis, of M \t& , was culled Hones* John Davis to dls'ingulsh bliu from s John Davis who wmi'iit b'>n?*t, and Mr. Wiae waa tpokrit of (a good advertisement. by tLeway,) in leedic&n to distinguish hm from tbe Mr. Wise who Nu't afeedmaa. But there is yet balm in Gllead It shall be applied to bis lacerated susceptibilities. Hereafter, If agreeable, be shall be designated la sonorous phrase as a Mere bant of pulverized maize and abbreviated bay?that is to say?until be reaches the maribaisblp, when, of roc.rse, he will chose to receive the proper official title. . A llrxT no* or* Wim Boskd ? In New York the great waste of the Croton Aqueduct vrater by the people generally has become a serious subject with the Croton hoard The plan proposed t<> remedy It is the pliciag meters upon the plp>-s, auii thin rMtrirtiiktf the iii^ tn a cprtjtm kuit mtti. drat amount, wblcb i? all that will b? paid for. I'oleaa tbi* t? done an Increase of the capacities of lite reservoir muat be made, or uew onr? built at Taat and In feci an anneceaaary expeiiae On tbt? subject une of the paper* aaya: ' flier# la marcely a dwelling-house In the city W UTTV SUV W?l?T IW HOT WO??CU W W^TJ S^HOUI extent, end certainly n??t a hotel or fatanrant where It it not allowed to run almost constantly. Tbia eantinued drain upon work* wbirh are al ready email compared with tbe d-ui.nd lirrcit'Bg murb ilirm, aud it beboovea those having their control to devlae some means by which so extrav agant d waste may he cheeked. Already it baa become necess-.rv to la* an additional pipe be tw,*n ibe receiving ana distributing rewrvoir*, ti>t tine demand upon tbe latter is so great that the two pipes already laid are Inadequate In ad di ll on to this, tbe work of laying aaotLer mala aeroas tbe aqueduct at High Bridge, aud tbe con struction of an additional reservoir of a capacity ?.f 7jtM??U*0 gallons is in pro^rec*. and coating 11 Immense autn of money. Tbe revenue from wau-r reuU fur tbe year ending December J 1st 1869, *750,25U." Labcbmt i*D Arbkst ?On Saturday, county oQI'eX Pariuui arrested Michael l.anhardy and. and Daniel Hove, and itollceiunn J F Kino* / ' ( ? ? ? arrnti-d Ueorue Kawlinga, auaperted of b-lng ruiuiM'lHl vrltb the rubbery v( tbe l>lack<uilth ^ shop of JoltD Duvall. \\ ten Kawliii^a wan brought into the otter of J utlce Dono. Mr. Duvall wn iL?-rr. and remarked. In an under tone, 'Just aa tbe fortune tellei aaid An ottter naked bltu to explain. whlrb lie did by aaylutf, that a? aoixi aa be bad luat bla material and tooli, he went to a lady fortune-teller, wbo told blin nut to go out of Lla bouae to look after bU property, sud be would Me that li would route to blui In a few daya. A poetloa of tbe itt-w borae aboea it lea were recov ered from Daulel H ore, and tbla led to tbe arreat VI (okiA*I l^nK??ili'?n/l r.a.kUT* UautKn... f tlce Doun committed both to Jail, but George Rawlln^s was subsequently released on ball, ;.iid Oautel Hoye. who bad the shoee Id his poaMMice, wu diamUied. R tfoviiT o? a Fcoitivi - During the year )<j56 several slave* belonging to the nktr of Dr Jas Higglne, of Maryland, ran away from Mont gomery county, wbere tbey were employed. A Urge reward was offered, and officer* were em ployed to recover tbem. but one, a valuable ser vant , named Nathan Butier, succeeded In escaping tlteir vigilance and Las since lived In tbie city, where be married. u?d worked for hlmeelf as a free man. going under tbe name of Cine. Bailth. The detective police Mrm of A H Allen it Co., waa mulnwil tit p*rn*M him in.i lut*?L >?<lo arrangements by which be was recovered and cured, to await tbe order of his owners. The original reward was 9500, which we bear baa bm Increased Tu Nisht liciMLi?on* fa ench school dis trict, coder tbe rbarge of tbe four teachers of tbe tale departments?mt111 open to-morrow night for the reception of pnptls Tickets of admission will tor furnished br tbe trostres to applicants; and all feoysdertrout of entering at tbe commencement of tbe term will do well to make managements ac i*Ar(i l nor t *r It mnv Has ur*ll ?* nn? ? m.T - ?j ?~ ~ ?j i??ik ipcaiiiK at tbla subject, that the night ac hoola are estab lished for ttoe especial Wn? t of apprenttcas aad Ibm vboM employment U tucb w to deprive them of the benefit cif tbe day schools. Aiunn.-On Hatarday. Mr. L. Brown was arretted toy County (MBcer Callanan.for an aaaaalt oa C i IMekeae It was an aCblr growing out of difference* n bualneaa transactions Jnsttce John aoa recommended a more peaceful way of aettllag business matters and required Mr Brown to tlv* security for peace. Mr J. Grig was arrested on Friday night, for beating a colored hackman at tbe railroad depot. Tbecaae waa ruled for a bear lag yesterday, bat tbe parties failing to appear, juaac* j?DnvD uiamiwew ?. A Niw Mikion Svhdav Pcbool was com WM?d by the Young Men's Christian Association I* the Northern Liberties, Fourth stneet near O, n ttundsv ifWnooi last. There was a lsrge at tendance of ladle* and gentlemen and al?out twenty seholara The following ottirera were fee ted : Superintend*at?K McMurray; Virf f*?p?r .ntendent? Jcsephti TodJ; Secretary?John 11 Tneker, Treasurer?A J. Thompson. Tbe ?%n?t will be held every Panday, nt p. in DaptiTrat or rat Winn Awaik* von Wil succron, Dai.awAnn.-Tb* Washington City Wide Awikw Laving areph-d tbe Invitation of tli* Worganization I* fluit that city yd purtUifjat* in ? demonstration to take plnre her* this wmtk. left the elty Ihta morning In the o'rloik ualn tutb*nn?ber nT??n?fortyot fifty * li *^Mn Ait All Saist*' D*Y _rkt? It Alt.?*llow RveJ nr lb" ?tg?l ' Kr?*t f?iUv*J of U.* Catbutle Cbmob. wliicli, UMiiorraw, f* her pt?. ? * of wur btp, wjil <etrbfale Ik* rb)>*cttvoa?|fiunlti?? of AU aalaU D?jr Ttopft*lival w?? rurui?fly b?lj on ItM IJtb of M?y. Wh4 Mtlitufirr?4iy Poiv Cirejocy ttM t oarlb to Ui? Ut of Nov* mk>es Tui National Vt?Lr?r***?.- By rrfcreiic* to oar u<4uii)Mlt?IUiwin-n thut ti*. pew political organizMlvn * Mm tue Wide Aw4A ?Ul#d tb* NaUttMt V4?ilwn, hold * ^KUTSfSits^Zl -r^f; Hi.J;SI " < lH V?i H-tl * i*.o* | ground, aenda na ^the^Slotrll^gOn Saturday evening a friendly *iatek game wu played be tween the flrat nine of the Jefferson Club and the econd nine of the Potomac, reacting is a com plete victory for the Xoriker by alz rens The pliving of the Potomac nine arn v#>rv inAw ??<i '-muff/," only two or three of the men playing with anything like their utua! ?t. adlneaa and effect. The JMfrraoo'a did remarkably well through out. U.air play being regular, api sited, and ei treniely plucky. In th* flrat three Unln^a but one waa made, but tbey went to the bat In the foartb with a much eoattdeace aa If they frit ore to wta. Dodeon, Jr , pitched wall, awlfUy and regularly; Reed and 8elJen. jr , manned the M aad mi mad beaee like aid haade at the buj rjeea, and Toaren aad Short pljyed very eff t!Telj; bat Kennedy, aa catcher, waa the raoet netiaeabla Aatare?hia play waa aa etaady aad aatba eldest piayeta. and hie knowledge of the gfttte ta perfect. We predict for Bin a gr*et i the tm b*G futffl^T|?e batUnc 'waa very strong. Dcdaon, Seldea, Keuiledy and K?id all showing a kuowledMt> of. the bat turn laaeed ia a junior dab.. We give below the MMF9! >*.'-? ? t?"t ? f * ? Ran* tn each Innings. - ' i 2 3T;4. >.t k:X'..v.Z Potomac 3 5 4 1 0 0 4 IT* ; Jcffrieon.; U 1 6 ? 3 10 t ? Aa 1,'uiplre, Mr. George Htbbe, of the National, gave great aatlafaction, doing fairly aad Impar tially by beih sides. The game waa atopped by the darkness on the a^vpnth lanliMffl KaI all ? ?? - v M tuat II ?* B? a iprl^bttf and Interesting one; and the verdict was unautiumia, fhat the Jenraoua are m apirlted and well-organized a iltUe club aa ever batted raw V'fj-T We oaderitand a return to to be played on Sit nrtmoit; and *re be*peak for the little fellow* a bomber of an audience. Citt Obthnaxci.?The following art of the City Conneito has been approved by tne Mayor : An Act making appropriation! for tbe contingent and otber expeaaea of tbe public acbooia for tbe year end!nj> June 30, 1S61 ' B* it imiM, f-e., Thai the following hiom of money be, and are hereby, appropriated from the arfeool fund for the contingent and other expenses of the public acboola for the year ending June 30, 1361, to be paid in quarterly instalment*, and be expended under tbe direction and supervision of the Hoard of Trustees of the Public Acboola: In the K1r?t !*chool District.?For rent of achool houses, 9&U; fuel and stoves, 8i&>; books, sta tionery, and maps, 81'?>; care of school rooms, 106; contingent expenses, repair*, Ac ., *:i5U; for adeflclencv in rebuilding district school-house, 99b; purchase of a furnace for district school, *60 In the Second School District. ? For rent of achool nouses, MHO; fuel aud stoves, # /?.?: books, stationery, and map*, 81W, care of school rooms, 8*240; contingent expenses, 8300; refitting female department district school, 8250 In the Third School District.?For rentofschool bouses, 8?30; fuel and stoves. 830??; books, sta> tionery, and mapa, 8*200; care of achool rooms, *254'; contingent expenses, 9400; painting achool house, IG0. In the Fourth School District?For rent of achool-bonsM. *550; fuel and stoves, 8315; books, stationery, and maps 8170; care of school-rooms, 8*216; cout'ngent expenses, 84.29; repairing district school-house, 8100; furniture for district school and primary acboola numbered one, two, and three, 9490 Board of TrusUes?For purchase of premiums, 8450 Printing, 8150 Contingent expenses, tl00. Salary of the Secretary, W00. Salary of the Treasurer, 85(A) Will Docs-Oil Ccei tui Consumption ??A few days ago a policeman was called upon by a colored man, who complained that he nad lost several valuable dogs In a mysterious manner, and that he had at ong suspicions that certain nartl?a >.?<1 ?v? ' ?"? ?? w . , ... .. .uvui. luTraii^auuu uy uie officer, f Mi?ted by the defrauded doe speculator, traced the miaaing animals torn tumble down shed, la which they bad evidently been slaughtered. Farther March in the neighborhood brought the dogs to light, bnt too late to aave them, for tbey were not only killed, but skinned and very care fully dissected, and were beio ? boiled In a pot by an old colored woman, who averred, when questioned, that do|t oil was good medicine for consumption She bad a relative atllieted with that disease who had swallowed the essence of three enra. and was getting on tfnely, and also fully expected that the imtient would be well by the time he had Uken the two ahe was then stew ing down. The old woman waa given to under stand by tbeotlicer that however excellent a medi cine the oil of dog wss, (till ahe whs not Juatifled in obtaining it by surreptitious means; but the ltner of the animals was so deeply Interested In the discovery of the enhanced value of bis atock t hst Ka * m A mv uc wvuiu uut pruKcuir, nui wouldgo iuto tte oil buaineu himself, provided the <>ld woman succeeded lu tfleeting a cure by means of tbe new remedy. PoLlCK MiTTtE" ? B'/ort Jultet Tha'mf"on A man living in the Hfth police district wai lined *> and coeta, by Juatire Thompson, a tfw davs ago, for telling liquor at a ball without first ob talolDg a license to to do from tbe City Register B'fort Justite Donn ?\V m Hchlorb was arrett ed by policeman Bright for fast driving aa the Odd Fellow's procession was moYlng along Sev. eath street; be was lined t.> !>1 A colored lndU vidnal, too drunk to articulite, and of course tiuahle to walk, wan carted to toe tame inasia trate by tbe same otHcer. He vrsi there dockelcd as Jubti Brown, and committed for 90 day*, and duly carted down to the firm Barney Good en waa arretted by policeman J F King. r>r huck stering without a license; he wai lined 910 i4 Win Bull *?i arr<-ated by two of tbe police at tbe night division, on tbe charge of robbing Capt Lewi* of *-*)Jn Baltimore. Tbe Captain followed bliu to tblacity, and bad hint arretted, and be w.u committed for a further bearing. CmiTaal Gcakdhoosi Ciiki.?l.onlaa linrna wm drunk, and. b*-in;; unable to walk, made ber bed lu tbe street contrary to law, sbe was < oinioit ted for do days to tbe Work bouse. Tboui&a French was druuk and tbe police went to arrest blin; be drew a loaded pistol and (napped it at the officer'* Lead, fortunately tbe can did not explode; be was ordered to pay linen and cuata, amounting in tb? a^re^ale tu t~X ~l llunnnli Morlarty, for dis orderly conduct vim ientduwii for (k) d.iya \V in. WillUuta, John O^den, and Dick Jeflemon, col ored, co>isreKatiag together after nl^lit in a tmu ner forbidden by tlie law, and were each lined 96-15 Sbk ADViKTiiiMkiiT of K. E O'Hrlen, south- , west corner of I< and NinthatreeU lila atore baa grown to be fan ous in all that part of the city for excellent and cheap groceries Particularly good re hla llquora, tbat old mountain dew rve whiskv > for Initance, and hli choice brandies. and In the same connection bit orange*, iraioui, maple angar, nati, and other creature comfort* O'Krien -'can keep a grocery." lie knowa bow to aelect gooda, baa tbe good a.-use to ad vertiae tbem when bought, and understands the policy of selling them at ao moderate a rate that customer* are iuduced to call again. Try him. Thx Hacks axd tui Polici.?A gentleman pasaing up Peunsylvania avenue, about uiae O CloCk tUl? llioruiuv. COUntMl n? l??n than Iklrtu lx back* In frout of Brown's and the National 1 Hotel*, and only two driver* of tbe whole lot were on the boxes, as required by law Tbe other thirty-four drivers occupied tbe pavemeut in frout of tbe hotels, to tbe annoyance or street passengers Tbe gentleman looked long and anxleosly for the , policeman that was not at Lit post to prevent theae drivers from pestering pedefltrians. A Capital Idea?Mr S. W. Glenn, manager of the Waah:ngton Theatre, has made arrange ments with tLs Telegraph Companies by which be will be enabled to have tbe returns of tbe < Presidential election announced from tbe stage on aud after Tuesday night aa faat as they transpire. It will not go bid to alt coaily In tbia establish meat witnessing a good performance, aud at the same time bearing Ihe election returns as faat M the)- cjum over the wires. Cikcuit Cocbt.?-Yesterday the ease of Edward and Samuel Owen agt. Samuel Strong, was tried, in which tbe action waa to recover the amount due on an open accourft. Verdict for plaintiffs, with full diimagea clui med. To-day tbe court took up tbe case of George 4 Thomas Pirker it Co. agt. Johu Wlel; action on an open account The jurr returned aa inquisi tion for plaintiffs, with full damages. Somcthixo Seasonable and HANtxom ? See wwxiki juiriuKuirnii, -i~o sevenm avee* He baa lonw of tb? moat elegant and taateful wood* in bia line to be found aoutb of New York. l*df?T L inyinya of the rlc.bnt pattern*; wlndow ?h.?d?-s In all varieties; picture corda and taaaala, etc., etc ; and all at tbe lowest prices, Moreover, bis atore la a perfect gallery of beautiful plctuies, and la well wotib a vtait of Inspection. Makoxic?At tbe meeting of Waablngton I Royal Arch Chapter, No. 16, beld In Maaonic Hall on Saturday evening last. tbe following otflcera were cboaeu for tbe euaulng year :?J. L. Uolutead, M B Uigb t Meat; William G. 1'ark liurat, M K Kii?a^. C. L. Alexander, M. K. I Sen be; tt. K. TUompaon, Secretary; Richard Moriran, Treaamer. Exc.timWi nl'<ht, about nine o'clock, four of t hu Anilllary tiuard arretted n nan on Maaaachtra-tta iwnnf, near Thirteenth street, charged with tiring off a platol The watchmen dngf ed hliu for aereral aquarea on hit back upon lb? rou^h paveawnt, and otberwlae uaed hlu In m vary brutal manner.?C***lttuti?n I*?tkuctiom in Dakciwo ?By an advertisement In another rulumn. It will be aaen that Profeaaor Marlal will open a dancing academy at Franklin U?li,ta IVi ilaiilar Hwhit T 1m the be?it I- wUb to perfect th?tlm In tbla graceful acrotn plUbmest. 1 V * * . i**! ? *" wt, k. ?! fn pi wt ow Bum AM not eaw of at Um Assembly Rooms lift night. The rain dampened their pinions too mnch for an ascent. It will be seen by an advertisement elsewhere that another attempt will be ruade to-night. ClIfUL GVilTkHnni f..? Tw? and thm J. gnm, (kuxr andaon, wtnbkm In for vngmncv, andcommlped to tb? workhove for ?d*ys each A canknsrosdnji* complains mmrrtr of vicious dog in tbe vicinity of the corner of k street north and Eighteenth ?Ueet west. ti. Important Nnws ?*om mic*iga!?.?flnlfy, corner of Seventh and P sta., bas just received an other large supply of Michigan fine cut chewing tobacco. s*? i ?? Huvt reduction in the prices of Perry &. Rro > vast stock ef silk and other drees fcoo?u, cloaks, bawla. jtc. opt lady renders will doubtless note this tact to their early advantage. * .t / 111 Person* afflioterl with the Fever and Agoe sfcooM om spare either time, trouble or expense, so prooure Dr Hoiuuit's ceiebrmud itenefieinreirscu hunn -*? proved to those Who h?ve l>oen stricken downin * I short iftae of time by this dreadful ours-, www | cheeks ird wan and meaxer, aim I wlius* eig uU are sleepless ami restless, aud whose ejei are dun t?% sunken, willi death staring them in Um Gmm&Uii* compound mnstprovea blessing; snatching tuem, as it were, from the mouth of the grave. No*? can know its true value until tbe> have tested it When all oMhws have tailed, these Hitters havo restored the sutferor to pristine health. Their popul&rttjr mall the Western and Southern part# thould intro duce them to all families Sold bjr druggists and dealers generally every WmtakV Rat.*an ot Wild Cnnir, (Vh Bronchial Aftction* and all Di**asts of tht Lnvi. From the Boston Evening Traveler, January 6. "His perhaps hat a simple act ofjusticeto the proprietors of Wistar't Balsam oj Irtld Ckurrytrr J* to say, that our personal rrprnrnee in the use of Ibis article, has impressed us favorably. One of the proprietors of the Traveler was entirely cured of a evere oougti <>t four months' continuance, bjr the iseof this Hal tarn .and several of our friends ?nd ao lO&iatances, who have tried the article, have found t of great service in relieving them of swvare KHIchl aad shortness of brea.t)i ill* mitH wWmk atticted." Nom tMttne unless stgnod I. Butt* oa Ik* r rap per. Prepared by 9. \V. Fowle k, Co., Boston, and for lale by Z. D. Oilman, 8. C. Ford, jr., S. B. Wait*, 3. iHott, John iSchwarxe, Nairn A. Palmer. VVaah niton; and by dealer* everywhere. oc 50-lw,r Hollowat'* Pill*. Net rem* Debility, te.?As a *edative and invigor ktine medicine, Uiese Pili* have had an astonishing iuaces* in every part of the civilized globe. They ire unaffected by climate a* their operation* are the ame in the torrid zone or the Artio region*. They egula'e the pulse and the action of the heart, hraoe ind strengthen the relaxed nerve*, give tone and inergr to the general system, and by re ea'ablith ng'a vigorous effort of the vital funoUor.* ex tin* tilth he eleincnta of melancholy, depressed apirtia, blue*, -apora, Ac, Sold by all Drugguta at 25c , <-8c. and |1 per box oc 19-1 w Hoxzopathic Rkmbdiks All of Dr. Humphrey* A Co.'b specific Ho neopathic Remedies put up exprrsaly for family i*e, in boxe*, at 25 and So cent* each. Also, a oases, containing at) vials, from 54 to $ > men, wun wo* 01 lull directions. For sale by 2. D. Gilman, 350 Pa. avenue, wholesale and etail aeent; w. A. Fitigerald. 353 north F street; ilso by F. G. Winter, oorner of Massachusetts avo itte and Sixth street. Also, Pond's Extract of Witch for internal and external inflammation* of Jl kinds. Sold aa above. ma9-ly Riadkx, have you teen Prof. Wood'a advertise nent in our paper. Read it; it will interest you. an 2u-ooly To tub Atflict*d !?Ue sure to read the adver isemeut of McLean's Strengthening Cordial and Hood Purifier, in another column, tf t MARRIED. *?.. ?. vo.vj vnaj-ci, vuwuwr ioi-n ?y ins rgv i>ir. IcOauley, ALEXANDER PICKKN to MAK\ ANE CARROLL, both of Wa?hington. * 1 DRESS HATS! ?^ DRES^ HATS! gg New and full supplies of th? latest and*"^ lostapprovej styles justjeceivtd at I ANE S Fashionable Hat and Furnishing Sloe, ooSKJ-._ Pa. aver.uj, near 4% st. 3PENINGOF WINTER MI^LINKKV.-On Thursday. Nov. 1st, we will iut odtice ur new fMea of FALL and iffllTKl _ lit!,LINER Y. when we will be pleased toJ[ iave a oall fiom all our lady customers,*^ rh> will bo served as heretofore in thisd*1 artm ut of the bumac** bv Mihh THOMPSON, rlio, *o f?e! assured. will fi'l all orders in her liue nth satisfaction and dispatch. HUTCHINSON flr MtTNRO, oc 29-3t 310 Pa av., bet. 9t" and 10th sts. IAIt?x Hpnlinfi!- I |\R. W. J. CRAIGEN has ju*t received Blair 19 VVyeth'i compound Syrup <d"iho Plioipl.atei or ;hemical Kiwd; Laroque* Elixir Coli?&> &, Needing ouipound HaiuWk I'laiteri, pure French Brand? . >n:( Port Win? for Medical purpose, and a lot of [ ura and fre*h strain*d Ho<ie> from the Alle^hanys. y V l*o, Extract!, Col?>?n?8 anil I'.omadu-, to be t uund at the corner ol'7Ui and 1 ?treet?. oc 29 St* Heath* knowles, * iTlF K, f1rk 4t MARINE \ INSURANCE AGENTS, ; (ilfi.'p-Ro im 16. over Bank of W&ahiugton, MM tr Washington, D.^ , ri THE LoNNF.CTiriTT MI'TDAI. 1.1 FF- lNSl'R ANCK COMPANY OF HARTFORD. Acri muLatioh $3 600,000, Presmta luduueiueiiti ti all claa>r? equal to any eompaav, ami for *up-. nor to Div:d:rn)k maraud paid annual*. HF.ATH A KNOWI.K-*. Ag*nta, oc 2*? t' Offia*, over Bank ot Washington. M F. K. Q'BRIKN. IWROHKRIK* A Nil VAHIKTI^i South* eat corner of L and Ninth ats. \VERV SUPER!QK ARTICLE OP OLD MOUNTAIN i)E\V KVE WHISK V. for m*l- | oinal kill uoaea. Ju?t reoei ved ami lor wale by E. K. O'BRIEN. Southweatoorner of Land Ninth nt?. A SUPERIOR I.OT OF BRAN D V, at * I por hotrt-, itnil t>i L) RVE >> HISK Y. at3?cents >er bottls. Ju?t received and for sale by K K. O'BRIEN, Southwest co ner ol Laud Nintii ata. VARIETIES, VARIETIES?Just weirM and fur kale by E. E. O'BRIEN. Southwest corner of L and Ninth ata. rviiAVct-'^ i kuriM4 iiipi v ?k:iu LT just received au.i fur sale l>y E. E. O'BRIEN'. South wast coruor ?>f L aud Ninth *ts. I nnnp"K9H cocoanuts. almond?. I ,UUU FILMKKT-. pkoan NUTS, CRKAM N L'ts, au.i KNtil.lhh walnuts. Ju.t r* ;oiviMl aud for sal* by E. fc. O'brikn, oo27-St South watt corner ?f I, aud Ninth gt?. ~ PA PKRHANG I N(J8.~ CHOICE Selection IJOI.D, LOW-PRICED satin,and BLANK PAPKR*. At J. MARKRITER'S, No. 4 *6 H#venth strict, oc 36-lw* 8 doorw a box e Odd Fellows' Hall. INDOW shades. warranted gold BAND. w Bun, ureen.ami Blue H"i<ijA,MU?HAl)E8. At John m^rkriter's, No. 496 Seventh street, oc C6-1W 8 doon above Odd Fellows' Hall. Picture cord ANDT*ssei<?. A variety of color*, from pltotorraph to portrait usee. At JOHN M MtKRITKR'^, No. 4$tt !*ev?nth street. or 26 lv* 8 door* above * Md hellowh' Hall. jyjEKINO SHIRTS AND DRAWERS. My utook it n<>w complete, conip-ising ala'g* m ortni-ntof GeuU' and Boys' Merino and Uaiuba wooi Shiru and Drawer*?at low jxioca. ?. HENRY EGAN, oo 26 6t 3S1 Pa. ar. and 331 Seventh at. NEW AND SPLENDID STOCK OF RICH DRESS lifODS, Which we invite our friend* and puroha?er? to eait and examine before making their aaleotiona ilMwhere, aa we oe 26-6t have ma jr ohoioe a'vlee. j. w: coLley k. co, < 543 Seventh at., above Pa. av. Bed blankets AND comforts. I have now on hand a large and fine axortment of Bad U auk eta, Brd Comforts, Crib Blanket*, Whit* Marseille* Qui.U. AI?o, arue aeaortiuaut Servant*' Blanket*. henry EGaN, 321 Penna. avenue, and oo 86 6t 3*1 Seventh at., near Avenue Houte. W PRO VISION store. M. LINK1NS Hai opened a re tore for farniaJi io< auoh a* mar favor bin w ih their patro ae with a supply of PR ESH provisions datiy at their ordera. It is Ine&tod on I street north, b - twoen 16th a'd 16th ate , a d m ill ha op.utd dai y till eun*et, ami SaturJajr till 9 o'clock. A* ? C 1 VU 40 I w MECHANICS' TOOLS. BUILDING HaKD WARK, Ac . Ac Hand, Pnn-1 anil Rip Saws, Disstu-i's superior Rutoher's FtUs, Mann's and i:oi lins's Warranted Axes, Hatches. Hammers. Steel Squares, Looks, llnifes, c crews. Window Fasten ingst Hooks and Hinges.and Baild irs' Hardware of ivery description. NUHSsi Brut, Copper ami Iron Wira. FNAMKLED CLOTS", Brown, Bin*. Green, and Black. Carriage Knob*. Gimtt Tuh filnrand Br?u Head Lining Nails. Ka?le Carriage Bolt*, Hie Bolts, Nut* and WaaJier*. Bridle Bit*, Spur*, to. Ju*t received another lot superior EASTERN CUT N AIL.S, decidedly tte^beft in^he^iwgket. Hardware Importer, 339 ?0 g 3t Opposite Browa ?. PURE COUNTRY MILK. Families oaa he supplied with pare Milk oa av e< ate terms by tearing their address at Bo* Na. 1 gtarOOof f ? i > i j BURDETTE'S. Hiving deferred my large** purchanea until r? j>ently. I im bow prepared |o offer to my friemU Wkl i ? ?' V V? MO >ck< of DRY GO ?OS! to be founJ tnrwhtri in this city, and At lent ten per oeafc eKaaHrtfcanttaoa* vfcp >*p?h< i?tto?Mly part of this season, M? stock embraces ?ver*thinf in theway of DRY GOODS and CARPETING.tie : HiaatMM, i. AH I Moire Antique**ilk?. all colors, CHinta Pi m red Silks. Plain and HtrijMMWIr< A lar?e and snpenor stock of RLAOK SILKS, some as low as 6/H cents per yard A few pinres, very fine and h( avy, at 9*-. - ? ? 7 ?UK ANJ> WORSTS* GOODS.v.t I bet to call the special attention or the Ladies to this department: Ficured French Merino*. 3 l)o. do. Mou*seline Delaines, Htij t. tv Vnthsh Poe!ins. all nnlnra Plaid Valencia*', Kiirlnh Merinos, all colon, V.? pieces of grtij Poplina, and other textures of grey. Goo'* for Traveltm; Ore?es. tan* fry good at 12>? cents per yard. BLACK GOODS. I cor start! y keep on hand all the btat makes of BOMBAZINES, MERINOS, Ai.PACAS, rAMISK CLOTHS. MOU??ELlNE DFXAINES, An. WHITE GOODS. Tahl? Linens at 57, .V) 6*, T", 91 and f 1.25, *hirtinc do. at 2>, 37, 5^,62 75 and 91, '.i-w lAwn.i'&mlirtc, Napkins, fowelinis and llandkerohiefs, very cheap. FLANNELS. * 00 piooeaof All Wool and Do met Flannel*. 2 of heavv CuH?n Flannel. at 10 o?nU, 00 pieces neat Figured Calico, will be ?oM at 10 oenta, inch aa are generally retailed at US et?. CLOAKS AND SHAWLS. I )>ave all 'he new ntylee Af Cloaks of the season. V er?n.t va iety of ShavrU?60 Stel a fehawla, ?nly 8i MEN ANDBOY8' WEAR. inn nwM of h*ar? Knicimh Cunmerti, Clotha, ud TtMdi, all colore. IN T!TE SECOND FLOOR OF MY STORE will bs found a very desnabla stock of CARPETING . DRUGGET?, RL'GS, OILCLOTHS, Jto. M v c**t advantage ig in cont.-oliug a large buai less with small expense. rER MS C ASH-Oxk Price as nkas a* Pobsibli W. W. RI RDETTE, N?. 351 Strtalk Street, o? 91 St Brrwm I ird K. A CARl) ?H&viap bpen informed by iPvera' re c\ potable c tizen* that o. ster haw f?\ ;ers, telling from buckets on tliej^^ llJ treeU. have represent d them"elve? ellin: for me, aud that rot & f?w per oiia n&vciM ini* way mmi imposei upon hem impure oysters, and c omplain' havint be?n nade u> iue to tLis etiact. 1 have to say that I have id hairlcer. for ma from buofc?t* and do not illnw the business to be rarricd ?1 front hit entfcl> i!>l inent ks I do not d>al in oysters of that el?H. Neither have I any branch of iny establishment in . y Dart of the city. No oysters are Rent by me to urn lie* except unorder* receiv.d at mv only Jepot, No. !i??l C street, between t?*b an ' ll h. oo 56? ltn T. M. HARVEY. IVVll.Y LINE OF NEW FOUH-H^RSE \P COACJ1K8 TO UPPER MAKI.HOKO'. ll.SO, A 1JAM.Y I INK OF TWO HORSE CO?i;llES TO CHAPTICO. Cmrying ik U S. M'lii. The undersign*] urmr runtime Dailv. (exoeot *und.av.) Four ho ae Coaches be-* wern Washingtonand L'ppei Marl "V? if?ro*. sna Two-horvn 1>P wenn Washington an J Ciiapt co, as loijows : Leavo lue Sterimboat Hoiet, oorner of ?<iveuth treet att?] Pa. at7 o'dooV a.m. Returning leave -pper Marlboro' a' 11 o'-eloek a in ,and arrive in iVfl^hington at So'otoek, in time to oonneot with he i.20 p. ni. t aiu for Baltimore. The Coach** are uow and ooiniuoUioua, the teami irst-clauM in the hautlu of careful anil acrommottat ug tlrivera. Fare to Upper Marlboro ."51 <?) Way I'.tsaeuger* am) Freiehtin proportion, oa a it' JAMt-SOSiiOtOi. 1'roprietor. ?Marlboro' UtiAit oopj.) N'kvv AND STYLUS CLOAKS. Opened to day. a lar<? and l><-antilul aKs.-rtment, na<fe cxprwtai) to our onlerBfaiMi at utunli leka than 01 mer pr'cea, to wmeh ?? a*i thf Attention ol the Aill?-Jt IWtfiirA ilillkliiti tl.Air niir/iKa " jiw'cwl.LEY A ''O . iKS 36 St **< vou'h si . alM>v? l?* a v. [J 11 h A 1' K 3 T STOKE! SAVE YOlTR TIME AM) MONEY, AND GO AND PURCHASE YOUR DRY GOODS AT THE CHEAPEST STORE, 3SS SEVENTH STREET, t Ea?t Si.le.l l*>lw?#n I and M. oc 12 1m MATTHEWS & GORE. PROF. L. U. M AH INI liaa tli? honor of mf >rin lug lim loiiiMtr pali uu* aii<l the public guu irft.llv tl.Al ? ?? rklwilKT Aiftjlwin* ib ...? w ., <?r tfio reception of pnpil?,aml that he will/rg >oinmeno? lim firiU uuart roa Till KSDA Y.liM Nov tulx^r 3S o clock, at Union Academy, jorner of Fourteenth itreetatul New York hvkiiuh. |)Mt of TiiiUol: Tneidar",> s.iwkI StUur U)*?l Mok weuk ILJ*" For particulars see Circulars. oo 27 6t* [Intel J W TRAVELING TRUNKS*. K Have ju?t received th la'*e?t aiiorlmul uid n?w oir?f the inojtexun;?ivo variftinrws >!? ! ? l.KA I'HEK. LAP1LS' DH KK?Efiuf( ind PACKING TRUCKS H '.T BOX' l/t I fillPk'T IIUW AiTi'UL'l a * - * * a ?-? 1 v ? ? ?*? v -'f ??? a v h n i ?K7? ?v v f n thi? city, which we aro sell nc at very low >rioe?. WALL, STEPHENS k. CO , on 25 *t 842 P*. sv?Bue. INTERIOR ADORNMENT. PAPERHANVINGS and WINDOW SHADES. New Fall atock of Paperliaujinja from the rich ind ornate to the moit ehtste a?M tingle pattern*, kppri priato for parlor*, hail*. dining room*, ohain j*ra and lihranea Alan, a choice atock warranted Gold Band Window Shade*. lmnat on UoM and Mnimnn Shad**, Bui!, Groan and Blue Mha * Hoi uda. Pioture Cord auU Crimson Scat let. Blue and Green colors, from photogiaph to portiait ii2e Juat received at No 4st> Sevrntii st Ord;r? for Pap<-ri>angmg* or Window tthadea faithful'/ execu'ed in city or ooui.t'v Satisfaction fuarantii'4 or nfe p*y r?q*ir*d. Please give me a sail. Don't iorget the nui:iti?r. J. MARKRITER, No. 486 Seventh at 8 door* aU,ve o 5-eolm* Odd Fellows' Hall. DEAL ENGLISH AND BlOE! OW BRUS IV SEL8 CARPETINGS AT PRIME COST. i >? mire stock in tinle of Ve vet. Rrumelt. Ts& ??t-y,and other Carpeting* with Kugs and Door Mat* to match, are now selling out at oo*t, for the Uie old store ot CLAQFTT A DODSON, oc 22 6too No. 4 Market Sp*f. a HATS, CAPS, mm an? f d r SEYMOUR, in Ueorgotowa, aimouneea to tha :rixen? of <he District that l.e has bow ?eadt lor tale an extensive assortment of Mole r*kin Hvs, for gents, of the various stupes; boil Hat* and Capa si every atyle for men and boy*; Ladies' Furs, Miasek' and Children's Jockey Fiat*; Umbrella* and Walking Canes, at pricea low e- ouch to plr&ae ill. W. F. SF.YMOUR, oo 25-2w 132 Bridge street. C?MBIt(MDERY STAMPING, on all kinds of Ci material.done in the best manner, at C. F. SCHMIDT'S Toy an! F?iicjr Store. No. 60 Pa. avenue, between st!?t and 23d sts , where can be r?>und a trfat variet) of beautiful Fa-tern* for Vokos and Heovea, Collar* and Curt*. Skirt*. Fau taletj, Ha:>d*, Plippera, Cloak', etc. Pleasagiva 10 a call ?iuJ exaiiiiue. ooiSlm* IU8T RECEIVKU TO DAY TWO MOKE FRENCH k 278 Pa. at. Wi'l Ha Ft- d Her, r>* Winter Somerton; l?niu., slotli; pri-e $1 25 br mail. Methodism rtuo- ?eaful and Caaae of its Sue kii ; by Rev. B. K, T. ffl, D, U.. LL. 1).; 12ino., o otn ; pri e fl 25kj otai.. oo X of?... I Ri.k monumbm?, tombh. ??ave PONKSand MARBLE MANTELSat,redact prices for cash or aeeroved notee. An earli call is olioitad. WM. Rtl LUKKFORI), Mftrbto Worta, SfVK at nor h. oo 17 Sin lntwMn 14k and 13th. n !! ! l?i BALSAMIC . LUMO INV1GORATOR, For the cu'r? of raTISftVHIWMVrjmXB ~"iW *k co, i oo II Conw of TvcUU h.A tt iU. I i'itj V ? M ' * GEORGETOWN. XJomspoudmt* of Tk? Star. SMUmvi, OeWher 31, lMKt The Montleellnbrtracht bete, thla trip, the tb*en African U-va wtoo ww faur.d on Ur ahando, ed ba?h VV, E. kib'jef. Th#y w~nr? brought oa to I* ph*W 1i? fharge of Tht OiWMIiatlon Sarirty, and left here fw WaahiajrVm reaterdir is care of Rrv Dr Tbfr?r? ae?w u4 'Ukh||?m, and one mi than ipnka Ka?Uah very well, and la quite eomiminteaUTe?rrlaong may Interesting ,?n< identa relative to Ltfuaeli and Lie companions They are qni?r dorfle, and do whatever tbey are bid with cheerful alaerWT; ?wninj{ to be well . nleaaedwhen they ran mak* thernaetvea vaeful. Th.v aa* a vera* to the idea df g*ina U? tbair dea tlnation (Liberia). and Bay tfcay would aalher atay with the whfte peoble The Monttcello \a tokln* ?? *"' ?,J ? ?? tbU morning, and Will probably learr this afternoon. Tbero was fintt? a caraanotion ta U* nortb easterft *rti*?n of ofir 6fty frifirdiy. cHby a frajr tw? frar colored mm la *a*atlo? *o a gambling debt. Om of ibeai, uaiufd Charieo Boca, drew a pistol and Ared at John Jenifer, but misted him JNllrrtMk tk hfs beelt, and liiade awh e?od tfme that Bonn was not able to get another shot. Bath bare been arretted, and are being examined tbia morning. Tbe tolls collected on the Chesapeake and Ohio P.n.l ??.i. ??<i- ? * ... >< iiiuiiiu up U) .MOIia&V, AIDOUIIteli to motr than S22 i<Xl At the bo*U detained bv a aunken erafl near Wllitan?i>ort a*e hmv reait iu; In htotflfy, the tolls Will probublt aHMXJBt thfi month to abont the tame aa In J*epfcember, that la about $3u <*ki i4** advrrutemeut below of a Bell and Kverett meeting to-morrow night. It la expected to be an intereating one. GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS For otktr UMrfMtw* >m Jtrtt pft rpS?BFJ.L AND EVERETT ASSOCIATION I L -f or Georgetown will BNt in the hall eor???*r olHich an*l Tf1 1'RSDA V KVE N1NG, November 1?t, at 7>* o'clock. A full at le..danoe la particu'arly roqunated.aa matter* of n> te'Mt will be bafore the mating. oc ai-it W. H. TKNNKV. #ec. Y?5* GEOKOKTOWN TAXFS.?Xonaa la herebv given th it, after M"tiday. 5th of No vember, the Colleotor i? required to adva'tiae or dutrtin Drnncrf* nani ?Wa ' - _r _. whiwii VIIO uuuti uii I? on paid ami aleo for taxea then dua, for improvement uf atreeta ui.?ier the lawa of thia Corporation. Par promptly, and aave coata. oc?lw CHAS. D. WELCH, CoPr. Ionn potatok^, potatoes*. jttUU BL'!*HKI.K Of prune New Jeraey White Meroar and Peach Ulova jnat arnred ?er nchooner Joh* Ouyant, and for aale from veaael. PKTKK 1WRRY. oc 31-3t 83 Water at., Georgetown. tj*OR PHI LA DftLPH IA.?The ateataar ?_?'> in.iu'-. Captain Palmer. li?? ar w riveU and will b > ready for freight onJ^&QQ^n 1' Thuradar. App y to Oc3[>-3t HYDF. A PA VIOSOX UA.\D vi;t a few more barrels of tliat PURE CRAM AI'Pl.K ClDKK, which has given cuch s\ti<lacti>n Ca 1 ?<x>i| at BKALIj 4 MATTHEWS' S? re, oe 3fi 3t Corner of ftridce and Gav at*. ?-?' notice. IIF. Copartnership h?ieUifnr? rxistine l^tweei: fi.THOMufCAHUN and jacob gfv\RNA tor is hereby di*?uivo 1 ; and after this dat?. th? unde xigi.ed will in t be reap >nai'?ie for any mer rhandis* sod to G. Thomas Carlin in the name of the late firm. oc*) ** jacob guvfrvator. AtSWINE. LL Persons are informed that it is on!awfu! for Hogs to go a: large within the Corporate limits of nub iown irom the first da> ?< Nov?*nber to the ? , ?t day of April. All such animals that are found at large aft*r the first tlav of \oramber next * ill be caught aud carried to the Aim* House. THE POLICE, Grorietowri. 11.C oc9? Iw October 29th. I860. SINGING SCHOOL CONCERT AT FOR REST HALL. GEORGETOWN, till DAY NI.rHT. A or. 2 In coi srquence of a prior engacenient of the hall, the Coocerr i? p^?tjK<rid from Wednesday t FRI DAY NIGHT Tickets good for Friday night. oc27 8 MarW I?OR NEW YORK.?The patketush'r Murpriee, r l- i'-? i? * * , n ' aire no? arrived, inu will commence loading f>r the above p<>rt oniftw Satu.dty, the 77th in t. Tor freight aprljr to?^^ MoCOUH A DODGE, op Vi 03 Watet >t twt. Bonnet ribbons* VELVET RIBBONS, BONNET MAIKRIAL?, FRENCH FLOWERS and HKIDAL FEATHERS.STR a \V Bo % NETS. BEAVER and FKI.T MATS. PATTERN WIsNKjS, FRAMES and KU<'HK?, BONNE T VELVETS, SI I.KS and BLONDE LAOES, ??m?>facin* every thing noh and new in the Millinery l.i'w. at .ow yrioea. E. OljTMAN, No. 11T a> uth side Brid^i- stot, ? oe 1o 3w Ga?n;?tow.i. D. P. IVEW STORE! NEW GOODS! IN MRS. M. SIMSON Informs her numerous frie d*an<l the puHic ten rmlly that ?he I* now e?la!ili?fc?ui ?.t hAr N. Sior*. Ntt. Ill I!i-i<1ko klr?M. IWmryeUiw*.(9^ iwailuori aliove tueoid flan.I. whf* m?y found an nana', a iarse a.?-ortm it ol MII.I.INK KV OKV GOOD*. HOMKKV.and KMKRoili K K IKS, the very lowest tua' kst prtco?. _OC U-IB I^dR HKNT-ln t*?orx?towu, two first-clam HOIJSKS, situnt*-?t on West *tr.??t, one mmi taming 16 looms,anil itieottior ?. with ra.tan l 'mth rooin* complete Apply to H I OKKUTT. No 4 0 Huh it .(iMirtMown. oc5-1tn FOtt SALE AND RKNT. PO* KKNT?\ four-?tory It own DVVKL * Ll.\<?, on Thirteenth m., iM-t*>*on i, and Va^sa.limrtts av.. t?u? of Ike mott ilenraM* location* in the city. Th-* Jiotiiw i* fvMitth <1 wild in*''' le nuiitlet: a so, **? ami wat->r (ixtu t-a, with inth room Inuuroat \VM. 1'. hMirt Store, No 30* llth it t.c g?-7t* jHNt k K>T?A int elMf RKSIDENi'K (ftar I niahed.loit t*B. i?ror??e. n?*r 2?Ul street we<t, N??. 51 Inquire on the premi<e?. iicSi ut' Ii^UK KKNT.? A t)iree-?tc?rjr junt !>? ni*nt " FKAMK IIOUSK.iir&r Pa, tv , on lotli. I>-^ twwn <i and II sts.. No. 4 l.'t. Inquire at SI M.K Y A GUY'S Haruaiire Xto e, Pa. *v_ ??c ??-tl JPOW RKNT? A t a cl??a Kurm?l.?J~ RI'M I" DE.NOK, <>u I ?treet north, boi we?ni l.liii n d 14th ?t?. wmi, oppoiuie Fr*.ukau Square. Inquire on the premises f.-oini to 5 p. in , No. 3 "Franklin Plave. oc 3H fit* LM)K R KNT?A FRA*K HOUSR. r containing C room* and a Ku;tiiiier kitchen, on J*nteentli trei't, Ketweer K a-id I. R*nt Moder ate. FonKcaeion given Ncv-jiitbor 1st, I860. oc a> St POK RKN'T-Two of 1ho*?lour ?.e?r BKICK HOFSKS lately er?it d on P . a*. l>etweer. 34handS5h atc.,inlH* Firrt Ward, containing 8 roi>m? ?acb. and ?nppli*d vrith gai, Potomac watar and other convenience*. Apply to L. F. CI.ARK, No 24* Pa. ar . bat. 12th and ISth *ta oc 3"-6t* F*OR RKN T?A large and d9?ir*b e four ?to y DW^LMN^-HOUSK, No 463 E ttreat, be tween 5th and 6th : very conveniently arranccd, with laa, water, and ranee. Apply to S*. D. t'AtS TLEM s N. ooraer Siath and B ?ts , opposite Na tional Hotel. oc 8<> l/OR RKNT?? veti con anient ?hrae atotv F liKICK HOFt*E, with back-boilding, and gat thronrhout,3nd large yvd. with at)!* attached. s-tuated on Thirteenth s? . between south R a-id C st?., Island. n'ar the Smith*-man Institution. la o nirc of Dr. D. B. CLAicKK, corner ?S ?t ??d Pa. av. oc 33 3t? CM>R RENT-A desirable, healthy RESI DENCE?a tliree-^tory Brick House?built asd finished in modem style. Hat 9 roonie, ?a? aad wafer, a l%rge ya-<l, Mabliac. Ac. To a punctual t nant the >ent will be moderate? $38# pit year) Inquire next door, at 464 north M street. near I2th street. oo? ?t* iT'OR RENT?During the session of Congress?a first-class three-story BKICK HOUSE with Fa nished Rooms. sit<-at<?1 in one of the most <l? iirable and heUth) locations in the city For term, fto.. ayply at 3T< Smenth ?t. oc>T-12t ."OR RENT?Two new BRICK H' USE*, with hack buiMiogs and oeiiars. each hanni room*, with itai, and side slle> s, sit ua ed on 1. ktreH i ar Thirteenth. Rent ?2?i a year. Inquire of M, GRKKN, Oroo?r, ooreer of ilillttliith anl 1, ?ts. This property )( near Franklin Row, oaly a few minnuit' vftllr Trntn tka 'I'ree*n?? ??* ? ods of the healthiest location > in Wa? king too. oo 27-1 w" POR RENT-Th-ee BRICK HOU8F8 of the r handsome Row on Ninth, between M and N street*, with cas complete. Rent |U iwr moitii ounmdertxJ the cli apest houses in wuMmtnn, Apply to FRANK HKRBtlr.Wp 407 Twelfth street, between I aK; or to Mr W LLS' shoe Rare, ppusite the l?uildin?i; or totfce uud<-i?i*>,e<t, o. 3<*3 Pa avenue, b.teeen 4W aadCta ?l?, oc 15-eo2w WM. |1. CAMPflEl.U P)R RENT-The HiLL of t?? Franklin F.n (1M Company will l?e rented to< concerts, co tillon parties, lectures, Ac. Fur paitieular* inquire >J w u IT i v m vr. It ?o_ FOK KENT?A larf* arid desirable DWKI.I. ING-HOl'4E. No 444 Twelfth ?tn:at. lwtw?on G and H sU , containing lircKimi, wiUtalltho med rn improvements Pommhaii ffiven her I, 186i. ?>?r terms apply to JNO. ALKXAND^'K, No 940 Pa. arena*. oc ifi eotw 70R RENT?The new bock I>WE1.L.IN<^ I UOLSK No. 40 Prosp, et street, George owi Tbe house (a two stories and ab?v? rraand ; rooass. laeludiar kiteMn aad aarrants' room ; gas and water in the preu ia*a 4fc>?t aoaahU to a p?rata***t tNAiit. A ppU U IjIfH. IS? tfrid|? street, Georgetown. AppU to U. KN'li ? tiriilct street, tieor OC 1b ? IjM)R UK NT?A im??U> lorrn?fc-.l IIOi l*K in ttw Pint Wui.oi H, iM-tve -a 17lh ?n<1 18thdr< <*.?, No. 39T, ualftiuioK ? riwbw p*ri*r, ft or C chain bav*.diaiBC rooot, kltekOA Ud pantry; with *??, rd or kot Wilff, bith room, *c , * . AppU lo L. I^OVINO, Poarth AadiWa Oft* OC4-1M ?7?OH KKNT-P??>e?i>n m Um III of Octabar l4 TIM l)W KI.UNU H??USK No 111 D *?(, MrNWBt oocupied by the lUv. Ur. UuUar, ?oJ Mil 4<?r to the r*iid?aM of lb* ad w?rti?. r. ? J. M OAK UI*i.K. N Wv-WmUaot Walter * boardif b?w. I *"X6 Xf " v ju yt\ _ -/ ? . -f-* ! ? .iJll-lu!' . at i ?u ,it J-?t?<v *'? *^ THE LATEST NEWS telrorapdio. Later frtr ( tlilcratt Sab FuKiica, Oct. IV -Tkm to latoan ui ate rrcrtv* Ok Wl by tkr arit ?urHLwklek brtag date* to ibr lutt of Swleebw, whm. SiT *. ^ _? n a *1 a _ L?-<Uy. mmi r*rt)caa Mm4hn praperlag ?o <lw* Uvn a public 11 mptlmi H? la xpnclM *+ Utkf ta* tow of U* ?tou. tm U>m beoelt of U* tMbliCM Urkrt MM* BrltedW Owwei Clark, Co? ader at km UlptrtMit ot Cafcforota, died la tktaeltf ?-4?t ot^hewieAUiTbea^Bhw aa ttloc? <rf two |??t b>U,KMU?M|k"uM TO IB M?ftloo*??X M-?n?oW tm tUr d*U*f ufcaUad potato* ?rr?fM t the time of btl dfttb for BfrlUtlow conduct at b<> telge of Vera Cruz.. Tbe&rat cal in puKG|tnvko left New York rpt 1st publtmbed a r*rd la tbe hi Pranetero . pen since tbelr arrival here, areerelf censuring tie condition "hfy allege that tber wer? denied the ordinary rceaaitlaa of life. The parUea complala1n? are Igbly respectable. The rainv mion wn fklrlr fOBBwcM, tht* \pr*m leaving In moat drenehtng *onn New* ftoia Oregon la unlnportaat. the papers Kflwd being devoted 4o politics. The dmo ratlc papers (both ?r;ngt< Uarp ye?rally do oUDced tbe coalition br which the republican, f-nator waa elected Tbl? h?? ht??M < < ? * rraa from tbe 11."Wn Doaglaa member* at tbo -eglalat'ire who united with the Rrpubllraaa. la rblrh they tirow themaeleco la voting for Col. taker. Mtrlar DttMtor. Bo0To*. Oct. 30 ?It la reported that a mark reJ arhooner of Glouceate-. waa rroentijr rui own by a *te?mer la a daoao fog nw Capo aoao, and after floating two daye. water-lagged even of the rrew were waabod orer beard. Tbo -tnalnlng aloe took a beat, which capaired, :.d two men were devoured by aharka Tbo 'maining arveu recovered tbo Mat, and two tore dlrd of exbausUoa. Tbo aervtvera wero ncued by a Portugu*?c vcaael. and carried to St. tominjfo. where tbo America* Coaaul treated iCtn kindlr. and would aaad tbon bona No arnea are eiv?>n Later tr*a lab*. New Oblia*?. Oct. 3u ?Tbc steamship Da oto. from Havana an tbetTtb. la below 8be 'port* via the Beliae that the Havana augar mu et !s anrtianiced. and tbe growing cane crap la icellfut condition. An arrival at Havana from Vera Crut says that 4iiu.i)U0 of tbe apirte conducts se'.red by DagaU ide haa been restored. Mr Daaglas la Georgia Acacna.Oct 30?Mr. Doaglaa baa been ballad othus'.astfcatly on bla route tbrougb upper Qaor la Thousands greeted him at Atlanta. Macox, Oct. 31 ?Judge Douglas arrlvad bar* ?u.xui,?na w^ia wficoaM ujrtbe Brtag of can on ai.d ^reat enthusiasm ontbe part ot tLe peopl*. Fram Ttaple* Niw OiLltn, Oct 29 ?The brig Nabum tetson f oin Tamptco 19tb. has arri Trd * G*n (Ur? bad Issued a decree, declaring tint II does at the Custom Houa^a at Tamptco and [atamoras moat be paid In gold and silver iatieiil LHbarraatsieBta la Baltlsitrt. BiLTixoiK, Oct 31?The bank nc-bonse of uelnb k Co , has closed, and the Ira bars lade an assignment The house of Appletoa k o.. ha* alst closed There are rumors of other ock dealers suspending. l.tirmwoKTii. Oct SO ?Report* from 9wth n kanaaa atate tbat Indian A treat Cvnu. witfe tore* of dragoooa, la driving ra front tte Imokre neutral landa at>d biirmu^' tlMrlr liouaaa. ftairtdc In Plyra*uth. Ho* Ton. (H 3u ?Soattivrortti Bar net a Imd >l{ merchant and weti-kuovrn close* of Ply. toutb. committed filicide. veaWdav, by drown ig Cauae. mental depreaatoiii *?w Tark Maiktto NawVoat <>c'obe?31 - Flour quiet; fftate fkS 30 55.35; Ohio *5 7<*#5 75: Snutber-i ?5 7uaft ? ,. > h^at Ic. Ijlirfaer; ts 36; v b'tefl 4.i. uinrrn xrniUJM 53. Corwurendv; rotted tt*- s rovuiona dull. W Ltaky 4ull at *2 fcc llftlliatr* n>rk*ti KtLTmoii, <?clol*r 31 ?Hmf la dill: owird atr?*M. OIiIa *n?t fUv MtllifS So \Wn ill ami hMTy; r?^i VI v; .?*l 57, wliltr *| 4<?a .Go l'.orn taatmrfv; yrttow 64a?fr- ; wbitr fl'.a y> Pr?T<mloua aU-?dv; in?na tuxk Hs? 7j C<?IJ?-e in oiid active at U^ali^c 'v klukv dull < t tic. PERSONAL. U.L PKKMINS MO rORIIIIi! K.\ TO k tirnt, or othsrarm trr?.p%?* IJ...;, Ui ? **>. \\ M. T MAl'HV. P e* y I'roapect, near G?or;-l?'Wn OctoMr tntli, mat <h> 31 St 1AIMMK KKLIX, T?IUr N* Pan* ||?(I li-iv? Ui inlorm IMW former lrM*4t. at*. I ? pull lie generally. that she tin* i?nxir?d lu lift A liilii sU'.-et, iK?rtliea?t corner . f V ?h?r? *:> will i h&ppv to all who wa? <l.-?ir?- to hue the pa*l, >M?nt ami future AtithcUiril) explained. i><- '.1 1*11* FRENCH* K1CH:*TKI V** 1 BU> i-KT/V OFNF.VT BOUKS. I OR U?i? ANI> IMbl. Fligtorv of tii? LiH ind of Ja<na? Madl iii. h> Vt in. C. K i ves; vul I, now Won in irf tb? South fur 1UI I .um of the I'oeU for <861 Nauo *1 eiiituMtof I'Vi.-c'* Work* 11 ?*t rated Dirlev'* New Illustrated l-dit ou of I'oopei Juv for lab' r ta-?e inU end look at our ui rfutrino mnciB, U"T'lwi, *C, Mtsomo, CMd FHlow?, Military. Mechanical, r<. hitcctural, Cheas, and Bilmd Books, a)wa>s i UaiH CmuiUe; irotu the 1'reuoh of Alexander l>umaa, ? >oon?*r ; 12mo; cloth. Prioc * 1 25, by mail Cousin Harry : by Mr* Grey, aufiot uf'"Litti? mr*." "Gambler*# Wife, Ac.; 12?o; elein. tie* Si-"? by mail. The Actress in High Lite ; l?mo ; cloth. Price iS, 0. inai.. Miss Gilbert's Career; au American story; llao; oth. Prioo ?U^5 ? j nail. A" the above works sent by mail free of po*ta?* i the receipt of the price. Our usual discount ?ivea on all boaad book a >uk tit at our store, _ B FRENCH A B1C.HSTE1N, No It!) Pi. imiim. Wi^kiwiiM i' r* ' % Pott OtSce. Box 716. oc St lra,r_ lLL JJSSPaSS ?ToA-A%i ?T"K AT COST! A full assortment of i.aary law Shoetlnrs. m -4. 11-4, and U 4 widths, ?t ?6, w, and W Mnt>. nrfh 9u. 91 12* and ftl .25 in Ue refalftr retail .IM. Fi low ard Bolster I.irei.a at prim* ?ost. tlecant Real French Curtain ChinU-? it cost; ey ware bought at low firarw, and will be c,o.?d it at the same; they are noh in the extreme nutation oi lauiaor c >v?l aw) clacaat, at mttnifi. New style of Covers, for dinaer. otroalar int?r?taHes and worksrands atiseat prices llinner and Breakfast Table Damasks, i E^e'jart'preach Piaao Corars, eome embroidered, hers in uniUtioa of ladia^r Cashmara design*, a oeb brated and eear< e Baigia makae. in see, with Napkinsaad Overlays to waUh, at lo^i All uiM ?nd imlitiM Red w I lea, Turkish. Draadea. ud oUar make*, ia hit*, pink and bio*, at aoat pnoea Hua'ak*ea*raaiid thoaa ooannaaataf homktic g wili doobtlea* nerar har* ?uoh another ?apor ity of mppWin* themaalres with onafciva'4* id uae anr a ticlaa at eh uapraaadeatadiy law te*p aa the penaat opportaait) aforda. Tkuaa (ooj* war# a 1 bought <>a tha Tar* haat rir.i, pnd the) ara now aall < ?'f at U* aanac; ao .il! - Mk?. acg-aott Na.4 Mark?tS?a?e. p! A WaKMMU L H t fti'mc Imih rem tad* aa tha *a miner is ut.^ad the VVi?u*r ? drawing Mar, ^ad tkal it ten imiw iv/i * ' '?"> wnv *rw mi. raw Haut k> I'? 'hem ?v4? *ud iuk? th ir wu ailNr^KNTZx HAt STORK, SS6 y,mut vui B--. B*ar ru'T 19lli atr at, aa it la now a va'l uhMto-d iaot. Iku hi? aU?ah la ao 'area a> 4 kri*d *? tn auil &II who mmy faror kirn a ilk a aaJ pr>o? and ?aality wilii ut lookiac (irUtr. ttc 37- tf Ul HAT THIS LAD1KS WANT TO INOW. \V hera th*v eM? huy Joaria'a U?at Kid ?W?raa at eeuU. l>ara Lour-n, arw make, at AM a?nU. >?'t Uid Blawa at S7H null, ba* a?*Jit? K?4 Bi*UtktlLUI..i>r?? aaao'Uufirt oi lAdiaa' k?,ai?uk? ?nit? ..Trei l>ta?a J*ilka. rwn bood. of ai! |a(i ItrcAMd **? n. 391 Ptao. a*., aod i%\ ttavaath it, A Ttnu* Hotiaa ; MBSOHANT TA1LOV1N9. nf K linMoir (MtaMti, u4 Mimm |?mi< . loan lo^c ?? uf o?r ru*cl iam, n..>> hiok w* will M?k? 10 order la "VSa TEP>^' * -O. a?tfe,

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